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  • magicman111
    23.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Marcy savoured the moment. She caressed the Box, her birthright, allowing her bloodied fingers to trace the outlines of the intricate designs that decorated the exterior. The power that radidated from it was intoxicating. This must have only been a fraction of what her ancestors felt.

    She started pressing the gems in the correct order that would shut down the portal. Regarding the horror stricken human and frogs with a deranged cheshire cat grin that stretched from ear to ear, Marcy rocked her head back and forth. An inhuman giggling fit shook her rib cage.

    “You’re not going anywhere...”

    A Moth to a Flame, Chapter 7 https://archiveofourown.org/works/31786669/chapters/78685435

    All credit for this marvellous piece of art goes to the one and only and incredibly talented @issabolical

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  • incorrectfrogs
    22.01.2022 - 22 hours ago

    andrias: Gay people will literally be in timeloops

    marcy: No they won’t

    marcy: No they won’t

    marcy: No they won’t

    marcy: No they won’t

    marcy: What did you do to me.

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  • jetzflare25
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    I'm not really sure if Marcy actually betrayed Anne and Sasha.

    First off, she didn't actually leave them stranded in Amphibia on purpose. Even if she were to believe the Calamity Box was real, there was no indication that it would suddenly grab them and ship them off to random locations and then deactivate itself. So aside from the bit about Anne's birthday, there was nothing really wrong with her actions there.

    And technically, nothing actually started going wrong until Andrias set up his robot army, and Marcy knew nothing about that.

    The assumption is that she and Andrias agreed to take everyone to the new worlds and avoid going back to Earth, not giving Anne and Sasha a chance to opt out. But aside from what makes sense plot-wise, we have no indication of what she was actually planning to do. Maybe she was just nervous about bringing up the plan to Anne and Sasha and was trying to figure out how to bring it up.

    When she said that they should bring the Calamity Box to Andrias first, that may simply be because she hasn't decided what she wants to do yet. Plus, her suggestion makes sense; they can't just leave Amphibia while the Plantars and Grime are still in the scorching hot temple, and it would be preferable to say goodbye to everyone before leaving. And "I just didn't want to be alone" may have been referring to her bond with Andrias, that she didn't have with her parents. It's also like in Toadcatcher when Sasha said "I already lost one friend. I'm not about to lose another."

    I don't really expect Season 3 to go this route since it would probably make things too complicated. I just wanted to point something out.

    (Although even in Season 3A, we still learn nothing about Marcy's actions except that she personally sees them as "super dumb." It's oddly vague.)

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  • definitely-a-human-being
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Every time i read one of Darkstalkers lines I imagine him with the same voice as king Andrias

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  • dashintrash
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    I'm sorry this is so funny ginormous baby Andrias will give you a hernia if you try to hold him

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  • amphibiaconfessions
    21.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    People forgot Marcy was just a kid. That made a mistake because she was scared and depressant. This poor girl struggles with making friends and was going to lose her only friends. She was scared child, worrying about losing them forever. It was an mistake, but it was done out of fear not evil. Now on to Andrias, HE took advantage of the poor kid emotional state, he saw that and used that to his advantage. Marcy was just a scared kid, he took advantage of that.

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  • dashintrash
    21.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    every amphibian that has these mustache thingies (like Andrias and Toadstool) had them since being pollywog you can't change my mind

    #amphibia #amphibia season 3 #king andrias #barrel the brave #plantar ancestor#sketch
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  • thekingofwinterblog
    21.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Amphibia Ending Theory - Anne Boonchuy, Queen of Amphibia

    When speculating the ending of a series, there are many, many factors that goes into it.

    What are the protagonists goals? What is the antagonistic force that opposes them? What does the series foreshadow?

    In regards to Amphibia, it is specifically an Isekai story. It is a deconstruction of many, many of the common Isekai tropes, but it is at it's heart an Isekai story nonetheless.

    And Isekai stories by their very nature tends to end one of two ways. Either the Main Character goes back home to Earth, to reclaim the lives they were plucked from, or they stay in the fantasy world for whatever reason(Be it because they have to sacrifice their way home over the course of the story, because they like their new lives in their new world, or because circumstances demands they stay).

    Amphibia plays with this concept, in that Anne manages to achieve her goal at the end of season 2, managing to get back home and reunite with her parents and reclaim her old life... Only to immediately want to return to Amlhibia because of a variety of reasons(Having to deal with Andrias, reunite with her friends, etc).

    In that regard, it's very, very clear that the final conflict of Amphibia will take place in the titular world, and that the series is building up to a return to planet for it's third season.

    While the Core might be the machine behind Andrias, and therefor the true Big Bad of the story, it is Andrias who is the one that the story time and again has set up as Anne's personal nemesis, her counterpart, the mirror of everything she could become.

    That Anne and Andrias has deep personal business that's going to be resolved by combat in the finale, isn't exactly hard to guess.

    My theory on how her story will end however, goes deeper than that, as I belive that the series is setting Anne up, not just to defeat Andrias and the Core, save the multiverse and free Amphibia from tyranny, but to succeed Andrias himself, as the next Monarch of the continent/world of Amphibia.

    In one of my first Amphibia posts, I laid out my theory that the Music Box's original purpose before it became the power source for the entire Amphibian civilization was as a means to choose the next Monarch of the land by selecting a trio of worthy candidates with the potential for kingship.

    They would all three be imbued with great and amazing power, but crucially they also had a system where the power wielders were supposed to divest themselves of that power after a long, and deep journey of character building, which seems kinda backwards when the journey is about GIVING UP those godlike powers, unless there was meant to be something more at the end.

    Mayhaps one of them being chosen as the most worthy to lead.

    This would explain why Andrias, who just so happened to be one of the three who possessed the power of the box, also ended up become king, while having his friends at his side to aid him until their betrayal.

    There is a lot that goes into the theory, but one thing I didn't go fully into was the implications this would have for Anne going forward.


    Firstly, there is Anne's Calamity mode, which we thankfully have the concept art for, and from it, we can learn a few things. Firstly there is the fact that Anne's floating hair was intentionally designed to mimic a crown, which suggests a deep royal connection to the form.

    Secondly however, and far more blatant, is that before settling on the super saiyan inspired design, apparently one of the previous concepts that never made it beyond the page was that Anne was apparently going to manifest a full on Thai crown for this form, which is just dropping the subtext about this being connected to royalty, and saying it flat out.

    And thirdly, there is a blatant spot on this concept sheet where one section was painted over digitally, presumably because whatever was there would be spoilers for something yet to come.

    The crown imagery doesn't just end at the concept art either. In Amdrias mural, Anne is showcased, not surrounded by a blue aura, but instead with a blue fire burning over her head like a crown.

    There is also the fact that Anne's colors beyond her blue, are Purple and gold, generally the colors of royalty.

    Anne and Andrias

    But beyond her connection to the Box and what it's power might mean, there is also Anne's journey through the series, and how her story is all about her coming into her own as the Heart of Amphibia, and by extention clean up the mess Andrias has made of Amphibia.

    Anne learns many, many lessons about all the things her power is supposed to represent in season one, but it's not before she comes into direct contact with Andrias feudal system, that she would begin going down arc she would see to the finish in the finale.

    In Toad Tax Anne chooses to stand up to the blatantly unjust Tax Collectors, that are only where they are because Andrias made this corrupt, unjust, and inefficient feudal system long, long ago, and today he refuses to do anything to fix it.

    And by doing so, she gets seriously hurt, but also wins the towns true respect for the first time, by doing what is right.

    The system Andrias built is a Feudal one that has reached the point where the crown flat out doesn't care anymore about actually upholding it's end of the societal contract, and Anne standing up to that system marks the point where she becomes a true hero.

    This arc continues into Reunion, where Anne finally stands up to Sasha, because it is the right thing to do, despite the fact she thinks that by doing so, she would be sacrificing her friendship with Sasha.

    However, despite this, Anne still refuses to let Sasha fall to her death, risking her own life to try and save her. And by doing so, she proves herself superior to Andrias, who is defined by his vicious anger and resentment over his friends betrayal.

    She would do this again in True Colors where even after both her friends betrayed her, she still chooses to give them another chance.

    Anne choses to continue to open her heart, despite the pain she risks by doing so, because she deeply, deeply cares about those around her. Andrias is defined(Both as a person, and as a king) by the fact that he is incapable of opening himself up to anyone, and as a result has grown completely, totally emotionally numb inside.

    Throughout the entire series Anne is being set up as Andrias foil, and her journey is one where she is going to replace him, one way or another.

    Andrias has become unworthy, both as a representation of the Gems power, and as a king. Anne however, is worthy, as proven when she activates her power in full to right a truly monstrous wrong on Andrias part, when the man who is supposed to protect and nurture every citizen of Amphibia, throws a child to his death to spitefuly prove a point to Anne.

    Anne inspires people, be they the ragged band that liberated Newtopia from the toads with a daring plan, Wartwood, or individiual people like Sasha.

    Andrias brings only misery to those around him, having long, long since stopped caring that a king's duty is to his people first, and he must live and rule for them. And so he kills them if they don't comply becoming glorified factory workers, amuses himself by shooting rockets at them, and all in all makes their lives miserable just to entertain himself.

    The imagery is quite clear. Andrias is the Aerys of Amphibia. The cruel tyrant that has long, long since overstayed his welcome, that brings only suffering and misery to everyone he is sworn to protect. Anne is the burning star that has come to cleanse Andrias and the Core from the face Amphibia, and restore order once more.

    And as the prophecy notes, she is not alone in that.

    Post Andrias

    With, Heart, Strength

    Three Stars Burning Bright, Come for Beyond to expel the night, should they fight or embrace the Fall, their choice will determine all.

    While all 3 girls will undoubtedly have a role to play in saving Amphibia from it's mad tyrant, Assuming this theory ends up happening, Anne would not be alone as Monarch.

    She would be the Heart, the one that can bring people together, the obvious Hero that the entire country can rally behind as the defeater of the hated Andrias, the figurehead who nonetheless is capable of making the right decisions.

    Sasha would be Strength, the muscle, the general that in this new world(And post her character development) has grown enough as a person to be willing to subordinate herself to someone else, someone she is 100% loyal to, that has both the skills, the strength and the charisma to crush any opposition to Anne, be it revolts, enemy factions or rebellions against her reforms.

    Marcy would be Wit, the brains, the great minister who would be responsible for implementing the technology that Newtopia always had so that every single part of the recovering country will be able to enjoy it.

    Strength, Heart and Wit, united and working together, as they were always meant to be.

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  • mythicaldeerling
    21.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    ok so i was making this aMAZING google slide show animation thing and my teacher walks by my table and says “oh thats a really cool yeti... darth vader ..thing” im so offended

    [amphibia s2 finale spoilers]

    feel free to complement my amazing artwork /j

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  • weedle-testaburger
    20.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    this was one of the first things i thought of when this meme started going round and yet i’ve not seen anyone do it

    #personal crap#amphibia#anne boonchuy#king andrias #of course you have blue hair and pronouns #the other big one was peridot saying it to lapis for some reason
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  • chimeracreations
    20.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    andy doodle

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  • ghostadventurespirit0rb
    19.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    apparently i never posted this

    #amphibia#king andrias#lore talks #made in google slides on the school bus <3
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  • amphibia-words-suggest
    19.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    If you were kinder, wiser, perhaps the first thought that came to your mind would not have been an opportunity. Perhaps you would have won.

    She‘s smiling- that signature innocent smile-and tears slip down her cheeks to pool in the corner of her mouth. Ever so cheerful, even with the way her voice breaks every time her friends names escape her lips.

    You’re actively listening, as any good king should do, and you see her weaknesses, her flaws laid right out in front of you for you to take. She put them there, she trusts you, and that was her mistake. Everything is so easy now. Your lord will be pleased.

    All you have to do is wait for the moment that they break her heart.

    She takes a deep breath, apologizing for her sobs and vunerability, and moves on with her turn.


    She takes your wart.

    - For a moment, neither of you register it. She’s still wiping at her eyes. She waves to you to continue on with your game.

    And you burst into congratulatory laughter- because no one has ever beaten you before. She is now officially the flipwart champion of all Amphibia. Defeater of the king himself. What a noble title to hold.

    Her. We want her. It’s settled, whispers a voice in your mind, the one who has been moving your hand for you. No more searching. She will be the best of us all.

    #Amphibia#Marcy wu#andrias leviathan#king andrias #Look. I already posted about this on my main account but I’m just saying!!! #what if she beat andrias while pouring out her heart??? Hm???
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  • mothicalspoken
    19.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    What if the flipwart game where Marcy beat Andrias was also the one where she poured her heart out to him

    #I can’t decide what this would mean #either Marcy revealing her true emotions instead of hiding them gives her strength and ability #or that Andrias actually was affected at some level by Marcy’s story and that’s why he was caught off guard #or both #but either way… god #I want to see it SO BAD #Amphibia #they better have a flashback #marcy wu#andrias leviathan#king andrias #OH OH OH NOT TO MENTION #THAT WAS HER FATAL FLAW. THE FLIPWART GAME #her emotions got her everywhere- god damn
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  • dolphinwaffle
    18.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Darcy, standing with their back turned: I’ve been expecting you, Sasha.

    Sasha: How did you do that without turning around?

    Darcy: ... To be perfectly honest, the first couple of people I did that to were not you.


    *1 hour before*

    Darcy: I’ve been expecting you, Sasha. *Turns around*

    Andrias: What the actual fuck

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  • sashannarcycanon
    18.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    I miss amphibia so much pls come back aaaa

    I can't wait for more Darcy voice lines, sashannarcy flashbacks, information about Andrias' friends, yulivia scenes hh

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  • jetzflare25
    17.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    Same [Fifty Percent Off] character.

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  • redflare5000
    16.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    A thing I found on YouTube

    Mine's Captain Grime, not bad I guess...

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