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  • Imagine: Akaashi

    It’s your b-day and it’s also yours and Akaashi 5 month anniversary. You wake up at 12:00 to see Akaashi in a suit you ask him what he’s all dressed up for and he shows you a dress and you get changed into it. He takes you out on a date and when you get back home he tells you to wait downstairs. When he calls You upstairs you notice the bed has petals on it and him shirtless just sitting there,he calls you over and whispers in your ear “Blossom remember our first date, yh it was over the phone” you start to get flashback to the date (Yagami Yato reference). He then pushes you onto the bed and licks your body. You go 3 rounds and afterwards you notice all the scratches you left on him, “Shhh, we’ll go get cleaned up” he says to you, you get cleaned up and go to see his friends. Not saying a word of what happened that night

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    Masturbating video: $6-$8

    Toy Play Video: $8

    Name Moaning: $2 🗣

    Blowjob Video: $8-$10

    Pussy Eating Video: $8-$10

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    Doggy Video: $15

    Anal Play: $15-$20

    FaceTime Calls: $30/10 minutes

    Any special requests will add $5-$10 to the price but we are more than willing to take it

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    We will be doing FaceTime calls for a good price! If you’re interested like or message!

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  • PSA

    cat boys in maid outfits are curing my depression. thats all thx.

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  • Darkling: I like you how I like my emotions.

    Alina: …Explain?

    Darkling: *comes closer to whisper in Alina’s ear*

    Darkling: Buried deep inside me.

    #kinkyshit #kinky aleks is what i live for #alina x darkling #alina starkov#Darklina#incorrect quotes#grishaverse
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  • Unlocked pt. 1

    Isaiah Jesus x reader

    prompts : “stay fucking quiet for me okay?” & “I’ve never seen you squirt before”

    Warnings : smut, nsfw , vaginal sex, thigh riding, spitting, blowjob, squirting, fingering, it gets straight to it

    Just a good old Isaiah Jesus smut


    Gif credit : Google


    I had usually told Isaiah everything I was doing, so I guess you could say he was surprised when I crawled through his window at two in the morning one night, desperate for him, for his cock.

    “ what are you doing y/n? It’s like two”- he rasped, but I cut him off with a needy whine “I need you, please” I begged and he broke out into a smile, which turned into a frown as he looked at his door, which had no lock on it, knowing his dad could walk in at any moment he sat up on the edge of his bed, and I sat in between his legs “ so desperate? Huh? Show me how desperate” he whispered as I shuffled down his white shorts, pulling out his cock.

    I let saliva drip from my mouth onto his my hand, pumping his length a few times, getting him hard. In which he responded with a light groan, trying to be as quiet as possible, but let out a throaty moan when I finally took him into my mouth, hearing a shout from another room in his house “you alright ‘siah?” his father. “ yeah dad I’m fine, just hit me foot on the end of me bed, I’ll be alright” he covered quickly and heard his father mutter a “okay night” before pushing my head down as far as I could take him and rolling his eyes back, he continued to guide my head up and down until I felt his legs start to shake and he pulled my head up, and off of his length. “Wanna come in you princess” he sighed and I nodded, while he lifted me up onto his thigh, rocking my hips back and forth, feeling me get wetter through my underwear as he opened my mouth with his fingers, leaning his head forward and spitting straight into my mouth, I let out a light moan as I swallowed his saliva and started to shake on his thigh, he put two fingers in my mouth as I came, throwing my head back and sucking on his fingers as ecstasy passed through me and my eyes rolled to the back of my head, Ruining my underwear.

    Stay fucking quiet for me” he whispered as he turned me around, so I was on my back, laying sprawled out on his bed, in a type of trance, which I was snapped out of as soon as I felt his cock push through my folds and into me, pressing up against my walls as he stretched me out. He snapped his hips up at a certain angle, that made me roll my eyes back and open my mouth, he kissed me deeply, swallowing my moans and continued to assault that spot inside of me, making the coil in my stomach tighter and tighter until..

    “shitshitshit” I whispered, feeling myself squirt all over him, he threw his head back in bliss, spurting his seed deeply inside of me, pulling out and fingering all of his cum back into me “ y’know, I’ve never seen you squirt before” he almost moaned as I clenched around his fingers “ hope you get pregnant, I would adore a little me or you running around the place” he sighed, pulling his fingers out of me and grabbing the box of tissues at his bedside table, and cleaning me up, he pulled his shorts back up, and gave me a nightgown I kept at his house, leaving the wet patch of my cum on his bed, and picked me up. Moving me to the other side and wrapping his arms around me, nuzzling his face into my neck as we both closed our eyes, drifting into a sleep…

    Kinda lowkey proud, and yea, there will be a few parts to this story:)

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  • Are there any single goth girls or neko girls or emo girls out there just know your loved and it’s by me I love you all and hope to find one some day!!!! 😘😘

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  • Photographer - Luke hemmings (weird kink smut)

    • Warnings: smut, kinky, overstimulation( kinda)
    • Word count: 2735

    You were working hard, it was really stressing you out. Your career has never been this hectic before, mostly because you never had a job that was this high profile. Being 5SOS’ tour photographer was nowhere near the same as booking a photoshoot or 2 a week. You still weren’t used to this lifestyle. The feeling of waking up not knowing in what place you were wasn’t nice either.

    It stressed you out and made you a little hard to handle. The only thing that kept you sane was your relationship with Luke, with whom you hit it off pretty easily after a couple weeks of touring.

    Today was no different, but this time you knew what city you were in since the guys had 2 shows in the same city, so you were staying in a hotel.

    You woke up and turned around to see Luke sat in the bed beside you, scribbling something into a little notebook. Probably ideas for a song.

    As soon as he realized you woke up, he shifted his eyes from the notebook to greet you.

    “Good morning, babe” he said, leaning down to give you a kiss.

    “Good morning, Lukey.”

    He was pretty focused on what he was writing, so you grabbed your phone to go over today’s schedule.

    You saw you had an email from management:


    We are contacting you to inform you about slight changes to your schedule.

    We need the pictures from yesterday’s photoshoot and show by 11:00 A.M. today. We are hoping you can make this possible.

    Thank you for your correspondence.

    You read the email and went into full panic mode.

    ‘Are they fucking insane?’ You thought.

    The task was almost impossible. You had about 5 thousand pictures from yesterday to go through in order to choose the ones worth sending to the band’s management.

    You threw your phone onto the bed and quickly got up to brush your teeth and make coffee so you could get to work as soon as possible.

    Less than two minutes later, you were back to bed, laptop and camera in hand as you immediately started transferring the pictures onto the laptop to go through them.

    The time it was taking for the photos to transfer was fucking with your mind, what made you groan in annoyance, the stress and anxiety getting to you.

    “What is it, y/n?” Luke asked.

    “Nothing.” You replied, trying not to sound rude, but you did.

    “Woah, what’s with the attitude?” He questioned, putting his notebook down and nuzzling his head in your neck, kissing the spot under your ear.

    “I told you, it’s nothing, just a shitload of work.” You answered, eyes focused on the laptop screen.

    “ uhm, sucks.” He said back briefly, moving on to kissing your collarbones.

    You didn’t have time for this, it was starting to annoy you.

    His hands wrapped around your waist, one hand slipping under your shirt to trace little circles on your stomach, that’s until it made its way up to the front of your bra.

    “Luke, for fuck’s sake, I don’t have time for this.”

    “You don’t have time for me?” He asked.

    “I don’t have time for sex, Luke. I’m obviously working right now.” You answered him.

    “But i want you right now.” Luke replied.

    “Well i have to work, and last time i checked, it wasn’t my job to fuck you whenever you want it.” You angrily said.

    It was almost 9:30 right now.

    “Well how about you do your job while i fuck you?” He said, his tone much more aggressive than it was moments ago.

    “Yeah and that’s supposed to work.”

    “Isn’t it your job to take pictures of me? You’re gonna do just that. While i fuck you. So get that stupid camera of yours and put it around your neck. I want that to be the only thing you’re wearing. Clear enough?”

    “No Luke, you don’t understand. I have to send these in in less than an hour and a half, and there’s a lot of pictures.”

    “If you’re late to turn them in, I’ll talk to management and bullshit an excuse for it. Now fucking strip, and if you disobey me, you know what happens.”

    He said, existing the bedroom.

    'He did say he’ll talk to management. And if we make it quick enough, i can still turn them in by 11’ you thought, your better judgement leaving your body as your took off your pajamas and hooked the camera to your neck.

    A few minutes later, Luke came back into the room, a new memory card for the camera in hand.

    “Put this in.” He commanded, handing you the memory card.

    You did just that and waited for him to make his next move.

    “Now, you don’t get to make a sound. You can’t cum unless i tell you to. And you’re gonna be a good girl and take amazing pictures of me. Safe word is apples.” He stated the rules.

    You nodded

    “Such a good girl already. Now come here.” He requested, as he seated himself on the edge of the bed.

    You stood in front of him. He pushed you down a little so you were kneeling and wrapped his hand around your hair.

    “Suck me off.”

    You obeyed, placing your lips on his tip, giving him small, teasing licks.

    “No teasing.” He said, pushing your head down , making you gag a little.

    You took it from here, bobbing your head up and down while sucking.

    “Oh yes, baby. But don’t forget the pictures, you’ll be punished if you don’t take enough.”

    You grabbed the camera hanging from your neck while you continued sucking him off, clicking a couple pictures of his face, with his neck tilted back, eyes closed and mouth slightly opened in pleasure. The angle of the pictures made them even hotter.

    “Good girl, y/n.” He praised, satisfied that you were taking pictures.

    A few moments later, he let you know he was really close.

    “ stop sucking and give me the camera.” He ordered. You once again obeyed.

    “Stay put” he said as he finished himself off, cumming all over your chest.

    “Now won’t you let me take a picture of that.” He said, clicking a picture of you while you were still kneeling in front of him.

    Once he was satisfied with the shot, he tossed you a couple of tissues to clean up as he wanted you to put the camera back on. When you finished with that he instructed you to lay on your back on the bed with your legs opened.

    He reached into his suitcase and grabbed a brand new vibrator.

    “This is my gift for you.” He announced, a smirk on his lips.

    “Won’t you thank me, y/n? Go on, say thank you.” He gave you the permission to speak as he opened the vibrator’s box and headed back to the bed.

    “Thank you for the gift, Luke.”

    "There’s my girl, obeying my orders like the good girl she is. But as somebody once said, good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught. I’m keen of finding that bad girl side of you today.” He said, referring to their own song.

    He then turned on the vibrator to the highest setting and pressed it against your core, teasing your clit with it.

    Your back arched instantly.

    “Go on, click some pictures. Do i have to keep reminding you?”

    It was hard to take pictures with the pleasure you were feeling, but you managed to take one of Luke sitting on the bed, working the vibrator against your sensitive spot while staring lustfully at you.

    Without any warning, he shoved the vibrator into you, causing you to arch your back again.

    “Now i’ve gotta take some pictures of that.” He said, leaving the vibrator inside of you as he took the camera from around your neck, taking pictures of you with your eyes forcefully shut closed, your head tilted back while your hand covered your mouth in an attempt not to moan.

    “Beautiful.” He announced, satisfied with the pictures he took. Then he put the camera back around your neck, shifting back his attention to the vibrator.

    “Remember y/n, you can’t cum unless i say so.” Luke reminded you, taking out the vibrator and replacing it with his mouth.

    “Don’t you wanna take pictures of my face between your legs, baby?” He questioned, the vibrations of his voice against your flesh driving you insane.

    You then took the pictures he basically instructed you to take, the images making this whole thing even more arousing.

    Seconds later, your orgasm neared, and with the way your body was writhing under his touch, Luke understood that you wanted to orgasm.

    “No babygirl, not yet.” He said, while continuing what he was doing.

    You were a complete mess. Your hands on you mouth so you wouldn’t scream out and you completely lost control of your body as it kept moving furiously on the mattress.

    Luke grabbed the camera and snapped a picture of you in this state.

    Seconds later, he spoke up.

    “Alright you can come now.”

    So you let go before he even finished the sentence, the feeling being unreal, leaving you panting and almost gasping for air.

    In the meantime, Luke reached for the condom resting on the nightstand.

    As soon as you saw him, you shook your head, feeling way too sensitive to handle him right now.

    “Well too bad, i want you right now.” He said to you while rolling on the condom.

    “Lay on your stomach with your butt up.” He instructed, taking the camera from you so you can get into position.

    Your body was still feeling weak but you managed to do what he asked.

    He got in position behind you, thrusting hard into your vagina what made you grab onto the sheet.

    You heard the camera click multiple times, signaling that Luke took some pictures.

    It was almost impossible not to moan and Luke realized that.

    “You can make sounds now. Let the whole hotel know who is fucking you this good.”

    “Oh my god, Luke”

    He was thrusting in and out so fast, and going so deep every time, but he wanted to go deeper, so he grabbed your hand and pulled you up while still filling you up so his chest was against your back.

    Instantly you felt the difference, causing you to moan his name so loud, you were sure the boys in the hotel room beside you had heard you.

    “Luke, i’m so close. Can i cum?” You asked, stuttering with your words.

    “Yes, cum for me baby.” He answered as the orgasm took over you.

    He pulled out and laid on the back, telling you to get on top to finish him off. You did that with a little bit of struggle because of how powerful that last two orgasms were.

    You both were so sensitive so two minutes of circling your hips on top of his hard on later, you both came making it your third orgasm and his second.

    You got off him and laid beside him on the bed, assuming he was done.

    “You know there is a certain number i love.” He said after throwing away the condom.

    “Fuck no, Luke. No fucking way.” You disagreed, feeling too sensitive.

    “It’s either that, or a punishment, babygirl. You decide.”

    There was no way you could handle a punishment of his right now, Luke always gets carried away while punishing you.

    The lesser of two evils was 'that number’ he loved.

    Sighting, you got on top of him, taking him into your mouth and he started working his tongue on your clit.

    The sensitivity you were feeling was almost too much, but the pleasure was stronger that it, and focusing on pleasuring Luke helped you ignore it.

    You licked up and down his length as he moaned against you, making you return the action. You hands worked on the base as you sucked as much as you could of him into your mouth.

    Minutes later, you felt your orgasm nearing and you let go just as he came in your mouth. The difference was that he didn’t stop licking your throbbing core, he actually pulled you to a position where you were sitting on top of his mouth.

    However, you were way too sensitive to the point where it was hurting.

    You tried to bear with it, it was impossible.

    “Fuck, Luke, no. Stop. Apples. Fucking apple. I can’t anymore.” You screamed, saying the safe word.

    You collapsed beside him on the bed, he had a satisfied smirk on his face as he watched how overwhelmed by him you were.

    For a good minute, you couldn’t do anything but stare up at the ceiling, catching you breath and trying to return back to reality.

    “You fine?” Luke asked, starting to get worried he went too hard on you.

    “Yeah, just give me a moment. Trying to catch my breath.”

    “I’m sorry if it was too much.” He apologized.

    You shook your head.

    “I like the kinky side of you, but that was tiring. I still loved it though. And i love you Luke.”

    “I love you too, y/n” he said, wrapping a hand around your shoulder and kissing your forehead.

    “Luke, it’s already 10:40. What am i gonna do?”

    You panicked, remembering the pictures you had you turn in.

    “Relax, i’ll call them and tell them you’re sick and not feeling well and that you need more time. Then i’ll tell the guys to come over and we’ll help you since we don’t have anything to do in the next few hours.” He reassured.

    He really was the best boyfriend out there.

    “Thank you so much, Lukey. Now I’m gonna get dressed, i feel weird just laying naked.”

    You tried to get off the bed but your feet barely carried you a few step, before they became wobbly. You sat down in a chair that happened to be next to you, making Luke laugh proudly.

    You gave him the middle finger, but still asked him to pass you some clothes to wear.

    He gave you underwear, some leggings and one of his oversized hoodies.

    Luke talked to management and got them to give you more time.

    He also came up with the plan for you to sit on a couch with anything you would need near you so you wouldn’t have to get up and the guys won’t know you can’t walk properly because of the sex you two had.

    The boys knocked on the door of your hotel room, already imitating the sounds you and Luke were making a little while ago, letting you know they heard.

    As you let them in, Micheal said while laughing,

    “ Luke, I don’t know what you were doing to her mate, but it was clear that you were doing it right.”

    Both you and Luke blushed a little.

    “Just shut up and get to work. I’m gonna give you the camera, transfer the pictures from yesterday onto Calum’s laptop and pick out the good ones from them.”

    Luke instructed, desperate to change the subject.

    You were already going through the pictures on your own laptop, so you really didn’t pay attention to much of what was happening around you.

    Luke handed the camera to calum so he can transfer the images they needed to sort.

    Then it hit you.

    You didn’t change back the memory cards.

    “Fuck, Luke I didn’t switch back the memory cards.” You yelled.

    Luke bolted over to calum ripping the camera from his hands before he could transfer anything, taking calum by surprise.

    “Woah, Luke. Chill. What’s on this memory card anyway?” Calum asked. To which Luke replied,

    “I’d rather die than tell you.” He said as he took out the card and stuffed it deep in his wallet.

    “Luke, i’m sorry to break it to you, but the reaction you two had gave it away. We all caught on to what’s on that card.”

    Ashton laughed, pointing at you two, while you hid your face in a pillow and Luke stood awkwardly in the middle of the room.

    (No one will probably read this imagine but if anyone bothers to, let me know if you’d like a part two where the pictures get leaked.)

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