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    [Date of this post: 210921 • Time: 08.10 AM]

    POV: This beautiful picture of him was taken a few seconds just before a disaster happened. Right after you had taking the picture, a bug was bothering you so you tried to get away from it because you were scared of it. You ran and bumped into him. You both fell into the bushes together.

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    21.09.2021 - 4 hours ago


    Sunwoo’s desperation to find you finally subsided when he spots your figure sitting on the staircase whilst curling up against the wall. Unfortunately, his concern for your well-being only increased when he spotted your eyes shut, not moving a single limb when he approached you.

    He chose to sit right next to you while also being a foot away, giving you some space.

    Your head didn’t move from the wall when you heard him. You refused to budge from your spot because you knew.

    You knew it was Sunwoo, and that he was here for you.

    He shifted in his spot, staring off into the distance with gnawing on inner lip as he allowed his thoughts to circulate. Sunwoo was scared to even look at you, but he did so regardless.

    Seeing you completely numb while withstanding the humiliation you faced in class a few minutes ago made him suck in a sharp breath, averting his gaze elsewhere immediately after.

    A few minutes passed before Sunwoo managed to say something.

    “I’m sorry.”

    You couldn’t, or more like wouldn’t, stop the scoff from leaving you at his “apology”.

    “It’s whatever. Wasn’t your fault anyway,” you reply bitterly.

    There was no change in posture, continuing to stay pressed up against the wall while Sunwoo grits his teeth at your response.

    Usually, your classmate would enjoy this type of reaction from you. Sunwoo loved seeing you in despair, especially if it was because of him, but it felt different when he saw one of his friends humiliate you instead. Something urged him to go after you, to make sure you were okay, but how could he check up on your well-being when he’s been the one who’s made your life so incredibly miserable for the past few years?

    Before he could get another word out, you’re standing up.

    “I’m going back to class,” you mutter, quick to turn on your heels.

    You walked back up the stairs, leaving Sunwoo alone with his own conflicting thoughts.

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    20.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    ONE - plant daddy

    ⚡ it should’ve been a dream come true for y/n, meeting their favorite artist kim sunwoo by a chance encounter on the street. but things change after he shows a side they didn’t expect. left heartbroken and disappointed, y/n swears they have unstanned, but what happens when they later get to know him anew?



    taglist: open! say you want to be added to the unstan taglist via ask and make sure you have tagging enabled or else you won’t get notified

    tags: @scamarama @90s-belladonna @nshitae @lcvetbz @nshitae @s2elf-z @exfolitae @deputyjuyeon @nyujjan @meowtella @acciomylove

    can't tag: @coupspov

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    ୨୧ ♡ ᜔ֺ ૮₍ ˶ ◕ ꒳ ◕ ˶ ₎ ა﹗ 𝅼 ׂ 𖤣𖥧𑁍 .•°¤*(¯`★´¯)*¤° ι¢σиѕ °¤*(¯´★`¯)*¤°•. *•.¸♡ ʳᵉᵇˡᵒᵍ ᵒʳ ˡⁱᵏᵉ ⁱᶠ ʸᵒᵘ ᵘˢᵉ •´¯`•. 𝐃𝐨𝐧’𝐭 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐨𝐫 𝐜𝐥𝐚𝐢𝐦 𝐚𝐬 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐬 .•´¯`• ♡¸.•*୨୧ ♡

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    secret’s out

    request: hiii ! i hope ur day is going well 🥺 can i req #51 and #53 from prompt list 2 for sunwoo? thank youuu <3

    paring : sunwoo x reader

    genre : fluff, humor, slight angst, established relationship, secret relationship

    type : drabble

    wc : 639

    warnings : none

    prompts : “You make me feel alive.” “Who cares about what they think?”

    main masterlist || tbz written masterlist

    requests are closed

    It was a rough week for you. News broke out at school that you were dating the untouchable captain of the soccer team, Kim Sunwoo. The two of you had been dating for a few months and kept it on the low, always making sure to be careful in school and even outside of school. But clearly that wasn’t enough considering that the school’s tea twitter account got hold of the shocking news.

    You wanted to desperately disappear as you walked in the hallways of campus, quickly trying to get to your first class. Pairing of eyes shot your direction, many of which were glares of jealousy, made you wish you just called in sick.

    This was one of the many reasons why the two of you never openly went out; people are mean and it’s inevitably to avoid. You just wished the news came out in a different way.

    Upon entering your classroom, you spot your boyfriend sitting in the spot right next to your desk. You would think he would keep his original spot next to Eric in the back, but the smug look he had on his face proves that he does not care about the stares he’s receiving.

    You smile softly to yourself before taking your seat next to him as he quickly kisses your cheek. Glaring, you pinch his thigh as he flinches.

    “Ow! Can’t I not greet you in the morning?” An unsettling look crossed your features as you looked over your shoulder towards the corner of people who are known to fawn over Sunwoo.

    “You can,” you mumble as you play with your fingers, “but not in front of people. Plus this is Haknyeon’s spot, he’ll be irritated because he has to move at the back.”

    Sunwoo grins before leaning closer towards your face as you shy away from him. “Baby, does it look like I care if Haknyeon will be mad? No.” The corner of your mouth twitches up in a nervous smile, the thought of the people in the corner burning holes on the back of your head still lingering in your brain.

    Your boyfriend takes notice, he has noticed the second you walked in, but he’s been waiting for you to say something. But his patience runs thin. “Baby, what’s wrong?”

    “I’m uncomfortable,” your voice shakes nervously as you bite your lower lip, “it feels like everyone wants to rip off my head.” You laugh to yourself to try and lighten up the mood, but soon resume your tense state.

    By now, the two of you were used to expressing your emotions to one another. Communication is important to you both, whether it be little or a lot, as long as it’s good communication.

    “My love, you don’t have to worry about them. Who cares about what they think? What matters is that we’re happy, right?” He grabs your hand and laces your fingers together. He brings it up and kisses the back of your hand as you pout at how adorable he is. “You make me feel alive.”

    “Okay you could’ve stopped at the happy part.” You giggle to yourself as he clutches his heart, a pained expression on his face.

    “I express my love and get rejected? Wack.” You both laugh together, the weight on your shoulders long gone, the feeling of eyes burning on you forgotten, and the tense feeling now replaced with love. You were grateful for your boyfriend.

    “Kim Sunwoo, I get you’re in love but I’m gonna need you out of my seat.” You both turn to Haknyeon standing in front of the desk, a dead serious look in his eyes as Sunwoo pouts.

    You squeeze his hand, silently indicating that it’s okay to go back to Eric. He reluctantly stands up and kisses your cheek once more. “I’ll see you after class.”

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    do i wanna know?

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    ❐ : sunwoo fr. @ tbz icons !

    feels like this is a sunwoo fan account and hell it is

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    love contest — three

    two | three | four


    Sunwoo was nervous to say the least. Agreeing to go on a date with a stranger without even knowing them first didn't seem like a good idea. He didn't know why he agreed so fast, maybe it was his brain unconsciously telling him to do it. Racking his brain for a solution seemed worthless, so instead he spent his time getting ready. Not knowing what to wear to a coffee date, he went on facetime to ask his friends... they were not any help.

    "I told you to wear the grey pants!"

    "No no, Sunwoo, wear the black pants."

    "I'm going to hang up," Sunwoo groaned over the bickering of Eric and Juyeon.

    "Both of you have the fashion sense of a fish, I should be the one helping," Younghoon finally spoke up from the chaos.

    "You guys can argue, I have to go or else I'll be late."

    "Send pics later!", was the last thing Sunwoo heard before he hung up the phone and threw his outfit on.

    Hearing the jingle of the bell, y/n looked up from her seat in the back of the cafe and smiled. Sunwoo looked very cute to her, and the obvious nervousness on his face helped calm her nerves for some reason.

    On Sunwoo's side, he looked at every table with a girl that had an extra iced americano on the table. His eyes glanced over each table until he met eyes with a girl. He couldn't see their whole face due to their mask but they seemed to recognize him and waved him over.

    "Hi Sunwoo, you can sit down. I'm going to take my mask off but please don't freak out," Sunwoo was confused and albeit a little scared, but when y/n removed her mask he was in shock.

    "Y/n?", despite his intial shock he was able to keep his voice down. Y/n could tell by the look on his face that he was surprised. Who wouldn't be after they were face to face with their favorite artist?

    "This may seem weird but I saw your account and you seemed so nice and sweet, plus you're pretty cute so I wanted to get to know you. But I couldn't just message you through my account because for all I know you could be some crazy person-" she was cut off by Sunwoo

    "It's fine really, I understand the caution. I'm just so blown away right now I don't know how to react."

    "Well I would still hope we could go on this date," y/n smiled at Sunwoo.

    "Thank you for walking me home, Sunwoo. You didn't have to," clutching her bag on her shoulder, she swayed her feet as she stood in front of him.

    "I couldn't let you walk home in the dark. I didn't expect us to be out so late anyway."

    "Yeah well I had a great time with you," y/n felt giddy, like a schoolgirl talking to her crush.

    "Me too, it just feels so surreal. I can't believe any of this is happening."

    "Well Sunwoo, please text me when you get home, and I'll let you know when you can take me on that second date," standing on her tiptoes she pecked his cheek and went inside, giggling to herself. Sunwoo stood there for a good two minutes before he regained his senses and started to walk home.


    synopsis: as a popular singer, you decided to hold a song contest and choose one fan as a lucky winner. sunwoo -your (self proclaimed) biggest fan- is going to try and win. the prize? a feature on one of your songs.

    a/n: i wasn't expecting to update again so soon but i had fun writing this chapter. i don't usually write cute stuff so sorry if it sucks 💀 pay no minds to typos of any sort... anyways i hope you enjoyed reading, send a dm or ask if you want to be added to the taglist. sometimes replying to comments gets messed up so if i don't reply just know that i probably saw it and i will add you <3

    taglist: @je0ngjaehyun @lcvetbz @winterbeartaehyungbestboy @starlostinclouds

    #kim sunwoo#kpop imagines #kpop social media au #the boyz imagines #the boyz kim sunwoo #the boyz social media au
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    pillow fort

    with Eric (THE BOYZ)

    warnings: fluff, Eric taking care of s/o, limited descriptive writing



    “why are we in bed, didn’t we just eat lunch?”

    he wrapped an arm around your middle, stopping you from leaving in advance, just in case the thought crossed your mind

    “yeah but rest is essential Y/n, you know that”

    you snorted and sat up, Eric’s arm tightening around you as he looked up at you with expectant eyes

    “relax, i’m not leaving” you said ruffling his blonde hair “we should do something fun”

    there was silence as Eric lifted himself up to rest his head on his palm, he began playing with the hem of your shirt

    “what did you have in mind?”

    you looked around the bedroom as you hummed in thought, you realized how many pillows and blankets it was filled with. Eric loved to sleep in, and you loved being comfortable, so you both made it your mission to turn the place into a comfy haven

    “let’s make a pillow fort” you smiled

    Eric smiled back, and you were glad he liked the idea

    “okay” he chirped, getting out of bed “let’s make the biggest pillow fort ever!”

    that was about two hours ago. you both started off with excitement and enthusiasm, and you played cute little games here and there. but now you were laying on the carpeted floor, not even in the fort you spent most of your time making, you were so exhausted your legs gave up on you, and you tried crawling your way into the fort, but stopped inches away after calling it a day

    Eric, on the other hand, was humming happily as he brought in a tray of snacks and drinks. he was supposed to get the food, while you worked on setting the mini projector so you two could watch a movie, but to his dismay, as he walked into the room he realized he was the only one who did his part

    “Y/nnnn” he whined, setting the tray down elsewhere “what happened to the movie?”

    you stretched your arm out, handing him the remote

    “do it yourself” you huffed

    he snorted and grabbed it from you, focusing on the controls

    “this was your idea, you know” he took another glance at your dead-like form “why are you even tired? I did most of the work!”

    you giggled and looked up at him with a tired smile

    “cause i’m exhausted. and it was like you said earlier, rest is essential”

    Eric’s pout turned into a frown as he took in your visible eye bags, drained face and limp form. he squatted down to your level and examined your face with his hands, a worried expression clear on his face

    “forget about the movie Y/n, you need more sleep than i do” he said dropping the remote “we’re gonna get some rest in the fort okay? and i’ll feed you the snacks. you need some vitamins and energy drinks too. i’ll be back”

    he hurried out of the bedroom as you sighed, you didn’t think you were going to get drained so easily, but you would take any opportunity to get babied by your boyfriend. he came back with the supplements and led you into the fort. as you got comfortable in his warmth, he placed the tray before you and drew circles on your back

    “thanks Eric” you mumbled on his chest, placing a leg over his thigh

    “anything for you, baby” he said taking a piece of (fav snack) “now eat up”


    #the boyz imagines #the boyz x reader #the boyz fluff #eric the boyz fluff #eric x reader #eric the boyz #sangyeon the boyz #kim sunwoo#sunwoo imagines#sangyeon imagines#eric imagines #tbz x reader #chanhee tbz#tbz drabbles#tbz scenarios#tbz fluff#eric tbz #the boyz fic #tbz fic#deobiwritersnet
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    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Luna's Song. Au! P14.

    P10.⠀ ⠀P11.⠀ ⠀P12.⠀ ⠀P13.

    Plágio é crime, não copie partes desse texto sem o meu consentimento.

    Sumário: Heejin em busca de seu animal de estimação perdido acaba por fazer amizades e encontrar alguém especial. LOONA x TBZ! OT23.

    Livre para todos os públicos.

    ⠀ ⠀

    Hyejoo: Ainda bem que você veio, Heejin não atende.

    Juyeon: Ela deve estar se preparando para a festa.

    Eric: Por que não se arrumou ainda?

    Juyeon: Esqueceu que trabalho nos fins de semana?

    Eric: Ah, é.

    Juyeon: O expediente acaba em meia hora. Que sorte encontrar a Luna viva com o canil aberto.

    Eric: Ninguém imaginava.

    Juyeon: Aliás, o que fazem no cemitério?

    Hyejoo: É uma longa história, meio difícil de explicar...

    Juyeon: Enfim, me ajudem.

    Respirou profundamente e aproximou-se de Luna, com cuidado.

    Eric: Ela vai atacar.

    Em vez disso, a cadela abanou o rabo e lambeu a face do veterinário.

    Hyejoo: Que estranho.

    Eric: Cachorros reconhecem aromas muito bem.

    Hyejoo: Isso quer dizer que...

    Eric: Ele estava com a Heejin.

    Hyejoo: E o cheiro dela...

    Juyeon: Vão me ajudar ou não?

    Questionou, pondo a coleira no animal. Deu-lhe ao colega. Delicadamente, com um pano com o odor da mãe, envolveu a ninhada — eram seis, no total.

    Hyejoo: Você pode me dizer se a Heejin está realmente bem? Já que a viu pessoalmente.

    Lee negou com a cabeça.

    Juyeon: Eric, você vem comigo? Desculpe, Srta. Son, mas é urgente.

    Hyejoo: Tudo bem, vejo vocês depois.

    ⠀ ⠀


    ⠀ ⠀

    Chaewon: Como assim, eles vão atrasar? Tudo já está preparado e foi organizado para acontecer pontualmente... Só trinta minutos? É muito tempo! Ah, entendi... Se não há outra saída, vou avisar ao Sr. Choi. Não, tudo bem, eu entendo.

    Desligou a ligação.

    Vivi: Algum problema?

    Amarrou o avental na cintura.

    Chaewon: Ao menos não cancelaram.

    Suspirou, digitando o número de Chanhee na tela.

    ⠀ ⠀


    ⠀ ⠀

    Juyeon: Pessoal, tenho ótimas notícias, mas vamos ter que ser muito rápidos.

    Haseul: Oras, aquele cachorro de antes não era a Luna, então?

    Eric e Juyeon: Não.

    Colocou os filhotes aos cuidados dela.

    Juyeon: Preciso que você faça um check-up neles, descubra o sexo etc.

    Haseul: O que vai fazer?

    Juyeon: Vou avaliar o estado da mãe e dar um banho nela. Eu sei que não é muito recomendado, mas já se passou mais de uma semana do parto e não podemos deixá-la nessa sujeira toda.

    Haseul: Em vinte minutos?

    Younghoon: Vou ajudar.

    Yeojin: Eu também!

    Younghoon: Uma dúvida...

    Yeojin: Qual?

    Younghoon: Eles vão ficar conosco até a segunda-feira ou não?

    Yeojin: Acho que não.

    Juyeon: É só até amanhã, quando a Srta. Jeon puder buscar.

    Younghoon: Ótimo. Vamos voltar ao trabalho.

    Juyeon: E eu ainda tenho de me preparar...

    ⠀ ⠀


    ⠀ ⠀

    Hyejoo: Que lugar enorme...

    Não havia apenas um salão. Eram três, sendo o primeiro à esquerda o maior de todos, em formato de círculo. Os outros ficavam um pouco mais afastados, de forma que jardins existiam entre eles, e eram áreas retangulares. Não dava para ver nada nos outros — imaginou que não fariam parte da festa.

    Sunwoo: Gostou, madame Son?

    Hyejoo: Tadinho, vai ter que rodar esse espaço várias e várias vezes...

    Sunwoo: É o meu trabalho.

    Ajeitou a gravata borboleta.

    Sunwoo: Não ia vir com o Eric? O que aconteceu?

    Hyejoo: Bem...

    Sunwoo: Chaewon errou?

    Hyejoo: Bem...

    Sunwoo: Mas você não chorou. Desculpe a minha insensibilidade, só estou curioso.

    Hyejoo: Achamos a Luna e os filhotes dela.

    Sunwoo: Que bom! Estavam onde?

    Hyejoo: No cemitério.

    Sunwoo: No seu primeiro encontro marcado com ele, visitaram o cemitério...

    Hyejoo: Longa história, não entenda errado.

    Sunwoo: Como a Heejin reagiu?

    Hyejoo: Ela não sabe.

    Sunwoo: Não?

    Hyejoo: Eu e Eric concordamos em deixar que ele dê a boa notícia.

    Sunwoo: Ele vai vir?

    Hyejoo: Juyeon? Sim. Eu insisti para que ele levasse a minha câmera.

    Sunwoo: Sem desviar o assunto principal, o que rolou entre você e Eric?

    ⠀ ⠀


    ⠀ ⠀

    Kevin: Que alívio... Nossa, eu estou tão feliz agora?!

    Dirigia o carro em direção ao evento.

    Eric: Estamos, Kevin. Acho que estou um pouco mais.

    Ostentava um largo sorriso, meio bobo, no rosto.

    Kevin: E aí? O que deu?

    Eric: Ela gosta de mim e eu gosto dela...

    Kevin: E...?

    Eric: E?

    Kevin: Não teve aquele clima depois?

    Eric: Não, porque aí achamos a Luna.

    Kevin: Ah, sim. Pense bem o que vai falar pra ela.

    Eric: Por que?

    Kevin: Se os dois são péssimos leitores de gente, a confusão está garantida com qualquer mal-entendido.

    Eric: Faz sentido.

    Kevin: Não perca a oportunidade de se confessar apropriadamente.

    ⠀ ⠀


    ⠀ ⠀

    Heejin: Quanta gente...

    Comentou em voz baixa, segurando o braço do mais velho.

    Chanhee: Mil pessoas são esperadas.

    Andavam devagar entre as mesas, dispostas um tanto unidas, cumprimentando algumas pessoas.

    Heejin: Não posso voltar atrás, não é?

    Ele negou.

    Heejin: O que é aquilo no centro?

    Havia uma cortina cercando um espaço circular de alguns metros de diâmetro.

    Chanhee: Faz parte da minha surpresa.

    Heejin: Vocês são uma família e tanto.

    Chanhee: Sim, mas já que é minha convidada especial, vou contar-lhe um segredo.


    Heejin: Uhm?

    Chanhee: Nem sempre é assim, brigamos bastante. Às vezes, ficamos de saco cheio um do outro e não queremos acordos de paz.

    Heejin: Acho que toda família é desse jeito, Chanhee.

    Sorriu, levantando a barra do vestido — era longo, arrastava minimamente no chão, apesar de estar com um salto 10.

    Chanhee: A diferença está que sempre encontramos uma forma de nos entender e respeitar as divergências de opinião.

    Heejin: É importante.

    Chanhee: Parecemos uma família perfeita, mas é porque resolvemos tudo entre nós e não deixamos os outros interferirem nisso.

    Heejin: Se estiver fazendo propaganda da sua família, saiba que está me deixando com inveja.

    Chanhee: Nada disso. Saiba que você pode ter uma assim também, independentemente do quão complicado possa parecer.

    Heejin: Certo.

    Chanhee: O que eu sinto que tenho que dizer é... Não afaste alguém que a queira bem, por mais que doa.

    Heejin: Eu...

    Chanhee: Será bem mais fácil superar a situação juntos do que afastados.

    Heejin: Tem razão.

    Avistou as amigas e pediu licença para ir até elas.

    Hyejoo: Assim, você corre o risco de roubar toda a atenção da aniversariante para si, Srta. Jeon.

    Heejin: Olha quem fala, Srta. Son, toda produzida.

    Hyejoo: Novamente, é você quem está brilhando aqui.

    Heejin: Muito obrigada.

    Deu um giro. O tecido fino, na cor bege, e as joias de brilhantes no pescoço e no pulso, realçavam a beleza da jovem.

    Hyejoo: Se estivéssemos num baile do colégio, você seria a rainha, certeza.

    Heejin: E você seria a princesa.

    Chaewon: Parem de ser tão melosas, vão me causar diabetes.

    Hyejoo: Ciumenta.

    Chaewon: Ciúmes? De vocês? Nem aqui, nem na América!

    Heejin: Você também está linda, Wonnie.

    Chaewon: Claro que estou.

    Balançou os cabelos, que havia ondulado.

    Hyejoo: Abraço em grupo?

    Chaewon: Claro, só tenha cuidado com a maquiagem de Heejin, não pode sair nada ainda.

    Heejin: Ei, não se preocupe demais com isso.

    ⠀ ⠀


    ⠀ ⠀

    Na entrada do salão...

    Kevin: Você está vendo a Yerim?

    Eric: Acho que ela está depois dessa fila...

    Kevin: Meu...

    Eric: Já entreguei o presente, e você?

    Kevin: Uhum.

    Eric: Falamos com ela mais tarde.

    Kevin: É.

    Eric: Vamos achar os colegas.

    ⠀ ⠀


    ⠀ ⠀

    Chanhee: Está quase na hora da surpresa.

    Heejin: Preparado?

    Chanhee: Claro. Preciso só de uma confirmação.

    Yerim: Do que está falando, primo?

    Aproximou-se com uma expressão agradável. Não aparentava ser arrogante, como Jeon imaginara algumas vezes.

    Yerim: Olá, Srta. Jeon. Só pude me apresentar agora, estava agradecendo os convidados pela presença. Soube que é parte da surpresa, e como o Hee ama cantar, imagino que faça o mesmo.

    Heejin: Olá, Srta. Choi. Sim, você está certa.

    Chanhee: Eu estava dizendo que já vai começar. Como sabe da surpresa?

    Yerim: Tradição de família, não? Fica tranquilo que eu não faço ideia do que pode ser.

    Chanhee: Assim espero. Se já souber, finja. Não quero quebrar com a tradição.

    ⠀ ⠀

    Enquanto isso, dois "cupidos" observavam os Son.

    ⠀ ⠀

    Chaewon: É tudo ou nada, Kevin.

    Kevin: Se o Eric não fizer nada, vou dropar a amizade.

    Chaewon: Igualmente.

    Apertaram as mãos.

    Kevin: O problema é que os conhecidos deles não param de aparecer! Olha aquilo, que frustrante.

    Chaewon: Calma, a hora da valsa está chegando. Só estou esperando o sinal.

    No instante exato em que terminou a frase, recebeu a mensagem esperada.


    ⠀ ⠀

    Chanhee: Heejin, seu celular acabou de carregar.

    Devolveu-lhe o aparelho.

    Heejin: Obrigada.

    Abriu e viu algumas notificações de Lee. Carregou a imagem. Não podia acreditar. Luna...

    Chanhee: Vamos?

    Antes que ela pudesse responder, foi guiada por Choi à lateral da pista de dança, onde realizariam o dueto.

    ⠀ ⠀

    Fim da P14.

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  • hwngmilkk
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    ˓𓈒.Ꭵ ִ𝗌𝗁𝗈ֹ𝗎𝗅𝖽'𝗏𝖾˳ֹ. יִ𝗌𝗍𝖺𝗒𝖾𝖽₉𝖺𝗍 ₍ֹ𝂅۪۪˓𝗁𝗈𝗆𝖾𓈒┆ִ՚۪ ❗

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  • yourjaylaks
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Almost Love

    The situation was funny. And sad. And hopeless. And all the other adjectives Y/N couldn't think of at the moment. She never thought she'd be the one to write her feelings down. She didnt talk about her feelings. But meeting certain people does things and for Y/N meeting Sunwoo was like a maelstrom and she couldn't get enough of it. Giving into it, she put her pen to her paper and began to write.


    I hate the idea of love. I hate the idea of my stomach doing a somersault at the sight of you. I hate the butterflies that come alive everytime you pop into my mind at the most randomest of times. I hate that the mere thought of you is enough to make me weak. And I'd like to think you feel the same. I'd like to think you hate the idea of love too. After all, that was how we bonded. Sitting at the steps of the library complaining about the couple's that walked past. But you know what's changed? Thinking back on it now, I realize I want that. I want that with you. I want the butterflies. I want to get weak at the thought of you. I want you. But I guess I was too late. You've already left and you're never going to read this so I guess you'll never know that I want you. But we did almost love once. I'd like to think that we did. It was when our eyes met from across a crowded room and we'd both smile. It was when you helped me with an absurd math problem and you smiled when I got excited that I got it right. It was when I felt the electricity surge through my body everytime my our bodies accidentally brushed against each other. But you know what I realized through all of that? Almost love is the worst kind of love. Its filled with what-ifs and I-wishes. When you realize that we could have made it work if we just talked to each other, it tears you apart Sunwoo. And right now I'm torn to shreds. Almost love hurts. Its excruciating. But if anyone was going to be my almost lover, I'm glad it was you Kim Sunwoo. I'm thankful it was you.

    Tag list: @junjungsunwoo

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  • choichanheelover
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    #The boyz#Tbz#Sunwoo#Kim sunwoo#Tbz sunwoo #The boyz Sunwoo #Kpop #the boyz icons #Tbz icons#Sunwoo icons #Kim sunwoo icons #Tbz Sunwoo icons #The boyz Sunwoo icons #Kpop icons #The boyz kpop
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  • lost-leopard-beanie
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    — ROOMMATES! ; PART 15

    Summary ! - After being stood up by your prom date, you find yourself pretending to be someone’s prom date who tries to make his crush jealous. After a roller-coaster of emotions, all you want to do is erase the memory of that night. What happens if your college roommate for the next 5 years is the same guy you went to prom with ?

    Masterlist — playlist

    — prev. — next.

    Taglist ! [Open] - @meowtella @ofaffectionate @youngwingss @lovecn @jakeycore @imkyunies @glassflowerpetals @sofie296 @studioreader @givememunjang @chanhee-hee

    #emmawrites🎀#kpop imagines#kpop#the boyz#kim sunwoo #kim sunwoo scenarios #kim sunwoo imagines #sunwoo × reader #sunwoo scenarios #the boyz imagines #sunwoo the boyz #the boyz social media au #the boyz sunwoo #the boyz scenarios #the boyz sns au #tbz social media au #tbz imagines
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  • ctto-becauseimunoriginal
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    then be patient, angel

    pairing: boyfriend!dom!sunwoo x fem!reader

    word count: 1.3k

    warnings: suggestive, def not proofread, curse words, i think that’s about it…?

    taglist: @bubutaeyongie

    a/n: im putting myself on thin ice on everyone’s patience right now. im so sorry but i hope y’all would still enjoy this one, much love xx ❤️

    (no thoughts, head empty, just this sunwoo running laps around my head nonstop)

    you and sunwoo thought it would be fun to exchange school uniforms right before halloween and take funny pictures to post but to both of your surprise you both look hot as hell.

    you look so fucking cute and sexy to him the moment you came out of your shared bedroom. In his now oversized dress shirt tucked in, the collar hanging low exposing a little of your cleavage and your low pendant disappearing in between your breasts as his black tie hung just as low from under the collar. His large-on-you dress pants resting high on your waist with a belt holding it up and accentuating your waist while its ends are folded up neatly to show your sneakers underneath.

    you snaked a hand into one of the pants’ pockets while the other raked through your hair as you started jokingly posing like a model to the boy sitting in front of you. fishing out his own phone, he held it up to take photos and videos of you feeling yourself as he leaned back on the sofa, legs wide open looking delicious enough for you to climb on top of and tease him but you refrained yourself from doing so.

    giving him a little twirl with your back now facing him, you threw your head back jokingly imitating the way you would also throw your head back in bed when he makes you feel good. with your eyes closed shut when you threw your head back you didn’t notice him standing up and make his way towards you to standing behind your figure, snaking an arm around your waist he pulls you close against hard chest, lips instantly finding your ear as he whispered dirty nothings making you giggle

    “looking so hot like that you’re going to make me think of you whenever i wear that now”

    “but that’s what you want don’t you?”

    “mhmm and what if it is?”

    your head thrown back to lean against his shoulder, you teasingly cooed back at him as you subtly grind onto his hard on pressed against your ass earning you a low groan from him so lustfully close to your ear, sending a shiver down your spine in the process.

    his free hand snaking up your body to grab a hold of your clothe breast making you whine in response.

    “but i want to see you in my clothes first”

    you turned your head to the side to face him with lips in a pout as he continued to massage your boob over the shirt. ignoring your words, he dived down to your neck, leaving a trail of kisses and soft nips making you whine again earning yourself a soft laugh against your skin from the boy.

    “alright alright now be a good girl and wait for me patiently”

    with a hum from you, he gave you one last peck on the crook of your neck before letting go and disappearing to the bedroom.

    with your phone now in hand and a mirror in the living room, you killed the time by snapping mirror shots of your fit. unbuttoning your top in the process so it reveals the little chain hanging from around your neck connecting down in between your breasts before splitting again to go around your waist.

    after a couple of minutes of taking mirror shots, you’re now making yourself comfortable on the soft material of the sofa whilst picking out pictures you weren’t satisfied with to delete as you waited for your boyfriend to come out.

    and as if the universe heard you, the doorknob rattled and the door flung open revealing your boyfriend looking oh so tasty in your uniform, definitely not how you expected it to look on him.

    your dress shirt perfectly hugged his torso accentuating his broad shoulder as your yellow plaid necktie was neat under his collar. your yellow plaid skirt sitting perfectly onto his waist making you suck in your bottom lip at the sight. your black school blazer on him with one arm down showing off his buff arm perfectly hugged by your shirt. your eyes running lower and lower you missed to hide back the smirk on your lips at the sight of him wearing your thigh high socks paired with his own sneakers.

    your eyes darted back up to meet his, you run your tongue against your bottom lip letting him know you were totally enjoying the sight right now to which he returned a knowing smirk, he knows he’s hot in it

    “baby you look so sexy how the fuck”

    “hmm now you know why i want to fuck you so bad in the car after school all the time”

    “can you fuck off” (jokingly btw)

    “only if you do it for me baby”

    with a wink he was coming up to you, leaning down to meet your eye level as his palms rest on the armrests caging you in between his arms and face meeting his piercing gaze.

    in contrast to his serious look, you gave him a wide innocent smile before landing a peck on his lips

    “let’s finish up quick so we can do our business hm?”

    you muttered against his lips with large doe eyes looking up at him with his own looking back at you, a wide grin also growing on his lips, he closed the distance again and gave you one more peck mumbling an ‘okay’ in between before pulling away.

    many many mirror shots and model shoots later

    you were both standing across the full length mirror in your living room, your back flush against his hard chest, your hands tucked into your pockets while his free hand rest atop the side of your waist and the phone in his one hand held up in front the both of you as you both strike a pose.


    snaking his hand up from your side and into your unbuttoned shirt, you shivered under his cold touch meeting your warm skin. his hand finding its way to grab a hold of your bare breast, his cold ring brushing against your sensitive nipple in the process making you throw your head back and let out a soft mewl at the sudden contact.


    letting go of your boob shortly to move the shirt slightly to your side, you didn’t have to look at the reflection to know your boob was out in the cold air.

    cold fingers meeting your sensitive nipple again, he rolls the nub in his fingers making you moan out his name as you feel your legs go weak


    turning his head from watching you both on the screen of his phone, he turned to face you, planting wet kisses on the side of your neck exposed to him. licking a wet stripe up, he then brought his lips next to your ear

    “who’s making you feel good baby?”


    “say my name”

    you could only let out a whimper of his name in response of him harshly pinching your nipple.

    snaking a hand out of your pocket you reached behind you to palm him from under the skirt earning you a click of his tongue in disapproval.

    “be a good girl and keep your hands to yourself”

    his voice going an octave low against the shell of your ear making you whine, turning your head to look him in the eye planning to give him a pleading look, however, his serious look met you instead. you were not in the mood to be bratty tonight so you retracted your hand and tucked it back in your pocket, giving him your annoyed look which was returned with his amused smile at your obedience.

    flickering your attention to the screen in front of you, you were in front of him with both hands in your pockets, other half of your shirt pushed to the side as his hand grabbed a hold of your boob massaging you and subtly pushing you back against chest to support your weight and the phone in record hiding both of your faces in the reflection.

    “you look so hot right now don’t you?”

    “what if i send this to the boys huh? would you like that? would you like them hear you moan my name just from touching you? bet you would like that so much”

    you could only moan out a hum in response, your head still in a dazed state.

    “sun, i want to touch you so bad”

    “then be patient, angel”

    #tbz#tbz drabbles#tbz imagines#the boyz #the boyz imagines #tbz scenarios#tbz smut #tbz x reader #the boyz smut #tbz sunwoo smut #tbz sunwoo#kim sunwoo#sunwoo smut #the boyz sunwoo #tbz suggestive #the boyz suggestive #someone please teach me how to write in sub because i want sub sunwoo in this fit so bad #maybe for halloween i might write a sub school girl sunwoo kind of smut drabble in honout of this glorious fit #but seriously the stylists for this stage needed a raise #but we got a merge instead #im not going to talk about it goodbye
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