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    04.12.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    Kenma x Reader: Fanmail

    TW: minor haikyuu manga/timeskip spoilers for kenma (and kuroo if you squint)! KEY TAGS: gender-neutral reader, aged-up characters, timeskip!haikyuu, kenma pov, fluff, strangers to lovers WORD COUNT: 3371 OPENING NOTE: thanks for clicking on this! please do not repost, copy, modify, or overall plagiarize this work anywhere else please. plagiarism is never acceptable, both in mla 8 format and in fanfiction! for translations, message me, and we can talk about it! CROSS-POST: ao3 SUMMARY: “He stops reading to retrieve the aforementioned set of papers and holds it in his free hand while holding the letter in the other. Briefly scanning the title, his cheeks flush a faint pink at what he’s reading. In Times New Roman font, the words ‘Dating Application’ are printed in black ink, a size bigger than the rest that was printed below.”

    Or where streamer Kozume Kenma receives some unusual fanmail.

    It isn’t uncommon for Kozume Kenma to receive fan mail.

    In fact, ever since he opened a P.O. box for his fans to send him letters and packages, it is almost guaranteed that he’ll have something waiting inside for him every few days or so. His fans send him a variety of things, ranging from simple letters to Amazon packages. Kenma never encourages his fans to send him anything—actually, he strongly encourages them to not send him anything—, but he still appreciates whatever he finds in the mailbox. He even uses most of his gifts in his everyday life, such as his cat-ear headphones and cat apron (his fans often associated him with cats, and he would be lying if he said they were wrong to do so).

    Now, when Kenma makes his routine trip to the post office to see if there was anything in his P.O. box, he expects the usual: a handful of lovingly-written letters and maybe a package or two. Well, when he opens the mailbox, he does see those things but also notices a manila envelope lying underneath everything that stands out from the rest of the mail. Confused, the pudding-headed streamer slowly and carefully slides the mustard yellow envelope out of the moderately-sized cubicle.

    Manila envelopes are usually used for one of two things: official documents or bigger-than-average pictures. So, Kenma thinks of three possibilities as to what this envelope’s contents are. The first possibility, albeit unreasonable, is that the government sent him taxes to his P.O box that is dedicated solely to fan mail. The second possibility is that someone sent him fan art, using a manila envelope to ensure that the drawing wouldn’t be ruined in the mail. The third, more chilling possibility is that Kenma now has a stalker who was sending pictures of him in his bedroom, sleeping or changing out of his pajamas into new ones. Knowing that he uses his personal address for official documents, like government-sent mail, the second and third possibilities are more likely to be true than the first.

    Not wanting to waste time, Kenma quickly takes all of the mail in his arms and hightails it out of the post office. He isn’t too worried that he has a stalker, especially because he can’t even think of any of his fans doing something as detestable as stalking. However, he doesn’t want to risk it and decides it would be best to leave as soon as possible. Besides, he’s a little eager to open the letter as this wasn’t his standard fan letter. He drives out of the parking lot and straight to his apartment.

    Now, inside his apartment, he struggles to put down the packages and letters, not wanting to just dump them on the ground. After managing to stack them haphazardly yet gently next to the living room table, he sits down on the couch, picks up the manila envelope from the pile, and begins to open it. Once the flap is no longer sealed tightly to the envelope, Kenma removes its papers from the inside, taking it out in the neat bundle it was arranged in. He spreads them on the coffee table and is left with a thin set of papers stapled together and a normal envelope, rubricated with the words in all-caps, “READ FIRST!” While Kenma feels relieved that this letter doesn’t appear to be from a stalker that took pictures of him in his sleep, seeing the sheets splayed on his table didn’t relieve his confusion.

    Following the sender’s loud instructions, Kenma slices through the sealed flap of the envelope with his letter opener to unseal the second envelope. He treasures any and every letter his fans send him, so he likes to use his letter opener as it did minimal damage to the envelope. Unraveling the letter from the envelope, he takes it in his hands and reads it, mumbling the words softly to himself.

    “Dear Kodzuken,” he begins, “How’re you? How’s Ringo? I’ve never written a letter like this before, so I’m sorry if this all seems very awkward, haha! I’m sure this is a strange letter to receive, so I’m sorry if I freaked you out or anything! I just wanted to say that I’ve been watching your videos and streams for a couple of years now, and watching you has never failed to make me feel better. Your chill yet blunt personality feels so much more genuine and calming than the energetic and loud streamers and YouTubers. Not that there’s anything wrong with them! It’s just nicer to listen to you after a rough day…if that makes sense.

    “While I could go on and on about how great you are and how your presence alone has helped me and your other fans, I don’t want to keep on rehashing the same information over and over. So, I guess I’ll cut to the chase. As I continued to watch your videos and streams, I came to like you, not as an internet celebrity, but as a person.”

    Kenma stops reading the letter from shock. Yes, he’s had people tell him and write to him about how he’s made them feel better, which never fails to touch his heart and make him feel all fuzzy inside. However, he’s never had anyone confess to him through a letter, not even in high school! His heart skips a beat, and he feels, well, flustered. It isn’t because of you specifically. It’s more so because someone in general had confessed to him. In fact, it’s a little weird and creepy to him for a fan to say that they like him romantically, but he isn’t going to just throw the letter away. Kenma especially knows how hard it is to admit your true feelings, so he plans to continue reading the letter to not let your efforts go to waste.

    “I know this sounds really creepy and everything, so I’m really sorry if you’re freaked out right now! Actually, you can stop reading right now if you feel uncomfortable! I’m not expecting anything in return; I just had to tell you my feelings, as embarrassing and weird as it is. You know, it’s like that saying: You miss all of the shots you don’t take. I figured I could try and shoot my shot since it’s better to try than not try at all.

    “And it’s not because you’re popular or anything that makes me feel this way towards you (as unconvincing as that sounds). I think it’s the way you treat your friends and how you treat your fans with just as much sincerity that makes me go, “Wow, whoever gets to date Kozume Kenma is one lucky person,” haha! I could go on and on about what I like about you, but I don’t want to creep you out too much. Before I close off this letter, let me briefly explain the stapled set of papers you hopefully received in the mail, assuming I didn’t forget to put it in the envelope.”

    He stops reading to retrieve the aforementioned set of papers and holds it in his free hand while holding the letter in the other. Briefly scanning the title, his cheeks flush a faint pink at what he’s reading. In Times New Roman font, the words “Dating Application” are printed in black ink, a size bigger than the rest that was printed below. Kenma continues to read the rest of the letter for more information on this “Dating Application.”

    “Those papers are exactly what they say they are: me applying to date you. I honestly did this as a half-joke, so you don’t have to read it. I just thought it would be kind of funny and make me stand out, haha! But, again, I don’t expect anything from this! You don’t have to agree to me asking you out, we can just be friends, or you don’t have to interact with me at all! I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, and, even though I’m going to regret this the moment I send it out, that’s one thing marked off my bucket list, which was to write a letter to you. Also, if this goes really bad, and you start hating me, blame it on the alcohol I had not too long ago.”

    He finishes reading the complimentary close and puts the letter to the side. Now, focusing fully on the application papers, he reads off your basic information, from your real name to your likes and dislikes. You didn’t put unnecessary personal information on there, such as where you go to work or where you live (even though your address was on the envelope you sent him). He briefly skims through the information, and some common likes and dislikes stand out to him. Right next to that, he sees you provided a picture of yourself, and his heart gets caught in his throat while his cheeks flare up. At a loss for words, Kenma could only think of one: cute. To add another, very cute.

    Your picture isn’t anything fancy, such as a professional headshot or a painted piece. It’s a candid shot of you, presumably taken by your friend, smiling and laughing to the side as you were most likely talking to someone else at the time. Kenma doesn’t think it’s a purposefully candid shot as he can see genuine emotion from you, caught up in whatever was happening at the time. He can feel the positivity and hilarity radiating off of you, even if it’s just from a picture. He stares over your picture for a few seconds more before quickly moving on to your strengths and weaknesses.

    Beginning with your strengths, Kenma is thankful for the bulleted format as it makes the process more concise and easier to read. The first strength he reads is a rather basic one, which is your ability to cook. You expanded more on that by saying you often cook home meals, and you would not mind cooking for him. Kenma takes this into careful consideration. He is not going to date you just for free home-cooked meals, but it would be a nice change of pace from the takeout and the common Cup of Noodles he typically has for his breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    Then, you elaborated on your gaming skills. You issue a sample set of video games that you play, and Kenma is a little impressed at the games listed. In his field, he’s met many gamers, but you seemed to play a little bit of everything. From horror to dating simulators, he takes notice as to how you highlight the multiplayer games. You also add your ranking in the RPGs you play, and they are not something to laugh at. They prove your gaming capability and how beneficial and even fun it would be to play with you, either in a competitive or collaborative setting.

    Your next strength is your stance on physical affection. You wrote down that your love language is largely dependent on touch. Even if so, you firmly state that you would never force him, or anyone for that matter, into participating in physical activity with you. You reaffirm that you respect other people’s boundaries and are more than willing to wait. Now, Kenma doesn’t mind having contact with someone else. He’s not a germaphobe or has haphephobia. It just all depends on how much he trusts the other person and how close he is to them. He isn’t going to straight-up cuddle with someone after meeting them a few times. It would take him some time for him to feel comfortable enough to initiate contact with someone. So, the fact that you appear to be patient and understanding enough with such matters already wins huge points in his book. The last set of strengths are applied with the same logic: PDA (albeit nice, you don’t deem it necessary in a relationship), sex (same thing), and the other stages in a relationship.

    After reading all the strengths you had, he moves on to your weaknesses. There are almost as many weaknesses as there are strengths. Kenma can’t tell if you’re being humble or if you really do have that many weaknesses. Then again, you didn’t list tens upon tens of strengths, so it’s not like there was an extraordinary amount of weaknesses.

    He starts with the first weakness of you being in college. Because of your major and its demanding coursework, you do not have a lot of free time to spend with him for dates or even just coming over, unless you move in with him. However, you don’t end it there and slip in a promise that you would try and make time for him. Kenma can respect that. He’s a streamer, college student, and CEO. His schedule isn’t the most forgiving to allot time to hang out with friends often. It’s even reassuring to hear that you wouldn’t have much time for him either. He would feel bad about being the only one in the relationship that doesn’t have time to go on dates every day or invite you over all the time.

    Wait, feel bad in the relationship? Kenma stops in his tracks to process what he just thought of. Is he actually considering a relationship with you, a fan? Someone he’s never even met in person? What if you were lying about all of this? What if that wasn’t even you in the picture? It would be embarrassing for his reputation and intelligence to get catfished by someone. Also, Kenma finds it a little strange to interact with someone for the sole purpose of dating, especially online. That’s why Kenma doesn’t like dating apps; they’re too awkward for him. He could never ask someone out before getting to know them.

    Kenma freezes up again as another troubling thought bubbles up. With that line of thinking, is he trying to prelude to the idea of initiating a platonic relationship at first? And then lead it into something romantic should it go well? This is ridiculous. He shouldn’t be entertaining this idea of a relationship with you. Instead, he should be filing away the papers scattered across the table in his box dedicated to letters from his fans. As he gathers the papers into a neat pile, trying his best to arrange them in the correct order, he falters, and something doesn’t feel right in his gut.

    Does Kenma want to reach out to you—you had listed some social media accounts in your application—and ask you out? Not really, no. However, does he want to get to know you? As embarrassed as he is, he does sort of, kind of, maybe want that.

    He reaches out for his phone from his pocket. Whenever he faces some sort of dilemma that he can’t solve himself, he immediately speed dials his best friend from high school: Tetsuro Kuroo. He immediately taps on the shortcut he installed to his phone that calls Kuroo upon activation. After a few rings, Kuroo finally picks up, much to Kenma’s relief.

    “Kenma?” Kuroo’s confused voice rings in from the other end of the call, “You need something?”

    “A fan sent me something,” Kenma says briefly and vaguely, mainly from nerves and the anxiousness from the situation.

    “Don’t they always do that?” his friend’s voice asks both sarcastically and genuinely confused.

    “Well, yes, but,” Kenma glances back at the application papers and letter staring at him from the table, “this one sent something strange.”

    Now there was concern colored in Kuroo’s voice, “Strange? Did they send you weird pictures of you or something?”

    “No, nothing like that, fortunately,” Kenma instantly calms his friend’s worries, “They sent me…a dating application.”

    There’s a pause before Kuroo speaks again, “Dating application?”

    “Yeah, they sent me, like, a job résumé for them to be my partner,” Kenma decides to elaborate to avoid answering any more questions, “They didn’t pressure me to accept their proposal or anything. They sent a letter, too, but it wasn’t really creepy. It was a little strange at first, but…I find it kind of endearing now.”

    “So…what’s the issue here?”

    “Should I contact them or not?” Kenma asks the big question he’s been wanting to ask since the call started less than a minute ago.

    “Well, are they hot?” Kuroo answers with a question of his own, amusement evident in his tone.

    “…Yeah,” Kenma admits bashfully, fighting the blush that had gone away not too long ago and now comes back with a vengeance.

    “Then, the answer is clear,” the black-haired man states simply, “Ask them out.”

    “I’m not going to ask them out right away!” Kenma clarifies Kuroo’s last statement, “But what if they want me just for fame?”

    “Just drop them if they seem like a clout-chaser,” Kuroo says as if it’s so obvious, “And, hey, if they’re hot, you could have a relationship with a hot person. Not many people have that privilege.”

    “Very helpful, Kuroo,” Kenma says sarcastically before going on to his next, more pertinent issue with this, “And what if they’re a catfish or something?”

    “Oh, good point,” Kuroo lets out a sound of pondering before giving a solution, “Well, why don’t you ask them to send you a selfie with specifications or something? You can always search for the photo on the internet. Even better yet, video call them. That’ll guarantee validity on both ends. After all, I’m sure if someone randomly messaged them, claiming to be a celebrity, I doubt they’ll believe you right away.”

    “Video call?” Kenma’s eyes widen at the thought of it, “No way, I can’t. I’ll just ask for their selfie, and I’ll give one in return.”

    “Oh, why not? You’re going to be showing your face either way, and it’s in real-time. It’s better that way,” Kuroo tries convincing his friend, which can be very hard to do.

    “Maybe, but…” Kenma curses silently as he runs out of reasons to not call you.

    “Look, I got to go back to work now, but I’m sure it’ll work out with whatever you decide to do,” Kuroo begins his farewell with some background noises of other workers in the background, “Good luck, go get that date!”

    “It’s not a—!” Kenma’s words go unheard as Kuroo ends the call.

    Sighing from his friend’s antics, Kenma goes through the papers to find your socials. It has been decided: the Kozume Kenma is going to text you. Honestly, he’s a little excited and nervous at the same time about this. There’s the possibility of getting to know a really cool and genuine person….There’s also the possibility of him entering a toxic relationship with a clout-chaser, a catfish, or even both, but he pushes the thought away, not wanting to have a negative attitude about this. He looks through the three socials you gave him: Snapchat, Twitter, and Discord. Discord and Twitter are immediately out of the question as he doesn’t want to leak his private accounts to a fan nor use his official Twitter account. Snapchat is his best bet because he doesn’t really use it, and, if you were to leak it, it wouldn’t do anything to him.

    Opening the app for the first time in weeks, he types in your username with a small chuckle escaping his lips. He couldn’t help it; your username’s funny and adorable. When finding it, he adds you as a friend. At this moment, he realizes that it could take you minutes, even hours, for you to accept him as a friend. Even if so, you could also decide to not add him back, and what is he supposed to do?

    While he contemplates over what could and could not happen, you add him back soon after. His heart leaps in his chest, only kept inside his body because of his ribcage. He slides to chat with you and finds his fingers hovering over the keyboard. He also takes note of your Bitmoji waiting patiently above his keyboard. Before he can even type anything, your Bitmoji changes position to signify that you are now typing.


    ENDING NOTE: wow it has been,,,almost 8 months since i posted on this website,,,#awkward

    i was actually hoping to publish so much sooner than this—i actually wrote this in july when i was very into danny phantom exe on twitch!—but being a junior is hard. i actually have so many writing ideas but never enough time to write any of it. i do hope to upload one more oneshot before the christmas season is over since it’s christmas-themed, and i don’t want to wait until next year to upload it (it’s sanji x reader!).

    also, the reason why i waited so long to upload this is that i was debating on making this oneshot into a series or not (i still am debating it LOL!). i was thinking about possibly making this a kuroo x reader x kenma type series where kuroo would have reached out to the reader instead of kenma (kind of like “sierra burgess is a loser” type situation). for now, i’ll keep it a oneshot. i don’t want to write a series if i don’t have a solid storyline, so…i was also thinking about making this a smau series if i were to make it a series since the majority of the series would be texting and social media profiles.

    i am also thinking about making a part two to this oneshot where the reader and kenma meet for the first time, but i have no clue as to how i’ll write that LOL!

    hopefully, i’ll be able to upload more stuff in the future (no promises!).

    reblogs, comments, and likes are super appreciated :> if you have any other tags, tws i should mention, or errors, lemme know in the comments! i'm not good at tagging or tws yet, so i'm not sure if there's anything i missed.

    #haikyuu!! #haikyuu#hq #haikyuu x reader #hq x reader #haikyuu imagines#hq imagines #haikyuu x y/n #hq x y/n #haikyuu x gender neutral reader #hq x gender neutral reader #haikyuu fluff#hq fluff#fluff#oneshot#haikyuu oneshot#hq oneshots #kenma x reader #kozume kenma#hq kozume#haikyuu kozume#kozume fluff#hq kenma#kenma scenario#kenma kozume#kenma pov #strangers to lovers #reader insert #gender neutral reader #haikyuu spoilers
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    04.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    pairing(s): roommate!kozume kenma x gn!reader

    warnings: angst if you squint, use of pet name (bub)

    autumn's note: hdkshdjs these are so fun to write pls

    roommate!kenma who moves in with you after seeing your advertisement for a room in a two-bedroom apartment pinned up in his university and decides it's better than craigslist.

    roommate!kenma who stays in his room most of the time and there's never any noise from behind the door, sometimes making you think he's no longer alive and making you so nervous you have to press your ear against the door to wait for a sound of movement from inside to calm your anxiety.

    roommate!kenma who only manages small talk at first and only when prompted by you.

    roommate!kenma who doesn't know you have friends round when he finally steps out of his bedroom after sleeping for almost sixteen hours and thinks you're in class, shrinking under the stares of the people in the living room.

    roommate!kenma who feels his face heat up when you send him a wide smile and an apology for not telling him you were having people round, assuring you that it's okay now and then again later when you keep on apologising.

    roommate!kenma who, after two months of living with you, initiates a conversation when he stands in the kitchen one morning, where he's pouring himself and now you a mug of coffee for some sort of energy.

    roommate!kenma who sits beside you on the sofa playing games on his switch whilst you watch netflix, pushing himself to try and befriend you.

    roommate!kenma who doesn't necessarily want to go to the frat party you were dressed up for but goes anyway to keep you company, sticking by your side for the entire night.

    roommate!kenma who doesn't tell you he's started a twitch channel until you walk into his room one night to ask if he could help you revise for your upcoming exam.

    roommate!kenma who blushes at the way you praise him later that night, telling him how he's so cool and he'll definitely be popular soon.

    roommate!kenma who realises his feelings after you rather easily persuaded him into baking with him when he said he had no stream ideas, when you proudly hold up the tray of cookies you had assisted him with towards the camera with a smile making his heart flutter.

    roommate!kenma who doesn't mean to shut you out after that day, it just happens.

    roommate!kenma who streams a little less because he knows you watch all of them and he doesn't want you to see him.

    roommate!kenma who waits until you're in your room before he goes to the kitchen for food or leaves to the bathroom, doing all he can to avoid you.

    roommate!kenma who freezes when you enter the kitchen while he waits for his food to microwave, avoiding looking at you in your pyjamas because he knows he won't be able to look away.

    roommate!kenma who feels his heart break when you ask what you did to him, your voice cracking with tears in your eyes.

    roommate!kenma who finally looks at you and his face burns red, realising how he has to tell you now because he doesn't think he can handle you crying anymore because of him.

    roommate!kenma who stares down at his fluffy socks and waits for your reaction, he feels significantly smaller after his confession.

    roommate!kenma who wills himself to react in a way other than remaining still when you kiss him, neither of you letting any words escape for a few seconds before he kisses you again.

    roommate!kenma who asks you to join him in his streams every now and again, offering you that you choose to do whatever you wanted.

    roommate!kenma who doesn't mean to call you bub on stream — it just slips out! besides, it's not like the viewers didn't already have a feeling about it, though.

    roommate!kenma who says 'i love you' first and by accident when you're both messaging around, not meaning for it to slip out. once he sees your reaction he processes what he just said, he completely freezes at your silence. you smile and say i love you too, a blush rising to his cheeks.

    roommate!kenma who doesn't tell you that he bought you both a house a ten minutes out of the city, waiting a few weeks until he's finished doing most of the decorating with kuroo's help before saying he has a surprise for you. you had expected something small, but when he shows you what it actually is, you're speechless.

    roommate!kenma who shows you around nervously as you don't say anything. when he's finished, he looks at you expectantly. he's beginning to have doubts until you say you love it, and he just melts into your hug.

    roommate!kenma who spends months planning out the proposal with help from kuroo again to perfection and can't stop smiling after you say yes.

    roommate!kenma who's just happy he missed his bus and had to wander around campus for an hour before the next one and found the advertisement for a new roommate posted by you, grateful he didn't choose the one beside it.

    #haikyuu!! #haikyuu imagines #haikyuu x gender neutral reader #haikyuu x y/n #haikyuu x you #haikyuu x reader #kozume kenma #kozume kenma x reader #kozume kenma headcanons #kenma x you #kenma x y/n #kenma x reader #haikyuu headcanons
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    so like... clip studio paint, am i right?

    i've been forced to switch drawing programs so 😰 welp— here we go

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    04.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Me cansé de no saber cómo se usa esto





    Igual vean a Kenma<3

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  • hoodedpanda333
    04.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Kuroo: Kenma is the heart and brain of Nekoma. Without him, we wouldn't be nearly as good as we currently are. He is an integral part of this team and our most valued player Totally not gay and biased at all

    Meanwhile Kenma: Fuck you gravity, stupid bitch.

    #i think about this way too much #haikyuu kenma kozume #haikyu kenma#kuroo#kuroo tetsurou#haikyuu kuroo#stupid gravity#kinnie hours #i literally love him #stop
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    04.12.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #kenma kozume#kozume kenma #kenma x reader #kozume x reader #haikyuu #haikyuu x reader #nekoma#anime smut #tw.incest
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  • animensfw-smut
    04.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    (*) Means SFW


    Kenma x Sister! Cosplayer! Reader

    #Kozume Kenma#Kenma Kozume #kenma x reader #kozume x reader #haikyuu!! #haikyuu #haikyuu x reader #anime smut
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  • ukailele
    04.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    kuroo: must be hard not being able to laugh

    kenma: i do have a sense of humour, you know

    bokuto: how come i’ve never heard you laugh before?

    kenma: i’ve never heard you say anything funny

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    04.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Happy birthday Akaashi Keiji .

    I drew this to celebrate his birthday !!.

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    look after my cat, i'll be back soon

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    + Educated Simps - Fic Recs Masterlist :)

    back to main masterlist

    notes: hey, and welcome to our fic recs page! here are some all of our favourite works by amazing hq writers from all across tumblr! do check out their works and give them a follow :) we hope you like them <333

    ✫ browse by team :


    aoba johsai / seijoh

    date tech








    other schools

    ✫ browse by tumblr / masterlist :





















    for those tumblrs that we have tagged, please let us know if it is okay with you! if it’s not, please also let us know and we’ll remove you from the list :) we just don’t wanna make anyone uncomfy hehe

    enjoy <33

    #educated.simps #simps.recs #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu #haikyuu reader insert #haikyu x reader #haikyuu!! #haikyuu fanfiction#hq imagines#hq#miya atsumu#miya osamu#iwaizumi hajime#kuroo tetsurō#yaku morisuke#kozume kenma#oikawa tooru
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    04.12.2021 - 15 hours ago

    went for ozcon today!! had so much fun seeing all the cosplays and venturing around. bought some stuff too!

    thank you firstly to @lightningstrikes-art for these adorable badges of my favs!!

    and to @nemuinell for this photo of Aki and Megumi !!

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  • mitsuyaya
    04.12.2021 - 20 hours ago

    kitten, don't go outside | kenma kozume x gn reader

    warnings:: timeskip kenma, angst (just a bit), fluff-ish, suggestive (just mentions of ya know), infidelity
    note:: HI @kirakirasaku 😭😭😭 please the song is stuck in my head and you came into mind sorry for the trash susbisbsis 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️ brb gonna go burry myself. the song is: Hele (Huwag ka nang umalis) by because
    side note:: Based on ate Ella's translation: Alam mo namang kaluguran da ka means ‘you know I like you’

    The blistering cold seeps through the slightly opened window, even the freezing wind couldn't outweigh the heavy feeling residing in your chest. The situation isn't helping either, the man beside you, Kenma Kozume, is of no use either.

    The marks from your earlier activity are still engraved in his skin, angry red scratches and crescent marks are still evident on his back and forearms, love marks scattered on his neck, the same could be said for you. Blue and purple shade of hickeys are blossoming around your chest, it never fails to make you realize that he really doesn't have any restraints when it comes to this.

    It must be the cold breeze because of winter, or that wretched feeling, or a mix of both, you don't know, but that sinking feeling is horrible. You couldn't find it in yourself to get up and leave, not when the man beside you looks heavenly. Strands of hair covering his eyes, he looks like a cat, sleeping soundly. Without a care in the world, without having to worry about anything.

    You envy him, how he could be at peace during this moment. While you sat on the bed, lost in thought, your conscience kept you awake.

    “Penny for your thoughts?”

    It seems you failed to realize that he's been awake the whole time, that he was simply resting his eyes. Just like you, he couldn't sleep, he never did have a normal sleeping schedule. It's normal for him to be awake, to be up at this hour but you– you're never awake at this hour.

    He knows it, he saw you sleep peacefully at this hour, it's what he does every night. Watch you head to bed, twisting and turning, even pushing him and leaving him to sleep on the cold carpet. Nights where he spends just adoring you, confessing to you knowing you're asleep and wouldn't hear anything that he just said. He knows it, just like he knows that there's something bothering you and keeping you awake.

    “This is wrong, I shouldn't be here”

    You shouldn't, he shouldn't. You're both stuck here, in the dead of night, the raging snow storm outside– you shouldn't be here. He knows why, he knows all things, but he couldn't care less. All he wants is for you to be by his side, even if it's just for a bit of time, even just for one night, just after the snow storm passes.

    “I should be back in my home, I shouldn't be seen with you, I should be with him”

    He knows who you meant, him, that guy you married for the sake of your parents. Him, who dares steal you from Kenma. Him, who looks so smug, who took you away and made your life miserable. The guy who couldn't care less about his spouse, never bothering to go home at night, never letting you associate with any men except himself. That man is a prick. You know, he knows.

    Kenma knows where you truly belong. It should've been him.

    “I should go, thanks for letting me stay” you stood up from the bed, not bothering to look at him, because you know when you look at those eyes, you can't leave him. You couldn't, and it's all wrong.

    Gathering your clothes that are sprawled on the floor, you were pulled back, colliding with his chest. It's happening again.

    “Kitten, don't go outside. Don't leave me, I can't- he's not worth it please stay with me”

    'Wag nang umalis, 'wag nang lumabas
    Hayaan mo na lang sila na maghanap

    The heavy burden you're feeling is once again resurfacing, it's not guilt, it's pity. You know you should be feeling guilty for doing this, for being with Kenma, but you couldn't– maybe it's because you think that he deserves it, or you really love Kenma that you couldn't find it in yourself to care about that guy.

    “I can't, he's my husband, I'm his spouse”

    It's pity, pity that you need to leave him like this. That like any other night, you'd leave him after what you both did, after you enjoyed all the attention you got from him. It's pity, that after all this time you couldn't tell him you love him, that during the day, that your head is clear and isn't filled with lust, you couldn't tell him the words ‘I love you.’

    “Stay with me, run away with me, I don't care just don't leave”

    He keeps you in his tight embrace, nuzzling his face into your neck. It's a silent plea, hoping that you'll stay, that unlike the other nights where you have to leave, this time you'll stay, that hopefully you won't have to leave him again– that this time you'll stay with

    Oh ipikit ang mga mata
    Ang isipin ay 'wag iinda muna

    Kenma wishes for you to stay this way, for you to be in his arms. To pretend that this is permanent, that you won't have to go back to him. That it's him you truly belong to.

    It's wrong. “I won't leave, I'll stay here but I can't stay here forever hm” It's wrong, but as of now, you don't care. He comes first, the rest is up to fate to decide. You love him, more than anything and even if you couldn't tell him those words exactly, you know he understands it.

    “Hey kitten… alam mo namang kaluguran da ka, so I'll do anything for you, I promise”

    Sa sandali, iyong damdamin ang
    Pag-ibig ko sa 'yo
    Eto ang pangako ko sa 'yo

    “I know Kenma”

    Even if you couldn't say those words out of fear, fear of not giving the same love he gives to you. You know in time, after this obstacle, you'll be able to stay with him forever, and you'd finally have the courage to tell him those words.

    You leaned into his touch, engulfing you in his warm embrace– soon, this will be forever.

    “But did I say it right y/n?”

    “Yes you did”

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  • kiyokoism
    04.12.2021 - 22 hours ago

    PACEMAKER ! o. — r3: happiness

    word count | 894

    warnings/notes | time skip, drinking alcohol, a lot of characters little amount of dialogue, no this isn’t based on the red velvet song


    A year ago you were crying on your best friend’s couch while Kiyoko rubbed you back and Tanaka fed you garlic bread that he bought in advance, blabbering over the two particular boys that you loved a little more than could be considered platonic. You pull on the coat that is threatening to fall off your shoulders while opening the glass door infront of you. Nearly laughing at the now-silly-memory.

    You noticed that a couple of months ago, you can do that now. You could openly think about it, talk about it, you could laugh about it.

    And it was a sign that you were healing.

    Honestly, it was not easy, not at all. You didn't want to avoid Kenma nor Rintarou but the guilt bubbling up in your stomach, wondering if you made the right choice, made it very difficult not to distance yourself.

    Of course you weren't as level headed as you are now and did exactly that. The first two months were hard but you got a chance to get over them and they got a chance to get over you. Until you started missing them

    and that brings you here.

    A year ago you were crying on your best friends couch, now you are looking around for a group of people while you are already running late and the music that is too loud to think in of the place you are currently finding yourself in was definitely not helping.

    About to put a step forward you feel a body bumping into your own. Quickly turning around to apologize before your eyes light up at the sight in front of you.

    The tall individual behind you is about to copy your actions but he also stops in tracks. Hands fall against his trench coat as he looks trough the black locks that fall in front of his eyes and over the mask covering most of his face. Almost like the moment the two of you met, but now you at least recognize him.

    "Rin!" You shoot him a smile, that he returns. At least you assume with the little you can see of his face. But you'd like to think that you know the eye smile that you got to know and sees a couple hundred times (even if it was trough the screen from your phone) pretty damn well.

    It's not been long since you last spoke him but you weren't sure if he would show up tonight, with his busy schedule and all. But here he was standing before you.


    "Very cute but please reunite later, I wanna get wasted." The calling of your name gets halted by one of the five men behind him, cutting in with a singsong-ie voice. He makes you both look towards the sound causing your to be greeted by the familiar faces of Atsumu, Aran, Osamu, Kita and Semi.

    Semi smiles at you and reaches out to his faux blond member, flicking the back of his head. "Shut it Tsumu." He scolds the younger guy. A laugh escapes from your— as well as Suna's lips at the scene playing between the two.

    Kita resists the urge the urge to facepalm and speaks up. "Shall we go find the others."

    Less than an two hours later you find yourself silently sitting between your manager and your long haired best friend, you watch him as he continues to add to the conversation. He didn't change much, nor did he resent you after you rejected him, unlike the other person you also had your eyes on he is always been close to you. A blessing you didn't realize until you got over them.

    He didn't change much but a little bit of him did and you aren't talking about the fact that he grew his hair out and finally stopped torturing it with blonde hair dye.

    The Kenma from a year and half would've never sat here and shared his stories, he wouldn't have initiated the conversation. You’re proud.

    And the Suna you first got to know would've have never comforted the owl like man over 190 centimeters, who is currently sobbing on his shoulder, he would've probably awkwardly pushed him off.

    Kenma's catlike eyes find yours softening after the heated argument he is taking a little break from with the leader of Nekobot, replying to your gaze with a genuine smile before he gathers himself and continues.

    You smirk to yourself as you down the remaining bits of alcohol in your glass with one large swig. The lights above you highlight your contorted face as the strong taste settled in.

    Moving your head up, you're met with Suna, hollowing out his cheeks, trying to stop himself from laughing at you (which doesn't work aswel as he thought it would). He pets the crying ace as your roll your eyes at him, clearly feigning annoyance.

    Rintarou, Bokuto, Sakusa, Tananka, Kiyoko, Semi, Kita, Akaashi, Osamu, Yaku, Kenma, Hinata, Aran, Kuroo, Akagi, Atsumu and you (between Yaku and Kenma) sit around the table of the busy bar at the deep night, looking around your lean back. A warm feeling bubbles up in your stomach, like summer but without the gross bugs and sweat or all the other annoying things about summer, just the calming, warm feeling.

    ‘Huh I guess this is happiness.’


    [ notes ]

    idk how to release these chapters ngl so i’ll do one everyday from now on

    — ending three didn’t have a social media chapter because those were to show their relationship and since there isn’t really one 🤧

    — this took me so long to write but i hope u like it <3

    ──── · • · ────

    @peteunderoos @shobioo @songsongm @twistedvalkyrie @kac-chowsballs @lilith412426 @m-i-n-t-y-fresh @notendoplasm @bakugouswh0r3 @mysticstrawberryballoon @black-rose-29 @anime-meme-sanctuary @riceballsandanime @kysdabii @vhsryuu @enhyupn @micheleinumaki @athenarosaline @rinschuupet @bokutosuwus @haikoochi @kodzuken-blog @alatuskin @lovelykaia @kovjiro @meena-in-a-nutshell @fandomsgotmefucked @mikasacumslut @that-dark-emo-bitch @puddings-posts @meikoushi @grassbutneo @fucktheworlddude @starrysuna @pagkaiin @kenmaslov3r @lunarqq @kuroaka @daninaninani @gray-444 @lizziel1410 @sakusasimpbot @beidouluvr @urlocaloikawakinnie @rintarovibes @strawbrinkofdeath @kayskuroo

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    #🖤 #elle's mini game :: spotify wrapped matchups ♡ #haikyuu matchup#hq matchup#kenma kozume
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    05:31 PM

    "I lost my ring."

    Your voice is suspiciously emotional, which makes Kenma think it's not just about the ring, so he puts down his controller.

    "I'm sorry, baby," he says, balancing his phone against his shoulder. Kenma looks to the boy next to him and flashes a warning look that says you make one noise, you're dead. Next to him Kuroo throws his hands up in silent frustration as the words YOU LOSE THE BATTLE flash across the screen, but his best friend is no longer occupied with the virtual reality in front of him. "Which one was it?"

    The way your response bursts out of you, it seems like you've been dying for him to ask. "The cute and overpriced one! The classy and understated one! The one that went along with everything!" you wail. "And now it's gone forever! I won't even be able to complain about it anymore!"

    "Hmm...," Kenma debates whether to pretend like he knows what you're talking about. "That must've been really frustrating."

    The response must ignite something in you because all of a sudden the other side of the line falls quiet. "Babe?" he tries.

    No response.

    "Can you give me some indication that you're still there just so I don't worry?"

    You sniffle. "I'm sorry. You're fine. I... I had a rough week, and this was just the cherry on top..." Suddenly you gasp. "Are you filming a video right now? Isn't today the day Kuroo comes over? Oh, my gosh. I am so, so sorry. Get back to work. I love y—"

    "Not at all," Kenma interrupts. "Kuroo bailed on me today." He watches with amusement as his friend's head shoots up with a glare. "Yeah, he can be a real flake sometimes. Tell me what was bad about your week."

    "Well...," you begin. Then you delve into a detailed recap. Kenma fills his head with descriptions of the midterm you failed, the inconsistencies in your friendships, the long, never-ending list of assignments that you have due, the ring you've discovered today to be lost.

    By the time you're finished, you feel a lot better, having gained a lot of support and energy from your boyfriend's sweet and witty remarks. Kenma always makes you feel less alone; like there's someone on your side, like there's someone in your corner cheering for you. You thank him for listening. "Sorry for calling you when I'm a mess."

    "Call me when you're a mess," he replies with a smile. "Call me when you're sad, and call me when you're not sad, too. Call me all the time."

    "Then... you do that too."

    "Deal. Want me to drop by tonight?"

    By the time he's gotten off the phone, Kuroo has thoroughly snooped through three of the floor length cabinets lining his wall. "Finally you're done," his best friend complains. "How come you never are this eager to talk to me? I'm wounded. I need attention too, you know."

    "You need a girlfriend," Kenma raises an eyebrow, throwing back Kuroo's own words at him, albeit a few years late.

    Kuroo feigns a pained expression. "Who are you?" he groans, clutching his hands to his chest with a dramatic air. "And when did you get so smooth?"

    "Let's play," Kenma sighs, picking up his controller.

    "Oh, now you say that. Uh-huh. Okay. After talking to your girlfriend for, like, 2 hours straight."

    "A girlfriend who you set me up with," he retorts. "She makes me very happy. The least I can do is return the favor."

    "Why was she calling?"

    "Upset that she lost a ring."

    "Easy," Kuroo smirks. "Get her a new one... give her one that she'll never take off, if you get my drift— ow!"

    "Let's play already," Kenma bristles. But the two have been friends for too long; he's practically transparent. Kuroo tries not to grin as a pervasive blush blooms across Kenma's neck and into his cheeks. He'd pay real money to know what the latter is thinking.

    Kenma's thinking it's not a bad idea.

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    #Aww man I was trying to make this fun but I couldn't think of anything #Kenma is just so relaxed sometimes #Winter Interviews#Kenma Interviews#Kenma#Kenma Kozume#Kenma headcanons#Kenma hcs #Kenma Kozume headcanons #Kenma Kozume hcs
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