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    27.10.2021 - 11 hours ago
    #they came for everyone’s throat #kuroko is hot and everyone knows #kuroko no basket #kuroko’s basketball#kuroko tetsuya #kuroko no basquet #kagami taiga#kagakuro#aomine daiki#aokuro#akashi seijirou#akakuro#kise ryouta#kikuro#murasakibara atsushi#murakuro#midorima shintarou#midokuro #kuroko no harem #kuroko no simping #knb twitter gets wild
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    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    life update

    Lu has somehow manifested her volleyball basketball boi dreams and is now cuffed to a 200 cm man child

    #ludicrous thoughts#shit posting #a literal kise ryouta #it can happen
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    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    kise: what happens to all your teenage angst when you're 20?

    midorima: they diagnose it as anxiety

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    25.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Dispersed Gaze


    October 25th, 2021

    It was just two of them and the echoed sound of television filled their living room apartment. They sat on the couch, cuddled in silence. Ryouta hugged her tightly, put his face on her collarbone. The smell of hers is something soothing to him, also the most favorite among his likings.

    Out of nothing, an idea struck his head—the "tease" one. Satisfied grin engraved on his face, he had already imagined what would happen for the next few minutes.

    With his full of excitement, he placed his head look up to her. His eyes glued only to her, stared guiltlessly at her woody brown eyes, sharp nose, and soft labium. Nothing else. He did not even move an inch.

    On the other side, she was actually watching the movie. She preserved her intention from the start and will have been the same afterwards. However, there was just one thing that almost quivered her focus; who else besides her boyfriend who likes playing around, Kise Ryouta.

    At first, she tried to maintained her sight and hearing, watched every single motion on what appeared in the screen. Her ears became more sensitive. She could hear the sounds being clearer, even to the air conditioner three hundred meters away in front of them.

    Yet, she felt her focus became dispersed. The feeling was still there; the feeling of the stares that intended and glued to her that would never detached, and it more intense when the person who made the feeling got the better of her is right beside her.

    She could not take it anymore.

    "Ryouta, stop looking at me!" She said with a high tone. There was a little bit tremor along her voice, and then, she laughed.

    Ryouta frightened for a second, of course. Who would be calm after someone talked like that to you? Especially the loves one. However, after her sudden laughed, he felt relaxed. He even decided to teased her more.

    "Well, I did that on purpose."

    Her laughed slowly relented, but she tried to gained focus in between her chuckled.

    "You little rascal."

    His grin was wider than before. "Yes, I am."

    "I will take a revenge."

    "I'm waiting."

    The television's sound had switched into a room full of joyous laughter.

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  • miyuwuki
    25.10.2021 - 2 days ago
    #kuroko no basket #the basketball which kuroko plays #kuroko’s basketball #kuroko no basket x reader #knb #knb x reader #kise ryouta#midorima shintaro#aomine daiki#murasakibara atsushi#akashi seijuro#kuroko tetsuya#kagami taiga #kise x reader #midorima x reader #aomine x reader #murasakibara x reader #akashi x reader #kuroko x reader #kagami x reader
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    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Departure [Kasamatsu Yukio/Kise Ryota] [Kuroko No Basket]

    Day 24 of @flufftober2021: Caught in the rain.

    Summary:  Kasamatsu wondered if he would get in time to say goodbye to his boyfriend.

    Words: 448. Rated: G. 

    AO3 Link.

    Out of breath, he finally got to the bus station. The rain was pouring, without mercy. No time for umbrellas. Kasamatsu ran as fast as he could, before his boyfriend left.

    “Kise! Kise!” He pushed the crowd around him. 

    He wondered if he got there too late, but he thought that even looking at his phone would be a delay. 

    “Kise! Kise! Damn it, where are you?!”

    “Yukio?” Kise tilted his head. 

    “I found you!” Kasamatsu thought that his heart was about to leave his chest. So relieved. 

    Despite being in line, Kise decided to step out of it. He thought that Kasamatsu was too busy to come to the station. However, it didn’t matter. He was so happy to see him one last time, before departing. 

    “I’m so, so sorry.” Kasamatsu was trying to recover his breath. He had run almost half the city to get there, but he didn’t regret it. Having Kise in front of him was the best reward he could have hoped to get. 

    “You made it!” He let his bag hit the wet floor, and held his boyfriend in his arms. 

    “I’ll miss you, damn it,” Kasamatsu said. He told himself that he wasn’t going to cry in front of Kise. No, he needed to remain strong.

    “I’ll miss you too, Yukio-chan. But, I’ll come to visit as much as I can,” Kise promised, with tears in his eyes.

    This was the main reason  why he didn’t want to come, it was too damn hard to let him go. Yet, he knew he had to do it. However, Kise grabbed him the moment Kasamatsu stepped back down, and kissed him. Like a man stranded on a desert, who had finally reached an Oasis to drink some water, Yukio pressed his lips against Ryota’s.  

    Then, they heard they were calling from the bus that Kise was supposed to take. It was time. 

    “Call me when you get there, you hear me?” Kasamatsu said. 

    A smile flourished on Kise’s face. 

    “I will, Yukio-chan.” He blew one last kiss to his boyfriend. “I love you!”

    “I love you too!” Kasamatsu was so glad that there were barely any people left, so nobody could see how embarrassed he was. 

    He watched as the bus departed from the station, and now he was at peace with himself. He was genuinely happy, he had faith in their relationship. In no time, Kise would come back to visit him, and he would make some time to see his new apartment. They would survive this; he knew it. 

    And then, the tears began to flow. It was the damn rain, he told himself. It was the damn rain.  

    #flufftober2021#Kasamatsu Yukio#Kise Ryouta#kikasa #kuroko no basket #mily writes stuff
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  • miyuwuki
    24.10.2021 - 3 days ago
    #kuroko no basket #the basketball which kuroko plays #kuroko’s basketball#knb #kuroko no basket x reader #knb x reader #kise ryouta #kise x reader #midorima shintaro #midorima x reader #aomine daiki #aomine x reader #murasakibara atsushi #murasakibara x reader #akashi seijuro #akashi x reader #kuroko tetsuya #kuroko x reader #kagami taiga #kagami x reader
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    24.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    KnB Characters as Troubled Birds








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  • idfcsoap
    23.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    "Não há vergonha alguma em cair, a vergonha real é você não se levantar."

    lockscreen kuroko no basket / not respost

    🌬 like & reblog

    #wallpaper#lockscreen#kuroko tetsuya#kagami tsurugi #kuroko no basket #kuroko no basket aomine #knb akashi#midorima shintarou #kuroko no basket midorima #kise ryouta
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  • knb-incorrect
    22.10.2021 - 4 days ago


    kuroko: Why?

    kise: B-because I'm... an adult. And I... do adult things using that...

    kuroko: Kise-kun, this is a buzzfeed quiz


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    20.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    YES 😭 🙌🏽

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  • knb-incorrect
    20.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    [ KiKuro as children ]

    kise: Dad, can we go to a haunted house this year?

    akashi: What's wrong with the one we live in?

    kise & kuroko : WHAT

    akashi: Goodnight, children

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  • knb-incorrect
    19.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    kise: change is inedible.

    kuroko: don't you mean 'inevitable'?

    kise, spitting out coins: no, i did not

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  • hyxc1nth
    18.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    (Gom + Kagami) Their teams meeting their s/o for the first time.

    sfw ! fluff with a little pda

    [ Part Two ] Midorima, Kise, Kagami, Akashi

    Midorima, S.

    • Takao, along with the rest of the first years, have retired from playing streetball to spend the rest of their day in a nearby arcade.

    • As they were looking for a game to play, a mop of green hair didn't go unnoticed by Takao's sharp eyes. In a hushed tome, he beckoned the rest of his teammates to hide behind an arcade cabinet near the pair.

    • They stuck their heads out from behind the machine to undoubtedly find their exceptional shooting guard playing by the crane machine with narrowed eyes. Takao snorted and bit back a laugh at how ridiculously focused his friend was at something that was not basketball.

    • His mirth fell short, however, when he spotted another person beside the green-haired male. Did Midorima have other friends beside his team and the

    • "What the hell are you guys doing?" The first years bristled and whipped their heads behind them to see their captain frowning at them. Takao shushed him sharply, and the first years wrestled him behind their hiding spot.

    • "Something feels off about Shin-chan today, and we're trying to find out why."

    "Off? What's off about him playing arcade games with his significant other?"

    "That's exactly wha— say that again, but slower."

    Otsubo raised an inquisitive brow. "What's off about him playing arcade games with significant o—"

    • Takao and the first years exchanged disbelieving glances, and howled in laughter a few moments later, causing a few heads to turn to their direction.

    • "Oh— oh! That's good. I didn't know you had a funny bone in you, captain." Takao panted, resting his hands on his knees to catch his breath, only to inhale it sharply back in when Otsubo stared him down, clearly unamused.

    • "What's so funny, Takao?" The black-haired male stiffened and slowly turned around to lock gazes with Midorima, who has his hand discreetly wrapped around your shoulder. Your boyfriend immediately pulled away when Takao's eyes made contact with the gesture, but his reflexes were all for naught. Was the Midorima blushing? He was blushing! This is priceless! But he was too astonished to tease his best friend.

    • "Oh! So this is who you told me about, Shintarou." You smiled at the taller male, hugging a stuffed animal with one arm, and extending the other to Takao whose mouth has dropped open while listening to your exchange. "Hi! I'm L/n. I heard so many great things about you, Takao-kun! Thanks for taking care of Shintarou."

    • "I...h-huh?" Takao couldn't even get the words out of his throat.

    • The other first years mirrored Takao's reaction as they all stared at you, their gaze flicking back and forth between you and Midorima who looked rather insulted at the disbelief written on everyone's visage.

    • "Is it that hard to believe, nanodayo..." the green-haired megane sighed, causing you to giggle and hug the prized toy closer. "Aren't you happy you get to spend some time with your teammates?"

    • Midoriya averted his gaze. "I wanted to spend some time with you alone, but I guess there is no stopping the course of fate...even if I obtained today's lucky item..." He muttered, eyeing the prize you were holding.

    • Practice is going to be a pain in the ass in the next day.

    Kise, R.

    • "Everyone, I have a very important announcement to make." Kise stood up once they concluded their strategic meeting for the day, and went to stand next to the whiteboard scribbled with a new team formation.

    • The rest of his teammates waited with bated breath as the silence continued to stretch, letting the song of the cicadas outside enter the gym in full force, filling their ears, making them antsy.

    • "Let me just say that I..." Kise broke the silence, his low voice bouncing off the walls. Moriyama gulped and Hayakawa tapped his feet in restlesness. Their teammate never sounded that serious unless if he was about to say something dire or motivating.

    "...am dating someone!"

    • The cold wind howled, but nobody flinched or even shivered when it caressed their bare skin slicked with a thin sheen of sweat.

    • ...

    • ...

    • "Oh, okay. Everyone, let's clean up."

    • All the members got to their feet and did what was told, making Kise's face crumble. "Eh? Didn't you guys hear what I— eh?" He looked around for any sign of reaction, only to find his teammates picking up stray balls, and mopping the floor.

    • "So, you landed a date, huh?"

    "Senpai! I knew you'd be happy for me!" Kise gasped in delight with tears gathering at the corner of his eyes upon hearing his captain's voice, and he spun with open arms, expecting to be congratulated, but was met with a pair of sneakers landing on his face instead. "Rot in hell!"

    • "Ryota—! Yikes." you winced at the sound your boyfriend falling on your feet with a thud, and your presence alerted the attention of the others in the gym. They internally sighed. Another one of Kise's admirers? This late at night? They admired your dedication.

    • "Sorry, but we just finished practice," Kasamatsu approached you while drying his forehead with a towel, and you smiled warmly at him. "Thank you for informing me...was my boyfriend being an idiot again?"

    • "Yeah, he was..." Kasamatsu sighed in exasperation. Not again. It's not the first time someone walked up to them and claimed themselves to be Kise's lover, so none of them take that information seriously anymore.

    • Kise let out a grunt below you. Supporting his weight with his forearm, he pushed himself up. "You're abusing your power again, Senpai—" Kise's whine stopped short when his golden eyes made contact with yours.

    "Hello, Ryota," you greeted him with a giggle and a smile.

    • Calling Kise by his first name was bold, even for a fangirl. Kasamatsu thought, and discreetly eyed his junior.

    • "Y-Y/n-chin!" Kise stammered, face flushing red to be seen in such a situation. Though, his eyes shone a million shades brighter, and a huge smile decorated his handsome visage upon seeing you. He stepped forward to catch you in a hug. "What are you doing here?"

    You poked his nose and pushed him back with your finger when he got too close. "I promised to wait for you, didn't I?"

    Kise shamelessly, yet gently, grabbed your hand and kissed your palm with a loving gaze that made your heart skip a beat.

    Kasamatsu, bearing witness to the exchange, choked on his own spit and stared at Kise, aghast. The audacity—!

    "Ehhh? So Kise wasn't lying!" Hayakawa exclaimed in wonder across the gym, while a shadow fell over Moriyama's eyes. "Drats. That's the charm of a model for you...How does he do it..."

    "Quick, it's not too late to turn back, yet!"

    • Kasamatsu sighed at his team's antics, and slapped his junior's back. "Congratulations, you two. If he ever tries anything," the captain glanced at you, "I'll make sure to kick his ass for you."

    • The golden-haired male whimpered with a pout when you giggled. "You always do, Kasamatsu-senpai..."

    Kagami, T.

    • Seirin was more than happy to be finally relieved of practice, but Kagami seemed more eager to go home earlier than usual.

    • After they cleaned up, he basically sprinted outside the gym, and Izuki didn't miss the hint of blush on his cheeks which he told Hyuga and Riko about.

    • But they brushed it off as exhaustion, taking into account the arduous rounds of exercises they did. Their coach wasn't the merciful kind when it comes to concoting training menus, after all. It took them a lot of strength to even walk.

    • In the course of their hunger, they all headed to Maji Burger to grab a bite. It was probably the first time Kagami didn't tag along with them to the fast-food restaurant as a team, and it was concerning. But they were assured to find him already there, sitting at his usual spot beside the window with a mountain of hamburgers on his tray, unbothered by the weird looks he was attracting.

    • What they didn't expect was a person they don't recognize sitting across him, laughing at what he said. Your cheeks were adorned with a rosy hue, and Kagami's was the same.

    • They all froze in their spot as they let the image sink in. The two of you looked so in love that they had to blink to make sure they were not hallucinating. A date?! Kagami?! On a date?! It couldn't be, right?!

    "I'm not the only one imagining this, right..." Kogane pointed out, and Mitobe shook his head in reply.

    "I don't think you're imagining it at all, dude..." Izuki butted in with a sweatdrop.

    • Your eyes accidentally landed on them, and you sent them a shy wave after realizing that they were probably your boyfriend's team, courtesy of the uniform jackets. Kagami turned around and choked on his burger in horror.

    • Kuroko, apparently being the only one who wasn't fazed, approached your table and flashed you a friendly smile, albeit small. "Domo, Kagami-kun, and..." he looked at you expectantly, and you offered him your hand with a grin. "L/n, Y/n. You must be Kuroko, correct?" Baby blue locks bounced slightly when Kuroko nodded his head.

    "We're sorry for disrupting your date. Kagami-kun never mentioned about having a lover." His gentle voice was laced with disappointment, having expected Kagami to break out the news to him as one of his best friends.

    Kagami groaned, the blush on his cheeks intensifying out of embarrassment. "Sh-shut up! What the hell are you guys even doing here?!"

    "We just wanted to order a few snacks. You didn't have to be so loud, Kagami-kun," Kuroko bluntly stated with a pinkie stuck in his ear, grinding your boyfriend's gears, and you held his hand with a sheepish smile when he looked like he was about to pop a nerve. "Now, now..."

    Kuroko bowed at you. "I will be ordering, then. You two enjoy."

    • "Mm! Be sure to eat well, Kuroko-san!" You giggled at your boyfriend's expense, who resorted to hiding his face in his hand as his teammates crowded your table to give him unforgiving claps on the back while congratulating the two of you.

    "Can't believe you were doing this behind our backs you sly you!" Hyuga teased while keeping Kagami in a headlock, much to the red-haired male's dismay as he gradually turned blue on the face.

    "I-I can't breathe...sir..!"

    Akashi, S.

    • "Hey, hey," Hayama grabbed the attention of his two friends: Nebuya and Mibuchi, and pointed to Akashi who was discussing strategies with the other team members.

    • The two indulged the blonde, their ears straining to listen to what he says, prompting him to continue. "Is it just me or does Captain seem weird...weirder than usual."

    • "I haven't noticed at all. Weird, how?" Mibuchi asked, keeping an eye on the redhead at the same time. Hayama pinched his chin and shut his eyes tight in deep thought. "I dunno, but it's there. I can feel it!"

    • Nebuya grunted and stood up, patting down his shorts. "There ain't no point mullin' about it. Come on, get your head out of the gutter and—"

    • "E-excuse me?" The trio craned their necks to the side to see you standing meekly with a pile of papers in hand. "I wanted to give these to Akashi, Seijuro, if that's okay?" You squeaked and swallowed back your nervousness at their towering statures that overshadowed your figure.

    • The blonde happily pointed to a bench across the gym with a giant grin. His blinding enthusiasm could rival the sun. "Sorry about that! He's extremely busy right now as you can see!"

    Mibuchi glared at his friend for his uncouth behavior and offered you an elegant smile. "I can give those to him for you."

    You breathed a sigh of relief. "That would be a lot of help, thank you, and I'm so sorry for the trouble."

    Before Mibuchi could wave off your apology, Akashi was making his way towards you with his arms open. "Hello, Y/n, what brings you here?"

    • The three observed their captain carefully and stood frozen in awe when Akashi enveloped you in an embrace and planted a chaste kiss on the crown of your forehead.

    • You heated up when you could feel multiple pairs of eyes boring into the two of you, and Akashi hummed in amusement, not the least embarrassed by publicly showing off his affections. In fact, he revelled in it.

    • The gym fell in an ear-splitting silence as the team took in the scene in front of them. One glance from Akashi and they all immediately went back to practice; sneaking glances when their captain is not looking.

    • Hayama tugged on the jersey of a smiling Mibuchi with his finger pointing to you two, while Nebuya stared with wide eyes, not knowing what to do with the unprecedented news.

    • Akashi is an enigma that's full of surprises, after all.

    #kuroko no basket #knb #kuroko no basket x reader #knb x reader #midorima shintarou #midorima shintarou x reader #midorima x reader #kise ryouta #kise x reader #kise ryouta x reader #akashi seijuro #akashi x reader #akashi seijuro x reader #kagami taiga #kagami taiga x reader #kagami x reader #( 🍣 ) ; hyxcinth knb ★
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    Kise mother fucking Ryouta doesn’t get enough love in the show and it makes me so sad😞.

    We need to send y/n to our cute puppy, give ryouta cuddles for me🙂

    It was winter in Japan, everything pretty was freezing over or dying. Except- “Y/NCCHI! THERE YOU ARE I WAS LOOKING EVERYWHERE FOR YOU” a warm heavy body collided with yours, nearly knocking you and your blond boyfriend to the ground “careful ryouta. How long have you been out here. Your not even wearing a scarf you’ll catch a cold” ryouta pouts and shakes his head “none of my scarves went with my outfit.” He pulls back from you and steps away to show you his outfit.

    You scan his body from his pretty styled hair to the shoes you bought for him for your two year anniversary as an official couple, “ryouta, aho! That jacket is too thin and those shoes aren't meant for this kind of weather. You're going to get sick. Don't be careless.” it wasn't your first thought to pull your scarf off and wrap it around your idiot boyfriends neck, but it seems that your arms and hands have a mind of their own. You're glad you did though because Ryouta beamed up at you and leaned up slightly to kiss the side of your mouth, “i wanted to look pretty for you y/ncchi.” Ryouta's eyes glazed slightly and his cheeks tinted pink but he lifted his arm to cover his face and looked away “Ryouta, aho.” you sigh and step closer to him so you could pry his arm away from his watery eyes and pink face “why are you crying.” you wipe his tears with your thumbs and leave your palms on his cheeks to warm him “i don't want you to leave me because i don't look pretty enough for you.” there was a pang in your chest and you feel your heart clench “who said you weren't pretty enough for me?” ryouta looks away ashamed but your hands on the sides of his face pull him back to face you “you'll always look pretty enough for me. Even when your face is wrinkled and your hair is grey, you'll be my ryouta kise, my model husband forever. But only if you say yes.” your heart is banging against your ribs and your mind is running with reasons why he'd reject your proposal but those reasons fly out of your brain when ryouta looks up at you with wide puppy eyes “husband?” it's whispered like he doesn't believe it “husband's” you say firmly, as soon as you do ryouta's lips are on yours and his arms are wrapped around your shoulders.

    “I'll be your husband y/ncchi. Of course i'll be your husband”


    “WAH THE RING IS SO PRETTY” you smiled from your place by the kitchen counter as Ryouta rolls around happily on the carpet staring at his new ring “it's pretty don't you think y/ncchi?” he sits up and dashes to your side “i think it's lovely ryouta.” you can't help the warm smile spread on your face so you bury it in the younger's hair. The two of you had a beautiful ceremony, everything had gone smoothly, your parents had loved each other, all of your friends were there and they all looked beautiful. Kuroko was Ryouta's best man, Aomine had been yours and hed behaved the entire wedding mostly because you promised to treat him to lunch whenever he wanted and didn't make him come to the reception(which he did) momoi was the flower girl. You swore to yourself to never forget the moment you saw your husband come through the doors, he had looked so beautiful in the white suit, so pretty that during the reception you asked ryouta's mom to send you a picture of her son in his suit, once you got it you immediately printed it out and stuck it in your wallet.

    “So what are we going to do now y/ncchi?” ryouta had wormed his way in between you and the counter and was now resting back against your chest, you hum and he looks up at you with stars in his eyes and a big smile on his face

    “I say we get a baby!”

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    🎶 all of them bitches aint better than me 🎶

    #alexa play better than me by miss doja cat #sassy kuroko #dont fuck w his man #bc he ain’t playin games #kuroko no basket #kuroko’s basketball#kuroko tetsuya #kuroko no basquet #kagami taiga#kagakuro #kagami x kuroko #kuroko x kagami #knb kuroko#knb kagami#aomine daiki#kise ryouta
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    kise: don't call me a 'boy', im a man!

    aomine: well, i was gonna call you a 'little bitch' but i decided to be nice

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