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    Never summon a Demon

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3EsJlgh

    by Emerald_raindrop

    It is said that demons are evil, cruel and can only do bad deeds aka sin. Well what if all of it was a lie to make humans afraid of them and eventually not get involved in their business?

    The demons are actually very caring and loving they're quite content in their own dimension, and they will help you no matter what and will love to live with you.

    Their dimensions are sealed and they cannot come to earth's dimension by themselves. But they can be summoned here by opening a small portal through which they can travel to earth and to the one who had summoned them

    Just to confirm this theory, a rookie wizard performs a ritual to summon a Demon and somehow the ritual goes wrong and the demon ends up coming to a normal human who has no clue of whatsoever.

    Read more to find out how this proceeds.

    Words: 859, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS

    Rating: Not Rated

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Kim Taehyung | V, Park Jimin (BTS), Kim Namjoon | RM, Kim Seokjin | Jin, Jung Hoseok | J-Hope, Jeon Jungkook, Min Yoongi | Suga, Original Female Character(s)

    Relationships: Kim Taehyung | V/Park Jimin, Kim Namjoon | RM/Kim Seokjin | Jin

    Additional Tags: this fic exists because taehyung once had hazel contacts on, Demons, taehyung is a demon, Strawberry, I Can't Believe I Wrote This, angst because i want it, romance is overrated, demons are not scary, alternate universe - a strawberry loving demon, jimin accidently summons a demon, Gay Romance, they will makeout while you read and cry in single, Witches and Wizards, wizard namgi, love triangle?, I like to torture my characters, This is crazy, lets cry together in bathroom, Bathroom Sex, Shower Sex, i dont know what is a normal conversation, ouja board gone wrong, i'll break some myths here, demons are caring okay, Humans Are Weird, gayness ft single author, i know you're reading this in your online class

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3EsJlgh

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    BTS as Obey Me Characters

    A/N: Okay so I couldn't decide on just one character for some of the boys, so some have two. I'm sorry if you don't feel that any of these are accurate. These are just my thoughts.

    This one is for one my best friends @ghostkat23 !

    Warning: Possible game spoilers?

    Seokjin - Mammon

    Jin gives me big Mammon vibes. Like let's put aside that Mammo is a bit of a tsundere. He's got a soft side that comes out more and more throughout the game. And honestly, I find Jin and Mammo to be so funny and charming.

    Yoongi - Satan

    I call him (Satan) Tannie tho

    Well. Do I really have to say much? Yoongi is a cat, Tannie is a cat. But other than that, I feel that the two are similar. At first they might show one side of themselves that people may not understand. But once you really try getting to know them, you find that they are much softer and sweet under their hard exterior. They are both pretty smart and find comfort in the things that they love (reading for Tannie and music for Yoongs).

    Hoseok - Diavolo

    Honestly, Hoseok being the prince of Hell, Dia is just quite fitting. Dia is just a bundle of fun. I think if he had more free time, he'd be the life of the party (more than he already is)! Hobi definately matches the happy-go-lucky giddy-ness of Dia. Just they're both cute balls of sunshine!

    Namjoon - Lucifer/Beel

    WELL. Since Hobi is Dia, he must have his fellow 94 liner as Luci right? Joon would be a more softer version of Luci I think. Luci's the oldest of the brothers and he will do anything it takes to protect them. Joon would do the same for the members although he's the monkey-in-the-middle when it comes to age. He definitely has unwavering loyalty to his members as Luci does to Diavolo.

    Okay but hear me out, Namjoon has the biggest Beel energy. He's just so cute and squishy. No one wants either of these boys to get hurt. Also have you SEEN Namjoon recently?! He's BUFF. And honestly, if Tae is his 'Belphie', then it all makes sense. Namjoon cares for Tae so much and it shows by their interactions. Also, he could never say no to him just as Beel could never say no to Belphie.

    Jimin - Asmo/Solomon

    Asmo and Solomon just seem to fit Jimin to me. Asmo just seems to be the perfect best friend/boyfriend you'd want to have. He'd honestly shower you in so much love and compliments (but do be sure to give him some too). Solomon on the other hand is so mischievous to me yet he seems to mean well. Jimin is just so full of love for those who cares for the most and he certainly is mischievous too, liking to play jokes on his members.

    Taehyung - Belphie

    I chose Tae to be Belphie as I see them both as pretty blunt but also super cute and cuddly. They speak their mind no matter what but they have loyalty to those they have a strong bond with. Honestly they're both so endearing. Just I have this soft spot for both of them. I can't help it. What more can I say, I will just continue to gush about how adorable they both are!

    Jungkook - Levi/Simeon

    Okay so Jungkook looks up to Namjoon right? Well, Simeon probably looked up to Luci when he was an angel, maybe. He definately finds Luci to be beautiful in his angel or demon form. And well, JK find Joon to be very handsome. I just can't help but add that (especially since I put Joon as Luci).

    Now for JK as Levi, I think it makes sense since they're both introverted gamers. I think they're both hilariously chaotic. Honestly I love watching videos of Jungkook having fun with the boys or just doing something funny. Just like I enjoy playing the game and seeing Levi get so excited about the anime/manga/games he enjoys so much and how sometimes he feels like summoning Lotan!

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    BTS’ 2022 Grammy Submissions

    - BE Album of the Year Best Pop Vocal Album Engineered Non-Classical - Butter Record of the Year Song of the Year Best Pop Duo/Group Performance - Permission to Dance Best Music Video Nominees will be announced on the 23rd of November.

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    Inexperienced ~ Kim Taehyung

    "Baby you are incredible.."he panted out, head thrown back into the headboard. His fists were clenched around the bed sheet. He laid, legs sprawled open, the muscles over his thighs strained. His toes curled at the intense pace you were moving your head up and down.

    His neck flexed with his Adam's apple bobbing ever so often as profanities erupted through his tightened lips. His hair was sticking to his sweaty forehead and his eyebrows joined together while he bit his lips to suppress his moans.

    His lips had been pulled on and sucked dry, hung low and swollen with a slight red tone. You lied between his legs pleasuring his tip as he laid on the less than desirable end, over delicate from the simulation.

    Digging your nails on his squirming thighs to stop him from moving you kept him in place as you put your skilled mouth to work.

    His climax hitting the back of your mouth as you took every drop in not allowing yourself to spill it out. You wiped your mouth with the back of your hand as you laid beside putting your hand over his stomach. He opened his eyes as he looked to your side, smiling ear to ear as he relaxed before pulling you closer.

    "You take me to heaven every time" He mumbled as he looked at you before pressing his lips with yours "I can't feel my legs" he breathed out as you massaged his thighs. "I have never come this hard, this felt different" he said as you hummed in response.

    "Do you want me to do the same to you?" Your ears perked up as he finished his sentence. You nodded before sitting up straight and standing up from the bed. He looked up at you as he sat down, his legs dangling to the side of the bed.

    "T-Teach me how you want me to touch you" you smiled at him before he hooked his fingers to the side of your panties as he pulled them down.

    "If you feel a bit overwhelming coming over you just tell me and we can stop" You said as he shook his head before pulling you closer to him by wrapping his hand around your hips.

    He tugged on the end of your shirt as he pulled it over your head before throwing it somewhere in the room. He kissed his way up from your waist to the space between your breasts.

    He nuzzled his head in between your breasts moving his head right and left. He brought his finger up to your nerves. Using his thumb he rubbed the already swollen up clit before placing his index finger on the entrance.

    He lifted your leg up to his shoulder as he looked at you before bringing his tongue out to flick on your clit sending shivers down your spine after a long time of suppressing your needs to fulfil his. Fastening his pace of his tongue, your legs started to shake from the sensation as you grabbed his hair.

    Getting up he kneeled down before you before repeating his movements. His fingers found their way up to your nipples as he tugged on them. He sucked on the entrance before bringing his thumb to gather the wetness from the slit as he kept moving his lips.

    "C-can I put my tongue inside?" He asked looking up at you as you nodded desperate for a release. Snaking his arm around your thighs to pull you closer, grinding your core against his mouth as he sucked before you released all over his mouth.

    "How was I?" "Too good for a beginner"

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    BTS as Paranormal Investigators

    Quick Definitions:

    EMF Meter - a scientific instrument for measuring electromagnetic fields

    EVP - electronic voice phenomena

    Spirit Box/Ghost Box - a radio with a frequency scan mode meant to detect EVPs and communicate with spirits

    Infrared Camera/Thermometer - Measures temperature changes


    Jin never wanted to get involved with ANYTHING paranormal before meeting any of the boys. He was just too scared of horror movies or anything of that nature. But when he and Yoongi became roommates, he felt the need to help his younger friend with

    What did he do as an paranormal investigator?

    Jin was the voice of reason when it came to investigating. He's really good at reading the room so he'd know when it was time to stop and regroup in a safer place. He always kept a close on Yoongi and Tae since they were the most sensitive. So if he knew that they were not doing well in an area, he was going to get them and everyone else out of there before anything escalated.


    The group's unknown resident medium. He has experienced way too much that he just mostly keeps it to himself as not to scare his friends. He often knows a lot of things before he is told and can guess future events. He's seen them happen in visions or in dreams. The only one who he'd ever opened up about it was Jin who had been his roommate and closest friend. Yoongi claimed that his soul recognized Jin's as they'd been friends in past lives, and knew he could trust him.

    What did he do as an paranormal investigator?

    The first thing he did was make it quite clear that this kind of work was not a joke. They had to be serious about it as this was all too real. He would reveal that he was experienced and that he was a medium who saw things that would scare even Namjoon or Jungkook.

    Yoongi would also make sure to have anything that would he would need for protection (holy water, crystals, medical kits, etc;). He'd rather them be safe than sorry. And he wasn't going to take any chances. So as you could probably imagine, Yoongi had a separate bag just for protection.

    He'd also be the main one to tell the others if something was in the room or the area they were in. He'd also relay any sort of information that they might not need/get through their equipment. If there was any sign of a malevolent entity, he'd rush them out of the place before telling them.


    He believed in the existence of spirits and things on the other side, but never experienced anything. He just wasn't too keen on the idea of bad things happening like in movies. It was Yoongi who had convinced him that there was so much more out there than just bad things. And his belief in Yoongi and his protection was what finally convinced him to attempt to face his fear.

    What did he do as an paranormal investigator? x At first he was pretty timid. Eventually he'd learn from Yoongi about protection and make it well known to the area that the group came with nothing but love and light, and that nothing was allowed to hurt them. Hoseok would also eventually be the group's historian, wanting to know about the place before hand. He'd even have maps of the areas so that they don't get lost.


    While Namjoon wouldn't be one to believe in ghosts or spirits or that places were haunted, he'd believe that there might be more beyond what they could see. Most things could be explained, but there were things that just couldn't. And with Jungkook being so excited about the group going 'ghost hunting', Namjoon just couldn't say no to him.

    What did he do as an paranormal investigator?

    He would keep an open mind when it came to the information they got from anyone who shared their stories. He'd also watch Yoongi's and Tae's reactions to things. He'd never seen them this way before so it was enlightening for them. And as he was kind of a non-believer, he'd find himself becoming more and more of a believer after certain experiences.

    Namjoon would be happy to volunteer himself to go to places alone to see if he can get anything on his EVP recorder. He'd also ask questions to the spirits when Jimin would hold the spirit box. He'd also be one of the first people to try to debunk certain things, like doors moving or their motion detectors.


    Jimin would believe in the other side but it wouldn't be something he really thought about. It's only when the topic gets brought up would he really think about it. He might be really curious and want to find to find out more beyond legends and stories. But he would draw a clear line in the sand. He'd be open to investigating as long as nothing dangerous happened to himself or his friends.

    What did he do as an paranormal investigator?

    Jimin would want to handle some of the equipment. So he'd be in change of the spirit box, as well as the EMF meter. He'd alert the group immediately when a word was said or when the EMF meter spiked to a high number in a certain area.


    He communes with angels for help and protection. He is not quite a medium but he has seen and experienced enough things to be pretty knowledgeable. He thought it'd be cool if he could experience more and maybe find answers to some of his questions. So he'd accepted Jungkook's idea immediately.

    What did he do as an paranormal investigator?

    While Yoongi sees, hears and feels spirts & entities, Taehyung would only be able to feel them and occasionally see them. He'd be pretty brave and would lead the group. He like Jimin would want to have some of the tech stuff, so he'd either take pictures, use a video camera or he'd use the infrared camera/thermometer.


    He's the one who came up with the idea. He was an avid fan of those who went to spooky locations to try to get actual footage and evidence of spirits and ghosts. He had never experienced anything himself but he was interested, especially since he knew Tae had.

    What did he do as an paranormal investigator?

    Jungkook would 100% volunteer to be the camera man. He could follow the members or lead the way as he documents everything. He'd also make sure to have all the ghost hunting/investigating equipment that they'd need.

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    🎬Too Far Gone || kth mini-series

    🎬Take 02


    Both of you are top Stars acting in the newest hit drama. Taehyung plays the second lead—with whom you have much more chemistry with instead of the first lead. Was it because you slept with each other? Or is it your growing feelings?

    🎬Pairing: actor!Taehyung x actress! Reader x Seokjin

    🎬Word Count: 4.8k

    🎬Warnings: alcohol use, smut, oral sex, angry sex, language, jealousy

    Previous Story: Drugs // pjm

    Too Far Gone m.list

    His hands felt your body up, aggressively yet softly, and his lips neared yours. You looked up into his eyes with what you thought looked like passion, and he looked down at you with his dark eyes.

    His arms were gripped around you as you found yourself falling into the wall behind you outside the hotel room door, and his heartbeat was strong underneath the thin clothing he wore.

    "If you don't stop me, I'm going to kiss you." He said, his eyes darkening even more.

    Your eyes met. "Who said it's you who needed to be stopped?" You said and twisted him around, so he was the one against the door. You reached in your back pocket quickly to grab the key card, and as it opened, it sent you two flying into the room, holding onto each other.

    His lips met yours aggressively, and you got caught off guard; he didn't taste like cigarettes or chocolate; it was more of a—

    "Cut!" The director yelled, a scowl on his face as he approached you and Seokjin.

    You broke apart from your cat mate and stood straight, breathing heavily. "What is it?" You spoke but glanced over at Taehyung, who walked into the room after seeing that mess of a kiss.

    "Listen, guys." He scratched the back of his head awkwardly. "This show is going to air next week, and we only have a few more scenes to shoot, but...the critics are already saying you have dull chemistry."

    You sent a sorrowful glance to Seokjin, who just shrugged. "We'll make sure it's steamy, Sir." He smirked and turned to you with a raised eyebrow. "Right, y/n?"

    Taehyung was in earshot. He's been watching you try to perfect this single kiss scene ten times now and watching you kiss another man shouldn't have made him as angry as he was.

    On the other hand, you felt ashamed that you imagined Taehyung as you were kissing Seokjin.

    Jin let out a little laugh as the director left to see the footage and stepped closer to you. He tilted his head down to stare intently into your eyes. "Y/n? How about we make this the sexiest thing on tv, that people can't stop talking about."

    You looked at Taehyung. You also had a few kiss scenes with him, but in the drama's context, they were in the past, and he was your first kiss. But things change, and tears later, you meet Seokjin's character that you can't resist, and he ends up being the one you're supposed to be with. You saw the dark look in Taehyung's eyes as he watched seokjin wrap a hand around your hip, and he scoffed accordingly. Your eyes followed his movements as he walked towards the wall, still looking irritated. You felt a bit good that you got a reaction like that from him.

    "Alright, let's get to work!"

    You and seokjin positioned yourself in front of the cameras in the hotel hall, and once the man yelled, "take eleven. Action," you began to stumble as if you were drunk.

    "Hye-Ji," Seokjin said in character, holding your shoulders to steady you as if his character wasn't drunk too. "Hye-Ji, which room were we in again?" His face was closer to yours than the last time, and as you stumbled to the right room, he tumbled into you, pressing you up against the door. His lips were close, and his eyes were narrow like he almost wanted to kiss you in real life. His hands slid down your body again, slowly yet rough, and rested at your hips. You remembered the feeling of Taehyung's large hands scaling your body and the soft touch of his fingertips.

    You knew what you had to do for this scene to go right. You've never had to do this before, especially if your lead was sexy. It's not like you weren't attracted to Seokjin, but something in your heart craved Taehyung. You hoped it wasn't feeling and told yourself it was only for his body. But in this case, it's time to act for real.

    "If you don't stop me, I'm going to kiss you." He said again, and you arched your back against the door as if Taehyung was the one saying it.

    You looked into his eyes, and for a second, your confidence faltered. But you kept it up and smirked at him seductively, your hands trailing his chest that was covered in a light t-shirt. Your lips were so close to his that when you spoke, they touched. "Who said it's you who needed to be stopped?" You breathed, and he stared at you, wide-eyed. You then tossed him, so he's back, hit the door, and you swiped the key card for it to open, sending you tumbling into the room with his lips on yours.

    You imagined they were Taehyung's. You imagined the taste of his cigarette that night and the subtle hint of strawberry soju. You imagined it was Tae's hands that were gripping you tightly, and you imagined that he was the one who tossed you onto that bed, just like that night.

    Your kiss deepened since this scene was supposed to be a bed scene, and he held the back of your head as he knelt on top of you. You felt the hardening of his dick through his pants, and you smirked, realizing you had such an affect on him.

    You didn't even open your eyes until it was scripted, and when you did, it was almost like you saw Taehyung over you. Right before he took your top off, the director yelled cut and clapped loudly, breaking you away from Seokjin quickly. He was smirking at you, and you did feel a bit bad for thinking about someone else while you were kissing him.

    "That was amazing!" The director came up to you both with a jolly smile. "We'll clear the room out then for the sex scene so it's just you and the cameras, feel free to get as creative as you want since this is a mature rated drama."

    "When are we starting the scene?" You asked, your thoughts elsewhere as you looked around the room for Taehyung, he was nowhere in sight.

    The director looked down. "This will be the last shot for the day so I'd like to get it done right now."

    You gulped while seokjin smiled. "Alright, we're ready then."

    "Great! Get positioned and well begin once everyone is out."

    There were a few cameras set up around the room that felt just like eyes. You wished you were in the other hotel room with Taehyung now, dreaming about the positions he put you in.

    "You guys can begin." The director called in through the door and you both laid on the bed, he sat at your hips and you laid there looking up at him.

    With a quick motion, seokjin took of the thin shirt and exposed this toned chest. He also took off his pants, but had a covering on his privates and the cameras wouldn't catch it. You leaned up to kiss him and took your shirt off in the process, leaving you in your bra. He kissed you roughly as his hands fumbled with the clip, and once he clipped it, his eyes looked down at you. Luckily, there was padding covering your nipples, but you still felt out in the open with him looking at you. Almost like you were vulnerable. You did what you did best and imagined him as Tae, and when he slid off your pants and you both rolled under the covers, for a second it felt like it truly was him.

    He gripped the back of your head and held it to his chest as he faked a few thrusts, and his lips met your neck hastily yet sweet. You smiled into the kiss and held onto his bare hips as he moved, and once again you imagined Taehyung penetrating you. You arched your back into Seokjin now, and as you kissed for the millionth time that day, there wasn't once you didn't think about Taehyung.

    The scene ended just as abruptly as it started and you tossed your clothes back on, feeling cold and vulnerable. He tossed his on as well, and he glanced at you with confusion. "Are you okay?" He asked you, stepping closer. "You seem a bit anxious."

    He looked as if he was going to kiss you again. That was a no no, you only kissed if it was for the show. You shook your head at that, and put a smile on your face. "No, I just need to use the restroom."

    At that, the crew piled in with large smiles, clapping. "Alright! Great job today. We'll start the past scenes with Taehyung tomorrow."

    You hurriedly ran out the room, subconsciously searching for the man you couldn't stop thinking about. When he was nowhere in sight, you sighed and found your way to the bathroom.

    You looked at yourself in the mirror and could only see your flaws. You felt like your nose was a bit too big, and that your eyes were a bit too small. Your hair was pretty at least, and the makeup definitely made you feel prettier. Even if you were the hottest woman in the country, that didn't come without insecurities.

    You went home after there was no sign of Taehyung. You felt like a part of you was missing since you weren't able to talk to him, and you wondered if he was feeling the same way. You flopped down on your bed, lost in your thoughts.

    Why were you thinking of him so much? It was only one night anyway. You've done it many times, why was this time so much different?

    Taehyung was thinking about you the same way you were thinking about him.

    He was at his friend Jimin's house, playing with Jimin's little daughter.

    "So you're telling me," Jimin shook his head in complete shock, his eyes wide. "That you slept with Korea's sweetheart? Y/n? Why didn't you tell me that when you were here last!"

    Taehyung shrugged and sipped on the chocolate milk that Jimin put a straw in by habit. "I didn't want Noona to know."

    Jimin furrowed his eyebrows and set his elbows on the table, holding his face up while he sat across from Tae. "Eunji wouldn't care—actually she'd probably squeal in excitement because she has a bit of a girl crush on—"

    "Did I hear my name?" Eunji, Jimin's wife walked in with a smile, her baby bump much bigger now since the last time Tae saw her. She kissed the top of Jimin's head and stood behind their daughter's high chair. She smiled at Tae, raising an eyebrow. "Who do I have a girl crush on?"

    "Y/n, Korea's sweetheart." Jimin smirked, glancing back at her. "He slept with her before they met at the drama set and he didn't tell us last time he was here." Jimin scowled playfully, but couldn't hold in his smile. "Dude, you're living the dream."

    Tae sighed, scratching the side of his head. "No, not really."

    "Why not? Is she not as nice as everyone says?" Eunji panicked, leaning over her daughter Haneul who seemed to be preoccupied with the chicken nuggets and applesauce on her plate.

    "No, that's not it." Taehyung's gaze fell to his hands that sat in his lap. "It's just that I'm having a hard time watching her with Seokjin."

    "No." Eunji gasped. "No fucking way are you serious? The Seokjin?!" She covered her mouth.

    Jimin slapped her shoulder playfully. "Honey don't say fuck, Haneul will pick it up."

    Eunji rolled her eyes. "You just said it."

    Jimin's eyes widened and he focused back on Taehyung. "Anyway, what do you mean you're having a hard time? It's not like you have feelings for her or anything, right?"

    When Jimin noticed the hesitant look on his best friend's face, he sighed. "Oh, boy."

    Taehyung groaned, taking the last sip of his chocolate milk, feeling childish about sulking in jealousy. "It sounds stupid, but I don't just sleep with anyone."

    His best friend looked to his wife and then back at him. "So why did you sleep with her?"

    Taehyung ruffled his hair in an effort to do something with his hands. "Because she was y/n. It's not like every guy in Korea has a crush on her or anything." He sighed, looking up to Jimin's eyes. "And because she approached me and looked so beautiful and I couldn't help myself..."

    "Ah." He smirked at the actor, sending him a wink. "So why are you standing around. She was the one who approached you, right? Why don't you approach her now?"

    "Because it's a widely known fact that she doesn't do relationships." Tae fiddled with his hands again. "You saw how many men she sleeps with, it always ends up in the tabloids."

    "That is true." Eunji said as she stole a chicken nugget from Haneul. "She had a nasty breakup a few years back or something. She even got arrested." She chuckled, but stood up quick. "Oh, I have to go. I got a meeting with the promotion team." She leaned in to kiss Jimin and waved bye. "I'll see you later, Tae. It was nice seeing you."

    "Drive safe, please. And don't work yourself too hard it isn't good for the baby." Jimin worriedly spoke to his wife, staring at her with such love that made Taehyung envious.

    Eunji smiled whole heartedly and blew a kiss to her husband. "I'll be home soon, make sure Haneul gets her bath before seven."

    Jimin nodded. "I love you."

    After they exchanged their i love you's, Taehyung wished he could explain how he was truly feeling. He was conflicted in both mind and body, with it craving your body and craving your undying love. He only knew you for a short while, but it was well of enough intimacy to be thinking about you for ages.

    Jimin smacked his hands down on the table, which caused Haneul to jump with a little cry. He immediately regretted it and pulled her out of the chair and set her down onto the ground. "Oh Haneul, I'm sorry baby."

    "It's okay daddy." She cutely said, and Tae smiled slightly. He wished he could have his own kids someday. He was already twenty-five, and hasn't had a true relationship—other than whatever you were to him.

    "I guess I should go, you should probably deal with her." Taehyung chuckled, scooting his chair back to stand up. "I'll let you know how the drama goes."

    "Drama indeed." Jimin laughed and hugged his best friend. "I'll see you when I see you, then."

    As Taehyung walked out of his friend's gorgeous house, he unlocked his car that sat at the other side of the street. As he got in the car, he sighed for the thousandth time today, his thoughts only of you. He cursed himself out in his head that you affected him so much, and rested his head on the steering wheel.

    Meanwhile, you were on your fourth shot of tequila. You were feeling some type of way that you swore you would never feel again. The bitter taste resonated on your tongue, and you were unsure if it was the alcohol the intense feeling of desire.

    And just like alcohol betrayed you every single time you drank it, it struck again as you began to find Taehyung’s number in your phone.

    As it rang a few times, he picked up the phone and answered, his voice a bit raspy. “Hello? Y/n?” He asked through the speaker. “Why are you calling?”

    You took a gulp of the tequila straight from the bottle. “What? Am I not allowed to call the man who fucked me?”

    “Y/n, not so loud.” He murmured, and you laughed at that.

    “Ha!” You chuckled, setting the bottle down on your table where you sat alone. “I can be as loud as I want.”

    He sighed. “Why are you calling me?”

    You looked down to your manicured hands, positioning them out in front of you to get a good look. “Oh, because I can’t stop thinking about you.”

    There was silence on the other end, and then he spoke up. “You’re drunk, aren’t you?” You heard him sigh, and heard the roar of an engine. “Are you home at least? It’s only two o’clock.”

    “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, baby.” You smirked as you brought the bottle up to your lips, imagining it was Taehyung. “Man, my thoughts have been wild.” You mumbled, rubbing your forehead.

    “Y/n, are you home?” He asked you gently, as if he was worried about you. It’s been a few weeks since your encounter at the hotel, and now just seeing him and not speaking to him on set made your heart ache for some reason.

    “No.” You laughed, trying to trick him. “Yes I’m home, why don’t you come over, Hm?” You playfully remarked, sliding a finger along the tip of the bottle. “I have so much I want to say to you.”

    “Y/n, I don’t think that’s a good idea.” He said, and silence followed. “You have no idea.”

    “Oh, I think I do.” You purred, tying your hair up in a high ponytail.

    “Listen, if I come over there, you won’t be able to handle my feelings.”

    You harbored the same feelings he was talking about, but had no confidence to jump into a relationship you thought would be doomed by the luck you had. You shook off his subtle confession and chuckled. “Just come over, it doesn’t have to be anything sexual.” You raised your eyebrows, knowing that’s what you wanted.

    “Fine, I’ll come. But only for the alcohol.” He quickly said, and you heard the car speed up. “Send me your address.”

    Of course, like the first time, the minute Taehyung stepped into your home your feet took you to him. He shut the heavy door behind him, rain dripping from his clothing.

    Oh, he looked delicious. “It rained?”

    “It’s still raining.” He shrugged, and took off the jacket that laid gracefully off his shoulders. “I wanted to smoke.”

    You crossed your arms over your chest, keeping your balance. “You know they aren’t god for you.”

    He slyly smirked, hanging up his jacket on the hook next to the door. “Neither is alcohol.”

    You pressed your lips into a line. “But it tastes good.” You licked your lips, and he couldn’t help but stare at them.

    Those words seemed like an innuendo that was meant. The evil glimmer in your eyes was the same as the day he met you, and he felt nervous when the desire began to creep up into his heart.

    “Anyway, come in. I have a wide range of alcohol.” You beckoned him to follow you and he kicked his shoes off and followed you into your beautiful penthouse.

    A few drinks and small talk later, things got a little more serious. Once he asked you, “what’s your motive?” You gulped anxiously.

    “Hm?” You tilted your head at him. “What motive?”

    You were both sitting on the couch, a few scattered bottles of soju sat on the coffee table along with the tequila you couldn’t stop drinking.

    He tilted his body towards you and took a sip of the soju from the bottle. “I’m saying that you didn’t call me here to talk. I know you want sex, y/n.”

    You didn’t know the emotion in the pit of your heart. He sounded to dull, his words flowing out of his mouth so flatly with no emotion. “Well, yeah. Of course I do. Have you seen what you look like?” You laughed it off, and grabbed another bottle of soju.

    He was drunk. You were drunk. But he also spoke from his heart when he was, and you were about to hear something you were dreading.

    “Y/n, I don’t just have sex with random people. You were intoxicating that day and I couldn’t help but fall for you over these past couple weeks.” He huffed, his hazy eyes meeting yours. “And you have no ducking idea how much it pisses me off to see that asshole touch you when I should be touching you.”

    Oh..oh my.

    You stayed quiet, letting him talk.

    “I get that you don’t do relationships. I don’t know the whole story, but I can’t do this with you. It’s too much for me.”

    You scoffed, sipping the soju. “Yeah, I see. So I’m too much for you, right?”

    He shook his head, his eyes widening. “No that’s not what I meant I—“

    You turned to face him now, not even hiding the grotesque scowl on your face. You were unsure why you were acting like this—maybe it was because you were scared about your true feeling—but you didn’t know it. All you knew was that the look he was giving you aggravated you.

    “You have no idea. The last time I fell in love was horrifying. I was physically and mentally abused and most of all, I devoted years of my life to that asshole only to be cheated on and my money stolen right out of my bank account.” You hissed, the alcohol getting to your words. You’ve never spoken about any of this to anyone, and of course it had to be coming out to a man you slept with. “That fucker took me for all I had, and I can’t trust anyone. I can’t have something like that happen again, Tae, I just can’t—“

    “Then let’s work on it!” He cried out, reaching out to hold your hands. “Let’s break you out of your worries, I can help you.”

    “No.” You hissed again at him, tearing your hand away from his and you stood up. “I can’t. It’ll only hurt you.”

    He stood up now too, wobbling a bit but he found his balance. “You fucking infuriate me.” He spoke harshly, but his eyes were soft. “You have no clue what you did to me, so you?”

    You quirked an eyebrow. “What? What could I have possibly done to you—“

    He took a step closer, the soju bottle still in his shaky hands. “First, you sleep with me and make me unable to forget you. Next you magically appear as my cast mate, and of course I have to watch you make out with someone so much better than me.” He growled, another step closer.

    You stood stationary until his feet met yours. “You have no idea how angry you make me, I just want to scream. You look so beautiful, and you have no idea how stunning you are.” His eyes softened even more. “And you call me here, and I still come even though I know your intentions.”

    He sighed, his anger still not simmered. “And I knew you were going to be in the drama before I met you at that club that day. I shouldn’t of slept with you that day, but I couldn’t help myself I just…I fell for you.”

    You looked away, and he grabbed your chin gently, tilting your head up.

    “You’re an awful person.” He said, but his actions said otherwise. “You infuriate me.”

    You smirked, your eyes meeting his hazy ones. “And you scare me.”

    He stayed quiet, his other hand coming to rest on your lower back, pulling you even closer to him. His forehead hit yours and his hot breaths tickled your lips.

    He raised an eyebrow. “Why do I scare you?” He hummed, his heart beat pounding though his chest.

    You lifted your hands to trail up his back. “Because you make me want a relationship. You make me want to be loved, and that scares me.” You laughed softly. “For fucks sake, I imagined I was kissing you when I was doing those scenes with Seokjin!”

    And just like that, his anger was quenched. Love filled his head at your words, and he smiled.

    “I’m sorry in advance.” He hummed, his voice low. “But you’re not going to be able to walk tomorrow.”

    With the last word barely able to come out of his mouth, his lips met yours hastily and rough, his hands pulling you to him and yours holding his face.

    Just like the first time you met him, he lifted you up and held the back of your thighs, and kept the kiss intact. He didn’t even bother trying to find the bedroom and he set you down so he could take your clothes off.

    One by one your articles of clothing flung off your body and he stared at you, but then he quickly took his own off until your hands gripped the hem of his shirt, pulling it over his head. He tossed himself onto you, your bare skin colliding like a shooting star. Before he could toss you onto the couch, you kneeled down and gripped his length, slowly shoving it in your mouth. He breathed in a sharp breath and you smirked with him in your mouth, and you moved quick, keeping your hands on your thighs, your mouth just doing the job.

    He moaned and moaned, gripping the top of your head to shove you deeper into him, which caused you to choke. That made him moan again, and he rocked his head back in pleasure.

    He then gripped your hair and pulled you up, tossing you onto the couch. You shook your head and pulled him by the hand. He was laying on the couch now and you sat up, crawling on top of him with confidence. He looked up at you with wide eyes and admiration, and you positioned yourself above him to slide onto him.

    You hissed loudly as the first feeling felt a bit painful, but once he was into you all the way, you groaned in satisfaction. You took notice of his expression, his eyebrows furrowed and his lips slightly parted. His hair was a mess across his face and you brushed it away, bouncing up and down on him.

    He quickly gripped your waist as you moved, and his breaths picked up speed as well as yours. You leaned forward and kissed his collarbone, then his neck, and then you bit his earlobe, causing him to cry out with a whimper. He moaned your name loudly that even your neighbor’s found probably hear, but you didn’t care. All you cared about was the man below you who stared up at you with such emotion you didn’t even know you were capable of.

    He quickly changed positions and tossed you under him, not taking himself out of you. His hands met your throat and he choked you, smirking. “You like it rough, huh?” He moaned out, quickly thrusting into you. “You’re such a bad girl. I hate you.”

    “I hate you.” You whined, gripping onto his hair with one hand and holding your other hand behind your hand. You had a kink of being handcuffed, and he seemed to sense it, gripping both of your hands and holding them above your head with one hand.

    He moved faster and faster, your teeth clashed together in your kisses just like the overwhelming feelings that took place in both your hearts. The pressure in your lower half sent your legs tingling as you came, feeling as high as a cloud, lost in the ecstasy that was named Kim Taehyung.

    Your moans echoed the room as he was ready to come, and you gripped onto his hips, holding him there for the feeling of it inside you. You didn’t worry about pregnancy, you’ve been on birth control for years now, never missing a day. But oh, when he came into you and you felt the warmth of it all, you sighed in delight.

    He softly kissed your lips and you kissed his back even softer, cradling this side of his face. He looked down at you with his gorgeous eyes and you never wanted this to end.

    He laid next to you on the small couch, both of you named and out in the open. You pulled the golden blanket down that was sitting on the top of the couch and covered yourself and him, and he cuddled into you. You felt his breaths tickle your neck, and his dick pressing against your leg. Oh, this was bliss. Easily the best sex you’ve ever had, and the only partner you ever wanted it from.

    Fuck other guys, he was the one you wanted.

    Now all you had to do was get over your fear of commitment, which is a lot harder than it sounded.

    But you were going to try. That’s what mattered.

    You were too far gone not to try.

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    28.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Sly like a... ? Part 27.5 [SMUT]

    [Full Masterlist] Beta: n/a (at the moment) Rating: All (Marked Chapters 18+) Pairing: Hybrid!BTS x FailedHybrid!Reader Genre: Hybrid au, fluff, action, adventure, angst, drama, slice of life. Some marked chapters will contain mature/smut scenes, BUT they will not have plot in those scenes and are 100% skippable without losing your place in the story.

    Summary: Human’s strive to be better, faster and stronger looking to animal DNA. Thus Hybrids are born. As the rise for designer and Pedigree Hybrids increase, so do the failed attempts. There is one species scientists are unsuccessful in creating, but, folklore says they have been here all along, hiding and blending in with the humans for many millennia. How clever they are.

    A/n: I am sorry this took so long, I was working an insane amount and I just wasn’t happy with the scene. I couldn’t bring myself to truly write something steamy. So I tried my best, I thought if I just post it than I can continue with the story cause I have been stuck on this chapter for a while. SORRY AGAIN!

    This was his chance, you stood up walking to the edge of his desk. “Jimin, I want you to kiss me,” he turned, sweeping his lean muscular arms around your waist pressing you against the cabinet. Lips crashing against yours with unbridled passion, aggressive yet not overbearing. Jimin knew you, he knew exactly what you wanted at that moment and he didn’t hold back. His hands clutched your waist bunching up the fabric of your dress, as yours gripped his hair. Some small portion of your heart knew about these feelings shared between you but they were always overlooked and the opportunities had been missed.

    Pulling him against you, his hands caught the cabinet for support. It was impossible for him to get any closer but the pressure of his body on yours was unbelievable. You rolled your body against him stirring the feelings some more allowing the tingles to brush against your skin. Jimin’s lips lifted off yours, his warm breath brushing your cheeks in some pantish giggle. Eyes searching yours and seeing exactly what he wanted triumphantly.

    He asked for a chance, he got it. He wanted you and he was successful, he was like an anchor holding you steady. Moaning with a drop of his head, his throat exposed with all thrumming veins taught. “Please tell me you enjoyed that as much as I did?”

    “Jimin,” You huffed a little annoyed, why did he stop? His mouth connected with your neck, leaving wet kisses against the small spot underneath your ear. Eyeing the door to the room, the frosted glass is your only warning for potential visitors. What would you do if someone stepped inside? Rolling your body against him he let out a chuckle.

    Jimin slid his hands over the curves of your ass squeezing gently before grasping your tail, pulling gently. Keening quietly into the private office, watching his ears twitch. “You make a cute trick”

    Jimin’s muscular thigh pressed between your legs sliding up against the apex of your thighs. Delicious sensations blooming with a heavy heart through your core. Cupping your ass once more, you have lifted up the cabinet, the doors shaking slightly against the sudden action. Wrapping your legs around Jimin’s waist for support only pressed him closer against you.

    There was no embarrassment, no hesitation, or awkwardness that came with ruining your friendship. In fact, it only seemed to assure you both. Knowing each other for so long you could read each other like an open book. Sincerity and wanting plenty and not a single shred of doubt or deceit. 

    Jimin held you with desperation, he wanted to prove himself to you. He wanted you to know how much he loved you. A small part of him wanted you to show him the same affection. Your heart wasn’t filled with Jimin alone but at this moment your head sure was. Swimming with ideas wants and needs. 

    There was a line between harmless friendships and lovers? Partners? The two of you hadn’t simply stepped over it. No, you both had raced into the new territory practically sprinting into the unknown.

    With your dress discarded to the floor, Jimin smiled at the tiny star pendant that sat on a tiny piece of fabric that held the two cups of your bra together. He flicked the bejeweled accessory pupils blown wide making his eyes appear darker and more dangerous. A shriek turned into giggles as his pointer finger wrapped over the small piece of fabric and pulled down.

    Your breasts were exposed to the cool office air and the shiver that overtook you was simultaneously the temperature and the hungry look in Jimin’s wild eyes. His lips were the softest thing you had ever felt, so full and plush against your breasts. His teeth however seemed to have other ideas playfully nipping at the flesh of your breasts making sure he left many little marks.

    His hand had slipped down the front of your panties and his fingers pressed into your warmth. Moans harmonizing in expectation of what was to come.

    “Please Jimin,” You pulled his face back from your chest, kissing him once more. Wanting more than just this from the calico young man. His tail had spun around your waist protectively. Pushing him away you let your feet settle on the ground, the two of you were panting as you stepped apart from one another. Blissed out Jimin nuzzled his nose against your neck delicately kissing under your jaw.

    “I am madly in love with you,” he admitted once more and you smiled, spinning the two of you around and walking backward until you hit his desk. Lifting yourself onto the smooth service you sat watching him. He giggled sweetly swooping in for another kiss. 

    Expertly flicking off your bra, you leaned back on your elbows watching as Jimin shimmied you out of your underwear, kissing your hips and thighs as he went. He was still dressed, the disheveled suit was sexy but you wanted him as much as he wanted you. Sitting up you pulled at his tie making him fall forward as you loosened the fabric and threw it aside, his shirt was the next to disappear. Releasing his belt, the metallic sound of his pants zip sounded almost heavy in the quiet office. Jimin stepped out of his trousers and underwear, the two of you bare before one another.

    Gripping behind your knees, Jimin pulled you down the desk. Your elbows slipped out from underneath you as you laid back against the desk. He leaned over you kissing every inch of you he could reach, fingers exploring your body as his hard cock brushed deliciously against your core. It was all for the friction, movement warranting pleasure. But you both knew it was more than meaningless sex. Jimin whispered his feelings assuring you of his genuine intentions as he finally pressed inside of you.

    Unable to reaffirm your own feelings as your thoughts fuelled by emotions were invaded by thoughts fuelled by pleasure. The message was the same: you were in love with Jimin but the reasoning had changed. You knew better than to say something in the heat of the moment, you wouldn’t let the first time you said it be in a pleasure-filled haze. You wanted it to be sweet, you wanted him to know with all the sincerity in the world that you loved him for him and not for his actions. The last thing you needed was a misunderstanding that you only liked him because he was good in bed.

    It didn’t take long for Jimin to finish. He could sense how close you were and even though he was unable to hold out, coming with a muffled groan and a few sporadic thrusts, his thighs shaking from the force of his pleasure. He pulled out sensitive but placed his fingers inside of you, pushing his seed inside you unwilling to let any of it escape. His mouth fell between your legs, his tongue teasing your clit in an effort to let you finish. Jimin was so attentive and made sure you were writhing in pleasure beneath him, before relaxing in post-coital bliss. 

    Serotonin flooded your veins leaving you satisfied, the two of you had recollected yourselves slowly dressing took a while. Not only was there the issue of finding each other's clothes which had been strewn about. There was the added distraction of affectionate touches. Jimin had stopped dressing multiple times to brush against you with loud purrs.

    [First] [Prev] [Next]

    Tags: @simplymemyself​ @lolsiiike​ @min2jeon​ @notruercolors​ @luvaffaire​ @grazysf​ @ella-mella​ @lustremyg​ @sonnymii​ @moments-of-melancholy​ @calling-dips-on-j-hope​ @jiminiessipabo​ @staerryminimini​ @afangirl91​ @halfway-insane​ @ireallylikeyourwriting​ @lindsayjoy444 @lindsay1013 @bangtansleftnut​ @chimchoom​ @boba-tea1206​ @leejongsukly433​ @fangirl125reader​ @islevenice​ @dapppphhhhh​ @meowmeowyoongles​ @minshirina​ @redperson58​ @weallneednamjesus​ @tedio83​  @kpopdreamer95​ @hearttkyun​ @momorikki @sweetb138​ @lifeisnot-daijoubu​ @greezenini​  @raemikaelson @1-800-stray-kids​ @taorislover94​ @xicanacorpse​ @fallencliff0rd @unicornbabylover​ @shownusshoulders​ @sinceritythatcouldntbedelivered @softescapism​ @jannahope​ ​​

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    ♥️ BTS ♥️

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    So I did a grey scaled version and a color version. The whole thing struck me as this over the top wedding to cover up the selfish reasons behind it for some reason. Idk, I tried. But I def feel like they would go all out because they can.


    #tatemae series#kim taehyung #enouement kim taehyung
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    seokjin: i've got a big problem! namjoon: math or real life!? seokjin: why would i have a big math problem!? namjoon: i've seen it happen before and i wouldn't be surprised.

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    hell yea

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    #asks#anon asks #thanks for reading! #thanks for sending! #please send asks because i love answering them #fic: feral#bts#kim taehyung#kim seokjin#taejin#taejin fic#fic asks
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    #asks#anon asks #thanks for reading! #thanks for sending! #please send asks because i love answering them #bts#kim taehyung#kim seokjin#park jimin#kim namjoon#min yoongi#jeon jungkook#jung hoseok #the sunset series
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    i can practically hear his deep voice help

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