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  • fairytraumas
    23.10.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    I just asked this guy if he was into inflicting pain he said “a little” 😒 blocked

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  • carneliandreams08
    23.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    y’all dont judge me and my oc’s height/weight proportions and such....i don’t know how that stuff works im just a horny simp with a size kink so let me make big beefy oc’s that could dwarf almost anyone and let me be pls 

    #my rambles#oof #tw size kink #i just wanna always be smol #and as someone who was once heavy i don't want anyone to NOT be able to feel smol #so i just wanna make HUGE mean men OR soft men ig to make EVERYONE feel smol #all sizes are valid smols uwu #idk man just let me be
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  • beige-babyyy
    23.10.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    god watching my 5'1 self keeping falling for fictional men over 6 feet:

    #beige.status #size kink go brrrrr
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  • rotten-castle
    23.10.2021 - 16 minutes ago


    Not enough girls putting other girls in collars. This is bad for the economy i think

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  • discotec
    23.10.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    Ray Davies, 1970

    #I love this picture but I’ve only ever been able to find it in a picture of someone else’s picture of a book 😔 I need to find out what book #it’s from so I can scan it for real #ray davies#the kinks#my edits
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  • sybariitics
    23.10.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    looking for more partners to write with on discord since a few of mine are on hiatus. mainly interested in writing smutty/kinky/taboo content. dm me/like for username.

    #indie smut rp #discord 1x1 rp #discord smut rp #indie kink rp #discord 1x1
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  • x-collared-woodvale-kitty-x
    23.10.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    We talk alot about roughness and degrading here and that's fantastic but can we talk about romantic Doms?

    I'm talking Doms that slow burn you and fine a way to be both rough and gentle at the same time. You won't have bruises but a there firm touch us enough to melt you. Doms that kiss softly and deeply and say "I love you" in the middle of scene. Doms who energy smells like roses with eyes like a candle flame.

    You won't feel used when they are done with you but your mind will be a deep fog and after you clean up they'll light Insense and cuddle under a thick blanket.

    We need to talk more about these Doms

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  • radically-lesbian
    23.10.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    Here are some of my beliefs and guidelines. Before you send me hate or whatever, just read through it.

    1. I absolutely despise racism and racists

    2. Homophobia and lesbophobia are also big no-nos on my blog.

    3. I am a radfem and gender critical, if you don’t like that, and aren’t willing to have an educated decision, leave.

    4. A woman is a human female

    5. A man is a human male

    6. Gender doesn’t exist at all

    7. misogynistic is probably the worst thing you could be when you come to this blog

    8. I’m dysphoric, but still female.

    9. Basically dont come here if you don’t like a lot of passion, opinions, and liberal swearing.

    10. If you support kinks and stuff dni

    11. If you support the sex industry at all dni

    #Dni list#anti-kink#kink critical #terfs do interact #lesbian not queer #radical feminists please touch #anti sex industry
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  • mistressvega9
    23.10.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    My tasks are still going on with submissive and sissy who are ready to have tasks with me add me on Snapchat(dominatrixceles)

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  • prinvil
    23.10.2021 - 28 minutes ago
    #still talking abt pussy pumping okay #ask to tag #love the random ass dynamics i added #.kaminari #.shigaraki #.iida #piss kink mention #.scribbles #.queue
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  • daddydom-newengland
    23.10.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    If only she behaved!

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  • ravensbedroomthoughts
    23.10.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    I enjoy being dominated.

    There are a lot of people that will confuse what that means. So many of my partners have. What they think being dominant means involves rough sex and calling me names until they reach their finish.

    And while that's a nice experience, and certainly will make me feel like an object, that isn't what I mean by "I enjoy being dominated."

    When I say this, what I mean is that I like it when a person is observant. Much the same that I have a hard time being a follow in dancing, I have a hard time not seeing and paying attention to everything around me. I have a hard time trusting that I'm not going to get throw into a situation that I can't handle. A dominant will always be watching the environment so I don't have to. So I feel safe enough to relinquish control. This is part of why I trust Sir so much- he is always looking, and always communicating with me so I can be perfectly myself. So I can let go of the rigid vice I keep on my actions and words and be free for moments at a time.

    A dominant is always patient. Always. I have never trusted anyone from the jump- not even Sir. Sir has been patient with me from the beginning. He's had to be. He knows that I want to be honest to myself, and that I want to open up and receive. He also knows that those things take time. And he's been taking that time while exploring my likes and dislikes. Watching how my body and mind react to specific acts and stimulus. Listening to me talk honestly about the experience. This is what I need from a dominant- someone willing to be patient over and over again. Someone willing to prove that I'm safe, and that they aren't going to leave me in the lurch or react badly if I can't give them the response they are wanting.

    A dominant knows that foreplay is constant. How they touch you, in the approach, in conversation. They understand the influence they have over your body and mind and leverage it regardless of if there's an expected scene or not.

    I'm reminded of the time at Sir's place when my head was in his lap and I was being driven crazy by the smell of his balls. Sir could tell, and he waited until I was about to break and asked for what I wanted. He trusted I wouldn't take what I wanted- that isn't present in our dynamic. I am in the position of asking. I also knew that if I did try to take without asking, I would be corrected. We were not in the correct place, and I would not have been safe to do what I wanted. It's moments like that that prove a dominant's efforts. That self-assured energy that comes with the trust in the dynamic. The embodiment of the protector inspires my softness. My Sir knows how busy my head gets, and endeavors to make it simple for me.

    For a dominant, their submissive's pleasure is their mandate and less of an ideal to try for. I have had so many unsatisfying partners that refused to learn what made my body tick, tense, clench, and ultimately release. A dominant will not wait to be asked for something. They will do it because they want to see what will happen when they do. They want to see what makes your breath hitch. They want to know what your softest places are. And they're going to take the time to find them, because they decide to. Your pleasure is not an option to them. It's a calling to it. They want to see your body and mind fall apart in their hands, and your consent to allow them to give you that is sacred to them. Why?

    Because a dominant knows submission is given. Respect and trust is earned.

    There is a massive difference between letting someone fuck you roughly and submission. I think more submissives would benefit from learning how to differentiate. Submitting to the will of a truly dominant person, for a submissive, is bliss.

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  • seenfull
    23.10.2021 - 46 minutes ago
    some say it’s worth an eternity of damnation

    (uncensored here)

    #nsft#breeding kink#belly kink#chub kink#ronnie reed#abby #sorry i posted this more than once #i was trying to figure out how to avoid getting flagged #my first flagged post #i feel like we're popping a cherry here
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