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    20.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    ♡ ˙ * ✧ ━━ MEET CLEO!!

    ♡ ˙ * ✧ ━━ BASICS !!

    STAGE NAME :: Cleo | 클리오

    GIVEN NAME :: Cleo Nittaya Kunakorn |  คลีโอ นิตยาคูนาคร

    BIRTHDAY :: April 11, 1997

    ZODIAC :: Aries ☉  ‘ Gemini ☽ ‘ Cancer ⇑

    BIRTHPLACE :: San Francisco, California

    HOMETOWN :: San Francisco, California

    ETHNICITY :: Thai

    NATIONALITY :: American

    LANGUAGES :: Native English ‘ Fluent Korean  ‘ Fluent Thai ‘ 

    ♡ ˙ * ✧ ━━ PHYSICAL !!

    HEIGHT :: 165 cm || 5′5″

    BLOOD TYPE :: A-

    PIERCINGS :: 2x lobe piercings

    TATTOOS :: 1

    ♡ ˙ * ✧ ━━ CAREER !!

    PROFESSION :: Idol

    GROUP ::  Hijinx

    LABEL :: Biotune Entertainment

    TRAINING PERIOD :: 3 years

    POSITION :: Vocalist

    ♡ ˙ * ✧ ━━ FUN FACTS !!

    Cleo has an older sister named Clover who moved to Thailand to study.

    Cleo was born in the same hospital as SNSD’s Tiffany, a fact she holds dear to her heart.

    She likes watching teen dramas, and her favorite is Degrassi.

    Cleo likes playing card games and always has a deck in her purse just in case.

    In 2018, she was briefly in a group called GiRLZGUiDE as the maknae: they only released a low-budget music video and dissolved.

    She likes peach flavored tea and sodas.

    Cleo is good friends with Melliminx’s Plum.

    The members joke that she’s boring because she has a very dry sense of humor.

    She loves photography and was a member of her school’s yearbook club.

    #♡ ˙ * ✧ ━━ blessed with beauty and rage [ cleo. ] #♡ ˙ * ✧ ━━ blessed with beauty and rage [ profile. ] #fictional idol community #kpop oc#kpop addition#idol oc#idol au#kpop au#oc kpop #♡ ˙ * ✧ ━━ blessed with beauty and rage [ queue. ]
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  • skzfairies
    19.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    music core 210814

    taglist: @atzaria @ateezjuliet @chaerincore @shinyddeonghwa @nemonadex @m00niesk7


    — about

    she had the same lines as minju :)

    yuri was lowkey very nervous for this stage because she was performing with THE jungwoo and THE minho

    she was having an inner stay and nctzen crisis during practice 🙄🙄

    she was so awkward when they first met but so were minho and jungwoo !!! but they eventually warmed up to each other after awhile :))

    yuri finally scored minho’s number so now she only needs seungmins number and she will have to whole set (of skz’s numbers lmao) :DDD

    she also got jungwoo’s number !!! but nct has so many members so it’s like .... how will she collect all 23 members numbers ???

    she has 12/23 so far 😍😍

    she’ll get there one day :)


    yuri was a former music core mc in 2016 and 2017 so jungwoo and mingi kept asking her for tips and she was like :(((( YOU GUYS ARE SO CUTE

    “just be yourself and you’ll be perfect! you guys can do it 🥰🥰🥰”

    NAUR their friendship is so soft I CANT

    although they are still sort of awkward ,,, they are getting closer and closer each day !

    when jungwoo and minho were rapping yuri was turned around and she was just staring at her shoes like “....this is awkward...WHY ARENT I OUT THERE 😔”

    but we got vocalist yuri :DDDD

    she had so much fun! and she got to do a cute concept too! so that was new! and exciting :)

    when she came home the boys were like “i didn’t know you could be so cute???? HELLO WHO ARE YOU???”

    yuri duality icon ig 🙈🙈🙈🙈

    note: this is like .... two months late, IM SO SORRY I KEPT FORGETTING ABT IT 💔💔💔 hopefully i’ll be able to write more about mc yuri because i have MANY ideas :D

    #aesocnet. #deluxeocnet#mochiocnet #kpop extra member #ateez extra member #ateez 9th member #ateez fanfic#kpop au#ateez #ateez 9th memeber au #ateez oc member #ateez oc#ateez fluff #ateez ninth member au #ateez ninth member #ateez female oc #ateez female member #ateez female addition #ateez girl member
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  • honeylovesgot7
    19.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    felix: i wish we could block people in real life

    seungmin: restraining order.

    haewon: murder.

    #kpop!oc #kpop #stray kids oc #stray kids additional member #stray kids 9th member #kpop au #fictional idol community #stray kids ninth member #stray kids #stray kids addition #stray kids felix #stray kids seungmin #haewon#jypnation#incorrect quotes
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  • starfall-grls
    19.10.2021 - 4 hours ago


    #♡ ˙ * ✧ ━━ make a wish! ❪ teaser ❫ #aesocnet#mochiocnet#flashing tw #female!addition #female!idol #female!kpop #female!oc #kpop!addition #kpop!au #kpop!fakegroup #fake kpop gg #fake kpop oc girl group #fake kpop member #fake kpop soloist #fake kpop band #fake kpop addition #fake idol oc #fake idol group #fake idol community #fictional kpop idol #fictional idol oc #fictional idol group #fictional idol soloist #fictional kpop group
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  • lixiehugs
    19.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    taehee main writing masterlist

    PREDEBUT : 2007 - 2012

    coming soon !

    2013 :

    coming soon !

    2014 :

    coming soon !

    2015 :

    coming soon !

    2016 :

    coming soon !

    2017 :


    2018 :

    coming soon !

    2019 :

    coming soon !

    2020 :

    coming soon !

    2021 :

    coming soon !

    #taehee.writing.masterlist #taehee #bts female oc #bts female member #bts added member #bts addition#bts #bts 8th member #bangtan #kpop!oc #kpop added member #kpop addition #kpop female oc #kpop oc #kpop!addition #oc!idol #oc!kpop #kpop
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  • lixiehugs
    19.10.2021 - 4 hours ago


    summary : taehee is up in the middle of the night due to some extreme pains.

    word count : 1.3k

    warnings : mentions of hospitals, doctors, cursing

    set on : december 10th, 2017, cerca. 1am

    a/n : this is kinda for that anon who requested the taehee x taehyung crush(?) fic. i didn't really feel inspired by that and i don't know how that would fit into taehee's storyline. but here's this fic i wrote some time ago. hope you enjoy <3. sidenote : there will be a part 2 to this !

    With an exasperated sigh, Taehee curled her legs even further into her chest. The stabbing sensation in her abdomen seemed to make a ripple effect through her entire body. She was almost paralyzed from the pain. A particularly noticeable bead of sweat had trickled down the back of Taehee’s head, making her realize, yet again, just how hot she was.

    She reached her arm out with a hiss, grabbing her phone on her nightstand. The expensive technology rested on the girl’s mattress as she looked at it through one eye, the other one being pressed into her sheets. Taehee unlocked her phone and tapped on her most recent conversation, Yoongi, and called him. The ringing noises seemed a lot longer than Taehee remembered them being. She groaned in pain as more jolts of pain ran through her.

    “Hello?” Yoongi answered the call, his voice groggy.

    “Op-oppa…” Taehee started.

    “Taehee? Why did you call? It’s late, and we have a show tomorrow. You need to sl-.”

    “Help, please,” she whispered.

    “What?” Her voice was too quiet for him to understand. “I’m coming.”

    The call ended.

    Taehee let out a breath, her chest starting to heave lightly. She couldn’t hear Yoongi’s steps over her own pained moans.

    “Taehee? What happened?” Yoongi asked as he entered her room. He was faced with Taehee’s scruffy hair and untidy bed a few feet away from him. She had an intense frown on her face; dried tear streaks were evident on her pale cheeks with the help of the light from the hallway.

    He placed a hand on her forehead to see if she had a fever. His eyes widened from the heat that he felt. “You’re burning up. What hurts?”

    “Stomach,” she murmured.

    “It’s not cramps, is it?” Yoongi already knew she would say “no”, but he just wanted to be sure. Taehee wasn’t someone who cried that easily, and she never cried over her monthly pains. She shook her head.

    “What’s going on?” Jungkook’s voice sounded from the doorway. Yoongi looked back to face him before turning his attention to the younger girl again. Jungkook got closer to them, trying to see what was happening in the dark.

    “Jungkook, can you go get Namjoon?” Yoongi asked. Jungkook nodded his head before swiftly exiting the room, almost running out. “Does it hurt everywhere?”

    “Mainly right there.” She pointed to the right side of her stomach.

    “Here?” He ever-so-slightly touched where she pointed, causing more extreme pain to shoot through Taehee’s body. She shot up with a gasp before squeezing her mouth shut and suppressing the urge to screech. Yoongi’s hand retreated immediately.

    “Shit, sorry,” Yoongi apologized in a much more hushed voice.

    The door to Taehee’s room opened wider as three more people walked in. Jungkook, along with Taehyung and Namjoon.

    “What happened?” Namjoon was the first over to Taehee’s bed. The small girl looked at him through squinted eyes as Yoongi explained the situation.

    “I think she may be having appendicitis.” Namjoon looked at her.

    “When did it start hurting?”

    “Um… two days ago, I think…” Taehee spoke quietly, fearing that if she were to talk louder, it would aggravate her pain.

    “Why are you just saying something now?” Taehyung piped up.

    “I thought I was just sore.” She groaned again.

    “But yesterday you-.” Hoseok started, having appeared in the room along with Jimin and Jin.

    “It doesn’t matter now; we need to get her to the hospital.” Namjoon faced the group behind him.

    “But hyung, we can’t go like this…” Jimin started quietly.

    “For God’s sake-, fine. Put on a hoodie or something but Hobi hyung, you’re helping me with Taehee. I don’t think she can even sit up by herself.” Namjoon ordered.

    “What’s she going to wear?” Taehyung asked. Hoseok quickly pulled off his own hoodie and slipped it over Taehee’s head, trying to be as careful as he could.

    “Jimin-ah, grab me a jacket when you change,” Hoseok said as Jungkook, Jimin, and Taehyung left for their rooms.

    “Jin hyung and Yoongi hyung, can you guys tell Manager hyung?” Namjoon asked. The two oldest members exited the room, going to call their manager. The leader shifted his attention back onto the maknae. “Okay, I’m going to hold under your right shoulder. Hobi hyung is going to hold under your left shoulder, alright, Taehee?” The girl nodded, preparing herself for immense pain.

    Hoseok helped her sit up, slowly bringing her chest to a straight-sitting-up position. Taehee bit down on her lip as she winced. Then, Namjoon placed her right arm over his shoulders and Hoseok put her left arm over his shoulders.

    “Okay, slowly. Tell us if you need to stop, alright?” Hoseok said. Taehee nodded, squishing her eyes shut. “Okay, one, two, three.” The three rappers slowly stood up from the bed.

    Taehee swore that she saw her life flash before her eyes.

    The pain had become excruciatingly more intense than before. A single tear slid down her cheek.

    “I think it might be better if you just carry her, Joon. It’s going to be too hard for her to walk to the elevator and the van,” Hoseok suggested. Namjoon weighed his options. He wasn’t worried about being able to carry her; he was just worried if carrying her could potentially cause her more pain.

    “Is that okay with you, Taehee?” The leader asked, craning his neck slightly.

    “Yes,” she whispered.

    “Okay.” Namjoon bent down a little more to slide his right arm under her knees. His left arm adjusted to be more around her back. He lifted her up slowly, Hoseok’s hands not entirely leaving her until Namjoon was properly holding her. Shaky breaths continued to leave Taehee’s mouth in agony. “I’ll take her downstairs. You make sure everyone is in the car in three minutes or I’m leaving.”

    “Mm-hm,” Hoseok answered in confirmation before Namjoon carried the girl out of the room, into the hallway, and into the elevator.

    The two youngest members of the rap line were in the parking garage within a minute. Their manager’s car pulled into the spot nearest to them, hastily getting out of the vehicle to assist. He opened the door to the back seat. Namjoon crouched his way in, laying Taehee down in the middle row of seats. Her head rested on his thigh as her legs curled into her chest again.

    The other members burst out of the elevator, running to the black car. They all crammed in, being careful not to touch Taehee. Yoongi sat in the passenger seat, Jungkook and Hoseok in the two seats in front of Namjoon and Taehee, and Jimin, Taehyung, and Jin sat in the back row.

    The car ride to the emergency room couldn’t have taken more than ten minutes, but it felt like hours to Taehee. With every turn of the car, with every acceleration, she whined from the pain she would feel from the extra movement.

    Getting from the car into the hospital was all a blur to Taehee. She remembered being carried from the car into the hospital and being placed on a bed. Tests had been performed on her, confirming that she was, in fact, experiencing appendicitis.

    “Ms. Lee,” A doctor grasped her attention.


    “You’re going to go into surgery now. I’m going to give you this mask that will be pumping anesthesia, alright?” Taehee nodded, allowing the man to slip the elastic around her head.

    And with that, her bed was pushed down the hall and into an operating room.

    #anon please dont hate me i just didn't feel inspired by your request and i hate posting work im not proud of :( #taehee #taehee.writings #bts female oc #bts female member #bts added member #bts addition#bts #bts 8th member #bangtan #kpop!oc #kpop added member #kpop addition #kpop female oc #kpop oc #kpop!addition #oc!idol #oc!kpop #kpop
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  • vinwrld
    19.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    SUMMARY. in which he’s the down fall of vincent han

    CHARACTERS. vincent han, lee kyungsoo, kwon heechul, kang sooyoung, louis han

    TIMESTAMP. March 2019

    WARNINGS. mentions alcohol, kinda alludes to toxic friends

    NOTE. reupload ofc, i have less anxiety about it now so yay

    Vincent remembers how he met Lee Kyungsoo.

    He remembers how he was thrust into the friend circle he has now. He remembers so clearly how he was opened to the not-so-secret world that many idols know well.

    He remembers how cold he was, how uncomfortable he felt squashed between bodies as he made his way through the club, how the loud music made his ears hurt, and the led lights made his head hurt. Vincent remembers how out of place he felt, he didn’t belong there. He knew it well, he didn’t belong at a club like that one.

    The amount of perfume and cologne that swam in the air was enough to make him want to throw up. He wanted to throw up, nerves twisted in his stomach as he walked down the stairs.

    Lee Kyungsoo went to the same high school Vincent did, he had the same friends Vincent did, he was in the same clubs as Vincent as well. Even if they had so many chances to meet, they never did. Vincent could only chalk it up to fate wanting Vincent to stay how he was, to not become someone who wanted to act his age for once. He wished it stayed that way.

    Vincent was pulled out of his thoughts by the voice of Lee Kyungsoo calling his name, “Jumin! Han Jumin~!” Vincent looks to his left to find the man sitting in a booth with two other people. He hesitantly walks over to them.

    “Guys! Guys, this is Han Jumin! The idol boy I told you about,” Kyungsoo introduced as he pulled Vincent to sit next to him, “Min, this is Heechul,” he said gesturing to the blond to his right, “and that is Sooyoung.” he added pointing to the red-headed girl.

    Vincent nods, waving his hand slightly, “hi.” he says softly. The group falls silent after the quick introductions. Vincent wanted to run away, he felt the atmosphere was awkward.

    “So,” Sooyoung began, leaning forward, her wrist holding her chin, “you’re an idol right? What group?” she questioned.

    Vincent was genuinely shocked, not in an egotistical way but how could she not know him? Exo was fairly big, he thought.

    “Exo~!” Kyungsoo replied in a sing-song voice.

    “Oh?” She hums, “maybe I’ll get into them,” she smiles. Vincent nodded.

    The time he spent at the club blurred together as he sat in the booth, he spent most of it giving into peer pressure as they gave him drinks to down, one after another until he was left a mess hunched over to the table.

    He hated the feeling he felt. He wanted to go home, he wanted to leave and never come back. Though, he knew he would. He’s a liar, it was something he’s good at. Lying to himself, to others. He was a great liar - it was something he learned from his mother. He knew he’d come back to the club, he didn’t know why he’d willingly come back but he knew he would.

    “Hey, Jumin,” Heechul says, shaking the boy's shoulder slightly, “we’re leaving,” he added. Vincent moved to pick himself up, getting help from Heechul in the process. The group made their way outside, Vincent stumbling in the process.

    “He’s wasted,” Kyungsoo chuckled as he watched Heechul sit Vincent on the curb, “I thought he’d be able to hold his own,” he added.

    Sooyoung scoffs, “he’s clearly never gotten drunk before,” she said, “give him a break.” she added.

    “Who do we call for him?” Heechul asked as he looked for Vincent’s phone. When he finally finds it, he’s met with a passcode screen.

    “Jumin,” Heechul started shaking Vincent, “you gotta call someone.” he said.

    “Nah, it’s fine, I’ll text his brother,” Kyungsoo says, pulling out his phone. The group goes silent as he texts Vincent’s brother.

    “He’ll be here soon,” he sighs.

    Vincent couldn’t really make out what they were saying, all he could think of and hear was his own thoughts; You shouldn’t have come, your hyungs will definitely feel disappointed in you. He could only put himself down in his drunken state.

    When Vincent finally came to, he was on the sofa in the apartment. His head was killing him, he could hear someone in his kitchen - the sounds of cups hitting each other made his headache worse.

    Sitting up slowly, he sees his older brother in the kitchen, “Hyung,” he called, wiping his hand over his face.

    “Good morning, Vin.” he smiles walking over to him, water in hand, “how’re you feeling?” he asked, kneeling in front of his brother.

    “My head hurts,” he mumbled, taking the water from him.

    “Ah,” Louis hums, “I wish you head headache medicine,” he sighs.

    “I do too,” Vincent sighs, laying back down. Louis stands up.

    “I’m gonna go buy you some stuff, okay? Just stay here.” He says, earning a nod from his little brother. Louis leaves the house.

    Vincent wished he never went to the club. He was perfectly fine before he met Lee Kyungsoo, he was fine without having to experience everything he would in the near future. Vincent was fine being the little brother the nation had claimed as their own.

    Meeting Lee Kyungsoo was, in many ways, the beginning of the end for Vincent Han.

    #。゜ ⠀ ☆ ⠀ ⠀𝐖𝐎𝐍𝐃𝐄𝐑 𝐁𝐎𝐘 ⠀ 〳 ⠀ vinny˛ #。゜ ⠀ ☆ ⠀ ⠀𝐖𝐎𝐍𝐃𝐄𝐑 𝐁𝐎𝐘 ⠀ 〳 ⠀ writings˛ #deluxocnet #fictional idol community #fictional kpop idol #idol au#kpop au#kpop oc#oc idol#exo addition #kpop idol au
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    19.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Della with the Members

    enhypen 8th female member masterlist

    wattpad | open requests / ask della!

    WARNING: i got a little carried away lmao, it’s quite long

    if you have any requests for the details/a separate chapter, do let me know!


    the savage duo. since della barely has any filter (they're surprised at how soft she is with them), he either supports her words or tries to contain them as part of his leader duties.
    she always checks on him, afraid that he'll put the members first too often.
    they like to lay their head on the other’s lap and/or sit between their legs.
    she’s jungwon’s diary (she’s everyone’s but he mostly only goes to her). she might not give the best advice but he already has his hyungs for that, he just needs comfort.
    she tends to say “aww” when she looks at him, he’s just too cute. followed by an occasional kiss on his cheek or a hug.
    he stares at her quite often and has been caught a little too many times by fans.
    jungwon teases her the most but she doesn’t mind, it means he likes her.
    instead of treating him like a baby (he has jay for that), she acts like his wife.

    he definitely wouldn’t mind staying that way for the rest of his life.


    alice’s (former member) departure affected heeseung the most as he was closest to her. della spent days not leaving his side, comforting him in any way she could.
    after alice left, heeseung became extra protective of della, making sure the same thing won’t happen again.
    della’s clumsiness protector. he tries to prevent her from doing anything stupid.
    he loves their height difference. he likes to pull her into a hug just so she could nuzzle her face into his neck.
    heeseung enjoys her aegyo the most, he has heart eyes whenever della does it.
    she finds him so effortlessly funny. if there was random laughter within a silence, it is most likely della reacting to heeseung.
    lots of late night shenanigans with these two.
    he tends to get jealous quite easily. not necessarily because of the other members, but when she fangirls for other idols or characters in her romance stories.

    his heart aches thinking about the possibility where they won’t be her first choice anymore.


    along with heesung, he’s the most protective of della. while heesung is more about shielding, jay is about defending.
    always has his back. when people tease him, she’ll laugh and ‘comfort’ him at the same time.
    even though he doesn’t need it, jay always asks della for advice on his outfits. since she also loves fashion, he knows she’ll approve of everything and it boosts his confidence.
    he always spoils her with strawberry milk and her favourite brand of chocolates.
    they speak to each other in konglish.
    since della went through a lot of ‘interest’ phases, she knows most of jay’s random facts. sometimes they geek out together.
    if della is feeling insecure or not as confident as she should be, she will stare at jay and watch his confident smile fuel her up.
    he gets jealous easily and everyone is aware of it, he’s worse than heeseung. fans have made lots of compilations of jealousjay. della has to assure him at least once every day.

    sometimes he would purposefully show his feelings so she would give him her attention.


    jake and della are inseparable. along with sunghoon, these three have a bond that anyone would be jealous of.
    high school buddies and jake always does her homework helps her with homework. she regrets going to an IB school every day.
    everyone, including jake, knew of della’s crush during i-land (she just couldn’t stop blushing whenever he’s around) and there’s a never ending joke that they are dating/married.
    she has been to his house and is layla approved.
    he loves it when della sits on his lap and always pulls her towards his direction whenever she is about to sit somewhere else.
    mostly speak english when they’re together.
    jake doesn’t get jealous that easily. he claims that he ‘knows’ that he is della’s favourite (even though she never stated that and doesn’t even play favourites).
    as they get closer, della’s blushes eventually became less frequent, but they still could never fully disappear.

    jake silently hopes that it, along with her crush, never does.


    sunghoon and della have crossed paths before. she has a video of herself struggling in an ice rink while sunghoon did a double axel in the background. she likes to think that it’s fate.
    he likes to carry and back-hug her out of nowhere.
    whenever they need to recharge their social battery, they just stay quiet and cuddle.
    he loves seeing her eat so he tends to watch her whenever they eat together.
    while heeseung is the one who tries to prevent her clumsy mistakes, sunghoon is the one who saves her when it inevitably happens.
    both ice royals/visuals but sunghoon is for his skating and della for her RBF. he likes to call her my princess just to show off to the others.
    probably has seen her cry the most and is the only one who’s seen her most vulnerable side.
    biggest shipper of dake.

    at least on the outside, but he also gets her anyway.


    the expressions duo. she admires his expressions so much because of his versatility, all she could do is pull off a confident/flirty one. della learned a lot from sunoo.
    always tries to make the other eat/drink more.
    besides his selfies, della takes up the most photo space on sunoo’s phone.
    he likes to randomly kiss her cheek and intertwine their fingers. they interlock their arms whenever they’re paired/are walking together.
    sunoo’s the only one who doesn’t get jealous (or at least too jealous) when she fangirls.
    he knows a lot about della’s problems and worries but unlike sunghoon, she doesn’t break down in front of him. sunoo distracts her instead.
    the same age and lots of self care with these two. skincare, hair care, vitamins and supplements, etc.
    even though they are close, they could have been the bestest friends if sunoo wasn't in ground most of the time.

    at least she doesn’t pick favourites, she loves everyone the same.


    like jungwon, riki appreciates that she doesn’t treat him like a baby (not that he doesn’t like it) and lets him baby her.
    della is fascinated by his dance skills (even though she’s literally main dancer worthy??) as he is with her stage presence, they both go into a trance watching the other perform.
    his favourite thing about growing taller is seeing della (who’s quite tall) get shorter and cuter.
    della takes him to stay at her house when they are on a break (since he isn’t able to go home for now). her family cooks (or at least attempts to cook) him japanese dishes.
    even though riki loves her skinship, he’s not as brave about it as the other guys so he pokes her whenever he wants attention.
    he always hopes that she’ll cuddle with him but he, unfortunately, has to share. i mean, he has his hyungs but it’s not the same.
    riki loves seeing her work on her journal during her v lives. if he can’t watch her in person, he will be watching through his screen.
    della learned a bit of japanese back in YG but she wanted to resume for riki. in the end, she could only understand and interpret it, rather than speak it (which he does not mind).

    the thought of her learning a language just for him when she barely has the time was definitely the icing on the cake.


    she’s the glue that holds them together, especially when alice left the group before they could debut. their bond keeps getting closer and closer afterwards.
    she can do it herself but they’re always ready to fight anyone who messes with their baby della and the same goes for della and her men.
    della is the definition of ‘one of the boys’ (even though she’s also very feminine), she almost never feels left out.
    she literally sees them every day but della still gets surprised by their visuals at times (not like they don’t too but-).
    they love watching her perform. the worst thing about being in a group with her is simply not being able to watch from an audience view.
    della acts like the mom a lot? but that’s incest so they hate referring her as that, she’s very caring and attentive.
    della’s the biggest hype woman. praises fall out of her mouth so easily.
    della always plays with their hair at any time she could. they all find it relaxing.
    all victims of della’s fangirling, but they don’t openly complain much (at least not all of them).
    della likes to smirk at them when they do skinship with one another. she likes seeing their cute bond and all the posts on the internet. she keeps provoking the fans.
    they always try to remain professional on set and not be too obvious. sometimes they can’t help but slip. live broadcasts are the hardest.
    they baby her too much at times. they always try their hardest to make her comfortable and happy, they know how much she loves it. they’re all so whipped for her.

    anything to keep her from wanting any other guy, right?


    the ace family — [jungwon, heeseung, sunghoon, della]
    jallahoon — [jake, della, sunghoon]
    foreign swaggers english gang — [jay, jake, della, ethan at times]
    maknae line — [della, sunoo, jungwon, niki]
    visual line — [jay, sunghoon, della, sunoo]

    she’s actually a part of ramyeonz but her and jake are always together so she wanted him to be in a public unit without her for once.

    if you can’t tell by now, this fic is somewhat poly? not sure yet though.

    #kang della #kpop added member #enhypen 8th member #enhypen added member #enhypen eigth member #enhypen female member #enhypen female addition #kpop oc #enhypen female oc #enhypen scenarios#enhypen ff#enhypen reactions #enhypen x oc #female!enhypen member #8th member of enhypen #enhypen oc#enhypen requests#enhypen recs
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    Instagram Story 211017 || Minnie

    K-Pop Masterlist

    Requests, asks, and taglist are open! :)

    ┌─── **•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚ ───┐

    Minnie took part in writing “소용돌이 (To You)”, “그리워하는 것까지 (I can’t run away)”, and “2 MINUS 1”


    └─── **•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚ ───┘

    Don’t forget to vote :) :

    Minnie’s Hit The Road Episode Title

    Questions for InstaLive/Vlive (please add options :)!)

    Dorm Arrangement (y’all really want her to live with Mingyu and Wonwoo, I see I see)

    Minnie in GoSe

    Taglist: @naviercallisto @myballzinyojawz

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  • ateez-elena
    19.10.2021 - 19 hours ago


    March 2021

    The one where Jongho makes things a little complicated

    Tag list: @haruphoria @cherryutas @1-800-enhypenbibi @1-800-minji @ateezjuliet @ggukkiedae @lovely-sanie @atinymonster (let me know if you want to be added or removed from the taglist! my ask box and messages are open!)

    Elena’s Masterlist

    “CHOI JONGHO!” Elena shouted as she made her way out of stairway entry. For someone who had just sped their way up multiple flights of stairs, she still had a large amount of energy. It even surprised her when she heard her own shout resonate loudly along the hall.

    Meanwhile, inside the practice room a couple feet ahead of her, everyone grew hushed at the sound in a state of confusion. Well, all but one. Jongho.

    Oh, he heard the sound loud and clear. To add to it, he knew that voice and he knew that she was mad as well. Had he ever heard it directed at him? No, but there’s a first for everything.

    It was dead silent. Only the sound of heels clicking against the tiles of the floor was heard and it only grew the suspense from inside the room more the closer to the door she got. Within a matter of seconds, the clicking stopped, indicating that she had finally reached her endpoint.

    The three tropical boys were probably the only other people here who easily knew who the voice belonged to. Hell even if she hadn’t spoken they would still know. The sound of her heeled footsteps easily distinguishable after hundreds hours of practice together. However, what they didn’t know was what she was doing here and that was clear with how they all looked at each other bewildered. They all shared a quick glance before turning to their maknae, wondering what exactly he had done.

    In a matter of seconds the door slammed open, finally revealing Elena, making her presence and identity known to all the people in the practice room.

    She was quick in observing the situation she found herself in and painted a bold smile on her face. “I’m so sorry,” Elena apologized to the production crew and other actors as she bowed on her way to her youngest member. “I wasn’t aware there would be filming here today!” She explained with a kind smile as she continued bowing in apology to everyone in sight. “I just need to speak to my member for a second, I promise it’ll be quick.”

    Surprisingly to her and to the boys, the director laughed kindly at her, assuring her that it was fine and that they had been in need of a break. At this, most of the people dispersed to rest up a bit.

    Jongho, who was once surrounded by his members of SHAX, was now only left one member beside him. It was almost comical the way Jongho’s eyes grew wide as he bolted behind Hwi Young in hopes of creating as much space between her and himself for his safety.

    “Jongho-” Elena started finally having made it to the pair, smiling at Hwi Young momentarily as a quick greeting.

    “I’m sorry!”

    “For what?” She tested lifting her brow in anticipation. She was positive that he didn’t know, but she was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    “I,” Jongho started peeking from behind his hyung to look at Elena before quickly deciding against that at the sight of her gaze, “Uh, don’t know...” He admitted moving himself fully behind Hwi Young in defeat.

    “You don’t even know?” Hwi Young spoke in shock before shaking his head comically as he threw his hands up in the air as he moved to the side. “Oh no, I don’t want to be in the middle of this.”

    “Hyung, wait!” Jongho pleaded moving with the older boy so that he wasn’t face to face with Elena. “I’m sure it couldn’t have been that bad if I don’t remember.” He tried reasoning with the best puppy eyes he could muster. “What did I even do?”

    Elena sighed before finally explaining the situation to him. “You told our manager to take Nobu to Mingi’s!”

    “Oh.” Jongho sighed out in relief as his shoulders relaxed. “That’s it? I was seriously worried for a second there.”

    “That’s it?” The girl repeated as she pinched her nose bridge in exasperation before looking to Jongho with angry eyes. “Jongho, I literally told you the other day that I had plans with Nobu today.”

    “No, you said that you wouldn’t be in the dorms today.”

    “No, I told you that I wouldn’t be in the dorms tomorrow.” She corrected looking at him expectantly.

    “Oh,” he responded back softly rubbing the back of his neck, “Why don’t you just go and take him back from Mingi?”

    “Take him back?” Elena asked appalled at that the mere thought, “From Mingi?” She repeated back to him for further emphasis, “I can’t! Mingi loves that cat and I can’t just go over there and take Nobu back from him. Do you think I’m that mean?”


    “That was a rhetorical question.” Elena interrupted the younger boy with a knowing glare.

    “Okay,” Jongho spoke raising his hands in surrender, completely disregarding his earlier statement, “but you do realize how this sounds, right?”

    “How this-” She began baffled at his comment, “What do you mean ‘how this sounds’?” She questioned throwing a puzzled expression to Hwiyoung. “You know what, don’t answer that.” She finished shaking her head as she took her phone out of her pocket and turned back around, ready to make her way to the other members still in the room. “I’ll talk to you later Hwi Young.”

    As she was approaching the other boys she stopped in her tracks to throw them a cheeky grin and make sure Jongho heard her reminder to ‘sleep with one eye open’.

    “I feel as the oldest I should ask you what you’re going to do to him.” Seonghwa stated once the girl was in his vicinity. He watched the expression of relief once previously on the youngest’s face morph into one of fright and panic, all in a matter of seconds.

    Elena only chuckled softly at his words, “Don’t worry, I’m not going to do anything to him.”

    “Then why did you say that to him?” San questioned throwing a quick glance of his own to their maknae only to see Hwi Young patting his back in what he imagined was comfort while trying not to laugh at the boy.

    “To psych him out.” She stated plainly as she unlocked her phone to type out a quick text.

    Seonghwa stared at the girl in amazement as he let out a chuckle of his own, “That’s evil.” He stated as watched her nod her head knowingly with a smug smile.

    “Oh,” San spoke as he caught sight of the iced drink she was holding, “you brought me coffee?”

    “Sure.” Elena mumbled without thought, handing him her cup absentmindedly. As she was typing out the last words to her text to cancel Nobu’s play date she heard a sudden yack coming from the boy in front of her.

    As if she wasn’t bewildered enough by the sound, her coffee was pushed back into the palm of her unoccupied hand. “Oh my god,” San coughed out exaggeratedly with a disgusted face as he looked at the cup in pure hatred. “Since when did you hate me?”

    “I dont?” Elena exclaimed in shock as she took turns looking from the cup in her hand back to his disgusted expression. “What’s wrong with my drink?”

    “Why would you let me drink that then?” He questioned through coughs, “If I knew it was one of your orders, I wouldn’t have drank from it!”

    “I was distracted?” Elena responded as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, “Besides, I didn’t even know you guys were filming today!”

    At her response Seonghwa looked at her unimpressed only to receive a charming smile in return. Was he surprised? No, he was not. It was Elena.

    San sighed as he realized that what she was saying lined up with the way she walked in earlier and instead stuck to nodding grimly before looking at her with a concerned expression painted on his face, “Wait, so it is suppose to taste like that?”

    “Like what?” Seonghwa asked, his interest peaking at the sight of his member’s exaggerated expression. Yunho approached Elena in hopes to see what the commotion was about and also to take a sip from her drink only to retreat away from her in complete disgust. He quickly realized that San wasn’t exaggerating as he felt the urge to spit the liquid from his mouth.

    “Like battery acid!” Yunho commented as he screwed his face up, the bitter taste still prominent in his mouth despite having swallowed it all. Why would anyone put themselves through the torture of drinking that he wondered.

    “What are you guys talking about?” She questioned with her eyebrows deep set in confusion as she took a bigger sip looking at the two boys in disbelief of their reaction. “It’s great.”

    “Yeah,” San belted in sarcasm still recovering from the previous taste in his mouth, “I think it’s time we have an intervention for you and your caffeine.”

    a/n: omg hi guys I’m back ✨ yes it’s been a while and no it’s not entirely my fault this time. you see, I was shadowbanned (help it was literally the worst, i didn’t get any notifs, i couldn’t send asks, i couldn’t respond to anyone on a post 😔 I was literally a ghost) for a bit and I just got unshadowbanned like this weekend? Idk but I’m back and like I had earlier stated, I want to get back to writing at least one piece a week! Let’s hope for the best <3 anyways I hope everyone of you are doing amazing and know that I still love y’all! Anyways I think that’s all I have to say so feedback is always welcome and appreciated!

    #9th member of ateez #ateez 9th member #ateez elena#ateez imagines#ateez scenarios#kpop oc#female addition#female oc#kpop addition#ateez au#kpop au #kpop female addition #ateez #ateez 99 line #ateez oc#ateez series #female member of ateez #ateez addition#kpop imagines#kpop series#kpop scenarios #ateez female addition #ateez female member #kpopidol #oc!female
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  • neohannah
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    taglist: @ateez-elena @starlightjoong @taemin-jaemin @channojae @akshreads @skzfairies @ggukkiedae @haechansanity (send me an ask if you want to get added!)

    [find taeyong and mark here] [find lucas and ten here]

    baekhyun — hanbaek ♡

    “i know very basic english, that’s why i always need hannah right at my side; so she answers everything for me”

    unhinged. that’s it. that’s the word that perfectly describe this relationship.

    however the first time they met, hannah was shy and quiet. she knew baekhyun, and baekhyun knew about her, but that was it.

    baekhyun knew she was one of sm’s golden girl, so he was really looking forward to work with her

    hannah grew up watching exo’s performances and attending their concerts, so to say she was excited to be in the same group as them would be an understatement.

    she really respects them, so she would always go calling him and kai “sunbaenim” in tiny (baekhyun would find her cute bc of this😭)

    but oh boy, the moment baekhyun and hannah connected with each other? it was over

    they’re now the loudest duo😭 making jokes and screaming nonsense together

    taeyong sometimes regrets making them get closer with each other, they’re so playful that it looks like they’re the same age

    hannah adores baekhyun with her entire heart<33 she really appreciates his efforts as leader and he’s always taking care of her

    especially because hannah is the youngest and the only girl in the group. he has his favorites and hannah has a blast because of that😌

    he’s always teasing her, finding her reactions funny and even imitating her😭 he doesn’t let her breath.

    they’re so competitive and so teasing with each other and for what

    he has the time of his life whenever he’s at her side because she’s shorter than her. so he always pats her head and goes “you’ll understand it when you grow up haneul😌”

    cue hannah pushing him and baekhyun running before he gets hit by her

    but whenever he sees hannah being more calm than usual or not joking as she always does; he is the first one to go and ask her what’s up, if she’s feeling well or if she needs something

    clingy af, always beside her

    he’s always hyping her up, you can always see him giving her a reaction whenever they’re practicing or recording, especially with her solo stage for the superm concerts

    does aegyo to appeal her and hannah always fake gags when she sees it JZKAJA

    baekhyun is part of hannah’s favorite boys, she loves him and he loves her too<3

    “hannah is such a bright girl, i’m glad we got closer with each other”

    taemin — hanmin ♡

    “i’m glad i could get closer to haneul. we’re always learning from each other, and i hope i can always be a positive influence to her.”

    let’s say hannah was kind of intimidated by the fact that she was going to debut in a group with him.

    so shy around him, taemin is such a big influence to her that she couldn’t help but be all quiet and talk in tiny with him.

    taemin has always thought hannah got called “sm’s golden girl” for a reason, so when he saw how of an amazing performer she is?? he told her that she was “amazing”

    hannah’s soul left after she heard that, that’s her biggest achievement now

    taemin knew hannah because she was a background dancer for “move” and even they didn’t get to interact a lot back then, he saw how hardworking and talented she was since the very beginning

    plus key would always talk about her that he couldn’t help but be curious about hannah😭

    after a meeting or two, hannah started to be her usual self: talkative. and let’s say that taemin now understood why key was so whipped for the girl🤧

    taemin can’t help but look at her with proud eyes and a pretty smile everytime he’s with her. he always goes like:’) this girl used to be my background dancer and look how far she is now

    taemin prefers on calling her “haneul” instead of hannah because he really likes her name🥺

    taemin loves talking with her because she’s always saying funny stuff and making him laugh, they joke with each other a lot and they always have the time of their life together

    but she’s also very thoughtful and taemin can have deep conversations with her so he really enjoys that

    hannah takes advantage of being on the same group as him and is always clinging to him, which taemin always allows

    she also flirts with him (which makes him flustered lol) or only hypes him and no one else up JZKAK😭 the favoritism is definitely showing

    baekhyun or kai should never hear this but taemin is her favorite member of the group😌 it is what it is

    they’re so close now, taemin would always invite her over to his apartment to talk about stuff or just vibe with each other:’)

    they’re now besties and share a lot of stuff and secrets with each other, we stan a wholesome relationship

    he’s always making sure hannah is comfortable. he’s always worrying about her health too: whether if she’s eating well or taking care of herself🥺

    he’s the only one that gets called “oppa” by hannah IZKAJA😭 the others can whine about it #StayPressed (even though taemin tells her to call him ‘hyung’ just like she does with everyone else)

    they confide in each other a lot, and as taemin said: we’re always learning from each other; which is true<3 they’re always supporting and hyping each other up❤️

    taemin went to support her when she was filming for her acting debut

    taemin is whipped for her now🤧 which hannah is always proud of, like??? bro she auditioned for sm with a song from shinee and now a whole lee taemin is now whipped for her? only hannah can relate🤝

    “it’s the privilege of being on a group with my idol and the love of my life” *cue taemin blushing and kai rolling his eyes*

    kai — gineul ♡

    “even if hannah is younger than me, i often think i could learn from her. she always reminds me of my exo members, so that’s why i really love her.”

    the antics when they first met are very different with kai.

    hannah was intimidated… but so was him😭

    but it was a different kind of intimidated: hannah was intimidated because he is a huge influence to her.

    and kai… well. he wasn’t intimidated. he was more like,,, fearful? because she is a girl, and she was joining them. he knows how the media is, so he was really concerned of the malicious comment coming her way

    kai knew hannah back then when she was a trainee, a lot of the trainers would talk about her and he once saw her monthly audition

    he knew why she got added to the team; she was really an ace and he was curious on getting to know her better. but he still wanted to be cautious around her

    it didn’t work tbh, hannah started to make some small talk and after a day of interacting with each other? they were now joking with each other as if they’ve been longtime friends

    kai was the first member that she became comfortable talking with, and just like taemin, he now knew why sehun spent a lot of time with the girl 😭

    kai founds her so cute, he’s really whipped and he’s always looking forward in spending time with her since they’re always talking about a lot of stuff together

    he’s always bickering with her or teasing her. play fights with her but he lets her win every single time tho

    always hugging her and resting his head on top of her head due the height difference🥺 he also cuddles with her (more like.. throws himself on top of her lol) making her suffocated because he’s too big and she’s too small😭

    “hyung, i can’t breath” / “you’re too comfortable im not even sorry.”

    hannah is like a new teddy bear for jongin😭

    biggest “besties” energy, always protecting her, comforting her and even giving her piggyback rides when he sees she’s struggling

    kai is not a man of violence but look at his “annie” in a wrong way and it’s definitely on sight

    he’s always throwing tantrums at her tho JZKAKA always going all whiny when he sees hannah hyping someone else instead of him, or when he hears hannah calling taemin “oppa” but he gets called “hyung”

    “yah hwang haneul! call me oppa too!”

    kai once called her “soulmate” because he really feels they’re really close with each other, and she jokingly only said “thank you”

    he got so whiny, hannah had to hug him and tell him he was her soulmate too😭

    but jokes aside, hannah knows she can trust jongin with her life and jongin knows hannah is always going to be there for him through thick and thin

    she went to his first stage for ‘mmmh’ and bought him a cake that said “congratulations on your solo debut!”, he was so happy and touched when he saw her there:’)

    “i’m really thankful for his existence” / *kai in the background* “am i the love of your life too?” / “you’re overstepping boundaries now.”

    #aesocnet#mochiocnet #female member of nct #kpop addition #nct female addition #nct female member #nct au #nct 24th member #supermnet#superm addition #superm female addition #nct female oc #superm 8th member #nct hannah
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  • enha-kaos
    19.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    [ ## 001.MISC !! ] during enhypen&hi first episode, it was shown that kaos is one of the few members who is a morning person. as soon as the manager called for them, she got up and grabbed something to eat from the kitchen, also being the first one to shower.

    #enhypen additions #enhypen added member #enhypen addition #8th member of enhypen #enhypen 8th member #kpop female addition #kpop additions #kpop added member #kpop addition #kaos.misc
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  • hihijinx
    19.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    ♡ ˙ * ✧ ━━ MEET PIXIE!!

    ♡ ˙ * ✧ ━━ BASICS !!

    STAGE NAME :: Pixie | 픽시

    GIVEN NAME :: Han Juhee | 한주희

    ENGLISH NAME :: Phoebe Han

    BIRTHDAY :: August 14, 1999

    ZODIAC :: Leo ☉  ‘ Virgo ☽ ‘ Aquarius ⇑

    BIRTHPLACE :: Gwangju, South Korea

    HOMETOWN :: Toronto, Canada

    ETHNICITY :: Korean

    NATIONALITY :: Korean-Canadian

    LANGUAGES :: Native Korean ‘ Fluent English

    ♡ ˙ * ✧ ━━ PHYSICAL !!

    HEIGHT :: 163 cm || 5′4″

    BLOOD TYPE :: B+

    PIERCINGS :: 1x lobe piercings ‘ 1x left helix ‘ 1x right snug

    TATTOOS :: 0

    ♡ ˙ * ✧ ━━ CAREER !!

    PROFESSION :: Idol

    GROUP ::  Hijinx

    LABEL :: Biotune Entertainment

    TRAINING PERIOD :: 4 years

    POSITION :: Leader ‘ Vocalist ‘ Dancer

    ♡ ˙ * ✧ ━━ FUN FACTS !!

    Pixie was chosen as the leader because she’s been at the label the longest as a trainee.

    She got her stage name from her small stature and from her repeated Halloween costumes.

    Pixie is first cousins with Lost Boys’ Daeil.

    Pixie was born in Korea, but spent most of her childhood in Canada with her mom’s side of the family until she was in high school.

    The members say she’s like a backup makeup artist and a leader as well.

    Her favorite genre of shows and movies is super cheesy romance.

    Pixie is good at camera-spotting even when it’s crowded and busy.

    She’s very afraid of heights.

    Pixie’s favorite dessert is ice cream, and her favorite flavor is mint chocolate chip.

    #♡ ˙ * ✧ ━━ blessed with beauty and rage [ profile. ] #♡ ˙ * ✧ ━━ blessed with beauty and rage [ pixie. ] #fictional idol community #kpop oc#oc kpop#kpop addition#idol oc#idol au #♡ ˙ * ✧ ━━ blessed with beauty and rage [ queue. ]
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  • princessyoungmi
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    relationship with enhypen

    enhypen 8th member.

    ↳ heeseung

    her best friend ever since they had the entry test for iland together.

    he always made sure she was coping well during iland amongst twenty two other boys.

    heeseung is her number one person to go to when she needs to talk about something.

    they were both considered bighit’s aces.

    he’s like another brother to her—her support pillar and a (joking) pain whenever he’s in a teasing mood.

    ↳ jay

    there’s a funny story as to how they got close:

    she used to be intimidated by him, but immediately warmed up to him after he cooked ramen for her once.

    she always goes to him for shoulder massages and she always leaves feeling so refreshed.

    he’s like her happy pill whenever she feels down.

    and he has a huge soft spot for her so he’ll usually let her get away with a majority of her pranks and teasing jabs.

    ↳ jake

    youngmi looked after him so much during iland.

    now he helps her with her math homework as his way of saying thanks LOL

    she kind of developed an aussie accent after listening to him talk in english for so long.

    jake mistook her for a staff member’s sister when she was first transferred to belift…

    he sends her videos of layla since he knows she loves his dog more than anything else.

    ↳ sunghoon

    oddly enough, despite spending the whole time in iland together, the two were never really close until the concept test in part two

    they suffered together trying to act cute in chamber five…

    once youngmi broke through his shell, he became a lot more open around her.

    contemporary dance buddies!!

    their such a wholesome duo, please don’t hurt them :((

    ↳ jungwon

    youngmi babies him a lot even though he’s their leader (not that he minds LOL)

    another baby who got attached to her during iland :(

    they both bonded over how they were both former sm trainees.

    they both have huge soft spots for each other.

    she usually irons his and sunoo’s uniform for school whenever she does her own :(

    ↳ sunoo

    youngmi’s third literal child :(

    she’s always looking out for him and making sure he takes his vitamins and supplements.

    and she loves pinching his cheeks (and he lets her).

    he was a fan of her’s during pd48.

    he usually like following her around with niki since he grew fairly attached to her, too during iland.

    ↳ niki

    her literal baby

    he got really attached to her during iland so he’ll usually be found within her vicinity (respecting her boundaries when necessary of course).

    but youngmi loves him either way so she doesn’t mind the clinginess.

    she helps him whenever he doesn’t understand something in korean.

    no because when niki returned to iland for part two, he immediately ran to youngmi for a hug :((

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  • skzfairies
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    ateez reactions’s when yuri randomly hugs them


    babe will be so confused for a moment

    she normally goes to hug him randomly whenever he’s in the studio so she just kinda

    stands behind his chair and wraps her arms around his neck loosely

    he’s like ?? who tf, but softens when he sees yuri behind him :(

    he just asks if she needs anything , which most of the time she doesn’t need anything she’s just bored and lonely

    so she just sits on the couch behind him and waits for him to wrap up or wait for someone else to get free 💔

    but he just lets her hug on him and doesn’t ask any questions ,,, he just keeps doing what he was doing :D


    he loves it so much when she gives him hugs :D

    and he knows it’s her because she always runs up behind him and like, throws her arms around him from behind and goes “hmph”

    if he’s cleaning or doing something he will just continue to do what he was doing with yuri clinging on to him, but if he’s not doing anything he’ll turn around and talk to her while she hugs on him

    whenever she does hug him he’s either , extremely soft for her, asks her what she wants, or hugs her back

    he tries to get her to stay when she wants to go but shes like “i got enough physical touch today, NO MORE” 😡😡

    he cherishes the limited yuri hugs when he can 😭

    he only gets one if either of them is upset or just on the random once a month

    yuri only hands out one monthly hug (with some expections) to everyone minus yuqi and sakura😭


    he’s kind of hesitant to let her hug him.... for multiple reasons

    because most likely her hugging her always turns into her putting him into a choke hold or her tackling him 😐

    bUT when he finds out that her hug is ACTUALLY genuine hes like 😟😟

    he immediately thinks something is wrong

    “did something happen mimi?”

    she has three responses 1. she’s dead asleep 2. nothing wrong she just felt like hugging him (the most likely response) or 3. she tells him something happened ... but doesn’t go in detail

    if she’s asleep he’ll just let her sleep unless they have to be awake and he will just wake her up

    if nothings wrong he will just pat her head and just allow her to hug on him until she’s done

    and if something IS wrong then he just hugs her back and just tries his best to silently comfort her with his hug since she really doesn’t want to talk, he doesn’t know this because yuri is to scared to tell him but she really appreciates it when he just silently hugs her back :( because at times that’s really all she needs.....

    him and mingi are the ones she goes to the most in the group when she needs a comfort hug because they don’t press any questions :((


    so hugs don’t really happen often between them

    they mostly just hold hands or rest their heads on their shoulders

    but they really only hug each other if they are being sentimental/are really hyper

    so hyper hugs are just a thing :D

    like they will come running at each other at full speed (mostly yuri okay) and just jump on each other and hug each other




    besties fall together okay 🥰🥰🥰

    but whenever they get put on the same team together they hug each other and jump up and down ITS SO CUTE



    he loves it so much when she just comes up and randomly hugs him!!!!


    mans is so yuri hug deprived 💔💔💔

    if their standing up he will just wrap his arms around her shoulders and pull her closer :((((

    he doesn’t care if cameras are around he is taking all the yuri hugs he can get 🙄🙄

    but he is such a cuddle bear !!! that yuri always goes to him when she just wants to cuddle

    he always makes sure to sit next to her when they are watching a movie because she gets clingy when they watch them so 🥰🥰🥰 he gets cuddles from her 🥰🥰🥰

    but he will convince her to hug onto him longer when she starts to leave and somehow it works everytime ????

    he smiles so big when she hugs him so it’s like :’)


    okay at first when they were just getting closer

    whenever she hugged him he would be so confused and would have no idea what to do 😳

    because every night when they were hanging out in his room she would always end up cuddling him or something ???

    yes she would be the big spoon 🥰


    but after a few months of her just hugging him whenever they are alone he’s just like .... unbothered (?)

    like he’s so used to it already so he’s just like 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    he knows yuri’s a secert cuddle bug but he’s too scared to say anything because he doesn’t want her to stop cuddling him and he’s a little scared of the after math 😀😀

    but he just melts into her hugs ??? sort of ??? even tho he’s much taller than her he becomes as short as he can be without putting his full body weight onto her

    he just loves her hugs sm :DD

    but HE KNOWS the types of hugs and how she is feeling based on how she hugs him

    theres 1. the sad hug; this is when she just buries her head into his chest and doesn’t say anything and just like ,,, holds onto him until she falls asleep or feels better

    he just pats her head and tells her stories during this time to try and cheer her up :(

    there’s the excited hug, this is when she practically jumps on him and screams 😭😭

    and there’s the ‘i’m so happy’ or ‘i love you!’ hug and that’s when she hugs him and squeezes a few times and just walks away

    he gets confused whenever she does that but then he’s like .... :D


    he acts like he hates it literally everytime

    but as soon as she goes to leave HE GETS SO POUTY

    he’s literally like “you’re so annoying GET OFF OF ME”

    but once she goes “fine then i’ll leave 🙄” HES GETS SO SAD AND HES LIKE “NO NO DONT LEAVEEEE IM SORRY COME BACKKKK”

    yuri really just has everyone whipped for her 🙄

    but whenever she isn’t hugging him and he wants a hug he will back hug her and rest his chin on her shoulder and everytime she just pats his head and plays with his hair and it’s just NDJSJSOSOD THEIR SO CUTE



    our boy jongho is also a somewhat random hugger so he’s not really phased 😭

    if yuri runs up to him and hugs him he’ll give her his gummy smile because YURI IS HIS FAV AND HES SO SOFT FOR HER

    he loves yuri sm he will literally do anything for her and vice versa :DDD

    he randomly hugs her more than she does him but they are just used to each other coming over and hugging one another ??? so it’s like

    it’s just a thing between them <3

    but whenever jongho goes to hug her he just throws his arm around her shoulder and pulls her closer and she just leans against him :((((

    there’s thousands of complimations on youtube of them doing this 🥺🥺🥺 their so cute

    tag list: @chaerincore @atzaria @ateezjuliet @nemonadex @shinyddeonghwa @m00niesk7

    #aesocnet. #deluxeocnet#mochiocnet #kpop extra member #ateez extra member #ateez 9th member #ateez fanfic#kpop au#ateez #ateez 9th memeber au #ateez oc member #ateez oc#ateez fluff #ateez ninth member au #ateez ninth member #ateez girl member #ateez female oc #ateez female member #ateez female addition #ateez addition
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  • fyvvld
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    inse is a great leader. he’s very good at talking to his groupmates in a mature, diplomatic fashion :)

    #━━ ˟ ⊰ ☽ inse ⋮ in the darkness i sing my soul raw #━━ ˟ ⊰ ☽ crow ⋮ in the darkness i sing my soul raw #━━ ˟ ⊰ ☽ art ⋮ in the darkness i sing my soul raw #fictional idol community #kpop oc#kpop addition#kpop au#oc kpop
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  • kittiverse
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    just a fun little thing spawned by me playing genshin for the past almost month! let me know if you guys want more details about their characters!
    Rarity ★★★★ | Weapon Polearm | Vision Hydro Sex Female | Birthday 11/11 | Constellation Angelus Region Mondstat | Affiliation Benny’s Adventure Team Additional Titles Mondstat’s Angel, Angel of the Moon
    Rarity ★★★★★ | Weapon Polearm | Vision Cryo Sex Male | Birthday 8/9 | Constellation Pardus Nivis Region Liyue | Affiliation Adepti Additional Titles Sole Resident of Dragonspine, “Ice Cat”
    Rarity ★★★★ | Weapon Bow | Vision Anemo Sex Female | Birthday 12/28 | Constellation Aquilae Region Liyue | Affiliation Adepti Additional Titles The Winged One, Protector of the Wind
    Rarity ★★★★★ | Weapon Sword | Vision Electro Sex Female | Birthday 4/27 | Constellation Fulgur Percutiens Region Inazuma | Affiliation Inazuma Shogunate Additional Titles Shogun’s Fiercest Protector, Shogun's Puppet

    note! serafima is featured heavily in the liyue archon quest but is not yet a playable character! therefore, not much is known about her!

    Rarity Unknown | Weapon Unknown | Vision Pyro Sex Female | Birthday Unknown | Constellation Unknown Region Snezhnaya | Affiliation Fatui Additional Titles Childe's Keeper
    #kpop au#genshin au#mochiocnet#deluxeocnet #aes!ocnet #kpop oc#kpop addition#nct au#ateez au#idol au#kpop imagines#kpop scenarios#idol oc #/ᐠ‸⑅‸ ᐟ\ノ [cheonsa] #/ᐠ‸⑅‸ ᐟ\ノ [kit] #/ᐠ‸⑅‸ ᐟ\ノ [kiho] #/ᐠ‸⑅‸ ᐟ\ノ [aowen] #/ᐠ‸⑅‸ ᐟ\ノ [hyeonji]
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  • 1-800-enhypenbibi
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    𝙇𝙄𝙈 𝙉𝘼𝘽𝙄 (Hangul: 임나비l), known professionally as “NABI” is a fictional korean dancer, rapper, songwriter, and singer under BE:LIFT LAB, a subsidiary of HYBE Labels, based in South Korea. She is the sole female member of the South Korean co-ed group ENHYPEN. Her positions in the group are rapper, dancer and sub-vocalist

    NABI was as a contestant on the 2018 survival show, RODUCE 48, as the only trainee from JYP Entertainment. She was a well known trainee in the show and was supported by many, despite being only 15 years old and one of the youngest contestants there. Sadly, she was eliminated on EP 10 after suffering a knee while performing RUMOR. After her departure from PRODUCE 48, news from her were scarce as she had no internte presence whatsoever. It was rumored she had left JYP and signed with a smaller company, these rumors were never confirmed and fans lost hope to see her again.

    On June 4, 2020, the list of trainee's first Big Hit entertainment's "I-LAND" project was revealed and netizens were shocked to see one female on the list, Lim Nabi. The announcement was met with good and bad responses, but the good outweighed the bad. Nabi made it through part 1 & 2 of I-LAND, ranking number 7 on EP 12, being one of the eight surviving contestants. Nabi debuted on November 30, 2020, alongside members Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon and Ni-ki.

    Nabi made her solo debut with self-written single 'Good 4 U' on June 24, 2021. The MV reached 30.5 million views on YouTube and 23.4 million streams on Spotify in 24 hours. She did not promote the song on music shows, she did, however, performe 'Good 4 U' at the 2021 TMA awards.

    masterlist // latest post // nabi answers

    layout credits to @1-800-minji <3

    #nabi.navi #enhypen 8th member #enhypen imagines#kpop addition#enhypen reactions#enhypen scenarios #fake kpop group #kpop oc #fake kpop addition #fake kpop girl group
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  • ateez-amanda
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    Amanda's Outfits for Eternal Sunshine Stages

    Disclaimers: the photos are not mine but the collages are

    a/n: i forgot to change the hair color in the first pic


    taglist: send an ask to be on the taglist! :)

    211007 mcountdown; 211013 show champion
    211008 music bank
    211009 music core
    211010 inkigayo
    2110112 the show
    211014 mcountdown
    211016 music core
    211017 inkigayo
    #ateez-amanda #fever pt. 3; amanda #9th member of ateez #ateez 9th member #ateez ninth member #ateez oc #ateez female oc #ateez female member #ateez female addition #kpop female member #kpop female addition #kpop oc #kpop female oc #kpop addition#ateez au#ateez imagines #ateez extra member
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