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  • hrrhmay
    21.10.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Hopeless Ramentic Chapter 10

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    enhypen smau | non-idol!heeseung x fem!reader | fluff ♡ | warnings ~ some swear words | summary ~ College senior L/n Y/n doesn't believe in fate or destiny; she worked hard to get where she got, fate had nothing to do with it. However, when she keeps running into Lee Heeseung, a performing arts senior who smiles at her like she's his favorite bowl of ramen, she starts to question whether or not fate has a hand in it all.
    *None of the images or memes are mine. All credit goes to the original photographers and creators. I retrieved all these images and memes from Pinterest. I'm using the TwiNote app for the fake Twitter posts, profiles, and Fake Chat for the fake texts.*
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  • daegalfangirl
    21.10.2021 - 14 minutes ago


    hello! i've recently said how im working on converting my seasonal inconveniences 00 line series into an smau. a lot has changed from it, and since this is going to be my first smau, as well as my first smau series and series ever. i would like your input on what i should do!

    i tried keeping it pretty short, if any of you are interested please consider filling it out, it would mean a lot to me!

    the form can be found here!

    please note that my masterlist is not released right now because i'm still making changes to everything, so there's not really that much information out, but i can link the old masterlist. it's a bit inaccurate from im making now, but it has the same concept since it's derived from it soooo yeah...

    i will close the forms before i start the very first smau, which won't be until a little while after the masterlist for all of the smau's come out so there's plenty of time, but i will update when it closes at some point just in case.

    thank you for your time, and have a great day!

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  • beomgyuls
    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    What about us? || C.Beomgyu. Chapter 3

    ⚎ Summary - after all of your hard work, living alone with no support from your parents what so ever after you graduated college. Your father suddenly called you, announcing that there was a rather weighty deal that was made between your family and with the Choi’s. Forcefully leaving you to marry Choi Beomgyu, one of the most powerful yet mysterious CEO there is.

    ⚎ Pairing - Beomgyu x Reader

    ⚎ Genre - arranged marriage! au, ceo! beomgyu, fluff, angst.

    ⚎Word counting - 7.1k

    ⚎Warnings - swearing, drunk! beomgyu, alcohol consumption, hickey prank!

    “Here I am” You called out once you noticed Beomgyu already standing down the steps, waiting for you whilst looking down at his wrist watch. His ears picked up the sounds of your heels clicking down the marble floors, you could’ve sworn you saw him swallow down the lump on his throat slowly, he simply loved the way the dress embraced your body.

    “Wow…okay” Beomgyu laughed at himself, starstruck on the way the dress he picked would look so prepossessing on you. His eyes looked at you up and down, taking more of the sight standing in front of him, fidgeting when you made a sudden eye contact.


    “I- yeah?” He was speechless for the first time because of you, not even knowing what other words to say. A soft chuckle escaped your lips by his current state, now it’s your turn to study him. Beomgyu watched you walk down the stairs to be on the same level as him, getting a quick glimpse of your hair and makeup that you all did by yourself, your sweet scent greeting his nose along the way. You then stopped, standing on top of a single step to make yourself taller as it made Beomgyu look up at you, the silence of the room embracing the two of you placidly.

    “We should go” Beomgyu muttered under his breath but enough for you to hear, wearing his three piece suit for him to fix the blazer of it, your eyes trailed up to see his hair styled neatly and to also make his forehead show. Letting out a cough, Beomgyu offered you his hand to take, almost like your prom date asking you to have a dance,you accepted it of course, setting your hand on top of his, Beomgyu intertwined them together. This time it’s different. The two of you have a driver to go to the venue. You thought that Beomgyu just randomly chose a car from his garage but no, it’s one of Soobin’s drivers. Its job is to pick up everyone who is invited to his event, it also takes you in by the fact that you’re now Beomgyu’s wife with such a high-reputation to uphold around the country, and it will also take some getting used too, seeing and greeting some of his friends because of their successful background, and being the CEO also of their own companies. Soobin is just one of them.

    Looking up from your spot inside the limo, your eyes landed at Beomgyu who is sitting right beside you, his legs sprawled out while he leaned his head back making his Adam's apple on full view for you to see. He had his eyes closed also, there seemed to be a lot of stuff going on inside his mind because he began to wear a visible frown. You want to ask what’s wrong with him, is it you? Is it this event? Or is it the fact that you’re sitting right next to him?, you just can’t read him.

    “We should really act like a couple once we step out of this limo, there will be a lot of cameras and news reporters” Beomgyu stated the obvious, and just when the limo took a turn, your eyes caught sight of the venue from the outside, packed with people and cameras flashing like they’re some fireworks. There he finally opened his eyes, the first thing his eyes saw was you looking at him, he could easily read you like an opened book, the way you would blink faster whenever he catches your gaze for you to just break them, and the way you nervously bit down your lip by all of this sudden pressure of making a public appearance with him.

    You nodded your head as you let out a heavy sigh, grabbing your purse when the vehicle put into a stop. Beomgyu unbuckled his seatbelt and so did you. When he opened the door and stepped out, greeting you with his warm smile as he held out his hand for you, you smiled back sweetly when you noticed some cameras flashing. When you fully stepped out of the limo, the two of you were welcomed by such a hungry crowd and desperate to put something in the front page, you were really shocked. This whole experience was really new to you, having a family name that’s hidden under the shadows surely doesn’t deserve the spotlight right?, but now you’re here because your name is now tied around two families, yours and the man who is standing right beside you.

    What caught you off guard was when Beomgyu wrapped an arm around your waist, not knowing what to do so you just followed him when he started to walk inside the venue. Beomgyu moved to the side so that you could enter first, the long hallway that really stood out by the lights.

    “Oh!” You gasped loudly but swallowed back your voice when a random woman suddenly appeared out of nowhere, seeing her holding a small camera with a gentle smile on her lips.

    “Hello there Mrs. Choi! May I take a picture of you?” She asked.

    You didn't know what to do from here, so you looked back in hopes to see Beomgyu, you then caught his gaze from afar.

    “I’ll be here” He said, nodding your head in return you agreed to the woman in front of you. She quickly snapped a few photos of you, your dress that Beomgyu picked sure did catch the eyes of some people. You then were shocked when Beomgyu suddenly popped out of nowhere, his smile warm enough to make the two of you look like a happy, married couple.

    “Oh! This is nice! May I take a photo of you Mr. and Mrs. Choi?” The woman grinned as she welcomed the two of you standing right in front of her, the sight of Seouls most powerful business man along with his wife could be the big scoop of the night.

    “Go ahead” Beomgyu took off first, pulling you flushed against his side, he then leaned down to be in the same level as your ear, he then whispered. “Just hold onto me okay?”

    And you did, the whole night where the two of you were busy talking to some exclusive press along with some of his world class relations. Beomgyu knew a lot of people. You were amazed by the way he talked to them, also remembering their names like he memorized it, he’s a well spoken man, what do you expect? He’s the youngest and most successful businessmen around the country and racing towards the top. Everyone you’d met had been really nice so far, and now here you are standing right in front of Soobin who is the star of the night, a glass of champagne in his hand as the two of you exchange greetings. His tall self greeted you with a warm smile and welcomed you completely.

    “Congratulations, Soobin!” Beomgyu then started, having his own glass of champagne. Greeting his friend with a hug along with his warm smile.

    “Thank you gyu, and I still can't believe that my project is really on the charts right now” Soobin exclaimed, placing a hand to his chest for him to act like he’s going to die any time soon on how overwhelming the news is.

    “You better believe it, you’ll create more and more projects,franchises and they would be up in those charts”

    “Well I need to keep up with you then, the Choi Beomgyu who owns 50+ brands along with some franchises” Soobin playfully scoffed, resulting in a small chuckle to escape your lips. Soobin then averted his gaze into you, “It’s really nice meeting you again, Y/n”

    “Same as you,” You said with a smile remembering the time when he showed up to your wedding.

    “Where have you been?” Then your ears picked up the sound of Beomgyu’s irritated voice, you followed his gaze and there your eyes watched another tall and slender man walk towards the three of you, wearing a grey suit along with a red tie.

    “I was busy waiting for an Oscar to give to the two of you, you and Y/n are really good at acting like a couple, I’ll give you that” The man said, smirking when he caught sight of Beomgyu’s annoyed face from your side. Soobin on the other hand laughed at the remark.

    “He knows that it’s fake?” You asked the man beside you.

    “Yeah, but like it’s only him, Soobin and Hueningkai who knows that it’s fake” You tensed up by hearing his words, but you just ignored it and Beomgyu smeed to notice it too but just the same as you, he ignored it. You wanted to ask one more question but it seemed like it’s too late on how the three are engrossed in some conversation. You wanted to ask if they also knew the reason behind this fake marriage, best to hold it off for now.

    “How rude of me, I didn’t even get to introduce myself” The man wearing the grey suit stepped forward, extending his hand for you to shake as he introduced himself politely.

    “Choi Yeonjun, CEO of Yeon Technologies and Appliances” Yeonjun shook your hand afterwards.

    “Nice to meet you” You spoke back, there was just something about Beomgyu’s friends that made the atmosphere around all of you to be at ease. Then out of nowhere a waiter approached the four of you, in his tray there were glasses of champagne, you reached for one of course wanting to taste the alcoholic liquid once in a while.

    “Don’t get drunk on me now” Beomgyu looked down at you with a playful smirk sitting in his soft lips.

    “I don’t get drunk that easily'' You retorted whilst rolling your eyes in the process. Beomgyu could only laugh, grabbing his second glass to get drowned in, he was about to take a sip when you interrupted him.

    “Don’t get drunk on me now” You replied back mockingly, mirroring his smirk when you caught sight of him narrowing his eyes down at you.

    “Would you look at that, the two of you don’t even look like you hate each other” Soobin joined in.

    “Yeah, I mean- I think I’ve caught Beomgyu secretly taking glances at her… gosh look at what married life did to him” Yeonjun spoke up as a continuation.

    “Oh, shut the fuck up.” Beomgyu caught up, eyes narrowing towards his direction. You were taken back on how he responded so quickly with such a harsh choice of words, but you don’t mind, this marriage is not even real anyways. Then the night continued, each and everyone of you took a look around the venue, the night sky shining up above along with the stars twinkling up high. Here you are standing out the balcony, a glass of your probably third glass of champagne sits in your hand, then a figure walks close to you, taking the spot right beside you to stand.

    “What are you doing here?” Beomgyu asked but kept his attention on the city lights in the far distance.

    “I’m just taking a breather”

    “Hmm… alright” He responded, finally looking over his shoulder to see your delicate features, your eyelashes flickering whenever you would blink, the smell of your perfume mixing in with the expensive scent of the alcoholic beverage that you previously drank.

    “You should go back inside, I’m fine here” You voiced, kissing your teeth, still feeling his eyes on you.

    “You mean, we should go back inside. it’s cold out here” Beomgyu declared, tilting his head a little to the side when he heard you scoff at his own words. Even though your response to him was simple and with you not even daring to look at him, Beomgyu took off his suit blazer, dropping it over your shoulder. He could only let out a light sigh when he saw you nuzzling into the warmth of his clothing, the smell of his perfume meeting both of your nostrils.

    Beomgyu then placed both of his hands on top of your shoulders, giving them a light squeeze when he heard the sound of the door opening. The two of you turned around, seeing a girl that holds the position of being Soobin’s assistant that you just got acquainted with this whole night.

    “Oh Suji, hi” You greeted the girl, watching as she began to take steps towards the two of you.

    “Beomgyu, Soobin and the other’s are looking for you” Suji started, her smile never leaving her lips when she caught sight of you getting eaten with Beomgyu’s blazer.

    “I’ll leave you two here then” You watched as he walked away, long strides present with him only wearing the white long sleeves of his suit.

    “What happened!?” She quietly squealed, jumping in front of you and wanting to get answers. This whole night the two of you got to know each other as far as she knows, your marriage is fake or so “arranged”, you told her that.

    “He just gave me his blazer?” You confusingly answered her question, shrugging it off as you looked at the girl in front of you weirdly.

    “It looks like he cares for you..”

    “Or he’s just putting out a show because this is our first public appearance together” You deadpanned, eyes darting back at the outside part of the venue, from your point of view, there stood Beomgyu down stairs, both hands inside his pockets as for him to listen at the conversation happening. The night sky along with the moonlight being it.

    “What’s he like?” Suji asked, moving to get closer to you.


    “Yes, the two of you are married now right? by papers and by “heart” “ Suji continued.

    “Well…” You trailed off, deep in thought, the two of you never even got the chance to get to know each other behind closed doors, all that you know is that he would always cage himself inside his office whenever he set foot back inside the house.

    “I-I don’t know him that well yet” You let out a chuckle, scratching the back of your neck at your obliviousness.

    “You and Beomgyu at least eat at the same time right? Like breakfast?”

    “Actually no, Beomgyu would bring his breakfast up to his office while I eat alone downstairs..”

    “How about lunch? He should at least take you out even if the two of you work in different buildings” The girl asked again, almost like really wanting to get a positive answer from your lips.

    “No, I eat my lunches with my coworkers… I think he also does the same” You rambled like this whole questioning is some sort of test.

    “How about dinner?”

    “Well, since he always comes home later than me, I eat my dinner alone that the housekeepers prepared for us” Suji could only look at you with hopeless eyes, the two of you looked so good together, but just by these simple actions of you eating together with your husband will not appear that soon as she thought. The girl inhaled deeply, her last power card of a question slipping out of her lips.

    “The two of you sleep in the same bed then?”

    “Yeah..” You left off with a nod, Suji’s eyes then looked like it was lit up by thousand’s of fireworks at your answer. “You two should really get to know each other… Like really”

    And that’s what you will do, Beomgyu’s been really good and caring around you even if you and him rarely have the time to talk with each other. The two of you conversed the whole night, talking about being in the business industry and along with knowing the impact Beomgyu has, not only in business but now you’re his wife also left you wanting to step up your game a little bit.

    “How is it being Soobin’s assistant?” You asked the girl beside you, studying her attire. She wore this beautiful and very elegant red dress that had a slip up to her mid thigh. Her dress looked sharp as a knife but her smile was soft as a cotton candy.

    “Well… he treats all of us like a family, he cares, and the company building alone feels like our second home” Suji smiled, looking down at the open garden beneath the two of you where Soobin and some other higher ups are talking.

    “It feels like he’s a really nice CEO then” You replied, fixing the blazer of Beomgyu’s suit around your shoulders when you felt them slowly slipping off from you.

    “He is indeed” That’s all that the girl beside you could reply before everything was interrupted by the sound of the door opening from behind you, there stood Yeonjun, face pale as if he just saw a ghost.

    “Ummm… Y/n” He started taking small steps towards you, scratching the back of his neck in the process.

    “What is it?” You asked with confusion showing all over your face.

    “It’s Beomgyu- He’s uh… drunk??”

    “That sounded more of a question, rather than you telling her that he’s drunk!” Suji spat, eyes darting towards you, she thought that your face would show worry that your husband is now drunk somewhere downstairs but no, you’re holding back a grin to slip up your lips. You remembered the way he saw you first take your glass of champagne and told you to not get drunk, well I guess the tables have turned.

    “Where is he?” You brought up when you started following Yeonjun outside, he didn’t even get the chance to answer for your eyes to immediately land on the one you’re looking for. Beomgyu stood there with Soobin, exchanging a laugh out of nowhere to nobody, with Soobin trying to shut him up.

    “Now look who’s drunk..” You retorted a light scoff, taking off his blazer and giving it back for him to wear again. Beomgyu could only look at you with one eyebrow raised.

    “For your information- I am not drunk!” He declared, swallowing down the lump in his throat afterwards. The two of you began to hold eye contact, not wanting to break it off because if one of you did so, it would be marked as an awful loss.

    “They always say that” You spoke up, and just as you’re about to grab hold of his hand and put him somewhere private, because there’s a lot of people out here that could easily report the most successful CEO in the whole world drunk and wasted.

    Beomgyu took a single step forward, looking at you with the use of his eyes peeking through his bangs, and when he did manage to take a step forward, his knees felt weak and he wobbled slightly.

    “Woah…” Soobin caught him before he could completely hit the ground.

    “I think it’s time for us to go home now, Beomgyu” You whispered down to him whilst eyeing Soobin with an apologetic look.

    “I think so too…” Beomgyu managed to say despite his drunken state, when he arrived back home earlier he didn’t get that much rest, only changing his suit and drinking a simple glass of water to fill his thirst.

    “All the driver’s of the limos are currently busy…- you guys could take my car if you want” Soobin offered after he assisted his friend on standing up on his own.

    “Is it really alright?” You hesitated to take the key that Soobin was quick to pull out from his pocket.

    “You know how to drive right?”

    Nodding your head you allowed him to place the car keys down in your palm, drifting your attention back to Beomgyu who stood there right beside Soobin with a befuddled look. Walking over to take his hand, you intertwined your hands around his like a mother picking up her son from school.

    “I’ll just tell Beomgyu to give me my car back tomorrow, so don’t worry about it”

    “Thank you so much Soobin and once again congratulations!” You said as you were already walking out of the venue and out in the parking lot, not knowing where Soobin’s car is, you just clicked the button from the car key and just in the corner of your eye, the vehicle lit up. Looking around the parking lot and seeing that it’s empty but with just you and Beomgyu around, you looked up to him.

    “Can you walk?” You asked, and Beomgyu could only reply with a simple yawn before walking away, leaving you behind his back as you just stood there shocked by his sudden move. You watch as his figure gets smaller with every step that he would take towards Soobin’s car.

    “I have the keys!” You silently shouted, careful to not let anybody hear. And just that, Beomgyu stopped walking. You could’ve sworn that you heard him let out a very light deep groan and a quick stomp of his feet.- He’s acting like a little kid throwing a tantrum..

    Is this what Beomgyu is when he’s drunk??


    Surprisingly the ride back home was silent and just the sound of you driving filled the inside of the car. And to your surprise when the two of you are now behind closed doors of your shared bedroom, you thought that Beomgyu would be a handful because of his drunken state, you know helping him change out of his clothes and what not. But the man was responsible, he did everything on his own, from washing his face and brushing his teeth without your help.

    “Y/n..” Beomgyu’s deep voice startled you, focused on removing your makeup. You looked over your shoulder to see a sight that melted your heart just a little bit. Beomgyu peeked out of the bathroom’s door, hair tied up like a little apple with his droopy eyes meeting yours.

    “Can you pass me that?” He pointed at the t-shirt that sits on top of his side of the bed, nodding your head you gave in and picked up the shirt to give it to him.

    “Thanks..” Beomgyu replied, reaching his hand out for him to take his shirt away from your hand. Eyes lingering how his biceps flexed when he took the clothing, heat rising up your cheeks and quickly turning your back at him. Going back on removing your makeup along with the pins that kept your hairstyle in place, you suddenly felt a hand ruffling your hair from behind, looking back in the mirror were met with Beomgyu standing right behind you. Him already in his sleeping clothes, his sleepy eyes meeting your gaze in the mirror.

    “Thanks… by the way, for driving us back home” He stated, retrieving his hand back to his side. He’s drunk yet his words are really soft.

    “It’s fine and Soobin also said that you would drive his car back to him tomorrow”

    “Noted.” Beomgyu replied deeply before walking back to his side of the bed and slumping down the soft mattress, without letting a second slip away, you could hear the little snores leaving his soft lips showing how tired he is today. You almost felt sorry for him, being a young and busy CEO , your plate would always be filled with so much business related stuff, but Beomgyu probably already knew that before he decided to take over his family’s company.


    Morning arrived for you to wake up way earlier than your husband, leaving him alone upstairs as you devoured the breakfast the housekeepers cooked for you. The sun shined through the morning window blinds as they grace through the walls around the quiet house. You found yourself drinking your warm cup of coffee with the thoughts of how today will go, will it go smoothly, will it be the same.- It wasn’t the same when Beomgyu was strolling into the kitchen with his still wet hair ruffled, but he’s already wearing his suit. You swallowed down the lump in your throat when he suddenly stopped and sat down in front of you, hunching over to take a look of your coffee flavor, and just by that action the white polo-shirt that shaped his body really well had a few buttons open, revealing a small amount of his neck.

    There he nodded his head in agreement of your coffee flavor before standing back up and grabbing his own plate for breakfast, “Morning” he said midway of making his usual morning smoothie.

    “M-Morning” Upon hearing your broken greeting, he looked over his shoulder to check up on you, watching the way you suddenly avoided his gaze.

    “I was drunk last night right?”

    “Yes Yeonjun’s, the one who told me” You casually said, completely ignoring his deep gaze around the corner of the kitchen. Already knowing your answer, Beomgyu then walked up to take the seat right beside you, tensing up when you got a small scent of his shampoo along with the strong scent of his perfume. Beomgyu noticed your sudden change of state, curiosity peeking up his eyes.

    “Is something wrong?” He asked, trying to see your face but you just covered them with the use of your hair, hiding your flushed face. Then you remembered an unexpected accident you had when you were getting ready for the gala yesterday. Your hair straightener touched the skin of your neck and burned it obviously, but you hid it with the use of the collar of the dress that Beomgyu bought and along with some makeup. Deciding to prank this man who is always well composed and kept together, pranking him with a fake hickey.

    “You sure did something pretty unforgettable” You tried your best to make it sound very persistent, putting a strand of your hair behind your ear and making sure to let Beomgyu see the mark on your neck. The poor man dropped his spoon and fork down the table, resulting in a clanging sound to meet both of your ears.

    “I’m sorry what?” Beomgyu asked you, making sure to see and hear everything right. Is he still drunk? Sleepy maybe?.

    “You know what I said” You remarked, crossing both of your arms across your chest with a playful smirk seeping in your lips. Beomgyu then drifted his attention back to eating, ignoring your words from earlier as he decided to say something back.

    “Why didn’t you stop me? You knew that I was drunk” His voice got smaller with every word being said.

    “Don’t take away the fact that I did stop you… but I guess we both liked it” You sipped on your coffee, unbothered by his sudden wide eyes as you bite down your lips to let a laugh escape.

    “Yah! Just tell me that this shit is a prank or something” You began to laugh at how frustrated he sounded, nearly spitting out your food when he suddenly came closer to your side. A hand resting on your shoulder as Beomgyu whispered right beside your ears.

    “I knew it was a prank and I just played along, but if you really want a real one you could just ask me to give you one, no?” Beomgyu chuckled deeply, you could imagine his smug face that’s proud that he shut you up by his remark.

    “Okay fine! It’s just a prank!”

    “Mhmm.” Beomgyu continued eating his breakfast like nothing happened, realizing that he’s really good at arguing and that you’d never win any of it depending on how he replies. “You’re going to work today right?”

    Answering, you nodded your head and stood up from your seat, placing the now empty plate in the sink with you washing them, it’s just one plate along with a glass so you didn’t even bother on calling the housekeepers to wash them.

    “Because from now on I’ll be driving you there” That’s Beomgyu’s last words before standing up and walking out of the kitchen, only hearing the sound of the water coming from the faucet.

    You completely forgot about that.


    The Cho’s building was an intimidating one. That thought always came into your mind whenever you would hear another success rising up from their CEO, while here in your own company that you work in was also one of the large skyscrapers that made up the Seoul skyline, the Choi’s building was taller, and quite the intimidating addition to the said skyline. Now here you are grabbing your purse and getting ready to step out of Beomgyu’s tesla that he chose to give a ride today, sitting right beside the passenger seat gives you a full view of the city. Also with the way Beomgyu would sometimes drive with one hand, running his hand through his hair for sometime, which made you think that it’s a really attractive thing for him to do. And you need to get used to this new routine of him dropping you off, he might even drop you and drive you here with the use of his other cars.

    “Thank you..” You softly said, and just as you’re about to open your side of the door, it opens on its own to your surprise Beomgyu’s already standing right outside. The morning wind blew his hair to the side which made him frown lightly but he still offered his hand out for you to take.

    You were about to say something about his offer but he beats you right to it, placing a hand on the roof of his car as he leans down to have his face in the same level as yours, grip around the door loosening for him to put it inside his pocket.

    “Remember we have to act all happy and stuff, that counts you smiling up to me and taking my hand” Beomgyu pulled off a sly smirk when he heard you soff, rolling your eyes at him to smile and accept his hand.

    “There we go” He breathed out, giving the city his cheeky smile to show that he was really touched that his wife held his hand. Just as the two of you started to get into character of acting all lovey-dovey, you and Beomgyu heard the people walking down the sidewalks to ‘awe’ at the sight. Faking a small cough, you let go of his hand when he assisted you on getting out of the car, turning to face Beomgyu you pulled off your ‘wifey’ act.

    “I need to go now Hun, thank you for driving me here to work” You started, eyes sneakily pointing at the people that suddenly showed their phones to take pictures and videos to probably post on the internet.

    “You’re welcome and are you sure that this is far as I’ll go? Can’t I walk you inside?” Beomgyu pouted, tapping his foot on the ground to ease up the atmosphere flowing around the two of you.

    “I’m fine here for now Gyu, I don’t want you to be late for work” You smiled at him sweetly, tilting your head to the side when you caught a glimpse of his flustered cheeks when you called him by his nickname.

    “Okay sure, goodbye now and don’t tire yourself out” He was quick to say, looking around the area to see the smiling faces of the people around. Beomgyu informed you, nodding your head at his concern ,you then spotted his tie loosened by just a little bit.

    “Gyu Wait !” You exclaimed quickly, reaching for it without a second thought and pushing it upwards right after fixing it, angling it to where it should be. Beomgyu suddenly froze, completely unaware of your actions just now, and your perfume filled up his nose, relaxing his tensed shoulders. He was close again, closer than he’s been since yesterday and you hated it with passion on how it affected you. It made your chest flutter, chest tightening on how fast your heart is beating right now.

    You only realize now how tall Beomgyu is.

    “Ah, thank you”

    Once you’re done you take a step back to look at his tie that’s now perfectly in place, looking down in your wrist watch you checked the time. “I-I really need to go Beomgyu” You figure out something to say, blurting out whatever.

    “Me too, take care” What he did next made your eyes shot wide open, feeling his lips press down the corner of your lip it was so soft and gentle at the same time, he’s probably doing this to impress the press and even your parents, but you can’t hide the fact that your heart had gone crazy. You watched as he drove away, leaving you standing outside struck in revelation, but you gathered yourself together by continuing your journey inside the building of your workplace.

    “You two are seriously so cute!” One of your coworkers says, witnessing the whole scene from the inside of his office. Ignoring his babbling but with a small smile, the two of you ventured deeper into the hallway towards your office.

    “Have you sent me the sample words, Taehyun?” You asked him, opening the glass door of your office room with him following behind you.

    “Yup! It’s in your email right now” Working in a writing company means that you’ll be writing books that will take months and maybe even a whole year to finish including the book design and everything. But you never got to experience those things, publishing books, writing and starting your own story because your parents didn’t approve of any of it, wanting to see their daughter handle her own company and not work in someone else's.

    “Y/n…” Taehyun started, looking around your office with the muffled sound of the cars driving by outside the building.

    “Yeah?” You questioned, taking a seat behind your desk and opening your laptop to get the day started, going into your email to check the sample words that he sent.

    “When will you start writing your own stories? I mean- you’re doing a really great job around here in the company… even our boss suggested you to start your own book” Closing the binder that you’re holding, you shrugged your shoulders, thinking of a way to avoid his question.

    “I don’t have anything to write about and it takes ages to finish a book, you know that” You grinned up at his spot, watching the way the man nodded his head in agreement with your answer.

    “Alright, I’ll leave you be then” Taehyun started, turning his back at you while walking towards the door of your office to finally leave you to do your work.

    “Goodbye Taehyun!” You shouted when he stepped out of your office, earning a distant ‘yep!’ down the hallway that came from his lips. There, you leaned back your chair and cranked your neck hard over, you could see the sky from your office window, delft-blue and cloudless and so bright it looked solid. Taehyun’s words still filled up your mind, when will you start writing?.

    Time passed by very quickly for your day at worm to already end, you are now busy packing up everything and making last minute checks on everything. Completely unaware of the notification that popped up your phone screen as you are now walking down the hallway and bidding every person you walk by a quick farewell.

    “Y/n!” You stopped your tracks when you heard someone shout your name from the back, turning to look at your coworker who seemed to be flustered and nervous at the same time.

    “What is it?”

    “Your husband’s waiting for you down at the lobby” You nearly choke out nothing but air even, letting out a sigh you gave the girl a contented smile saying that you’re doing fine.

    “Beomgyu’s downstairs then? For how long?”

    “He just arrived actually and asked me to look for you, maybe he’s driving you home for today” The girl smiled at the little cute interaction going on between the two of you.

    “Thank you for telling me” You say as you excuse yourself, continuing your journey downstairs by going inside the elevator of the building. And once the doors opened, you’re now faced with the lobby, eyes automatically landing at the man who sat comfortably down on the couch, legs crossed together with the sleeves of his suit rolled up to his elbows. The sight made your feet move on their own, walking closer to approached Beomgyu.

    “What are you doing here?” You whispered down at him, eyes shaking when he suddenly pulled you to sit down next to him.

    “I’m picking you up, of course what else?” He replied almost bluntly, looking around the lobby, studying the whole room and seeing the long windows that made the sunlight shine through, modern furniture catching his eyes but still, it couldn’t pass the design of his own building.

    “I know that obviously and I probably made you wait”

    “I texted you” You can’t help but to let out a sigh at seeing him so laid back.

    “So let’s go?” He blurted out, standing up from his seat whilst placing both hands beside his hips as he eyed you to the side. When the two of you arrive in his car, Beomgyu takes off his suit jacket, and finds a hoodie to wear over his collar shirt. You noticed him driving deeper into the city “Where are we going?”


    “Fine, don’t answer then” Chuckling at your remark, Beomgyu could only reply by drumming his fingers down at the steering wheel.


    In the end you follow him to an arcade at the mall. You looked at him confused on why the two of you are here rather than being back home and resting. Beomgyu only kept his eyes upfront, the neon signs of the arcade reflecting his eyes.

    “Wait here” That’s all he said before stepping inside the arcade.

    “Beomgyu!” You call out as you watch him walk away, standing and waiting for him at the original spot where he left you, there is still no sign of Beomgyu.

    ‘Y/n, c'mere '' Speaking of Beomgyu, he finally showed up with a bag of tokens, turning around and batting his eyelashes at you with a smile.

    “What took you so long?” You asked him while letting your feet do all the work to be closer to him.

    “Don’t worry about it. I just helped this place with something”

    “What do you mean?” You looked at him with an eyebrow raised. Knowing that he is the most richest and successful man there is, he probably bought the whole arcade and robbed the employee with tokens by his mischievous smile.

    “Why are you looking at me like that?”

    “You bought the place or something?” You guessed, grabbing the eye contact that he started when you said those words. His eyebrows scrunched up along with him letting out a long sigh, already knowing what you’re thinking.

    “The entertainment area in a mall makes barely any money. The profit of it can help them break even” The businessman that he is, answered your question professionally like he’s in some meeting.

    “So based on all that, there is no reason for me to purchase an arcade” Beomgyu finishes, tilting his head to the side to see if you carried yourself in the whole conversation to pick up his tranquil words. You examined him from head to toe, carrying a bag of tokens along with him wearing a hoodie but still in his slacks and wearing a pair of smart shoes. The sight made you laugh even, he sounded so serious earlier but his looks showed him otherwise.

    “Why are we even here?” You managed to say under the loss of breath that you had for laughing.

    “I had someone check these claw machines before we came here, because I’m looking for one specific stuffed toy” Beomgyu explained as you followed him around the arcade to stop at a specific claw machine, the toys inside already making your eyes form into the shape of a heart.

    “Genshin Impact stuffed toys!?” He then moves the bag full of game tokens in front of you.

    “I saw you playing them the other day and you were literally obsessed with Venti, he’s the last one here, you should know how to play right?”

    “I do but- what if I don’t end up getting it?” You hesitated while biting down your lip afterwards.

    “Well…, goodluck. I’ve never tried claw machines before, so this one’s completely yours” Beomgyu looked at you with a small smile all over his face, you’re too embarrassed to tell the truth in the face of Beomgyu’s look of gleaming anticipation. You have to play it.

    “Fine.., I’ll do my best”

    As the time goes by, you only manage to get Venti to flip over to where you want him to be, ten or so rounds at the claw machine you’re so close to giving up.

    “I’m done with this shit!” Seeing you down and beaten up with frustration, Beomgyu moves next to you.

    “Calm down sweets, I thought you’d be an expert at this but you’re actually pretty terrible” The man slipped those words away from his mouth like he stepped into a bar of soap by how smooth it was, only picking up the nickname he just gave you right on the spot.

    “Give me the tokens” You shove the bag into his empty arms and walk to the other side of the machine, getting ready to watch him fail.


    You were so ready to watch him play, wanting to even buy yourself a popcorn but all he does is stare and observe the inside of the claw machine.

    “Can you teach me how to play first?” Beomgyu looked at you across the machine, the glass reflecting the stuffed toys on both of your eyes, his expression unchanging.

    You at least know the basic controls, right?” Your voice softened when he suddenly looked down at the ground. The flashing lights and the sound of the arcade music wraps around him quietly.

    “I rarely ever get to come to places like this..” His voice grew quiet, but you could still hear it clearly. Beomgyu wakes up, eats and takes a shower and work completely occupies his time, and his entertainment is just socializing and parties. He probably just really wants to experience what being at an arcade is like.

    “You move the joystick around to where you want it or to angle it down at the toy, then press the button to drop it down as the claw will catch it” You explained, but he didn’t reply, he did what you told him with a serious expression to his face. You notice that his expression was very similar to the little bear in the pile of dolls… it’s really cute.

    “And here! Venti the Bard!” Beomgyu suddenly came out of nowhere from your side of the machine, handing you the stuffed toy that he caught in his first try.

    #kpop #tomorrow x together #tomorrow by together #txt beomgyu#txt#fluff#arranged marriage#ceo au#ceo #choi beomgyu x reader #choi beomgyu imagines #choi beomgyu #beomgyu x you #beomgyu fluff #beomgyu x reader #txt imagines#beomgyu#txt angst #choi beomgyu angst #arranged marriage au
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  • boysafterdark
    21.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

      ❛  𝐁𝐎𝐘𝐒 𝐀𝐅𝐓𝐄𝐑 𝐃𝐀𝐑𝐊 𝗂𝗌 𝗅𝗈𝗈𝗄𝗂𝗇𝗀 𝖿𝗈𝗋 𝐘𝐎𝐔 !!

            𝗆𝖾𝗐𝖾 ● 𝗒𝖺𝗈𝗂 ● 𝗆𝖺𝗍𝗎𝗋𝖾 ● 𝗀𝖾𝗇𝖾𝗋𝖺𝗅 ● 𝗌𝖾𝗆𝗂-𝗅𝗂𝗍 𝗍𝗈 𝗅𝗂𝗍

    we are a general mewe based semi-literate to literate roleplay for boys only. we accept all east asian muses in ages 19+ internationally, this including instagram models, ulzzangs, actors and many others. peek into our aff page or our tumblr and apply for your desired character, we're waiting for you!

            𝗛𝗢𝗠𝗘 ☒ 𝗠𝗢𝗕𝗜𝗟𝗘 ☒ 𝗔𝗙𝗙    

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  • lueurjun
    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    ❪warnings ❫ ━ angst, toxic relationship, yeonjun is a dick, profanity.

    this is a work of fiction, and is not to be taken seriously. i do not intend to nor do i condone romanticizing toxic relationships. this is just a fic and once again, should not be taken seriously. look after yourselves, much love<3

    the main driving force of a relationship is trust, and unfortunately, that's something your relationship lacked. loving someone so much can be draining, and being so infatuated with choi yeonjun took a lot of your energy.

    dating a frat boy like yeonjun is tough. with a negative reputation on his back, it was quite easy for you to worry. choi yeonjun has never been good with commitment, and you knew that when you agreed to date him. right from the get go, things were not plain sailing. during the first week of your relationship, he had broken your trust when you found text messages from his ex.

    yeonjun was innocent for the most part, but he didn't deny his exes flirting nor did he make any effort to ask them to stop texting him. in fact, he played into it by replying. now, he didn't flirt but that didn't matter. he didn't respect you enough to stop it from happening, almost like he enjoyed the attention he was receiving. you broke up with him that week.

    over the course of your ten month relationship, you and yeonjun broke up almost every month. it was on again, off again and everyone knew about it. some pitied you, and some thought you were an idiot for always taking him back. you always felt like a fool, it was humiliating, but yeonjun was an addiction and you couldn't stop yourself from relapsing.

    "you're so dramatic!"

    "you smell like her, yeonjun! how am i supposed to react?"

    he had come home from one of soobin's parties reeking of alcohol and his ex. he claims to be innocent, but the videos you received from multiple party goers of her grinding against him, and him enabling it, proved him guilty.

    "it was innocent-"

    "sure, the way you held her hips looked so innocent," you spat in return.

    he was at a loss for words. he knew you well enough to know that nothing he could say would convince you otherwise.

    "okay. i made a mistake, i should have pushed her away." he took your arms in his hands and peered down at you, the same softness in his eyes that always appears when he tries to get out of trouble. "it won't happen again, i promise."

    much to his surprise, you shrug him off. a strange determination in your eyes.

    "i'm not a fool, not anymore. you have no respect for me. yeonjun we're done, for good this time. don't come back."

    with a heavy breath, you took a step past him and opened the door to your dorm. not once did you meet his eye as he reluctantly left the room, you remained stone faced until the door slammed shut, and then you slumped to the ground with a sob.

    there was no more changes left to give him; you were tired.

    it was officially over.

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  • jakes-tummy
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    Chapter 11 [omg yaaay]

    Masterlist || Next

    PHILOPHOBIA / ˌfɪl əˈfoʊ bi ə /

    a fear of falling in love. It can also be a fear of getting into a relationship or fear that you will not be able to maintain a relationship.


    YN is a love cynic and Heeseung is a hopeless romantic who's crazy about his best friend. He knows her past, and he understands, but he can't help the part of him that wants to help heal her heart.

    @acciomylove @liliansun @killyoselff @verifiedsunghoonsimp @c9tnoos @msxflower @rein-deer-stuffs @elicheel @jongsaengseong @mymeloem19 @punneysushi01

    #enhypen smau #enhypen x reader #philophobia au #enha heeseung x reader #heeseung x reader #enhypen heeseung x reader #lee heeseung x reader #enha smau#kpop smau
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  • neopuppy
    21.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Preview: Déjà Vu (M)

    Summary: the wrap up for Regular:Irregular/Be There For You/Dive Into You.
    Pairing: 00’line/others x female reader(ends as OC)
    Teaser WC: 2k+
    Tentative WC: idk pray for me.
    Genre: PWP(like a lot of plot), smut, M/F, M/M, some bullying, enemies to lovers, soulmates, multiple partners, threesome, angst, crack, horror(?), religious themes, time skips, not a happy ending
    Smut Warning: hand jobs, cum eating, mild blow job
    Dropping October 25th(I hope). Celebrating my one year of writing😭💙 no taglist! This is only a preview. Yes, I am trying to mislead you with this😇


    Jaemin’s perfect. Everyone wants Jaemin. Every guy wants to be his friend. Every girl wants to date him. He’s perfect, especially when he’s cumming into your palm.

    “Like this.” Jaemin rasps. Hand covering yours around his length assisting you in pumping him the way he likes best. This is what he did. Molded you into whatever he wanted. He said he liked you, at least in private. “I love how you listen to everything I say..”

    Maybe that’s what he liked about you. If he liked anything at all. Your mind elsewhere as you focus on the parting of his lips. His long neck arched back in such an alluring sublime way. A familiar tingle itching down your abdomen as you took in every detail. Mesmerized by the way his nose twitched whenever he was about to cum.

    Your spine straightens as Jaemin turns to face you. Lazed features even more sultry than usual as he licks across his upper lip. Throat bobbing in swallow with a jolt of his hips. His cock girthy and rageful in your grip. With a nod of his chin to beckon you closer, you close the divide between your bodies. His car large enough to fuck in the frontseat.. if you ever allowed. The idea of losing your virginity to a guy that was ashamed of you in a car becoming more appealing the more you explored his body.

    It was desperate and sad how easily you’d be willing to do whatever he needed. Jaemin said ‘jump’ and you’d ask ‘how high?’ without hesitation. It hurt of course, but the thought of not having any part of him hurt so much worse.

    Jaemin cups your face, long fingers sweeping through the sides of your scalp. Massaging around, lulling you deeper into false hope. His half-lidded eyes paired with visible front teeth between lustful gasps encouraging your strokes. He was everything you craved, everything except yours.

    “Touch me.” Jaemin exasperates. Implying to touch him where and how he liked. Replacing your right hand around his length to with your left to continue jerking him off. Your fingers slide lower fondling the dip in his full sack. His lips curling up in satisfaction when you venture even lower. Tentatively stroking over his rim, smearing precum down his length. Smooth, clean, steady strokes bear down faster. Fingers working around the contracting muscle. Too fearful to venture further in still, despite Jaemin’s begging.

    “You’re so good. You know how I like it..” he breathes out. Squirming against your touches. Smooth forehead bunching up as pretty deep struggles of breath trickle from his chest. Lips crush against yours, sucking in a gust of air with another agonizing drive of his hips. Cock pulsating in release, vibrating in your mouth as he exerts powerful groans. “Fuck..”

    Jaemin pants, chest visibly moving up and down. Warm cum spilling over your fingers down to his balls. The fingers in your hair moving along to the back of your head shoving you down. You weren’t allowed to leave a mess behind, Jaemin insisted.

    Lapping up his cum, your eyes squinting in the dark of his car. The only light coming through from street lamps around your neighborhood. The strain in your eyes could be from trying to adjust, could also be from the urge to cry.

    Your chest only aches when he helps you sit back up. Thumbing his cum off your chin and lower lip. Easing it all inside of your mouth. Nodding when you suck it all down. A soft smile plays on his lips, using the backs of his fingers and knuckles to caress your feverish cheeks.

    “Same time tomorrow?” He asks. Brows half lifted charmingly. It makes you feel weak every time when you agree. It felt impossible to give him up. No matter how harmful he’d become for your mental stability.


    They were all laughing at you.

    Jaemin’s friends smack each others arms. Hands covering their faces, pointing at you to egg on the humiliation. He’s watching you, fingers tensing around the edges of his desk. Throat tight doing his best to resist speaking up.

    The secret admirer candy grams continued to pass around the room. Announcing added notes of a crush, liking someone, wishing to get serious.

    The one in your hand read out loud- “The way you stare at me every second of everyday has made me fall in love with your vile creepy stalker behavior. Please accept my love, I wish for nothing more than to be yours. -Jaemin Na”

    Of course, because that was the joke around campus. You, the loser that could never get a guy like him. Jaemin, too good to even breathe the same air as you. If only they all knew.

    You knew it wasn’t actually from him. The constant butt of bullying from the team of clowns he played football with. Slurs written on your locker, food in your hair after lunch, tripping you in the hallway. Who knows why really, Jaemin shrugging it off whenever you asked. Excusing it to lack of maturity- ‘they’ll move on to something else eventually.’ Is what he would often say. Kissing you until the subject was dropped yet again. You let him get away with it, because he’s Jaemin. You’d let him get away with anything.


    “You really thought Jaemin would send you a candy gram?” Renjun’s brows furrow together growing upset. Feeling more pathetic the longer he stares at you with such concern.

    “Is it that hard to believe he could really like me?” Your voice cracks. Biting back tears ready to mortify you further. The burn hitting your eyes tightening an empty ache in your chest. Why wouldn’t it be hard to believe Jaemin could like you. He’s perfect, and you…..you aren’t.

    “It’s not that, it’s just..” Renjun sighs. Forehead tipping down thumping against your shoulder. “It’s different in private. When we’re at school he’s.. he has an image to uphold that we don’t fit into.”

    “But when he..” your head shakes. Eyes falling shut tightly suppressing the urge to cry to the best of your abilities. “When we’re alone he’s so..”

    “I know. You have to forget that though. That’s.. it’s an act. This is an act, he’s..” Renjun looks off. Scanning the opposite end of the lawn. Tables scattered full of stressed out Freshman on break. Most trying to get in last minute assignments and projects before the semester ended for summer. He finds Jaemin laughing, sat amongst his group of ‘friends’. The football team that tormented you. Perverted jokes, mocking your appearance, harassing you with names and immature behavior. Renjun’s lips purse together sitting up straight. “He’s different.”

    Tears skim down your cheeks. Sniffling away the shame as you break. The back of your hand wiping away evidence from your chin. You curl into Renjun’s side, burrowing into his chest. Comforting hands stroke up your back, upset soft sounds escaping his lips. You whisper to yourself- “Why doesn’t he like me.”

    It hurts. It hurts you. It hurts Renjun. Having to hold back the ‘I know’ tickling his throat. Opting to soothe your breaking heart with silence and hugs. Jaemin didn’t deserve you..

    Renjun unsure he even deserved you. Opting to keep your tryst in private as well. The war-path Jaemin would commence if he found out about the two of you would easily end their friendship. All of your friendships, it wasn’t worth it.

    But when you went from studying together, to knees brushing, elbows nudging. Faces inching closer over a shared textbook. It felt right, of course it did. With your lips wrapped around his dick on your knees, gazing up at him so pretty. Renjun seeming to forget where his loyalty lay any longer.

    “You’re so good at that..” Renjun heaves, tempted to admit he doesn’t have much to compare your skills to. You were the first of many experiences for him. For both of them. Jaemin unaware of the secret relationship you’d developed over the years. Where Jaemin was nonchalant with his approach, Renjun was clear. He wanted more, both of you deciding it’d be best to wait. Explore each other first, learn what you each like.

    Renjun bites harder on his lip when you suck on his inner thigh. His legs parting open further for you. Pretty cock thrumming on his lower stomach when you pull away. Skin marked up, shining in your spit. He loved when you marked him up, Renjun loved the pain.

    It never took much to make him cum. Laving your tongue under his cock. Suckling on the tip in a teasing manner. Your nails sunk into his sides sending him into a frantic jostle. Butt lifting off his chair spurting cum on your cheek.

    “Fuck. I’m sorry…I should have warned you.” He huffs, falling limply into his seat. You kiss over his sensitive length, cum smearing on his smooth skin. Stomach muscles squeezing when you lick it all up. Moments like this making his friendship with Jaemin seem.. expendable.


    “You can’t keep leading her on like this.” Renjun’s back stiffens. Sitting up straight wanting Jaemin to listen up. Sat together in his friends garage after an emotionally draining day at school. Having to assist you home, unanimously deciding it’d be best to not show your tear stained face in class. Jaemin ignores him, distracted with his current battle in Mortal Kombat. Easily winning with Renjun losing interests to continue this game.

    ‘Finish him!’ with a final roundhouse kick, Jaemin shoots up. Controller in the air as he roots and cheers for himself. The self-praise of a true Leo, the perfect counterpart to Renjun’s Aries. Truly having always gotten along even as they discovered their own personalities and hobbies over time. Jaemin falling into the jock route, a handsome well-built popular football captain straight out of some cheesy teen romcom. Renjun taking the path of liberal arts. Praised for his skillful talent of painting by a ‘niche’ type of crowd. More time spent in theatre club, defining the quirky emo goth boy. Currently struggling through his vampire obsession after binging Anne Rice novels. Lestat was simply too relatable.

    “Dude, you suck.” Jaemin snorts. Nostril flaring as he sucks in air harshly. Returning to the home menu to choose a new character and setting. Renjun throws his controller aside, arms folding over his chest. Frilly white blouse wrinkling together, bunched up around his throat. Jaemin sighs, turning to his friend rolling his eyes.

    “Look, I’ll apologize to her. It’s not a big deal, she knows I’m not looking for anything serious.. right now.” Jaemin slumps into the old couch his parents set-up in the garage. Often times filled with rowdy teenage boys, now adults able to purchase alcohol. Indications of reckless parties whenever his parents went on vacation noteable from the scuffs on the ground. Dents on the walls a reminder of many messy drunken nights. Many that Renjun had not been invited too, because- ‘You don’t like any of my football friends anyway. You know how it is right dude?’

    “Right now? Is that what you tell her? That implies that someday, you could be. You know that calling her up practically every night to suck you off and make you cum says more about you than it does her right?” Renjun’s brow twitches up in question. Jaemin shooting him a glare, flicking the black leather collar adorning his neck. Annoyed his childhood friend could even question not wanting to be seen with him in public wearing such a ridiculous vampire costume. What next? A damn cape!?!

    He shrugs nonchalantly, shoving aside whatever thought attempts to creep into his mind. “I like how she listens to me.”

    “She does that cause she likes you asshole.” Renjun sighs. Unsure what that means for himself. Ignoring the jealous twinge pinching his heart whenever he has to acknowledge you actually like Jaemin.

    “I like her too!” Jaemin reacts. Eyes wide with offense, as if he can’t believe Renjun would dare to question him. After years of knowing the truth amongst the three of you. He had little choice when Renjun showed up unplanned finding Jaemin stuffing your mouth.

    “Then what the fuck was that today?! You really hurt her! She’s our friend before a hole for you to get off in.” Renjun shouts. Riled up whenever Jaemin confesses nonsense.

    “I.. I really had nothing to do with that. My friends, they’re just assholes.” Jaemin shrugs. Slumping into the cushion as your face flashes through his memory. The sadness in your eyes burning his retina. Shattering something he isn’t quite sure he’s ready to accept.

    “Then you need to do something about your so-called friends! How do you allow for them to torment her like this if you seriously like her?!” Renjun grunts. Pushing at Jaemin’s side in anger.

    “Listen! I have a plan alright!” Jaemin snaps. Hands held up in defense to calm Renjun down. “Summer camp.. it’s our last year. We’re gonna be counselors this time. That means we get to fuck around and do whatever the fuck we want. I’m gonna ask her to be my girlfriend.”

    Renjun’s eyes shoot open, hunching forward ready to gag- “You’re what?!”

    “First week we get there. I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I’m gonna fix this. She’ll be mine. Everything will change at summer camp.”

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  • shuichi-sama
    21.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    the thunderous ones

    inspiration: thunderous - skz

    pairings: bandit! hyunjin! x princess!reader!

    genre: historial w/ some modern aspects, romance, action

    warnings: fighting, wars, weapons, blood, possible death, injury, angst, betrayal

    when the king of brookshire fails to protect the kingdom's most prized possession, he's in a state of hysteria to retrieve it before the townspeople find out or even worse, before their enemies use it for their advantage. But when the princess of brookshire, Y/n, offers a solution by partnering with the town's most-wanted group, the thunderous ones, after witnessing the one of their mischief’s. the king is quick to deny it as they are known for carrying a bad reputation for stealing and creating chaos, the thunderous ones are hated by many of the people of brookshire. but as time goes on, striking a deal with criminals seemed like the king's last and only hope.

    at first hesitant to comply, but in the end, comply when their own home and the people they care about are threatened by the enemy. the thunderous ones use their intelligence and skills through a series of confrontations and betrayals to bring peace back to the kingdom and along the road, they may find love and happiness.

    or in which, after princess y/n watching, hwang hyun-jin, the serious and ace of the group, make a good deed for the kids of the towns, she learns the true nature of the thunderous ones mischiefs. wanting to not only help her Kingdom and the town people, but she also comes to want to learn more about thunderous ones and hyun-jin, to change everyone's look on who really are the thunderous ones.

    authors note: i suddenly got this idea one night after watching the thunderous mv. i don't really like the summary but i was so excited to share my edit for the story so i couldn't wait any longer T-T im very proud of it not going to lie, ill probably change up the summary later so you can get a better look as to what hyunjin and the readers relationship would be like.

    #hyunjin x reader #kpop scenarios#kpop imagine#kpopau#hyunjin angst#hyunjin scenarios#skz#stray kids#skz imagines #stray kids imagines #stray kids au #stray kids scenarios #skz scenarios #stray kids x reader #stray kids x y/n #skz aus#skz fanfic#hyunjin au #hwang hyunjin au #skz angst #stray kids angst
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  • pr0dbeomgyu
    21.10.2021 - 14 hours ago


    **✿❀LINE 15: FALLING❀✿**

    a/n: short update before i go for vacation <3 leave feedbacks lovelies i thrive on words acgevhj

    after 15 minutes of walk, taehyun and y/n finally arrived home.

    "now what?" taehyun asked.

    "let's just see if we left any of the windows open," y/n suggested.

    covering the perimeter of the house, y/n sighed when she found none of the windows were left open.

    exhausted, she went to the backyard and ended up lying down on the grass, eyes up on the night sky.

    "what are you doing?" she heard taehyun's steps approaching her.

    "im too tired, i dont have the strength to do anything anymore," she whined.

    hearing rustling sounds, her eyes widened when they met taehyuns' when she turned her head to the side. she didnt expect him to imitate her actions, especially when the grass was wet, uncomfortably pricking all over her back.

    "you didnt have to join me, you know,"

    "trying to hoard the beautiful view all by yourself?" referring to the sky full of stars, taehyun teased her.

    "bitch," y/n chuckled.


    "wait, whoa was that a shooting star?" it was taehyun.

    "no, i think that was a satellite,"

    "oh, really," taehyun sounded a bit dejected.

    they had been spending almost an hour under the sky, with taehyun pointing out random constellations, asking y/n to name it. they were in luck, the sky was very clear that night.

    "why? you wanna wish upon them or something?"

    "no, i was just asking. why should i anyways, i already have everything i want right now," he scoffed.

    "so why did u choose astronomies, y/n," taehyun asked, his eyes still glued to the sky in front of him. his hands were already at the back of his head, supporting it.

    "i mean, isnt THAT enough reason?" y/n smiled, her eyes turned into little crescents with her nose slightly scrunching, motioning towards the stars spread above them.

    "anyone seeing you right now would say you're in love or something," he commented, stealing a glance at her.


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    if there's anything y/n's good at, it's differentiating her feelings between love or hate. it's so distinct, she really doesn't get it when people say they have mixed feelings about something, cause to her, love is LOVE and hate is, well... HATE. LOVE is like her feelings for prodsputnik, an anonymous soundcloud artist she adores which she may or may not have a stan account for. HATE is like her feelings towards her roommate, kang taehyun. she even claimed that researchers are bullshitting when they say there's a thin line between hate and love. but what if y/n figures out that prodsputnik and kang taehyun is the same person? will the line between love and hate stay thick and clear as fuck (y/n's words) to y/n or will it get blurry?

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  • julyarchives
    21.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    DO or NOT (M)

    “Come on, I’ll be a good boyfriend, I promise” he got up and reached his hand for you
    “What are you doing?” you look at his hands, then at his face.
    "Let's fix your mess, baby" he smiled proudly.

    → Pairing: Wooseok x Female Reader

    → Genre: Smut; Fluff; To All The Boys I've Loved Before AU

    → Words:  9.7K

    → A/n: Look at that word count, guys! We are so happy to finally put this story out there for you guys, we hope you all like it! Thank you for your kindness and patient, and special thanks to the non who requested this story!

    It was all a misunderstanding, yet you felt like you could never leave your room ever again. It was your dream to get into art school and finish your major in fine arts with honors, and right now you felt like you had ruined it forever.

    It started with a literature class project, in which you had to explore the genre of letters, and you combined it with your passion for romance novels, and you took a little inspiration from your real life. You wrote letters for every boy you’ve ever had a crush on since college started. It wasn’t necessarily big crushes - Jinho from the school choir, for example, you just find it beautiful when he sings his solos; or Changgu from the Swimming team, that is just stupidly hot. They didn’t necessarily mean you had feelings for those boys, you actually exaggerated most of them for the purpose of the assignment. They were just romanticized words to sound like something out of a Jane Austen Novel.

    You had no problem doing the project, you actually enjoyed sitting alone for hours fantasizing about different romantic scenarios, but you were very grounded about all of that. The real problem was that somehow the letters, meant to only be seen by your professor, ended up mixed with your actual mail, and they were delivered to each boy you had addressed the letter to.

    That was it, that was the end of you.

    The real problem was when your ex-boyfriend Hongseok showed up with the distinguished turquoise envelope in hand, waiting for you before your first class started. You spotted the letter in his hand as soon as you saw him, and you wanted to run away as fast as you could.

    Luckily, you had seen him before he saw you, and you just wanted to take the opportunity to flee, however, skipping class was absolutely no deal when this lecture was very important for the midterms, and the teacher had warned it beforehand. You couldn’t risk your graduation with honors over ex-boyfriend problems. Your mind was racing at a thousand miles per hour, and the best plan you could come up with was to hide in the restroom until he left, and get in the class just a few minutes late.

    You turned around abruptly, intending to leave as fast as you could, but you failed to give the first step, instead of bumping into someone and sending your books to the floor with a loud thump. So much for not wanting to drag Hongseok’s attention, you thought. His eyes were on you, and he was about to walk towards you.

    In panic mode, you grabbed the boy you have bumped into and told him loud enough for everyone around to hear

    “Finally, baby!” your voice was ridiculously high pitched “there you are, I was about to walk into class without you, the professor is waiting!” you planted a peck on his lips, lingering it enough for hopefully Hongseok to see it.

    Wooseok widened his eyes at your very off-character actions. After the kiss, you hugged him and whispered in his ear.

    “Please, play along” you sounded desperate

    Wooseok was a guy you met in your first year of art school. You met at a party and eventually stumbled onto each other again around campus. And yes, Wooseok was a recipient of one of your letters, but in the fight or flight situation, it was better to deal with him than with an ex.

    “Let’s go, baby ” he complied, smirking at the fake pet name, and holding your waist as you walked into class together.

    Hongseok, who had watched everything, stood still in his place, swallowing thickly when you walked past him in Wooseok’s arm, acknowledging him only with an impersonal nod.

    You released yourself from Wooseok’s embrace and rushed to your seat, throwing yourself in the chair with a sigh of relief.

    “So, Y/N, I got your letter” Wooseok approached swiftly, being all his flirty self, taking a seat beside you.

    “Don’t flatter yourself, it’s not real” You rolled your eyes.

    Wooseok is full of it.

    “Yeah, sure. Don’t be embarrassed, everyone has a crush on me” he said proudly. “Plus, you just kissed me, that was real af.”

    You didn’t even respond, opting instead for paying attention in the lecture and taking notes.

    “I’ll explain better later, ok? I’m busy now.” You finally said when he didn’t stop staring at you.

    He was annoyed at the lack of attention he was getting, and at first, you didn’t get why he was raising his hand

    “Excuse me, professor, I’m so sorry to interrupt, but she’s not feeling well, can I take her to the infirmary?”

    Your eyes widened when you saw him pointing at you. The whole class turned around to look at you, and your face was immediately red.

    “What are you doing?!” you whispered to him.

    “Making sure you’re not busy.” he whispered back.

    The professor allowed - this boy got everything he wanted, you swear - on the condition that you would have to get the notes with someone later to catch up.

    You silently left the room, with him following close behind. You made sure you were distant enough from the classroom before turning around to talk to Wooseok

    “I can’t believe you did this!”

    “At least now we can talk” he shrugged and opened a charming smile. “Don’t worry, I’ll ask someone later for the notes, you know he’s a nerd.”

    Wooseok has always been the popular kid, knows everyone, and gets everything he wants. To be fair, he had all the charm and charisma for it, and it was easy to fall into his spell. Overall he was a nice person, just too cocky sometimes. He ended up being the subject of one of your letters because he had once helped you with a photography class. He is a music major and sometimes he performs at local bars and clubs for the rap scene, and he told you that you could photograph his performances. You scored a 10 and owed him forever, and in the end, you just had to admit that seeing him performing his own songs with so much presence and passion got you a tiny crush.

    But it was nothing more than that, just a momentaneous crush, that ended as fast as it began.

    Wooseok pulled out of his pocket your letter, the unmistakable golden ink in your calligraphy sparkling in the hallway lights. He waved it around and wiggled his eyebrows.

    “Give that back!” you jumped at him, trying to snatch the letter from his hands.

    He easily dodged you, lifting his arm and making it impossible for you to reach it.

    “Ah-ah” he stopped you “first you have to admit you have a crush on me.”

    “I have shit for you, Jung Wooseok” you couldn’t help but roll your eyes again.

    “It’s not what you wrote here.” He smirked again.

    “I’ll explain that to you, okay?” you admit defeat, sighing in annoyance this time “just not here, where someone may hear it and laugh at my misery.”

    Wooseok chuckled, but complied, following you to the front yard and sitting down on a bench. The campus was empty, most students busy with their classes, so the peace and quiet were rather enjoyable. What was not pleasant is having to explain all the romantic words directed to the boy in front of you.

    You were straightforward and told him about the lit class project, and about you finding him attractive after watching him perform.

    “But that’s just it” you finished “it was just all drama and poetry for class, that’s all.”

    Wooseok, who had listened to you rant suspiciously quietly, just nodded, but you could tell something was still on his mind.

    “That doesn’t explain why you jumped me in the hall.” his lips curved wickedly.

    You sighed one more time, laughing to yourself at how it was becoming your signature movement.

    “Do you know Yang Hongseok?” you asked

    “Yeah, we share a few classes.” he nodded

    “And do you know he’s my ex?” your voice died down in embarrassment.

    “I do, I remember seeing you two around together.” he shrugged.

    “He got a letter,” you admitted as fast as you could, just to get this over with.

    Wooseok busted out laughing, his loud voice echoing through the empty place.

    “You, Y/F/N, are the dumbest person I’ve ever met.” he cleaned a few tears in the corner of his eyes. Without thinking twice, you punched his arm. “Ouch! That hurts!”

    “Don’t make fun of me! That’s really embarrassing!” you groaned and hid your face in your palms

    “Come on, you gotta admit it’s funny” he patted your back to comfort you, but his giggles were far from soothing. “Who else got a letter?”

    “So many people, I hate myself.” you muffled your words against your hand.

    “Who? I can help you find them and make everything clear. I can even pretend to be your boyfriend again, so they don’t think you’re in love with them.”

    “Ok, fine” you sat up straight, but not having the guts to look at him while you spilled your most embarrassing secrets. “There’s Adachi Yuto, from the baseball team.”

    “Okay, that’s easy, he lives with me. Who else?”

    “Lee Hwitaek”

    “The President of The School Council?! You’re such a dork”

    “Yan An and Ko Shinwon, but they are my best friends."

    "I'm gonna pretend that's not weird but ok" he shrugged "it will be easy to clear things up, then"

    "Yeo Changgu, Kang Hyunggu, and Jo Jinho” you said it in one breath, mumbling through your teeth

    Wooseok’s eyes widened, and he blinked in silence for a couple of seconds, processing the information dump.

    “Y/N, you’re a player!” he made fun of you, bumping your shoulders “Lucky you, I know them all, we can clear things up easily.”

    “You don’t have to pretend to date me, though”

    “And how will you explain things to Hongseok without sounding like you are still obsessed with your ex?” he puffed his chest like he made the wisest observation.

    You just groaned and buried your face again on your palms.

    “Come on, I’ll be a good boyfriend, I promise” he got up and reached his hand for you

    “What are you doing?” you look at his hands, then at his face.

    "Let's fix your mess, baby" he smiled proudly.

    You just shook your head and got up, taking his hand and he led the way. He didn't let go of you once you were up, and his big hand wrapped around yours made you feel tiny and giddy.

    "Ok, where do we go first?" He asked

    "Shinwon and Yanan have already seen it, I told them about the letter when I first wrote it, so they are cool with it." You said.

    "You had a crush on both of your friends, man" He almost yelled, "really, you got game."

    "I told you it's not a crush!" You whined, "they are just people that inspired me, it was easy to write from reference."

    "Sure" he teased, squeezing your hand "the swim team is practicing right now, so we might catch Changgu when he's done."

    You nodded and let him lead you to the pool.

    Wooseok found his way there quickly, and the coach spotted him as soon as he opened the door.

    "Hey, Jung" he yelled, "here to reconsider my offer to join the team?"

    "Not today, old man" Wooseok shook his hand and they tapped each other on the shoulder, but you were really shocked at the way he spoke freely with a member of the academia. "I'm just here because my girlfriend needs to talk to one of your boys, is Changgu here?"

    "You're his girlfriend?" The coach asked you, looking surprised.

    You froze in place until Wooseok gave you an encouraging nod.

    "Yeah, I guess" was all you managed to say, your cheeks burning hot.

    "Man, it beats me how this prick gets pretty girls to like him," he said with a loud laugh, which you played along. "Don't hesitate to smack him in the head if he starts to annoy you, he probably deserves it."

    "Will do, sir" you chuckled shyly

    "Changgu will be free when the practice is done, but you can wait in the bleachers meanwhile."

    "Thank you, Mr. Kim." You said after spotting his name embroidered on his polo shirt.

    "See you around, kiddo." He said to Wooseok "the offer is still up whenever you reconsider."

    "Thanks!" Wooseok said before holding your hand and guiding you two to your seat.

    Once settled in place, he threw one arm around you cockily, acting like it was the most natural thing in the world.

    "Why do you talk to the coach like that?" You finally asked, feeling tiny in his hold

    "I don't know, he's a cool guy" he shrugged, dismissing your shock

    "You really do get away with everything, don't you?" You shook your head

    "That's the perk of having my endless charm" he puffed his chest, smirking sideways "everyone fall for it"

    You could only scoff in response.

    "By the way" he continued "you do know Kino is gay, right?"

    "Who's Kino?" You asked confused


    "Oh." You blinked "yeah, right, totally."

    You didn't.

    "Why did you tell the coach I am your girlfriend?" You questioned

    "Well, if you are going to lie, lie to everybody. That way only you know the truth, so your cover won't blow."

    "Seems like you lie a lot, Jung Wooseok" you arched one eyebrow.

    "And you don't, Mrs goodie-two-shoes?" He mocked.

    "I do not, why would I lie?" You answered.

    Wooseok tightened his hold on you, not letting you back away when he leaned his face closer to yours, looking you in the eyes and licking his lips.

    "So that means everything you wrote to me was true" his voice dropped a couple of octaves.

    The proximity and the vibration of his deep tone made you freeze in his arms, searching for words to refute his argument.

    "That was not lying," you turned your face to avoid falling for his inevitable body language eloquence "that was a poetic license, it's different."

    "Yeah, right" he scoffed, leaning away from you." you're cute when you're lying."

    "I'm not lying!" You protested. "And I'm not cute" you mumbled the last part.

    The rest of the period was spent in silence, Wooseok stopped taunting you and paid attention to his phone while you watched the athletes in the pool.

    Changgu was easy to spot, his toned figure standing out from his teammates, as well as his perfect timing every lap, and seeing him made you remember why he was an easy subject to write about. You two know each other because you went to one of Shinwon's soccer team parties, and of course, every varsity athlete was there. He was the one who initiated contact, and the flirting led to a hookup, but nothing else has ever happened between you two.

    Which makes the fact that he received a love letter from you very awkward. But it was something you had to inevitably face, so be as it may.

    When practice was over, Wooseok motioned to get up, but you stopped him.

    "I think it's better if less than one person watches me embarrassing myself." You pleaded.

    You waited by the locker room door for him, and to your despair, he crossed the door along with his teammates. So much for discretion. They walked past you, not noticing your presence, too distracted in their conversation. You stepped up and taped Changgu’s shoulder, making him turn on his heels to see you.

    “Hi,” you said shyly “Can I talk to you for a second?”

    “Of course” he smiled at you after dismissing his colleagues, who left only after giggling and teasing you

    “So, I don’t know how to begin to explain this, but-” you started to explain but he cut you off.

    “Is this about the letter I got this morning?” His expression was smug.

    “Yeah, it is” you sighed “but you see, that was not what I seemed. I didn’t mean any of that, it was only for a project of my lit class and-” you were fidgeting with your fingers when he interrupted you again

    “So you mean I don’t have an Adonis body sculpted by the most benevolent of the gods?” his smirk only grew wider

    You fought the urge to facepalm, but your words got caught up in your throat

    “I’m just messing with you” he laughed softly “But I am flattered. I just don’t see you that way-”

    “No, no!” it was your turn to interrupt “I’m not in love with you or anything creepy, in fact, my boyfriend is right there waiting for me” you pointed to Wooseok, who waited for you a few meters behind “He even knows about this whole mess and is cool with it.”

    “You’re dating Wooseok?” he asked, surprised.

    “Yeah” you hesitantly affirmed, “But as I was saying, this was a project for my literature class and it is completely exaggerated and over the top, so don’t take it too seriously, ok?”

    “I see,” he nodded “but I’m not gonna lie, I liked reading that.”

    A charming smile lit upon his face, much like the ones he flashed you when you two met.

    “Thank you” you felt flustered at the random compliment.

    “see you around, then, Y/N”

    You said goodbye and watched him leave, catching up with his friends at the end of the hall, and it was only then that Wooseok approached you

    “So, how was it?” he asked enthusiastically

    “Surprisingly easy,” you said, smiling to yourself “definitely less embarrassing than I thought it would be. Though he seemed to roll with it easier when I said you were my boyfriend”

    “Told you it was a good plan” he bragged “ready for another one?”

    “Yes,” you nodded enthusiastically, the success of the first talk encouraging you.

    “Great, ‘cause Kino is coming” he pointed

    “Already?!” you turned around to see the boy walking towards you

    “You can do this, let’s go” Wooseok held your hand and pulled you over to meet Kino halfway

    “Hey, guys,” Kino said when you met

    “What’s up” Wooseok casually reached his hand for him, who made this weird personal high five thing.

    “You two know each other?” you asked, looking between them.

    “Yeah, we share a bunch of classes” Kino was the one that answered “But I actually wanted to talk to you”

    “The letter, I know” you sighed “I’m sorry, that was a little creepy, I know, but it was just some writing for my lit class, I swear they are not literal”

    “It’s fine, I really enjoyed it. You’re a great writer.” His soft voice was actually soothing.

    “Oh,” you definitely weren’t expecting that. “Thank you”

    “Why me, though?” he asked, “you do know I’m gay, right?”

    “Yeah, of course.” you lied, remembering how you just found out not even an hour ago “it’s just that I remember when we were friends in high school, I had a lot of good memories and it was easy to write about that.”

    Wooseok watched you attentively, your hand still securely clasped inside his, which gave you a surprising calming feeling.

    “I’m really flattered, that’s amazing. Do you mind if I keep it? The letter?” Kino asked

    “I guess not” you answered with a little bit of confusion as to why he wanted that, but it was easier to just comply.

    “Thank you” he smiled gratefully “Let’s keep in touch, yes?”

    “Of course!” you felt happy at the proposal, reviving an old friendship is always a good thing “thank you for being so nice about this.”

    “Don’t worry” he answered. “I’ll see you two around then. By the way, you guys are a cute couple”

    “Thanks, man” it was Wooseok who answered when you choked “see ya”

    Kino walked away and Wooseok led you two once again.

    “That wasn’t so bad,” he said once you two were alone again

    “Not at all,” you answered “I’m surprised how easy this has been. Thank you so much for helping me, really”

    “Nah, this is fun, you don’t have to thank me” he shrugged “by the way, I already cleared things with Yuto”

    “You did?” When?” You looked at him in surprise

    “During swimming practice, I texted him, it was easy because he hadn’t even read it yet. I told him it was something private that was mailed by accident, he said he will return it.”

    “You’re an angel, really” you stopped in your tracks and hugged him, feeling truly grateful and relieved.

    Wooseok knew how to find Jinho because they also shared classes, and you were suddenly aware how much you easily had crushes on singers and performers, but that was an issue for you to ponder over later. Jinho was overall understanding, but it was significantly more awkward because you’ve never properly talked to each other.

    “See it as a fan mail” you tried to explain “I just really enjoy watching you singing, you’re really talented”

    The last one you had to find was Hwitaek, or Hui, as he asked to be called when you two first met, and you knew that the student council met that day so it was easy to find your way into the auditorium where they gathered.

    You entered the place quietly and watched as they discussed some campus issues.

    "You didn't tell me Hongseok was part of the student council," Wooseok whispered to you, sliding one hand around your shoulder, the action becoming natural to him

    "Yup." You gulped "why do you think I came here last?"

    "Hey" he called you, placing both hands on your shoulder, turning you to face him, and staring you in the eyes. "It will be fine, don't worry"

    You took a deep breath, smiling at him in gratitude.

    Before you could register anything else, Wooseok pulled you closer, one hand in your neck and the other in your waist, arching your body so your lips could meet his.

    His kiss was intense, and your body responded to him in a reflex. You embraced his neck, hands digging into his shaggy hair. The way your tongues danced together in perfect synch made you sigh into the kiss, and Wooseok pulled you even closer. For a second you forgot where you were and what you were there for, and the world became a bubble that only you and he existed in, and you just allowed yourself to live in that limited fantasy.

    When you two pulled away, you were out of breath, knocked out of reality. Wooseok still held you in his embrace when a lopsided smirk stretched on his lips.

    "Hongseok spotted you" his low voice vibrated on his chest that was flushed against yours.

    "Oh" you muttered, feeling your cheeks grow red "right"

    You cleared your throat and stepped back, releasing yourself from him for the second time that day.

    Wooseok found your hand again and pulled you to the last row of chairs where you two sat quietly until the meeting was over. Every time you tried to come up with something to say you ran out of words, still too embarrassed for all that went on when you were kissing him. He, on the other hand, didn’t seem to be troubled at all.

    Coming clean to Hui was easy, especially because he was in the same class, writing for that project himself. However he was very shy about it, but having Wooseok casually throwing one possessive arm around your shoulder could be quite intimidating. In the end, he didn’t say much, mostly just agreeing and nodding to whatever you said, but never once he was less than nice to you.

    "Okay, now there's only Hongseok left," Wooseok said when Hui left, making you gulp loudly. He still held you in his sideways embrace "but we have a problem."

    "What is it now?" You said, feeling mentally exhausted already.

    Wooseok pointed and you looked just in time to see Hongseok closing the door behind him.

    "He didn't wait for you" he punctuated.

    "Oh, come on" your shoulder slumped

    "It's fine, we can get him tomorrow." Wooseok tried to encourage you

    "But tomorrow Saturday, and I don't really know his schedule to meet him on Monday" The defeat seeped through your voice "Besides, I don't want to take any more of your time"

    "Nah, it's fine" he shrugged "You're a good fake girlfriend"

    You didn't understand why you took that as praise, but the butterflies in your stomach did not hide the fact that you liked what he said.

    "Let me at least pay you lunch for all the trouble." You proposed.

    "I take it back, you're the best fake girlfriend" he smiled.

    "This restaurant is so good, oh my God." He said, munching on his food while you had already finished yours. "you should take me out more, Y/N"

    "Why didn't we hang out more?" You questioned, "we had so much fun when I photographed you."

    "Right? I remember that I liked having you around after my gigs"

    "We actually kept in touch after that, because I remember seeing you around campus and talking to you. Why did we stop talking, though?"

    "Right, I remember" Wooseok deflated

    "What?" You asked when his smile turned awkward "did I do something wrong?"

    "No, actually not." He scratched his neck "We lost touch when you started dating Hongseok. He seemed very possessive of you, and I thought he would get jealous if we talked."

    "That's nonsense," you said genuinely surprised, trying to remember what it was like, but you two broke up last year and your memory was kind of blurry.

    "Oh, come on, he used to parade you around like a trophy, no one had the guts to get near you." He rolled his eyes.

    "What an asshole" you blurted, frowning.

    Wooseok's thunderous laugh echoed around the place, causing a couple of dirty looks at your table.

    "That was adorable" he cleaned a tear at the corner of his eye.

    "No, I mean it. He shouldn't act like I belong to him and keep people from talking to me."

    "No, he didn't stop anyone." He tried to explain "it was just the energy, that's all"

    "He was a good boyfriend.." you reminisced

    "...but?" Wooseok encouraged you to continue

    "No buts, really."

    "Is it invasive if I ask why you two broke up?" His tone was cautious

    "Wooseok, don't you know the foundation of a relationship?" You joked "how do you want to be my fake boyfriend if you don't think I can share my love failures with you?"

    "My bad, I didn't know fake relationships had rules too." He held his hands up in defense and you laughed fondly at him.

    "Anyway, we broke up because we wanted different things." You shrugged "I guess I just wanted to do my thing without being just 'Hongseok's girlfriend', you know?"

    "I see" he nodded.

    "You shouldn't be afraid to talk to me, silly" you softly flickered his forehead across the table.

    "That was rude, how dare you" he acted offended, making you giggle.

    "Next time I'm dating someone you have the obligation of keeping in touch with me" you huffed

    "I wouldn't worry about that" He opened a sheepish grin

    "Why's that?" You raised your eyebrow suspiciously, resting your elbow on the table to support your chin on the palm of your hand.

    "Because right now you are my girlfriend" he leaned back on his seat, eyeing you up and down.

    You let out a breathy chuckle, shaking your head.

    "Yeah, sorry, you're stuck with me for now," you said half-heartedly, feeling guilty for bringing him into your problems.

    "Nah, I'm having fun." He shrugged "But you'll have to do something for me."

    "Shoot. I owe you big time, can't say no."

    "I'm throwing a party tomorrow, half of the campus will be there."

    "Why am I not surprised?" You remembered how popular he actually is.

    "You'll have to be there." He used puppy eyes to convince you

    "No way, Wooseok." You rolled your eyes "I don't know anyone there."

    “Hongseok will probably be there, though” he argued “so you can get this over with”

    You quietly ponder over your options.

    "Fine." You concluded, "It's better to get this over with anyway."

    "Great, I'll text you the details later."

    You sighed, massaging your temples to uselessly try to soothe your stress.

    Wooseok's house was crowded when you got there, and the music could be heard from a block away. You crossed the front yard, which was full of people too, and you were sure that student housing has some norms against this type of agglomeration, but then again, Wooseok gets away with anything.

    You briefly stopped at the door, just to text him, letting him know that you arrived, and quickly let yourself in. The music was even louder inside, the vibrations of the heavy bass trembling all over your body. Indeed, half of the campus was there, red solo cups in hand and bodies moving to the rhythm of the music.

    The fact that you were alone made you feel suddenly shy, and you shrink into yourself to try to make your way through the house. It was a struggle to the wall around the party, but the sooner you found Wooseok the better.

    Your best bet was the kitchen, and after walking a little while you found your way there. It was significantly emptier, but still no sign of your friend anywhere. Turning on your heels, you tried to leave and search for him somewhere else, but instead, you stumbled onto someone.

    "Oh, I'm sorry" you immediately said


    Of course, it had to be him

    "Oh" you gulped "Hongseok, hi"

    He smiled at you, and you two stared at each other in silence for a couple of seconds.

    "I've been meaning to talk to you." He said, and you could feel your whole body freezing.

    "Yeah, I've been trying to reach you too. There's something I need to explain." You ran your hands through your hair, nervously fidgeting with it.

    "Can we go somewhere quieter?" He proposed and you nodded, following him to the front porch.

    On the way, you heard your name being shouted over the loud music, and soon enough Wooseok was right behind you.

    "Hey, you made it!" He greeted you cheerfully, but his smile dropped when he saw Hongseok with you "is everything okay?"

    He asked looking into your eyes, a line of concern creasing his forehead, and his hand immediately found yours.

    "Yeah, it's fine, don't worry." You gave his hand a reassuring squeeze.

    "Anything happens and you can call me, ok? I'll hold on to my phone" He waited for you to nod in agreement and it was almost mindlessly the way he lingered a peck on your lips.

    And his action wasn't as surprising to you as the way you reciprocated automatically, already used to Wooseok's touch.

    You also didn't miss the way Hongseok turned his face when he saw you two together.

    Once you two got alone outside, he was the first to speak.

    "So you and Wooseok are a thing now?" His tone was careful

    "Yeah" you didn't know what else to say.

    "How long has that been going on?"

    "It's been some time" you were never a good liar, and Hongseok's presence somehow made you feel insecure.

    "Sorry, I didn't mean to pry." He backed away, clearing his throat "I was just curious."

    Everything went quiet again, but the anxiety was weighing too much for you to just wait in silence.

    "You’re here to talk about the letter, right?" You finally mentioned the big elephant in the room.

    "Yes, I was surprised to see that." He chuckled emotionlessly. "Did you mean all those things you said?"

    You frowned to yourself, trying to remember exactly what you had written to him. You remember talking about craving the feeling of being safe in his arms and him reciting your body like poetry. Something passion and desire burning like twin flames. Everything was a little scrambled but you had gotten the gist.

    "Yes and no." You concluded, but he only tilted his head in confusion. "Once I may have meant everything I said. I did this for a romantic literature assignment and writing about you was easy because I didn't have to come up with lies. I just revisited some feelings kept deep inside."

    "I can't lie to you, Y/N, I-" he chimed in, and it was ironic to see the eloquent member of the student council stumbling onto his words "when I first read your letter it was… it brought me back in time, you know?" His hand found its way to yours, which rested on the balustrade.

    He held onto you like he was pleading for mutuality.

    "I really liked having you by my side and seeing what you said got me wondering what would have happened if I hadn't let you go."

    "Hongseok, I-I don't even know what to say." You felt a tornado inside your head.

    "Haven't you ever thought about that? I mean, you wrote that to me, that you think of me." He stepped closer to you, bringing your hands up to his chest.

    "Hongseok, it's not that simple." Your gaze strayed from him

    "Yeah, no, you're right." He finally let go of you, shaking his head. "What was I thinking, you have a boyfriend now."

    You didn't miss the shift of his tone at the word boyfriend, and knowing Hongseok as you did, you knew that he actually meant to say 'I'm better than him

    "Do you remember why we broke up?" You asked him.

    "I remember we wanted different things." He pointed.

    "It's not quite like that" your words were soft-spoken "I wanted something different. I wanted to do my own thing, but in your life, there was no room for another person."

    Hongseok didn’t answer, so you continued

    "I have not been dating Wooseok for so long," you finally looked directly into his eyes again "but he supported me so much more than you ever did. He makes time for me and he takes care of me in his own way."

    "I'm sorry, Y/N, I was so stupid." Hongseok lowered his head.

    You reached your palm and cupped his cheek, making him look at you.

    "You were never a bad boyfriend." You caressed his smooth skin with your thumb "we're just not meant for each other. One day you will find someone that fits into your life perfectly, and that letter that I sent you will be in your past like it is for me."

    You inched closer and planted a soft kiss on his cheeks.

    "I'll see you around, Hongseok"

    Turning around, you let out the breath you hadn't noticed you were holding, and you let the loud music engulf you as you entered back to the party.

    You felt yourself shaking from the anxiety of what you just went through, and it was so hard to process that Hongseok asked to get back together, that your head was spinning a little, but when it came down to it, you felt proud of yourself for the way you handled it.

    You wandered around the party not really sure what to do until you spotted Wooseok amongst his friends. He had his back turned to you, and you fonded at the way he kept his phone in hand, truly waiting for you in case you texted.

    He truly was the life of the party, everyone surrounding him laughing at something he said while he gesticulated big, telling a story eloquently.  You felt shy to just approach him while he was the center of attention, but you couldn't wait to celebrate with him.

    Slowly you reached up and gave his shoulder a soft pat, and his lips curved into a smile upon seeing you. He stopped everything he was doing and his arm automatically rested across your shoulders, pulling you closer to him.

    "Hey," he said so softly that you were sure only you could hear. His doe eyes stared at you and you felt at ease. "Are you alright?"

    You bit your bottom lip and curved the corners into a shy smile, nodding a silent yes to his question, to which he responded by snuggling you closer to him.

    "What happened? Tell me everything." He asked excitedly. You told how things went and how you handled it, and he gasped in surprise "Holy shit, I was not expecting that from Hongseok. But I mean, it's obvious where he's coming from, he's not dumb."

    He shrugged nonchalantly, but you stared at him trying to figure out what he meant.

    "Anyway" he trailed before you could ask anything "I'm gonna get us some drinks to celebrate, stay here."

    You nodded again, feeling tiny due to the way he had to crouch down to look you in the eyes and ask you to not move places so he doesn't lose you.

    You fidget with the hem of your shirt, looking around and basking in the party environment, the people around you having fun and the music moving them, it was pleasant and it all contributed to the feeling of happiness warming up your insides. It might also have something to do with your company for the night, but you weren't sure if you were ready to admit that just yet.

    You were taken out of your head when you heard someone calling your name.

    "So you're the notorious Y/N" Yuto stood by your side, his deep voice almost startling you. "It's nice to put a face to the name."

    "Yeah, I don't think we've been introduced,  right? Nice to meet you" you said politely, and surprisingly confident, the latest occurrences giving you an extra boost.

    "Wooseok asked me to give this back to you." He took your letter out of his pocket and handed it to you, still sealed for your relief.

    "Thank you so much" you took it, shoving it in your purse as fast as you could.

    "In fact," he continued "he hasn't shut up about you, it's almost annoying." He chuckled sweetly.

    "Really?" You involuntarily smiled, and awfully aware of the way butterflies danced around your stomach upon hearing that.

    "I didn't know you were dating, but he seems really excited to be around you lately, so it's good to see you two together." He offered a kind smile in return

    "Stop scaring my girlfriend, dude" Wooseok chimed in, handing you a red solo cup and back to his usual hold on you, so casually that you were almost getting used to it. Almost.

    "If she's dating you, I'm pretty sure she doesn't scare easily." Yuto snaked a reply while leaving you and Wooseok alone again

    "So," Wooseok said, "Wanna go dance?"

    "Oh, no, no." You waved defensively "I would just embarrass the both of us"

    "Don't be silly, it will be fun, let's go" he grabbed your hand and guided you two through the crowd, finding a good spot.

    It was amazing to watch him dance freely and just enjoy himself while you mostly opted to move your knees and bounce yourself, keeping it low-key while sipping on your drink.

    It took you back to thinking about why you first chose him to write about.

    You admired Wooseok's laid-back attitude and over-the-top confidence. He had this charm that it was annoyingly attractive, and all of that just being his genuine self. And after everything he's done for you, although it could not seem much, at first sight, was a crucial part of why you made it through.

    You didn't lie to Hongseok when you said those things about Wooseok, and all of that just made you want to get closer to him, even with this crazy fake boyfriend story in the middle, in a couple of days he gave you a better relationship than the ones you have had. You might be wrong and that was just because you haven't spent enough time with him, but still it felt so genuine that you wondered how the real thing would work.

    "You're in your head again, aren't you?" Wooseok waved his hand in front of you.

    "Sorry" you shook your head trying to get rid of those thoughts, giggling shyly.

    "Come on, have some fun with me, or people will think I'm a terrible boyfriend," he said without faltering his serious expression, but you let out a soft laugh

    He held both of your hands and waved them around in the rhythm of the music. It was fantastic how he got you to loosen up and soon enough you were dancing and jumping around, yelling the lyrics at each other, and it was easy to forget about your surroundings when you could just focus on having fun with him.

    He had your attention the same way you had his. He didn’t mind ditching his friends for the night if he was spending time with you, and seeing you having fun so freely was the most precious thing, especially when you sang together with him with a big smile spread on your face, which was extremely hard for him to keep his eyes off.

    And when you noticed his gaze falling to your lips, you couldn’t help but to do the same to him, and you just gravitate towards each other, his hands dinging your waist and pulling you closer, and suddenly you two weren’t jumping around anymore, and both of your moves slowed down to fit your bodies together, now moving in synch against each other. His eyes searched your for reassurance, trying to find any sign that he was crossing a line, but when he found you so focused on his own lips and you slowly leaning towards him, he didn’t think twice about ending the distance between you, capturing you in a kiss that he’s been dying to feel since the minute he first spotted you in the party.

    He kissed you before, and it was a surprise to you, but maybe because now he saw you reciprocating it before it even began, it just hit differently when your soft lips met his, and he was glad the loud music muffled the sound of the sigh of satisfaction that escaped him. The kiss was slow like you were just savoring each other, and your thumbs caressing his cheeks made him feel like melting under your touch.

    The closer you felt the closer you wanted to get, and when you just had to pull always for air, your foreheads touched and your feet just kept on dancing, giggling to each other like two teenagers who had their first kiss, and your need to feel it again excited you to an unfamiliar degree.

    The acquaintanceship with it came naturally, and the night passed too fast for your liking. The songs started to slow down, the conversations became hushed and the house was getting emptier and emptier.

    You and Wooseok found the couch empty and threw yourselves down, you resting your head on his shoulders as he cuddled you closer.

    "How do you feel now that you're free of the whole letters' odyssey?" He asked, running his hand through his hair, letting the strands fall back into place, beautifully framing his face.

    "It's so fucking relieving" you sighed "Thank you so much for putting up with all of that."

    "Eh, it's been fun" he shrugged trying to act nonchalant, but the smirk on his face said otherwise

    "Well, at least now you're free of your fake girlfriend and can go back to charming every other girl on campus." You joked, but you couldn't help but feel a little disappointed at that realizations

    Wooseok laughed and shook his head.

    "Jeez," He leaned closer, looking you in the eyes with noses almost bumping "You're the densest person I've ever met"

    "Hey! That's not true!" You protested, turning your face around, and he nuzzled the sweet spot on your neck, just under your earlobe.

    "Stay the night?" He asked in a low voice that vibrated close to your ear, only for you to hear, and followed with a feathery kiss on your cheek. You closed your eyes, enjoying his touch while it lingered, to only then look at him and nod, and his grin at your response made you shiver in anticipation.

    He got up and reached his hand for you to take it, which you gladly accepted, and he led you away from the party, turning into a corridor where everything was already quiet, finishing his path in through a door down the hall.

    Entering the room, you recognize unmistakable as his. There was just something about the messy stack of papers on the desk next to a chunky headphone, the hip hop posters on the wall and the black comforters that screamed ‘Wooseok’. He gently took your purse, which you were clinging to because you just didn’t know what to do with yourself anymore, every step into the room making your stomach freeze with expectation, and he placed it on the desk.

    “Sorry it’s a little messy” he sat on the edge of the bed, leaning his weight in his hands that rested on the soft mattress, and his voice sounded soft, hushing the words like it was a secret between the two of you.

    “It’s ok” you walked closer to him, looking around trying to capture every small unique detail. “It’s cozy” you concluded as you stood in between his spread legs.

    Wooseok leaned back and laced his hands around your back, slowly climbing their way up inside your shirt, the skin contact making goosebumps rise on your skin and you gasp softly. When he pulled you closer you climbed up the bed, straddling him until your chests were pressed together, and you intertwined your fingers in his hair, initiating the kiss yourself this time.

    You felt Wooseok's shoulder relax as your lips touched, and neither of you felt the need to rush things. His tongue asked for passage and when you let him your body felt ecstatic, just like it happened when you kissed on the dance floor. Something about kissing Wooseok felt at the same time familiar and exhilarating.

    And it wasn't the first time you were kissing, but you were just as excited. His fingertips grazed along the line of your spine slowly, like he was trying to memorize the curve of your back while you were pressed against him. When he had to pull away for air, he just couldn't keep away from you and trailed kisses down your jawline and neck.

    "This is going pretty far for a fake relationship." You teased, tugging his hair just the slightest.

    "Don't ruin this" he shushed you, and you giggled "just enjoy it."

    He held onto your waist and squeezed your sides while sucking a spot on your neck, making you hiss in pleasure, and you involuntarily grinded down on his lap. Immediately you felt him grinning against your skin.

    He felt bolder after your response to him and dared to raise his touch on you, hiking up your shirt as so, until you pulled back and lifted your arms, silently giving him permission to take it off of you. Once he was done with it, you tugged at the hem of his shirt, and he took it off of you.

    "You are so gorgeous" he watched you with hungry eyes, and you felt yourself blushing.

    As you kissed him again, avoiding having to formulate a coherent response to his praise, you felt his hands find their way up your body until they were cupping your breasts over your bra, his fingers molding against your curves as he squeezes them, and that made a breathy moan escape your lips.

    Feeling desperate to just have you for him, Wooseok swiftly switched positions, making your back hit his mattress and he positioned in between your legs. Just like that, he unbuttoned your jeans and slid it off of you, his own pants following next, leaving you two in your underwear.

    He eagerly leaned over you, anxious to kiss you again, and you welcomed him like two puzzle pieces fitting together, only this time you were too aware of the bulge in his underwear as he grinded in between your hips, giving you some release to the pressuring pleasure that built up with every touch of his.

    Without breaking the kiss, he took your bra off, his fingers immediately finding your nipples and toying with them as you arch your back to press yourself against his touch. He only let go to have his fingers replaced with his mouth, the tongue skillfully circling around your sensitive bud.

    "Wooseok" you let his name fall from your lips, to which he hummed in response

    "You like that, baby?" He looked up at you, licking your nipples right after finishing his words.

    You bit your bottom lip and nodded.

    "Maybe it would be better if I do something else too?" One of his hands slid its way down your stomach, the tip of his fingers stopping at the hem of your panties. "Can I?"

    "Yes, please" you buckled your hips against his hands, and he smirked as he lowered his hands further, reaching your wet slit.

    One of his fingers ran along your pussy, spreading your wetness around your clit, making you squirm as he brushed over just the right spot.

    "Fuck, Wooseok, right there" you gasped as he repeated the movement "please keep doing that."

    He studied your face for a mere second, chuckling proudly before capturing your nipple in his lips again, all the stimulation bringing you heaven.

    You grabbed his hair, tugging it to contain your own pleasure, and he hummed in approval to you. A knot started building up in your lower belly the more he moved, and you were already embarrassingly close.

    Then you felt his touch spot, feeling it going down to your entrance instead, and two of his fingers entered you effortlessly, pumping in and out of you. He let go of your breast, leaning up and using his free hand to take off your panties.

    "You look hot, shit." He praised you again "you're taking my fingers so well."

    He leaned back down and kissed you roughly, lust clouding the whole room around you. When his thumb found your clitoris you gasped into the kiss, and Wooseok nibbled your lip.

    "Are you going to cum for me, baby?" He whispered in your ear, and you held onto his shoulders, nails digging a little into his skin

    "I'm so close" you mumbled, and he fastened his pace

    "Let me see it, I bet you look beautiful when you cum. Show it to me, Y/N"  he said before sucking in your nipple again.

    Your body reacted to him like an order, and you closed your eyes as an orgasm took over you, making you tremble under him, moaning louder every time his finger hit the perfect spot inside you.

    "Fuck" you gasped once he slid off of you, your chest rising up and down fast.

    He opened his mouth to say something, but you used your weight to throw him beside you, climbing on top of his right next, and the surprised expression on his face was quickly replaced with a much naughtier one

    You lowered yourself, taking his underwear off, letting his cock bounce back against his stomach.

    "Do you have a condom?" You asked.

    Wooseok reached for a drawer in his nightstand and tossed you a packet. You wasted no time opening the foil and taking his member into your hand, jerking it a few times, testing the right speed and pressure to just see him close his eyes and throw his head back in pleasure.

    When you stopped moving, his eyes shot open and he watched you unroll the rubber down his length.

    You moved upwards, your hips sitting against his, and you leaned down to kiss him again, savoring his taste unhurriedly, and he didn't hesitate to match your intensity.

    You began to move your hips slowly, feeling your pussy press against his cock, putting the right amount of pressure to make him hiss in pleasure.

    Continuing to move, you trailed wet kisses down his jaw and neck, sucking and biting softly the skin before running your tongue along the spot to soothe it.

    "I didn't know you were such a tease" he grunted.

    "I didn't know you were in a rush" you retorted, grinning at him.

    "I've got all night, baby, but I'd much rather spend it inside you." He said, a hint of desperation showing through his voice.

    Your chuckle died in your throat as he grabbed your hips and bucked his own, grinding the right away to press his dick against your clit, and you moaned involuntarily.

    "I think you agree with me" Woosek said, smirking victoriously.

    "Jerk" you slapped his chest and laughed softly.

    His hand reached up and caressed your cheek while he looked at you with big fond eyes, and it felt so intimate that you were sure you were blushing.

    "Don't look at me like that" you fought the urge to cover yourself.

    "Why not?" He cocked his head "you look so beautiful, I just had an urge"

    You leaned your body down and pressed a soft kiss to his lips

    “I think this is a point of no return for us, right?” your voice barely came out, a faint whisper, afraid of the meaning they carry.

    “I don’t know how many fake relationships you’ve had, but I’m pretty sure they never involve seeing each other naked, so we’re past the point of no return” Wooseok shrugged, his chest pressed against yours and his arms wrapping around you in a comforting hug. He kissed you again, and it didn’t surprise how it was just natural at this point to mold your lips together perfectly.

    “Shit, you’re right” you giggled when he pulled away. “Okay, we’re doing this.”

    You took a deep breath in a poor attempt to make your heart stop racing.

    “We’ll be fine” Wooseok reassured, and you just nodded at him, putting all the truth you have in his words.

    You sat up and reached your hand in between the two of you, aligning his member with your entrance and letting him penetrate you slowly, his gasp accompanied the rhythm of the movement.

    Staying still, you gave yourself time to adjust to his size, and his thumb caressed your hips, his touch always so gentle. You finally started rocking your hips and Wooseok threw his head back in pleasure, a few whimpers escaping his lips. You remembered you two dancing together earlier, and how his eyes couldn’t leave your hips when you were dancing, and you tried to move on top of him just like that, his whimpers turning to lazy moans as you moved slowly, and you smirked proudly at the reactions you were getting from him.

    Wooseok, always a brat, grabbed your hips a little stronger and used it as leverage to flip your positions, rolling easily on top of you, making you yelp in surprise, and the way he towered over you made you feel suddenly shy, chuckling at his victorious grin. He thrust slowly, picking up the pace with no rush, his eyes glued on yours, and the loving expression on his face made butterflies dance in your stomach.

    Adjusting his hips, Wooseok hit the perfect spot inside you, making you moan his name louder than you intended, but fortunately, it was just another enticement to him, as he kept thrusting you deep and fast. Inevitably, the pleasure starts building up in your lower belly, and you knew you wouldn’t last much longer. Your walls tightened around him, and his moves started getting sloppier.

    “Y/N, I’m gonna-” he barely finished the sentence, cutting himself off with a moan.

    You reached down and circled your clit just how you like it, bringing yourself to the edge with him, and the room was filled with both of your moans and curses.

    When Wooseok threw himself by your side, his hand cupped your cheek, bringing you closer for a deep passionate kiss, but it didn’t last long, both of you needing air too fast, chests rising up and down from the intense orgasm you had.

    You quietly watched him take the condom off, tying it up and discarding it on a bin next to the bed, and when he laid again on your side, covering your lower halves with his blanket, you pulled him closer, laying your head on his chest, tracing random patterns with your fingertips on his belly.

    “Is this the part where we talk about what this all means?” you mumbled against his skin.

    “I guess,” he snuggled you closer, and you looked up at him “this means we may be, just maybe, dating for reals?” it was supposed to be an affirmation, but his tone was more like a question.

    “But Wooseok, we barely know each other, we haven’t even had a first date, what if-”

    “Y/N” he interrupted your rant, “everyone thinks we’re dating already. It’s safe to say we get along really well. The chemistry here?” he pointed between you two “wow.”

    You couldn’t help but laugh at his silliness, but you couldn’t deny that he had a good point. Everything inside you screamed to be near him, and you don’t want to be stupid and ignore that.

    “Fine.” you pouted, then pecked his lips. “But you owe me a date nevertheless.”

    “Breakfast date, tomorrow when we wake up, how does that sound?” He proposed, and you pretended to think about it, making him nervous with all the suspense.

    “It’s a date then.” you giggled.

    “Okay, then,” he wiggled his eyebrows “ girlfriend ”

    You wanted to make a snarky comeback, but all your brain could register is that Wooseok is your boyfriend, and all the giddiness inside you turned you into mush, and he laughed at your sudden shyness.

    “I like how that sounds.” you confessed, almost inaudible.

    “Get used to it, then,” he kissed you briefly “You’ll be hearing it a lot from now on.”

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    ˚. ⌗ mini list ⋮ mari !

    ⋆⑅˚₊ basics :

    profile ⋮ backstory

    ⋆⑅˚₊ relationships :


    ⋆⑅˚₊ projects :

    ⌕ solos ⋅ utopia

    ⌕ remi’s radio ⋅

    ⋆⑅˚₊ misc :


    #navigation #.˚ ̗̀ 𝗺𝗮𝗿𝗶₍₆₎ ̖́ ༘┊ #.˚ ̗̀ 𝗰𝗵𝗮𝗻𝗴𝗲 𝗶𝘁 𝘂𝗽 𝗥𝗘𝗠𝗜𝗟𝗘𝗢𝗡₍₆₎ ̖́ ༘┊ #idol!au #kpop!au #idol au#kpop au#idol oc#kpop oc #oc girl group #oc kpop group #idol!oc #kpop!oc
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    ♡ ˙ * ✧ ━━ MEET MIYURI!!

    ♡ ˙ * ✧ ━━ BASICS !!

    STAGE NAME :: Miyuri | 미유리

    GIVEN NAME :: Murakami Miyuri | むらかみ みゆり

    KOREAN NAME :: Moon Yuri | 문유리

    BIRTHDAY :: June 28, 1998

    ZODIAC :: Cancer ☉  ‘ Leo ☽ ‘ Virgo ⇑

    BIRTHPLACE :: Incheon, South Korea

    HOMETOWN :: Osaka, Japan

    ETHNICITY :: Korean-Japanese

    NATIONALITY :: Korean-Japanese

    LANGUAGES :: Native Korean ‘ Fluent Japanese  ‘ Intermediate English

    ♡ ˙ * ✧ ━━ PHYSICAL !!

    HEIGHT :: 166 cm || 5′5″

    BLOOD TYPE :: B+

    PIERCINGS :: 2x lobe piercings ‘ 1x left helix ‘ 1x right industrial

    TATTOOS :: 0

    ♡ ˙ * ✧ ━━ CAREER !!

    PROFESSION :: Idol

    GROUP ::  Hijinx

    LABEL :: Biotune Entertainment

    TRAINING PERIOD :: 2 years

    POSITION :: Dancer ‘ Rapper ‘ Vocalist

    ♡ ˙ * ✧ ━━ FUN FACTS !!

    Miyuri’s mother is Korean and her father is Japanese.

    While she was born in Korea, she spent more time in Japan after her parents got divorced.

    She has a step brother from when her mother remarried.

    Miyuri knows how to play the guitar and a little piano.

    She likes to dress in both more punk inspired and girly styles.

    The members often  call her “Miyu” or “Yuyu”.

    In high school, Miyuri was in her school’s cooking club as the vice president.

    Miyuri’s variety show talent is animal impressions.

    Her favorite color is hot pink.

    #♡ ˙ * ✧ ━━ blessed with beauty and rage [ miyuri. ] #♡ ˙ * ✧ ━━ blessed with beauty and rage [ profile. ] #fictional idol community #kpop oc#kpop addition#oc kpop#idol oc#idol au #♡ ˙ * ✧ ━━ blessed with beauty and rage [ queue. ]
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    note: she uses her pink mic for each performance!

    211014 - mcountdown

    note: the butterfly clips are in her hair, ignore the hair color, the picture below is what her hair looks like. and the butterfly earrings are on her right ear as well as the tattoos! she had a silver stud on her left ear!

    211017 - inkigayo
    note: yuri made those earrings :D and the red cardigan is unbuttoned!
    211016 - music core
    note: this is prolly my fav outfit :(((( yuri looked SO good :D. ppl def went crazy over her wearing the same shorts as chaeryeong and rosé🙈🙈
    #aesocnet. #deluxeocnet#mochiocnet#yuri:feverpt3 #kpop extra member #ateez extra member #ateez 9th member #ateez fanfic#kpop au#ateez #ateez 9th memeber au #ateez oc member #ateez oc#ateez fluff #ateez ninth member au #ateez ninth member #ateez female oc #ateez female member #ateez female addition #ateez girl member #ateez addition
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    Seventeen AU: 14th member

    Jangmi x Maknae line, Jangmi x Moonbin & Sanha (ATSRO)

    Recap: Jangmi gets introduced to some members of ASTRO in a bid to make more friends

    Words: 1.4k

    AN: Requests are OPEN

    Thought I'd start a series about Jangmi's friends outside SVT, and how she met them.

    Inbox me your guesses of who she meets at the end???


    “I don’t get why we can’t stay for the ending,” Jangmi whined, dragging out her words. “They can’t seriously expect teenagers to sleep before 10pm.”

    “They don’t expect us to sleep, dummy.” Chan corrected, as they walked into the waiting room where all the minors were gathered. “They just want to promote the music industry not overworking children.”

    “Like we aren’t up till 5am practicing.” She scoffed, as she plopped down on an empty seat and patted the next seat for Chan to join her.

    “At least we get comfier seats,” Seungkwan added, taking the seat which was meant for Chan.

    “I was going to sit there,” Chan complained.

    Vernon completed their mini circle, by standing in front of their seats. “You can sit there next year- when both of us will be on stage.”

    “Can you believe that I’ll have to sit back here for 2 years by myself?” Jangmi fell back into the seat dramatically.

    “And this is why you need to make friends,” Seungkwan answered in a matter-of-fact tone.

    Jangmi turned around to face him. “Who would want to be friends with me? I have 13 idiots breathing down my neck at all times.”

    “Technically you only have 3 now.”

    Dino playfully hit Vernon’s shoulder. “You just admitted we were idiots.”

    Seungkwan suddenly stood up and reached his arm out to Jangmi.

    “What?” Jangmi looked up at him, confused.

    “Minee!” Dino shouted, as he quickly claimed his seatback.

    Seungkwan grabbed her arm and pulled her out of her seat. “Let’s go make friends.”

    Jangmi looked back at Dino and Vernon, as she was dragged away from them. “Wait. No. I was joking. Seungkwan. I Swear. You, idiots, are the only friends I need.”

    Chan gave her a thumbs up. She chose to ignore the evil glint in his eyes.

    She turned back to face Seungkwan, as he walked closer to a group of boys. “Please don’t make me talk to them. I really don’t want to.” Her voice had softened, and there was a hint of vulnerability seeping through.

    “Jangmi.” Seungkwan stopped walking and turned around to face her. “You need to make friends outside Seventeen. Why are you so scared?”

    She looked towards the ground, avoiding Seungkwans’ affectionate gaze. “I can’t speak Korean well.” She muttered.

    He kicked her ankle, forcing Jangmi to look back up. “Your Korean’s fine. And if anyone gives you shit for it- tell Seungcheol Hyung. He’ll murder them or something.”

    Seungkwan looked like he was going to say something else but was interrupted by someone tapping his back.

    “Seungkwan-a. Annyeonghaseyo.”

    Jangmi peered around Seungkwan to see who was greeting him. The other members and she were always so surprised in how fast Seungkwan made friends.

    “Moonbin. Your performance was amazing. I loved the dance break.” Seungkwan gushed, as he pulled his friend in a hug.

    Only then did Jangmi notice someone standing next to Moonbin. She bowed politely.

    “Annyeonghaseyo.” She side glanced at Seungkwan, hoping he would introduce her. If not, it was just going to be a really awkward silence.

    Thankfully, he knew how to read the room and pulled Jangmi closer to him. “I don’t know if you’ve spoken to her yet, she’s pretty shy. But this is our maknae Jangmi.”

    “Annyeonghaseyo. Seventeen’s maknae Jangmi-ibnida.” She repeated her greeting and bowed again.

    “I think we’ve just said hello as a group. I’m Moonbin and this is our maknae Sanha.” Moonbin pointed over to the boy standing next to him.

    “How old are you?” Sanha asked.

    “I was born in 2001,” Jangmi replied.

    “I’m trying to find some friends, but you’re too young." He sighed. "I’m born in 2000.”

    “You can still be friends.” Seungkwan chimed in, gentling pushing Jangmi closer to Sanha. “She’s a foreigner. She considers all of us friends.”

    “Seungkwan was telling me that you use informal language when talking to… I forgot the name. One of your oldest members.”

    “Joshua.” Jangmi corrected Moonbin. “He’s from America, so its ok to drop honorifics. I speak English with him mainly anyway.” She added, making sure that they didn’t think she was disrespectful.

    “I wish I could drop honorifics, but I’m scared Rocky Hyung will murder me.”

    Jangmi smiled. “You got to slowly sneak it in. And then they get used to it. I only have a few members left that I need to use honorifics for.”

    “I’ll give it a shot and let you know how it goes.” Sanha laughed.

    The conversation fell silent. Jangmi looked over to see Moonbin and Seungkwan deep in conversation.

    “I really liked your dance break at mama last year,” Sanha spoke out. Probably trying to get rid of the awkward atmosphere.

    “Thank you.” Jangmi bowed. “I didn’t really do much. It was mainly the others. Minghao’s- sorry I mean The8’s breakdancing was incredible.”

    “Don’t sell yourself short. It was really good. I wish I could dance like that.”

    Jangmi smiled at the compliment. “I’m sure you can. Honestly, it was a lot of late-night practices.”

    They fell into silence once again, but this time more comfortable. She turned back around to check up on Vernon and Dino and saw the pair playing chopsticks.

    “Sorry, I’m not the best conversationalist.” Jangmi quickly turned back around to face Sanha.

    “Oh My God! No. You’re fine.” Jangmi frantically reassured Astro’s maknae that it wasn’t his fault. One thing she hated was people apologising for things that weren’t their fault. “I’m not very talkative, and my Korean isn’t the greatest. I’m not good at starting conversations. Seungkwan can vouch for me.” She jabbed her main vocalist in the ribs to get his attention.

    “Ouch!” Seungkwan glared at her. “What??”

    “Tell Sanha I’m awkward at speaking Korean and making friends.”

    “Jangmi’s very bad at holding a conversation in Korean, and honestly has no friends outside our company, besides like 2 people.”

    “You’re making me sound like a loner.”

    “That’s what you are since you don’t make friends.”

    “I’m trying.”

    “Try harder.”

    She turned back to face Sanha. “Even though that definitely killed my confidence… It’s definitely my fault that this conversation is going super badly.”

    “You think that killed your confidence. Rocky Hyung told me I looked like a dying ji-ne yesterday at rehearsals.”

    Jangmi laughed. “A dying ji-ne? I don’t know what a ji-ne is, but I’m sure it’s not a compliment.”

    “It’s like a worm but with more legs.”

    “Vernon!” Jangmi turned around to face him. “What’s a Ji-ne?” She asked in English.

    “Centipede.” He replied.

    “What dance were you even doing to look like a centipede?” She asked Sanha, turning back around.

    He cracked a smile. “No idea. But it definitely ruined my mood.”

    “Insults like that are the worst at night. Like you’re already so tired, and one-off comment really kills the vibe.”

    Sanha nodded. “I agree. I literally wanted to punch him then and there. But he’s a better dancer than me so I couldn’t.”

    Moonbin slung his arm over Sanha’s shoulder. “I don’t think you should go around telling people you want to punch your team members. They might think we hate each other.”

    “Don’t worry. I told Woozi Hyung to die in a hole last week because he made me record a song for an hour.”

    Seungkwan placed both his hands on either side of Jangmi’s shoulders. “I think we should separate them before they admit that everyone in our groups hate each other.”

    “Wait.” Sanha raised his voice. “Let me tell you about the time Eunwoo Hyung started swearing-”

    “Ok. Time to go. Nice seeing you guys.” Moonbin interrupted, cupping Sanha's mouth shut.

    “Swearing’s not that bad. Woozi hit Mingyu with a guitar a while ago.”

    Seungkwans’ eyes widen. “Jangmi you can’t say that.”

    “It’s literally on YouTube.”

    “Alright. We’re leaving now.” Seungkwan pushed Jangmi away from the conversation and guided her back to her under-aged members.

    “I was making a friend!” Jangmi protested.

    Seungkwan rolled his eyes. “Don’t make friends by exposing our secrets.” He pushed her a little harder, causing her to misstep and lose her balance for a split second.

    “Oh shit!” She whispered in English, as she prepared herself for the fall.

    Except that fall didn’t come- as she felt a pair of arms catching her...

    Previous: Debut

    Next: [To be continued ]

    #seventeen#svt#seventeen au#seventeen imagine#kpop#kpop au#kpop imagine #seventeen 14th member #Jangmi SVT OC #attacca#astro#moonbin#sanha#yoon sanha #kpop additional female member #kpop additional member
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    Moon Child

    Genre: fluff, dad!Chan

    Warnings: none

    Request: no

    Member: Chan

    "Mama? What are you doing?"

    You turn to see your five year old clutching a pillow in his tiny hand, his star print blanket on the floor behind him. He rubs his eyes as he waddles over to you, his overgrown hair spilling silky curls over his forehead.

    You can't help but smile as you reach your hand out to Noah. He looks so much like his father, with his mussed up hair and doe eyes.

    "I'm looking at the moon," you answer him, pulling the little boy into your lap. His curls tickle your nose as you wrap your arms around him, holding him close to you. "Can't sleep?"

    Noah shakes his head as he nuzzles against you. "Miss daddy."

    You hum at that, smiling at him ruefully. "I miss daddy too," you reply, threading your fingers through Noah's hair. "He'll be soon home though baby."

    Noah's face lights up at the mention of your husband coming home soon, and he turns to face you with the huge grin he inherited from his father. "Why are you looking at the moon?"

    "It's pretty," you shrug, turning your gaze to the full moon shining through your ceiling to floor windows. Most of the lights in your house are off since it's past midnight, but the moon sends in a steady stream of silvery light that illuminates the living room as well as any lamp. "Don't you think so?"

    Noah scrambles up onto the armrest of the sofa, his hands clutching at your arm as he tries to get a better view of the natural light. "It's bright."

    You laugh softly at his analysis. "It is, isn't it?"

    "Why else do you like it?" Noah asks curiously as he crawls back into your lap again.

    "Well ... it reminds me of your daddy," you admit, smiling up at the moon. "He always loved the moon too."

    "Daddy's a wolf," Noah says with a giggle, placing his hands on top his head. In the shadows of the night, he moves his head around and howls in imitation of the animal, making you laugh.

    "That's right, I am a wolf," Chan's voice suddenly cuts through your mingled laughter and you turn just as your husband dives into Noah with a goofy grin, his arms wrapping round the shrieking boy.

    Noah giggles and squeals as Chan tickles him, laughing loudly when Chan playfully nuzzles his face into Noah's chest. "Daddy, it tickles!"

    Chuckling, Chan swings Noah up into his arms and sits down beside you on the sofa, hugging the boy tight as he leans over to you. With a bright grin, Chan drops a gentle kiss onto your lips in greeting, sliding one arm around you as he holds your son with the other. "Why are you two awake?"

    "We were looking at the moon," Noah replies, patting Chan's hand. "Mama said it reminds her of you."

    "Is that so?" Chan asks, turning to you with a wink. You giggle and drop your head onto his shoulder, sliding a little down the sofa as you make yourself comfortable.

    "It reminds me of our first date," you reply, sliding your hand into Chan’s free one. "Remember? You took me on that picnic."

    Chan groans then, dropping his face into the top of your head in embarrassment. "Don't even remind me. I couldn't see and we ended up eating grass in the sandwiches."

    Laughing, you shake your head. "I think I fell in love with you right at that moment."

    At that, Chan lifts his head and locks his eyes with yours; they crinkle into half moons as he giggles, a pretty blush spreading across the apples of his cheeks. "Why, because of my grass sandwiches?"

    "Mhm. Exactly because of your grass sandwiches."

    Noah makes a disgusted sound. "Grass sandwiches sound disgusting. Daddy you should have made cake!"

    "Cake? How about grass cake?" Chan offers, and when Noah shakes his head with his tongue sticking out, Chan drops his head onto yours. The moon casts a silvery halo around Noah's head and Chan reaches out to pinch the boy's cheeks.

    "You look like a Moon Child," Chan tells him, ruffling his hair. "You're glowing from the moon."

    Noah widens his eyes, grabbing Chan's arms. "Am I a wolf too?"

    You giggle as as Chan grins at him. "Yes Noey, you're a wolf. Our little wolf."


    Tag list ~ @koos-euphoria @es-kay-zee @ex-skz-me @raethethey @hugs4chan @hotmesshapa @manonblackbeak-trash @hendsernoodle @sir3racha @jl-micasea-fics @nightshade-minho @water--gang @yourdaddychan @n-bokhari @stanskzseungmin @loving-unicorns106 @ateez-babygirl @dalamjisung @jisungsjheekies @freckledquokka @dinosdawn @cookiemonstermusic258 @strwbrryfroyo @gazelle-des-pres @qtieskz @airwaveee @stigmvta @love-stays @necromancersupreme @visiblemisfit @sulfurcosmos @jorgofthejungle @super-btstrash-posts @changlix-mp4 @exonations @fluffybitch0325 @jeyelleohe @jaeshiddentreasure @rnjunie @bluerthanbluemk @rae-blogging @planetdemon @dani41 (lemme know if you wanna be added or removed)

    #stray kids #stray kids scenarios #stray kids text #stray kids text post #stray kids texts #stray kids imagines #bang chan #stray kids fluff #stray kids chan #chan #bang chan fluff #dad chan#skz fluff#skz au#skz scenarios#spotify#skz imagines#skz#chan fluff#kpop fluff #stray kids oneshots #stray kids one shot #bang chan oneshot #skz bang chan #bang chan one shot #skz oneshots
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    LEVEL ONE : ZOMBIE GIRL ! is the second MINI ALBUM of the south korean girl group SUGAR RUSH. it consisted of FIVE tracks, including the title track ZOMBIE and was released both physically and digitally on OCTOBER 17, 2021.


    01. ZOMBIE  |  03 : 22 02. BAD DRACULA  |  03 : 09 03. ADVENTURE  |  03 : 29 04. SAVE ME  |  03 : 45 05. MR. POTTER  |  03 : 34

    STYLE !


    the promotions lasted for four weeks from OCTOBER 18, 2021 to NOVEMBER 15, 2021

    they received TWO music show wins

    they promoted both ZOMBIE and MR. POTTER on music shows

    the girls had many THEMED stages until HALLOWEEN 

    had a series of VLOGS called LEVEL SUGAR RUSH

    FACTS !

    the album charted at #5

    SIMONE being a new member was given a lot of the spot light for this comeback

    many of the fans loved her but there were some fans that were iffy with the new member since they had grown attached to the original line up of three

    SIMONE and LENNIE got very close during promotions and SIMONE would make many comments about how LENNIE was her baby

    they even had many cute ENDING FAIRIES together

    each member had a small 8-BIT CHARACTER of them that would dance around their subtitles in their LEVEL SUGAR RUSH episodes and they each had little HALLOWEEN COSTUMES on

    fans LOVED their styling this era, epically all the fun MAKEUP they had for each performance

    NAJOO and JAENA both had viral FANCAMS, with NAJOO’S becoming one of the most viewed ones

    their RELAY DANCE went viral due to them being chaotic and having a lot of fun during it


    #[ LEVEL UP ] … DISCOGRAPHY ! #[ LEVEL UP ] ... ZOMBIE ! #kpop oc #fake kpop group #Idol!AU #idol oc#idol au#Idol Addition #idol!oc #bts addition#skz addition#ateez addition #fictional idol community #fic
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    Amanda's Outfits for Deja Vu Stages

    Disclaimers: none of the photos are mine but the collages are


    taglist: send an ask to be on the taglist! :)

    210916 mcountdown; 210929 show champion
    210917 music bank; 210922 show champion
    210919 inkigayo
    210924 music bank
    210925 music core
    210926 inkigayo
    210928 the show
    #ateez-amanda #fever pt. 3; amanda #9th member of ateez #ateez 9th member #ateez ninth member #ateez female addition #ateez female member #ateez oc #ateez female oc #ateez imagines#ateez au #ateez extra member #kpop oc #kpop female oc #kpop addition #kpop female member
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    Only one of me

    Heeseung: Do you have a second, Danbi?

    Danbi: No, there's only one of me

    #enhypen #incorrect kpop quotes #incorrect quotes#engene #enhypen 8th member #enhypen extra member #enhypen member #enhypen female member #8th member au #8th member #8th member of enhypen #Kpop #kpop extra member #extra member au #extra member#funny#hybe#danbi#Enhypen-maan
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    Warning! by jokheiz

    Teen and Up

    No Warnings

    Category: M/M

    Fandom: NCT


    Mark Lee/Yuta Nakamoto


    Mark Lee, Nakamoto Yuta, Wong YukHei I Lucas, Lee Jeno, Jung Sungchan, Lee Donghyuck I Haechan, Suh Youngho I Johnny, Kim Jungwoo

    Additional Tags:

    Band Fic, Alternate Universe - Bands, Pre-Relationship, Getting Together, alluding to getting together in the future, Minor Injuries, Art, featuring sungchan’s big fat crush on donghyuck


    yumark ficfest: ROUND ONE

    Chapters: 1/1

    Words: 13579


    Yuta Nakamoto does not look like a mess. Mark thinks he might be just a step closer to rockstar than anyone else in the room.

    Mark wants nothing more than to cradle Yuta’s face in his hands, lean down, and give him a pace to belong.

    #kpop #nct fic recs #yumark fic recs #nct#nct127#yumark #yuta x mark #band au#getting together#concerts #drummer!yuta #guitarist!mark
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