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  • Thank you all so much for reading and leaving kudos and comments ♥
    Because we got over 100 kudos on Ao3 (which may not be a lot, but it is to me idk), I’m posting an additional drabble this week ☺ Next one normally on Sunday ☺

    This one is just Dean as a worried and overprotective boyfriend lol 



    Enjoy ♥


    “You got your angel blade?” Dean asked, as they were walking to the garage.

    “As always, Dean.” Cas rolled his eyes. “Have I ever asked you if you have your gun?”

    “Can never be too careful.” Dean shrugged. “But you got a gun too, right?” he added, glancing at Cas.

    “Yes.” Cas kept walking, looking straight ahead.

    “And all kinds of bullets? Iron, silver, all that stuff? And salt? And-?” he felt himself start to ramble, because while his Baby’s trunk was full of useful weapons, Cas used to rely almost fully on his angel blade and his powers, that he didn’t have anymore, so he tried to equip him as well as he could.

    “Dean.” Cas interrupted him, grabbing his wrist, stopping, and turning towards him. They were right next to the garage door. “I have everything I need. It’s a simple case, and it’s not the first time I’m going alone. I did use to be an angel, remember? Literal warrior of God? I think I can handle a hunt.” he smiled at Dean’s cheeks reddening. 

    “I know that.” he said almost defensively. “It’s just- You’re human now.” he linked their fingers and looked down. “And I can’t help it if I’m a little worried.” he murmured, his face now flushed.

    “Dean, look at me.” Dean did as told. “I’ll be fine. And I’ll be back. As long as you come back too.” he added.

    “Maybe I should just go with you.”

    “You go with Sam, as we planned. My case seems much easier and simpler than yours. I’ll call you all the time, and we’ll be back together soon.” he reassured. He let go of Dean’s hand and moved it to his cheek, because his other hand was occupied with his duffel bag. “And stop worrying so much. It’s actually kind of offensive.” he said with a teasing smile, because he had been an angel and he could fight just fine, and Dean knew that, but death seemed to follow all of them anyway, and Cas was more vulnerable now. Not that Dean didn’t trust his abilities as a human, or anything. He did. He just didn’t want to lose Cas again.

    “I know, sorry.” Dean smiled back, and then leaned in for a kiss. What was supposed to be a quick peck, turned into a deep, passionate make-out session, with lots of teeth and tongue. 

    “Hey, guys, are you-” they heard Sam behind them. “Oh, for fuck’s sake, people are dying, we don’t have time for that.” he sounded annoyed and Dean could swear he could feel the bitchface on Sam’s face.

    “Gimme a minute.” Dean grumbled, leaving Cas’ lips for just a moment. Sam huffed and walked past them, murmuring something about them being obnoxious and always all over each other, and sickeningly in love. Which was a huge exaggeration, in Dean’s opinion. 

    “Okay, we need to go.” Cas said into Dean’s lips.

    “I know.” Dean sighed, putting his forehead against Cas’. “Be careful. Call me as often as you can.”

    “Of course. You should be careful, too.”

    “Yeah, I’ll try. I might need a little kiss for good luck, though.” he added with a smirk, and Cas rolled his eyes, but was happy to oblige, and kissed him deeply again, this time for a shorter time.

    “Good luck, Dean.” Cas smiled and wanted to pull away, but Dean didn’t want to let go.

    “I think you need a good luck kiss, too. Just to be safe.” Dean said, linking their lips again, although this time Cas couldn’t contain a laugh.

    “You’re ridiculous.” he said, shaking his head and pulling away. “I’ll see you soon.”

    Then they walked into the garage and into their respective cars. They both knew Dean was going to call not even five minutes into the drive, and talk to Cas on speakerphone for as long as he would be able to, to Sam’s annoyance and amusement. 

    Despite everything, Dean would still be worried sick, which would probably earn him some teasing from both his brother and his boyfriend. And he was fine with that. He just needed Cas to come back to him.

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  • “I could hug you, kiss you, and warmly squeeze you until honey falls out of your face..”

    I could really just use 7 hugs, 4 kisses, a couple more hugs, a cuddle, and a whole lot of you - eUë

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    Oop — i disappeared for awhile, i know, but here

    Have Lalli kissing Angel!Emil, thank you 😔❤❤

    #tried to explore different colors in this one #but idk if i did well #i dont like the way i did lalli or emil's faces #but i tried #and so HERE #our babies#kissing#ssss #emil x lalli #emilalli#emil västerström#lalli hotakainen #stand still stay silent
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  • I’m having a great day! I have had this piece of a song stuck in my head for months. Not enough to google it, no way to remember where I heard it, it’s been an incomplete worm in my head for so long.

    And then today, I found it.

    I was watching Vincenzo (omg ep4 amirite?!!) And thinking about how good song joongki looks. That lead me to -> song hye kyo -> what was her last drama I watched -> encounter -> park bogum was so cute -> so much kissing -> omg that scene of them kissing in Cuba -> …….. -> wait what was the song playing during that scene? -> omg omg -> holy shit I found it!

    Long live my brain! Long live scenes of Bogum kissing that are taking up so much space in my brain! Life is good!

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  • Mission Baby

    Bruce Wayne/Batman X Wife-Reader

    Batmom! Reader

    Warnings: suggestive content, language


    A pregnancy test left by Batmom results in the Batgirl’s investigation to see if she’s really pregnant or not

    (Cassandra) - I believe secrets are unhealthy and can cause hurt feelings. As well as speaking the truth is freeing. So I would like to ask, who’s positive pregnancy test is in the trash can?-

    (Steph) - Aww! Who’s pregnant?!❤️❤️❤️Baby’s are so cute!

    (Barbie) - I can confirm it’s definitely not mine. I’m on my period right now… So I wonder🤔🤔-

    (Cass)-mom!! -

    (Steph) - getting images of Bruce and Y/N 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮But Mommsy may be pregnant!! I bet it’ll be a adorable little girl!! 💕💕💕-

    (Barbie) -alright girls the new mission make, sure mom has all the help she, needs or wants!! I’ll head to the Manor and we’ll investigate to see if she’s definitely pregnant or if it was a false positive-

    (Cassandra) - 👍-

    (Steph) - 👏👏👏-

    Y/N’s P. O. V

    Mid evening I park the car finally home after returning from my first doctor’s appointment. I still haven’t told a soul expect my doctor. I can’t find a moment to tell my husband. I hope I can before A someone finds out, B my detective husband finds out before I open my mouth or C my detective children are hot on my trail. I hold my purse stepping into the house from the garage. I shut the door behind me. I stand in the kitchen. Steph, comes barreling in

    “my other mother!” she laughs and hugs me. I chuckled hugging her. “but of course not the creepy Caroline mother” she assured

    “well hello, Steph” she usually is not this affectionate.

    “what’s up? Where you been? How are you feeling?” she asked intrigued suddenly with my life “here I’ll take your purse” she offered taking my purse

    She parts I softly smile touching her face “oh I was just out taking care of a few things” I lower my hand “how was your day?”

    I step to the cabinet to get a glass for some water. She places my purse on the counter gazing to me. I open the cabinet.

    “boring! So what kind of ‘things?’”

    I chuckle grabbing a glass and then shut the cabinet “why are you suddenly so interested in my day?” I fill my water in the fridge dispenser

    I look at my delightful daughter with a smile on her face.

    “because like I said mine was 'boring’ and I want to talk to my favorite person”

    “Aww, Steph” I said genuinely happy “you’re sweet. Let’s see” I took a needed sip if water “went to the pharmacy.. And then took a long venture back home”

    “what’d you get at the pharmacy?”

    “Brown enough interrogating mother” Damian said entering the room

    This has to be the first time I’m grateful Damian was irritating his adopted sister.

    “at least I care enough to ask about her day” Stephanie defended

    “tt” he responded glaring to Stephanie. His eye’s then lock to me “Mother, are you ill?” he worriedly asked with a intriguing look

    “oh, no. I’m good, kiddo” I said with a gentle smile “I’ve never been better” it was the truth, I’m having a baby, a little life growing inside of me

    I hear footsteps and see Barbara. She gently smiled. I smile back to her

    “Barbie, you’re here in Gotham. What a surprise”

    We hugged and parted “yeah, was feeling the need to get out of town for a while. How are you?”

    “hmm I’m doing well. How are you? How’s Bludhaven treating you and Dick?”

    “it’s been quite a adventure but enough about me. I feel like we haven’t talked in ages!”

    “well let’s go sit in the living room and we will have some quality girl talk”

    Barbara, and I walk to the living room. I sit on the couch with her. I place my glass on coaster that was on the coffee table.

    “so how are you? How’s life? Bruce, behaving?”

    “I’m good, life is great and Bruce has been busy to say the least. It’s been a while since we’ve spent time together” I sadly said missing my husband

    Cassandra and Stephanie stepped in and sat on the two remaining chairs.

    “hey girls”

    “hello again” Stephanie said

    “mother” Cassandra smiled

    Somethings up. What is going on? Are they wanting to tell me something important? Did they do something? Usually it’s the boy’s I have to worry about. Do they know? Oh.. What do I do? I hear my phone. I look, Bruce! My savior! I answered

    -“darling, I regret to inform you that I will not be joining you tonight until much later unlike we had planned”

    I’m going to start crying. I stood walking through the hallway. I told Bruce I had a surprise then we decided to go out to eat but now I have to wait.

    “five days, Bruce” I sigh deeply “I understand you’re dealing with the weight of soo many variables… You know I just really miss you”

    -“Y/N, you’re my wife my first priority is too insure that you are safe and our children have a better future”

    “I love you, Bruce” I softly said

    -“I love you”

    I hung up so he wouldn’t hear me cry. I take a shaky breath then breath deeply in and out.

    Barbara’s P. O. V

    Mom is so pregnant! The girl’s and I step into the Bat-cave. All the boy’s arguing this can not end well. Damian was about to choke Tim but my boyfriend Dick held his collar. Jason, leans against the wall uncaring of the issue.

    “you Idiot’s!” Stephanie said

    “don’t talk to me I’m trying to keep them from KILLING each other” Dick exclaims

    Jason, rolls his eye’s. I sigh deeply.

    “you know mom doesn’t need this right now you Idiot’s!” I said infuriated

    “you need to just stop fighting. So she can be un-stressed, whelmed and calm because she’s already having to grow a little human being right now!”

    Uh-ooh. Steph, covered her face realizing her mistake. Dick’s face lit up he let go of Damian. Everyone one of the boy’s face locked on ours.

    “mom’s pregnant? Like for real?” Dick asked

    I sigh nodding Dick erupted into laughter. Not a single straight face.

    Y/N’s P. O. V

    Week later the kids know. I mean they have two. It’s been more than a week. No arguments, no fights, it’s too calm. I sit on the dinning room chair. Little by little my children find there way into the dining room. Bruce, enters intrigued likely surprised all the children are in one room and not fighting for their lives. Bruce, casually sips his coffee. Alfred steps in with a platter of refreshing water.

    “you really pregnant mom?” Jason blurted out

    “Jason, I–” my words stuck in my throat

    My heart stopped. Bruce, spit his coffee out and Alfred nearly drops the platter. Bruce, harshly cleared his throat. Cassandra, pinched him harshly. Jason, grunted moving his arm away from her.

    I take a deep breath “are you trying to give your dad a heart attack?”

    “hey I’m just asking what we’ve all been thinking the last few days” he defended

    I sigh seeing Bruce’s unreadable expression. I stood and step to Bruce. I gently smiled and nodded. Please be happy. Please don’t be mad.

    “kiss your wife idiot!” Stephanie said

    He kissed me touching my chin. He parts and lightly shakes his head.

    “greatest detective and I was so blind to something so beautiful”

    That’s more than what I needed to hear. I feel my heart beating fast and melt. I hug my husband’s neck. He hugs me lifting me off the ground and spins me around.

    “Aww!” the girls said

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