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    ➳  After heavy discussions, decisions are made.

    Pairing: Taehyung x Reader ; Jimin x Reader 
    Genre & Warnings: Angst (infidelity), Brief mentions of smut
    Word Count: 7.1k+
    Song Recs: Could’ve Been, The Broken Hearts Club

    Index: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | finale

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    Jungkook is such a tremendous human being. His exterior physique may come off as intimidating, but JK is so sweet, so gentle and so considerate of the people around him. You can tell that he contemplates everything he’s going to do as if it’s the very last thing he’ll ever do. He’s so meticulous about anything with his name on it. The time he puts into himself and his craft is so inspiring to me. Jungkook and I are the same age and I look up to him so much 😭 We’re living completely different lives with diverging circumstances but he pushes me to keep going and to try new things.

    How does Jungkook inspire you?

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    🍗 = true love 💕

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  • — Guardian - YandereGuardian Angel! Jungkook

    • His mission on earth was to protect you in the purest way, but how did mere protection turn in dangerous obsession?
    • Word Count 3.7k
    • Warning - Yandere! Themes, Murder, attempted murder, and all around possessiveness, and obsession. ALSO I WANT TO DO A YANDERE SERIES WITH ALL THE BOYS, LIKE JUNGKOOK IS A GUARDIAN ANGEL WHAT SHOULD THE OTHER BOYS BE?
    • BTS - NCT - ATEEZ - Requests open for all groups!


    The guardian angel had one very specific job when he came down to earth. Simply protect his human from harm, but in the most humane way possible. That means no extreme measures should be took, the main priority should be to get the human out of the situation, without harm coming to anyone involved. He followed that rule throughly, well to be more clear, he followed it throughly when he was first starting out. Making sure the precious mortal was fine after a scrap was skidded across their knees to a small mishap in the kitchen that lead to a burnt palm. Everything he done was innocent, no ill intentions were behind any of his doings. In fact when he was first starting out he made sure things were handled in a graceful way. After all that was the main rule he had to follow.

    He’d be the little angel on your shoulder that was whispering how the situation should be handled. The thought of violence occurring, around him truly terrified him to the core. Being one of the younger angels, he hasn’t had time to properly live out his immortal life. All he’s ever seen is peaceful, and happy people up in the heaven above, violence was a whole new ball park for him. So he made sure that it was avoided at all cost. This strategy was effective for the most part, but he used this when he first got to earth. When he didn’t know you as well as he does now. And not knowing you well enough played a much bigger role in his personality then you thought.

    When he first started watching over you, distance was a big thing he cared about. Making sure he’s not your second shadow, making sure he’s not clinging onto you after every step. He didn’t want to be suffocating like some of the other angels he’s seen, because he’s seen their humans completely turn against them for that reason. But he didn’t want that to happen to you, he couldn’t exactly pinpoint the reason within him, but the thought of you turning against him made him ill. It made his stomach fill with dread, it made his palms grow sweaty every second, it made his mind race with other possibilities of you getting hurt or worse on his watch. For the sake of keeping you on his side he kept his distance, for as long as he deemed necessary.

    But as time went on, many things around you started to change. Your college professors were piling work load upon work load onto you every night, the same retail job you were working at is almost close to bankruptcy, and you’re not getting a lot of sleep. Put all of those things together and you get a person who is stressed and not all there. This was the first time he felt his platonic feelings morph into something else. Something more along the lines of protection, and worry, but with a sinister twist added into the mix. But like the responsible angel he is, he kept those feelings inside. Letting the bottle up for as long as he could.

    As you know keeping things bottled inside is never the right way to go. Letting all of these feelings mush and mold into one another to the point that you’re filled up with extreme amounts of anger and insecurities it takes things to a whole other level. The final straw for him was seeing you walk through the door with puffy eyes,soaked clothes, and your hair matted to your forehead. He could feel the feathers on his wings tense up, and his hands immediately clutched themselves into tight fists. Without missing a beat he made himself noticeable, and wrapped his arms around your waist, and his wings soon followed suit as they tucked themselves around your shaking body.

    “I can’t believe I let you talk me into staying at the house today. Are you hurt, do you need me to heal anything? Do you wanna tell me who did this?” He mumbled frantically into your hair, as he guided you to the bedroom. If he didn’t get you out of these wet and dirty clothes and into a warm shower soon, you’d probably catch a cold. And he wasn’t going to have his baby sick, not when he can prevent it.

    “It was just a bad day a work, besides…” You stopped a little ways into your sentence to wiped the muddy hair from your forehead. The scene replaying itself on a loop inside of your head, and you hated it. It made a feeling of helpless coat your body like a wet blanket, and it was starting to become suffocating in a terrible way. Their faces were etched into your brain as they purposely served right into the puddle beside of you. They were familiar, but those girls were honestly just the typically drunk, mean girls looking for a cheap laugh and you despised them for it.

    “Besides what, Y/n?” Jungkook sternly spoke as he raised an eyebrow at you. Why were you stopping in the middle of sentence when there was clearly a problem at hand, most importantly why were you trying to keep secrets from the one that is destined to protect you? He didn’t move from his stance as his gaze bored into the side of your head. All he wanted was answers, and he was going to get them one way or another. Violence may have been a taboo thing to him earlier on in his training, but now he doesn’t have a problem with creating chaos around those who dare harm you. “I’m not gonna give this up, y/n, and you know that. You can either tell me what I want to know or I’ll tap into your memories myself.”

    The feeling of helplessness long gone, as you clicked your tongue in an annoyed manner. Trying not to pay him any mind, you scampered around the room trying to find suitable clothes for the night. What kind of entitled prick does he think he is, trying to scare you by saying he’ll tap into your memories himself. It was a mistake that a few drunk girls made, but even so, you still worried about what he might do to them. A small puddle of water never killed anybody, besides the pure angel you once knew has changed his way of dealing with things, and you didn’t like it. Letting him tap into any memories would result is mass hysteria.

    He stared it utter disbelief, you were never disobedient when he asked things like that. You never scoffed or turned your head in any matter, and the small action seemed to anger him even more then your current state. After everything that’s happened today, from your crying fit to being covered in muddy water, and you still won’t let him help. Why were protecting people who caused you harm, unless you held a much deeper relationship with them. But you’d tell him if you were, you always told him if someone new in comes into your life, but he never tells you how he makes sure their life becomes a living hell the moment he sees them. No matter how deranged and psychotic it sounded, he needed you to say yes to letting him float through your memories! After all he’s just doing this to protect you, but who do you really need protection from. Everyone else or do you need protection from him?

    You had to get away from the crazed look in his eyes, it was driving you insane. He, himself, was driving you insane, and you didn’t know how much longer you could take it. No one deserved to have their life controlled by someone who other people can’t see, it makes you look like a crazy person when you’re talking to yourself in the middle of class. The steaming water was a distraction for the harsh, coldness that was starting to exude from Jungkook. It was disturbing to say the least, and you just needed five mere minutes away from that chaos that was supposed to be your pure guardian angel.

    “I’m truly sorry, y/n, I really am.” No he wasn’t, but you didn’t need to know that. He just needed you to think that he was sorry for his outburst, that he was sorry about being so overprotective. Because he needed you to let all of your guard down, that way tapping into those pesky memories would be an even easier job. His ear was pressed against the bathroom silently praying he’d hear the lock make it signature click, and you’d walk out with a sad smile plastered to your face. But when he didn’t hear that click, or the soft patter of your feet hitting the wooden floor he knew this was going to take a lot more work. “I’ll leave you be.”

    He knew that his original plan was down to the drain, so now all he as to do is wait till you’re sound asleep. Because whoever made your day bad, will pay. He’ll make them burn like the raging fires in hell for what they did, and he couldn’t stop thinking about it. Thinking about how amazing their mangled bodies would look like strung up in horrific accidents. But most importantly he couldn’t stop thinking about how happy and appreciative you’d be, once you found out what he had done for you! All your praises and glory would be bestowed upon him, and he couldn’t wait. If he wanted any of his dreams to come true he had to wait till you were finally sleeping peacefully.

    “Just please leave me alone for tonight, and don’t you dare tap into my memories.” You warned as you shoved past him. Making a b - line for soft comforter that sat messily on your bed, and tucking yourself in. Jungkook watched with admiration written in his eyes, as he marveled at how you could make a simple task look so delicate and beautiful. But you were someone he’s grown to love, through his eyes everything you did was simply elegant and lovely. He had to make sure you stayed that way, and if getting rid of these people would preserve that then he’d do anything.

    He watched and waited for hours until he knew for a fact that you were in a deep sleep. Taking two fingers he pressed them to your temple, as he felt your memories connect with his. All the pain you had felt throughout the day overtaking his body in quick, repeated pulses. They attacked every nerve that was available, they flooded his mind like a tsunami, taking his entire body hostage. At first all he felt was the pain, and sadness you had gone through, but the picture was starting to become much clearer. From the rude customers at the drive through, to the supposedly drunk girls that rain into a puddle and drenched you from head to toe. But he could tell from their evil eyes that they meant to swerve into that puddle. Simply by doing that he now knows that this means war.

    When he finally saw them, he knew their punishment couldn’t be gentle. It couldn’t be over within the snap of a finger, he needed the pain to linger in their bones so they get the full experience. He wants them to feel the same amount of pain you felt, but he wants it amplified by one - hundred percent. Because at the end of the day they deserved this! If they wanted to deal our immense pain, then surely they’re strong enough to handle it when it’s forced back on them, right? But judging by the way the girl was clutching and clawing at her throat in agony, and gasping to get an ounce of fresh air in her lungs, in this case she couldn’t handle the pain. And he was soaking in the glory as he watched her fumbled around on the floor, dragging her nails into the carpet in an attempt to get to her phone, that was merely a few inches away.

    Jungkook released the mental hold on her, and then proceeded to step lightly on her hand, making sure that only a small percentage of weight was being put on. First, it was the back of his heel, and soon the tip of his foot was touching the tips of her fingers. At this moment he wanted to hear her scream for mercy so loudly that her throat bled, like it was being cut by shards of class, but sadly he couldn’t have that. The more people that witness this mass hysteria, the more people he’ll have to get rid of. And you may not forgive him if he hurts people that weren’t involved in the original problem. While resting his body on her weak hand, he kneeled down to make eye contact, he wanted her to see the face of her killer.

    “Why are you…” The poor girl couldn’t hold eye contact, as her head was growing too heavy for her neck to support. Soon, all of the pain was starting to take over her whole body. She felt herself slipping away into unconsciousness. But the angel was still feeling playful, and he was going to keep playing with his prey until he was completely satisfied with his revenge.

    “You really wanna know why I’m doing this? Because you hurt her, you hurt someone who I care deeply about. Now they’re too nice to want revenge on a pathetic mortal like yourself, but I don’t give two shits who you are. Because at the end of the day no one hurts the one I love.” He didn’t notice,but she sure did. She notice how his once clear eyes were fading into a black hole of nothing less. His halo floating above his head, was starting to tilt, as if it was close to the brim of falling off. And everyone knows once an angel looses it halo, horns start to grow in its place.


    For the next couple of weeks, he was giddy. His giggle was toned up an octave higher, his touch was lingering a bit longer then usual, and to no one’s surprise he started showing more of signs of obsession. You on the other hand, were complete different. Your feelings were on opposite sides of the spectrum, fear soared through every inch in your body, you plastered the biggest smile on your face, praying that he would buy it. All of seemed fabricated, because you truly didn’t want to believe that he had killed her. A funny joke to someone, costed them their life. Now you were scared to even glance at someone for too long, thinking that a Jungkook might see them as threat.

    “Hey, Y/n, are you feeling alright?” Jisung tilted his head, as he started to rub comforting circles on your back. The small action taking you out of your trance like state, and putting you back into reality. A place you’d much rather be without. His eyebrow was raised in suspicion when you noticed your gaze stayed connected to his shoes. To lighten the mood, he jokingly asked, “Come on I know they’re dirty, but do you really have to stare?”

    You eyes averted back up to his within a second, guilt coating your face. The thought of accidentally offending him, make you heart clench in guilt. He was the one person who surprisingly stayed, throughout all the controversy that was starting to bubble up around you. “Han! I didn’t mean it like that, I’m just having an off day.”

    His arm glided over your shoulders, it felt so nice and natural. It felt safe, and this wasn’t something you felt a whole lot. And you wanted to cherish every moment of it, but a nagging voice in head was scolding you. Forcing you to think about the obsessive angel that was watching your every move. You subtly tried to pull your body away from Jisung, but you didn’t want to be disrespectful. You needed to catch the bus back to your apartment in a decent time.

    “Hey, before you go I was wondering, do you wanna grab a bite to eat? I’ll pay.” Jisung smile brightly, as his cheeks puffed out ever so slightly. The small action making you grin, you always loved his full cheeks. Even thought he complains about them half the time, you think they make him cuter. He noticed you hesitation, and immediately started to cower away. “I just realized, you probably don’t like me like that. So I’ll be on my way.”

    You body reacted before your mind could even process what was exactly happening. A small tug delivered to his left hand, made his entire body holt. A hopeful smile taking over his cheeks, as you laced you fingers with his. You really should have listened to the angel on your shoulder, but you liked Jisung. That’s why the next words that came out of your mouth gave him hope. “A quick bit never hurt anyone. So, where should we go?”

    It physically felt like a spark of joy shot through his eyes at your statement. The coolness of the rings, on his hand, when they collided with yours felt serene. You’ve been surrounded by smothering hot, hatred and obsessiveness for too long. And this was finally the break you needed, this was finally the break you deserved. When his fingered laced with yours, you truly felt at home.

    “There’s this quiet little diner, on WellRose drive. It’s maybe a ten minute walk. Is that okay?” Jisung asked with a soft tone. Stroking the back of your hand with his thumb, as he gently swayed your arm.

    “It’s perfect.” You smiled as you felt yourself grip his hand a little tighter. Almost as if to make sure this wasn’t a dream, to make sure this wasn’t an illusion Jungkook had made to test your loyalty. As if right now you could truly breath for a second, and not worry about the guardian angel.

    While you were were out living the best life you can live, as well as living it up with another boy, Jungkook was a mess. His breath was becoming ragged, his palms were growing sweaty, his heart was pounding so hard in his chest, he was afraid his entire chest would burst wide open. The clock said a quarter past four, and usually you’re home at exactly four o’clock. Questions were racing through his mind, did someone hurt you, did the bus crash, did you forget about him? He should his head rapidly, disappointment filling his body at the thought of that, of course you didn’t forget about him, you love him! Thinking quickly on his feet he raced towards your bedroom, he can make the angel and mortal bond stronger by having a personal item. A small chain necklace, with a beautiful red butterfly pendent was definitely a personal item.

    He clutched that pendent like his life depended on, and right now it does. Without you he has no one to protect, without you he has no one to love, without he has no purpose! Finding you now is his main mission, and he needs to be successful. A quick vision flashed through his eyes of you sitting quietly in a diner booth, hands delicately holding up a tattered menu. He felt his heart slow down, you simply getting something to eat and he absolutely couldn’t be mad at you over that. But as the vision went on, he noticed the brown haired boy sitting across from you. And he knew he could raise hell over that. Within a minute he had teleported from your bedroom to the back door of the small diner.

    He could see in through the windows, and noticed just how cozy the two do you were getting. The small hand touches across the table, to the lingering gazed this stupid boy was giving you. All of it was making his blood boil, and his vision was going straight to red. A quick shuffle made him force his wings to tuck themselves together, making it appear as if he had none. All of the scenarios in his heads were brutal and graphic, as he pictured multiple ways that this boy could suffer. And as a cruel joke, or punishment, he was going to make you watch every single second of it. But for now he needed to wait to make his move. Right as the boy was excusing himself, he quickly dashed towards the front door, and he was almost hurt when you didn’t glance up to see who it was.

    Your eyes stayed glued to the menu, as you softly spoke about you day. The sound of your voice was like heaven in his ears, he could listen to you talking all day. But right now he needed you home. He took your hand, and found amusement in your terrified expression as you tried to jerk your hand away as well. “Now listen my love, I don’t want to sound rushed, but we don’t have a lot of time. You have two options, leave with me now and no one will get hurt, and I’ll dismiss this whole acting out thing, this time. But if you choose to stay I’ll reek absolute havoc on this diner, and your precious little boyfriend.”

    “Jungkook! This is outrageous! You’re a guardian angel, you’re supposed to provide peace, not threaten people with danger.” You sputtered frantically, and your eyes darted towards the bathroom.

    “Doesn’t matter, Tic,Tok my love, your window of time is getting quite small. And I just want you to keep in mind I was brutal with that girl, imagine how brutal I’ll be with someone who’s trying to take you away.”

    The freeing, coolness you felt with Jisung is now gone for good, and is replaced with the familiar smothering, and sweltering heat of Jungkook’s obsession. You gripped his heavy hand across the table, and forcibly pulled his body out of the booth.

    “I knew my baby loved me more! But keep in mind I still have to get rid of the competition.”

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  • Singularity  — Desafio temporada de inverno da @atypicalstorm

    Para aquecer refaça a capa mais antiga que achar e preferir sem mudar os personagens.

    Eu tentei fazer com os mesmos pngs, porém não combinava e nada ficava bom, então segui a minha intuição e só fui editando com a sintonia do que eu queria, e acho que conseguikkk. Eu adorei essa capa até agora e não sei se vou doar, mas qualquer coisa depois aviso :). ps: vergonha dessa capa antiga ssksk. Uma das primeiras que fiz

    #design simples#design fanfic #capa de fanfic #capa design#capa clean#kim taehyung#min yoongi#taegi fanfic #capa para fanfic #capa para social spirit #capa para spirit #capa social spirit #desafiotemp
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  • bts reaction images i found in the comments section of a pinterest pin of a tiktok video (part 2)

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  • 𝐁𝐓𝐒 𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐂𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍 — their s/o feeling really sad and lonely because they feel like they don’t really “belong” with their friends

    ▸ listen to hold me by the heart by kehlani



    if you think jinnie would ever let you feel sad for long, you’re sadly mistaken. he just loves you too much to be able to handle seeing you so upset. he hates that your friends don’t include you the way you wish they would. he would do everything he could to make sure that you knew that you belong with him. he wants you to know that he’s your home and you never have to feel lonely as long as he’s there.

    “can you smile for me?” he tilts his head, gently pulling your arms away from your face. you pout at him, still crying a little and he coos at you, pulling you into his arms gently. “don’t cry, my little prince(ss). they don’t deserve you anyway.”


    hobi would just want to make you laugh! he thinks laughter is the best medicine and to be honest he’s tired of seeing you come home from hanging out with your supposed “best friends” and looking so dejected. he wants you to be confident and happy!

    “okay, enough sad! put your shoes on, cutie, i’m taking you shopping!” he decides, pulling you up from where you had been moping on your couch, covered in blankets. he hugs you tightly, pressing a kiss to your temple. “we have to get you feeling cute again. because you deserve better than those friends.”


    yoongi knows the feeling. he’s been lonely before and he feels so lucky to have found six best friends that he genuinely likes and feels that he belongs with. it would make him so sad that you feel like you don’t have that. i think he would make more of an effort to include you in things with the rest of the members. like texting taehyung asking if he could take you shopping with him or calling jungkook to see if he wanted to play over watch together with you.

    “you belong with us,” yoongi always reminds you, pulling you in for a hug. he gives really good ones, warm and with a gentle squeeze at the end before he lets go. “even if you don’t have anyone else, you’ll always have me and the boys.”


    as always, joonie knew you were upset before you even had to tell him. he just didn’t quite know what about. he never forced you to tell him anything. he always asks how you’re feeling, but he doesn’t nag at you if you lie and say you’re doing okay. he just hugs you a little tighter, loves you a little more, and waits for you to come to him with your problem.

    “i’m glad you finally told me,” he admits, pulling you into his lap gently. he feels relief and sadness wash over him in equal measure. “but i’m sorry you feel so isolated. everyone feels that way at some point in their life. it’s normal. there’s nothing wrong with you.”


    if there’s one thing jimin can never stand, it’s seeing you sad. he just hates it. one night, he came home to you crying by yourself and instantly he felt his heart drop to his toes. scrambling to make you feel better, he would scoop you up in his arms and press kisses all over your tear stained cheeks, asking what’s wrong over and over again.

    “it’s okay, buttercup! you’re okay,” he whispers frantically, wiping your tears away as gently as he can. you’re still sobbing a little, chest heaving slightly and a part of you is worried he’ll think you look crazy, but jimin just thinks you look heartbroken. “you have to stop crying, angel, or i’ll start crying with you.”


    tae definitely notices how sad and mopey you’ve been recently. he thinks it might just be a mood swing or something, so he just tries to be a little nicer to you. but when he finds out that you’re sad because of how lonely you feel with your own friends, he would honestly be kind of angry.

    “they don’t deserve you anyway,” he shakes his head, glaring at your lock screen, a cute picture of all of you together. “it’s okay, y/nnie. we’ll find better friends for you. and you’ll always have me!”


    jungkook’s answer is to make you laugh. he knows how hard it can be to feel like you don’t fit in and that no one in your friend group genuinely likes you, so it would honestly break his heart that you feel that way. he doesn’t want you to be sad or lonely. he would get extra clingy after talking about this, just so you know how loved and wanted and precious you are.

    “it’s okay!” he says as soon as you confide in him, smiling that cute little bunny smile he does when he’s trying to cheer you up by being silly. “you belong to me! and no one else. you’re all mine. mine, mine, mine.”

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    You never knew that loving seven people would be so hard but you also never thought that seven people would turn your life upside down.

    Soulmate AU

    Pairing: DarkAngel!BTS x Female!Reader: Poly!BTS/ Reader

    Warning: Panic Attacks and Angst

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