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  • Mortal Kombat: Deception - Kenshi:

    “Here’s another returning character from Deadly Alliance. Kenshi is one awesome dude. He has a cool concept & lore. He’s one of those characters that I would love to be a lot more development, because he has so much potential. We already have a character with similar powers in this game, aka Ermac, but Kenshi is able to feel unique, even if he has a move or two that are pretty much identical. If I had to pick between Ermac & Kenshi, honestly I don’t know who to pick, because they are both useful for different types of gameplay, so honestly…it depends on my mood.”

    PS: the gameplay used for this gifset is not mine. The original video comes from the user: NexusMK , on Youtube.

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  • Best way to tell the quality of a game is how many war crimes you can commit for example I’m playing a game called kenshi and I just cut a dude’s leg of so he can’t run away while I beat him unconscious so I can train my sword skills. Great games need war crimes

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  • I drawed a art

    It’s not done yet. Thinking about colouring in that head gives me the heebie-jeebies 

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  • Yo, imagine,

    Kenshi but with a Minnecraft sword.

    #kenshi takahashi#kenshi#mortal kombat #mortal kombat x #mortal kombat 11 #mortal kombat meme
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  • (Some More) Kombatants When Their S/O Can’t Sleep


    • When Kabal finds out you’re still awake, it’s really late into the night. Like, really late.

    • Because man does this guy know how to sleep. Only after turning over good will he realize that you haven’t slept as well as he had. He’ll panic like crazy.

    • He springs up, asking you if you’re okay or if you need something to help you sleep. He’s fast enough to get it in a jiff if you do.

    • Sometimes all you need is a good cuddle for you to fall asleep and wow, will this guy give you a good cuddle.

    • He has strong arms, able to wrap over you and hold you close with ease. It’s the best feeling in the world.

    • Some other times you might just need someone to talk to, and if you do, he’ll be that person.

    • He listens intently and hears everything that’s on your mind. He may not process all of it though, because it’s 3am and he can barely keep his eyes open.

    • But for you, he’ll do so. To the best of his abilities at least.

    • And when you finally go to sleep, so will he, except this time, he’ll sleep 10x better knowing you’re safe and in his arms.

    ❤️Tomas Vrbada

    • Tomas understands when you can’t sleep as I think he has slight insomnia himself.

    • A lot more goes through his head than he likes to admit, and having an enenra in him definitely does not help with that either.

    • He’ll push it all aside though when he sees your eyes open wide in the middle of the night.
    If you’re just having trouble sleeping, he’ll give you some of his sleeping tips. He has a few things he does nightly to try and help him sleep.

    • Like reading for example.

    • He’ll let you read his favorite book if it helps you sleep. Just let him know that’s what you want and in the blink of an eye, you’ll have it.

    • If you need something to drink, he’s an excellent brewer. He’ll make you any drink your heart desires.

    • When you do fall asleep, he will usually try to go to sleep with you. It doesn’t always work though and sometimes he ends up leaving for the night so as to not disturb you.

    • (I uh… I really like Tomas. I might be doing some more headcannons for him later so look out for those.)


    • One of the few ways this man will verbally and physically express his love for you is when you can’t sleep.

    • You see a different side, a softer and more caring side that doesn’t come out much.
      When you can’t sleep, all of his attention gets put on you doing so.

    • Anything you want him to do, he will do for you. Just ask him and it will be done.

    • Of course he will tease you though, telling you that you must think about him so much you can’t close your eyes.

    • Which isn’t necessarily wrong.

    • Just when you’re about to fall back asleep, he’ll be quiet, watching over you until you snooze. Only then when you’re asleep, will he the be open about how much he enjoys being with you.

    • You may hear it, you may not, but it does get quietly said. Sleepless nights especially are always interesting with Bi-han. Definitely something to look forward to.


    • He knows you can’t sleep before you even know. He is awake and ready when you’re unable to sleep, wanting to assist in any way possible.

    • He can sense the reason for your unrest, able to give good solid advice as to help you go to sleep.

    • Whatever the issue, whatever the problem bothering you, Kenshi knows how to solve it. He’s crafty and very resourceful in many ways.

    • He’ll be near you for whatever you try to do, reading, getting something to eat or drink, talking, watching the stars, whatever it is.

    • When you finally go back to sleep, he’s there with you, caressing your face and wishing you sweet dreams.

    • He will not invade your thoughts during your dreams, but he can tell when it’s good by your facial expressions. It’s the little things he tends to notice.


    • My queen Jade will absolutely be there for you if you’re awake during the night.

    • Compassion and loyalty are her best traits, easily demonstrated by the things she does for you to rest.

    • Is there something you want to do? She’ll do it with you.

    • Something you need to cool you down? She’ll get it for you.
    • Maybe you’re too cold? She’ll come to bed with you, providing warmth and comfort as you may need it.

    • Even if it’s something small like you just needing someone to talk to, she’ll be there for you, talking about whatever your heart desires.

    • Whenever you do end up falling asleep, she’ll watch you, treasuring the moments you both just spent together.

    • I love Jade 💕
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  • I’m live on Twitch playing Kenshi with boyfriends Cabo and Beep, come hang out! https://www.twitch.tv/HACHIKOexe?sr=a

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  • If you’re on Twitch, I’m streaming a game called Kenshi later on tonight. I’m an openly out trans streamer and I’m halfway to affiliate status - I only need 25 more followers before I qualify.

    Here’s a clip from one of my latest streams of Subetapets where my rescue kitten crashes the livestream.

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  • I really want them to get their own Mortal Kombat Spin Off! I have this whole idea of them fighting the Red Dragon, Dagon, and Blaze. Hopefully one day we get them for DLC.

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  • I’m still salty that we haven’t had Takeda as a playable character in MK11. He is my favorite Kombat Kid. Sadly, we only have him in MK endings for now.

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  • image

    enjoy if you want.

    source: tumblr

    #mileena#mortal kombat #mortal kombat x #text post meme #kenshi#quan chi #mortal kombat armageddon
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  • Kenshi update: squad got big and rich enough to justify buying a house! Rather than start our own town my hive soldier elected to buy a large but sensiblr fixer upper in the hub and promptly left 2 folks behind to fix it up. The other six went adventuring to those ruins I couldnt break into before.

    The hunting party, lead by the Hiver, found an abandoned library of the old empire and promptly got to work ransacking it for ancient engineering plans, maps and cutlery. We discovered Riddley, a newer member of the team, had lock-picking skills, and we discovered that our crossbowman Green (a laborer hiver with a drinking problem and a tragic past) does NOT carry as much ammo when he should when five Beak Things, a godawful combination of vulture and giraffe, killed something ourside the library we were looting and refused to leave until they finished eating every. Last. Scrap.

    Our food supplies barely survived waiting them out. I’ve lost good warriors to those monsters.

    Back at the hub, Mia was happy as a lark mining for copper to keep our operation in the green while our other homebody worked on recruiting more engineers and farmers, researching better manufacturing and mining, and building furnature. They were living little house on the post-apocalyptic prairie while my hunting squad was living 127 hours.

    a few more ventures later and things are looking good for the Hivers troupe! The hunting party has upgraded from 6 to 9, including a mute former slave named Ray who was retired to the home base squad after losing an arm to a bezerk robot, and Burn, an ancient robot adventurer who absolutely killed the heck out of said berzerk ‘bot before it could finish off Ray. Dont worry, we bought him a decent prosthetic and we’re saving up for a better robotic one. Next venture is to journey to the abandoned city of Mourn to hunt down a bounty on a bandit with a 40,000 cats price on his head. Wish us luck!

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  • image

    Concept art for a future chapter. Looks like Jotaro has gotten some new threads and upgrades! Get ready to kick some ass heroes!

    #my hero academia #my hero academia au #son of all might #bnha#all might#mha au#izuku midoriya #one for all #power stack #my hero academia oc #kenshi jotaro#mhaau
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  • image


    #gumi megpoid#donut hole#vocaart#hachi#gumi#my art #i found my own art on google images when googling donut hole kenshi yonezu .. #if i had a penny for every time that happened id have. two pennies #which isnt a lot but its weird that it happened twice #anyway. i have to go study physics now :( i have a test tomorrow at 7 am. wish me luck
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    I wanted kenshi yonezu albums in acnh so here they are!

    #kenshi yonezu#acnh #animal crossing new horizons #米津玄師#ghostpost
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  • man, outfit august is hard!! though i’m still proud of myself for drawing up seven entire outfits for kenshi. maybe next year i’ll try one of my simpler designed characters haha

    prompt is by lemonliger on twitter.

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