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  • gazeboarcade
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago


    posting this knife now in case I need it after the season finale of succession next week <3

    #not for me girls #for the writers etc #I’m finding it all rather vile and disgusting how little how shall we say uhhh #PLOT there is in s3 #how it all just feels so much like. people in rooms going places #told the wife this it just feels like a show about working!!! #you can have a job you love the thrill of like how all those fucked up children love their daddy’s business #and it could be something u do every day etc #but #what makes life have depth and therefore relevance is the attachments you form with people because it’s thru like #bonds and attention you make good for yourself and other people and most genuine way to do that is through like #romantic (or I guess familial but that’s off the table in this show) bonds for these people #friendship ain’t gonna cut it for them and that’s fine but still like. idk I might need this knife next Sunday is all #and like not to be like that one spn post but love is literally the whole point and these ppl are making me catch like #a serious case of the ick #succession
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  • jordiethepoolfloatie
    02.12.2021 - 6 days ago

    headcanon that Inej likes her tea prepared a very specific way so she always makes it for herself, and Kaz secretly learns how to do it

    #cries in kanej #kazzle dazzle#knife wife #inej ghafa my beloved #treasure of my heart #captain ghafa#kazoo brekker#dirtyhands#inej ghafa#kaz brekker#the wraith #bastard of the barrel #six of crows #grishaverse #crooked kingdom #and my crooked mental state
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  • mrssmasher
    01.12.2021 - 6 days ago
    Can I have 2 extra slices?
    #cyberpunk 2077#Cyberpunk2077#CP77 #Cyberpunk 2077 Screenshots #cdpr#femv#female v#fem v#corpo v#C: Hyena #So I uhh makin some poses for fem v spawn #and this one is kinda dope lowky hagsha #I found the knife flip ones too #KNIFE WIFE!
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  • caveofwanderers
    01.12.2021 - 1 week ago
    witchamania asked: 💌~
    Symbols for the mun
    💌 I just think you’re amazing

    {Me, amazing? Nah I’m just normal at best--! Though knowing you through the friends I’ve made this past while, you’re a real one! (That plus w/ happy chaos existing I’m considering iconing him and tossing him your way at some point for funsies!) Just keep being you, all right?}

    #munspeak#the mailbox#witchamania #the knife wife is a friend
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  • gazeboarcade
    29.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    hi so i’ve gathered you all here today bc i need to do an official statement. my wife told me i needed to take down the nic cage snail post bc i said i look like that irl and, “you’re actually hot & a piece of ass” and “don’t lead your followers to believe otherwise.” so. takebacksies girls <3

    #THIS IS FOR U EMILYYYYY #you guys ever seen moonstruck #you know the part where nic cage is like GET ME THE BIG KNIFE!!!! and #the little lady is like no!!! i wont! #that was me when my wife said REGAN U NEED TO TAKE THIS POST DOWN #but i did bc shes sweet and i love her
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  • rowan-of-the-ravenwood
    29.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Evil Caderousse be like I only have good people in my life

    #tcomc #the count of monte cristo #seriously dude #danglars benedetto AND murder wife??? #wait#knife wife #but really now #get better friends my guy
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  • confusedrat
    28.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    I can and will give every character a nickname until the show is unrecognisable

    #twink zac efron and his boyfriend tbat orange guy from despicable me #are fighting kaz brekker and his daughter #i have others #oh and what about that one lord of the flies show where we have #claire <3 #fucking idiot who no one likes 1 #fucking idiot who no one likes 2 #platonic couple raising a child <3333 #my boi gareth #oh and caw caw motherfuckers where we have #dark coffee#knife wife #bisexual gun boi #kaboom #confused fjerdan <3 #waffle woman
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  • shy-the-lawyer
    28.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    thinking about Melanie King and her girlfriend Georgie and her other girlfriend Basira and her girlfriend’s girlfriend Daisy

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  • shy-the-lawyer
    28.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    thinking abt s3 Melanie and Basira on this fine day

    #tma #the magnus archives #melanie king#basira hussain #basira x melanie #knife wife#shy speaks
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  • afraidofchange
    28.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    "He buys me things and fucks good. I do not know what else to say. Is that love?"

    #NIKITA ANTONOVNA: IC #OPEN. #[ me n quincy/sleazygoing be talking about these two being the most eccentric couple in an NYC apartment bldg ] #[ COCAINE CLOWN AND KNIFE WIFE ] #[ anyway i love them
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  • aifragment-east
    25.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Phase…I’m not sure that’s gonna help with the escape room

    #they got to do one of their team building exercises!! #the lack of East though #rvb spoilers #family shatters spoilers #rvb #red vs blue #rvb0#rvb zero #red vs blue zero #rvb phase#rvb danyell#rvb pheast
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  • highladyluck
    25.11.2021 - 1 week ago
    #wheel of time #knife wife
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  • killing-is-my-fucking-business
    25.11.2021 - 1 week ago
    #aesthetic#guitars#knifes#ovens #demented metal house wife
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  • thecruelprincexxx
    25.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    did a Jude cosplay 👍🏻

    #jude duarte#knife wife #the cruel prince #the wicked king #the queen of nothing
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  • jordiethepoolfloatie
    19.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    got inspired by a recent post by @intrxpide13 so here’s what type of jewelry the crows would wear (only the crows because i’m a disgrace to humanity and haven’t yet read the grisha trilogy)

    Nina: gold or silver, whichever se feels like that day. i also feel like she likes crystal earrings, the ones that look ~frosty~. Rubies were created on this earth for Nina Zenik to wear them.

    Matthias: the ultimate silver jewelry man. also black leather. he probably has a pendant shaped like a knife or a wolf’s tooth or a wolf head or shomething

    Kazzle Dazzle: silver and very minimal. this man himself is the jewelry. he has a pocket watch, an expensive one (he may have stolen it) but it’s not showy like pekka’s. also i feel like he wears cuff links and has a small collection of them.

    Inej: My queen is a gold jewelry person, small earrings that don’t get in the way of being the wraith, blue rhinestones, a thin gold chain with a dagger pendant she got as a gift from kaz that she never takes off. she has a ring from her mother, that she never wears, it’s too precious for her to risk losing it.

    Jesper: mixing all types of jewelry. gold with silver, cheap with expensive. layered rings, and at least 3 earrings. man is bedazzled. he constantly keeps losing his rings, so the one he truly cares about (he got it from Wylan) is in his neck hanging from a gold chain.

    Wylan: gold jewelry boy. he doesn’t wear a whole lot, just one necklace and the ring he got from Jesper. your favorite merchling also wears a tie pin. i like to think he changed the signature colour and symbol of the Van Eck family, or he started using the Hendriks family’s symbols after he took over his father’s fortune.

    #six of crows #grishaverse#inej ghafa#knife wife#the wraith#jesper fahey#kanej#kaz brekker#kazoo brekker#kazzle dazzle#soc rambles#wesper#nina zenik#wylan hendriks #wylan van eck #matthias helvar#helnik#ninej#waffle queen #depressed teenager assassins of ketterdam #six of troubled teens #the dregs #kuwei yul bo #fuck jan van eck #shadow and bone #soc#soc shitpost#crooked kingdom #i woke up at 6am for no reason #im not used to having free time so now you get spammed
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  • jordiethepoolfloatie
    19.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    it’s practically canon (in my head at least) that inej loves candles. and at first, kaz doesn’t really care about them, yk he’s busy being the bastard of the barrel and coming up with more terrible ways to hide his feelings. but at some point, he catches himself feeling a sense of comfort whenever the smell of matches and melting wax fills the air. It reminds him of her, and he starts buying candles and lighting them whenever Inej is away with her ship. She knows.

    #she might also bring back some scented candles that have spices in them from her voyages hhhh #honestly anything these two do is fucking adorable #six of crows #inej ghafa#knife wife#the wraith#kanej#kaz brekker#kazoo brekker#kazzle dazzle#grishaverse#kanej rambles #cries in kanej #inej and kaz #inej headcanon #depressed teenager assassins of ketterdam
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  • aelingalathyniusrailme
    17.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    did you know inej is god

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  • separatist-apologist
    16.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago


    We always walked a very thin line

    Chapter 2: I've Got Arrogance Down To A Science

    Read more: Chapter 1 or AO3 here: Read me!

    Beta'd by @alibi272

    Feyre woke in a bed that felt of spun silk. She rubbed her eyes against the heel of her hand before looking around. The room was large, as big as the cottage she’d lived in with her sisters and father, but softer…more elegant. The bedcovers were silver like the trim on the walls and a breezy white curtain blew in a phantom wind over a wall-length window. Sitting in a plush, white chair was the man who’d taken her from the auction. Feyre jerked into a sitting position, her back pressed against the black headboard. He held out both hands.

    “You don’t need to be afraid,” he told her, his violet-colored eyes glittering with amusement. Feyre very much doubted that. Her stomach lurched. How long had he been sitting there watching her sleep?

    “Where are my sisters?” She demanded. She didn’t care about anything else, would trust nothing until she saw both of them with her own eyes.

    “Nesta is fine,” He assured her. “She’s at the House of Wind with my brother…torturing him, if we’re being plain.”

    “And Elain?” Feyre demanded, arms crossed over her chest. Someone had changed her clothes, she realized with horror, looking at the pink cotton dress she now wore. Had it been the man looking at her with hungry interest? If he tried to touch her, she’d make him regret it, she decided.

    The man flinched. “I didn’t realize…it was too late, by the time I knew who she was. She is in another court.”

    Another court. Feyre’s throat threatened to close. “What kind of court?”

    His expression told her all she needed to know. Feyre’s panic began to surge. “You have to go get her. Elain is soft, she won’t…she wouldn’t fight back.”

    He shrugged his shoulders, clad in a black and silver tunic as he picked a piece of lint from the arm. “I can’t. If I attempted they might think there was something…fascinating about her. It would draw the wrong attention.”

    “So?” Feyre shot back. What the fuck did she care if she was putting him out? “Go get her anyway.”


    “Fuck you,” she snarled, hating how his lips twitched in response.

    “Is that an offer?” He purred. Feyre’s stomach lurched again. She knew what the Fae wanted women for. She was in his bedroom, he’d changed her out of her clothes…who knew what else he’d done while she slept. She’d need to be careful, needed to keep him at arms length for as long as she could.

    “Why am I here?” She asked, hugging her knees to her chest. “Let us go.”

    He sighed ever so softly. “Rebellion is brewing, Feyre darling. My brothers and I go occasionally to the market to see which humans seem like they might help take up the cause…who would be an asset…who could be trained.”

    “And if we don’t want to be trained for your fucking rebellion?” Feyre demanded. Rhys only smiled wider. “Then I’ll dump you back in the human lands and hope you’re not stupid enough to get caught twice.”

    “You’re a prick,” she seethed, hating how self-assured he was. The thought that he could take a human to fight in a war without asking was just so Faerie it made her want to puke. Her captor only shrugged.

    “Be that as it may, you could have had it a lot worse. I have it on good authority that the High Lord of Spring planned to take you back to his sons. No one will touch you here.”

    “And my sister?” Feyre demanded, trying not to imagine what someone might do to beautiful, kind Elain. It made her stomach sick.

    “Nesta has the run of the House of Wind and I think will agree to train with Cassian and Azriel once she….settles—”

    “Not Nesta,” Feyre snapped. “Elain. What about Elain?”

    He sighed as though it all weighed heavily on him. Feyre very much doubted a Faerie cared for their plight at all. “There are rumors…if there was a civil war, the High Lord of Autumn intends to let his human slaves go.”

    “Rumors,” Feyre scoffed. “And if you’re wrong—”

    “Fuck, Feyre, I can only do so much! I am one person and if I can’t keep track of every fucking human coming over the border, you’ll have to forgive me.”

    “I don’t have to do shit,” Feyre shot back. “And I’m not going to help you until you bring me Elain.”

    He lounged in his chair, stretching out his long legs. “We’ll see about that.”

    “You can’t tell me—”

    “I think you’ll find, as the High Lord, I can tell you whatever I want,” he purred, feline amusement bright on his face. “You will assist me if you want me to help you with your missing sister or you will remain right here and I will leave her to the delightful Vanserras. Did you know the High Lord of Autumn has five sons?”

    Horror churned in Feyre’s stomach. The High Lord examined his nails, as though the entire thing bored him. She’d have to take a different tactic if she wanted his help. She needed to talk to Nesta, needed to form a plan. They could get out if they played along, did as the Lords asked just long enough to get out and find Elain.

    “Autumn borders Summer. I’m sure you didn’t know, ignorant as you are, that Summer was the first Court to ban slavery altogether. Their High Lord welcomes any human that can make it to their borders…safe haven that all the Courts are forced to respect. I suppose there might be a way for your sister to make it through the forest of Autumn safely…and from there, I suspect she could probably be brought here. My willingness to piss off Beron all depends on you.”

    She hated him. She hated his arrogance, hated his beauty, the casual grace in which he moved and the magic she could feel thrumming around them. Beyond that, she hated that he seemed to think of himself as a good person despite having purchased her with coins. He was complicit at best, a complete liar at worst. She didn’t want to be his good little human, didn’t want to do one fucking thing he asked and hated that he’d weaponized her sister’s safety in order to make her compliant. Feyre had been forced into submission her entire life, had followed the rules and kept her head down just as she’d been told to and where had that gotten her?

    In a strange bedroom, surrounded by the smell of magic, staring down a man that very likely did not consider her anymore than a useful piece of livestock.

    “That doesn’t feel like a choice at all,” she spat. He shrugged again.

    “I could make you so good with a blade no Faerie would ever touch you again,” he told her, leaning forward in his chair. “So lethal, so feared everyone would second guess coming within a mile of you. I am offering to unleash you onto a battlefield of the very kind that took you and your sisters from your home for your personal slaughter. Indiscriminately…so long as you’re fighting the loyalists, of course. You’ll have run of my personal home, access to anything your little human heart desires…how could any of that displease you?”

    “What if it takes years?” Feyre whispered. What would happen to Elain in the time it took for the High Lord to train her and Nesta, for this battle to take place at all?

    “Say yes and I’ll start working to free your sister now,” he implored, something strange flashing over his expression.

    “Why me?” She asked him, her desperation apparent. His lips snapped shut and whatever his reasons, it was clear he wasn’t going to share them with her. “At least tell me your name.”

    He smiled, softer this time. He almost seemed human at that moment. “Rhysand.”

    Rhysand. The name clanged through her chest as the strangest sense of deja vu began to wash over her. She felt as though they’d met before, though she knew she’d remembered the man sitting before her. He was beautiful, perhaps the most beautiful man she’d ever seen, with near blue-black hair and eyes that seemed like stars. Even beneath his tunic and pants, it was clear he was muscular, powerful even. He stood from his chair and walked to the bed, hand extended.

    “Do we have a deal, Feyre?” He breathed, too close for her comfort. She glanced from his face to his hand, hesitant. Every human knew not to make a deal with the Fae and yet he was offering her safety, protection, and the return of her missing sister. It would be a lie to agree…she had no intention of staying longer than she had to. Let him make her into a weapon, let him train her, befriend her. A lifetime of abuse at the hands of his kind had already sharpened Feyre. She would get Elain and Nesta back, using whatever he offered before discarding him just as surely as he might one day discard her.

    Let Rhysand think her ignorant. Let him think she had no skill with weapons, that she hadn’t begun hunting as a child to feed her family when Faerie greed took all the food picked by human hands. Let him think she hadn’t slept with a homemade dagger beneath her pillow her entire life, aware that even human men, powerless as they were, could still come into her home at night and take what they wanted without fear of reprisal. Feyre could show him what he wanted to see, could be the ignorant, fragile human he could manipulate and use.

    Feyre was done being someone’s victim. She was done feeling weak, was done living at the mercy of other peoples whims. Let him arm her to the teeth. She’d put the blade to his throat and spill his fine blood just to see if he bled blue or red.

    “Fine,” she agreed, taking his hand quickly. He held it as little needles pricked over her skin. She yanked, horrified to find black swirls extended over her hand and up her wrist. An eye was now etched into her palm, so life-like she expected to see it blink.

    “In my Court, we mark our deals on the skin,” Rhysand told her, smiling at the tattoo on her hand.

    “Make it go away,” she demanded. He chuckled.

    “Always so grateful, humans. Now, tell me Feyre. How well do you read?”


    Bored. Lucien Vanserra was bored. He walked inside the Forest House, his eyes sliding over the courtiers that irked him, walking, talking, gossiping. He caught the eye of some Lord’s daughter, a brown-haired thing that flushed when his eyes settled on her. Did he know her? What was her name? He couldn’t recall. Lucien didn’t bother to stop though he offered her a smile, one that might tempt her into looking for him later. Perhaps she was the cure to his boredom.

    Not at that moment, though. With her father so close, she wouldn’t dare seek him out. He’d have to find another way to amuse himself. Lucien made his way to the library, the one place that never failed to entertain him, only to run into his mother.

    “Lucien,” she murmured, smiling sweetly. His eyes drifted towards her neckline where a bruise was half hidden beneath heavy, navy fabric. His nostrils flared at the sight, irrational anger churning in his stomach. His father was too cruel with his mother, who was too kind to be married to someone like Beron. It made Lucien sick.

    “Mother.” He returned the smile, hugging her in return. She slid her hand into his arm.

    “Walk with me,” she said, changing his course from the library towards her private suite. Lucien could deny her nothing. She had made his childhood bearable and made living in Autumn less horrible. Someday Beron would be dead, and his mother would have peace. Lucien was counting the days.

    “Your father has been discussing marriage for the five of you again,” she told him, her steps slowing just a little. “He has asked for my opinion on that matter.”

    “That’s a first,” Lucien retorted without thinking. His mother’s face sharpened ever so slightly. It was one thing to think Beron abusive and shitty in his mind but another to acknowledge it out loud. His mother was nothing if not loyal.

    “I have asked your brothers, as well. Is there anyone who interests you?”

    Lucien’s thoughts drifted back to the pretty brunette before he shook his head. “Go in order, mother. Let Eris have his pick of the females.”

    “I would prefer it if it were you,” she admitted, pulling open her door. Lucien stepped inside the comfortable, feminine space. It was just the drawing room; a door connected to her bedroom and Lucien knew this was the way his father entered when he came to visit, infrequent as it was. His father was juggling a litany of mistresses, for all that his mother seemed to care.

    Lucien sat in one of the soft, brown chairs near the fireplace. Light filtered in from the nearby window, making everything feel a little brighter in comparison. His mother sat beside him and a moment later one of the human servants stepped into the room with a tray of tea.

    “What about Lucinda?” His mother continued, unaware the human had drawn Lucien’s attention. She was new, he thought, taking in her long, dirty blonde hair that spilled over her shoulders as she poured. She didn’t look at him and he supposed the other humans had warned her about Cadmus. Smart, that they shared information.

    “Lucien and Lucinda?” He scoffed. “She bores me, and her name is too close to my own.”

    His mother frowned. “Tessa, then.”

    Lucien was still watching the human, clad in hunter green just like all the humans who waited on his mother. Why she insisted on dressing them so finely, knowing what a temptation it was to her sons, Lucien would never know. This human was lovely, even if he couldn’t see all her face. He didn’t need to see it, he decided. He could bend her over his desk and never look at her at all. Her form was all he really cared about and as far as he could tell, she was perfect. Soft, small breasts, a little waist, and hips that gently curved.

    “Give her to Conall,” Lucien told his mother, accepting the cup of tea from the human. He let his fingers brush over hers, delighting in how she started at the feeling. Static shocked him, heating his blood where they met, and he couldn’t help the frown that spread over his face. What the fuck was that?

    “Conall said to give her to you,” his mother, unaware of how Lucien was quietly tormenting her slave.

    “Of course he did, considering their history,” Lucien responded, trying to get the little human to look at him. Perhaps she was scarred and that was why she was so skilled at hiding her face?

    “Ayla, then.”

    Lola. Lucien couldn’t deny her blonde hair didn’t tempt him. “Eris.”

    His mother’s sigh turned to a snarl. “Name one thing you find unlikable about the female.”

    “I’m told she snores,” Lucien lied. The human’s head snapped up, revealing beauty Lucien would not have believable possible from a mere mortal. She didn’t look at him though full, pink lips twitched in response to his words and her eyes, a soft brown, crinkled at the edges. Light seemed to catch on her cheekbones, set high in her face though wherever she’d come from fed her well enough and kept her from the gauntness some of the other humans seemed to wear when they showed up.

    If any of his brothers realized what walked through the halls, they’d take her for themselves. Lucien wanted her. He dropped his eyes back to his mother the same moment the human hid her face behind those tumbling curls.

    “If you do not choose, your father will decide for you.” She turned to the human. “Thank you, Elain. You’re dismissed until dinner.”

    Elain offered his mother a perfect curtsey before vanishing, taking her sweet scent of honey and sunshine with her. Lucien’s fingers twitched, his muscles burning to chase after her, to pin her between himself and a wall, and see if she tasted half as good as she smelled.

    Humans so rarely did. Elain.

    “I will go to the next party and dance with all the eligible females,” he promised his mother. “You will have grandchildren by the end of the year.”

    “Be a good boy, Lucien,” she chided, taking a sip of her tea. She smiled at the taste and Lucien assumed whoever the new human was, she made his mother happy. He almost reconsidered his plan to hunt her down. He wasn’t like his brothers, offering little favors to get the humans to keep their mouths shut and their legs open. The humans bored and disgusted him. They cried too easily and never seemed to say anything of interest.

    This one, though. This one he knew every brother would be interested in. He wanted to mark her with his scent before another brother got the chance. She’d enjoy it, he told himself. With the dull life he was sure she was leading, he could be a distraction for her, something for her to think of. After all, how many Lords paid her any mind?

    He kissed his mother’s cheek before taking off, headed back to the library. The humans were like rats, hiding in their dark little cellar. They tended to scamper about during the night when no one was around. He wondered where this one liked to hide.

    The library, he realized upon entering. He smelled her the second he stepped inside. She’d been warned, but perhaps not well enough. Lucien was quiet, closing and locking the door silently behind him before stepping behind the stacks. Humans had such poor vision and even worse hearing; she didn’t see him sneak up on her. She was sitting on the floor in a beam of sunlight, a book resting on her lap. He paused for a moment, stunned by how pretty she was…how happy she looked.

    If she’d been Fae he might have offered her pretty words, perhaps a stroll in the woods…but she was human and humans did not feel as the Fae did. They were blunted, dull, hardly intelligent beings at all. He was surprised this one could read. Lucien reached for a book on the shelf in front of him and pulled it out, dropping it loudly to the floor. She looked up like a startled deer, snapping the cover of her own book closed. Lucien smiled when she rose to her feet, set the book on a nearby table, and made her way through the winding rows of books towards the door he’d already locked.

    He stepped in front of her right as her fingers reached for the handle. Her whole body went taut just as her hand smacked into his chest. Lucien tsked. “I didn’t know humans were allowed time for recreation.”

    Her eyes were huge as she took him in. What had the humans said about him, he wondered? What was his reputation among them? It was true that Lucien had fucked his fair share, though he didn’t tend to burn through them the way his brothers did, preferring they want him, that they were willing, that it was an exchange of pleasure. Every once and a while one caught his eye. None like this, he thought, frowning at the strange, burning fire that had erupted in his chest.

    She jerked her hand back, biting her bottom lip. He wanted to bite it as possession began to clamor through him.

    Mine, she’s mine—

    He wondered, if he asked, if his mother would give Elain to him. Lucien took a step towards her and she, to her credit, skittered backwards right against a table. Lucien reached out to touch a piece of her hair as she sucked in a breath, her fear palpable.

    “Can you read, Elain?”

    She swallowed audibly. “Yes, Lord,” she whispered. Desire raced through his blood, settling in the base of his cock. He pressed closer as she turned her head, squeezing her eyes shut as though he repulsed her. Lucien had it on good authority he was handsome.

    “Do I offend you?” He asked her, catching her jaw in his hand and tilting her towards him.

    “You…you are c-close,” she stammered nervously. He smiled.

    “My nearness offends you, then?”

    She only nodded. Lucien brought his face closer, dragging his nose along her cheek. She trembled beneath him, his sweet little fawn. He would have her, he decided. He had to have her. He would do whatever it took to get her to look at him with the same desire he felt.

    “Do you know how many females wish they could be you?” He asked, his lips dragging over her neck.

    “Have them, then,” she whispered with defiance. He smiled, tilting her head so her lips were mere inches from his own. His thumb stroked over her cheek.

    “Ah, but you’re so much more fun.”

    “Please don’t,” she whispered, her words causing her lips to brush over his. Lucien shuddered, his free hand braced against the table he had her pinned against.

    “Will you scream?” He asked, his eyes closing. She didn’t respond, couldn’t respond. She pressed her palm against his chest and pushed but Lucien held her, intending to kiss her. Their bodies were flush, his erection pressed into her hip. His heart was a wild, runaway thing and Lucien swore he smelled arousal mingled with her fear.

    A bang on the library door pulled him away from her. She slipped beneath his arm, shaking visibly, her eyes huge and glassy.

    “Lucien!” Eris called, his voice irritated. “Open the fucking door.”

    “You will meet me in my room tonight,” he ordered Elain, striding towards the door. “I want you to read to me.”

    “Yes,” she swallowed before taking off, darting around Eris without another word. Eris watched her go with an arched brow.

    “You have nothing better to do?” His elder brother demanded. Lucien merely shrugged. As if Eris were one to talk.

    Still, as Lucien followed after Eris, half-listening to his discussion regarding their border with Spring, Lucien felt unsettled. Something was churning in his gut, and he didn’t like the sensation was the result of one trembling, stupid human.

    Perhaps seeing her again was a mistake.

    #feysand#elucien #feyre x rhysand #elain x lucien #love how feyre is ready to murder this man #meanwhile rhysand is googling: how soon to propose marriage after purchasing a woman??? #meanwhile #the most important note my beta left regarding lucien is: LOL hes such a dick #and elain is like #actually youre not that hot at all #and lucien took that personally #exile#acotar fic#elucien fanfic #nessian next week #nesta is also a knife wife #cassian is also aroused #generally all three should examine their response to a woman holding a knife #their dick should not be as hard as it is #yet here we are
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    15.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ INTERACTION VERSES:


    [Confident Fangirl — Future Sky Verse] [His Wife Forever — Normal Sky] [Knife Collector — Bekka/Neo Sky] [Spoiled Brat — BSides Sky] [sui/d/al pinky — Nene.]


    #[Confident Fangirl — Future Sky Verse] #[His Wife Forever — Normal Sky] #[Knife Collector — Bekka/Neo Sky] #[Spoiled Brat — BSides Sky] #[sui/d/al pinky — Nene.]
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    Also, what if I add my third favorite SDM girl...

    #ic #knife wife...
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