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  • Я, когда новый знакомый только что сказал своё имя, и я тут же забыла его, и мне срочно нужно вспомнить:

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  • -> Pairing: OT7 x Reader
    -> Post-Apocalyptic!AU // mainly fluffy kinda sad
    -> Word Count: 1.2k
    -> Summary: When the routine outing for supplies gets taken for a spin, you’re left to reminisce on the old days when Christmas was still a happy holiday to celebrate.
    -> Warning(s): Mild language


    Originally posted by jengkook

    “Listen guys, we’re going in and getting out, okay? I won’t run back and baby you along the way, so don’t get distracted.” Namjoon stands in front of everyone with a gun ready to go in his hands, two more on his sides, and a knife just incase. His hair is in the same tamed-chaos hairstyle that he’d become accustomed to styling everyday. There wasn’t much you could do trapped in a post-apocalyptic society with no wifi, and survival was more important than hair. 

    “Let’s move out and get this done!”

    You all take the move, walking past the large wall of the barrier into the cage - just a fenced off box for the protection of the retrieval squads - before they completely closed you out of the base and left you and the rest of your group to the elements. Just like every other excursion, the city was absolutely abandoned with no signs of life on this side. The zombies were usually anywhere but near the base during the day - mainly because of the watchers up top keeping tabs and shooting any that got too close - but with how far you’d have to go into the city today, you’d be lucky if you didn’t get chased back to base by nightfall.

    After a few hours of scouring for supplies and dividing the load to take back, you’re all making your way back to base through a soft haze of snow. Despite the cold for humans, this would actually be the best weather for handling zombies. They were slow and uncoordinated already, so having the ice and the snow to slow them down would be a huge relief for your team. It’s just best to remember that slick ground is also one of your weaknesses as well, and everyone should only run if necessary. 

    “4 minute mark. Let’s speed it up and get home soon.” Yoongi calls out after passing the condemned grocery store about 4 blocks down. Everyone speeds up a little more upon request, feeling the need to get home sooner as well.

    “Shit.” Namjoon stops when he sees a hoard standing in front of the cage and turns around with his arms out to push everyone away, “Everybody get back.”

    Everyone moves behind another building to hide and keep track of the problem. Jimin shakes his head, “Why are they gathered like that?”

    “Why the hell would I know?” Guk asks.

    Jimin rolls his eyes, “Maybe I wasn’t asking you!”

    “Both of you just shut the hell up! Can’t you see that we have bigger problems?” You scold, watching the hoard with Namjoon and Yoongi.

    Jin comes up to your right side, a hand resting on your shoulder, “They’re not moving. They’re just waiting.” 

    “Should we move to backup building 2 and wait until they clear?” Hoseok asks.

    “Yeah, let’s move. Quietly.” Namjoon doesn’t have to tell any of you twice. 

    You all move quickly and quietly back down the street and sprinting across to an abandoned apartment building. This was not your first rodeo in backup building 2, and you doubted that you would never have to use it again. It was an abandoned building directly across from the base, a little less than 3 blocks away from the cage for you to enter. The doors of this building were still functional with their locks, and the rooms provided you good leverage to see when it was safe to head back to base. Once you’re all settled in the designated room a few floors up, all you have to do is wait until the coast is clear.

    “God, those flesh eaters are something else.” Yoongi sighs, removing his bags from his back and placing them on the ground.

    Taehyung laughs, “Well, they are dead, so they’re definitely something else.”

    “What time is it?” You ask.

    Jin opens his mouth before anyone else, “Time for you to get a watch-!”

    “-4:52.” Namjoon sighs. It’s already been a long day, and dad jokes were not necessary.

    Jimin stands at the window looking out to the rest of the city and what he could see inside the base. “It’ll be dark soon.”

    “I have the lights.” Jeongguk says, grabbing the lights from his bag to put in the window for communication with the base.

    “I’ll keep watch.” You offer. 

    You and the others split up into your positions, taking claims to different parts of the apartment. Small talk is made to pass the time between the others as the sun continues to set, but you stare out the window at the falling snow and reminisce on simpler times. You could still remember this time of year when you were younger - before the outbreak - when your parents would take you to the mall on Christmas Eve when everyone was really last minute Christmas shopping. Everyone would stand in a hoard just like the zombies stood in front of your base now, ready to go in and destroy the beautiful displays employees made, but you were merely there to skate and have a fun time with your parents. You remember waking early Christmas morning and opening presents together as a family, and everyone wouldn’t be worried about surviving another day. Unlike the current society you live in where your parents are no longer, and you were left with strangers. 

    Christmas is of the past, and 3 years without it is a long time itself.

    Hobi takes a seat next to you, “What are you thinking about?”

    “Old times.” You shrug, “Just remembering the holidays when everything was still okay.

    “Don’t get distracted, (Y/n).” Namjoon scolds from next to the door. 

    “I’m not! I have the right to think about happy memories.” You defend.

    “Do you guys remember hot chocolate? I can still taste it~” Taehyung moans, sighing in happiness as he relives the memories.

    Yoongi’s face contorts into disgust, “Never make that sound again.”

    “What about Christmas movies? Christmas movies were the best.” Jeongguk adds on. He watched quite a few when he was growing up, and he could recite a few of the by heart.

    You’d think Namjoon would stop the conversation, but even the leader couldn’t help it, “They were nothing compared to Christmas Sweaters!”

    “But presents were where it was at!” Hoseok argues.

    Jin disagrees, “No no no, Christmas dinner was always the best.”

    “I miss it…” You sigh, looking out the window again with your head against the glass.

    Hoseok’s mouth forms a straight line and he pulls you into his side for comfort, “We all do.”

    You all rest in silence with each other until Jeongguk’s quiet voice is heard, “Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock…”

    “…jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring.” Taehyung sings next.

    Namjoon hums, “Snowin’ and blowin’ up bushels of fun.”

    Hoseok stands from his spot with you to begin dancing wildly, “Now the jingle hop has begun!” 

    Once it started, it didn’t look like it was going to be stopping. Now, all 8 of you are singing and dancing around the room. You have no care for the outside world, for the zombies that move down below, and it feels just like you’re a normal 22 year old with your friends in your apartment for the holidays. For once in 3 years, it feels like everything is okay.

    “That’s the jingle bell rock~” You all fall at the end of the song - resting after your impromptu exercise for the day - laying in one big dog pile on the floor trapped between Jeongguk’s chest and Taehyung’s head. In that one moment, everyone just feels normal again. But it’s inevitable that once the light comes through the window and you have to unlock the door again, you’ll be forced back into your everyday life of staying alive.

    #fae#bts#ot7#christmas au#zombie au#fan fiction#kim namjoon#kim seokjin#min yoongi#jung hoseok#park jimin#kim taehyung#jeon jeongguk#bts rm #bts rap monter #bts jin#bts suga#bts jhope#bts jimin#bts v#bts jungkook #kim namjoon x reader #namjoon x reader #rm x reader #rap monster x reader #kim seokjin x reader #seokjin x reader #jin x reader #min yoongi x reader #yoongi x reader
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    Hello all, this is going to be the masterlist post for my new story I’m writing. It’s going to be posted in a “social media” type format. I’ve been loving tons of stories like this recently so I thought I’d try it out. Hopefully you like it. 

    Pairings: ex boyfriend!Hoseok x Reader, Min Yoongi x Reader, Possibly Other Guys x Reader?

    Everyone is a College Student AU

    Warnings: Language, Sexual References/References to Sex, Crackhead Energy

    Summary: Jungkook’s new roommate seems nice, has hotass tattoos, AND he’s a musician. What more could you want? He seems like the perfect thing to get over a break up, unless your ex, Hoseok, has anything to say about it. 

    Character List/Intros


    Part One - Someone’s Looking for an Ass Beating 

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  • Part One - Someone’s Looking for an Ass Beating 


    A/N: Alrighty, sooooo, I’ve really been wanting to try a new writing format because I love it and I’m currently obsessed with writing anything about BTS. So, here is the first part to my new story, hope you enjoy. ❤️❤️❤️ - Sara

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    pairings: hoseok x reader, yoongi x reader

    summary: being childhood friends with supermodel duo min yoongi and jung hoseok isn’t easy but being in love with one of them doesn’t help

    aka the story of how you accidentally confess and actually end up dating the wrong person (drama ensues)

    this is kind of my take on fake relationships but with a whole other level

    genre: angst, misunderstandings, supermodel!au, unrequited love


    Your eyes are still swollen from crying when you wake up. Even after a week of grieving you were still feeling the fresh wounds of heartbreak.

    Your pillow more damp than dry at this point as you stared blankly into the ceiling wishing you could will yourself into falling asleep again. That’s until you hear the sound of rustling in the kitchen despite living alone.

    Suddenly, you forget all the sadness and grab your phone, finger hovered over the emergency button, and the curling iron next to your bed stand. Creeping in silently, you swallow your fears as you prepare to attack this unknown intruder.

    “Hey, you’re up! Where do you keep the spatula ⁠— ?” the familiar voice asked.

    “Hobi?” you clutched the curling iron to your chest in relief. “When did you get in here? How did you get in here?”

    Hoseok took off the beanie covering his now black hair. It had been dyed an orange-red for the last photo shoot he did so you hadn’t recognized him as clearly at first. “Sorry, did I scare you?” he cocked an eyebrow when he noticed what you were holding as your weapon of choice. “Were you gonna perm my hair to death with that?”

    Your cheeks burn a little. “Shut up. You really freaked me out.”

    “I wanted to surprise you,” he replied as he rummaged in the bottom drawer of your pantry to find the coveted spatula he had been looking for. 

    “Mission accomplished,” you tell him before rushing to give him a bear hug.

    Hoseok’s taken aback by your sudden display of physical affection, but nonetheless his arms are soon wrapped around your shoulders in a comforting embrace. “How are you?” the softness in his voice makes you want to sink into him even more, but you pull away in the end.

    “Me? How are you?” you retort before shoving yours hands into your pockets. Through all the media madness surrounding Hoseok’s possible affair with a married big-time actress and the whole mess with Yoongi, you barely had the time to catch your breath. 

    Hoseok’s smile faltered. “I’ve seen better days. I’ve had to close the dance studio until this all blows over. Stay out of the public eye. I had to really bust my butt to get here with management on me, so please don’t kick me out until after breakfast.”

    “Of course not,” you catch yourself smiling a little. “I just hate how anything a male and female are seen together it’s automatically assumed that there’s something between them.”

    “It’ll be fine, I promise,” Hobi assured you. “I’m just glad you believe in me.”

    “Why wouldn’t I? I know you, I know you would never put someone’s relationship in jeopardy or put yourself in a situation to do that.” You almost felt like a proud parent listing off their child’s accolades. 

    “You don’t know how much that means to me,” he said with almost a weight off his shoulders. “You don’t know how much you mean to me.”

    “Back at cha.” You opened the fridge door. “Now let’s get cooking, I’m starving.” 


    Hobi doesn’t talk about Yoongi at all. It’s just a day spent wrapped around cozy blankets, drinking Hobi’s famous hot cocoa, and watching re-runs of sitcoms with the poorly timed laugh tracks in the background. You wish all days would be like this: just you, your best friends, and a lazy day.

    “Do you want more cocoa?” you turn to Hobi only to find him knocked out. His head tucked into the crook of the couch, arms lax, and chest moving rhythmically up and down. You move to tuck him in before gently climbing off the sofa to get yourself some more cookies in the kitchen, grabbing your phone as you go.

    You check the time only to notice you received a message a few minutes ago.

    [6:02 PM] Yoongi: Can you talk right now?

    Your heart lurched. Did you ignore it? Did you ignore him?

    All day you had spent trying to distract yourself from the situation and now the throbbing sting had returned in your chest. You wanted to simply get some more snacks and go back to the room where Hobi was resting. Of course, your heart had other intentions.

    [6:11 PM] Y/N: Yeah, I can.

    [6:11 PM] Yoongi: Can I stop by your house?

    You paused to think it over. You should say no. You should rest. You should process over more pints of ice cream with extra sprinkles.

    Should—it was a word easier said than done because if you really lived by ‘should’ then you wouldn’t have fallen for your emotionally unavailable best friend and word-vomited your feelings to him last week after he drove you home.

    An image of Yoongi smiling, gummy and eyes bright, sent you over the edge.

    [6:25 PM] Y/N: Okay, yeah.

    You paced your hallways quietly thinking about everything you wanted to tell him. You, of course, were sorry. You wanted to tell him that the both of you should remain friends, and not let it affect your friendship because that’s what mattered most. You wanted to take back everything.

    When Yoongi’s car lights shone in your peripheral vision, you darted for the door in your house slippers and haphazard shawl thrown over your shoulders. You really didn’t need Hobi waking up and getting involved into this mess. He didn’t need anymore stress in his life, you told yourself.

    As Yoongi parked in your driveway, you climbed into the passenger seat to his surprise. You felt a jab in your heart to think back to the last time you were in this same position. 

    “I was thinking we would go inside to talk,” Yoongi said plainly.

    You couldn’t look at him dead-on, only able to peak at him from your side view.

    “Hobi’s sleeping over,” you told him. “I don’t want to wake him up.”

    Your fingers curled around the car seat as silence settled.

    What was Yoongi thinking? Did he see you differently? Was he uncomfortable?

    “I can’t sleep,” he said after another minute of silence rolled by. “I keep thinking about that night, and I’m an idiot who…who doesn’t know how to handle other people’s emotions let alone my own.”


    “Like you just told me you had feelings for you and the first thing I do is say that I still love my ex-girlfriend…” you bit back a flinch hearing it roll seamlessly out of his mouth “…then I just…I’m sorry. It’s all I can say and do, tell you that I’m sorry I hurt you and that I never meant to be someone who…”

    “Can we just go back?” your voice is tight. Your muscles feel wound up.

    “I don’t want to lose you, okay?” you hate how much desperation seeps into your voice. “I don’t think we should let this ruin years of friendship.”

    Yoongi’s jaw clenched. “I don’t know if I can ignore this, Y/N.”

    You shake your head. “You don’t have to ignore it, but can you let me get over this — you — so that we could get back to us again?”

    Yoongi leaned his head back. “I can’t promise that. I just can’t.”

    “Why?” your voice is watery. “Because of me? Because of my stupid feelings and my big mouth we can’t be friends anymore?”

    Yoongi’s eyes were fierce. “No! It’s not you, I just can’t stand the idea of being the person who hurts you like this anymore…”

    He finally looked at you. “I know, Y/N, I know how hard it is to love someone who doesn’t feel the same way and be around them. You pretend it’s okay. You say it’s enough to just be around them, but all you want is more and more. I can’t put you through that.”

    You wanted to vomit knowing that he was talking about Young-Ju.

    “You’re not putting me through anything,” you assured him. “I’ll be okay.”

    Yoongi’s eyes glazed. “You’re right I’m not. That’s why we can’t be friends anymore.”

    “I shouldn’t have said anything,” you laughed dryly. “I knew this would happen and I did it anyways. I can’t believe I lost you…”

    The tears were rolling down as if a dam had burst. 

    “I talked with management, I’ll be working with another modeling team.”

    “So, that it? Really, you don’t even want me around anymore?” you choked. 

    “I don’t want it to be like this, Y/N!” he shouted in pure frustration. “It’s just how it has to be. I can’t do this to you.”

    “For someone who talks all about not wanting to hurt me, I feel like that’s all you ever do now,” you said before pulling the door latch and slamming it closed behind you. As you ran back into your house, you hated how familiar this all felt to the last time.

    Hobi’s sleepy face greeted your tear-streaked one. “What’s going on?”

    You weakly walked over to him, buried your face into the crook of his neck, and sobbed. Hobi didn’t say anything as he wrapped the blanket that was draped over his shoulders around you and held you there for what seemed like centuries.

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    Originally posted by myjaebutt

    Watching a pantomime wasn’t exactly Jin’s idea of fun, he was apprehensive as you both neared the theatre, looking around at the theatrics that took place behind him, all the excitable young people bouncing around, tugging at the arms of their parents.

    “I’m really not sure about this,” he sighed, following behind you reluctantly, walking into the theatre taking your seats towards the back, right in the middle of the stage.

    You shook your head, sitting down. Pulling him down beside you by his arm. “Stop being such a scrooge and sit down, I promise that you will enjoy this.”

    The two of you had already arrived right before the start of the pantomime, barely able to have time to grab your sweets and drinks before the curtain fell and the show began. Jin crossed his legs, leaning back in his chair, pulling the front of his cap down.

    You glanced across, poking his waist, nodding towards the screen, making sure that he was paying attention. He’d made no secret of the fact that a panto wasn’t really his scene, but you knew if he gave it a chance, he might learn to love it.

    “What is it we’re even watching?” He whispered, leaning over to you to keep his volume down for everyone else.

    “It’s Snow White Jin, now just be quiet and watch it.”

    He sighed, throwing his head back in despair, groaning as the character’s began, appealing mainly to the younger audience in the crowd. Pantomimes had been a part of your life since you were little, and having moved to Korea earlier in the year, you couldn’t break the tradition, dragging Jin along with you.

    His eyes instead focussed on the gorgeous scenery of the theatre, looking down, imagining BTS on the stage, in an old theatre with plenty of history, it was one of his dreams.

    In front of you both was a young family, with two rather loud children. Neither child could sit still, fidgeting in their chairs, only dampening Jin’s mood more. Every time one of them moved you could hear him clear his throat, subtly hinting at his disapproval to the parents.

    The half time interval quickly came around, and luckily for Jin so did a man selling ice cream, overdressed in a big red hat and suit, only adding to the cheesiness of the occasion.

    “Do you want one?” He whispered across to you, pointing the man out as he walked across your aisle.

    He’d already pulled his wallet out before you had chance to respond, ordering himself a tub of chocolate. “I’ll get strawberry please,” you smiled to the man, taking the cold tub from him whilst Jin played.

    “This is easily the highlight of my night so far,” he commented, undoing the lid, humming in delight at the taste dancing along his taste buds. “I understand you liking all of this as a child, but why still now?”

    “Because it’s what I grew up on Jin, it’s like being back in my childhood for just a couple of hours. I know it’s not your idea of fun, but just try and enjoy the next half just a little more than you enjoyed this one.”

    He nodded, leaning back, enjoying his ice cream, trying to block out all the chaos around him. He took his cap off his head, placing it in his lap, fixing his hair too.

    Your eyes glanced across at him, appreciating the extra effort he put in to try and enjoy himself a bit more. It didn’t go unnoticed from you, as you rested your spare hand on his thigh, giving it a squeeze, resting slightly inwards towards him.

    “I’m not making any promises,” he whispered across to you, pressing a kiss to the top of your head.

    The lights of the theatre soon darkened once more, the theatre fell silent, the spotlight fell on the stage, as seven dwarves walked out on stage, singing their famous song. Out of the corner of your eye you could see Jin tapping his feet, having grown up on Disney too, it was a song he loved.

    You chose to ignore it, acknowledging the effort he put into enjoying it, thankful for his effort. As the show continued, you watched him become more intrigued, leaning forwards in his seat, paying more attention.

    As with any panto, there were catchphrases, which quickly had him giggling in his seat. Then came the familiar, “he’s behind you.”

    At first, he stayed silent, but as the joke grew, so did his smile, little chuckles escaping from him. It took you by surprise, bringing a soft smile to his face as he covered his growing grin with his hands.

    For the rest of the performance he was hooked, sunken in his seat at the curtain call, clapping along to the song, cheering for every actor as they took their bow. The curtain dropped, the lights came back up, but Jin was frozen, staring down at the show.

    “Dare I say you enjoyed that?” You teased, snapping him out of his daydream.

    He looked across at you, nodding lightly, pulling himself up to sit upright. “I’ll give you credit, I actually got into that, I can see why you love them so much.”

    Whilst the theatre emptied, it took a few moments for Jin to realise the show had ended, standing himself up, with half a drink and box of popcorn uneaten. They were the true signs you knew Jin enjoyed it, when he didn’t touch his food.

    “Maybe we could go and watch the other panto across the city next week,” you suggested, intertwining your hand in with his, squeezing it gently.

    He nodded lightly, trying to play it down, but he knew by the mischievous grin on your face that you knew he enjoyed himself. The two of you walked out behind several young families, hearing them all giggle and squeal.

    Jin joined too, squealing into your ear, clapping his hands together. “If I was fifteen years younger I would be with those kids too, cheering and dancing around.”

    Your head shook, poking his arm, opening the door for you both. The cold breeze stunned you both, in just the couple of hours you’d been in the theatre the temperature had dropped dramatically, causing you both to shudder.

    Luckily, the car wasn’t parked too far away, only a few paces to the left and there it sat, already frosting from the chilly weather.

    As you slipped your hand out of his, walking around to your side of the car, he cleared his throat. “J-jagi,” he whispered, stuttering with a quivering tone.

    You looked at him perplexed, “what?”

    “He’s behind you!” He chuckled, quickly climbing into the car, holding his hands up defensively. You sighed, quickly climbing in, hitting his arms lightly. “I’m sorry, it was just too good of an opportunity to miss.”

    “You genuinely had me worried for a minute there,” you sighed, fastening your seatbelt frantically, keeping yourself safe. “To say you were worried about tonight, by the look on your face you certainly had a night to remember.”

    “You’re right, but I actually did enjoy myself. Thank you for encouraging me to come tonight.”

    “Don’t thank me, thank you for coming with me.”

    “My pleasure.”


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  • ღ requested: Hello! So I saw that the requests were opened for reactions and I had a little one I thought I could ask ~ so lately I’ve been feeling discouraged and unmotivated about a path I pretty much want to follow wich is publishing book wich I’m writing and working atm but since I’m struggling with mental health and many other issues that drag my inspiration and motivation down I wanted to ask if you simply could do a little reaction on how would bts react if you lose suddenly the motivation of a dream you’ve been working so hard for a long time because of people pushing you and stuff thank you so much have a great day 🤗


    Originally posted by butaer

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    pairing: BTS x reader

    summary: a 7 part BTS christmas series feat you!

    warnings: fluff, fluff, and more fluff

    a/n: lately i’ve been feeling lonely (as you do) so i decided to write a 7 part christmas series with my favorite boys.  updates will be irregular (sorry!)

    ** for any bts and marvel related requests, please ask away! **



    kim namjoon

    kim seokjin

    min yoongi

    jung hoseok

    park jimin

    kim taehyung

    jeon jungkook

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  • ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣Tonight ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣


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    “When was the last time you ate?”

    You looked up from your computer screen to find Jin standing in front of you rather than sitting behind his desk, where he was supposed to be.

    You shifted your eyes away from him. “Maybe yesterday?”

    Jin puffed out a sigh, rapping his knuckles lightly against your desk. “You didn’t eat during work hours yesterday either.”

    “I’m just not hungry,” you tried to dismiss, even as your stomach panged with hunger, returning to your paperwork.

    It was quiet for a whole minute before Jin circled around your desk to beside you. He bent over to pick up the carrier Jihae lay in.

    “What are you doing?” you asked, instinctually standing and reaching for the carrier. Your fingers lightly curled around the handle, before dropping back to your side.

    “Lunch. I haven’t eaten yet and I’m hungry. Come keep me company.” With that, Jin turned and walked to the door. You hesitated, but he had your nephew, leaving you little choice in the matter.


    “Where are we going?” you asked softly, glancing at Jin before returning your gaze to the city. Being in a car made you nervous these days, but you trusted Jin’s driving. Still, your fingers clutched tightly at the leather.

    “A surprise,” he said cheerily. You could hear the smile in his voice, and he was drumming his fingers against the steering wheel.

    You hummed in acknowledgement and continued to stare out the window, trying not to pay attention when your heart leapt at another car coming closer in an intersection. You busied yourself with turning up the radio by two clicks.

    “Have you finished setting up Jihae’s room?” Jin asked.

    “No, I haven’t had the time.” You could see the room in your mind, boxes scattered haphazardly. You even wanted to paint his room, though the time and motivation was never there. His crib was set up in your own room for the time being, on the side you slept on.

    Jin nodded in understanding as Jihae stirred in his seat.

    “Almost there,” Jin said, feeling you get anxious as Jihae woke up. Jihae was bound to start crying, and it hurt not being able to comfort him.

    You were distracted though, when you realized Jin was pulling into the parking lot of your favorite restaurant.

    “Why..” you trailed. There weren’t many items on the menu that Jin really liked. But he still took you here for lunch when he felt you were feeling down. The realization made your heart hurt, eyes burning with tears before you fanned them away.

    “Thank you,” you told him, every syllable laced with sincerity. “For, everything.”

    Jin smiled softly, a contrast to his lightheartedly humorous words. “Gotta take care of my favorite employee.”


    a/n: yeah so this chapter is pretty short :( but I wanted to finish it and ‘get it out of the way’. It’s been a couple months but here we go ♡

    Taglist • send an ask to be added: @btsfangirl1999 @peachesandviolets @yooniejooniehobi @sugarrimajins @btsxdoll @treatpeoplewithkindnesshoe @fangirling-all-the-way-tbh @curlykoo @io-is-lame @seokjinnieismine @beccyboowilson @ceeeece @tan-dulset

    #kim seokjin #seokjin ceo au #seokjin x reader #seokjin x you #jin #jin ceo au #jin x reader #jin x you #bts jin#bts#my writing#bts fanfic#bts fanfiction#series: tonight#adoption au #bts adoption au #single parent au #bts single parent au #single parent reader #seokjin fanfiction#seokjin fanfic
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    170312 post by BTS:



    *T/N: Sound word used to indicate lips pouting

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