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  • silent-hyowl
    25.09.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    "babe! babe! please please PLEASE!" kise's scream rings throughout the apartment as he sees his childe gets thrown off a cliff by your jean

    "noooo!! my baby!!" he wails.

    you roar with laughter. "off to a statue of the seven you go."

    kise groans and you saw the little green diamond disappear from the mini map as he teleports off to the nearest statue of the seven. he sniffs and looks at you with puppy dog eyes.


    "maybe if you sacrifice childe, you can get a good artefact in the noblese domain."

    he perks up. kise's luck is never good when it comes to artefacts; actually it's never good when it comes to genshin impact.

    "to the domain!"

    "wait wait." you change your characters to kazuha and bennett. "i'll support. i'm not low on good artefacts."

    "shut up."

    the two of you teleport to the domain and kise lets you in.

    "start, slowpoke."

    he rolls his eyes. "wait. should i bring a shield?" his finger hovers over his constellation two diona.

    you roll your eyes back at him. "don't be a pussy. no shield."

    "says you with your zhongli."

    "yet you take pictures of my zhongli and your childe together."

    he sticks his tongue out at you and start the domain.

    "ya know how this works right?"

    "no shit sherlock." kise clicks start and immediately runs towards a corner of the domain.

    the moment the three abyss mages appear in front the both of you, you drop down bennett's and kazuha's ult.

    "oi, ryo."

    "yeah yeah." kise gets rid of the mages with childe.

    challenge completed

    "okay wait, i need to say uwu to the tree."

    "too much tiktok, ryo."

    "hi, tree-sama. uwu. please give something good."

    you mime vomiting at kise's 'uwu' voice.

    "5* artefact," kise says. he clicks on it and screams again. "CRIT DAMAGE, 22.8%!!! uwu-ing at the tree works, yo!"

    "I'm pretty sure it's the childe sacrifice."

    "shut it, you with the flat hp artefact."

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  • alittlebitofknb
    25.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    *Himuro playing with Murasakibara's hair again*

    Murasakibara: Sometimes I think you dated me just for my hair.


    Himuro: I'm dating you for your hair.

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  • knb-incorrect
    25.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    kagami: i challenge you to an arm wrestling battle

    kuroko: accepted



    kagami: we’re holding hands now

    kuroko: it appears so

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  • anjistuff
    25.09.2021 - 4 hours ago
    Kuroko no Basket: Tony’s Works Collection Kuroko no Basket Niitengo Clips (Chara-Ani, Toy's Works)

    These are super adorable!! 💕🏀

    #knb merch #kuroko no basket #kuroko no basuke #anjistuff #anji 2021 merch #KnB merchandise#chara clip#official merchandise
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  • cosmicmermaid25
    25.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    It’s my birthday!!

    For my birthday I will be making fluffy fake texts. If your age is in your bio and you send your request off anon I can be tempted to do some NSFW texts as well!

    Please don’t feel obligated to donate anything but if you feel so inclined, I’m still not able to afford a new laptop. This is my ko-fi and I appreciate all of your support


    Send me 1-4 characters

    A prompt or general idea

    I will do angst to fluff or hurt/comfort but I’m not doing straight angst.

    You can send as many asks as you want I will be leaving this open through Monday!

    A side note: I will finish my 1k event as soon as I have a laptop, thank you so much for being so patient!

    Haikyuu/Kuroko no Basuke/Jujutsu Kaisen/Tokyo Revengers/Free!

    #fluff#knb #haikyuu!! #hq#domestic fluff #kuroko no bauske #haikyu x reader #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers #jjk x reader #jujutsu kaisen #free! #free! x reader
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  • knb-incorrect
    25.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    kise: hey do you think i could fit fifteen marshmallows in my mouth?

    midorima: what's wrong with you? you’re a hazard to society

    aomine: and a coward. do twenty.

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  • galaxy-of-me
    25.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    s1 takao is so funny bc he’s like “UGH, i can’t believe i’m being forced to pedal this rickshaw because midorima can get away with anything 😡😡😡” when he can just. just not do that. and then he’s like “me and midorima aren’t friends” but then actively chooses to hang around him and talk to him even when he’s unresponsive and looks at him so damn proudly every 5 seconds. like who are you trying to convince, help me.

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  • galaxy-of-me
    25.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    i’m thinking about how in ace-sama ni bazai takao says he “can’t help but acknowledge him [midorima]” which 🤨🤨 and takao wants to be acknowledged by midorima?? what kind of fruity language is this “acknowledge” mf just say you have gay feelings for him goodnight

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  • galaxy-of-me
    25.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    thinking about how takao kept saying midorima wasn’t his friend and then like deadass a few months after is just like “ah yes yes my dear friends shin-chantarou midorima we are partners and he’s a tsundere ass bitch who can’t admit i’m his friend ❤️” like what you hypocrite, wasn’t that whole denial of friendship stage just you still being salty over this imaginary rivalry you built in your head so that when you actually got along and this stupid idiot didn’t match the image of your midorima shintarou you gay panicked and just thought “ah yes if i just say i am not friends with him despite talking to him more than anyone and joining him in all his extra practice and pulling this rickshaw for him then it doesn’t mean anything” you’re so dumb i’m

    #midotaka#knb #cancer n scorpio #original posts #hi i’m going through old mdtk drafts and they’re funny
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  • yatsurinamikaze
    25.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Kuchiki Byakuya, Suna Rintarou, Sakusa Kiyoomi, Ryō Kurokiba, Aomine Daiki, Levi Ackerman, Shoto Todoroki, Fushiguro Megumi, Gojou Satoru, Hatake Kakashi.

    You see a pattern? I see a pattern.

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  • cocobutterbaby
    25.09.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #~coco talks✨ #alexa play 'love in this club' dsjfbkahebeaw #kuroko no basket #knb kise#knb akashi#knb murasakibara#knb kagami#knb aomine
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  • cocobutterbaby
    25.09.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #~coco talks✨ #kuroko no basket #knb jason #knb jason silver #it’s not that he doesn’t like your friends #he just can’t control y’all being all together #or afford it too vididjsjssj #y’all be running that mans card beyond its limit pls
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  • cocobutterbaby
    25.09.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #~coco talks✨#~💢nonny tingz #kuroko no basket #knb jason#knb silver #we cant stand him #but its all out of love #and because he wants free food #the type to pull up in the drive thru high as hell asking for your discount djsafbahe
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  • cocobutterbaby
    25.09.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #~coco talks✨ #kuroko no basket #knb jason #knb jason silver
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  • anchaaaaaan
    25.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Okay I had a dream, I wanna call it a nightmare even lmfao I just remember I was reading some KnB manga and it was about Takao kinda getting wasted and he's sleeping alone in his bed, and in the morning he's still so wasted that he thinks Shintarou's laying next to him and idfk what that was anyways Takao had some anal vibrator up his ass and like really sexual shit between them and in my dream I was like "....they draw this in official KnB mangas!? Hol on! MIDOTAKA IS AN ACTUAL THING??!!" and I was panicking like fuck no

    I'm so glad I woke up and they were still straight

    #the last sentence #is the funniest thing i will ever say #yesh but fuck that dream #that was horrible #fuck off#knb #kuroko no basket #the basketball which kuroko plays #kurokos basketball#midorima#midorima shintarou
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  • colorseeingchick
    25.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Becoming Everything (Akashi Seijuro x GN!Reader)

    Request: I NEED boyfriend!Akashi fluff. Anything really, cuddles, kisses, pecks, cooking, movie nights... Just anything. I need something longish and since writing long fluff is difficult you can have slight angst. Also it's fine if it is not long. Thank you!!!!!!

    Summary: While spending an evening with your boyfriend trying to do work, it devolves into a cuddle session and a reflection on your relationship.

    Rating: Teen. Suggestive-ish moments, but it's mainly just fluffy fluff. They're college 1st years. 2.5/10 chili peppers.

    Word Count: 2k Jeez

    Warnings: Soft and intimate Akashi. suggestive, unedited. Mainly unstructured fluff.

    The tall windows of the Akashi residence were elegant. Arching at the top and crystal clear, they let the beautiful rays of sunset shine in, flooding the entire living room with a warm gold. As the giant photo frames shimmer and the crystal chandelier glistens, you can’t help but admire the serenity of the space. If you weren’t so stressed, maybe you’d even be able to enjoy yourself.

    “Why is writing so hard?” You sigh, falling onto the plush maroon couch in the middle of the living room, the velvet kissing your exposed skin.

    “I should be asking you that. You’re the writer, not me, remember?” Your eyes turn up to look at your lovely boyfriend, Akashi Seijuro, who’s sitting pristinely on the couch, laptop resting on his thighs. He turns his head to look down at you, his ruby eyes sparkling with the gold light.

    “I question that every day. I just have the worst writer’s block right now.” For the first time in a long time, Akashi had gotten a day off from basketball- which meant that you two had planned to spend some long overdue quality time together. But even though basketball paused for a day, school work didn’t.

    “It’s just a close reading! She said. Won’t be much work- hah,” you mutter under your breath as you lift your head to read your 3rd page of writing. “Oh my God this is so bad...In what world is 5 pages not much work!”

    You feel a soft scratch at your scalp running down your head till a warmth presses up against your neck, supporting your head. “You’re going to break your head sitting like that, you know.”

    You look backwards, letting a mischievous smile cross your lips. “Maybe my neck won’t break if I can place my head on your lap.”

    The smile is reciprocated as Akashi places his laptop on the side table next to him. “Here’s a better idea. Sit up,” he holds your shoulder and helps prop you up, your legs still up on the couch. “Let’s read through your paper together, I’ll see if I can help you.” You’re ready to whine in protest, but he responds to your complaint before it can even come out of your mouth. “Come here,” he grabs your waist and tugs you into the space between his legs, which were now also up on the couch. You gasp at first, but after realizing how he wanted to be situated, you dig your feet into the couch to push yourself back and further rest against his torso, his longer legs on either side of yours, your laptop readjusted to sit squarely on your thighs. Akashi’s back is supported by the arm of the couch, his head resting over your shoulder, his arms woven underneath yours and ready to use your laptop.

    Maybe this was slightly better than laying your head in his lap.

    Knowing it’ll take him at least a few minutes to read through your content, you opt to throw your head back against his shoulder and close your eyes. With the light of golden hour still warming the darkness behind your closed lids, you let yourself sink into the sound of Akashi’s soft and hushed breathing, the rhythmic rise and fall of his chest applying the slightest of pressure to your back. It was a nice temporary relief from the overdrive of working on your paper. As the subtle smell of cardamom and cinnamon wafts into your nose, you realize Akashi’s wearing your favorite cologne of his. A small smile falls over your lips.

    “I think the direction you’re going in is fine.” You can feel Akashi nod his head as he types away on your laptop, adjusting the grammar in your last few sentences.

    “Just fine? Is there a better option?”

    “No, I don’t mean it like that. It’s good.”

    “Are you just trying to be nice?”

    “I’m not exactly known for being nice, my love.” You feel his chuckle against your back. “If I didn’t think it was a successful paper so far, I’d let you know.”

    “Mm,” you feel your shoulders relax just a bit as Akashi’s words comfort you. “Well, time to get back to work.” You sigh once again as you wiggle forward, ready to sit and think hard on what to write next.

    “Ah, I’d reconsider that decision.” You feel one of Akashi’s hands press on you belly, keeping you in place, while the other gently shut your laptop closed.

    “What are you-”

    “Shhh,” he grabs your laptop and twists to place it on top of his own on the side table. “I, I’d like for you to stay close to me for a bit,” his words are soft, a bit shy, as his hand on your waist tightens its grip slightly.

    Akashi was never desperate or needy- at the very least, he never showed it. But hearing him express his desire to be close to you always made your heart flutter. This was exactly what you wanted, too.

    “I’d like that,” you say. As Akashi relaxes into the couch and wraps his arms around your waist entirely, he pulls you against him, burying his face into the crook of your neck. His arm strokes at your sides slowly, his nose pressing deeper against your skin.

    “La Belle? For me?” He asks tauntingly, well aware of the perfume you’d sprayed yourself with prior to giving him a visit. It was his recurring gift to you, and also his favorite perfume of yours. “Just like how your cologne is for me?” You roll over so your stomach is pressed to his abdomen, your eyes directly level with his gem-like ones. Your hands press into his toned chest to keep you propped up, while hiis hands rest on your lower back, tracing shapes playfully.

    “You can smell it? From so far?” He stares into your eyes, baiting you.

    It wasn’t subtle by any means, but you had no problem following through.

    “Mm, maybe I’ll be able to smell it better if I get closer...” grabbing at the arm of the chair with your left hand and at Akashi’s shoulder with your right, you pull yourself up so your nose grazes the spot behind his jaw and below his ear. Pressing your nose against him like he had to you before, the scent of warm spices hits you. You hear him gasp, sucking in air abruptly, and you can’t help but smile. Dragging your nose against his neck, you slowly inch down to his pulse point. “Ah, I love this cologne so much, Sei.”

    When you hear his breath hitch and feel his grasp on your hips tighten, you know that you’ve won the teasing game.

    When you and Akashi first got into the relationship, you were almost certain he wasn’t the type to enjoy physical touch. And for a long time, the way he acted confirmed that fact. He limited his contact to hands on the shoulder, or linking arms at formal events. On rare occasions, he’d guide you by placing a hand on the small of your back. And if you were lucky (and he was excessively tired), he’d give you a dazed kiss on the temple. That all changed after you were formally introduced to his father.

    You came to the dinner dressed like an angel - it was the first thing that took Akashi by surprise. You had a conservative white dress/outfit that also did good work to highlight how elegant you were. But the way the dinner went was even better.

    His father (to Akashi’s and every servant’s surprise) took an instant liking to you [note: Akashi’s father liked little to no people]. He was amused by your stories and your genuinity. And when you talked high praise of Akashi himself, gushing over his basketball achievements and academic standing, Akashi all but tried to conceal his blush. His father was aware of all his successes already. But to hear them so fondly recalled by someone else clearly pleased the old man, who hummed in content. By the end of the dinner, when you left to collect your shoes and jacket, Akashi’s father formally granted his approval of you as a significant other.

    As he drove you home that night, you were terrified of his silence. Did his father hate you? Reject you as his son’s partner? You didn’t think so, but the way Akashi was acting didn’t really aid your anxieties. Not until he walked you to your door, asked you if he could come in, and then instantly crushed you in a hug the moment the door closed behind you.

    He’d gotten approval to be with you. Meaning he could date you and not worry about anything else - he didn’t have to worry about having you taken away from him and hurting you in the process. He finally could allow himself to truly get attached to you, knowing that he could love you without hesitation.

    “I don’t mean to be forward, but, can I kiss you?” He had asked, his hands cupping your face with anticipation. When you said yes, you weren’t ready for him to latch his lips onto yours and back you against the wall, caressing your cheek with every ounce of love he had to offer. He pried off his suit jacket and told you to go change into pyjamas, and he held you for an hour, napping with you laying on top of him, just enjoying the time as close to you as possible. That was the first night he told you he loved you.

    Fast forward many months, you are now at the end of your first year in college, back to this moment on the couch in the Akashi residence. You know that, while he will still opt for small touches in public and that he was never an advocate of PDA, he’d take any moment alone to completely drown you in physical affection. Moments where he didn’t have to put on a facade, and where he could be his true authentic self to the core with you, he would.

    “Forgive me if I sound vulgar, but I want to kiss you so badly right now,” he whispers into your ear as you nuzzle into him, playfully placing a small kiss on his neck where no potential onlooker would have been able to tell that you’d shared such an exchange.

    “Then why don’t you?” You ask, pulling back from his body and looking up into his eyes.

    “Because there are servants around.” His eyes shimmer with an innocent want.

    “Then why did you tell me that you wanna kiss me?”

    “I just thought you should know.”

    You swear, if you’d told any of his teammates-especially the Generation of Miracles- how gentle he was, no one would believe you for a second.

    “You know they’re your servants, not mine, right?” You ask.

    “Yes, why?”

    “Because I have no appearances to maintain in front of them.”

    “And so-?”

    “-I can do this,” You say before lunging forward, tackling him in a proper kiss. His eyes shoot open. He scans the room, checking to see if any of his servants had come by (even though he messaged them prior to keep their distance unless called), and once reassured, he closes his eyes and leans into you, cradling your head as he kisses you slowly.

    As you pull away, you watch an uncontrolled smile crossing his lips. The sun now set, the moon shining brightly, the golden light that had illuminated his face had switched to a softer glow, a blue glaze flooding the room with peace.

    “You’re my everything,” he says, eyes glimmering with so much love.

    You smile back, all your school stress faded, and press your forehead to his. “And as are you, for me.”

    A/N: Man this is the first thing I've written fanfic wise in college.

    - I made them in college cuz I was unsure of what age you wanted anon I'm sorry

    - there's no real plot ig. It's odd to write like that. But it was comforting so no one can stop me

    - i donut mind requests! I love them actually. But pls do check my rules ^.^

    © 2021 Colorseeingchick, All Rights Reserved. Do not Repost or Copy (Published 9/24/2021)

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  • animeincorrectquotes
    25.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Aomine: I got my clothes 50% off

    Kagami: I’d like them 100% off

    Aomine: …

    Himuro: That’s MY brother!

    #aomine daiki#kagami taiga#himuro tatsuya#knb #kuroko no basket #kuroko no basket incorrect quotes #knb incorrect quotes #aomine x kagami #aokaga #kagami and himuro #brothers#gay ship#practically canon
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  • cocobutterbaby
    25.09.2021 - 13 hours ago
    #~coco talks✨#~zyettemoon1800 #kuroko no basket #knb jason silver #knb jason
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  • peachmuses
    25.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    quickreleased: he(art). 

    #ic ⸺ sakurai. #knb ⸺ twit. #art is the heart. OR is it he is art. you'll never know.
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  • s-seya
    24.09.2021 - 16 hours ago

    someone send me aomine thirsts / prompts !! i’m bored and refuse to do my school work:(

    #seya speaks #aomine daiki x reader #knb x reader
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