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  • linguenuvolose
    24.09.2021 - 4 monts ago

    how can a mandatory course for humanities programs on scientific methods and research ethics be so devoid of examples from... the humanities? how the fuck am I supposed to understand how to apply this to my own field if all the examples are from physics? shut up about Gallileo!!

    #I'm hoping this anger and frustration is just pms because I can't fucking take another anxiety period right now #but ughhh I just found today's lecture so infuriating #like if it's too hard for these professors to come up with examples how are we master's student supposed to? #now I just want to sleep and cry #snicksnack#ugh #nu ska jag äta kexchoklad och sura
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  • sixtenochvera
    20.03.2021 - 10 monts ago

    Två trötta skidbrudar. Men efter en ”Hans Yng macka” (macka i farten) och en Kexchoklad var dom i gång igen.

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  • elinajohansson
    04.03.2021 - 10 monts ago

    Efter yoga-passet är det dags för dagens gröna te. Det låter hälsosamt, men faktum är att jag har slarvat en hel del på sistone och behöver komma tillbaka i form. Det hjälper inte att det har släppts en vegansk kexchoklad... Nej, tillbaka till disciplinen!

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  • saramadeleine0se
    11.02.2021 - 11 monts ago

    Idag fyller jag ju hela 37.

    Idag fyller jag ju hela 37.

    Så kom dagen då jag fyllde 37. Det har varit en fin dag. Jag började med att åka till jobbet, flera kollegor där sa grattis. Jag köpte lite kexchoklad och bjöd på i personalrummet. Det är covid19 och jag tänkte att det var lite “coronasäkert” i alla fall. Efter jobbet åkte jag till Katrin på Daily life spa som fixade mina naglar. Efter det åkte jag hem och pratade med mamma en stund. Sedan…

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  • ihni
    14.01.2021 - 1 year ago

    An incomplete list of things that are good (and that I wish they sold where I live, and that if you haven’t tried them yet, you really should if you get the chance):

    Ovolmaltine Crunchy Creme:

    Sold where? Like, Germany and Switzerland I think. Possibly other places, but that’s where I’ve see them. It is like Nutella, but better and tastier and crunchier. A little of this on a croissant, and you’re in HEAVEN. I have a jar and a half in my cupboard that friendly people have sent to me and I am never sharing them, ever. Mine!

    Terry’s Chocolate Orange:

    Sold where? I think the UK? Not 100% sure of that, it’s been a long time since I was there, but oh my god my dad once bought me one of these when I was a kid and I got obsessed. First of all, I really love orange-flavored chocolate, and second of all; it’s like a fruit but it’s chocolate!! What’s not to love?? One time when I was still doing swaps at swap-bot.com, someone sent me six of these!! It was a good couple of weeks that followed ...


    Sold where? I have seen them basically everywhere, but they seem to be found in oriental/arabic shops around here. There was a local place that sold these and I used to go there on Fridays after work and buy a couple of pieces with me home, but they’ve closed! :(((( So now I don’t know where to get them. I’ll have to learn how to make my own, somehow. But man, so good.

    Pumpkin-flavored Spiced Cider:

    Sold where? America, probably USA. That’s where the person who I swapped with who sent it to me lived, anyway. And I’ve wanted more of it ever since, because it was so tasty! We don’t have spiced cider instant drink mixes where I live so this was something new, and it tasted good and warm and like a cleaner sort of glögg and also somehow like condensed autumn. I loved it. Also, I have to mention that I don’t really know what the pumpkin flavor is, as we don’t use it here. But this was apparently pumpkin flavored, and it was good, so. A+


    Sold where? I guess USA, but to be fair one can get them where I live too. If you order them online. And want to pay about 10 USD for a package + about the same amount in shipping. (Hint: I don’t want to pay that much.) I wish they sold these in the stores where I live. Then maybe they would be considered normal, and I would stop liking them so much. Because they’re not even good! They’re just ... fun, I guess. :S

    Tupla chocolate:

    Sold where? Finland (and the Rusta stores here in Sweden). This is the best chocolate ever, superior to all other kinds of chocolates (it even, narrowly, beats Kexchoklad and Daim Orange, which is not an easy feat). I first bought these when I was young, in the taxfree shop on the ferry to Finland. Other people went there to buy alcohol, I went there to stock up on Tupla. Nowadays, I don’t have to travel to Finland to get them - there is a Rusta store on the other side of town that carries them, but as I don’t have a car, am not supposed to take the bus during the pandemic (it still takes ca 25-30 min on a bus), and never get to that side of town, it might as well be Finland. Damn it, why don’t they just sell it in the store across the street?? Highly recommended, if you come across it.

    Jiffy Pop:

    Sold where? I don’t know, but I’ve seen it in movies so probably, like, America. Do they taste better than microwave popcorn? No. Are they cheaper than microwave popcorn? Also no. Is it fun to watch the metallic ball grow impossibly big on your stove, and then tear it open with your bare hands, exposing the popcorn inside? Yes.

    These honey-caramelized nut bar thingies:

    Sold where? I don’t know, but my dad and his wife has brought me these (but round, and with hazelnuts and cashews as well and peanuts and sesame seeds) from Egypt, when they’ve been there. I love them a lot. My favorite kind is a round version that looks like a coaster, with hazelnuts. It’s amazing. And they don’t sell it here. :( (And all my attempts to make my own version has failed and not lived up to my expectations. I shall keep trying though!)

    Lush bath bombs:

    Sold where? In Lush stores, which is unfortunately not in my town. The closest store I know about is 400 km away. I used to stock up on these when I was there, but haven’t been in a while. A bath bomb is a luxuary one can sometimes afford, for special occasions and celebrations. The more glitter and color, the better! :D

    Hallmark christmas ornaments (especially those that look like characters from media that I like):

    Sold where? America and ebay, from what I’ve seen. (Fair warning; both with ridiculous shipping charges.) I really like a lot of these! I have some Marvel characters already (three versions of Spidey, yay!), Ursula from The Little Mermaid, Edna Mode ... (And, like, had I known what my tree would look like nowadays, that time when I was in Hollywood with my dad and walked into that shop that sold only christmas ornaments, all year long, I would have had to buy a second bag to pack them all into. Unfortunately, I didn’t learn to love them until later.)

    ... ACTUALLY, come to think of it, it might be very good that these things aren’t sold nearby. I would be so poor if they were! XD

    Still. Don’t mind me, this is basically a list of good things that I want to remember and to be able to access wherever I am, so I put it here. All images are shamelessly stolen off google. Sorry.

    #the list of good things #good things#ihni loves #there that should do it now i can find it whenever i want if i have access to internet #long post
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  • bitchingreat
    07.01.2021 - 1 year ago
    (300 kcal) from a ”kexchoklad” a chocolate bar.
    (1 kcal) Diet Coke (twisted strawberry).
    (Ish 500 kcal) Chickpea “soup”.

    Total: 801 kcal

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  • lillacornelia
    03.01.2020 - 1 year ago

    Idag gjorde vi slalompremiär i Almåsa! En mamma, två ungar och en slalombacke. Agnes första gång på skidor, Cornelia börjar bli hajj på svängarna och liften.

    Vi hann stanna på både ICA i Lugnvik samt OK i Krokom för att köpa totalt 3 korv med bröd för att de var hungriga, trots grötfrukost. Mamma har lärt sig att hålla ungarna mätta för att minska stöket/gnället. Framme i backen bytte vi om, vi hann precis ut ur stugan innan Agnes var kissnödig. In igen. Första åket i barnbacken åkte vi ända upp, vilken var en miss. Det var rätt brant! Vi har aldrig åkt där. Hasade halva backen och nytt försök. Cornelia ramlade i liften åk två. Vansinnig och skulle aldrig mer åka! In för fika för och diskussioner om hur man ändå måste träna! Lite kexchoklad och macka, ut igen! Cornelia kom igång och vi kunde äntligen åka ett gäng åk! Agnes tycker de var superkul och jublade hela backen och skrattade högt.

    Sen börja Agnes frysa och ville inte åka mer. Så då tittade vi lite på Cornelia och hjälpte henne med liften, sen fryskris så in igen och Agnes fick vila och lite mer fika. Mamma tog av sig allt så tänkte vi att vi kan kolla då Cornelia åker. Nähe, då ändrade sig Agnes och ville åka. På igen med grejer på mamma och Agnes. Cornelia stod redan reda utanför. Åkte ett par åk, sedan toalettkris. In igen med Agnes. Sedan ut igen och då kunde vi åka en hel timme utan stopp, 14.50 sa mamma att de var sista åket ”NEJ!! Vi vill åka mera”. Så vi åkte till stängning kl 15.00 och mamma är nu helt slut. Stått som en krok med Agnes mellan benen.

    Men oj så kul vi hade ändå! Trots många moment så har de hållit humöret uppe och båda tyckte verkligen att de var kul! Så nu blir det nog slalom för hela slanten!

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  • godtegris
    10.01.2018 - 4 years ago

    Cloetta Kexchoklad Chocolate er en sjokoladekake laget av sjokoladefylt robber fylt med melk sjokolade. Så godt å ta en tur til skogen.

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  • medellia-of-the-vast-oceans
    17.10.2017 - 4 years ago

    I decided to eat a kexchoklad in my bed. I tried to be careful but I failed and now there’s kexchoklad everywhere.

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  • pokethoughts
    12.12.2015 - 6 years ago

    Somehow I bruised the edges of my lips while eating kexchoklad.

    #what the shit #kexchoklad
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