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  • simplyadoretheboyz
    22.06.2021 - 4 hours ago
    kevin update with the caption “i’m in me mum’s car” 🚗
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  • ve-gan-bebe
    22.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    you are my heart in human form.

    #the boyz kevin #kevin moon #love of my heart #love of my existence #love of my life #beloved
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  • yukheijoy
    22.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    |refusing medicine|

    notes | 98 line, yandere au, slapping, swearing

    requested? | yes


    juyeon doesn’t have the patience to put up with your refusal
    “don’t make me repeat myself again y/n, take your medicine, now.” he gave a serious glare
    when you refused again, juyeon slapped your cheek
    the impact almost made you start crying but juyeon grabbed your throat before you could make a noise
    “i’m not putting up with your shit today, are you gonna take your medicine or do you want to stay sick and miserable?”
    needless to say, you swallowed your medicine in a heartbeat


    kevin shrugged, “fine, be that way.”
    he left the room so you could rest properly and he thought of ways to make you take the cough medicine
    he came to the conclusion that he could mix it in your tea and give it to you that way
    so he did just that, he made you some tea and mixed in a small amount of the medicine so you wouldn’t notice
    it worked like a charm, you didn’t even complain of an odd taste
    “hopefully that’ll help you feel better honey.” kevin kissed your head, smirking to himself


    “do you want to stay sick?” chanhee deadpanned, holding the nyquil cup up to you
    “no, but it’s gross and i don’t want it.” you pushed away his hand
    chanhee eventually backed off, putting the medicine aside
    after hours of feeling gross yourself, you decided to call chanhee back into your room
    “i think i want to try the medicine chanhee..” you admitted, hiding in your sheets
    “that’s what i thought.” he smiled, “now open up.” he said, lifting the cup to your lips


    “i’m not asking y/n. take it right now.” changmin grumbled
    your constant refusal angered him to the point where he pushed you down and climbed on top of you
    he forced your jaw open and poured the cough syrup down your throat
    you nearly choked but changmin sat you up just in time
    “that’s what you get..” he mumbled before getting up and storming out
    he means well and wants you to get better but he just didn’t know what else to do
    #tbz imagines #the boyz imagines #tbz reactions #the boyz reactions #yandere tbz #yandere the boyz #juyeon imagines #kevin moon imagines #chanhee imagines#changmin imagines
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  • l-mirae
    21.06.2021 - 12 hours ago

    the boyz's love styles + ideal types 💕

    (based on venus signs)

    sangyeon - venus in libra

    very gentle, considerate & kind

    youthful heart

    "prince charming," classic love style

    ideal type: lovely & elegant fashion style, well-mannered, good conversationalist

    jacob - venus in gemini

    playful, light-hearted

    likes variety

    witty & talkative

    ideal type: bright mind, clever & spontaneous, can keep surprising him

    younghoon - venus in virgo

    likes servicing his partner

    takes time to find love

    conventional love style, mannerly

    ideal type: wholesome, thoughtful, notices details, humble & sincere

    hyunjae, q - venus in scorpio

    passionate lover

    very possessive

    wants to merge souls with partner

    ideal type: can keep up with his intensity, seductive, mysterious & devoted

    juyeon, kevin - venus in capricorn

    serious, calm

    wants stability & commitment

    cautious until he feels secure

    ideal type: successful, mature, classy fashion style & not too flashy

    new - venus in pisces

    sensitive, sacrificial

    gentle & thoughtful listener

    idealistic, can be easily wounded

    ideal type: pure/"soft" fashion style, selfless, emotional & compassionate

    haknyeon, sunwoo - venus in aries

    prefers to take initiative, direct

    bold & confident

    likes tension

    ideal type: strong, independent, sporty style, partner he has to chase

    eric - venus in aquarius

    friend to lover partnerships

    wants freedom, can't be bound up

    cool & detached

    ideal type: quirky, unconventional style, easygoing, can give him the space he needs

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  • starryse
    21.06.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Hey y’all!

    Send some asks, let’s chat for a bit!


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  • tabsteen
    21.06.2021 - 19 hours ago

    why alexa gotta be so rude to kevin like that?

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  • moonshineboyz
    21.06.2021 - 20 hours ago

    The Boyz as tumblr posts

    a/n: this is purely made just for humor
    masterlist ♡

    ◇ Lee Sangyeon

    ◇ Jacob Bae

    ◇ Kim Younghoon

    ◇ Lee Hyunjae

    ◇ Lee Juyeon

    ◇ Kevin Moon

    ◇ Choi Chanhee/New

    ◇ Ji Changmin/Q

    ◇ Ju Haknyeon

    ◇ Kim Sunwoo

    ◇ Eric Sohn


    ◇ Moonbae

    ◇ Moonbae in that vlive

    ◇ Members about Sunwoo

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  • bloomdeobi
    21.06.2021 - 22 hours ago

    The Muse

    /myo͞oz/: defined as someone who drives a creative artist for their source of inspiration.

    Genre: smut smut smut

    Characters: Jacob, Younghoon and Kevin

    • The Muse is a 3-part series featuring the members mentioned. All the works posted here are the just fictional and shouldn't be taken seriously.

    Working titles

    • Your Melody

    • 1, 2, Snap!

    • Of lines, colors and beauty

    +1 bonus chapter


    [Ps; How was the line up? Let me know what you think! The titles are already hinting what the characters are up to! This series will start on Sunday! *drinks holy water*]

    #tbz imagines #the boyz imagines #tbz drabbles#tbz smut #the boyz smut #the boyz drabbles #jacob bae smut #jacob smut#younghoon smut #kim younghoon smut #kevin moon smut #kevin smut
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  • stealanity
    21.06.2021 - 22 hours ago

    the boyz's reaction to watching a horror movie with their s/o

    genre : angst & fluff
    warning : mention of blood
    request : can you do how the boyz would react to watching a horror movie with their s/o? thank you 💗💗

    ✩ sangyeon !


    in the first place, he doesn't want to watch one

    telling you it's not a movie for children

    you end up looking at him 🤨 like that

    « okay sorry, you're not a child anymore. »

    but he pats your head like you're his kid

    laugh when you hit him before carrying you to the living room to watch the movie

    he wants to play the big boy™ but he is probably more afraid than you in the end

    play with your hair staring at the screen

    his shaking hand in yours

    you take the advantage of this situation by scaring him

    making him scream, very loud

    when he looked at you, you started to giggle

    running away from him immediately so as not to give him time to catch up with you


    spend the rest of the evening trying to catch you through the apartment

    ✩ jacob !

    scared cat number one

    he spent the afternoon begging you to watch something else than a horror movie

    « let's just watch titanic, PLEASE. »

    pout when you said no, again and again

    take several blankets in the living room to be able to hide in them

    to comfort him, you baked cookies and hot chocolates

    when the fateful hour has come

    he rolled up in a blanket like a sushi

    clingy you by placing his head on your lap

    your hand stroking his hair in a reassuring way

    « the movie hasn't even started yet but i already have goosebumps. »

    think the blanket will protect him from the creatures of the night

    he categorically refuses to go anywhere without you during the whole movie, and even after

    never let go of your hand

    you end up stopping the movie, leaning towards him to kiss his forehead

    he blushes when you say you are going to protect him

    « yes please honey, you are my life savior. »

    clingy baby all night

    ✩ younghoon !

    he is the calmest and the one who never screams

    obviously, sometimes he is a little scared of the screamers

    but otherwise you are both surprisingly calm

    because the two of you are way too focused to try to find the killer, that you don't do anything else

    you are focused from the start to the end, your head on his shoulder

    his fingers automatically stroke your arm

    while you put in a lot of hypotheses to understand the unfolding of the film, before watching it

    « im sure he's the killer, he's way too nice to everyone to be clean. »

    five minutes later

    « or it's her, she looks... weird. she seems to know a lot. »

    it often ends up being the total opposite

    proving once again that you would be awful detectives

    but the most important in the eyes of youghoon

    is to have been able to spend a night with you

    in a good mood of course, making his heart warm

    « you are my favorite partner. »

    before kissing your cheek

    ✩ hyunjae !

    he loves the idea of ​​watching a movie with you

    because, let's be honest

    you never watch the whole movie ^^

    but it's different when it's a horror movie

    obviously, there are always times when you don't watch tv

    kinda busy making out lmao


    you focus again quickly

    but at the same time, a screamers appears on the screen

    startling you both screaming in fear

    causing the bowl of popcorn to jump too, putting it all over the couch

    you suddenly become calm again, looking at the mess you have put in the living room

    you lift your heads up to each other, before going into a fit of endless laughter

    but your lazy bodies don't want to clean it up

    so you just sat on the floor to watch the end of the movie

    before going back to your bedroom as if nothing had happened

    not forget to double close the door

    to avoid being woken up by an angry boy the next day

    ✩ juyeon !

    scared cat number two

    but he doesn't show he's scared

    he wants to play the big boy

    so he settles quietly on the couch, pulling you into his arms instantly

    « don't worry, i will protect you. »

    you hold on to his arm to make him think you're scared, when you're not at all

    when the movie starts, you take turns picking the popcorn

    you felt him jump slightly when his hand accidentally touched yours

    making you laugh lightly, as he gave you a light shoulder toss

    he is silent and focused

    very talkative on the other hand

    insulting the characters on how stupid they are all (or almost)

    « but why is she leaving alone at three in the morning after receiving this message? she's stupid. »

    acts like a dramaking in the face of their disastrous behavior

    but jump at the slightest screamers while hiding behind you

    ✩ kevin !

    he don't care about the movie

    during the whole movie, he just talks

    about all and nothing

    which initially doesn't bother you

    but when he start to laugh and tells you jokes

    you do your best to keep calm

    you know he does this to hide his fear of the movie

    but it bothers you anyway

    and his favorite joke is to turn off the television at the worst time

    which makes you enter into indescribable anger

    you practically throw yourself at him to retrieve the remote control, which he ends up giving you immediately

    and at that moment you wonder if he is more afraid of the film or of you

    but that doesn't stop his talking

    and blablabla, and blablabla

    until you get so fed up that you end up silencing him with a kiss

    you can see his cheeks flushed and his face getting stuck

    « what was that for? »

    when you explain to him that it was to silence him, he starts all over again

    and you know he's doing it on purpose to get another one

    ✩ chanhee !

    he doesn't particularly like horror movies

    but he doesn't mind to watch one

    especially with you

    watching a movie with chanhee was synonymous with seeing all the expressions on his face about the different situations

    for exemple, with a scene with a lot of blood, you can see his features stretch in an expression of disgust

    « i know it's not real, but blood it's very hard to wash off clothes. what a waste. »

    when the characters act like idiots, you can see the misunderstanding on his face, followed by a raised eyebrow

    he is the king of judgment

    but sometimes, he finds certain moments funny

    making him laugh

    he likes to talk about the film with you afterwards, to find out what you both thought about it

    it often ends with a bored chanhee but happy to have spent the evening with you

    « let's just watch something more interesting next time. »

    ✩ changmin !

    he's so happy!!!!

    you couldn't make him more happy

    you were the perfect person to watch horror movies with him

    obviously, he had planned everything

    pop corn, soda, annabelle and chucky

    the latter two installed on the sofa by your side

    you might not be afraid of horror films, you were still glued to your boyfriend

    and he loves the way your hand squeezes his every time something makes you jump slightly

    obviously, he takes the opportunity to scare you from time to time

    slowly moving his hand on your hip, causing you to literally climb on top of him

    he starts laughing when he sees you hanging on to him

    « i thought you weren't afraid? »

    laugh a second time when your fist hits his shoulder after that

    he ends up stopping, for fear of spilling all the popcorn

    but he keeps caressing the back of your hand in a reassuring way

    he's the type of boyfriend to say « another one? » when you have already watched three horror movies

    ✩ haknyeon !

    since you know he has a role in a horror movie

    you have decided to watch a horror movie at least twice in a week

    you want to try to be as little afraid as possible for the day you see his movie

    and haknyeon decided to watch it with you

    he is very happy to do it elsewhere

    because it allows him to have you constantly in his arms

    because you're scared

    or at least, that's what you want him to believe

    obviously you are a little scared, but not as much as you pretend

    but you know he likes to know you feel safe in his arms

    and its true, because being with haknyeon is like being at home

    you always end the evening asleep in his arms

    and he takes the time to observe you for a long time, cherishing the smallest moment in your company

    with his busy schedule, your movie dates were the only moments you two have alone

    ✩ sunwoo !

    scared cat number three

    he is actually the most scared

    hanging his hands on your shoulders while camouflaging himself behind you

    for his information, he agreed to watch a horror movie with you, only to please you

    but he never said he would watch it all

    this idiot just hid behind you almost the entire duration of the film

    exploding your eardrums with each appearance of screamers

    what made you laugh

    but what made him sulk, until he had tears in his eyes

    so he simply let his face hide in the crook of your neck

    his arms clinging tightly to your waist

    refusing to look at the screen for a second longer

    he was so scared that he had a heartache

    so you end up turning off the tv, to make him feel better

    « im sorry, i promise to make an effort next time, to watch a whole one with you. »

    clingy cat all the night

    his hand hanging on your top, not letting you get away from him for a single second

    you don't blame him because he's absolutely adorable

    ✩ eric !

    god that kid

    nobody wants to watch a horror movie with him anymore

    so you dedicated yourself to do it, absolutely wanting to see the new conjuring

    both installed on the sofa, you calmly watched the movie

    despite eric kept talking

    but you weren't listening to it, too focused in the movie

    but with an attentive ear, because you knew eric

    he will find the slightest opportunity to scare you

    so you put a plan in place, to scare him before he does

    then in a moment of absolute silence

    you turned to him, screaming, knocking him off the couch

    you started laughing as he pretended he was scared to death

    ......he just pretends, right?

    you started to panic when you didn't see him move

    so you threw yourself on the ground, climbed on him, shaking him like your life depended on it

    when he suddenly started screaming, causing you to be scared to death too

    he laughed out loud as you hit his chest repeatedly

    before sliding his arms around you to pull you into his arms

    « you thought you could have me like this, baby? »

    you started to pout and he placed a butterfly kiss on your lips

    ending up watching the end of the movie lying on top of each other

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  • simplyadoretheboyz
    21.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    kevin shared this photo of him & his father for father’s day today! his caption read “wishing a happy Father’s Day to all the supportive, loving and motivational dads out there ❤️”
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  • i-ll-be-the-moon
    21.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    kevin rosario is a dilf

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  • xkpopxmultifandomx
    21.06.2021 - 1 day ago


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  • lorehira
    20.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    – moonbae matching icons!

    - don't re-post.

    - if you want to save then re-blog or like!

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  • yukheijoy
    20.06.2021 - 1 day ago


    notes | female perspective [nsfw], slight somnophilia with changmin, if you are under 18, dni

    requested? | yes


    juyeon’s secretly been waiting for you to ask
    within seconds of you asking he picks you up and takes you to your bedroom
    he carefully and gently undresses you before sitting down on the bed and pulling you onto his lap
    he holds your hips and gently slides into you, tapping your sides in a comforting manner
    “how does it feel baby?” he asked as soon as he settled you down onto his length
    as soon as he gets your nod of approval, he lays on his back and pulls you to lay down on his chest, playing with your hair


    at first, kevin teased you about it
    “i didn’t know that you thought that way baby, you’re more naughty than i thought.” he poked your cheek and laughed at your blushing face
    he stopped his teasing and leaned back, patting his lap, “well, let’s not waste anymore time.”
    both of you ya jed your clothes off and you climbed onto kevin’s lap, sitting down slowly on his hard length
    he groaned in your ear once he bottomed out and kissed your jaw
    after a few minutes, kevin spoke, “i’m not sure how long you can last baby.” he’d mock, before suddenly thrusting up into you


    chanhee was so flustered that his face turned a light pink
    “uhm..erm, sure baby, whatever you want.”
    it’ll take him a few minutes to get into it, but he’s willing to do anything to satisfy you
    he kisses your lips softly before pushing in, tensing up once he felt how warm and tight you were around him
    he lays down on his side next to you, holding you close to him
    “is it good? do you feel okay?”


    you and changmin had discussed this before, waking eachother up with sex
    one morning, changmin woke up with an erection due to a certain dream about you
    but he was also still groggy and didn’t want to waste any time, so he just opened up your legs and pulled your panties away
    as soon as he slid in, you woke up, the blissful feeling knocking you out of your dream
    “morning baby, i just had the most amazing dream about you.” changmin smiled devilishly
    changmin turns to lay on his back, pulling you on top of him while telling you about his dream
    #tbz imagines #the boyz imagines #tbz reactions #the boyz reactions #tbz smut #the boyz smut #juyeon imagines#juyeon smut #kevin moon imagines #kevin moon smut #chanhee imagines#chanhee smut#changmin imagines#changmin smut
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  • myeternalspring
    20.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    🍞 — 200621 i'm starting to realize i have a thing for stanning groups with a lot of members... but becoming a theb has no regrets (≧▽≦) it's cool having a fellow canadian as my bias, kevin also has the same mbti as me which is shocking but interesting too!

    #journal#kpop#kpop journal#stationery#aesthetic#kpop aesthetic#studyblr#the boyz#tbz#kevin#kevin moon #the boyz kevin #tbz kevin #ok but his love for beyonce is really cute #i can relate to him with myself and artists i love #i would also like to petition for him to bring back his long hair one day #it suits him so well ;-;
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  • not-reagan
    20.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    idols whose brains i would like to study:

    kevin - tbz

    bm- kard

    jisung - skz

    felix - skz

    minho - skz

    seungkwan - svt

    soonyoung - svt

    jeonghan - svt

    jake - enha

    mark - nct

    jae - day6

    brian - day6

    their actions fascinate me and i need to know more about them on a scientific level

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  • simplyadoretheboyz
    20.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    kevin update! he was an mc for kpop superfest & said “super fun time 🤙 now let’s do this with y’all under one roof ❤️❤️❤️”

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