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  • It’s finished! finally. Sorry it took so long! this chapter is a lot shorter that i expected.

    read on ao3 here

    see other chapters here


    Peter was drifting, he could hear voices. Some were muffled, some clear, yet he couldn’t hold on to the words. He tried to bring himself to the surface, trying and failing, too exhausted to open his eyes. 

    It was bright, Peter squinted as his eyes adjusted, first noticing the bandages wrapped around almost every part of his body. He looked down at his body, covered by a thin blanket. It was smaller, thinner then he remembered. He then looked to the side of his small hospital bed, eyes landing on his mentor snoring quietly in the classically uncomfortable hospital chair.

    Immediately, Peter’s eyes started to water as his mind caught up to what he was seeing, finally seeing his father figure after-  how long had it been?

    “M-Mister stark?” His voice was shaky, but it was enough to get his mentor’s attention, immediately sitting up in the chair, wiping his eyes a few times before landing on the small body in the bed.

    “Peter?” His voice was almost as quiet at the teenager’s, a mixture of grief, disbelief and fear in his tone.

    Peter nodded quickly, reaching his hand out towards the man, tears falling down his face. Tony stood up quickly, moving closer to the bed and taking the hand offered to him, he brought Peter into an awkward hug as they both sobbed. They stayed like that for a few minutes, holding each other, before they pulled away, wiping their eyes.

    “Jesus, kid. Are you- in pain or anything? Do you need me to call bruce?” Tony looked over his kid, checking for injuries.

    “N-no I’m okay- just” Peter looked at his mentor, almost breaking down again, trying to form the words, “How long has it been?” His voice was quiet, matching the tone of the room, his mentor froze.

    “It’s been about four months, Pete” His voice sounded apologetic, filled with sadness.

    Peter froze, staring at the blankets in his lap, he didn’t realise it had been that long- or maybe he did- but he didn’t fully register it. He nodded slowly, reaching out for his mentor’s hand again.

    “What happened?” At Tony’s startled face, he rushed to correct himself, “I mean- what happened while i was gone?” 

    Tony looked reluctant to answer, but he did anyway.

    “We knew you were missing after a few hous- they sent a video, not saying anything- i called ateve to come help, he brought sam, scott and Natasha- they’re still here,” he paused for a second, “we got another video a couple days later, god- there were so many videos-” He sobbed, trying to ward off the memories.

    “Mister Stark-” Tony looked up at him, a broken look on his face, eyes brimming with tears.

    “I thought you were dead” the tears were falling freely now, “they- I saw you die. There was a- a stream and-” He choked on a sob, and Peter tugged on his hand, pulling him closer. Tony quickly got the hint and climbed onto the small hospital bed, bringing Peter closer.

    “It’s okay” Tony let out a watery laugh.

    “Kid, I’m supposed to be the one telling you that”

    “I know- but it’s okay, you found me” Tony rested his head on the pillow, staring at the ceiling- this kid- his kid was hurt, he was hurting for months, and yet, he felt the need to reassure Tony.

    “I love you, kid”

    “I love you too, Tony” He relaxed into Tony’s arms, slowly falling asleep again, “I knew you’d find me”


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  • AiO Fanfic/Episode Idea

    Jason and Buck centric

    Buck ducks into J³ Antique Shop and Jason wonders what is wrong. Buck is awkward and in kinda out of it. He says that he thought he saw someone but before he can elaborate Archie Hagler walks in.

    Jason tells Buck to get behind him and Archie is super casual as he walks in, smiling.

    Buck gets behind the counter and Jason confronts Jason.

    “Ah, the Stiletto, good to see you again.” And Buck is shocked.

    “You were the Stiletto?”

    “Ah, and Mr Oliver. It has been some time. I heard you were instrumental in the case against me.”

    Buck probably shouts something back like “What was I supposed to do? You left me behind!”

    And Jason tries to calm him down. No one realizes that Jadin has set off the silent alarm.

    Then Archie reveals that he and his men will be taking both of them. He was just after Oliver bit how could he resist the temptation of taking down the Stiletto as well?

    They are kidnapped.

    Connie and Whit are considered about Jason and Connie is kind of panicked. Eugene and Katrina are terrified about what will happen to Buck. Jules is also super worried. Detective Polehouse will take the case with help from Monty Whittaker.

    That’s all I have.

    What do you guys think?

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  • Ninjago prompt: kidnapped

    During Hands of Time when all the craftspeople/blacksmiths are being taken hostage, Kai is taken as well. I mean, he’s the master of fire and even though he’s self taught, I’d imagine he’s actually not that bad a blacksmith having done it for years. Long story short, Krux wants Kai working for him. Kai is kidnapped, knocked out, and taken to the swamp where he is put to work with his parents. They bond much better in this version, though Kai still has his issues left over from being abandoned for over a decade. Meanwhile, Nya is freaking out because her brother/father figure is missing and all the ninja put their heads together to try and find him. Eventually they find him, break out, and the last time blade is never found and they live happily ever after. WOO!

    #ninjago#kai smith#nya smith#ray smith#maya smith#krux #the smith family #kidnapping #kai is basically nya’s dad #kai is a blacksmith #kai has issues #nya has issues
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  • Because I don’t want to just have walls of text for my Goblin Brain Study Session posts, I’m separating them by days. If you want to read the previous chapters, click the links below. What’s done of chapter 8 is under the cut.

    Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

    See this post for more details and feel free to send me asks to keep me going! It’s been a lot of fun so far! I will reblog this post with the story as I write them today.

    I feel pumped today to study and write this so hopefully I get a lot done. Hopefully I’ll get to the end of chapter 8. 🤞

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  • Project Pridefall is terrifying. It starts June 1, and is a project that transphobes, homophobes, and arseholes are using to seriously harm LGBTQ+ people.

    They will target lesser known LGBTQ+ people on any social media and harm them. The plan is to start and get worse as the month continues.

    They will send hate, videos of r*pe, murder, etc. They will get phone numbers and addresses, and there is a great chance of murder, r*pe and kidnapping.

    Please, please spread this everywhere you can. LGBTQ+ people make your accounts private, disable DMs, uninstall apps. Be cautious.

    This is a serious thing- it could harm so many people.

    Please spread it everywhere, save them from harm.

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  • Todoroki got kidnapped as a kid for like 2 weeks and End*avor did nothing for almost the entire time before realising Shouto couldn’t get out himself.

    #my hero headcanons #my hero academia #boku no hero headcanons #boku no hero academia #todoroki#todoroki shouto#abuse#abuse tw #child abuse tw #child abuse#anti endeavor #class 1 a #kidnapping#kidnap tw
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  • About two or three weeks after this, and the reason why Felix’s leg is ruined

    tags: @newandfiguringitout @milesstannum @thewhiteraven73 @stxck-fxck @tukreavilagnak @shinyhatsunemiku @just-another-whumper @lonesome–hunter @kiretto-laorentze

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    The first thing Felix heard in the morning was shouting. He instinctively curled up even more, which made his knee hurt, but at the moment he didn’t really care. It was never a good thing when Dmitry was yelling. 

    There were other voices, much calmer ones. They must’ve been trying to calm him down. Felix didn’t recognize them, but it sounded like a man and a woman. Maybe two women? He wasn’t really sure, since he couldn’t hear them that well.

    He was hoping they’d leave him out of it. 

    It worked for a little while, until someone stormed into the kitchen and grabbed him by the arm. A woman he’d never seen before yanked him up, and put a knife to his throat when Dmitry and a few other strangers tried to follow her into the room. 

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    #whump#Dmitry#Pavel#Vanya#Maria#Valeriya#Katya#Felix #not as much whump as it is a filler part #but hey these need to get written as well #kidnapping#held hostage#very briefly#knife #i really don't have much to tag honestly #it's just a cute family reunion
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  • Soooo @transformationloveb this prompt gave me ideas.

    Warnings: Blood, the f-word gets dropped several times, kidnapping i guess, fainting


    “However nice this trip is… are you going to tell me the true reason why you brought me here or not?”

    Roman startled at the question, unease and anxiety creeping into his heart. Janus’ tongue flicked outwards for less than a second, tasting the lie forming in Roman’s head at this very second. “Do bother to deceive me, Roman. It’s not like you’ve been clouded in a lie of omission since you’ve invited me here.”

    Though the serpent wouldn’t admit it out loud, he was actually quite tense. Roman’s ominous and unprompted invitation into the imagination had set him on edge; it was one of the last things he’d expected after that video. 

    The creative side seemed to shrink in on himself a bit, as the lie in his mind dissolved. He fiddled with the sleeves of his shirt before squaring his shoulders. His eyes closed for a second and he took a deep breath. 

    Janus felt his own distrust in the situation - and in Roman, quite honestly - spike at that.

    Then the creative side locked eyes with the serpent and, with the most earnest voice he rushed out the words: “I'msorryformakingfunofyourname!" 

    The deceitful side blinked a few times, as his mind caught and deciphered the meaning of the sentence. After that he remained quiet for just a bit longer, too dumbfounded to react quite yet. 

    Roman had… apologized to him. 

    How was he supposed to react now? To his chagrin his deceitful nature kicked in, as it usually did when he couldn’t find the right words. 

    "Oh, why thank you, Roman! That totally makes up for you ridiculing me while I was vulnerable!" 

    Fucking. Seriously? 

    Janus wanted to slap, impale and/or poison himself. Why could he never just… Keep his mouth shut? 

    Considering it was his job to keep the others silent when they were supposed to be, you’d think he was better at keeping quiet. 

    The hurt look in Roman’s eyes and the disappointed fall of the other’s shoulders told him everything he needed to know. His thoughts were correct: He was a fucking dumbass. 

    "No, Roman, I-”, however, it was, apparently, too late to take his words back, since a gigantic pair of talons dug into his shoulders. 

    Janus bit back a scream as he was lifted off the ground. Whatever carried him - he chanced a glance upwards and it was a dragon, because of course it was - was too far up too quickly. 

    The serpent scrambled to grip the talons with his own two- err, three- no, now it was four, four arms. He squeezed his eyes shut, trying his best to ignore the situation at hand. 

    Why the fuck had he agreed to come to the imagination?! He knew how dangerous it could be, Remus’ side had shown him that plenty of times! 

    Well, truth be told, it was the tiniest of voices in the back of his head, desperate to be accepted by Thomas, all of Thomas, which included Roman. Perhaps he’d also felt a bit guilty about calling Roman evil. 

    And, quite honestly, he had expected Roman’s side of the imagination to be much safer than Remus’. 

    He, of all sides, should know how similar the twins were, but no. He’d still come along. 

    He was, indeed, a fucking dumbass. 


    Roman, meanwhile, had run after the dragon witch, but quickly lost her and the side she’d caught. Now he stood at the foot of a hill, sword in hand, cursing himself. 

    Of course the dragon witch would come out; she’d always been rather protective of him and didn’t take well to… ‘dark sides’.

    She was the main reason Virgil didn’t visit more often. 

    Now she had Janus and- and… 

    And Roman didn’t quite know what to do. Maybe he should just… let them go. 

    Then at least Thomas would be a better person. 


    Roman ran a hand through his hair, lowering his head. "No.”, he whispered. 

    He was a prince. A hero. 

    He saved people from the evil clutches of the dragon witch, no matter who they were. Even if… 

    Even if they happened to be reptilian rapscallions. 

    Mind made up, Roman tightened his grip on the sword handle and raised two fingers to his mouth. A few seconds later, a shrill whistle echoed through the forest before him. 

    He didn’t have to wait long. 

    The sound of hooves against dirt neared and his trusty horse, Sparkle, came to a halt in front of him. She nuzzled Roman’s neck, her warm breath puffing against his exposed skin.

    The creative side gave a light giggle and petted the horse. “I missed you, too, my valiant mare! But now we have no time for this, as another side requires my assistence.”

    Roman took Sparkle’s head in both hands, looking into her eyes seriously. “It is time for another adventure!”


    Janus decided that having dragon talons digging painfully into your shoulder was much preferable to them suddenly disappearing. 

    This time he couldn’t stifle the scream. 

    It cut out when he slammed into the ground. Hard, rock-y ground. The air was pushed out of his lungs.

    He gasped for oxygen, one arm wrapping around his torso. His eyes followed the giant form of the dragon.

    It cycled to the ground, before landing with a loud boom. Janus, who had pushed himself into a semi-sitting position, fell over once more as the ground shook. His undoubtedly bruised rib cage screamed in protest. He gasped for breath again.

    When he looked up again, the dragon’s snout was only centimeters from his own. Hot, dry air was blown into his face.

    If he hadn’t lost his hat already, it certainly would be gone now.

    As best he could, Janus scooted away. His back hit a wall. 

    A glance behind him revealed that, nope, not a wall. A dragon tail.

    He looked back at the giant dragon head. He could see his own reflection in the creature’s eyes. He looked horrible; his hair all messed up, his clothes rumpled. There were a bunch of tears in his capelet, right where the talons had dug in. 

    Deciding that movement would not get him out of this situation, he said: “Sooo… how are you…?”

    The dragon gave a light growl, blowing a light cloud of smoke into Janus’ face. The serpent coughed, bringing a hand up to his face. His glove ended up lightly stained red. 

    Amazing. Just. fucking. awesome.

    “Would you… mind… letting me go…?”, Janus tried again, doing his best to ignore the arm-long teeth of the dragon.

    More smoke; more coughing; more blood.

    Well this was going great.

    Out of nowhere, the dragon’s head moved into the air, eyes on something in the distance. 

    If Janus wasn’t mistaken, the creature sniffed the air.

    Then there was a strange scraping sound. Janus realized it was the dragon opening it’s wings.

    The dragon took off suddenly. 

    It left Janus, who had been leaning against it’s tail, stumbling. The strong gusts of wind made him fall over and blew him across the ground. He skitted a few metres, body screaming in pain.

    He finally came to a stop, gasping for breath. His arms shakily managed to prop him up.

    He looked towards the sky. The dragon was gone.

    The idea of escaping, however, soon shrunk as he looked around. He appeared to be in a giant hole in the ground.

    A coughing fit shook him, bloodying his gloves even more.

    His weak arms buckled under his weight and he collapsed.

    Fucking. Great.


    Roman slid off Sparkle. The dragon witch’s nest lay just ahead and he really didn’t want to risk his horse’s life.

    “Now, go, my valiant mare! But stay near; I may need a quick escape.”

    The horse neighed and ducked her head in almost a nod. Then it took off.

    Roman watched it go before wrapping his hand around the swordhandle from the sword that hadn’t been there just seconds prior.

    The loud flaps of wings made him whip around, eyes narrowed. He searched the sky and quickly found the dragon witch. She was barely recognizable, that’s how far up she was.

    Determination flooded the prince’s veins as he stepped out of his hiding spot.

    “HEY, dragon witch!”, he yelled, sword pointed at the distant form of the dragon witch. “Release my…”, he struggled to find the right word for a moment. “…colleague! Or face the consequences!”

    A bout of fire was his answer. Roman was quick to duck away, avoiding the heated blast with a roll. 

    Seconds later the dragon witch landed, and, as always during these fights, Roman was glad he’d conceptualised her with earth magic.


    Janus breathlessly dragged himself to the wall of the hole. He groaned in pain as he sat up against it. With a sluggish hand movement he wiped away a dribble of blood from the edge of his mouth.

    The wall was too smooth to climb, he found. Another groan left his lips.

    He did his best to think, think of a solution for this situation, but there was so much pain-

    His eyes snapped open when had he closed them?

    He remembered Logan, of all people. 

    We’re not actually real.


    Roman was capable of summoning things wherever he went. Shouldn’t Janus be, too?

    The serpent slowly raised his hand. He squinted at the not-so-yellow-anymore glove. 

    Come on, he thought, his fang poking his lower lip to keep him focused. Come on-!

    There was a sudden weight in his hand and damn. The relief was palpable.


    Duck, roll, block. 

    The powerful sizzle of magic slammed into his shield. He held his ground.

    The magic stopped and the dragon witch needed to recharge. A grin spread across Roman’s face and he sprinted towards the dragon.

    Slash. Slash.

    The soft belly was very susceptible to his sword. 

    Instead of blood, a kind of magic mist swirled from the opening. The dragon witch growled as the wounds stitched themselves back together.

    “You win this time, princey. Tell your boyfriend I will kidnap him again, if he keeps making you upset.”

    Before Roman could correct the dragon witch, she took off.

    The prince stumbled from the gust of wind, but he managed to keep standing.

    “What the fuck.”

    Roman whipped around. Janus stood next to the dragon witch’s nest - barely more than a hole in the ground - legs trembling from the effort of keeping him upright.


    The serpent was done. Done!

    This whole thing was just some… prank! And- and…

    Yeah, he wasn’t all that angry, truth be told. He was mostly exhausted and done with the whole situation. 

    Prank or not, he didn’t much care right now; Remus had done much worse and few of those had actually been intended as pranks.

    “Janus! By Odin’s beard, are you alright?!”, the prince rushed to Janus’ side, his sword clattering to the ground. 

    Of course I am!”, Janus snapped, leaning into the prince, because damn it, standing was hard and the other side was soothingly warm. “It’s not like I’m bleeding out or anything!”

    Roman wrapped his arms around the other side, carefully hoisting him up, to carry him bridal style.

    Janus couldn’t have cared less. The creative side was warm.

    The serpent nuzzled into Roman’s chest, giving a little content puff of air.

    He still felt like he was on fire with pain, but really, this wasn’t so bad. The snake-part of his brain had mostly taken over by now, basically telling him Warmth=safe & good.

    But the rest of his brain hadn’t yet shut down. It gave him the suggestion to finally clear up a certain misunderstanding.

    Tired from bloodloss and heat, his voice was a little slurred.

    “‘m sorry for comparing you to Remus.”, he mumbled. Roman’s shoulders tensed, irritating Janus slightly. “You’re way better.”

    The serpent nuzzled closer. “Way warmer.”

    He fell asleep shortly after.


    When Roman went to ask Logan for help with bandaging Janus, the logical side only looked at both sides, incredulously. 

    “…you do remember we’re imaginary, correct? None of these injuries actually have any kind of impact on us.”

    Janus sat up with a “I didn’t forget!”, all his injuries healed, his clothes clean and pristine, hat finally back on his head.

    An embarrassed blush spread across his human cheek.

    Logan raised an eyebrow. “Falsehood.”, he simply stated before walking out.

    #sanders sides#roman sanders#janus sanders#fanfiction#dragon witch#logan sanders#kidnapping#blood #damn Janus stop swearing so much #swearing #i am perfect at naming things #what no not nervous about the quality of this at all
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  • Far From Home Chapter 11

    Chapter Warnings: Swearing, Blood

    Characters: Overlord, Sunder, Froid

    Other Tags: Unrequited love, Canon Divergent, Alternate Universe, Reader Insert, Gender Neutral Pronouns, Xeno, Kidnapping, Minor Character Death, Threats of Violence, Violence, Gore, Stockholm Syndrome, Implied Abuse, Mentions of PTSD, Implied Voyeurism

    Words: 1,596

    < Previous Chapter

    | Next Chapter >

    You run as fast as you can down the hallway, feeling sick to your stomach, tears filling your eyes. You rush towards the room Froid is being held in and burst through the door before tripping and falling face down on the floor. Froid was laying flat on his back staring at the cage ceiling with his arms under his helm when he heard you enter.

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  • has anyone ever thought about kidnap/hostage omo?? like,, whenever i watch shows with hostages my omo mind just goes,, “where do they piss?”

    ok imagine a desperate character, maybe the heir of a company or even a normal person- walking down the street, maybe slipping away from their bodyguards, or on the way home from a party, and they end up in a dark alley, then they get kidnapped

    maybe they ended up there because they were desperate already and needed a place to piss, but the kidnappers tie them up before they can, and they’re getting more and more desperate

    maybe the road’s bumpy, each pothole or bump causing a jolt in their bladder. leaks.. spurts.. moaning to hold it in.. their muscles clenching because their hands are tied and they can’t hold themselves

    or maybe they’re not desperate when they get kidnapped,, but they’re so drunk they don’t even realise - then when they’re tied up, they feel a wave of desperation just crash over them, and they need to pee SO BAD, all the drinks they had the night/day before all rushing down to their bladder


    someone who’s into omo with other hostages, and one just so happens to be desperate- and the one who’s into omo is getting either SO flustered or really turned on (or maybe both) and they just go ‘piss on me’ or 'just wet yourself’ and they actually do it

    or maybe it’s the kidnapper that’s actually into omo, and makes the hostage(s) piss on them??


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  • Because I don’t want to just have walls of text for my Goblin Brain Study Session posts, I’m separating them by days. If you want to read the previous chapters, click the links below. What is written for chapter 7 is under the cut.

    Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

    See this post for more details and feel free to send me asks to keep me going! It’s been a lot of fun so far! I will reblog this post with the story as I write them today.

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  • Prelude-
    Inspired by that one scene in Pirates Of The Caribbean where those two pirate lumps find Elizabeth hiding in a cupboard lol.

    Had this flipping song stuck inside my stupid meme brain while doing this https://youtu.be/k4V3Mo61fJM

    Pairing - Bakugou/Fem!Reader/Todoroki

    Warnings - Implied NSFW, but no descriptions

    Hope you enjoy :) Thank you for reading!

    - Brick


    You opened your mouth slightly, trying to calm yourself and ease your breathing. You had heard somewhere that breathing through your mouth made it so there was no noise, and right now you were trying to be as quiet and still as possible. Squished into the blanket storage in the living room, it was hard to see any light through the crack in the door,  but that just made this a better hiding place. It’d be pointless if someone would be able to see you just by giving the living room a quick once-over. You felt like crying, your heart slamming against your chest every time you heard hushed voices, or the sound of doors being opened and then slammed.  It felt like forever since you crawled into the tiny space. You hoped to god they didn’t find you. Even just thinking about the possibility of them finding you sent a vicious shiver through your body, making you aware of the pins and needles forming in your cramped legs. You could handle numbness. It’d be a small price to pay for some respite from the attention of your two captors.

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    #mha#bnha #my hero academia #yandere boku no hero academia #yandere mha#yanderebakugou #yandere bakugo katsuki #yandere#yandere todoroki #Yandere todoroki shouto #kidnapping#hiding #hide and seek #yandere imagines#polyamory#yandere katsuki#yandere shouto#poly relationship#forced relationship
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  • A super heavy anime drama BUT a MUST WATCH!!!!


    This anime series tackles child kidnapping and child abuse so it can be uncomfortable for others but really, WATCH IT!!!!



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  • image
    #grandpa#kidnapping#cats #just like real life #out of context #out of context quotes #out of context screencaps #out of context chats #out of context discord #funny
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  • Fandom: Once Upon a Time (TV)

    Rating: Explicit

    Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death

    Relationships: Belle/Rumplestiltskin | Mr. Gold

    Characters: Rumplestiltskin | Mr. Gold, Belle (Once Upon a Time), Maurice | Moe French, Gaston (Once Upon a Time), Spinster(s) (Once Upon a Time: Think Lovely Thoughts), Mad Hatter | Jefferson, Blue Fairy | Mother Superior, Black Fairy (Once Upon a Time), Baelfire | Neal Cassidy, Emma Swan, Prince Charming | David Nolan, Colette (Once Upon a Time), Red Riding Hood | Ruby, Widow Lucas | Granny, Dove (Once Upon a Time), Captain Hook | Killian Jones, Wicked Witch of the West | Zelena

    Additional Tags: Abusive Parents, Implied/Referenced Rape/Non-con, Violence, Gun Violence, Angst and Hurt/Comfort, Implied/Referenced Drug Use, Implied/Referenced Torture, Dubious Consent, Eventual Smut, UST, First Time, Drama & Romance, Kidnapping, Extortion

    Summary: Gold has a past, a past that he has rejected, but it seems one that will not let him go.  Belle, daughter of Governor Maurice French has been kidnapped, along with her mother, and just as the authorities raid the organization that is holding her hostage, decides to make her own bid for freedom, unknowingly derailing an undercover sting, and Agent Milnor has not choice but to take her into ‘protective custody,’ but is he all that he seems?  As the threads of the story grow more tangled and the threat to Belle, and to Gold, her appointed protector, grow ever more real, a growing, mutual attraction makes everything far more desperate and far too personal for Gold to ignore what he knows to be the truth.

    A/N: I am including a trigger warning with this chapter for violence and attempted sexual assault.

    Read More on AO3

    [Chapter 1]  [Chapter 2]  [Chapter 3]  [Chapter 4]  [Chapter 5]

    Chapter 6 - Payment Due

    Belle sat trembling in the seat in front of the computer, filled with a nest of writhing vipers that were her emotions. How could he have done this! Her own father, the man that was supposed to love and protect her through her whole life, selling her off like some commodity in order to secure his own position of wealth and political power. Anger, pain, disbelief, contempt were names among those vipers, but most of all fear; fear and hate for the woman on the other end of the video link.

    “So you see, dearie,” the woman said calmly after setting down the contract she had read to Belle in its entirety before showing her what was clearly her father’s signature. “The deal was struck years ago, and you’ve enjoyed a good deal of comfort thanks to our efforts on your family’s behalf.”

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  • Getting it Together Masterpost

    written with @wittlevirgilsanders

    TW: kidnapping, drugging,  gun, watching someone sleep, cursing

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    #kidnapping#Drugging#cursing#gun #getting it together #unsympathetic patton sanders
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