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  • smokeswirled
    25.01.2022 - 39 minutes ago
    “ why me? out of everyone you could’ve chose.  ” - ( Keyleth ) @airshari​

       There’s a MILLION answers to that question, and Percy wants to tell her all of them. You know me. You love me. You make me a better person. You make all the loneliness go away.

       He’s not even sure how they’ve gotten to this point, but he knows that he wouldn’t want to be anywhere else or with anyone else. Keyleth is his, and he’s hers, SO VERY hers, that it still hurts sometimes. 

       Percy glances down at the ring on her finger, the one that fits her so perfectly, and he thinks back to that night, the one that almost ended in DISASTER. He doesn’t want to think about what could have happened, only allows his mind to conjure up the images of Keyleth’s face, the surprise and love written all over it when he had seen the ring, and how he had slipped it onto her finger.

       “Because I love you, Keyleth of the Air Ashari.” He finally says, lips curved into a smile as he reaches for her hand, intertwining their fingers. “Because I am completely, and utterly yours, and you SAVED me in more ways than you could even imagine.” He nods, stepping just a little closer. “You’re also fucking fantastic in bed,” Percy chuckles, brushing his nose against hers.

       “NOW, what do you think this ceremony is going to be like? What are we going to SEE?”

    #airshari #v: we've been lonely for too long ( keyleth ; airshari ) #//MY HEART
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  • punkrockgenasiashton
    25.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Got interrupted like 6 times over the course of the two episodes and definitely missed some scenes but some quick thoughts:

    - The Animation is fantastic, I was a bit concerned going into it from some of the sneak peaks that it might be a little lacking, but apart from like...one or two quick dialogue scenes it was flawless.

    - The interplay between Vox Machina feels like putting on a pair of worn but warm gloves or sipping a perfect cup of cocoa that takes you back to a simpler time. It was so wonderful to be with these characters again.

    - Outside of the main cast the contributing voice cast was just as good as you’d expect them to be from the list of names. Huge shout out to Tennant as Krieg/Brymsycthe and Sunil Malhotra as Gilmore. Both were fantastic but everyone was awesome, I cannot wait to spend more time with Uriel and the rest of the council.

    - On the one hand I think they definitely could’ve gotten more mileage out of the Kreig/Brymscythe storyline, as the pacing did feel a little rushed (this could also be from me missing some scenes), but at the same time I’m glad they respected that most people watching already knew the general “what was going to happen” once a Blue Dragon popped up on the screen.

    - Much like Critical Role, equal parts hysterically funny and heartbreakingly dramatic. From that barfight opener to killing a kid in Vax’s arms 22 minutes later is very much in-keeping with the tone of Critical Role and I definitely appreciate it. 

    - I’m mixed on the monkeying with how magic and dragons work compared to dnd magic systems, but hey, there’s gotta be some dramatic tensions built visually since HP isn’t a thing.


    - I wish episodes were longer because the world already feels so built out and so lived in that I wouldn’t mind them slowing things down and letting the show breathe a little bit. 

    - Overall it was a fantastic love letter to Campaign 1, Vox Machina, and the fans. Despite my small nitpicks I couldn’t be happier with how good it turned out.

    #TLOVM spoilers #The legend of Vox Machina Spoilers #I desperately hope I can watch it again before Friday. #The Legend of Vox Machina #(also Keyleth is still taller than Vax I will die on this hill)
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  • flowersforvax
    25.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    One: got low-key emotional that they kept Marisha's arm motion for Call Lightning

    Two: lightning???? Against a dragon shooting lightning??? Oh my sweet sweet summer child


    #i'm using that ironically #i love keyleth with all my heart #tlovm#tlovm spoilers #s watches cr #critical role
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  • meistoshi
    25.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    i got a message from the po to come get my dice set!!!

    #im gonna put off actually going to get it until thursday bc i have to take a train to the po & the station is between school & home #& i can head to the station after school which i only have thursday & friday this week #i hope classes end faster than planned bc otherwise theres an hour between the train i could miss if i dally & the next one #like it's no problem but still inconvenient ykno #but !!!!! im gnna have dice!! #i got a set from etsy; i considered getting one of the sets from the critrole shop but i wanna save up a lil for those #also im stuck between wanting keyleth's set & vax's set & keep being on the fence abt vex's set as a third option #hell on the brain #▐█ ▌   ◇   —   (   pkmn is autistic culture.   )
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  • im-the-queen-of-stardust
    25.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    The Tal’Dorei Reborn Campaign Setting was written just to make me cry it seems. Keyleth’s page really gets to me. Also this part in particular:

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  • im-the-queen-of-stardust
    25.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Can we please talk about Vax’s page in the Tal’Dorei Reborn campaign setting? Especially this paragraph:

    “The Champion of Ravens is not Vax’ildan, though Vax resides within him”?? I mean didn’t the Dalen’s Closet One-Shot crush my heart enough? Now we have like canonical confirmation, that he’s too changed to be just Vax’ildan anymore. It’s not enough that Liam O’Brien made me read The Jaunt by Stephen King (if you haven’t go read it, Liam said in a Talks episode that that is what he thinks happened to Vax after he said goodbye and it crushed my soul), now Matthew Mercer has to write it our for me in black and white in the canon 20 years after campaign setting. Because sure, it makes sense and it’s fitting but it also means that at the end, when the Champion of Ravens comes to shepard the souls of his friends beyond the veil of the mortal world, it won’t really be Vax. Vax is lost, Vax is forever changed and nothing ever will bring him back. Excuse me while I go cry in a corner about Vax again.

    #i know im overreaction #i dont know why but i just ling to the idea that in the after life Vax will finally be reunited #whatever the after life looks like #but that will never happen #vax is gone #its the same fear i have for keyleth #because she lives for so damn long #will she even be the same after it all #vax'ildan#critical role#vm#vox machina#tal'dorei reborn
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  • utilitycaster
    25.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    There are characters I love the most and then there are characters where I'm like...are they necessarily my absolute #1 fave, no, but if someone doesn't like them then that person has indisputably terrible taste.

    #this is about keyleth. not even going to hide it. #like...vex and percy are my favorites from VM but there are valid reasons to dislike them #but if you dislike keyleth you are wrong about everything and must atone. this is non-negotiable.
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  • pageofcoins
    25.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    So after reading the first two volumes of Vox Machina Origins from my library and watching four parts of the campaign in one day, I can safely say I am completely and irrevocably in love with Vex and Keyleth and have a fairly uncomfortable amount of gender envy directed towards Percy and Vax. Also Pike is wife goals and everyone should listen to her at all times. Grog is a lovable himbo who can do no wrong and I’m weirdly most excited for Scanlan’s character growth. I have no opinions about Tiberius yet except holy shit his voice actor is so fucking funny.

    Edit: alright after wanting spoilers on who dies I fell down the rabbit hole of tiberius’ voice actor so nm that statement jeez

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  • cabriolet-and-curricle
    25.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    🎶 Here comes the boy 🎶

    (Pose reference from AdorkaStock)

    #look i know he doesn’t have a spear #this is when he was a guard for keyleth #that’s my story and i’m sticking to it #critical role #orym of the air ashari #orym#my art #gave him weird tabi boots because toes are hard to draw
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  • chekovsphaser
    25.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    When the Mighty Nein fly, they have a rough system in place.

    When Vox machina fly every time it's a logistical clusterfuck

    #this is a joke #i have a diagram #vex is riding a flying trinket tiberius is riding a flying grog #grog foghts vecna primarily being baby carried by planetar keyleth #percy trying to shoot umbrasyl off the back of an eagle #grog being pulled behind on the chain of returning
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  • nbvethbrenatto
    25.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    moodboard: bi he/they trans woman keyleth (cr)

    #keyleth cr #keyleth of the air ashari #critical role#cr #bi he/they trans woman #my moodboards #literally im so fkn hyped for tlovm
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  • thehawkeyes
    25.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    I was checking out TLOVM on Amazon and

    Probably spoilers, but this is the header pic for the show at the moment.

    Y’all they’re literally just chilling out on Brimscythe dead body lol

    #the legend of vox machina #the legend of vox machina spoilers #tlovm#tlovm spoilers#critical role #critical role spoilers #cr spoilers#Brimscythe#vox machina #wish i could get a clean shot of the pic but oh well #i didn't ever realize what i was looking at at first lol #also please note keyleth and vax just making heart eyes at each other
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  • foreverblueraven
    25.01.2022 - 17 hours ago

    Just realized the tags are gonna get flooded with new content as soon as tlovm comes out. Which means I have 4 days to find all my favorite livestream gifs before i lose them forever.

    Guess I'm gonna go on a giant reblog spree before I can never find those gifs again.

    #tlovm#critical role#cr#cr c1 #critical role campaign 1 #thats gonna be my tag for all of them #god i cant believe this will be a problem #im beyond excited #the legend of vox machina #lovm#vaxleth#vexleth#percahlia#keyleth#vax'ildan#vex'ahlia #percy de rolo #grog strongjaw#pike trickfoot#scanlan shorthalt
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  • trickrydomain
    25.01.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Percy dies and kynan avoids the rest of vox machina forever

    #he already doesnt like to be around keyleth #✑ ooc — ᴛɪᴍᴇ ɪꜱ ᴀ ᴡᴇɪʀᴅ ꜱᴏᴜᴘ .
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  • a-heart-of-kyber
    25.01.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Mentally preparing myself for "You know I'm in love with you right?"

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  • valevxlentina
    25.01.2022 - 19 hours ago

    a dude: *talking about his loyalty to vecna*

    vex: that’s the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard

    keyleth: i agree

    percy: yeah really

    vax: grog just kill him now

    #vox machina truly just is a big band of bullies SDKJFKSDJF #text#critical role#cr1#cr lb#22m c1e38 #r: vox machina #vex'ahlia vessar#keyleth cr #percy de rolo #vax'ildan vessar
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  • lorn-art
    24.01.2022 - 21 hours ago

    Girls machina

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  • valevxlentina
    24.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    honestly i feel like i have very very rarely seen sam riegel break into laughter as hard as he did when he successfully deceived his way through a conversation with the clasp and then right when they were home free keyleth went and said “that box is gonna melt ur eyeballs if u open it”

    #travis said lucky fuckin druid and he was right SKDJFKSDF #text#critical role#cr1#cr lb #this is 3h28m into c1e37 #sam riegel#keyleth cr
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  • 42paintbrushes
    24.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Kiki my beloved I can't wait to see you animated 🧡

    #critical role#vox machina#tlovm #the legend of vox machina #keyleth
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  • twicebornstar
    24.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    it’s poetic that unlike vox machina, the meighty nein are barely known to anyone but a small number of people they helped... but they are known to vox machina

    #there is no way vilya didn't tell keyleth about the people who saved her #and there's no way keyleth didn't invite the rest of vox machina #to finally introduce them to her mom #and there is no way they all didn't talk about what happened to her #critical role
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