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    Never Again ~ OT7 [Request]

    WORD COUNT: 2.2k

    PAIRING: OT7 X Reader

    GENRE: boys babying sitting your child while you’re on a date with yoongi, just some super duper fluff, boys struggling with the baby girl

    A/N: I want to start by saying I’m not the best at writing crack so I hope that this is okay for you sweetness! 

    Running your finger over your daughter's cheek you looked to Yoongi to see if he was sure about this. The boys were offering to take care of your 3-month-old daughter and you had been nervous about it. Your firstborn child in the hands of six grown men who didn't have kids. Yoongi was positive that it would all be okay, it was you that wasn't so sure about leaving her for the first time. 

    "Baby, she will be fine." Yoongi chuckled when he could see the look of panic wash over your face. Standing there looking as gorgeous as ever and yet you were determined to stay home instead of out on the wonderful date that Yoongi had arranged.

    "I trust them I just-"

    "She's your first daughter, I know." Yoongi chuckled as he ushered you out of the nursery where she was getting a little nap. It was the middle of the afternoon which meant the boys were going to look after your daughter until later in the night.

    "You know they love her," They did. From the moment you had given birth they were obsessed with her. Offering to look after her whenever you were at the studios visiting Yoongi, whenever she was around they turned into broody women whenever they saw a newborn. 

    "We'll be great babysitters, now leave," Jin ordered as he folded his arms over your chest. Yoongi was taking you down the staircase and in the direction of the front door. He knew there was only going to be one way to get you out of the house. 

    "Are you kicking us out of our own home?" You questioned as Yoongi opened the door and waited for you,

    "Yes." Jungkook laughed as he watched you putting on your flat shoes for the night. Heels were completely out of the question, for now at least. 

    "Fine...Her milk is in the fridge I pumped enough for tonight and the morning. You know our numbers if you need us," You explained as Yoongi began pushing you towards the exit. If he didn't make you leave right now there was a chance you would never go.

    "There's clothes in her drawers, don't let her wear anything too loose she could-" Yoongi shut the door so you couldn't keep giving the boys instructions and you let out a whine. These were all valid points that the boys needed to know in order to give your daughter the best care she needed.


    "Come on, this is our first night out since the baby...I have something special planned for you Yn." You nodded trying not to let your brain go into hyperdrive. The boys were great with kids. The rational side of you knew that but it was the overprotective parent that was in charge at the moment. 

    "She's just a baby, how much hard work can she be?" Jimin questioned as he kicked back on the sofa. Laying his head down and relaxing as he closed his eyes. A full day off just to look after a baby was going to be one of the most relaxing days off they ever had.

    "Jimin's right, I mean she's young so it isn't like we have to entertain her too much." Jungkook kicked back this time and the others laughed at them softly. They couldn't believe how easy the two of them thought that this was going to be. There was a reason parents hardly slept for the first few months of having a baby.

    "It's quite sweet that you think that." Hoseok laughed as he looked up at the ceiling, they were just below the nursery. It wouldn't take much to wake Nara up from her nap.

    "One loud or sudden movement will wake her up. She'll wake up." Namjoon added on as he got up to go and check where you kept everything they were going to need for the day. Trying to figure out where you put the sterilizer for the bottles since he wanted you to come home to a house that was clean. 

    "You're joking. Babies are easy, they hardly wake up and if they do they just need feeding." Jungkook looked at Jin who simply raised his eyebrow at the younger boy. It was clear he'd not looked after babies much in his lifetime. There was no way they were going to need most of what was in there.

    "She's 3-months-old it's not as if she can do much," Jimin said as he looked over at the toy chest that was in the living room. Everything you had ever gotten for your daughter was in there.

    "I'm going to make some hot drinks," Taehyung smirked as he kept his back to Jimin and Jungkook, placing a bet in his mind that they would be the first to crack under the pressure of a baby. 

    An hour later and Jungkook was proven to be wrong. Nara had woken up screaming and crying so he rushed up to go and get her. Prepared to change her nappy but when he got her onto the changing table she was completely clean. 

    "She doesn't need changing! I checked!" He whined as he continued to bounce Nara up and down on his hip. Standing in the living room while Namjoon, Hoseok and Jin all smirked at one another. Pressing a small kiss on her cheek and whispering for her to calm down a little, Jungkook just wanted her to stop crying. Namjoon watched them exhausted from trying to feed Nara who clearly wasn't hungry either. It was clear that none of them knew what they were going to do with her for the day.

    "Maybe she wants to play?" Taehyung questioned as he walked over to Nara and Jungkook, smiling at her and trying to make her laugh. Pulling funny faces at her while he waved his fingers around near her face. 

    For a moment the tears stopped, she waved her hand out in his direction trying to touch him. But just as soon as she stopped she started again. Balling her eyes out as she screamed louder and sobbed harder. 

    "Here," Hoseok chuckled as he walked towards Jungkook, carefully taking Nara into his arms and bouncing her a little. Looking down into her eyes he began to talk to her as if she was at the age she could speak back to him.

    "You just want someone to talk to you don't you?" She babbled in response to him, smiling as she reached up to touch his cheek. Her small fingers touching his skin as he chuckled softly at her. 

    "See the little baby just wants some conversations, are the boys ignoring you?" She giggled a little before babbling some more as he continued to stared down at her, making conversation with her. 

    The boys all staring at Hoseok in 'awe' of how he knew what she wanted. 

    "It's simple, she's a baby but she's human. She wants to talk to us."  Jungkook tilted his head to the side as he looked at Nara who was watching Hoseok the whole time. Her eyes trained to his face as he spoke as if she could somehow understand what he was saying. 

    "Okay but now what?" Jungkook questioned as Hoseok continued to babble back and forth with Nara. 

    "Get some of her toys out, the baby mat will be good for her," Jin said as he pointed over at the baby mat they had bought with them. Something Jin had purchased the week before to give to Nara. 

    "I'll put it together," Jungkook said as he pulled the box open to see a bunch of little toys, poles. 

    "The instructions...T-They're just pictures!" Jungkook yelled out in frustration as he looked at Jin and Namjoon who were struggling to help him build the thing. It had been an hour and a half of them trying to figure out how to put something that seemed so simple together.

    Nara was back to wailing in Hoseok's arms as she was passed from Jimin to Taehyung to try and calm her down a little while they made a bottle. Why it took three of them to heat up a bottle they had no idea. 

    "She needs changing-" Jimin gagged a little as he shook his head, 

    "I can't...H-Hyung! I'll be sick." He complained as she handed Nara over to Hoseok who looked as though he'd seen a ghost. All of the colours drained from him as he walked over to Namjoon.  

    "Your turn." He mumbled before rushing off, Namjoon sighed before standing up and carrying Nara up the stairs to the changing table in her nursery. 

    "Boys, we have a problem." He mumbled into his phone as he looked at Nara. He'd been changing her when she accidentally rolled over into the dirty diaper covering herself and now she was crying harder.

    "What Hyung?" Jimin questioned as he looked at the phone in his hand. Speakerphone so that all of the boys in the living room could hear what was happening on the phone. 

    "She needs a bath," Jin frowned, a bath didn't sound as though it was the end of the world.

    "A bath?" Jimin questioned confused a little as he tried to figure out what she needed a bath for. You had told the boys you'd only bathed her that morning.

    "She rolled over into the-" Jimin gagged and dropped his phone before Namjoon could even finish. There was no way he was going to be of any help and Hoseok just laughed at the way Jimin almost threw up at something so minor. 

    "You're going to be a great father," He laughed sarcastically as Jimin before whine at him.

    "I'm coming. Jungkook make sure you finish it, all you have to do is attach the little toys to the small poles." Jin told him as he rushed up the stairs to Namjoon. The both of them going to run a bath while holding Nara at a distance.

    The bath was done, Nara was freshly washed and in some new clothes. A nice onesie that Hoseok had gotten for her, "I have the best uncles," was printed across the front in large writing. She was laying on the mat crying harder and harder as the boys tried to make her laugh. Waving toys in her face, showing her all of the different toys that made noise, rattled, flashed anything to try and cheer her up but nothing was working.

    "You know...We could call them...Ask what to do." Hoseok said as he watched Jin taking over as he rattled some of the toys above Nara but she whined at him. There was nothing wrong, she wasn't hungry, she didn't need to be changed. They had tried everything that they could. 

    "I will not be outsmarted by a 3-month-old," Jungkook complained as he looked at Nara and began tickling her sides softly, rolling up her shirt to blow on her stomach. She giggled. The boys looked at him. 

    "Do it again," Jimin ordered, Jungkook blew onto her stomach again and Nara let out a loud giggle as she waved her legs and arms in the air. 

    "She likes it!" Jin and Taehyung yelled out as Jungkook continued to blow on her stomach causing her to giggle over and over again.

    "Jungkook. Why did you stop?" Hoseok questioned when he looked over at Jungkook and Nara who was asleep on the changing mat. 

    "No one move, don't even breath loud enough to wake her," Jungkook ordered as he laid his head down on the floor. All of them laying around her as if she was a cub and they were all Lions lying around her to protect her.

    Walking through the door that night you frowned seeing the boys all asleep on the floor around your daughter. Each of them covered in baby powder as if they'd gotten into a fight over the bottle and it exploded everywhere. 

    "You're back," Jungkook whispered as he clutched onto your legs, 

    "Never leave us in charge again, we can't handle a baby." He whimpered as he continued to hold onto you. Each of the boys waking up and thanking you for being back. 

    "We couldn't get her to stop crying, we tried everything," Jin complained as Yoongi bent down to pick up Nara who was still sound asleep in his arms. 

    "Did you try music?" You questioned as all of you began climbing the stairs to put Nara to bed. 

    "Music?" Jimin questioned as you walked over to the small CD player in the nursery. 

    "She likes listening to music." You whispered turning on the "Love Yourself" CD and leaving it to play softly as you all left the room. 

    "You mean if we had just played music she wouldn't have cried so much?" Jimin asked a little shocked as you both nodded. 

    "I'm never having a baby," He grumbled as he leant back against the wall and let out a large sigh. You and Yoongi laughing as you looked at them all. Each of them exhuasted. 

    "How was your date?" You felt your stomach flip as you looked at Yoongi, 

    "It was fine, up until Y/n started crying in the middle of the restaurant." You whined at him, hitting him softly with your clutch bag. 

    "She started crying because she missed Nara." You looked at the boys and then to Yoongi,

    "She's my baby. I'm going to miss her." You mumbled to him before leaving them all on the landing while you went to go and change. Yoongi began explaining how your date went and then the boys told him what they had done that day.

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    Kim Taehyung 2021. Butter/Permission To Dance Photoshoot.

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    ، 𝑗𝑎𝑘𝑒 𝑖𝑐𝑜𝑛𝑠 𓂅 𝑑𝑜 𝑛𝑜𝑡 𝑟𝑒𝑝𝑜𝑠𝑡! ✨

    𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐨𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠 𝐢𝐟 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐬𝐚𝐯𝐞/𝐮𝐬𝐞

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    [BTS ‘ Permission To Dance’ Wallpapers] V Cut

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    My Watae Melon 🍉😁

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    tonight imma gonna give you all my love ❤️‍🩹

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    taehyung bios memes br:

    eu i taehyung protetor dos bissexuais !

    assistindo bts funny moments com meu taehyung volte dps

    bissexual pq existe taehyung e mulheres

    imagina ser obcecad por homem kkk taehyung amor cd minha coleira c seu nome ?

    vc ta diferente" ss agr eu namoro o taehyung

    taehyung fala td deis do começo, tava imaginando a gente si bjnd

    love you? not! i lov my emo boy (taehyung

    feminista ate o taehyung dizer q eu sou dele


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    Imagine Taehyung was texting with you. The conversation soon got heated and more sexual.

    You sent a message that made Taehyung bite his lip. After he read the message he couldn’t keep it together anymore, a moan escaped his lips.

    Hoseok and Jimin looked up, kicking him on the shoulder and leg.

    “Yeah Taehyung.” Hoseok said irritated. Jimin laughs, knowing what Tae is doing.

    “Did I do that out loud?” Taehyung laughs.

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    Uh. So i took two good pictures.

    #v3nti#selfie#girl#tumblr girl#selfy #know thy selfie #im tired#me#tumblr model#mirror selfie #jeon jungkook if you see this hmu #same with kim taehyung
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    🌸🌴🌧️ ... ૮₍꜆꜄ ˃ ³ ˂ ₎ა

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    all headers © to the owners, the first and second headers are made by me

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    Imagine you were in Taehyung’s room eating, but soon after you both became very bored.

    It was about 3 AM, but neither of you wanted to sleep. You decided to play the lie detector test and play for a couple hours. You grabbed the lie detector and turned the shock up and handed it to Taehyung. You asked him the question and he answered honestly. He yelled as he jumped and tried desperately to pry off the lie detector when it shocked him on full shock. You laughed so hard you could barely breathe while you watched him.

    “Hey! Why did you turn it up? Don’t laugh!”

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    You are acutely aware of the eyes on you the moment you cross the threshold of Professor Flitwick’s classroom door.

    It isn’t an uncommon reaction to your presence, you’ve noticed; after all, when one of the most notorious troublemakers in the castle walls into a room, people tend to notice. There was a time when it bothered you, when you preferred to go about your chaotic business with a shroud of anonymity. You’ve long since stopped caring about such things. As Hobi so eloquently put it at your first detention all the way back in first year, “If they’re staring at you, they must like what they see.”

    There are more than a few familiar faces scattered about the room, each looking at you with a mixture of curiosity and satisfaction, like they were expecting you to be there — which, to be fair, they probably were. Penelope Finnigan gives a half-hearted wave from the front of the room, aimlessly flipping through a Muggle magazine with her other hand. Oliver Zabini raises his brow in silent acknowledgment of you before laying his head back down on the desk. Ginny Weasley is there, of course, no doubt the victim of another unfortunate tangle with the more violent members of your house. You suppose that after everything she’s been through with your fellow Slytherins, you should count yourself lucky when she offers a soft smile.

    Of all the poorly-adjusted students littered about the charms classroom, there is only one you don’t recognize. He sits anxiously at his desk, bouncing his leg and biting his nails as he stares at the grandfather clock in the corner. A rather large book sits unopened just next to him, though you can’t make out the cover. He’s taken the seat furthest from Flitwick’s desk, almost as if he’s intentionally trying to blend into the wallpaper — an odd choice, you think, considering the bright blue hue of his hair. The other students seem entirely oblivious to his presence, and you wonder if he’s always been so adept at keeping himself out of the spotlight.

    “Ah, Miss Y/l/n,” Flitwick calls from behind his desk when his eyes fall upon you, annoyance clear in his voice. “How nice of you to finally join us. I do apologize if we’ve intruded upon your very busy schedule.”

    “I can always make allowances for you, Filius.”

    His face goes beet red at the sound of his first name, and you can’t help but chuckle beneath your breath. Penelope and Oliver cover their mouths in an effort to muffle their laughter. Ginny simply smirks, well-accustomed to your particular brand of disrespect after so many years of mutual punishment. The blue-haired boy raises his eyebrows, as if he can’t believe what he’s seeing. How odd, you think, that someone in detention would be taken aback by your words. Surely he can’t be such a saint if he’s stuck here as well.

    Flitwick narrows his eyes and points rather stiffly at the empty seat next to Ginny. “Take your seat, Miss Y/l/n. I suggest you do it quietly.”

    You raise your hands in mock surrender, ignoring the professor’s scowl as you waltz towards your desk. Oliver offers you a quick fist bump as you stroll past him, one that you eagerly reciprocate. It isn’t at all surprising to see that he’s landed himself in detention this early, given his propensity to stir up trouble whenever the occasion presents itself. He’s accompanied you on your misadventures more than once, much to his elder brother’s chagrin. You’ve always preferred the younger of the Zabini siblings.

    Ginny shoots you another grin as you unceremoniously plop down in the seat next to her. You take immediate notice of the half-eaten pouch of jelly slugs beneath her desk, and it takes a great deal of effort to conceal your smile. She carefully pulls one from the bag and offers it to you, looking aimlessly about the room to avoid drawing attention to yourself. You accept it gratefully, and pop it into your mouth so quickly that Flitwick doesn’t even notice. To be quite honest, you aren’t even particularly fond of the candy, but you’re thankful that Ginny’s chosen to share with you. With everything going on in the castle, it’s nice to know that Jungkook isn’t your only Gryffindor ally.

    Mercifully, Flitwick seems intent on simply letting you and your fellow delinquents sit in silence. You have quite a few Muggle friends back home that would rather chew broken glass than sit in silent detention for two hours with no means of entertaining themselves, but you, for one, are immensely grateful for the opportunity. You’ve done your fair share of unpleasant detention activities over the years, including but not limited to: picking ticks out of Fang’s fur, giving Mrs. Norris a bath, polishing Gryffindor’s quidditch trophies (which seemed particularly cruel at the time, considering your cemented spot on the Slytherin team), and restocking Dumbledore’s supply of lemon drops. As far as you’re concerned, this is a vacation.

    The blue-haired boy doesn’t seem to share your sentiments. He’s still looking nervously around the room, almost as if he’s expecting the rest of you to pounce on him at any given moment. He’s taken to chewing his lip rather than shaking his leg, and at this point you’re convinced he might actually bite it off. No one else has given him a second glance, yet he still looks absolutely petrified. It’s painfully obvious that he’s never had detention before. You were just like him your first time, though to be fair, you were only eleven. He clearly feels out of place, and it isn’t until you see the yellow tie hanging from his neck that you realize why.

    It’s not often that Hufflepuffs get detention; come to think of it, you can’t recall ever having seen one of them in here. Aside from getting into the occasional plant-related accident, they tend to stay on the straight and narrow. You’ve always admired them for that, funnily enough; anyone who has the patience to attend Hogwarts without acting up at some point is worthy of respect in your eyes. Aside from fighting alongside a few of them during the attack on the castle a few months back, you can’t recall ever having interacted with one before — but from what you know of them, they rarely act out. What exactly did this poor soul do?

    You have half a mind to ask until a loud crash sounds from outside the room. There is a moment of silence, immediately followed by the unmistakable sound of scurrying footsteps. Both you and Ginny reach for your wands on instinct, more than prepared to defend yourselves if the situation should call for it. A nagging voice in the back of your head tells you to calm down, but you tune it out; after everything that happened last year, you don’t plan on taking any chances. It isn’t until Professor Slughorn bursts through the door, visibly out of breath, that you let your guard down.

    Flitwick gives the professor an odd look. “Horace? What are you doing here? I thought you were tutoring some of the third years this evening.”

    “I was,” Slughorn pants, “but someone...threw a bag of dungbombs...into the...library...oh, I need to start working out.”

    “What? Who was this?!”

    “I don’t know, but I need your help! The whole library is contaminated, I can’t clear it all out by myself!”

    The last syllable has barely escaped his lips when your phone buzzes in your pocket. A quick glance at the screen has you grinning as you read the message from Hoseok. 

    You’re welcome. 

    Flitwick looks around the room with a deep frown, visibly concerned about leaving you all alone. You can’t blame the man; the last time you were left by yourself in detention, you summoned your broom from the locker room and flew out the window. Still, he doesn’t have much choice in the matter — not if he wants to avoid Headmistress McGonagall’s wrath. With one last shake of his head, he leaps from atop his comically large stack of books and follows Slughorn into the hallway. 

    You’re on your feet before he’s even disappeared around the corner. Ginny follows suit, grinning like a mad woman as she haphazardly downs the rest of her jelly slugs. The two of you stroll towards the classroom entrance without a care in the world, entirely oblivious to the odd look the Hufflepuff sends you. Penelope and Oliver trail behind you, albeit a bit reluctantly; for all the chaos they’ve caused in their time, they can’t even begin to rival you and Ginny. You’ve each probably spent half of your time at Hogwarts in detention. 

    “So,” Ginny sighs as she playfully bumps your shoulder, “any plans for the night?”

    You let out a dramatic groan. “Unfortunately, yes. Slughorn gave me extra homework this morning. He’s still pissy about me being late.” 

    Ginny offers a solemn nod, painfully aware of how petty your professor can be when he doesn’t get his way. He’s been in a particularly sour mood since Harry departed, and not even the presence of the school's star quidditch player can put a smile back on his face. Of all the classes Hobi’s evil feline companion could have made you late to, it just had to be his. 

    The two of you are steps away from the door when an unfamiliar voice calls out to you. 

    “Shouldn’t we stay?” 

    You turn on your heel and give the blue-haired boy a quizzical look. He seems entirely unfazed by the redundancy of his question, brows raised and lips pursed as if he’s genuinely confused by your impending departure. He’s made no move to leave, even as the rest of you scurry to escape the confines of the classroom. It almost makes you laugh; how did a kid like this ever get detention? 

    “There’s no reason to,” you state as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world. “That many dungbombs, Flitwick’ll be gone all night.” 

    “But won’t he be mad if he finds out we just left?” 

    You can’t stop yourself from scoffing at that. Ginny furrows her brows at your side, seemingly just as confused by this guy as you are. You’d be lying if you said you aren’t tempted to tease him about his potent obliviousness, but you decide against it when his lips tilt into an involuntary pout as he awaits your answer. Even you can’t help but silently note how adorable he is (though you mentally scold yourself for it as soon as you think it).

    Rather than fluster the poor boy further, you simply fold your arms and shake your head. He watches with curious eyes as you let out a disbelieving chuckle. You’re having a hard time imagining this boy hurting a fly, much less doing anything severe enough to warrant detention. If the way he’s looking at you is any indication, your confusion must be clear on your face.

    “Okay, I just have to know,” you snicker. “What could you have possibly done to land you in detention?”

    His eyes go comically wide, something you note with obvious amusement. His leg begins to shake again as you await his answer. Ginny seems interested as well, eyebrows raised and foot tapping impatiently against the floor. Penelope and Oliver have long since disappeared, no doubt off to cause more trouble now that their chaperone is gone.

    The boy rubs the back of his neck when he speaks. “I, uh...I sort of had a little pyrotechnic accident yesterday.”

    It isn’t until he finds the courage to meet your eyes again that you finally make the connection. Your jaw practically hits the floor as the realization sets in. You can only imagine how ridiculous you look, mouth agape and eyes wide as you stare at the blue-haired stranger, but you can’t help yourself. Honestly, you’re a bit star-struck.

    “Holy shit,” you mutter incredulously. “You’re the guy who set Pansy Parkinson’s hair on fire!”

    If he was blushing before, he’s absolutely burning up now. He bows his head in a vain hope of hiding his embarrassment, though you suspect he knows that you’ve already seen the red tint to his cheeks. You don’t care, of course; you’re far too preoccupied by the fact that you’ve finally met the man who put your oldest enemy in her place. Ginny seems just as elated, if her blinding grin is any indication. The guy is obviously taken aback by all the attention, but you truly can’t help yourself. It feels like you’re meeting a celebrity.

    “You, uh...you heard about that?” His voice is hesitant, as if he expects you to be angry with him. You’re so preoccupied with staring at him that you haven’t even realized that he’s noticed the color of your tie, as well. It’s not an unreasonable assumption on his part to assume that you’d take issue with his actions — your housemates haven’t done much to foster positive relations with the rest of your fellow students — but you can’t stop yourself from chuckling at the idea that you’d be anything but overjoyed at the thought of Pansy Parkinson running around with an inferno on top of her head. You only wish you’d been there to record it.

    “Everyone heard about it,” Ginny points out. “You’re famous, mate.”

    The boy groans and presses a hand to his forehead, clearly exasperated by all the attention. You actually begin to feel a bit badly for him as you watch him rub his temples. You personally don’t see the problem — you’d give your left arm to be the one that got to hex that little wretch — but then again, not everyone is as accustomed to chaos as you. It has only just occurred to you that this boy, who you can’t even recall seeing before tonight, has probably spent his entire time at Hogwarts blending into the crowd. It can’t be easy going from unknown to infamous overnight.

    With the kindest smile you can muster, you waltz up to his desk and offer a (slightly awkward) pat on the back. He tenses under your touch, but doesn’t pull away. It’s just as odd for you, truth be told, but you can’t stop yourself from pitying him. You don’t need to look to know that Ginny’s snickering at you; after all, it isn’t often that you go out of your way to comfort people, and you’re clearly a novice at it.

    “Don’t worry about it, man,” you chuckle. “You get used to notoriety after a while. And hey, at least it was arson for a good cause, right?”

    That manages to get a small laugh out of him, at least. He offers you a tight-lipped smile, noticeably less put off by your presence now that you’ve lightened the air. You’re so busy looking at his grin that you don’t notice the way he’s staring at you, like he’s trying to recall where he’s seen you before. There’s something familiar about you, that much he’s certain of, but he can’t quite put his finger on it. Either way, he can’t stop himself from letting his gaze linger on you.

    Ginny suddenly clears her throat, mercifully bringing you out of your trance. She’s got an obnoxiously smug grin on her face, one that you elect to ignore as you back away from the blue-haired boy. You’ve no sooner reached her side when she’s jostling your arm, grinning from ear to ear. It takes a great deal of effort to stop yourself from grinning back. You glance back at the boy over your shoulder and offer a wave as she tugs you towards the door. “See you around.”


    You come to a halt when he calls out to you, though Ginny is still impatiently trying to pull you away. You manage to hold your ground long enough to meet the boy’s eyes again. “What’s up?”

    He’s visibly flustered again, but that doesn’t stop him from asking the question that’s been on the tip of his tongue since you walked through the door. “What’s your name?”

    The question makes you chuckle more than it should. After six years of stirring up trouble, you’ve grown accustomed to being easily recognizable. Come to think of it, this is the first time in years someone’s had to ask you for your name. You can’t stop yourself from smiling as you answer.

    “Y/n Y/l/n.”

    And then you’re gone, laughing as Ginny drags you off into what is undoubtedly more trouble. Taehyung stares at the door for a moment, dazed, eyes trained on the spot where you’d been standing just seconds ago as he silently wonders how he hadn’t recognized you as soon as he saw you.

    You are the most infamous girl in school, after all.


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