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    Here is the second part of this. I loved to write the first one, and since some people seemed interested (that made me really happy!!), I decided to write some more. There will be a final part in the weeks to come when I'll find some time to write it! I'm a little bit self-conscious about this one, since I feel like Mozu is out of character...( ; ω ; ) Anyway, I hope you will enjoy it! ♡
    ღ polyamory, modern au, crude language, and minor spoiler (new character)

    hyoga & mozu ♡

    part one; part two

    “I see you're both making progress on your project, yeah?”

    Mozu's ironic question made you look up from your phone. Laying on the couch with your legs spread in front of you, toes almost touching Hyoga's thigh, you knew he was mocking you. He didn't even try to hide it anyway, as he smirked down at you while taking off his jacket.

    “I'll have you know that we're almost done! Let us take a break.” You replied, sticking your tongue out.

    “My bad, my bad! No need to act so immature now.” He retorted, but his words didn't match his behavior as he proudly showed you his middle finger. You snorted, before covering your mouth with your hand and rolled your eyes in a desperate try to act offended.

    “They're right, you know, we haven't stopped working since they got here.” Hyoga said, still looking at his book as Mozu leaned against the back of the couch to give him a peck on the cheek. The sight made your heart flutter, and you wondered why as it should have ached in pain.

    “Still, it's rare to see you take a rest. I think that (Y/n) here rubbed off on you.” Mozu continued, and you folded your legs against your chest to let him sit between the two of you.

    “Look who's talking. They're much more hardworking than you.” Hyoga muttered and you gave Mozu a smug smile. As a reply, he weakly punched your leg in amusement.

    “You're being so mean to me. Last time I checked, I'm your partner, not (Y/n)!”

    At his words, you froze an instant. While it was only a playful retort, and a true statement as well, you couldn't help but feel hurt. It only reminded you that they loved each other, not you. You didn't belong with them, not like that. Despite knowing that was how it was supposed to be, that you were the only one to blame for your stupid feelings, it pained you all the same.

    From the corner of his eyes, Hyoga noticed how your smile slowly faded into a forced one. Your gaze dropped to your feet, eyebrows knitted in a slight frown. While he didn't comment on it, this image of you couldn't leave his mind.

    “It's starting to get late, let me drive you back home.”

    Hearing Mozu's words, you quickly saved your file before putting your computer in your bag. As you stretched your arms above your head, you didn't notice his long stare at your back, admiring the way your shoulder blades tightened.

    “Isn't Hyoga exhausted with all of his practices? They sure end late...” You softly asked, while rubbing your eyes to help them stay open. As you got to learn more about Hyoga these past weeks, you quickly started to admire his dedication and hard work. However, from time to time, you couldn't help but wonder how he could handle his schoolwork and spear practices without tiring himself out...

    Mozu watched in an unusual fondness your worried look as you got into his car. As it was getting dark outside, and you sleepy, he noticed how you expressed your emotions more easily. To know that while you were the one being exhausted right now, your first thoughts were about Hyoga's well-being made his heart beat in a way that he wasn't unfamiliar with...

    “Is that your way of saying that you prefer when it's him driving you home?” He simply retorted, eyes on the road.

    “Fuck, was I too obvious?” You answered, voice still playful despite your state. His lips tugged into a smile at your answer.

    The remainder of the ride was calm, quite unusual for the both of you as you were accustomed to singing, shouting, and laughing on every drive back. Most of the time, he liked to get a rise out of you with any subjects that he could think of, and you screaming at his face about how wrong he was, quickly became one of his favorite entertainment. But tonight, he was content to just hear you hum under your breath, in tune with the songs softly playing on the radio.

    “Mozu...?” You suddenly mumbled as he pulled over. Meeting your gaze as he glanced your way, he waited for you to go on.

    “About what happened earlier, I wanted to thank you. Even if you embarrassed me in front of everyone. You know, about saying that we fucked and all.”

    Mozu blinked, before bursting out laughing at your words. You jumped in your seat, startled by his thundering voice before looking at him, exasperated.

    “You're an adult, who cares if you fuck with me, Hyoga, or the whole world. People love to talk, but trust me, nobody will try to get on your bad side again. Not when you're under our protection.” He teased, pinching your waist. He smirked when you yelped, letting you swat his hand away.

    “Yeah, yeah I know...” You retorted, but couldn't help a smile from tugging at your lips. You were truthfully grateful for the two of them, even if they were quite peculiar. Who knew that these two could be this protective? This thought made you melt, but you were quick to sigh in frustration. If only you could control your feelings around them, then everything would be easier. “I know...” you repeated, staring vacantly into space.

    He watched, eyebrows raised in confusion at your sudden gloominess. Something was torturing you, there was no doubt about it. Silence washed over the two of you, and as you seemed lost in your thoughts, Mozu came to a realization.

    “Are you upset about it?” He asked, smirking. He was starting to get an idea of what was troubling you...

    “About what?” You mumbled, looking back at him. You weren't sure if you understood his question.

    “About not fucking us for real?”

    Mozu watched in amusement as your eyes went wide, mouth opening and closing without muttering any words. It was his first time seeing you this embarrassed. Face flushed and lips parted, Mozu couldn't help but think that this sight of you was exciting to see. If only Hyoga was there to see it too.

    “You can't go a day without being a little shit, can you?” You replied, desperately trying to calm your racing heart. Even if you learned to love Mozu didn't mean that you also learned to tolerate him.

    “Funny, Hyoga says the same thing. You two must be related.” He mused, not even trying to hide his smugness. You didn't reply, knowing that it wasn't worth it.

    “Well, thank you very much for the ride, I truly hope you don't get into an accident on the way home!” Your voice was dripping with sarcasm, and Mozu snorted at your statement. But as you made a move to get out, he suddenly gripped your wrist to stop you. Not expecting it, you froze.

    “Mozu...is everything alright?” You asked, taken aback by his action. Seeing your confused look, he let go of your hand, sighing.

    Mozu was truly concerned about you. Most people didn't mean shit to him, that was for sure, but for Hyoga and now you, that was another thing. When you were cornered and openly insulted in the hallway, he quickly understood that what he felt for you wasn't friendship. Not anymore. And by the way Hyoga reacted, he knew that he wasn't the only one. But they didn't have the time to talk about it, to put their feelings into words. After all, they were too busy beating the daylights out of these men before picking you up.

    “I should be the one asking that.” His eyes bored into yours, making you gulp. He seemed serious, not a once of playfulness in his voice. You bit your lips, fingers fidgeting with each other.

    “Well...” You started but quickly closed your mouth. What could you say? What should you say? Your heart ached to spill out everything, to pour out your feelings as to not drown into them anymore. Overwhelmed and cornered, as Mozu waited for an answer, a sudden thought stood clear and loud in your mind. And without thinking, you blurted out,

    “Why did Hyoga touched me like that?”

    Mozu wasn't expecting that. Did Hyoga's caress upset you that much? But on the other side...what he was starting to assume seemed more and more probable now.

    “Did it bother you?” He asked, avoiding your question. Mozu couldn't answer for Hyoga, even if he knew the reason behind his gesture.

    “No!” You shouted, before fleeing his gaze, embarrassed by your own outburst. He smiled, head in his hand as he watched you fondly. He couldn't wait to tell Hyoga, as he knew it would probably fluster the said man.

    “I mean, I was surprised but...it was soft and warm. It made me happy.” You whispered, and despite knowing that you shouldn't admit that, you couldn't stop yourself. “But, what about you? You didn't say anything back then...” You continued, too curious to not ask. Hyoga's act was undeniably intimate, and he did it despite Mozu being right there to witness it.

    “Did it bother me? No, no it didn't.” He replied casually, much to your surprise. But he didn't let you the time to express your confusion, as he continued,

    “Hyoga isn't used to get close to people. I wasn't used to it, either. People didn't interest me, and I found my entertainment in picking fights and sleeping with women after women.” So your first impression was right after all. He was a womanizer, or at least, he used to be. “But you could say that I picked the wrong guy when I decided to challenge Hyoga. He was the first one to put me in my place.” You couldn't help but snicker, heart a little bit lighter at his confession.

    “You look like someone who would enjoy that.” You pointed out, snorting again when Mozu looked back at you, faking annoyance.

    “Maybe you're right since I ended up with him.” He admitted, an amused smile on his lips. “So, seeing him close to you didn't bother me, no. I'm glad he could open up to someone else than me.” Mozu finished, voice so sincere for once that you couldn't think of a reply. You slowly nodded, thanking him for his answer.

    And as you were about to leave, Mozu stopped you again. However, this time it left you speechless, making your heart race once again as he stroked your cheek the same way as Hyoga did before. As you watched him with wide eyes, out of breath, Mozu understood.

    “And now, did it bother you?” He asked teasingly, but you couldn't say anything, couldn't muster a suitable answer. He could feel your skin warm up under his touch, and with his thumb, he started to slowly trace the curve of your cheekbone.

    And in an instant, the warmness of his touch faded as he pulled it back, making you want to lean in it once more. But you didn't.

    “Well, I'm letting you go for real this time.” He joked, nodding towards your apartment block. Mindlessly, you got out of his car, waving him goodbye as he drove away, screaming “see you tomorrow, cutie!” by his window.

    Collapsing on your bed, and head buried in your pillows, you wondered how you could have fallen asleep after...this. Your mind was racing, as well as your heart, and you couldn't help but think about Hyoga and Mozu's touch again, again and again. Why did you have to fall for them? Why did these stupid feelings have to make everything harder? You groaned, eyes tightly closed as you desperately tried to think of anything else.

    The soft ping! of your phone made you sit up reluctantly. Your friend was probably messaging you to ask about your day, but you couldn't bear yourself to answer them. However, as you unlocked your phone, you blinked as the name “Hyoga” appeared on your screen.

    From: Hyoga

    To: (Y/n)

    Did Mozu drive you home?

    Your fingers hovered over your keyboard. You knew you should reply with a simple “yes”, before throwing your phone at the other side of the room.

    From: (Y/n)

    To: Hyoga

    Yes, I'm home safe and sound. Was practice okay?

    But of course, you didn't do that. You sighed, disappointed in your lack of determination. Because despite everything, you still wanted to talk to him. To talk to them.

    From: Hyoga

    To: (Y/n)

    As usual. I would have liked to stay with you a little more, though.


    Did he have to say that? You hated how it made you burst with joy, how you couldn't help from smiling as you read his message over and over again.

    There was no way you could fall asleep tonight.

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    characters : oikawa tooru. kuroo tetsurou. miya osamu. ushijima wakatoshi.

    content warnings : mdni. eighteen plus. dub–con. overstimulation / fingering / degradation (oikawa). face–slapping / hair pulling / semi–public (kuroo). blowjob / asphyxiation / semi–public (osamu). dub–con / size kink / rough sex (ushijima).

    notes : aged–up ! characters, set in the time–skip. requests are open !

    ♡ : nobody would expect it from oikawa tooru — argentina's top setter, to be this sly; they thought he was all talk and no actions, this would have proved them wrong if they saw you now. naked and perched atop his lap, legs dangling above his thighs as his fingers poked and prodded the depths of your drooling cunt. "you're clenching on my fingers real tight, sweet thing." words uttered from over your shoulder was put on emphasis by the pinch given to your clit, "i don't think i should let you cum though, you've been awfully close to iwa–chan this morning." hearing the poison of jealousy and rage dripping from his tone, you knew you were in for a long night.

    ♡ : cornered inside the bathroom, palm meeting your cheek with a resounding slap that had you falling flat on the floor; wide–eyes gaze drifting to meet kuroo tetsurou's disinterested ones. lips parting to question him what you did when the click of the lock snapping into place echoed in the room, completely shutting the both of you out from the party still going on outside — hinata's laughter still heard but faintly— o–oh. jolted out of your reverie by a hand tugging on your hair, fingers slipping inside your mouth with a cruel smirk on his lips. "my sweet princess, why would you even flirt with chibi–chan when i'm right here? do i have to remind you who owns that slutty little pussy?"

    ♡ : when compared to his twin, many would say that miya osamu was definitely the calmer twin, the level–headed one. you knew this wasn't the case, they just never happen to be in your place when you're kneeling behind the counter of a closed onigiri miya, his cock weighing heavily in your mouth and the tip threatening to thrust deeper and cut off your breathing. he didn't like the way you smiled and touched atsumu earlier with hooded eyes and those fluttering lashes; it showed in the way he was making your mouth his personal cock–warmer while he was busy counting the sales of the day. "come on, darling. keep on sucking my cock considering you were acting so much like a whore earlier, hm?"

    ♡ : jealousy was something ushijima wakatoshi very rarely feels, this was not one of those times. you knew he was mad in the way his brows were knitting together, eyes practically turned into fiery pits of slits; his towering form seemed to become even larger as he backed you against the wall. he gently cupped your cheek in his large palm, a chaste kiss at the corner. "you shouldn't have sat in oikawa's lap like that, sweetheart. you're forgetting that you belong to me." your husband was the gentlest man you've ever known despite his large stature, but the way he practically had to force himself inside your cunt even with your mindless babbles and tears made you think that even nice people have their limits. that's okay, you're benefitting from his lapse of temper and you love it anyway.

    #🍭 : haikyuu ! #🍬 : oikawa #🍬 : kuroo #🍬 : osamu #🍬 : ushijima #haikyuu smut#hq smut#haikyuu headcanons#hq headcanons#haikyuu imagines#hq imagines #haikyuu x you #hq x you #haikyuu x reader #hq x reader #oikawa tooru smut #kuroo tetsurou smut #miya osamu smut #ushijima wakatoshi smut #oikawa tooru x you #kuroo tetsurou x you #miya osamu x you #ushijima wakatoshi x you #oikawa tooru x reader #kuroo tetsurou x reader #miya osamu x reader #ushijima wakatoshi x reader
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    ♡🌸 Get to know me! 🌸♡:

    Hi guys! My name is Jahmeeyah (or Jah for short ☺️💕)

    Age: 19



    Occupation: Artist 🎨. Writer ✏️, and future art therapist 🎨❤️

    I support LGBTQ🌈

    My birthday 🎂: March 31 ♈️

    My BIG 3: Aries sun ♈️☀️, Scorpio moon ♏️🌙, Capricorn rising ♑️🚀

    My life path #: 11/2 ✨🧚🏾‍♂️

    My chinese zodiac: Horse 🐎

    My personality type: INFP 2w3

    My interests 🤩: art 🖼 , painting 🎨🖌, drawing 🖍, writing ✍🏾, knitting 🧶🧣, aesthetics 💖, flowers 🌸🌷🌺🌼🌻🌹, baking 🍪🍰🥧🧁💞, animals 🐶🐱🐰🐼🐴, stuffed animals 🧸🧸, astrology 🌌, kawaii 🌸🐰, anime 🍥, movies 🍿, beauty 💅🏾, candles 🕯🕯, rainy days 🌧☔️, taking warm baths 🛁🕯, nature 🌲🍃🍀🌸🌷🌊 🏔🦋, anything colorful 🌈❤️💛💚💙!

    My favorite colors: pink, red, violet, and blue 💗❤️💜💙

    My favorite food 🥘: pizza 🍕🍕🍕, tacos 🌮, mashed potatoes 🥔, chicken pot pie 🍗🥧, ice cream 🍧🍨🍦, grapes 🍇, sandwiches 🥪🍔, cinnamon rolls 🤎🤍, strawberry shortcake 🍰, and chocolate 🍫.

    My favorite tv shows 📺: Inuyasha ❤️, Sailor Moon 🌙💖, Powerpuff Girls 💚💗💙, Teen Titans, Moral Orel 🙏🏻✝️, Samurai Champloo 🌻, Avatar: The Last Airbender 💧🪨🔥💨, Aggretsuko 🦊🌸🔥, and Strawberry Panic 🍓💓🌸.

    I also love Hello Kitty 🐱🎀, My Melody 🐰🌸, Cinnamoroll ☁️, and The Care Bears 🐻💗❤️💛💚💙

    My favorite movies 🍿: Persepolis (2007), Waking Life (2001), Paprika (2006), Ponyo (2008), The Tale of The Princess Kaguya (2013), Coraline (2009), My Neighbor Totoro (1988), Grave of the Fireflies (1988), The Cat Returns (2002), The Lion King (1994), Pocahontas (1995), The Powerpuff Girls Movie (2002), Freedom Writers (2007), and Precious (2009).

    My favorite books 📚: Blacksad, and Persepolis 1 & 2

    My favorite games 🎮: Sakura School Simulator 🌸

    My favorite singers/bands 🎶💜: Anna of the North, Edward Maya, Vika Jigulina, Inna, Akcent, Alexandra Stan, Coldplay, Ellie Goulding, Natasha Bedingfield, Nelly Furtado, Avicii, Of Monsters and Men, A-Ha, Triakel, and Tears for Fears

    My dream 🌌: To find true love 🥰❤️, become an art therapist 🎨❤️ and children’s author 📚, have kids 👶, and live in a little cottage with a beautiful garden in a forest 🏠🌸🌷🌻🌺🌼🌹🌲.

    My art blog: @jahbeautifulart

    My IG: jah_beautiful_art


    #get to know me #get to know the artist #get to know the writer #about me#me #writers of tumblr #artists of tumblr #my writing#writing#infp girl#aries girl
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    where the lights are (12/?)

    summary: A hundred years after his death, Steve Trevor crashes back into Diana’s life when she least expects it, and they finally-finally-get their much-deserved second chance. Angst, hurt/comfort. Rated T/M (WW84 fix-it, sort of)

    author’s note: hey guys, it’s been a while but i’m back and i come bearing gifts :) have fun! feedback is always much appreciated ♡


    Paris, 2018

    “Alright, so… when did the whole thing take off?” Steve asked, his mind racing a mile a minute.

    Perched on the edge of the counter, one of his loose shirts hiked up her bare thighs, Diana watched him uncork a bottle of red wine and fill their glasses. “Commercial aviation?” she echoed as she accepted a glass from him and took a sip. “Around the 1950s, if I recall correctly.”

    “Huh.” Steve shook his head in bewilderment, his brows knitting together.

    He had expected to be wary and apprehensive around planes, even as a passenger, considering how both of his last two flights had ended. But while he was aware that particular trauma was probably still lurking somewhere in the back of his brain—he still dreamed about it, frequently enough not to be disillusioned about breezing right through it, though he would have preferred that—the enormity of his experience seemed to have pushed it out of the way. For the time being, at least.

    Back in his day, if you couldn’t save up enough money for a steamship or a train, your options had been limited, to say the least. Before enlisting, he hadn’t even left his own state. Now, you could fly anywhere, anytime, and in more comfort than he could have ever imagined. No more frigid wind tearing through a cockpit or turbulence making his stomach roll.

    “It’s wild to think that you were here to see all that,” he said, after a moment, and looked up.

    Read Chapter 12 on AO3

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    Hi! My name is Ezra, I'm a disabled nonbinary lesbian caring for my disabled fiancée in the bible belt of the US. Selling my arts and crafts is our main form of income to pay for gas, internet, electric, non-food groceries, and medical marijuana.

    Marijuana stops me from having seizures, and it isn't covered by virginia medicaid and I am almost out.

    To pay for these needs, I am currently taking single portrait bust commissions of any humanoid person/character. ☺ Prices do not include shipping costs, but work can be delivered without watermark via email for free. Please DM me if interested in these or custom commissions! 🖤

    I also make slouchy knitted hats with custom embroidery, which I can knit up in 2 weeks.

    ♡Graphite bust: $20

    ♡Pen and ink bust: $35

    ♡Watercolor bust: $50

    ☆ Gold paint add on: $5


    Cashapp: $smallmouse7

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    muse aesthetics, four seasons edition.

    rules: repost don't reblog. bold always applies. italicize sometimes applies.

    ✹ summer ✹ — cold drinks after a long day, hiking in the woods just outside the city, swimming in a lake, spontaneous picnics, the warmth of the sun making you drowsy, the buzz of insects flying by, blooming wildflowers, the scent of bark and leaves, snapping twigs in half, a blade of grass between your teeth, light sunburn on the tip of your nose, barking dogs, rosy cheeks, children laughing in the distance, sunflowers reaching for the sun, fresh ice tea, resting your head on someone's lap, warm yellow, the sound of waves crashing.

    ☁ autumn ☁ — cool breezes that feel just right, piles of leaves, rust red, oversized sweaters, knitted blankets, pumpkin spice, the scent of freshly baked goods, open windows letting the fresh air in, cold cheeks and hands, rain boots, carving pumpkins, soft scarves, a comforting embrace from an old friend, the scent right before a storm, wild mushrooms, ripening berries, a cup of hot tea, purring cats, blueberry muffins, braided hair, wearing your partner's shirts, an alarm pulling you from slumber, burning candles.

    ❅ winter ❅ — the crackling of a fireplace, hot chocolate with marshmallows, the smell of fresh cookies, fuzzy socks, beanies pulled over your ears, a strong pot of coffee, dark clouds gathering on the horizon, the sound of wind shaking the house, melting ice, snowflakes in your hair, melancholy afternoons, curling up with a book while the world stands still, cough drops on the nightstand, excitedly giving gifts, long coats with deep pockets, pale blues, flour on the tip of your nose, warm soup, stubble turning into a beard, the scent of leather.

    ❀ spring ❀ — the smell after it rains, waking to the sound of birds singing, the crack of thunder, soft pinks, energy drinks or protein shakes, the scent of fabric softener, tidying up, the sweet taste of fresh fruit, competitive spark in eyes, sand beneath your feet, sweat on your brow, catching your breath after running, light green, frosted cupcakes, electricity in the air, forbidden kisses, the sharp hunger after a work out, daring romances, high ponytails, unexpected storms, picking flowers, running barefoot in the grass, iced coffee.

    tagged by: stolen from the archive. tagging: @divinymph / @episkies / @euhnoias / @heartwin / @herhaunt / @hufflepffs / @jcyful / @moonswove / @pattyurs​ / @proditeur / @trustschaos / @vivaciousandcharming / @weavingroses and you ! If you see this on your dash and would like to do it for your muse, steal it ! ♡

    #⌠   .   lily luna potter : development.
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    Gucci knit vest set


    Patreon Only






    Patreon ♡



    💕Thank you for your support 💕

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