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    13.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    holding for junmyeon: day [396/579]

    » EXO’s SUHO on the set of Kolon Sport, Spring/Summer 2014

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    12.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    You need to say those things to him and open the door showing him what he's missing on~ ♡♡♡

    #exosnet#thekpopnetwork#ultkpop#suhosnet#suho#Kim junmyeon#exo#exo suho#suho aesthetic#suho moodbaord #when I'm missing shit comes up #suhito my love texting being cringey #he be in the living room literally texting shit
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    12.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    ꒰1:44 p.m.꒱ You reposition the brim of your sunhat to shield yourself from the sun and to enhance the shape of your face. You’re in France, standing on one of the country’s most elegant bridges, Pont Alexandre III, and you’re trying to take a selfie to send to your family. Except, it’s a simple task proving itself difficult. After snapping another picture for the nth time, you dejectedly notice how this time, the sun shines on your face from an unfavorable angle. “I look horrible,” you lament. 

    “No you don’t.” 

    You whirl around and see a man your age standing a few feet away, smiling at you before he gently laughs. “Sorry to intrude. I’m Junmyeon. Why don’t I take the picture for you?” You shyly nod and hand him your phone, and he snaps the picture as you pose. He examines the result, and his lips grow into a satisfied smile. “There! You look so beautiful,” he says, causing you to blush. “I visit here frequently, so I’m familiar with some places. If you’d like, I could show you around?” he asks. 

    You think it’s quite a no-brainer—the kind, handsome man over your map app—so you reply, “Of course, I would love it.” So, you set off to see the rest of France with your new traveling companion. 

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    12.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    holding for junmyeon: day [395/640], holding for baekhyun: day [38/640]

    » EXO’s SUHO and BAEKHYUN at Idol Chef King, September 2016

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  • myeoning-call
    11.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Some emo OT12 memories going your way!

    This was in 2013 when KrisHo went to London to attend Super Junior’s concert (of course sold out and I got sh*** ticket) and to my surprise they went onstage... so double emo/bitter

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  • mymoodwriting
    11.06.2021 - 2 days ago


    F!Reader x EXO

    Genre: Angels/Demons AU

    Warning: Fire, Burning, Knives, Stab Wounds, Broken Bones, Non-Con Elements, Kissing, Drugs

    Words: 3.5K


    One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six (Coming Soon)

    Prompt: You grew up in a happy home despite being abandoned as a child. Or at least it was happy until one revelation starts shinning a light on all the questionable things that surrounded your family. That is if they ever had your best interest at heart.

    “Hit me!”

        You got up with frustration, wanting to just scream and charge at Tao but you knew that wouldn’t work out. Ever since the truth came out the boys would take turns teaching you basic hand to hand combat. You were certainly better now than when you had started, but you had yet to win. You went for a swing but wound up with your arm twisted behind your back.

    “You gotta think outside the box.”

    “Shut up.”

        You stomped down on his foot, getting him to release you and then quickly turned to make contact with his face, making him stumble back. You smiled and so did he.


    “I can hold my own against you guys.”


    “Fuck you!”

        Despite everything you charged. Your eyes flashed gold for a second, but you suddenly felt a pain in your chest and collapsed. Tao lowered his guard and ran to you.

    “Are you okay? What-”

    “I’m fine.” You hissed. “Just fine.”

    “That’s enough.” Suho called, having been watching. “You both did good.”

        You refused Tao’s help and went in yourself, clutching your chest. For the most part you could hold your own against them, but when they used their powers you didn’t stand a chance. You had yet to figure out your own power, so you certainly didn’t know how to use it in combat. Whenever you tried you just stumbled, unable to control it. All you had were theories that you had gotten from the books you had read about angels, but that meant you had no way of knowing how to put them into action.

        Apparently angels could wield fire, shape it to be any weapon they desired. They had incredible strength, and could fly. What you found the most fascinating was the halo. Angels could use their halos as blades for close quarters combat, and you wondered if you had one too. Although what you wanted more than anything were wings. They had yet to come in, and you were told they would in time, you just had to be patient.

        You washed up, getting the dirt off and laying in bed. Lately every day would be the same, train and train, and you weren’t allowed to leave the property. You understood that it was for your own safety but it felt suffocating. You missed the outside world and you were left to wonder when, if ever, it’d be safe for you to go back out there.


    “Kris, we can’t train her.”

    “What are you talking about, Suho? She’s improved a lot.”

    “She’s peaked.”


    “Our home is warded against angels, whenever she tries to use her power the runes hurt her. She’s unaware of it at the moment, but it’s not doing her any good. How is she ever going to learn to use her power if she can’t even access it.”

    “What are you suggesting?”



    “They can help her in ways we can’t. Besides, we’re not enemies.”

    “We’re not friends either.”

    “Kris, her power will only get stronger. Eventually, the runes will cause her great damage or she’ll break them and we’ll all be in danger.”

    “Going to Kwangya means she needs to be exposed to others. She’s not supposed to exist, it’s dangerous for anyone else to know about her.”

    “All the angels in existence know about her, she’s been exposed since birth. We can only do so much for her and you know it.”

    “Going to Kwangya is not a good idea.”

    “It is and you know it. Who else can possibly help a nephilim, because we can only do so much for her.”

    “We could end up putting her in more danger.”

    “If she doesn’t know how to use her power, what’s the point of teaching her to fight? Now that she’s of age and coming into her power, the angels will be far more aggressive in their search for her. At this point it’s only a matter of time before we’re discovered.”

    “We can protect her.”

    “This isn’t about what we can or can’t do, it’s about her fully realizing what she is and what she’s capable of. Kris, she’s not a kid anymore.”


    “Going to Kwangya isn’t just for her. We could get information. If anyone knows the truth it’d be them.”


    “At least promise me that you’ll think about it.”



    “I’ll think about it.”


        The closest you could get to normal was sitting outside and enjoying the night air. You were lucky to be kinda isolated, since it meant you could look up and see a sky full of stars. You’d do this every night when you weren’t exhausted or caught up with chores, you’d mostly star gaze alone, but sometimes you’d have someone join you.

    “Hey, mind if I join you?” Tao came up behind you. “Or you want to be alone tonight.”

    “I could use some company.”

    “So, are you okay?”

    “When have you ever apologized for kicking my ass?”

    “I wouldn’t say I won that round. You just fell though, what happened?”

    “It’s nothing… it’s just me. I’m not sure how to use my power so… yeah… I just fail…”

    “You’ll get the hang of it eventually.”

    “That’s the idea.”

    “How about a night off though?”


    “Let’s go out into town, have some fun.”

    “Are you crazy? Suho would never allow that.”

    “Who says we were going to ask for permission?”

    “You wanna sneak out?”

    “Why not, you’re old enough to be rebelling. We’ll just go out for a few hours and be back before anyone notices.”

    “I don’t know…”

    “Come on, it’ll be fun. I heard there’s this great new club in town.”

    “Tao, this is a bad idea.”

    “Which makes it all the better. Come on, me and Sehun were already gonna sneak out, just come with.”


    “Please. You could use the fresh air and you know it.”




        You heard about clubs from school, the loud music, the drinks, and all the dancing, but you certainly weren’t prepared for the actual scene. It was so lively, and everyone seemed to be having a good time. Sehun wrapped an arm around you and pulled you close.

    “It’s awesome right?”

    “You’ve… you’ve been to one of these places before?”

    “Yeah. They’ve changed over the years but they’re still a great place to dance and drink.”

        The boys dragged you onto the dance floor. You felt awkward, unsure of what to do but they just started moving. You tried to follow along until Tao told you to do you, feel the rhythm of the music and just move. You tried, being awkward once more, but you got the hang of it and started having fun. Other people around would dance with you, showing you their own moves. Eventually though, Tao dragged you over to the bar.

    “You want a drink?”

    “You mean alcohol?”

    “If you want.”

    “No, I’m good, a soda is fine.”

    “Alright, you can take a sip from mine if you want.”

        A cold soda felt so refreshing, and you took Tao on his offer for a sip of alcohol. It tasted awful and made you gag, he just laughed though.

    “Don’t worry, you won’t get drunk. It’s nearly impossible for supernatural beings to get wasted.”

    “Good to know.”

    “Y’all drinking without me.” Sehun wrapped an arm around both of you. “Are you having a soda?”

    “Apparently I can’t get drunk so what’s the point of drinking?”

    “For the taste. But you gotta have that good shit.”

    “Another time, Sehun. We’re just having fun tonight.”

    “Well, I’m getting back on the dance floor.” You said.

    “We’ll join you in a minute.”

        You finished your drink and went on your way, the loud bass shaking you and the floor. No one had really told you that clubs were a place to meet people for hookups, but you certainly got the idea. At least you thought some of these people were flirting with you, you’ve never been flirted with so you couldn’t be sure. Although you were sure about this one guy. He pushed through the crowds to you, checking you out and started to follow your rhythm. You let him pull you close, dancing together.

    “Nice moves.”

    “You too.”

    “Wanna go somewhere private and have some fun?”

    “This is fun for me.”

    He chuckled. “I can tell.”

        You were caught by surprise when he leaned in to kiss you. You’ve never kissed someone before, let alone dated, so this was your first time and you didn’t think it would be so sudden. Yet he was so soft and gentle, making it natural to just go with it and kiss back. The loud music and bodies swaying around you distracted you from realizing just how foggy your mind was getting. It wasn’t until the handsome stranger pulled away that you felt something was wrong. You stumbled a bit, making him laugh.

    “Tipsy, aren’t we?”

    “But I can’t… I… ah, my head.”

    “Let’s get you some fresh air, come.”

        He took your hand and pulled you along. You stumbled behind him, your legs barely able to carry you without wobbling. You wanted to say something, stop to go find Tao and Sehun. They said you couldn’t get drunk, but then again maybe they were wrong, you were still part human after all. Regardless of being drunk or not you knew following a stranger was a bad idea, but your mind was too groggy to fight or scream, not like that’d do you any good in this environment. When you stepped out into the alley you nearly fell but he caught you.

    “Easy, you wouldn’t want to hurt yourself. Although I’m sure you’d be fine. You’re special after all.”



        Tao and Sehun had gotten lost in their own conversation. They’d go out clubbing all the time, so in the moment they had forgotten you were around. That is until Tao cut the conversation short, holding a hand up to silence Sehun.


    “Something… something’s not right…”

    “You sense something?”

    “Yes… where’s y/n?”

    “She should be on the dance floor.” Sehun looked around for you. “Oh, there she is, making out with some dude.”

    “What!” Tao stood and searched for you, seeing you stumble behind some stranger. “That dude is not human.”

        Tao took off into the crowds, Sehun quickly followed him. The two had to push past people and ignore those trying to pull them in for a dance. Worry was running through both of them, if something happened to you they’d never hear the end of it from Suho, but guilt would also eat them up. You weren’t supposed to be out of the house for a reason. When the two got out to the alley they found you in the arms of a stranger.

    “Y/n? Are you okay?”


    “I don’t remember inviting you two, but I guess this just means more fun.”

    “Let her go.” Sehun hissed. “Or else.”

    “Or else what? You’re not as powerful as you’d like to believe. You’re still very young.”

    “I’m not.” Tao’s eyes flashed yellow. “So let her go.”

    “Oh, so scary. You should have walked away.”

        The strangers eyes flashed gold and the two were thrown off their feet. You were let go and you collapsed to the floor. Your mind was still foggy, and your vision a blur. You tried to stop the stranger but they simply walked towards the other boys. You were scared, not for yourself, but for them. A burst of fire blinded you for a moment and then you saw the stranger wielding a blade engulfed in gold flames, they were an angel.

    “You still have time to run, but I don’t mind if you stay.”

        Black smoke rolled in, Tao’s attempt to provide cover, but it quickly burned away. Although it gave them enough time to get back on their feet. When the smoke cleared Tao managed to hit the angel with a ball of fire, knocking them back a few steps. His hands remained a blaze, ready to attack.

    “Sehun, get to y/n and get out of here.”

    “What about you?”

    “Don’t worry about me.”

    “I agree, worry about yourself.”

        Before either could process the worlds the angel threw a dagger into Sehun’s chest. The boy collapsed and screamed. Tao was quickly at his side and pulled the fiery blade out despite the pain it’d cause him too. You didn’t know when you had started crying. You felt guilty, and the thought of losing one of them made your heart ache. You had to do something, you desperately wanted to help, and that gave you strength.

    “Get… away… from them!”

        A wave of energy exploded from you, knocking everyone down, while also breaking some glass and setting off car alarms. The angel was the first to get up and turn to you.

    “Impressive, you’re barely coming into your power, aren’t you?”

        Your mind wasn’t foggy anymore, and you felt this energy running through you. It took a moment to realize your hands were engulfed in golden flames, and that wings had exploded from your back. You couldn’t help but look at yourself in awe, starting to realize the potential you had, but the moment was cut short. A fireball flew past your head.

    “Hey, eyes on me.”

    “I won’t let you hurt them.”

    “They’re nothing compared to you, but you’re just a child with no control.”

        You threw a fireball only to see them slice through it with their blade. You couldn’t enjoy your accomplishment, but you figured you didn’t really need special tricks. You knew how to fight, and with fiery fists, you felt the odds were good. Tao could see your determination and nodded, causing a distraction to give you a chance. You were confident but facing an angel was a dangerous move.

    “Nice try.”

        You flew back and crashed hard into the ground. You screamed, your wings breaking beneath you, and your world was fading to black. You could barely move, your body burning with pain. The angel smirked, walking towards you.

    “Sorry about that, but I’m sure you’ll be fine.”

        Somehow you managed to get on your hands and knees, your wings dragging behind you as you tried to crawl away. Tao didn’t think twice before running up and digging his claws into the angel. It was dangerous to get so close, but rage guided him. He managed to knock the angel down, punching him in the face hard enough to throw him into the wall. He wasted no time in grabbing Sehun and you, getting you all back home.



        Sehun was in pain, but his wound was healing, in regards to you though, things weren’t good. You were whimpering and moaning from your injuries, the slightest of movements hurting you. The others rushed out, a thousand questions running through their mind, but you were clearly the priority. Lay gently got you to sit up, flinching as he heard your cries of anguish. Xiumin was examining your wings, his hands hovering over them and seeing where the breaks were. Others also checking in with Sehun.

    “What happened!”

    “It’s my fault.” Tao choked out. “We went out and… and an angel found us…”

    “Kris we can’t stay here.” Suho said. “She’s injured and the runes are only hurting her more.”

    “I know. I-”

    “You know where we need to go! This is not up for debate anymore!”

    “I know!” Kris took a breath. “Go. I need to activate the contingencies.”


    “We can’t keep running. It’ll take a moment, now go.”


    “What did we say?”

        Onew stared down at Taemin, who had just gotten his ass kicked by a yellow-eyed demon. A smirk was clear on his face, but Taemin wasn’t upset either.

    “If you find her, call us.”

    “Why? Let you have all the fun?”

    “So she wouldn’t escape!”

    “We’ll find her again. She’s unstable at the moment.”

    “All the more reason to call.” Key added. “Instead of wasting time.”

    “You know this is far more complicated when she’s unstable. She has no control of her power, a number of things can go wrong. If she gets a hang of it, taking her down will be easier.”

    “This is still a waste.”

    “Patience. Isn’t that what you all taught me.”

    “Enough.” Jonghyun helped Taemin up. “Are you alright?”

    “Never better.”

    “Good. Cause this was still reckless and you will be punished for it.”

    “Looking forward to it.”

    “I’m going to link you to Minho you brat.”

    “That’s not fair.” Minho spat. “What did I do?!”



    “Where are we?”

        Luhan was the first to ask what many had on their mind. Leaving their home again wasn’t ideal, but they’d all do it without hesitation if it meant keeping you safe. Suho had brought them to this empty park in the dead of night. The pain wasn’t as bad anymore, but you were barely holding on to consciousness.

    “Y/n, sweetheart.” Suho cupped your cheeks. “I know everything hurts right now, but I need you to tuck your wings in.”


    “Take a deep breath and pull your wings in. It’s gonna hurt, but you won’t be in constant pain right now. Can you do that?”

    “I… I’ll… I’ll try…”

    “You can do this, just focus.”

        It was hard to ignore your wings and the constant pain they gave you. Suho was encouraging you and it gave you strength. You closed your eyes and managed to pull your wings in, Baekhyun covering your mouth to muffle the scream. You let out a breath in relief before passing out, and scaring everyone else.


    “She’s fine.” Suho assured. “Just unconscious.”

    “Is everyone here?” Kris appeared. “Let’s go.”

        Kris took you in his arms and led the group into town. It was late in the night, so the streets were bare, making it easy to travel unnoticed. They came to a giant building. It seemed empty, but some could sense that there was something else about the place. Suho knocked on the door, a small slit in the door opening to reveal a pair of eyes.

    “We’re closed.”

    “We need to see your boss.”

    “Try again tomorrow.”

    “This is an emergency.” Kris added. “Tell your boss someone needs help. One of their own.”

        The eyes disappeared and they all stood outside in silence. You whimpered, the slight pressure on your back from being carried causing discomfort. The others began to worry but then the door opened and the tip of a black fire blade was inches from Suho’s throat.

    “We’re closed.”

    “Please… she needs your help…”



    “She’s more you than me.” Kris added. “Please, she’s hurt…”

        A woman stepped out into the night, blade still held high. She took a closer look at you and her eyes went wide.

    “Is that… what I think it is?”


    “Were you followed?”

    “What? Are you afraid of angels now?”

    “I need to know whether to expect angels or archangels.”

    “We weren’t followed.” Chanyeol spat. “Are you gonna help us or not?”

    “Not you, but her. Come in.”

        They followed the woman in, going up the third floor and into a huge office. It was luxuriously decorated, another woman seated at the desk, two others lounging around with drinks in hand.

    “What is this?” The woman at the desk asked, clearly the one in charge. “It’s late and… what’s that?”

    “What you think it is, a nephilim.”

    “She’s hurt and she’s not healing.” Chen explained. “Can you help her?”

    “Quiet demon.” She stood and walked over to you. “Is she real…”

    “Very.” Kris said. “Karina, I know we’re not on the best of-”

    “How old?”

    “As old as she looks.”

    “Very young indeed.”

    “Can I ask?” Kai suddenly spoke up. “But where are we and who are these girls?”

    “Right.” Suho said. “This is Kwangya, a club for the supernatural, and Karina here runs it with her gang. They’re fallen angels.”

    “Fallen what!”

    “What’s wrong with her?” Karina asked. “What happened?”

    “She was attacked by an angel.” Kyungsoo explained. “Her wings are broken, and she’s not healing.”

    “She’s barely coming into her power, isn’t she?”


    “Set her down on the couch. Winter, Ningning, perimeter sweep and check all the warding.”

    “Yes ma’am.”

    “Giselle, can you get her something sweet?”

    “Of course.”

    “You, set her down on the couch.”

        Kris gently sat you down, gently petting your head to wake you up. You managed to open your eyes, whimpering once again.

    “It’s okay, you’re going to be okay.”

    “Sweetheart.” Karina spoke to you. “Can you bring your wings out for me? I’m just going to fix them.”

    “You… you can do that…”

    “Yes. You’re gonna be just fine.”

        You managed to look up at Kris and he nodded his head. You bit your lip and managed to get your wings out again, screaming in pain. You fell into Karina’s arms, who was kneeling in front of you. She pet your head and hushed you as her hands glowed and hovered over your wings, healing them. In a moment you felt relief, the last bit of tears falling down your cheeks.

    “See, all better.”

        Giselle returned with a blanket and a cup of hot cocoa. Karina wrapped you up in the blanket and handed you the mug.

    “Drink up, you’ll feel better.”

    “Thank you…”

    “Now.” Karina got up and turned to all the boys in her office. “We need to talk.”

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    holding for junmyeon: day [394/640]

    » EXO’s SUHO for Let’s Love, March 2020

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    KYUNGSOO?!?! I cannot with him 😭

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    holding for junmyeon: day [393/640], holding for jongdae: day [228/546]

    » EXO’s SUHO and CHEN performing Run during EXO PLANET #2 - The EXO’luXion in Japan

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    holding for junmyeon: day [392/640]

    » EXO’s SUHO for Lined Magazine, February 2020

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    08.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    Blood Moon

    Sehun x Vampire!Chanyeol

    Genre: Vampire AU

    Warning: None

    Words: 1.5K


    One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten (Coming Soon)

    Prompt: Sehun’s life had always been uneventful and lonely. People never really stuck around, so when he finds himself kidnapped by a beautiful stranger he doesn’t know how to feel. Should he be happy that he’s wanted by someone or concerned with escaping even if no one would care he was missing. The only other issue was his kidnapper, who clearly wasn’t human.

    “You can be so boring sometimes.”

         After all the vampires, minus Yixing, left for the day, Jongin invited himself into Sehun’s room. He plopped down on the bed next to the younger boy, pulling back the covers to see his face. It had been over a week now since Sehun’s world had changed, but he was still a bit shaken up. No one pushed him to do anything, but they were always around to comfort him and provided some company.

    “You always stay in your room, don’t even want to play video games.”

    “I don’t… I just feel safe in my room okay.”

    “Safe from what?”

    “Everything… I don’t want to hurt anyone…”

    “Wait.” Jongin started laughing. “Do you actually think you can hurt us?”

    “I mean… well…”

    “Bite me.”


    “Come on, bite me right now. The most you’ll do is annoy me. Besides, even if you’re starving and bloodthirsty, we’re all stronger than you.”


    “You can’t hurt us. Not even if you tried.”


    “Come on, if you’re so afraid at least you should have something to be afraid of.”


    “Come out of your room, hang out, see if you’re as dangerous as you think you are.”

    “And if something bad happens?”

    “No one’s gonna die in this house if that’s what you’re so scared of.”

    “… fine.”

    “Good. Now you must be starving. There are some blood bags from Chanyeol that you-”

    “No… I don’t want… I don’t want to drink his… normal blood bags are fine, and infusions… Minseok and Kyungsoo are very good at those.”

    “Sure, but you gotta come to the kitchen. No more eating in bed.”

    “Alright, I’m coming.”

        Sehun was a bit hesitant still, but got out of bed and left his room. It was probably best to stop melting into his bed, stretch and move his limbs around. He was a bit nervous, but no one was treating him any different than before, just happy to see he was out of his room. He honestly still hated that the choice of this life was taken from him, but also grateful for it in a way. There were people who actually cared about him and wanted him around. Although he was going to continue being cold to Chanyeol for what he had done.

    “Have you been eating enough?”

        After Jongin finally convinced him to leave his room, he felt more comfortable being around the house, and being with the others. He was assured time and time again, as long as he ate, he wouldn’t go crazy and hurt anyone. Although one night, while the others were working late, Junmyeon asked him about his eating habits.

    “Yeah. I have a couple blood bags everyday.”

    “You haven’t had a drop of Chanyeol’s blood, have you?”

    “What does that-”

    “He’s your sire, you need his blood more than anything else.”

    “I’ll be fine.”

    “Not forever. Come here.”

    “I said I don’t-”

    Junmyeon held out his arm. “Come on.”


    “You’ve only had blood bags, I can tell you’ve wanted to use your fangs.”


    “If you don’t want to-”

    “No!” Sehun grabbed his hyung’s arms. “I’ll… I’ll-”

    “Just bite me.”

        Sehun nodded eagerly and bit into Junmyeon’s arm. It did feel nice to use his fangs, piercing the skin and feeling the warm blood on his mouth. He got used to the fangs, and Junmyeon was right, it just felt good to use them.

    “See, told you. You can all be like that sometimes, just anxious to use your fangs. The others drink from anyone really, but drinking from your sire is important too.”

        Sehun didn’t comment on that, just thanked Junmyeon for the blood and said he was going to bed. He didn’t really think about what Junmyeon said, more focused on getting to his room, and locking the door before Chanyeol came home. He was probably lucky that Chanyeol didn’t make a fit over being ignored, just giving him his space. Sehun figured he could keep it up for a long while, maybe even forever, but maybe Chanyeol always knew he’d break.

    “I’ma grab a snack, be right back.”

        As Sehun left the game room heading for the kitchen, he had completely forgotten who was on house watch that day. When he got to the living room he found Chanyeol on the couch, Baekhyun on his lap, and feeding. He didn’t know what came over him, perhaps it was the smell of Chanyeol’s blood, regardless, Sehun didn’t hesitate to grab Baekhyun and yank him off.

    “Ya!” Baek yelled. “What are you doing!”

    “Me? What are you doing!”


    “He’s not-”

        Chanyeol’s laughter cut through the tension. It was clear Sehun was upset, meanwhile Baekhyun was just annoyed to have been interrupted.

    “My little miinu is jealous.” Chanyeol ran his fingers against the bite wound on his neck, licking the blood off. “Would you like to continue where Baekhyun left off?”

        Sehun couldn’t find a way to get out of the situation, he could already feel his fangs poking out of his gums. He got onto Chanyeol’s lap and bit down hard. His blood tasted but sweeter than before, and he knew he had been missing out. Chanyeol pet his head, happy to be resolving some tension between them. Although once Sehun had his fill he just left without a word, still not wanting to give Chanyeol the satisfaction of his friendship.

        Things changed after that though, Sehun not necessarily ignoring Chanyeol anymore, but still shy around him. Chanyeol didn’t poke fun at his little miinu, just casually ask if he was hungry, the answer was always yes. Slowly the boy warmed up to him, seeming more comfortable, and getting along with everyone. With that Chanyeol began to ask if it was alright for him to be around the little one some more, and take care of him properly. It was good, and eventually they were close enough for Sehun to ask about what he really wanted.

    “Can I go out…”


    “Not… not to like… say goodbye… but get some air… it’s been a while… if I can…”

    “Yeah, yeah we can do that, but keep in mind things are going to be different.”


    “Your senses are heightened so you’ll have a lot more to process. It’s probably best to go out when it’s more quiet. So how about tomorrow night? Does that sound good?”



        Despite saying tomorrow, Chanyeol knew he made a promise he wasn’t so sure he could keep. The next day he spent most of his time begging Minseok to let him go out with Sehun. The boy was still young, so it was a risk, especially since he was still adjusting. But Chanyeol wouldn’t stop his nagging, so eventually Minseok agreed, only under the condition that they wouldn’t go far from the house, or be out for too long.

        He was grateful he got his hyung to agree, going home early that day to get Sehun for their night outing. He had a pretty good idea on what he wanted to do, but he packed a small bag just in case. Sehun seemed nervous, but determined to go out. It was a little late into the night, the others had just got home, and that’s when the duo went out. Just being in the elevator Sehun began to understand what Chanyeol meant about the world being different. The ding of the elevator scared him a bit.

    “We don’t have to go out…”

    “I want to.” Sehun assured. “We’re down here anyway.”


        When Sehun stepped out the cool breeze hit his face, and it felt amazing. It was night, but the world was alive. Cars were driving by, people walking and talking, the quieter sounds of nature. He had his eyes shut, just waiting to hear it all before he saw it all. He was a bit slow to open his eyes, and everything was a lot clearer. He had pretty good vision as a human, but he never imagined vision like this was possible.

    “This… it’s so… refreshing.”

    “Come on, we can walk around a bit.”

        Chanyeol took Sehun’s hand and led him around the block. He watched fondly as Sehun looked around, taking everything in.

    “You okay?”

    “Yeah… everything… it’s so much brighter and vivid.” Sehun chuckled. “It’s like the world is a happier place.”

    “I never thought of it that way. One day you can enjoy the world some more.”


    “Have you ever traveled?”

    “No… never had the time… or money…”

    “Well, maybe in some months, when you’re more comfortable and in control, I can take you to all kinds of places, and you can experience so much. Speaking of, have you eaten?”

    “You shouldn’t be offering right now.”

    “No, not that, I meant actual food, you still need that.”

    “Oh… no, no I haven’t.”

    “Then let’s find a place for dinner. My treat.”

    “Of course it’s your treat, you think I have money on me?”

    Chanyeol laughed. “Touché.”

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