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    Hi Soul Fam, this is Mi Tarot from Kpop Tarot Reading (Tumblr). It's been a while since I actually did the request readings -- I just got back onto it just recently if you've noticed. I've been slowly curating the flood of request for the past months and have seen some that are now an outdated question. it will be hard for me to actually go through all outdated, incomplete & repeated request, that is why I curated all quality questions this week and from 60 plus - it was chopped-down to only few most recent request.

    I will be attending to them this coming days.

    Listed below are the curated request on queue - if you entry wasn't included on the below list , please send a fresh new request. And again I will attend to them 1st come first served and only quality question will be attended.

    Please check the request guidelines and the topics we cover before sending your request. Thank you, Blessed Be!

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    ateez discovered a tracking device on their van. kq is taking legal action.

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    PAIRING: Wong Yukhei x M!Reader

    GENRE: Fluff, Angst, Smut

    WARNING: Profanities, dumbification, I don't know how being in a coma feels and what happens when the patient wakes up

    SUMMARY: Lucas couldn't move on from your sudden passing away, so reminiscing the moments he had with yiu was his only last resort.




    "Sunbae!" You called out to the senior, retreating your smile the moment his head turned to look at you with such a dull and empty expression, either way it looked like he didn't acknowledge your presence at all.

    On the other hand, everyone was surprised upon seeing how Lucas was treating you a little bit kinder than before when he'd actually punch you in the stomach if he ever caught sight of you trying to get his attention. It wasn't everyday for the other students to see Lucas walking around the campus with you beside him. It was quite a shock to them, but nonetheless felt less bothered by it. They had no reason to associate with Lucas anymore.

    Lucas sighed while closing his locker as he took a book from out of it. He exhaled through his nose and crossed his arms looking down at your smaller stature. You nervously glance up at him, it all happening in just a flash since you feared what would happen if you stared any longer. Lucas rolled his eye, his greatly wounded left eye patched up pretty lazily. "Do you intend on just standing there or do you actually plan on changing these gauzes on my face? It's starting itch."

    You widened your eyes at him and finally was face to face with him, all your fear gone, now replaced with worry and disappointment. "You didn't change the bandages last night, did you?" You tut your tongue and took his wrist, your small hand barely fitting around them. "I told you to change them before you go to sleep." You nagged, Lucas only replying with a roll of his eyes while letting himself get dragged by you.

    "I got too lazy once I placed myself down on the bed." Lucas confessed you only huffing out in frustration.

    "Lu—Yukhei-sunbae, you need to look out for yourself, too. What will happen if I'm gone?" You scolded him, earning a silence from Lucas who wasn't bothered to give you anything in reply. You didn't know how stubborn as a donkey Lucas can get and now that you're experiencing it first hand, your only thought was how it's so hard to get Lucas to listen to you. He always dodges every question you threw at him and didn't heed your warnings and instructions. It's frustrating for you to see Lucas being so hard-headed, but you were determined to help the older male, so maybe you found his stubbornness a good opportunity to use as a reason to get close to Lucas.

    As you got busy with the swirling thoughts in your head, you almost walked right over the chance to hear Lucas saying your name. "M/n." Your head whipped up towards him with an expression that held all your shock and surprise. "Don't make it a big deal. I just wanted to tell you that we're in the clinic already." Flickering your eyes away from him you nodded your head at him and turned away, not until Lucas spoke once again. "Just call me Lucas. I think it'd be better that way since I know I won't be able to get rid of you anytime now."

    And just like that, you became the happiest person in the world, as you liked to describe it. That was also the first time I got to know how forgetfull yoh were as a person. I keep telling you so many time to just call me by my name, but I guess you were just scared with what I would do with you.

    "Lucas!" You bent your body down hands on your knees as you tried to catch your breathe from practically trying to chase after Lucas when you insisted on joining him on his morning jog. You put a hand to your chest breathing heavily, looking like a panting dog.

    Lucas jogged his way back to you with a teasing smirk plastered on his face. As he got to you, he jogged in place and decided to mock you. "Tired? Told you my routine wasn't that easy." Lucas chuckled with his deep voice, you looking up at him. Lucas tuts his tongue and began to finish another lap. "Come on, we're near the last lap."

    You nodded your head and got back to jogging once again, until you positioned your foot incorrectly as you did causing you to sprain your ankle you wincing and groaning painfully whilst you fell to the ground. Lucas was still yet to notice the extreme pain you were in until he heard a more louder groan. He turned his back around and saw that you were trying to massage the part of the ankle that was causing you to be in such a pained state, only for you to hiss from how immense it felt and tears flowed down your eyes.

    Lucas worriedly ran back just to check on you. He knelt to the ground on one knee, one hand placed on your shoulder as he tried to calm you down. "Hey, what's wrong?" He asked you trying to look for the reason why you were crying.

    "M-my ankle.. I... Fuck! It hurts!" You cried out with you pushing your head back in attempt to ease the pain on in your ankle. "I think I sprained my ankle."

    "Oh, come on, don't be too dramatic." Lucas tuts his tongue again and moved his hand to hold the cause of your pain, letting go immediately as if he touched something very hot when he heard you wince. "You are such a clumsy baby." Lucas rolled his eyes before he turned his back at you and he gestured for you to get on his back. You were confused at first with what he was doing. You thought he was doing something funny, but by the time he told you to get on, you were struck with realization and nodded your head shyly as you rode his back, him holding behind the pit of your knees to secure you and made sure you don't fall. "Hold on tight." He instructed.

    "Alright." You muttered and complied, but you barely held onto his shoulder that got the older male raising a brow.

    "What are you doing?" He asked you.

    You looked at him, then back to your hands and smiled awkwardly. "Uh... holding onto you?"

    Lucas gave you another eye roll for the nth time before he retracted one of his arms so he could reposition the way you held onto him. He made it so that your hands were past his shoulders, seemingly hugging him. "If you were to hold on like that, you'd easily fall off." He huffs and called you a moron under his breathe that was inaudible to you.

    The older male was forced to stop in the middle of finishing his morning routine because he had to take a specific clumsy male to the nearest clinic, if you two were lucky to find any.

    Fortunately, the place where he usually exercised had established a clinic nearby, considering that it was a high demand among people who went to exercise at the said place.

    "Good morning." The clinic nurse greeted the both of you as Lucas led you to a chair so you could take a seat. "What brings you both boys here? Broken ankle?" He asked you politely with a smile on his face.

    "Ah, yes, actually." You replied shyly, before Lucas placed you down on one of the beds that was inside the clinic. The nurse patched you up a short moment after, Lucas having to give you a piggyback ride on your way home.

    That was then when Lucas realized he didn't know where you lived. "Uh, where...?"

    "Oh, uhm, just... uhmm.." You thought for a very long time trying so hard to remember you street location.

    "Seriously? You don't even know where your location is?" Lucas said in disbelief. He knew that you could get a little stupid at times, but he didn't know you could get this stupid.

    "Well, how am I supposed to know it would come in handy? I can't even memorize a math formula, do you think my street location would be any different?" You almost yelled into his ear, the fact that you were on his back that didn't change that you were practically yelling into his ear with how much close you are to it.

    Finally, Lucas decided to just let you into his house for this one time since it was the closest and you were getting really heavier in every passing minute. You were sat at one of the couches inside the place and wondered how the house looked very simple and common. Not very usual for Lucas, you thought. "I love your house."

    "Yeah? This was all I could afford with all my monthly allowances. Guess it really paid off." Lucas stated which got you widening your eyes.

    "You bought this house yourself?" You exclaimed in total shock. Lucas nodded his head as he fills the glass cups with water for you two to drink. "Shut up! Oh my god, that's amazing!" You said and continued to blabber how much you wanted to have a house of your own and design it with every pastel colored designs you could ever think of. You really loved anything that's pleasing to the eyes, so maybe that's one of the reasons why you fell for Lucas, though his personality isn't that quite pleasing.

    You know, M/n, I may have lied to you in some certain instances, but there was this one time where I told you the only truth.

    "WHAT?!" You exclaimed from the confession Lucas told you that got him flinching in return. "No way! THE Wong Yukhei is still a virgin? Who would have thought?"

    "Didn't you?" Lucas asked you a little too shy as his face turned beet red from embarrassment.

    You weren't able to miss out on the blushing mess you made of Lucas whilst he tried so hard to cover the redness on his face. "Aw~ Don't worry, Lucas. I am one of those still owning their V-cards. You don't have to be so shy." You chuckled instinctively ruffling the male's head, fianlly able to reach them since you both were seated on Lucas' bed. "Also, I did wish you were still a virgin and didn't actually think it would come true, that was my bad, since I always heard you went out and hooked up with anyone you met." You said and shrugged your shoulders.

    "First off, hooking up with strangers is a big no-no. The fuck do I look like, a porn star?" Lucas joked, you making a face that said that he did look like one. Lucas rolled his eyes and groaned, deciding to continue. "Second, I may be that jerk of a person, but I always thought that my first would be with someone precious to me and me to them, too." The moment those words fell off his lips, all that he could do was to blush even harder.

    "Lucas, why do you keep turning red?" You chuckled, slightly punching the older male on the shoulder. You found it cute, though. It's not everyday you get to see this side of Lucas and looking at it first hand you can't help yourself, but coo mentally at the way he looked. "But, if it makes you feel any better the color red suits you well. It's cute."

    "I.." Lucas tried to retort, but when his attention fell upon your genuine look and innocent-looking eyes, all he could think of was how gorgeous they were and how they sparkled like million of stars inhabited them. "S-stop." Lucas mumbled, one hand over his mouth as though it would cover up the rising crimson color on his face.

    You tilted your head to the side with a smile adorning your beautiful features as you giggled and was in disbelief that Lucas didn't know how to handle the compliment. "Lucas, you look like your about to explode."

    Lucas snaps his head at you with a small glare, that got you laughing. "Hey! This is all your fault! You can't just blurt out anything that comes to your head and expect that the person will actually feel good about it."

    "Don't you?" You teased him even further with a smirk on your face.

    Lucas only knitted his brows more and looked away from you before he got up from the bed. "I'll be sleeping outside." Lucas informed you, causing your face to frown in concern.

    "What? Then, where will you sleep?" You asked him while he let his fingers ran through his hair and sighed, thinking.

    "I'll figure it out." Lucas answered you and was about to leave when you made him do otherwise.

    "This is your home, Lucas. You can sleep on your bed." You said patting the space beside you, Lucas raising a brow at you.

    He crossed his arms and looked at you with those cold eyes. "Then, where will you sleep?" He asked you, a little bit worried.

    You smiled. "Right beside you." You told Lucas as the male rolled his eyes immediately turning the lights off so you wouldn't be able to see another blush forming on his cheeks.

    He then made his way towards the other side of the bed as you looked at him with a very wide smile that seemed to creep him out a little, but he didn't mind. He didn't mind the company. It always gets pretty quiet and lonely when you just live all by yourself and with no one else to talk to, except a pet dog who only barked in reply, which you adored really much.

    "Don't do anything stupid." Lucas pointed at you with a stern look as he placed himself beside you, settling inside the blankets to make himself feel comfortable. You finally closed the night lamp Lucas owned, when you felt Lucas grip your hand. It was tight and it seemed like he was shaking.

    "Lucas? What's wrong?" You turned to look at his side and heard that he was mumbling a few words that you couldn't make out. "Lucas, are you okay?" He didn't answer you, so you decided to open the night lamp and Lucas slowly sat up on the bed and looked at you. "You're scaring me a little, Lucas. Is there something—"

    "I'm scared of the dark." Lucas admitted and sighed, covering his face with both of his hands. "So, please don't turn off the light."

    You smiled and nodded your head in understanding. "Okay. I won't." You replied before you two went to sleep and rode a train to dreamland.


    "Ugh, f-fuck. M/n." Lucas cursed under his breathe, an airy moan moving past his lips. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead as they flowed down his neck, his attention all on you as you let him sink his erection further down your mouth, you taking in everything effortlessly. "A-are you okay, M/n?" Concerned, Lucas asked you with a small stutter in between pleasured huffs.

    You answered him with a nod and a hum, even the little vibrations made by your mouth sent an unfamiliar sensation towards Lucas' manhood, a groan coming out of him. "Fuck, that felt good." Lucas chuckled deeply as you let your eyes stare up at the male who was already looking down at you, his fingers playing with your hair before he entangles them with his fingers and made an experimental thrust to see if you were fine.

    He felt a tap on his thighs gesturing that you were alright as he finally bottomed out, him sighing in pure bliss. "Shit. M/n your mouth feels so good." Lucas said, you wanting to make him feel better, started to bob your head up and down taking all of him everytime, his tip reaching further down your throat. "Ah~ Damn it, M/n. I'm not gonna hold back." Lucas stated, before both of his hands was placed at the back of your head and thrusted into you at his own pace, your eyes widening in shock, but you didn't pull away or resisted, the way he thrusted into your mouth, it felt good.

    "Fuck, fuck." Lucas moaned feeling himself fall into a very euphoric state. "Bet you're thanking my wonderful morning wood, since you get to do all this with me, huh?" Lucas talked you down, nonetheless you felt your own cock twitch at his wild guess which was extremely correct, that you feared he could read minds. "Haa..." Lucas sighed once more, his thrust getting more erratic with your eyes moving to the back of your head while drool formed on your lips.

    All you could ever think of right now was how you wanted to submit to Lucas. All yourself. You wanted to give it to him, as though he was your god and all you could do was offer yourself to him as a sacrifice. You wanted Lucas to fuck your mouth until your throat felt sore and turn hoarse once he's finished. Heck, you would even give up anything just to be fully dominated by him. ANYTHING!

    As Lucas moaned and thrusted, you hummed and swallowed making your throat tighten around the male's cock that elicited a loud groan from the male, fastening his pace even more, giving you no time to adjust. You could only let yourself hold on to the male's muscular legs, your eyes went up to look at the satisfied male only to see his head pulled back from so much pleasure he received from you. A few seconds and Lucas had dropped his eye down to you, your tear-filled eyes only turning him on more as you felt him grow bigger in size inside your mouth. "FUCK!" Lucas screamed, before he gritted his teeth, tightening his hold on your head (not too much to hurt you), speeding up his movements.

    You slurped and twirled your tongue around his thick girth, your mouth being filled over and over again with every thrust Lucas sent your mouth. "Hmm~ Are you feeling good, too, M/n?" You nodded your head in return, but it wasn't too visible considering that Lucas had his full control on your head and he was fucking your mouth at such an inhumane speed you'd think he was a beast. "FUCK!" Lucas cursed a little too loud, you knowing for sure the people outside, specifically his neighbors could hear him.

    You continued to suck and lick his full length that was abusing your mouth as if it was a huge lollipop you loved so much. Lucas sped up even more, groaning as he felt a coil in his stomach that told him his climax was near. "Fuck, M-M/n. I'm gonna cum." Lucas said and opted to pull out from your mouth, but when he did you only pushed your head forward forcing Lucas' dick to get buried inside your mouth as Lucas let out a loud howl and proud chuckle. "You want a taste of my milk, M/n? Then, fucking take it, angel." Lucas thrusted into your mouth a few more times before releasing his seeds into your mouth with his cock deep inside, you taking and swallowing everything not letting a small drop go to waste.

    Lucas panted and looked down at you, caressing your face. "Are.. you alright, M/n?" Lucas asked you before he pulled himself out of your mouth, fixing himself up.

    "Y-yeah." You chuckled, wiping your mouth from the drool that was dripping down your mouth. "Didn't actually think you'd go so hard on me on my first time."

    Lucas widened his eyes upon his realization. "Fuck, oh my goodness, I'm so sorry—"

    "Angel." You said, which made Lucas feel confused. "You called me angel. Call me that again."

    "What? No, I didn't." Lucas denied very much quickly and crossed his arms. "It was just... uhm.. yeah."

    "You know, I actually liked the way you were worried about me in my situation. I liked how you cared for me." You commented that got Lucas scoffing and walked off.

    And that was the start where I actually started calling you the nickname I gave you. Ironic, isn't it? We had done something forbidden, yet I call you 'angel' which was a total opposite to what we had done. I didn't really think you'd become the precious person in my life that would.. well, do all those things with me.

    "L-Lucas, faster." You didn't believe those words would leave your lips, but the moment Lucas had thrusted enough inside your puckered hole to make you feel so much pleasure, you couldn't think straight anymore. All you wanted was to make yourself and Lucas to feel good. "Harder, ah!"

    Lucas complied to your request in such a haste as soon as he heard the words that slipped past your tongue. "Shit, angel. I want to fuck you until the sun rises. You feel so fucking good around my cock." Lucas snapped his hips forward, accentuating every words with a thrust on his last sentence. Lucas chuckled, his wet hair, caused by his sweat, being pushed back with his fingers before he leaned his body forward to whisper into your ear. "How about that?"

    "Do it, Lucas. Fuck me 'til I don't remember my name anymore. Fuck me stupid—AAH! YES, YES!" You moaned and smiled lewdly your jaw falling open with your tongue rolled out of your mouth, as you felt Lucas start to violate the inside of your tight velvety walls at such an alarming pace you can't even process anything that's happening in your head.

    "FUCK!" Lucas chuckled, his voice dropping an octave deeper as he continued to harshly hammer his dick inside your now abused hole. "I like the way your hole is being stretched by my dick." Lucas smirked, as he thrusted in you at high speed, you arching your back when you felt yourself climax on his bed for the seventh time already. Without stopping his movements, he decided to tease you. "Cumming? Again? Well, as expected from you."

    You held onto his hand that was tightly gripping your waist, the older male stopping for a moment. "L-Lucas.. Lucas.." You panted. "Y-you're going too fast.. slow do—AAH! LUCAS! TOO MUCH! FUCK!" Lucas did promise he'd listen to every word you say and would not intend to hurt you, but just when he felt himself draw near to his climax, you ask him to slow down? That's no way to respect someone older.

    "Remember what you said, M/n. This whole thing is on you." Lucas smirked and went to start his thrusts again, the overstimulation too much for you too handle as you felt yourself grow dumb and only felt the pleasure, your head now left empty, except the thought of Lucas monstrously shoving his almost beast-sized girth inside of you over and over again, not even stopping for a break. Lucas whistled from the pleasure and laughed at how you were wrapped around his fingers when such activities like this happened between you two. "Damn! Angel, your walls are perfectly clenching around me. Are you cumming, again?"

    You whimpered, caught red-handed as you nod your head. "Y-yes. M'sorry, Lucas." You said, with all the strength left in you, your energy all being drained since almost an hour ago. You wondered how much stamina Lucas had. He hadn't even released yet. "A-are you near yet, L-Lucas? I f-feel tired.."

    Lucas tuts his tongue a couple of times as though to show you his genuine concern, but in full reality he was just doing it for display. He turned your body around, so your back was laying against the sheets of Lucas' bed, before he pulled you up, repositioning both of you so that he'd be the one sitting on the bed while you sat on top of him. As he pulled you down, you felt his cock move even deeper inside you, you whimpering in pleasure as you held onto Lucas' shoulder. "The safe word, angel." Lucas reminded you only for you to shake your head in reply and almost immediately Lucas went and screwed his thick rod inside of you at a speed you couldn't even comprehend.

    You let out loud moans, the only name coming out of your mouth was the male's name who was making you feel so good inside you. "Lucas, Lucas! Feels.. goood~ AH!" Skin slapping, loud groans and high-pitched moans coming from the two of you echoed through the walls of the room, you starting to turn into jelly just by having your prostate get stimulated repeatedly with every vigorous thrust Lucas sent.

    You looked down at your stomach to see the tip of Lucas' huge cock poking from inside you. You hesitantly moved your hand to place your hand over the bulge on your abdomen, Lucas groaning at the contact. "I can-ah feel you-ah so deep-ah inside me." You could feel Lucas rearranging your inside with every stab of his dick inside your glory hole.

    Lucas growled, his thrust getting more erratic while he chased his high. "I'm about to cum, M/n. Will you take it all for me, angel?"

    "Yes, yes! Cum inside me, make me pregnant!" You screamed without thinking straight, only leading Lucas closer to his climax.

    "Fuck, I'm cumming!" Lucas, then thrusted a few more times before he released inside of you. The hot, thick liquid filling you up. Lucas let himself take a few more minutes to marvel at your warm insides with his cock still buried deep inside you, while Lucas' naked body held you close to him in a warm hug. "You did great, angel." Lucas told you before he placed a kiss on top of your head.

    You smiled as you snuggled closer to him, unconsciously letting the male's cock dig deeper inside you as he groaned. While your head was still laid on his head, you blinked your eyes several times with Lucas' arms still wrapped around you, you looked up at the male your smile disappearing instantly when you felt Lucas' cock harden at the action. "No, Lucas."

    "Safe word, angel." Lucas smirked and with lust filled eyes, looked down at you.

    And after you couldn't let yourself say the only word that could help you get out of the situation mainly because you liked the way he was rough with you, you two lasted for three more rounds until you finally fell asleep in the arms of the older male. Lucas watched you lovingly with a smile on his face, clearing your face with the hair strands that stuck to your forehead from the sweat by pushing them to the side gently, careful not to wake you up.

    I didn't have to deny it. It was as clear as day to me, that I had already fell for you. Not only because of that reason, but because you really did love me even when you saw every flaws I had. You stuck by my side, even to the point where you'd let yourself get into a fight just to protect me. I'm sorry, I didn't get to apologize to you personally, but if you can hear me, I wish you'd forgive me for seeing how much your worth was to me so late.

    "Lucas, you don't sweep the floor like that. Here, let me show you."

    "HYUNG! Jungwoo is teasing me, again!"

    "Lucas, ugh! Fuck—" Oh, not that one.

    "Hyung, bring Hyuhui (Lucas' pet dog in this story) to school tomorrow! It's a pet show and I think she'll win."

    "Lucas, hyung, Lucas, hyung, Lucas, hyung." You gasp and turned to look at him. "Or daddy?"

    "Lucas, there's nothing to be so scared in the dark. Take my hand, I'll protect you. I'll be like your guardian angel."

    "You do not talk ill of Lucas when I'm around. I tell you, you do not!" That was the first time I got so proud of you because you courageously punched that kid.

    "Lucas, let's dye out hair. I call dibs on pink!"


    "Who would have known that that day would have been our last to see each other?" Lucas held back his tears, trying so hard not to cry in front of a gravestone. But how can't he? He was imagining that he was talking to you, that you were here listening to him. If you were here, you'd immediately tell him to stop crying and give him a hug that would only induce more tears to fall from his eyes.

    "A-Also, Jungwoo has already someone he is happy to be with." Lucas continued, talking to the air as he felt a light breeze gently blanket over him. "I'm now one of the successful CEOs under the music industry." He chuckled. "Remember, when you said you wanted to be my first artist? Because, I..." His voice cracked, breathe hitching from the memory. "Because I did."

    "I guess, I was just happier when I'm with you, angel and I know nothing will ever change that." Lucas smiled, wiping his tears away. "If it did, it'd be only you who'd be able to change it."

    Lucas heard a bark from the distance, his head looking around to know where it came from. He heard the bark from behind him, so he looked back at him and saw a very dirty looking stray dog, that seemed to remind him of you because of how clumsy you were. He stood up from where he was sat and approached the dog. "Hello there, little one. Are you lost?"

    The dog barked happily, not seemingly looking lost before a voice came from in front of Lucas. "Sorry! Sorry, sir. Uhm, he's my dog actually." Lucas turned to look at the owner of the voice and smiled. "He gets too excited when he's outside of the house."

    "There's no need to apologize. Your dog's cute by the way." Lucas told the person before the other male smiled and picked the dog up, not even minding that his shirt got dirty. "Well, it was nice meeting you. See you around."

    The other male smiled and waved goodbye. "Yeah. See ya'"


    Meanwhile, as Lucas slept on the hospital bed his head covered with bandages, you paced back and forth inside the hospital room. "Oh, no.. What do I do?" You bit on your lips. "Why would Jungwoo—" You almost screamed when you heard Lucas groan and grumble, indicating that he was about to wake up. You neared him and shook him slightly. "Yukhei-sunbae? A-are you awake?" When you saw Lucas fluttering his eyes open, you widened your eyes in joy and surprise as you immediately called for the nurses, announcing that Lucas was already waking up.

    The nurses rushed inside the room and checked whatever they needed to check on the patient to assure that Lucas would be stabilized, now that he has awoke from his coma. The nurse left when everything was done and you were left in the room with Lucas.

    Lucas had his eyes now fully opened and looked around him, squinting from the brightness. "So bright..." Lucas mumbled, adjusting his eyes to the light before you hastily stood up from where you sat and turned off the lights, except the one that was far from the bed, but enough to light up the whole room. Lucas rubbed his eyes to clear his blurry vision and looked around the room, as if trying to find the person who had done him a favor. "Jungwoo?"

    You pursed your lips and played on the hem of your shirt. "Er... no. It's me, sunbae. M/n." You chuckled awkwardly, before Lucas sat up from his bed immediately, you taking cover afraid that he was gonna attack you, but to your surprise he did not.

    "This must be a dream." Lucas said, so you approached him and pinched his hand to earn a wince. "Ow!"

    "So, you'd know this wasn't a dream. Please, don't hurt me." You covered yourself, opening one eye to look at Lucas who was smiling at you... genuinely. "Are you smiling at me, sunbae?"

    Lucas felt tears drop down his face, as he moved to engulf you in a warm hug and did it so tightly. "Because of you, angel. Yes."

    You were shocked by the nickname and peeled yourself away from him. "Angel? What's with the sudden nickname? Okay, what's up? Is this a prank? If so, damn, how could have you done it so perfectly and even slept for almost a whole week?"

    Lucas furrowed his brows. "Sleep? Whole week?"

    "Uh, yeah. You got into an accident and fell into a coma for four whole days." You replied as a matter of factly.

    "Then, everything of those was... OH MY GOD, M/N! THANK GOODNESS!" Lucas happily yelled, scaring you a little.

    "Did you hitting your head made a major damage to your brain, 'cause damn, I'm liking it." You said and laughed to yourself.

    Lucas sighed and looked at you with happiness in his eyes. "I'm just glad you're here with me, now. I don't want to lose you again. My angel."

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    #sorry he is simply built different 😖 #my posts#kpop
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  • sawublewii
    28.10.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    ˖ 𝆬 ࣭ ゚ ⸙ fairy 。 ࣪ ૂ nagyung !? ࣪ ࣭ 𐦍

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  • mylovelyhyunjin
    28.10.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    Stray Kids for PMC Vol. 21 - HYUNJIN



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  • kpop-and-coffee-with-eli
    28.10.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    Im just obsessed with them 😭💖

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  • spookytwt
    28.10.2021 - 21 minutes ago
    #i listend to saturn bc i listen to ga +bas.tille #apparently kpop isn t my thing :( #asks #joy!!!
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  • idolsgeneration
    28.10.2021 - 25 minutes ago
    #arin #oh my girl #kpop
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  • sawublewi
    28.10.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    ♡ 대한민국의 가수이다 !? 🍞 (..) NaGyUnG !!

    ‧₊˚✩ 그녀는 멤버 f-fRoMiS !! (๑ᵔ⤙ᵔ๑) . . # :

    🖐🏻🥛__% 나경은 GaMeR ((-- ☆ ¥666 🗯

    🍄/🐛# 나경은 중국 유학 ~ 👧🏻☆) 𝙻𝙽 ˚ ₊‧ ୨

    lee nagyung messy/short bios

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  • spendingmoneybuyingkpop
    28.10.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    Got my paycheck yesterday and immediately bought two albums. Do I have a kpop spending problem? Yes I do, but I go through to damn much at this job to not spend money on my coping mechanism.

    #kpop #the only reason I haven't quit yet is because of the albums I can buy with my paycheck #kpop collector#kpop collection #kpop is my coping mechanism #so fuck it I'll buy everything
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  • mylovelyhyunjin
    28.10.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    Straykids Japan Jacket photoshoot


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  • montrose-gg
    28.10.2021 - 30 minutes ago
    hi babes, welcome to my blog. im mary and before we get started here are a few disclaimers /

    this blog will contain adult themes and languages so if you’re sensitive to real life struggles or things of that nature please do not interact

    tw will be used when needed but if i ever forget something feel free to reach out and ill fix it as soon as possible

    everything i make up is purely fiction and to go along with the storyline

    hate will not be tolerated, i argue back baby.

    this is simply for fun

    #koc #fake kpop group
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