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  • chocoladieimagines
    16.05.2021 - 14 minutes ago
    #demon slayer x poc!reader #kny x reader #muichiro tokito#muichiro fluff #muichiro x reader #muichiro tokito x reader #anime x black!reader
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  • bingsu-chan
    16.05.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    I...miss Kyouya...

    Some info about him :

    - He was 16 years old when he continued his family line of work in the demon slayer Corp .

    - His first day at the Corp is when Kagaya was born.

    - He is a nobleman, everything he does is fill with grace and elegant.

    - He’s a petty man.

    - When he has time, he recite famous poems, practice his calligraphy and his sword.

    - His wife doesn’t hangout with him often. She hated whenever he talks. Every time he talk to her , she could only understand half of his sentence while the other half is nonsense.

    - Kagaya once said if it weren’t for his family, Kyouya would be a well respected scholar instead of a sword man.

    - He and Kagaya can be considered as close friend.

    ( he often teaches Kagaya interesting folklore and fables. )

    I suddenly wanted to draw him so here he is 🥺.

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    16.05.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    冨岡 義勇

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  • one-leaf-grimoire
    16.05.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    some demon slayers

    #I care all of them #demon slayer#kny#my art
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  • jeankirschtein0
    16.05.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    Kamado Tanjiro

    #kamado tanjirō#demon slayer #kimetsu no yaiba #kny #kimetsu no yaiba wallpaper #kamado tanjiro wallpaper
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  • soldez
    16.05.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    i love it when you guys think giyuu would wear fishnets thigh highs skintight croptops pencil skirts yoga pants lingere chokers tights bootyshorts etc. . He wears polo shirts

    #kny #modern day giyuu wears the same pair of track pants and polo shirt for weeks at a time #he has 1 pair of sneakers and maybe some corduroy pants for days off #khakis
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  • dabibones
    16.05.2021 - 57 minutes ago

    the swamp demon is my three weed smoking girlfriends

    #blaiz chas-chas and funk <3 #bones rewatches kny
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  • dabibones
    16.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    if they didn't want me to love the demons they shouldn't've 1) made them all have pointy, painted nails, and 2) made them look like hot horned goth babes

    #like...... all of them are cute as fuck #bones rewatches kny
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  • txnjirou-s
    16.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Inosuke: I’ve killed more demons than I can count.

    Inosuke: Because I’ve killed a lot of demons.

    Inosuke: Not because I can’t count very high.

    #inosuke my illiterate child ily #you're doing great sweetie #inosuke hashibira #incorrect kny quotes #kny incorrect quotes #demon slayer incorrect quotes #demon slayer #kimetsu no yaiba #source: supernatural
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  • fairydollsteps
    16.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Despite his reserve and stoic nature, I feel like Giyuu would be the type of boyfriend who wanted always wanted to be near with you. Like he would follow you around like a lost puppy and always stick with you when he has to socialize with someone. When you are too far away from him, Giyuu would walk towards you and tug on your haori, telling you to stay with him while blushing a bit and giving you a pout.

    While Shinobu would always give a smile and wishes to the sick demon slayer to get well soon. But for you, is a different story. Shinobu would scold and gives you a whole hour of lecture, probably taunts you like “Oh, I never knew the Hashira Y/N would be this reckless,” while giving you a smile to cover up her anger. You can feel a dark aura radiating from her, implying she is pissed at you for getting yourself hurt. All of this happening shows that Shinobu cares for you as she would start to tag along with you on a mission so she can protect you.

    #Kimetsu no yaiba #kimetsu no yaiba x reader #kimetsu no yaiba fluff #giyuu x reader #tomioka x reader #tomioka giyuu x reader #giyuu fluff #shinobu x reader #shinobu kocho x reader #shinobu fluff #kocho x reader #giyuu headcanons#kny giyuu#shinobu headcanons #shinobu x you #giyuu x you #tomioka x you #kocho x you
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  • ln0suke
    16.05.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • 2012apocalypsesurvivor
    16.05.2021 - 1 hour ago


    #enmu#kny spoilers #demon slayer mugen train #he tried so hard #and got so far #demon slayer #kimetsu no yaiba #kny meme#kny #talk to the hand #dream dream dream #mugen train
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  • dabibones
    16.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    tanjirou's lil wave..........

    #hes so cute omg #his lil feetsies and his lil hands #bones rewatches kny
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  • one-leaf-grimoire
    16.05.2021 - 1 hour ago


    #god help me #his hair is going to kill me... #rengoku kyoujurou#kny#demon slayer#wip
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  • amoi-l
    16.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    So I made this a while back. But then I just finished watching the Demon Slayer movie and I regret everything.

    Inspired by this post.

    #the hashiras play among us #and giyu sucks at talking like always #kocho loves picking on him #and rengoku was at the wrong place at the wrong time #i regret drawing this before watching the movie #demon slayer#kny#comic#digital art#my art
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  • dabibones
    16.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    had to do a double take cause I forgot genya and bkg have the same va

    #heard the 'ne' and my head whipped round FJKSGJSKG bRUHH #embarrassing for me #bones rewatches kny
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  • dabibones
    16.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    listen the whole hand demon fight is amazing and tanjirou killing him and setting all of the urokodaki kids' spirits free is beautiful but how funny would it be if tanjirou like.... immediately died from some low level demon like RIGHT afterwards

    #hes like 'finally... even if it's just as spirits.... you can go home' #meanwhile some newbie demon is slinking up behind him while the pink panther theme plays #bones rewatches kny
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  • aka-yuki-no-hana
    16.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Thought of the day


    He'd be completely different than how you'd usually think he'd be. Demon!Kyoujuro is rough, sadistic, and loves seeing you cry as you impale yourself on his thick cock. He'd taunt you as your struggle to take him fully inside and if you're trying to ease it in by going slow, he'd shove the rest in without warning.

    Demon!Kyoujuro is mean but still loving. You're his mate and he'll love you for eternity, but you're his to fuck. His to breed. His to make cry. Only. His.

    "Ah~ Kyou, I cant take anymore."

    "Yes, you can. Cry more while I fuck you, little one."

    #kny headcanons#rengoku smut#rengoku headcanons #the sanctuary is open 💋 #the mistress speaks #listen when she speaks #kimetsu no yaiba #rengoku kyoujurou x reader #demon slayer#kny #kyoujurou rengoku x reader #no minors
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  • writing-shroom
    16.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    "Cupboards and Rice grains" / Soulmate AU Pt.1

    Pairing: T.Giyuu x reader x Sabito It's a Sabigiyuu x reader ya'll. I've been looking for a good plot for weeks now and i finally found one that i'm happy with.

    Summary: Everyone had a soulmate, therefor everyone had a soul mark. Somewhere on your body was a black smudge, and when you and your soulmate first make physical contact it would disappear. Giyuu had two- no three marks. So clearly the only thing to say to that is,,,, what. the. hell.

    Words: 5,1K words

    Warnings: Spoilers! about Giyuu's childhood and that means some character death. Swearing.

    Female reader!

    a/n: Soulmate AU + Sabito lives AU because we love what makes Giyuu happy in this house. Note: (Y/N) doesn't have a major role just yet, she will though in the second part! −○❖○❧ •❁※❁• ☙○❖○−

    'Maybe if i hide here then no one can see me. '

    Is what a four year old Giyuu thought to himself. You see, his soul marks had just came in, and yes you heard that right. Soul marks. In all fairness having two soul marks is pretty normal, especially if they're close, it could be that your soulmate was saving you from a nasty fall or they bumped into you.

    However, Giyuu didn't have only two soul marks. He had three.

    Two hand prints on his cheeks and lines at the sides of his neck. At first he was so excited to see the blotches of black start to appear, but then when they start to take shape,,, boy was he not excited anymore.

    Giyuu was playing around with the other kids his age in the village when his soul marks came in, immediately everyone started shouting. In the beginning it was out of excitement, they were all the age where soul marks came in so it was interesting to watch, but then it morphed into mocking instead.

    "Hands on your face? Ohhh your soulmates gonna slap you~" "HA! HE HAS TWO! HIS SOULMATE'S GONNA SLAP HIM TWICE!"

    Was what everyone said as they pointed and laughed.

    With his face flushed, Giyuu tried to cover them over with his own hands which worked for a second, but then he turned around and they started laughing harder — there were tears welling up in his eyes and he didn't want them to make fun of him for crying so tried he to run. Giyuu was confused but then he heard a kid yelled;


    A chill went down his spine. Three??? No one has three soul marks??

    Leaving the open field he ran all the way back home, ignoring the loud laughter behind him. And that's how the little four year old found himself hiding in a cupboard next to all the pots his sister used to cook.

    His head was tucked in-between his knees, knowing that if he looked up that he would catch his own reflection in the cookware. It was hard to keep his little sniffles at bay, they were just so loud, and he couldn't let his sister find him after all.

    'What would she say? Would she be angry at him? Or disgusted— or even worse, maybe she doesn't want him as her brother anymore'

    Giyuu's sniffles became sobs in an instant, he didn't want to leave his nee-chan, he loved her soo much. But what if she didn't love him as much as he loved her? The cupboard didn't really help soften how loud his cries were, so his hiding spot wasn't so secret for much longer.

    Which quickly alerted Tsutako to where her precious little brother was hiding.

    "Giyuuu, why are you hiding?"

    His blood froze over, oh no she found me. As a last resort he tried to hold his breath to hide his sniffles from Tsutako, it didn't work however, it merely turned them into hiccups and puffed up his cheeks with air.

    "Yuu? Would you like a hug?"

    Tsutako knew if she opened the cupboard then he would only try to hide it more, so she patiently waited for him to come out on his own. But one could only be so patient, it took all of her self control to not tug him out and hug him tight until his little sniffles died down.

    "Don't want to nee-chan,"

    Eh? That was weird, usually he would be out by now.

    "Are you sure?~ I thought you love my hugs,"

    "I do! I do!"

    "Then why don't you come out Giyuu, I'll give you all the hugs you want!"

    "...but if i come out then you won't give me any hugs anymore"

    Hm, this was going to take more than simple bribes. Time to change her tactics, persuasion.

    "Why won't i give you any hugs Giyuu? I love giving you hugs sooo much"


    Oh dear, this was going to be harder than she thought. Stage three it is, the waiting game. It took a few minutes but the little boy eventually spoke up.

    "You're going to hate me,"

    "Oh? I could never have you yuu,"


    "Pinky promise,"

    She let out a sigh of relief at least he was willing to come out now, but that did get her worried. What on earth could make him so worried? To the point where he was convince she would hate him.


    A small tug on her sleeve alerted her to loo down, he finally crawled out so it seems. Good now she can see what was the problem-

    "Yuu! You got your soulmark!"

    He didn't seem as happy as she was however, that was clear when he burst out in tears the moment the delighted cry left her lips. Which confused and concerned Tsutako even more, he was so excited to get his soul marks, especially after she told him about them as a bed time story.

    "Giyuu?? What's wrong? Why are you crying?"

    Through his incoherent babbling she managed to make out a, "My soulmate hates me!!"

    "Eh? Why would you think that yuu? I bet your soulmate's going to love you,"

    "B-bu-but look nee-chan!"

    The toddler pointed at his chubby cheeks, with were partly covered in black hand prints. Tsutako stared at them carefully, nothing seemed off to her, just ordinary soulmarks.

    "What's wrong with them yuu?"

    "Th-they're on my face! They're going to slap me!"

    Ah, so that was the issue.

    "Oh yuu, come here,"

    He hesitantly crawled into her lap and leaned into her open arms, it was comfy and warm. Just like all of her hugs. His hiccups still persisted even with the hand patting his back softly.

    "Where did you hear that from Giyuu?"

    "Th-the other kids in the village," He admitted quietly, griping onto the front of her yukata. "They said it means my soulmate's going to slap me, twice."

    Tsutako resisted the urge to sigh, of course they were the ones who told him that. Silly little rumour was all it was really, it happened every year, no matter where your soul mark was. Even she got told that her soulmate was going to push her, considering the hand print on her left shoulder.

    "You remember how I met my soulmate yuu?" It was a rhetorical question of course, there was no surprised when Giyuu nodded his head. He asked for the story of how they met almost every night.

    "Everyone said he was going to push me, that's why there's a handprint on my shoulder." she continued, running her finger through his dark locks. "But when I did meet him,"

    "He was trying to tell you that you dropped something," Giyuu butted in, he practically memorised the tale.

    "Mhm, that's right" he couldn't tell from the gentle smile on her face, but she was gushing internally at her brother's cuteness. "It doesn't matter where your soulmark is Giyuu. I know, that who ever your soulmate is, that they're going to love you. So much," Tsutako said as she brushed back his hair, dark raven hair perfectly mirroring her own.

    Giyuu looked up at her, his big blue eyes were filled with wonder, but there was a hint of doubt. Leaning his head against her shoulder, he let her continue playing with his hair as he thought it over.

    'I know, that who ever your soulmate is, that they're going to love you. So much,'

    He hoped that was true. As he watched the sun set over Tsutako's shoulder, he silently prayed that who ever his soulmate is, were just as great as his nee-chan told him they would be.

    −○❖○❧ •❁※❁• ☙○❖○−

    Swish Swish

    The wooden sword he swung made a cutting sound in the air, that's how Sabito knew he was doing something right at least. Urokodaki-san was currently out at the moment, so Sabito was just practicing his swings, one can't simply become a slayer without some training of course.

    He's been practing for about an hour or two now, somewhere along those lines. All he knew was that he started when his mentor just left, and it wouldn't be a complete lie if he said he wasn't curious at all to where his mentor disappeared to, it wasn't often that he went out without telling Sabito or Makomo anything. Oh well, he could always ask when he comes back.

    'Few more times then I can take a quick break,'

    His head decided, he's been training on his own for a while now. It would be nice to take a break, maybe he could even sneak some rice balls from the kitchen before Urokodaki comes back.

    Yeah that sounds like a good plan, and he should probably get Makomo some too.

    As he reached a few dozen more swings, Sabito heard footsteps approaching him. The peach haired boy would've been concerned if it wasn't high noon, so it couldn't have been demons looking for a snack.

    Probably was Urokodaki-san coming home, but why were there two sets of footsteps?

    'Could it be Makomo?'

    Sabito quickly crossed that assumption of his list, it couldn't be Makomo. She was still resting after yesterday's training, so Makomo was out of the question. Could it be a new student that Urokodaki decided to take up?

    It wouldn't be unlikely, he was generous enough to bring up both him and Makomo, so it was no surprise if he found another child to teach. Might as well see if there was any truth behind that theory then.

    He quickly stored away the wooden katana and brushed off any dirt that stuck on his clothing, if it was a new student then he might as well greet them. Hey, maybe if he was lucky it was another boy, maybe around his age. Makomo was always teasing him during training anyways, so another person to train with didn't sound half bad.


    Sabito called out down the path leading to their small home. And wouldn't you know it, in the distance he could faintly see the outline of his mentor walking down the dirt path. The closer he got the clearer Sabito could make out the water patterned clothing his mentor always wore, and to his delight another— much smaller figure, was following behind.

    From where he was standing, Sabito could make out a blob of red and black, which he just assumed to be the kid's clothing and hair. Great! A new friend to train with, sounds like fun.

    As he patienly waited for his mentor and the kid make their way to him, Sabito couldn't help but wonder.

    'What were they like? I wonder if they actually came to train or not.'

    He had so many questions to ask! Oh he just can't wait for them to slowly walk all the way over to him, so instead to speed it up, Sabito ran to meet them half way.


    His mentor turned to him and motioned the young boy to slow down. Fair enough, maybe this new kid was shy or something. So heeding his mentor's instructions he stopped. Sabito bounced on the heels of his feet, waiting impatiently a few paces away from Urokodaki and the child he brought with him.

    And now since he was actually close enough, he looked at the boy up and down. His black hair was messy and around him was a red haori? Sabito couldn't tell, it was much too big for the boy so the cloth reached his ankles.

    "Sabito, this is Giyuu" Urokodaki introduced, kneeling down to the boys height. "He will be joining you and Makomo during training, but he will need some time to get used to everything. So can you make sure he feels comfortable here?"

    A new friend to train with and his mentor was entrusting him to make sure they were well ajusted? Now that's something he could do!

    So with a sharp nod, he took on his new task with confidence.

    How hard could it be?

    Sabito asked himself as he turned to this "Giyuu", now that he was actually face-to-face with him, Sabito could actually make out what he looked like. What caught his eye immediately was the boy's deep blue eyes, they were like the sky at night and Sabito wondered, if there was any light in them. Would they look like a midnight sky speckled with stars?


    He waved hoping to catch the boy attention, but he kept staring at his feet. Annoyed Sabito huffed, rude.

    "Helloooo, can you hear me?" No answer.

    This was going to harder than he thought. His eyes searched Giyuu up and down, maybe his wounds were acting up and the pain was distracting? Or maybe it's all the hair covering his face. Yeah that's probably it.

    "Hey! It's not good to ignore people you know," he chided, pulling the boy's messy black hair from his face. "Can you hear me now that your hair's covering your face?"

    It was a rhetorical question but Giyuu seemed to perked up at his voice, hey maybe it was the hair.

    "There we go, isn't that much better?" Sabito continued as he kept brushing stray locks away. He was so engrossed in his task that he didn't noticed Giyuu staring at him with wide eyes, nor did he notice the missing blotches of black that were previously on his knuckles.

    But Giyuu did. It was the first thing he noticed as Sabito was brushing away his hair. The fluttery feeling that bloomed the moment he touched his skin, right where the lines of black were on his neck.

    "Hey! Whatcha looking at?"

    Finally feeling Giyuu's heavy stare Sabito snapped at him, he thought the boy staring at his scar and he didn't like it. He tried staring right back at Giyuu, maybe intimidate him enough to make him stop, but when he persisted Sabito started feeling self-conscious all of a sudden.

    The peach haired boy ripped his eyes away from Giyuu and brought a hand to his cheek, trying to cover it up so he wouldn't stare. But in the corner of his eye he noticed how clean his hands were. No black smudge in sight. Surprised, Sabito rubbed his eyes before searching his hands. A black hand print on both on his inner palms, spreading towards his fingertips, but when he turned them over the streaks of black that he was accustomed to seeing on his knuckles were gone.

    He looked up at Giyuu again, finding that he was still staring right back at him. "You,"

    "You're my soulmate," He heard him softly mutter, voicing what they both were thinking. And as Sabito watch his blue eyes widen in realisation he laughed.

    Laughed out of surprised joy and at the other boy's wide eyed look. Without think much he pulled him into his arms and held him tight, "Nice to meet you soulmate! You're going to feel at home here with us I promise,"

    He was warm, it's been so long since Giyuu felt a warmth like this. The last time he felt is was when Tsutako hugged him, right before-

    Sabito felt droplets fall onto his shoulder. His own eyes widen as he pulled back and searched Giyuu up and down. Did he accidentally touched one of his open wounds? Did he hug him too hard?

    "Hey! Don't cry!" He internally winced, he didn't mean that to come out so harsh. "You're a man right? Don't cry then!" Maybe Urokodaki-san should've told Makomo to company Giyuu instead of him, he was no good at this.

    Sabito panicked as he watched more tears fall out of Giyuu's eyes, he tried wiping them away as best as he could but they kept falling. Left with no option he grasped onto the boy's shoulders and forced his eyes to meet his own.

    "Are you hurt? Hungry? Thirsty? Come on, let's go home and we can fix up your wounds. I'll get you some food and water after," He took Giyuu's hand and pulled him along the dirt road, keeping his eyes locked onto the trail in front of him. "Now don't cry okay? You're suppose to be happy not sad when you meet your soulmate,"

    As he sniffled and rubbed at his eyes Giyuu couldn't find any malice hidden in his voice, not even any roughness as he held his hand. They were calloused, so much unlike his sister's soft hands that he was used to holding, but he could feel the warmth emitting from them.

    Stepping faster he manage to get in pace with Sabito instead of being dragged behind him.


    His voice was quiet and Sabito barely could hear it, but when he felt Giyuu's hand squeeze his lightly a wave of ease washed over him. Quickly fixing his grasp on the other boy's hand he kept walking, making sure Giyuu was close by.


    −○❖○❧ •❁※❁• ☙○❖○−

    "Sit still Giyuu- stop squirming already!"

    Urokodaki could hear bickering and noises of struggle in the distance but did nothing to stop it, merely shrugging and turning away to continue painting two fox mask in preparation for the boys' final exam. It amused him no end watching the two soulmates quarrel, over the most trivial things no less.

    "Just let me-"

    Somehow he manage to wrestle Giyuu into sitting still enough from him to wipe his face down, this boy he swear. Can he never eat without making a mess for once?

    "Why are so messy yuu?" He pestered. The amount of times Giyuu got rice grains or any other bits of food stuck to his face cannot be counted, and it annoyed Sabito to no end.

    Underneath him Giyuu made noises of complaint that were muffled as Sabito wiped the cloth over his mouth, "What was that?"

    "Sabito it's fine you don't need to-"

    "Maybe if you learn how to eat without getting rice stuck to your face," He emphasised his point by abruptly rubbing Giyuu's cheek that was sticky from all the rice grains. "Then I'll stop,"

    He tried to waved his arms wildly in order to get Sabito to stop, which did nothing to hinder the peach boy's concentration. After a few more minutes of struggling he was finally done cleaning up Giyuu's face, "There was that so hard?"

    Getting off him Sabito picked up the last bite of rice ball and tossed in his mouth, it was a wonder how Giyuu manage to get it all over his face. He glanced over at said boy as he chewed on the last bit of their lunch, he was sitting on the log, pouting with his hands tucked underneath his crossed legs.

    "Oi, chin up will ya?" He scoffed affectionately, pinching Giyuu's cheek which made him whine and swat his hand away.

    He look at Sabito with furrowed brows, wondering what was the appeal of his cheeks —as the peach haired boy was always pinching or poking them. His hands went up to them in confusion, pinching them himself, were they really that soft?

    As he was conducting his little experiment Sabito looked on with amusement, watching Giyuu cutely question the softness of his cheeks in merriment. But his own forehead started to crease when he noticed the evident black handprints covering the majority of Giyuu's lower face. Sure it wasn't the first time he saw them but it was the first time he started questioning it.

    He's Giyuus soulmate. So why haven't they disappeared yet? The black smudges on his knuckles and Giyuu's neck did, so why were they different? He's definitely touched them before with the amount of times he teased the blue eyed boy by smushing his cheeks together.

    Looking down at his own palms there were black blotches in the shape of a hand on both hands, sure they were smaller then his but he thought they would go away after he and Giyuu held hands. But those didn't either.

    Sabito hummed in contemplation, reaching over he placed both his hands over the handprints on Giyuu's face.

    "Sabito?" He didn't answer, simply pulling his hands back slightly to see if they did disappear. Nothing happened.

    He looked back down at his hands questioningly, was there something wrong with them?

    "What's wrong Sabito?" Giyuu titled his head puzzled. He knew that face, Sabito was either thinking or frustrated at something. And he hoped it wasn't the latter, it was unnerving even for him to see Sabito so upset at something.

    Instead of actually answering, he snapped his head up and tried again. But when that didn't work he simply repeated his actions, taking his hands off Giyuu's cheeks and putting them back on when he saw no change.

    "Why isn't it working?"


    "The marks Giyuu," he maintained as he applied a little pressure to see if that'll help. "They aren't disappearing,"

    As if a light bulb went off in Giyuu's head he suddenly understood what Sabito was implying, but then he just got confused again. They weren't going away? That wasn't right, he knew he had multiple soul marks but he thought it was just some fluke and they would go away when Sabito touched them just like the ones of his neck did.

    "That's not right,,,"

    "Exactly what I'm saying," The peach haired boy sigh in frustration and looked down at the marks on his hand. "Mine aren't going away either,"

    Giyuu took a peak at what Sabito was talking about, he never paid attention to the black handprints on his hands, thinking they would've been gone by now.


    He hovered his hands over the marks on Sabito's palms, they didn't match. Much too small to be his.

    "The handprints are too small," Giyuu pointed out making eye contact with Sabito, watching as his lavender eyes light up in understanding. He hovered his own hands over Giyuu's cheeks to check his theory.

    "Yours are too!" He exclaimed, but he had to check one last thing before he can conclusively state his hypothesis out loud.

    Flipping over his palms, he lined up the black handprints on Giyuu's cheeks with his own. His weren't as well defined as Giyuu's but with what ever he could make out from it, they were a perfect match.

    "They match up Giyuu, they're the same size and everything,"

    Quickly connecting the dots he understood where Sabito was going with this, "We have another soulmate,"

    Wide blue eyes meet equally wide lavender ones. A breathy laugh escaped Sabito's mouth, he can't tell what he was feeling. Surprised? Happy? Confused? Probably all of the above.

    "Holy shit,"


    Sabito held the back of his head as a dull thud pulsed within his skull. "Ow,"

    "Watch you mouth, I never taught you to swear" their teacher reprimanded, his hand was still hovering over where he hand smacked the boy upside his head.

    Where did he come from they did not know.

    But taking his presence as a sign to head back Giyuu quickly tidied up the mess they made while eating, Sabito would argue that it was his mess really. As he picked up the wooden swords they use for practice he watched Sabito and Urokodaki bicker from the corner of his eye.

    A wave of peace settled around him, there was no real reason for it but he can't help but think that maybe if Tsutako was watching, would she be proud of him?

    "Giyuu!" He blinked, seeing Sabito waving his arms to catch his attention, already a few paces ahead of him. Immediately he realised that he was lagging behind,

    "Coming!" Quickly picking up his pace and ran to catch up with Urokodaki and Sabito.

    "Come on, we still need to get ready for tomorrow," What was tomorrow again? The final selection right!

    With determination burning in his eyes he nodded along with Sabito as the two linked arms, tugging the peach haired boy forward to walk with him.

    As Sabito turned, something in his peripherals caught his eye. Sharply turning his head he search the space he and Giyuu previously occupied, for a spilt second he saw a women in a red haori sitting on the fallen log. A ribbon tying back jet black hair and a gentle smile decorating her face.

    Blinking again she was no where to be seen, but he swore she looked so familiar. "Sabito?"

    "Hm?" Turning his attention to the person who called him, he ended up face to face with bright blue eyes.

    "You alright?"

    "Yeah," With one last glance at the empty space he hesitantly nodded. "I'm fine, let's go"

    The two boys ran to catch up with their mentor, who was already half way down the path. Behind them a gust of wind carried fallen leaves through the silent woods, in the sunlight a barely visible figure sat there, smiling as the pair quickly disappeared from view.

    She turned her head slightly to watch a butterfly land on the log beside her, (f/c) wings were decorated with all sorts of patterns and shapes. Bringing her hand out to gently touch the small insect it fluttered its wings one more time before flying away, down the dirt path as the women wearing red vanished once again.

    Shadows of trees and foliage were cast as the sun slowly set, Giyuu couldn't tell if he was going to suffocate from how thick the air was or not. There was a sombre feeling that squeezed his lungs so tight it felt as gruelling as the time Sabito forced him to jump off the cliff into the waterfall with him.

    But he could see where it was coming from, this was going to be their last night sleeping here before the final selection. He knew the fear that bubbling in his gut was coming but now that it was actually time the feeling was much more intense than he thought it would be.

    A sharp rapping pain hit his forehead, maybe the stress was getting to him. Oh wait no, it's just Sabito knocking on the crown of his head.

    "Oi you in there?"

    With a whine he batted away his hands, meeting his assailant's gaze he immediately shrunk back. Sabito's lavender eyes felt as if they were looking into his soul.

    "What are thinking about?"


    Giyuu let out a pained yelped when Sabito knocked on his forehead harder, "Don't lie to me, I know that face your making,"

    Rubbing his head in pain and peaked up at Sabito's miffed face from the cracks of his fingers. He searched his friends blue eyes for anything he could decipher, hidden underneath all the layers there was a small flecks of fear.

    "What are you thinking bout Giyuu," He tried to coax, gently pulling Giyuu's hands away from his face.

    Blue eyes dart around the room, trying to find a place to stick on except Sabito's eyes. "I uh,"

    A calloused hand on his cheek pried his eyes off the tatami mat to face lavender hues instead, he could tell his own were shaking and unsteady but just looking into Sabito steely ones calmed them significantly "I was,"

    Another breath in, trying to slow his heart rate down so it doesn't burst out of his chest, he wonders if it was just as loud to Sabito like it was to him. The thumb caressing his cheek softly helped ground him, enough so he can actually get sentences out.

    "I was think about, our other soulmate," Giyuu softly confessed, the looming fear of not making out of the final selection didn't help ease the thoughts running through his head. "I was wondering what were they like, if they were even alive or not-"

    He sucked air between his teeth, startled by Sabito pinching his cheek.

    "Don't say that idiot," Wide blue eyes looked up at him. "They're alive and we're going to meet them soon."

    His eyes trailed over to the inky blotches covering his palms and fingers before locking on to the ones marking Giyuu's cheeks, "I can feel it,"

    Getting up he left Giyuu siting there to think over what he just said, gathering their futons he rolled them out side by side. Barely leaving any space in between.

    "Come on, we need our energy for tomorrow so get some rest yuu." He said patting the futon next to his, hinting at Giyuu to lay down next to him.

    Silently Giyuu rubbed at his eyes, he could feel the bags under his eyes pulling at his lids, maybe he was more tired than he thought. Making quick work of folding the rest of his clothes in preparation for tomorrow, he slid in and covered himself in the blankets.

    A few seconds ticked by, but Giyuu was just laying there staring at the ceiling. He couldn't sleep. Turning around to lay on his side, instead he faced Sabito, who seemed very deep in sleep already.

    Maybe he could...

    Reaching out slowly, Giyuu tried intertwining their hands together, that would give him some comfort. The moment his fingers brushed against Sabito's however, his hand suddenly grasped his first. A tiny gasp made its way out of Giyuu's lips as Sabito's eye slowly creaked open.

    But they were only open for a moment before Sabito promptly fell back asleep, he felt a squeeze on his hand before he watched Sabito's breath even out.

    As if holding his hand was some kind of drug, Giyuu instantly felt much better, tugging the blankets up to his chin he got comfy. In the corner of his eye he watched the moon shine brightly above them, but something else caught his eyes.

    On the window frame sat a butterfly, it's wings fluttered softly as wind graced it. His eyes scanned the butterfly, not understanding why the creature was as appealing as it was. Maybe it was the breath taking (f/c) of its wings, he swore he's never seen a butterfly like this one but it brought him a sense of familiarity.

    A few beats pass and Giyuu watched its wings flutter once more before it takes off into the night.

    Huh, strange.

    He thought as he re-tucked himself back into the warm blankets. Getting comfy again he glanced at Sabito one last time before letting sleep pull his eye lids down, Giyuu understood now what he had meant. He could feel it too, somewhere out there. Was their other half.

    And it was only a matter of time until they found them.

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