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  • Have a funny meme.

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  • Just a little sneak peak of the beginning of the second part of We Are One, my Kong fanfic. Muse has not been my friend lately, so hopefully I can keep pumping out the ideas and get the ball rolling.

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  • Godzilla and Tyler scream swap

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  • The last 7 pages gathered

    (Tiny is Diddy’s new girlfriend in this universe)

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  • More stupid ship (Tiny is Diddy’s new girlfriend in this universe)




    Originally posted by mansons-horror-queen

    #adult dixie kong #dixie kong#Krunch#KISS #Donkey Kong Country 2 #Donkey Kong Country 3 #donkey kong country tropical freeze #diddy kong pilot #diddy kong racing ds #diddy kong racing #kong#kremling#monkey#barbary macaque#crocodile#alligator
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  • I just watched Kong: Skull Island and I can’t help but imagine if there could be a love triangle somewhere in the movie lol. So here I am making an imagine based on that. Sorry if this sucks. I take most of the conversations from the movie, other than that, it belongs to me. 


    Just A Little Bit of Your Heart Masterlist

    Chapter 1 — Vietnam

    After the war ended, the Australian Embassy ordered all of its soldiers to return safely back to Australia, with exception of James Conrad and Y/N Crowley. Which was not weird since James was a part of the SAS and Y/N was the best medical services one could have in war. 

    It’s weird how the two could become close when they’re both polar opposites. Y/N seems to be the positive, vibrant being out of the two while James doesn’t like to negotiate (at least when it isn’t benefiting him). The two met on one of the makeshift hospital Y/N was stationed in. James was brought in when he was wounded, a nasty ricochet hit him in the legs and Y/N was the only one who could handle him shouting profanities and threats on whoever brought him to the hospital when it wasn’t needed.

    A few days after James was brought in, the hospital was under attack by the South Vietnamese soldiers, and Y/N miraculously managed to get out of there unharmed, having killed a man with a syringe multiple times was definitely the best way to defend one’s self as she was about to be assaulted. And since then, the two were paired.

    Which leads them to where they are now, stranded in a small bar Y/N’s father would die if he ever saw her in one. It came to a surprise when the news of the Earl’s daughter became a nurse in the Vietnam War, let alone for Australia when she should be sipping teas and giving entertainment to men back home. 

    “James remind me again why we haven’t bought our tickets back home?” Y/N sighed as she sipped on her beer while throwing her legs up.

    “The embassy still needs us to do some work, I thought it was clear, Princess,” James said nonchalantly as he shoots the white ball, knocking a few colors away.

    “The fucking war has ended and instead of being in a nice warm bed, I’m stuck here in fucking Vietnam out of all places. Like, why can’t they stationed us in the Caribbean for a change?” Y/N groaned.

    “You were asked if you wanted to go home, remember? And instead of agreeing, you decided to say no for whatever reason,” 

    “James, please. If I agreed to go home, who will remind you to not get killed again, hm?” Y/N threw a smirk on his way. 

    “Please, I’m not a boy, Crowley.”

    “Didn’t say you are, Conrad,” Y/N winked at him as she chugged what’s left of her beer. Eyeing the men sitting on the table beside them, she groaned, “I smell trouble and I’m not here for it. I’m going to get us another beer instead,” she told James who shakes his head at her. 

    Ignoring the thirst looks men sent towards her, she moves with agility and grace to the bar, quickly ordering two beers in Vietnamese. She heard ruckus coming from the direction of where James was standing. Turning around, she made her way to where James stood silently looking at the yelling Vietnamese man. 

    She plopped herself back to the chair and stared at the man who keeps on yelling, with the words ‘white’, ‘savages’ being one of them. James looked at Y/N, silently asking if he could make him shut up. Groaning, she stands up, “stupid boys,” she murmured before finishing her drink and hitting the man straight in his neck with the rounded edge of the bottle. 

    James smirked and hit the person behind him who crept with a knife with the edge of the cue stick. The man Y/N knocked stood up on his feet and James quickly broke the cue stick into two and threw one at Y/N who swiftly knocked the man back down it. Huffing her hair out of her face as she stands up and return to her seat, completely ignoring the looks of other people.

    “I hate wars,” she said nonchalantly. “And you owe me another drink, Conrad,” she sent a glare to her partner, causing the other to laugh loudly. 

    “I still don’t get it,” The young man said as the two entered the small, humid place they call a bar. “We already have a military escort, why do we need an SAS and a freaking medic?” 

    “Former SAS and medic, with no links to anyone. They saved 29 pilots in Da Nang, at 72,” The older  man answered in monotone voice, his eyes seeking the two pair of heroes lost in Vietnam. 

    “But your sources says that they spend most of their working hours -”

    “Is your Yale degree supposed to lead us through the jungle, Brooks?” The older man cuts him. “My father told me never judge a man by where he drinks… Only how he hold it, you on board with me here?” 

    “Well… okay,” Brooks seemed unsure. “So, uh… how much do we tell him?” He asked as they searched for the pair.

    “Just enough to get them to say yes,” Randa replied. They found their target and watched from afar as the scene started to unravel. 

    “Those two? No offence, Randa. But they look like drunk idiots,”

    “Don’t judge by the cover, Brooks,” Both of their eyes widened as the two started to engage with two Vietnamese men. They fight like they’re trained enough to fight together, each movements collaborated with one another. Like a dance, if Brooks could say it out loud. 

    Brooks lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding before. Randa just looked at him with raised eyebrows, stating simply, “Now there’s a team worth talking to,” he moved to the attention of the two people sitting.

    “Y/N Crowley and James Conrad,” Randa acknowledge them with respectable nods. Y/N looked at the two men up and down. Hm, dressed for the wrong occassion. 

    “Depends on who’s asking,” she replied to Randa.

    “Bill Randa. This is Houston Brooks, my partner. We’re here to offer you a job,” Randa pulled a chair from a nearby table. “We’re planning on an excavate an uncharted island on the South Pacific. We need a tracker and a medic. And I heard the both of you are professional at what you do,” He dropped a sum of cash on the table and leaned back.

    James looked at Y/N, who looked back with the poker face she always had since the first day they met. “An uncharted island?” James confirmed. He crossed his arms and leaned back to his chair. “Let me list all the ways you’re gonna die; rain, heat, mud, disease-carrying flies,”

    “And mosquitoes,” Y/N continued as she stared at Brooks who seemed to be uncomfortable under her stare. “Sure, you could load up on the atabrine for the malaria, but what about other bacterias?”

    “And we haven’t even started on the things that want to eat you alive,” James added. 

    “We’ll double that,” Randa said simply while Brooks seemed shock at what they were saying. Y/N lets out a scoff and shakes her head.

    “You have no idea how dangerous this is,” Y/N laughed. “I want five times that, for each of us,” Randa looks at Brooks as if saying ‘What the fuck’ as he hears what they want.

    “Plus, a bonus if we make it back,” James finished.

    “If?” Brooks asked the pair. Y/N smirked at him.

    “Tell me, Mr. Brooks, have you never set foot in a jungle before?” She asked. Brooks shakes his head as an answer. 

    “I hope you have a marvellous experience with us, I suppose,” Y/N smirked at the man’s squirming under her eyes.

    James just looks at Brooks as a confirmation that they might die, causing Brooks to look at Randa and shakily said, “Pay them,” he clears his throat, “I think Mr. Conrad and Ms. Crowley should be fairly compensated,” he looks back at Y/N who smiled and winked at him. She’s a tease in that way.

    “Here’s to profit during peacetime,” Randa lifted his shot glass towards the pair. 

    “One question,” James cut him, moving his body towards Randa. He squints his eyes and asked, “You came here looking for a tracker and a medic, who or what are we looking for?” He asked. 

    “This is all the information that we have, Okay? There’s no map. Only satellite images, so we need someone like you both. With your skill, your unique expertise in uncharted jungle terrain, to lead us on our ground expedition,” Brooks explained. 

    “Wait, you’re saying no one have any idea this island even existed before?” Y/N can’t help but ask. “No offence, but how do we know it’s not some kind of a sinking island? Those exist,” she frowned. “We don’t even know what type of diseases that lies there,”

    “That’s why we need your expertise. Look, we’re just scholars and scientists. We need someone with experience. Your experiences. In case things goes sideways,” Randa explained again.

    “Men go to war in search of something, Ms. Crowley, If you’d found it, you’d be home by now,” Randa looked at her, causing her to scoff.

    “I’ll need to speak to my partner for a moment, please excuse us,” Y/N told them and turned around so her back was facing them, James followed her and looked at her. 

    “The payment’s good,” he whispered. 

    “Yeah, I know the payment’s damn good. But we don’t even know what the fuck we’re facing, James,” she debated.

    “Do we ever know what the fuck we’re facing, Y/N? No we bloody don’t. And you know these chances are so rare. We should take it,” James told her. 

    “You’re right. But I better not die in this stupid trip. I am not wasting my energy on some ignorant scientists, and you owe me one when we get back,” she told her partner. 

    “Yes, Ma’am,” he answered. The two turned back towards Randa and Brooks who looked at them amusedly. 

    “We’ll take it,” James told them. Randa smiled as the two scientists gave all the information they have for them. 

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    • Alex: Kong, I've been trying to tell you this for years. Your 'bacon allergy' is a lie your mom made up so you'd eat healthy as a kid.
    • Kong: No! I'm just allergic to a lot of stuff!
    • Kong: Bacon... doughnuts... Halloween candy... not saying 'thank you'...
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    After our walk today, I gave Ein his favorite treat…CHEESE, lol. I put a couple small pieces in his KONG tire toy and he loves it! When I first started doing this, he wasn’t able to get all the pieces out, but now he can get them all in a short amount of time. 🐕🥰🧀❤

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    There are massive spoilers going around about Godzilla vs Kong 2020. It’s pictures of new toys but its revealing a lot. Be aware please!!!

    Ive managed to scroll past fast enough, but please be aware. We still need to wait almost a year for the movie itself and we dont even have a trailer yet, but sadly the first spoilers are already here.

    #godzilla#king kong#kong#godzilla 2019 #godzilla king of the monsters #godzilla: king of the monsters #godzilla vs kong #kong skull island #godzilla 2014#monsterverse#legendary godzilla#gojira#king ghidorah#mothra#rodan
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  • Playmates has made a toy for a new monster for GvK, please be careful if you want to avoid spoilers. I don’t know what it is and anyone that tries to tell me will be blocked, please take everything appropriatly

    #godzilla#king kong#Kong #kong skull island #godzilla vs kong #please tag all spoilers
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  • sketches of my versions of king kong and godzilla- i’ve nicknamed them monstakong and monstagoji so i don’t need to keep typing “my versions of..” every time i draw them. the last character is my oc, kojira. her role in the story is a bit of a spoiler, so for now i will let you guys speculate! ;) 

    i’ve been working on a fanfiction for fun (titled “the usurper”), but i don’t think i’ll be doing much with it. however, i will be doing more sketches of characters in this fanfiction later on! 

    read about the fanfic here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19oEeFM8qPMiSA1q4rNgbq78e3Ue-_x9nCE_2o6thS0c/edit?usp=sharing

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