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    08.05.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    KQ Fellaz Ep. 14 || Hongjoong

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  • oneshotsmingisstar1117
    08.05.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    Songs ATEEZ Would Make Love To (Hyung Line ver.)

    hey it’s me ya girl Ella back with a shitty post! When i should be doing the shit i’ve been requested to do, i had this thought when i was listening to my thot playlist:

    Which songs would ATEEZ make love to?Do what you wish with this infomation hehe


    [24/7 (feat. Snacky Chan) - J.cob]

    24/7 gives me sunday night soft sex vibes. like y’all are getting passionate but it’s slow, controlled and all about feeling loved. Perfect for a night in with Seonghwa after things got a lil heated watching your tv show. Lots of marking, hugging you close, sleepy happy sex hehe. Just taking your time to fully appreciate each other, lil bit of body worship?

    [전화기를 꺼놔 Turn Off Your Phone Remix (Feat. Elo)- Jay Park]

    I feel like if you’ve had a stressful day at work and are just tryna get a few emails done for the weekend at midnight Seonghwa would blast this song, picking you up carefully and placing you in the tub to soak. Soft bath sex is a must, with him washing your hair and cuddling you afterwards. He then dries you off and brushes your hair out, hugging you close to him the whole time. You fall asleep in his arms. Whispered I love you’s throughout, some body worship, bath sex, aftercare TO THE MAX.


    [Give It to Me- Crush, Jay Park, Simon Dominic]

    My guy was probably interrupted at the studio by you so he pulls you on his lap, holding you while he works. The friction of his jeans on your clothed core underneath your skirt makes you horny. When he notices your needy whines, he saves his work and opens Spotify. Softly, he carries you over to the sofa in the studio and places you on it, getting between your legs, humming along to the song as he kisses your thighs softly. Praise, Oral and a shit ton load of body worship ahead people!

    [Make Up- Sam Kim, Crush] Similar situation to the previous scene, Hongjoong spent the whole night at the studio yet again, breaking a grand total of 3 promises to come home. When you call him he sighs and apologises, but won’t come home. One heated argument later you end up crying in bed, alone and sad. The next morning you wake up to flowers, chocolate and a heart necklace on the bedside table, Hongjoong no where to be seen. Your heart breaks when you head downstairs and see him on the sofa, cheeks tear-stained. Make up sex and lots of cuddles uwu. Too many I love yous but who tf cares?


    [Cry For Love- BAEKHYUN] Your thighs and back muscles aching after a tiring week, Yunho decides to lighten up the mood. He forces your sleepy ass into the shower before setting up. Candles, rose petals, music, man goes all out. When you come out in your towel to Yunho only in a robe waiting patiently for you with a smirk, your heart stops in its tracks. Soft smiles and giggles all around until he pulls you close, nuzzling into your neck. Marking, vanilla sex and general fuzziness.

    [집에 가기 싫어- BlueWhale, Diet]

    Yall we’re literally just chilling and listening to music when Yunho hugs you close, rubbing circles on your stomach with a soft smile. What he didn’t expect was you staring so intently at his hands, watching every slow movement as he massaged you. Chuckling, Yunho quickly flips you in the bed, running a hand down your throat and relishing at the sight of you shivering under his touch. Fingering, Finger sucking, Tiddie play, rings on his hands the whole time and praise uwu.


    [For Life - English Version, Live- EXO]

    Okay but this song gives me wedding night vibes, you walking out in lingerie to Yeosang already under the covers, his eyes practically bulging when he sees you in it. Before he could stand up you walk over and straddle him, giggling and kissing him. Probably does some corny shit like “Well hello Miss Y/N, oh I meant Mrs. Kang hehet.” You roll your eyes and smile into the kiss, groaning in frustration as Yeosang pulls away to put music on. Breeding, fingering kids in, that kinda stuff.

    [Dank- Jay Park]

    Movie night with the boyfriend gone horribly wrong. Thinking everyone has gone to bed you cuddle up and kiss, getting a lil too frisky on the couch. He slowly lays you back, kissing every inch of your body before fucking you as deeply as he possibly could. Wooyoung walks in on y’all. He’s unfazed, just heads to the fridge with a “carry on, act like I’m not even here” and makes a sandwich. Hand-holding, giggles, bulge, getting caught.

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  • bobateastay
    08.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    ateez masterlist currently includes: kim hongjoong, park seonghwa, choi san and song mingi - more coming soon! taglist and requests are open!

    kim hongjoong

    boyfriend hongjoong series (gender neutral!reader):

    lucky - fluff, angst, body dysmorphia, scars (not self harm related), reader's body and weight is not described!

    tired - fluff, tired hongjoong

    park seonghwa

    plastic flowers (fem!reader): smut, fluff, angst, unplanned pregnancy, discussion of abortions, ot8 interaction

    birthday gift (gender neutral!reader): fluff, smut, masturbation

    drabble (fem!reader): fluff, sub!hwa, dildos, masturbation, mentions of pegging

    choi san

    guilty sadist (fem!reader): college au, fluff, angst, sex but no smut, lack of communication, impact play, choking, san-centric

    kisses (gender neutral!reader): smut, making out, drool

    regardless (fem!reader): fluff, minor smut, small-chested reader, insecurities, push up bras

    song mingi

    home is where the heart is: fluff, minor angst, best friend!mingi

    #ateez x reader #ateez fanfic#ateez fic#ateez fluff#ateez smut#ateez angst #kim hongjoong x reader #kim hongjoong fluff #kim hongjoong angst #park seonghwa x reader #park seonghwa fluff #park seonghwa angst #park seonghwa smut #choi san x reader #choi san fluff #choi san smut #choi san angst #song mingi x reader #song mingi fluff
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  • theright-sideofme
    08.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    {20} run

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    The Regular | Kim Hongjoong x fem!Reader

    Summary: No one likes working the morning shift. However, when working the morning shift leads you to meeting a super cute boy, you start to think maybe it’s not all that bad.

    taglist: @parkjiminstan16 @raysanshine @224-12 @stabby-teens @nycol-ie @skylions-den @meowtella @im-just-trying-to-survive-man @itsyaapollochild @webtoonbingereader

    #kpop fanfic#kpop au#kpop#ateez au#ateez fanfic #kpop social media au #kpop smau#ateez smau #ateez social media au #social media au #smau #kim hongjoong fanfic #kim hongjoong x reader #kim hongjoong smau #kim hongjoong#park seonghwa#jeong yunho#kang yeosang#choi san#song mingi#jung wooyoung#choi jongho
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  • hongjoongdaily
    08.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Happy Saturday ♡

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  • lovesanmotion
    08.05.2021 - 13 hours ago

    mafia!ateez reacts: proposing to s/o

    💌 This is: Requested


    When he isn't busy with his business, Hongjoong would devote his time looking for a ring that is like no other, one wherein it's only you that has that kind of ring. If nothing suits his taste, he will ask a goldsmith to work with him in creating a ring that is unique and special.

    Hongjoong would take you out for a night drive in the skies in a helicopter. While admiring the city lights from above, he would stop in the middle and take out a small red velvet box from his pocket and propose to you.


    Would ask a few of his men to help him write clues and leave trails for you to follow when you wake up and notice that he's gone. Seonghwa thought it was romantic to take you back to the places that holds special memories between the two of you, such as the rooftop wherein you two shared a kiss or the park wherein you two met again for the third time and called it fate. He would also have a few of his men discreetly watch you as you follow the trail so he would know that nothing is harming you along the way.

    At the end of the trail is Seonghwa standing in the middle of the flower field, sitting on the wooden bench while admiring a 35 carat engagement ring gleaming under the sun.


    Prior to the engagement, Yunho would already start asking you questions that were a little off. Like what the size of your fingers are, if you like gemstones big or small and what your favorite season is. Yunho would mentally take note of your answers and try to find the ring that would suit your taste and propose during the season you like.

    On the day of the engagement, Yunho would challenge you to race with him to the top of the tallest cherry blossom tree. Purposefully, he lets you win so you would receive your "reward".


    Yeosang would spend months to create a safe computer virus that he would soon send to you in the form of a link. Day and night when he's free from his mafia group, he would be busy encoding in his laptop. When he was done, he would send you the link with the virus he created.

    The virus doesn't exactly harm or exploit your information, rather, the link would lead you to a bunch of non sensical questions that at first wouldn't make any sense until the end of it, jumbled words would flash on your screen, waiting to be unjumbled by you.

    " yrumo mye lrawd oo? "


    San was laying down in the infirmary of their base, stab wounds on his right chest and foot and the white light blinding his vision. He thought he would die right and there, that he would no longer be able to fulfill his promises with you or even grow old with you. His life was constantly in danger and at any given day, he would drop dead on the floor.

    "Will you marry me?" He would ask out of the blue while you sat beside him in his stretcher bed. "I may still be in this state but when I fully heal I'll buy you the most beautiful ring and propose to you properly."


    While you were out with some friends, Mingi would invite a few of his men inside his home to help him decorate the whole house with a bunch of balloons that would crowd the ceiling, tons of rose petals swimming on the floor and a fancy dinner that his men saved for him.

    When you return home, Mingi would immediately get a little excited and take your coat off and lead you to the dining table with him, towards the end of his surprise would he stand close to you and get down on one knee, revealing to you the most beautiful ring the world has to offer.


    Wooyoung would have an observatory reserved just for the two of you but he wouldn't mention that he's the one who reserved it. He would take pleasure in touring you around, showing you the night view of the city and admire the city lights from above. Ascending up the stairs until reaching the highest point of the observatory would Wooyoung wrap his arms around you from behind and open the black velvet box.


    Jongho would take a trip with you to the province to take a breath of fresh air, see a lot of greenery and eat good food. He would treasure this day because its not everyday his life is like this. He knows he would have to get back to the city with you and resume to his work.

    While in the flower field, Jongho would enjoy feeling the cool breeze and the flowers gently swaying to the air. He found a pretty spot amongst the field and he would lead you there, holding your hand and professing his love for you before he takes out the ring in his pocket.

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  • scriptura-delirus
    08.05.2021 - 14 hours ago

    inspired by the ocean, shawna, and virginia woolf.

    wc: 1.4k ~ hongjoong x gender neutral!reader ~ slice of life!au ~ triggers: none ~ ateez masterlist ~ sunwoo (the boyz) version (NOT PLAGIARIZED)

    [ 7:14 pm: oceans burn in your eyes ] There’s a careful line on the beach, drawn by the ocean, that separates soft, shifting powder from an expanse of dark sand, wet from the waves. Hongjoong crosses that divide, mixing pale dust with damp earth, footprints marking his path in sand cool with the water of the previous high tide.

    An orange sun sinks on the horizon, casting warm light over the ocean. Where blue and green used to reign supreme, the waters now burn purple and orange and red, reflecting the sky, and Hongjoong marvels at the change in color as he sits on the wet sand. Part of him knows he’ll have to wash his clothes after this, which won’t be fun, but with the sea breeze ruffling his hair and water pooling around his feet, Hongjoong can’t find it in himself to care.

    Waves roll around his body, soaking his already damp shorts and a bit of his shirt as well. They tug him forward lightly, almost playfully, water pulling at the fabric of his pants as it swirls the sand and shells around his sitting figure. If the ocean so wanted, it could swallow Hongjoong whole, dragging him into the dark depths until he sank to the bottom, and if it did, honestly, in this moment, he might not even fight. A certain beauty lies in the dangers beneath the water’s surface, in the way its waves can crash and fight, and what could Hongjoong do but accept it if it came? Right now, though, the waves choose to lay that beauty aside in favor of a calmer sparkle, cheerfully splashing Hongjoong’s feet and soaking the hems of his clothes. It almost makes him smile.

    Push and pull, thrust and tug. Hongjoong watches the movement of the waves, listens to the music of its rhythm. Some people paint. Others compose. Hongjoong happens to do both, and from his experience, try as he might, he could never capture nature’s raw beauty on canvas or in a melody – some things, he knows, are meant only to be experienced in person, firsthand. The beauty of creation doesn’t lie in copying the natural world. It lies in observation, inspiration, drawing on what the senses collect to make something different. Something new.

    Hongjoong pinches the bridge of his nose and sighs, temporarily blocking out the world. If he could just find that inspiration right now…

    But no. He didn’t come to the water’s edge to make a track or paint a canvas. He didn’t come to stoke the flame that had already burned too bright. He came to escape if only for a moment, to lose himself in the gentle tug of the ocean waves.

    It isn’t hard. Hongjoong brings his knees to his chest, feet digging into the sand as he wraps his arms around his legs, chin resting on top. His eyes close against the burning of the sun, against orange that lights the purple ocean aflame, but it’s okay because he can still see the image splashed across the backs of his eyelids, purple fire on sparkling water fueled by the setting sun behind. It makes him feel a little warmer even as the sea wind flutters by his skin, tugging gently at his clothes and hair.

    The tug of the breeze, the tug of the sea. The salty wind is pleasant, to be sure, but Hongjoong leans into it less than he leans into the water pooling around his body. They’re different – air is fickle, ever shifting in one direction or the other and sometimes not blowing at all, but while the ocean may not be as dependable as the solid earth, it never ceases its swirls of push and pull, and Hongjoong likes it. Appreciates it. Might surrender himself to it, even, if only he didn’t have so much fire burning within.

    Fire or water. Given the choice, Hongjoong would choose the former, always, even if it burned too bright and scorched him, because without the flame that burns in his heart and fuels his existence, he wouldn’t be alive. Someone like Seonghwa might choose water – his existence is steady and he knows the constant push and pull, knows when to smother and when to step back. Even more than that, he has the teasing playfulness of the little splashes that nip at Hongjoong’s feet. Hongjoong is different, though. He needs the flame, needs the fire, needs the orange sun burning in the distance – the waves are not enough to soothe him fully, after all.

    But a fire cannot burn forever. Sometimes it must die down to glowing coals, to ashes that flutter away in the capricious wind. Hongjoong’s eyes stay shut, a fiery sun still painted across the black wall of his vision, but the waves hum and sing in his ears, caressing his skin and patiently dousing the long-burning flame in his heart, bit by bit, until all that remains are embers waiting to be stoked once more, sometime in the future, but not now. Not yet. Not when the ocean has yet to fully soothe the previous burn.

    Give it time. Give it time. Hongjoong sighs, relaxation finally settling his shoulders, previously held tight to his ears. Give it time. Give it time.

    The ocean will heal you.

    Lost in the waves, Hongjoong doesn’t hear the footsteps behind him, the soft pitter patter of bare feet on the sand. Only when he opens his eyes does he even sense the presence for the first time. It’s familiar, familiar in a way that lifts the corners of his lips even when the waves themselves couldn’t manage.

    Hongjoong gets the idea that you’ve been standing there a lot longer than he thinks, but somehow, you still know exactly when to speak. He can almost hear the smile in your voice.

    “I thought you might be here.”

    Hongjoong turns around then, and the sight, even more so than the burning waves, takes his breath away.

    You stand not against the sun but in its rays, golden orange light bathing your eyes, your smile, the hand you extend to help him up. It casts a halo around your figure that Hongjoong wishes he could paint, if only he had his canvas and brushes with him right now. He tries to memorize the vision, but even if he could remember every detail perfectly, Hongjoong knows he wouldn’t be able to fully recreate the picture of you, hand held out like an angel to bring him back to earth.

    Your fingers wiggle teasingly, one eyebrow rising with the gesture. Hongjoong takes your hand, letting your fluttering fingers pull him up, steady and strong unlike the waves that push and pull, rhythmic but wavering, beautiful but unsure, nothing like the certainty of your hand wrapped around his.

    Certainty was what Hongjoong wanted to escape – deadlines for new tracks, commissions for art. The flame of determination had grown too large, scorching his heart, and in the moment, alone, he had no one to ease the burn besides the undulating waves at the beach’s edge.

    Now, though, he has your hand, warm against skin cooled by the breeze and wet sand. Your touch doesn’t burn like the sun does, even as you glow in its setting rays – you are warm, yes, but warm in a way that stokes the glowing embers of the fire within, gently fanning the flames until they come alive once more, burning cheerfully with a subtle heat that Hongjoong can handle.

    Hongjoong doesn’t need to say anything for you to understand. Your unruffled appearance tells him you weren’t worried, anyway – you knew just where to find him. So he only smiles, squeezing your hand in thanks after you tangle your fingers with his, warmth soaking into every crevice of his skin. “Ready to go home?” you ask.

    It isn’t home, the little beachfront inn where you two have stayed for several nights already. Home in the physical sense is far away, back in the city. But Hongjoong doesn’t correct you, because he knows what you mean – that home for you is wherever he is, and home for him is wherever you are.

    The ocean is an escape, a pleasant one that douses his fire when it grows too intense, soothing it with its rhythmic crash, the push and pull of its waves. But you are home, where the hearth lies, gentle flames tickling the embers and ashes of Hongjoong’s heart until it is ready to burn again.

    Hongjoong’s smile widens as he nods. “Yeah,” he says, lost in the sparkle of your eyes. An ocean dances in them, flames leaping above the water, a mirror of the scene behind him – only more beautiful, because it’s you. “Let’s go home.”

    If you enjoyed, please don’t forget to reblog and leave a comment to tell me what you thought! Thank you for reading and have a lovely day <3
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    08.05.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #the fact that this had been in my drafts for so long cause 1 picture never seemed to fit #finally replaced it! #ateez#ateezlovenet#my moodboards#mb#mbs#ateez moodboards#kim hongjoong#ateez hongjoong#Hongjoong imagines#im yeojin#loona moodboard
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    08.05.2021 - 15 hours ago

    𝓜𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓲 𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓙𝓸𝓷𝓰𝓱𝓸 | 𝓟𝓻𝓸𝓶𝓲𝓼𝓮 [7]

    ♡ masterlist ♡ previous ♡ next ♡

    @cloudyyeonnie @thelargefrye @ateezappreciation @hwaseongsbabie @flowerboykun @jin-neck-shaft @etherealbyeol @alliecoady98 @hwahomie @yunkiwii @nervousfestivalcashdonut @kyunewsun @jung-wooyoungie @nycol-ie @multistan-net @jeonjungkaka @skmoonchild @lauraneuuh

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  • prosaiska
    07.05.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Adventurer/Pirate ATEEZ 💛

    to color or not...???? 😭

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    07.05.2021 - 22 hours ago

    hes so perfect-

    #flamingi.ateez #flamingi.hongjoong #ateez#ateez hongjoong#hongjoong#kim hongjoong #ateez kim hongjoong
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    07.05.2021 - 22 hours ago

    moodboard ☆ ateez.hongjoong

    → requested by @yunhospuppy

    → like and reblog if you save/use ♡

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