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    Erik Killmonger voiced by Michael B. Jordan WHAT IF...? (2021), created by A.C. Bradley

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    04.12.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Best of 2021 TV Shows #23: Marvel What…IF? (Disney+)

    #uatu the watcher #the watcher #marvel what if #what if the watcher broke his oath #what if ultron won #what if zombies #best of 2021 tv shows #best of 2021 #tv shows#23#jeffrey wright#mcu cast#marvel mcu#multiverse#captain carter#haley atwell #doctor strange supreme #star lord t'challa #chadwick boseman #what if killmonger rescued tony stark #i like anime #black panther wakanda forever #lake bell #guardians of the multi-verse #tie#Youtube
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    about | eriks reaction to his little sister getting her heart broken.

    characters | erik stevens xsibling!reader


    YN wiped the tears rolling down her cheeks with her sleeve. She grabbed her phone to put in some music to help her mood, her boyfriend of two years had just cheated on her with his ‘best friend’. She was sick and tired of always being played; she was too nice for her own good.

    While her music played she got up going to her bathroom to clean up her face. As she just started to moisturize, she heard her door open. She knew it only had to be her older brother Erik. He was the only person besides their little cousin Shuri who had a key. She let out a shaky breath knowing either Erik was gonna tell her ‘I told yo dumb ass he wasn’t shit’ or he was either going to kill the grimy nigga. Either way, she wasn’t ready to deal with Erik.

    “Lil girl! Where you at?” He yelled making his way to the back of her apartment.

    Once he got to her bedroom he waited on her bed for her to exit the bathroom, since he heard the water running. Once his little sister left the bathroom, the smile that was once on his face was gone. He could see the dullness in her eyes and how puffy her eyes were from crying. He got up pulling her into a hug not saying a word. She started to cry holding onto him tightly not wanting to let go. He comforted her by playing with the ends of her braids.

    “What happened and who the fuck do I have to kill?” Erik questioned slightly pulling away from the younger Stevens.

    “Jamel, he cheated on me with his ‘best friend’ Tracy.” She mumbled.

    “Well damn if the nigga was gonna cheat he could’ve done it with a bad bitch. Not the female version of Pyles.” Erik joked trying to cheer YN up.

    A small chuckle left her lips, which made him smile. He could always figure out how to make her feel better.

    “But on some real shit. Imma tell you something right now. A lot of the nigga out here ain’t shit. And to be honest I fall under that category, now before you say some smart shit just listen. He ain’t shit because he ain’t see the good thing he had in front of him.”

    “One thing you not about to do is cry over this nigga. Because for one, we Stevens we don’t cry over niggas or bitches.” This made YN slap his chest pulling away from the hug with a smile on her face.

    “Second, you got some much good shit happening to you if in life. Why let this ain’t shit ass nigga fuck it up. And third, why you out here being nice to niggas in the first place. He didn’t want better for himself; he was just holding onto you so you wouldn’t leave. So, he could make you miserable.” He finished, as she took it all in she realized her older brother was right and made sense for once.

    “Now, what did I tell you.”

    “Don’t be nice to these niggas? Nice for what? If they ain’t helping me or bringing anything to help me to grow they can die for all I care.” She stated.

    Erik grinned hitting her shoulder repeatedly. “That’s what I’m talking about sis! Don’t stress over him, or that ugly ah’ bitch. Now get ya ass up we going to dinner and you paying.” YN smacked her lips side-eyeing him.

    “Broke ass, I always pay.” She yelled after him.

    #erik killmonger x black!reader #erik killmonger x sibling!reader #black reader #black!reader #sznwrites#sznwrites:imagines #black!fem!reader #sibling!reader
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    about — All YN and Erik wanted to was have a fun night out, and someone from Erik’s past decided to try YN. Which leads to argument.

    characters — Erik Stevens x Black!Reader

    w.c — 758

    authors note — I don’t know where this came from I literally just starting writing and it turned into this.


    YN could feel her blood boiling as she sat in the passenger seat of Erik’s car. She couldn't believe he had her dealing with this type of bullshit. He promised this would happen anymore yet here she is, watching him yell at one of his old flings about her behavior.

    She shook her head getting angrier the longer he talked to that bitch, YN couldn't believe that she had the nerve, the gall, the fucking audacity to throw her drink on YN. All over a nigga who didn't want her anymore, like the bitch has no fucking common sense.

    Getting fed up with Erik and his bitch she honked the horn of his car catching his attention. He whipped around glaring at her, she glared back unmoved. Mouthing for him to hurry the fuck up, he rolled his eyes walking away from the girl making the way to his car.

    He got in the car slamming the door, staring at her. “You got a problem nigga?”

    “Yeah, you and that fucked up ass attitude. I was trying to calm her ass down!” He yelled.

    “Watch who the fuck you're talking to and remember who the fuck you're dating. As far as I'm concerned, that was bitch who only kept your dick wet. So how the fuck you gon spend ten minutes calming her down while I’M SITTING IN, YOU’RE CAR COVERED IN FUCKING HENNESSY! EXPLAIN THAT TO ME NIGGA!” She yelled back enraged at the audacity that he had to really talk to her like that.

    Erik shook his head letting out a frustrated sigh, he started up the car peeling away from the party that the two were at. The car ride back to YN’s place was quiet and you could cut the tension with a knife, they were both pissed. And all YN wanted to do was get out of the sticky ass clothes and she was happy that her hair did not get doused in Hennessy. Because it would've gone a hell of a lot further than her just hitting the girl twice before Erik and his friends broke them up.

    Finally, they make it back to YN’s place and as soon as Erik throws the car in park. YN jumps out of the car, slamming the door making her way to her house.

    “Don’t slam my fucking door!” Erik yelled after her following her in the house.

    “Whatever Erik, please just go back to your bitch and let me have a peaceful rest of my night.” YN yelled back from her bedroom and soon enough Erik made his way into the room.

    “Nah, I'm not leaving. We're gonna talk this shit out! I get you're pissed at her but don’t bring this shit home.” He exclaimed following her into the bathroom.

    “I'm pissed that she thought she could do that shit. And instead of telling her you don't want her ass anymore you sitting over there talking to her like shits cool. You should've told that bitch that y'all fucked a while ago and to keep it pushing.” YN stopped trying to calm herself down before she said something she would regret.

    “And Erik please don't act like you care, because you didn't care when you fucked her while we were together. And it's that simple, I let it go but for the bitch to try me and for you to sit there and talk to her is fucked up and you know it.”

    Erik stood in the doorway looking YN over, knowing she was right. But it wasn't even like that he was telling her to leave them the fuck alone, but he understands were she’s coming from. Because if the roles were reversed, he would be just as pissed and ready to kill a nigga. He dragged his hands over his face letting out a sigh, making his way over to YN pulling her into a hug.

    “Look, I know what I did was fucked up. Sleeping with her and spending too much time explaining for her to leave us the fuck alone. And if you want me to leave for tonight I will. But we are not going to bed mad at each other, We don't do that shit.”

    YN nodded hugging him back. “Just let me take a bath and relax and we can figure out when I’mma catch that bitch off guard.” Erik busted out laughing at how serious YN was about getting a rematch.

    “Alright, baby. Imma let you take a bath and I'll order us some food.”

    #erik killmonger fic #erik stevens fic #erik killmonger x black!reader #black reader #black!reader #black!fem!reader #sznwrites#sznwrites:imagines
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    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Baby It's Cold

    about — Erik and his girlfriend have a cute moment outside at a party.

    pairing — Erik ‘Killmonger’ Stevens x Black!Reader

    authors note — this is really short but I thought it was really cute! So I wanted to share it.

    prompts — “It’s freezing. Come here.” + “You’re shaking.”

    | Masterlist |

    Erik laughed at the story his girlfriend of two years was telling about the time her mother caught her older brother with a girl in the house. The two sat out on the balcony at a party his cousin threw deciding to step away from the celebration inside for a little bit of quiet time.

    The two continued to talk for a bit as they sipped on the drinks they had. They talked about everything under the sun, from this event to work and their families. [ Your Name ] let out a shaky sigh feel the crisp cold air, feeling goosebumps form on her arms.

    “You’re shaking, baby are you cold?” He questioned finishing his drink.

    She nodded, rubbing her hands down her arms trying to warm herself up. “It’s freezing. Come here.”

    She pulled Erik to her causing him to wrap his arms around her. “If you wanted me to just hug you all you had to do was say so.”

    [ Your Name ] giggled into Erik’s chest, scooting closer, getting a little more comfortable. “I really love moments like this with you E.”

    “I know baby, I do too.” He mumbles kissing her.

    #erik killmonger fic #erik stevens fic #erik killmonger x black!reader #soft!erik killmonger #black!fem!reader #sznwrites:drabbles#sznwrites
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    Part X

    Pairing: Erik Stevens x Thick Black OC

    Light and agile fingers tucked thick strands of hair behind the other as Tarni cradled Gabby’s head in her lap. She gulped as her digits moved; the muscle memory as well as the mental ones brought emotions up that she hadn’t felt in months. Kalinda. Her baby. The acute pain of a child lost to tragedy never leaves. It just transforms into something else. Gabby resembled her so much with her build and graceful features. After a while, Gabby began to stir. “Erik?”

    Tarni damn near jumped out of her skin. Her voice was so small and raw, it broke her heart in two. So much trauma incurred on this woman and in her condition. “Gabby? My name is Tarni. Erik went to get cleaned up. He should be back shortly.”

    Gabby’s vision had to get used to the candle light in the hut now that night has fallen. What was this place? “Who are you? How do you know my name? What happ—AH!!” The sutures on the side of her head began to throb and everything slowly started to come back. That bitch, Katherine. The hunt they both went on that went terribly wrong. After that, Gabby didn’t know which way was up.

    “Be careful. Gabby, listen. I promise you that you are safe. No one can harm you here. I assure you that you are amongst friends.” Tarni rubbed her shoulders and laid her on her back on the pallet. Gabby’s visage was plain as day. She was petrified, and the only person who she trusted wasn’t in her line of sight. She was injured; at this point, she was no match for anyone. How could she trust that this woman told the truth?

    “I wanna see Erik. If you are who you say you are, find Erik now!!” Her lips trembled and it hurt so bad to raise her voice. The woman was struck speechless and acquiesced. She bowed out of the tent, and shortly thereafter, he was trailing in behind her. Erik’s nose was already red with emotion at seeing her awake and alert. He immediately dropped to his knees and kissed her with tenderness.

    “Hey my baby. Do you need anything? Are you hungry? They’re gonna gather for supper soon.” He’s so overjoyed that she doesn’t have a chance to speak, and to be frank, she doesn’t want to. Erik’s beautiful face, wrought with emotion that she was still with him made it clear that she was in love. Head over heels for a man she met in the worst circumstance of her life.

    “Kiss me again.” Gabby gingerly moved her hand to his face. Erik couldn’t help but to smile and licked his lips and smooched her again and again. Passion. That man sparked something in her that had laid dormant for 30 years, and she would do anything to keep that flame alive.

    “Erik. Where’s Katherine?” She has to know. The bitch almost killed her unprovoked. His whole demeanor changed after that. He moved to lay on his side and snuggled close to her. He smelled of body wash and shampoo, and Gabby stared at those scars that she had become quite familiar with.

    “…you really wanna talk about this now?”

    “Nigga yes. Don’t you think I deserve an explanation?”

    “I know, I know, you’re right. Look. I know what happened between you two because I followed you. Before you start……let me explain. The tension in that muhfucka needed to be cut. Neither of y’all were going to take that step to clear the air, so I gave y’all both a little push. I made sure to stay far enough behind that you couldn’t suspect me. After she hit you…..” Erik’s jaw was clenched tightly and his eyes blazed. Something in you predicted what happened next.

    “I threw my knife. Like before. It hit her in the hand and she was bleeding pretty bad. Right at that moment we were set upon by Tarni and her people. They can be trusted.” Her eyes were so wide at his taciturn retelling of the past events. He sensed her inner turmoil, and tightened his hold around her.

    “One of her guards tuned me up a bit. Big ass muhfucka but I ain’t punk out. Tarni had you brought here for their nurses to mend your wound as well as Katherine’s. I was questioned by Tarni. Same thing happened to them. Except they’ve been here a year.”

    “I appreciate you giving me the breakdown. I truly do. But where is that bitch at?” A hearty laugh comes from his chest, because no matter what her state is, she wants things when she wants them.

    “A whole head wound and you’re still bratty. Uh-…She’s dead. She bled out from the knife. Some men dug a grave for her, I’m not sure where. She can’t hurt you. No one can. Not as long as I’m breathing.”

    A half truth. Gabby didn’t need to hear that he put the nail in the coffin after the fact just last night and slept next to her without a care in the world. And he wouldn’t let it slip. She needed rest and good care, and that’s what she would get. They fell back in like old times until they were summoned for supper. The group usually eats together but Tarni has permitted the couple to stay isolated as Gabby recovers.

    A simple bone broth warmed her spirit and Erik’s bedside manner was gentlemanly as always. It didn’t take long for pain to rise again, and he gave her an aspirin. He tucked her in and laid his mouth on hers, and he felt her kiss him back gently. She was still weak, and fear combined with his selfishness fought to never let her out of his sight.

    Gabby drifted off in no time. Erik ate as she slept, periodically watching her until he finished his meal. The candles were blown out subsequently, leading him to finally rest his weary body. “Praise be to Bast.”


    “AHHHHHHH!!!! WARU!!! TARNI!!!!”

    A blood curdling scream emitted from a few huts over, loud enough to wake the dead.

    The couple was awakened immediately and Erik did his best to calm Gabby down. “What was that?!”

    Men sounded out around the camp, scrambling to find out what’s wrong. Erik rolled to the other side to put his pants and Gabby halted him completely. “Gabby, I have to go help the men.”

    “Erik, that’s not our responsibility! I’m scared, baby don’t leave me!” She was shaking so bad, her teeth almost chattered. It broke his heart to see her so traumatized.

    “Baby, I will be okay. These people helped to heal you. Any other time I would be with you and have them to handle their own shit. But I gave my word. And we have…..more at stake now.” His hand crept under the cover and caressed her belly.

    “Do you trust me? Truly?” His eyes were open, more than she’d ever seen from him. She said yes, and took his hand from her belly to kiss his palm. He had to tell her. She couldn’t be left in the dark and after a while, that secret would become known all on its own.

    Erik ran out to meet the men. You could have knocked him down with a feather at what he found. Two full grown panthers had wandered in their camp. This was the first large animal Erik encountered since being stranded; the irony wasn’t lost on him. A woman, Jacinda, was hysterical as her child was left alone inside her hut while she went to gather water for the night. There was another panther inside already.

    “We have to lure the cat out of there. But carefully, so we don’t piss it off. It’s probably two females who might have heard the baby and thought it sounded like their young and just ended up over here.” Erik stood next to Waru, throwing out a rapid fire analysis of the do’s and don’t’s of engagement with big cats.

    Waru hated his guts. Erik had been there a matter of days and already wanted to delegate. He burned holes in the side of Erik’s head as he ascertained the situation.

    “Everybody get back. Hold her back, we’re going to get the kid.” Erik made his way to the hut in question and urged some of the men to hold the wailing woman off. Erik whistled lowly to the opening and the cat instantly turned and peeked its body out of the hut. Erik coaxed it out of the hut slowly, using a low voice. The muscle memory of what his father told him about raising big cats flowed with ease.

    The cat was led out into the open until Erik urged them back into the open forest. Jacinda ran back into the hut, thankful and inconsolable at the notion of her almost losing her child. Tarni was stunned. She knew that Erik was a capable man but this wasn’t what she expected at all.

    Erik gave them a wide berth as he watched Jacinda soothe the young child. Reality slapped him in the face and it was up until that moment that he understood what true fear was. A part of you being destroyed by outside forces. He ensured they were okay, and decided to make his way back to Gabby.

    She was doing the opposite of what he told her to do, sitting up fully looking like a lost puppy. “What are you doing up? Lay your butt down.”

    He immediately laid next to her and wrapped her up in his arms. Their new normal. “What happened, E? Is everyone okay—“

    “No one is hurt. Everything is fine. You need to rest, and I don’t wanna hear another word about it. Please. For me.”

    Gabby pouted a bit but she listened. She snuggled into all that man and unconsciously pulled his hand on top of her belly and laced with her fingers. His heart fluttered. Erik was worldly and knew many things…..but this was a situation even he was not prepared for.

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    From Avengers Vol. 8 #050, “An Earth Unlike Any Other (Just Like All the Rest)” (3/3)

    Art by Aaron Kuder, Carlos Pacheco, Rafael Fonteriz, Ed McGuinness, Javier Garrón, Alex Sinclair, David Curiel, Matt Hollingsworth and Rachelle Rosenberg

    Written by Jason Aaron

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    'Tis the Season - Chapter One (on Wattpad)  

    Fallon loved Christmas. She loved hot coco and gingerbread houses and picking out the perfect tree. What she doesn't like? Finding out her best friend is fucking her boss. It's supposed to be the happiest time of the year, yet Fallon can't catch a break. 

    with Erik Killmonger as Erik Stevens aka Prince N'Jadaka Udaku 

     Chris Evans as Duncan Mathis 

     and Aja Naomi King as Fallon King 

    If you’d like to support me and my original work, please check out my Patreon. There I post author updates on my self-publishing journey, behind the scenes looks at stories I’m currently writing, and more.  


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    A Catfish Christmas - Chapter One (on Wattpad)  

    Erik needs a girlfriend for the holidays. 

    Fallon is the perfect candidate. 

    The perfect woman to bring home to his loving but royal family. 

    Too bad Fallon doesn't like him. 

    They actually look cute together. 

    with Erik Killmonger as Erik Stevens aka Prince N'Jadaka Udaku 

    Chris Evans as Duncan Matthis 

    and Aja Naomi King as Fallon King 

    If you’d like to support me and my original work, please check out my Patreon. There I post author updates on my self-publishing journey, behind the scenes looks at stories I’m currently writing, and more.  


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    "Doom Supreme and his Multiversal Masters of Evil."

    The Avengers #50, by Jason Aaron & Aaron Kuder

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    Michael B. Jordan photographe by Blair Caldwell Wonderland Magazine 2020

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    Erik Killmonger fanart...

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    14. Phoebe Miller

    The promise of free liquor from his old MIT buddy, the current owner of Mickey's, was what sent Erik through a private back entrance into the populated club though he hadn't an interest in the type of strippers who stripped there.

    Kitty.. Cherry.. Kansas.. not an ass in sight.

    Pretty blonde, not so pretty blonde, another blonde, brunette.

    They were typically lacking in one way or another. Simply not his preference.

    Still.. He'd watched them along with the crowd as they spun, split, and slid on the pole. A woman was a woman afterall. Given the choice, he'd still hit. Skin was skin.

    "One more," Erik gestured to the bartender watching his cup refill automatically. Margarita on the rocks.

    He tugged up his hood not wanting to be recognized. The club was clean and updated. The strippers were somewhat attractive. The wings were good.. but his image as a reputable college professor was still possibly on the line if word spread through campus.

    For this reason he kept his hoodie up and his face down comfortably.. ready to leave after his fourth drink began to warm him up a little too much. His Lyft was scheduled and arriving in 5 minutes. He shifted having gotten his meal for free, intent to head outside to stand and wait. However, the name of the next stripper stopped him in his tracks before his butt could completely leave the seat.

    He watched the purple lit stage to see if he'd heard the DJ correctly. The music switched before the dancer emerged.

    It was her.. The woman he paid $50 monthly plus tips in order to access her OnlyFans.. She crossed the stage. The very woman from his recent private browsing history. She was called Gemini.

    He had clips saved of her content. He wondered who else in the crowd knew about her as he couldn't be the only superfreak. He didn't see any cues.

    She was right there in the flesh dancing in a pink cowgirl set with the ass out and a top way too small, like the slightest misstep could knock the bitties loose and he felt himself getting hot.

    He watched her perform her choreography, considerably tame compared to the shit he'd seen from her as a premium subscriber. It was the difference between a dancer and a porn star. This show was nothing. NOTHING. She'd kept her top on until the last few minutes and still had them niggas stuck. Got a lot in tips too, he noticed. It wasn't until she left the stage that he realized he hadn't blinked or moved during her entire performance.

    He couldn't talk about niggas being stuck.

    He turned his head. Getting up to leave, he was irritated by the parameters of his rep. He couldn't do much of anything without it potentially blowing up in his face. He just wanted to fuck Gemini.. once. He wanted to live his porn star dream. He strongly felt like he could pull her. She'd let him hit. In his gut, he knew she would. If it wouldn't have compromised his rep and disguise he'd have bought a lap dance at the LEAST.

    On his way home in the Lyft, he fantasized about doing all the freaky shit she posted on her page. She could even film it if she wanted. Body and ability-wise he had nothing to be ashamed of. He had better abs and a better stroke game than the last guy she'd uploaded herself fuckin.. He could compete.

    Instead, he went home alone to masturbate and black out and within the next few days he inquired of his old friend.. When would Gemini be working again?

    He'd visited the club on a few more occasions, but only on the nights she was scheduled to dance. Intrigued wasn't the word, he was fixated on her in-person presence. Since that first night, he'd masturbated solely to her videos with fantasies of himself in the place of the men.. and in the place of her toys.

    When he fucked his students and got head from women he knew, he'd sometimes on occasion think of Gemini. It was a chokehold.

    He wanted her lips on him.. sucking away his daily frustration. He wanted her long nails dragging hard into his skin. He wanted to be inside, his fingers bringing her to orgasm all over him.

    These fantasies made him cum on his own night after night and then the sight of her in the club only perpetuated his perversion.

    Then came that fateful day. A new semester.

    He sat on the end of the table at the front of his classroom looking over the attendance at familiar names. There were some new ones but he was more interested in a specific two.. Two students taking his course for an easy A, currently paying with their bodies. Toys in his student chest.

    When he glanced up over the rim of his glasses, one sat at the back, smiling and talking to a classmate.. another returning student. One was sitting her bag down to the left and sliding into a seat, focused on her phone as the seats around her filled in.

    Erik looked at his watch and stood to scribble his school email and phone number on the smart board. He sat a pile of syllabi on the desk of a boy who sat front left.

    "Pass it down."

    He passed a packet of study words down next deciding to start teaching after introducing himself and greeting students. That way he could get the basics covered instead of wasting time.

    "I didn't get a packet," a girl called out. Erik had a few extra, so he picked it up from his small desk.

    "Who said they didn't get one," he waved it about searching the medium sized room of students.

    "Me," she repeated helping him to zero in.

    His breath instantly stopped and when he made eye contact his body began to heat so he looked away and put the packet on the end of her row.

    "Pass this down to the young lady."

    Immediately he strolled back to his table to call the roll, looking up briefly after every name to match it with a face.

    "Phoebe Miller?"

    "Here," she called out.

    He played it off well, moving on with the roll, his introduction, the review of the syllabus, and finally his lesson.

    That night, he masturbated furiously to his favorite video of her giving sloppy top while poolside.

    He was hyperaware of her presence now.

    Every comment. Every question asked. Every time she walked by. He could smell her.

    Every time she flipped her ever changing hair or fixed her cleavage in a low cut shirt. Every show of skin, down to a designer hole in the thigh of her jeans. He noticed. It went straight into his spank bank.

    At the end of the first week, he had assignments to grade and hand back in-class. He looked her way and she was already staring, cocky about her work while her classmates still worked. She'd turned her work in first each time and sat back like it was no sweat. Of the A's she was one with a smooth 100% so far.

    He closed his eyes and removed his glasses rubbing his face.. amused as she watched him. She wasn't slick, she thought he was sexy.

    "Todd, come here a second," he waved to a guy who'd made simple mistakes. He just needed verbal clarification to understand and he'd do better.

    Todd took his paper to review it and Erik avoided Phoebe's eyes which he felt crawling all over his arms. He realized he'd folded up his sleeves and his forearms were out. The bottom of his black cross tattoo was showing so he adjusted it.

    Horny lil girl.

    He was getting the beginnings of a semi. He didn't want to be hard in class but she was taking him there.

    The mighty Gemini.. part of his lovely student body.. with the glossy dick sucking lips.

    Her video played in his mind, her giving up the throat. He had to shift his thinking and attention from sex.

    Turns out she wasn't just a body. She was a brain. She was smart, confident, quick witted, and an overall joy to observe.

    As he continued to grade, he looked over his other students, keeping tabs on his two little playthings. One was still working away, actually making an effort to learn which made him proud. One had turned in a half empty paper with wrong answers. Both would still pass as long as they gave him head in his office later in the day.

    Eyes falling back to Phoebe, Erik noticed she was still staring him down hard.. looking him up and down and biting her lip.

    He was aware of a couple of names that students would call him behind his back, Mr. Hottie being one. Her flirting wasn't a new experience. However for the sake of professionalism he had a practiced reaction. He looked down in humor and kept his eyes and red pen down to his work. He moved as though he didn't notice and treated each student equally.. as far as they knew.

    Every so often he could still sense her eyes and as the weeks continued to pass, he found to his amusement that the more he feigned ignorant, the bolder she got.

    Ms. Miller was proving to be just as interesting as her alter ego.

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    Crybaby [5]

    Summary: a continuation of Calling All My Lovelies// the lives of Erik & Ariel after his stunt

    Pairing: Erik “Killmonger” Stevens x Black Female OC [Ariel]

    Word Count: 2704

    Warnings: fluff, language, time skip

    Inspo: Crybaby by Paloma Faith

    (A.N): the last part of this series so enjoy!

    *gif not mine!

    [1] [2] [B] [3] [4]

    “Mommy! Mommy! Can we cut the cake now, pleaseeee!?” Nnamdi and Aiden asks in unison, their contagious laughter along with the chaotic background noise of their 7th birthday party fills Ariel’s ears.

    “Relax, my babies! We’ll cut the cake in a few more minutes. Just waiting on ya daddy to finish the cake. Keep playing with your friends.”

    “Okay mommy!”

    The boys find their way back to their party, Ariel sighing in content. She’s overjoyed by the sheer fact that her babies are growing up and enjoying themselves. 7 years passed by so quickly! Ariel thought about a few big moments in her babies’ lives that are unforgettable. 

    Like when Aiden was the first one to lose his tooth.


    “Mommy look! My tooth came out!”

    “Aww Aiden! You’re growing up so fast, my sweet baby!”

    Aiden happily paraded around the house to show off his first fallen tooth. Nnamdi, however, stared into the mirror to see if any of his teeth were loose enough to fall. Sadly, they weren’t. Nnamdi huffed out in frustration, especially hearing how excited his mommy was over Aiden’s tooth falling out. Nnamdi didn’t understand how he wasn’t the first one to lose a tooth; he’s the oldest, although only by 2 minutes. He felt worst once his daddy came into the house and received the news.

    “That’s my boy!! Aye, we going to the palace to show everyone!” Erik yelled, lifting Aiden in the air proudly.

    Nnamdi groaned to himself once he heard his mommy’s voice calling out for him. Did they have to show everyone at the palace?

    “Awww! You’re such a big boy now, munchkin!” Shuri exclaimed, tickling Aiden as he laughed his little soul out.

    Everyone crowded Aiden to look upon the fallen tooth. Nnamdi stayed in the distance. He could feel himself getting… angry. But what was the other feeling he had? Jealousy? He had vaguely remembered watching a kids’ show that spoke about the ‘green monster’, but he didn’t know he would ever experience it.

    Did anyone even notice that he wasn’t a part of the crowd? Everyone was sooo intrigued by Aiden’s tooth. Nnamdi couldn’t take it anymore! He lunged over to where Aiden was and pushed him. Everyone gasped when the two started scuffling. Erik pulled Nnamdi off of Aiden while Ariel ran to Aiden’s side. Ariel and Erik were pissed! They taught their twins to defend themselves, but to never fight each other.

    “Nnamdi, what the hell gotten into you, boy! You know better than that! You don’t fight each other, now what the hell you did that for?” Erik spewed, nostrils flared.

    “Because!” Nnamdi shouted, pouting his lips and folding his arms.

    “Nnamdi, use your words, baby. Talk to us. What’s wrong?” Ariel calmly asked, hating to see her babies so upset.

    “Because—,” Nnamdi started to speak before his tears had him choking on his words, “Because everyone’s been paying attention to Aiden and his stupid tooth fallin’ out and mine hadn’t yet!”

    All four were silent until Erik burst into laughter. He couldn’t contain himself. His sons were really fighting over teeth. Poor Aiden stood there confused by the entire situation. Ariel was exhausted and nudged for Erik to stop his laughter, so they could continue with their stern talk. Nnamdi kept his arms folded and lips in pout. Erik cleared his throat to continue his speech but thought about the situation again and laughed.

    “N’Jadaka…” Ariel seethed, gaining the attention of her laughing husband. Ariel only used his real name whenever she was upset with him. He knew it was time to get serious again. Erik halted his laughter.

    “Listen, my love, just because we’re all excited for Aiden, doesn’t mean we won’t be excited when it happens for you.” Ariel reassured softly, rubbing her sweet son’s shoulder to calm him down. 

    “Wam wokuqala, you gotta understand that you grow and go at ya own pace. Yeah, you were the first born, but it doesn’t mean you gon’ be first in everything. You stressin’ over a fallen tooth like none of yours will ever fall out. Me and ya mama still love you, we love the both of y’all, so stop with the nonsense, aight?”

    “Yes baba… yes mama. I understand. I’m sorry for fighting you, ubhuti.” Nnamdi quietly apologized in a ‘head tucked between the tail’ type of manner.

    “S’okay, iwele. I forgive you.” Aiden embraced his brother into the tightest hug.


    The next day, Nnamdi brushed his teeth and as soon as he spat out the toothpaste and rinsed, he noticed one of his teeth fell out. Overjoyed, he screamed happily to the top of his lungs. Erik and Ariel rushed into his bathroom to see what all the commotion was. Erik was in full fighting stance and stopped once he realized what was happening. Nnamdi grinning like a madman holding his tooth proudly in the palm of his hand. 

    “My tooth! My tooth came out!” Nnamdi shouted, doing a little victory dance.

    “Boy, I outta smack the hell out of ya head! Doin’ all that cryin’ and shit just for ya tooth to fall out the next day. Boy, I’m ‘bout to flame—”

    “That’s good baby! You’re a big boy now, too!” Ariel interrupted Erik, giving him a look to shut him up.


    Ariel giggles to herself at the memory. Her sons are truly a trip, just like their dad. Speaking of, he has yet to emerge from the kitchen with the cake. Erik wants to go all out for the cake! He made it himself, so Ariel knew it would be over the top. As she turns her attention back to the party where all the kids are spraying each other with water guns, Ariel’s reminded of just how extra her husband can be.


    Ariel decided to treat herself to another ‘me’ day. Being a working mom’s rewarding yet exhausting. When Ariel made the announcement that she’ll be leaving her twin boys (and the cats) with her husband, Erik was very displeased.

    “Wait, you just gone leave me here with ya kids?”

    “They’re yours too, Erik. You’ll be fine! I love you, I love all my babies!”

    And with that, Ariel shut the door behind her and enjoyed her day off from home. 

    Meanwhile, Erik sat on the living room floor staring into his twins’ eager eyes. Nnamdi and Aiden were days shy away from turning 5 and Erik had no clue how to entertain them. He thought Sylvester and Stella served as enough entertainment, but once the twins were done playing with the cats, they crawled right under their dad’s arms, looking for something else to do. That’s when Erik came up with a brilliant plan. A plan that would keep his boys entertained for the rest of the day until Ariel came back. A plan that needed two more geniuses on deck.


    Later that evening, Ariel returned back home relaxed. Up until she opened her home and witnessed the scene in front of her. The entire living room had been transformed into a Nerf obstacle course. The next thing Ari saw were her beautiful boys dressed like mini-Killmongers: camo pants, combat boots, Erik’s ties wrapped around their heads, little vests, even little scars littered on their arms and chest. Ariel figured they used her makeup to put those scars on themselves by the eyeshadow palettes dispersed carelessly around the living room. Ariel could feel her patience running thin, especially when her husband was nowhere to be found, the cats were balled up in fear in a corner, and her lovely twins shot her multiple times with their Nerf guns.

    “WAKANDA FOREVAAAAA!” The twins screeched, running away and giggling.

    Ariel madly stomped throughout the house to find where her children and husband were hiding. She could not believe the mess Erik allowed the boys to make. Actually, yes, she could. She married a big ass kid (because she too was a big ass kid). On her day off though? Did he have to do all of this on her day off? Who was going to clean up all this mess? Definitely not her!

    “Baba, I think I killed mama!” Ariel heard Nnamdi whisper-yell to Erik.

    Ariel knew Erik wasn’t alone in that intricate playground building of the living room once she heard the laughter of T’Challa and Shuri. The trio laughed at the twins’ worry of killing their mom.

    “Oh, big cousin will be pissed once she finds us.” Shuri whispered, giggling to herself.

    Ariel burst into the small room the trio and twins were hiding. Everyone gulped once they witnessed Ariel’s mad face. The only ones oblivious to this look were the twins.

    “Wow, mommy. You came back from the dead!” Aiden exclaimed, pointing directly at her.

    That phrase made her crack a smile. She scooped her twins into her arms and gave them big sloppy kisses on their cheeks. Erik pulled himself from the floor to join his family in front of him, only to be rejected by Ariel.

    “I’m glad my babies had a fun day with their daddy and cousins, but you, ‘Challa, and Shuri better clean this mess up or else. Have a goodnight!”

    That night, Ariel and her twins slept peacefully while Erik, Shuri, and T’Challa spent hours cleaning up the horrendous mess they made.


    Erik finally arrives with the cake and Ariel’s remarkably impressed by her husband. The longer they’re together, the more she learns about him. Who would’ve guessed that baking’s a forte of his? Certainly not her. The cake is just as extra as Ariel knew it would be. Ever since Erik learned his twins love anything Super Mario related, he made a ‘7’ shaped Mario Kart themed-cake. Inside the cake are rainbow sprinkles and on top are 7 trick candles. Erik places the cake onto the table and makes his way to Ariel. He wraps his arms around her waist and lightly kisses her neck. She gives him a forehead kiss and he rest his head into the crook of her neck.

    “My boys so popular! Look at how many kids showed up.” Erik brags, puffing his chest up a little.

    Ariel rolls her eyes and laughs.

    “Yeah, no thanks to your crazy ass. I still can’t believe you glared at those kids for hours when they were in kindergarten. All these kids didn’t forget your damn face!”

    The couple close their eyes to reminisce on that very moment.


    “Are my babies ready for their first day of school!?” Ariel shouted in excitement.

    “Yeah!” Her boys replied as cheery as they could.

    The twins were starting their first day at kindergarten and they had been so stoked to go. Ever since they learned that they would be going to school and interacting with other kids, they would wake their parents up every night to ask if school is the next day. They had been doing it for the past month and now it’s finally time to go. Although the twins were excited, Ariel knew that no one topped their excitement more than Erik. He picked out their matching outfits, packed their lunches, and made sure their backpacks were filled to the brim of school supplies they’d need. Ariel rolled her eyes once he filled the backpacks because she knew they wouldn’t need much supplies for kindergarten; she just didn’t have the heart to tell him that.

    “Aye baby! Lemme drop the boys off to school!” Erik yelled down the stairs as he raced into the kitchen where everyone stood. 

    Ariel agreed to letting Erik take the boys to school, but not before she warned him to play nice and not act a fool. He half-heartedly acknowledged her warning before darting out of the door.

    Of course, when Erik dropped off his kids to school, he acted a fool. So much so that when Ariel got a call from the twins’ kindergarten teacher, all she could do was shake her head.

    “I’m sorry to disturb you, Mrs. Stevens, but your husband, Mr. Stevens, has been glaring at the kids from the window for about 5 hours now. He also, uh… he also threatened all the kids today…”

    “I’m sorry? He did what!?”

    “He said, ‘let me find out my boys been crying or being bullied, I’m beating all ya parents’ asses!’”

    “… I am so sorry, Miss. I’ll be sure to talk to him when he gets home. If he’s still outside the window, please tell him his wife would love to talk to him at home now.”

    Erik arrived thirty minutes later, prepared for the chewing of his lifetime.

    “Really Erik? I asked you not to show your ass and that’s exactly what you fucking did!”

    “Baby, you tripping! I’m looking out for our boys!”

    “By threatening little 5-year olds that you’ll beat their parents up if they bully our kids? And then proceeding to stare at them from out the fucking window all day? I’m surprised they didn’t call the Doras to lock your dumbass up!”

    “So whatchu sayin’ is that you want our kids to get bullied?”

    “Babe… we taught our kids how to handle themselves. Beside, everyone in Wakanda knows what you did, so if anything, those kids are probably scared of our sons.”

    “Damn… I forgot I did that shit, aha… well, shit! Now they know I’m not fuckin’ playin’!”

    “You are… something else, I swear to Bast…”


    The kids gather around the cake after their water gun battle, ogling the sight in front of them. The cake looks delicious and ready to be devoured. Erik lights the candles and waits for his boys’ reactions. Only Erik knows that they are trick candles. After several failed attempts, the kids start to complain. Nnamdi and Aiden are fed up with their dad’s antics, right along with their mom.

    “Baba, this isn’t funny!” Aiden pouts, which only makes Erik laugh harder than what he already is.

    T’Challa, Shuri, Okoye, Ayo, and Ramonda all shake their heads, knowing that Ariel’s wrath would come soon.

    “Erik, take these dumbass candles—” The kids gasp at Ariel’s words, “I mean, dumb candles outta the cake now!”

    “Mommy swear jar!” Nnamdi exclaims, pointing his finger at his mom. 

    Erik smirks and agrees with his son.

    “Yeah mommy swear jar.” 

    Ariel leans closely to Erik to whisper into his ear. 

    “The swear jar’s gonna go up your ass if you don’t take these candles out now.”

    The smirk on his face fades when she’s done. Erik rolls his eyes and takes the candles out. The party breaks out into an uproar now that they can all enjoy cake. 

    After the small cake fiasco, the kids of the party find themselves in the pool. Ariel put glow sticks into the pool to make the nighttime more interesting for the kids. It’s now Ariel’s turn to wrap her arms around Erik’s waist. They’re so elated to see how happy their precious sons are on their birthday. Erik leads her to a quieter part of the party where they sit on an Adirondack chair. 

    “You know what I’ve been thinking about today?” He starts, putting her hand up to his lips to kiss it.

    He continues his thoughts.

    “We’ve really been together for 10 years and married for 8. We have two handsome twin boys who just turned 7. For the longest, I thought I’d never experience this. I ain’t really sure where I thought I’d be by now. But to be here, with you, with Nnamdi and Aiden. I’m truly blessed. Maybe even more than blessed. I love you so much, I love them so much. I just… I love everything about life now. It took so long to get to this point in my life where I enjoy it, so thank you. For everything.”

    Ariel’s in full-blown tears as she passionately kisses her husband. The party’s died down and everyone’s gone. As Ariel and Erik make their way inside their home, Nnamdi and Aiden runs up to them and engulf them into big bear hugs to thank them for their birthday party. The family walks inside their home together. The day was full of love and laughter. Their lives are truly a dream come true.



    wam wokuqala - my first

    ubhuti - brother

    iwele - twin


    A.N: SIGH don’t you just love love? I damn sure do lmao lmk whatcha think! how’d the series go for you? it was def one of my favorites back in the day lol

    #imagines*#imagines#erik killmonger#erik stevens #erik killmonger imagines #erik killmonger fluff #erik killmonger series #erik killmonger x black reader #erik killmonger x black oc #erik killmonger x black female reader #erik killmonger x black female oc #erik killmonger x oc
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    Crybaby [4]

    Summary: a continuation of Calling All My Lovelies// the lives of Erik & Ariel after his stunt

    Pairing: Erik “Killmonger” Stevens x Black Female OC [Ariel]

    Word Count: 1270

    Warnings: fluff, language

    Inspo: Crybaby by Paloma Faith

    (A.N): enjoy!

    *gif not mine!

    [1] [2] [B] [3]

    Ariel arrives back home after spending a good majority of her morning in Shuri’s lab waiting for the new kimoyo beads update. Shuri made the update specifically for her and Erik, to which Ariel proposed it should be for all expecting parents. Instead of buying a baby monitor, the baby monitor is made into the kimoyo beads, along with a built-in thermometer and baby medicine dispenser. Shuri missed Ariel’s company because due to Ariel’s pregnancy, she only leaves the house when absolutely necessary. Ariel’s a little thrown off by not being immediately greeted by her loving husband until she realizes where he is.

    “Wow babe, it looks great!” Ariel exclaims in total awe over the nursery Erik had been working on for months. 

    “Yeah?” Erik asks, rather shyly.

    He had just completed the finishing touches to the nursery, so he climbed down the ladder to admire the art work with Ariel. The nursery slightly mimics the jungles of Wakanda. Erik did the nursery all by himself for the past 4 months. T’Challa and Shuri constantly came over to offer help, but Erik always refused. He wanted the nursery to be special, so he decorated and build everything on his own.

    “Nnamdi and Aiden’s gonna love it! I mean, they won’t really understand any of this, but they’ll love—”

    Ariel stops her sentence as her eyes drop to her stomach, water rapidly falling between her legs. She clutches onto Erik’s arm and lets out a small scream. Erik’s eyes widen but he’s prepared: the bags for the big hospital visit are already in the nursery. With phone in hand, Erik lets the rest of the family know that the time has come.


    22 hours. 22 hours Ariel spent in labor with her fussy twin boys. To say she was miserable was a complete understatement. The timing of her contractions wasn’t close at all, and due to Ariel wanting a natural birth (medication if necessary), the Wakandan doctors did not try to speed up the process although they could with their technology. Ari learned it was something she’d regret during that day.


    “Fuckkkk Erik, I hate you so much! Why’d you get me pregnant!?” Ariel squeals as she pushes, squeezing the life out of Erik’s hand in the process.

    Erik laughs and kisses her sweaty forehead. Erik quickly became used to being fussed at, especially as Ariel’s contractions became stronger.  Erik didn’t enjoy seeing his beautiful wife in full-blown pain, but he’s so excited to meet his boys. For months, he wondered how they would look, how they would act. For months, he constantly spoke to her belly, in hopes to get a response back. Now, the moment of the twins’ arrival became closer and closer. 

    “Just give us one more big push, and the twins will be here, Mrs. Stevens!” The doctor exclaims, just as excited as Erik.

    Ariel gives her all in this last push, Nnamdi being the first to be delivered and Aiden following closely with being born 2 minutes after. 

    “Ari, baby… they’re beautiful. Thank you so much for them, I just— I love you so much!” Erik stumbles to say, a few tears fall onto his cheeks as he holds his newborn sons in each arm, after they were cleaned up and clothed of course. Ariel cries too as she watches her 3 favorite guys interact. The twins are full of small babbles that warms her heart completely. The entire hospital room is full of peaceful quietness as the newly parents are in complete awe over their beautiful twins.


    “Can I pleaseeee hold them, Erik!?” Shuri questions, stomping her feet in a mini-tantrum.

    A few weeks have passed since Nnamdi and Aiden had been born which means it’s been a few weeks that Erik hadn’t let anyone except Ariel hold them. Erik hadn’t left their sides since they were born. At any given moment, he was ready to satisfy their needs. Every single night, Erik would volunteer to check on the twins whenever they cried. Often times, Ariel would find him asleep in the rocking chair next to the cribs, with Nnamdi and Aiden in his arms. She loved how attached he is to their kids, although he could be rather annoying with his attachment, this moment being one of them.

    “Nah, baby cuz! Ari’s boutta feed them soon, they can’t miss their meal.” Erik replies, rocking each twin and smiling down at them.

    Both Ariel and Shuri roll their eyes at him. He could never share with anyone.

    “Baby let Shuri hold them.”

    “But bab—”

    Ariel gives him a cold stare that shuts him up quickly. He sighs defeatedly and reluctantly hands over the twins to Shuri. Shuri gasps in excitement. She’s the first person to hold them outside of Erik and Ariel. Of course, once she gets to hold them for no more than 2 minutes—

    “No fair! I want to hold them as well!” 

    T’Challa bursts into the room to see Shuri holding Nnamdi and Aiden in her lap. He’s been trying to pry them out of Erik’s arms for 3 weeks now. 

    “I am sorry brother, but you’ll have to wait! I want to hold my cousins for as long as Erik will let me without crying.”

    “Ain’t nobody about to cry… but you got 5 more minutes, lil nigga!”

    Shuri scoffs and continues to be amazed by the twins. The parents are all smiles, happy to know that everyone loves Nnamdi and Aiden just as much as they do. Shuri’s 5 minutes were up quite quickly and Erik let her know that. She whined when he took the twins away from her and gave them to Ariel for feeding time. After feeding time, Erik reached for them only for his hand to get popped by Ariel.

    “Let ‘Challa hold them, please!”

    Erik kisses his teeth but motions for T’Challa to hold them. Erik warns T’Challa about holding his boys, afraid his inner Panther strength would bring them harm. T’Challa reassured him that it wouldn’t, but Erik was still on his toes about it, constantly watching T’Challa as he interacted with the twins. 

    “Aight, I think that’s enough holding time for everyone today so—”

    “N’Jadaka’s finally letting everyone hold the babies? It’s my turn now!” 

    Erik groans and rubs his face in annoyance when hearing Ramonda’s statement and seeing her opened arms, Okoye and Ayo beaming beside her, their arms opened, too.


    The rest of the afternoon was spent with everyone getting a turn to hold Nnamdi and Aiden with Erik brewing with jealously on the sidelines. Ariel found it extremely adorable how protective Erik is of their kids. Once nighttime fell and the boys were fast asleep in their respective cribs, Erik enters the bedroom he shares with Ariel and smiles at the sight in front of him: Ariel quietly watching tv with Sylvester and Stella at her feet. Erik takes this moment to admire his beautiful wife. Just a few weeks ago, she gave birth to two amazing gifts in his life. The baby weight fit her absolutely perfect and he couldn’t get enough. He wanted so badly to put another baby in her, but he knew she wouldn’t be down for that. He loved how her plump lips became fuller, her hips a little wider, her thighs became more widespread. He just loves her and loves the fact that she is his and he is hers. And now, they get to spend the rest of forever together, raising their happy little family. It’s a far-fetched dream of his that became reality. His parents would be so proud.


    #imagines*#imagines#erik killmonger#erik stevens #erik killmonger imagines #erik stevens imagines #erik killmonger series #erik killmonger fluff #erik killmonger x black reader #erik killmonger x black female reader #erik killmonger x black oc #erik killmonger x oc #erik killmonger x black female oc #ugh... too many tags sksks i'm not tagging the rest lol
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    Crybaby [3]

    Summary: a continuation of Calling All My Lovelies// the lives of Erik & Ariel after his stunt

    Pairing: Erik “Killmonger” Stevens x Black Female OC [Ariel]

    Word Count: 1855

    Warnings: fluff, language

    Inspo: Crybaby by Paloma Faith

    (A.N): enjoy! 

    *gif not mine!

    [1] [2] [B]

    It’s been 4 months since Erik and Ariel’s sex-filled honeymoon and the two have been living in bliss ever since. Since Erik became a married man, he’s still the same him, just a little more domestic. The couple moved to Wakanda instead of staying in Oakland. Erik wanted to live a better life, the one his father promised him of before his demise. If Erik wanted to raise a family, it would be here in Wakanda, so that they could live in the stories Erik only heard of as a child. When Erik and Ariel moved to Wakanda, T’Challa insisted they stay within the Royal Palace, but they declined. So T’Challa made sure that they at least lived near in a new little home built just for them on the Royal Grounds. Luckily, T’Challa and Erik were close as ever, which is why T’Challa made Erik his most trusted advisor, along with being able to teach the Wakandan youth about life in America as a Black person. Ariel didn’t need to have a job, but she felt that she had to do something to occupy her time. She mainly helped around the palace in any way she could, mostly helping Shuri in her lab or teaching the Wakandan youth different aspects of Black American culture. This was the right move for them.

    Erik’s currently cooking breakfast for himself and his love. Something about cooking is therapeutic to him (also ironing; who knew?). He had been up for at least an hour before Ariel decided to show her face. A goofy grin spreads across her face as she watches her husband flip pancakes and move his hips to his own rhythm. Ever since they’ve been to Jamaica, Erik couldn’t contain himself and danced constantly whenever he felt that no one was watching. Ariel was always watching.

    Erik places the pancakes on a plate before turning around and seeing Ariel sitting down at the table. The same goofy grin displays on his face as he brings all the food over and place it on the table. He grabs her chin to pull her in for a soft kiss. 

    “Finally awake, sleepyhead! I was missing yo’ ass and shit.”

    “Aww, so cute! Well, I’m here and I’m starving, so whatcha got?”

    “Ya know, got some pancakes going on, some eggs, a lil’ bacon. You been craving apples too, so I made sure to buy some and put ‘em in the pancakes for ya spoiled ass.”

    “Thanks baby! You’re saying that like craving apples are a bad thing.” Ariel says, offended by Erik’s words.

    “Ari… you hate apples…” Erik replies defeatedly, taking his seat next to her.

    “Hmm…” Ariel contemplates, no slick remark entered her mind.

    Erik’s right; she did hate apples. As of lately, she’s been craving all the things she usually hated: pickles, honeybuns, and avocados, just to name a few. Ariel continues to stuff her face while Erik strokes his beard in thought.

    “Our honeymoon was like 3 months ago, and you been feeling sick 2 weeks after it, ya mood been swingin’ like a bitch tryna fight, ya tiddies got bigger, ya body got fuller—”

    Erik’s goofy grin only became wider, he was full on cheesing at this point. Ariel’s confused by his action (which was common). His smile and silence only pissed her off.

    “Nigga! Spit it out!!”

    “You’re pregnant, Ari.”


    “Congratulations! You’re 11 weeks pregnant! Oh,” The obstetrician checks the ultrasound again before displaying a full smile, “With twins, too!”

    “I’m sorry, you said what now?” 

    “You’re pregnant with twins, Mrs. Stevens.” The obstetrician gives her a little pat on the shoulder while Ariel’s face is full of shock.

    “What can I say babe? I got that super nut! Twins?? Hell yeah, I did that shit!” Erik gloats, breaking into a small victory dance.

    The doctor stifles a laugh as Ariel stares at her husband like he has two heads. Erik can be so obnoxious at times. Erik paid his wife no mind and happily danced around the doctor’s office.

    “I can tell you the sex of your babies if you’d like!” The doctor exclaims, moving towards the ultrasound screen and pressing a few buttons on her kimoyo beads.

    “Nah doc! We know Wakanda all advanced and shit but we wanna be surprised! Matter fact, let’s have a gender reveal party when you 6 months, Ari!”


    3 more months have passed, and Ari’s baby bump is on display. Luckily for her, Erik’s been nothing but helpful and extremely sweet. He baby-proofed the entire house, which was a tab bit annoying, but helpful. He made sure she stayed on a strict healthy diet, occasionally indulging her weird cravings. Overall, he was more helpful around the house since knowing his twins exist. Wakanda’s so happy for the pair. Whenever Ariel stepped out to do mundane tasks, she never failed to return with some baby-related things. Ramonda threw an extravagant baby shower 2 months ago and these two were basically set for life with the amount of baby necessities they received.


    “Oh, this isn’t truly necessary…” Ariel speaks, holding up diamond-encrusted pacifiers with matching bibs.

    “Nonsense! I only want what’s best for these little bundles of joys!” Ramonda exclaims, clasping her hands together.  

    “Naw, Auntie. This might be too much forreal!” Erik states, holding up solid gold baby rattles.

    “What? What is so wrong with these gifts?” Ramonda asks, a bit offended by their words.

    “Auntie… I can barely hold these shits; these babies can’t hold this with their tiny ass hands.”

    Ariel shrugs in agreement. Ramonda folds her arms and rolls her eyes, making sure to pout dramatically. A thing she learned from Shuri.

    “We’ll keep ‘em, Ramonda.” Ariel sighs in defeat.

    Ramonda’s pout is now replaced with a full smile and the rest of the baby shower continues.


    Shuri wanted to be the one in charge of the gender reveal party. She had been researching those types of parties since the first time Erik and Ariel made the announcement.


    “You are pregnant with twins? Oh, big cousin! Congratulations!” Shuri squeals, embracing her cousins tightly after Erik told everyone the news.

    “Twins? Wow, N’Jadaka. You must have really powerful—”

    “Nut! Gon’ and say it, cuz!” Erik says, pride laced in his voice.

    Ariel could do nothing but roll her eyes and laugh. She’s so happy that Erik’s excited to be a father. At first, Ariel was a little spook over having babies so soon, but she’s married to the love of her life; what was there to be afraid of? Ramonda ends up in tears, overjoyed by it. Okoye and Ayo have bright smiles as everyone gather to rub Ariel’s growing stomach.


    All day, everyone had been driven insane by Shuri. She wanted everything to be perfect for the gender reveal party, the perfectionist! Ariel and Erik stand impatiently in front of the crowd of the party, waiting to pop the black balloons to reveal the genders of the twins. The same crowd from the wedding reception are at the gender reveal, drinking and having a good time. The couple waits for Shuri to give them the signal to pop the balloons, but she’s too busy trying to corral all the party guests to make their way to the pair. 

    “For the love of Bast, can everyone make their way towards Ariel and Erik, please! We are ready for the revelation of the twins!”

    Ariel was amazed by how Shuri was able to throw such an amazing gender reveal party without the help of anyone else; just her, her mind, and her kimoyo beads. Everyone’s full attention is now on the expecting couple, Erik tightly holds Ariel’s hand while a pin is tucked between his index and thumb. On Shuri’s cue, the couple pop the two black balloons in front of them, blue confetti falling from both balloons. 

    An uproar is heard from the crowd while Erik bounces around, yelling about being a dad to twin boys. Ariel’s in shock, but happy nonetheless. 

    “I’M A FUCKING DADDY TO TWIN BOYS!” Erik screams, shaking the hell out of T’Challa’s shoulders and running back to squeeze Ariel.

    “3 men… in my household? Oh my god…” Ariel is panic-stricken, yet Erik laughs at her statement. 


    The rest of the party turns out nicely. The entire night is filled with love and congratulations to the expecting couple. Erik mingles with the guests while Ariel takes a minute to rest her swollen feet. Stuffing her face with a piece of cake, M’Baku makes his way to her table.

    “Congratulations on your twin boys. It’s quite hilarious to know that such a tiny woman will give birth to twins!” M’Baku says, letting out a hefty laugh.

    “Thanks, M’Baku… I guess.” Ariel replies, slightly unamused by his words. 


    Once the party died down, Erik and Ariel returned home. Erik’s still on cloud 9 from the revelation. Ariel, on the other hand, has been quiet as a church mouse the entire time. When the two were settled in for the night. Erik takes her hand into his own and lightly kisses the back of it. Before Erik could ask what’s wrong, Ariel spills her thoughts.

    “I’m having twins, Erik. Twin boys. What if I’m not a good mom? What if they grow up to hate me? I’ve seen so many parents struggle to be just that, I want to get it right the first time! My parents… they were good, I guess. But I want to be the best! I guess I just… don’t want to fail them because I’m not perfect, ya know? I’m so scared.”  

    A few tears escape her eyes, but Erik quickly wipes them away. Erik cups her cheeks into his hands and gives her forehead a light kiss.

    “You don’t think I’m scared, too? Shit, I don’t know how to be a parent at all. I barely got the chance to witness how to be one. But we’ll learn together, Ari. We a team, girl! Whatever you go through, I’m going through it with you. Plus, we basically have all of Wakanda to help us if we ever need it. You know T’Challa and Shuri will run to our rescue even if we don’t need them. You’ll make a great mommy and I’m not saying that just ‘cuz you my wife now. You helped me turn into a better man, so I know our twin boys will be great men with you in their lives. Everything gon’ turn out fine, Ariel. I promise it will.”

    Ariel locks lips with him, showing her appreciation for his comfort in the kiss. She breaks away and gives a small laugh.

    “There’s really about to be 3 men running around here and they’ll probably be just like you… fuck!”

    “Oh, just you wait! Me and my boys gon’ have Wakanda lit as fuck! T’Challa lucky I ain’t on that ‘take over Wakanda’ shit anymore, or the twins would help me overthrow him again.”

    “I love you so much, Erik.”

    “I love you too, baby. We gon’ be alright, I promise we are!”


    A.N: I def wrote this back when gender reveals were considered ‘cool’ and I was too lazy to rework this entire chapter to fit today’s.... notions? idk but anyway lmk what ya think!

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    #has anyone ever included a scene in a fic where someone had to ride a mechanical bull? #wait I just remembered one with Erik killmonger - the name is slipping me #but wouldn't that be so funny? #watching these strong leaders be thrown off a bull in a second because that's not a skill they've acquired? #thoughts from a balcony
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    Come See Me.

    Thalia Hamilton, a fourty-six year old women with no luck in relationships, has a one night stand or so she thought, with a younger man she didn’t know would soon be her son-in-law. In order to make her new marriage work, Thalia swore she would never mess around with him again, but who knew she’d be in for a roller coaster ride when he desires her attention. It only takes one simple text:

    Come see me…

    “You’re crazy, don’t you get it? I can never be yours. I’m too old for you and I’m engaged to your father. Go find yourself a woman you can have and stop pursuing me,” Thalia spat.

    “Are you trying to convince yourself? Clearly you’re not happy with my father. I’m the only one that makes you feel the way you do…”

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    Killmonger: “WHat i like anmie

    gundam design

    explains his veggie look

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