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    24.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    The Great Seducer / Tempted (2018)

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    24.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Mom. I'm in love.

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    24.07.2021 - 7 hours ago
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    24.07.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Excerpt from Chapter 7

    Read at Archive of Our Own

    I’ve been out of the bath, moisturized and redressed for about an hour and I’m bored. Not exactly bored, but so lost in my thoughts about Woo Bin and his love that I’m finding it hard to concentrate on anything else. So I’m lying on the couch staring up at the ceiling feeling terrible about myself.

    I think about that old summer fling, the first boy I ever really loved, but he never showed up the way Woo Bin is probably showing up now for his ex-fiance. My fling never showed up out of the blue and romantically declared it was me and it will always be me. I wanted that so bad at the time, his spontaneous reappearance. I would have forgiven the fact that he disappeared in the middle of the night without explanation, I would have forgiven everything. I would have forgiven anything if I could have seen his face just one more time... but it was never to be. He never even said goodbye.

    The sound of the doorbell snaps me out of my Woo Bin spiral. With a groan, I get up and walk to the door wondering why the producers are bugging me during my down time. I’m ready to give an unlucky producer a piece of my mind, but when I open the door it’s not to a producer but Gong Yoo.

    He shoots me a smile full of confidence and charm and I get a little lost in it. Not caring why he was there or what he wanted, he could simply have it. Anything he wanted, Gong Yoo could take from me when he smiles at me like that.

    “I discovered that there are horses on the estate and wondered if you’d like a ride to clear your head,” he says and it’s music to my ears. His words, his cadence, his tenor...  all of it.

    “I can’t ride,” I admit.

    “I can,” he admits, his smile widening on me like a spotlight.

    I grab my coat and follow Gong Yoo to the other side of the estate on foot as the sun sets. He’s charming and funny as he walks me through the estate to the stables.  I can’t believe I’m staying on an estate big enough to have stables with literal horses in it. It’s like a dream and I can’t believe this is happening to me, especially as I have the Goblin himself beside me.

    “Are you very afraid of falling?” Yoo asks, as we trek toward the horses.

    “I am,” I admit with a sigh. “No matter how hard I try, I can’t shake the fear. I’ve missed out on a lot of fun.”

    Yoo nods as he shoots me a comforting smile and squeezes my shoulder, “I’ll control the horse, you can hold on to me. Is that okay?” he asks.

    I nod, my heart tripping half at the feel of his hand on my shoulder and half at the idea of getting on an actual real life horse. Horses look tall on TV, like they add feet to your height, not inches.

    The stables are beautiful and nothing like I expected. For some ridiculous reason I expected something out of an old western, but this was a state-of-the-art Equestrian Facility with two barns filled with six rows of well groomed horses and fashioned with ceiling lights, tiles walk ways and wooden white stall doors.

    I watch as Yoo leads a beautiful black horse named Rosie toward me. Yoo teaches me how to pet and brush her beautiful hair, getting me accustomed to Rosie and Rosie accustomed to us. When I’m as anamored with the horse as I possibly can be, Yoo helps me stand on a stepping stool before easily mounting the horse in one move. That done, Yoo reaches over, picks me up and places me of him on the saddle like I weigh nothing. It was so quickly done that I barely register how high up I am or that I am on a horse when Yoo expertly leads Rosie forward at a slow pace.

    “Whoa,” I say half in fear, half in excitement as Yoo’s arms tighten around me and uses the reigns to walk Rosie out of the stable. “I can’t believe this is happening,” I tell Yoo.

    To which he says “believe it and hold on tight.”

    We take off at what Yoo assures me is a medium trot and not at all fast or dangerous. I trust him but cling on tight wanting to be as close to him as possible and… just in case something goes wrong, but I don’t think it will as he’s so confident and capable.

    “I’m going to go slightly faster,” Yoo says before picking up trot speed.

    “I’m on a horse!” I tell Yoo as we trot across the massive Estate.

    “Faster?” He asks.

    “Faster,” I agree. Now that I’m confident Yoo won’t drop me, my heartbeat has slowed, my fear has lessened and I’m suddenly exhilarated. Speed was never a problem for me.

    We’re now at a full gallop, Gong Yoo’s arms wrapped around my waste supporting me as we speed across the countryside, the wind our hair.

    We’re riding for around a half hour before I spot a picnic blanket and basket nestled under a tree. When we’re dismounted and Rosie secure, Yoo and I spread out the blanket and dine on a picnic as designed by a korean man; Gimbap,

    Gyeran-mari (Rolled Omelet), Jumeok-bap (Rice Balls) with sides of rice, kimchi and pickled radish.

    “The chefs here are so good,” I say, using my chopsticks to bring my dumplings to my lips.

    “I made this,” Yoo admits.

    “What?” I ask surprised as the food I’m eating is beyond delicious. “ You made this?”

    Yoo shrugs and places kimchi on my plate. He smiles at me, “I can cook, you know. It’s been known to happen time to time.”

    I enjoy the meal more knowing he made it with his own too hands. I compliment the flavors, the colors, the texture… everything to make him see how much I appreciate him for cooking for me. And it truly is delicious.

    “Why aren’t you married?” I finally ask an hour into our picnic.

    We exchanged our stories about growing up, picking our professions and the power of having dreams for our futures, but our dating history hasn’t come up. I usually wouldn’t ask a person this as it’s a personal choice whether or not to get married but with a ticking timeline, I wondered why a man this beautiful and mature is still looking for a wife and not already starting on their third child.

    “I’m too emotional young to get married,” he tells me.

    “What does that mean?” I ask ignoring that this would have been red flags with a normal guy but he’s not a normal guy.

    “It means that’s what my agency decided to tell the media,” he admits. “I should have married long ago but everyone’s career is different. There’s the societal approved way of getting married which is falling for someone equally famous and beloved. Be a sure couple, not just a couple.

    I nod, my mind returning to Woo Bin and his ex-fiancé who is a famous actress. I don’t know much about South Korea except that my favorite stars are all single no matter their age.

    “Fandom is a bit more transactional here. Fans give you their heart and you give them loyalty. Loyalty looks different for everyone but for me it’s being single and available to them just in case.”

    “Just in case what?” I ask.

    He laughs, “I guess… to fall in love with one of them? It’s silly, but there’s been backlash, there’s been perfectly accepted couples and I have multiple friends married in secret. I fear that a relationship could ruin my career and carrying one on in secret could ruin a relationship.”

    “That sounds lonely,” I tell him.

    “Successful and lonely,” Yoo says. “That's me.”

    “You’re on the Bachelorette,” I counter with a smile, wondering how this is ok if dating a normal woman isn’t.

    “It’s an experiment, really, if they watch it happen live will fans adapt or will they rebel?“

    “Did your agency use you as a guinea pig?” I ask feeling worried that some of the men might not be here by choice. I’m not sure what I would do if that happened, but it’s a scary thought that maybe their agencies are forcing me on them.  

    “They did but if it works I’ll thank them,” he says and I laugh.  “It’s not like they forced me or anything. They explained the vision and what they hope to get from it and I liked what I heard. They said I would like you and they were right.”

    I look down, his open smile immediately making me shy. My fingers itch to touch his thick black hair, so I sit on them. How ridiculous I’ve become, constantly wanting to touch these men.  Yoo tilts his head to the side and studies me for a minute, eyebrow shooting up at my hands under my bum.

    “I felt an urge to touch you,” I admit.

    Yoo reaches over and pulls my hand from beneath my lap and holds it in his, “What do you want to touch my face?” he says bringing my hand up to rest lightly on his cheek. “My hair?” He asks putting my hand in the center of his hair. I can’t resist and instantly latch on to the silk strands of his hair as I run my hands through it. “Ah, so that’s what you want?”

    Read More at Archive of Our Own 

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    24.07.2021 - 12 hours ago

    There is a concept that I really like when watching dramas and it is when actors have to act like they are acting. I just find it amazing when they can't make a subtle switch from "I am not acting" and "I am acting" when they are actually acting for the drama I am watching.

    It is a lot of fun

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    [줌터뷰] 은근 허당미 돋는 진영의 한쪽 눈 감고 볼 콕 몰카 반응은? 현재까지 작곡한 노래 개수가 무려 OO개? (feat. 꿀 보이스 라이브도 있어요🎙)

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    KOFIC Digital Exhibition Kyungsoo

    The Actor is Present

    Korean Actors 200


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    大 : ⌗ SHINW00 L0CKS ⌗ : 大

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    The Devil Judge ~ Kim Gaon Episode 06 part 2

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    I keep forgetting that Gummy and Cho Jungseok are married and everytime someone mentions it, I still ALWAYS get surprised.

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    im sorry but

    what the fkskdksoendjsk



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    여러분 더위조심하세요!!! 너무 더워요!! 🥵

    옛날 찻집에 가서 모델처럼 포즈를 취해보는 현재! (근데 왜 스티커사진이 팔뚝에 껴있는거지...)

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    lee sejin icons

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    The Devil Judge ~ Kim Gaon Episode 06

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