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    The Kinktober chapters continue! I was super happy btw because I hit exactly 2k words on this... then I had to fuck it up with this stupid intro and the tags. T_T

    Only self-edited this time, so please forgive the relatively low quality (even though it's totally appropriate to this week's theme).

    Tags: NSFW, TheLounge, Sounds, Dreamcatcher, Momoland, Gahyeon, Jane, Kinktober!, bimbofication, humiliation, a bit of butt stuff, honestly Gahyeon is just so mean *crying emoji*, the appearance of non/dub-con, this fic SLAPS... please laugh this tag is hilarious and relevant

    Kinktober Week 2

    Week 2: Bimbofication + Humiliation (Rolls by Sol and Kimmie respectively)

    “Hurry it up Jane,”

    “I’m s-sorry! I’m trying! Please don’t punish me!” Jane stumbled after Gahyeon like a baby giraffe through the parking garage.

    Gahyeon looked back with a long mental groan. She looked the pink lemonade-themed slut up and down. Jane’s moderately tall height was enhanced to truly ridiculous proportions by thirteen centimeter hot pink stilettos with peep holes to show off her canary toenail polish. Her fingernails were the same, besides a couple of pink accents. She had a pair of silver anklets, but they were all that covered any part of her legs, since her pastel pink zip-on-for-easy-removal skirt was too short to cover anything. In fact, Gayheon could see the sunshine yellow sling bikini, which looked more like a pair of cloth strips, coming all the way up from her pussy, through the skirt and tiny matching tube top, and wrapping around to meet at the back of her neck. It looked almost like an extremely long necklace. And in fact, just like a necklace would be, it was somehow completely backless.

    Jane’s makeup was similarly garish, heavy on the eyeliner and smoky shadow, and fresh barbie lip gloss. In fact, they were just leaving a stylist salon where they’d gotten her hair touched up too. There was no sign of her naturally dark hair. Instead, it was beach bleach blonde, long, and wavy, with the ends shifting into pink. A pair of gigantic, rose gold hoop earrings peeked out from the waves.

    If only she would stop looking around nervously and trying to cover herself with her arms.

    Gahyeon, who was fully and reasonably clothed, snatched one of her wrists and yanked her forward. She knew that Jane had plenty of experience in such tall heels, so the delay was rather frustrating. “Why are you so fucking stupid, Jane? Whores don’t cover their tits.”

    “But G-Gahyeon, I’m not—”

    A death glare was enough to cut her off immediately, but Gahyeon wasn’t going to stop there. She pulled Jane down to her height and grabbed her face with the other hand, squeezing her cheeks and forcing her lips to pucker. Jane’s eyes grew wide.

    “Nobody asked you what you are or what you aren’t. If I say something to you, if it even just sounds like I’m just implying something, it’s true as far as you’re concerned. Got it?”

    Jane fidgeted apprehensively. Every time her eyes shifted away from the penetrating stare, Gahyeon squeezed harder.


    “You understand?”

    “I understand.”

    “Are you sure? You’re an idiot after all.”

    Jane bit her lip and shut her eyes for a second before Gahyeon shook her face. When they reopened, they were glistening with held back tears. “Y-yeah, I get it.”


    “Because you t-told me.”

    “So what are you?” Gahyeon’s every response was immediate, snapping back at Jane like crocodiles.

    Of course, Jane’s responses were hesitant, like she was looking into the watering hole without a mama giraffe nearby. “I’m a… an idiot.”

    “What else?”

    “A whore.”

    Gahyeon shoved Jane back. Red spots marred her cheeks where Gahyeon’s fingers had pressed in. “And you wanted attention, right, whore? Earn it. You’re supposed to be an idol. Dance.”

    “Here?!” Jane glanced side to side, apparently suddenly very conscious of the very public location. Why she hadn’t thought about that earlier, walking around in an outfit that clearly embarrassed her, Gahyeon couldn’t fathom.

    “Yes. It’s either that or you know what.” Jerking her head in the direction of the van, Gahyeon started walking again, only looking over occasionally to make sure Jane was following and gauging her reactions.

    Jane grimaced. Her arms tightened against her sides and flailed up and down at the elbows, seemingly trying to decide whether or not to defy Gahyeon’s commands. “I can’t… do that.”

    “You’re gonna dance then. ‘Bang Bang.’ Go.”

    “D-do you mean ‘Baam?’”

    “I mean the one that sounds like a fucking goose on acid. The one where you swing your hips, put your hands in the air, and bounce around like a slut.”

    Gahyeon could see the tears building in the corners of Jane’s enormous eyes. She kept pressing. “Sorry, not specific enough? I mean the one you stole from some Russians! But not the remixed version you call another album. The original plagiarized version.”

    There was the bite. The tears spilled out of Jane’s eyes, taking a stream of mascara with them. It was time for the death roll.

    “Too bad you don’t have enough ass to get attentio—Oh! I remember! It’s the one where you try, and fail, to get people to pay attention to your sorry lack of boobs or your half-a-pre-chorus worth of lines instead of focusing entirely on Nancy.”

    The baby giraffe joined the circle of life. It was a good thing they had reached the van because Jane dove between it and the next car to crouch and cry. But Gahyeon couldn’t let that happen. She wasn’t done yet. She tangled her fingers in Jane’s hair, wrenched her back upright, pushed her back against the van door, and pulled on the bottom of the sling bikini up to rub it against her clit. As usual, Jane’s tear-soaked face correlated perfectly to her cum-soaked pussy. “Now are you going to dance or not, you dumb slut?”

    Jane’s breath caught. She must have barely been holding in her slutty moans. Her fingers searched for something to grip on the van door, but the handles were out of reach. She bit her lip and shook her head, presumably as an answer to Gahyeon’s question, eyes closed but still squeezing out the occasional tear.

    “You know what you have to do then? Since you’re being a stupid bitch about it?” Gahyeon swapped hands, shoving a fingertip into Jane’s cheek.

    Her already wide mouth spread even wider as she grit her teeth to keep from sobbing. “I’m a st—I’m a stupid bitch!”

    Gahyeon snaked her fingers around the bikini into Jane’s pussy and pressed hard against her g spot, coaxing a gasping moan out of her, which quickly turned into a crying whine that she bit back once more. “Wow, you copied me like you copied those Russian artists. But that’s not what you should be doing. If you're not going to dance, you have to do something else for me.”

    “I-I-I’m a dirty slut. I’m your s-slut! Ple-ease, Gahyeon!”

    “What the hell… You dumb fuck.” Gahyeon pulled her fingers out of Jane’s cunt and slapped her across the face too quickly for her to react. “Look at me when you’re talking! You know what dumb girls like you have to do. Now hurry up and do it!”

    The cum on the thematically appropriate light pink handprint on Jane’s face glimmered in the shitty fluorescent parking garage light. She slowly opened her eyes. Her chin trembled. "No, please... I-I don’t want to do it."

    Gahyeon slapped her again. The cracking noise was just that little extra loud since she was hitting a moist surface, and echoed through the garage. Jane flinched away. "Okay! I'll—" She paused and tensed up as Gahyeon dipped her fingers back inside her and ground a palm against her clit. "I'll do it!"

    Her words weren't enough. Gahyeon moved for another slap, but Jane winced, pulling her shoulders up around her neck and her hands to her face. But her hands weren't there defensively. She was finally doing as she was told.

    Jane's hands balled into fists, pointer fingers still extended, pressing into her cheeks. Her tears poured faster, further wrecking her makeup. Her lips twitched. Choking sounds of pain, pleasure, and mental anguish combined escaped her throat. It was barely a whisper. "B-bbuing bbuing."

    "Louder." Gahyeon's command was low, a vague threat.

    "Bbuing…" Jane loosed a single sob. Her legs quivered, grinding for more friction on Gahyeon’s hand. She spoke louder, but quicker, like a child trying to get away with saying a naughty word in class. "Buibuing."

    “I said louder, you fucking bimbo!”

    Jane ducked her head, defensively burying her cheek in her shoulder. “Bbuing bbuing!” she shouted. But to Gahyeon’s delight, she didn’t put her fingers down.


    There was only a little hesitation out of Jane. “Bbu—eep!”

    Gahyeon unzipped Jane’s skirt and let it fall to the garage floor. She felt even more juices, practically pouring out of Jane like a running tap. Heat radiated from her core like she was running on an internal combustion engine. “Keep going, slut. It’s not like you’re any more exposed now than you were before.”

    “B-b-bbuing bbuing!” Jane rose in pitch as Gahyeon yanked upward on the bikini again.

    “Don’t you dare stop.”

    A noise somewhere on the opposite side of the garage made Jane’s eyes go wide and she whipped her head around in its direction. Gahyeon grabbed her by the jaw and forced her head forward again. “What did I just say?”

    “But Gahyeon! What if—ah!”

    Gahyeon flicked Jane between the eyebrows. “Sluts like you aren’t allowed to give a fuck. Let them hear how cute you think you are.”

    Jane grimaced again, but curled her fingers into the classic kitten-idol gesture. “Bbuing bbuing.”

    “Louder.” Gahyeon growled and flicked her in the same spot again.

    “Bbuing bbui—ah! P-plea—ah! Bbuing bbuing!” The cutesy noises became less cute and more desperate as Gahyeon alternated between flicking Jane’s forehead, slapping her if her hands dropped, and tugging on the sling bikini.

    Gahyeon’s mind wandered as she kept up the abuse, wondering why she’d started smacking the poor girl around in the first place. But, she supposed, she didn’t need an actual reason when the whole act was for someone’s sexual gratification. It’s not like they were in some sort of pointless alternate universe, breaking anybody else’s immersion, or like it would matter if they were.

    Jane was repeating “bbuing bbuing” and shielding her ears with her kitty paws, partially crouched a little below Gahyeon’s height. Her makeup had been ruined far earlier than Gahyeon had planned, but the black streaks and smudges all over were shockingly sexy. Gahyeon stopped her assault and pulled Jane’s hands away from her ears.

    “Look at you, you dumb shit. What kind of idol breaks down crying just because they’re a little embarrassed at having to act cute? It’s no fucking wonder you’re so unpopular. Even your members that quit the group still get more love than you.”

    She’d have continued, but she paused when Jane reopened her enormous, glistening eyes. Gahyeon liked those eyes. She grabbed Jane’s face and pushed her harder against the van with a fierce kiss. The taste of the tears on her lips would have been much better if they weren’t saturated with mascara.

    As they kissed, Gahyeon reached down between them, wrapped a hand around the drenched bikini fabric, and pulled down. She was met with a bit of resistance and a squeal until she felt a small pop. Then another. Then one more, and the resistance gave way. Gahyeon broke the kiss and held up the string of three large beads that, until then, held the end of the bikini in place. She pushed them into Jane’s open, panting mouth. Although the beads were big enough to make Jane gag, she dutifully kept them behind her glossy pink lips.

    “Pick up your skirt and get in the car, twat.”

    Quivering from her head to her yellow-painted toes, Jane stared expectantly up at Gahyeon as she let the anal beads fall out of her mouth and into her palm. Gahyeon gave her one last slap across the face, making her squeak and drop them.

    “G-Gahyeon?” Jane asked as she bent over to get her skirt.

    “What now, Jane? Hurry it up.”

    Jane’s mouth spread into a shaky smile. “When we get to y-your place… Please d-don’t sit on my face, o-or spank me, or fuck m-me silly while you tell me how m-much I suck.”

    Gahyeon smiled back. She received that message loud and clear.

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    is it appropriate to use ‘hyung’ ‘oppa’ stuff like that in writing ? obviously not in a sexual way. but i just want to know because i see others doing it and i think i have in some works but i never really considered that i probably shouldn’t ? if that makes sense. plz lmk !!!

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    Stage of Beauty


    Being a young singer is hard. You're placed under a full contract, handing your soul, heart, and body over to the devil himself. The only thing you will ever come to know is the stage, writing, and your; the only good thing that comes out of Fame is the fans that cheer you on and love you. Riches and fame fill the voids that meant to be filled with love and happiness. But when a certain gift is sent to a young singer from a young fan, she is slammed into a world that is very different than her own. But of course, what better way to spend the pandemic than walking alongside a half demon and his strange friends, encountering things she couldn't even dream of.

    Story warnings - Cursing, flashbacks of drug use, past assault and humiliation, flashbacks of abusive households, demons, religious themes, toxic environments, Insomnia, Anxiety attacks, panic attacks, mature themes (Sexual, drinking, smoking), past forced relationships, mention of not being allowed to have children, manager having control over young celebrity's life, sleep deprivation, a lot of fighting, blood, death, injury

    Songs used for story-

    Born without a heart - Faozia

    Fall in Line - Christina Aguilera ft Demi Lovato

    Break Free - Ariana Grande

    Slave for you - Britney Spears

    You should be sad - Halsey

    ON - BTS

    Ugly - Jaira Burns

    Selfish - Madison Beer

    Bird Set Free - Sia

    Fight like a girl - Zolita

    Holy - Zolita

    I am not a woman, I am a god - Halsey

    Look who's cryin' now - Jesse Murph

    & Many more

    Camera flashing brightly, mirroring off of darkened sunglasses and upgraded phone screens. Diamonds shimmering across collarbones and wrists, heels clicking along stoned flooring, and loud paparazzi screaming for anyone's attention. The smell of strong perfume and cologne mixing together, along with the expensive brand new car smell. Guards pushing past the crazed fans and camera holders, leading their payers to their shimmering car.

    A young singer dressed in shimmering gold, heels making her taller than she actually is, mask covering half of her face, and black hair toned into braids and curled to perfection. Head slowly bending downwards ignoring the flashing camera as much as possibly. Finally her guards pushed the men back and opened her car door, allowing her to step into the tinted shield. Slowly pulling her mask off and letting out a quiet sigh, purse falling to the seat beside her.

    "Christ.. You'd think with the pandemic, they would step back a bit.." she mumbled. Voice angelic and laced with exhaustion. A hot bath and king bed was awaiting her return, but so was an album, and hundreds of lyrics to continue writing. Rubbing her forehead, head slowly falling back against leather seats, eyes closing allowing exhaustion to take over.

    Chanel and lavender filled the large bedroom, hair dripping with water, face freshly cleaned and body glittered in lotion and body oil. Black cotton shorts and a grey Calvin Klein sports bra placed tightly on the singers body. Blue green eyes staring at the package that sat on her bed, opened already for security measures and safety precautions. Tossing her cotton towel to the desk chair, and sitting on the bed pulling the package gently apart. A black box with a silken red ribbon shimmered in the blue led lights.

    Slowly pulling the ribbon apart and setting it aside, opening the box. Eyes widening towards the beautiful item that shinned brightly inside. Slowly picking up the beautiful bracelet, a bow and arrow, crescent moons, a sword, beads, a boomerang of sorts, and a pink crystal; all adored the charmed bracelet. There was no letter of even a name that would have given her reference of the fan who gave her the beautiful item. She smiled and slowly slipped it onto her wrist, it was loose against her skin but it was far from feeling cheap, rather the opposite.

    Setting aside the package material, the TV turning on with the simple click of a remote, Netflix coming up and she picked the first show that came up, which just happened to be 'Squid Games'. Crawling beneath her sheets, the moment her head hit the pillow, she was out. Chest rising and falling at a calm pace, strands of black hair falling over her face. The only sounds filling the room was her soft breathing and the tv.

    Instead of curling into sheets and being woken by the sounds of blaring music from her studio. Birds sang beautifully, and sun shinned down. Body slowly shifting and sitting up, pushing curled hair back and out of her face. Instead of her bedroom she was surrounded by trees and green, the smell of fresh air hitting her like a bat. The air crisp with the morning dew. Standing up, her knee socks wet from the slowly drying grass. She believed that she was still dreaming, being known for her well imbursed imagination.

    Blue green eyes skimming the area, a high pitched yell escaped her when a large figure towered over her, body green and eyes glowing blood red. Her eyes widened quickly turning around and booking into the forest, loud roaring echoing behind her, along with the large steps. Slipping on moss and falling to her knees, body shinning with adrenaline. Cursing to herself and quickly moving and standing to her full height. But the clawed hand slammed down on her small body, 4 claw marks etching into her left thigh. The pain and blood beginning to flow quickly slammed the idea of this being a dream far from her mind.

    Despite the blood loss, she still stood up and ran, refusing to hand herself over to death. Ahead she could see a small cave, in which she immediately slid into, body reaching the farthest point. Chest rising and falling quickly, the creature trying to reach in and grab her, drooling over and speaking of how sweet she smelled. But finally the thing gave up growling in defeat and leaving. Head falling back against rock, before looking down at the large wounds.

    Shakily standing and grabbing onto the tree that laid beside the tiny cave. Body caving in instantly, back arching and teeth clenching tightly. The sound of water hitting against a crest of land caught her attention. And before she could allow herself to pass out, she lifted up and slowly began walking towards the noise. Body clashing with the ground, slowly pulling her socks from her scratched legs. Tying one of the long black tights tightly around her thigh. Dipping the other into the water and slowly cleaning the wound to her best ability.

    Pressing harshly on the wound to stop the blood flow, a sharp hiss leaving her. "F-fuck..." she growled. Fist clenching tightly to the point her knuckles turned white. "My my.. That looks nasty." came a males voice. Blue green eyes shifting to the side seeing a group of men dressed in ancient Japanese warrior gear. "Quite so." she whispered. They had weapons that included swords, knives, and what looked to be guns. But that's not the only thing she noticed, a child with long black hair and a checkered kimono looked to be held hostage by one of the men.

    "Do you happen to have any bandages would you?" she softly questioned. "I'm a bit unprepared.." she innocently joked. The tall male hummed than stepped forward pulling out a roll of bandages. She smiled reaching up gently taking them, and quickly grabbed the knife hooked to his gauntlet. The man yelled and went to grab her, but she quickly stood up hitting the man with the handle of the blade. The other 2 yelled and ran at her, in which she stumbled back slamming the blade into the taller ones arm, and pushing the shorter one against the taller, causing them both to fall into the quickly flowing river.

    The little girl gasped, quickly running to her saviors side. The young singer fell to the ground, blood gushing the wound. "Oh no! Y-you're really hurt!!" she gasped. Her vision went blurry, head falling to the side, her conscious disappearing. The little girl yelling for her to wake up, the last thing she felt was being carried and the little girls whimpers.

    Waking up was the hardest thing possible. Her body didn't wanna move, her back was sore and her head was throbbing in exhaustion. Blue green eyes opening slowly, meeting large brown ones, the same ones she saw before she passed out. The child she helped at the lake was staring at her with wide eyes. "Ah! You're awake Ava sama!" the little girl spoke. How did she know her name..? Ava shifted or at least tried to shift, but the moment she moved a sharp stabbing pain shot from her leg to her spine, causing a pained hiss to leave her.

    "m-my name.. h-how?" she questioned. "Oh! You have a tattoo on your waist.. I was just guessing, it has three names! It seems I've chosen correctly!" she excitedly spoke. Of course, the tattoo she got when she turned 16, the three names are Lilith, Miya, and Ava, the three twin sisters of music. "Ah.." Ava quietly whispered. She looked down at her thigh seeing it was bandaged, blood could be seen slowly seeping through, but not enough to cause worry. She was still dressed in the same cotton shorts and sports bra that she appeared with, the shorts having been pushed up a bit so not touching the bandages.

    "Thank you for saving me back there lady Ava... People are cruel.." the little girl whimpered. "I was g-glad I noticed you before it was too late.." Ava softly replied. "Ah! Sesshomaru sama! Lady Ava woke up!" Ava turned her head looking towards a tall male dressed in a white kimono with red flower designs on his sleeves, he had two swords by his side and armour along his chest and shoulder, long white hair and red strips on his cheeks, and then finally a crescent moons that sat above amber eyes.

    "Stupid girl!! We have wasted Lord Sesshomaru's time with helping this girl!" a green thing spoke. Ava sat up quickly when the strange staff was about to hit the little girl, her instincts taking over quickly catching the staff. She spun the staff around and slammed it against the creature. "Piss off." she growled. Rin looked up expecting the pain, but was met with the older female standing in front of her. The creature quickly ran to the tall male whining about being put in his place.

    The tall male just hummed kicking Jaken out of the way, and walking past the two girls. Ava slowly kneels down fixing the little ones hair. "You okay sweetheart?" she softly asked. "Yes! Thank you!" she happily spoke. "Rin. Let's go." the tall male ordered. Rin smiled and grabbed Ava's hand pulling her carefully, following after the male and whining creature.

    Ava just followed the girl, not really having anywhere else to go. As time passed she began actually enjoying the outside and the silence that surrounded her. There was no flashing lights blinding her every 10 seconds, and no crazed fans attempting to attack her, no one forcing her sit in her studio for 14 hours, and no one telling her when and what to be doing. Everything was quiet, and the questions from the little girl showed no sign of bothering the older teen.

    "So you're from the same world as Lady Kagome?" she suddenly questioned. "Hm? ...sure.. I'm not exactly sure sweetheart. I fell asleep in my home in LA, and then I woke up to... Well this." she spoke. Rin hummed with a soft smile. "What is LA?" she asked. "Los Angeles, it's a city connected to a placed called California. I moved there when I turned 14, after I became a childhood singer." she simply explained. "Wow.." Rin whispered amazed. This made Ava smile letting out a soft laugh.

    "Inuyasha is close.." Sesshomaru spoke. Ava turned her head, quickly grabbing Rin, lifting her into her arms and running up beside Ah Un. A silverette with dog ears and red kimono came running yelling Sesshomaru's name. "What are you doing so close to the village Sesshomaru?!" the other yelled. "I am in no mood to be dealing with you half breed." the older coldly spoke. Inuyasha pulled a sword that transformed to a larger blade. "Heh! Me and you both!" he growled.

    "wind scar!" Inuyasha yelled. Ava gasped quickly running to the side, Jaken following in a rush. But of course Ava couldn't run, in which she set Rin down once out of the way, blood flowing down her leg. She fell against the tree sliding down, hand shaking while trying to stop it. Rin was staring eyes wide, wanting to help but not knowing how. The sharp scent of blood seemed to stop the Half Demon, who turned his head towards the teen, amber eyes wide. "Shit.. You have someone injured with you.." he mumbled.

    "Dammit.." he growled. Sesshomaru growled and flashed to the females side, taking notice of the ripped bandages and the ruined stitches. He kneeled down lifting the injured female, telling Jaken to handle Rin and Ah Un, and flew off quickly towards the village. "Oi!! Bastard!" Inuyasha yelled. The half demon quickly began following while yelling at him.

    "Ava!!" a loud older males voice rang. "Dammit! You've slept over 2 hours late!" he roared. The females eyes opened slowly, wincing at the bright light coming from the large window. Blankets have fallen half way off the bed, along her pillows leaving only the one her head was one. "Fucking useless." he growled. Hera ager stormed out of the room slamming the bedroom door in the process.

    Sitting up she pulled the blankets back seeing blood had covered the white sheets. Pushing her messy hair back, attempting to step out only to fall out letting out a pained cry. "Tyler!!" she called out. She turned over laying on her back whining. Loud steps could be heard, and the door busted open revealing one of the many guards surrounding the mansion. "Holy shit.." Tyler whispered. Quickly lifting her into his arms and running out of the room. "Someone get a car!!" he ordered. 2 guards reacted quickly and took off to ready the car.

    Ava was rushed to the hospital, her large wound being treated immediately. Stitches and staples where placed into her skin, then bandaged over twice. Taylor sat by her side while two guards stood tall guarding the room from incoming fans. The charm bracelet sat with her other belongings on the chair beside the bed, blue green eyes staring at it. 'It wasn't a dream..' she thought.

    'it wasn't a dream...?'

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    • Chords of my heart.


    BWP [Bp_Worldpjct]

    • Me consultar antes de fazer qualquer obra inspirada nas minhas e/ou dar os créditos.
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    • Peroles at Chansons.


    BWP [Bp_Worldpjct]

    • Me consultar antes de fazer qualquer obra inspirada nas minhas e/ou dar os créditos.
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    CHARACTERS — song nari, their manager, their mother

    SUMMARY — nari is prepared to confront their mother after not having contact with her for almost 15 years.

    WARNINGS — cursing, arguing, mentions of abuse, trauma, and suicide. let me know if i missed any !

    NOTE — this is short and not beta-read so sorry about that :P

    TAGLIST — none at the moment (send me a ask/dm if you wanna be added/removed !!)

    "Are you sure you wanna do this? I mean it's totally fine if you wanna turn back." 

    "Like I said, I'm okay. It's just gonna be for a little while. I wanna get closure anyways," Nari replied, reassuring their manager.

    They got out of the car and walked to their mother's house that was two blocks down the road. It felt weird, seeing the building that held so many memories. 

    'No, now is not the time to think about that,' Nari told themself and took big strides to the house. After counting to three, they knocked on the front door. 

    "Eh, do I know you?" 

    Ouch. That hurted like a shot through their heart and they felt tears well up in their eyes. "I-It's me mom, Nari."

    The look of disgust on their mother's face hurts them even more. Nari's hands turned sweaty and their body started to shake. She noticed that.

    "You're still a fucking weakling after all those years huh?! After all that I've done to toughen you up?!" their mother shouted as she stormed into the living room.

    Nari stepped in after her with tears spilling out of their eyes. All the pain, guilt, and trauma came flooding back. That's when Nari knew it was a really bad idea to go back there.

    It seemed that fighting fire with fire was not the best strategy.

    "What do you mean 'toughen me up'?! You abused me like some shitty wild animal! I even attempted to kill myself! Only some psycho named Song Areum would make her-" 

    "Enough! Get. Out. Now." 

    For years, Nari's mind was plagued with guesses as to why their parents treat them in such despicable ways. They wanted closure, but their mother wasn't going to give it to them.

    Nari thought they set their expectations too high.

    Footsteps exited the house, along with even more questions and a even more broken heart.

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    fairy dust 01

    pairing: jay x jungwon (enhypen)
    warnings: swearing, some mentions of baking but no real food mentions, minor sexual language and pet names
    genre: romance, heavy fluff (its jaywon what else would it be) a bit of pining
    summary: jay loses a football and finds a fairy that he immediately finds himself adoring
    wc: 2.7k
    ao3 link<-


    “PASS THE BALL, JAKE!” Jay ran a few steps back, positioning himself to grab the ball and run. He gritted his teeth in determination, ignoring the way sweat had started to drip down his temples and back. “Let’s go!,” Jake exclaimed, lobbing the football towards him, but as per usual, Jake had no idea how strong he was, and all four of them watched the football disappear deep into the forest. “Shiiiit,” Sunghoon groaned. “The football.” A pout spread across his face, and Jake rushed over to comfort him. “Nooo,” Sunghoon growled. “You lose the football, you lose your hug privileges.” Jake smirked and planted a soft kiss to Sunghoon’s cheek, pulling back with a soft, “You never said I lost my kissing privileges.” Jay felt a familiar pit of jealousy spark up in his stomach. He’d never admit it out loud to his friends, but he wanted what they had. Of course, “they” means Jake and Sunghoon, the two who were essentially making out right there, and not the eldest of the group, who was currently lying face down in the mud somewhere behind them.

    Jay cleared his throat loudly, startling Sunghoon, who flinched and jumped somehow even closer to Jake. “Guys. Who is going to go get the ball?” The four of them exchanged uneasy glances. The forest was the setting of almost all of the creepy stories told about their town, and it was an unspoken rule that nobody went in there, ever. “I mean...how bad could it be?” Sunghoon’s eyes nearly fell out of their sockets. “How- HOW BAD COULD IT BE? JAY, WHAT IF YOU D-'' Jake slapped a hand over Sunghoon’s mouth, whispering something in his ear. Sunghoon appeared to go through the five stages of grief before turning to Jay and opening his mouth again. “Jay, since you think it’ll be fine, why don’t you go and get it?” Jay rolled his eyes. “You guys are total babies. Literally, nothing is going to happen. This is a perfectly normal forest, no magic or whatever.”

    Jay couldn’t help but wonder if his earlier statements had angered the forest, because he had only been running for ten minutes before he tripped on a root, throwing his arms out in front of him to hope that they could brace him up so he didn’t hit the floor. His arms plunged straight into something, and he was filled with a vague sense of accomplishment for not hitting the floor. Eyes scrunched closed, he suddenly realized that his hands were buried in something squishy and wet, and he rapidly retracted them, his eyes flying open in shock. When his vision focused, he saw in front of him a wheelbarrow filled with (now squished) odd reddish berries. The wheelbarrow was about the size of a kid’s play wheelbarrow, but it seemed to be hewn from raw wood. Jay squinted in confusion. What kind of kid makes their own wheelbarrow? And who even goes to this weird-ass forest? “HEY!” A voice shouted from behind him. “What the hell did you do to my berries?” The voice sounded almost like a kid’s but it had the unmistakable edge of a teenager under its melodic tone. Jay had never heard a voice more angelic. “Dude, come on, what are you doing?” The voice sounded more frustrated, and it reminded Jay of a small kid stomping their tiny foot on the floor and pouting adorably. “You- can you at least turn around and look at me? Don’t be a- a donkey.” Jay couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled up and escaped him. At the disgruntled scoff from behind him, he swiftly whirled around and saw the person whos berries he had apparently crushed. At the sight of the young creature, Jay let out a surprised gasp, slapping a hand over his mouth and stumbling back until the back of his knees hit the wheelbarrow. He opened his mouth to- scream? cry? talk? But as he took a breath, the soft, golden dust that hung around the creature like a soft blanket, dappling its face with gold, swirled towards Jay and went straight up his nose. He sneezed loudly, his body doubling over with the sudden aggressive motion. The creature in front of him let out an apologetic squeak, using its hands to attempt to scoop the mysterious powder out of the air. “Sorry, my dust has a mind of its own. It tends to act out whenever I see something pretty.” Seeming to realize what it had just let slip, the four-foot tall creature slapped a delicate hand across the pretty shape of its lips. A light blush settled across its face, giving it a resemblance to the soft pink flowers peeking out of the long strands of grass. Its purple wings fluttered in a distressed way, and Jay was suddenly filled with affection for the creature. Attempting to bite back the weird feeling, he barked, “What the hell are you, and what did you just put up my nose?” It rolled its eyes. “I did not put anything up your nose, stupid.” Jay scoffed. “Then-?” It shook its head, dislodging more power into the air. Jay held his breath. “Be quiet, human, and let me finish. Sunoo was right, humans are so rude. My name is Jungwon, and I think I use...” it scrunched up its nose, and Jay was filled with the inexplicable urge to reach out and boop it. “Ah! Like the humans say, I use he/him pronouns.” He beamed up at Jay before seemingly recalling his anger, and his smile was quickly replaced by an equally adorable pouty frown. “And who are you, rude human who squished my berries?” Jay shook his head. “Tell me what went up my nose first, sweetheart.” The thing(?)’s frown dropped for half a second in shock, before it resumed, even more pronounced. “It was my dust.”

    “Wait, are you like… a fairy? Did I just snort fairy dust?” Jungwon giggled. “Yes, you foolish human.” Panic slowly settled into Jay. “Wait- am I gonna get high? Am I gonna die? What the hell is gonna happen to me? What is fairy dust, even?” Jungwon’s giggles bloomed into a full on laugh, and he doubled over, his body shaking with the force of his laughter.

    “Oh, human, don’t worry! Fairy dust is harmless unless the magical creature is using it for a certain purpose, and my dust was just acting up when I saw you.” Jay cocked an eyebrow. “How does fairy dust even work?”

    “Well, essentially, I release extra dust if I see something I like or something I’m attracted to, and I can collect it to use for magic, or just kinda leave it be.” A slow, dangerous smile spread across Jay’s face. “So… you’re attracted to me, sweetheart?” Jungwon’s face reddened to the color of a rose, his wings fluttering gently behind him. “Well- WAIT. You still haven’t apologized for the berries, you giant monster!”

    “I’m not a monster, sweetheart. By the way, have you seen a football anywhere around here?”

    Jungwon pulled Jake’s football out of the small brown bag that Jay hadn’t even noticed he was carrying. Recognizing the ball, Jay made to grab it, but was met with Jungwon’s dust in his face. He descended into a sneezing fit, trying in vain to grab the ball from the fairy in between sneezes. “Nope. First, tell me who you are. Then, apologize for the berries, and come back to help me pick more this time tomorrow. Then, human, I shall give you the ball.”

    “What if I don’t show up tomorrow?” Jungwon let out a noise similar to a snarl. “You are simply infuriating, human. I shall put a curse on you.” Jay laughed. “You wouldn’t. What would it be, a curse to have to smile every day, all day?” The look in Jungwon’s eyes went from playful to dangerously serious in a split second. “If you think that wouldn’t be hell on Earth, you are more foolish than I previously thought, human. Now introduce yourself, and then apologize and promise to come back tomorrow.” Jay groaned. “This sounds like introducing yourself on the first day of school.” Jungwon just stared at him. “Fine. My name’s Jay, I use he/him, and I’m sorry for ruining your weird berries or whatever, I promise I’ll be back tomorrow.” The fairy let out a small happy noise and handed over the football. “See you tomorrow, Jay!”

    “See you tomorrow, sweetheart.”

    “Do not- do not call me that! It’s weird, Jay!” The voice was faint, since Jay was already tearing through the forest to make up for lost time, but he could still hear Jungwon clear as day. “Alright, sweetheart,” he hollered back, and was rewarded with a grunt of anger from the fairy.

    The next day, about ten minutes before the promised time because Jay was never late, Jay stood at the edge of the imposing forest having an intense staring contest with a fox. The animal's surprisingly expressive eyes bore into his until Jay’s eyes felt like sandpaper. The fox seemed to tsk at him, and Jay felt a hot wave of shame wash over him. “I know. I should go.” The fox rolled its eyes at him and turned around, stalking through the trees with its hips swinging side to side. “Don’t sass me!” Silence drifted over the clearing as the sound of the fox leaving faded into the background. Jay's face turned bright red. “Jeez, what the hell is happening to me? Now I’m talking to fucking foxes?” He leaned against a tree, considering his options. “What the fuck? I mean, I’ll get to walk in the forest and confirm I’m not going insane, don’t I? Yeah. I’ll go in.”

    He took his time walking through the forest, just appreciating the way the sun gleamed through the vibrantly green leaves, casting soft, lovely patterns across his face. The sticks and dried leaves crunched pleasantly underneath his feet, and he found himself taking a deep breath of forest air. He felt relaxed, even happy. A new spring entered his step, and he practically bounced across the forest floor, hopping eagerly over the rocks. He reached a spot where leaves seemed to gather in what looked like a thin line, stretching subtly around. He bounded over the spot. The happiness that had previously filled him was replaced with worry and stress, and his mind took over. What if it was all a dream, and I’m being stupid? What if I’m about to be murdered? What if the fairy… eats me? WHAT IF IT WAS ALL A LIE AND I’M GONNA DIE??? Unbeknownst to Jay, he had continued walking, and had managed to travel all the way to the spot where the whole circus had started. As soon as he walked into the clearing, his mood lifted, and a now-familiar voice exclaimed, “Jay! I don’t have to put a curse on you! You came back!” His disobeying face lifted into a slight smile at the adorable smile Jungwon presented him with. “Of course, sweetheart.” Jungwon pouted slightly at the name. “Don’t call me that!”

    “So, sweetheart,” he said, pointedly ignoring the protests from the fairy, “what do you want me to do to you?” Jungwon cocked his head to the side. “To...me? Pardon me if I am incorrect, but isn’t it ‘what do you want me to do for you’?” Jay just shrugged. “Context.” This only confused Jungwon more, and he shook his head, attempting to clear his thoughts. “Okay, well, you’re just gonna help me gather ingredients, basically. Me and Sunoo are going to have a bake-off and well, there’s absolutely no way I’m letting him and his human beat me. Do you have any questions?”

    “Any- ANY QUESTIONS? Yes, I have questions, Jungwon! First of all, ‘his human’? Am- does that make me-” Jungwon giggled at the look on Jay’s face. “You look so worried! Don’t worry, I’m just talking about Ni-ki. He and Sunoo are friends, and Sunoo wants him to help with the bake-off, although I think that’s an abysmal idea, since the boy in question is fifteen and, as far as I know, can’t bake for his life.” Jay snorted. “Any other questions?”

    “Actually, yeah. When I entered the forest...I was really happy. Like, no cares at all, having fun walking through a damn forest-” Jungwon frowned. “-but then, I crossed this like...line? and the second I crossed it I just started feeling horrible and really stressed, and it was fucking weird. Do you… was it because of you or something, sweetheart?” Jungwon nodded, catching Jay off guard. “Yeah, actually, each fairy has a bit of the land they are connected to, and sometimes it reflects our emotions. You were on the land that’s tied to Sunoo before, and right now we’re on mine.”

    “So… does that mean that you were feeling stressed until a little bit ago?” Jungwon bit his lip. “Yeah, that was me.” A slightly evil smile spread across Jay’s face. “So...does that mean you were worried about me, sweetheart?” Jungwon hid his face in a tiny hand, using the other to reach out and blindly smack Jay’s stomach. “Shut up and get to work, Jay.”

    They set off into the forest, Jungwon expertly navigating through the trees that all appeared the same to Jay’s inexperienced eyes. They stopped at the base of a tree that appeared average, but seemed to have some significance to the fairy. Jungwon tapped a knuckle against a small knot in the tree and smiled to himself. Turning to Jay, he said, “I’m going to do a bit of magic, Jay. Are you okay with that?” Jay nodded, curiously leaning closer to get a better look at what Jungwon was doing. His eyes scrunched shut, and a loud gasp punched out of Jay’s lungs as Jungwon began to shrink right in front of him. Jay slapped a hand over his mouth, stumbling back in a daze. “You- you just-” Jungwon, now about four inches tall, gave a tiny smile to Jay. His mouth moved like he was talking, but it was way too quiet for Jay to hear. “I can’t- I can’t hear you, sweetheart.” Jay surprised them both with how calm he sounded, and in response, Jungwon’s smile brightened several watts. Fluttering his pretty lavender wings like a butterfly, Jungwon floated up to perch on Jay’s shoulder like a parrot on a cliche pirate. “Hi, Jay.” He could hear Jungwon loud and clear now from the proximity, and the sensation made Jay shiver slightly, forgetting Jungwon could feel every moment of his body. “Are you cold?”

    “Ah, no I’m okay, I was just… not used to this.” Jungwon snorted softly. “No, I can’t imagine you are.” Jay flushed slightly, feeling a strange rush of affection at the sarcastic tone the delicate creature had adopted. “So...” Jungwon startled slightly. “Oh, of course! I am going to fly up and gather the flowers, and I’ll drop them down for you to catch in the bag.” Jay’s eyes landed on the familiar brown canvas bag, and he squatted down to retrieve it, being extra careful to not jostle the fairy perched on his shoulder. “Okay, let’s go!” The fairy flew up to pluck some of the delicate blooms that Jay hadn’t even noticed at first. Jay couldn’t help but admire the way the sunlight framed the graceful figure of the fairy and filtered through his fine wings, flavoring it purple. Jeez, what the hell is wrong with me? Jay tried to shake off his weird thoughts, wondering just when they had decided to creep up on him. I really must be going insane. But even after that, he couldn’t help but cherish every little thing Jungwon did the whole time. He found himself watching the way Jungwon’s cheeks pushed up when he smiled, and the way that Jungwon would giggle in an almost scary way every time he found an ingredient that would “absolutely destroy the heck out of whatever hellish creation Sunoo and Ni-ki come up with”. Sunghoon’s annoying-ass voice chimed inside of Jay’s head. “It sounds like you’re catching feelings, angry bird.” No. He couldn’t be. But then he made eye contact with Jungwon, and it was like everything else fell away, and his whole world became a cute little fairy with lavender wings and a weird smile and an angry pout that Jay could never take seriously. Holy shit. Maybe Jay did have the feels.


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  • fr0gsandfics
    16.10.2021 - 6 hours ago


    hyuka-centric (platonic i think)
    genre: fluff
    word count: <0.5k
    warnings: minor food mentions and a small joke about violence
    (pic credit: @tomorrowxtogether)
    note: i wrote this a while back so its probably not that good ahah
    ao3 link<-

    Taehyun had been very clear with his instructions: stay in one place, don’t touch anything, and most of all, DO NOT MAKE A MESS. Unfortunately for Kai, within the first five minutes of the heist, he had managed to break all of those rules.

    It wasn’t his fault, okay? He saw a weirdly shiny apple, and he had to check if it was a hidden security camera! (That’s not true, he just wanted to see if the glitter was edible. It was not, it tasted like Yeonjun’s farts.) Now, the natural reaction to tasting something that absolutely revolting is to spit it out, and drop whatever you’re holding, right? (It was more of a throw than a drop, but the point is that it wasn’t his fault.) The apple crashed right into the neatly stacked cereal boxes. (It really was a very suspicious placement for an apple.) The boxes fell right over, creating a domino effect. The crashing was louder than dropping a plate of Soobin’s “delicious” baked goods at 3am. (Not that he had ever done that. But they do taste a little better when you stay up all night playing video games. Not that Hyuka had ever done that either.) Kai froze, waiting for one of the others to come and yell at him. After standing there like a deer in headlights for a minute without hearing anyone coming, Kai realized he had a bit of time before anyone saw what he had done, and he really did not want Taehyun to replace the picture of Soobin on his punching bag with a picture of Kai instead. Hurriedly, he started to pick all of his mess up. “I would slow down a bit, boo.” Hyuka froze. How did someone get there without him hearing? Slowly, he raised his head to find Beomgyu leaning against the now-empty shelf, smirking down at Kai. “Gyu!” Kai’s voice cracked out of fear. The older boy’s smirk widened into a smile. “H-how did you sneak up on me?”

    “I have my ways, you giant clumsy baby.” Kai bristled at the patronizing words. “At least I’m taller than you!” (Only by one inch/four centimeters, but height is how teenagers establish dominance, so every millimeter helps.) Beomgyu sighed. “I can’t believe I stopped reading this comic book to help you, and you respond by insulting me.”

    “Hey! I can do this by myself! It’s not rocket science!” Gyu responded by shaking his head. “For you, hun, being as clumsy as you are, it might as well be. Just… clean it up slowly, okay? Rushing is only gonna make you more likely to mess things up.” Beomgyu winked at Kai, then disappeared around the corner, leaving him to clean up his mess by himself.

    “Meanie,” Kai grumbled. (He wasn’t mad at all. In fact, he felt a bit better.) Kai started to pick up the cereal boxes scattered all over the floor. When he was halfway through, he heard footsteps. Did Beomgyu decide to keep him company? He heard the footsteps round the corner, and smiled a bit. “Did you decide to come back and keep me company?”

    “Nope.” The voice wasn’t the same as the comforting, teasing one he was expecting. (He had a realization that Soobin might be spared from the punching bag from now on.) Eyes wide with fear, Kai looked up at the terrifying face of the leader of the operation. “Hi?”





    Taehyun: ...I don’t think I want to know what that means.

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  • kaspbrakpyeah
    16.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    —Pedido pessoal feito através do blog Naturally Edits

    Em caso de inspiração de os devidos créditos, para vizualizar a imagem com melhor qualidade abra a mesma
    #suzy#bae Suzy#design #capa de fanfic #capa #capa de spirit #kpop #capa para social spirit #capa para fic #capa dark#capa clean#halloween#capa texturizada
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  • inadaydream99
    16.10.2021 - 8 hours ago


    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    I’ve just reached a milestone I never thought I would and I am overjoyed!

    I have recently been working on a rewrite for my first Ateez fic - “Just Friends, Or Maybe More?” - and thought that this could be a good way to celebrate reaching 1k!

    This features all Ateez members, but I have made some changes to plot and the ending to hopefully improve the original idea/concept

    I’m interested to hear what you’d like to see/ if this is something you’d want to read, so please don’t hesitate to send in asks/requests about it!

    Stay safe 💕

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  • nekomancee
    16.10.2021 - 8 hours ago


    (´•̥̥̥д•̥̥̥`̀ू๑)‧º·˚ essa aqui eu fiz ouvindo one ok rock na cabeça mesmo porque meu celular tava carregando e ainda bem que deu certo (eu acho).

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  • wooletterzi
    16.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    ♡tudo por um aviãozinho

    Em caso de inspiração, credite-me.

                               NÃO pegue ou utilize

                             sem a minha autorização

    ⠀⠀ 📅 16/10/2021

                               📖abra para melhor qualidade

    insp: @chishikizi <3

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  • seospicy
    16.10.2021 - 9 hours ago


    Changbin x reader. (f, suggestive)

    Author’s note: I almost got sidetracked again by Hyunjin’s aotm performance but yay, I made it!

    It's not the first time Changbin invited you over to the studio, that was why when he called you to come over could only mean he's stuck on ideas. Glad that you were more than willing to help him relieve whatever put him on the creative block. Changbin watched you as you slid off your coat and placed it on the sofa, "Come here babe," he said, patting his thighs signaled you to sit on his lap. You got used to his forwardness, you didn't shy away from obeying him, you walked over to him and sat on his lap. "I miss you," he murmured into your ear the second you sat on his lap, hands snaking around your waist. "I miss you too," you said almost pathetically. Your heart sank thinking of how long you've been away from each other, and now that you were together, it felt like your heart slowly filled up with affection. You didn't know who leaned in first cause the next thing you knew your lips met his in a tender yet hungry kiss, where teeth and tongue clashed. He tugged on your lower lip to slowly pulling away after. Resting your head on his chest while his hand gave you tender caresses, you sighed at the comfort his kiss and touch brought on to you. You stayed engulfed in his warm embrace, with him humming on top of your head for a few moments. "What are you working on?" You finally asked, peeking at the computer screen. "A song, I've been stuck working for the bridge." He answered, hand reaching the mouse on the desk. You sat straighter up on his lap with Changbin's strong muscular hand still wrapped around your waist. "What's this song about?" You asked out of curiosity. Changbin flashed you a smile, "want to have a listen?" "Can I?" You asked in hesitation. Changbin's smile turned into a wide grin, he likes it when you asked him permission, batting your eyelashes with an innocent look on you. "Of course," he answered, raking his fingers through your hair in an endearing way, "it's halfway done, so..." Changbin intently watched your reaction when you listened to his incomplete song, his mind was busy guessing whether you liked it or not. You took off the earphones when the song ended, "Oh, it's good!" You told him. He raised his eyebrows, "Really?" You repeatedly nodded, "yes, but I think the second verse sounded a bit...." you trailed off, looked at him just in case you unintentionally offended him. "No, go ahead, I want to hear your opinion," he gave you the heads up. "The second verse sounded a bit rushed. Maybe you should give a break in there," you continued. He nodded, slowly taking your opinion into consideration, "I'll try," he said. He worked on it right away that he had to take off his hand of you. He played the song once again after he fixed it, both of you nodding along to the beat. "You're right! It's better like this," Changbin exclaimed. You turned your head to the side, "Really?" He nodded, he wrapped his hands around your waist again, "I always knew that it's a good idea to have you here," his face inched closer to you, eyes fixated on your lips. "Yeah?" Changbin crashed his lips with yours, opened his mouth to savor your lips with his. With a hand behind your head, he deepened the kiss, tongue prying your mouth open. Moving his hands down to your waist and gripped it, he hoisted you further onto his lap, you could feel the bulge against his jeans. Tugging on the hem of your top now, he pulled it upward that insisted you put your hands up so he could take it off of you. "Baby, someone could walk in on us," you reminded him, he waved it off and pressed another kiss on you. Hands hovering on your chest, and when they landed on your breast, he started kneading gently. "I miss this," he muttered, hands moving to the back to unclasp your bra. He impatiently slid down the straps and got rid of your bra by tossing it to the side. His hands instantly cupping your breasts, he hummed on your shoulder, peering down your breasts beautifully enveloped in his hands. "So perfect for me," he cooed. He couldn't comprehend how exquisite it is that your breasts were just the right size in his palms, he often thought they were made just and only for him. You looked at him and he looked at you with eyes drooping with lust, fingers lazily circling your hardening buds. "I want you," he whispered, almost like a pleading than a request. You got up and turned around, his breath caught up in his throat at the sight of you standing half-naked in front of him. Spreading his legs and touching his lips as his eyes traveling down your figure. You sat back down on his lap, straddling him, provide him the best view of your chest. He licked his lips and caught his lower lip between his teeth, "How come I've been going with my days and missed this," he asked himself. You placed your hands on each side of his shoulders, "you missed a lot of things," you added. He sucked in breathe between his teeth, hands on your waist keeping you close against him. Changbin kissed you on the mouth, a searing, slobbering kiss that went down your chest, leaving a trail of wet kisses along your neck. He buried his head on your sternum, inhaling your scent through his nostrils, you heard him cursed under his breath. He planted another series of wet kisses on your breasts before taking your hard nipple into his mouth. You looked down on him and the way his full round lips nicely wrapped around your nipple. Your hands gently scratching his scalp, pressing your mouth onto the top of his head to muffle your moans. He caught your nipple between his teeth and playfully chewing on it. He watched as you cried out in a mix of pain and pleasure before taking it all back into his mouth. Changbin moved to the other one, doing almost the same thing except that he rolled his tongue around your nipple the sucked harder on it, causing it to clutched onto his shoulders as you taking in his slow, sweet torture on you. He replaced his mouth with his finger to catch his breath, he looked satisfied seeing your swollen and flushed breasts from his doing. He gave you a sly grin when he sank his mouth on the underside of your breast and bit on the delicate skin, you gasped at his sudden attack and accidentally pulling his hair too hard. He placed a soothing rub with his thumb over the freshly marked skin as his eyes searched for its next target. Moved his mouth to the other breast, he licked your nipple a few times just to set it wet with saliva. He settled on the side of your breast just the outskirts of your areola. He opened his mouth and started sucking on the flesh, you jolted at how hard he bit you this time. He smirked against your skin, licked the marking on the skin, and gently rubbing it with his thumb. "You're mine, all mine," he said to you, then taking your hands from his shoulders and kissed the inside your palms. "And you are mine," you replied. You lowered your head to kiss him. And all of sudden, Changbin lips stiffen against you. "Wait, I think I got something," he took his denim jacket that was hanging on the back of the chair and put it around you. He started working on something on the computer, his head overflowing with so many ideas at once. You put your hands around his neck with your head resting on the side of his, watching him worked on his track, his hands clicking and pushing the various button on the console. "Now listen to this," he pressed play, and music began filling the room. You looked at him in awe, "this sounds really good," you told him, holding on to his shoulders for balance. He smirked, "you think so?" "Yeah," you nodded eagerly. He reclined on his seat, hands moving down to your rear and slipping underneath your skirt, then threaded his hands on your ass. He began caressing on the supple flesh, "come, give me a kiss," he ordered. You didn't think twice to sink your mouth on his again, his hands busy kneading your ass, he playfully pinching just to hear you yelped against his lips. You broke the kiss cause you were running out of breath. "I Wonder..." he said, panting. "What is it?" You asked, draping your hands around his neck. He licked his lips, with a smirk plastered on his face, he said, "I wonder if I'd get better ideas if I'm inside you," You chuckled at how absurd that was, but you actually knew what he meant by that, you softly laughed onto the crook of his neck. "Why are you laughing?" He asked, half laughing. "Because that's such a lame excuse," you lightly told him, "if you want it, you could have just asked me," "Can I then?" He asked, eyes shooting up at yours through his dark eyelashes. You poked your cheek with your tongue, looked at him as he waited in anticipation for your answer. You must be lying if you said you didn't enjoy it when he asked you nicely like this. But then again, he didn't even need to ask.

    taglist: @changbinscypher​

    #stray kids #stray kids smut #skz#skz smut #kpop stray kids #kpop skz#kpop smut#kpop fanfics#changbin smut #seo changbin smut #skz changbin #skz changbin smut #skz seo changbin #changbin x reader #changbin x you #skz x you #skz x reader #skz imagines#skz scenarios#skz fics#skz fanfics
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  • saory56
    16.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    *Fogo infernal*


    ◾ Olhar aqui pode até não parecer mas essa capa me deu um trabalho do caramba, viu?? passei um tempão fazendo está belezinha. Enquanto eu estava fazendo pensei que ia acabar não gostando, mas agora eu até que estou bem feliz com o essa capinha hein 🙃💜

    ◾ As orelhas azuis do JK foram PROPOSITAIS TA LEGAL??? 🙄😣

    ◾Se houver inspiração credite ✨

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  • fkuw
    16.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Jeno, Jaemin E O Mundo

    Na Jaemin, Lee Jeno — NCT DREAM

    Capa para doação do @doaween

    Caso se inspirar, credite-me

    Bom, essa capa foi simples, fácil e rápido de fazer e me gostei muito de faze-lá; gostei muito final. No começo seria uma capa dark, por isso a paleta de cores, mas desisti no caminho. Mas enfim, gostei dela e é isso. Tema: Halloween Em Todos Os Lugares Do Mundo.

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  • chansao
    16.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    O estranho mundo de Jikook

    • capa para @doaween


    Baseado no estranho mundo de Jack

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  • h3llokyu
    16.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    𝐀𝐒𝐓𝐑𝐎 𝐀𝐬 𝐁𝐨𝐲𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐬

    ✨A S T R O✨


    •Rough With You

    •Piggyback Rides

    •Loves Your Smile

    •Loud Extremely Loud

    •Cuddles A Lot Of Cuddles

    •Teaches You How To Rap


    •He’s Like Your Mom

    •Doesn’t Let You Wear Certain Things

    •Constantly Checking On You

    •Buys You Snacks

    •Hugs And Kisses For Days

    •Literally Takes Care Of You


    •Matching Outfits

    •Coffee Dates

    •Takes You Shopping

    •Thinks Your Smile is everything

    •Back hugs



    •Back Hugs

    •Shy Shy Shy

    •Teases You

    •The Height Difference!!

    •Baby’s You

    •Literally The Cutest Bean


    •Judges You

    •Appears Out Of No Where

    •Loves Hugs

    •Questions You

    •Trusts You Completely

    •Carry’s You Around

    San Ha🍰

    •Very Sassy


    •Makes Fun Of Your Height

    •Whines A Lot

    •Back Hugs Sometimes

    •Buys You Ice Cream

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  • gukxcviie
    16.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    — Doidinho do Amarelo;


    pedido para o WonderfulDesigns ✨

    Insp. em @jjmswan

    Em caso de inspiração, dê os créditos ꨄ︎

    [abra para melhor qualidade]

    #capa de fanfic #capa wattpad #capa para fic #capa para wattpad #capa divertida#capa fluffy #bts min yoongi #bts jeon jungkook #jungkook#bts suga#bts#yoonkook#gukxcviie#kpop edits
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  • kittyrunrunx
    16.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    KARMA | Preview

    Summary: [Y/N] was your typical sweetheart. She smiled most of the time. She paid attention to her studies; very smart. Sweet like an apple. Normal life with no friends. Lives alone with no family. Her life was pretty normal..until something or someone changes it for her.

    Genre: yandere, horror, fluff, angst

    Warnings: yandere themes, abuse, violence, toxic personalities, obsession, possible rape, bullying, mature language, mentions of death, kidnapping.

    [I do not own BTS.This is, no way, reflects their real personalities. This is all fictional. This kind of behavior is unaccepable. This work is purely fiction and entertainment purposes only.]


    Hwang [Y/N]

    - 24 years old, smart and cant say no to anyone. Lives alone. Has a dark past. Never had a boyfriend. Doesn't know that she's being stalked until something happened. Very fragile, hates violence. Sweetest girl.

    Park Jimin

    - 27 years old, playboy of the academy which makes every girl want him. Always has a smirk on his face unless he's pissed off. He's smart but he only uses his head when it's necessary. He's very popular but when he's around [Y/N], he's a total different person.

    Is he her stalker?

    Kim Namjoon

    - 30 years old, the youngest teacher in the whole academy. English teacher. His life changed when he met [Y/N]. He felt connected with her ever since they first met. He helps her out whenever she needs help. Always smiles at her when she asks for help.

    Is he her stalker?

    Kim Taehyung

    - 27 years old, second playboy of the school. Best friends with Jimin. Enjoys the attention from the girls but he's mostly interested in [Y/N] since she ignores him like he's invisible which he loves. He tries to talk to her as much as possible but all she gives him are one word answers.

    Is he her stalker?

    Jeon Jungkook

    - 25 years old, [Y/N]'s neighbor that calls her "Noona". He's like a little kid when he's around her. He always knocks on her door to see if she's home or sometimes if she wants to join him to take his dog out for a walk. He even walks her to the academy since he also attends it but with different classes from her.

    Is he her stalker?

    Min Yoongi

    - 28 years old, the quiet guy of the academy. He never talks and when he does, its low. He sits next to [Y/N] in every class. He's always paired up with her for projects. He has a blast with her. She's the only one that makes him smile.

    Is he her stalker?

    Kim Seokjin

    - 30 years old, he's the son of the headmaster. Very smart yet a womanizer. Thinks he's the most handsome man in the world. Girls of all ages would be on their knees for him but his eyes are only on one girl. [Y/N]. He fell for her when she helped him out around the academy as well, help him out escape from the girls surrounding him.

    Is he her stalker?

    Jung Hoseok

    - 28 years old, professional dancer of the academy. He usually has a big smile on his face but once he's alone, it drops. He's very private so no one can really get close to him until he met [Y/N]. He watched her in a practice room her dance routine. He was memsmorized by her talent that he wants to get close to her.

    Is he her stalker?


    There was a hooting of an owl nearby, as a shiver ran down his spine due to the cool breeze determined to speed of quickly without a slight glance back. This town was nothing but an unfamiliar home to him.

    He didn’t like it at all.

    He dragged his feet to move thru the shadowy street. Everytime he heard something, he suddenly jumped up in fright and took his blade out. He was paranoid.

    His hair drifted into his face, his dead eyes had lost its one time shimmer. His skin became like ice. His full shaped lips became slightly off guarded as he bit on them with his teeth, nervously. He was shaking like hell, a fuzzy feeling moving around like a sleepwalker around his body as it spread everywhere, even in the corners. He let out a loud sigh as he sped into quick footsteps and reached his destination, in a few bear mid seconds but seemed hours. It was gloomy and spooky, and he stood petrified as well as terrified, all emotions rolling up as one. As still as a statue, rigid on the spot, he slowly broke free, striding but in slow steps, trying to not break down at once, but the sensation didn't seem afar. Their were cob webs and insects but a dozen roses, always laid so often showing how much visitors, family and friends. The coffin was as dark as coal and he dared go any further, as he sensed a dead body lying, motionless. He felt like his throat was stuck with something. He knew what it was but he ignored that feeling and continued. All the memories that had taken place here he remembered. The flashbacks that could never be forgotten or be replayed, it was unbearable to vanish or replace. It doomed him till this day and he knew in his right mind and heart....it would for all eternity, not matter if he got supreme brain damage, there would always be that one thing he hated most. Guilt. He shredded the thought of the screaming car, the blinding flash and the fountains of blood like a water fall. There was too much to take in, he felt the dizziness, ruining through his veins and it all came whooshing back. It was just too much for him. It was as fast as a lightening flash, he became all numb but not with excitement, with nervousness. It replayed in his head a million times as he tried with drawing the image but it was no use. It took to much advantage of him, only cursing the day for happening. He wasn’t strong like his brother which made him frown in pity. He pity himself for not being good enough. He was after all pathetic. It was on the bad luck day. The worst days of all, where everything had become so tempting, not of goodness hope but filling in everything the world lived for, and it all became so hectic. The sound of the date was a creeper to people, like a spider crawling on their back.

    It was Friday October 13th.

    He quietly walked through the darkness of the night. The sun disappeared and only the stars in the bright moonlight, twinkling. It was empty, nobody in sight as there was barely any flashes of light. The cold air sped on him, as his breathing rate increased which seemed the only living sound around.

    He hoped not to be caught or heard, as the dead silence approached. He tilted his head for a second, staring beyond, prepared to rush away if someone glimpsed at him and questioned him. But he silently prayed that nobody would be around at the outskirts of the haunted town until he saw someone walking by.

    [Y/N] retraced her steps back through the oat coasts of the park, her delicate features hardening as she played back the incident that had happened three days ago at that party. She could remember being dragged their by her so called best friend who no longer is, only to have everything fall to pieces right in front of her... She dragged her slim fingers though her hair in frustration, as she tried forgetting it all, only to have the memories come flooding back, taking over her every thought. She let out a bitter cry, turning on her heel, gasping as she fell to the floor seeing the one person she had least expected to help her was, leaning down and offering his hand. She slapped his hand away, and shook her head at the man in front of her as she got herself up from the ground. "Leave me alone, Sunjoon." She snapped, examining him from head to toe in disgust. Her eyes bored into Sunjoon's ones, noticing his breath smelled like alcohol which disgusted her more.

    She dusted off the dirt on her black jeans before walking away from him but she felt his hand grip on her wrist. "[Y/N]-" He started, her skin flushing as she stopped walking to turn to face him again. "Please let me go." She softly mumbled as she pleaded at him to let her go, not realizing someone was watching the scene.

    He watched from afar at the poor girl trying to get away from the drunken guy. He didn't pay any attention to the guy. Only her.

    Her beautiful hair that flowed lovingly on her back and her smooth skin that he couldn't take his eyes off her. He then witnessed something that made his insides boil. "Sun! Stop!" She yelled at him as she felt her body smash between the wall and his body that was pressed against her body.

    "Come on baby. Let's have some fun." He whispered in her ear as his lips attacked her neck.

    [Y/N] tried to fight him off but he was too strong for her and she knew that. Tears streamed down her face as she closed her eyes, hoping that it'll be over soon. After what felt like hours, she suddenly felt lighter. She slowly opened her eyes, not seeing him at all. She looked around for him but nothing. She was alone. She took a deep breath as she suddenly ran off to her apartment that was a couple of blocks away.

    As she ran away, there was a shadow figure behind her. Watching her every move. He then turned to the body that was lying dead beside him. He gripped on the collar of the dead body's shirt as he dragged it away into the darkness. He knew that this was crazy. He knew that this was wrong but he couldn't help it. This man was going to hurt her. Her. The young girl that caught his eye. The beauty that he instantly wanted to get close to and he was going to until he took care of some trash.

    "No one will hurt you anymore..." He whispered as he disappeared in the darkness.

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