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  • peachibuki
    25.07.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    Secret Admirer (Nagito Komaeda x Reader)

    Mod Peach: hey everyone! I wanted to dedicate this one-shot to @legendarytreasurerhighway for being there for me during a rough time and being the amazing human they are <3 Enjoy!

    My dearest Nagito,

    You make my heart beat quicker than rain on a spring day. Everytime I think about you, it feels as though a million butterflies are dancing about my chest cavity, ready to escape any moment. You truly have the most beautiful mind I have ever come across and I’m very lucky to be able to witness it. I have very strong romantic feelings for you, but I’m afraid I’m not quite ready to face you directly yet, so I opted for writing you a letter seeing as though I felt I may have burst if I had kept my feelings in much longer. Hopefully next time, I’ll have enough courage to tell you myself. For now, I shall stay anonymous.

    Your Secret Admirer.

    Nagito hummed softly as he finished reading the carefully folded letter that had been placed upon his desk before class. Unluckily for the male, he had been the last to arrive to class that day due to a rather unfortunate event that had taken place on his walk to school involving a bicycle, so he truly had no leads as to who left the delicate note addressed to him. That’s right…. It WAS addressed to Nagito. If it wasn't, he could have sworn the letter was meant for someone else. How could anyone see Nagito in a pleasant light, let alone hold romantic feelings for him? The male kept letting these questions and doubts plague his mind before he came to a conclusion.

    “Someone must be playing a trick on me, just my luck…” Nagito sighed to himself as he glanced at the way his name had been carefully etched on the outside of the paper with a (f/c) fountain pen. “But, an ultimate actually wasted time even doing something for scum like me! How hopeful!” He added, still muttering to himself quietly as he tucked the letter into the breast pocket of his uniform blazer.

    “Hey, Chiaki?” (Y/N) asked their close friend who was currently engrossed in her Nintendo Switch. The sleepy girl paused her game and looked over at her (h/c) friend.

    “Yes, (Y/N)-chan?” She responded softly, gently rubbing one of her sleepy eyes.

    “Did you put my letter on Nagito’s desk this morning?” (Y/N) asked, the apples of their cheeks flushing a light shade of red as they avoided Chiaki’s gaze.

    “Uh-huh, I saw him read it too.” She responded, turning her switch back on and resuming her game. “I saw him put it in his pocket after he read it.” The pinkette added, hastily pressing buttons on her game console. (Y/n) blushed slightly brighter at the thought of Nagito keeping their letter before smiling to themselves.

    “Thank you, Chiaki. Hopefully I’ll have the courage to confess to him properly soon.”

    About a week later, Nagito had luckily arrived first in his class, only to find something else had been placed on his desk again. This time, there was a lilac rose resting atop of another letter addressed to him in neat (F/C) ink. Nagito carefully picked up the rose and inspected it. Lilac roses when given mean love at first sight, and Nagito gave a soft smile at the thought. He brought the delicate flower up to his nose to take in the lovely scent before gently unfolding the letter addressed to him.


    I saw this lovely flower and thought of you instantly, for I fell in love with it immediately as I also did for you! I wish I was able to give it to you in person, but I’m afraid I haven't quite built enough courage yet. I saw your hesitance after receiving my first letter, but I wanted to assure you that my feelings are genuine. I wish you could see yourself the way I do, because I truly think you are the most incredible being I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

    Your Secret Admirer <3

    Nagito felt blood rush to his pale cheeks as he read the letter, both excitement and doubt clouding his mind. He looked around at the still vacant classroom and wondered how his secret admirer had gone about placing the note and flower. They couldn’t have left it overnight, for the flower would have certainly wilted. They must be in the school somewhere, right? Nagito tucked the delicate flower behind his ear and carefully placed the note in his pocket before leaving the classroom to see if any of his classmates were roaming about the halls. As he walked about the halls of the academy, he strangely wasn’t able to find any of his classmates. They must’ve been somewhere outside of the academy or perhaps they even went off campus before classes began. How unlucky. Nagito sighed before heading back to the classroom, continuing to wonder who could’ve been sending him such lovely notes as his classmates began to file inside the classroom. He decided he’d have to rely on his luck to have any hope in finding his secret admirer.

    And as Nagito’s luck would have it, his admirer was indeed very good at hiding their identity. Any time he felt he was close to figuring out their identity, something always threw him for a loop and he would start back at square one. He did reach one conclusion, however, that this person most definitely had help in pulling this off.

    “Hey, Hajime?” (Y/n) began, gripping their backpack straps as they tried to catch up to the tall student. Their footsteps picked up slightly as they tried to keep up with his long strides. The brunette looked towards his friend that was trying to catch up with him and slowed his pace. “Thank you for helping me with Nagito…” they stated shyly, closing their eyes to avoid completely making eye contact with Hajime out of embarrassment.

    “You really should deliver the next one yourself, (Y/n).” Hajime sighed, blunt as ever. (Y/n) sighed as well and nodded.

    “You’re right, I’ve been so nervous lately but I think I’m ready to make the next step on my own.” They smiled to themselves softly, thinking about their next advance. “But I wanted to thank you anyway for helping me out! I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?” (Y/n) called as they walked off towards the direction of their own house. What they didn’t expect to see on the way, however, was a certain luckster fiddling with a vending machine.

    “Ha, just my luck! The drink I like is all out!” He exclaimed, looking through the cold, foggy glass. (Y/n) quietly walked next to him and hummed.

    “Bummer, I have an extra (favorite drink) in my bag if you’d like it?” They offered, hiding the blush erupting across their features when Nagito’s glassy green eyes met their (e/c) ones. Nagito placed his hands up in denial.

    “Oh I couldn’t possibly let you offer someone like me something so kind.” He responded, closing his eyes slightly as he refused. Although his eyes snapped open when the soft scent of roses hit his nostrils. (Y/n) had opened their bag to grab the drink from inside.

    “Hey, don’t talk about yourself that way. I happen to think you’re pretty cool. Besides, I don’t want it to go to waste.” They hummed, handing him the drink. As Nagito’s finger’s hesitantly wrapped around the container being offered to him, his eyes wandered to the book peeking out of (Y/n)’s bag before widening even more.

    “Hey, I’ll see you in class tomorrow, yeah?” (Y/n) asked as they closed their bag and turned to walk away. “I’m looking forward to seeing you.” They added with a smile before walking away. He continued to watch their figure become smaller and smaller until it was out of sight before he came to his senses once more. (F/n) (L/n), the Ultimate (talent) was reading a book on different rose colors. Could it be? One of his close friends had been the one gradually stealing his heart with their beautiful notes and gifts? There was only one way to find out, and Nagito was relying on his luck to help him out.

    (Y/n) yawned as they made their way to their classroom sandwiched between Chiaki and Hajime, they had unintentionally stayed up a little later than planned and (favorite drink) was sold out at the vending machine. “Man… I stayed up wayyyy too late last night playing that video game you recommended, Chiaki. I wish I had some (favorite drink) to wake me up a little.” They sleepily stated, yawning halfway through their sentence.

    “Be careful what you wish for, (Y/n)...” Hajime sighed as he walked in the classroom, seemingly taken aback by something. (Y/n)’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

    “Huh? Why is that?” They asked before following Hajime into their classroom. Their (e/c) eyes quickly widened when they understood what her friend was talking about. There, on her desk sat a comedic amount of (favorite drink). The (h/c) walked over to their desk quickly to see an ivory colored envelope with their name written on the back in forest green ink. Their cheeks flushed a light pink as they gently opened the seal and pulled out the folded letter.


    I wanted to return your wonderful deed from yesterday, however when I went to get one drink from the vending machine, all of the (favorite drink) in the machine was dispensed! I noticed yesterday that you happened to be carrying a book about roses and their symbolism. I am placing all of my hope into my luck in making this assumption, but could you be the one who left the beautiful rose and note upon my desk? If I am correct, I ask if you could meet me in the East stairwell upon reading this letter. If I am incorrect, please forgive someone like me for making this mistake and disregard this letter. However, I am very hopeful that I am right.

    Nagito Komaeda

    (Y/n)’s heart seemed to pick up in tempo with each word they read, the blush also becoming more prominent upon their features. When they finished the letter they quickly pressed it against their chest and smiled before dashing towards the door.

    “(Y/n)? What is it?” Chiaki asked, tilting her head slightly. (Y/n) turned their head back to her before giving their friends a goofy smile.

    “It appears I’ve been found out.” They started before booking their way to the eastern stairway. (Y/n)’s heart felt closer and closer to bursting at the seams with every step they took. Though, their heart seemed to stop and time felt as if it stood still when they caught a glimpse of Nagito in the window of the door to the stairwell. (Y/n) placed a shaky hand on the door before gently pushing it open, all the while holding their breath. “Nagito?” They called out gently, causing the Ultimate Lucky student to turn to face them.

    A soft smile graced his features when he turned to face (Y/n). “I truly am lucky…” He stated, taking in their flustered appearance. He began to walk towards them slowly, both of their eyes meeting. (Y/n) gently reached out their hands to hold Nagito’s face. Nagito felt his heart melt at the gentle action. (Y/n) gave him a soft smile before placing a chaste kiss on his pale cheek.

    “You know, I really love that talent of yours.”

    Mod Peach: So I know this isn’t my best work since it’s been awhile, but I hope you all enjoyed <3

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    he’s tired of everyone’s crap

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  • hajimekam
    24.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Nice to meet you | Nagito Komaeda

    Note: Hello! Lately I have been having a severe art block and somehow I’ve decided to write another oneshot. This also helps me get better on my grammar. Also, this is based on a dream I had, it was really comforting.

    Warnings: None, just fluff, if I may say.

    Pronouns: First P.O.V, not mentioned.

    There was a boy...a boy with wavy white hair, he was tall and very slim. He was reading a book; wind caressing his pale cheeks. A ‘schliff’ was heard as he flipped the page. I walked calmy towards him, trying to not disturb the boy. A soft hello came out of my lips as he hummed and took his attention off the book, looking at me. “Hello” he said, while placing the bookmark on the page he left off. “May I sit next to you?” I crouched down as he shook his head up and down. Finally, getting comfortable in the sand, I wrap my arms around my legs. “Have you ever read “The Strange Case of Doctor Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde?” he looked at me with his doe, pale green eyes, I shook my head. “No, but perhaps you could explain to me what is it about” I said while looking at the clear blue water ahead.

    “It is a psychological fantasy, a horror book” I looked at the white haired boy, intrigued about what he would say next. He noticed my curiosity and showed me the book. “It is about a doctor named Jeckyll and his strange association with a damnable young man named Edward Hyde, it looks quite complex but it is pretty short and its very enjoyable, if you truly do not quite understand at first, I believe is normal but if you read it for second time you will enjoy it very much!” He had a wide grin while looking at the book with sparkly eyes. “I will take that in consideration” I giggled and clap my hands together. “Oh...I am quite happy you will, such a scum like me do not deserve attetion, yet you are being so kind, I am truly thankful” he looked ahead at the sea. “Hey, you are not a scum, do not be so hard on yourself and thank you for the reccomendation! Uhh...” he understood pretty fast “Nagito, Nagito Komaeda”

    “Well it is a pleasure to met you, Nagito, my name is Y/N!” I said standing up. “The pleasure is mine” he looked up at me and wave at me with a soft smile.

    “I hope to see you again soon...”

    #Nagito Komaeda#nagiTO#sdr2 nagito #nagito x y/n #nagito x reader #nagito x s/o #danganronpa#danganronpa sdr2#danganronpa nagito#sdr2 #Super Danganronpa 2 #danganronpa goodbye despair
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    god do NOT tag as kin i’ll cry.

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    just gals bein pals for a dtiys

    tmblr pls don’t sue me for “female-presenting” n*pples it’s for art’s sake

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    i feel like i could eat komaedas hair like cotton candy

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    Female servant because I can :)

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    matching gals!! <3

    pls dont repost ty

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    24.07.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Technically if Nagito comes out as a trangender(which isn't the case here but), does that mean Hajime isn't gay? Wait Hajime already is bi from the start-

    I think I succesfully distracted you guys from the most important thing in the post ;)

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    24.07.2021 - 10 hours ago

    a despairfully fateful encounter 💀🔪

    #nagito komaeda#junko enoshima#junkomaeda#danganronpa#sdr2#dr3 #not romantic put some thought into before you go crazy please #my art
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