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  • ooccoo
    05.12.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    also i literally dont grt caitlyn and vis breakup it was nonsensical. they didnt even disagree on anything

    #MAYBE vi thought she was gonna die or never see her again? which is like. fine whatever #but the real reason was so that caitlyn could get kidnapped which is just so boring to me #everything in a story has gotta either feel inevitable or be a decision for a character to make #like. idk its so dull
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  • of-invisible-ties
    05.12.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    “Oh! Well, what do you know? The threat of the ... whatever kingdom is already gone!”

    “I spent most of that time napping, thank you very much. Do you really think I cared about that war when none of the generals were hot, or even redheads?”

    #ic#open#muse: karelyn #[ this is why otr ditches her instead of kidnapping her ] #[ im sorry yall. karelyn is terrible ]
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  • mykrantisamay
    05.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    साजिश का खुलासा: चुनावी रंजिश में विपक्षियों को फंसाने के लिए व्यापारी ने रची थी खुद के अपहरण की झूठी कहानी

    साजिश का खुलासा: चुनावी रंजिश में विपक्षियों को फंसाने के लिए व्यापारी ने रची थी खुद के अपहरण की झूठी कहानी

    {“_id”:”61ab59a754dac90c702c5930″,”slug”:”fake-kidnapping-case-businessman-arrests-mainpuri-crime-news”,”type”:”feature-story”,”status”:”publish”,”title_hn”:”साजिश का खुलासा: चुनावी रंजिश में विपक्षियों को फंसाने के लिए व्यापारी ने रची थी खुद के अपहरण की झूठी कहानी”,”category”:{“title”:”City & states”,”title_hn”:”शहर और राज्य”,”slug”:”city-and-states”}} संवाद न्यूज एजेंसी, मैनपुरी Published by:…

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    #Agra Hindi Samachar #Agra News in Hindi #businessman kidnapping#Fake kidnap#kidnapping #Latest Agra News in Hindi #latest mainpuri news in hindi #Mainpuri #mainpuri crime news #mainpuri hindi samachar #mainpuri ki khabar #mainpuri ki news #mainpuri latest news #mainpuri live news #mainpuri news in hindi #mainpuri sp #plan of kidnap #police case #story of kidnapp #today mainpuri news #अपहरण कांड का खुलासा #अपहरण की योजना #जेल
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  • hentaikittxn
    05.12.2021 - 7 hours ago


    #kidnapping kink going brrr this morning #like please throw me in your trunk and do unspeakable things to me #but most of all be completely obsessed with me #be as obsessed with me and I'll become with you
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  • gaggle-of-skeletons-and-a-human
    05.12.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #the adventures of a simp #step one: kidnap the kid i guess??? #nightmare doesnt know how talk to children
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  • stories-of-the-multiverse
    05.12.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #Ask#Anonymous #Black Hat Organization #Violence CW #Armed Assault CW #Assault CW#Kidnapping CW #Armed Kidnapping CW
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  • caloohcallay
    05.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I firmly believe this is just “normal” Jervis. This is how his mood and delusions are at a baseline. When he’s not stuck in one of his manic deliriums... or crippling depression... or the rare but very possible violent episodes.

    #oh we don't get many compliments (art) #madder then a hatter (joker) #twinkle twinkle little bat (batman) #look he is an angry little man and he deserves to be #he just wants to live his best story book life #but no #kidnapped by a clown and terrified by a crocodile man #he's just so tired #between being kidnapped by others and used as a projectivle #*projectile #he does deserve it of course #but still
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  • caseysheppardx
    05.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Torn Apart||Casey’s Past

    "Pat! Guess fuckin' what, man?!" Casey called out with a grin from his desk as he stood up and quickly made his way towards his partner. Pat just released a grunt as an answer and Casey took that as his good to go, "Remember that drug cartel from a few months that just suddenly dropped off the map?" Pat raised his eyes and quirked a brow. Casey smirked while leaning his hands up against his desk, "They're back."

    "What do you mean they're back?" Pat asked as he leaned back into his seat, folding his arms across his chest. It was obvious that Casey had piqued his interest, which seemed hard to do nowadays.

    Casey threw the case file he held in his hands down onto the desk and smiled, "Just what I said! They're back. They resurfaced today. They have a deal going down in less than two hours." The younger of the two grinned and held his arms out, "Let's go! Let's bust their asses!"

    Pat heaved a sigh and shook his head, "You know as well as I do we can't just 'bust their asses', Sheppard." Leave it to Pat to be the voice of reason. It was a blessing and a curse, the detective learned of the years of working with him. But right now, it was certainly a curse. They didn't have any time to wait. They had to go now!

    "Pat, you’re kidding me. You know how hard we worked to get his crooks and now you're just gonna sit back and let them get away with it because we don't have the chief's okay?!" The dirty blond shook his head and frowned, backing up a few steps, "I'm ashamed to be in your presence right now."

    "Don't give me that shit, Sheppard. Don't guilt trip me." Pat stated with a shake of his head, wanting to turn back to his paperwork, but he knew that Casey was looking down on his with that sad puppy dog look he tended to give when he wasn't getting his way. And unfortunately, he knew that Casey was right. They were missing out on a golden opportunity here. With a heavy sigh, the elder detective stood from his seat and grabbed his coat from off the back of his chair, "We can always ask for forgiveness after it's done, right?" Pat stated with a flick of his brows while opening up the case file. Quickly, his eyes scanned it over, "We have to hurry if we have less than two hours. The place of their deal is 50 minutes out."

    Casey smirked, "I'll drive."

    That conversation kept resonating in his mind like a gong. If he hadn't suggested it...

    When the two arrived at the scene, they had barely made it due to traffic and generally navigating through the town. But it didn't matter. They had made it in time. That was all that counted. The partners exited the vehicle and moved towards the building in unison. They had worked together so much now that they could practically predict what the other was going to do. With a nod of his head, Pat began to move into the building, remaining as quiet as he possibly could. When they entered the building, they were expecting a drug transaction to be occuring...but what they saw was something they had no idea how to handle.

    The scene before them was that of a group of rebels. There were schematics posted all around the building of how to infiltrate different buildings around New York and from what Casey could tell, it seemed like they had a pretty good plan on how to do it. His brows furrowed in confusion as he looked over towards Pat, who had the same expression. What the hell were they supposed to do now?

    The elder males finally met with Casey's and he nodded his head, giving him the signal to get the hell out of there. If was any other situation, the younger detective would've protested but this...they had no way to succeed. He knew that. Casey nodded back at him and was about to turn around to sneak back out, but the feeling of a barrel of a gun to the back of his head halted that advance. His gun that he held in his right hand was quickly removed from and thrown across the room, along with Pat's. Moments later, the partners were being forced to ground and roughly had their hands tied behind their backs, along with a gag being placed in their mouths. They were pulled up to their feet and dragged through the warehouse, unaware of what they just got themselves into.

    Casey looked over towards his partner, who was sagging forward in the chair he was tied to. Blood was steadily oozing from his left eye and his mouth, which was concerning. He assumed that Pat had a broken eye socket, which was never a good thing, and he bore witness to his friend getting his teeth ripped from his head. It was a disgusting thing to watch but he couldn't look away. He wouldn't. Casey wasn't one to abandon someone like that. Though, to be honest, Casey really had no room to talk, he was just as bad as Pat, if not worse. The group had decided to focus a lot of their attention on him since he was much younger and could probably tolerate it more. They weren't wrong there.

    Just like Pat, he had several of his back teeth ripped out, which was thankful that they went to the back first. His jaw had been dislocated and popped back into place at least three times from the multiple punches and kicks he had received to the face. Casey had several busted ribs, there was no doubt about that either. Breathing was becoming more and more difficult as the days passed. Not to mention, the bastards used his arms as an ash tray and put their cigars and cigarettes out on his skin. It was not looking good for them.

    Spitting out a glob of blood that had pooled in his mouth, Casey turned his attention towards Pat, frowning as much as his mouth would allow him before speaking up, "Pat...?" He croaked out, cringing at his voice. It didn't sound anything like him, "Pat? You awake?"

    Slowly, the elder male nodded his head and managed to lean back in his chair, looking towards Casey, "Unfortunately." He said, sounding just as broken and hurt as his partner.

    "I was...going to ask how you're holding up...b-but I think I got the answer." Casey stated, his voice cracking slightly which earned him to look away from Pat. He didn't want him to see him at the moment, "Listen." He began, "I-I'm so sorry. So fucking sorry, Pat. I...I didn't mean for this to happen...I didn't know. I just thought--" Casey cut himself off and leaned forward in his seat as much as his tied arms would allow him, tears beginning to trek down his cheeks, "Just tell them e-everything was my idea. Maybe they'll let you go. Maybe--"

    "Shut your fucking mouth. Right now." Pat seethed, which caused Casey to lift his head and look towards his partner, "If I hear that come out of your mouth one more time, I will kill you myself. You hear me?" The male asked. Casey didn't answer. He just kept staring at him in surprise, "Don't you give up on me. Don't you dare. I can't do this shit alone, Casey." Pat's voice suddenly got much stronger. It almost sounded like it used to, "We're getting out of here. Marcus is looking for us right now. You know she is."

    "But h-how much longer? I-I don't know if I can--"

    "You can fucking make it, Casey. You've made it this far. You've endured so much already. What more can they throw at you?" Pat asked. The kid had proved that he deserved the job title he had. Pat knew it from the moment he met him, but the rest of the force wasn't so sure. After this, there would be no doubt that he earned their respect. Hearing the door open to the room they were being held in, Pat's eyes widened, and his gaze shifted back and forth between Casey and the door, "I'm right here, kid. Don't worry."

    A variety of footsteps entered the room and slowly, Casey lifted his head to stare at the group that mercilessly tortured him and his friend, narrowing his gaze into a glare. Well, the best glare he could muster. A tripod with a camera attached to it was suddenly placed a few feet ahead of them and the leader grinned at the two American's, "We're making you two famous today." He stated, his accent thick. Casey’s mind was too much of a mess to figure out just what it was.

    Suddenly, he stepped in between the two chairs and stretched his arms out, grabbing a hold of both Casey and Pat's hair, yanking their heads back to show them off to the camera. As soon as he had, a little red light appeared on the device and the man grinned, "These are the two men that the NYPD has been so tirelessly searching for. We've kept them alive to prove a point." The man paused and grinned evilly, "That point being that no matter how many dogs you send in...no matter how many soldiers you send after us, we will prevail. We will get what we came for.”

    Releasing Casey's hair, the man reached into his jacket and pulled out a knife. Within seconds, he was placing it Pat's throat and slit it without a second thought in his mind. Casey had seen it all. He saw the look of despair on his friends face as the knife cut through his skin like it was nothing. He saw the blood steadily pour from wound and the grin on the crooks face. The worst thing about it was that Casey couldn't do a damn thing but watch his best friend choke to death.

    "Pat!" He screamed and leaned over in his seat, wanting to do nothing more than to rush over to him. But he was stuck. The chair teetered on two legs for a moment before suddenly crashing to the floor, sending a huge surge of pain through Casey's entire body. But he didn't care. He didn't care about anything but his partner, "Pat!" Casey cried again, tears returning to his eyes, "You fucking bastards!" There was nothing else he could do besides scream his lungs out. As he did so, the camera shut off and the broadcast was, apparently over. They had done what they wanted. 

    The sputtering and coughing that was coming from Pat was too much for Casey. He lost it. Absolutely lost it. He kicked and writhed in his chair, screaming and wailing, "You fucking pricks. You'll fucking pay for this!" Casey had writhed so much that he had even loosened the rope that tied his hands to the chair. What an accomplishment. He had been so busy with what he had been doing that he almost didn't notice that Pat's choking was beginning to cease. Immediately, he turned his blue eyes up to him and his chest began to heave from his overwhelming emotions, "D-Don't...no, God, Pat. Please. Please. You c-can't."

    Words would do nothing to save him. Pat was gone within seconds and Casey Sheppard was left completely alone in a situation that he knew there was no way out of. Yet they were keeping him alive. What cruel and unusual punishment. His eyes lidded as he openly wept on the floor. Casey just didn't give a shit anymore. He was so lost in himself that he didn't even notice the body right in front of him until he felt a blade deeply pierce his shoulder. His eyes flew open and the man who stabbed him pulled his seat back up, using the blade as the lever, "Let's not do that again." He seethed into Casey's ear while yanking the knife out of his shoulder and turning around to leave, quickly followed by the rest of the group. Those bastards.

    That familiar sense of despair settled back into the pit of Casey's stomach as he just sat around and waited for death. He could feel it in the air. He wasn't getting out of there. And he was fine that. There would be no point of his return. No point whatsoever. He just wished that death would come to greet him sooner instead of making him wait. He just wanted the pain and the agony to be over. Was that so much to ask?

    Never in his life did he think the NYPD would be there to rescue him. But they were. Casey was so far gone in his mind and pain that he didn't even realize that anyone was holding his face until a few moments after it happened. His hazy vision focused upon them and he realized that it was Chief Marcus. So Pat was right...she was looking for them. "Casey. Casey, listen to me. You're going to be fine. We're getting you out of here and you're going to be just fine." She assured him as her hands remained on his bloodied face.

    But she couldn't be more wrong.

    Casey would never be fine.

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  • minkeuw
    05.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    novel recommendation


    Kidnapped By The Crazy Duke


    4/5 (to early to tell only 29 chapters)


    A lady who recently died got thrown into a novel. She possessed the side character Diana Claire, the abused sister of the female lead. So she decides to get kidnapped by the duke. He was trying to kidnap her sister, but the duke wasn't acting normally and claimed he was in love with Diana.

    why should you read it:

    For an ongoing story, it's entertaining. How Diana interacted with the male lead was cute and funny, and the second male lead and her interactions were adorable. I love how she gets revenge on her family.

    #novel recommendation #kidnapped by the crazy duke #novel#romance
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  • yoakkemae
    05.12.2021 - 13 hours ago
    "You've already shown yourself to be extraordinarily brave and resourceful," Blunt said. "First at the junkyard... that was a karate kick, wasn't it? How long have you been learning karate?" Alex didn't answer so Blunt went on. "And then there was that little test we arranged for you at the bank. Any boy who would climb out of a fifteenth-floor window just to satisfy his own curiosity has to be rather special, and it seems to me that you are very special indeed."
    "What we're suggesting is that you come and work for us," Mrs. Jones said. "We have enough time to give you some basic training -- not that you'll probably need it -- and we can equip you with a few items that may help you wish what we have in mind. Then we'll arrange for you to take place of this other boy... You'll go to Sayle Enterprises on March twenty-ninth. That's when the Lester boy is expected. You'll stay there until April first, which is the day of the ceremony. The timing couldn't be better. You'll be able to meet Herold Sayle, keep an eye on him, tell us what you think. Perhaps you'll also find out what it was that your uncle discovered and why he had to die for it. You shouldn't be in any danger. After all, who would suspect a fourteen year old boy of being a spy?"
    "All we're asking you to do is to report back to us," Blunt said. "April first is just three weeks from now. That's all we're asking. Three weeks of your time. A chance to make sure these computers are everything they're cracked up to be. A chance to serve your country."
    Blunt had finished his lunch. His plate was completely clean, as if there had never been any food on it at all. He put down his knife and fork, laying them precisely side by side. "All right, Alex," he said. "So what do you say?"
    There was a long pause.
    Alex put down his own knife and fork. He hadn't eaten anything. Blunt was watching him with polite interest. Mrs. Jones was unwrapping yet another peppermint, her black eyes seemingly fixed on the twist of paper in her hands.
    "No," Alex said.
    "I'm sorry?"
    "It's a dumb idea. I don't want to be a spy. I want to play soccer. Anyway, I have a life of my own." He found it difficult to choose the right words. The whole thing was so preposterous he almost wanted to laugh. "Why don't you ask this Felix Lester to snoop around for you?"
    "We don't believe he'd be as resourceful as you," Blunt said.
    "He's probably better at computer games." Alex shook his head. "I'm sorry. I'm just not interested. I don't want to get involved."
    "That's a pity," Blunt said. His tone of voice hadn't changed, but there was a heavy, dead quality to the words. And there was something different about him. Throughout the meal he had been polite -- not friendly but at least human. In an instant, that had disappeared. Alex thought of a toilet chain being pulled. The human part of him had just been flushed away.
    "We'd better move on then to discuss your future," he continued. "Like it or not, Alex, the Royal and General is now your legal guardian."
    "I thought you said the Royal and General didn't exist."
    Blunt ignored him. "Ian Rider has, of course, left the house and all his money to you. However, he left it in trust until you are twenty-one. And we control that trust. So there will, I'm afraid, have to be some changes. The American girl who lives with you--"
    "Miss Starbright. Her visa has expired. She'll be returned to America. We propose to put the house on the market. Unfortunately, you have no relatives who would be prepared to look after you, so I'm afraid that also means you'll have to leave Brookland. You'll be sent to an institution. There's one I know just outside Birmingham. The Saint Elizabeth in Sourbridge. Not a very pleasant place, but I'm afraid there's no alternative."
    "You're blackmailing me!" Alex exclaimed.
    "Not at all."
    "But if I agreed to do what you asked...?"
    Blunt glanced at Mrs. Jones. "Help us and we'll help you," she said.
    Alex considered, but not for very long. He had no choice and he knew it. Not when these people controlled his money, his present life, his entire future. "You talked about training," he said.
    Mrs. Jones nodded. "Felix Lester is expected at Port Tallon in two weeks," she said. "That doesn't give us very much time. But it's also why we brought you here, Alex. This is a training centre. If you agree to what we want, we can start at once."
    "Start at once." Alex spoke the three words without liking the sound of them. Blunt and Mrs. Jones were waiting for his answer. He sighed. "Yeah. All right. It doesn't look like I've got very much choice."
    He glanced at the slices of cold lamb on his plate. Dead meat. Suddenly, he knew how it felt.


    #tbt. #mobile // #quotes. #imagine being fourteen and the government kidnaps you and blackmails you into being a spy
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    05.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    i just want ctubbo and ctechno to beat the shit out of csam is that too much to ask

    #nivorambles#dream smp #the fucker felt no remorse killing cranboo and kidnapping michael okay i am at my limit
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  • aliveburs
    05.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    catching up on the lore from today i did not realize sam ACTUALLY had michael i thought he lied oh my god?

    #text post#mine#dsmp spoilers #beautiful shaders king not a fan of the kidnapping though #5#dsmp#mcyt
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    05.12.2021 - 14 hours ago
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  • yourfavekidnapper
    05.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    wanna take my hostage to the nearby forest and give them til the count of 10 to run as far away from me as they can. and if i catch them? i get to pin them down as i rape a baby into them

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  • dobega
    05.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    these courting rituals sure are intricate

    #driving past each other in a carriage 3 days in a row in alternating costumes #meet her at dusk at the end of the carnival right when everyone blows out their candles and direct their attention away from debauchery #and towards God #turns out she’s a young man who kidnaps me and takes me to some weird grotto cave system #I learn this only after I lean forward for a kiss #I meet the big bandit boss and show off by taking a nap #I am now in a poly relationship with the entire band of bandits #count thoughts #count of monte cristo #albert de morcerf
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  • degeneratebby
    05.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Man I could be chained to someone’s bed rn in bloodstained sheets 😔

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  • cheesy-kitten-liveblogs
    05.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    ....the nearest star system is light years away?!?!?

    #PEARL IS JUST STRAIGHT UP KIDNAPPING STEVEN OR WHAT ? #su liveblog#s1e28#space race
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  • tonystarkisntaslut
    05.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Home Ch. 6

    Chapter Summary: Peter is finally home, finally back to his right mind, and now he has to cope with everything else. 

    Warnings: Same as all of the other chapters--rape, kidnapping, abuse, gaslighting, brain washing, manipulation, self-victim-blaming, violence, miscarriage, omega verse, mpreg. Added this chapter--pregnancy by rape, options on what to do with an unwanted pregnancy (all are mentioned and discussed about, do not read if that will trigger you!), dead dove: do not eat.

    Notes: Thank you all for helping me along this wild ride. This is the first ever time I’ve made a fic that is both pre-planned and multiple chapters, and it was the first time I uploaded on a pre-planned schedule! You guys have no idea how much this fic means to me. Thank you.


    Peter stiffens in Tony’s arms, hand flying to his stomach almost on autopilot. “I’m...He...”

    Tony grits his teeth, every instinct in him screaming this his omega is pregnant with a different alpha’s baby. “Get rid of it.”

    Strange blinks, looking surprised. “Um...Tony, I don’t think-”

    Tony growls aggressively, holding Peter tighter. “Get rid of it. Today!”

    Peter winces at the growl, trying to make himself as submissive as possible. Tony has never hurt him in the past, sure. But Peter spend almost two years expecting to be hurt in one way or another whenever he did something bad, and it’s going to take much more than getting his memories back to feel safe again. 

    Strange takes a deep breath. “Okay, if you’re going to behave like Beck did around Peter, then you’re going to have to leave my patient. He is sick and unwell, and I will not have you scaring him.”

    Tony’s face screws up at being compared to an abusive rapist, but then he smells the fear on Peter and realizes the wizard is right. “Fine,” he growls, carefully placing Peter down on the bed and leaving with another growl.

    Peter whimpers, curling up on himself. “Dr. Strange?”

    He sighs sadly, putting his clipboard down. “I’m sorry, Peter. He really is trying his best, I know he is. But this is very hard for him as well...”

    Peter nods, wiping his tears away. “I know. I can’t...” his lower lip wobbles. “He must hate me,” Peter says, tears already welling up in his eyes. “I killed his baby, and now I’m crying someone else’s baby, and I’m all used up and broken and-”

    “No,” Strange says, putting a hand on Peter’s arm softly. “None of that is true, okay? He doesn’t hate you. He loves you so much, he spent a year and a half looking for you. Everyone else was willing to give up a few months after you went missing, but we had to hold a funeral for you before he was willing to accept it.”

    Peter looks up, tears in his eyes and lower lip wobbling. “He held a funeral for me?” he asks brokenly. 

    Strange nods, smiling sadly. “He did. And after, he went there every day to talk to you and your...and the baby.”

    Peter’s breath hitches, and he grabs onto Strange’s hand so tightly it almost hurts. “Please...can I see the grave? Of our baby?”


    Stephen stands behind the omega, watching the tower instead of Peter. Peter appreciates the privacy.

    He kneels in front of his own grave first, touching it with trembling fingers. It’s surreal, touching his own grave. Thinking about the funeral they must have held. Thinking about May leaving him flowers like she did for Ben and his parents. Thinking about Tony missing him, talking to him through a stone that isn’t even above his body. 

    Peter shakes his head and moves on. He goes over to the smaller, less intricate grave. His tears run down his face, and he covers his mouth with a shaking hand.

    In remembrance of unnamed baby Parker-Stark, gone far too soon. 

    Peter sobs brokenly, a hand coming down to his stomach. He killed his first baby, and now he has to kill his second baby too. He really is the worst omega that’s ever lived. 

    He doesn’t know what Beck did with his baby, after Peter passed out. He hopes he buried the baby, gave it the respect it deserved to have in death. But he just doesn’t know. 

    “Do you think Tony will let me bury this baby too?” he asks brokenly, not looking over his shoulder. “Or...there probably isn’t much to bury, is there? I’m not even showing. A gravestone, like my first baby?”

    Strange is oddly quiet for a good while, before he turns to Peter and rests a hand on Peter’s shoulder. “You don’t want an abortion, do you?”

    Peter’s eyes scrunch closed, as he tries to keep himself together. “Tony said I have to,” the omega manages to get out, although his voice is broken. 

    “It isn’t Tony’s choice, Peter. If you want to keep it, then you can.” The wizard kneels next to the omega.

    Peter shakes his head. “He’ll leave me,” he cries, still holding his stomach. “Who wants to raise their omega’s kid from another alpha? Especially one that resulted from cheating-”

    “You were raped, Peter,” Strange interrupts, unable to keep quiet any longer. “You were not cheating on Tony, you didn’t fall in love with another alpha, you didn’t have any secret affair or anything. You were kidnapped, raped, tortured, abused--you had no say in anything that happened to you for over a year. This isn’t some baby created out of an affair, you were kidnapped and raped impregnated against your will.”

    Peter looks down at his lap. “What if I did fall in love with another alpha?” he whispers, as if saying it too loud would physically hurt him.

    “You didn’t,” the older man insists, grabbing Peter’s hand and looking into his eyes with sheer determination in them. “It’s Stockholm syndrome Peter, that’s all it is. You didn’t love him, you couldn’t have. You were doing what you had to do to survive, and nothing more.”

    Peter breaks down into horrible sobs, clinging to the beta with all of his strength. It’ll take more time and more therapy to change his mind on the matter, but it really does help tremendously to hear it out loud. 


    Tony shakes his head, pacing back and forth. “No. No, Peter can’t have this baby. He just can’t! It’s--it’s a monster! It’s half Beck, half rapist and abuser and-”

    “And it’s half Peter,” Steve says, eyes hard. He’s been so supportive of Tony this entire time, but he can’t let his friend behave like this. 

    Tony shakes his head. “No. No it isn’t! It isn’t half Peter. It’s a fucking parasite, Peter didn’t want it there! It’s just a reminder of everything that Peter has been through-”

    “Don’t you think Peter has been though enough trauma for one lifetime? Do you really think adding a forced abortion by his otherwise loving and supportive mate will make him feel safer here with you? Huh?” Steve’s voice is deep, almost a growl. He’s pissed Tony is acting like this. 

    Tony staggers a step back. “I’m not like him!” Tony spits, disgusted. 

    “No, you aren’t. That’s why can’t force him to get an abortion, Tony. Because you’re better than he is. You love Peter, don’t you?” he ignores the look Tony gives him, and moves on. “Then you can learn to love something that’s half Peter. If Peter wants this baby, you’ll have to learn to love it too.”

    “No. Never,” Tony spits, hands clenching into fists. 

    Steve raises a brow. “So, what? You’re going to leave him if he decides to keep it? Or are you going to stay, and punish an innocent baby that did nothing wrong except happen to be sired by an evil person? Don’t you think that will traumatize Peter too, seeing you hate his baby?”

    Tony pulls at his hair, frustration making his scent reek. “He won’t decide to keep the baby. He won’t! He doesn’t want that thing either!”

    “He does, Tony,” Steve says quietly. When Tony looks up at him with shock and dread, Steve sighs. “He does want the baby. Strange told me. But he’s scared you’ll leave him, so he’s going to get an abortion anyway. Strange said he asked if you would let Peter have a gravestone for this baby too. Because he’s going to grieve his baby’s death, even if you won’t. Even if it’s his rapist’s baby, and not yours. It’s still half Peter, it’s still his baby, and it’s still Peter for Christ’s sake! Peter could never hate a baby, you know that.”

    Tony shakes his head. “No. No, I refuse to believe that.”

    “Ask him yourself then, Tony. But don’t be surprised when you find out the truth.” Steve shakes his head, and walks into Peter’s room first. He’s going to be a bodyguard, if nothing else. 


    Peter looks up as Steve enters, smiling a watery smile. “Hey, Steve,” he says softly. “Do you know where Tony is?”

    Before the other alpha can respond, Tony walks in. He smells pissed, and it makes Peter curl in on himself in fear. He’s only been free for a week, and it’s hard to shed old habits. “Peter,” his alpha says softly. 

    Peter looks up, squirming. He wants to--no, he needs to be good for his alpha. “Yes, alpha?” he whispers, wringing his hands together. 

    Tony grinds his teeth together, before sighing and rubbing his forehead. “You want this abortion, right?” 

    Peter holds onto the cup that holds the pill that will force him to miscarry, looking down at it. His scent turns unmistakably sad, and he can’t meet Tony’s eyes. “Yes, alpha. Whatever you want.”

    Tony feels a spike of anger course through him; but he tries to tame it. “No, that isn’t what I asked Peter. I asked what you wanted.”

    Peter swallows, throat thick. It almost hurts. “I want you to love me,” Peter says brokenly, looking up with his wet eyes. “And I know you won’t love me if I don’t.”

    Tony breathes in quickly through his nose, his own eyes full of hurt and anger. “Peter, I will love you until the end of time. I will do anything to make you happy. To make you feel safe, and loved, and wanted. I will--I will give you all the babies you want. We can try again, and again and again and again until you feel happy and satisfied and so safe again that you never think about him.” 

    Peter nods, but he still smells sad and hopeless and it makes Tony want to pull his own teeth out. “Yes, alpha. We can have lots of pups.”

    Tony growls, and it physically hurts him to see Peter flinch away in fear, and Steve step closer to protect the omega. “Why would you want his baby?!” Tony yells, and almost staggers backwards with the force Steve puts into the hand on his chest, urging him to stop. “It isn’t a real baby! It’s a monster, a monster he put inside of you! A monster to replace our baby, the baby we lost-”

    “Enough!” Steve yells, pushing Tony out of the room. “Enough. You said what you came to say. Get out.”

    “You can’t-”

    “Tony I swear to god, if you don’t get as far away from him as you can right now, I will tell Strange what you just did and he’ll send you to a different country. Do you understand me? You’ve caused enough damage to him, just leave!”

    “I did not hurt him! He did!” Tony growls, but lets the other alpha back him out of the room. “He raped a baby into Peter, not me! I didn’t hurt him!”

    Peter watches the door close, listens to Tony yell and shout as Steve escorts him out. 

    He feels numb, as he stares at the little paper cup with his pill in it. He doesn’t want to replace his first baby. He couldn’t replace his first baby. It breaks him to think that Tony could ever think that’s what he was doing. That he would ever think that Peter even could do that. 

    He puts a hand on his stomach, tears streaming down his face. “Your big sister was so beautiful,” he whispers to the room. “She was so beautiful. She had her father’s lips, and his cute little nose.” He sniffles, eyes closing as he lets himself remember what she looked like. He didn’t let himself before now. “And-and she was so small. Not as small as you are right now, but she was tiny. She still had a whole month where she was supposed to keep growing. She wasn’t big enough for the world yet.”

    He sobs brokenly, opening his eyes and looking at the cup again. “She had her daddy’s eyes, too. Darker than mine, and so big. She had my chubby little cheeks, though. She was beautiful.”

    He pours the pill in his hand, licking his lips. “I don’t think you’re a monster,” he whispers, rubbing his belly in small circles. “I don’t care what Tony says. You aren’t a monster. I don’t care who your father is. I don’t care what your father did to me. You didn’t do anything wrong. You didn’t.” He whimpers and closes his eyes. 


    May pushes her way in, tears streaming down her face as she storms her way in. “No, I don’t care what the protocol--” she stops in her tracks, breath skipping in her chest. “Peter.”

    Peter looks up, dropping the pill and the cup in surprise. “May?!”

    May has tears pooling in her eyes, and she runs over and crushes him in a hug. “You’re alive,” she sobs brokenly, and it makes Peter feel safe for the first time in over a year.

    He relaxes into her, starting to cry as well. “May,” he sobs into her hair, hugging her as tightly as he can. “May, I...I...”

    His aunt pulls away, smiling with the tears still streaming down her face, and pushes his hair behind his ears. “My baby...Oh, you’re alive! I thought I would never see you again, I thought-”

    “Mrs. Parker,” Dr. Strange interrupts, “I am sorry, but Peter is about to undergo a very intense procedure and it really...I would really recommend if you gave him some space to handle this.”

    “No,” Peter says, shaking his head almost violently. “No, I don’t want it anymore. I’m keeping it.”

    “Keeping what?” May asks, sniffling and wiping her face free of tears. 

    “May...I’m um...He...I’m pregnant,” he says, looking down. He shouldn’t feel ashamed, and he knows that. But it’s hard to admit that he wants to keep his rapists’ baby. Admit that he’s a bad omega, a bad husband to his alpha. 

    May shakes her head slowly, smile disappearing. “What? Why would you-why would you want to keep it?”

    Peter sniffles, feeling so ashamed of himself he just wants to die. “It’s my baby, May. I...I want to keep my baby.”

    May looks deep into Peter’s eyes, searching for something. When she finds it, she sighs and takes his hand. “Peter, baby...you don’t want this one. You want your baby back. And honey, I-I understand. I really do. But this baby--you aren’t ready yet. You just came out of a major traumatic event. You were kidnapped for almost two years!” She squeezes his hands. “You aren’t in a place where you can take care of a child. You need to be taken care of. You can always try again in a few years, when you think you can handle it.”

    Peter whimpers softly, looking broken. “I just want to be a good omega. Please, I...I’ve been so bad, I just--I just want to do something right for once!”

    May’s heart breaks, and she pulls her nephew into her lap. “You have done nothing bad,” she says strongly, leaving no room for argument. “You did your best to keep your baby alive. And you kept yourself alive, honey. You got yourself back to me, back to your alpha. That’s such a good job. You did everything just right.”

    Peter sobs brokenly, absorbing the words. “I did good?”

    May nods, rubbing his back soothingly. “You did. And now that you’re back, it’s time to let your alpha and everyone else take care of you for a change, okay? Let us take care of you.”

    Peter sobs. And he sobs, and he sobs, until he passes out.


    Tony is there when he wakes up. “Alpha, I-”

    “Wait,” the older man says, taking Peter’s hand. He kisses his knuckles, and his eyes are red rimmed. “Peter...my beautiful, perfect, amazing, strong omega.”

    Peter shakes his head, but Tony shushes him. 

    “You’re right, Peter. I...I love you. I love you so fucking much, an I missed you, and I was...I can’t live without you. I don’t care about anything else, okay? I just...I need you. And if you-if you want this baby, then I’ll do my fucking best to be as supportive as I can. I’ll be the best dad, I won’t treat them any different than my own pup. I’ll love it, and raise it, and I’ll be a good alpha to you. I...”

    Peter tries to speak up, but Tony kisses his hands again and he can’t bring himself to form the words. 

    “I was angry. I was so fucking angry that he...that Beck stole everything from me. My omega, my baby, my life. And then--and then he was going to stay in our lives forever, through...but I thought about it. And...and I don’t care anymore. I realized that being angry doesn’t do anything. Hating this baby inside of you, it can’t bring our baby back. And if it makes you happy, then I...I want it, even. Because after two years, I still haven’t seen you smile. 

    “Peter, baby, I swear...” Tony stands up, and then gets down on one knee, eyes full of unshed tears. Peter gasps, the memory of how the alpha proposed springing to mind. “I swear that I will love you, protect you, make you happy, and keep you safe, no matter what it takes. You are the most important thing--no, you are my life. I can’t live without you. I can’t. These past months have made me realize that I am completely and utterly yours. 

    “And I...I understand if my first reaction made you...If you don’t want me to be your alpha anymore. I understand. And if that’s what you need, then I’ll make that work too. Just...I’m so sorry I was so caught up in my own feelings that I hurt yours. I’m so sorry. Please baby, please forgive me. Please let me stay with you, please let me help you.”

    Peter looks down, speechless, at his perfect alpha. He can’t think of the right words right away, so instead he pulls the alpha up into a deep kiss. It lasts minutes, and even when it’s over he pulls the alpha to him to scent.

    Finally, Peter clears his throat. “Yes. Yes, I...I love you too, alpha,” he says. “And I...I needed to hear you say that. Say that you would raise it if I asked you to.”

    Tony nods, sniffling and petting Peter’s face. “I will, baby. I will. I’ll get us-”

    “Because I don’t want to keep it anymore,” Peter interrupts. “I don’t want...I can’t keep it. I was...May helped me realize that I’m not ready for a baby. It wouldn’t be fair to the baby.”

    Tony starts to cry, holding onto Peter's hands and absolutely shaking. “Peter-”

    “Tony, I’m not okay,” he sobs, pulling the alpha closer. “I’m not okay, and I need...I need to be okay, before I can raise a baby. And I need...I need you. Please Tony, I need you to tell me I’m a good omega, and I’m not a fuck up, and I won’t kill out next baby, and...and I need to be okay first.”

    Tony pulls back to look at him, tears and determination in his eyes. “Always.”

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    Anonymous asked:
    [ SAVED ] - ft. Ryce and Solana 👀✨

    [ SAVED ] for sender to rescue receiver from a dangerous situation but reveals they’re injured afterwards.

    Mention: @kolak-magiya​

    Blood slick hands are tied tightly behind her back- blood trickling down her forearm from a large cut that turns her clothes a deep red.

    She heaves heavy, painful breaths as the glares daggers up at the pirates before her.. She’d not thought they’d follow her this far- perhaps it was stupid to assume they wouldn’t, though...

    They’d tracked her and Ryce from limsa to Ul’dah- and amushed her on her way back from the market. the ensuing struggle had been rough, leaving her bloodied and the attackers down a man- but it had been cut short when a rag over her nose and mouth put her into a deep slumber.... She’d woken up mid travel, and though she’d no idea where she was- she’d fought back, shoving her knee into the nose of the man carrying her over his shoulder and managing to get to the ground.

    “Y’ fuckin goddamn cowards, puttin y’ target t’ sleep rather ‘n fightin fair-!” She spits, struggling to break free as she skids in the sand covering the floor- dodging the angry advances of the men.

    Solana makes for the door, only to feel something wack her i the back of the head. She gasps, falling to her knees dizzily- vision nearly going dark. “ooooh no y’ don’t, lass..” A voice behind her lilts. The Au’ra hisses in pain as her blonde curls are yanked, forcing her head back to look up at the heavily scarred man “yer good ol’ captain ‘s gonna be here for ye reallll soon, y’ don’t wanna miss seeing him, do ya~? pretty little spitfire like you, i can see why he misses y’ so much~” She grimaces as the mans other hand strokes her face, growling as she manages to shift position just enough to bite hard into his hand. He releases her with a yelp of pain, and after a moment she finds herself shoved to the ground on her stomach by a boot pressed firmly against her back. “You fuckin bitch, you need to learn your place-!” He spits, livid- hand dripping blood as the tip of his dagger meets the back of her neck. Its then the men in the room hear the commotion outside, as the door is burst open- a younger looking Pirate frantically leaning against the door frame with blood dripping from his mouth. “Ser-! we’ve got a problem-!” The man is interrupted with a loud crack as a bloodied fist meets the back of his head, a familliar Au’Ra standing in the doorway in his place- absolutely livid...

    #long post#tw blood#tw violence #tw kidnap mention #Solana valerian#threads#kolak magiya #(bloody handsome bastard; ryce) #(your kiss tastes of freedom. like sunlit sand and coming home; Ryce/Solana) #Ryce X Solana
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