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    #TIKTOK| Sunwoo for Spur.

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    cw // food

    "cherries are NOT that bad sunwoo, you just have no taste" you said proudly as you took a bite out of your pasta. "whatever you say~" sunwoo replied, dragging out the last word and rolling his eyes. you could tell he was holding back a smile though, so you couldn't resist letting out a laugh at his reaction.

    as he twirled his fork in his pasta, you noticed his expression becoming serious. he furrowed his brows, as if he was having a mental debate on whether or not he should take another bite. "you okay there?" you asked him, tilting your head to meet his eyes. he looked back at you and shook his head. "yea, yea i'm good." he sent you a small smile.

    "look, y/n, i've been meaning to tell you this for a while but i never really found the right moment." he started, and he looked at you with eyes that scared the shit out of you. eyes that held feelings of sympathy, nervousness, guilt — like he was about to tell you something you wouldn't want to hear. all the possible things you thought could come out of his mouth at that very moment ran through your head, so you took a sip of water to calm down your beating heart. you hummed as an encouragement for him to continue.

    "i..." he took a deep breath. "i just wanted to apologize for the LEU results again. i know how much you wanted to get in, and to this day it still makes me feel so guilty that... wait why are you laughing??" sunwoo asked, a look of genuine confusion suddenly washing over his face. you were so relieved about what he said that you couldn't help but laugh in the middle of his apology. tears started forming in the corners your eyes as you kept laughing out all the confusion and fear from earlier, leaving sunwoo very puzzled.

    "i'm sorry, i'm so sorry" you said in between laughs, trying to recover from the state of panic you were in seconds ago. "i just got so scared, with your face and everything, i thought you were gonna say something that would end up with one of us feeling hurt or something."

    he just stared at you with a shocked and confused face. after a minute of you wiping your tears from that much needed laughter session and him just gaping at you while doing so, you turned to him and smiled. sunwoo, still confused, let out a small "huh" causing you to giggle. all you felt was happiness and relief for the situation didn't turn out as bad as you thought, so you taking his hand into your hands did not process in your head. it did, however, process in sunwoo's head, and his eyes widened at the gesture.

    "sunwoo, that LEU thing happened almost 2 months ago. i honestly don't really care about what happened at this point, so stop feeling so sorry about the results." you smiled widely. "in fact, i should be the one apologizing to you! i felt a little embarrassed that your first impression of me was someone who didn't pass a college, but at this point does it even matter anyways?"

    he still held a shocked expression which made you confused. your eyes followed to where his eyes were looking at, and you finally noticed your hands on his. your eyes almost bulged out of its sockets and you quickly released your hold on his hand. "ohmygod i am so, so sorry about that." you said nervously, cheeks and ears turning pink. sunwoo blinked. one time, then two times. he looked at you slowly, then cleared his throat. you kept your hands below the table and looked at them while playing with your fingers.

    "so... you're not mad at me?" sunwoo asked softly. you looked up and gave him a sincere smile. "i'm not, and i never was." he let out a sigh of relief. "to think all this time, i was scared that you, deep down, carried a sliver of hatred for me." he admitted as he let out an airy laugh. "i could never hate you sunwoo." you shook your head, replying back to his confession.

    not wanting to bask in the awkward situation your dumb ass created, you decided to leave. looking at the time on your phone, you got up and said "thank you so much for lunch sunwoo, i'm really glad you brought me here. i totally forgot i have something to work on for my 'intro to film' class though, so i need to get back on campus." "oh alright no worries! i'll see you around y/n?" he asked as he got up from his seat. "yep! see you around sunwoo!" you waved, gathering your things hurriedly and walking to the counter to pay for your food.

    sunwoo watched as you walked out of the cafe, leaving him to think about the fluttering of his heart when your hands held his, and why he can't get your damn smile out of his head.

    zero-probability | ksw

    [chapter 15]

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    summary: both you and sunwoo knew that life would always throw its hurdles, especially now as college season is coming up. but who would've thought that part of "life's hurdles" was getting someone else's college application results? because as of what they know, that should be a zero-probability event—something that would and should NEVER happen.

    taglist: @fr0gluver @suzy-rainbow @artfulbarnes @skiez @bloom-bloom-pow @kswr1d @jaerisdiction @fullsun9890 @404-incorrect @nyuworld @winterbeartaehyungbestboy @17scheol @rindomo @p-prettysour @cloudskyu @nyuoot (reply to this post or send an ask/message if u wanna be part of the taglist! :>)

    a/n: I'M SORRY I OVERLOOKED THE MISTAKE FROM EARLIER AAAA but here is the reuploaded ver :"> as u all know m not so confident in my writing but i hope u guys like this quite long narration HDJEJJSJAJA 😣

    #sunwoo social media au #sunwoo sm au #sunwoo imagines#sunwoo scenarios#sunwoo series #sunwoo x reader #sunwoo fluff#sunwoo angst#kim sunwoo #the boyz social media au #the boyz sm au #the boyz imagines #the boyz fluff #the boyz angst #the boyz texts #the boyz
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    K.SW | EIGHT

    SYNOPSIS : soccer player rivals sunwoo and y/n both play for their university's soccer team. competing for the star player position, sunwoo and y/n are constantly at each other's throats, trying to outdo one another to get onto the front page of the school's newspaper
    PAIRING : soccerplayer!sunwoo x soccerplayer!reader
    GENRE : ngl idk wtf this chapter is, but you can say hi to younghoon and hyunjun!!
    WARNINGS : excessive amounts of cursing, younghoon's gonna be quite the dick Oopsie
    PLAYLIST : spotify, youtube
    WORD COUNT : 3.4k+


    TAGLIST : @nilesig @simpforsunwoo // want to be included in the taglist? send an ask or fill out this form
    i wanted to say thank you for the love you've all given headline. it's still so hard to believe people are actually reading this fic and possibly enjoying it? i've read it over countless times (because i'd often find myself forgetting wth i wrote) and i'm still in so much disbelief
    but hey! because of this, i assumed some would like a taglist, so i made a form for those who'd like to be added. you can send an ask if you'd like to be updated that way as well!!
    also, if you haven't noticed, i have added both spotify and youtube playlists for each chapter, and i do recommend checking them out if you want to understand the feelings i'm portraying!!
    once again, thank you for supporting this series <3
    also longest chapter in headline yet? and i wrote this in less than four hours? kinda feeling superior

    “You’re roommates with Kim Sunwoo?” you repeated for the 50th time, almost too stunned to be able to say anything else. Never would you have thought you’d see Sunwoo in a million years. As much as you thought about him, he slowly became a figment of your imagination to get your blood running, but here he was, realer than ever on the front page of your brother’s newspaper.

    “Are we even talking about the same person?” Haknyeon’s eyebrows were knitted, wondering why the hell you were so concerned with a person that shared the same name as his roommate.

    In response to his question, you brought yourself out of Changmin’s bed and reached for the newspaper left on his desk. You brought Haknyeon up onto his feet with your free hand, showing him the front page afterwards. “The guy in the photo next to mine,” you clarified. “Kim Sunwoo. Is that you’re roommate?”

    “That’s him,” Haknyeon mumbled. He didn’t even need to bring the paper into his own hands in order to examine the face for himself. His roommate’s distinct features made it easy for Haknyeon to confirm. Not to mention after their first interaction, there was no doubt that his roommate’s face was deeply imprinted into his mind.

    Juyeon left Changmin’s bed due to being deeply invested in the new name, standing beside Haknyeon to take a glance at the paper. “I think-” Juyeon pressed his lips together, racking up any memories of said person in his brain before forming his words. “I think I know him.”

    “You do?” You let out a frustrated sigh, the newspaper dropping to the ground as you fell into Changmin’s chair, covering your face in your hands as you groan. “He’s new here, and everyone already knows him?”

    Juyeon had picked up the paper, taking a closer look at the boy. “Well I don’t know him know him, but I think Chanhee’s brought him up before. For like, his interview thing?”

    “I knew I shouldn’t have brought that medal,” you grumbled, pinching your nose as you shut your eyes. “It brought him and his stupid face back.”

    “Medal? You brought a medal?” Haknyeon’s eyes widened, both shocked and confused at the mention. “Wait, you have a medal?”

    From the way Haknyeon worded his question, anyone would have found it derogatory, but everyone knew you had trophies lining your shelves. It’s just that you told Haknyeon about each and every trophy you proudly placed on your bookshelf. Never once did you ever bring up the one and only medal you received from soccer camp. You would’ve put it up there with the rest of your prized possessions if it didn’t represent second place, so you kept it hidden from pretty much everyone aside from the ones who attended camp as they already have seen it for themselves. Even with your family dealing with your outbursts about the entire situation and how you never wanted to return to the same camp, they didn’t ever get to see the oh so medal that you wanted to get rid of and forget.

    Juyeon removed his eyes from the photo when you stood up from Changmin’s chair, following right after you when you gestured the two boys into your own room.

    While you scrumaged through your closet for the backpack that was tossed carelessly, Juyeon found comfort in the seat by your desk and Haknyeon sat on the ground.

    Haknyeon looked around your room, not used to the lack of your soccer posters and trophies. And a bed. “By the way, Y/N, when are you getting a bed? I’m sure you can’t sleep on the couch for forever.”

    You shrugged as you pulled out your backpack, zipping it open. “It doesn’t really bother me, but I guess whenever Changmin finds me a deal.” You shoved your arm into the bag, pulling out the medal by its ribbon. You sat the backpack on the ground and turned towards Haknyeon.

    His eyes were entranced by the sight of it, in disbelief how this belonged to you. It seemed almost impossible for you to own something silver that related to soccer. He got off the ground as if he was like a moth attracted to light, the size of his eyes never faltering as he gently took the medal out of your hand.

    “You’ve never once shown or talked about this with me.”

    “I didn’t plan on showing it to anyone. Ever. But since Sunwoo is now attending CKU, I guess you guys could see it.” The words that left your mouth came out bitter. You leaned against the wall, wishing you were able to kick at something to let out the frustration built up inside you. Your life felt flawless up until you met Sunwoo. That’s when you were introduced to being left in someone’s shadow and was once never acknowledged for your skills when Sunwoo was present. Hearing his name and how all the other kids envied him made you so infuriated. You didn’t want this to become your college year at all. You looked forward to playing soccer for CKU, but now it feels like many obstacles have been planted in front of you, waiting for you to experience deja vu.

    Juyeon looked at the silver medal from afar, still taking a few glances at the newspaper he brought along into your room. You still haven’t explained the entire story to the two boys, so he was left thinking about the possibilities in his mind, reading the segments dedicated to both you and Sunwoo. But other thoughts clouded his mind; ones that focused on Sunwoo.

    “Why’d you bring it?” Haknyeon held it up to the light, examining every single detail engraved into it.

    “I-” you paused, staring at it.

    Saying you brought it out of frustration made absolutely no sense. Surely there had to be more of a reason for you wanting to bring it, but you knew one thing was for certain. You regretted it.

    If you tried remembering, you found it when you were in the middle of packing. It was something you haven’t seen in years, but the fury that came with it still remained. So why the hell did you fucking bring it?

    You didn’t even want to look at it, but here it was lying in your backpack, left to gather dust within your closet.

    “Fuck I- I don’t know. I really, really don’t know.” You stared at it, wishing you could snatch it out of Haknyeon’s hands and burn it. You wanted to let your anger out on something which could lead you to possibly punching a hole through the wall or punting one of Changmin’s dolls out the window. But you were in front of both Haknyeon and Juyeon, and you weren’t going to let them see your temper this easily. No way in hell were you going to let Kim Sunwoo take over your emotions in front of your friends for merely existing.

    Haknyeon could see your pent up anger, dropping his arm down to his side to reach over and give you a pat on the back. “Hey hey, it can’t be that bad, yeah?” He handed you back the medal before looking over his shoulder, motioning for Juyeon to join the two. He then turned back to you, smiling.

    “Just explain everything to us.”

    “Thanks coach.”

    “Of course. Make sure you inform Juyeon too, alright?”

    “Yeah, will do.” Hyunjae waved to Sangyeon as he exited the field, rushing back to his dorm with a stressed expression. Being called by Sangyeon to meet up with him on the field on a day that wasn’t Saturday always led to some sort of bad news, and Hyunjae was always left to be the messenger for the team. Thankfully, this one only concerned him and Juyeon, and with Juyeon being his roommate, Hyunjae didn’t have the need to run a full mile or so to reach a teammate.

    Sure, he had the option of texting said teammate, but Hyunjae didn’t like using his phone as much. He preferred having one on one talks as it was easier to clear up any misunderstandings that could have been miscommunicated over text. Plus the running gave him the exercise he would often avoid during practice.

    He opened the door and almost screamed at the face that didn’t belong to Juyeon. “How the fuck did you get in here?!”

    And that’s how Hyunjae started dragging Changmin right back to his apartment.

    “Listen listen lis—ow! Hyunjae, listen!” the boy whined, almost tripping over his own feet. “Give me like a day, and I’ll go back to my apartment I swear! Please Hyunjae, I beg.”

    Hyunjae scoffed, shaking his head. “You can’t barge into my dorm when it’s empty like that!”

    “Says the bitch who always fucking barges into my ap—ow oh my god Hyunjae please,” he begged, fighting against the male’s grip. Unfortunately, Hyunjae was both bigger and stronger, so he brought Changmin into his apartment complex with ease. “I can not go back there.”

    “Why? Did Y/N kick you out?”

    “Well, not exactly, but!-” Changmin wasn’t able to continue with his explanation when they joined a few other students that were also entering the elevator. So his lips remained shut but was quick to continue his complaints when Hyunjae was nearly carrying him to his door at this point. Soon enough, the two were standing in front of Changmin’s apartment.

    Changmin grabbed Hyunjae’s shoulders, shaking them with all his might as he tried to get the elder to listen to him.

    “Dude, you can’t just replace my roommate!”

    “I’m not replacing him. It’s only temporary! I just really don’t wa-”

    Hyunjae had already pressed in the code whilst Changmin had been speaking, gripping on his shirt in order to drag the younger inside.

    There you were with Juyeon and Haknyeon in the kitchen, eating some ice cream Haknyeon had bought from down the street as you rambled on about your past with Sunwoo. Hyunjae let go of Changmin when he spotted Haknyeon, immediately recognizing the boy from that time he met over facetime while being drunk.

    “Is that Haknyeon? Oh my god it is!”

    As Hyunjae reminisced about the existence of your friend, Changmin snuck into his own room, locking himself inside to avoid any sort of interaction with you or Haknyeon.

    All but Hyunjae noticed this but didn’t dare to question what Changmin was doing with Hyunjae previously.

    Meanwhile, Haknyeon looked quite terrified as he never would’ve thought he’d see Hyunjae in person. The first time being on call already seemed to be awkward enough, but Hyunjae believed otherwise. He was fascinated after learning about the man that had irritated Changmin to the fullest, making the boy stand up so he could compare their heights.

    Seeing Hyunjae in so much awe made you feel at ease, continuing to eat at your ice cream as you watched the two in amusement. As much as Juyeon tried focusing on his ice cream and Hyunjae’s newly founded presence, his eyes always managed to travel back to the newspaper. His brows were furrowed, rereading the front page with pursed lips.

    You noticed this after some time, tilting your head. “Juyeon, are you okay? Is there something wrong with the newspaper?”

    His head snapped up when you called him, immediately pulling the newspaper into his lap. “Nope, nothing. Just, reading what they wrote.” He chuckled somewhat awkwardly.

    Hyunjae soon caught on to what’s happening, finally remembering why he was here to begin with, and it wasn’t for Hakyeon.

    He looked around and then spotted the door to Changmin’s room being shut. He sighed, shaking his head. “I found your brother eating our chips while watching some movie on the television in our dorm,” he explained, resting his arms on the top rail of one of the empty chairs.

    Juyeon raised a brow, letting out a confused noise. “Changmin was in our dorm? How the hell did he get in?”

    “Beats me. But I came to get back my roommate for the day.” He pulled Juyeon up by the arm, tugging him out of your apartment after giving you a warm goodbye smile with a wave.

    Juyeon was about to complain about not being able to finish his ice cream but with Hyunjae’s change in attitude showed that this was an urgent matter. He gave you an apologetic smile, wishing that he was able to spend more time with you and Haknyeon before his departure.

    Right when the door shut, Juyeon went back to looking at the newspaper, addressing the worry that has been bothering him for the past hour or two to Hyunjae. “When they said two freshmen would be joining us, I thought it would be Y/N and Hyunjun? I thought Sunwoo was just some other kid joining another sports team? Why the hell did Chanhee have to be so vague when he knew we were both on the soccer team?”

    Hyunjae sighed, taking a quick glance at it before shaking his head. “That’s why I came to pick you up in the first place, actually. Sangyeon told me the news.” Hyunjae entered the elevator with Juyeon, pressing the button to the lobby before gripping the railing behind him. “Apparently Hyunjun chose to go to SNU and play for their team.”

    Juyeon’s jaw dropped. “SNU? Wasn’t he recruited here?”

    “Yeah, but figured SNU would be better to play soccer for.”

    Juyeon almost tossed the newspaper on the ground, hoping that Hyunjae was lying. “You’re fucking with me, right? He’s going to be playing with that shit of a college?”

    “Woah, chill Juyeon.” Hyunjae wrapped his arm around Juyeon’s shoulder, leading him out of the elevator. “One, SNU itself isn’t shit, it’s the soccer team. And two, I really, really wish I was kidding right now.”

    “He was our best bet for a goalie with the soccer team,” he mumbled, clutching onto the newspaper.

    “I know I know. It’s a huge fucking loss. We’re going to have to find a goalie during try-outs.”

    Juyeon stopped walking and turned towards Hyunjae, looking for any features that said he was lying once again. However, Hyunjae was completely serious, shaking his head once more before continuing to tug Juyeon as they walked outside. “I’m serious, Juyeon.”

    “That’s bullshit. A new goalie during try-outs? How do they expect us to find a goalie? Don’t they have a backup plan? A goalie that was close to being recruited?”

    “Apparently not.”

    “How the hell are we going to survive this year?”

    “Juyeon.” Hyunjae took a deep breath and stopped walking, raising Juyeon’s wrist; the one that held the newspaper. “Sunwoo and Y/N are our best bet at the moment. Let’s not underestimate what Changmin has told us about Y/N, okay?”

    Lectures begin in less than a week, but that didn’t matter to Younghoon. Lectures will never matter.

    Sure, it would be considered a waste of money, but Younghoon was rich and smart enough to barely pass the exams. He didn’t need to attend just to listen to useless introductions of his fellow classmates and be given assignments that he wouldn’t end up doing regardless. Being smart and holding multiple degrees didn’t seem like it’d give him much bragging rights. Nobody gives a fuck. You don’t go walking down the streets with your fancy diploma.

    The only thing people cared for was money and looks, and Younghoon already had both of those.

    So what was the point in attending SNU?

    Easy: to gain popularity points.

    Many use the excuse that people left popularity back in the past with high school and said that it didn’t matter in college, but those people were the same ones that never experienced it. Popularity never leaves. If your old high school thought you were hot, no shit your college would also believe the same. There was no such thing as some people being slightly popular and others were considered ‘nerds’, Younghoon would admit to that, but there are people that the entirety of the campus knew, and Younghoon is one of them.

    In no means was Younghoon a frat boy and nor did he hold parties every single night, but he gained his popularity by attending those parties and for his looks. Oh, and the most important part about himself. He was the striker on the soccer team.

    Well, that and he was also the mastermind behind all the wins SNU has been receiving for the past two years. He’s scored multiple goals, yes, but that wasn’t what made them win. They won by playing dirty, always messing with the other team’s brain before fucking them up during the match.

    They’d cheat and never once get called out. When they were, it was usually by people from the other team and most would assume that they’re just petty losing bitches.

    And that is basically Younghoon’s college life. The superior in his soccer team and the most unapproachable student on campus.

    So to be stuck with a fucking freshman as a roommate brought his reputation down immensely. He even considered joining a fraternity because of this, but Younghoon was his own one man show. He didn’t need to be in a frat. The only team of people he really had was the soccer team, but even they were quite pathetic in itself.

    But back to his roommate; the kid was a clean freak. Younghoon was sure this kid had to be a loser back at his old school. Hell, he doesn’t even know his roommate’s name and nor does he plan on finding out. Younghoon doesn’t want to be associated with whatever that redheaded kid was.

    But on the day when his roommate had disappeared, it left Younghoon a tad bit curious. The boy had left during the evening and didn’t come back for hours, and it left a thought running through his mind.

    Once it had hit midnight, Younghoon was sure his roommate wouldn’t return in the next hour or so. If he was at a party, which he unlikely was, he probably would be staying until later into the night and not even come back until the morning. If otherwise, he would’ve been back earlier by now.

    So being the person Younghoon was, he infiltrated his roommate’s section of their shared bedroom. He meticulously dug through his duffle bag. His roommate had only brought a few suitcases and this bag in particular, but Younghoon was sure the stuff in his suitcases only consisted of clothing or shit that he wasn’t interested in. Younghoon was thankful that the younger was organized, it being easier to search through his items. He spotted a small stack of duplicate student id cards, at which he snorted at. But because of this, he found out his name was Youngjae. Though a few seconds later when he read through the signatures on Youngjae’s yearbook, everyone called him Eric.

    Well, if anything Younghoon gotten out of his search was that Eric was a fucking loser.

    Or at least came from a loser of a school. He had never once heard of his school, much less his city, in the state they lived in, and based off of his yearbook, it seemed pretty tiny.

    But as soon as Younghoon was about to close his yearbook, he found a small photo album in the duffle bag as well. He pulled it out of the bag and didn’t hesitate to open it, finding photos of his roommate with a supposed friend looking as young as elementary schoolers. But Younghoon didn’t care much for those. It’s what accompanied those two.

    In almost every picture, the pair held soccer balls or were on the soccer field, messing around. This led to Younghoon rechecking the yearbook, and there Eric was in the photo for his high school’s soccer team.

    This sparked an idea in his head. He shut everything and shoved it back in the bag just like how he found it. He scanned his items around the room, his eyes catching onto a framed photo of Eric and his friend both trapping a soccer ball under their feet. Younghoon smirked at the sight before finally leaving the room.

    At first, Younghoon was drowning in the fact he might have to be stuck with this loser for the rest of the year. But now, he realized that maybe, just maybe, he could get his loser of a roommate to join the soccer team. He could make this freshie one of his puppets, wanting to make him brag about having Younghoon as a roommate.

    And that would definitely give Younghoon some popularity points.

    A/N : writer's block was an absolute bitch this week, but i'm glad i was able to put something out that's hopefully worth reading?
    and please ignore juyeon's overuse of the word 'hell' idk man that wasn't intended


    #the boyz #the boyz sunwoo #kim sunwoo#sunwoo fanfiction#sunwoo fluff#sunwoo angst#sunwoo ff#sunwoo series#tbz #the boyz fluff #the boyz fanfiction #the boyz sunwoo drabbles #the boyz sunwoo timestamps #the boyz sunwoo imagines #the boyz sunwoo au #the boyz sunwoo angst #fic: headline
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    Headcanons: Sunwoo as a Boyfriend

    Summary: What’s Kim Sunwoo like as a boyfriend? How would you two get together, and what’s your relationship like once you start dating?

    Pairing: Kim Sunwoo x Gender Neutral! Reader

    Word Count: 1.4k

    - First of all Sunwoo is just such boyfriend material, like have you seen how cute he is when he flirts with Deobis?

    - It just shows that that man would be so whipped for his s/o, he is in love with everything you do and thinks you are basically perfect

    - Now, as for how he’d ask you out, I feel like he’d probably be a bit shy when he has a crush on you.

    - However, he’s also fairly confident, which can be confusing and leads to him hiding his crush from you for a little while, but eventually being able to confess without having to really summon the courage or anything like that.

    He basically thinks that if you don’t like him back then he’d rather find out sooner than later, because then he can start the process of moving on and restoring your friendship. 

    - He’d still want to confess in a sort of romantic, cliche way though, because he thinks that that kind of stuff is really cute and endearing (and maybe it’ll make you more likely to see him as more than a friend?)

    - So he asks you to meet him in a secluded area of a park (because he doesn’t want you to feel pressured to say yes if other people are nearby, so he found a place where he was almost certain you two would have privacy), telling you that he had something important he wanted to talk to you about

    - Of course that left you pretty nervous as you made your way to the park, arriving to find Sunwoo dressed in a simple but cute outfit with wavy hair and an adorable bouquet of flowers in his hands, grinning nervously though he tried to appear as confident as possible

    - He kinda just blurted the question out as soon as you reached him, you didn’t even get a chance to say hi before you heard his voice rush out, “I really like you a lot, do you wanna go out with me?”

    - You took a moment to process what he had said before you gently started giggling, finding the way he was attempting to appear as confident as possible even though you could clearly sense nerves radiating off of him endearing in a silly way to you

    - You quickly tell him that you’d love to go out with him, though, because you don’t want the boy to mistake your giggles as malicious or making fun of him in any way

    - Sunwoo is the most flirty boyfriend ever once the two of you are together, which I’m sure most of you would assume from all the videos of him flirting with Deobis through the screen sdfbieurfien

    - He’ll constantly do that thing we’ve all seen him do where he asks you for a kiss on the cheek, ignoring your knowing glare as he moves his head at the last second, leading you to place a kiss on his lips (you are not surprised at all, he’s done this so many times at this point that you expect him to do it every time he asks for a kiss on the cheek)

    - He still grins cheekily every time he pulls this little trick on you, and he savors every kiss with you so don’t expect to just give him a quick peck (honestly I doubt Sunwoo would accept a peck under almost any circumstances, he wants to give you a real kiss unless you truly don’t have the time, and even then he’s making it up to you with an extra passionate kiss when he gets the chance)

    - Another thing that I’m sure most of us would expect from Sunwoo as a boyfriend is that he definitely has a tendency to get jealous sometimes

    - He is very rational with his jealousy, he completely trusts you and knows you would never go behind his back, and he also completely respects your friendships. He isn’t overbearing and doesn’t feel the need to know every single detail about your friendships or when you hang out with your friends, but he does like to talk to you about your friends and when you hang out with them just because he likes talking to you about your life and his!

    - But if someone blatantly flirts with you, especially if that person can clearly tell you have a boyfriend, then he definitely gets a bit jealous

    - He is aware that his s/o is attractive and amazing, because he’s the lucky guy who gets to date you. But if someone else is blatantly trying to get your number/go on a date with you, he will put an arm around your waist and even go as far as to kiss you in front of them to show that you are, in fact, taken

    - If you would prefer to handle things yourself then he lets you, simply standing and staring at the person with a fierce glare as you send them on their way, but his jealousy definitely makes him want to show that person that he is already your boyfriend, and you’re not looking for anyone else

    - Moving on from that, I also feel like Sunwoo is the type of boyfriend who prefers simple dates a lot of the time?

    - I think one of his personal favorites is like, doing that thing where you go to a playground late at night, just the two of you under the comfort of the stars in a place that heavily reminds you of your childhood.

    - He loves how it allows the two of you to just act childish, playing silly games of tag with one another and such.

    - And he also just loves sitting at the bottom of the slide together, talking about anything and everything and holding you close as you adoringly stare at the stars in the sky above you

    - His schedule also just makes it difficult to have more complex, long dates, so simpler dates are usually the go-to

    - He does like going out a lot though, so prepare for a lot of dinner dates at some small restaurant or diner near his studio or walks in the park which end in a cute little picnic for the two of you

    - Occasionally you visit larger, more crowded places together (He really likes taking you to movie theaters because it gives him the excuse to do that cheesy thing where he pretends to yawn and throws his arm around you) but he doesn’t like worrying about being recognized a lot when he’s trying to have a nice date with you, so he prefers more quiet places

    - He’s also literally like, the funniest boyfriend you could have. 

    - He refuses to go even a day without making you laugh, because he thinks your laugh is the most beautiful sound ever, so he will do anything to get you to laugh, from making a fool of himself to telling the most terrible jokes imaginable.

    - Sunwoo likes to pretend he’s not clingy, but don’t let him fool you. He’s usually dying to cuddle you, he just somehow finds a way to somehow make you ask for cuddles instead so he can pretend to be exasperated even though he’s been waiting to pull you into his arms for at least an hour lol

    - His favorite cuddles are when it’s time for the two of you to go to bed, he has a really hard time sleeping without you next to him honestly.

    - He loves being the big spoon and being able to hold you as the two of you sleep, knowing that you’re safe and secure in his arms and that you trust him enough to keep you safe through the night. It sounds cheesy, like a lot of the things Sunwoo does as a boyfriend, but it’s truly just because he cares about you so much.

    - Speaking of which, in general this boy is just so full of love for you it’s crazy.

    - Sure, he may jokingly whine about your cuddles even when he secretly wants them too, but he’s always bragging about how amazing you are and how lucky he is to have you.

    - And he’s always looking at you with that look in his eyes when he thinks you’re not watching, the one that shows how you truly are the center of the universe to him.

    - To summarize all of that, Sunwoo is an amazingly fun boyfriend to have who genuinely adores you so much and holds so much love for you in his heart it’s ridiculous, and the two of you truly are so lucky to have found one another.

    Request - Anonymous said: hiii can i request boyfriend sunwoo headcanons??

    A/N: Hehe I really love boyfriend headcanons, and finishing these up finally allowed me to get back to writing which is really nice. As I said in my previous post, I’m really sorry about how inactive I’ve been recently. I have a bunch of things that are, like, half-written that I need to finish up so hopefully more work will be posted soon! I should be active more often again starting now lol. Requests are currently open for everything except reactions, which are closed at the moment, so if you have a request that isn’t a reaction please send it to me in my inbox!

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    #achlys: tbz imagines #the boyz scenarios #the boyz#eric sohn#kim sunwoo #the boyz smut
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    The Boyz reaction to:

    You (their girlfriend) not wearing a bra underneath your coat.

    Eric and Sunwoo edition!

    Thanks for the request! Feel free to send in other ideas and I'll try my best 🥰

    🤍, Achlys


    - you and Eric go to see a movie and you take off your coat once you get to your seat

    - you shiver at the cold air and Eric turns to you, concerned. He's about to ask you if you were cold already, when he notices something

    - your nipples were protruding through your thin shirt and he felt his pants tighten as he shamelessly stared

    - you notice him go quiet and you know exactly what he saw that caught him off guard

    - you lean in closer to him over the armrest, subtly pushing your chest out even more

    - Eric licks his lips. "Are you cold baby? Need me to warm you up?" He whispers, as the theatre darkens and movie trailers start rolling.

    - he puts the armrest up so you can snuggle into him better, your back to his chest and he runs his warm hands up and down your sides

    - you lean into him as the movie starts playing and he continues to leave gentle, casual touches on you

    - the movie starts to get interesting when suddenly you feel him cup your breasts and you stifle a moan

    - you feel him shake with silent laughter at your reaction and he starts to massage your tits, fingers prodding at your nipples

    - you keep writhing from the stimulation, which means your ass keeps rubbing against his crotch and he can't take it

    - he pushes you to lean back over the armrest on the other side and starts sucking on your nipples, leaving hickeys and bite marks as he fingers you under your skirt

    - you clamp a hand over your mouth to keep your whines and moans quiet, your other hand gripping his hair. at least you chose a seat in the back and far away from others

    - you cum all over fingers nearing the end of the movie and Eric sucks on his fingers as he drinks up the sight of you panting- your spit-covered, marked-up breasts illuminated by the dim light of the movie screen and he swears he will never forget this image

    - the movie rolls to an end and you quickly pull your shirt back down, wincing at how rough the material felt against your sensitive nipples

    - you put your coat back and both of you adjust yourselves to look as normal as possible as the lights came back on, even though some people cast you curious glances as they left the theater

    - you two were the last to leave, and walk past an usher with the nametag Younghoon. He shakes his head at the two of you, mumbling "I don't get paid enough for this" as he walks into the theatre to clean up.

    - you blush and apologize meekly, while Eric laughs and pecks you on the cheek. He promises to make it up to you for missing most of the movie, by having your own movie night at home, with lots of cuddles and even more privacy to do whatever you wanted.


    - you visit him at the dorm one afternoon and you've been lounging about in his bed for a while, without taking your jacket off

    - he says its odd, and tries to be a gentleman by helping you out of it but you gently push him away, saying its okay

    - he pouts, saying you look uncomfortable and its making him feel stuffy too. You laugh at how adorable he looks and you crawl over to sit on his lap

    - you slowly unzip your jacket, revealing your bare torso, and Sunwoo's eyes widen so comically that you think his eyes are about to fall off his face

    - you toss your jacket to the side and he licks his lips at the sight of your breasts just inches away from his face. you can feel him hardening in his sweats beneath you and you slowly grind on him, and he swears under his breath

    - his hands come up to massage your boobs as he sucks at a nipple, flicking his tongue on the hard nub every so often. You close your eyes in pleasure when you felt teeth on the skin right above it. He bites hard, not enough to break the skin, but enough to leave a ring of teeth marks on your skin

    - he moves on to your other breast, sucking on the skin hard, leaving hickeys all over your chest as his nimble fingers pinch and rub your nipples

    - you free his cock from his sweats and stroke him slowly, and he's groaning, his hot breath on your skin turning you on too

    - he pulls your skirt and panties off and slowly inserts himself into you, being very careful since he hadn't stretched you out

    - you bounce in his lap and he thrusts upwards to meet you halfway, the bed creaking with the motions

    - you lean down to kiss him and he kisses you back hungrily, nibbling on your bottom lip before diving back to suck on your nipples, causing you to mewl at how raw they felt from the constant attention

    - he fucks up into you faster and harder, reminding you that any one of the members could come home at any moment

    - a few more sloppy thrusts is all it takes before you cum at the same time, Sunwoo hugging you close and resting his head on your chest as you ride out your orgasms

    - your eyes are closed and your head tossed back, trying to catch your breath, looking absolutely ethereal in the late afternoon sunlight

    - Sunwoo looks up at you, admiring how beautiful you look like this, little bite marks and hickeys adorning your chest for days, before pressing a sweet kiss to your lips

    - he's torn between wanting you to show it off so everyone knows you're his, or wanting you to cover them up so only he can admire them

    - your little romantic moment is shattered by the sounds of the boyz coming home and you both scramble to get dressed, Sunwoo tossing you one of his shirts. its too big for you but it'll have to do

    - you both get dressed just in time for Kevin to open the door and he looks at the two of you sitting very awkwardly apart, confused

    - he says hi to you, belatedly noticing the marks on your chest thanks to Sunwoo's oversized shirt being rather low-cut on your frame. he blushes and tells you that he'll be sleeping in the living room tonight, before bolting from the room

    - you and Sunwoo look at each other and laugh, and decide to cuddle a little more before showering

    A/N: I hope this turned out alright, this is kinda new for me. Lemme know if you want more reaction-type stuff or any other suggestions, please 🥰

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    you are my today and all of my tomorrows.

    #the boyz sunwoo #the boyz #the boyz icons #the boyz imagines #kim sunwoo #love of my heart #love of my existence #love of my life #love of my love #he is art #he is so perfect #he is so handsome #he is so fine #he is so cute #he is my beloved
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    The Boyz as tumblr posts

    a/n: this is purely made just for humor
    masterlist ♡

    ◇ Lee Sangyeon

    ◇ Jacob Bae

    ◇ Kim Younghoon

    ◇ Lee Hyunjae

    ◇ Lee Juyeon

    ◇ Kevin Moon

    ◇ Choi Chanhee/New

    ◇ Ji Changmin/Q

    ◇ Ju Haknyeon

    ◇ Kim Sunwoo

    ◇ Eric Sohn


    ◇ Moonbae

    ◇ Moonbae in that vlive

    ◇ Members about Sunwoo

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    [SUNWOO] kiss~
    #the boyz#kim sunwoo#tbznetwork#tbzinc#mgroupsedit #dri.gif #not me opening my laptop #n we_the_boyz [선우] notif pops up at the same time #he said time to cloud (mocking) #LKSJHDGLDJGDS#sw:twt
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    zero-probability | ksw

    [chapter 14]

    previous | masterlist | next

    summary: both you and sunwoo knew that life would always throw its hurdles, especially now as college season is coming up. but who would've thought that part of "life's hurdles" was getting someone else's college application results? because as of what they know, that should be a zero-probability event—something that would and should NEVER happen.

    taglist: @fr0gluver @suzy-rainbow @artfulbarnes @skiez @bloom-bloom-pow @kswr1d @jaerisdiction @fullsun9890 @404-incorrect @nyuworld @winterbeartaehyungbestboy @17scheol @rindomo @p-prettysour @cloudskyu @nyuoot (reply to this post or send an ask/message if u wanna be part of the taglist! :>)

    a/n: just a cute filler chapter for this next coming week 😌

    #sunwoo social media au #sunwoo sm au #sunwoo imagines#sunwoo scenarios#sunwoo series#sunwoo fluff#sunwoo angst #the boyz social media au #the boyz sm au #the boyz imagines #the boyz fluff #the boyz angst #the boyz#kim sunwoo
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    We're in love with this carnival.

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    slow down | kim sunoo. 

    synopsis. he’s safe to be around, is what you were told. he wouldn’t hurt a fly, is what you were told. he’d kill anyone who looked or touched you the wrong way, was what you weren’t told.

    genre. angst, mafia au, s2l au.

    pairing. mafia leader! sunoo, highschool girl! oc. 

    due date. soon.


    #kim sunwoo scenarios #enhypen sunoo#sunoo#sunoo imagines#sunoo ff #enhypen jake sim #enhypen heeseung#enhypen niki#enhypen jay#enhypen jungwon#enhypen#enhypen ff#enhypen angst#bts smut#enhypen blurbs#enhypen scenarios#enhypen imagines #enhypen incorrect quotes #enhypen incorrect texts #sunoo x reader #heesung x reader #jungwon x reader #niki x reader #jake x reader #jay x reader #sunghoon x reader #enhypen teaser#enhypen reactions #enhypen fake texts #kim sunoo
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