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    #sf9#rowoon#kim seokwoo#queue-ue #all of his photoshoot and interviews- he's an intellectual
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    200111 SF9 Rowoon at Fansigning Event in Sangam‬ © peach forest do not edit, crop, or remove the watermark

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    rowoon @ the north face 21fw catalog

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    #lq sf9 #lq sf9 icons #sf9 edits#sf9 stuff#sf9 icons#rowoon icons#rowoon edits#lq rowoon #lq rowoon icons #kim seokwoo icons #kim seokwoo edits #lq kim seokwoo #lq kim seokwoo icons #kpop icons#kpop edits #boy groups icons #bg icons#bgs icons#bg icon#bgroups icons#bgroup icons #korean actors icons #kdramas icons#kdrama icons#doramas icons#dorama icons#affection icons #the king's affection icons
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    #sf9#rowoon#kim seokwoo#queue-ue #I'm listening to LOONA as I queue these picturs- I love LOONA
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    #his picture is protecting him hhhhh #or him vs his picture #sf9#rowoon#kim seokwoo#queue-ue
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    stop being so pretty
    #sf9#rowoon#kim rowoon#kim seokwoo #i was watching videos to make a youngbin gifset but this is what i ended up doing instead #there's something about enough rowoon that is very dear to me #my edits #also yes i'm taking their lyrics and using them against them
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    11.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    Look At Me.

    Rowoon x F! Reader smut drabble.

    Disclaimer: This is just a work of fiction. If this piece of fan fiction is offensive to any celebrity, fandom or culture please let me know so I can take it down. Also note that this is my version of a character or celeb, which will vary from person to person.
    Author's Note: Sorry to that anon who suggested optional bias 🥺 but after Maria (aka @forevermyloveno5) Seokwoo my mind kinda short circuited 💀 Sorry if it's bad lmao 💀💀💀 It's been a while. Also I am still not taking requests for scenarios, so pls don't send in any cause I hate to turn them away 🥺
    Copyright: Please note that this is my work and if you want to publish this on any other platform, take my permission before doing so. Taking an author's work and posting it somewhere else without any intimation is just disrespectful. I readily welcome suggestions and criticisms. That being said, Happy reading! 🤍
    Warnings: 18+ ages and female anatomy (nothing specified with respect to appearance, etc of reader). Fingering (f receiving). Neck biting. Intense 👀. One spank. Daddy kink 👀. Seokwoo calls reader baby/babygirl/good girl. Lemme know if I need to add more!
    1.1k Words

    "You taste so sweet" Seokwoo said into your mouth, before continuing to kiss your lips.

    Placing teasing touches on your thighs, his fingertips ran along the hem of your shorts, tracing it's circumference, making your breath falter on his face and eyes close everytime he got closer and closer to your core.

    Moaning into the kiss, your palms pull at his shirt, fisting the material around his shoulders, creating creases on the fabric. Sliding your body close enough to flush against his, you whine for more. More of his touches to drive you insane and to make you cum. Oh god how much you missed him and sex with him.

    Being the busy man he is, he barely got time to take care of his needs, let alone yours. But the gentle giant is also a giver so he did try to make you cum with his words and naked selfies. Although his attempt only made you go more sex crazy, you understood his position. So the moment you both were free and together, you ended up in this position.

    Straddling his long thick thighs, chests flushed so close he can definitely feel your nipples getting erect with each sound slipping from your mouths that are engulfing the other, as though you need to kiss to breathe. Hands desperately trying to feel his skin, hunching up his shirt repeatedly; toes curling with each roll of your clothed hips on his, your legs trying to close when there's the slightest pressure on your clit from his fingertips but being help apart by his palms.

    Throwing your head back after almost exhausting the air in your lungs, your eyes flutter close when his lips find your throat. Gasping you whine Seokwoo's name hornily when his teeth start to graze along the length of your neck, digging right next to your sweet spot.

    Combing your fingers through the hair at the nape of his neck, your hold his head in place, grounding your centers together, desperately trying to get some friction and pressure on your clit or folds.

    Chuckling at your cute attempt, Seokwoo stops decorating your neck for a moment and removes his head from your neck. Gulping he looks at you, your bottom lip caught in between your teeth, laboured breaths entering and exiting from your nose, high pitched unsatisfied noises from your throat.... fuck. You looked so fucked out. So pretty for him. If he didn't feel like laughing at your desperation, he would have definitely cum in his trousers.

    Cupping your cheek he pulls your lips into his again for a hot kiss. "Oh my god... " you moan out loud when you feel his fingers enter your shorts to rub your folds slowly through your most definitely soaking panties. Sly fucker. When did he even unbutton your shorts?

    "So wet for me. I love it. " he says, making all your attention divert back to him. And his kiss. And his sinful fingers and fingertips, playing with the wet spot on your underwear, gently prodding into your entrance and spreading your leaked juices along your folds.

    "Please..... " you beg looking down in between your bodies. His big hand disappeared in to your shorts. Your hips grinding shamelessly against his hand.

    "Please what babygirl. Hmm? You want me fuck your tight hole? Make you cum? How many times do you want to cum baby? Do you deserve to cum after sending me those lovely pics of yours while I was away working? You've been a bad girl. Bad girls don't deserve to cum."

    Throwing your head back at his dirty words in his deep bedroom voice, you start to grind yourself faster on his fingers, only to be slowed down by his other hand. "Please Daddy" you beg, earning a harsh spank on your semi covered ass.

    "I'll be a good girl. Please make me cum daddy. For you." begging you look into Seokwoo's eyes, his dark pupils complementing his smirk.

    "A good girl huh? Cum on my fingers first. Depending on how fast you cum, I'll fuck you just as fast." Nodding your head vigorously, your brace your palm on his shoulders for balance, both of you knowing damn well that to make you cum hard, all he needs to do is enter your hole with his fingers.

    Slithering his long fingers through the elastic of your panties, he starts to rub your arousal around your folds, starting from your entrance, taking your juices up to your clit where he purposely doesn't apply any pressure. Squealing his name mixed with swears, you grab his wrist in one hand and move your hips again. This time to cum as soon as you possibly can.

    Resting your head in the crook of his neck, your thighs begin to shake from being in that position for too long and from the shocks that are travelling throughout your body from feeling his fingertips almost exactly where you need him. "Seokwoo.... Daddy please" you cry in frustration.

    "Look at me." Lifting your head from his neck, you gasp silently looking into his mostly pitch black orbs. "Keep looking at me baby"

    Curling your toes and kicking your leg, your mouth forms into an oh, because his skillful appendages slid into your entrance with ease. Your arousal starts to drip down from your hole and pool into his palm, your walls squeezing his digits in a pulsing manner when his thumb grazes your clit and sits there, applying the right pressure on it to make you cry out moans.

    Circling your clit, Seokwoo starts to thrust his digits out an in and out and in and out of your wet pussy, savouring the squelching sounds being produced from the action. Moving your hips at the same pace, you don't break eye contact with him.

    Biting your lip you start to whine again, getting closer to the edge as your walls begin to constrict the movement of his fingers. "I'm gonna cum. FUCK" you cry one final time, knowing you cannot hold in any longer.

    "Cum baby. Cum for me. Make a mess of my fingers. Yes" he praises you. Breathing heavily you scream his name as you finally come down from your high, body shuddering from your very much awaited and deserved orgasm in some time.

    Pressing your clit, Seokwoo helps you ride out your high. Falling slump on his chest, you attempt to catch your breath.

    Carefully removing his cum coated fingers from your aching heat, Seokwoo beckons you to lift your head from his neck once again. "Look at me again baby"

    Staring at his shiny face with hazy eyes, you lose your breath once again when he puts his fingers in his mouth, licking your cum off clean while staring into your eyes, both of you knowing damn well, that this is just the beginning of a very long adventurous night.

    #it's been so fucking long #sf9#rowoon#sf9 smut #sf9 x reader #sf9 x reader smut #rowoon x reader #sf9 rowoon#rowoon imagine#kim rowoon#kim seokwoo#rowoon smut#rowoon scenario#sf9 scenarios
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    KBS Drama

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    Promise | Rowoon | (f)

    A/N: This was supposed to be a short drabble how did it turn out like this...

    The keys rattled in the lock and the door opened. You meant to stand up and go greet your man, but Seokwoo was in a rush today. You could hear him struggling to pull off his shoes as quickly as possible and almost tripping over his own feet as he rushed into the living room where you sat on the couch, chuckling at his eagerness to see you. He towered over you even as he sat down and pulled you into a hug before you could say anything.

    “Baby, did something happen?” you laugh, but accept his clinginess without complaining. You’re happy to see him too, after all. 

    “No?” he tries but he’s never been good at hiding things from you, even if it was, let’s say, a surprise birthday dinner. You get suspicious immediately, trying to pull away from him. He holds you tighter as you struggle.

    “Kim Seokwoo, let me go or you’re in trouble,” you warn him. You’d like to sound strict but it’s impossible through laughter.

    “I will, but you need to promise me that you won’t make a big deal out of this,” he says and there’s more anxiety than you expected in his voice, which makes you freeze and calmly pull away from him.

    “What are you talking about?” you ask, confused. He licks his lips and looks down, thinking about how to approach this - whatever it is.

    “Well, I mean it is kind of serious - but not as much as it will look like, I swear. It’s not a big deal anyway. Just - don’t freak out? Really, it doesn’t have to mean anything, or it could if you want to-” he keeps on rambling until you shut him up with a kiss. His eyes widen in surprise but he soon melts into the kiss, leaving the power all to you. Only when you need to breathe you break the kiss and smile at him.

    “I don’t know why you’re so nervous, but I promise we’ll handle it, okay? And I will try not to freak out, but I can’t promise anything when you’re being so mysterious,” you reassure him, squeezing his knee. He nods with a deep exhale and then he reaches into his pocket.

    “No freaking out, okay?” he reminds you as he reveals the hand but there’s something sparkling between his fingers - a ring. You give him a panicked, confused look.

    “See! I told you to stay calm!” he whines as he runs his other hand through his hair.

    “Okay, then maybe explain?” you try to stay calm but your heart is beating so loud you barely hear your own voice.

    “It’s- Well, it’s a promise ring - not an engagement ring,” he chuckles an anxious laugh, and you breathe out, somehow calmer.

    “And I want you to have it because,” he clears his throat, “I promise to, one day, make you mine. And everyone will know that you’re mine. I’ll ask you to marry me, and we’ll live together and everyone will know that I’m yours and only yours. I hope that day comes soon, but until then, will you accept this ring, and the promise it carries?” 

    His eyes keep falling down to the ring between his fingers as he speaks but as he finishes, he looks up to meet your gaze. Your eyes are filled with tears, a few of them already falling down your cheeks as you finally inhale and nod, all but tackling your boyfriend backwards as you attack him with a tight hug.

    You desperately want to respond but you’re choking on words, almost as much as your hold is choking Seokwoo. He manages to get your attention with a gentle tap on your shoulder and you giggle, seeing his distressed expression. You wipe away your tears and get your breathing under control. There’s so much to process - and yet nothing at all. You don’t need to think about your answer, but there’s something he needs to answer you first.

    “Baby?” you speak out, finally recovering from the shock. He hums, his soft smile almost making you cry again.

    “I love it, and I love you,” you say and he’s about to respond when you interrupt him, “But did something happen? You know you didn’t have to give me anything, even though I’m very, very happy and grateful.” He avoids your eyes again and scratches the back of his neck and you know that something is going on. Eventually, he does talk.

    “First of all, I had that ring for a while now, I just couldn’t find the right occasion to give it to you,” he explains but then sighs, “But today we were with some friends and they talked about one of their friends who’s trying to get over a break up and apparently, they broke up because they just couldn’t handle the pressure and having to keep the relationship a secret and sneaking around and I, I don’t know. I got scared, I know we aren’t like that, but still... I panicked? I just can’t lose you. I wouldn’t know what to do.”

    His voice gets lower and lower and he’s murmuring something under his shaky breath and your eyes water again as you take his hand into yours.

    “You really don’t have to worry about that,” you smile at him, leaning in to kiss him. He kisses you back just as gently. “I would never leave you. I can’t lose you either.”

    “And so… yes, yes, I accept,” you breathe out. Your mind is blank and you can’t stop the smile spreading on your lips. His smile is just as bright as he takes your hand in his and slides the ring on your finger. It fits you perfectly; it’s simple but beautiful and it’s a love at first sight. 

    You stare at the ring on your finger while Seokwoo stares at you, his eyes soft and full of love. He really can’t wait for the day he will get on one knee and offer you another ring.

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    “You won’t remember even if I tell you. Because the scene is about to change soon.”

    Extraordinary You (2019) dir. Kim Sang-hyeop

    #extraordinary you#kdramaedit#kdramagifs#kdramadaily#rowoon #kim hye yoon #lee jae wook #eun dan oh #mbc extraordinary you #july found by chance #haru found by chance #baek kyung#kim seokwoo#mine #mine: extraordinary you* #kdrama
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    -ˏˋ FREE TO ROLEPLAY ˊˎ-

    - Ha Sooyoung / Yves (LOONA) - Kim Seokwoo / Rowoon (SF9)

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    #sf9#rowoon#kim seokwoo#queue-ue #he looks like a bun here
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    hwang inyeop  queda libre y kim seokwoo se ocupa en su lugar.
    #*   cambio de fc. #*   reserva. #user: els #fc: hwang inyeop #fc: kim seokwoo
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