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    headless gingerbread men

    summary: yuri and yuqi just wanted to make christmas deserts, but all they got was being covered head to toe with the ingredients, and a couple of headless gingerbread men.

    tags: @he4rtclvb @chaerincore @ateezjuliet @atzaria @shinyddeonghwa @m00niesk7

    requested by: @eggomi

    prompt: #9 — baking christmas deserts together....the night may or not have ended with a food fight

    notes: this fic lots of mention of food, it is basically surrounded by sweets.

    25 days of christmas prompt list

    “Ohhh, what are all these ingredients for? Are you making cookies? Please say your making cookies!” Yunho started, sneaking up behind Yuri as she pulled out multiple cooking ingredients from out of the cabinets and onto the counter, almost screaming out from surprise.

    “You scared the hell out of me! Stop doing that!” Yuri whined, rolling her eyes when she heard Yunho chuckle, closing the cabinets once she pulled out the last ingredient she would need for the night. “And yes, I am making cookies. But they aren’t for you.” Yuri smirked, holding in her laughter when she heard Yunho yell in protest, turning around and started washing all of the utensils that she would use later on.

    “That’s so mean! I cant have at least one?” Yunho frowned, dramatically throwing himself in a seat at the island, give Yuri his best puppy eyes, frowning when the girl only laughed at his look.

    “Why can’t you give...” Yunho complaint was interrupted by the sound of the door bell echoing around the house, making Yuri immediately perk up, seeming to not realize that she was still washing dishes, until water had ran down her arm, making her laugh at herself slightly

    “I’ll give you a cookie if you answer the door.” Yuri promised, chuckling when Yunho immediately walked to the door, and went to open the door. She could hear Yunho greeting Yuqi, and her getting surprised. Normally it was Yuri who answered the door.

    “Yuri, your girlfriend is here!” Yunho yelled, returning back to his seat at the island, Yuqi following behind him, her eyes blown wide and laughing slightly.

    “I think I know when my girlfriend is here, Yunho. Thank you so much for your announcement.” Yuri sighed, although her face immediately lit up a smile when Yuqi wrapped her arms around her from behind, resting her chin on Yuri’s shoulder.

    “I heard you’re denying Yunho of cookies.” Yuqi teased, giving Yuri a quick kiss on the cheek before letting go of her and standing next to Yuri so she could continue to wash the dishes. This comment only made Yuri scoff and shake her head, knowing that Yunho probably begged Yuqi to convince Yuri to give him one.

    “He should have known I was kidding. Who else would I give these to?” Yuri chuckled, looking over to Yunho who was looking slightly embarrassed that he fell in the trap of Yuri’s teasing.

    “Stop being such a tsundere, silly. Your going to give your members a headache.” Yuqi scolded softly, laughing when Yuri had mocked her words.

    “It’s okay Yuri, we all know you still sleep with your teddy bear.” Yunho teased, screaming dramatically when Yuri grabbed a spatula that was on the drainer and raised it, looking at Yunho pointedly, smiling when Yunho started to frantically change his word. “I never said it was a bad thing!”

    “Do I need to revoke your spatula privileges?” Yuqi asked, raising her eyebrows when Yuri looked over at her blankly.

    “Jokes on you, I’m not even supposed to be cooking in the kitchen right now.” Yuri deadpanned, smirking when Yuqi had furrowed her eyebrows, deciding that she would give her context. “I accidentally burnt a towel and now the manager has banned me from the kitchen unless there’s ‘supervision’ , whatever that means.” Yuri chuckled, walking over to the ingredients, now with a mixing bowl, and a cookbook that her Grandma had gifted her a few christmas’s ago.

    “Will he get mad?” Yuqi asked worriedly, biting her lip slightly. Although her worries quickly subsided once she saw Yunho gently shake his head in the corner of her eye.

    “Once he tastes these bad boys, no way. And Yunho?” Yuri laughed, then looking over to her member with a smirk on her face, making Yunho widened his eyes once he saw the look of mischief on her face.


    “Get out.”

    Yunho groaned and threw himself out of the chair like a child, stomping his feet jokingly throughout the house and making his way to his room, making Yuri die of laughter.

    “That was so mean!” Yuqi whined, although she was failing to stifle her laughter into the palm of her hand, playfully slapping Yuri’s arm.

    “But it was funny!” Yuri defended, smiling when Yuqi rolled her eyes, but she didn’t miss the look of happiness and the beautiful smile Yuqi had on her face, and it wasn’t until now, when Yuri could truly look into Yuqi’s brown orbs, that she realized how much she truly missed her girlfriend.

    “I missed you so damn much!” Yuri yelled, picking up the girl and spinning her around in a circle, laughing when Yuqi screamed slightly and put her down, leaning in for a kiss, which Yuqi didn’t miss a chance to wrap her hands around Yuri’s neck to bring her closer.

    “I missed you too.” Yuqi smiled, giving Yuri a light kiss on the lips, immediately standing up straight, confusing Yuri. “As much as i’d love to kiss you, I want these cookies more.” Yuqi teased, making Yuri pout.

    “You like cookies more than me?” Yuri whined, gasping when Yuqi nodded her head in confirmation. “I’m not making you cookies until you tell me the truth!” Yuri huffed, crossing her arms around her chest playfully, frowning more when Yuqi only laughed at her.

    “I- I am telling the truth!” Yuqi said through her laughter, making Yuri complain more, making Yuqi’s laugh echo more loudly through out the room.

    “I could never like anything more than you.” Yuqi confidently stated, smirking when Yuri coughed immediately, a furious red making its way across her cheeks, her eyes diverting from Yuqi’s own.

    “Let’s....make these cookies, Yeah?” Yuri choked out, grimacing when Yuri bopped her nose, then later placing her cold hands on her cheeks, contrasting her warm flushed cheeks.

    “I hate you.”

    “No, you don’t.” Yuqi smiled, making Yuri blush again, groaning slightly. This girl had her wrapped around her finger oh so easily, and she knew it.

    “Can you please stop making my heart run laps? I want to make it through the night before dying.” Yuri joked, and Yuqi nodded, an accomplished smirk on her face.

    The rest of the night was full of laughter and the soft vibrations from Yuri’s phone that was playing Christmas music, to which the girls occasionally danced around the room in each other’s arms, oblivious to the soft smiles from the boys who came to check on them. It wasn’t until Yuri noticed a particular thing missed from the cookie sheet that the chaos had broken out.

    “The gingerbread men’s heads! They’re gone!” Yuri gasped, her fork clattering to the cabinet loudly, the sound from the whisker immediately halting.

    “What do you mean they’re gone?” Yuqi demanded, rushing over to see, gasping immediately when she saw that all the gingerbread men’s heads, were in fact missing.

    “Did you eat them?” Yuri accused, raising her eyebrows Yuqi immediately defended herself, her accusing eyes staring at Yuqi more intently.

    “I swear it wasn’t me!” Yuqi frantically promised, groaning when Yuri still accused her.

    “How do I know you didn’t eat them?” Yuqi asked, making Yuri gasp dramatically, placing a palm across her chest.

    “How could it have been me? I was busy making the batter for the cookies!” Yuri pointed out, but Yuqi was quick to debunk her argument.

    “Well it sure wasn’t me, because I was mixing the batter!” Yuqi stated, although her clear voice slowly faded as she saw Yuri squirt a little bit of icing onto her finger, her lips forming an evil smile.

    “Yuri...what are you doing?” Yuqi nervously asked, slowly stepping back toward the counter, cringing when her back hit it edge of it.

    “If you don’t fess up, then I guess you’ll have blue icing all over your cheek.” Yuri smirked, waiting a few seconds, and then slowly drug her icing covered finger down Yuqi’s cheek, laughing when Yuqi’s mouth was to her jaw, she clearly did not think that Yuri was actually serious.

    “Oh, you are so on.” Yuqi smirked, grabbing the icing tube and squirting some icing into her hand, immediately splatting it onto Yuri’s cheek, making her yell out from the coldness of it. And just as that, the icing war was started.

    Yuri stole the icing bag from Yuqi’s hands and squirted it onto Yuqi’s shirt, laughing manically when Yuqi yelled in protest, grabbing a different icing tube and squirt it onto Yuri’s face, and before they knew it, the girls were running around the kitchen, squirting icing at each other, yelling and screaming as it landed on their shirts and went down inside it, laughing when each other caught it in their mouth from time to time.

    The icing battle had went on for a few more minutes, until both girls were out of breath, and both decided to call for a truce.

    “Truce?” Yuri pleaded, catching her breath at the counter and holding up her pinky, slowly dropping the half empty icing bag to show surrendence.

    “Truce.” Yuqi breathed out, sitting on the floor and also catching her breath, it wasn’t for another few minutes that the girls were able to speak again, and truly comprehend what just happened.

    “This is why i’m not allowed to in the kitchen.” Yuri laughed, sighing as she looked around the kitchen, seeing multiple areas covered in a blend of blue and green icing, and when she turned to look at Yuqi, she couldn’t could her laughter in any longer.

    Yuqi was absolutely covered in icing, it was all over her face, apron, arms, and even in her hair. She knew that the icing would be a pain to get out, and Yuri was sure that she would have to help her get it out, not that she was complaining though. Any time spent with Yuqi was always quality time to her.

    Yuqi smirked when she saw Yuri laughing, and slowly made her way to her, bringing her hands down her cheeks, collecting the icing, holding back a laugh when Yuri’s eyes turned fearful, and screamed when saw Yuqi walk towards her.

    “Merry Christmas, Yunnie.” Yuqi whispered out, as she brought her icing covered hands down Yuri’s cheeks, making the girl cry out as her face had even more icing on it now.

    “You’re the worst.” Yuri grumbled out, and before Yuqi was able to form a response back, one of Ateez’s manager, Sangwoo, entered the kitchen, making Yuri’s eyes widen as she watched him look at the mess in disappointment.

    “Now you’re really banned from the kitchen. What is this!” Sangwoo yelled out in disbelief, shaking his head as Yuri gave him a sheepish smile, frowning when he continued to look unamused.

    Yuri felt someone stand next to her, and as she turned her head to look who the person was, she gasped and hurriedly pulled him away from the gingerbread men pan, revealing the culprit’s face to the other two in the room.

    “San was the one who ate the gingerbread heads!” Yuri yelled, and San quickly freed himself from Yuri’s grasp, quickly running out of the room into his room, with Yuri hot on his heels.

    “I’m so going to get you Choi San!” Yuqi and Sangwoo heard Yuri yell from the hallway, following a loud thump with a yell of victory and a pained groan, both Yuqi and Sangwoo holding in their chuckles from the duo’s ridiculousness.

    “Here, have a — headless — gingerbread man.” Yuqi offered, holding out a freshly baked gingerbread man out to Sangwoo, smiling when he accepted it and ate it, raising her eyebrows when Sangwoo widened his eyes.

    “I shouldn’t have banned her from the kitchen. Too bad she’s such a punk.” Sangwoo sighed, quietly asking Yuqi for another, the girl happily handing him another.

    Yuri was sure a chaotic mess, but she was the girl of Yuqi’s dreams, and she wouldn’t trade the chaotic memories for anything.

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    sorry, i'm an anti-romantic profiles 2/2: once upon a time not long ago i was a hoe 🍑

    masterlist | next

    #pairing: park sunghoon x reader (she/her pronouns)

    #summary: after years of casual dating and never committing to relationships, your friends challenge you to fall in love. which is why you seek out park sunghoon, the campus heartbreaker, to pretend to break your heart. little do you know: his reputation is a complete lie.

    #update schedule: every four days at 3:00pm pst

    #tag list: open! send me an ask or leave me a comment if you want to be tagged. you can check if you’re on my tag list at the bottom of the series masterlist or here

    tag list: @sunlightwoo @cb97curls @softforqiankun @yeonluv @sunzwoo @uwu0clock @allyg-onz @haknyeoms @haknyeomz @lilacdreams-00 @binniebutter @ju-kev-nyeon @deobienthusiast @starstrucklampzipperfreak @linhyyboo12 @blancaatherosee @ateezcity @lilacarat @ncvltrtchnlgy @ninjapandasanchia @peachhyun @cixrosie @nycol-ie @manutuankim @wooyoung-a @geniejunn @junjungsunwoo @todorokiskitten @littleaprilcherryblossom @outroeuphoria

    #enhypennetwork#enhypen#enhypen imagines #enhypen fake texts #enhypen social media au #enhypen texts #enhypen social au #enhypen fanfic#sunghoon imagines #enhypen x reader #sunghoon x reader #enhypen scenarios#sunghoon scenarios#enhypen drabbles #enhypen x you #enhypen socmed au #kpop social media au #fic: sorry i’m an anti-romantic
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    sorry, i'm an anti-romantic profiles 1/2: y/n have a heart challenge: failed

    masterlist | next

    #pairing: park sunghoon x reader (she/her pronouns)

    #summary: after years of casual dating and never committing to relationships, your friends challenge you to fall in love. which is why you seek out park sunghoon, the campus heartbreaker, to pretend to break your heart. little do you know: his reputation is a complete lie.

    #update schedule: every four days at 3:00pm pst

    #tag list: open! send me an ask or leave me a comment if you want to be tagged. you can check if you’re on my tag list at the bottom of the series masterlist or here

    tag list: @sunlightwoo @cb97curls @softforqiankun @yeonluv @sunzwoo @uwu0clock @allyg-onz @haknyeoms @haknyeomz @lilacdreams-00 @binniebutter @ju-kev-nyeon @deobienthusiast @starstrucklampzipperfreak @linhyyboo12 @blancaatherosee @ateezcity @lilacarat @ncvltrtchnlgy @ninjapandasanchia @peachhyun @cixrosie @nycol-ie @manutuankim @wooyoung-a @geniejunn @junjungsunwoo @todorokiskitten @littleaprilcherryblossom @outroeuphoria

    #enhypennetwork#enhypen#enhypen imagines #enhypen fake texts #enhypen social media au #enhypen texts #enhypen social au #enhypen fanfic#sunghoon imagines #enhypen x reader #sunghoon x reader #enhypen scenarios#sunghoon scenarios#enhypen drabbles #enhypen x you #enhypen socmed au #kpop social media au #fic: sorry i’m an anti-romantic
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    keep this a secret for me | kim taehyung

    pairings: professor!taehyung x student!female reader

    words: 2980

    genre: good ole smut and lil fluff if you squint with glasses on

    synopsis: professor kim- taehyung, was the man that was going to satisfy your every sexual fantasy- well, that's what you kept telling yourself. every glance, every time he smiled at you, everything about him made you fucking ache. It's actually impossible to tell him this, but maybe he'll do it for you.

    he locked the classroom door and sauntered back over to you and looked you in the eyes,

    "can you keep a secret?"

    warnings: my gawd the SEXUAL TENSION, cursing, age gap (19/28), intended lowercase, mentions of a corruption kink and praise kink, he’s unfaithful lol, they're a lil obsessed with each other, very very very minor dacryphilia and overstimulation, fingering, pet names, tae pretends he doesn't have a sir kink

    a/n: admin 1 here :D. this can be read as a stand alone! i should've been working on my final, but instead i spent six hours writing the first (click here to read) and second parts to this two-shot, clown hours open. but these are arguably my favorite fics i've written on this blog, im very proud of them and i hope you enjoy it too :).

    disclaimer: This is a work of fiction from our imagination. It is not intended that the plot, theme, original characters, idols, etc. portray any real-life events/people. Plagiarism is NOT tolerated on this blog. If you believe we have copied an existing authors’ work, please message us privately. thank you and enjoy :)

    “of course I can,” and you meant every word you said. especially when it came to him, you wouldn’t tell a soul about anything he would tell you- or do to you. but, you wanted to play this game, albeit a bit (read: extremely) anxious.

    “but, that of course depends on the content.” you dared, a cunning little smirk up at him, a mix of heat and shivers running through your nerves. he had you right where he wanted and you didn’t even realize it yet.

    he accepted your attitude, or you thought he did until he began walking forward, which caused you to walk back. you made a slight noise at the feeling of the cold mahogany desk hitting the back of your thighs- he’s effectively driven you into a corner and you loved it.

    a light scoff escaped his lips and he nodded to himself as if realizing there’s no going back now, and he was going to have his fun. chest-to-chest with your body leaning onto the polished wood, he looked over your features for any sign of hesitation. he would not proceed without audible and visible consent. but all he found in those beautiful features were pure, uncanny want.

    “for a girl who never talks in class,” he paused there, gauging every shift in your movement, barely smirking and enjoying how you craved his undivided attention. you involuntarily sat more on the desk as his long legs moved to stand in between them.

    “you sure do have a mouth on you.” immediately, a flood of something so wet flooded your underwear when he deepened his voice even more and looked at you the way he did. you were at a loss, chest moving up and down with the way you were breathing.

    “what’s the matter, baby? don’t have anything to say now?” he chuckled darkly, rolling his eyes with such carelessness. this was the same guy who was joking with his class not even 10 minutes ago?

    he reached his hand out and delicately tilted your chin up, his hand hot on your skin. you looked back at him staring you down, such an authoritative figure quite literally had you in his hands. you licked your dry lips and tried to contain yourself as you looked up at him through your lashes. his thumb stroked a soft patch of your skin and he grinned- the shitty lighting of the room couldn’t even take away your beauty.

    “you can leave, and we can stop anytime you want-“ he began”

    “i don’t want you to stop”

    “ah, i'm not done talking yet, y/n,” he spoke to you in that demanding tone he only did when he needed the class to quiet down. but him telling you directly made you ache even more.

    “yes sir” you whispered, never breaking eye contact as his hand on your face gripped a little tighter. he was so gorgeous.

    sir. that little title shouldn’t be stirring up a reaction out of him like that. but, content with your response, he continued.

    “if you do not want to continue, tell me and I will stop immediately. understood?” he cocked his eyebrow as he talked to you in a gravely serious tone, as whatever your response was going to be, it was going to change the trajectory of the next moments.

    “i understand,” you said without a moment's hesitation.

    “you still haven’t told me your secret, you know,” you were now on the daring side, now that you know his intentions, this is exactly what you’ve been waiting for since you stepped foot into his classroom at the start of the semester. you leaned more into him, ultimately giving him a sign he can come closer.

    “i wish i could understand what you do to me… you sit in the back of my class with those short skirts on,” he began, your legs cautiously widening more when you felt his fingertips lightly gliding along the exposed skin. a pulsing feeling ruptured on your clit and he was barely doing anything. he was almost afraid to touch you, you were so small compared to him.

    “and you think i don’t notice how you wear those revealing shirts,” his hand on your chin slowly and tantalizingly gliding along the skin above your collarbone- you proved his point with the tanked cropped top you were wearing. his voice was actively losing restraint and his hands trembled the more he felt you. he had to draw this out, not wanting this to end any faster.

    but you, you were relishing in it all. you knew he could feel your legs trembling as his ministrations never ceased on your leg. in fact, when did your skirt rise even higher? you were breathing a little heavier than before, too impatient but too polite to urge him on. he slipped his hand up your skirt, cupping your supple thighs along the way, his thumb too close to the seams of your underwear.

    “i can't help but think about how you’d look, panting my name on this very desk,” a moan of surprise escaped you and you closed your eyes in unmasked pleasure as his thumb gently pressed against your clit through underwear, and fucking hell were they soaked through and through.

    you couldn’t maintain looking in his eyes anyway and he stifled another chuckle at your reaction, really hiding how that little sound affected him and his growing erection. he needed to hear more. so he leaned his body down and forward, causing you to lean back on your hands, one of his own hands supporting himself as he could now press more against you. you smelled so amazing, like vanilla and blossom flowers.

    now having better access to you, his cold fingers took too long sliding the material of the underwear aside. you were watching his hand where it was winding its way up your skirt the entire time, shaking in trepidation and your leg slid up more on his waist, your nails audibly scratching the table the longer you waited for him to slip-



    we’re words you both said at the same time, that feeling of both his middle and ring finger in your cunt was indescribable and the cold of his rings against your inner thighs was a major turn on in itself. and the squelching sound it made was absolutely filthy. he fucking loved it. he relished in the fact you looked deep in his eyes as he curled his fingers up into the soft spongy part of you, your legs instinctively trying to clamp shut. god, you were so fucking wet.

    “i see the way you look at me like you want me to fuck you in front of everyone,” he breathed right before he left a hot kiss on your neck, one of your hands reaching up to hold his head there, softly gripping his tufts of hair. you couldn’t control the whimpering, biting your bottom lip and squeezing your eyes with the feeling of his fingers pumping in and out and in and out and-

    “fuck, taehyung, please” you cried, now using your other hand to hold onto his shoulder, now supporting your entire weight on his strong form. he ignored your plea, continued pressing his lips to your soft skin, and flicked his wrist a little faster. he figured out you were sensitive there, your neck; you’d moan a little louder whenever he kissed there. so he kissed harder, sucking a bit on that specific spot you gripped his hair on, needing to hear you say his name again. and you did, much to his enjoyment.

    “all of this is for me? your practically creaming already and i’ve only given you my fingers” he whispered in your ear, teasing you even more, living in the sounds your cunt made as you soaked his fingers. he sped up, he needed you around his cock now.

    your body jolted on its own accord with his speed, full-on moans now poured out, and as much as he was going to come in his own pants from hearing it, he also couldn’t exactly be fired because of it. so he kissed his way up to your lips, effectively shutting you up. and you tasted wonderful.

    you could cry, he was making you feel so so so good and now he had to top it off with kissing you? it was messy and sloppy, filled with no meaning, but you thought it couldn’t get better until he carefully pulled his fingers out of you and rubbed your slippery and sensitive clit. your eyes shot open and he pulled himself off of your lips.

    “not too loud okay? you’re doing so good for me already, can you do that for me y/n?” he knew what he was doing when he talked down to you in that teacher's voice as he watched a tear fall from your eye and smiled at you in that chilling way. you were already so close. you nodded your head, but he wouldn’t accept that.

    “ah ah, i need words baby,” he slipped his fingers back into you, your hand slapping against your mouth to cover your scream. fuck, what was he doing to you?

    “i, shit- i understand,” it was pathetic, honestly. and he couldn’t wait any longer. you almost didn’t feel his hard length pressing against your thigh, your cunt squeezing his fingers now that you realize how close it is to you. you wanted to cum so bad, but you could wait, right?

    he removed his fingers from you once again, and pushed himself back away from you, rising to his full height. you collapsed on his desk, spent from just his fingers. he looked down at your perfect body for about 10 seconds, taking in how sexy you looked breathing heavy and clothes messed up. it killed him he couldn’t have you in his bed-

    his wife. shit. shit. shit, how could he forget! but looking down at you, he remembered how he wanted to feel you wrapped around him, and in that instant, all thoughts of his woman at home left him at once.

    he reached next to your head where your hair splayed out and pulled out a condom, smoothly getting to work on it. and you watched him, couldn’t believe this was happening to you. he watched you watching him as he unbuckled his belt, you reaching in between your legs to touch yourself. everything he did made you want to combust, what type of power did he have?

    you sighed out of content now that you rubbed your sore clit, thinking about how he will absolutely destroy your pussy soon. and he did not disappoint with his length. as soon as he pulled his slacks down to his knees, his girth slapped back against his stomach, the thought of that fucking you was driving you insane. you were lightheaded after watching him roll the condom down, his pretty hands on his pretty cock, you were absolutely delirious.

    “that’s it,” he encouraged after you began fucking yourself on your own fingers, your other hand tugging on your breast through your shirt as you arched your back. it was a sight to behold, he could watch you like this for an eternity, pleasuring yourself in front of him with his desk materials everywhere around you. shit, you were making a mess out of yourself right now. he unbuttoned his shirt in haste and tossed it to the side, trying to figure out when it became so hot in the spacious room.

    you didn’t stop as his large hands ripped your flimsy underwear and lifted both of your legs to his slim waist, his steaming skin against yours; you had to stop when he took your hand and stared you hard in the eyes as he sucked the juices off of them, your whimper overtaking you before you could hold it in.

    “you moan so pretty for me baby, can you keep doing that?” he distracted you with that question, his tip just slightly teasing your entrance, you’re eyes already fluttering.

    “hey, hey, eyes up here,” he pressed his weight on the back of your knee and you suddenly came to the present, just about to blackout from the edging.

    “yes sir,” it was so weak and soft and he needed more. and when he pushed in, he surely got what he wanted. you were so tight and warm and wet he almost had to slip back out. you gripped his hand holding your leg and bit your lip, trying to not moan too loudly. the more he pushed in the more he felt you and the deeper he got. god was he going to go mad. the feeling you felt in your core, in your stomach, it was felt so good, and he was getting so fucking deep.

    the sounds of his breathing mixed with yours made it an intense experience when he finally pressed his hips flat against yours. he began to love looking down at you, and you were so fucking wrecked. you looked back up with so much fearful anticipation, he knew he couldn’t hold back, not with you. you needed this. and he was going to give you everything.

    “remember what i said alright?” was the last thing he said before he pulled out and rolled his hips in hard. fuck fuck fuck fuck. you didn’t realize you reached your hand in between your legs and pressed against his happy trail, wordlessly telling him it was already too much. he scoffed, letting it stay there, it was fueling his ego that he was already making you feel this good.

    he kept that pace, not too slow, but hard, and deep thrusts. he was big and long enough to hit the perfect spot inside of you, effectively moaning his name like a mantra every time. you squeezed him so deliciously too, it was like you were sucking him back in, never wanting him to leave every time he pulled out to push back in. and damn he was close to coming with the way you felt. you looked at him once and whimpered so wantonly, and begged him.

    “tae please, more, i want more,” you had no restraint on what left your mouth, and didn’t care either.

    he gripped your hips and moved faster with more fervor now, adhering to your cries. his own low moans now mixed with yours, and he swore he felt you cream. he looked where his body met yours and he was right- a white substance now coated his cock and you were trembling so badly.

    “you’re such a pretty girl, making a mess of yourself on me. doing so well, taking me so nicely,” he spoke to you, toying with your breast under your shirt, your hand on top of his. you whined out for him, your pussy being abused now with his other hand rubbing fine circles on your aching and neglected clit. you arched your back, wanting him impossibly deeper, wanting to feel him coat your walls and claim you as his.

    “and i’m going to fuck you up so badly baby, you don’t even know it yet,” your professor whispered to himself, his hand now finding its way around your neck, your eyes shutting and body shaking; you were so so close. you were panting now uncontrollably, squinting your eyes to see his chest sweating, and his face already focused on yours.

    “i wanna cum so badly, sir, i cant-“ you cut yourself off, your breath hitching when he began pounding into you, finding a rhythm that satisfied you both. and the sounds of skin slapping skin, his moans now getting louder than yours, he was making you feel absolutely euphoric. and you just kept calling him that name.

    “say it again y/n” he grunted out, his hands now finding purchase on your waist, your legs now wrapped around his as he changed his angle a bit. you could barely even comprehend what he said, your eyes squeezing so tight you started seeing white. he fucked right in that perfect spot, and you just wanted more and more and more.

    “sir, please,” you sobbed, you were at your breaking point and he knew it- cause he was too. you looked like a goddess in his eyes as he gazed down at you; pretty face scrunched in absolute ecstasy, one hand on your clit, the other gripping his wrist. he commanded you come for him, authority oozing from his tone of voice and you just had to comply with a broken cry of his name. he didn’t expect to see a few more tears fall from your eyes or the delicate strings of your release connecting to him.

    he clumsily placed his hand on the table, the other lifting your leg even higher as he fucked his release into his condom, grunting out your name and a slew of curse words. the slight overstimulation made you scratch at his back but you couldn’t tear your eyes away from the look on his face as he came in you.

    he pushed into you weakly a few more times, milking everything out of you, needing to drag the moment out even longer. he gently rested your legs back down, not caring about the crumpled papers under you. he was panting, chest moving up and down, and he finally slip out of your soaping cunt, missing its warmth already.

    as he began taking some tissues and pouring some water on them from his water bottle to clean the mess he made, he spoke to your fatigued body. mirth in his tone, but dangerous lust in his sharp eyes as you watched him in dazed wonder.

    “if you can keep this a secret, i’ll tell you another one”

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    synopsis. after receiving a unusually odd request for your matchmaking business, curiosity finally helps draw you out of your shell and into the arms of popular ice hockey player jeon wonwoo. maybe cupid isn't so powerful after all, maybe it's cupid's arrow instead.
    a/n. it's starting on Saturday!!! get ready grr😼

    previous :: next

    #seventeen #seventeen x reader #seventeen fanfic#seventeen imagines#wonwoo imagines #wonwoo x reader #kpop smau#kpop fluff #jeon wonwoo x reader #wonwoo smau#svt smau#svt texts#svt fluff#seventeen smau#seventeen fluff #love in our view `` the collection #[💥] : burnout syndrome!
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  • chansao
    08.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Uma entre várias noites de prazer ;

    • capa e banner feito para @hobiswears

    • em caso de inspiração , credite .

    Estou passando por uma fase que simplesmente não consigo editar nada envolvendo manip , estou realmente pensando em desistir das minhas manips .

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  • prettywordsyouleft
    08.12.2021 - 3 hours ago


    Pairing: Im Jaebum x female reader

    Genre: angst / romance / soulmate au / fluff ending

    Warnings: emotional angst, swearing, right person wrong time trope

    Prompt: “I’ll sleep on the couch.” - #13 of Idea Starters

    Word count: 4136

    In all your years of existing, you assumed you would meet your soulmate in a romantic way. Bumping into one another on the street, the first snow cascading down as you looked into his or her eyes. Giggling as you step into get a coffee and crossing paths with your destined one in the line, their drink order being the same as yours. Being interviewed for a job, failing it, and then meeting your beloved in the same office so it’s not so much of a let-down.

    You might have watched one too many romance movies in your life. You had dreamed about the grand gestures and the little ones equally. Even a meet-messy would be better than this.

    “I’ll uh, I’ll sleep on the couch. Just for tonight,” you mumbled after taking one look at your cousin’s boyfriend who had opened the door.

    Your heart was thudding so dangerously loud in your chest that you knew he had to hear it from where he stood still stunned in the doorway. By some miracle, you had dashed inside the house and over to said couch in the living room, placing your luggage down beside it before you moved to the bathroom down the hallway and promptly locked the door.

    Not only had today been the worst day of all days, but you had also gotten stuck in the downpour as you packed a suitcase of your belongings and left your apartment in a rush. You had texted Zara earlier about your predicament, and she had offered you to stay at hers until you were back on your feet again. Your cousin had mentioned she was away for the weekend with work, but her boyfriend Jaebum would be home, and she’d tell him that you were coming over to stay.

    It all had started to sound like things were getting better.

    Boy, had you been wrong. As soon as the door swung open, you felt the immense rush of your soul pushing to the surface, your eyes widening as you took the man in before you. His eyes connected with yours in the same incredulous way yours were, his mouth falling ajar.

    He was your soulmate.

    And he was dating your cousin.

    The gentle knock on the bathroom door jolted you away from sagging against it, your wild stare turning on the wooden barrier. You had come in here to hide. Sure, it made sense that you took a shower, given how frozen your body had been from the soaked clothes. Now, you were too numb to register the chill on your skin, your mind reeling from your soul’s discovery.

    “Are you okay?” he asked tentatively, and you clamped your eyes shut as a lump formed in your throat.

    You didn’t want to cry. Not again.

    You didn’t answer him, listening intently to the sounds on the other side of the door. There were no retreating footsteps. Instead, you heard a barely breathed out curse and then his body sliding heavily to the ground on the opposite side of the door.

    Slowly, you mirrored the action, curling up with your forehead pressed onto your knees.

    “You’re Zara’s cousin,” he stated, his husky voice causing you to hold your breath for a moment in its wake.

    You wished to be anywhere but here.

    Could you find somewhere else to stay? Your best friend had just moved back home, but her bedroom floor would be a better place to crash instead of here. Heck, you’d rather use your savings and rent a motel room than remain in this situation.

    Jarringly, you got to your feet and swung open the door, Jaebum scrambling up in the process.

    You both stared at one another wordlessly.

    He wasn’t your typical choice in men, but he was handsome. Dark hair fell into brown cat-like eyes. Your gaze followed down the slope of his nose to his plush mouth, lips slightly parted as he sucked in a shaky breath. He had the shadow of stubble forming on his jaw, and a set of broad shoulders and defined chest meet your trail down his body. He wasn’t overly thick in frame, but you could tell he was strong. He wore baggy clothing that hid the definition of his lower half, and his feet were bare. You stared at them for some time, unable to lift your focus back up to his face.

    You needed to get out of here.

    “I’ll find somewhere else to go.”

    “No,” he answered, his hand reaching out to grip your wrist as you attempted to skirt around the doorframe.

    Again, your attention jolted back to his eyes, the surge of electricity beneath your skin thrumming where he held you. It began to burn, and just as quickly as he held on to you, did he let go, his dark eyes pleading for you to stay put.

    “I think we need to talk.”

    “There’s nothing to talk about,” you whispered back, blinking away from the hurt that immediately rose within his eyes.

    “Right. Because discovering your soulmate is an everyday occurrence,” he bit back, clearing his throat after dropping another curse between you.

    Your emotions were rising steadily, and you swiped angrily at your tears before they could fall down your face. “You’re Zara’s boyfriend.”

    “Yes.” He sounded tortured as he pushed the word through his lips, and you peeked at him through the side of your eye. “But I… I mean… we’re…”


    “Soulmates,” he corrected more boldly, capturing you again. Steely resolve met your cautious glance, and he swallowed deeply. “Shit. This… this wasn’t supposed to happen like this.”

    “No. But I suppose we’re not the first people to face a less than ideal match.”

    “Less than ideal… you mean meeting, not match.”

    You laughed hollowly. “Sure.”

    “I don’t meet your stand—”

    “You’re dating Zara,” you repeated, finally finding the courage needed to duck away from the man. You felt your soul lurch backwards for him as you stalked quickly to the living room.

    Jaebum’s hand was on your suitcase before you could reach it. “Let’s not be hasty, Y/N.”

    A simple gasp left you at his use of your name, your heart racing into overdrive.

    This was pure torture. The universe sure knew how to play a sick joke.

    “I’m going to go.”

    “You’re soaked through. Have a shower. Crash here. I’ll go to my friend’s house. Zar—your cousin mentioned you have no place to go right now after your landlord kicked you out unfairly.”

    God, could this day get any more humiliating?

    “I’ll go to my friend Jackson’s house,” he offered again, and your round eyes investigated his. There were too many emotions swirling in his eyes, too many tugs at your heart to understand each one.

    You had known that soulmates were connected in many ways, but you hadn’t expected the force to be this immediate. This powerful.

    “Please,” he whispered, and you closed your eyes, nodding once. “Thank you.”

    Letting go of your luggage, Jaebum backed off a step, shaking his head softly as he continued to stare at you. “I’m sorry.”


    “Hurting you further today,” he replied, and you sucked in your bottom lip, teeth clamping down on it in hopes to distract the tears threatening to spill again.

    Nodding again, you retreated to the bathroom, locked the door and sat down heavily on the side of the bathtub.

    No gesture – grand or small, could make this right.

    Jaebum was gone by the time you finished your shower. There was a simple note on top of your luggage, telling you to remain here, to help yourself to the food in the kitchen, and ended with a phone number.

    Presumably his.

    You managed to swallow down some food, though you didn’t taste it, and turned on the TV even when you couldn’t focus on it. Throughout the night, you tossed and turned. It wasn’t because the couch was uncomfortable.

    You couldn’t get Jaebum out of your head.

    As the hours slipped by, so did some of your remaining sanity. You went through erratic mood swings, waking up to think about how gorgeous he was, only to fitfully sleep for half an hour more and condemn yourself for finding him attractive. When morning arrived, you were still unprepared to deal with any of this.

    Especially when Jaebum reappeared.

    “I uh, I got us some breakfast,” he announced as you stared back at him in alarm. His movements were slow, precise, as if you were a frightened animal ready to take flight at the slightest wrong move. You watched as he placed a tray of beverages and a takeout bag on the dining table near the entrance of the kitchen.

    Jaebum then swung around, leaning against the table, and looked at you. Once again, you were stuck staring at this man. This morning he looked worse than yesterday. Shadows had formed under his eyes, indicating that he had had just as little rest as you had. Your fingers itched to run over the purple marks, and you closed your hands into fists until your nails dug into your palms.

    “Are you hungry?”

    “A little,” you confessed, and Jaebum nodded, turning back to the food and began pulling it out of the bag.

    You wandered over to him on shaky legs, trying to peer over his shoulder at what he had gotten. You stumbled, and Jaebum was quick to reach out and right you, his hands trembling against the curve of your waist. “You okay?”

    “I’m fine.”

    Letting you go, Jaebum looked at the food he’d gotten. “I didn’t really know what you liked or didn’t, so I got a few options. Drinks too. I got coffee and juice. What do you prefer? I could go out and get something else if it’s—”

    “I’m fine with what’s here. Thank you.”

    Breakfast was challenging. You both kept attempting to stare at the other whilst forcing food and drink through your mouths. You watched how he opened things and what hand he used most, smiling softly without realising it.

    “You’re left-handed.”

    Jaebum stilled for a moment. He then looked up at you, hope etched into expression. “Yeah, I am. Are you left-handed too?

    “No, but I’ve always strangely found it attractive,” you admitted and then bit your lip when you realised what you had said. “Oh… uh, well, I mean—”

    “Attractive how?”

    “I meant different,” you offered, and Jaebum’s lips curled up a little. You groaned inwardly.

    “Well, I guess being left-handed is different.”

    “You’re going to annoy me over that, aren’t you?”

    Jaebum grinned. “Maybe.”

    “Stop!” you chimed, and he laughed heartily. Your mouth fell ajar, now mesmerised by the sound.

    Jaebum noticed and cleared his throat awkwardly, rubbing a palm over the nape of his neck.

    You darted your attention back to your food, cursing the momentary lapse in control.

    “We should talk,” he mentioned after the silence stretched uncomfortably between you, and you shook your head. “Y/N.”

    “Jaebum,” you countered, watching how he reacted to you saying his name. Such a strange thing for the soul to rush forward to, you thought. Then again, it was part of your identity, and you assumed all souls craved that type of understanding from the connection.

    “We’re adults,” he pointed out gruffly, pinning you with a stare. “We can discuss this. Avoidance isn’t going to stop me from…”


    “Wanting to know you,” he replied eventually, no doubt having to change the words he was originally going to say.

    You looked down at your remaining food, no longer hungry. The immense level of guilt you had struggled with all night consumed you again, and you huffed out a short breath. “I think it’s best that we don’t get to know one another.”

    “And deny ourselves the bond?!” Jaebum asked you, disbelief and hurt flooding his tone. “Y/N, what we have is—”

    “Nothing,” you interjected, smiling forcibly. “Listen. I get it. Believe me, I do. But this isn’t a situation I want to be in. Zara is one of my friends. We’re cousins, but she’s also been there for me when my life has seen hardship and happiness. And vice versa. I don’t know how you feel about her, but I know what she thinks about you—” You cut off with a choked sob, diverting your gaze from him.

    The endless phone calls. The coffee dates. Zara had been smitten with Jaebum from the first time she laid eyes on him.

    “I know we all have a soulmate out there, Y/N. But I wouldn’t even care if mine never turned up. I know I’ll always want him. Jaebum is… he is everything to me.”

    “I care about Zara too,” he murmured, sounding broken. You didn’t dare look at him, not wanting your heart to betray the loosely forming resolve of your mind. “This is a fucking nightmare.”

    “Yeah. But it’s okay because there’s only one answer.”

    “No, Y/N, there’s not.”

    You finally looked at him and his expression crushed your soul. “I won’t be the person who steps on my cousin’s happiness. Even if I know that you and I are connected in some way. And I won’t allow you to leave her for me either. We just need to accept this is how it’ll be, Jaebum.”

    “Y/N,” he growled as you stood up and shot him another weak smile.

    “Thank you for letting me stay here last night. I’ll go stay with my best friend instead. I hope you have enough sense to not break my cousin’s heart. She’s an amazing person, and she thinks the world of you.”

    And with that, you reached for your suitcase and wheeled it to the exit, this time Jaebum didn’t stop your escape.

    “Y/N!” Zara crooned when she saw you waiting for her, dashing over to you and hugging you tightly. “It’s been so long since I’ve seen you in person! How dare you be a stranger like this!”

    “Sorry, Zar,” you replied, smiling back at her infectious energy. “I’ve been busy.”

    “Too busy for your little old cousin? Pfft!”

    Six months had passed since you had met Jaebum. Six months of imagining what could have happened if you hadn’t chosen to walk away. Could you have been friends with him? At least then you would have known what he was up to.

    Having found your soulmate made you deeply curious about him. Mostly about how Jaebum coped without you.

    Of course, you had heard about him from Zara. She had remained oblivious, thankfully, more disappointed that you had chosen to take up residence elsewhere than with her. She had owed you from when she had crashed at your place, so she had insisted until it was all forgotten about and life had moved on.

    You now saw your life as a series of before and after. Life after Jaebum sure was different than before.

    The struggles hadn’t lasted as long as they felt they would. Your landlord was fined by the tenancy tribunal after you contacted for advice, and you were rewarded your bond back and compensation. That allowed you to secure a new apartment, and with that, you found yourself lucky to see a job opening for a manager at the bookstore underneath your home. Now, you had more than enough money in your savings, a future that was stable, and you hadn’t needed to crash on anyone’s couch again.

    Especially Zara’s.

    “I have big news to tell you!” your cousin exclaimed, giggling giddily. You watched her with interest, your observation of her appearance halting on her left hand. Zara noticed your acknowledgement of the sparkly gem on her finger and thrust it into your face. “I’m getting married!”

    All the warmth withdrew from your body. A loud buzzing began to build until you couldn’t hear a word Zara was saying, and you had slouched back into your chair as oxygen began to feel difficult to obtain.

    Zara was marrying your soulmate.

    “Y/N. Y/N?! Are you listening?”

    “Oh,” you managed, not even attempting to smile. “That’s great news.”

    “I know. I mean, I’ve always wanted to be married before thirty, and here I am, getting to do just that. Louis and I will be getting married next year, though, so I suppose I’ll end out my twenties as—”

    “Louis?” you cut in with a sharp tone, leaning across the table at the woman. “What are you talking about?”

    “I knew you weren’t listening! I told you, I met my soulmate, Y/N. His name is Louis Grant.”

    “When? I thought you were with Jaebum.”

    “A month ago. We crossed paths at a work convention, and the connection was instantaneous. I went home that weekend and told Jaebum that I’d met my soulmate, and I wanted to pursue things with him instead.”

    “You did what?” you breathed out, equal measures of relief and disgust roiling through you.

    All this time, you had chosen your cousin over Jaebum. Over your soulmate. And Zara had dropped him as soon as she had found Louis.

    “Jaebum was rather understanding. I think he’s met his soulmate already. I told him I was honoured he stayed with me all this time out of loyalty. I think his soulmate didn’t choose him. Poor guy.”

    “She couldn’t,” you replied, and Zara frowned momentarily before gushing again about Louis.

    You barely paid attention. Your mind was stuck on the man you had met six months ago. The one who had pleaded with you to stay, to listen, to figure another option.

    Jaebum had been crushed by two women in this family now.

    “Did Jaebum move out?” you blurted out, interrupting Zara a second time.

    She gave you a concerned look. “No. We were both on the lease, so I left it to him. I moved in with Louis. Are you okay, Y/N?”

    “No. Actually, I’ve got to go. Congratulations on your engagement and finding your soulmate, Zara,” you announced, grabbing your bag and scratching back your chair from the table.

    You had to go find your soulmate now.

    You hesitated in front of the door, wondering if you should just leave and pretend you didn’t know anything. Jaebum hadn’t once asked Zara for your number, and whilst you had kept his, you didn’t dare save it into your phone, let alone dial it. For all you knew, Jaebum might want to wash his hands entirely of both cousins.

    Still, there was yearning there. You wanted to reach out for his hand.

    This time it wouldn’t hurt anyone to do so either.

    “Are you going to knock or just stand there?” a voice asked from behind you after another fifteen minutes staring at the front door, and you whipped around so fast that you lost your balance.

    Warm hands reached for your waist to right you, just as they once had months prior. They trembled against your skin, though Jaebum didn’t remove them, staring down at you in a daze.

    He’d cut his hair. It was the first you noticed as you soaked him in, unable to stop your hand from stretching up into his black locks. Jaebum leaned into your touch, and you smiled gently.

    He didn’t want you to leave this time.

    “We need to talk,” he murmured, and you laughed as you nodded.

    “That seems to be your favourite sentence, Jaebum.”

    He groaned. “Say it again.”

    “Your favourite sentence?” you teased, and Jaebum’s grip burned hotter against your side. “Jaebum. My soulmate.”

    “My soulmate,” he echoed, shunting you towards the front door. You eyed him warily, and he smirked. “Listen, the reason I say that sentence so often in your company is that you’re so eager to disappear on me. And this time, that’s not happening.”


    “You’re on my doorstep,” he reminded, and you laughed. Jaebum stopped attempting to unlock his door, instead caged you against it.

    “I can’t believe you’re here,” he whispered, closing the gap between you both a little, now breathing in the same air. His cologne was woodsy and musk, and you inhaled deeply.

    “I thought you wanted to talk.”

    “Oh, we have plenty to talk about, but there’s only one thing I want to ask you right now, “he murmured, lips now dangerously close to you. Your heart was a beacon calling out to his, and your hand slipped onto his chest, feeling the answering thud of his back. Jaebum smiled. “Can I kiss you?”

    You pressed your lips to his in response, your mind imploding in the process.

    You had kissed before but never had you felt like this. As if you were slotting against a puzzle piece that was made to be next to you. His mouth was the perfect fit, and as Jaebum’s tongue begged entrance to greet yours, you each let out a moan at how amazing this felt.

    It was as if you had been dying of thirst all this time, and now his kisses were your salvation.

    Eventually, Jaebum pulled back after nipping your bottom lip, each of you breathless and gripping the other tightly. You watched as he took you in again, a slight shake of his head in wonderment. You cupped his cheek within your hand. “I’m sorry I walked away all those months ago.”

    “I’m not,” he answered, finally turning the key in the door. It opened and he guided you backwards into the entryway wall, shutting the door behind you both before he ran his hand down your side affectionately. “I missed you like crazy. Which is odd, right? We had one day.”

    “Not even a whole day,” you corrected, and Jaebum groaned at the words.

    “Not even a whole day with you, and you broke me somehow. But I didn’t want to hurt Zara either. You were right. It was a less than ideal—”

    “Meeting, not match,” you supplied before he could, and Jaebum grinned.

    “I didn’t just stick it out with Zara. I was committed to her. And I figured if we were meant to be, something would make that happen. I respected your decision to walk away from me. You were showing more strength than I was in that moment.”

    “I didn’t want to hurt either of you,” you admitted, your thumb running over the side of his face gently. It was strange how natural it felt to touch him.

    Even though you had been aghast with Zara’s reaction to her soulmate earlier, you could understand it a little. There was something about Jaebum that made you know you couldn’t be with anyone else like this. He made you feel fully alive.

    “It sounds awful, but when Zara came home and explained she met her match, I was relieved. Even more so when she explained she hadn’t given in to her desires before telling me the truth. So, I told her the truth too.”

    You blinked. “You what?”

    “I told her that you’re my soulmate, Y/N,” Jaebum announced, and you frowned. He reached to smooth your forehead out. “She was surprised and annoyed with both of us.”


    Jaebum chuckled. “She told me that we should have told her, and she would have accepted.”

    “Why didn’t she tell me? Or come and see me earlier than now? She’s been with Louis for a month!”

    “I told her not to.”

    You gaped at him. “Jaebum! I came here as soon as I knew. I didn’t waste another—”

    He kissed you then, soft and sensual. When he finally pulled back, Jaebum smiled. “I asked her not to. Believe it or not, I did get dumped, you know. I had some things I needed to clear out from my life. Chapters to close type of thing. I wanted to make sure that when I approached you again, and believe me, I was preparing to, that you’d have no reason to walk away from me. That you’d find nothing but the ideal match in me.”

    “I almost can’t hate you for that,” you confessed with a sob-laugh, burying yourself into his chest. Jaebum held you tightly and laughed too, running his hand up and down your spine.

    “Don’t hate me. You can’t.”

    “I don’t think it’s possible to,” you admitted into his chest and felt his lips on your head. “But Jaebum?”


    You pulled back and smiled at him. “I think it’s time you and I have a talk, don’t you?”

    Laughing heartily, he reached for your hand and pulled you further into his home. “First, let’s eat a meal together. You can tell me all about how attractive I am for being left-handed again.”

    “I meant different!” you exclaimed, grinning as he laughed yet again.

    “Well, let me show you just how different I am from all the other people you’ve ever met.”

    You couldn’t wait for him to do just that.


    All rights reserved © prettywordsyouleft

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    08.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    — ⎙ PEDIDO POR hyundah | talvez, apenas talvez, apaixonada por uma vampira 》 inspiração em @chishikizi ♡

    sinceramente eu adorei essa capa mas sinto que eu poderia ter feito melhor, porémmm estou satisfeita eh isto

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  • chaotickpop
    08.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Unusual Attraction

    Chapter 15: Morale Support

    After our fun trip at the studio and a quick shower at my house, we drove to the restaurant where everyone was meeting. Taeyong laced our fingers together as we walked inside. We looked around before spotting our table of friends and joined them, Yuta motioning for me to sit next to him. "You two were gone all day. What were you doing," Haechan asked. "Studio to unwind after seeing the doctor," Taeyong said smoothly as I sipped my soda. "How did that go," Jaehyun asked, everyone looking at me. "My surgery is next week and then I'll have to be careful with everything I do for a few weeks then I'll go see him again to see how the fusion is going. I might be lucky enough to get out that same day so fingers crossed. I just hope that I don't have a scar afterwards. I can kiss my modeling career goodbye," I sighed. "Aren't they doing it on your throat," Haechan asked. I nodded and placed my finger on my neck and made a cutting motion, "from my understanding, it's a cut to the neck, pull out the damaged disc and place the graft inside and close me back up. Done with the surgery and I'll be good to go, although I'll be stuck on soups for a while before moving up to soft foods." "And all of this is over wrestling," he asked as waiters began passing out bowls and plates of food. "Most of it, yes, but I used to be a cheerleader and I used to deal with strains each season, but I never really took care of myself because I was trying to be tough. That's just my mentality. I have to be tough so I don't make people worry." Yuta gave me a side hug, Taeyong joining in so I was squished between them. "Guys! I'm starting to think that you like doing that on purpose," I giggled as they release me. "Of course we do because it's fun and we do it out of love," Taeyong admitted as everyone agreed. "I love you guys too," I said before eating some of the spicy noodles.

    "We should do something special before Ash has her surgery," Johnny suggested as everyone was enjoying their meals. "You don't have to. We can just hang out and go out to dinner or have a cookout at the dorm or my house," I said in between bites. "We want you to have fun before your big day so I think we should," Jungwoo agreed. "You might as well agree to it, babe. Once they make up their mind, it's over," Taeyong chuckled. "Fine, but we only have a few days. So what's the plan," I asked, finally giving in. "Well, we did say that we would go to your vacation home to hang out for a few days so now would be the perfect time to go," Haechan spoke up, everyone agreeing. "I haven't been there in years so I have no idea what the condition of the house is," I said, trying to think about the last time I was there. "We'll fix it up and get it cleaned up," Johnny said, "don't worry about anything. We'll help you out no matter what." "Thanks, guys," I said, taking a bite of beef before dropping my chopsticks, my arm going numb. "What's wrong," Taeyong asked, all eyes on me. "I.....excuse me," I said, standing up and left the table, making my way to the bathroom. "This can't be happening," I sighed, squeezing my arm, trying to get some type of feeling in it. I sighed, tears forming in my eyes as pain shot through my arm and neck. I leaned against the wall before sliding down to the floor, holding my arm as I tried to think of anything to distract me from the pain.

    I could feel my phone buzz in my pocket, but I couldn't bring myself to try to grab it. I squeezed my arm again, trying to get some type of feeling back when someone knocked on the door. "Ash, are you okay," Jungwoo asked from the other side of the door. I slowly picked myself up and walked towards the door, cracking it. "What's wrong? Everyone's worried about you," he said as I shook my head, tears rolling down my cheeks as I opened the door all of the way. "No, I'm not okay," I said, wiping my eyes, "I can't feel my arm. I can't even move it. I was hurting, but the pain is going away." Jungwoo wrapped his arms around me, rubbing circles on my back. "Do you want us to take you back home then," he asked. "No. I don't want to ruin anyone's night," I said, looking down. "You wouldn't ruin it. Your health is more important to us. We could order food to go and have a movie night at the dorm," he suggested, petting my head. I sighed as I looked at my arm, squeezing it, my fingers twitching slightly. "I can barely feel it so it'll pass hopefully," I sighed, trying to make a fist. "So do you want to stay here or do you want to go home," he asked softly. "Let's stay here. I'll be fine," I said, wiping my eyes. "Just take your time and come back when you're ready," he said, rubbing my arm before walking away. I sighed and stepped back into the bathroom, looking myself in the mirror before splashing water on my face.

    Jungwoo returned to the table and sat in his seat. "What's going on? Why isn't she answering her phone," Taeyong asked as everyone looked at Jungwoo. "She's not feeling too good. She can't feel her arm and she can barely move her fingers. I asked her if she wanted to get food to bring back to the dorm, but she said that she didn't want to ruin our night," he explained with a sigh. "She wouldn't be ruining our night. We could still have fun at home," Haechan pout. "If only she could have that surgery sooner. I hate that she's not doing well," Yuta said as Taeyong sighed. "Me too, but she can't unfortunately. That was the earliest they could see her. So for now, we just need to let her take it easy and let her enjoy this week before her surgery. Remember, she's going to need all of us while she's recovering," he said. "Yeah. At least the comeback isn't until next month so we can help out ad much ad possible right now," Mark said. "We'll just have to keep an eye on her and make sure that she's okay for the time being," Taeyong said as everyone nodded in agreement, "here she comes."

    I made my way to the table and took my spot between Yuta and Taeyong, everyone giving me a concerning look. "I'm fine, guys. Everything is okay," I said, flashing a smile as I put my phone on the table. "Are you sure? We just want to make sure that you're okay," Taeyong said, petting my head. "Yeah. I actually called a friend and he said that this type of thing comes and goes, but surgery will definitely help with it. I just have to make sure that I'm not holding anything hot or touching anything hot," I said, slowly lifting my right arm, making a fist, "I just need to let it pass and my feeling will return." Taeyong rubbed my lower back, resting his hand on it as I kept talking, explaining to everyone that the wrestler lifestyle isn't for everyone, but everyone in the business puts their bodies on the line to entertain people around the world.

    "If you had the chance to return, would you," Johnny asked, making me think. "Honestly, yeah I would. I'd go back in a heartbeat. That's how much I love the business. I don't do it for the money or the fame. I do it for the fans. I had little girls who looked up to me. I told them to always follow their dreams no matter what and never allow anyone to tear you down. If I could change someone's life, then I feel accomplished with my job," I said, "now, I'll have to figure out ways to keep helping others since I can't wrestle." "I'm sure that you'll find something once you're fully recovered," Taeyong said as I nodded. "That's the plan, baby. In the meantime, I'll just happily annoy you guys while also supporting you guys during your comebacks." He leaned over and kissed my cheek, "we appreciate it. Now let's enjoy this meal." Everyone cheered before digging into their food, Taeyong practically feeding me his food.

    After dinner, Taeyong and I returned to the dorm, saying good night to everyone and started getting ready for bed. I took a hot shower and went to his room, sitting on his bed and brushed my hair. He was laying down, still shirtless after his shower with his boxers on, playing Animal Crossing on his Switch. "Are you feeling okay, baby," he asked, looking over at me as I tossed my brush onto the dresser. "Yeah. I'm alright," I said, crawling up and laid next to him, watching him play. "We should play together sometimes," he said, picking flowers on the game. "I've never played it before. I know a lot of people say that it's fun and a lot of my fans want me to play it, but I never had the time to actually play. I bought it and everything and still haven't played it," I said as he saved it and put the Switch on the nightstand. "I'll show you how to play. It's easy. Then we could play together," he smiled, wrapping his arms around me, holding me close to his chest. "I would love that," I smiled, kissing his cheek before he playfully pout. "No. I want a kiss on my lips," he said, pointing to his lips. "So picky," I giggled, kissing his lips as he finally smiled, kissing my forehead as we went to sleep.

    #kpop#my edit#my fic #my oc fic #nct taeyong #nct 127 fanfic #nct fanfic
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  • star-lemonade
    08.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Who I write for:

    Stray Kids, A.C.E, Ateez

    What I write:

    angst, fluff, romance, smut, sub!idol (includes pegging, restraints, praise, "Nuna", cross-dressing), vanilla, ABO(sometimes), Hybrids, non-idol au, friends to lovers,

    What I don't write (and don't want to talk about):

    dom!idol, choking, daddy/mommy, non con/rape fantasies, anything that leaves permanent damage, de-ageing, yandere

    #stray kids #stray kids smut #A.C.E #ateez#kpop fanfic #sub!idol
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  • starlightxsvt
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    Because I Love You (teaser) | c.sc

    pairing ➳ best friend!Seungcheol x female! reader
    genre ➳ best friends to lovers, idiots to lovers, a good dose of angst, lots of pinning, fluff to heal your heart, smut.
    synopsis ➳ harboring feelings for your best friend of years have never been this hard. now, when he shows up with a beautiful girl in his arms you aren't sure how long you can keep your feelings to yourself.
    playlist ➳ because I love you- gummy// lie- sasha sloan// in silence- janet suhh// teenage dream- katy perry// lean on me- seventeen.


    Your voice makes him turn around. "Yeah?"

    "There's something I need to tell you." You breathe. Nodding, he takes a few steps towards you, hands in his pockets, "Sure. Go ahead."

    Breathe. Just breathe.

    You will yourself to just inhale and exhale while trying to not crumble down in front of him when saying the words that have been on your tongue for years. This might not be the best time, in fact, it isn't; but you need to get this off of your chest or else you might actually die. So putting your big girl shoes on, you do the worst thing one can do to their best friend just before they are about to confess their love to someone- you confess to them instead.

    "I love you." Your voice doesn't waver, surprisingly. It's loud and clear, no hesitation, full of candor.

    "I love you. Not just in a best friend typa way. I love you as in you're the love of my life, Cheol. I've loved you for years. I'm fucking crazy about you. I really had to get this off my chest, you know? I love you so much that if I didn't say it out loud I thought I was gonna burst." By miracle you keep going while Seungcheol watches you; first with a frown and then his face covering with pure shock as his eyes widen like saucers, his mouth hanging open a little. He gapes at you, like a fish, all wide eyes and unbearable silence.

    And you just stand there for a long time, waiting to embrace whatever comes next to you. Still, when he utters one single word you realize you are not prepared at all for what he's about to throw at you.

    "Fuck." He whispers under his breath.

    Fuck it is.

    Release date: 11/12/21

    masterlist | kofi

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  • hyunjinniesbbygirl
    08.12.2021 - 7 hours ago


    I have this SKZ Mafia Au! idea for a fanfiction series floating around in my head for a couple weeks! Would you guys like me to work on making it a reality? Also OP main character or an immersive Y/N experience? xx

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    writers, if you see this feel free to take the plot! i just can't write it!! i keep crying 😭 ok so:

    1)ML is a successful someone and his new found success and fame is getting in between him and FL

    2)FL lowkey can't take it anymore and is going through a hard time but TO MAKE THINGS WORST, she finds out bout her terminal illness.

    3)FL knew she gonna x_x soon but didnt want it to jepordize ML's current life, so she wanna break up (idk how like maybe fake a cheat or idk up to you). She wants him to hate her so he wouldn't mourn over her death.

    4)ML ACTUALLT got upset (IDIOT!!) and all blah blah but before they actually broke up or divorce (up to you again) FL is on her deathbed :(

    5)She died yea

    6)I had atheletes or racers in mine for this plot so.. ML dedicates next win for FL???


    My only requirement is:

    - as angst as possible!!

    - TAG ME!! :) I WANT TO READ IT!!

    OK HAVE FUN BABES! Feel free to tweak anything if you want :)))

    #fanfic writer#f1 fic#fanfic#original writing #kpop fan fiction #tumblr writing community #tumblr writers#writerscafe#free plot#free ideas #tumblr writing challenge #remember to tag meee!!!
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    ★ Meet Evil ★

    capa para o @marsgrapphics

    — caso se inspire, por favor dê os créditos.

    05-07 dez 2021

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    Perfect World

    Nayeon, Mina & Tzuyu x Male Reader

    view on AFF

    857 Words

    Prompt: In your perfect world where you in a relationship with an idol. Who would you like to be a friend with benefit, a boyfriend, and a husband with?

    FWB of Nayeon

    Barely into your house and you are greeted by Nayeon. Why are you surprised that she's in your house? You gave her a spare key a week into your arrangement so you don't have to deal with her trying to fuck you in the lift lobby.

    "What took you so long? I thought your classes ended an hour ago?"

    "I was discussing my project with my teammate. She's a real cutie. I love when—"

    You are interrupted when Nayeon slowly gets on her knees and crawls towards you. Her low cut top gives you an ample view of her cleavage and blood rushes down your body.

    "I don't need to listen about your love life." zip "I'm just here to, mwah, suck your cock."

    You throw your head back and lean against your shut door, enjoying the feel of her perfect lips made for sucking cock. Wet slurps and loud gags are all you can hear as your fuck buddy takes your cock deep into her throat.

    "Off, Nayeon." Upon hearing your firm command, she gets back on her knees and place her hands on her knees. "Let's go to the bedroom."

    "Yes daddy."

    She goes back on all fours and crawls. You notice the lack of panties under her short skirt and her thighs already stained with her wetness. Nayeon wiggles her butt every few seconds, tempting you like the impatient girl she is. It doesn't matter, you are impatient too.

    Tug her ponytail to stop her and pull her dress up. You lick your lips before kneeling and bringing your cock to her lower lips. You worry about the noise you're about to make, but a thrust later, you don't care how many "Fuck daddy!" your neighbours hear.

    Boyfriend of Mina

    “Mina, ugh, you are, fuck, not helping.”

    “Of course I am! I did most of the project in university, remember?”

    You do, although it is hard to do so when Mina is riding on your lap, when you are supposed to be finishing this work report. You don't deny the blonde beauty’s intelligence. It, along with her confidence and charisma, is what made you fall in love with her and why you asked her out before graduation.

    You blindly type on your 65% keyboard, trying your best not to make any typos as the view of your monitor is blocked by Mina’s sweaty back. Fuck the report. It isn't due any time soon. Your colleague can finish it up herself. Sounds of your keyboard switches stop ringing in your ears as you shift your focus back on Mina and pull her top’s straps down her award-deserving shoulders before wrapping your arms around her torso. The only sounds you need is of Mina’s ass slapping against your thighs as well as Mina’s pristine moans.

    You don't get to see her face, but you are sure it is plastered with pleasure, or a smirk of victory, or a combination of both. Tightening your hold on your girlfriend, you assist in her bouncing on your lap by thrusting upwards. You can never get enough of her tight pussy, just as she can never get enough of your cock.

    “Oh babe. Babe! I’m cummi—”

    Mina isn’t able to finish her sentence as she drenches your crotch with her juices. She leans back and onto your chest and you latch your mouth onto her neck, nibbling it while she comes down from her high.

    “Fuck that felt good babe. Japanese or Korean for dinner?”

    You couldn’t give an answer in time as Mina begins riding you again.

    Husband of Tzuyu

    “Yes, just like that sweety.”

    You give slow thrusts into your wife, lovingly staring into her eyes as you do so. Gone is the usual lust from when you fuck your friend with benefit, or your girlfriend. Tzuyu is the one you love, the one you choose to spend the rest of your life with, and you want to show her that.

    She wraps her arms around your neck and pulls you in closer. You stare into each other’s eyes and a smile surfaces. God she’s so beautiful. Tzuyu pulls you down further, sealing your lips together, just like the ring on your fingers seals your marriage. She tastes sweet as candy and you can’t get enough of her; you have a lifetime to enjoy her taste.

    You return your focus on her body. Her pussy is perfect and snug for you, a match made in heaven for you. Your thrusts become more erratic and the desire to cum is at an all time high.

    “Cum sweety.”

    You do as she asks, there is no point in holding back. You fill your condom with your cum, eyes shut as you do so. A pity you’re unable to look at Tzuyu as you do so, although your brain flashes perfect images of her as a compromise.

    After cuddling with her for a minute or so, you regretfully leave her embrace and get off the bed to properly discard the condom. She peeks from under the covers. “Get in sweety. We got to go to work tomorrow. I don’t want to be covering up for you again.”

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    • Virar a página

    - 📂capa para doação.

    - 💕caso se inspire, dê os créditos.

    - ⏳08/12/21

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    ᨳ (˶ᵔᴗᵔ˶ icons 120x120 — NCT DREAM; hello future.

    .não reposte e nem reedite;

    .se usar, por favor, curtir ou reblogar;

    💌 spirit fanfics;

    💌 port; @ilyjohnyu

    💌 (08/12/2021)

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  • panda-writes-kpop
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    Take Me Away (TMA) Chapter 3:

    A/N: Hi guys, girls, and non-binary pearls! I hope you’re doing well, and I hope you’re excited for this next chapter of Take Me Away! 💕💕

    TW: Traumatic events, flashbacks, dealing/coping with trauma, mentions of previous death, Y/N has trouble distinguishing between dreams and reality, dogs, werewolves, time travel (?)

    Not caught up from Chapter 1 or 2? Looking for a refresher? Check the Series Masterlist for the beginning of the series!

    “Y/N!” SuA screams in agony.

    The guard tries to pull her away, but SuA struggles against his grip.

    “We have to go, SuA. In order to honor them, you have to be alive.” The guard says as he begins to pull SuA away,

    SuA sobs as she leaves you behind.

    “I love you more, Y/N…”



    Why does it feel like my lungs are on fire? Is this what death feels like?

    SuA… never said that she loved me back. What do I do now?

    Return, or stay in this place of silent madness?

    I think you already know the answer.


    Your eyes open and you shoot up from your bed.

    I just died… right?

    You observe the familiar surroundings of your bedroom.

    Don’t tell me that heaven’s the exact same as my bedroom.

    You got to rub your eyes, and you let go of a ruby pendant. It gently falls to the floor where it makes a small sound. You go to grab the pendant, but you fall out of bed instead.

    That’s just great.

    You’re able to grab the pendant despite the pain that your body’s in.

    I guess I’m not dead since I can still feel pain.

    You stare at the ruby in its silver cage.

    How did this get here? I gave it to SuA as a gift.

    You carefully go through last night’s events as you recollect your thoughts.

    I got this strange box from the seamstress, and it had seven gemstones in it. I grabbed the ruby and fell asleep. When I woke up, I was in a different world, and the ruby transformed into a ruby pendant. After that whole… situation happened, I woke up in my bedroom, and the ruby was in its pendant form.

    Why is the ruby a pendant now? Wasn’t that a part of the whole dream scenario thing? Why did I have to die at the end? Does the dream only end when I die?

    I have so many questions, and it’s barely eight in the morning. I need something to eat.

    You pull yourself off of the floor just so you can make your bed.

    I’ll keep dad and the maids off of my back, for now. I have something more interesting to pursue.

    You stare at the pendant for a moment.

    What should I do with you? You’ve caused me quite a bit of trouble. I guess my best bet is to put it in the box, and then I’ll hide the box from the maids so they cannot find it.

    You grab the box and set the pendant where the ruby once was.

    I just realized that I’m going to do this six more times. I don’t know if I can take the heartbreak…

    You grimace as SuA’s screams come into your mind.

    Time to move on. I can’t spend all day wallowing over her. If I do that, it’ll be night soon.

    You decide to place the box in your safe after you close the box.

    I’m the only one who knows the combination.

    You quickly spin the lock once, so no one has a clue of what your safe numbers could be.

    After throwing on a clean outfit, you head into the dining room for breakfast.


    You chow down on the food in front of you.

    I’m so hungry because I didn’t eat much dinner last night. I’m glad that the cooks made a little extra for me.

    You enjoy the silence of the dining hall because it allows you to reflect on what just happened.

    I also forgot about that weird voice. Where did they come from?

    The voice, although sometimes annoying, has been useful to you.

    Without them, I wouldn’t have gotten to know… nervermind.

    Your eyes scan the room as you look for a distraction.

    Don’t think about it. Don’t think about it. Don’t think about it.

    You cringe as the dining hall around you shifts to a much older one.

    “Tell me, Y/N.” SuA takes your hands in hers as she talks, “Why do you think I asked you to be here?”

    “I…” You try to come up with something to say.

    “I think you asked me to be here because you had a question for me.” You answer.

    “And that would be?” SuA anxiously looks at you.

    “Do you fancy me like I fancy you?” You ask nervously.

    SuA laughs slightly as she tilts her head back.

    “I suppose we both already know the answer to that question, huh? I do not know why I had a doubt in my mind.”

    You give her a soft smile.

    You bury your head in your hands as you try to forget what happened.

    By the time you can see again, you realize that the path in front of you has been completely blocked off. You turn around, only to see the same on the other side of you.

    “SuA!” You call out.

    “Y/N!” You can hear SuA’s voice from the tall pile of rubble in front of you.

    “Are you alright?”

    “I’m fine. Can you find another way out?” She nervously asks.

    “No. Both sides are blocked off.” You shake your head.

    You hear the ceiling above you crack as the realization hits you.

    I’m going to die here.

    You shiver at one of your final thoughts.

    I can’t pretend that didn’t happen. I loved SuA, and I paid the price to get a sliver of love. Why does it have to be so hard to let her go? I’m so attached to a girl that I knew for two weeks.

    You pull your hands away from your face.

    Everything’s going to be okay. I’m in my house and I’m safe.

    You repeat that mantra in your head as you silently eat breakfast.


    To quiet your mind, you decide to grab a light jacket and head out for a small walk.

    I definitely need some fresh air after last night.

    You traveled a few blocks down the street until you reached your destination. You eagerly enter the shop that you once adored.

    The animal shelter. I loved volunteering here as a kid. I wasn’t allowed to be more than 15 minutes away from the house, and this place was only 10 minutes down the street from the house.

    You wave at the owners before heading into the back.

    I wonder if they have any new dogs from the last time I visited?

    You look around at the dogs playing in the pen. You smile as two of them approach you. You pick them up one at a time, and you set them next to you.

    Aww, they’re so cute! I wonder what their names are…

    The dog on your left was named Pie, and the dog on your right was named Cherry.

    You guys are so adorable! I wish I could take you home with me.

    A grand idea enters your mind.

    Father doesn’t have to know about you two…


    You’re able to successfully sneak the dogs into your room, despite the questioning of one of the maids. You set Pie and Cherry down as you go to open the door to your private backyard.

    Thank goodness I asked for a backyard of my own.

    Pie and Cherry race out of the door, and you laugh at them.

    I missed having someone around to be with. I promise to take care of these dogs with all of my heart.

    You quickly run out and get supplies for the two dogs before retiring for the night.


    As the moon rises into the sky, you’re left with a difficult decision.

    Which stone do I take now?

    Cherry snuggles into your side as you try to make a decision while Pie climbs up on your lap.

    “Pie!” You squeak as you pull the box out of the dog’s way, “You’re such a troublemaker.”

    Pie whines, and you begin to softly pet him.

    “Alright, you can help me choose.” You sigh as you place the box next to Pie. “Cherry gets to pick one too.”

    Cherry nudges your side as the dog’s eyes droop.

    Pie barks as you pull your attention away from Cherry. Pie’s snout pokes the moonstone repeatedly.

    “That one?” You grab the moonstone before setting the box on your nightstand.

    Here goes nothing.

    Pie licks your face before hopping off of your lap. You snuggle with the two dogs as the moonstone lies in your hands.

    With the dog’s comfort, you find sleep to be much easier.



    The strong howl of a dog causes you to jump out of bed.

    Pie? Cherry? Are you okay?

    An unfamiliar darkness greets your eyes as you try to navigate the room.

    Don’t touch anything. Just walk forward and you’ll be at the door.

    Oh god, you’re back.

    Don’t sound so thrilled, Y/N.

    You sigh as you blindly walk forward.

    Where am I now?

    Medieval times. It’s a couple centuries before your encounter with SuA, if you’re curious.

    I wasn’t, but thanks anyways.

    No problem.

    What’s the plan? Is there a cute bard girl that I can woo?

    ...Not exactly.

    You find the handle of the door somehow.

    Can you give me any sort of hint?

    No, but I wish you luck with this girl.

    Thanks, bud.

    You carefully twist the handle and pull the door open. Moonlight spills into the small cottage that you woke up in. You look for the moonstone in your hand, but all you see is a silver moonstone bracelet on your wrist.


    Do I have to go outside?

    Do you want to meet another lover?

    I hate you so much.

    You quietly close the door behind you,

    Go behind your house and peek around the corner. No matter what happens, you do not make a sound. Do you understand me?

    You’re coastal clear.

    Now go. You don’t have much time left.

    Your heart beats faster in anticipation of what is to come. You follow the voice’s instructions perfectly until it comes time to peek around the corner.

    Your heartbeat goes crazy while a sense of fear invades every part of your body.

    I’m not safe here. I’m scared, and I don’t know what to do.

    Look, and remember: Don’t. Make. A. Sound.

    You peek out at the forest area that’s surrounding the tiny village.

    This isn’t so bad.

    You cover your mouth with a shaky hand as a large wolf figure approaches the village.

    My god. Is that a werewolf?

    Yup. That’s your main concern.

    ...That’s my love interest?!?!

    I didn’t say that you would have a perfect romance out of a storybook, Y/N.

    I suppose you’re right. Belle didn’t end up so bad with the beast.

    That’s right. Now, as soon as she changes from wolf to human, you’re going to go out and meet her.

    I beg your pardon?

    Just do it.

    You huff as the moon slips past the treetops.

    You watch as the werewolf in front of you stares at where the moon once was. She collapses as she lets out one more howl of pain.

    You gasp as her limbs go from long to small, and as the hair melts off of her body. By the time it’s all disappeared, a woman with long black hair is right in front of your eyes. Her ragged dress and messy hair would be a sore sight for anyone but you.

    She’s… beautiful.

    Go out there and get her.

    You quickly emerge from the shadows as the woman stumbles around. When you approach her, she falls down and whimpers.

    “Please don’t hurt me…” She mumbles.

    You crouch down next to her and pull the hair out of her eyes.

    “I won’t hurt you. I just want to help.”

    “H-help?” The woman confusedly looks at you.

    Has she never had anyone help her before? I feel awful for her.

    “That’s it. Can I ask for your name?” You tilt your head at her.

    “Siyeon. My name’s Siyeon.”

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