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    by Mr Bruno Staub Photoshoot for Mr Porter (March 2020)

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  • KJ Apa + Camila Mendes in ‘Riverdale

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  • KJ Apa for New York Moves Magazine (2017)

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  • in a world full of temporary things,
    they were a perpetual feeling

    #natalia dyer#kj apa #natalia dyer crackships #kj apa crackships #crackship#crackships#gif#gifs#mine
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  • KJ Apa on Instagram (08/02/20)

    wrap on SONGBIRD. You guys are gonna flip out on this movie, it’s so special. i fucking loved playing this character and feel very lucky to have been a part of it during these crazy times. cheers. #songbird 2020. And Thank you God

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  • I really saw someone admit that they wanted KJ fired so barchie wouldn’t happen.

    I mean.. I knew, but I wasn’t sure they’d admit it.

    Also kind of weird that people think that anything KJ has done is worthy of him being fired.

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    Follow please yall @riverdalefanficwriter

    Warning: smut pure smut, kissing,hickies,sweet pea *yes he gets his own warning why not*,rough smut

    “Archie give me a kiss please I haven’t had one all day”

    As Veronica crawled in Archie’s lap. Archie and Veronica always hanged In the student lounge after school since everyone went to pop’s. Archie smile creeped up on his face as he looked at Veronica wide eyed.

    “Roni yes you have all 8 periods even two right in the morning, are you alright?”

    As he placed his calloused hands on her bottom. She place her legs on both sides of his torso and placing her head in the crook of his neck her gaze went up towards him as Archie starred down at her. He was concerned about her sexual addiction.

    Yes baby I just miss you that’s all”

    Veronica claimed in a fragile voice toward Archie. A chuckle erupted in his throat at her shenanigans. Archie placing small taps on her thigh signaling her to stand up. As she did Archie stood up capturing his book bag and glanced back at roni while grabbing his textbooks.

    “I miss you even more roni and you know I’m here for you if your going through anything”

    “I know archikeins, text you later”

    Veronica plopped down on the couch as she stared at Archie while glancing down at her red painted nails picking at them and took her bottom lip in between her teeth.


    As Veronica smiled at Archie she puckered her lips out at him for her kiss as Archie smiled at Veronica he placed his rough palms on her red stained slips and kisses the back of his hand teasing Veronica. Therefore he walked out and left Veronica behind.

    And he still left without my kiss ughh I need help with something”

    Veronica furrowed her eyebrows. As she blew off steam. A light bulb went off in her head. She placed her finger underneath her chin and proceeded to walk out the lounge and pulled a big hoody out and decided to walk to enemy lines.

    Veronica pulls her head down. The building were covered in graffiti as she passes over the gates of the south side. A abandoned bar awaits her path. As Veronica takes a few steps, an evergreen tree Russel in a distance. Than a crunch fell upon the floor. as people come out the shadows someone whistles

    A whistle broke the silence and Veronica turns around at the people with her eyes rolled to the back of her head. 

    “Fangs I know Your whistles, where’s sweet pea”

    Veronica placing her hood down and crossing her arms over her covered breasts as she waited for her answer. Fangs took his steps in front of her and his eyebrows furrowed with confusion. 

    “Oh Veronica didn’t notice you with that big hoody on and sweet pea left to go to his trailer”

    Veronica nodded and a smile appeared on her face and started taking her steps toward sweet pea’s trailer. She shouted back at fangs as she waved her hand.

    “Thanks I think I know where that is”

    Fangs placed his hands on his hips and started to walk back to the Wyte Wyrm and whispered to himself.


    Veronica found sweet’s trailer as she makes her way to the trailer door and knocks, at the 3rd knock a shirtless sweet pea with his brown locks in a mess and a dog tag hanging from his neck. Rubbing his eyes while he opens up the door.

    “Veronica what are you doing on the southside don’t the river vixen’s have a pricey show or something to do…. 

    Sweet pea teased and a evil giggled erupted in his lips. Veronica laughed at his joke and rolled her eyes as she shook her head .

    “I’m just going to act like I didn’t hear that or say something I don’t want to happen to you so yes look meet me at my hotel at 8 please I beg of you”

    Veronica dig in her purse and pulled out a card that had “the lodge inn” on it and a black eight on it. She gave him the card and placed her hands together in praying form and begged sweet pea to come.he took the card in his hand 

    “Alright I’ll go since you need me there so badly”

    “Yess thank you sweet pea”

    “Yea whatever”

    Sweet pea spat out and slammed the door in Veronica’s face. Veronica looked confused but shrugged it off and went walking back to the north side with a wide smile on her face looking forward to tonight.


    Sweet pea took his steps and arrived at the lodge inn. The butler greeted the gangsta and he hung his head up as his greeting and made his way toward Veronica’s room.

    Sweet pea was about to knock but got interrupted in heels walking toward the door. Veronica opened and sweet pea’s chocolate orbs went wide. A black lace lingerie set with a burgundy robe covered Veronica’s body.

    “It’s about time you showed up”

    Veronica pulled sweet pea in the room and climbed on top of him snaking her legs around his chubby torso and kissed his lips. As she kissed she licked his bottom lip tasting him. 

    “SP your lips taste so good”

    “alright Jesus what’s going on”

    Sweet pea backed up his head from Veronica’s lips. He stared at her in confusion while having her booty in his rough hands. SP was grouping her a little. He wanted her as much as she wanted him but with her dating Archie he didn’t want to be in the mix of chaos.

    “I need you that’s what’s going on”

    Veronica places slow pecks on sweet pea’s neck and trailing her petite kisses toward his serpent tattoo. She licked and nipped at his neck. Veronica’s nipples grew harder as she kisses sweet pea’s neck. A blue flesh womb appeared on his serpent tattoo. As sweet pea breathlessly moaned out a  “Fuck it”

    Sweet pea backed himself and Veronica to the master bed throwing her on the bed. His hands trailed to her big breasts. He squeezed and kneaded. He climbed in between Veronica. She raised up and her painted fingers hung in his raven locks and her heartshappes where on his warm plump lips. Sweet pea lips become red and swollen. She pulled back from sweet pea and quietly moaned.

    “Mhmm sweet pea in me now”

    He grabbed her ankles and placed both of her legs on each side of his chubby torso. Sweet pea placed his lips on her covered breast kissing slowly. As he licked circles around her areola. Veronica moaned out. Her heat grew hotter from the teasing he placed on her. As he trailed his lips up toward her ear. He kiss and took his teeth in between her ear lobe and tugged while whispering in her ear.

    “I’m gonna wreck you baby girl”

    As he placed his calloused finger in between her bra strap. Her bra fell and pooled right at her pantie. He slipped his finger in the hem of her panties and ran his slender finger along her bud and clit. she bucked her hips toward his finger. Then her clothing pooled to the floor. While Veronica was exposed before sweet pea she tugged at his clothing and ripped his white shirt off. Sweet pea loved seeing Veronica powerful demeanor come out. Veronica moaned out feeling sweet pea manhood grew in his jeans.

    “Wreck me sweet pea please”

    As sweet pea glided his jeans down to his knees his boxers followed. His dick sprung up and Veronica bottom lip was in between her teeth. As sweet pea jolted Veronica toward him. He ran his hands up and down his shaft covering it in his pre cum. Then he lined up at her entrance and plunged his tip in her. Veronica’s legs trembled as he split her open. His movement swift inside her. 

    “Ughh yes”

    As sweet pea moved out of her he thrusts right back in. Her body shaked and  squirmed from his dick growing inside of her with every acceleration he placed on her. Veronica body broke into electric impulses from his energy inside her. Her brown eyes shutting from the hard thrusting. As Veronica moaned and gasp at the ruthless impacts he placed.sweet pea captured her torso pushing it down. His strong hands squeezed on it as he drilled her. 

    “Scream my name baby”

    Veronica’s chest rising and falling at a rapid pace. Her frame trembled with his name painting the walls.As sweet pea curved his length inside her and held her shoulder, sinking her down on all his 9 inches. Veronica’s body erupted with screams. 

    “Sweet pea your so big Fuck!”

    Then sweet pea captured Veronica’s chestnut hair in his rough palms and yanked it up making her scream and jump on his torso. Her whole body was up. As sweet pea ruthlessly abusing her insides. Her moans high pitched as she took every stroke he brought to her. 

    “I love to hear your moans”

    SP hissed toward Veronica. He been needing Veronica for a long time and it showed.While Veronica Claws at his back from him slamming in her. Being filled, she shutters as he slams up inside her. Veronica grips the sheets as sweet pea thrusts down and up. Him Ramming into Veronica he grips her thick hips.

    “Take it all take it”

    Sweet pea commanding Veronica. Veronica’s orbs were filled with tears as sweet pea wasn’t letting up. Sweet pea guided his hand on the headboard giving him more leverage to dig in her. Veronica squeaks from every hit on her. As Veronica feeling her euphoric being.Sp performing his panther structure on her. Plunging in her a few more times. Veronica letting out a high pitch scream as the bed shook.

    “Yesss ahhhh uh”

    “Babygirl your such a beautiful mess just look at you this body is all mine”

    As He admires her body being attacked by him. He changes his direction as he slams in her cervix. Veronica braced herself her arms on sweet pea’s neck.  Veronica kept her legs open from the pain that was overtaken by pleasure. Every thrust sweet pea endured Veronica body shook with ecstasy.

    Yess sweet pea oh uh uh uh oh I’M GOING TO….”

    “Yes princess all over me”

    As SP and Veronica body moved in sync. Her body bouncing up and down on Him. Her walls were closing in on him. Veronica retracted her pussy. Her body about to go limp from the roughness he carried.

    “Uh Uh CUM!”

    Veronica squeals as she spills on him.Feeling her warmth spill on him, sweet pea kept his pace in her. Sweet pea riding at her orgasm. Veronica screams felt like eternity as her wave crashed in. Sweet pea forced a few more plunges and his high laced his body. Meanwhile his thrusts became sloppier and His sticky white substance shot out into her. Veronica felt his warmth and sweet pea pulled out and shot some of the cum on her stomach. His breathless moans filled the suit as Veronica moaned from his substance covering all of her.

    As Veronica Scooted her sensitive body on the side of her bed and lays down she closes her eyes and face palm herself as she just made the worst decision ever 

    A familiar Bing alarmed in her ears.she grabbed her iPhone and looked at her notification.

    Archie: Betty and Jughead and me need you now we are at pops I think they have clues on the people that has gone missing.

    “Shoot I need to go sweet pea”

    As Veronica ran off the bed and grabbed her dress placing it on her curve body and slipping on her heels and capturing her purse and about to walk out  but sweet pea stopped her in mid steps. 

    “Veronica what I thought you were going to stay”

    “Sweet pea I’m sorry you were really great I swear I just need to take care of this definitely text me later and you can leave anytime you want, there’s food and beer in the fridge if you want anything”

    “But Veronica…. 

    “Bye sweet pea 

    As Veronica starred at her iPhone and close the door to her suit she started down the hallways leaving a shirtless sweet pea. Sweet pea scanned at the door being closed and his heart dropped. He played with his slender fingers as He felt his love for Veronica gets thrown around and runs over by a truck.

    “The thing that I want is you Veronica”

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  • Omg love this request I just got in and thank you honey I love all of these requests ideas I love your ideas omg like thank you and drew ray tanner and char- lord beautiful can’t wait to write this special one for you sweetheart!!!!🤤🤤🤤♥️♥️♥️


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    barchie in riverdale →(1.01, 2.09, 4.18, 4.17)

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  • KJ Apa + Camila Mendes in ‘Riverdale

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