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  • does anyone happen to know how to configure keys on your keyboard to characters in different languages?

    i’m using microsoft IME to configure my american keyboard to japanese characters but i don’t have enough keys for ろ so i was hoping i could just use my right shift key instead

    any help is appreciated

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  • ••Progress🎹🖤🎼•• #CharlieBrown #CharlieBrownSong #PeanutsGang #ThePeanuts #CharlesSchulz #Piano #Practice #SelfTeaching #Keyboard #Notes #Chords #Melodies #Music #Like #Follow #FollowForFollow #Instrument #GuitarCenter #Casio @casio_us @guitarcenter #Tambourine @burlingtondeals #Burlington #BurlingtonFinds #NewYork (at Atlanta, Georgia)

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  • keysmashing : good


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  • Brilliant Student Sarah Gupta Live Performance ACHYUTAM KESHVAM Krishna Bhajan - Vocal Training just one month by me… #lordkrishnabhajan #kanha #govinda #gopala #krishna #iskcon #bhajan #hymn #musicteacher #guitar #keyboard #ukulele #harmonium

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  • Brilliant Student Sarah Gupta Live Performance ACHYUTAM KESHVAM Krishna Bhajan - Vocal Training just one month by me… #lordkrishnabhajan #kanha #govinda #gopala #krishna #iskcon #bhajan #hymn #musicteacher #guitar #keyboard #ukulele #harmonium

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  • 31% OFF Logitech MX Keys Advanced Illuminated Wireless Keyboard.

    Perfect-Stroke Keys : Spherically dished keys match the shape of your fingertips, offering satisfying feedback with every tap. Each keystroke is fluid, natural, quite, fast and accurate with a distinct tactile response

    • Comfort and Stability : Type with confidence on a slim flat keyboard crafted for comfort, stability and precision, as well as durability

    • Smart Illumination : The keys light up the moment your hands approach. And the backlighting automatically adjusts to suit changing lighting conditions

    • Flow Cross-Computer Control : MX Keys works across multiple computers in one fluid workflow. Seamlessly type, copy and paste across two computers.* *Requires Logitech Flow-enabled mouse and Logitech Options software

    • Multi-Device and Multi-OS : Connect via Bluetooth Low Energy or the small Unifying USB with up to three desktop or portable devices and switch between them at the push of a button. MX Keys is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android systems

    • USB-C Rechargeable : Full charge lasts up to ten days -or up to five months with backlighting off.** **Battery life may vary based on your use

    • MX Keys and MX Master 3 : Get a premium look and feel, seamless workflow and advanced functionality when you team MX Keys with the ergonomic MX Master 3 cordless mouse


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    #Logitech MX Keys Advanced Illuminated Wireless Keyboard #Logitech MX Keys Advanced Wireless Keyboard #Logitech MX Keys Wireless Keyboard #Logitech MX Keys Keyboard #Logitech MX Keys #Wireless Keyboard#keyboard#Logitech
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  • Beyond BK-6161 Computer Keyboard

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  • It’s wierd how I intuitively know where all the letters on a keyboard are solely from seeing on my phone but can’t type for shit on an actual keyboard without my eyes locking in on the letter I have to press

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  • Bed of Roses

    Valentine’s Day is coming so here’s a little song for you.

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  • Tecladista Ă© um mĂşsico diferenciado

    #tecladista #musico #gospel #musicista #teclado #comediagospel #groove #igreja #worship #keyboard

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  • Even though the i-pad exhibit is created by glassthen it’s a tempered glass which can stand up to an excellent fantastic deal of misuse before breaking, however what precisely about scrapes or micro-scratches? Is there an easy procedure to guard the screen in my i-pad from becoming scraped?

    It’s possible to find things that you can do to keep your display from getting scraped, however setting a display shield onto your i-pad is utterly undesirable. You will find lots of means to guard and look after your display, without forfeiting the attractiveness of a person’s I pad.

    Display protectors usually are less successful on I pads since they truly have been around phones. The cause of that is we utilize our I-pads in yet another manner in contrast to our phones.

    We set our car keys inside our pockets put our owners our pockets generally do not abide by our I pads our pockets. Honestlythere are tons fewer things which arrive touching the surface of this I pads in contrast to ever come in touch with all our phones. For adult men, it may be the keys, aside from most females, it might be this type of thing on your handbag.

    Your finger would be your key way of getting with your I pad. If using of your iPad, you should earn certain that your palms remain clean. It isn’t an excellent belief to hire your own i-pad whilst eating finger-foods items, such as oily poultry. If you should use a track protector, then you’d have exactly precisely the very exact issue. Only washout of your screen and make certain it remains tidy, however far much more concerning that at one particular moment.

    The Apple Pencil has been built to be employed at the facial area of this i-pad. The key with the Apple Pencil is produced from simple vinyl that slips across the face of your own iPad.

    The single way you can do injury into the face of one’s I pad when utilising an Apple Pencil would be once you had embedded sand contaminants within the tip with this Apple Pencil and were able to press on quite difficult while yanking your i-pad.

    The remedy to the particular? Make sure that you might be the sign of one’s Apple Pencil is wash before daily usage. Simply wash it clean and inspect it to find any sand or dirt contaminants that might are finding their approach to the tip of the Apple Pencil. After all, you can’t wish to erroneously scrape on the face of your own i-pad by pressing on sand throughout the sign of somebody’s Apple Pencil.

    A single maybe not plans to sand or dirt contaminants over the tip of the Apple Pencil, however which could arise the Apple Pencil is missing right into a ground hitting floor sign down. If this were to take place, you’d probably discover the suggestion has been damaged as it’d be deciphered.

    The last thing which arrives in contact with the face of your I pad maybe your cleaning cloth that you just simply use to wash your device. One of them 3 things beforehand in touch with your iPad, that will be farther very damaging hazard within this face of your iPad.

    It’s correct the outer liner of one’s I pad is composed of Gorilla glassand this is likely to be lovely and solid. Once you initially access your iPad, you must check out lengths to look after it, so ensuring each mic has been removed immediately after usage.


    That that you employ to wash your I pad wash may produce the gap in one of a sterile fingerprint-free iPad along with also an I pad that’s micro-scratches all on the top layer of this glass. Knowing which kind of fabric to work with and which sort of fabric perhaps maybe never to use to clean your I pad will find out the enormous major distinction.

    If you’re at the habit of cleansing your iPad after each and each usage, and additionally you maintain it placed to a sterile environment like a sleeve, then you also will end up away with just by using a micro fiber fabric after every usage.

    But in case an i-pad is cluttered also it’s dirt or grit anywhere onto it, then you might require in order to use a micro fiber cloth, then the nonmetallic fabric to wash it. The difference between both are that the texture of the material utilized.

    Celebrate, yet, before having a microfiber fabric, you have to be sure to test it to get almost any very small components of stone, sand pits, or alternative overseas objects. In the contest you never eliminate any foreign products, afterward the ones quiet items will likely be pushed on your I pad, which likewise offers the possibility to cause significant scratches that may remain in your track forever.

    You will discover two things it’s possible to get today to be certain your i-pad is protected during routine usage. ipad pro 12.9 keyboard case would be the protecting case along with also the protecting sleeve into the i-pad.
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  • It will not create a difference if you have an Apple and sometimes even Android tablet, all around once more such as televisions, then user electronics displays are quantified directly throughout the display from left to improve. The crucial thing to bear in your mind is always to be certain to are quantifying the lit section of this screen and perhaps not the display screen bezel.

    Assessing the screen and the bezel can supply you a couple distinctive from just what the producer planned. Just in tablet keyboard case of this screen acts 10.5&quot, and also you additionally insert the .50" bezel, your measurement is going to generate a scan of 11.5. You’re going to be paying all of your time searching to find yourself a case to get the 11.5 pill computer.

    Similar to televisions identical system of measuring that the track can be used can be used to dictate notebook measurement. Assessing the monitor provides what the producer believes the magnitude of this notebook or personal notebook system. In this manner of quantifying the track to call exactly, the size can be used for tablet computers such as Apple’s.


    The important point to learn relating to some of it really is strictly how exactly to assess the screen display. To locate the suitable iPad measurement, you ought to ensure are measuring the lit section of this display, and maybe not the dark bezel that encircles it. Be certain that to reverse your tablet on this whenever the screen lights measure out of one lit corner across to a opposite side.

    Any site merchandise or service page list has to have a couple of telephone outs on the images, at the function somewhere or put in the description stating dimension and generation of what size that the case is perfect for. Yet again, do not forget to check you will find the most appropriate case on the iPad.

    Some online web sites are going to possess the iPad cases supplied by size. Others will have style and also you can choose the size into this thing page of the particular design. Some internet websites may have a blend of the two. A page in this manner is going to own the dimension recorded multiple instances over the written composition.

    The purpose would be to know what size case you want and remember to purchase the appropriate dimension for your own i-pad 9.7, 10.5 Air, or even I pad Guru inch 1 or 12.9-inch. Even in the event you realize your i-pad measurements, the widthlength, with no knowing the dimension with the screen, you will still dictate exactly the incorrect size case or bag.

    In the event that you assess the display screen plus it shows 12.9 inches, then you still now own a 12.9 i-pad Guru and desire a case that is constructed for the 12.9 i-pad Professional. But, there is a catch. With all the 12.9 even yet, you’ve got to determine what production is that.

    Due to the writing, there are 4 variants or productions with this 12.9 for example the main one. Generation inch ) and 2 use exactly the identical outer casing and also the appropriate implementation variable remained the same outside of the initial production to another moment. So case that functioned to your 1 st creation variation will probably perform the job using its 2 and production 12.9.

    The next creation printed in October of 2018, gets got the specific dimensions screen, however, and the whole I pad dimensions, the length, thickness, and depth in addition to show group is radically identifying. Cases to your production inch and two 12.9 Apple pill computer isn’t going to fit another production or 4th production, 12.9 i-pad Guru. The dimension discrepancy is simply too fantastic. For that reason, for people that get a 3rd production 12.9-inch i-pad, you’re going to require some case specially created for this specific version.

    How do you realize that which invention you have? In the event, you’ve acquired your 12.9 right instantly so-on after October 2018 and there isn’t any residence button as a portion of the plan, you now contain the gen3 12.9 variant.

    Only to get things a good deal more vexing, Apple launched the 4th creation of this 12.9 variant in March of 20 20. Accompanying this new substantial, high line up version was that the 2 and invention of the 11-inch i-pad Professional. Both of these models were diverse enough within their own predecessors to warrant brand new case layouts to coincide with them.

    Let us examine the differences between your third and 4th productions so that you are going to have yet another means to know which would be your optimal/optimal case to the iPad. In the front, still another and 4th production 12.9-inch models are just exactly the very same. They usually do not have a household button.
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  • Galaxy Tab S7 & S7+ Users Can Enjoy More Streamlined Galaxy Ecosystem Experiences with One UI 3 Update

    Galaxy Tab S7 & S7+ Users Can Enjoy More Streamlined Galaxy Ecosystem Experiences with One UI 3 Update

    Samsung’s latest tablet devices, Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7+, are packed with a versatile range of productivity and connectivity features to help users connect and get more done on their own terms.
    With the latest One UI 3 software update, announced at the recent Galaxy Unpacked 2021 event, Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ users can do even more with their tablets and enhance their connected experiences with…


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