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    08.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Kinktober 2021 Day 21

    Trust - VIXX Leo

    Who: VIXX Leo x f!reader

    What: ⛔🚫smut, trigger warning: breath play, choking

    Word count: 880



    It didn't feel real, the orange glow that the sunset was bathing Taekwoon's living room in. His large hands were holding you protectively, long elegant fingers ghosting over your ribs. It was as if he was holding your breath in his hands, feeling your lungs expand each time you breathed in and go down with each exhale.

    He was moving inside you languidly as he held you in his lap from behind. His hips rolled into you steadily, delicious friction from his cock keeping you yearning and alert. You squirmed in his hands, sighing as he continued to fuck into you. You felt his lips moving softly over the curve of your shoulder, up the side of your neck to your ear, and your skin erupted in goosebumps. You ground your hips onto his cock instinctively, trying to wring more pleasure from him and fight back against the tantalisingly light sensations he was teasing you with.

    Taekwoon's hands repositioned, one down to hold your thigh more steadily to keep thrusting into you, and one up. Up over your breasts, across your sternum, up over your collarbones. Even just the light pressure of his palm on your chest made you lean back against him. The warmth and hardness of his chest against your back felt so reassuring. His fingers continued higher, at the base of your neck now, and higher still until they spread around your throat.

    "Are you okay," he said quietly, his gentle voice almost putting you in a trance.

    "Yes, yes please Taekwoon, more," you ground against him again, hoping that he would oblige.

    His fingers tightened around the sides of your neck gradually until the pressure started making you feel on edge in the best way. Hyperaware of the feeling of his skin against yours, the slippery sound of how aroused you were as he fucked into you, the orange reflections in the room having shifted into the red spectrum. Taekwoon's hand holding your thigh moved inwards and the pads of his fingers started massaging your clit. The pressure around your throat had your senses narrowing down, blood rushing in your ears as your eyes drifted shut and you shivered, so oversensitive that your skin broke out in goosebumps again.

    Taekwoon's grip was locking tighter and you took your last breath before he gently changed the angle of his hand and restricted your airway. He bucked harder into you and where you normally would moan, the sound was stuck against his fingers, locked in your throat. Without the comforting sensations of fresh oxygen entering your body, you were forced to feel only Taekwoon doing the same.

    A moment of panic.

    If he wanted to, he could hurt you. Snuff you out. Fear zapped through you, metallic, making you want to inhale but you could not. You were, in a way, putting your life in his hands. In a way, you were at his mercy.

    Then the feel of his lips on your shoulder fluttered a different thought. He adored you. He was terrified of hurting you. He was doing this for your pleasure, because you had asked for it. In a way, he was your mercy.

    Taekwoon eased the pressure for a moment and your remaining breath rushed out of you all at once. He then manoeuvered you with a mind-rotting amount of strength, pushing you further forward on his lap in a deeper bend to your back. His fingers on your clit kept their steady pace and he thrust harder into you. An absolutely broken moan left you and for a second you felt like crying. Everything was so intense that you suddenly became desperate to be grounded in some way, anchored so that your consciousness would not float away.

    Taekwoon moved his hand to close around your throat again and when he did, when you could not breathe, a paradoxical wave of relief forced you to shudder and your entire body tensed up, as if in preparation for something. Your slick walls also clenched hard around Taekwoon's cock and as if through water, you heard a groan rumble from deep in his chest. His grip on your thigh became merciless but the fingers around your neck only tightened a little, just enough to make you feel secure in your high.

    Unable to breathe or out, you surrendered. Your muscles relaxed and your eyes drifted shut. Taekwoon sensed the change in your body and stopped thrusting into you for a second, only to have you grind down hard on him. The next moment your pussy started rhythmically tensing around his cock as you came. Your high was silent as your vocal cords were still immobilised. Your control over your body lessened as the contractions wracked you from inside, and you dug your fingers in Taekwoon's thigh in an urgent request. He released your neck and you inhaled reflexively, your lungs aching with the sudden expansion. Rainbow flecks dotted your vision for a moment and you scrambled for control over your limbs.

    "Was it good, my love," Taekwoon's gentle voice prompted from behind you.

    "Amazing..." you said shakily, hoarse and quiet.

    His cock twitched inside you and he pulled you up and back so that you rested against his chest as he rolled deep into you.


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  • stuckybarton
    05.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Kintober 2021 Done

    Finally posted the last part and I want to take this moment to say thank you for everyone that had came for the ride (lol). Maybe next year there would be more improvement for me and hopefully nothing drastic in my life has happened like it did this year that stopped me from the daily updates.

    Also below the Keep Reading thing is the compilation of all the headers I've made for the 31 one shots. Just thought it was amazing to see them all in one go.

    Again thank you so much for each and every single one of you that had made this challenge enjoyable for me and I'll see you all next year for 2022~

    #loki laufeyson smut #loki smut #loki odinson smut #kinktober 2021 #loki laufeyson oneshot #loki laufeyson imagine #loki laufeyson imagines #loki x reader #loki laufeyson x you #loki laufeyson one shot #loki oneshot #loki one shot #loki imagine#loki imagines #Tony Stark smut #tony stark drabble #tony stark x reader #tony stark one shot #tony stark oneshot #tony stark oneshots #tony stark one shots #tony stark imagine #tony stark imagines #tony stark x y/n #tony stark x you #stephen strange smut #stephen strange oneshot #stephen strange one shot #stephen strange imagine #stephen strange imagines
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    05.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Day xxxi: Public

    Summary: You were to be wed to the newly appointed King of Jotunheim, you did so, under the guise of what was best for your own realm; what you didn't account for was the fact that there was consummation that was also part of the ceremony. Words: 3,353 Warning: Smut. Public Sex. Loss of Virginity. Mention of Blood. Arrange Marriage. Mention of Alcohol. Characters: Jotun! Loki Laufeyson x Fire Demon!Reader

    Kinktober Masterlist || MASTERLIST || Taglist || Requests Are Open

    'You are to marry the man, and you are to be Jotunheim's Queen. End of Discussion.'

    The haunting words of your father had been final. No matter what you say or what you do, he will never be swayed in the decision. The last person you would have ever thought would believe in a self-served prophecy was your father that had done nothing but constantly go against the grain of fate and order in the nine realms.

    But this was different. You were the first-born child of Satur, the rightful heir of his throne when it would be time to rule. But throughout the millennia, you had come to accept that such a position would not be given to you with how strong and powerful your father still was in this day and age. But it also meant that you would easily be used for political gain among the nine realms.

    Married off to the new King of Jotunheim was the last thing you would have ever thought to have happened. But it did. Among the protest and chaos in Musphelheim, your marriage to the King would also mean the end of the Eon War your realm had with the Jotuns. It was your duty to serve your realm in whatever shape and form you could, but never would you have believed it would be like this.

    A frost giant and a fire demon. It was a match made in Hel.

    You had not even seen the man, let alone knew who the new King was. You had known about the death of Laufey at the hands of one of his sons. But it was still a mystery to you who had been capable of slaying the once powerful Frost Giant King. But the news had caused an uproar among the realm and the fear you would have never thought you would see in your people meant the man was powerful and cunning unlike the king before him. There would be a possibility that they would win the war this time and Satur believed that it was only time before the two realms could unite and end the war.

    You flicked your wrist, intensifying the heat escaping from your body in hopes of keeping everyone warm. You stood a foot taller still from the attendants and soldiers your father had brought with you in your travel to Utgard, the realm's capital. The travel had been dull and uneventful to say the least. No one has ever said a word all throughout the journey to Utgardhall. You didn't need to look at any of them to know there was pity resting on each and every single one of their features. How one of the strongest Fire Demon could be reduced into nothing but a wife to a Nomad King. You understood where the pity would be from.

    "Will my father also be joining in tomorrow's festivities?" You had inquired Haco, your father's most trusted guards.

    "Yes, Your Highness. Your father, mother, and siblings would be of attendance." The man had responded. "We are close." He added as you wanted to press another question his way.

    Turning your gaze away from the man, you finally noticed the frozen castle you will now come to terms would be your new home.

    As your journey was finally growing to an end, your eyes landed on several Frost Giants waiting by the gate. Precaution somehow screaming at you to be prepared for anything. Everyone had noticed your hesitation as all of them had held onto their own weapons just as much as your hands balled fire, prepared for whatever would happen.

    If this was a trap and you got out alive, you will personally be the one to slain your own father and rule over Musphelheim yourself.

    You had noticed that even the Frost Giants had held onto their own weapons, ready to attack if the need arises--except for one of them. The man that stood in the middle, the smallest among the taller on each of his sides.

    "You must be Princess Y/N." The velvet voice surprised you. Never had you felt such intensity from such a voice. You always known Frost Giants to be savages, but how could a Jotun have such poise in his voice.

    "And I am assuming you are the new King of Jotunheim?" You tested finally growing closer until you come only a few feet apart from the man.

    He was shorter than his warriors, but still he was a good head taller than you are. He was handsome, that much you were willing to admit. Blood red eyes, focused solely on you and you did everything in your power not to fold under his piercing gaze.

    "You've assumed correctly, Princess." He smirked. "Now, have your party's weapons down." He instructed.

    "I would also appreciate the same from your own." You challenged right back, ignoring the pointed glare handed to you by Haco. "Until we are not wed, I am to assume you to be our enemies still." You challenged. You were far from stupid, if he was truly stupid enough to accept a marriage just for the convenience of it so early into his rule, then he has so much to learn about politics at this point.

    "Weapons down, Boys." the man ordered and after a tense second, the weapons were laid down and you finally ordered the same to your own. "I am Loki Laufeyson, son of the former King Laufey."

    You smiled at the cynical way he had made an introduction as if he wasn't the one that had slain his own father in cold blood.

    "The pleasure is all mine." You smirked, flaming hand held up for him to shake. You were testing him, if he was ballsy enough to shake your hand.

    What surprised you was how quick he was to hold onto your hand, extinguishing it with his own larger ones consuming your own. He was not afraid of fire, that much you could tell.

    "Now come, I know your journey had been long and tedious." He finally let's go of your hand and sudden urge to hold his once more brought you into a wince.


    In the dead of night, you had not had a single wink of sleep. How could you, when in just a few hours, you were to wed to a man you did not know, for the sake of your kingdom and for the sake of whatever prophecy the nine realms had placed on both realms.

    In the darkness of night, you found yourself exploring the vast castle, a polar opposite to the barracks that your family's own kingdom. A few guards roaming the hallways had ignored you in your explorations. You meant no harm to any of them as long as they had treated you the same.

    In the war that had been constant in your realm, it was weird to find this sort of peace. The stillness in the air, the light hum of the cold air thumping against the castle's walls. The air was just different--you couldn't really place a finger as to what was going on. But you were growing to like it. The silence and lack of conflict was something you never thought you needed until it was finally given to you in this moment.

    "Learning your way around, Princess?"

    Jerking your head, your narrowed eyes turned behind towards the smirking Loki. Amused by you for some reason.

    "It would seem so, Loki." You answered, turning fully to face the man. "This will be my home from now on after all." You added, hoping to hide the slight bitterness in your throne.

    "It still makes me wonder why you would accept such an agreement knowing I had only started my reign a few months prior."

    "I had never said I accepted this union." You spoke honestly. You were many things, but you were never a liar. Your tongue had placed you in multiple compromising situations in the past, but you will never fault in your words, especially to your soon-to-be husband. "What I want and what my realm needs are two different things and I need to do my duty before my own selfish intentions."

    "So you are willing to marry a man you do not love for the sake of your realm?"

    "I am willing to do anything for the sake of my realm." You confirmed stepping closer to the man. "But let's make one thing clear, Laufeyson. A Fire Demon and a Frost Giant is just chaos bound to happen, and I will not be place under any blame for such ordeal when the time comes."

    "Is that a challenge then?"

    "It's threat." You quipped right back. Your limbs begin to shiver and you refuse to acknowledge if it was because of the cold or because of the man's gaze upon you.

    "I'm sure we'll do just fine. For as long as you know your place in my kingdom."

    "I am to be your Queen. To rule besides you in whatever shape or form you would have me. I will give you your heir, as many as the need would be for your realm. If war was to come, my loyalty is to be by your side, protect you as I was trained to do." You spoke without blinking.

    Only a day ago, you would have said those words for Musphelhiem, how your father's decree would change your view and you would say the very same words but for your enemy's realm instead.

    "And what if I was a cruel King, worse that what my father had been? What if I neglect my duty as King and you as my Queen? What if my children are to be treated as pawns for my own bidding just like you had been at the hands of your own father?"

    You winced, there was always such a possibility of the man's words being your reality. But try as you might it was your duty to serve him as his wife and the Queen of Jotunheim alongside him.

    "Do not make me repeat myself, Pet." He warned.

    "If it is what the King has in store for me, then so be it." You relent, slowly growing to accept the fate that was in store for you from now on.

    "What you need to understand, my little spit fire is you are my equal in this realm. You are to be prosecuted for any harm you may to upon me and the same shall be done to me in the instance that I would bring harm to you." He spoke, cold hands coming to cup your inflamed cheeks. "Whatever duty you are forced to live in your time in Musphelheim, you will not need in this realm. Your duty is to lead a good and proper land for our people from now on, avoid any unnecessary wars if we could. You are to give me an heir when you are good and ready, and when you have fulfilled your duties, it is up to you what you would want after."

    "I will leave once I have given you the necessary number of children." You spoke, if he was to give you such a choice. "I will go back home to my realm, and take my rightful place as heir to the Musphelheim throne." You spat. It was promise you were more than willing to make. It was your birthright among everything you were force to do in this forsaken realm.

    "Then so be it." He smirked. "We have an agreement, then?" He offered his hand up for you to take to finally seal the deal.

    "Betray me and I will place your head on a silver platter." You warned him.

    "I'd like to see you try, Pet." He smirked.


    The ceremony had been simple for your union, both Fire Demons and Frost Giants were now celebrating your union with song and mead. It was a surprising turn of events and you had come to realize just how pointless the Eon War had been for your people with how easy they could bounce back from such a predicament and now come to share goblets upon goblets to their hearts' content.

    "My Queen," You shivered at the new name your new husband had called you. It would take some time to get used to but you were getting there--more quickly than you would have wanted. "I suggest you take a heady drink of the mead." He points out as you both sat in your respective thrones, yours was smaller to accommodate your size and the anatomical difference from the rest of the kingdom.

    "I am not one for drinking." You brush off. It wasn't a lie, and as much as the idea of drinking to forget the earlier event, you knew you needed a clear head for what was to come after the ceremony and behind closed doors.

    "As you wish." he sighed finally standing up and halting the loud chaos of everyone celebrating the unlikely union. "It is time for us to retire." Loki had announced that had brought more cheers for the Frost Giants and a confused look from your own people.

    You looked up at your husband in confusion. There was something more into this retirement to their bedroom than you would like to believe.

    "What's happening?" You whispered asked towards your new husband.

    "It is only tradition for us to consummate our wedding--in front of my people as well as your own."

    "What?" Your eyes widen. Not only were you to endure your first time with your husband, you would also have to endure that every single one of the people that were included in this celebration would also witness the atrocity of it.

    "There would be a curtain covering us, if you are so much as worried." He assured and for the first time all night, he held onto your hand in reassurance. A smile placed on his dark blue lips. "This will be done as swift as possible for your convenience."

    And you found yourself trusting his words as you held onto his hands tighter.

    Following your husband with his hand still holding onto your own, the both of you made your way to the throne room, to where you had come to see a canopy bed with a thick covered to conceal anyone that would be enclosed inside.

    "Is the offer for mead still on the table?" You had inquired as the anxiety of what was to come hitting you in full force.

    "Unfortunately, there is no turning back from here." He sighed, sliding his horned crown off before he continued on with the rest of his armor.

    You were left speechless of the sight before you. Muscular, marked and scarred body. His jet black hair was still prim and proper even after all that had happened. His larger hands had come to hold onto the curve of your waist. But you couldn't really focus on the intensity of the man as you had come to watch the number of individuals file their way inside to watch you consummate your marriage to the King of Jotunheim.

    "Look at me, Y/N."

    You followed just a quick.

    "You will ignore them and focus all of your attention to me, is that understood?"

    Gently nodding your head, you allowed the man to slip off the sheer dress you had worn for the ceremony before the two of you slipped inside of the canopy, away from everyone's gaze. The only daunting thing was their shadows illuminating and you were certain that that was the only thing they were witnessing at this very moment.

    Laid completely naked, you felt his fingers slip their way towards your entrance testing just how prepared you were in this moment. The cold touch of your husband against your blazing cunt was a contrast you never thought you would enjoy. Slickness immediately lingered and the smile on your husband's face was easily presented in front of you.

    "Is this your first time?" He inquired to which you could only give a nod.

    The blood red eyes brighten before one finger had finally slipped inside of you, the foreign intrusion made you wince before the cool rough finger eased further inside of you. Loosening you up for what was to come.

    You had not looked at what he was packing, far too afraid of just how big it was and how it would possibly tear you apart if you were not careful. His hands had been gentle, and for the first time since you had ever met the man, he had pulled you into your first shared kiss together.

    His lips, consuming every fiber of your being, the warmth of your skin was replaced with the cool air of his touch. Before you could react to what was going on, still consumed by his kiss and the after taste of mead still on his lips, he plunged himself to the hilt. A whimper escaped your lips as your tried to pull away from him. But he was strong, his weight keeping you in place as he held himself still deep inside you.

    The pain and pleasure was something you could have never dreamed of.

    You felt so full of him, you could almost feel your swollen cunt tear at the sheer size of the man but looking at him, how he was still kissing you and his finger had now focused on the little nub, every flick brought her closer and closer into something you were not even aware of anymore.

    "Are you alright?" Your husband spoke, wiping the tears you had never thought you would shed, but everything was out of your control and you were uncertain of what you needed to do for the sake of your husband and pleasure that was slowly crumbling before you. "Breath in for me, My Queen." He instructs which you were quick to do.

    Eventually the stinging pain eased and involuntarily, your legs found their way around your husband's waist, preventing him from pulling away and it was all the signal Loki needed before plunging himself deeper into your core. He pulled his lips away from your own and a series of whimpers and moan had freely escaped you as you begged Loki to go harder.

    Your husband complied to your wished as his hands had now found their way onto your legs, pushing them further apart and giving him more access to you. You were at his mercy but as long as he could bring you to your release you were fine with whatever he has in store. His teeth fell towards the crook of your neck, biting until he draws blood but it wasn't pain but rather, the searing pleasure that had finally brought you onto your own release.

    It was an endless cycle of his erection pounding onto you over and over again before finally, he released his teeth from their grip on your neck and the warmth of his cum spurting deep inside you.

    Bliss, the post-coital bliss of seeing your husband that had now focused on the mark he had given you before his attention turned towards the sheets that you were certain was a mess because of the two of you.

    "I'm pulling out," He warned and you winced at the pain of his emptiness but you did not have the strength nor the will to make any protest as you watched him gently lift you up from the bed and pull the covers from the bed before gently placing you back down.

    You watch him in confusion as he slipped out of the bed and showcase the stained covers for everyone to see.

    "Long live, the new Queen of Jotunheim."

    Loki's booming voice was the last thing you had heard before you had fell into a deep sleep, for once finally trusting yourself to let your guard down, as you were now under the protection of the Frost Giants and most especially, of your new husband, Loki Laufeyson.

    #loki laufeyson smut #loki smut #loki odinson smut #kinktober 2021 #loki laufeyson oneshot #loki laufeyson imagine #loki laufeyson imagines #loki x reader #loki laufeyson x you #loki laufeyson one shot #loki oneshot #loki one shot #loki imagine#loki imagines
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    Kinktober Day 21: Dom-Levi & Jealousy & Possessive Sex 

    "Can i request a smut where Reader gets super jealous because Petra is flirting with Levi and starts to question if Levi loves her, this leads to an argument and rough make up sex where levi proves he loves her. dom levi that punishes the reader for questioning his love with spanks, choking, orgasm denial and mind break. preferably modern AU where Petra is Levis secretary.”

    word count: 1400

    tags: nsfw, levi x reader, envy, possessive sex, spanking, choking, modern AU, dom-levi, fem!reader

    It was petty, it was dual-purpose, it was something you would never tell him: how this weekly lunch was not quite for spending time together, though that was a welcome side effect, but instead for sending a message to his new secretary.

    Levi liked to work alone, so why was it that whenever you stopped into his work, you found her in his office - increasingly closer and closer each time. At first, perching herself in his doorway. Then, taking stances at shrinking distances. Palms pressed to his desk, fingers hooked underneath its wooden edge. But today, today was what really got you: how that hip of her short and tight pencil skirt took a seat atop his slate. A flirtatious smirk tinged her lips, sultry tone snuck out from them.

    Paper bags in each hand made audible crunches as your grip invariably tightened around them. Such an irritating combination - how through those thick glass windows, you could see everything, but hear nothing. An image that made you anxious, but no innocent office gab to disprove your doubts. Just what the hell were they talking about in there?

    But Levi was steadfast, loyal. How many times had his mouth - even just his mouth - proven that to you? The kisses tailored for you, the angling between your legs, the whispers that you were the most beautiful girl on earth, how lucky he was to have you, and that he loved you more than anyone. You could always trust him, right?

    All those times seemed to disappear as your eyes pried now. The red that started to smear across his cheeks. The cautious glances between his lunch date and his secretary. The readjustment in his seat - at his waistband - followed by folded hands over his face. You recognized that pattern - hiding his stir, his fluster, his weakness. Vulnerability that only you were meant to see, you were not keen to share it.

    You met her in the doorway as she left and you entered. She greeted you with a smile so bright, it was blinding. One so polite, it was infuriating. Head tucked down, you slapped your palm to his door, demanding your way in, flattening the panel to the wall, demanding his attention.

    An alarming entrance, uncharacteristic of his lover, Levi knit his brows, “Hey...”

    Door slammed in your wake. Lunch bags tossed carelessly. Knowing his walls to be soundproof, your voice broke free, “You liking your new secretary?”

    Painfully rhetorical, Levi knew better than to indulge. She was alright. She did the job. But for some reason, that had you upset.

    Crossing your arms, you gave him an up-and-down. That blush had deepened. A shadow beneath his zipper darkened. “Sure seems like you do.”

    “You brat…” Levi hissed, more embarrassed than irritated, “it has nothing to do with her.”

    Still, you were unsatisfied. A seething rage in your stare, it burned his skin, his sweat sticking to his clothes. In silence, you were demanding the words he was sparse with, in a public setting at that. A twitch in his lip, he spoke quickly and quietly, but still doing his best to convince, “It’s because I saw you.”

    “No one else out there, huh?” You continued, ignoring him, “No one who could be a little more professional?”

    Well that didn’t work.

    Levi tucked his lip under his teeth, wagering his next move. When you got riled like this, there were a few tools he had sharpened along the way and had in store to help you unwind. Some may recoil, but some might just do the trick.

    A posture that beckoned you towards him, gesturing, opening, “Would you like to do it?”

    You rolled your eyes and scoffed, “You know I could never work for you, Levi.” It had always been against your moral code, but on days like today, the thought sounded even more repulsive.

    Then, a look that made your breath catch, one you had never seen before in all the years you had been together, a complete reversal of who was dominating this conversation. In one eye, the first blaze of a fire. In the other, a faint glimmer of admiration. Following that expression, a chuckle, a rise from his chair, and the trail of his index from your clavicle to your chin.

    “No. No.” Levi slowed his speech, tilted his head, word by word and mockingly: “Would you. Like to. Do. It?”

    It took you a minute to understand, but the moment you did, he knew your answer. Instead of your eyes widening, a slap, or a vehement no, you retained a level of collectedness. Your regular self never would have indulged in such a scenario, but the fact that you were considering it now, Levi felt the deal had already been sold.

    A signature obtained when you shouldered off your jacket, tugged at your collar, and stole the seat that Petra had just left on his desk.

    Prove how much you love me.

    // // //

    Levi never held back. Always, when it came to you, your pleasure, he gave his all. Effort on a spectrum, comfort sex on one end and today’s sex on the other.

    Gasps amplified as your mind spun, the stimulation he provided you now challenging your understanding of all prior sessions. A screaming burn from his spanking. Frightened adrenaline from his choking. Losing count of the times he had pushed you to the edge then ripped you harshly back. Had he been restraining himself all that time?

    No, you had it all wrong. What made this afternoon different was the presence of a new purpose. Suddenly, you were questioning the love he had for you, and fuck, if that did not drive him. Levi would take any and all measures to demonstrate that you and only you were on his mind.

    As soon as you got back to your car, you would take a seat and feel that lingering sting. Getting ready for bed, your reflection would show the fingertip bruises all around your neck. Your panties would soak with the hot cum he filled you with, then dripping out of you. In the shower, your chafed skin would beg for cold water instead of hot. And at night, he would come home to find you curled up in bed, just begging for a runback of reminder after reminder.

    Reminder after reminder after reminder.

    Pens rolling off his desk as your body shook atop it. Papers flying out of their once meticulous order. The drops of your cream onto his black slacks. The trail of your saliva soaking through his business cards. Levi Ackerman. Consultant. Manager.

    Your consultant and manager.

    The only one you would trust with your pleasure. The only one who you would let fuck you in public. The only man you would let bend you over and obliterate you like this.

    That went both ways. Who else would he share his life with? Who else’s arousal would he guzzle like ice water? Who else would he make such a goddamn mess with?

    Between pumps, base to tip, he snided, “You know, you left the door unlocked, sweetheart.” Levi’s voice was daunting, a chilling complement to the daunting threat, “Someone might just wander in…”

    Left hand reached around your throat. The base of his palm pressured your jugular as his fingers dipped into your mouth, choking you both internally and externally. Right hand threw itself in your hair, clutching your locks, yanking you to his snide lips, “...but maybe that’s exactly what you wanted.”

    That was what broke you, disintegrated you: the wrecking ball through your walls. The thought of her - no - all his employees witnessing the chaos that was unfolding in here. The handprints on his desk. The sore throat he would have later. Not just a message to you, but to all, exactly who owned you, and exactly who he chose to love like this.

    The telltale arch of your back, how your doubt melted away, how you turned to nothing with him. Nothing but the filthy, needy, lil cumslut you were.

    Levi gave those last few thrusts, the ones that would send him right along with you. At last, letting himself relish in a job well done.

    // // //

    Made obvious by your glaring envy. Evidenced by his actions. How flawlessly he fucked you on top of his desk, there was no chance it was improvised. Clearly, he had fantasized over it - planned it - before. The truth was signed off with a vicious thrust, one that shook the oak, one that rattled his blinds, one that toppled your paper bags and spilled their components all over the clean freak’s office. Watching your snacks topple, you sighed, he smirked, both of you realizing:

    Lunch was never the priority.

    // Kinktober 2021 Masterlist //

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    Day xxx: Vanilla

    Summary: Nothing beats good ol' missionary and a sprinkle of compromising from the husband and wife. Words: 3,087 Warning: Smut. Missionary. Teasing. Unprotected Intercourse (wrap it before you tap it). Creampie. Slight Daddy Kink. Characters: Tony Stark x Wife!Reader

    Kinktober Masterlist || MASTERLIST || Taglist || Requests Are Open

    With the party dying down, everyone on the team started to simply chill out and waited for the night to find it's conclusion. What surprised everyone this time around was you and Tony, the two most boisterous and loud individuals on the team; Tony for his sarcasm and retorts, and you, his wife of well over a few years now was just a ball of sunshine that nobody could diminish (not like Tony would allow them to).

    Both of you were in the loveseat, a few feet away from the rest of the Avengers, talking among yourself and a few shared kisses here and there that had Sam gagging and Bucky rolling his eyes at. It was weird that Tony was this focused on you and you alone and he wasn't plotting any sort of horrible game to embarrass the rest of the team.

    Tony's docility meant more curiosity for the rest of the team.

    "Y/N probably promised something kinky, I just know it." Sam was the first to announce much to the agreement of some of the team.

    "Maybe Y/N's pregnant?"

    A moment of silence lingered towards everyone at Clint's guess before everyone hollered into fits of laughter.

    "If, by any chance that Y/N was pregnant, she's putting that baby at risk with the amount of beers and whiskey she had all night. She drunk even the heavyweights under the table all night long." Sam pointed out and Clint muttered in his own embarrassment.

    "But even I could admit that something is different with Lady Y/N, something in the near future I hope for her and for Stark."

    "Is that Thor's Asgardian slang for the two of them just being too horny right now?" Sam had asked.

    "Sam." Steve had warned, among the team, he had been the one that wasn't as invested with what was going on with you and with your husband. He was more happy with the fact that the man had mellowed out since your arrival, no longer was he so invested in saving the world to the point of compromising his health as well as the people around him. "Leave them alone."

    "But aren't you curious? Like we've watched Stark from the start and all he'd suddenly changed for Y/N, somethings not adding up, no offense to Y/N." Nat smirked.

    "None taken!" You called out making everyone turn their attention towards you and your husband, caring less about the fact that they were talking about the two of you. The dopey smile that rested on Tony's face further irked the team and made you grin even more because of their dangerous curiosity.

    "Anything special going on between the two of you?" Sam asked.

    You turned towards your husband, brown eyes still so drawn towards you, once again ignoring Sam's inquiry.

    "Nothing much. Anniversary is still a good few months from now, neither of our birthdays are close. We're just--laying low." You winked at Tony that finally turned to face the expectant team.

    "I'm sorry, do you guys want me to do something at your expense? I think I could squeeze a good hour or two for you all." The sass returned to Tony's tone and everyone was quick to refuse Tony's offer. Tony's eyes once again returned his gaze towards you. "Ready to head to bed?"

    The warmth that rested on your core could barely contain your excitement. Both of you knew you weren't heading to bed to sleep.

    Finally standing up with Tony's help, you both said your goodbyes to the team, ignoring their continued conspiracy that was between you and your husband. If only you knew that it was just the time had promised Tony that you would be staying in bed all weekend with him. No work, no hero duties, and no amount of distraction taking your attention away from each other.

    "FRIDAY, apply code WEEKEND to my UI." Tony had instructed the AI as you had made your way towards the elevator that would bring the both of you to your floor.

    "Got it, Boss." FRIDAY's disembodied voice responded.

    "That sound like an online shopping coupon." You teased.

    "Oh but it's better, Honey." he smirked, handed cupping the swells of your ass, your red dress hiking up from his action. "For the next three days, I cannot use FRIDAY for anything Avengers related or project related."

    The fact that Tony had gone to such an extent to keep his side of the agreement genuinely surprised you but was greatly appreciated. It was rare for the either of you to actually be free and with everything down at Stark Industry calm for now, you took just as much chance as Tony to just act like a normal married couple for once.

    "But, that also means your work phone is disable, Pepper or anyone remotely associated with Stark Industry would be sent a premade voicemail or text that you are busy for the weekend and the only way they would be able to contact you is if it's a life or death situation."

    Trust Tony to be this extra. But then again, tit for tat.

    "What if there is an emergency that the world would need for this weekend?" You asked, you weren't that selfish, if ever the world would need Tony, you wouldn't think twice about halting your weekend plans with him.

    "Then Rogers will have his job cut out for him."


    "My wife needs me more than the world, three days without me doesn't spell the end of the world. Rogers is there to lead the team. They'll be fine for three days. They're in the common room probably already placing bets on whether we'd reach our floor before I fuck your brains out."

    You blinked at your husband's bluntness. The earlier desire now comes assaulting you in tenfold. The amount of alcohol the both of you had consumed now adding to both the warmth inside of you and the confidence to have your hands fall towards your husband's growing erection against the zipper of his pants. But before you could even try to unzip him, his hand found yours and looking right back at him, the playful smile rested on his face.

    "I don't want any of them winning, Honey." He winked letting go of your hands and slightly pulling away from your reach. "We've got all the time in the world, have a little patience."

    "Who are you and what have you done to the man I know and love?" You playfully questioned.

    Before your husband could think of a retort of his own, the door to the elevator and you were now in the privacy of your apartment floor. No one, not even your own set of people could be able to distract you or your husband for whatever he has planned for the next few days.

    Hand once again holding on your own, the both of you made your way straight towards your shared bedroom. A smiled played on your face at the sight that fell before you. The smell of your favorite vanilla-scented candles. The array of rose petals that littered the floor and the infamous strawberry, whipped cream, and melted chocolates on top of the bed. No wonder there was this goofy smile on his face all night long. This was his plan.

    "Romantic." You praised pulling away from your husband's hold and taking a bite of the strawberry, moaning at how juicy it against your lips.

    "And kinda hot too." He smirked, placing the tray of treats on your bedside table. "Can I have a bite?" he asked.

    "I don't know, Stark." You teased, plopping down on the bed. A smile on your face at how soft the covers were against your hands. Tony had even gone out and had the sheets changed for tonight. Too bad it's gonna be a mess after whatever your husband has planned. "I don't think you've earned it just yet." You smirked, legs spread wide for him, a smile on your face grew bigger as you've showed what's underneath your dress--or what was missing.

    "And they say I'm the brazen on in this relationship."

    "Because you are." You snort leaning your hands behind you, pushing your chest up for your husband to look on. "Besides, the panty lines would show if I wear one." You added as an afterthought to make your point across.

    "You're such a liar." Tony protests before plopping besides you on the bed.

    "And that's what you love about me, Mr. Stark." your purred, leaning closer to the man until your lips were barely touching his own.

    "You're a menace, Mrs. Stark."

    "Mrs. Y/L/N-Stark." You corrected with a smile.

    "And a smart ass."

    "You love that about me too." You quipped right back before straddling your husband's lap. Hands resting on top of his shoulder and eyes looking down on his craned head looking right back at you. "Among other things." Cupping his cheeks against your hands, the prickling sensation of his beard was against your cheeks.

    "Why do I have a feeling you have your own little plan for me, Honey?"

    "Why makes you say that?" You smirked rubbing your naked nub against the rough jeans your husband wore. You bit your lips trying to hide the moan from escaping your lips.

    "You soaking my jeans gave it away." He points out.

    "Just fuck my brains out, Tony." You groaned as your husband's hands now held onto your waist and control your movement against his thick thighs.

    "Yes, Ma'am."


    With his mouth swallowing your moans, you were at his mercy.

    Your dress as well as his own clothes were thrown and discarded on the floor, he was on top of you, cock nestled deep inside of you. Your legs wrapped painfully tight around his waist, fearing he would pull away. Your arms wrapped around his shoulders, pulling him as close as you possibly could on top of you. You disregarded his weight on top of you, how he was crushing you, suffocating you in every single way possible. You wanted this. You wanted him.

    Of all the positions you were able to pull your husband into, the best of them all was plain, old, vanilla missionary. It was basic, it was efficient, and it gave the two of you the much needed contact that you both craved in the weeks of being separated from each other because of your shared jobs.

    "I thought we've made progress in the sex department." He would tease, often the both of you would experiment to know what each of you liked and disliked and worked around if the need arises. Tony pushed himself deeper into your core, eliciting a moan from your lips in the process.

    "Nothing beats the basic, Babe." You moaned pulling him more closer to you. You doubt there was still space between the two of you at this point.

    "Here I thought I could try something kinky." He teased pulling away from you a fraction of an inch before pushing roughly back inside.

    "Don't you fucking dare stop, Stark." You whimpered pulling him back into a kiss.

    Your conversation momentarily forgotten as his rough fingers slid down to your core, cupping your sex and earning a much more intense moan from your lips. You shuddered, so close and yet so far from your orgasm--the first of many as your husband had promised you.

    "You're soaking me, Honey." Tony points out as a matter of factly, the teasing on his tone was something you dreaded the most. He can edge you all night long if he so wanted to, but you wanted to come, you needed him to make you come. "You're making a mess out of yourself, Y/N. All for me?"

    "Yes. Please fuck me harder, ruin me, please!" You begged.

    "What's the magic word, Honey?"

    "Please, Daddy." You moaned and squealing as he pounced further into you. Tony bore himself further into you, hammering into you over and over. The familiar coil was slowly starting to snap before you could stop it. "Harder, Tony."

    Tony complied, the sound of your headboard banging on the wall was the only thing that sounded aside from your shared moans with your husband.

    "A little more, Y/N." He growled, hands cupping your face to pull you back into a kiss, consuming you in every single way possible.

    Hiking his knees up, the new position finally brought you into new heights and before long you came violently. Screams swallowed into Tony's mouth. He didn't stop in his ministration as he continued to pound deep inside you. You tried to pull away from him as another orgasm escaped from you right after your first.

    It didn't take long and Tony finds himself fighting his own release. Your vice grip around his cock brought him to the end, spilling deep inside you. You whimpered at the warmth of his cum inside of you. You quivered as Tony finally pulled away from the kiss and kissed your sweat slicken forehead. Panting breath from the two of you, you stared at Tony, the dreamy look on his face post-fuck. The goofy smile on his lips as he begins to kiss you all over your face, ignoring the sweat and tears that lingered all over you.

    "You okay?" He asked when he was done with his action. Hands rubbing circles against your shoulders.

    You nod and pulling him right back onto you. Crushing you much to his own protest.

    "I might kill you if I don't pull my weight up." He warned.

    "Nah, that's gonna be a good way to die though." You pointed out. "Died from suffocation post-sex." You cackled, wrapping your arms around your husband and your legs still locked around his waist, stopping any attempts he might have of pulling away. The harden member inside you made you well aware that he was ready for round two now. "Are you okay?"

    "Yeah." He sighed finally relenting in placing most of his weight on top of you. Head resting on the crook of your neck. You giggled trying to get used to the roughness of his beard against your skin. "I missed this." He said after a moment.

    "I do too." You sighed rubbing his back.

    With his job as a super hero and your own job as the COO of Stark Industries, your schedules matching was rare and far in-between. It had gotten worse for a while, sparking an argument from the two of you for a while, before you both realize that you just needed to compromise when you both can. This was the first time in a while that the both of you did. Three days, as short as it was to anyone else, it was the longest for the two of you in what felt like weeks now.

    "You really think it's a good idea to leave them on their own for three days?" You had asked after a moment.

    "I think they're more than capable of handling themselves for three days." He points out pushing himself up until he comes face to face with you. "Besides, I gave Rhodey the override code in the event that it's gonna be a life or death situation."

    "Why Rhodey?" You inquired, smiling at the conversation Tony might have had with his best friend.

    "He was the one that gave me a stern talking too." He said sheepishly. "And he was right when he said that the world with always have someone trying to overthrow it, but it's not everyday that I can be with you before it's too late."

    Rhodey was partially right. It's been years since you've said your I do's, you had known what you had signed up for when you married Tony. But after the things that had happened with Thanos, both of you had decided it was time to start a family of your own. Neither of you were getting any younger and there was never a perfect time to actually start one. But when could that two of you actually start when it was always one thing or the other.

    "So this isn't gonna be a one time thing?" You asked, testing the waters of what Tony actually has planned.

    "I'm testing the waters if they can do this without me." He admits. "But I trust them enough to know they could."

    This was news to you.

    "I'm not saying that if I do this, you would do the same for the company, but it's just something I thought would do everyone some good. I can watch the kid while you're away, I'm sure our baby would enjoy FRIDAY as a baby sitter too."

    "Tony, I don't think FRIDAY is capable of taking care of a child."

    "Of course she is. I already have her programmed to be our very own baby monitor if we aren't in the general vicinity of the kid."

    "You've really thought way ahead, haven't you?"

    "I had to. We've always thought about having our own little family. A boy who I will be naming after me and a girl that you'll name after some eccentric but memorable uncle that you always had during your childhood."

    "I think Morgan is a good name for a daughter." You suggested with a smile.

    "Morgan--yeah. I think Morgan Stark does ring a bell.

    "Morgan Y/L/N-Stark." You corrected.

    "Don't torture our kids with hyphen names, Honey." He groaned.

    "Whose gonna be carrying them for nine months at a time, Tony?" You questioned with a smirk knowing you have already won the argument.

    "Again I married a smartass." He rolled his eyes. "Wanna know who won the bets?" He asked.

    Only now remembering the earlier possibility of the rest of the team making bets on the two of you. You shook your head at how awful that was and how ridiculous it could possibly be for them to do.

    "FRIDAY," You called the AI. "Who won the bets in the common room?" You asked.

    "Steve Rogers won $500, Miss." FRIDAY announced and both you and Tony had somehow broke into fits of laughter at the thought of Steve winning at something so ridiculous as your own sex life.

    You really married into a weird family, but you loved it either way. You didn't have to wait long for your first child and just like your preconceived notion, your first child was a girl who you happily named Morgan Y/L/N-Stark and Tony could care less about at this point.

    #Tony Stark smut #kinktober 2021 #tony stark drabble #tony stark x reader #tony stark one shot #tony stark oneshot #tony stark oneshots #tony stark one shots #tony stark imagine #tony stark imagines #tony stark x y/n #tony stark x you
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    Day Four of the 2021 kinktober event.

    Description: After Jaehyun comes home to your boss making a move on you, he grows furious and takes care of the situation himself.

    Word Count: 1.85k

    Requested by anon

    Warnings: 18+, Dom! Jaehyun, Sub! reader, fem! reader, toxic relationship, extreme yandere themes and jealousy, murder, blood, knife, emotional manipulation, oral (f receiving), fingering, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, degradation, spanking, choking, hairpulling, slapping, unprotected sex, please don't proceed if any of this is triggering to you.

    “Who the hell do you think you are trying to betray me like that?!” Jaehyun yelled, sinking the blood-covered knife into your boss’ already lifeless body. 

    “Jaehyun, I wasn’t cheating on you, I swear to God, I was just-” 

    “Enough. Not another fucking word from you.” His voice booms as he turns to you, his face splattered in dark crimson, veins protruding from his neck and forehead in anger. 

    “I just don’t fucking get it, Y/n. I do everything for you,” your boyfriend’s eyes go entirely black and his entire body trembles as he speaks, “I cook for you, I pay for your bills, I fucking kill for you! I love you more than you even know, yet you still do things like this, you make me do things like this.”

    The knife falls from his shaky hands as he stands, moving toward you slowly. You swallow in fear, backing up as far as you can until you hit the wall behind you. He cradles your face in both of his stained hands, covering you in the coppery liquid as well. 

    “Please, Y/n. Don’t make me do something like this again, don’t make me do something worse than this.” A tear slides down his cheek and his forehead rests against yours.

    “O-okay, Jae. N...never again.” You promise, wrapping your arms around his waist tightly. His head drops into your neck, planting kisses against you. When you hold his cheeks to raise his face, his eyes have since gone entirely black, a shiver running down your spine at the sight. 

    “I think it’s time for another lesson…” he mumbles out quietly, his hands sliding to grasp your neck. You shudder, closing your eyes tightly in fear, knowing exactly what that entails. 

    “Jaehyun, please, he’s already taken care of, there’s nothing you have to worry about-” 

    “No, Y/n, you can’t talk your way out of this. Twice this month, I’ve had to hurt people I shouldn’t have. You need to be reminded of who you belong to, who does everything for you.” As he speaks his voice is no longer filled with anger, no, it’s something much worse; Jaehyun is disappointed. 

    You nod your head in agreement, “I need to be taught a lesson, I need to be punished.” Each word you whisper out loses more and more volume behind it, your hands running down his blood stained white t-shirt. 

    “That’s my good baby,” Jaehyun coos softly, petting your hair and pressing a kiss to your forehead. This was his silent reminder and promise that he loves you, that he only ever does things out of love for you. You were his prized possession, his only focus, you were his. 

    “I want you to go into our room and undress completely while I clean up the mess you made. Don’t even think about starting without me or this is going to be so much worse for you.” He nearly growls, pulling you from the floor and giving him a light shove towards your shared bedroom. You obey without hesitation, hurrying towards your room and only turning around once to see him looming over the body in thought.  

    You closed the door behind you, undressing and folding your clothes in a neat pile before slipping them in a plastic bag for Jaehyun to dispose of. Glancing in the mirror across the room, you notice the blood that has begun to stain your skin across your hands, neck, and face. It almost looks as though you were the one who had just committed a murder; In your mind, you felt as though you really had. If you hadn’t allowed your boss to speak with you about work matters inside of your home, maybe he wouldn’t have had the wrong impression. Maybe if you hadn’t served two glasses of an aged red wine, he wouldn’t have made a move on you. Maybe if you would have pushed him off immediately, Jaehyun wouldn’t have walked in on the scene. With all of these maybes running through your mind, you realized one thing was for certain; Jaehyun was right, these events really were your fault. You always said and did the wrong thing, ending in the betrayal to your faithful and lovesick boyfriend. 

    The thoughts were so loud in your mind and you pondered them long enough that you barely heard him enter your room. You were sitting on the edge of the bed, legs crossed and hands perfectly placed on your lap as you spaced out. 

    “Y/n,” he taps your thigh lightly as he crouches in front of you, “I told you to lay back, don’t make me repeat myself again.” 

    Snapping back to reality, you hastily scoot back on the bed, laying your head on the plush pillow behind you. It was Jaehyun’s, you could smell his shampoo strongly, relaxing you as you stared up at him. 

    He was still covered in blood, most of it now dried into a deep brown color on his clothes and skin. 

    His hand slips between your thighs, pulling them open for him with ease. 

    "Everything is taken care of now, I just have to dispose of the clothes in the morning." Jaehyun hums, his hands running up and down your thighs teasingly, eyes locked onto your core. 

    “Okay,” you run your hands over his shoulders and pull his face to look at you again, “I love you, Jaehyun. Thank you for always protecting me.” 

    He nods and presses his lips against yours, tasting vaguely like cigarettes and a dark bourbon. “I love you too, y/n. Nothing can take you away from me.” 

    You gasp immediately after his words as his fingers find your center, the pads lightly ghosting over your labia. His eyes are still locked on yours, entranced in the way your eyes flutter as he slowly spreads your folds with his first two fingers. “You’re so pretty below me like this, if only you weren’t willing to give it up to anyone.” 

    You begin to shake your head but his other hand wraps its way around your throat while his middle finger sinks into you at the same time. A whine escapes you and your hips arch, unable to keep your eyes open. 

    “Y/n, open your fucking eyes right now and look who’s making you feel like this.” You force your eyes open and glance down where his finger was currently buried knuckle-deep inside of you. “I’m going to make you cum so many times you won’t remember anything other than my name.” 

    A second finger slipped in beside the other, curling them both to search for the spot that always made you mewl. 

    “O-oh my fucking God, Jaehyun.” You whimpered out, one of your hands reaching down to grab his wrist. His hand leaves your throat to slap you across the face, “Get your filthy fucking hands off of me. You lost that right the moment you let that pig touch you.” 

    You release your grasp, trading out his wrist to tangle your fingers in the sheets. With this, his fingers began to pump in and out of you with force, curling every now and again to hit your g-spot perfectly. Whines and moans are all that leave you as he does, hips arching up into his hand. 

    “Nuh-uh, you take what I give you.” Jaehyun growls, pressing your hips down to the bed with his free hand. He lowers his face to be level with your core, licking a trail up your inner thighs before burying his face into your heat.

    “Oh shit, f-fuck, Jaehyun.” You moaned, knuckles turning white from the grip you had on the sheets. He hums against your clit, sending light vibrations up your body. Every flick of his tongue had you seeing stars as you clenched around his digits, trembling wildly. 

    “Please, please, please, Jae, I’m gonna cum, please make me cum.” You whine loudly, looking down to meet his gaze from between your legs. 

    “Cum, slut.” He said lowly, barely pulling away from you to give the command. 

    And you do, letting out the loudest noises of the night as your eyes fade into white and your whole body shakes against him. Your arousal spills onto his tongue and he laps it up gladly, groaning at your taste himself. When you begin to come down from the high, he slowly pulls his fingers from you and brings them to your lips. Your mouth opens without thought and he wastes no time in filling your tongue with the taste of your own cum. You suck greedily, your eyes falling shut as you lose yourself on his fingers. 

    He pulls them from your mouth with a chuckle as you slightly follow them with your eyes still closed.

    “Ass up, bitch. I need your pathetic cunt around me.” He mutters, gripping your legs and flipping you onto your stomach in one easy move. You let out a heavy exhale at the impact but hastily arch your ass up for him to use. 

    The sound of his zipper being pulled down fills your ears, briefly followed by his groan. You feel the head of his cock proding against your slit, dragging it down and over your clit before teasing your entrance by pushing in just the slightest bit. Biting your lip to hide your frustrated objection, you arch yourself even more, encouraging him to give up his taunting. 

    Your attempt appears to work as he sinks himself inside of you fully, barely giving you a moment before his relentless thrusting begins. 

    “You’re s-so fucking tight, who would have expected that from a whore like you? Hm?” You do nothing but mewl at his words, your mind too far gone at the deliciously painful stretch as he pounded into you. 

    “Who do you belong to?” He groans, hand tangling into your hair, tugging you back so his lips can meet your ear. His words float through your head, so cloudy with nothing but the thought of his cock. “Don’t make me fucking repeat myself again, Y/n, who do you belong to?” He demands, slapping your ass roughly and pulling your hair back even harder. 

    “You, Jae! I belong to you!” You yell out, your whole body flushing even hotter as you do. 

    “That’s right, you’re fucking mine. Your body is mine, your pretty pussy is mine, everything you are belongs to me.” His hips thrust up harder at this angle, hitting roughly against your sweet spot and his fingers rub small circles on your clit. 

    “Cum- I’m- please, I'm gonna cum!” You nearly scream, intensely trembling below him, body going weak as you can barely hold yourself up. 

    “Go head, sweetheart, cum all over my cock.” He mumbles, running his fingers down the length of your spine. 

    You nearly black out as you do, the intensity of this orgasm even begins to hurt the slightest. He talks you through it, small praises barely processing in your fucked out brain. Once you’ve come down, breathing heavily and swallowing shallowly, you hear your boyfriend mumble, “Oh baby girl, I hope you have more in you, we aren’t even close to your punishment being over.” 

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    Kinktober Day Twenty Eight

    Somnophilia - Nakamoto Yuta

    Kinktober Masterlist

    Warnings: Language; Explicit Sexual Content


    Yuta sighed in exhaustion as he entered his home, one of his hands closing the front door behind him as the other loosened the tie from around his neck. He abandoned his briefcase at the door as he always did, trudging up the stairs to yours and his shared bedroom. This management position was kicking his ass, but the pay was quite attractive, so Yuta was alright with a few less hours of sleep a night.

    He sluggishly undid his tie, pulling it from around his neck as he reached the top of the stairs and continued his trek to the bedroom. Yuta knew you were well asleep by now; if the glinting face of his wristwatch was being truthful to him, it was nearly one in the morning. He balled his tie up and stuffed it into the pocket of his suit jacket before slipping the garment off of his shoulders and draping it over his forearm.

    The bedroom door was open just a crack, and faint light from the hallway illuminated the dark room as Yuta cautiously pushed open the door. His eyes slowly raked over the sight of you asleep on the bed.

    You were in one of your normal nightgowns, the garment having ridden up as you had moved around in your sleep. Your face was pressed into the pillow, one leg bent and the other extended as your eyes danced behind your eyelids.

    Yuta couldn’t stop himself from admiring the way you had forgone underwear tonight, the slight spread of your legs causing your unsuspecting core to be openly presented to Yuta. This wasn’t a foreign occurrence; the two of you had dabbled in playtime while the other was asleep a few times before, and Yuta truly couldn’t contain himself.

    He passively licked his lips as he put his suit jacket down on the footboard, trying his hardest not to wake you as he laid himself down on his stomach, his nose just shy of brushing against your folds. He had to suppress a groan at the familiar scent he always became intoxicated by, throwing caution to the wind as he placed his hands on your thighs and slowly licked a stripe through your cunt, his tongue lingering on your clit as Yuta heard you inhale deeply, exhaling with a hum as you stayed enveloped in your slumber.

    Closing his eyes as he began to lose himself in the pleasure he got from the action, Yuta was relentless, eating you out like a man starved. He pulled back after a minute or so, licking his lips and savoring the flavor of his saliva mixed with your essence as he moved to run two fingers through your folds before pushing them inside you.

    Yuta’s eyes were borderline animalistic as he worked his fingers in and out of you at a fast pace, watching you begin to writhe in your slumber, grasping the pillow as your eyebrows furrowed, breaths and sounds of pleasure leaving your open mouth. Yuta was relentless, determined to bring an orgasm out of you before he even considered letting up.

    At first, you had just thought you were having the best wet dream you’d had in a while, the pleasure you were feeling almost enough to make you get up and go searching for Yuta. Yet, the pleasure had yet to cease. As a matter of fact, it had only increased, and it was feeling much too good to purely be a feeling your brain had managed to conjure up.

    It was then that you roused from your slumber, eyes opening as you subconsciously began to push yourself onto Yuta’s fingers. You could barely manage words as you felt the knot in your stomach begin to tighten, turning onto your back and giving Yuta full access to your core. The man wasted no time as he worked in a third finger, his mouth attaching to your clit to distract you from the slight stretch.

    “Please, don’t stop,” Your voice was grainy and low, heavily laced with sleep and exhaustion. Yuta hummed against you, the added vibrations making your hips jerk into his touch as you reached a hand down, carding through his hair and pulling every now and again like you knew he liked.

    You threw your head back into the pillow and arched into Yuta’s touch as you felt your orgasm wash over you, Yuta hungrily licking up everything you had to offer as his fingers worked you through your high. You had barely any time to recuperate before Yuta was hovering over you, his lips on yours and his tongue sharing the taste of yourself with you. You moaned into his mouth, letting your hands run up his torso before beginning to undo the buttons of his white shirt. Though you had just been fast asleep, you were wide awake now.

    “Up for another round?”

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  • sir3racha
    02.12.2021 - 6 days ago

    Kinktober Day Twenty Seven

    Degradation - Lee Minho

    Kinktober Masterlist

    Warnings: Language; Suggestive Content


    Minho leaned back in his arm chair, a disinterested look on his face as he stared down at you. Your face was on fire as you knelt on the ground, clad in nothing but your undergarments. Minho raised an eyebrow at you, tilting his head to the side as his eyes roamed over your form in front of him.

    “What do you want from me?” He spoke lazily, moving to crack his knuckles, the rings on his fingers glistening in the light.

    “Please,” Was all you could say, crawling closer to him and placing your hands on his ankles.

    Minho scoffed, moving his legs away from you and making you let go. “Go beg for Hyunjin. You were hanging on him all day like the desperate bitch you are.”

    Your face heated up even more at his words. It was no secret that Minho was the jealous type, and your constant conversations with Hyunjin all day did not help his jealous tendencies. You couldn’t lie, though...jealous Minho was extremely hot.

    “I don’t want Hyunjin,” You pouted up at him, knowing how to play his game, “No one’s better than you.”

    Minho inhaled at your words, motioning you closer with a finger. You rose from your knees at his beckoning, making a move to straddle his thighs. Before you could process, though, his hand was in your hair, gripping harshly as he pulled your face close to his.

    “You’re fucking pathetic,” Minho growled into your ear, the roughness of his words going right to your core as you began to shake with adrenaline, “Thinking that stroking my ego will give you any chance of getting my cock tonight. Desperate sluts need to work harder than that.”

    Swallowing back a moan at his words, you sat on his lap, revelling in the way his hand in your hair had yet to ease it’s grip. Minho didn’t move as you straddled him, face still holding an annoyed expression. Your tongue darted past your lips to wet them, and you didn’t miss the way Minho’s eyes moved to your lips to watch.

    “Please, Master,” You whined, watching the way his irises darkened at your words, “I’m yours, don’t want Hyunjin. I’m your fucktoy; only you can use me and make me feel good.”

    You almost missed the low growl that emanated from Minho’s throat as he gave into temptation and attached his lips to yours, the force behind them damn near bruising as he bit and sucked at the lush skin. You couldn’t hold back the moan that left your own mouth, eagerly swallowed down by Minho.

    Once he pulled back, you panted in anticipation, body shaking with adrenaline. “I want you on the bed in two minutes. Dumb sluts like you need to be reminded who they belong to, and when I’m done with you, you’ll remember that I’m the only one you should be acting like a bitch in heat for. I’m the only one who you’re allowed to be a desperate cum dump for. Now go, before I change my mind and not let you cum for a month.”

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    Panty Theft | Bakugou Katsuki x Kirishima Eijirou x Reader

    𝐏𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐲 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐟𝐭 - 𝐠𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐬𝐞𝐱𝐮𝐚𝐥 𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐩𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐞𝐬.

    Kinktober masterlist.

    I’m sorry this took so long to get out! I literally just threw this into a post and I’m running away so I’m sorry if anything is dumb! A special thank you to @katsukikitten​ for constantly encouraging me and telling me I can do things!💕

    Summary: Being a sidekick at Dynamight’s agency was hard, especially under his strenuous work regime and to top it off someone at the agency has been stealing your panties.

    Pairing:  Bakugou Katsuki x Kirishima Eijirou x f!reader.

    Warnings: 18+, noncon/dubcon (reader is into it but is heavily coerced), implied age gap, blackmail, panty theft, exhibitionism, implied voyeurism, one pussy slap, praise, degradation, Bakugou is pretty mean, spit roasting, rimming (f!receiving), cunnilingus, fingering, creampie.

    Word Count: 6.9k.

    Your dream had been to work at Dynamight’s agency since you were a little girl, watching the young sidekick in his former years slowly climb his way up the ranks without caring what anyone thought of him fuelled the desire inside you to be like him. The blond hero definitely sat proudly at the top of your list of favourite Pros.

    It was also hard not to notice how attractive he was, even pushing forty he was still giving the younger Pro’s a run for their money. Sitting comfortably in the top five, defending his position in second, even though his shape had become less defined, more rounded, he was still a hulking mass of muscle. Grey hairs began to glisten between his blond locks as they mixed with the light stubble that graced his jaw. It was hard not to stare at the seasoned Pro whenever he was around, his mere presence dominating any room.

    The only problem is being a sidekick under Dynamight was hard. He only accepted the best, a fact you knew all too well, and you were determined to prove to him that you could be the best. You wanted to make him proud, but it was taking a toll on your body and your mental health. The ache in your chest at the idea of disappointing your favourite Pro-Hero, your idol, is far too apparent.

    The only thing keeping you around was Red Riot, the sturdy hero had an office right beside Bakugou’s and didn’t seem to hold any issues with working under his best friend. The male had no animosity whatsoever that it wasn’t his hero name plastered along the top of the building. He’d been so sweet and kind to you ever since you joined the agency, often inviting you into his office to talk to you. Constantly asking you whether there was anything he could help you with or trying to calm you down when you were bawling your eyes out to him about just how hard it had been. The stress and pressure of trying to prove yourself to Dynamight was often so overwhelming, but Kirishima would always be there to hug you and tell you that everything would be okay.

    Shamefully, you were certain that without Kirishima, you probably would have given up weeks ago. The Sturdy Hero seemed to constantly go out of his way to make you feel better about your position at the agency. Often finding sweet notes from him inside your locker when you’d start your shifts, motivational words or simply “have a good day” written in his messy scrawl, sometimes telling you to come up to his office for tea when you had your lunch break, that he’d make time for you.

    Something that you were hoping to take him up on after the terrible day you’d had. The mission had been a disaster, your body aching as you made your way towards the staff showers. Stripping out of your hero outfit as you lay your clothes on the bench in front of your locker neatly. Stepping towards the cubicles at the side of the room as you allowed the warm water to hit your skin, standing beneath the stream as the liquid began to wash away all the dirt and grime from your horrible day.

    “She’s fuckin’ hot, Bro. Are you really telling me you wouldn’t want a piece?” You could hear the voices from the other side of the wall, turning off the faucet as you moved to wrap a towel around your frame, “What I wouldn’t give for one night-”

    “No wonder you’ve had a permanent fuckin’ hard-on when this is what you’ve been doin’- is that why you’re always sniffin’ around her.” You recognised the voices instantly as Red Riot and Dynamight, assuming that the men were also looking to shower after a tedious day. Planning to grab your stuff and give them space in the showers so they could have some privacy as you turned the corner, your heart stuttering when you noticed what the redhead had in his hands.

    A pink pair of lacy panties.

    Your lacy panties.

    The last few weeks at the agency you’d noticed whenever you used the locker rooms to shower your panties would go missing. The first time it happened you didn’t say anything, convinced that they’d just dropped down the back of the wall so you were unable to retrieve them, or maybe they’d been swept up. But then it happened again. Every time your neat pile of folded clothes would remain untouched, but your panties would be gone. Even when you kept them locked shut in your locker when you went to shower you’d come back to find them gone.

    The only problem? How were you supposed to explain that your panties were going missing at Dynamight’s agency?

    How were you supposed to begin that kind of conversation with your boss when you already felt like you were trying so hard to prove yourself. You’d began to think it was the other sidekicks at the agency doing it as a joke, that they wanted you gone or it was like some sort of initiation into the club. But you weren’t going to give up that easily.

    “Oh, hi babe.” Kirishima smirked, “That was a quick shower for you wasn't it? You’re normally in there for at least thirty minutes.”

    Bakugou and Kirishima stood by your lockers in their hero attire, sweat and grime sticking to their skin after presumably a hard day's work. The scent of sweat mixed with smoke potent in the locker room as both men crowded your clothes, your heart hammering in your chest at his words.

    How did he know that?

    Your eyes immediately glanced down to his hands which were holding your most recent pair of panties. The ones that you’d taken off moments earlier to have your shower. All of the pieces finally coming into place-

    “Wait-” You gripped your towel tighter to your body as you felt both sets of dark red eyes roaming your exposed skin, feeling like a docile antelope cornered by a hungry pack of lions, “You’ve been taking my panties?”

    You flushed as you said the word in front of the older men, feeling shy about it even though you had nothing to be ashamed about. They were the ones that had been making you walk home bare and biting into a chunk of your measly paycheck each month.

    “Don’t look at me, sweetheart.” Bakugou scoffed, “It’s all him.”

    “Do you blame me though, man?” Kirishima held the panties up in front of you, thumbing the lacy fabric, “Fucking look at them.”

    “W-why would you do that?“ You felt your lower lip trembling as you tried to fight back tears, not wanting to cry in front of the two Pros.

    “She ain’t gonna tell anyone, are ya Princess?” Bakugou scoffed, pushing the sweaty spikes back from his forehead as some wispy hairs stuck to his skin.

    “You think they’d believe her even if she did?” Kirishima grinned, his scarred chest exposed due to his hero costume, trying your best to avert your gaze from his chiselled muscles. His gut was far rounder in his older years, black hairs now scattered along his chest, but still ever the muscular Pro-Hero Red Riot.

    And he was right, who’d believe a little sidekick just starting out like you over two established Pro-Heroes.

    “No one’ll fuckin’ hire her again if she tried,” Bakugou smirked as he reached out to grab the pink pair of panties from Kirishima’s hands, ignoring his whines of protest.

    The thought of losing your job and the pair of them making it so no other heroes would ever consider you made you feel sick, bile rising in your throat as you tried to ease the tension in your chest.

    “I’m surprised it took you so long to work it out, Princess. He ain’t exactly what you’d call subtle.” Kirishima laughed, leaning back against your locker, “My favourites were those cute frilly red ones, you know the pair?”

    You knew the exact pair he was talking about, ones that had gone missing a few weeks into your shifts at the agency. You’d started wearing them when all your practical pairs had gone missing, the sheer fabric was barely enough to cover you as you hid them beneath your neatly folded hero costume when you’d gone to shower but when you’d come back they were gone.

    “Oh, and let’s not forget those Dynamight ones, huh?” Kirishima grinned, “I’m so sad you don’t have any Red Riot ones, babe.”

    “Clearly she likes me more.” Bakugou grinned smugly, shoving his best friend's shoulder.

    “You’re not gonna tell anyone, are ya?” Kirishima gave you a grin, moving to pocket your panties.

    “Course she fuckin’ isn’t, look at her,” Bakugou muttered, his lightning reflexes grabbing the pink fabric before he had a chance to keep them, beating him to it. Snatching the pair out of his friend's hands as he held them in a fist, watching as you tugged your fluffy towel tighter around your frame as the men gazed at your exposed skin hungrily.

    “You’ve got more than enough already, these are mine.” Bakugou scoffed, confirming the fact that it had been Kirishima taking your panties every single time.

    “Is this what you wear when you’re out on patrol with your boss, hah?” Bakugou sneered as he held the lacy thong out on one of his fingers, the sheer fabric making them seem even smaller as he gave you a smug smirk, “You trying to impress someone or somethin’, Princess?”

    “N-no,” You stuttered, feeling his musky scent surround you as it was clear he was coming into the locker rooms to do the exact same thing you’d been doing. The press outside cornering him before he had the chance to wash, giving you a head start.

    “No?” Bakugou’s warm breath fanned your cheek as he leaned down, his lips grazing the shell of your ear, “Then you just like bein’ a slut at work, hah?”

    Your body shivered at the words, feeling your body betray you as a heat began to grow between your thighs. The scent of both of them invaded your senses as you felt their sweaty bodies pressed against your own.

    “They were pretty damp,” Kirishima almost sang in a teasing tone, “She was definitely thinking naughty thoughts when she was out with you, man.”

    “Is that so?” Bakugou grinned at the way you worried your bottom lip between your teeth, trying to calm your body down but both men had you caged in between their hulking frames.

    “You ever wear those Dynamight panties when you were out with me?” Bakugou pulled back to meet your gaze with inquisitive eyes, “Are those your favourites, hah? Those tiny little Dynamight panties you’ve been wearin’?”

    You felt your entire body flushed with embarrassment, avoiding eye contact as Bakugou reached out to grasp your jaw, angling your eyes up to meet his piercing gaze.

    “Bet they fuckin’ are.” He grinned, “I can give ‘em back if you want ‘em. I’d love to see you wearing them for me.”

    Kirishima pressed his back against you, feeling his bulge pressing against your lower back as large palms moved to the hem of your towel, his sweaty chest sticking to your exposed shoulder blades, “You’re not gonna tell anyone; are ya?”

    Bakugou cupped the back of your neck to pull you into an intense kiss, his teeth scraping against your pursed lips as he forced his tongue inside. Lashing against your gums as he tightened his grip to prevent you from moving away, your eyes darted around the room as one of your hands reached up to fist his vest. You could just about make out Kirishima in the background telling Bakugou how unfair it was, that he’s wanted to kiss you for longer but instead, his large hand began to tug at the corner of your towel.

    “N-no, please.” You gasped in horror as you imagined being completely naked in front of two of your favourite Pro-Heroes, never mind your boss.

    “I don’t really think you’re in a position to be making demands right now, Princess.” Bakugou smirked as his blunt nails dug into the curve of your neck, smirking down at you as you felt the heat radiating from his palm, “Unless you want me to tell everyone what a filthy slut my little sidekick is.”

    “You were the one stealing my panties.” You whispered, more to yourself than anything as the realisation dawned on you.

    “Yeah, but how many times have you touched yourself in those panties to the thought of me?” Bakugou replied cockily, your face deceiving you as it gave away your answer.

    You’d lost count of the number of times you’d touched yourself to sinful thoughts of the number two hero, even though he was almost twice your age. But being with him now, in such an open setting you found yourself trembling beneath his grip as he began to press chaste kisses along the apex of your neck. It was completely different forming this picture of him in your mind at night as you pushed two fingers inside your slick heat, trying to imagine how he would feel instead. Painting this perfect picture of him in your mind as you worked yourself towards your release, moaning out his name as though he was there with you. But this? This was completely different.

    You gasped in shock as you felt Bakugou’s rough palm slip beneath your towel, fingers delving between your folds as he gave your slit a rough rub. Almost lifting you off the ground from the force of his movements as your eyes fluttered, calloused pads of his digits slipping between your puffy folds.

    “Shit, you’re fuckin’ dripping.” He groaned as you felt warm lips pressing against the apex of your neck, Kirishima groping your chest through the towel from behind, “And you really want us to believe you don’t want this? You can stop pretending now, you dirty slut.”

    You wished your body would stop betraying you, your mind screaming for you to use your quirk to get out of there. To stop this from happening like this, your fantasies were nothing like this.

    “Told ya man, she must be permanently wet or something. Her panties were always covered.” Kirishima groaned as his teeth latched onto your pulse point, pulling a loud cry from your lips as his tongue lapped at the mark.

    “Besides, who do you think they’d believe?” Bakugou held up his fingers to the light as he began to scissor them, strings of your slick glistening between his digits as he wiped them off against your cheek, “You’re the one standing in front of us drippin’ right now, and you really want us to believe you don’t want this?”

    “It is two against one,” Kirishima whispered against the shell of your ear as he tugged at the corner of your towel again, this time you allowed him to pull the fabric away from your body as it pooled around your feet on the cool tile.

    You gasped as the shrill cold of the room hit your bare skin, goosebumps rising against the surface as you moved your hands up to try and cup your bare breasts in a feeble attempt to shield them from view. The side of Bakugou’s lips curled into a smirk as he leaned down to press a sloppy kiss against your neck, the short stubble of his beard tickling your skin as Kirishima reached up from behind to pull your wrists away from your breasts, letting your arms drop down to your sides.

    “Don’t hide yourself from us, pretty girl.” Kirishima cooed almost kindly as he moved his own hands up to replace your own, feeling your taut nipples harden from the cool air, “You’re going to enjoy this just as much as we are, I promise.”

    You cried out as Kirishima’s calloused fingers tugged at your nipples, twisting the buds between his thumb and forefinger as he rut his hips against you. Feeling the tent in his pants pressing against the small of your back as he pulled more lewd sounds from your lips.

    Bakugou reached out to wrap one of his large palms around your wrist, pulling your hand towards him as he pressed it against the bulge between his thighs. A gasp left your lips as you felt how big and hard he was for you, a man of his stature had to be well endowed, but you weren’t expecting this. As if sensing your trepidation Bakugou pressed an almost sweet kiss to your cheek, putting more pressure against your wrist for you to begin to palm him yourself as he let out a low grunt.

    “You feel that?” He rasped, “This is what you do to me.”

    His words made your cunt flutter as he began to roll his hips against your touch, your hand squeezing the length of him through the fabric as you tried awkwardly to stroke him. The faint sound of a belt being unbuckled sounded behind you as Bakugou stared down at you with half-lidded eyes.

    “See, it’s not so bad is it, Princess?” Bakugou’s own hands moved to unbuckle his belt, your hand stilling against his crotch as you watched the finesse of his movements, moving back slightly to allow him to tug his pants down just enough to free his aching cock.

    You swallowed thickly to try and mask the fear that grew in the pit of your stomach, your mouth dry as you saw him bare for the first time. It was certainly nothing like you had imagined before, the mushroomed head an angry pink colour as pre-cum oozed from the tip, leaking down the underside of his length while bulging veins made his already large size seem impossibly bigger. A heavy set of balls sat at the base, his palm wrapping around it to give himself a teasing pump as he watched you with amusement as you took in the sight of him.

    “Like what you see, Princess?” Bakugou murmured, a hand on your shoulder as he moved to push you to the floor, “Bet this is better than those dirty little daydreams you have hah?”

    Complying as you sank to your knees between both men, Kirishima came round to stand beside his best friend as you caught a glimpse of his cock for the first time. If you thought Bakugou was big, there were no words that could describe Kirishima’s cock. Fear now growing inside of you at the thickness of it, barely able to fit two of your own fingers inside your slick heat you had no idea how you would fit his mass within you. He was nowhere near as long as Bakugou, but he was thick. The angry red tip leaking so much pre it was creating a glistening sheen against his skin, his palm stroking it along the meat of his cock as he glanced down at you with flushed cheeks.

    “You know how many times I’ve fucked my fist to the thought of you, babe?” Kirishima smirked at you, rutting his hips forward so the messy tip grazed your cheek, leaving a silvery line of cum in its wake.

    “It’s all he fuckin’ talks about.” Bakugou scoffed, his hand moving languidly against his cock, rolling his palm around the tip as he gathered the fresh pre to smooth it along his length.

    “Do you blame me, Bro?” Kirishima groaned, “Look at her.”

    Bakugou didn’t reply, instead, he arched his hips to press the thick tip of his cock against your other cheek, his hand knocking against your skin as he continued to stroke his length.

    “Please,” You mumbled, the slight movement of your lips enough for Bakugou to breach your mouth, the tip of his cock slipping inside as your eyes widened from the intrusion. Tasting him against your tongue as he let out a low growl at the sensation.

    “Don’t act like you don’t want it, Sweetheart.” Bakugou groaned as his palm stroked the back of your head, angling you up so he could push more of his length inside you. Teeth grazing him slightly as you adjusted position as he hissed out in a mixture of pain and pleasure as you languidly began to bob your head along his length, “So. Fuckin’ Good-”

    Each word was punctuated with a rut of his hips, causing you to gag slightly as he knocked the back of your throat. Saliva mingled with his pre as your mouth struggled to contain it. Dribbling down your chin as tears began to clump in your lashes, trying to remember to breathe through your nose.

    “Shit, she’s so fucking pretty.” Kirishima groaned as he watched you suck his best friend's cock, pushing the wet tip against your cheek as he coaxed you to wrap your hand around him. Smirking with glee as you complied, your hand barely able to wrap around his girth as you pumped him slowly. Trying to work into a rhythm between both men and ignore the fact that you were currently on your knees in the middle of the agency locker rooms where someone could walk in at any moment. 

    The thought of being caught in such a compromising position in between the two beefy Pro-Heroes had your cunt clenching around nothing as you felt Kirishima’s fingertips graze against your scalp as he pulled you off Bakugou’s cock with a ‘pop’, manoeuvring your head towards his as you swapped hands. Wrapping your palm around Bakugou’s length which was now wet with a mixture of pre and spit as you tried to fit Kirishima’s size inside your mouth. Your jaw aching as you felt the man above you shudder at the sensation, unapologetically rutting his hips into your mouth as you felt him hit the back of your throat. This time pulling back to catch your breath, spluttering as spit dribbled from your lips and down onto your tits, leaving messy lines of slick in their wake. The sight made both men smirk at one another as Kirishima tapped the head of his cock against your lips once more, “Come on, pretty girl. I know it’s big, but you can handle it can’t you?”

    His hand came up to cup your cheek almost caringly, as his thumb stroked away the tears that trickled down the apples of your cheeks. Crimson eyes staring down at you as he pushed his hips forward again, slower this time to give you time to adjust. Fresh tears began to pool down your cheeks as you set a steady pace, shuffling uncomfortably as your knees dug into the cool tile. Bakugou’s hips pushed forward so the tip of his cock hit the back of your throat again, his palm holding you down on his length as he let out a low grunt. The trimmed hairs at the base of his cock tickled your nose as you began to feel lightheaded, a muted “shit” leaving Kirishima’s lips as he watched you take the entirety of his best friend's cock. Your hand clawed at Bakugou’s inner thigh to try and get him to pull back, to have mercy as you felt the oxygen slowly leaving your body. Leaving bright red welts against his skin as he finally granted you a moment's respite. Pulling back as he watched you splutter, chest heaving as you inhaled large gulps of breath.

    “C’mere.” Kirishima cooed, helping you to your feet as your legs wobbled beneath you, your knees aching from being pressed against the hard tile as you tried to keep your footing. The redhead lifting you as though you weighed nothing to lay you back on one of the long, wooden benches in the room. The bright fluorescent lights above your head left white spots in your vision as the sturdy hero tugged his pants off, letting them fall to the ground as he was left naked in front of you. Taking a seat at the base of the bench as he pushed your thighs up towards your chest, crimson eyes focused on the mess between your legs. Strings of your slick sticking to your outer labia and glistening against the apex of your thighs, his hands pushing your legs up further so you were almost bent in half as Bakugou stared over his best friend's shoulder at the sight.

    “Look at that messy fuckin’ angel cunt.” Kirishima grinned at the sight, seeing the way creamy globs of your slick dribbled from your tight entrance.

    “Real fuckin’ dirty for a sidekick.” Bakugou scoffed, he stopped halfway from before shrugging his vest off to slap the flat of his palm against your slit. The pain made you jolt in surprise as you let out a loud cry, Kirishima’s hands tight on your thighs to keep you from moving away as he arched his back, leaning forward to dive between your thighs. Letting out a low groan as his nose pushed against your slit, inhaling deeply.

    “Smells even better up close.” He smirked, “No wonder your panties smell so good.”

    “P-please don’t-” Embarrassment coursing through your body as the Pro shamelessly breathed in your scent.

    “You’re not really in a position to be makin’ demands, Sweetheart.” Bakugou husked as he took a seat on the other side of the bench, his heavy cock drooping down as it hung by your forehead. His eyes focused on where Kirishima was between your thighs.

    You gasped in surprise when you felt Kirishima lick a long stripe along your slit, the rough pad of his tongue catching your clit as you jolted. His fingers dipped into the fat of your thighs as he held you steady, lewd sounds leaving his lips as he slurped at your slick.

    “F-uck,” He groaned, spitting onto your messy folds before moving straight back down to lap it up again. His movements are feral and animalistic as he shamelessly slurped at your cunt. The tip of his tongue caught against your tight entrance as he felt your inner walls flutter around him, sliding lower as he licked the flat of his tongue against your asshole.

    “No, not there- please.” You felt your cheeks flush as he teased the tight rim, rolling the tip of his tongue around it as he pressed against the ring of muscle.

    “Don’t worry, baby. We’ll save that for next time, yeah?” Kirishima pulled back with a grin, your essence glistening against his chin as he moved back to your cunt. Lips circling your clit as he began to suck at it harshly, Bakugou leaning forward to grab hold of your thighs to keep you spread as Kirishima moved one of his hands between your legs. His thick index finger pushed against your entrance as you felt the tip slowly breach your walls. A gasp left your lips as he began to wiggle it gently, a muted “shit” leaving his lips.

    “She’s fucking tight, man. I dunno if I’m gonna fit-” Kirishima growled as he pushed his finger forward, sinking deeper inside your wet heat as he felt your body continue to constrict around him.

    “We’ll make it fit.” Bakugou snarled, the words sending jolts directly to your core.

    “Fuck, she just clenched-” Kirishima grinned, “You like the sound of that, huh?”

    You bit your bottom lip between your teeth as Kirishima began to sluggishly pump his finger in and out of your walls, curling his finger so it dragged against the spongy spot inside you each time. Feeling the built up pleasure inside you continued to grow as you began to roll your hips into his touch, trying to focus on the sensation of him pressing against the same spot each time. Kirishima took the opportunity to slip another thick finger inside your walls, grinning at the way your body eagerly took him in, slowly stretching you out in preparation for his cock. Two fingers now working your slit as his thumb began to press messy circles against your clit, the movement causing you to whimper in pleasure as Bakugou let one of your thighs fall, the plush of it landing over Kirishima’s muscular thigh as he leaned down to play with your tits. Gently rolling your pebbled nipples as he squeezed at the soft skin, pulling more pretty sounds from your lips.

    “I’m gonna cum.” You whined, the stimulation from Bakugou and Kirishima working you towards your release as you felt the familiar sensation brewing inside you. Your chest heaving as you tried to focus on the pleasure that was slowly taking over your rational thoughts, the coil inside you desperately close to breaking.

    “Yeah?” Kirishima cooed down at you, continuing his languid movements, “You gonna cum for us, pretty girl?”

    “Yeah,” You whined, your nose scrunching as you felt yourself on the cusp of your climax.

    “Go on, show us how pretty you look when you cum.” A loud cry left your lips as you began to buck your hips, Kirishima using his forearm to hold you down as he continued to pump his fingers into your sloppy pussy. Feeling your walls squeezing his digits as he worked you through your climax, pushing messy circles against your clit as you felt both men watching you intently, the pleasure clouding your mind.

    “Fuck, look at you. So fucking pretty-” Kirishima praised you as he pulled his fingers from your messy folds, bringing them up to his lips as he shamelessly lapped them clean. Readjusting himself as he lay both your thighs over his, the heavy weight of his cock now resting against your mound as you stared down at it. There was no way that would fit inside you-

    “I’m going first,” Bakugou sneered as he watched Kirishima line the leaking tip of his cock up with your messy pussy.

    “Come on, bro. You said if I stole the last pair I could go first-”

    “You’re gonna stretch her out with that fuckin’ thing-” Bakugou snarled, moving to get up and shove his friend out of the way but Kirishima shot him a cheeky grin.

    “Nah, trust me, man. She’s tight.” You whimpered as Kirishima bullied the fat head of his cock between your folds, coating it in your essence as he moved lower. Slowly beginning to sink his hips down as he breached your entrance, the stretch stealing the air from your lungs.

    “S’too much, I can’t.” You tried to ignore the intense ache between your thighs, your body stiffening from the burn that began to ebb through your veins.

    “Shh, baby. S’okay.” Kirishima cooed sympathetically, but didn’t once stop easing his hips forward, “You can take it.”

    “I can’t-” You choked back a sob, “It hurts.” You felt tears begin to prick your eyes as they streamed down your temples.

    “That’s not fair though, is it Sweetheart?” Bakugou’s vermilion eyes gazed down at you as he pushed some of the hair away from your forehead, “You got to cum, we didn’t.”

    Your bottom lip trembled as you tried to blink back tears, sniffling as you felt Kirishima pause his movements, his thumb rubbing sloppy figure of eights against your clit as he stayed half-buried inside your tightness.

    “You don’t want us to let the rest of the agency know how selfish you are, do you?” Kirishima pressed, rocking his hips slightly to try and gauge the resistance.

    “N-no,” You shook your head slightly, trying to ignore the searing pain through your lower half as you felt Kirishima begin to press his hips forward once more.

    “That’sa good girl,” Kirishima hissed as he watched more of his cock disappear inside you, watching the way your walls seemed to suck him in the deeper he got, “See, you can do it.”

    As if to try and distract you from the pain Bakugou moved to hover above you, stroking the meat of his cock as he pressed the head against your parted lips. Smearing his glistening pre against the surface as you slowly took him inside your mouth. Muffling your whimpers as he slowly began to rut his hips against you.

    “Yes,” Kirishima hissed as he finally bottomed out inside you, his balls pressed snug against your ass as his black pubes tickled your clit, “Look at this man."

    Kirishima began to languidly pull his hips back, watching his cock slowly slip from your folds before canting forward again, pushing your body up the bench as he set a slow pace. Bakugou’s palms cupped your face gently as you focused on sucking his cock, your tongue swirling around the bulging tip as his smell invaded your senses. His lips parted in a silent moan as he cherished the sensation of your lips wrapped around him.

    “Hear that?” Kirishima grunted as he set a steady pace, the lewd sound of your juices filling the locker room as he fucked into your body, “At least your pussy’s fucking honest. You love this, don’t you?”

    “Shit—” Bakugou grunted, resting one of his knees against the bench as he moved both his hands to wrap around your neck. Feeling his cock all the way to the back of your throat, expanding your windpipe as he slowly clenched and unclenched his palms. Tightening the sensation as you tried to remember to breathe through your nose, his heavy balls knocking against you with each forward rut of his hips, “You have no idea how fuckin’ long I’ve been thinking about this.”

    You couldn’t describe exactly how you felt at this moment except inexplicably full. Both men buried deep inside your body as they worked in tandem, rolling their hips against you as they worked themselves towards their release. Both men towered over you as they used you for their own pleasure, the firm mass of muscle digging into your skin bruisingly as they stretched you out completely. A sensation unlike anything you’d ever experienced before. You’d be lying if you’d said you’d never thought about this before, of course you knew that both men were attractive, you’d be a complete fool to think otherwise. But to think that both men would ever want you? It had your cunt fluttering around Kirishima as your moans vibrated around Bakugou’s cock.

    “I think I’m gonna cum, Kats.” Kirishima groaned, throwing his head back towards the ceiling as he tried to hold back his impending climax, his thrusts becoming sloppier as your walls continued to squeeze him.

    “Don’t fuckin’ cum inside her, I want a turn.” Bakugou snarled, flexing his fingers around your throat as you let out a muffled whine.

    “Shit,” Kirishima groaned, leaving you feeling empty as he pulled out of your messy cunt, fisting his cock furiously as he came undone, spilling hot globs of his cum along your slit as he called out your name. His chest panting as his body continues to twitch from his release, the final drops of cum dripping onto your messy pussy.

    You gasped in surprise as Bakugou pulled his cock back from your mouth with a groan, taking a deep breath as oxygen began to fill your lungs again as he roughly spun you around on the bench. Your head rested on one of Kirishima’s thick thighs as Bakugou bullied the fat head of his cock between your folds, coating himself in a mixture of your essence and Kirishima’s cum as he ground against you.

    “Please—“ you mumbled, glassy eyes staring up at him as you rolled your hips in a feeble attempt to get him to breach your entrance.

    “Aww, please?” Bakugou mocked the desperate tone of your voice as he gave you a sarcastic pout before his lips curled into a smirk, watching as you tried in vain to get him to push his cock inside you.

    “You like being full, don’t you?” He wrapped a palm around his length as he grazed the tip of his cockhead against your tight entrance, feeling your walls trying to drag him back in, “Want me to stuff this pretty cunt?”

    You mewled in response as you felt him begin to cant his hips forward, siding more of his cock inside your wetness. Your prepped body provided minimal resistance as he slipped inside you to the hilt, starting a selfishly rough pace as he fucked some of Kirishima’s cum back inside your pussy.  

    “Fuck, she’s tight.” Bakugou rasped, his fingertips digging into your hips as he held you steady. His brows furrowed in focus as you felt him even deeper inside you than Kirishima was. His cock longer, with a slight curve to it in order to hit the same spot inside you over and over. Desperate whimpers left your lips as you willed him to help you over the edge of your bliss.

    “I fucking told you, bro.” Kirishima grinned, his hands reaching down to massage your soft breasts, his thumbs circling your darkened areolas as he watched his best friend fuck you hard and fast, “Even better than we thought.”

    “‘m gonna cum,” You choked out through a high-pitched squeal, your cunt clenching around Bakugou’s cock as you felt the impending signs of your climax.

    Your toes curled as Bakugou weaved his hands under the backs of your knees, folding your body in half as he stood on the hard tile, feet on either side of the bench. Pistoning his cock in and out of your sloppy heat, searching for that spot inside you that he knew would have you coming undone for him. A smirk graced his features when he finally found it, the desperate cry that left your lips a sign of it as he angled his body to hit it with every cant of his hips. His sharp hip bones left bruises on the backs of your thighs as he focused his thrusts, eager to have you crying out for him. To hear his name on the tip of your tongue as he made you drunk off his cock.

    “Walking ‘round the agency actin’ like a fuckin’ tease-” Bakugou’s voice sent shockwaves directly to your clit, his rough tone causing your body to throb, “You were just beggin’ to be fucked.”

    “Fuck,” You gasped, your hands reaching behind you to hold onto Kirishima’s thighs, nails leaving red lines in their wake as you felt yourself teetering on the edge of your bliss.

    “Come on, slutty girl.” Bakugou snarled, “Wanna feel what your angel cunt feels like when it’s cumming all over my cock.”

    A loud cry ripped from your lungs as you felt your climax surge through you, your body trembling as Bakugou continued his harsh pace. The white lights above blinded your vision as your cunt throbbed around Bakugou’s cock, trying to milk him of his release as pleasure took over.

    “Jesus christ,” Bakguou grunted, feeling the way your walls spasmed around his cock as the tremours of your release rolled through you in waves, throwing his head back in pleasure as he felt himself succumb to his bliss. His heavy balls tightened as thick, hot ropes of cum began to spurt from his cock. His hips stuttered as he emptied himself inside you, gently rolling his hips as he continued to languidly fuck into your tired body.

    Groaning from the back of his throat as he slowly pulled out of your velvety walls to see his cock still dribbling with oozes of cum. The rest trickled onto your clit as it left messy lines along your slit, Bakugou’s vermilion eyes watching the mixture slip towards your asshole before he used the tip of his cock to smear it into your stretched hole.

    “Why did you get to cum inside her,” Kirishima whined, a pout on his lips as he watched his best friend's cum slowly start to spill out of your convulsing walls.

    “Cause you got to go first, asshole,” Bakugou muttered, wiping the sweat off his brow with the back of his hand as his messy blond hair stuck to his temples.

    “You’re not gonna tell anyone about this, huh baby?” Kirishima cooed, pressing a soft kiss to your cheek as Bakugou reached down to grab his pants off the floor. Pulling out his cell phone as he pointed the camera towards your abused cunt, smirking at the screen as he took some photographs of you. Deliberately leaning forward to get the sheen of his cum glistening in the fluorescent lights of the locker room, “Look at the camera, Sweetheart.”

    All of your energy expelled, your tired body lax against the bench as you glanced at the camera through half-lidded eyes, seeing Bakugou take a final picture of all of you. Including your face.

    “Please don’t show that to anyone.” You mumbled pathetically,

    “A little insurance policy.” Kirishima smiled, “You keep our secret, and we keep yours-”

    The Sturdy hero moved to scoop you into his arms, intent on bringing you towards the shower stalls, “But I’m sure you’d wanna do this again, right pretty girl?”

    You couldn’t deny how good they’d made you feel, the thought of doing it again with both Pro-Heroes already had your overstimulated clit throbbing between your thighs. But the thought alone of them showing those pictures to anyone had a fear pooling in the pit of your stomach.

    “No one would fuckin’ believe her anyway,” Bakugou smirked, reaching out to cup your cheek as he stared at you through those intense vermilion orbs, “It’s our little secret, right?”

    #tw:dubcon#trigger:dubcon #bakugou x reader #kirishima x reader #bakugou smut#kirishima smut #Bnha x reader #Bnha smut #mha x reader #mha smut#kinktober#kinktober 2021
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  • the-mlm-hottub
    02.12.2021 - 6 days ago

    Kinktober Day 12: Hair Pulling

    Requested by: @spencersprettyboy



    Steve Rogers was a busy man.

    That shouldn't be surprising news, he is Captain America, after all.

    So, when he wasn't on missions, he wanted to be as close to you as possible.

    It was a quiet night. The only sounds that could be heard in the apartment were the TV and the soft breathing from the both of you.

    Your head lay on his chest, sleepy and sweet. His fingers ran through your hair, relaxing you even further. You subconscious kissed his shoulder and blinked slowly, struggling to stay awake.

    Oh, and one other thing- He was inside you. Your legs wrapped around his middle as you cockwarmed him.

    He bucked his hips up once, gently, to wake you up a bit.

    'Come on, doll, don't fall asleep on me yet... I just got home. I missed youuu..." He said softly, giving you his best puppy eyes.

    "Mhmm," You whimpered, shivering from the movement. You hid your face, barely awake, just agreeing because you were too sleepy to do anything else.

    "Oh, darling," He kissed the side of your head. "I think I'll have to do a bit more to keep you awake."

    "Oh, fuck..." You whimpered. Steve thrusted up into you, lifting you a bit at your hips. "Steve!"

    "Such a good boy for me, doll..." He said, kissing the top of your head. "Let me see that pretty face?"

    Your face was still hidden and pressed against his chest. You shook your head, your moans muffled against his hot skin.

    A sharp tug pulled you from that comfort, leaving you looking the love of your life right in the eyes.

    "Mmm, Stevie..." You whined. Your eyes were watery and drool threatened to slide down your chin.

    He has a shit-eating grin on his face.

    "Did you like that? Me pulling your hair?" You nodded and bit your lip, a sweet sound escaping your throat.

    "That's my boy." He grinned. Steve gently wrapped his arms around you and lay you on your back. He didn't pull out to do it, either, cheeky fuck.

    Slowly, he started fucking into the plush pillows under you. You turned your head, weakly trying to hide your flushed face, but Steve kept a firm grip on your hair and tugged your face towards his own.

    He kissed you softly, thrusts hitting deep inside you.

    "Fuck, Steve..!" You whined, your climax approaching.

    Steve felt you tighten around him.

    "You getting close, doll?" He said, smirking.

    "M-mmhmm! Fuck! Oh, fuck!" Your hips bucked up into him as you lost control. Your eyes blurred white hot pleasure spread through your veins.

    Steve followed close behind, cumming inside you.

    "Fuck, [Name]... I love you."

    #steve rogers x male reader #fanfiction #steve rogers smut #steve rogers x reader #steve rogers #steve rogers x reader smut #kinktober 2021
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    a/b/o kinktober 2021 – iii. claim fuck

    omega & bottom!Tony x alpha & top!Peter, intersex omega cw

    Tony has never really believed he'd actually find an alpha he'd want to mate, just alphas that could kind of satisfy him enough to keep him going without much more than the fuck. He's a proud omega slut, got his cunt – sometimes his ass – pounded by almost every single alpha he met. And he's really proud of this achievement, thank you very much.

    His life completely changed in the moment he saw Peter for the first time.

    The younger man doesn't look like an alpha at all, Tony thought he was a beta at first. Even an omega for a brief moment when Peter opened his mouth to say Mr. Stark. But he figured out Peter is an alpha real quick, just a hot making out session and his hands under the boys pants, he touched alphas enough to need barely a touch to recognize an alpha's cock.

    In the moment Peter's cock did as much as barely touch Tony's cunt, the older omega was fully sure that this was his alpha.

    However, they're not mated yet. And other alphas still flirt with Tony, try to court him because it's the 21st century and most alphas don't have a stupid ego so large that stop them from wanting to be with an omega that earns all the needed money. Tony shines like a beacon for those alphas. And, well, he's glad to know that Peter doesn't like it.

    The alpha doesn't say anything during the whole party, he's too polite and respectful, but Tony almost feels the jealousy coming from him in waves.

    And as soon as they're in the backseat, Peter is all over him. Kissing and sucking and biting, marking him and growling at how Tony smells of other alphas. Every disapproving grunt and mine growled makes Tony get wetter and wetter. Until he's soaking the boxers and his clit is fucking aching.

    Peter teases him all the way to their place.

    And when they step in, Peter pushes him against the door, a hand on the back of his neck, pressing his face against the wood. Tony just sighs, he knows that one word and Peter will stop. He doesn't want the alpha to stop.

    Peter pulls his pants and boxers down, halfway to his thighs. Pulls him back and a minute later, he's pushing his cock into the omega's dripping pussy. It always fits so well, like Tony was made for this. Like Peter was made for this.

    It feels right.

    Peter fucking him hard and fast against the door. Fucks with a jealousy and possessiveness that makes Tony feel so wanted, needed, and loved. Feel something he never thought an alpha could make him feel.

    It's like he belongs.

    "My omega?" Peter asks. Tony knows he's asking for permission to claim him.

    "Yes. Your omega."

    Peter sighs and a second layer, his teeth sink into Tony's shoulder. And the action pulls both over the edge, making them cum at the same time and same intensity.

    Your omega.

    #a/b/o kinktober 2021 #starker fic#starker smut#a/b/o smut #alpha peter parker #omega tony starker #bottom tony stark is supreme in this household
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    Kinktober 2021 | Day 27 | Jealousy MINORS DO NOT INTERACT

    (belated kinktober prompts, posting the ones I didn’t now.)

    Buggy The Clown x F!Reader (afab, wearing a skirt and panties, mention of afab genitals) WC | 1501 CW | Jealousy, misuse of devil fruit abilities, detached limbs, punishment (cockwarming), exhibitionism, teasing, fingering, oral (reader receiving), oral during penetration, creampie, marking, hickies, overstimulation.

    Maybe you had pushed a button, but you weren't the one flirting with him, quite the opposite, the red haired yonko leaning over you pinning you against the wall, his cute teasing words making you flush. He didn't know your Captain was also your boyfriend, surely. Not the way he was looking at you with half lidded eyes, wagging eyebrows suggestively at you.

    “You'll make Captain Buggy jealous if you keep this up, Shanks,” you said, with a giggle, leaning your head up to look at the pirate.

    Unfortunately, the only part of the conversation that Buggy caught as he rounded the corner was Shanks with his arm above you, and your sweet laugh.

    “What the fuck is going on here?” Buggy shouted, rage evident in his high pitched shriek, “I leave for two seconds and you're off with this prick?”

    “Buggy, nothings happening between us,” you started, pushing Shanks away, hand on his exposed chest. “He’s just a handsome flirt!”

    Shanks Perked up, “You think I’m handsome?” You turned from Buggy, shooting him a warning glance, before looking back at your boyfriend.

    “Buggy it didn't mean anything,” before you were even finished he had grabbed you, throwing you over his shoulder and carrying you around, trapping you in the stairwell that led below deck.

    “Bugs, it wasn't anything, I promise,” You said again as he advanced towards you in the dark of the stairwell, his height towering over you, hands fumbling with the zip of his pants, “I just said he was handsome—” you whined, knowing exactly what your punishment was going to be for making your Captain jealous. He lifted you skirt, moving your underwear to the side, detaching his cock and sliding it inside you.

    “I don't care if he's handsome,” the clown spat, voice tinged with his possessive anger, “you belong to me and me alone,” he seethed.”Let's see how you like talking to him with my cock inside you.” He pulled your panties back into position, zipping his own trousers up and patting your ass to shoo you out of the corridor.

    Blush across your face, you sat down at the table that Shanks had joined when Buggy carried you away.

    “Oh,” Shanks said with a charming smile, “I didn't expect you back so soon,” He looked at your neck, expecting it to be at least marked, “How’d you get away from your captor,” he laughed.

    Buggy sat next to him on the other side, fire in his eyes, “I wouldn't take to be so possessive if you didn't always take my things,” He seethed, cracking his knuckles as he leaned back in his chair. You could feel him controlling his cock inside you, and you bit your lip, trying not to moan, picking up a tankard of ale to hide your face as the blush deepened at the feeling of him inside you, the stretch of your panties as he pulled out and fucked you while you sat at the table surrounded by the pirates you called your crewmates, and of course, the person who got you into this, Shanks.

    You hid your face behind the tankard as you gasped silently, he smirked, watching your face behind your drink, pressing firmly inside you before stopping his motions, leaving you wanting more, but forced just to cockwarm him. You almost whined from the sudden stop of friction, biting your lip to stop yourself, forced to join back into the conversation as Shanks asked you a question that snapped you back into the real world.

    The party went late into the night, but despite your sleepy eyes and drowsy head, you knew you weren’t going to be able to rest yet. Throughout the whole night, everytime he got jealous of the attention you gave to Shanks, or vice versa, he would torture you with slow languid strokes from inside, your were constantly pressing your thighs together, trying to keep the slick dripping down your thighs contained, your panties long taken by the Captain to toy with in his pocket.

    It wasn't until Cabaji helped you up when your knees buckled and caused you to fall; you hadn’t noticed Buggy’s finger independently maneuvering between your legs until it pressed against your clit, sending a new shock wave through your body, that the crew sent you off to your room, assuming that you had had too much to drink. Too much to drink would be preferable to deal with rather than the tauntingly slow circles your Captain was rolling on your clit as you tried to say goodnight to your crewmates.

    Buggy must have excused himself after you, or maybe just snuck away from the drunken crew, but he grabbed your hips from behind.

    His face visible in your peripherals as his voice spoke, deep and sultry in your ear, “Did you like that, baby?” You felt the butterflies in your stomach as the digit in your panties teased you, his voice doing more for you than he would know.

    “Buggyyy,” you whined, leaning against his chest, “You tease too much, please, I wasn't even flirting.” You caught his scarf as you turned to face him, pulling him to your face and kissing him, full of your lust for him, the passion behind the hours of cock warming and edging on the tip of your tongue. “You know I only have eyes for you, you big, jealous, clown,” you spoke against his lips, your nose nuzzling against his.

    He lifted you up into the kiss, wrapping your legs around his waist and walking blindly to your bedroom, where he kicked the door open, pushing you against the wall. He pulled his gloves off between your bodies, looking away from the kiss only to see what he was doing. His finger, slick with your juices, returning to his hand. He sucked his finger clean, sliding his now bare hands under your top, pushing your bra up to cup your breasts and tweak your nipples.

    He was obsessed with your tits, hands on them every second he got the chance. This was no exception, he was teasing you relentlessly, pulling at your stiff buds and twisting them between his fingers, kneading your soft globes between his hands. You pulled your shirt off of your head, hands behind you unclasping the bra he had pushed out of the way and throwing both garments to the floor. You tossed his hat off of his head and to the pile on the ground, pulling his scarf from around his neck and tossing it to join the rest, before pulling his shirt over his head, him not missing a beat and detaching his wrists so he didn’t have to stop fondling you.

    Your skirt pushed up to your waist, you felt him lifting you with his forearms on your hips, setting your thighs on his shoulders. Your back against the cold wall you arched your body as his kiss met your slick cunt, his skilled tongue lapping at your already overstimulated clit. He continued to fuck you with his disconnected cock, moaning into your clit, and eagerly pulling at your sore nipples to send you over the edge into your first orgasm after hours of being edged.

    Barely stopping for a moment after you came, he tossed you to the bed, hips sliding with ease between your legs to meet his groin to his cock again, Able to put more force and pressure into fucking you now that he was joined again. He gripped your thighs, using them as leverage to pull you into him as fast as he could, jack hammering into you and leaving your cunt aching, your breath coming out in shaking moans.

    He leaned forward, hands still on your breasts, your nipples past the point of sore, the aching pressure he was putting on them making you writhe beneath him. His mouth found your neck as he leaned into you, voice a low whisper as he panted against your neck.

    “Let’s show everyone who you belong to,” and with that, his lips clamped down on your neck, sucking on the soft vulnerable parts of your neck, breaking blood vessels and leaving hickey after hickey in his wake.

    He moaned into the sore skin of your neck, his thrusts becoming more shallow as he pumped into you, getting close to his orgasm, biting down hard on your soft skin, rolling his hips up into yours, thrusting deep, his thumb circling your clit to urge you to another orgasm as he started shooting red hot ropes of cum inside you, filling your aching core. You came soon after, toes curling and hands gripping with nails into his back, pulling him close to you as he tortured your clit past your orgasm until you were begging him to stop.

    “So,” He said, panting as he lay down on the bed next to you, “Did you learn your lesson about flirting?”

    “I wasn’t even flirting!” You pouted, laying your head on his bare chest.

    #kinktober 2021 #buggy the clown #one piece#buggy #buggy x reader #buggy the clown x reader #one piece x reader #n/sfw text#n/sfw #one piece smut
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    Day xxix: Aftercare

    Summary: Aftercare with Stephen was essential post love making, you simply made it more special for him this time around. Words: 564 Warning: Mention of Sex; More fluff and talks about aftercare in general. Characters: Stephen Strange x Reader

    Kinktober Masterlist || MASTERLIST || Taglist || Requests Are Open

    Aftercare with Stephen was always important above everything else in your relationship.

    As much as you had liked to challenge him in every aspect of your sex life, aftercare was always non-negotiable when it comes to him. From warm baths to a simple wipe down with a wash cloth, Stephen will not sleep or even leave your shared room without making sure your needs post-fuck session--as you would playfully call it, was met.

    "Something's different with you." Stephen had wondered, pulling you against his naked chest.

    Both of you enjoying a quiet soak in the bathtub.

    You didn't respond to his inquires instead you found yourself lingering in the silence. Hands playing against the lukewarm water, the scent of jasmine and mint wafted the air and brought you into a moment of peace. A bliss only your husband could ever give you post-sex. The thought of the daily grind that came with being an Avenger and the never ending paperwork that came with the job. Moments where neither of them had to worry about it and be in this little bubble for themselves meant to so much to you than you were willing to admit.


    Finally craning your head to look at Stephen, the hazy look was also on his features. Only now realizing his hands resting on your stomach. A gentle tap of his fingers against your slightly protruded belly button. A smile playing on both of your face because of what was behind it--for a former doctor, Stephen, in all his clinical ministration of your sex life, was barely aware of the difference between a bloating stomach and the small little fact that you were pregnant with your first child together.

    "What?" You finally asked, loving the look of confusion in his face.

    "Nothing." He sighed, cupping water on his hands and pouring it onto your stomach.

    "Ever thought about kids one day, Ste?" You inquired out of the blue, hands now holding onto his own. Both resting against the bump on your stomach.

    "All the time." He confirmed letting go of your hands end placing them right on top of your stomach. "Just waiting for the right time and when you're ready." He spoke honestly, hands rubbing onto your stomach and breaking you into your own little smile. Leaning your head back against his chest, you waited for a moment before finally letting him know your little surprise.

    "Want to know a little secret, Ste?" You asked after a moment of silence from the two of you.

    "No, we're not fucking in the bathroom, you know what happened last time with Wong." He was quick to make the assumption breaking you into your own giggles because of it. But the memory of you two actually fucking and both hurting yourself was something neither of you wanted to experience again or have Wong deal with for the two of you. Poor man deserves a break more than anything because of both of your antics.

    "I don't think you'd even allow me anywhere near the bathtub anymore when I tell you." You teased turning your body until you were now face to face with him.

    Cupping his face with your hands, you leaned into him, kissing him quickly on the lips before you whispered the news that would changed both of your lives for the better.

    "You're gonna be a Daddy, Stephen."

    #stephen strange smut #stephen strange oneshot #stephen strange one shot #kinktober 2021 #stephen strange imagine #stephen strange imagines #stephen strange oneshots
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    Kinktober 2021 | Day 18 | Squirting MINORS DO NOT INTERACT

    (belated kinktober prompts, posting the ones I didn’t now.)

    Eustass Kid x Reader (afab, mention of bra & afab body parts, no pronouns) WC | 1415 CW | “enemies” to lovers (but they're crewmates), arguing, choking (in and not in context of sex), kitchen sex, rough sex, size kink, squirting, cumming on reader.

    “If you weren’t such a damn good shipwright, I would have thrown you off the side of this ship,” Kid growled, hand around your neck, you had apparently mouthed off to him when he was in the wrong mood. But you couldn’t help it, he was such a fucking dick sometimes.

    You spat in his face, “Fuck off, Captain,” You seethed through choked breath, feeling his fingers tighten around your throat.

    “Was that not enough of a threat? I can get another fucking shipwright.” He wiped the spit from his face with his other hand, he threw you roughly to the deck of the ship, and you stared daggers at him through the hair that covered your face from the motion of rough action.

    Things between you and the Captain had always been pretty on edge. You were part of his crew and you were sure that it was the only reason you hadn’t been killed by him yet. Well that, and you had overheard Killer talking him out of throwing you over the bow of the ship more than once. Thank god for the First Mate, who was the mediator between all of your arguments, or most of them at least, and the only way you could get away with the behavior that no one else could.

    At the present moment, you were sitting at the wooden table in the galley, both of you staring daggers at each other, while Killer held you both firmly by the ears, pinching the sensitive cartilage between his strong fingers.

    “I’m tired of this.” Killer said, not leaving any question as to what ‘this’ was.

    Both of you opened your mouths to argue as soon as the room was quiet again, and the tall blond immediately yanked on the skin between his hands.

    “FUCK,” You both exclaimed, Kid leaning to the side to release the tension while you had to almost stand in your seat to get the same relief.

    “Maybe if you did we wouldn’t be in this situation,” Killer said, his impatience with this situation in his voice.

    “Excuse me?” You said, trying to angle your neck to look at the first mate. You had definitely never had thoughts about Kid like that. Especially not with his hands on your neck, bending you over this exact table. You subconsciously tightened the space between your thighs, closing the gap.

    “For once I agree,” Kid said, glaring at you still.

    “Excuse Me,” You seethed, your eyes now flashing to Kid, betraying your anger, “You fucking wish you could pull someone like me.”

    “Maybe Killer’s right,” He growled through gritted teeth, “I need to show you your place, below me.”

    Killer let you of your ears, the only announcement of him leaving the room before he exited the galley. Hopefully he warned the crew because in the next second, your lips were crashing together with Kid's. It was impossible to say who initiated the kiss, but the release of finally having your lips together was enough to drive you both into continuing it.

    “You’ll be screaming my name by the end of this,” Kid said into your mouth, his lipstick already smeared with your own.

    “You wish,” You seethed, though you were climbing on the table, limbs betraying you, your arms wrapping around his neck as you planted yourself on top of him, grinding down onto his lap as you perched your legs on either side of his thighs on the bench. “You’ll be wrapped around my finger by the time we finish.”

    His hips thrust up against your clothed sex, and you could feel his dick hardening between your hot bodies. His hands roughly pushed up your shirt, ripping your bra down the middle to release your breasts from the support, making your tits sway from the force of the motion.

    His hands, calloused and as rough as any other part of him, found your nipples quickly, as his tough clashed against yours in your mouths. You moaned into the kiss as he pinched your nipples roughly between his strong fingers. You felt him smirk at your noises, and spitefully rolled your hips against his hard cock under you, making him moan in return, to which you smirked as well.

    He broke the kiss, standing up and dropping you to the table, his hands moving from your breasts making you realize how cold the air in the kitchen was against your exposed flesh. He made quick work of throwing his clothes to the ground, before lifting you roughly by the hips and flipping you over on the table, your exposed nipples rubbing roughly against the wood of the table, knees spread on the bench below. He ripped through the material of your trousers, splitting them down the seam, holding one hand at the small of your back.

    “Hey, are you going to fuck me, or just ruin all of my clothes?” you said, turning your head to look at him, raising an eyebrow with all the sass you had left in you.

    “Shut up.” He said, his hand wrapping around your neck and pinning you to the table, your cheek flush with the hardwood, his thumb over your carotid, restricting your breath under him, loosely now but you knew how hard he could hold your neck from experience. His rough treatment, on top of your kiss had you dripping, your cunt now exposed to him, you felt his cock against your entrance, leaving you no time for foreplay before the entire massive length was stuffed inside your tight hole.

    You gasped out a sharp, loud moan into the air, your walls clamping down tight on his girth, “Fuck,” you moaned through gritted teeth, “how Goddamn big is that monster?”

    “Big enough,” He smirked, pulling his hips away, leaving you feeling stretched and empty for only a moment before he snapped his hips back into you, making you yelp again for him.

    His hand steading himself on your hip as he pistoned into you, the hand on your neck tightening its grip, restricting your breathing further. You gasped for air in between your moans as he thrust into you deep, his cock pressing against your g spot, your clit rubbing against the fabric between your thighs from the pressure of his body and the rocking of his hips.

    As much as you hated to admit it, your angry, stupid, insufferable, fucking hot Captain was going to make you cum. You were unravelling under his hands, his cock pressing you ever closer to a dangerously explosive orgasm.

    He pulled out of you, his cock twitching from the momentum itself, he gripped it in his hand, stroking himself roughly and positioning himself to come across your face. His orgasm hitting him, splattering you with his cum across your cheeks, splashing on your thick lashes and in your hair, much to your annoyance. But you couldn't care where he came because a moment later, his thick fingers replaced his cock, and you were lifting your ass in the air for him to reach that sweet spot, his fingers curling to put pressure on it, his thumb rolling across your clit until your legs were shaking, threatening to collapse under you as your orgasm hit you, the spray of your slick as you came squirting across his arm and soaking the floor.

    “That's it,” he growled, tightening his hand once again, your head swimming from the pleasure and lack of air burning your lungs, a fucked out expression across your pretty face for him. “You act like such a big dog, but you're really just my little bitch.” His words making you spasm as your orgasm finished, a pool of your cum on the bench, dropping down to the puddle beneath you on the ground. He pulled his fingers from you, letting go of your neck and letting you flop weakly against the table.

    He slapped your ass, making you cry out one last time, “Clean this up when you're done. And remember this next time you want to talk out of place.”

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  • missallsundaes
    01.12.2021 - 1 week ago

    Kinktober 2021 | Day 10 | Shibari MINORS DO NOT INTERACT

    (belated kinktober prompts, posting the ones I didn't now.)

    Ace x GN Reader (Reader is afab but no pronouns or gendered language is used. Only mention of “inside you” and “your juices” but nothing else.) WC | 1415 CW | Teasing, Cockwarming, Shibari, submissive!Ace, humiliation, oral (m!recieving), overstimulation

    The plush velvet of the chair’s arm dented as you ran your fingers in circles absentmindedly, lifting the hand to turn the page of the book you were reading. You adjusted your back, shifting your weight, only to let a moan out from Ace behind you.

    “Oh,” You spoke softly, “Was that a little too much stimulation, Ace?”

    His cock was deep inside you, where it had been for at least the better part of an hour while you sat on his lap reading, keeping him firmly still underneath you. Lifting the silk ribbon from behind the book and placing it between the pages. He shifted his weight, trying to get his dick deeper inside of you, or some kind of friction against his aching member.

    “You’re so needy and I’m not even doing anything to you,” You teased, chuckling lightly, reaching your hands behind you to run your hands through his hair.

    “I swear when you let me go, I’m going to fuck you so hard you can’t stand,” He said, leaning his head down to your shoulder and catching your skin between his teeth. His hands were tied behind him, his naked chest laced and crossed with red silk ropes in intricate patterns across his bare body.

    “Ohhh, and here I was thinking you were a good boy,” You said, rolling your hips a bit, eliciting a groan from his lips. “I guess I'll just have to keep you tied up longer.”

    You lifted your hips from his body, ignoring the empty feeling inside you as you moved away from his body, making him whine, his dick twitching in the cool air of the ship's library, shining slick with your juices in the light. His eyes followed you as you walked over to the door, toying with the lock.

    “Maybe I should just leave you here?” You said, hand on the doorknob, “Leave our crewmates to find the needy little mess of a boy I've left behind.”

    “C’mon please, I’ll be good!” he said, his normally firm voice a whine with your teasing words, “Don't leave I don't want one of the guys to find me like this,” despite his words, precum was leaking from his cock, pooling at the tip and threatening to drop to the velvet chair.

    You crossed the room, swiping your finger across the droplet of precum and wiping it across your tongue as you walked to the bookcase, his dark eyes following you the whole way.

    “Maybe an exercise in discipline is in order,” you said, picking up a dusty book from the shelf, Maritime Knotwork, a book that hadn't been touched in years, based on the thick level of dust that had settled on the top of the pages. Moving a reading podium to the space in front of the chair, you opened the book to a random page, setting it down in front of the freckled, fiery boy, who was looking at you quizzically.

    “Read. Out loud, now, Ace.” You spoke, angling the podium so he could easily read the tome without needing to touch it.

    “Wha— why?” He said, looking at you as you sat next to him on the arm of the chair.

    “Don’t question me, I can still leave, you know.” You said, wagging a finger at him before tapping the open face of the book, the yellowed and stuffy pages of dense reading, clumped together in uninteresting paragraphs.

    He pouted at you with an impatient anger in his eyes, but he knew if he wanted any sense of release today he would have to obey you. He cleared his throat, eyes searching for the start of a sentence before starting to read aloud.

    “The rolling hitch was named by Dana, and the title is nowadays universally applied to the knot. But earlier authors—“ His voice wavered as your hand touched his taut abs, looking at you. You raised your eyebrows and he continued, “Earlier authors, Lever, Biddlecomb, and others called it the Magnus Hitch and sometimes Magner’s Hitch.”

    His eyes darted from the page down to your hand as it trailed down, fingertips reaching his hips, sliding over his skin, he held his body firm, trying not to show how desperate he was for your touch. His eyes darted back to the boring literature.

    “The feature of the present-day Rolling Hitch (formerly Magnus Hitch) is its non-liability to sLIP—“ His voice pitched when you ran a finger across the top of his cock, you lifted the finger when he stopped, and his eyebrows knit together in desperation, continuing, “Uh- it’s non-liability to slip under a lengthwiiise puuull,” he paused, your hand wrapping in a fist around his cock, trying desperately to finish the words and not moan obscenely just from a touch, “in the direction of the round turn.”

    “Keep going,” You purred, brushing a strand of hair behind his ear with your other hand as you began to stroke the commander.

    “To tie: first make a round turn to the right-“ You rotated your wrist to the right making him breath in sharply, “pass the end to the left-“ and another rotation of your wrist, a teasing stroke against his dick, “in front of the standing part and had a half hitch to the left.” You began to stroke his cock up and down, moving your free hand from his face to cup his testes in the soft flesh of your palm, rolling them, feeling the skin of his sack tighten with anticipation. His face was flushed, the freckles tinged with the rose of his cheeks, mouth open in panting breaths.

    “Don’t stop, you’re doing so well,” You said, kissing his earlobe, your voice hot on his ear.

    “Sometimes an additional half hitch is added to the neck of this knoott,” you rolled your palm over the head of his cock, the swollen gland weeping precum at your touch. “Please, (y/n)” He mumbled, rolling his head back, “Please I need more.”

    “Greedy, greedy,” You chastised him, letting go of his firm member, watching it twitch, needy for touch, “Keep reading.”

    He whined, lifting his head back to look at the book, “—With the idea that this checks the tendency to slip if the pull is reversed.”

    You stepped off the arm of the chair, kneeling on the floor between Ace’s legs, which were tied firmly to the feet of the chair by his ankles, gripping his thighs with your hand, lowering your mouth to his cock head and flicking your tongue across it as he began to read again.

    “A buoy rope hitch,” He moaned, his words becoming more slurred with moans as you took him further into your mouth, “the head rope of a seine is general double,” he let out a low groan as you flattened your tongue on the underside of his cock, sucking him deeply into your mouth as your lips reached the base, his voice was shaken and unsteady when he began to speak again, “W-with two rooopes,” your hands found his balls again, stroking them between your finger and palm and massaging him in time to your head bobbing on his cock.

    “With— two- ropes—” He was struggling now, his cock twitching in your mouth, his eyes squeezed shut trying not to let himself cum in your mouth without permission, “Please, I’m sorry, please let me cum, I need it.”

    To answer you moaned on his cock, quickening your pace and giving him a reassuring palming to his testes. He moaned, his hips bucking up into your mouth, letting loose his cum inside your mouth, you pulled away, letting the secondary ropes of cum hit you across your face as your hand moved to stroke his cock through his orgasm, your mouth open to catch as much of his thick cum as you could.

    As he finished, his breath was labored, panting, “Thank you, wow.”

    “Don’t thank me yet, I think you have plenty of the book left to read, you said, climbing into his lap, stroking his overly sensitive cock between your legs until he was mewling, his head rolled back to the plush cradle of the chair, “Come on, don’t you want to get hard for me again, don’t you want to feel your cock inside me?”

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  • missallsundaes
    01.12.2021 - 1 week ago

    Kinktober 2021 | Day 9 | Shower Sex MINORS DO NOT INTERACT

    (belated kinktober prompts, posting the ones I didn't now.)

    Zoro x F!Reader (afab, mention of gendered locker rooms) WC | 1482 CW | Shower Sex, Public Sex, Exhibitionism, Degradation, Oral (M! Recieving), Fingering, marking, creampie

    “Doing good, [y/n],“ the green haired man encouraged, pushing you to the next set of weights on the leg press, standing to spot you, his chest glistening with sweat from his own work out. He watched your legs with hungry eyes, watching the stretching of your muscles as you pushed up on the resistance of the weights with your back against the machine.

    “Only ten more reps,” He said, his eyes not leaving your legs, obviously checking out the shapely limbs, which he was only helping you to define more and more each day, “C’mon, Nine, Eight,” He started counting down for you as you pushed on, exhausted, glistening with sweat, but happy with how proud of you he was. He wasn’t done pushing you for the day, your workouts together lasting the first couple hours of your day.

    By the end of it, you sat on a bench, taking a long swig from your water bottle, catching your breath, Zoro sat next to you, checking his phone and drinking his own water, sitting in a comfortable silence as you cooled down.

    “I should hit the showers,” You said, standing and doing post workout stretches before you walked to the women’s locker room.

    Zoro’s eyes followed your movements, the stretch of your biceps, getting stronger every day, The twist of the tight, dark skin of your stomach that showed under your crop top when you turned side to side. You bent over, stretching your legs and holding the front of your foot, your tight shorts pulling taut over the shape of your ass.

    You heard him growl softly from behind you before you registered that he was throwing you over his shoulder, hand firmly planted on your ass.

    “Oh, we’ll hit the showers, baby,” He said, walking definitely through the men’s locker room with you on his shoulder, only putting you down when he found an empty shower stall, pulling the cheap white shower curtain closed behind him. You weren’t on the ground for long before he had you lifted up, your clothed sex pressed against his growing erection as he lifted you, pressing you against the cold tile of the shower, rutting against you as he kissed you roughly, needier than he would ever say with words.

    “Z-zoro,” You said, when he broke the kiss, gasping for air, voice hushed in the men’s locker room, “What are you doing, I can’t be in here, This is the men’s room.”

    “I don’t care,” He said simply, thrusting his hips up against you, making you tighten your sore legs around his waist, the quickly moistening of your cunt obvious through your work out clothes. He let go of you, making you clutch him with your legs, pulling your crop top off your body and hands grabbing your breasts, his rough calloused fingers exploring your soft skin, still damp with your sweat, the rough pads of his thumbs brushing against your nipples.

    You moaned his name again as his mouth found purchase on your quickly stiffening nipples, sucking and biting at your flesh with a greed and possessiveness you didn’t think he was capable of. His free hand found your ass again, pulling you closer and squeezing you tightly. He spread his tongue flat against your skin, licking the sweat from your chest, from between your breasts.

    You pulled at his loose tank top, hands needing to be on his skin, he let you pull it over his head, tossing it to the ground. Your hands immediately explored the muscles of his shoulders, the firm hard toned strength that he held.

    He set you down with a grunt, kicking off his trainers and pulling off his socks, before pulling down the shorts he was training in, his hard cock free and springing out in the space between you. You licked your lips instinctually, kneeling down to take his cock between your plush lips, smelling the musk and sweat from his body as your lips neared the base, hands toying with his balls in your palms, knowing exactly what drove your boyfriend crazy. You felt his hips buck forward instinctually, his cock hitting the back of your throat and your nose buried the green hair that hid the very base of his cock.

    His hand found purchase in your hair, gripping your hair and using it to guide you up and down on his cock, grunting as you sucked dutifully, tongue pressed flat against the underside of his cock, the rough quick motions of his hand making drool drip from the corners of your mouth.

    “Fuck,” He groaned, pulling you away from his cock, your eyes transfixed on the twitching member in front of your face, licking your lips, wanting more.

    “I’ll cum if I don’t stop,” He said, eliciting a whine from your throat. He grinned down at you, “What? My dirty girl can’t get enough of my cock?” You nodded, looking up at him with your beautiful eyes, batting your eyelashes, “What happened to ‘we can’t, it’s the mens room’?” He leaned down, whispering coyly in your ear, “Are you just a little slut for my cock?”

    He lifted to your feet, leaning down and taking your shoes and socks off your feet, pulling down your tight shorts, turning you over, leaning you against the wall, his rough hand parting your legs, forcing the right leg up, his fingers trailing across your slit, wetting his fingers and massaging your clit, making you moan loudly.

    “What a slut,” He teased, biting the smooth skin over your hamstrings, “Do you want all the men to hear you moaning for me?” You moaned again, louder, as his fingers slipped inside your pussy, two at once, “I bet the men in the next stalls are beating off, thinking about this wet cunt.”

    His other arm snaked between your legs as well, finding your clit between the first two fingers of his left hand, stroking it back and forth at a tortuous pace. Your hands gripped the tiled walls, fingertips sliding down, not finding the stability you wanted as your sore legs shook from the pleasure his fingers were intent on giving you. His mouth marks hickies into the back of your legs, kissing and licking your skin as he trailed up to your bottom, biting down on the curve of your ass.

    “F-fuck me Zoro,” You moaned, rocking your hips against his fingers, wanting more, knowing that the only thing to satisfy you was his firm cock filling you up.

    He chuckled at your demand, pulling his hands away and standing behind you, bending you over as much as he could in the small space, appreciating the curves of your body, the ass he loved so much pressed against him. He teased his cock across your slit, rubbing his swollen glands against your clit over and over, making you whine.

    “Please--” You said, barely getting the word out before he slammed his entire length into your pussy, leaving your mouth hanging open in a depraved moan for him as your body tried to adjust for the huge member, your hips rolling backwards.

    “This what you want?” He said, grunting as he was pulling out and slamming back into you roughly, fucking you mercilessly, “You drive me fucking crazy, babe.”

    “Nn, Same,” You moaned, focusing on standing while he fucked you with the stamina of a god.

    He lifted your leg, hooking it on his elbow to hold you up, his new angle hitting you deeper, making your back arch, pressed up against his body now, his firm pecs and hard nipples pressing into your skin. His hand reached down, pressing fingers into your clit, giving you the stimulation you needed to push the pleasure in your body that much closer to your orgasm. His other hand held your neck in place, his mouth biting and sucking on the lobe of your ear while he fucked you senseless.

    The knot in your stomach was pulled tighter and tighter, his slick fingers against the sensitive bud between your lips, his cock hitting you just right. He put pressure on your neck, choking you just enough to make you finally come all over his cock, your whole body shaking as you screamed out, echoing in the tiled room.

    “Fuck, baby,” He moaned, biting down on your shoulder, your pussy squeezing him so tight that he didn’t make it much longer, pumping into you a final couple of times, letting your cunt milk his cock for everything it had, before pulling out of you with a crude squelching noise, cum dribbling out from between your lips, and trailing down your leg.

    Both of you caught your breath for a moment as he held you close in a hug, “So.. Shower?” He said with a chuckle.

    You laughed, “We should hurry, we’ll have to find a new gym after this.”

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  • stuckybarton
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    Day xxviii: Kissing

    Summary: A quickie with your husband before the meeting reveals so much to the team. Words: 1,417 Warning: Smut. Quickie. Handjob. Breath Play. Daddy Kink. Creampie. Public Sex (?). Characters: Stephen Strange x Reader

    Kinktober Masterlist || MASTERLIST || Taglist || Requests Are Open

    The thing about kissing Stephen was it was always magical--pun not intended. There was this magic spark every single time your lips would touch. The tickling of his beard against your lips, and the way he just held onto you each and every single time he kissed you. Nestled against his shaky hold, you felt the most protected.

    As much as Stephen loved kissing you any chance he got, it wasn't possible with your shared line of work. Him being the Sorcerer Supreme and you--well, you were still on probation as part of the Avengers, but you go on missions from time to time, but more often than not, your time was spent in front of the computer and letting the heroes do most of the dirty lifting.

    Because of your status with the team, both you and your husband had agreed to keep your relationship a secret from the team. You feared that they would think you were in your position because of your husband and Stephen just didn't want to deal with any of the teams insistent teasing because of your relationship. Wong was the only exception to this rule since you three live in the same roof in the Sanctum and the fact that he was the best man at your wedding.

    The little moments the two of you got away from everyone's eyes, he would devour you with his lips. Pulling you to the closest empty room he could find.

    It would start with the gentle touches of your lips, before his tongue would slip pass your lips and danced against you own. Being brave enough to know no one would be interrupting them would mean his hands would slip under the shirt you wore. Hands cupping against your bra covered breast.

    "If you really want to keep our relationship a secret, you really need to have your hands to yourself." You teased your own hands finding their way towards your husband's zippers. "You do know that FRIDAY has a 90% of watching what we're doing and that would in turn mean Stark will be notified about us possibly fucking in one of his sleek and expensive looking meeting room."

    "Where is the 10%?" Stephen smirked hands continued on with their ministration against your breasts, finger tweaking your hardening nipples against your lace bra.

    "The 10% is FRIDAY already has something in the system that would automatically disable the cameras at the sight of any kind of sexual activity in the entire compound." You answered as a matter of factly.

    "Do I even want to know why you know that?" He questioned and you could only shrug and smile finally pulling his erection free from the confinements of his slacks.

    "Spending nearly 24 hours in front of the system on a day to day basis during major missions and the fact that I've caught some of my team making out in the middle of mission, Tony is bound to make an override code to avoid accidentally watching shit like those." You point out pulling him closer to you with a sassy little glint in your eyes.

    "Just use an override code for this too." He smirked, pulling you right back onto the table. Moaning at the cool sensation of the glass table against the exposed parts of your thigh in the favorite dress you wore. "And I'll handle the rest." He teased, pulling you right back into the kiss. Your hands now continued on with their task of jerking him off. "Sure I'm the only one that doesn't want to keep our relationship and marriage a secret?" He groaned against your lips as your rubbed the spongy tip of his cock.

    "Where's the fun in that?" You teased lifting yourself slightly to bunch the skirt against your thighs, giving your husband much access to you as possible. "So fuck me before they get here, we only got a couple of minutes before they arrive." You urged him right away, hands still holding onto his weeping erection, precum profusely leaving against his tip.

    "On it," He smirked and with a gentle finger pushing your lace thong to the side, he had sheathed himself inside of you, sliding himself inside of you. "Aren't you a little to ready for me, Babe." he smirked.

    "Stephen Vincent Strange, I swear to God if you don't fuck me--" Your warning escaped your lips as he began fucking you.

    The moans and whimper that escaped your lips were quickly covered by your husband's lips against your own.

    Hips slammed forward and had it not been for your husband's hold on both your waist and shoulders, you would find yourself laying flat on your back on the table--a position your husband might enjoy but not with the time crunch you were both in.

    "Taking me so well, Babe." He whispered against your ears and your hands dug onto his shirted back, bracing yourself further into him as the coil was slowly tightening around your insides but there was just something missing, stopping you from fully diving into your own pleasure. "Be a good girl for Daddy." he urged digging himself further into you, the moan escaped your lips and as Stephen pulled you back into the kiss, you realized just what you needed.

    "Take my breath away, Daddy." You whispered allowing him to swallow your scream into his lips as his thrusts continued to grow sloppy and hands now rested on your shoulders for leverage as your own now continued to rub your neglected nub. Both of your chasing your release and Stephen consuming you in the only way he knew how.

    As your orgasm drew closer, the breath your lungs was craving was slowly deprived and Stephen refused to pull away from the kiss. Teeth gently biting against your tongue at any chance you would instinctually try pulling away. The burn was good and before you know it, as the sensation of Stephen filling you up, he pulled away and the surge of air returned to your lungs finally triggering your release and Stephen holding you up all throughout.

    Like taking your breath for the first time, it was painful, so deliciously painful after a mind-numbing orgasm from your husband and the fact that from the corner of your eyes, you would see not only one Tony Stark standing stock still, but the rest of the team that looked in a mix of disgust and surprise for catching something they shouldn't have.

    "You guys done watching?" You asked, voice hoarse from the action. You wrapped your legs around your husband's waist as he still refused to meet anyone's eyes. Both of you knew the teasing that would happen after because of this and you were not in the mood to allow have them witness you being filled up to the brim by your husband.

    "Since when--you know what, never mind." Tony sighed finally giving up in his sentence realizing the awkwardness of the whole situation. "Meeting is in the other room, you two clean whatever bodily fluids remain here." He muttered guiding everyone out of the room with Wong being the last to leave and being the most fed up by your antics with Stephen.

    "You two really need to get a room, preferably would own room for this." Wong pointed out before finally leaving you all on your own with your husband.

    "That actually went much better than I expected." You pointed out turning your attention back to your husband that surprisingly looked more please wit himself now.

    "Least we don't need to hide this from anyone anymore right?" he teased.

    "Oh, let's just wait when Tony's snapped out of it and thought of a horrible nickname for the two of us." You pointed out wincing as your husband finally pulled out and cum now leaking out of you.

    "Either we suck it up or we can reverse time?" He offered and you were quick to slap him on the chest for it. The last thing you would ever want to do is mess with time, God only knows how much that would create chaos on the world more than it already does.

    "I think we can just suck it up." You answered finally hopping down the table and quickly taking hold of your husband as your legs were still regaining their much needed blood flow.

    "Oh you're also good with that." He teased pulling you closer to him.

    "You're horrible."

    "And you love me for it."


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  • darkpoisonouslove
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    A Vision in the Palm of Your Hand

    Summary: Griffin's deep question is thrown off by Valtor's ego leaving them trying to gain the upper hand over the other and each prove their own points about the other's carnality. Part 14 of Sparks of Life. Part of Kinktober 2021.

    Kink - Hand jobs

    CW: Hand job, humping, power play, hair-pulling, some oral stimulation and mentions of other acts as well as a very brief fantasy that's a little bloody and violent.

    Didn't think I'd write this prompt but inspiration struck so here we are. Title was a bitch to come up with. I literally went through the entire English vocabulary until I settled on something decent.    

    Valtor's lips tickled her neck, his head nestled in the crook of it. Every now and then he'd blow out cool air over her flesh to feel her shiver against him from the temperature drop. His body was hot like the sun next to her to leave the sheets kicked at their feet despite the howling wind outside. Their naked bodies were the canvas for the moonlight that managed to squeeze through the gray clouds floating across the night sky.

    "What's your favorite thing to look at?" Griffin asked, absentmindedly trailing senseless patterns over his shoulder and arm with the ends of her hair that made his skin break out in goosebumps.

    The majestic view from the penthouse did more for her than it did for him. From their bed the moon and the stars–currently not visible–looked like the only things that could reach them in their inaccessible tower up in the heights. It was her dream privacy in the busy city curling her lips in a smile every time she looked out the window but that hadn't been the angle from which Valtor had bought the apartment. His gaze lay elsewhere – whenever he was able to tear it away from her curves, that was.

    "You going down on me," Valtor didn't miss a beat, hips pushing into her instinctively. So eager to lose himself into her again when the orgasms–both his and hers–prior in the evening had left him soft and sleepy in her hands. His voice was the only tool he had left readily at his disposal.

    Griffin chuckled, her open palm sliding down his arm and over his abs. "Oh, Valtor. You can't even keep your eyes open with my hands on you."

    His muscles were instantly straining into the contact of their skin, his cock reacting to the mere brush of her fingertips latching on to it. She couldn't help herself either and she didn't need to when he'd be hard again in seconds. He always had one more orgasm for her – either in his balls, or in his mouth.

    "Have you even seen me going down on you?" Griffin pulled herself from him to a silent protest that ebbed under the touch of her lips on his chest. She teased them over his skin making her way down to his erection. Another flick of her tongue and he'd be ready to sink inside her. "You've been so busy feeling every little lick and kiss."

    Valtor's hips jolted into the wetness she drew over his cock as if to thrust himself into it. The motion almost looked deliberate if not for the tremor in his thighs and the sheets rustling under his fists closing in them. Quite possibly an attempt to fish himself out of the sensations her mouth had imprinted on him over the years.

    "I'm not sure you can even visualize your own cock in my mouth. On the way down my throat."

    Griffin's eyes rolled in the back of her head at the twitch of his cock and the shared thought of her gagging on it. He did know the feeling her words were painting and he wasn't the only one craving it. It's be so easy to turn the tables on her if he could just remember how to tell up from down.

    "Would you even be able to draw that for me?"

    That would upstage the view from the windows. The only thing that'd be able to tear her gaze away from that masterpiece hanging on their bedroom wall would be him, bucking and writhing under her.

    "You'll have it tomorrow," one of Valtor's hands made it into her hair tangling there to urge her to take him in.

    Who knew it was that easy to be an artist's muse?

    "I'll take it in recompense for having to open your eyes to the truth," Griffin pressed her lips into his erection to let the curve of her smirk dig all the way into his mind. It was only fair when the pulse of his desire was palpable under her fingertips and rushed all the way through her body to her own clit.

    She left herself to the pull on her strands directing her to Valtor's mouth. Just like she'd lured him to do.

    "And how will you recompense me when-" his voice sank in the wetness of her pussy as she humped his cock. His grip on her hair loosened, just like that on his ego. A little more and she'd pry it out of his hands to leave him grasping at their love instead. "Did you lose faith in the magical touch of your hands?" Valtor managed his signature smugness through his half-lidded eyes, his hand clamping down on her hip only to further her point. Holding her to his wishes would take more than that but he wasn't thinking straight.

    "That shouldn't be a problem for your self-confidence." Sliding down and off his cock to settle on his thighs shut down the response from him. "Of course, that was just my setup."

    With her own slickness coating his cock she pumped it in her fist, the firm touch drawing an instant groan from him. Shifting his hips did nothing to throw off her deliberate teasing with her weight anchoring his legs. She'd have to hold down his hips once the pleasure threatened to spill but until then she had the perfect angle to work both his cock and balls and all the enthusiasm for it as she groped generously. She wouldn't be surprised if he couldn't see himself in her hands, as far gone as he was.

    She was the one yelping when Valtor rolled her onto her side next to him leaving her face to face with his sly grin. It was gone the next second, his mouth lowering to her breast to suck in her nipple.

    The low whine she gave was a mild echo of the shudder running through her at the wet warmth of his tongue enveloping her. The sound only egged him on, his teeth grazing her nipple back and forth to strip more of her clarity away until she dropped the ball. Bastard.

    "You're wasting your breath," Griffin panted, chest heaving more visibly than Valtor's. "Might as well enjoy your downfall." Her heavy breathing only pushed her breast further into his mouth.

    Valtor didn't bite the bait, lips still searing his heat into her tender, sensitive flesh. Her cracking grasp on her noises and his cock had his fingers tugging on her hair to make her lose herself in her own voice, in the way it spoke of the flutters in her pussy at the barest touch of his hands. Her whole body was on strings for him like a doll and he was taking full advantage instead of pulling her hands off his cock. That would be admitting defeat and he was far from it with his distraction getting the best of her.

    It was his second mistake. He was wreaking havoc on her focus with the magic he was working on her hair but it only brought her so close to the edge while he was still headed for it with his cock in her hands. The fall into his earlier orgasms was still fresh in his mind, the burning pleasure seared into his muscle memory and the map to it – into hers after years of exploring his body. If it came to it, she could even mirror his own ministrations curling her fingers around his erection through the fog in her mind.

    Twisting her hand around the head of his cock had him rocking into her touch. His mouth fell open around her nipple and his moans replaced hers with his fingers slacking in her hair. A fingertip rubbing at his taint and his balls were tensing, his own scheme a glorious study of a backfiring strategy. Her desperate cries of pleasure tingled him even more insistently than the pull on her hair did her. Her mouth, her noises had more power over him than her clenching pussy on his cock.

    Her thoughts had to have leaked out from her watering mouth as his fingertips crawled from her hair down between her legs to run through her folds. Brushing her clit sent her arching into him, nipples dragging over his chest, every point of contact between their bodies electric in her mind. She'd pushed him to the edge and he was pushing back. Her victory was slipping through her fingers with all that slickness, dripping out of her, coating his hands and the top of her inner thighs. His fingers pushing into her spilled more of it along with her moans.

    Griffin's hand on his cock stilled, throwing off the rhythm Valtor had woven around them. His hips jerked, pushing into her palm blindly. With all his efforts on her, he had none left to spare on his own pleasure. It left him bucking in vain when she drew her touch away, his own fingers slipping out of her pussy.

    An inhuman growl tore from his throat as if to fill the emptiness he'd left her clenching on. "Don't you fucking dare stop."

    Griffin smirked at the desperation with which he clutched her wrist to close it back into its previous rhythm around his cock. "Or what?"

    Valtor huffed out his frustration, head falling on the pillow at the fingertip Griffin rubbed under the head of his cock before trailing it down the underside. She didn't need more to render his whole body limp, his hand trying to mold her grasp on him to his liking dropping on the mattress in the tiny crack between their bodies. His unseeing eyes left him at her mercy and he surrendered to the touch he couldn't mimic or demand.

    "You'll pay for that," he rasped, lungs strained with the effort to hold back the jerking of his hips into the barest strokes of her fingers. As if he could hide the ripples running through the muscles in his thighs and abdomen.

    "I don't doubt that," Griffin kissed him, tongue teasing his with the reflection of her hand's motions making him harder against her – lips pressing into hers to leave the shape of his kiss on her and cock thrusting into her grip. "I know exactly what you're capable of. Unlike you."

    Valtor cupped her breast and her hip, holding on to her with his eyelids refusing to go back up after the kiss. His fingers closed in her flesh tighter with the rhythm of her strokes to his cock. He was squeezing her with the pleasure he surrendered to – maybe quite like her pussy did to him during an orgasm. The thought had it fluttering along with her clit.

    "What do you see now?" Griffin's lips curled into a smile when she had him back where she wanted him, rutting into her palm.

    "The devious glint in your eyes as you drag me towards the edge. The grin on your face just begging me to fuck your mouth," Valtor was working himself up, the air he sucked in whistling between his gritted teeth.

    She was tempted to push her fingers in his mouth–to keep him from cracking a tooth and give him a taste of his own fantasy turned on him–but she was quite fond of them. And having him bite one off would take them out of the moment despite the tiny part of her twisting itself inside out to the image of letting him have a taste of her, of her flesh, of her blood.

    "That's what you're envisioning," Griffin jerked her wrist to make him grunt, cock throbbing between her fingers. "What do you see?"

    "Nothing," Valtor almost choked on his tongue, his fingers digging into her ass. "It's all a blur."

    "You'll be seeing stars soon enough."

    Griffin pushed him on his back straddling his thighs once again. A few more pumps of her wrist and a squeeze to his balls and Valtor's cock was twitching. His cum spurted out all over her hand and both of them through his thrashing.

    He was tugging at her wrists again, this time to pry them off his oversensitivity when her touch turned into torture. His hips bucked a few more times, right into the wetness of her folds as she sat down on his cock again before he settled.

    Griffin waited for him to open his eyes. Trying not to twitch at every swipe of his fingertips over her hips was a challenge when she needed his strokes on her clit.

    "You win," Valtor had the decency to concede to her once his keen eyes had locked on her own quivering.

    "I want my answer then. What's your favorite thing to look at?" Griffin slowly licked her hand clean of his cum under the intense burn of his eyes. Making his throat tighten with the same vehemence her pussy was throbbing with only made the heat wrapping her thicker. Pleasure did love company twice as much as misery did.

    Valtor's tongue ran over his lips. "As much as I love the rare occasions when I get to see you still sleeping in the morning, my favorite thing is waking up to you already up but still next to me in bed even though you have a million other things you could do. You're just enjoying the warmth with me under the covers." Valtor teased his fingers over her inner thighs, "What's your favorite thing to look at?"

    "Watching you undress," Griffin squirmed as he humped up into her clit, a smirk on his face. "Not necessarily in a sexual way, even though that is a sight of its own. When you come home to me, you strip all clothes and facades and I love seeing you so comfortable," Griffin laced their fingers together.

    Valtor's genuine smile soon turned devious. "We should make you comfortable as well," he reached for her clit but Griffin slid down his legs again.

    Valtor cupped her breast with her pussy out of reach but his grip slackened with Grffin dragging her tongue over his abs and chest to lick off the cum drops that had landed there. Watching him buck comfortably into her touch was definitely up there on the list of favorite views, too.

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