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  • somekindofhat
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #kierthur#arthur morgan#kieran duffy #red dead redemption 2 #rdr2 #You say that I dont have to make everything kierthur all the time? #i say i dont care #XD #hattie plays rdr2
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  • aesthetic-shadows
    17.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    I don’t kin but I somehow relate quite a bit to both Kieran and John and that’s one hell of a combination

    #inside you are two wolves #one is Kieran Duffy #the other is John Marston #you are me #and I’m a mess #angry feral man or nervous horse boy who will win #tbf John has a lot to be angry about #I would be too #it’s a lil funny how he’s grumpy constantly though
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  • somekindofhat
    16.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    'tis a WIP

    #kieran duffy #it includes a doodle #Finally started inkingggggg #WAH I CANT BELIVE THAT I'VE ACTUALLY SKETCHED ) PAGES #I HAVE BASICALLY NEVER FINISHED ANYTHING IN MY LIFEEEE #I cant belive that people have same face syndromes i can never draw two faces alike
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  • anarchist-lolita
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    New chapter of "I'll Defend You" is now out!

    It's called "Arthur 'not so subtle' Morgan"


    #writing#my writing#fanfiction#mlm #red dead redemption 2 #red dead redemption 2 fanfiction #Arthur/Kieran#Arthur Morgan#Kieran Duffy#slash #idiots in love #rdr2 #I'll defend you
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  • therapysnake
    14.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    i feel like kieran would know the whole fnaf lore like its one of his greatest obsessions he goes on rants abt it as soon as u mention it

    #rdr#rdr2#kieran duffy #me too kieran #foxys my favorite #kieran me love
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  • night-owl-morgansmith
    14.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Say Hi to Little Owl Kieran!

    His chest was a nightmare to make, but after several attempt, it came out well 🥰

    I chose a Little Owl for him, because even if he’s skittish and everything, he did go to the army and was part of the O’Driscoll. So he’s obviously a bird of prey, just a small one 😂

    #kieran duffy #van der bird gang #owl's art #and yes he's my icon #look i can't help it if it's a cute owl #i really like his tail and the talons #the wing... less #but it's okay i guess #rdr2 art #i also forgot to do the tree and decided i didn't care
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  • slowpokegamer
    13.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Hey so I finished a fic and it took me like 3 months *kisses you platonically*

    I worked so hard and if stare at it too long I'll start to hate it read it while you can !!!! /Lh

    Chapters will be out every Friday 😈

    #red dead redemption 2 #rdr2#kieran duffy#self ship #self insert x canon #my writing
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  • hello-imasalesman
    13.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    (A FINE SHRINE, a kierthur fic chpt 2, ~3k words, tw: horsemen, apocalypse)

    Arthur walks to the pasture, avoiding the fountain, and stands alone. There are some dead O’Driscoll horses here. One of their own wagon work horses, as well, caught in the crossfire. They’ll have to move the carcasses soon. Hitch the remaining horses up and cart them off somewhere. They get just as nervous as men moving the dead. Tiresome business.

    He smokes one cigarette, and then another. The horses are starting to wander back, one by one. Most had made for the safety of the immediate trees around them during the firefight, or just past the house into the flatter wilderness of the meadow there. Most were no longer gun-shy, but only when being ridden. Without their owners they ran, just like any other animal.

    The Arabian he spies right away, along with the Count; they were too out of place in the bayou not to immediately merit attention. Even with mud up to her chest, she is radiant.

    She stands with her head turned away from him. Arthur whistles for her, high and long. But she will not come.


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  • rice-krispy-treat
    11.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    Shit the second picture is kinda old, but modern Kieran would wear the patchy sweaters, torn pants, and worn shoes. It's a whole aesthetic that's perfect for him and I'm proud of the outfit design. I redrew it recently and it turned out really cute. I'm so sad that the camera on my phone is absolute trash and sucks at taking pictures, but yknow what? Fuck my phone. Enjoy modern Kierans I made for my story. And, yes, he loves strawberries. And strawberry pop. And strawberry milk. Although he's lactose intolerant... he likes to live on the edge once in a while.

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  • rice-krispy-treat
    11.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    Kieran Duffy pen drawing I did while taking college notes.

    #red dead redemption 2 #kieran duffy
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  • drippin-joe
    10.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    Kieran being happy at the party and Arthur finally not antagonizing him during it is just...

    I can’t, I’m gonna cry dude oh my god I ain’t ready for this game.

    #rdr2#arthur morgan#kieran duffy #someone please play this 8th playthrough for me i cant go on anymore
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  • ttuesday
    10.10.2021 - 6 days ago
    #ok so idk what inspired me to do so many of these but I was like yeah I think it’d be good to do more #anyways I hope u enjoy <3 #thank u for requesting this anon #rdr2#headcanons#writings#arthur morgan #dutch van der linde #micah bell#john marston#charles smith#javier escuella#bill williamson#kieran duffy#lenny summers#josiah trelawny#hosea matthews#sean macguire
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  • rice-krispy-treat
    10.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    A shittily taken picture in my shitty room. My three favorite boys in modern times... Tap for better quality.

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  • revswanson
    09.10.2021 - 1 week ago
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  • nebulathisimdone
    06.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Charms or stickers?

    I made a form for figuring out if you'd like charms or stickers of these designs, stickers would be all of them and charms would be only a few of them.

    The designs in question

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  • hello-imasalesman
    06.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    A FINE SHRINE, a kierthur fic (1/6, 6k words, rated e for lemon, updates every tuesday)

    Kieran tucks his chin to his chest. “You ever think about startin’ a family of your own?”

    Arthur shakes his head, ignores the faint sting of the question. “How could I?”

    “Could you what?”

    “The gang—“ He hesitates, “It ain’t quite a family, but it’s my responsibility, here.”

    “Well,” Kieran hems, “Sure, but. I mean, a wife and kids an’ all—”

    Arthur snorts. “That’s a funny question, coming from you, ain't it?” He lowers his voice, though there’s no need; everyone has either convened inside the mansion to say their hellos to Jack, or they’re busy around the camp, a flurry of activity in anticipation of having a proper welcome party.

    The only ones surrounding them are the horses, and they surely know by now the nature of their relationship. They've been there since the start.

    Kieran’s face pinches, flushing as he goes. “Don’t know exactly what you mean by that.”

    “That so?”


    Arthur sidles up to Kieran. “You offering to start a family with me, O’Driscoll?” He teases lowly.

    Kieran bristles. “Hush!” He squawks, eyes darting. Arthur can’t help the belly laugh that escapes him, watching Kieran pointedly turn away towards the Arabian. She’s fully untacked by now, so he really has nothing to occupy himself with, but he pulls a brush hanging from his side up and starts to brush her down with an unneeded concentration.


    #RDR2#kieran Duffy#kierthur#Arthur Morgan#rdr2 fic #red dead redemption 2 #RDR 2 #a pale horse #wololololo you wanna read this now
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  • hello-imasalesman
    05.10.2021 - 1 week ago
    #kierthur#kieran duffy#arthur Morgan#rdr2 fanfic#rdr2 #red dead redemption 2 #rdr #red dead redemption #please mind the tags! i will update as i go along #but I’m not trying to surprise anyone #a pale horse
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  • onesizedgirl
    05.10.2021 - 1 week ago




    #reddeadcommunity#reddead2 #red dead redemption 2 #rdr2 tag#rdr2 memes#video games#rockstar games#rdr2 micah#micah bell#bill williamson#kieran duffy #manipulate mansplain malewife #I’ve decided to make a male version of my last post #poor dear Kieran
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  • spine-rat
    04.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    she’s always a woman by billy joel is very much kieran x mary beth vibes thanks for coming to my TEDtalk

    #red dead redemption two #rdr2#rdr#rdr two #mary beth gaskill #kieran duffy #kieran x mary beth #mary beth x kieran #TEDtalk #i love those two
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  • levithestripper
    04.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Sleepy Angel

    ✩ Masterlist! ✩

    ✩ Warnings: female! reader, somnophilia, established relationship ✩

    ✩ Taglist: @reddeadrevolutionn, @leech-in-a-peach, @floup-doodles, @mesangelique ✩

    ✩ If you want to be added to a taglist, fill this out! ✩

    ✩ Length: 1.2k || Read on Ao3 ✩

    ✩ A/N: day 4 of kinktober! prompt: sleepy sex/somnophilia! i haven't written for rdr2 in a while and i missed it. kieran's my lil baby, i love him s'much <3 ✩

    Now that the gang had moved east to Clemens Point, there was an extra tent for Kieran to sleep in. Sleeping outside against a log was horrible for his health. Just thinking about the number of times he got rained on makes him wanna cry. But the best thing about having his own tent? Privacy. Before, Kieran had to steal small moments whenever he could, always too afraid of being caught by someone.

    An upgrade to his sleeping accommodations also meant upgrades in his relationship with you. You no longer had to spend your evenings apart from each other! Now, Kieran could sleep with his arms wrapped around you and his face nestled into the crook of your neck, like tonight. He was half-awake, unlike you, who was fast asleep next to him. Kieran ran a hand under your pajamas, fingers tracing soft paths along your skin. He pushed the fabric up just enough to fully expose your tummy and watched as your chest rose and fell in time with your steady breathing.

    The sight of you sleeping so peacefully aroused something primal in him. Kieran had a hard time describing the feeling it gave him. He could feel it in the pit of his abdomen, a warm ball seemingly growing larger and larger as time went on. When he tried to explain it to you one morning, you didn't know why he felt like that, either. You hated how dejected Kieran looked, almost like he thought he was broken. So you told him that whenever the feeling came back, he could use you to get himself off, even if you were still asleep. Yet this was the first time Kieran got the chance to take advantage of your kindness.

    Kieran littered small kisses along the side of your neck. “Sweetheart?” he whispered against your ear, curious to see how awake you were. When you didn’t answer, he kissed the skin behind your ear. Kieran managed to tug his boxers and sleep shorts down far enough for his dick to spring out, already half-hard.

    A hand wormed its way between your thick thighs and spread them apart. His cock twitched at the sight of you. Kieran rubbed the heel of his palm against your clothed cunt, audibly groaning at how warm you were. He bit his lip to keep quiet. Sure, he had his own tent now, but it doesn’t mean it’s soundproof. It only took a few passes of his hand for your underwear to soak through. Kieran tugged the damp fabric to the side, your slick folds exposed to the cold night air.

    Kieran fumbled around as he looked for a bottle of oil before finding it under his bed. He poured a good half of it over his cock and the other half in his palm. He slathered the lube across your cunt to ensure you were slick enough. Kieran’s other hand covered his dick from base to tip in the stuff. He wiped the access oil off of his palm and onto his thigh before gripping the base of his cock. The now-empty bottle rolled back under the bed, once again completely forgotten about.

    His forehead met the base of your neck to breathe in your sweet scent. His cock twitched against your entrance impatiently, desperate to slide inside of you. Kieran shimmed his arm underneath your head as encouragement to use his bicep as a pillow. But mostly, it was an excuse to hold you close. You stirred just as Kieran began to push inside, quiet murmurs escaping you. Kieran froze in place, not daring to move and possibly wake you up. After you settled down, he kissed the base of your skull, right where your hairline started. He curled his hips into yours, only stopping when they were flush. The hand on your waist moved to your stomach, fingers splayed across the skin there.

    “Oh, fuck.” Kieran’s thrusts were slow and calculated. The drag of your walls around him already made his head spin, but knowing you were asleep while it happened? God, it just made everything feel three times as better. He felt like he was on a power trip, fucking you while you’re unconscious. Never in his life had he felt so powerful, so in control. With each thrust he gave, pleasured whimpers left you more and more frequently. “God, honey,” his groan was more of a whine, but don't tell him that. “Y’feel s’fuckin’ good, y’know that?” Kieran knew there was no point in talking to you, but he liked how dominant it made him feel.

    Aside from heavy breathing and the quiet creaking of his metal bed frame, the camp was eerily silent. Not even Cain could be heard roaming about, which was rare. It should be a good thing that no one was awake to catch them but at the same time, it put Kieran on edge. What if someone woke up for guard duty? What if Arthur was late coming home and heard him? Kieran knew Arthur didn't completely trust him yet, but he’s not that kind of person, is he?

    All of his worries melted away when you let out the sweetest whine for him. Ultimately, he didn’t care whether someone caught him or not. He simply couldn’t get enough of you. And not even someone walking in on them could change that.

    Kieran held your inner thigh and lifted it up, spreading your legs apart even further. His thrusts started to deepen with the new angle, the tip of his cock brushing against your sweet spot more often than not. It felt better for him too. Every time he grazed past it, your cunt clenched up around the base of his cock, silently telling him how much you enjoyed it.

    “Goddammit, honey,” he moaned into your ear, “cunt’s s’fuckin’ tight still.” His cock drooled copious amounts of cum, completely coating your walls with it. Kieran bit his bottom lip again as his eyelids fluttered, unable to decide whether they wanted to stay open. His hips started to move faster, eager to chase the release building in his abdomen. “Oh, fuck, fuck, think m’close.”

    It wasn’t long before you reached your tipping point. Your cunt spasmed, and your legs kicked feebly, the pleasure wracking itself through your body. Not even the throes of sleep could prevent your quiet moans from gracing Kieran’s ears.

    The coil of arousal in his belly snapped; the sight of your orgasm all Kieran needed to fall from the edge. “Honey, sweetheart—!” It took all of his strength to pull out, your cunt’s warmth intoxicating. You wouldn’t let him cum inside you, which made sense since he didn’t have any protection. Sure, pulling out was the messier route, but in the long run, it was easier. Kieran fucked his fist ‘till he came, spunk flowing over his knuckles. He stroked himself until he couldn’t anymore, overstimulation setting in.

    Surprisingly enough, you were still asleep. Kieran didn’t expect the first time to go this smooth, but he definitely isn’t complaining. He cleaned you up nicely, wiping sweat and anything else off of you. Once there wasn’t anything left for him to do, he settled back into bed with you. Kieran snaked his arms ‘round you again, pulling you flush to his chest. “G’night, angel.”

    #kieran duffy #rdr2 kieran duffy #kieran duffy x y/n #red dead redemption 2 kieran #kieran duffy x s/o #kieran duffy x reader #kieran duffy x you #tw: somnophilia #red dead redemption 2 #red dead redemption 2 x reader #rdr2 x reader #red dead redemption two #red dead redemption 2 writing #rdr2 writing
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