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    Kinktober 2021.

    Day 19 - Cigarettes

    Shikamaru Nara x Fem!Reader

    This story is a smut story for kinktober, I’ll be writing more characters x reader one shots for kinktober and if you want to see a character please let me know...

    You must be 18 years or older to read this...


    Summary: you try to tell Shikamaru that he needs to cut down his smoking, however he silences you with something more pleasant for the both of you.

    Word count : 530

    CW: NSFW and adult content, dry humping, hand job, smoking and mention of dead character.

    At first you didn’t have a problem with Shikamaru smoking despite his age, you know he was doing it to emulate his late master, Asuma. However now it was becoming quite excessive, sure Shikamaru was an adult, that doesn’t mean his lungs could take all that abuse.

    “I think you should cut down with smoking” you said as Shikamaru sat down next to you on the bed, “why’s that?” He asked and laid his head on your lap, “because it’ll hurt your lungs” you brush your fingers over Shikamaru’s forehead. Shikamaru reached into his pocket and pulled out a cigarette, before placing it between his lips, “really? Well I better be careful” he quipped as he sat up again and rested against the headboard, Shikamaru reached over to you and ran a hand up your arm before pulling you towards him. “You really shouldn’t be smoking” you said as you reached for the unlit cigarette between Shikamaru’s lips, however he caught your hand and placed your hand on his shoulder before lighting his cigarette, “you really can be such a drag” he sighed and pulled you onto his lap. “I’ve had a long day at work and now I come home to you complaining about every little thing” Shikamaru groaned before he held you on the bulge in his pants, “I’m not complaining about everything, I’m just worried about your well-being” you pouted as you spoke in a defensive manner, Shikamaru puffed on his cigarette while his hands began to slowly grind you on his clothed member, “if you so worried, help me relieve some stress” he moaned.

    Shikamaru let you take over with grinding on him and let you set your own pace, you slowly start to forget about your previous discussion as your clothed heat dragged along Shikamaru’s solid bulge, you moaned and gasped as Shikamaru blow his cigarette smoke in your face before he leant in to kiss you. The taste of subtle sake and cigarette smoke that sat on Shikamaru lips and tongue, was orgasmic, you and Shikamaru’s tongues fought for dominance but in the end Shikamaru win that battle as soon as he pushed you to lay back and began roughly grinding into you. You couldn’t help but loudly cry out at the simulation Shikamaru was giving you, however the view of him leaning over you with a cigarette hinging better his lips and his half littered eyes had you tipping over the edge. “Shikamaru… it’s good… please I want more” you moan as you came down from your high and reached down a hand down before slipping it into his pants to help him over the edge. You pumped Shikamaru’s aching member, as he came Shikamaru gripped your face and took a long drag of his cigarette before blowing the smoke in your face, you coughed and took your hand out of his pants. “Okay maybe smoking is okay, but I still want you to slow down a bit” you said as you tried to catch your breath, “how many times do I have to make you cum to get you off my case?” Shikamaru chuckled and leant in to kiss you.

    Masterlist (coming soon)

    Day 18 -  Mutual Masturbation /// Day 20 - Degradation (coming soon)

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    Don't Call Me Princess! | KINKTOBER

    🎃 Pairings: Jeonghan x Reader | Joshua x Reader

    🎃 Genre: Friends to Lovers | Halloween Party | Smut | Enemies to Lovers |

    🎃Warnings: Threesome? | Vibrator | Face Riding | Light Edging | Dom!Jeonghan | Switch!Joshua | Sub!Reader | Unprotected Sex | Teasing

    🎃 Word Count: 1.3k

    🎃 Summary: This was not how you were expecting your halloween night to go. Especially not with your best friend and your enemy.

    🎃 Author’s Note: So I got a lot of requests for Joshua (like 10) so I've tried to combine as many as possible into one. I hope everyone who requested still enjoys. I may also have to do this with other members.


    “Did you think I was joking?” He hissed from behind you, his sweat dripping down his forehead tainted neon green from the hair spray. His finger continue to work the tight leather suit down your body, your chest pressed against the wall.

    “I said to you, very clearly, don’t entertain Joshua tonight, and what did you do?” Jeonghan continues, finally getting your suit to your feet, lifting one foot at a time to take it off completely, throwing it across the room, once he’s freed you from it.

    “God, I can see how wet you are for him already. It’s dripping down your thighs.” He huffs, standing to his full height behind you, his fingers tracing patterns against your thigh. “Get on the bed, and spread your legs, I don’t feel like playing with you today.” Jeonghan’s tone in tight as he steps away from you, undoing the buttons on his own shirt, pulling it quickly off his body, before moving his hands to the remote strapped to his belt.

    You shiver, moving quickly to the bed on the other side of the room, laying down on it quickly, you legs spreading open, just enough to have a space available for Jeonghan. You let out a small squeak, as you watch Joshua hit the on button on the remote, the buzzing inside of you starting again.

    “Such a dirty girl, aren’t you?” He questions and you nod quickly, fighting the urge to close your legs, your hands gripping the sheets.

    “Say it for me, princess.”

    “I’m such a dirty girl.”

    “For who?”

    “For you, Jeonghan.”

    “Did you hear that, Joshua? Did you hear what she said for me?” You head shoots up quickly, your legs squeezing shut, eyes quickly finding the blonde who stands by the bedroom door.

    “Josh? I can explain…”

    “Explain what, princess? Explain that even though you pine so desperately for your best friend, you are still in here fucking me on halloween.” Your eyes open wider in shock, your body moving to get off the bed, to go towards Joshua.

    “Ah, Ah.” Jeonghan tuts, his hand finding a button on the remote, turning the vibrations up higher. You let out a strangled moan, stopping your movements, moving back onto the bed.

    “You see, we aren’t done playing in here. So Joshua, I’ll leave the decision up to you.” Jeonghan explains finally turning towards the shocked man. “You can either get on the bed and eat her out, or you can leave a pretend like you didn’t see anything in here.” Your head shoots up again at Jeonghan’s offer, another moan escaping you as he turns the vibrations up once again.

    “Take your panties off, princess.” Jeonghan says, as he watches Joshua take a few steps towards the bed. You watch Joshua confused, as he gets closer to the bed, eventually perching on the edge of it. “Now, princess.” Jeonghan reiterates, and you nod, sitting back to slide your soaked panties down you legs.

    “Shit.” Joshua curses as he watches you throw your underwear towards Jeonghan. He moves quicker this time, lying down against the mattress, his head sitting comfortably on the pillows.

    “What are you doing?” You ask him, your eyes darting between the man taking a seat on the desk chair, and the man lying next to on the bed.

    “What do you think? Sit on my face.” Joshua says, a grin on his lips, as you sputter.

    “You heard him.”

    “Please just sit on my face, I’m not a very patient man.” Joshua continues, his grin growing, as you move up the bed, moving one thigh to sit on either side of his shoulder.

    “What if you can’t breathe?” You question, looking down at your best friend with furrowed brows, the vibrations inside of you finally decreasing.

    “I’ll tap you on the thigh, three times. Now, hurry up and sit of my face.” You sigh and shuffle forwards a little more until you are hovering over Joshua’s face, his tongue reaching up to give you a teasing like before his hands are gripping your thighs, and pulling you to sit fully on his mouth.

    “Oh Lord.” You whisper, as his tongue begins working, soft long licks against your folds, his nose nuzzling into your hip bone. You hands reach forwards, gripping the head board as his licking gets faster, his tongue searching for your clit.

    “Jesus, help me.” You hum, as his tongue finds it quickly, Joshua smiling against you, before sucking your clit into his mouth, in a hard quick motion. He sucks for a little longer before releasing the swollen nub, shuffling slightly down the bed, so his tongue is lined up with your entrance.

    You sit up quickly when you feel three soft taps on your left thigh. “Are you okay?” You question, Joshua nodding quickly.

    “You’re going to have to ride my face. It’s your turn to do the work.” Joshua says softly, before pulling down on your thighs again, his flexed tongue sliding straight into your pussy. He lets out a content moan, as you slowly begin to move your hips back and forth, riding his face.

    “Is he making you feel good, Princess?”

    “So good. So… Fuck… Good.” You hiss, as Joshua’s nose rubs against your clit, his tongue still firm, and warm inside you. His tongue flickers slowly as your hips move faster, the warmth spreading through your abdomen, your toes curling, your hands gripping the headboard tighter.

    “That’s enough.” Jeonghan’s voice cuts through the room, Joshua’s hands reach up stopping your hips movements, shuffling out from underneath you.

    “No, No, No… You can’t be doing this right now, Han.” You whine, falling back against your heels, the tingle in your abdomen ebbing away.

    “I absolutely can, hands and knees, pretty girl.” You let out a small whine, moving into position, your elbows bracing against the mattress, your ass high in the air. You hear low whispers behind you before long fingers grab your hips.

    “Are you ready?” Joshua whispers in your ear, his lips lightly tracing along his jawline, as his fingers slips into you, gripping the edge of the vibrator, pulling it out of you slowly.

    “God, you’re so wet.” A light kiss pressed against your neck.

    “And so beautiful.” A kiss against your jaw.

    “And just perfect.” A kiss against your cheek, his cock sliding into you slowly, his pelvis joining your hips. He pulls back slowly, his cock dragging slowly against you, as you clench hard, your teeth biting into your palm, to stop you from letting out a loud moan.

    “Josh, please, harder.” You whine, pushing your hips back against his, Joshua letting out a soft, groan, his thrusts speeding up, but just as gentle as before.

    You clench against him harder, hoping it would make Joshua want as much as you did, but he continues his slow, steady pace, his thumbs rubbing the skin of your hip, as you let out frustrated groans.

    “Please, Josh.” You mumble into your hand, tears welling in your eyes from the torture of the slow pace.

    “I can’t.” Joshua whispers, pressing another kiss to your cheek, the burning eyes of Jeonghan watching his every move. You can feel the tension building again in your abdomen, your moans getting harder to conceal into your palm, Joshua grunting trying his hardest to not speed up his thrusts.

    “Just a little bit more, please.” You beg again, one of your hands trying to slither their way down your body to you clit.

    “Stop.” Jeonghan’s voice cuts through the room again, Joshua letting out a long sigh, before pulling out of you completely.

    “Sorry, Princess.”

    “Don’t call me princess.” You huff sitting back up on your knees. “Jeonghan, this isn’t fair.”

    “Don’t get all pouty on us. We’re only getting started…” Jeonghan hums into the air, his own hands tugging at the belt around his pants.

    “Back on your hands and knees, princess.”

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    Kinktober Day 19: Praise | Body Worship

    Barbatos/GN Reader

    ☞. . . I wanna be nice to Barbie. And tease him a little too. Not a lot of active smut in this one, sorry! More so body worship and light teasing. Also trans Barbatos!

    You can see it in the way he holds himself. Barbatos is getting tired. He’s getting worn down. And yet he keeps going with that small smile on his face and a servicing attitude. You’ve always admired his collected demeanor, how he can handle any situation with precise neutrality. But you wished he’d take a break when he needed one.

    Because you’ve learned his little ticks, you can tell how he deflates with each passing day. His posture is slumping, a small yet tell tale decrease in his shoulders. There’s a line in his brow, a crease in his smile. There are things the average person would look over—but you see them as clear as day.

    You lure him back with sweet smiles and gentle caresses. You know how much he likes it when you hold his face. In the halls is a lingering touch; fixing his hair, sweeping his bangs. His eyes flutter, like he had forgotten where he was standing. He catches himself before he leans into your palm, and the encounter burns in his skull for the rest of the day.

    Eventually, even Barbatos could handle it.

    He triple checked the lock on the door, shut the curtains, fluffed the pillows. You watch as he putters about, patiently waiting for him to be ready.

    Finally, he nods to himself, and presents in front of you. “Are you sure? I could easily serve you instead.” Barbatos gives his last ditch effort, but the relief in his face when you take his hand is clear. “This is serving me. To know you’re happy and relaxed is what I want from you.” You pull his gloves from his hands, loosening each finger. He stands between your thighs, biting down on his lower lip. “..very well.” He admits his defeat, and does his best to accept your affection.

    He’s not used to it. Barbatos would feel much more at home beneath you, heeding your beck and call. This is unfamiliar territory, and for once in a long time, he feels unprepared. You set his gloves aside, neatly, and bring his knuckles up to your mouth. You press a kiss to each cold blushed knuckle, doing your absolute best to warm his skin. Barbatos feels his breath hitch, standing stiff between your thighs. The plush sofa bumps against his knees, a firm reminder of the room you occupy. “You’re so good to me, Barbie.” You sigh against his palm, planting more kisses. “You’re my good boy, you know that, right?” You quirk a brow, looking up at him from your lashes.

    Barbatos gives a stiff nod. “Of course.”

    You reward him with another kiss, just at the end of his wrist cuffs. “And good boys get rewards. Especially when they’re overworked and burnt out.”

    He wears a look of surprise for a moment, eyebrows arched up. “No, you must be mistaken- I’m completely fine.” He’s always putting his work first, himself last, to the point he’ll deny his troubles without a second thought.

    “Accept my love, Barbatos. Relax for now, let me deal with all your troubles.” You press his hands against your face, letting them feed off the warmth of your skin. He stands, conflicted, for just a moment more. “I..suppose. If that’s what you want.”

    “Perfect. Let’s get these clothes off, ok?” He nods, and you get to work unbuttoning and unclasping his garments until he stands in his underwear and socks. Simple cotton briefs hug his hips, the elastic taut against his skin. “Take my place.” You instruct, rising from your seat on the loveseat. “I couldn’t,” he quickly defends, yet complies so easily when you physically maneuver him onto the couch.

    “You can, sweet thing. This is about you, I’m going to make you feel good.” You kneel down at his feet, resting your hands on his knees.

    Barbatos swallows, scarlet blooming across his face. It’s a shock to the system, seeing you on your knees before him. It’s unusual, like seeing an animal in the wrong habitat. This isn’t your territory, and yet he wonders what you have in store.

    You take his ankle in your hand, lifting his leg up with a gentleness that makes him weak. You press kisses up to his shin, fingers pressed under his calf and knee. “You work so hard, Barbie. It must be difficult bearing so much on those precious shoulders.” Your voice is like a coo, sweet and soft. Another kiss to his kneecap, then to the space above. His foot rests on your thighs with each kiss higher reached. “My sweet little baby needs some tender love and care, doesn’t he?” You’ve risen on your knees, bent between his legs. You lean over, breath fanning over his thighs.

    Barbatos gives a weak nod, staring like he was truly bewitched. You smile, a pleasant curve of your lips. “I know he does, that’s why he’s going to get whatever he wants.” You kiss the top of his thigh, then the inside, then spread his thighs wide. He sinks down, tilting his hips up in hopes you’ll know what he needs.

    There’s a wet patch in his underwear. You lean closer, hot puffs of air spreading over- and kiss. Barbatos stifles a gasp, legs widening just a little more. He feels himself clench down on nothing, another wave of arousal dribbling into his underwear. Your thumbs dig into the soft skin of his inner thighs, and just when he thinks you’ll kiss again, you lick. You drag your hot, soft tongue over his clothed mound.

    He leans his head back, toes curling in his socks. You’re teasing him, he knows. You’re drawing it out and making it last. Just when he thinks you’ll pull his underwear down, you retreat. He perks up again, only meeting your smile.

    You lift his opposite leg and start the process all over again.

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    Kinktober Day 18 HAND JOBS

    SMILF Jesse X Reader 

    Tags: 18+ | 2.4k words | too much plot, reader has recently developed medical condition (this happened to my cousin but she did not survive rip), anxious boyfriend, dubious consent (was sleeping), teasing, lube, mutual masterbation, mild angst with happy ending

    AN: unedited this one feels major league meh to me In trying not to care too much

    So. You've just had a heart attack at 25. And you're incredibly fortunate it happened while Jesse was with you when you collapsed on the floor of your bathroom. 

    A few months after stopping your oral contraceptive, visiting 6 medical specialists, and confirmation you probably were not suffering from any currently life-endangering effects yet, Jesse finally agreed to take you on a road trip vacation. 

    He's been so worried about you. You've got decent insurance and a basic knowledge of how to demand fair treatment in the healthcare system thanks to your mom's doctor girlfriend, but he was more concerned with your health than the cost of salvaging it. You still teasingly call him a worry wart for your own sake. 

    "I'll be fine," you insisted, "what doesn't kill me makes me stronger." 

    "Do not quote Kelly Clarkson lyrics at me right now." 

    Jesse is going to drive the whole way and mother you the whole time. He's lost a lot of sleep over everything and stressing out about this vacation too but you're tired of being treated like glass and your new contraceptive has an interesting side effect (nudge nudge wink wink). 

    "Hey." You bump his hip as he's filling up gas. "Do you want anything while I'm inside? You know, I bet they sell condoms..." 

    "What would we need condoms for?" Jesse's rubbing at the heavy bags under his eyes as he says, "just a red bull, please babe." 

    That was one of the most annoying things about your amazing boyfriend– he was so concerned about your minor health complication he has insisted on no sex. Like Period. And that had been fine originally! It meant no pressure to get better fast, and obviously couldn't be on birth control until the doctors cleared you so you were temporarily banned from blood pressure raising and strenuous physical activities. 

    That ban was lifted 7 weeks ago… you were cleared for normal physical activities– there were no blood clots found or forming and you were relatively healthy, but he still refused to touch you and you made no secret about how annoyed you were about that. 

    For goodness sake: your doctor even found an alternative oral contraceptive! 

    That's your little surprise– you've got new birth control. Doubling up with condoms is just what you two do since forever hence why you asked but... 

    We can change it up a little. You straighten your jacket and march off with a turn on your heel. You will break him on this trip. He's worrying over nothing because you're fine now and you will make things go back to normal. 

    You return to the car condomless but not entirely empty handed. You kiss Jesse as he climbs into the driver's seat, hands on his cheeks and tongue poking around for entrance. He pushes you back gently and tells you to buckle up. 

    "I should drive, you can barely keep our eyes open," you said. 

    "I'll be fine." You lay on the horn and scare the shit out of him. "AAAHHH!" Jesse looks at you wide eyed. "Have you lost your mind?!" 

    You shrug innocently. "If you insist on driving, you need to be awake. Now chug this, please." 

    You hand him his red bull and lay back in the passenger seat to make yourself comfortable. Jesse drives for another hour and a half more before he has to pull over and rest. He is still insistent you are not allowed to drive at night. 

    "Just let me rest my eyes a little bit and then we can get there by dawn." 

    You roll your eyes but don't argue– it's pointless with him right now. You let him doze off with the false promise of waking him up in 'exactly 20 minutes.' 

    Jesse's eyes flutter as a familiar yet foreign sensation fills him in the early hours of dawn. He can smell your leave-in conditioner and feel your lips pressed against his cheek. He grunts sleepily in question. 

    "Good morning baby," you chuckle. "How you feeling?"

    Jesse tries to think about it from the edge of sleep. He feels good. Like… like really good. His spine was tingling, pleasure thrumming like electricity from his nether region, and… and… 

    Oh you were touching him… 

    "Jesse…" you sing his name and kiss the shell of his ear. 

    Jesse groaned at the feeling of your lazy ministrations turning into firmer, braver strokes. They sound wet too and underneath the comforting scent of your hair is a new scent, a light fragrance that's drowned out by the warming sensation it was causing. 

    "Don't stop…" 

    It felt like you two hadn't done this in forever… oh right you hadn't and he suddenly remembers why– 

    Jesse's eyes fly open and find your face– calm, unbothered, biting your lip as you watch yourself work until he smacks your hand away. 

    "Ow! What the hell are you doing?" 

    "Me?? What am I doing?" Jesse gets out of the car panting wildly, junk out and crazy eyed. 

    He struggles to put his very rigid member back into his pants without accidentally making a mess in them and breathing to calm his rough heartbeat. You meanwhile, roll your eyes and climb over the center console to prepare for what you know is about to be a fight. Jesse paces on the empty road furiously, unable to look at you right now. 

    "What are you thinking– what are you thinking, woman!" He stops abruptly, gesticulates wildly while making incomprehensible noises before continuing his warpath. "It's bad enough you're making me drive you out to buttfuck nowhere after you had an actual heart attack, but this? This is too much! We cannot have sex, do you hear me?" 

    You glare at him. "Jesse do you not want to have sex with me anymore?" 

    Your boyfriend stutters–" 's not the point I'm getting at–" 

    "-- no but it's the point that I am making right now." You give it a beat and make sure he's looking at you. "My 'actual heart attack,' as you put it, was 3 months ago. All of my doctors said I am fine. I am telling you that I am fine. We told you that I am fine almost 2 months ago to the very day– so you explain to me what exactly you are stalling for." 

    Jesse's flustered and red faced. "You don't understand how terrifying that was to see you–" 

    "I lived it, Jesse," you bark. "I survived it and I know what signs to look for if it ever happens again." 

    He's floundering for words at this point--"the doctor said no strenuous activities–" 

    "And the doctor cleared me. Keep up!" 

    Jesse gets his 'I'm putting my foot down' face on and you can't take it. 

    "This is ridiculous!" You hop out of the car and brush past him. He tries to stop you since you really are kind of stuck on the highway and you wrench yourself out of his touch. "You don't get to treat me like an invalid, Jesse! If I wanted to be treated like a child again, I would move back in with my parents! You're my boyfriend, not my physical therapist!" 

    You sit on the hood of the car, furiously wiping away stray tears as you try to calm down. Your heart is racing but the beat is steady, it's strong. "I didn't have a heart attack because my heart is weak, I had a heart attack due to complications with my medication. That's it." 

    Jesse sighs and decides to give you some space. He grabs the keys just in case you're extra mad and takes off into the woods to get some fresh air. By the time he comes back, you're laying on the hood of the car waving off a couple who had stopped to make sure you were ok. 

    "-- see, he's here now!" You wave Jesse over

     "We'll be on our way in a little bit, thank you though, really." 

    The couple climbs back into their truck and drives off in the direction opposite yours. Jesse looks contrite as he takes a seat next to you on the hood and puts his hands in his pockets. 

    "Now don't be mad, I'm not trying to be an asshole it's a genuine question, but" he looks at you, "are you on your period?" 

    "No, I just started a new birth control," you finally tell him. "Doctor approved– it doesn't have the trigger ingredients from the last medication." 

    Jesse sighed in relief. "Well that makes way more sense." 

    You lean over him and he explains, "you were a bit moody when you first stopped taking your other medication–" 

    "-- I am never moody–" 

    "-- and you mellowed out to a normal level until a few days ago," he continues. "I think it's just a symptom of your hormones shifting, I'm not calling you moody." 

    That… made sense actually. Yes you were mad at him for legitimate reasons but you had been swinging back and forth between highs and lows for a small while. You cross your arms over your chest. 

    "So now do you believe me?" 

    Jesse sighs and pauses in thought. "Of course I believe you. Can we… take it slow, though? Please? I'm sorry I made you feel like I was belittling you, I'm just so scared of anything like that happening to you again… I don't know what I'd do if I lost you." 

    You lean your head on his shoulder. "Deal. But I would like to point out that while I am at a higher risk for heart complications in the future– cutting out sex isn't going to prevent it from happening." 

    "And wouldn't it be a shame if we never did it again because you wanted to be too careful?" Jesse laughed at that and you both got back in the car to finish your drive. 

    Now that you have an official green light, you're eager to try it out. "Don't– I'm driving right now." 

    "You've never had road head before?" 

    Jesse squeaks, "yes I have and it was a bad idea!" 

    You absolve him of his responsibility to deliver on a promise for now. This doesn't mean you can't have a bit of fun yourself though… 

    You're being awfully quiet but Jesse sees you moving around out of the corner of his eye. "... what are you up to?" 

    "I just want to see if my heart can withstand a little boost, that's all…" 

    You lean your seat back and absolve yourself of your pants and slide your underwear down to dangle from one ankle. Jesse swallows– you only have one pair of panties that color so he knows you’re wearing the silky lace– you cheeky devil. 

    He has to look right to see if there are any cars coming and sees you pour a generous amount of lube into your hand. 

    “Babe maybe you shouldn’t…” 

    “Eyes on the road,” you tease. 

    Jesse scoffs but continues to watch for other cars. His heartbeat has picked up a little but luckily there aren’t many obstacles or pedestrians as you ride into an almost abandoned downtown city block. 

    You sink a finger into your heat and moan. Jesse twitches– he's most concerned about a cop pulling him over for expired tabs and getting an eyeful of the mess you're about to make of yourself. Jesse swallows as he recognizes the soft squelching sound and just how wet you are. 

    "Jesus Christ…" 

    Jesse can see your toes curl on the dashboard as you work yourself over. He rolls down the window to try and cool the sweat forming on his brow and upper lip. As a matter of fact his back too, and his palms. He really wished he could be touching you right now. 

    "Oh god… Jesse…" 

    He sneaks a glance at your spread form. You've got one hand at your head and the other between your legs. You're two fingers deep and thrusting, hips pressing forward and back to find that angle that makes you weakest, shirt bunching up under your breasts. 

    Nope, he can't do this anymore. Jesse stops at the next red light and sets the parking brake, not even bothering to pull over and park properly because literally no one is around. Once he's sure the car isn't going anywhere, he reaches over and squeezes your inner thigh briefly before cupping himself in his jeans with one hand and pressing his right over your busy hand to slip one finger inside you along with your others. 

    "Oh fuck…" 

    Jesse's addition stretches you further and the rest of his hand prevents you from pulling them all the way out. Your boyfriend sighs in relief as he squeezes his dick from outside his jeans and using his other hand to fuck you. 

    "Think you can take one more, baby," he asks. 

    You shake your head– three burns good but four? He might as well stick his whole hand in there. 

    "I only want one…" you reach over his left hand and squeeze it, trapping his hand like he did your own. 

    Jesse shakes his head. "Later." You whine but he doesn't budge. "I wanna be able to take you to a hospital in case something goes wrong." 

    Now you know it's because of the condition of your heart but you're hoping for more. You manage to slide your hand out from under his, allowing him to take over your pleasure and add more of his fingers to the mix while you dig to take his member out. 

    Jesse works your pussy sloppily, taking pride in distracting you from your current task and finding the one angle that makes your legs shake. You've just wrapped your hand around his bare shaft when your thighs clamp down on his hand and you fall back to your seat in trembling bliss. Jesse watches you arch your back as you come and finishes himself off, coming against the inside of his shirt to keep the ness to a minimum. 

    When you finally relax, Jesse removes his hand and sucks the slick from his fingers. You watch him with half lidded eyes begging for more. 

    "We're almost there," he promises as he takes the parking brake off, "you check into the room and I'll get the condoms." 

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    Kinktober 2021: October 19th

    Day 19: Impact Play || Overstimulation || Glove Kink


    Maker, you love his hands. Wrapped in gloves and hidden from the galaxy, hidden from you. Just like the rest of his body, covered from head to toe in fabric and beskar. But those hands are encased in soft leather.

    You know the leather is soft because of when he’s touched you with it. Steadying you when you’ve nearly fallen or grabbing you to shove your body behind his when blaster fire is directed your way. Gently touching your hip when he’s moving by you on the smaller ship you both call home.

    There is something about his gloves. The dark palms and then the orange tips of the fingers. Five of them. He’s human, and that just thrills you even more. You know those fingers are thick and you wonder if his nails are short and stubby or if he lets them grow out slightly, unlike your own chewed on nails.

    You want them inside you. Your cunt aches to feel those thick, leather clad digits stretch you out. Curling inside you and pumping in and out of your cunt while you grip his forearms and pray that you don’t hit the whistling birds on his vambrace. Or His flame thrower. Either hand would work, you just want one between your thighs.

    Telling yourself it’s gross does you no good. You know that he touches everything with those gloves, but you also know that he santizes them. Taking everything into the sonic shower and making sure that he is put back to rights after a rough day or being thrown around in the muck and mud, depending on how the bounty hunting had gone.

    You dream about staining the leather. Turn the orange a deeper burnt color as your slick soaks into it and is absorbed. Your scent mingled with the leather and musk. You wonder how you would taste from his fingers.

    Imagining it gets you soaked. That impassive visor watching your face while he shoves his gloved hand down your trousers and the pad of his forefinger finds your clit. Your moan would be instantaneous, you know it would be. Just his fingers on your hot cunt would have you whimpering and moaning.

    But to have him finger you? Pushing one thick finger in, even as wet as you would be, the leather would drag against your walls and for a moment all you would be able to think about is how those same gloves just curled around a blaster, that finger pulling a trigger that killed a man. Blaster residue embedded in the very seams of the stitching.

    He would be ruthless about it, plunging that finger into your grasping, needy hole. Plugging it for the moment and fingering you hard enough that it would make tears spring up in your eyes and then your legs would start to shake.

    Only for that gloved finger to stop moving, pulling completely out of you and he would hold it up so you could see how drenched you got it. Then his hand would to go back down your pants again and then it would be two fingers roughly pushing inside you.

    The stretch of two would make you ache. It would make you cry out at the feeling of two fingers encased in thick leather gloves stretching your little cunt. Almost to its limits for the moment but you wouldn’t want him to pull away.

    The low timbre of his voice soothing you when you would undoubtedly whine. Telling you that you wanted this. He’s seen how often you stare at his gloves. Watching his hands, now you will take them into that tight little cunt and cum all over them. How he wants to suck the juices off of them after he’s done with you. When you are sliding down the wall in a melted pile of jelly because your legs won’t hold you up any more.

    But until he is done with you, your hips would jerk forward of their own volition. Starting to ride his fingers and pulling moans out of you while you feel the soft palm of his glove against your clit. The other fingers that aren’t buried in your pussy brushing against your thighs or wiggling between your cheeks to make you squeal slightly when he rests them against your other hole.

    Watching you from behind that impassive visor while you fuck yourself on his fingers, the wetness finally unable to be absorb by the leather any more and then starts to slide down, staining a fresh path through the dyed material. Your moans and whimpers ringing out through the cargo bay of the ship, surrounded by metal and man while you hurtle closer towards the edge.

    You don’t know if it would be the actual physical fact that his fingers are pumping into you, or the thrill of his gloves being inside your body. Most likely it would be an exquisite blend of both. You can’t imagine that he would be bad at fingering you.

    Maker, you would cum. Pouring into his hand and coating those already slick fingers to the point where your arousal would web out from his digits when he spreads them. Probably choking on your own air from the intensity and your entire body would tremble.

    Moaning slightly when he would pull his hand away and show you the ruined gloves. You would want to peel them off his hands and steal them for your own personal trophy. To look at them while you touch yourself or slide your smaller hand into the gloves and try to recreate the experience.

    “Did you hear me?”

    You are pulled out of your daydream, face flushing when you realize you have been zoning out and staring at his hand while he waved it in your face. Eyes locking onto Mando’s visor you blink and shake your head.

    “I’m sorry, what?” You ask, not having heard a word he says.

    Mando sighs and tilts his head slightly. “Set the ground security protocols and stay on the ship.” He repeats. “I’ll be back with the bounty.”

    “Oh, uh, you got it!” You bobble your head in agreement and watch as Mando walks over and presses the button to lower the ramp to the ship. Not looking back as he walks off and you press the button to close the ship back up and set the protocols like he had told you.

    You have to stop thinking about his gloves. As much as you want it to, it was never going to happen.

    Kinktober List


    #tppkinktober2021#kinktober#kinktober 2021#pedro pascal #pedro pascal character fanfiction #mando#the mandalorian#mando smut #the mandalorian smut #mando x you #mando x reader #mando x f!reader #mando fanfic#mando imagine #the mandalorian x you #the mandalorian x reader #the mandalorian x f!reader #the mandalorian fanfic #the mandalorian imagines #tw kinks
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    Day 19: Betting/Gambling AO3 Collection: HPKinktober_2021 https://archiveofourown.org/collections/HPKinktober_2021

    #hp kinktober 2021 #hp kinktober#hpkinktober#hp fanfic #harry potter fanfic #kinktober
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    Today's Clue:

    I'm sure you started thirsting for his sweet dance moves recently

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  • danidrabbles
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  • danidrabbles
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    #kelli please this never gets old #you're welcome kelli's husband 😏 #answers#kelli tag #kinktober 2021 asks
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  • hwangyeonjun
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    19 - corruption kink

    pairing: chan x fem!reader

    warnings: smut (+18), virginity lost, corruption, use of words slut and whore, praising

    kinktober masterlist

    he knew you were innocent. and that drove him absolutely crazy. his pretty little innocent angel. that’s how he called you and when it made you blush, he wanted to scream out of frustration. the thought about him turning you into his own little slut was so endearing. being the first one to make you cum and the first one to see the look on your face when you reach your high. be the first one inside you and the first one who ever laid his hands on you.

    he is yours and you’re his. that’s how it is and how it will be. but chan would never do something without your consent or anything that makes you uncomfortable. he’s waiting and he’s patient. although there are times where he just wants to bury himself deep inside of you because everything you do was making him horny. but he knows that the day will come and he’s waiting for it.

    and it did come. you walked up to him, playing with your fingers shyly and not looking up to him “channie, i want to do it”

    “do what?” he looked at you curiously, hoping that you meant exactly what he imagined right now.

    “well… you know”

    and he knew. that’s why he’s deep inside of you right now, trying to make you reach your third orgasm tonight. your moans and screams were like music to his ears, your scrunched face and closed eyes was a sight he wanted tattooed on his brain forever. “channie” you whined, grabbing onto his biceps and slightly digging your nails in his skin.

    “you’re doing amazing my angel” he praised you, kissing your lips which you immediately responded more desperately, making him smile into the kiss. 

    “so desperate, so cute” he cooed looking at you. you looked so fragile under him yet so eager to cum again. chan felt ecstatic, his once innocent girl turned into a such a whore in a matter of seconds and it was all for him and because of him. 

    “chan… i will cum again” you moaned, throwing your head back, giving easy access for chan to mark your neck, which was exactly what he did. 

    “come on, my pretty little slut, cum. show me how good i can make you feel”

    #hwangyeonjun's kinktober#stray kids #stray kids smut #bang chan #bang chan smut #bang chan x reader #skz#skz smut#chan smut
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    Hello everyone, new followers and old. As of Kinktober, I didn’t post the one for the 18th!

    I can explain.

    I came home really late yesterday and I didn’t even notice time because I fell asleep immediately. I will make sure to update my kinktober master list and be back on schedule by the 27th. Thanks for the new follows!


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    • gn y/n

    □ this man is made of rubber, of course he would use it with you

    □ also doesn't really understand why people get so angry if other people do intimates things in public

    □ is happy tho when you tell him it's okay to it in the open when you find yourself in some unhabited island or, more simply, in a forest not too near a village

    □ would definitely drag you there out of nowhere, if you want it or not

    □ he always asks to you if you feel like it tho, if you don't he just want to explore the island with you

    □ this man is always pretty gentle with you, always making sure not to hurt you

    □ doesn't really take time to prepare you, but does it once you reminds him it could hurt pretty bad otherwise

    □ this man is full of energy so het a pretty fast pace almost immediately

    □ makes himself bigger once he's already inside of you, stretching your hole until you can't take it anymore

    □ loves the way you take it him so good even with that size

    □ loves to breed you, filling you up without spilling anything because of the size he takes it's literally the best thing ever for him

    □ always so sweet after you two are finally done, loves to carry you back to the others where you can finally rest a little


    #one piece #one piece headcanons #one piece imagine #one piece x reader #one piece scenario #one piece x you #op x reader #one piece kinktober #monkey d. luffy #monkey d. luffy x reader #monkey d. luffy headcanons #luffy #luffy x reader #luffy headcanons
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    a/n: once again behind, but if these prompts continue to november i'm honestly not going to be mad. it'll give me more time to work on them. hopefully you enjoy this already late day sixteen!
    prompt sixteen - cockwarming
    summary: he had a way of driving you mad when it came to making you wait, but you found yourself impatient this time around.
    word count: 589 (yeah i know it's super short)
    pairing: javier peña x fem!reader
    warnings: explicit so MINORS GO AWAY, cockwarming, cussing, kissing (scandalous), p in v sex, allusions to rough sex. let me know if missed anything!

    “We’re meant to be relaxing,” you said smiling into his neck as he ran a hand down your bare back.

    “Naked?” You heard the smile in his voice, felt the way his hand paused right above your waist and knew that relaxation was far from either of your minds.

    Shifting back you cupped his face, brushing a thumb along his bottom lip in the hopes that it would sate the growing need brewing in your body. “Last I checked I’m the only one who’s naked baby.”

    The thought had started out completely innocent. Cockwarm him while you watched a film together; help him to relax after a long day at work. And at first you were all for it. Willingly crawled into his lap, unzipped his jeans, and lowered yourself onto him - preening at the groan of satisfaction he gave at the feeling of you. Only now after nearly forty minutes of sitting still you began to feel your body grow needier. The ache in your stomach, now brewing into a full blown flame.

    “You can handle another thirty minutes,” he whispered, eyes falling back to the screen. “Can’t you querida?”

    You wanted to pout, say no you needed him to move, shift his hips, do anything to make you shake. Except how could you deny the man you adored? Nodding meekly you burrowed yourself into his shoulder again, focusing your breaths as you tried to ignore the way your walls clenched around him. If the way he cleared his throat told you anything, it was that he was on the edge of breaking as well.

    Thirty minutes was what he asked of you, so you shifted your hips lightly - moaning at the streak of pleasure that went up your spine and settled in to wait. The sound of his heartbeat lulled you into a relaxing state, but his hands gripping your waist had you pause. Holding your breath you bit your lip and knew that the next move you made would either break him or break you.

    Sweat had begun to bead up on your forehead and no matter how much you wanted to fight the urge to fuck yourself on his cock, you couldn’t deny the delicious ache that had started in your body. Unfurling slowly the longer you remained with him inside you.

    “Javi,” you breathed, pressing a kiss to his neck. “Please baby. I need you to-”

    He thrusted into you sharply without warning, forcing a cry from your throat. “Impatient are we?”

    He was right and you knew it, but you also didn’t care.

    Gripping onto his already unbuttoned shirt you dragged your hips forward, shuddering at the feeling of him inside you. It was a kind of feeling that you would crave always, because only he could give it to you this well. Only he could make you beg within an inch of your life just to feel him fill you up completely.

    Capturing your lips in a kiss that was teeth and tongue he drove his hips upwards, forcing you to clutch onto him even harder.

    “Fuck!” you shouted, head falling back as his teeth found purchase on your throat, scraping the skin lightly. “Javi-”

    “You want more?” he asked, voice dangerously low. You nodded, eyes clenched shut tightly. “Only for you querida,” he whispered, driving into you roughly.

    Already you knew that you wouldn’t be able to move tomorrow, but it was a fate you happily resigned yourself to. Perhaps you should be impatient more often...

    #javier peña x fem!reader #javier peña x y/n #javier peña x you #javier peña #javier peña x reader #pedro pascal#my writing#kinktober 2021
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    day 19: size kink for nonnie

    Derek Hale/Lydia Martin, E, 1600 words

    read on ao3

    Lydia's never been with a big guy. She's small and she usually likes to be in charge. Has gravitated towards pretty boys with six packs who are bigger than her of course, but not big. Boys she can control. Derek is big. He looms over her, boxes her in with his huge arms, pins her against the counter with thighs the size of her waist.
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    #arc trooper fives #kinktober #fives x reader #fives#fives smut
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  • nocturnalazura
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    Public | Hawks x Reader

    Warnings: 18+, exhibitionism, voyeurism

    Wc: 612


    Your fingers curl into the soft white fur of Hawks’ jacket as he holds you up against the cold brick wall. He holds you up with a bruising grip on your thighs. All you can seem to focus on is his hot breath fanning across your neck and the quick, hard slap of his hips into yours. Your heels dig into his ass as your head tilts back, smacking into the brick wall.

    “Fuck, Keigo, Hawks! Please.” You whine, rolling your hips hard into his.

    “Do you want everyone to see me fuck your slutty little cunt?” He growls into your ear.

    “No! Don’t want others to see.”

    “Then you better keep your mouth shut.” Another voice suddenly says from somewhere behind, Hawks.

    Hawks wings fan out, hiding you some more as he lets out a deep annoyed growl. “The fuck are you doing here? We weren’t supposed to meet until later.”

    “Felt like showing up early, kinda glad I did, since now I get a nice little show.”

    You let out a little whimper when you peek over his shoulder and meet the bright blue eyes of Dabi. He gives you what can only be described as a sleazy smile the moment your eyes settle on him. Hawks’ hips stutter as you let out a loud moan and clench tightly around him. You watch as he leans back and slowly palms at himself, eyes never leaving yours.

    “Hurry the fuck up, we got shit to do.” Dabi grumbles. “If I was the one fucking her, she’d already be falling apart all over my dick.”

    Hawks lets out a small sneer and throws up a middle finger before picking up his pace and driving his hips into yours harder. Shoving you up the wall a little higher, he drives into you faster and changes his angle slightly until you let out a loud shocked moan when he hits the small spongy spot within you.

    “Keigo.” You moan against his ear. Tucking your face against his shoulder, you breathe in the soft woodsy scent of his cologne. However, your eyes never once leave the captivating blue ones that watch you. A few more sharp thrusts, and you're falling apart against him with a loud, drawn out moan of his name, your hips rock into his as you gush around him. It doesn’t take long for Hawks to follow you over the edge with a quiet groan.

    Covering you with his wings, he lets your legs hit the floor, before tucking himself away and giving you a quick kiss once you’re sorted as well. Taking your hand, he pulls you along with him, keeping you slightly behind him the entire time.

    “You bringing her with?” Dabi questions, looking over you with a smirk.

    “Fuck no. You weren’t supposed to even be here yet.” “Aw come on. Not gonna let me have a turn with her? She’s a real pretty little thing.”

    “Fuck off, Dabi. I’m not letting you anywhere near her. Come one, I'm taking you home.” He quickly picks you up and takes off with you in his arms. “Fucking jackass, who the fuck does he think he is thinking you’d even want to fuck him.”

    You press your face into the side of his neck and bite into your lower lip hard. Taking in a deep breath, you try to push away the thought of Dabi fucking. Clenching your thighs together, you cling a little harder to Hawks and let him take you home.

    “Hey, Keigo?” You question quietly. When he turns around to look at you, you take a deep breath. “But what, what if we did let him fuck me?”

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  • late-to-the-party-81
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    Autumn Leaves

    A/N: For the day 19 Kinktober square from @starkerfestivals ‘Outside in Fall’.

    Rated E- not suitable for minors.

    CW- Anal sex, al fresco sex, fluff and feels.

    Peter relaxed into Tony’s hold, eyes closed just letting himself feel and experience what his other senses were telling him.

    Warmth fell on his face from the autumnal sun, juxtaposing with the cool breeze that blew from time to time.

    And when it did, it made the crisp leaves skitter across the ground, crunching against each other. The branches of the tree they were sat under swayed, adding a susurration.

    Tony’s goatee brushed against the soft skin behind his ear, his lips there as well, whispering sweet nothings.

    A woollen blanket covered his lap, and whilst he couldn’t feel it on his legs, due to his jeans, he could feel in on his upper thighs. Because his jeans were pushed part way down. And he could feel Tony’s calloused fingers wrapped around his cock, and Tony’s cock settled deep inside him.

    Peter let out a deep sigh, rolling his hips, gently fucking himself on both the cock and hand of the man he loved. It was lazy and sweet.

    They’d started out just having a picnic, which had devolved into rough housing, when Peter threw a handful of dry leaves at his boyfriend, which had developed into cuddles and kisses and then flared into warm passion and a need to be close, be connected.

    Peter had never had sex outside before, barely had sex at all before Tony. And although anyone else would be worried about someone finding them, taking photos and creating a scandal, here, on Tony estate, they were the only ones around.

    As Peter slowly moved towards his peak he wondered what it would be like to make love outside in the spring.


    If you’d like to send me a prompt for the other couple of fics I’m going to attempt for kinktober (from a different prompt list) please look here

    #starkerfestivalsevents#starker #tony stark/peter parker #peter parker x tony stark #Peter parker#Tony stark#kinktober
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  • trueshellz
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    Day 19: Kuroo + dirty talk

    Previous day | MASTERLIST | Next day

    Warnings: female reader, phone sex, dirty talk, masturbation (f and m solo), pet names (kitten, pretty girl, baby)

    Summary: The long distance relationship struggles are real...

    A small jump as your phone rang, the noise way too loud in your empty apartment, especially since your animated and chatty boyfriend was away with the team he was managing. Glancing down at the phone as seeing his cute face on the caller ID as you picked it up, climbing on the bed just as he picked up, his voice echoing down the line.

    "Hi, kitten."

    "Hey Tetsu... how was the flight? Have you eaten?"

    Small conversation at first, yes he had eaten, no he was not sharing a room with Bokuto, yes the flight was OK and no he hadn't forgotten to iron his shirt. You could hear the faint noise in the background, Bokuto and Hinata shouting over a match of some sort while Atsumu cheered them on, you couldn't hear Sakusa or Oliver but imagined them both glaring at their loud teammates. Kuroo's laugh echoing as he left the room, Shugo shouting in the background at the team, the voices getting quieter as you heard the door click on the other end of the phone.

    "You should have stayed with your friends."

    "I'd rather hear your pretty voice, kitten."

    You could feel your skin heat, shuffling down under the covers as you heard him chuckle. A beep in your ear as he switched his video on, the sign for you to do the same. His chiseled body on screen, tight abs and sharp v-line leading down to, what you knew to be, a long cock. His hair messy as usual, black hair tousled as he taken off his shirt and threw it on the bed. You watched him lay on the bed and sling an arm over his head, biceps tightening as he did so.

    "I still can't get used to this..."

    Another chuckle, lower this time as he sent you a wink. "It's ok. Just do what you're comfortable with, ok?" Seeing you nod, he smiled again before you saw his hand disappear, a hum as you imagined his hand over his dick.

    Taking a deep breath, you slipped your hand into your sleeping shorts, fingers meeting your slick folds as your legs flopped open. This happened all the time, you were embarassed at first even though you were the one who had suggested this, remembering how excited you were until you got to the deed.

    "You wet already?" You nodded. "Good girl. You look so pretty baby, I miss ya so much. Fuck, baby. You got me so hard ya know that? Just have to hear you voice and literally can't stop myself, 'ts why I had to excuse myself earlier. Can't be sitting there with a hard on in front of my friends, can I?"

    You huffed a laugh, remembering the last time you turned the camera on to show him your new lingerie set. A yelp leaving his mouth as he cut the phone, apologising via message and calling you later when he was alone. A groan making you smile, Kuroo had his head dropped back as he stroked himself, a small sheen of sweat on his chest as it heaved.

    "Fuck, baby. You touching that little clit for me? Hmm? Bet you're so wet too, huh? Imagining your sweet pussy around my dick as you ride me, tits bouncing so pretty for me. Don't hold back, kitten. You know I love the pretty sounds you make, goes straight to my dick."

    Biting your lip, you let yourself sink into the moment and talk back to him, seeing a small grin on his face as you told him how wet you were and how much you missed his fingers inside you. Yours couldn't reach deep enough like his did, back arching as you imagined his long fingers curling inside you as he finger fucked you. Forcing your eyes open as you heard him cum, a low groan from his mouth as white ropes spurted on his chest and stomach. The image making your pussy clench as you remembered how he looked over you, the same face as he held himself inside and filled you up.

    "C'mon, pretty girl. Let me hear those pretty moans for me ok? Wanna hear you fall apart for me, kitten."

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