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  • rigged
    29.11.2021 - 12 hours ago
    #sfnet#sf9#youngbin#kim youngbin#cgifs #dedicated to one person #halfway thru he rolled up his sleeves n it was like my 3rd eye opened
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  • kimjnmyeon
    28.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    112721 youngbin 💭 update

    #youngbin#sf9#kim youngbin#sf9 bubble#youngbin bubble #he said that jaengs fancam was mesmerizing lmao that he was doing really well lmao #he’s a jaeng stan 💓
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  • kimjnmyeon
    28.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    112721 youngbin 💭 update

    “사녹하구 잤다가 사진보내줄라고 찍있는데 의상공개안됐어서 지금 올려 😅”

    “I took pictures after my nap during prerecording but the outfit hasn’t been revealed yet at that time so I’m sending these to you now 😅”

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  • kimjnmyeon
    26.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    112621 youngbin 💭 update


    “please show lots of interest and support~~~~”

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  • kimjnmyeon
    26.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    112521 youngbin 💭 update


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  • kimjnmyeon
    26.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    112521 youngbin 💭 update

    “사진이 요즘 잘 안나오는거같어”

    “I feel like the pictures don’t turn out good these days”

    #you’re wrong youngbin!!!!! these pictures are beautiful 😤 #and so is literally every single photo that he sends 💔 #i want to hug him!! give him a nice lil pat on the head and tell him he’s doing great 🥺 #sorry…#anyway#youngbin#sf9#sf9 bubble#kim youngbin#youngbin bubble
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  • kimjnmyeon
    26.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    112521 youngbin 💭 update


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  • seokwoosmole
    25.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    Happy Birthday Youngbin!❤️🍀

    Happy belated birthday Binnie!! Wishing our bunny leader bunches of joy for the rest of his life. Thank you for keeping SF9 strong and loving Fantasy so genuinely. Hope you enjoyed your special day🥰❤️

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  • bitchie
    24.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    RUMINATION jacket making film

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  • kimjnmyeon
    24.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    112321 youngbin 💭 update


    “what do you think”

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  • rosegoldhour
    24.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    happy youngbin day ♡

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  • athenathesharkwrites
    23.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    Be A Good Girl - Kim Youngbin

    Propmpt: B105— “Be a good girl and spread your legs.”

    Warnings: Jealous!Youngbin, smut, teasing, marking, pet/nicknames, fingering, panty fingering, explicit language, sir kink, orgasm denial, dom!Yougbin(?), light nipple play, clit stimulation, detailed descriptions, unprotected sex(reader’s on the pill), he cums inside reader, a mess was left on Yougbin’s thighs.

    W/C: 4.5K

    Age Warning: I will not take responsibility because you wanted to read this, but if you’re under the  age of 18+, DO NOT INTERACT OR READ. Do not take this as educational, this is fiction!

    You didn’t think that Youngbin was a jealous person, or if he was, he had never shown it to you, but on his birthday while spending time with a few of his closest friends and, of course, the members of SF9, you had failed to notice how Youngbin’s gaze had darkened and how his teeth were gritted together, he was watching you hold onto Chani’s shoulder as you bent over the laugh, your hand quickly slipped off his shoulder, and you brought it to your mouth, he couldn’t quite figure out what the Maknae had told you to make you laugh, but seeing how Rowoon was pouting with a slight frown on his face, he quickly puzzled everything together, he brings his drink to his lips and takes a large sip from it before putting it down and moving towards you, his gaze never once leaving your figure, he watches as you pat Chani’s shoulder, saying something to him before looking at Rowoon and patting your hand against his chest.

    “I’m sorry, that was too funny, it was rude of me to laugh,” You say with a light giggle in your tone.

    “No, no, don’t say that, he was the one being rude with what he said,” Rowoon says. “You simply laughed, he should apologize for what he said.”

    “It looks like you’re enjoying yourself, sweetheart,” He says, you look at him and your smile widens, Rowoon could see how your eyes light up and your entire body relaxing, your hands fall away from his chest, and you move towards Youngbin.

    “I am, are you enjoying the gathering?” You ask, his arm moves around you, pulling you closer, his hand grips your waist and his head drips down to nuzzle his nose into your neck.

    “Hmm, I am, it’s great,” He says, he tried not to show it, but Rowoon had picked it up, Chani was too oblivious to notice in what the mood the leader was, you also hadn’t picked it up.

    “I’m glad to hear,” You say.

    “Baby, I think we should go home now, I want to go open your present,” Youngbin says, he lifts his head away from your neck, your eyes knot together as confusion settles in, you had given him his present already, and he had opened it. “Your other present,” You almost chose on your breathing as you feel his hand pressing harder into your waist, the motion not going unnoticed by Rowoon nor Chani.

    “Ohh, you get two presents today, how lucky, Hyung,” Chani says with a smug smile on his lips, Roowoon was stumbling over his words as Youngbin started pulling you away. “Have fun, Hyung!”

    “Chanhee,” You heard Rowoon say.

    “I… Bin, you, did you need to say it like that?” You ask, you could feel your cheeks heating up. “Now they know, oh, gosh.”

    “Good, then they’ll know you’re mine and not theirs,” He says.

    “I think they already know that I’m yours,” You say, you follow him out of the building and to his car, he opens the door for you, and you climb in, he almost slams it shut before moving around the car and climbing in.

    “Then it’s a reminder for them,” Youngbin says, you look ahead of you as he starts the car, realization slowly sinking in.

    “Are you… are you jealous?” You ask, he pulls out of the parking space before driving away from the building and towards his apartment. “Oh my gosh, you are,” One of his hands leave the wheel and moves to rest on your thigh, you look down and swallow, you may have been wearing pants, but you knew from the last time this had happened, he had managed to find ways to touch you through them.

    “It’s my birthday, and you were giving them more attention,” He says. “I’m not jealous, but I do think I deserved more attention,”  You bite your bottom lip, knowing that he was denying it, and he was daring you to correct him.

    “I… I’m sorry,” You say. “I should have been by your side,” You feel him press his fingers against your clothed pussy, a gasp leaves your lips, his fingers slowly trace along your clothed folds, hard enough for you to feel them and soft enough to tease you.

    “I wasn’t jealous,” He states, you could see him gripping the steering wheel, his teeth grinding against each other, you could see his jaw moving, his fingers press more against your pussy.

    “It feels like you were,” You say, you gasp as you feel him pushing your panties and pants between your folds.

    “I think it’s best if you stop talking, baby,” He says, you feel his finger sliding the fabrics deeper between your folds, the friction it was causing against your clit was making your skin grow hotter by the second, your breathing was becoming shallow, the drive felt shorter than it did when you had gone, maybe because you were distracted by his fingers pushing your panties against your clit and rubbing circles against it, he parks his car in his parking spot and pulls his hand away from your pussy, you whine at the loss of contact, your skin flushed with heat and your breathing heavy. “We’re home,” You almost let out a frustrated scream.

    “I can see that,” You mumble, you open the door and climb out, your legs feeling wobbly after all the touching he had done, you slam the door shut, missing how he smirked in satisfaction seeing you so riled up, he climbs out the car and locks the doors before following you to the elevator, once inside and the door was closed, he turned towards you and backs you up against one of the mirrored walls, his hands were gripping your waist and his head was dipped down, his lips were so close to touching yours, you could feel his hot breathing against your lips.

    “You look a little flustered, baby,” He says, his tone sounding so sweet, yet you could hear the teasing in it.

    “Binnie…” You softly say, you feel him pull your shirt up and his hands press flat against your skin.

    “I’ll make myself clear, baby, I wasn’t jealous, I just wanted you for myself,” He says, you stare into his eyes, you could see them clouded with lust and looked darker than usual. “I just wanted you all to myself,” His tone rough as he spoke, you nod your head and swallow, the doors open, and he slowly steps back from you, his hand taking yours before pulling you out the door and down the hallway to his apartment, he quickly unlocks it and pulls you inside, you remove your shoes and heard him remove his own shoes. “Bedroom,” A shiver runs up your spine before you’re moving down the hall to the bedroom. “Don’t you dare get undressed,” You hear him call out, you enter the bedroom and stop in front of the bed, your heart racing as you wondered what he was planning, usually he asked for you to be naked before he gets to the bedroom, you wait in anticipation before hearing him entering the room, you could hear the jingling of his belt before hearing him pull it off, you hear it hit the ground, and then you feel his body pressing against yours from behind.

    His breath was against the back of your neck, his arms move around you and one hand slips underneath your shirt and slides upwards, leaving a burning trail behind on your skin, you feel him cup your breast through your bra and let out a soft whimper as you feel his thumb rubbing the bud through the fabric.

    “Bin… Binnie…” You whine out, his other hand slips past the waistband of your pants and over your panties, his hand cups your pussy and his fingers move over your clothed folds, feeling how wet they had become after they were between your folds. “Hmm,” You lay your head back against his shoulder, his lips touching the side of your neck and sucking on your skin. “Bin…” You part your legs a little more, giving him more access, he flattens his palm against your pussy and presses his finger against the fabric of your panties, pushing it past your folds once again, your breath hitches as you feel the rough fabric touching your clit again. “Bin… shit,” You buck your hips against his hand, feeling the fabric move against your clit, your eyes shut in pleasure, his hand grips your breast, his fingers pressing into the fleshy skin as he kneads it, your nipple had hardened and swollen from all the attention it had received through the fabric, your skin was only growing warmer and warmer, you could feel sweat starting to form on it, he pulls away from your neck with a loud pop, making you whimper.

    “Bin?” He asks, his tone low, making you swallow and clench around nothing.

    “Si— Sir,” You stutter out.

    “Much better,” He says, you feel his fingers pushing more of your panties between your folds before feeling his finger reaching your entrance.

    “Sir, oh my, ohh,” You whimper out, you feel him pushing his finger into you, your panties slipping in with his finger, your walls throb at the feeling of the fabric being pushed against them, your clit throbbed, and you grit your teeth together as your insides begin knotting together. Sir, oh, that… Sir,” You feel him use his nose to push the fabric on your shoulder out of the way before feeling his lips on your shoulder, licking the skin before his lips attached to it, sucking another mark into you. “Sir!” His finger paused inside you, your panties were rubbing your walls as they pulsed, you hear him hum against your shoulder before he slowly pulls his finger out, stopping until just the tip of his finger remained inside you, you whimper as you feel him push it back in, he repeats the movement over and over, your high slowly building up, you could feel your panties rubbing against your clit as he pumped his finger in and out of you, his hand on your breast were now squeezing them and his fingers had found your nipple and were now playing with it, you were breathing hard, you knew you wouldn’t last much longer with all the attention your body was receiving from him, you move your hips back, pressing them against his.

    “SIR!” You moan, you felt his growing bulge press against your lower back, your hands reach up and grip onto his arm that was playing with your breast, your fingers press into his skin, you try and move onto your toes as your high was getting closer and closer, but his hand followed, pushing the fabric in deeper. “SIR, oh, ohmm,” You press your head harder against his shoulder, your jaw slacks, you could almost taste how close you were to your high, your eyes shot open as you feel him retracting his hand from your pussy. “YOUNGBIN!” You scream before pausing, realizing what you had done, you feel his hand on your breast stop and his lips pull away from your shoulder.

    “What did you just yell?” He asks, you stared up at the ceiling, knowing you had messed up, and even if you corrected yourself, you could be in for a long night.

    “I… I… Sir, I…” You stumble over your words, you feel his hand sliding out from underneath your shirt, you release his arm and feel his hands gripping the hem of your shirt roughly, he pulls it upwards, and you lift your arms obediently.

    “I’ll tell you what, I’ll be nice, I’ll give you a chance to correct yourself,” He says, he pulls your shirt off, dropping it to the floor, you feel his hands trailing up your spine before he unclasps your bra.

    “Sir…” You breathe out, you feel him pull the straps from your bra down your arms before it dropped onto the floor. “I’m sorry, it slipped, I… Sir,” You feel his fingers hooking around your waistband, you could feel him taking the elastic of his panties also, he pushes them down, your body jolts as you feel the fabric rub against your clit one final time before it slipped away from between your folds, you feel your pants and panties pool around your ankles before feeling his hand collide with your ass, you whimper and close your eyes for a split second. “Sir, Please… please, I messed up, please,” You feel his fingers knead into your asscheek, his lips touch the back of your ear.

    “Sit,” He demands, his voice rough and low, you swallow and move forward, quickly turning around and sitting down on the edge of the bed, his eyes move over your body, taking in your naked form in front of him. “Want to really show how sorry you are for your slip up?” You nod your head eagerly, you watch as he licks his lips before nibbling on his bottom lip for a moment, his eyes move lower and stop on your thighs. “Be a good girl and spread your legs,” You swallow and feel your insides flipping, you slightly lean back, placing your hands behind you on the bed and spread your legs wide for him, his eyes move over your pussy, seeing it glistening and dripping with arousal, you watch as he licks his lips once more, you felt so exposed to him and his eyes burning into you that it only made your skin grow hotter, he could see the sweat starting to build on your skin, he could feel his own clothes starting to stick to his skin, he moves closer and lean down, his hand cups the side of your neck, his lips press against yours, kissing you roughly, you could feel his teeth almost clashing with yours, he pushes you to lay on the bed before breaking the kiss, his hand slides down from your neck, over your chest, pausing on your breast that he hadn’t touched yet, his finger sliders over your nipple, watching as it hardens underneath his touch.

    “Sir…” You whimper, you could see a smile forming on his lips.

    “I’ll let it side for today, kitten,” He says, you swallow and close your eyes as you feel him take your nipple between his fingers, you feel him roll it between the pads of his fingers, you curl your toe in pleasure before feeling him pull at the bud.

    “Sir!” You moan, you could feel yourself dripping onto the bed, his fingers pull at the bud again before releasing it, he flattens his palm against your nipple and rubs his hand over it, you let out a soft moan and press your head into the mattress, your back arching lightly, he drags his hand down your breast before sliding it down your tummy, your eyes slowly open, you blink a few times to adjust to the light, you feel both his hands reach for the back of your knees before pulling your legs up and placing your feet on the bed, you gasp as you feel your folds spreading open for him, you lift your head to watch what his next move was, one hand leaves the back of your knee and slide over your thigh and to the inside of it, you suck in a deep breath, sucking in your tummy as you feel his fingers ghosting over your folds.

    “You’re dripping so much,” He says, your wetness was already coating your folds, his fingers slip past your folds, and he lets out a low groan as he feels his fingers becoming coated with your arousal, he slides his fingers towards your clit and presses them against the sensitive nub, you gasp and lower your head, swallowing as you feel him rub circles against your clit.

    “Sir, hmm, oh, it feels so good,” You say, he slides his fingers against your folds before sliding them to your entrance, you moan as you feel him giving attention to the side of your folds, you could hear the sound of your wetness squelching around, your hands grasp at the duvet, pulling it between your fingers as you feel his fingers rubbing along your folds, you were only growing wetter, and he could see it, you were so close to your orgasm before, and you could feel it building once again, even with his slow sensual touching, your walls clench, and he felt the movement.

    “Do you deserve to cum?” He asks, you let out a whimper and buck your hips, his fingers slipping against your entrance as you do. “I guess you deserve to,” He could feel his cock pressing against his pants as it’s been growing painfully hard, and he would need a release soon, two digits easily slip inside you with how wet you were. “Hmm, your walls always feel so welcoming.”

    “Fuck, it feels so good,” You moan, his fingers turn inside you before he pulls them out halfway. “Fuck…” He pushes them back into you, and your walls clench at the feeling, his other hand slides to the side of your thigh and kneads the skin as his fingers pump in and out of you, his shirt was sticking to his skin, he sucks his bottom lip between his teeth as he focuses on his movements, turning and twisting his fingers and curling them every now and again, your insides knot together and a tightening feeling was forming in your lower abdomen, you begin thrashing your head around, and you tug at the duvet, you were getting closer. “There, fuck, sir!” You feel his thumb press against your clit and rub circles against it. “Fuck, oh my fucking fuck sir,” Your breathing was shallow, his eyes watch as his fingers disappear into you before reappearing.

    “Fuck, you look so good, it sounds like you’re enjoying yourself,” He says, you whimper at his words, it felt so good to have his fingers inside you.

    “SIR!” You scream, he had slipped a third finger into you and the stretch was delicious and filling, your hips buck into his hand, and you feel him almost touching your sweet spot. “There, fuck… fuck, sir, there, ohhhmm,” You feel I’m pushing his fingers deeper into you, they turn inside you before they press into your sweet spot, you squeeze your eyes shut and stars immediately appear behind your lids, your body shakes and warmth travels up your spine. “SIR!” The tightening feeling inside you snaps, and you pulse around his fingers as you release around them, his eyes never once left your entrance, watching as your release spills from you as he fingers you, he moves his thumb away from your clit and moves his hand faster, watching your release splash against the inside of your thighs and onto the bed, he could feel his cock twitching at the sight and a low grunt leaves the back of his throat, you press your heels into the mattress as your hips lift from the bed, giving him a better view of your release dripping from you as his fingers pumped into you.

    “Sir, Sir, fuck, oh, sir,” You chant, you grit your teeth together at the feeling, you were coming down from your high and your walls felt sensitive from squeezing around his fingers so much. “Sir, fuck, please, hmmm,” His fingers slip out from you and your muscles relax, you lower your hips and you unclench your jaw, you breathe in deeply as you try and regain control of it, you hear the sound of clothes being removed, and you assumed he was getting undressed, you slowly open your eyes and look at the ceiling, blinking to get rid of the blurred vision, you lift your head just in time to see his cock slapping against his abdomen, the head glistened as pre-cum was oozing from the slit, you were sure there would be a wet patch if you checked his underwear, you sit upright, your feet sliding off the bed, your hand wraps around his cock earning a gasp from him.

    “Fuck… kitten, I think I’m hard enough for you,” He groans out, you clench at how he sounded.

    “Just want to be sure,” You say, you could feel the prominent vein on the underside of his cock and moan.

    “Get to the middle of the bed,” He says, you look up at him and lean closer to his cock, he watches you and lets out a low groan as he feels your lips touching the tip of his cock, hearing you kiss it before you leaned back and released him. “Fuck, you little tease,” You move higher onto the bed and lay back, he moves between your legs, sitting on his knees as he does, his hands grip your thighs and lift your legs, bending them at your knees. “Keep them like this,” His hands disappear from your legs and one hand wraps around his cock, he guides himself towards your folds, you lift your hips just the slightest bit and feel his cock tap against your clit.

    “Fuck,” You gasp, he circles the head around your clit before sliding it lower to your entrance, you hear him suck in a deep breath at the feeling of your wet pussy coating his cock, your fingers grip the duvet as you feel him pushing the head of his cock inside, he releases his cock and his hands move to your hips, gripping them and pulling you towards him, your jaw slacks and your head turns from one side to another as you feel him stretch and fill you, your walls clench around him, the delicious feeling causing your insides to flip and a tightening feeling to form in your abdomen. “Fuck, sir…” Your asscheeks touch his thighs, and you gasp, your walls pulsing around him as he gives you a few seconds to adjust to the stretch, you let out a low moan as you feel him slip out of you, stopping halfway before filling you to the brim again. “Sir!” You tug at the duvet. “Feels so good,” You lick your bottom lip before sucking it between your teeth.

    “Have to agree, fuck, it feels good,” He groans out, the sound of your wetness squelching echoed around the room along with the sound of skin slapping against skin and the sinful sounds of your mixed moans bounced off the wall, his hands gripping your hips harder with each thrust.

    “Ohhhmmm, Sir, oh,” You moan, pulling at the duvet more, tingles were moving up your spine as you grew closer to your release, his hair was sticking to his forehead and beads of sweat were forming on his chest, your walls were squeezing around him which was making his mind spin at how pleasurable it felt.

    “Kitten, fuck, you feel so good,” He groans. “Hmm, uhhh,” He could feel the head of his cock throbbing as he was nearing his high, you press your heels into the mattress, your hips bucking into him, your skin felt on fire as pleasure ripped through you, you squeeze your eyes shut so tightly that tears forming in the corner of your eyes, you squeeze around him harder.

    “Sir, Sir, oh my fu— ckk, Sirrr!” You moan out, one of his hand’s slides away from your hip and moves over your mound before his finger found your clit, your body shakes as you feel the tightening feeling in your abdomen snapping and your high crashing into you, you almost turn onto your side from the amount of pleasure you were feeling, you were moaning loudly and muttering a string of curse words, your walls were milking his cock, edging him closer to his high, his thrusts were becoming uneven at how good you felt making a mess around his length, his eyes watched your face as it contorts with pleasure, his finger rubs your clit faster.

    “Fuck, Y/n, kitten, fuck,” He groans out, he looks down at his cock disappearing and reappearing from you, moaning as he saw your release coating his cock and spilling onto his thighs, he tilts his head back, closing his eyes and swallowing loudly, he tried to keep up with his pace as he chased his own high. “Fuck, kitten,” He grunts out, your moans grow louder, and it sends him over the edge, his cock twitches inside you and hot ropes of cum fills you and spills from you as he rolls his hips into you, he tried to fuck it back in, but it felt like it was too much, his hand disappears from your clit and grips the side of your thigh, his thrusts were slowing down, and soon he was just rocking his hips into you, you were breathing hard, your head thrashed against the mattress from the pleasure, you could feel your mixed releases dripping from you with him still inside you, his thighs were probably covered with your release and now his also, he lets out a long low moan before stopping, his cock buried halfway inside you, he releases your hip and thigh and leans back, placing his hands behind him to catch his breath.

    You open your eyes, your vision blurred from how tight you had your eyes squeezed, your senses slowly returning to you, tingles were everywhere on your body and the cool air was suddenly nipping at your sweat coated skin, you lick your lips and lift your head to look at him, his hair sticking to his forehead and looking dishevelled, his torso was coated with sweat and the beads were rolling down his light-toned abs and over his tattoos.

    “Fuck…” You whimper, you had seen the sight plenty of times, but you could never get used to it, it always took your breath away. “Maybe you should show that you’re jealous more often,” He lifts his head and his hands, one of his hand’s lightly collides with your mound, making you whimper.

    “I wasn’t jealous,” He says, he slowly slips himself out from you, watching your mixed releases spilling down onto his thighs, he could feel the warm liquid travelling over his thighs and between them before it cooled down, he lifts your hips off from his thighs and moves to sit on the edge of the bed, you quickly sit upright and shuffle closer to him, wrapping your arms around him from behind, your hands flat n his chest and your chin resting on his shoulder, you could feel your mixed releases leaking down your thighs, and before you could stop yourself, you whimper into his ear at the feeling, your eyes move lower and another whimper leaves your lips as you see the glistening mess on his thighs.

    “Fuck… yes, maybe you should show whatever you were feeling more often, fuck,” You quickly spit out before closing your eyes, he lifts his hand and places it over one of yours.

    “Why, do you like seeing the mess you left behind on my thighs?” He asks, you turn your head into his neck.

    “Very much,” You whimper, and feel him squeeze your hand. “So much.”

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  • athenathesharkwrites
    23.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    Happy birthday to best leader Kim Youngbin! expect a fic later today!

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  • deepnightmp3
    23.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    SF9 Yoo Taeyang, Youngbin, Jaeyoon and Zuho for Singles Magazine December 2021 Issue

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  • key201303
    22.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Pairing: Youngbin x reader

    Word count: 850 words

    Warnings: mentions of tiredness

    Genre: birthday drabble, comfort au, fluff

    Plot: You've tried so hard to stay awake until midnight so you could be the first person to say happy birthday to Youngbin but havin the busy weekend you've had with work you couldn't make it in time.

    A/N: Happiest of the birthdays to the best leader to ever exist 🎂❤ He deserves the entire world because he's just so damn sweet and caring ❤ I really hope he has an amazing birthday and that he can fulfill all his dreams ❤❤ Happy birthday Binnie! 🎂❤

    P.S: I'm so damn soft right now for him 🤧 sorry not sorry 🤧❤

    Taglist -> @ailoveyuta @jaysbestie (let me know if you want to be added!)


    Just a few more minutes. You thought to yourself, forcing your eyelids to stay open for a few more minutes so you could jump into your boyfriend's arms when he arrived home after promotions and be the first human being to say ‘happy birthday’ to him. You perfectly knew he was fine with you falling asleep before he arrived home, he even let you know that a few hours ago when you both talked on the phone. “Babe your health is more important and you know that. It’s okay if you don’t say that before everyone else for a year.” He said on the phone, wanting to make sure you would put your health before his birthday. Little did he know you couldn’t sleep in peace if you didn’t say ‘happy birthday first.

    It kind of became a habit to say those insignificant words before everyone else when you met him 3 years ago on that karaoke night when you were trying to forget an asshole and he was celebrating his birthday with his friends. For some reason that day you felt the urge to keep in touch with him and, especially, be the one saying ‘happy birthday’ as soon as the clock hands marked midnight, just like if it were the only opportunity you would get to say it before he faded into the thin air. At first it was cute that you had that little habit but as years went by and now you shared an apartment, he couldn’t really understand why you had that innocent urge. Somehow, it felt like he would go away forever if you didn’t pronounce those words before midnight and yes, you were too afraid of losing him now.

    “Baby what are you doing here.” A soft and familiar voice while a soft hand caressed your right cheek. You fell into a deep slumber while remembering his words and how you both met, making you feel so guilty for not being able to be as energetic as he was used to seeing you. “I’m so sorry. I really tried to stay awake for you.” You said half asleep, taking his soft hand in yours and caressing it in a lovely way.

    Your sleepy eyes finally met his gleaming ones in the dark room, only illuminated by the soft light coming from a little lamp you both bought on your first day of buying furniture for your brandly new apartment. You took a few seconds to admire the amazing man that was sitting on the floor right in front of you, admiring you as well. Once again, you felt the love he held in his galaxy looking like orbs. You couldn’t help your heart rate going faster, not really knowing how to handle so much love and care. Ever since you both met, it felt like the universe finally danced in peace, like all the negative things faded away whenever you both were together. And today, more than any other day, you needed to stare at him so you could feel all your problems and stress from the past few days fade away.

    “I love you.” You quietly said out of the blue. His surprised expression made you giggle, he looked so cute whenever he acted surprised when you said those words. But this time, he was really surprised. But you, on the other hand, never said those words as convinced and confident as you did right there. Those kinds of moments are the ones when you notice and realize how much you love him. Not only because he’s handsome but because you love every single thing about his personality and soul. Even those stupid habits that makes you go mad when he forgets to clean a dish or put his hoodies inside the wardrobe. “I love you too.” He finally said, the word sincere written all over his face as he flashed a soft smile and cupped your cheeks to pull you into a soft kiss full of the love you had for each other.

    “Don’t you have anything else to say?” He said with a teasing tone as he got in the bed after getting in his comfortable pyjamas and after tugging you into the warm blankets. “Happy birthday, idiot.” You said, smiling widely yet tiredly as you snuggled into his arms and inhaled his beautiful scent that never failed to make you feel at home. “That’s my little star.” He said, tightening his embrace around your cold body, ready to go into deep slumber like you did a few minutes ago while waiting for him.

    You both met when you had a broken heart, when you weren’t the true ray of sunshine self he always loved you to be. But you definitely met right when you both needed, right when you both longed for true love and someone to wake up next to and that said ‘I love you’ without hesitating. You both longed for a loved one and you found each other right there and right then. Making his birthday wish of finding someone he could love come true.

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    happy birthday to our Young Bean
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    Youngbin ⊹ TRAUMA MV

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    DAD SF9 A⇴Z HEADCANON ⇴ Kim Youngbin


    Youngbin is big on affection at the best of times, but especially so with you whilst your pregnant. Youngbin can’t get enough of your bump and making sure that you feel as loved by him as possible when in his embrace.

    B ⇴ BUMP

    He liked to make sure that he could take the best possible care of you and so Youngbin tried to do as much research as possible on all of the things that he could do to help you. Whether it was a massage, doing a job that you couldn’t do, or just listening to your concerns, he tried his hardest to support you with your bump.


    Although quite a few of the combinations that you crave are a little bit weird, Youngbin is quite open to trying a few of them and seeing what you like about them. Usually once he’s tried them, Youngbin regrets how open minded he is, cringing at the taste of the foods, leaving him wondering even more why you like them.

    D ⇴ DUE DATE

    In the build up to your due date, Youngbin was keen to make sure that everything at work was organised so that he could take some time off to be with you. Youngbin was a hard worker at the best of times and so it didn’t take much for him to push that little bit harder to get everything that he needed to sort in order to give himself plenty of days before your due date to spend at home and look after you.


    New challenges are always welcomed by Youngbin, and none are bigger than parenthood. He can’t wait to throw himself into becoming a dad and learn as much as he possibly can. He knows it’s going to be tough at times, but between the two of you Youngbin knows the two of you are more than capable of being great parents and can’t wait to welcome your baby and start a new chapter in both of your lives.

    F ⇴ FAMILY

    One of your favourite things about Youngbin’s family is the fact that his two elder sisters always side with you against Youngbin. Whenever you’re struggling to decide or you want to beat Youngbin when choosing something, they always make sure to back you first and make sure that their little brother listens to what they have to say, giving him no choice but to cave and give you what you want which you absolutely love.

    G ⇴ GENDER

    He wasn’t particularly bothered whether you found out the gender of your baby or not, and so Youngbin decided to leave it up to you. He promised you that either way you went, he would be happy, he didn’t mind too much whether you found out or not, the only thing that Youngbin wanted to know at every one of your appointments was that your baby was growing healthily as they were supposed to.


    Hearing the beat of your baby’s heart always made Youngbin feel incredibly lucky about the fact that he was about to become a dad. He was grateful for the opportunity, for the fact that his baby was growing healthily and that he got the chance to hear how they were doing, easing his mind and worries until the next appointment.

    I ⇴ “I LOVE YOU”

    The way he takes care of you is how Youngbin always makes sure to let you know that he loves you, he hates leaving you by yourself, whenever he can he’ll give you a hug or a kiss to let you know that he loves you rather than saying it aloud, often preferring to physically show you how he feels instead of verbally.


    The others loved to tease Youngbin about the fact that the mother of the group was actually becoming a father to a baby, not just the other members. Their comments never made Youngbin jealous, in fact he quite liked that they had given him years of practice on how to look after someone else so that he had learnt plenty of the basics to be able to do the best possible job of looking after your baby too.

    K ⇴ KICKS

    Feeling the kicks of your baby drove Youngbin up the wall, he absolutely loved being able to feel your baby wriggling around, turning into a big kid himself. Roars of giggles would always come, with his legs often kicking around when your baby kicked particularly hard, barely able to contain himself at the feeling.

    L ⇴ LABOUR

    He was there beside you to give you advice whenever you needed it whilst you were in labour, he would talk you through everything and reassure you when you needed to hear his voice too, knowing exactly what to say. His words of wisdom were the boosts that you needed whenever you began to doubt yourself or feel as if you were ready to give up as a result of the pain that you felt during labour.


    Most mornings it takes Youngbin a little bit of time to wake up and comfort you, he hates waking up in the mornings, even if you’re being sick. You usually end up having to give it a few moments until Youngbin appears by your side, still slightly sleepy as he sits down beside you and runs his hand along the length of your back.


    Although he had very little experience when it came to decorating, Youngbin was quite excited to give it a go for the first time, with no greater time to learn how to paint and build then to put together your baby’s nursery.


    Youngbin was obsessed with your personality, he loved that you were the person that he got to call the mother of his child, you had all of the qualities he hoped would be passed down to his child whenever he settled down.


    He was very cautious around you after you gave birth, making sure that you didn’t rush into anything. He knew that you liked to pretend that you were fine, but after you gave birth, Youngbin put his foot down and make sure that he had as much control as possible to make sure you took your time in recovering.


    Youngbin always asks you if there’s anything that you need, knowing how difficult it is for you to be up on your feet sometimes, he’s always more than happy to pick up what you need in a much quicker time too.


    One of the things that Youngbin wanted to pass down to your baby was his love of affection, and so Youngbin made sure that your baby’s nursery was filled with stuffed toys that they would be able to cuddle up to, making sure that they felt cosy at all times, especially when Youngbin wasn’t able to hug them.

    S ⇴ SCANS

    Youngbin loved to keep your scan photos at work, especially to give him the motivation that he needed. When he felt as if he was ready to give up and go home, a look at the photo would remind him that he needed to get as much done as he could now so that he had the time to spend at home when he was needed.

    T ⇴ TEST

    The two of you had discussed having children, agreeing that it was something that you wanted at some point in your lives, although you never imagined that it would happen quite as quickly as it did for you both.


    Nothing was more important for Youngbin then your baby, and so whenever you had appointments, he was always there to support you at them.

    V ⇴ VISITS

    The three of you didn’t get too much time together as Youngbin’s sisters especially were keen to visit your baby as soon as possible, as well as making sure that they were there to look after you too when Youngbin went back to work.


    Most of the time Youngbin is patient, although he’s excited, he appreciates that your baby needs the time to grow before arriving.

    X ⇴ XXXX

    It’s instinct for Youngbin that whenever he cuddles you and your bump, he kisses you too. He always makes sure to shower you in affection, it doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing, he’s always ready to kiss you.

    Y ⇴ YOU

    You were his best friend, there was no one else that Youngbin wanted to settle down with.

    Z ⇴ ZZZ

    In the mornings, Youngbin tends to encourage you to try and stay in bed with him for as long as possible so that you can rest, he wants to keep you comfortable in bed for as long as possible whilst your baby is still.



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