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    seokwoo in kuching my beloved
    #sf9#sfnet#idolsincedits#mgroupsedit#idolnexusedit#kpopccc#rowoon#kim seokwoo#seokwoo#bias#mp #i just uhhhhhh..... have a lot of feelings about whenever he wears beanies ESPECIALLY when he wears them with glasses #best eyebrows in kpop i said it #anyways this is nothing special i just like him
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    Practice and Pizza

    year: 2021

    summary: hyemin decides to visit and bring food for sf9 while they practice their MOVE stage for Kingdom


    Hyemin hopped out of the van, with a mask covering her face, drinks on one hands and boxes of pizza on the other. He knew the boys had quite an appetite and three boxes were definitely not enough to satisfy them, especially when they've been in the practice area all day. Her manager carefully followed her, bringing along more drinks and boxes of pizza for the dancers.

    This was actually meant to be a surprise. Hyemin knew from her brother that SF9 would be covering Move for one of their performances on Kingdom. Her best friend Chani had even boasted to her and admitted that he felt a bit pressured and nervous that Taemin was really looking forward to their performance.

    She's been rigorously been keeping track of her best friend's groups' votes and stages on the survival show, and with the results and the stress the members have been feeling, she thought that it would be nice to give them at least something to relieve their stress. She also knows that with practicing and their other schedules, it may be a bit hard to take care of themselves.

    After entering the arena where SF9 were practicing, Hyemin caught a glimpse of a few backup dancers taking a rest by the side. They were obviously surprised to see the Red Velvet member barging in on their practice room doors with food in her hands. The reaction of the dancers caught the attention of the others, including the members themselves, except Chani and Taeyang who were busy practicing choreography.

    "Oh? Minnie!" Jaeyoon and Inseong excitedly shouted which made Chani turn his head immediately. Hyemin placed the boxes and drinks on a side table and greeted everyone. "What are you doing here?" Jaeyoon continues to ask as he approached her ready to give her a warm hug.

    As she has know Chani for most of her life, it was only natural for her to become good friends with his members. "Chani said you guys were practicing for Kingdom today, so I wanted to bring food and to wish you guys good luck" Hyemin innocently replied, getting a bit shy from all the attention she was getting at the moment.

    "Wow you didn't have to really, but thanks Hyemin-ah" Youngbin replied in his ever polite manner while giving you a side hug. "How've you been?" He continued to ask.

    "I'm doing great actually! We haven't had the chance to promote in a while so I took the time to rest" She smiled sadly, remembering the year-long hiatus of their group. "Seokwoo, stil can't practice?" She asked looking around for the tall member Rowoon. "Nope, but he'll be there for the next stage don't worry" Youngbin assured. "When's the comeback by the way? The fans must have been waiting" Jaeyoon asked.

    "Really soon actually! We could overlap a bit while promoting to be honest" Hyemin admitted as she took off her mask. "Chani told you we were making a comeback too?" Inseong asked you. "Yeah, he couldn't keep his mouth shut, sorry" You jokingly apologized.

    And as if on cue, you heard the said person's voice echo around you as you talked about him. "Yah! You asked! I just answered!" Chani accused you jokingly as he continued to approach you.

    As the maknae grew closer to the female, he quickly circled his arms around the smaller figure with his chin carefully placed on the crown of her head. The hug lasted for a few seconds and when he let go, she now realizes that she was being surrounded by the other 8 members who gathered together to greet her.

    Surprised by the sudden attention, Hyemin slowly covered half of her face. Chani's hand not leaving the small of the female's back when he noticed her reaction. "Stop looking at me, I only brought you guys pizza, it's not a big deal"

    "Yes it is!" Juho excitedly said. "We haven't eaten yet, you even brought enough for everyone"

    "It's the least I could do, really. You guys have been working so hard for this."

    "Have you been voting for us?" Hwiyoung playfully asked with a smirk on his face. "Of course I am! I even asked the other members to vote!" Hyemin replied.

    "Thanks Min, means a lot" Taeyang said as he gave her a kiss on the head. Other than Chani, Hyemin was the closest with the maknae line, Taeyang and Hwiyoung, the most. Probably because Chani hangs out with them a lot, but it's also because their ages are a lot closer to hers, compared to the rest so it wasn't difficult getting to know them.

    As soon as Taeyang's lips touched the crown of her head, Chani's grip on her waist tightened, but not enough for her to notice. "You guys can dig in now if you're still taking a break" Hyemin said loud enough, for the dancers and other staff to hear. "THANK YOU LEE HYEMIN!" Dawon shouted as he initiated to open a box.

    Hyemin stepped back, a little so she won't get in the way of everyone and the food. Her best friend, who was still protectively holding her, stepped back with the girl. "Aren't you getting some?" Hyemin asked, her body and face now facing the male. "I'll get one later" He said as he looked down on her with a smile on her face.

    "I thought you had a meeting for that new drama, today?" Chani asked her as he sat on top of a table at the back while watching everyone grab a slice. Hyemin, now standing between his legs "They moved it next week. And need I remind you that I said I'll only be accepting the role of you did too"

    "I haven't got the chance to read through the script yet, okay? I'll tell you when I've accepted it" The male answered, his hand now stroking her hair. There was a moment of comforting silence between the two, when Hwiyoung approached them with a box in hand. "I know I shouldn't be intruding in on your sweet alone time, but you'll run out of food if you don't get one now" He stated handing Chani the box with a few slices left.

    Hyemin turned slightly to give him a small smile and bowed to thank him. Chani rolled his eyes and grabbed the box. "You weren't interrupting anything, but thanks"

    "Mhmm. I'll let you know when I finally believe in that" and he walked away.

    When he left, Chani offered Hyemin a slice and placed the box on the table behind them when she had one in hand. "Want to stay over to watch practice?" Chani asked her.

    "Of course, I have no other plans for the day anyway"

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    SF9 Masterlist

    Series = 💐 / AU = 🍀 / Reaction = 🍁 / Timestamp = 🌱 / Drabble = 🌼 / Social Media = 🍄 / Male Reader = 🌾 / Fluff = 🌸 / Angst = 🌺 / Suggestive = 🥀 / Music Fic = 🌹 / Prompt Fic = 🌻 / Word Fic = 🌷 / Unusual = 🏵 / Favorite = 🐝


    Brother Series

    Kim Youngbin:

    Kim Inseong:

    Lee Jaeyoon:

    Lee Sanghyuk:

    Baek Juho:

    Kim Seokwoo:

    Yoo Taeyang:

    Kim Youngkyen:

    Kang Chanhee:

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    Playing My Part ~ *Park Seonghwa ft. Kim Seokwoo*

    Collage made by me

    Summary: The media has caught you with your boyfriend, Seonghwa. And your older brother, Rowoon, has something to say about that. Hopefully he’ll go easy on him...

    Pairing: Park Seonghwa X Reader

    Genre: Fluffy Oneshot

    Word Count: 1272

    Warning: Swearing, a little bit cringe

    Taglist: @azraelspromise​ @soulangel​ @weuschoiceheart​ @starlit-serenade​ @rai-scutum​

    A/N: I have a problem...

    “You cannot be serious.” Dawon would be lying if he said his jaw didn’t drop at Rowoon’s words. “You do realize how overprotective you are of your little sister, correct?”

    Rowoon sighed, slumping in his seat. “I know and it pains me greatly to do this, but you’ve seen what the media has been saying about the two of them. They’re practically a couple already and because everyone knows how protective I am over my sister, they want a statement about whether or not I approve of their relationship.”

    “Do you?”

    Again, he sighed. “I don’t know! I don’t like the idea of her dating. I mean, she’s my little sister! I can’t help but be protective of her. I don’t want to see her heart broken by anyone. But have you seen how happy she is ever since they started dating? She’s got this, like, glow to her, that I can’t explain. They seem to really like each other and it sort of puts me at ease that she’s found someone that makes her happy like this.”

    “Well,” Dawon started, unsure of how to properly respond to his friend’s plight. “Consider it this way: who are you to get in the way of her happiness?”

    He shrugged, a defeated look on his face as he blew away the stray hair in his face. “I know and you’re right. But what if I asked her to hold off on dating until she’s a little older? I still see her as my little baby sister, which I know isn’t right, but I do.”

    “How much older does she need to be until you’re comfortable with her being in a relationship?” Dawon inquired.

    Before he could answer, there was a knock at the door. They both got up to answer it, though they both knew who it was. Upon confirming who it was, Dawon excused himself, leaving just Rowoon and his sister’s boyfriend in the conference room at the FNC Building.

    Gesturing for him to sit, Rowoon sat across from him. “So I assume you know why you’re here?”

    Seonghwa nodded, trying not to appear nervous. “I understand you must be upset because we didn’t tell you about our relationship right away-”

    “Oh, I’m beyond furious.” He responded flatly.

    The boy in front of him visibly paled before continuing slowly. “I-is there anything I c-can do to convince you-”

    “There’s no need.” Rowoon cut him off again by raising his hand to stop him. With a sigh, he announced, “You have my permission to date my little sister.”

    It went silent until Seonghwa answered incredulously, “Really? You’re really okay with us being together? Because I know how protective you are of her and I don’t want to overstep my boundaries.”

    He nodded. “My sister isn’t a child anymore and I need to stop treating her like one. I trust her judgement. She seems to really care for you and you make her very happy, which is all I could ask for for my sister. I have no right to be getting in the way of her happiness.”

    Seonghwa instantly looked relieved. “Thank you, Jinyoung, thank you so much.”

    “This doesn’t mean you get a free pass to treat her any less than she deserves. You do not get to be any less of a gentleman to her, no matter what. No cheating, lying, or hurting her in any way, shape, or form. She’s still my little sister and I’m still insanely overprotective of her. If I hear even one word about you breaking her heart, you’ll be hearing from me in an instant. I can do a lot worse than destroying your career.” Rowoon exclaimed, his voice ice cold.

    He nodded, flushing again at his words. Again, he tried not to let the anxiety show in his voice. “I completely understand. I promise to be the perfect gentleman, no matter what. I swear I’ll be as good as gold to her.”

    Rowoon nodded before standing up and holding out his hand. Seonghwa scrambled to his feet and shook it. “I’m trusting you with my sister, alright? I know I gave you the stereotypical threats an older brother does, but this is what I really want to tell you, honestly. I beg of you not to hurt, please. She’s my beloved sister and I don’t think I could bear seeing her cry over someone, whether it’s you or someone else. Please, don’t hurt her.”

    Seonghwa nodded, understanding in his eyes. “Yes, of course, I completely understand.”

    It was at that moment the door opened.

    “Hey, what are you two doing here?” You asked, with a slightly nervous smile. You knew that eventually you would need to tell your brother about Seonghwa, but the media beat you to it. You could only imagine the stern talking he gave your boyfriend, though you hoped he was still lenient to him, to the best of your overbearing brother’s abilities.

    “I was just speaking with your boyfriend.”

    “Rowoon, I’m sorry, I know I should have told you before the media got to us, but I was so scared-” You tried to explain before your brother cut you off.

    “I’m just giving your boyfriend my blessing. I’m not trying to break you two up. If anything, I want you two to stay together.” He explained with a small smile.

    Your eyes widened and your jaw dropped a little before you broke into a big smile and hugged him tightly. “Thank you, thank you, thank you Rowoon! Really, I truly appreciate it. You have no idea how much it means to me to hear you say that! Thank you so very much!”

    Jinyoung chuckled. “You’re welcome, Y/n. But if he ever crosses a line, you tell me straight away. I’ll be sure to set him right, mark my words.”

    Seonghwa blanched for the third time that day but you just scoffed, turning to your boyfriend and interlacing your fingers with his. “Don’t mind him. His bark is much worse than his bite. Trust me.”

    As Rowoon rolled his eyes, Seonghwa relaxed a little when your hands were clasped together. Looking into your eyes, he pressed a soft peck to your lips. When he pulled away, you pulled him right back into a deeper kiss, annoying your brother in the process.

    With a frown, he scoffed. “Alright you two lovebirds, break it up. None of that PDA stuff while I’m around, got it? No one wants to see that.”

    You stuck your tongue out at him. “You might not want to, but I do. How else is Seonghwa going to know how much I love him?”

    “Sweetheart.” Seonghwa muttered, nuzzling into your neck, though you could see a small smile on his face.

    Rowoon grimaced. “I’m going to leave you two alone before all of your loving sweetness makes me sick.”

    As he slipped out of the room, you smiled at Seonghwa, kissing his cheek. “I can’t believe it. That went a lot smoother than I thought.”

    “Maybe for you.” He whined. “He says if you so much as shed a tear because of me, he’s going to destroy my entire career and I’d never see you again! I mean you know I would never do such a thing, but if someone were to spread rumors...”

    “Well, we can’t have that now, can we?” Looking deep into his eyes, you gave his hands a tender squeeze. “Don’t worry, dearest, we’re going to be just fine. If he even thinks about destroying your career, I’ll simply return the favor.”

    “Still reminded me to never ever piss you or your brother off, ever.”

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    ( +1 ) NUEVA NOTIFICACIÓN: registro de ingreso. TOMIE nos complace recibir a HWANG RAEWON ( #HRAW ) dentro del proyecto SEOULMATE. según su perfil cuenta con VEINTIRÉS AÑOS y es originarie de SEÚL, COREA. algunos dirían que tiene un gran parecido a KIM SEOKWOO.

    tomie, cuentas con 48 horas para enviar la cuenta de tu personaje. ¡gracias!


    NOMBRE: Tomie

    EDAD: +20.

    PRONOMBRES: Femeninos

    PAÍS: México.


    TRIGGERS: Discriminación, incesto, maltrato animal.

    CONTRASEÑA:  removido por la administración. 

    COMENTARIOS EXTRA: ¿algo más que te gustaría decirnos? que bonito todo :3



    NOMBRE:  Hwang Raewon .


    EDAD: veintitrés

    GÉNERO: masculino

    PRONOMBRES: Él/suyo

    FECHA DE NACIMIENTO: 29/diciembre/1998.


    ALTURA: 1.90 metros.

    PESO: 73 kg.

    SIGNO ZODIACAL: Capricornio




    CARRERA: Arquitectura.

    AÑO: tercer año.

    OPTATIVAS: Dibujo.

    CLUB: Esgrima.


    Heredero del negocio familiar, y como hijo mayor su carácter fue formado para ser una persona seria y responsable, así como se caracteriza para ser educado, constante y prudente.

    Practica esgrima desde pequeño, fue la forma en que su padre decidió inculcarle disciplina.

    Tiene dos hermanos menores por los que desvive para ser un buen ejemplo.

    Detesta a las personas desordenadas y poco comprometidas, y cada vez que le toca trabajar con alguien así hace poco esfuerzo por disimularlo, y el esfuerzo es aún menor en expresar su descontento, sueñe ser directo y honesto, pocas veces se detiene a suavizar sus mensajes cuando se encuentra molesto.

    Sólo ha tenido dos relaciones, mismas que terminaron por el poco interés que demostró en estas

    #user: tomie. #fc: kim seokwoo. #sm: aceptada.
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    Mafia!SF9's reaction: dying (?) when saving

    A/N: Amazing huh, as always, thank you for this request
    Read more here~~


    You and him trained at the same time as one another, displaying hardiness, endurance, team work, sacrifice and other traits judged to be essential for leadership

    You spared on many occasions but never spoke apart from giving each other feedback and honest criticism

    Such a good pairing that your superiors considered letting you two work together but the plan never made it through, they had already had other plans for you

    Far into the future, the two of you have already settled into leading your groups when you stumble onto Youngbin in a civilian area

    You have been living there for quite some time, having shifted only recently but Youngbin's apparently been here to for some weeks and to trail someone.

    You meet him in an open store, lined with books, magazines for travel and snacks, in the dead heat of the summer and the owner moving around.

    The next time you meet him, he accidentally bumps into your shoulder sending your stuff to the ground which when you pick up, he uses one to disarm the person who is following him

    Moments later, you trace back your steps to find your missing item and out of pure curiosity do you find yourself witnessing the mysterious figure about to commit a violent action.

    Youngbin has this look on his face, alerting you that he is not the same, scared and ready-to-plead person that he used to be at the academy

    When you save him, the both of you fend off the attacker and send him packing to your superiors, in turn you receive benefits for his hard work and your last minute effort to save him

    He takes you to this place he found out about earlier, it's completely nature, untouched by humans because of how it is sealed from the outside world, people are only allowed to marvel at it. He shows it to you as a sign of his gratitude.


    Initially the person that none of your superiors thought would not make the cut but his display of determination, endurance to grow and willingness to change to be the best changed their mind which is why he eventually joins your team.

    His readiness to ease tough situations and have fun with others makes him the perfect candidate to be a friend with, he's not the type to easily give comfort though.

    This is because he's a kind soul but doesn't necessarily know how to properly express it which is why the members go with him to have fun because he knows how to lift a mood.

    His advice is all hay-wire with random mumbles but his actions dictate what he's been trying to say all this time.

    Secretly vibes to girl group songs during your breaks, what a guy~

    When he's in danger, he reacts quickly because he's trained too but the individuals agility and strength throws him off, along with other people that have ganged up on him.

    He keeps his cool, fighting with the agenda to get out of this place as quickly as possible and he almost succeeds, if he isn't brutally dragged back inside.

    You and the rest of you team members help him and take what you need

    He's injured, not life-threatening and you are impressed, he thanks you as he sits on the hospital bed but you reject his thanks by saying that it was all him, he managed to save himself all the way.


    Unsure of what he's supposed to do at first, you have to delegate tasks, responsibilities and he messes up but he is good at adapting to situations so he's quick on his feet and is able to think of solutions.

    This makes him reliable and dependable since he is also great at comforting the others, his sweet nature allows people to easily warm up to him and share their troubles. A great listener and excellent contributor to the team, you appreciate him a lot because of it

    A team player so his lack of ambition thwarts his concern for the members, he is completely fine with unsuccessfully completing a mission as long as the members are safe. Unlike the other SF9 members, he sees it as two options and will choose either one whereas the others will try and achieve both.

    Supposed to meet the escape team on the other side, an external factor causes you to stay behind with him although he insists that he will be fine, you know that he fears the idea of being solitary.

    He makes jokes to lighten the atmosphere and when it is time to move, he follows your orders as he has always trusted your instincts as team leader

    He is immediately the best the person to be stuck with because of his variety of specialised skills that will contribute to any situation.

    When you save him, he does the same for you too, not out of favour but as a responsibility that the two of you have to look out for one another as team members and also because of the situation you are in.

    He'll show you physical affections as a way of saying sorry that he was not careful enough and that you could have almost died as you saved him, an example would be a short hug and when you are running, he'll hold your hand and tug your along

    Dawon I Lee Sanghyuk:

    He was the last person to join the group and although shy at first, he's grateful for the others since they managed to bring him out of his shell

    Is playful and teasing when off duty and makes it a point to tease you, is the main reason why the trauma is less significant as a group, responsibility may be equally divided but his light-hearted spirit ensures that you can complete the mission with the same characteristic.

    Is very serious during missions and his ability to lead the team through tough situations- with his instillation of hope and strategical tactics, is the reason why you would choose him to be the leader in your place.

    One thing that unnerves you about him is how he falters when he's shocked, he stills when on a mission but the dangerous environment leaves him at great risk.

    You realise it's full play when you're tipped off and send Sanghyuk alone to the hotel room but he freezes upon seeing the long-past wounded individual, despite your team's best efforts to bring him out of his trance-like state, nothing changes.

    That's when you run up flights of stairs to save him, you get there moments before he's about to pass away from strangulation as the stranger behind him makes extreme effort to achieve his goal of secrecy.

    After that, you make sure to train his response by sending to training lessons again but this time, his heart rate is going to be normal no matter who or what he encounters.


    Your personal assistant, can and will fight if and when required.

    Very talented in the field but switched to assisting after a traumatic event with his previous group, they all survived but he could not compartmentalise what had happened so he left

    Praised for his immense talent and often had the responsibilities of scouring targets and/or engaging with them in order to gather information

    Is actually much more awkward than his first impression, mainly because everyone's first impression of him is based off his looks

    His persuasiveness helped him encounter and secure targets making him ideal

    Is the cook of the group when they were stuck somewhere, did it automatically and was not afraid to put anyone in their place if a fight broke out but never mixed the two

    Spoke to his members and confided in their worries so that by soothing theirs, he would also soothe his.

    Was ambitious to complete missions, looks out for himself a little more than he does for others which his superiors like and encourage but you have mixed feelings about it.

    When you save him, he reconsiders his priorities during missions but you know that he had every right to look out for himself in a situation as dangerous as this so he has no obligation to change.

    Is visibly shaken even after, you can see the fear in his eyes hidden with the idea that he is still alive and won't be encountering these situations as easily because of his current job as your assistant.

    Is reprimanded and almost suspended by your superiors because had he almost failed his job, neither of you would be alive, strives to change after that


    Reliable as a team member but insists that he should work alone and after convincing your superiors, they allow him to work in a remote, rural part of a country.

    Your team is also stationed there but is working on a different mission, you knew that there would someone working alone towards one goal that your superiors need to achieve

    You bought up the obvious considerable risks associated with a mission assigned in such a way, including whether the individual would pull through with their results

    You choose not to doubt though, meeting him just before the dense forests that have been reconstructed to accommodate the growing population

    He's immediately more interested in the suffering of the animals, telling you that they don't have sufficient water, food and space to live and you nod, preoccupied.

    You ask him to take a look and he has to put this little animal that he's petting for the last twenty-five minutes down to start concentrating when he sees the absolute chaos

    Fights with vengeance, he's angry that they have taken away the animal's nature and you sigh when you have to save him

    He's overwhelmed with pain, the struggle of fighting multiple figures and not running into some big cat to become it's next meal

    You help, are also wounded in the process so he helps you patch it up and carries your limping self to the medics. Comes back to check up on you and give his thanks.

    You get just a little bit closer and from then on, it's just luck whether he's assigned to your team or not

    Yoo Taeyang:

    He's capable, tolerant of other people and does not easily lose his temper as compared to the initial reviews you received from his pervious superiors. However, he does easily misunderstand.

    That is why he sometimes look as if he is forever annoyed with his furrowed eyebrows or pursed lips

    Fun-loving guy, somewhat introverted so it takes time for him to get to properly know the team. Is also objective to your leadership even if everyone else seems to follow along exactly what you say and this is something you appreciate because you like the engagement.

    When he trusts you enough, he won't question your orders but will ask for elaboration if any is needed, also the person you ask to sum up everything you have said, his memory is amazing like that

    He's got exceptional fighting skills and the talent to predict the opponent's moves, was the same reason he earned a promotion despite his slight inability to work with others.

    Very rarely comes to you with problems, often comes when he has the solution as well, similar to a report

    Never lies so you can expect to hear the only and complete truth from him, says things as they are not as they should be so is reliable and dependant.

    Usually the two of you spar, so if the opportunity arises in the field, you are able to fight together and once, you prevent his torso from being slashed.

    He is surprised but quickly recovers and expresses his gratitude after it.

    It's just work after all

    Hwiyoung I Kim Youngkyun:

    Puts in that little extra effort to make sure that the team's spirit is uplifted, like the the mood maker

    Is easy to speak too and seek comfort from, when you were just a new group and you told him the truth about how you felt being the leader, he gave you some advice but feeling that it may have been too much, he ended it with, ''Just go for it.''.

    A real sweet guy, for example, opens the door and lets people by, basically operates by the principle that you should people how you want to be treated, also goes for showing care or displaying kindness.

    He's wounded in the leg, he's clutching it to try and stop the bleeding but he's down, the pain is so overwhelming that he's thinking how anyone could get up and run away and for a second, he even contemplates that this could be the end.

    It's when you save him from the situation, let him lean on you till you find the medics, stay with him in the hospital and check up on him that he's going to put in all the effort he can to watch your back.

    You tell to ease up and that's it is no big deal, because in line with his personality, you know that he would do the same

    The two of you grow much, much closer after that

    He no longer feels awkward to confide in his team leader and that's how you spend the end of your mission together after he almost dies, drinking beer and watching the stars in the night


    Chani panics, freezes as a result of the fear that had almost instigated his worst nightmares.

    He's close to breaking down but rather than something simple like a single emotion or characteristics, he is conflicted. He knows that you are safe but his mind can not comprehend what you just did for him.

    He's thinking that the your actions are multiple, behaviour complex, feeling safe amongst the unsafe environment because he knows that he can go home.

    He's in shock, he's laying on the ground, kicked there, propping himself on his elbows after experiencing such massive fear that he would die.

    You walk towards him, he wants to cry, for you to comfort him and tell him that you've got him but he doesn't say anything, he keeps this guard that when he stops along the way, he holds your hand and tells you thank you.

    ''There's nothing- I mean, I don't... What just happened was, thank you'' he says, fumbling for the correct words, wanting to attribute the success of his living to you.

    But that was when he was a novice and you were teaching him the tricks of the trade.

    Now he is much more confident, he knows how to compartmentalise and is frequently remarked as one of the best soldiers on and off duty.

    He even saves you once, save is a stretch because he played a part and when you thanked him, he said that it was nothing compared to what you once did.

    He was so cool about it that you teased him all the way till you dropped him to his house.

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    tomie, cuentas con 48 horas para completar los datos de tu perfil.
    #fc: kim seokwoo. #user: tomie. #facultad: diseño. #r: 48 horas. #sm: reserva.
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    rowoon bf material lockcreens! please like or reblog if you save it!! 🌿

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    reblog or fav if you save it

    follow me on ig:@/lordfxxker

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    03.06.2021 - 1 week ago
    rowoon ♕ believer 
    #sf9#rowoon#idolsincedits#mgroupsedit#kpopccc#kim seokwoo#seokwoo#mnet kingdom#kingdom #bro..... he looked so good i'm JUMPING #also this is my last contribution for today bc i just realized how fucking late it is here i am so fucking autistic like genuinely #the time just DISAPPEARED i need help #like i didn't eat #anyway #fuck me UP SEOKWOO #also uh i wanted to gif the part inside the tunnel thingy but... that is gonna take too much effort and time that i don't have right now #bias#mp#tw flashing
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  • bbang-nim
    03.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    but you’re one of them reasons you make me wanna believe

    #sf9#rowoon#kingdom #kingdom: legendary war #kim seokwoo #rowoon performing on stage is my favourite rowoon #🥰🥰🥰 #sorry these are super grainy #0510 #izzie.gif #izzie.work
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  • sensationalsrecord
    03.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    rowoon way 💎 do not edit.

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  • sensationalsrecord
    03.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    yukiva 💎 do not edit.

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