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    iv. you can delete it now, im jealous

    when your best friend jake gets into your schools highly competitive modeling program, you think nothing of it. but soon you begin to notice the fact that you were slowly losing him and your not-so-secret crush on him was about to explode. but what you didn’t expect was the friends he would bring along, one being the infamous park sunghoon.

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    /authors note: im not sure if this is going well but tell me what you guys think! i love feedback <33/

    taglist (send an ask to be added): @cha-raena​ @simpforsung​ @ncityy04 @softforqiankun @lokideadontheinside @abdiitcryy

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    No Air

    Prompt: “You told me you were okay…” he said through gritted teeth. “You promised me.”

    Group: The Boyz

    Pairing: Eric/Fem! Reader (Third Person-Mila)

    Rating: Teen

    Warnings: Language, Angst, Descriptions of Asthma Attack/Issues Breathing, Mentions of Sickness (no death)

    Word Count: 1,443

    Main Masterlist | The Boyz Masterlist


    **This prompt comes from @heartlesslywhumping, thank you so much!! I edited it just slightly, but I loved the concept and had to use it! Original prompt post here**

    Mila wasn’t sure what happened.

    One minute she was running, her feet pounding into the dirt, her eyes on first base as she heard the kickball bouncing across the field, Hyunjae shouting “I’ve got it!” before making his way to the outfield.

    Mila laughing, looking over her shoulder to make sure no one would tag her out, Eric standing in the line of kickers on her team who were waiting their turn, laughing too, clapping and yelling for her to “Run!”.

    Then her eyes were locked back on the base, Mila pushing herself a little harder because she never kicked the ball that far- she was normally terrible- and this was an accomplishment-

    And then her throat was constricting-

    Mila’s footsteps were faltering-

    Her chest was tightening as she tried to inhale-

    She was stumbling on the dirt, a hand slapping to her throat as she gasped for air, heartbeat loud in her ears, knees stinging as they broke her fall-



    “What’s going on?”

    The voices were muddled, like she’d slipped underwater, her breaths coming in short, mind disoriented, black spots hindering her vision-


    One voice rang louder than the others, right beside her, the sound of dirt shifting violently before she felt warm hands on her shoulders.

    “I can’t breathe-” she found herself saying, voice barely there. “I-”


    Eric’s voice cracked a little before he was helping her up, Mila still inhaling the best she could-

    “Eric, what happened?”

    “Is she okay?”


    Her lungs were catching every time, the tell-tale whistle in her throat telling her it was tightening, that she needed-

    “Her inhaler!”

    Eric’s voice was high-pitched, more shuffling, Mila struggling to stay afloat, leaning against him as he tried to sit her up.

    “She needs her inhaler-”

    “My bag-” Mila did her best to speak again, the effort almost more than she could bear. “Eric, it’s-”

    “Someone get her bag!” he was yelling, still holding her up, fingers tight around her arms.

    “I’m going!”

    Mila recognized Juyeon’s voice, his retreating footsteps lost in the pounding beat of her heart, struggling without proper oxygen.

    Then he was back, panting hard, and through her blurry vision she could see Eric shakily pulling the cap off the mouthpiece, bringing the inhaler quickly to her lips.

    “Breathe, Mi-”

    She closed her lips around the piece, eyes slipping closed as she heard the puff, the albuterol shooting past her mouth, into her throat, and she was inhaling desperately, throat loosening, if only slightly.

    Mila inhaled sharply, but it wasn’t enough, Eric shaking the inhaler, eyes darting between her own, worry on every feature of his handsome face-

    “Come on-”

    He was putting the inhaler back to her lips, and she was letting him, another puff before she trying to breathe again, throat still too tight, air barely making it through, and she knew in that moment it wasn’t enough, her inhaler wasn’t working-

    “Call 911,” she gasped.

    It was what her mother had always taught her to say when the inhaler wasn’t working- when the asthma attack was too much, and she wouldn’t be there to call the paramedics for Mila herself.

    “It’s the only way to save yourself when it gets bad,” her mother would say.

    But it hadn’t been bad in months- she’d been free for the first spring season in a while, barely needing her inhaler when she went outside.

    She must’ve pushed herself too hard- been too exhilarated by the rush of finally making a decent kick that she’d forgotten her allergies.

    Forgotten her asthma for just a moment, living without worry-

    The sirens had come quicker than Mila could comprehend it, not sure who called, only trying not to pass out, going limp in Eric’s arms as he held her close-

    “You told me you were okay…” he said through gritted teeth, voice catching in his throat. “You promised me.”

    And Mila wanted to tell him that she was sorry.

    That she thought she’d be okay, when she’d found out everyone was playing kickball and she wanted to join.

    That she thought this spring was different- that things were better- and she’d never broken her promise on purpose.

    But all she could do was let her cheek fall against his shoulder, eyes closing at his familiar scent, hoping the gesture was apology enough in that moment-

    And then there were unfamiliar voices, overlapping together, incomprehensible, Eric’s grip tightening, her ears ringing, and she was sinking into blackness-

    Nothing but silence.


    Beep Beep Beep

    Mila’s eyebrows furrowed at the annoying, steady beeping that had woken her up, feeling groggy and disoriented.

    Slowly, she became aware of her body- the mattress beneath her most definitely not her own, something plastic and bendy strapped around her nose and mouth, and a warmth on her right arm, cutting off some of the circulation, her fingers tingling.

    Mila pried her eyes open, breathing in deeply and feeling slightly dizzy, realizing it was an oxygen mask on her face. She turned her head from side to side, getting out the kinks in her neck, eyes darting around the somewhat familiar room, lingering on the beeping heart monitor-

    The hospital

    And then everything came flooding back to her- her excellent kick, the run to first base, the sudden tightness of her throat, gasping for air, Eric holding her up-

    Mila turned, realizing the warmth on her arm was Eric, his stringy, messy hair spread out on the sheets, cheek pressed against her forearm, eyes closed as he breathed deeply and evenly.

    His arms were wrapped around her own, the remote to the TV sitting near her knee, some show on the screen she didn’t recognize as she glanced at it.

    Her movement was enough to wake him, Eric groaning slightly as his cheek slid against her skin, sticking a little-

    And then he was sitting up rather suddenly, as if just realizing where he was, his eyes immediately meeting hers.

    “Mila,” he breathed, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. “Oh my god, you’re awake.”

    She laughed softly.

    “Yeah, I just woke up.”

    Her voice was raspy and hardly recognizable, and Eric ran a hand through his hair, gaze lingering on the features of her face.

    “You scared the crap out of me,” he admitted softly.

    Mila’s stomach twisted guiltily.

    “How bad was it?” she asked.

    “This one was pretty bad,” he replied, voice solemn. “I thought… I don’t know.”

    Mila knew how scary her asthma attacks could get- she remembered the first once she’d ever had, her mom hysterically crying, her father holding Mila close, the sounds of the ambulance sirens in the background, paramedics asking her questions she couldn’t answer-

    “I’m sorry,” she whispered.

    She hadn’t meant for any of this to happen.

    “I thought I’d be okay…”

    Eric looked at her, something like exasperation in his eyes, but also relief, pressing his lips together as his hand dropped from his hair.

    “I shouldn’t have said yes to you coming-”


    Mila snorted, the action burning her throat, hiding the wince.

    “Like you could’ve stopped me.”

    Eric chuckled, playfully rolling his eyes.

    “Yeah… I guess you’re right.”

    She giggled too before the smile was fading from her face.

    “I’m sorry,” she said again quietly. “I… I really thought I’d be okay this time. I was able to go outside without really using my inhaler, and I never get to enjoy the springtime and I just thought…”

    Mila trailed off.

    “It was stupid.”

    Eric sighed heavily, his eyes darting between her own.

    “I know,” he finally replied.

    And there was a warmth in her chest- the undeniable care for her Eric had never ceased to amaze her.

    Two years ago, when she’d met him in science class, goofing around and making her laugh, she never thought he’d be so…

    Committed and mature.

    Yet here he was, right by her bedside, the one that’d held her when she was about to fall-

    “I love you.”

    His eyes warmed, a crooked smile pulling on the corners of his lips as he looked at her.

    “I love you, too.”

    Then he was reaching for her hand, fingers intertwining with her own, fiddling with them for a moment before he was looking at her once more.

    “Don’t ever do that to me again.”

    She giggled, fingers tightening around his own.

    “I’ll try not to.”

    They were quiet for a moment before Mila was adjusting on the bed, grinning playfully at Eric.

    “But you have to admit,” she said mischievously. “That was a pretty good kick.”

    Eric laughed out loud, rolling his eyes again as he sighed in defeat.

    “Yeah,” he admitted with a smile. “It was.”

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    Their first week of school had already flew by and now it was finally the weekend. Performing arts high schools weren't as academically rigorous as regular high schools, but instead they were much more physically straining. Jimin felt incredibly sore from having two dance classes in a row that were focusing on nothing but cardio for the first few weeks so that everyone could get into shape. He wished that he could change his schedule around to get vocals in between the two classes so that he give his legs a rest like some of the other guys had.

    Oh well, he thought to himself. If he wanted to keep his reputation as being one of the best dancers in the sophomore class, then he was going to have to keep his schedule and work on his endurance. Besides the soreness and tiredness he felt after the two dance electives, Jimin enjoyed waking up and dancing first thing in the morning. It was the perfect way to start his day. When he wasn't dancing early in the mornings during the summer time, he took a jog to clear his head. The rhythm of his steps matched when he danced; it was all fluid.

    On the weekends, Jimin and the guys would usually hang out. Whether it was causing trouble in downtown Seoul or catching a movie at the theater, they seemed to always be doing something together. Today, Namjoon suggested going to the mall, so that's where they went.

    "I kind of don't see the point of buying any clothes here, we just wear our school uniforms all the time," Yoongi said as they walked together through the mall.

    "Do you wear your school uniform after school?" Namjoon asked and the other guys chuckled.

    "No, but I'm just saying," Yoongi murmured and shrugged his shoulders.

    "I've seen Yoongi not change out of his school uniform before bed," Hoseok said, causing more laughter to come out of the group.

    "That was one time!" Yoongi smacked Hoseok's shoulder playfully, "I was too tired."

    Jimin smiled as they all walked together, looking at the various shops in the mall. He didn't have very much money to spend, but it was nice to just do some window shopping and dream of things he would buy if he did have more money.

    "Namjoon, I want to go to that store where you buy all of your figurines in your room," JK told them as they glanced at each store.

    "Let's split up then, I doubt everyone wants to go see that store," Namjoon said and glanced at the others, "We can meet at the food court in a couple hours and have lunch."

    They all nodded and went into pairs. Jin, Namjoon, and Jungkook went to find the figurine store while Hoseok dragged Yoongi to a clothing store. That left Jimin and Taehyung alone.

    Taehyung glanced at him, "Where would you like to go?"

    "I have no clue," Jimin murmured as he looked around, "I haven't been here in so long. Maybe we should just keep walking and if we see a place that looks cool, we go inside."

    Taehyung nodded and the two of them started to walk together. There was something comforting about Taehyung's presence. In the short time that they had known each other, Jimin felt completely comfortable around him. The feelings Jimin had whenever he was around Taehyung were strange to say the least. Whenever they were together, Jimin was always nervous whenever Taehyung focused his signature intimidating gaze on him. At the same time, though, Jimin felt comfortable telling him anything. They met exactly one week ago, yet he felt like they had known each other for their entire lives. It was probably due to the fact that Jimin shared bits and pieces of his entire life story to Taehyung from growing up in Busan, pursuing dance, and moving to Seoul to enroll in the performing arts school system. Now that he thought about it, he hadn't know too much about Taehyung due to the fact that he mostly questioned Jimin about his life. He was the type of person that listened to others selflessly and Jimin valued that appreciation.

    "How was life in Daegu?" Jimin questioned him this time, "I've never been there, but I would like to someday."

    Jimin noticed that the question caught Taehyung off guard. He watched him rub the back of his neck before shrugging.

    "It was a nice place to grow up, I lived on my grandparent's strawberry farm. We were able to make ends meet that way, but I had never been to Seoul before I came here. It's quite a transition from a regular high school to a performing arts school."

    Jimin nodded and replied, "I can only imagine."

    Jimin literally could only imagine. He grew up in the performing arts school system since he was just a kid. His parents had always supported his dream and luckily had enough money to send both him and his younger brother to performing arts schools. He remembered riding the train when he was thirteen with his father after he got accepted into SOPA. He was so confident back then. His acceptance lifted him up mentally and he felt like he was on top of the world. Jimin still had some of that confidence, but being in a prestigious school like SOPA compared to the Busan performing art schools he went to as a kid was a silly comparison. There, he was a big fish in a small pond, but here, the opposite was true. There was so much competition here that sometimes it was hard to just relax and focus on why he had a passion for dancing. Too often students focused on trying to get signed by the top agencies and got burnt out on the activities they were passionate about.

    "But I believe in timing, so I don't have any complaints," Taehyung said as their steps echoed on the pristine tile, "If I got in sooner, maybe this all wouldn't have worked out the way it did. Maybe I wouldn't have met you guys."

    Jimin was mesmerized by the way that he viewed things. If only he could see the world the way Taehyung did.

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    Claw To Bullet Chapter 37 Golden Tiger

    Summary: They were your family. Until Taeyong gave you that damn mission.

    Genre: NCT Mafia AU!

    Warnings:  Angst, language, lmk if I forgot sth



    @je0ngjaehyun @kpopnightingale @yasmini24 @sweetmoonlight9 @andrea-chanel @sunjayluv @morklee02 @xiaojunssexyeyebrows @choidokim @everrrlasting @kimy-nctzen06 @oh-itsnothing @tyongpoetry @taeil123-blog @miinamalist @12am-musings @jung-breadshop @lovingvanna @rensunjun @01junnie10 @megdoienalds @honeyyypeach @lostheretics @ikuncthevision @sanislifealways @whysoserioussssss @pewpewpwe00 @jakeycore @urlocalnctstan @exfolitae @t-k-b-z @xcharlottemikaelsonx @yunho-leeknow @fifty-shades-of-mischeif @notyourwriteer @avianawrits @ne0yong

    Taeyong smirked as he crossed his arms while smirking. He slowly walked towards the couch with his heels echoing in the drawing-room. He turned around with a smooth move and sat down on the couch, grabbing the sides.

    "It feels good to be right."

    "What are you talking about?"

    Taeyong tilted his head as he looked up to Taeil. There was no way that Tail didn't know what was he talking about.

    "I told all of you that Scar was alive. Thousands of times. And you all-"

    Taeyong pointed at them one by one.

    "Treated me as a lunatic."

    Ten rolled his eyes.

    "Taeyong, she is not Scar."

    "Oh yeah? How come she knows everything about us?"

    "She searched-"

    "Don't tell me you believed that 'I searched beforehand' lie. No matter how much she searched, there are things that she can't know."

    "Everything she said could've been found by doing research."

    "In this short span of time?"

    Taeyong chuckled and leaned his head back to watch the ceiling.

    "She came back home. Finally. I knew that our Scar wouldn't leave us."

    "Even if she's Scar-"

    Jaemin's low voice was enough to gather the attention since no one dared to speak. Taeyong straightened his back and looked at Jaemin.

    "She is not here to have a reunion with her family."

    Taeyong frowned. Everyone's body was now facing Jaemin.

    "She is here to get revenge from her killers."

    His scared eyes shakily looked at other members. He felt suffocating as he felt the urge to look down.

    "And she blames us for her death."


    "Your name is Han, right?"

    "Yes, my lady."

    "Please, call me Jihyo. I might be Taesuk's daughter, but I didn't grow up in luxury."

    "How dare I?"

    "Do it to make me more comfortable in this new environment, hm?"

    You turned to him and winked. The butler stopped and pointed at the room.

    "This will be your room from now on, Lady Jihyo-"

    "Just Jihyo."

    You reminded him with a smile. Han nodded while smiling.

    "Please let me know if you find anything unpleasant."

    Before he could walk away, you stopped him.

    "Can I request something?"

    Han looked in your eyes with curiosity.

    "I'd be delighted to assist you."

    "I would like to see Scar's room."

    Han's eyes widened at your request. He panicked as he looked down.

    "I'm afraid I can't fulfill that request. The entry to Mrs. Scar's room is prohibited by masters-"

    You grabbed his arm gently and gave it a little squeeze while you smiled wryly.

    "I have nothing left from her. Please, just ten minutes."

    The butler bit inside of his lip, not knowing what to say. You leaned forward and shut your last shot.

    "They don't have to know."

    While you were saying this, there was a sinister smile on your face that disappeared as soon as you stepped back. The innocent and wry smile was back. Han sighed as he shook his head.

    "Please follow me."

    When he turned his back, you smirked. As you got closer to the room, you started hearing a faint nostalgic song. The walls matched your memories. With your every step, breathing got harder. The butler stopped in front of the familiar door.

    "Here it is."

    You gulped as your fingers ghosted over the door. With a fragile voice, you asked the butler.

    "Can you leave me alone?"


    "Just ten minutes. Please."

    Han looked at you with pity and took a key from his inside pocket. The room didn't smell like you used to know. It smelled like emptiness. You entered the room, and the door closed after you. It wasn't dusty. They must clean it regularly. But mourning white sheets covered every item. Your hand grasped the sheet on the dresser as your breaths got heavier. You desperately pulled it down, hoping to find something. Nothing. What did you expect? You got rid of every object in this room. Still, part of you begged to find the remaining of your past life. You walked towards the bed, this time pulling the sheet calmly. You sat on the bed. A familiar comfort hugged you. The wall in front of the bed had some holes. Remainings of your nightmares. You smiled sadly as you walked towards them. Your hand felt the roughness. You closed your eyes, waiting for those memories to rush. No, the locked feelings stayed under the shadows and left you empty-handed. You walked towards the mirror and pulled the sheet. Again, nothing. Just a stranger's reflection in the core of your past. It was stupid to come here. Not waiting for ten minutes to be completed, you rushed outside of the room and slammed the door.

    "Jihyo, is everything-"

    You didn't even hear nor see Renjun as you quickly passed him. He looked after you, wondering what happened. Once he turned his gaze, he realized which room you left. Renjun slowly got closer to the door, his fingers lingered around the doorknob, but he lacked the courage to enter. He sighed and walked away.


    You tightened the belt of your black blazer jacket. A tiger snake curled from bottom right to up left. You tied your hair tightly and put on some perfume. That was when you heard the knock on the door.

    "Come on in."

    "Lady Jihyo, the dinner is ready. I'm asked to assist you to the dining room."

    You looked at the maid's reflection on the mirror. You fixed your lipgloss and stood up. She brought you to the big room. Han held your chair for you to sit. It was next to Taeil and Yuta sat in front of you, your previous seat. You smirked and brought water glass to your lips.

    "It's a good jacket."

    Jaehyun complimented your jacket with a smirk on his face.

    "It's familiar."

    Yuta couraged him as everyone looked at the tiger. You smiled.

    "Thank you. I hope Scar also liked it."

    You said with a thoughtful expression.

    "I gifted her the reversed one. I hope she wore it at least once."

    You glanced down as one of the maids filled your other glass with wine. You took it and raised it.

    "To Scar. May her soul rest in peace."

    You daringly looked at Taeyong. He felt uncomfortable. Jaemin was right after all. No matter who you were, you were here for revenge.

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    Bloodied Gems | Mafia Jin Oneshot Request |

    Summary: it was your birthday and Seokjin arrives at your workplace for a surprise visit.

    Pairing: Mafia boss! Jin x Flight Attendant! Reader

    Warnings: Swearing, violence, mentions of of blood, shootings, murder and death.

    Words: 3K

    Tag: @blancabennett | Thank you for the request, Hope you like it ! |

    Being a flight attendant was a taxing job, the long hours, sometimes rude passengers being stuck on those planes with you for long stretches of time, no to mention the uncomfortable scratchy staff uniform you had to wear. But even with its cons, you loved it, you got to meet so many people, travel to so many exciting and rich locations.

    Of course part of you was thankful to your job as you would’ve never laid on him without it.

    KIm Seokjin, one of the most influential names in all Korea as well as dangerous.

    Kim Seokjin wasn’t just another man, oh no, he was a criminal or more commonly known as Seoul’s most handsome mafioso.

    The name was gifted to him by the media, buying into the mans outwardly appearance which he didn’t seem to mind from all the articles you had seen about him online.

    And you certainly didn’t blame them once you set your own eyes upon the man, he was beautiful, somehow even more beautiful in person than his captured visage in the media and you already thought he was attractive then.

    You remember feeling so embarrassed you hadn’t even noticed someone as renowned as Seokjin would be parading around your workplace, wishing you could’ve in the moment prepared to be face to face with a gang member.

    He was surprisingly kind, funny even as he talked with you. Not the exact persona you expected of one of the mafia but you couldn’t deny his presence intrigued you.

    The same could be said for him as well.

    You were captivating, even in your work uniform, Seokjin couldn’t take his eyes off you.

    In all his years he had never met anyone quite like you, you were so bright, smart and so stunning.

    You were the bright light to his life of shadow.

    The run ins continued as time went on, Seokjin always had a way of finding you throughout town whenever he could, not that you minded.

    Run ins turned to exchanging numbers, then that turned into arranging dates and eventually those dates into a relationship.

    You pulled down the fabric of your uniform skirt as it continued to ride up as you walked through the airport, cursing whoever was behind the creation of them before you heard your name being called.

    “Y/N!”, recognizing the voice, you smiled when you came face to face with your coworker and fellow drinking buddy Chanyeol. “There you are!”

    Your head cocks to the side, eyebrow raised at your friend. “Morning to you too”, quipping with a slight chuckle as your arms cross over your body. “You seem in a hurry, what’s going on?”

    “Boss wants to switch around the crews on the planes and wants you on first class duty again”, Chan informs with a knowing look on his face, not the first time had been requested to serve first class but an annoyminous patron.

    “Oh?”, you shyly play with your hands, a blush forming on your face as you know who had specifically requested you.

    Chan raising a singular brow at you. “Oh indeed”, he smirks wiggling his brows suggestively to which he received a smack to the ribs from you as well as playful glare.

    “Shut up”, you muttered with a quick smile, one Chan returns before capturing your gaze with a serious expression, one that made you frown slightly. “What is it?”

    He sighs, “just be careful, I know you care about this guy but he’s, you know..”, you knew what Chan was getting at.

    Not many people were aware of your intimate relationship with Seokjin, especially why he would always ask for you to accompany his flights but the company you worked wouldn’t dare to question someone of his stature.

    You did however tell Chan of your relationship with the notorious Seokjin and while he was supportive and teased you plenty about it he had the tendency to worry about you considering your boyfriends bloodied reputation.

    It was your turn to sigh, “we’ve talked about this.

    He nodded shamefully. “I know.”

    It goes silent for a few moments before Chan gestures pushes you forward toward Seokjin plane. “Go on, I’m sure he wants to see you as much as you want to to see him. It is your birthday after all”

    “And I’m spending it at work”, you laugh, happy to see the tension cease between the two of you. “I’ll see you around”


    Seokjin grinned ear to ear when he saw you approaching him in the empty loading bay by the plane, wasting no time, he wraps his arms around you with a hearty chuckle. “There’s my beautiful girl!”

    He hoists you up in his strong grip, a squeal escaping your lips as you were being lifted into the air, “J-Jin! Put me down!”, you said in between giggles but Jin just twirls you around one more time. “I’m supposed to be working you menace!”

    He chuckles before finally releasing you, but not without capturing your lips with his own.

    It takes a moment for you to register his plump lips making contact with your own, but once your shock dies down, you melt into his kiss, returning it tenfold.

    Jin smiles against your lips before pulling away, leaning his forehead onto yours lovingly. “Happy birthday my love”, he says, gently pecking the skin on your temple.

    “Thank you”, you nuzzle your forehead on his, enjoying the warmth of your boyfriends embrace. “Although you didn’t have request me, again.”

    He kisses your temple again, his lips lingering a little longer. “Like hell I’d miss my girls birthday.” You roll your eyes as you pull away, his hands dropping to your hips.

    A pair of chuckles sounded from behind Jin, you recognising the two culprits immediately with a smirk.

    “Good to see you Kook and you too Jiminie”, You we’re well acquainted with Jungkook and Jimin as they were Jins body guards and fellow gangsters that accompanied him wherever he went.

    Occasionally they were tasked with watching over you too, or would drive you home at the request of Jin even if you insisted it wasn’t necessary.

    The two boys blushed at your nicknames, desperately tearing their gazes away as to not be under your teasing glare.

    Jin chuckles at the sight of the younger men in his service. “You never can win against Y/N can you?”, he teases which only made the blush on their cheeks redden. “Go on you two, I’d like a moment with her alone before we fly off.”

    The bodyguards nodded, pretending that his boss's girlfriend didn’t just reduce them into blushing messes. “Happy Birthday Y/N”, the two of them chime in together with shit eating grins before skittering off before you could eye roll at the two of them.

    Jin sighs, “Those two”, you giggled at his tone, thinking he sounded like a disgruntled father trying to keep his children in check.

    “They giving you trouble again?”, you say between giggles, knowing how Jungkook and Jimin love to get up to their antics.

    “When don’t they?”, He forgets about his fellow mafia brothers when he sees your beautiful smile, the smile of his girlfriend and the love of his live.

    Jin takes this as the time to grab a hold your hand within his own, bringing it up to his lips, kissing the skin atop your hand. “I have something for you.”

    “Jin”, you whine, “I told you that you didn’t-“

    “Nonsense”, he digs into the pocket to bring out a square velvet box. “Let me spoil you once in a while”, Jin holds out the box for you which you take with a grumble, not exactly surprised Jin went back on his word on birthday gifts.

    “You know I’ll never be able to get you anything that’s half the value of whatever you’ve bought me”, you shyly look away as you hold the small and what you assumed, expensive box in your hands, your fingers tracing over the velvet fabric.

    “The best gift you can ever give me is yourself my love, I never need more”, his words making your heart beat faster, a blush threading to take over your entire face. “Now open it.”

    You nod in defeat, trying to contain yourself from being a flustered mess which you were untimely failing at but knowing Jin, he would just love you more for it.

    You couldn’t deny part of you was curious to see what he had bought you, the suspense only growing the more you held the box within your hands.

    So you finally open the small box, Jin eagerly watching on from his spot. A grin finds it self on his face when you sees you reaction to his gift now fully revealed.

    What sat in the box was a silver chain bracelet, real silver that was accentuated with small diamonds that littered through out each chain link and finally ending with a singular pink gem stone.

    “Jin”, you say his name breathlessly, still in awe of the jewelleries beauty. “I don’t know what to say…”, Jin smiled softly, feeling like he was falling more in love you as every second passed.

    “So you like it?”, you wanted to laugh at his question, when he knew just from watching you that you did. “It’s beautiful Jin, I- thank you.”

    There that smile was again, the thing that made the mafia boss physically weak in the knees and had his heart lurch out his chest. “Would you like me to put it on?”

    You grin brightly, nodding as you hand him the box and the bracket separately, tucking the empty box back into his jacket pocket before tentatively linking the chain around your wrist.

    Jin smiles lovely when he snaps the clasp of the chain around your wrist, his hand gently messaging the skin around your hand. “Happy birthday”, he repeats before pulling you into another kiss, you were ready for this one, parting your lips so he could explore chasm of your mouth as you wrapped your arms around him.

    The kiss turned make out session continued for a few minutes, Jin almost ready to lift you up to take you into the plane and away from the open but his phone suddenly sounding off stopped him.

    He groans before reluctantly pulling away from you with an apologetic look to which you shook you head at, telling him that it was okay.

    “Jimin this better be-“

    Jins words come to a grinding halt, you watched on in worry as you saw Jins normally amused expression drop, his face physically paling as he spoke with Jimin on the phone.

    “Jin? What’s the matter?”, you ask with a small voice but he doesn’t speak, only giving you a fearful look before speaking to Jimin again.

    “Get Namjoon and the others and keep civilian casualties to a minimum, tell Jungkook to get Y/N out of here”, He orders strictly, his words sending chills down your spine.

    “Jin? What’s going on?”, you ask again, not liking the tension filled silence between the two of you, especially when Jin starts pulling out a gun. “Jin what are you-”

    He cuts you off, cocking his gun as his eyes survey the area, “Jungkook is going to get you to safety, don’t worry I have everything handled ok?” , his words don’t reassure you, you could see the look in his eyes and he was scared.

    Something Jin hardly ever was.

    Within minuets Jungkook came rushing over, wielding a similar gun in his hand. “Jimin was able to get most of the people out, but things aren’t looking to good in there.”

    “Bastards, I’ll handle this. Take Y/N to my place”, Jungkook nods, gently touching your shoulder to guide you towards him but you pull away.

    “Jin what the fuck is happening? Is everyone ok?”, you ask fearing the worst as you saw Jins glum expression but Jungkook kept pulling you towards him, trying to get you away as his boss had ordered.

    The mafia boss raised his hand, Jungkook let go of you at the sight of Jins silent order and you came barreling towards him, gripping his arms painfully tight.

    “I want you to listen to me”, he says firmly, taking your hands off his arms and holding them in his own hands. “I can’t do what I need to do if you are here, I need to make sure you are safe”, his hand raised up to cup your cheek. “So I need you to do this for me alright?”

    His thumb softly caresses your cheek, you leaning into his delicate touch. “But what about you?”

    A sad smile paints his lips as he shakes his head, of course you were more concerned with his safety rather than your own. “I’ll be ok once I know your far away from here.”

    You were loosing this battle the more you stared into his eyes, you felt your resolve crumble at his gaze. “I-I”, but something catches your eye and you felt time freeze before you.

    A wandering red dot traced Jins body, Jungkook shouting out behind you and running forward towards the two of you but he wasn’t fast enough.

    It took mere seconds for you to shove Jin aside to the ground as the sound of a resounding gun shot screamed through the air.

    Jin looked up in shock, not feeling a single ounce of pain in his body, and to Jungkook, who looked physically fine as he leaped up with his gun in hand, racing after the shooter with a nod of approval from Jin.

    “J-Jin?”, your voice trembling, barely being able to to stand as your hand clutched your lower abdomen.

    Jins eyes widened as he saw the blood began to seep through your work uniform, his mind replaying the gunshot in his head in a painful loop as he had realised what had happened.

    You had protected him.

    “Y/N!”, he screamed for you, watching you start to loose balance and seeing the blood start to drop from your stomach down to the ground.

    He ran towards you just as you were about to collapse completely, scooping you up into his arms and taking you behind cover as he could still hear gunshots.

    You whimpered, the searching pain of the bullet wound in your gut feeling like it was on fire as Jin held you towards him. “Ssh baby, it’s ok, you’re ok”, his words coming out frantically, emotion taking over his whole face as he laid you down, ripping his jacket off and using it to press down on your wound.

    Everything felt hazy, your world starting to loose color, your body wanting to stop, to give in but you couldn’t do that, not now. “Keep your eyes open Y/N ok? Do it for me “

    “Jin”, you could taste blood in your mouth as your spoke, almost choking on it as built up in your mouth.

    You felt it, and you think Jin did too.

    Jin shook his head in denial however, “No”, he spat, “don’t you dare Y/N”, he shook his head more, not wanting to believe what he knew was happening, wishing this was just a sick dream. “You’re going to be fine”

    You smiled sadly at the visage of him, hating how shaky his voice had became as he was calling out to you.

    You raised your blood stained hand, your vision becoming even more blurry as your eyes were filled with tears, reaching up towards Jins cheek.

    The thickened substance staining his handsome face but he didn’t seem to care as his hand held your wrist, forcing you to keep your hand there.

    “Jin I’m not going to-“, you coughed out blood, wheezing as the simple task of breathing now becoming harder by the second.

    “No!”, he yelled, tears glazing over his eyes , pushing down on your wound to stop the bleeding but it wasn’t enough to stop the damage that been done to your body. “Why would you do that Y/N? It’s my job to protect you!”

    You couldn’t help but laugh even if it was painful for your body to do so, “Because I love you Jinnie”, a tear now falling down your cheek, “for once I wanted to protect you, just like you do for me.”

    Jin let’s out a painful sob, pulling your hand to his forehead, you barely feeling the drops of his tears patter on your skin.

    “I love you, so much Y/N, please don’t leave me.”

    His tears only seemed to amplify yours, “I don’t want to Jinnie”, you hiccup, nothing but sobs escaping you now. “I really don’t want to.”

    You tried to fight it, to stay for him but you lost the fight when your eyes began to close by themselves, your ears starting to tune out all sound around you.

    You only vaguely heard Jin scream out for you, begging and pleading for you to stay with him, promising he would never let you down again but you you had lost the strength to move, to hear and to speak.

    “I’m so sorry Jin.”

    You faded away from him, sad to leave but if you had a choice you would do it all over again if that meant saving Jins life.

    There would be no other choice.


    Jin cried over you body, not even registering Jungkooks presence as he arrived back, staring in shock at your fallen body and his boss sobbing over you.

    Jungkook wrapped a comforting arm around Jins shoulders, staying silent but still staying by his side.

    Jin sniffled, clutching your body towards him, a sight Jungkook had to resist tearing up from the sight of. “Is he dead?”

    Jungkook shook his head, “Beaten but alive, Namjoon knocked him unconscious and has him detained.”, he said in a small voice, fearing Jins reaction to the murderer of his love still being alive.

    “Good”, Jungkook not expecting his elder to smirk maliciously as he removed the bracelet he had just gifted you a few minutes prior from your wrist, the once pink gem now stained red with your blood. “He’ll wish Namjoon would’ve killed him once I’m through with him.”

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  • kpophubb
    16.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Enhypen x reader

    Hyung line reacting to their s/o accidentally getting pregnant:~

    Genre: fluff, crack <3

    Scenario: a lil timeskip to 4/5 years later when hyung line members are in their early 20s bc now they ARE babies haha| established relationship ♥︎

    Note: y’all the luckiest girls in the world if you can find enhypen members as your life partners, AND THE FATHERS of your children T.T ♡︎

    Lee Heeseung:

    H e e f u s e d at first when you give him the news that you’ve gotten accidentally pregnant

    You were crying when the results came positive because you were scared he wouldn’t want the baby as he is not ready yet and has a career to handle

    Looking at his blank confused expression, you were panicking even more, your fears getting the better of you

    You weren’t expecting how HAPPILY HE WOULD GIGGLE, with hands on his mouth, unable to swallow this joyous news 🥺💓

    “Omg baby how long has it been?” “Is it a boy or a girl?” “I want a boy we will play together!!” “Okay NOO a princess like you omggg y/niee “😭😭- boy just won’t shut up and flood you with questions until you kiss him to shut him up. He only calms down after that ;)

    Can’t control his excitement and immediately calls up his family and all the members to give them the happy news. Aww he legit looks like a over excited kid when he gets a new toy! “You won’t believe it IM GONNA BE A FATHER!😳”

    Suddenly becomes the responsible type and prepares himself mentally to become a good father and look after you both carefully. He’s very serious when it comes to you two🥺

    searches online about parenting and about the pros and cons of pregnancy so he can take care of your cravings and uneasiness at all times carefully

    texts you from time to time to check if you’re okay or need sth. If you even reply late, he’s gonna leave everything and immediately come with ice cream to check up on you because he’s SO WORRIED about his two princesses.

    will stay up all night to take care of you if you have even the slightest inconvenience and will cook you ramen and massage your back with his gentle hands

    Hee will fill you with words of encouragement 24/7 and remind you you’re doing a great job! “Fighting baby😤!!” “I’m always here with you🥺”

    Is confident he’s gonna be a good father because he’s good at handling people and is gonna be calm and sincere when it comes to taking care of a pregnant you

    Will gently pat your baby bump every night and talk to your baby about all sorts of things “be a good girl and love mommy a lot.” “I hope you grow up to be selfless and sensible “ “daddy loves you the most” and all the cute stuffs

    Heeseung will always sing you lullaby as he pats your head and puts you to sleep in this comforting way. Imagine being cooed up in his arms while listening to a sweet song by his angelic voice! T.T

    He’s gonna have the brightest smile painted on his face 24/7 even when you’re not infront of him because he’s ecstatic about starting a family with you. He’s TOO OVERWHELMED

    Might cry legit happy tears when he’s holding your new born baby bean, it’s the most incredible and heart wavering memory for him. <3

    Park jay :

    Freezes in position when you first tell him about the news because he didn’t see it coming. But afterwards you will see him looking at you with the most beautiful smile (like in the gif) and ask you so politely “like for real?😳”

    He’s so overjoyed at the news but at the same time, very nervous on the inside because he doesn’t have much preparation or knowledge about parenting. Don’t worry, he won’t let it show on the outside and act all cool as he doesn’t want you to panic or fret over it 🥺

    Will carefully plan a food diet and daily routine for you including all the things that you might need to do in order to remain healthy and give birth to a healthy child. S U P E R thoughtful and caring!

    He will look up online about pregnancy so he can cater to your needs BEFORE YOU ASK FOR IT. Wants to be there for you and make you feel like you’re not alone!!

    Gives a lot of effort and always overthinks if he’s being a good dad. Even at work or when he’s in the studio, he will think about you, what you’re doing and if you’re okay. Will smile at the end of the day thinking about how cute you are 🥺

    GOES BABY CLOTHES SHOPPING!! (This is a M U S T ) picks up so many baby clothes, bc being a fashionista he wants his baby to be very f a s h i o n a b l e ✨ (rock chic part 2)

    Thinks you are extra adorable with your baby bump 🥺 will admire you endlessly when he’s watching you from the corner of the room

    Will always watch over you and scold you if you’re not properly following the pregnancy guidelines your dr gave you and jay prepared with his own hands for double safety

    He Will check your position when you’re sleeping and wake up from sleep PANICKING whether you’re sleeping with your tummy downwards (scared baby will be injured )

    Cooks for you. Your favourite meals 🥺 will also low-key spoil you <3

    Will make you do light exercises to help the baby and your pregnancy pain

    Filling the baby with random knowledge about various subjects bc he’s a walking encyclopaedia and wants baby to be smart✌🏻

    Will also talk to the baby every day🥺 (talkative cute jay being himself) however, this time HIS EYES WILL BE LEGIT SPARKLING with happiness

    Buys picture books and reads them out to a pregnant you every night to help you and baby sleep 😚

    Jay will kiss your hands and offer you reassurance as he intertwines your fingers together, giving you moral support and mental comfort <3

    Very emotional🥺 he will have an emotional breakdown when the baby’s born and get all sentimental thinking about having a future with you!

    Jay will definitely be the COOLEST father on earth 😎

    Sim Jaeyun:

    It’s like you tell him first in a nonchalant way that your period has stopped for the last 2 months and brush it away by thinking it was due to stress and poor diet. But this boy is SOO EXCITED and expecting pregnancy that he BUGS you to take a test. You can low-key see the stars in his eyes from happiness.

    So when your test says positive and you recheck your condition with a doctor, Jake literally falls to the ground from extreme happiness!! “Oh my gawwssh it’s true😭😱🥺 *him being his dramatic usual self * (hehe we all love him for being so extra)

    The MOST excited one among all the members to actually become a father. It was just not the excitement from having a baby, but also the magical feeling of starting a family, a brand new chapter with the girl he loves the most♡︎

    Jake is a VERY clingy person that goes without saying so you can expect him to cling to your tummy whenever he gets a chance to (without hurting you). He’s gonna shower your belly with endless kisses 🥺

    You will find this angel frequently praying to god for blessing him with first you and then his baby angel. He’s just too pure and thankful.

    I get this feeling he’s also gonna tell layla about your pregnancy from overwhelming excitement🤪 like squish layla and be like “laylaa I’m gonna be a dad 😭✌🏻” until he realizes poor girl is suffocating!! 😆

    He will talk to the baby about his daily life, what he did in his day and go on hours and hours talking about how much he loves him/her and you.

    Jake is gonna feel the urge to work harder for your sake and be a good dad. He wants to make the baby proud to have a dad like him. :’)

    Takes videos and photos of you every month to document the memory. “Omg your baby bump got bigger, my baby is growing.” “Do u feel the kicking yet??”

    Becomes clumsier than usual while trying to do things for you and taking care of you. You can expect to hear a lot of noises from him dropping utensils in the kitchen when doing the dishes hehe

    He’s not even a human, he’s an angel. You can expect to wake up and see Jake falling asleep in the chair next to you while holding your hands. He came home from work late and watched over you the whole night before finally falling asleep at dawn.

    Will always feed you your meals with his own hands

    He’s gonna teach your baby a lot of different things. I low-key get the feeling the first thing he will teach is English grammar (we’re all accustomed to grammar police jake XD)

    Gets impatient for the baby to be born :( he’s gonna be so excited and go nuts to hold the baby already!!

    Decides on baby names the moment he hears about pregnancy!

    Panics and stresses a lot on the inside. He wants to be the best father in the whole world and make sure you have a safe baby delivery

    Kisses your forehead, pats your head and kisses the top of your head to thank you for making him the father of such a beautiful angel. Reminds you you’re doing so great and is the best momma on earth!😚

    Puts Too much effort before/ after baby is born. He wants to protect you two at all costs.

    When your baby girl/boy is born, he will be in paralysis because it feels too good to be true to him. Jake will stand there for 10 minutes to process what he just witnessed before coming in to give you two the WARMEST HUG <3

    His phone will be spammed with baby’s pictures. Gonna STORE all and every one of her/his memory.

    Doting father 110/100 🥰

    (Dear god, I wish for husband jake please😭😳)

    Park sunghoon:


    When you give him the news, his body will go all stiff and he will make a “😶” expression. It’s not that he won’t be happy, he will be so DELLIGHTED on the inside to be a father to your child 🥺 he’s just the most clueless about fatherhood.

    First thing he’d do is brag about how HANDSOME baby is gonna be. “Damn, baby’s gonna be so handsome like daddy 😩🤩” “park sunghoon part 2 😏” and so on.

    You might find him sulking in the corner sometimes and the reason? (Too cute) “please love me more than our baby😢” “I’m your more loved human”!! He really wants your love and is a lil upset that you’re not gonna give him enough attention when baby is born. He wants you to love BOTH OF THEM <3

    Will try to be extroverted and express his feelings more for you. Even if it’s going against sunghoon’s natural character, he will try his best to always tell you that he loves you and show you how much he cares for you and how overjoyed he is to be able to start a family with you. Mind you, you’re gonna get very RANDOM confessions, but words that will melt your heart for sure <3

    Plays with teddy bear (like in the gif) with a pregnant you because he thinks your baby is gonna enjoy it! “Whaaat, stop laughing at me!! I’m just trying to be friendly with baby *pouts*” (park sunghoon doing dumb things in love as usual awweh)

    Cracks lame jokes to make you and baby laugh because he wants you both to be happy and smiling all the time :’) you both are like the two chambers of his damn heart

    Secretly can’t wait to see the baby! Checks his calendar every day and hopes the day arrives soon when the lil bean is infront of him T.T. He will try not to be evident infront of you, but he won’t be able to hide his excitement that’s for sure

    Heart attacks every now and then whenever you say your stomach hurts. He panics a lot and doesn’t know what to do, though he manages to handle the situation somehow and make you feel comforted

    Will take care of u always! Sunghoon is gonna kiss you so much in your sleep and also your tummy. He feels flustered to do it when you’re awake but just pretend to be asleep and you will hear a shy sunghoon patting your tummy and saying “I can’t wait till you’re born. I love you so much already” in tiny

    Thinks you’re extra cute when you’re pregnant! “Aaaah my fatty girl!!” “Look at the ballooooooooon stuck to your tummy” and laugh at you to make fun of you. Expect smooth pecks on your lips from him if you ever get pissed of because of his teasing! ;)

    Caters to your needs 24/7 and asks the members esp Jake for support! He asks for advices on how he can be more loving and be a good dad and partner.

    Will ask himself repeatedly if he’s being a good father or not, self doubts and more efforts will be invested to be worthy of you both! (He’s already worthy of you two but he loves you so much so sometimes he’s insecure)

    Will cry when the baby will be born (part 2) sunghoon doesn’t normally cry but he can’t hold his happiness in, I swear. The moment’s too magical for him and too much to bear.

    Will always make time to play with the baby when he/ she is born! Sunghoon will leave work early to come home with donuts and desserts in his hands to play with your child 🥰

    Over protective loving dad! Goes without saying!the biggest fan of you both! Proud life partner and daddy! ♡︎

    The End

    Last fanfic~

    Hyung line Smut: https://kpophubb.tumblr.com/post/662391175524876289/enhypen-x-reader

    In the celebration of enhypen’s first studio album release in october, im posting fanfics daily to make my fellow engenes happy! Today’s fluff to celebrate enhypen members’ full recovery ♥︎ (requests open for enhypen hyung line)

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  • theaufanartist
    16.09.2021 - 19 hours ago

    “𝘐𝘴 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘴𝘶𝘯 𝘣𝘰𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘳𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘺𝘰𝘶?”


    “𝘛𝘩𝘦𝘳𝘦 𝘤𝘢𝘯 𝘰𝘯𝘭𝘺 𝘣𝘦 𝘰𝘯𝘦 𝘴𝘶𝘯, 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵’𝘴 𝘺𝘰𝘶-𝘭𝘦𝘵 𝘮𝘦 𝘨𝘦𝘵 𝘮𝘺 𝘨𝘶𝘯!”

    Jung Woo Young💝

    You and Woo Young decided to go on a picnic in the late afternoon, because it was the fall season and the weather was just fine. The falling leaves and dried flower petals rustled around, making it look more cozy and warm.

    After reaching the park, Woo sat on the blanket you spread, with your head resting on his thigh, reading a book and looking at the other people there. Suddenly, Woo puts his hand over his head,

    making you look up to him. You get up, staring at him, then the sky.

    “𝘐𝘴 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘴𝘶𝘯 𝘣𝘰𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘳𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘺𝘰𝘶?”


    “𝘛𝘩𝘦𝘳𝘦 𝘤𝘢𝘯 𝘰𝘯𝘭𝘺 𝘣𝘦 𝘰𝘯𝘦 𝘴𝘶𝘯, 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵’𝘴 𝘺𝘰𝘶-𝘭𝘦𝘵 𝘮𝘦 𝘨𝘦𝘵 𝘮𝘺 𝘨𝘶𝘯!”you yell, taking out your water bottle and pointing it towards the sky. Woo Young doubles up laughing, making you giggle too. Wiping the side of his eye, he pinches your cheek in adoration, kissing you all over your face, making you laugh.

    “Stop being so cute,”he says, poking your belly.

    “Hey, I wasn’t kidding!”you said, smiling, “you’re the sun in my world,” you say, placing a kiss on the mole under his eye, making him smile.

    “If I’m the sun,”he brings you closer to him, wrapping his legs and his hands around you, making you wrap your arms around his waist, “then, you’re the moon in mine.”

    Smiling in adoration at each other, both of you stay like that, completing both of your worlds, smiling, happy and contented.

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  • neopuppy
    16.09.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Boom (M). Part 6.

    Preview: “I’m so sorry bun, I shouldn’t have left you alone. I keep messing up.. I’m trying, I’m really trying.” He voices calmly trying to contain his distraught emotions for your sake. Gently carrying you to his room, Jeno asks with a kiss to your ear- “What can I do to help? What do you need baby?”
    Your face lifts from hiding in his neck, collar of his shirt soaked. Stains of dried tears left behind on your cheeks ache at his tightening chest. The words slipping from your mouth further pushing him into a ball of nerves.
    “You. I need you Jeno.”
    Pairing: 00’line x female bunny hybrid reader
    Word Count: 4k
    Genre: Hybrid AU, PWP, idolverse, M/F, smut, f-fl..fluf-🤢 I can’t say it, series
    Smut Warning: petting/scenting, praising, oral(F receiving), multiple orgasms, overstimulation, cock warming, lots of cum, big dick Jeno™️

    a/n: some information on scenting

    Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

    Part 4 | Part 5 |

    “Jenoooo..” you stretch your leg out tapping his shoulder with your foot. Dramatically emphasizing your words with a drawl to further express yourself. “I’m boredddd.”

    Jeno’s head snaps with quickness, hitting pause on the controller in hand. His body turns swiftly taking a hold of your ankles in one large palm, lifting a brow. Evident in his eyes alone how he’d pause anything for you, even his favorite video game.

    “You don’t wanna play bun?” Jeno holds up the controller in question with his other hand.

    “I’m not good at video games. I can’t beat you.” You whine, allowing Jeno to slip you off the couch. He manhandles you with ease, plopping you right into the center of his lap. Veiny thick arms wrap around your waist from behind perching his chin on your shoulder.

    “I’ll let you win?” Jeno smiles, littering kisses down your cheek. A frown drooping further down your face. He couldn’t let you be bored, not when you finally get to be alone. Hearing an ear-full from Renjun to take care of you well while he and Jaemin attended a schedule.

    “That’s not fun.. I want to go outside…” you sigh sadly with large eyes. Giving Jeno your most pitiful look, knowing how easily you can sway him. Jeno turning out to be the easiest to control. He sighs matching you, dropping his lips against your sensitive scent gland erupting shivers down your spine.

    “We could..” Jeno’s eyes spark to life, coming up with a clever idea. “The roof!”

    “The roof?” You pique curiously, Jeno nodding proud of himself.

    “There’s a garden on the roof bun. That’ll be perfect, we can plant and pick some flowers. How does that sound?” Jeno says filled with excitement. He’s too cute sharing his idea like a puppy hearing a can of food open to not share the sentiment. You bounce against his lap with a clap of your hands.

    “Sounds fun!”

    The two of you quickly throw on some of his sweaters. Jeno pulling his hood over your head to conceal your ears. Placing a mask atop your mouth for protection and to help hide your identity in case of ‘any’ reason. Both covered up Jeno opts to take the stairs to avoid running into any neighbors up on the way. Only a few floors before you reach the roof where many flowers bloom. A green house and areas full of pots ready to be planted.

    “What do you think?” Jeno perks up, bending over to pick up small rakes and shovels. Packets of seeds for anyone who would like to add to the community left in a basket nearby.

    “This is so pretty, why haven’t you brought me up here sooner.” Your voice comes out muffled beneath the mask. Softly smacking over Jeno’s arm, still buff and defined under the cotton of his sweater.

    “You’re right.. I should have.” Jeno laments, nodding to an empty area of soil. The two of you kneel down together getting your hands dirty discussing the process of planting seeds. Jeno silently relating it to what it’s been like owning a hybrid so far. Needing to be tender, caring, observant, do research. A process of learning and growing, smiling to himself as you proudly show off your pot filled with fresh dirt.

    “Planting carrots huh?” His cheeks sport shades of pink. Heart thumping watching you hug around your pot. A huge smile gracing your features as you bounce on your heels.

    “Should we place them in the green house?” Jeno wipes his dirt covered hands off. Standing up with a slide down the fronts of his sweats with a ‘yes’. You make your way together to the house of windows, filled with tons of budding fruits, vegetables, flowers. Colors mixing in with the abundance of greens. Jeno comes to a halt, acknowledging the presence of neighbors on the opposite end. Directing you to another area further away from the two.

    “You need to water it.. I’m gonna grab some of the dispensers so we can get these set up. Stay right here okay?” Jeno instructs you, pecking the hood on your head with a look around. He steps away in search of tools leaving you to admire the other vegetables, small in size only beginning to grow. Distracted deep in thought grazing tip of your fingers over brightly colored chili peppers you miss the presence only a few feet away.

    A dog hybrid belonging to the other resident occupying the green house watched you with primal hungry eyes. Picking up your scent despite the efforts Jeno made to cover up your notable features. Growls emit from the hybrid, foot steps speeding up as he approaches you. A rough hand pulling your hood off allowing your ears to flop around your face.

    You gasp out loudly in shock with a spin of your foot coming face to face with the feral dog. Mean eyes and lips slicked in spit glare at you hungrily. He takes in your fluffed ears, mistaking you for some different type of canine breed. With a growl he lunges forward gripping your hair to expose your neck leaving you whimpering. Submissively losing your composure under a drag of his snout sniffling noisily against your soft skin. You break into a cry, Jeno dropping everything in hand as he turns catching the scene taking place.

    “Hey!” He shouts charging in, ripping the hybrid off your body with all of his force. Sending the other falling to the ground with crazed animalistic eyes. Jeno’s own instinct to attack, ready to lunge and beat the dog hybrid to a pulp.

    Your cry breaks free wantonly from behind him instantly slowing his rage. Rolled up fists loosen at his side glancing back to where you stand curled into yourself. Arms wrapping around your body in protection, tears spill down your cheeks. Tremors of fear sending your body into visible shakes.

    “Bun… baby..” Jeno hesitates, taking the slowest steps closer to you. Hands held up to ease your fear. His brows furrow stressing as you break down. “Bun… I’m so…”

    You run into his open arms burying your face upon his chest. Strong arms engulf your trembling figure, pulling your hood back on. He swoops down lifting your thighs around his hips, turning, shooting a glare over your shoulder at his neighbor.

    “Put your dog on a leash next time or I’ll have you reported.” He spits out. Continuing on his way to exit and jog to the elevators forgetting his worries of being spotted. The amount of tears your release soak through the front of his chest dampening his hood.

    Jeno caresses the back of your head shushing you. Hood slipping down so he can run fingers through your scalp. Soothing your twitching ears in attempt to calm your panic. Lowly murmuring ‘it’s ok’. Anxiety rising with each beep and stop on every floor.

    Lucking out with an empty elevator at this time of the day. Worry and guilt set in his chest, kicking the front door to the dorm open. Your figure shaking with powerful tremors against him. Legs cinched around his hips unloosening in their hold.

    “I’m so sorry bun, I shouldn’t have left you alone. I keep messing up.. I’m trying, I’m really trying.” He voices calmly trying to contain his distraught emotions for your sake. Gently carrying you to his room, Jeno asks with a kiss to your ear- “What can I do to help? What do you need baby?”

    Your face lifts from hiding in his neck, collar of his shirt soaked. Stains of dried tears left behind on your cheeks cause his chest to tighten. The words slipping from your mouth further pushing him into a ball of nerves.

    “You. I need you Jeno.”

    As if going off instinct Jeno sets you on his bed, discarding his tear drenched hood. He falls to his knees, dropping his cheek against your inner thigh. Nose dragging side to side over the expanse of skin. He mumbles in a hushed calm tone- “Anything bun, anything.”

    “Will you scent me?” You ask shyly, reddened swollen eyes making you appear even more pathetic. He gazes up in confusion, unsure what you’re asking of him. Cupping Jeno’s cheeks you begin to explain- “His scent….it’s…on me.. I hate it..”

    You choke back a gag, swallowing down the bile wanting to rise up your throat. Jeno visualizes the dog hybrid sniffing your neck, quickly hit with realization. He sits up straight nodding in your hold. Large hands find way under his hoodie covering your body, pushing you down further on his bed. He crawls up, instantly soothed as his smell permeates from the comforter. Jeno works over your body pushing clothes out of the way to expose your stomach.

    “Is this okay?” He asks sounding genuine. Concern and nerves spiral through his mind not wanting to make you any more anxious. Tenderly letting soft kisses trail around your bellybutton. It’s the softest Jeno’s ever been with you. Slowly taking time to leave a faint trace of his lips over every inch of skin.

    “Lower..” you voice already out of breath. Chest rising and falling faster with each pass of his mouth. Extra seconds spent sucking the dips of your waist. Soft peaks of color spurting up as blood rises under the pull of his lips. Teeth nibbling too gentle to leave marks. Jeno’s cock stirs to life hearing you sound so wrecked so soon. Your panting breathes releasing around the room like soft echoes. It’s too much and not enough all at once.

    Your hands find the top of his head, gathering up chunks of black hair. With a nudge you shove him down begging once again for him to speed things up. It’s too soft even for you. Jeno pulling the button of your shorts open with his expert mouth. Licking across your lower stomach leaving wet kisses behind.

    “Please..” you succumb to begging. Hips lifting up allowing him to pull off your bottoms along with underwear that uncomfortably sticks to your cunt. Your aroused scent hits Jeno first, eyes falling between your thighs amazed. Folds shine painted in hot pleasured slick. Excitement seeping down to your core after only a minute of his touches. Body craving and desiring Jeno more than you can even fathom.

    Splaying your thighs open for him to display all of yourself, Jeno sucks in a deep breathe. Eyes lit up as he sinks in, nose dragging between your folds gathering your arousal over his face. It hits him like a truck, cock fattening up screaming at him to ‘Fuck. Now.’ He bites back a groan, rolling his face side to side masking in your scent.

    “Fuck baby, you smell so good. How do you smell so good.” He mumbles lacking any real question in his tone. Lips vibrating against your entrance with each drawn out hypnotic word. His tongue lawls out on it’s own desperate to taste you. Swiping your inner thigh where you’re most sensitive. Unknowingly leaving his mark, subtle human scent enough to quill your nerves from before.

    “Ah Jeno..” you moan. Fingers digging into his bedding surrounding your head. Eyes rolling around as the room begins to spin. His fingers swipe up and down spreading the wetness trickling from your entrance around. A glob of slick spilling as you moan out his name. His eyes burn into your center chewing at his lower lip sucking down a hiss.

    “So wet, so fucking wet..” his head shakes astonished following a thick leak of wetness flowing down. Dark puddle of slick forming under your ass soiling his bed. Jeno already daydreaming of rubbing his face in it later remembering how your body called to him. He stammers on, licking the drool spilling from the corners of his lips- “So pretty, you’re the prettiest. My bunny, everything pretty. All for me.”

    “Ugh!” You can’t help but whimper. Jeno’s lips suck around your inner thigh, tongue lapping the soft skin. His eyes roll shut engulfed in your scent. You lift up biting down a shout, hole squeezing around nothing. Pulling off Jeno growls deep in his chest slapping his palms down on the inner meat of your thighs. He spreads you open watching your entrance grip and beg for something. For him.

    “Want me that badly baby? Can’t even wait? So desperate for me.” Spitting between your walls, Jeno swoops in. Hands dragging to the backs of your thighs bending you in half. Air exits your chest as he pushes your knees by your head. His lips suck around your clit hungrily. Your stomach turns, lurching out agonizing moans. Bundle of nerves tortured under his unforgiving thirsty mouth.

    “Cum all over my face.” Jeno groans. Tongue gliding down teasing at your hole with the tip. He slaps your thighs, seething down lower. Dragging in and out fucking his wet tongue through your suffocating heat. Swiping fingers down your thigh, Jeno rubs your clit in rapid motions. Vibrating grunts reverberate throughout your core. Tongue wiggling about with eager strength determined to drink up your release.

    Your neck strains ripping at the duvet. Tears hitting the backs of your eyes as impending orgasms rushes with a slam through your chest. Hips jumping up into Jeno’s mouth screaming with your release. He doesn’t stop, sucking down the arousal spilling out. Fingers viciously rolling your clit about pulling sensations of a second small orgasm next.

    “Fuck..” Jeno’s mind spins. Eyes half-lidded sucking at your winking hole. Like a man willing to fulfill his thirst off your slick to survive. His tongue drags rolling over every crevice. “You’re perfect bun.”

    Jeno sits up ripping his shirt off, covered in the aftermath of your dried tears and slick. He moves fast to work off his jeans, hips shimmying free. Resisting the urge to jump your quivering figure. Your lustful eyes meet letting him know you’re ready for more.

    Jeno crawls up onto the bed scooping you inside of his built arms. Limp limbs hang around him letting him accommodate you further up. Pulling a pillow under your neck to keep you comfortable, he positions back between your parted thighs.

    Jeno pushes your legs forward again, loves seeing you so pliant and weak for him. Loves knowing he can do this to you. That he can pull you into a such high, leaving you powerless. He reaches for your face, thumb tugging your lower lip. Your eyes falling half shut peering up.

    “It’s never enough for my bunny, always need more don’t you baby.” He drabbles on. Sweeping spit over your lips and chin. His lower half shifts, cock slipping between your cunt lips. Raising the question with intent- “This what my bunny wants? Hmm. Is this what my bunny needs.”

    “Jenooo..” you greedily whine with a jerk upward. Jeno’s cock piercing your entrance with the action. In unison you both moan in elation. Urgent screams of lusts bursts between your lower halves.

    “Always wanted you like this bun. Dream about you crying and begging for my cock. Wanna fuck you full. Keep you bloated for days with my cum.” Jeno murmurs mostly to himself. Massive size splitting your walls sliding between you. Tears spill down your heated cheeks lost to the desire, head nodding agreeing to everything he says. Anything to get what you need.

    “Please give me c-cum.. p-please..” you stutter. Chest beating violently as he circles his tip. Your hole sucking and kissing around him with extra plead. The room fills with both of your exhausted drawn out moans. Jeno pushing in only an inch to speed the insanity ready to destroy you.

    Your legs shake in anticipation, the memory of how long and thick he was running laps in your mind whenever you found yourself alone. Dreaming of more, curiously eyeing his bulge whenever you were sitting around. A telltale sign of upcoming heat you didn’t realize yet.

    “I’ll give you everything bun..” Jeno starts, placing a wet kiss at your ankle. Nose brushing around the skin, lips staggering up your foot pecking a kiss on your toe. “You deserve it all. Deserve all my cum, only you. My beautiful bunny.”

    Painting you with compliments he straightens. Back flexed, chested puffed out, cock pushing in slowly. Every ridge expanding you open, cock pushing in with no fight. Copious amounts of slick wrap around Jeno’s length easing him in inch by inch.

    “Fuck, h-how..” Jeno’s mouth drops open. Lower lip glistening with spit. Pretty features covered with your drying release. His thick eyelashes clumped together with evidence of your climax. Your scent so thick in the air, sedating Jeno into an overwhelming sensation of ecstasy. He thrusts in the last inch. Balls slapping against your rim. His chest beating rapidly, incoherently mumbling- “..h-how…tight…baby..so tight.”

    Jeno circles inside, stretching you around to feel all of his size. You twists up with a cry more full than you knew could be possible. Every feeling of fear from earlier forgotten, erased with all feelings of Jeno. He nips at the back of your ankle, hand gripping your calve keeping you folded in half.

    “Tell me you love it bun.” He starts to pull out regaining his sense. Cock shoving in past your closing heat. Cunt clinging around him as he slides out like lips sucking him whole. “Love how I can fuck you like this don’t you?”

    Your head nods too eagerly, mouth hung open. Drool trickling down your cheeks and jaw. With a roll of your eyes you see it. The protruding shape forming in your stomach. Disappearing and reappearing with every precise thrust Jeno delivers. Your panting rises in sound, chest heaving gazing in amazement. His length prodding so deep hitting spots you never knew existed.

    “Big. You’re so big.” You manage to whimper out. Trailing your hand up you cautiously brush against the skin shoved out. A groan ripping from the bottom of your chest. Tingles rippling down your spine, pussy gripping around him earnestly. Your head shakes in disbelief pushing down, breaking into moans with every hit of his cock head. Falling into a spiral of mumbled plea’s- “need need need need.”

    Jeno nods along to your cries. Thrusts gaining speed with encouragement. Bending you further to lick across your chin. His face drops to your neck slipping into a new angle, leaving you impossibly full.

    “You feel so good bun. So fucking pretty and good around me, you’re so good for me baby.” Jeno grits against your neck. Biting down on the vein most prominent over your scent gland. Hips stilling with a strong jerking thrust.

    Your nails dig into the indentation of his hips leaving your own marks on him. Placing strength in your hold to keep him inside. Legs dropping around him as his hold loosens. Strength exiting his body as pleasure soars up and down inside.

    Strings of cum fill you up as raspy cries break free. Jeno’s firm weight twitches against your lower half spreading numbness along your own. His body pushing yours deeper into the mattress cumming with intense force. Lungs emptying the more he explodes, shaking fiercely against you. He breaks into pathetic whimpers as you clench down around the thick swelling size filling you up. Cum locked inside leaving you so full, momentarily so at peace.

    “Jeno..” you nudge his cheek with your nose. Scratching up his sides hard enough to lift shades of reds and pinks. “Don’t stop, need more. Need you, please don’t stop.”

    Your hips roll up, Jeno’s neck lifting emitting a hiss. Cock awakening back to life inside as you begin fucking up into him. Cum spills out around where you’re locked together. Unrelenting grip around Jeno’s cock spinning his mind around.

    His balls draw up, quickly moving to pull your thigh up. Pulling out, delivering a deep thrust forward until you shout out screaming for more. Jeno finds the will to fuck you harder, faster, his cum gushing out spilling down to your ass.

    “Don’t stop! Don’t stop fucking me!” You wail out. Reaching up to clutch around his broad shoulders. Your body slides up the bed with the force Jeno drives forward. Cock splitting you open further pulling you into the most dizzying state. Mind gone consumed by Jeno’s scent, his touches and size. Every worry and thought gone.

    “You’re so fucking tight for me still. Can’t take me can you baby?” Jeno asks losing to his own hazy desire. Hips furiously pounding down, hitting you deep with every thrust in. Bed shaking, bodies bouncing together on the mattress. Sweat and other bodily fluids between your chest adding to the slip of every movement.

    Your head falls back releasing a cascading broken cry, cock filling you too good. Never wanting to know emptiness again, forever needing your holes filled. Strings of curses fill the air as Jeno grinds down. Spines trembling as eminent release approaches you both once again.

    “You’re so fucking good for me bun. Look at how you take all of me baby.” Jeno spits out. Words garbled, blinking away the sweat dripping into his eyes. He reaches down smoothing his free hand over the bulge shifting in your lower stomach with each thrust. Raspy moans mixing with your needy whimpers. Cock head slamming deep in, every ridge along his size stretching your walls deliciously.

    “So big. So big Jeno. Love it.” Your head tosses. Mind exploding with colors of flowers you’d seen earlier. Jeno’s brawny form above you stilling with a pained face. Your core locking around him in another release. Climax hitting you harder, sending your back up mid-air lifted in full arch. Eyes rolling back convulsing around the girth inside you plugging your arousal. Flames shoot throughout your stomach, Jeno starting up his thrusts with a brutal piston in.

    “Fuck!” You scream, anyone within a mile radius able to pick up the sound. Jeno forcing his length in past your gripping heat. Fucking you beyond stimulation, waves of electricity surge up from your middle. “Cum..cum in..inside me..again please. Want it. Need it!”

    Jeno dips down, upper half collapsing on your chest. His heavier weight suppressing air from your lungs. Hands slip down cupping your ass, drilling his hips in. Cock hitting you over and over again exactly where you need. Mouth parted over yours drawing harsh breaths.

    Your eyes meet in frenzy, finding way from his shoulders to his nape. You circle around him clinging for life. His movements turn sloppy with each draw back. Teeth clamped sliding through your sopping cunt effortlessly. Walls shaping around Jeno’s cock like he belonged there.

    “Need your cum, need you Jeno.” You whine. Fingers scratching and tugging Jeno’s nape. His eyes squeeze up, wrinkling together down the center of his sweaty brows. He pumps in past your tight grip, cum spilling in three pathetic shots. Balls clenching up releasing the last bits of cum. His mouth hangs open singing cracked growls above yours. Pain consuming his features with the last white rope of cum spurting free. Cock worn out, body going stiff losing power to hold himself up any longer.

    “You take my cum so good baby. My perfect cock sleeve.” He says breathlessly. Swallowing dry breaths down, drawing saliva up the back of his throat. Lungs empty gasping after two powerful orgasms emptied his body and filled yours. He slides out an inch stilling as your arms squeeze his neck. Your head shaking, panicked gaze returning.

    “No no!” You protests, wrapping your legs around his narrow hips. Lower halves stuck together. Cum jostling in your belly as Jeno grunts feeling sensitive. Cock stinging as your cunt pulsates around him to match your frazzled expression. “Please don’t wanna be empty. Please Jeno.”

    You beg so pretty, he’d never deny you. Jeno knew from the moment he saw you at the Hybrid shop he’d do anything for you. Absolutely anything. His face relaxes, sighing calmly. A wash of satisfaction cleaning his mind of any doubt. Forehead nuzzling on yours pecking a kiss at the tip of your nose.

    “Anything for you. Love you bun.” He whispers. With a soft squeeze to your ass Jeno adjusts you both with ease. Laid on his back switching positions to relieve you of his weight. Calming caresses trail your spine, patting your backside once in awhile. Fingers tease the crevice of your ass with mild interest. Tempted to dive lower and circle your puckered hole. Fighting back only to save his cock from falling off in more horny rage.

    Your nose finds the crook of his neck, a light scent of Jeno ghosts the area. The combination of loving touches, Jeno filling you past your utmost needs, and his scent lulling you into a blissful sleep.

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    #yumuda.txt #the fact that this takes place during the dictatorship. and its a fuckin lesbian kpop fanfiction. #brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 #... #what in the goddamn...
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    Welp I had a good few days to clear my head and get things done :)

    I'm feeling tired but better, nothing a good night's rest won't fix! But overall I’m feeling a lot better and have some things in the works and hopefully soon to be out!

    Straight to the point I am back :)

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    Fireworks in My Heart

    → Pairing: Yuto x Reader

    → Genre: Fluff;

    → Words:  1.5K

    → A/n: Finally we were able to catch a break in between our irl stuff and finish this amazing story, and we are so excited to update the blog with our content again! Special thank you to the anon who requested this, we hope you like it!

    You felt nervous. Having recently moved to a different country, things were hard on you and it took way more time to get used to every change. It was only better when you were in the company of your one and only Yuto. He too recently moved back to the country after spending a few years away living abroad, so he knew exactly what you were going through. You two met randomly at a music shop, looking for the same album. Kind of struggling with the language and the manners, you kept on watching Yuto move around with the cd you wanted without making a move to ask where he got it since you weren't finding it.

    It was Yuto who approached you and asked if you were ok, quickly understanding your babbling about being new and wanting the cd. His shy chuckle and soft "lemme help you", melted your heart. You never believed in love at first sight, but if you did, Yuto would be it. It was also him who invited you for coffee after you paid for the cd and it was also him who kept on helping you with everything. After the coffee you were already exchanging numbers and stories, laughing at his tales of struggles with a different language. He ultimately understood your situation but you found out that he was as sweet as he was a tease, poking friendly fun at your confusion with words, making you feel light and at peace with your small mistakes.

    The sort of friendship went on for a few months before you saw the flyers about the summer festival. You always saw it in movies and cartoons so you got excited with the possibility of actually going to one. But going alone wouldn’t be so much fun, so you invited Yuto to tag along, and he was more than happy to keep you company. To say you were anxious was an understatement, but thankfully a good kind of anxious, since it was your first traditional festival in the country. You went all the way and bought yourself the prettiest Yukata you could find, with cherry blossoms painted all over the silky fabric.

    The main setting of the festival was around the city’s riverbank, and he said he would meet you there. As soon as you were properly dressed you rushed to get save a good spot to release your lantern, your wish safely tucked in it. You felt a little shy seeing that there weren’t many people dressed in Yukatas, but no one seemed to stare at you for it, so you called it a win.

    You quietly watched the place beautifully decorated with paper lanterns and families reunited to participate in the event and the rush of happiness that you felt made you think that being in a different country wouldn’t be so bad after all. Your thoughts were interrupted by Yuto’s deep voice calling your name.

    Yuto looked for you since the moment he arrived, eager to spend every second he could time with you. The truth was, since the moment he first saw you he knew that you had just that special something that made him want to know everything he could about you, and the fact that you were so welcoming to him was a big relief because he was simply fascinated with you. When he spotted you at the festival, it took a couple of extra seconds to recognize you, because the last thing he was expecting was to see you in traditional clothes.

    When he called you uncertain, and you turned around with the prettiest smile he’s ever seen, it felt like time stopped for him. It was almost like he could actually feel his heart skipping a beat, and for a second he forgot how to properly function.

    “Hey, you made it!” you said more cheerfully than usual, but everything about that night was making you feel giddy.

    “Hello” Yuto murmured, clearing his throat, and you didn’t miss the way he eyed you up and down.

    “I’m making a fool of myself with these clothes, aren’t I?” you laughed half-heartedly, suddenly feeling self-conscious.

    “No! not at all!” he waved his hands around desperately, terribly afraid that he had made you uncomfortable “You..”

    He trailed off, his cheeks glowing with an almost unnoticeable blush.

    “I what?” you asked softly.

    “You look really pretty, that’s all” he smiled shyly.

    “Oh” you felt your blood rising to your face “Thank you”

    You stared at each other quietly, both of you trying to find anything to say.

    “sparklers sticks.” Yuto suddenly blurted

    “what?” you laughed confusedly

    “I brought sparklers sticks for you!” He hurriedly fished his jacket’s pocket.

    “Really?!” you jumped in place out of excitement when he handed you the pack.

    Yuto thought the sparkles would be nothing compared to the way your eyes shone when you lit one up and waved around giggling. All he could do was sit back and watch you have fun, and, honestly, he could do that all night long. In the end, that's what he did. You two walked around together, and every interjection of wonderment that left your lips when you saw something you liked was like music to his ears.

    You were glowing with happiness, and everything was feeling like a movie to you. The place was beautiful, the food was delicious and Yuto’s company was the cherry on top. You didn't know if what you felt was real or if it was just the festival spirit, but something in Yuto was glowing and you felt drawn to him. But the fireworks will go off soon and you wanted to find a good spot for you two to watch.

    "Come on, we don't want to miss it" You rushed him, mindlessly grabbing his hand to not lose him in the crowd

    You only noticed your action when you stopped and looked back at him, then noticed the subtle blush in his cheeks. You immediately let go of him, but he silently held you back, not wanting you to release his hand yet.

    You smiled shyly and squeezed his hand, silently telling him that you enjoyed his touch, and there were no words between the two of you for a couple of minutes.

    "Thank you for coming with me." You broke the silence.

    "Thank you for inviting me" he opened a smile for you "I really like spending time with you."

    "Me too" you confessed, clinging to his arm "it was better because you were here with me"

    "I was thinking." He circled around his words "maybe if you're free, would you like to go on a date with me? It's just that I really appreciate your friendship but something tonight made me want to know you better than a friend."

    You blinked, surprised at the sudden confession.

    "The reality is," he continued, looking deep into your eyes "ever since the day I met you, even though you looked like the cutest lost puppy, I knew you were someone special. If you'd give me the chance, I know I could make you smile every day. Because seeing you smile is my new favorite thing in the world.

    As you looked at him while he sincerely put out his heart for you, you thought that everything clicked together and all that he described was mirrored inside you, and that's why your heart beats faster when you are next to him. You didn't know how to react or what to say, all the words in your brain scrambled together.

    As you opened your mouth to speak, the fireworks interrupted the words that you hadn't even started to enunciate, stealing Yuto's attention for a second. It gave you one more chance to admire his beauty against the multi-colored fireworks' lights, and the wind blowing in his hair, which was slightly longer than when you first met, and he looked like something out of a painting that belonged in a museum.

    It was mere seconds later when he looked back at you, but it was useless to try to say anything, he wouldn't hear you over the loud explosions, so you gathered some extra courage and did the only thing you thought you could do. And the one you wanted to do the most.

    You gently put your hands on his cheeks, and just as softly pull him closer.

    His eyes widened when your lips touched, but just for a brief second before engulfing you in his hold and sighing into the kiss. His touch on you was tender and careful like he wanted to enjoy every little piece of you but also didn’t want to push past any limit. You tiptoed, pressing further onto him, and he held your waist to help you balance, deepening the kiss and savoring his taste,

    You pecked his lips a couple more times before looking at him, both of you bursting into giggles. Your arms circled around his waist and you laid your head on his chest, peacefully watching the fireworks painting the skies and getting inebriated with the fresh smell of his perfume. He immediately rested his hands on your back, hugging you closer to him.

    “A date sounds lovely” you mumbled, the smile on your lips impossible to be held back.

    Taglist - @bunnybunnywoo DM or send us an ask if you want to be part of out tag list ^_^

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    Sweet Talk To Me (Part 4)

    Where Arin has a sexy TA, Park Jinyoung, who she's been crushing on a little too hard, and Eunmi's still bickering with her childhood frenemy, Im Jaebum, who's she's just a little too attracted to nowadays. Heading to a party, Arin wants to let loose and Eunmi wants to find a guy to spend the evening with for once, neither one of them prepared for what would happen that night...

    Group: JJProject/Got7

    Pairing: Jinyoung/Fem! Reader (Third Person - Arin); JB/Fem! Reader (Third Person - Eunmi)

    Rating: Mature/Explicit

    Warnings: Language, Sexual Content, Oral (M-Given), Making Out, Partying/Drinking, Rejection/Sadness, A lot of playful banter haha

    Word Count: 3,997

    Main Masterlist | Got7 Masterlist


    Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

    Eunmi and Jaebum were leaned against the wall together, still sipping on their drinks, almost an hour having passed since she’d started looking for a “date”.

    It’d been a rough start- one she’d lost her nerve with, another had been a little too drunk to converse with- and Jae laughed every time, the two of them falling into easy conversation before she found someone else.

    Time passed quickly- this “finding a date” challenge almost felt like a game- and Eunmi was surprised by how much she and Jaebum were getting along; they didn’t spend a lot of time alone together.

    She usually avoided it.

    Eunmi had texted Arin, worried that her best friend had disappeared into the kitchen and never returned, but the girl had messaged her back, letting her know she was talking with TA Park Jinyoung, and she would meet up with her later.

    Smirking, Eunmi took a sip of her drink.

    She knew her best friend was into Professor Park.


    A guy walking by had finally captured her attention; he was a little shorter than she would like, but he was lean, with a cute face and messing around with his friends. He seemed like one of the goofiest ones in the group, but he still had an aura of cool about him that Eunmi could appreciate from her distance.

    Plus he had nice hair.

    “I’m gonna try that guy,” she nodded in his direction, taking a gigantic gulp of her drink, reveling in the confidence it brought her. “Wish me luck.”

    Jae just chuckled under his breath as she stepped forward.

    Eunmi again, had no idea what she was going to say once she approached this guy- even after an hour of this, it seemed flirty conversation still wasn’t her forte- but she figured just greeting him would probably be a good start.

    Her timing was impeccable- his friends were walking away, and he was waving at them, laughing at something they said- before Eunmi was approaching somewhat nervously.

    “Hi,” she broke the ice immediately, smiling as he looked at her in slight interest.

    “Hey,” his smile was crooked, eyes dark, and she felt her heart skip for some reason as she watched his gaze run up and down her body. “What’s up?”

    “I just-”


    His friends were standing at the sliding glass door, waving for him to come over.


    “Uh, sorry-” he smiled guiltily at her, rubbing his arm with his hand as he slowly backed away. “Maybe I’ll… see you later?”

    It didn’t sound too promising.

    She felt her confidence deflate like a balloon; if he thought she was cute, he would’ve asked her to come or something, right? Instead he didn’t even look over his shoulder as he ran to catch up with his friends.

    Eunmi sighed, taking the rest of her drink down in one sharp gulp. By the time she was back to Jae, she was wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, more frustrated than she probably needed to be.

    “Be careful,” his eyes were shining in amusement, but he, thankfully, wasn’t laughing. “You made these drinks pretty strong.”

    He lifted his own drink, looking slightly unsteady as he pushed himself off the wall a bit. Eunmi waved him off, turning around to lean beside him again, only half-heartedly looking for a new guy. She wondered if maybe this was a mistake, especially with the way the walls were wobbling on all sides of her like she was underwater.

    Eunmi could feel Jae’s eyes on her, but couldn’t bring herself to look at him. How pathetic must she look to him, trying and failing to get a date while he was raking women in without lifting a finger?

    “He looks like the kind of guy who would run with his friends to play beer pong,” Jaebum muttered under his breath, making Eunmi laugh unexpectedly at his random jab at Hyunwoo.

    “What?” the drywall dug into the back of her head as she rolled her neck to look at him. “What does that even mean?”

    “It means they’re idiots,” Jae answered simply, refusing to meet her eyes as he finished off his drink. “There’s already beer pong set up in the front yard. Why waste the time and effort?”

    Eunmi chuckled under her breath at his ridiculous insult, and watched him look sideways at her, lips pulling up into a small smile.

    “I’ll get us some refills.”

    Before she could say anything, he was taking the empty cup out of her hand, not looking back as she watched him walk into the kitchen. Eunmi was still smiling, the disappointment of Hyunwoo already ebbing away as she finally tore her eyes from his retreating back.

    Did Jae just make you feel better on purpose?

    Eunmi didn’t have much time to think about the matter- nor did she want to- before Jaebum was coming back, handing her a beer.

    “This was easier than making an actual drink,” he admitted, the top already twisted off for her.


    She smiled before she was facing the living room again, Jaebum taking his place next to her against the wall.

    “You’re always talking about the kind of girls I like,” he said quietly, taking a sip of his drink before continuing. “Can you pick them out?”

    “You want me to pick out more girls for you?” Eunmi grinned at him, taking a swig of her own beer before raising an eyebrow at him. “Why would I do that?”

    “Don’t be jealous,” he smirked, bumping his arm against hers. “I just want to see if you know me as well as you think you do.”

    “I’m not jeal-” she groaned, rolling her eyes before facing forward again. “Never mind. Let me see what I can do.”

    She scanned the crowded living room, scoping the area for beautiful faces, short skirts, and skinny statures.

    “Found one.”

    It’d been maybe a minute before she saw a girl standing with her friends, skirt flitting back and forth as she spoke animatedly to her group of girls, long glossy hair pulled into a high ponytail. Her face was flawless, doll-like, and she giggled as she covered her mouth, manicured fingernails long and shining in the light.

    “Her?” Jae followed her gaze, raising his eyebrows before nodding in approval. “Okay yeah, she’s hot.”

    Eunmi rolled her eyes, unable to help the laugh that slipped from her lips.

    She was hot.

    Another one walked by just seconds later- if only she had this much luck finding guys- flipping her hair over her shoulder as she talked to her friend walking with her.

    “There you go,” Eunmi nodded towards her as she walked by. “What about her over there?”

    “Jaeun?” Jaebum asked, wrinkling his nose before taking a drink. “She’s super snotty.”

    “Does that matter?” Eunmi asked with a giggle.

    “Yes,” he turned to look at her, a slight smile on his face. “It does.”

    She just nodded, turning back to the people once more.

    “You pick this time.”

    Jae was quiet for a moment before pointing subtly to their left, a girl with long, unkempt hair leaning against the wall with her friend. There were pink streaks standing out against her dark brown strands, fingernails bitten, ripped skinny jeans on...

    Not at all what Eunmi would’ve picked.

    “That girl?” she asked, Jae checking her point of view before nodding in confirmation. “Why?”

    “She’s funny,” he answered with a shrug. “Nice too. She sits behind me in my poetry class.”

    For some reason this bothered Eunmi, watching the girl as she adjusted the oversized band shirt she was sporting, smile adorable, talking loudly to her friend. She was too down-to-earth, too friendly looking to be someone Jae would go for, and it was completely throwing Eunmi off.

    She took another long drink of her beer.

    “Her too.”

    Jae used his bottle, tipping it to their right, pointing directly at a taller girl with her hair in a messy bun, no makeup, talking to what looked like her boyfriend with a warm smile on her face. She was tucking some loose strands of hair behind her ear, slapping her boyfriend on the arm playfully as her laugh carried across the living room.


    Eunmi watched in wonder as the girl laughed so hard she almost dropped her beer can, her boyfriend hurrying to catch it before it slipped to the ground. Some contents still spilled on her shirt anyway, only making the girl laugh harder as her boyfriend shook his head, smiling lovingly at her.

    “Yeah,” Jae was watching her almost fondly, and Eunmi felt a rock sinking hard and fast in her stomach for no reason. “She’s hilarious. I’ve got Physical Science with her, and she’s always dropping shit and correcting the teacher.”

    “You like that?” Eunmi asked with a giggle, imagining Jae actually being with someone like that.

    “Someone who’s not afraid to be themselves?” Jae asked as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “I’ve always liked that.”

    Taking another sip of beer, she realized she didn’t have much of a comeback for that.

    “I clearly suck at this,” she attempted to make a joke after a moment, pulling a small smile from Jae. “I’ll go back to finding the man of my dreams.”

    He scoffed with a shake of his head at, but she saw his smile get bigger before he was tipping his head back for another drink.

    Ten minutes passed before Eunmi was sighing heavily, having no luck finding anyone.

    “I wish Yoongi was here,” she admitted. “He’s… different.”

    “What’s with you and this Yoongi guy?” Jae said, sounding annoyed.

    Eunmi didn’t answer at first, choosing to drink slowly from her glass bottle as she mulled over her words. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to admit what her true draw to the man was; if Jae of all people would know how she felt.

    Still, she was drunk, and the words were slipping from her lips before she could stop them.

    “I guess he makes me feel like a girl.”

    There was a moment of silence before Jae was turning to look at her, eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

    “You are a girl,” he surprised her when his hand was motioning up and down her body. “Obviously.”

    She felt her cheeks grow hot, clearing her throat and turning to stare at the people in front of them.

    “I know, I just-”

    Eunmi wasn’t sure why she was saying this- she’d never admitted her feelings to anyone but Arin- but the way Jae was looking at her, a flicker of concern in his eyes that confused the hell out of her- it was giving her drunk mind all the push it needed to keep going.

    “I, uh,” she ran a finger along the narrow rim of her beer bottle, avoiding Jae’s gaze. “I think not all guys see me that way, I guess? I don’t know, I’ve just always been better at being friends with guys… I don’t really get asked out a whole lot…”

    She paused to take another drink.

    “Anyway. Yoongi, he’s just nice to me and he flirts with me and he’s interested in me…”

    It was true- ever since the start of semester, she and Yoongi had talked in their Geology class, and it felt… nice.

    Eunmi trailed off, feeling a little silly as she let out a nervous laugh.

    “I guess he makes me feel like I’m worth something.”

    Another drink to hide her nervous expression, eyes stubbornly staying away from Jae’s as he stared at her without a word. It was intimidating, and she wondered once again, why she decided to randomly poor her heart out.

    “Eunmi-” he began carefully.

    “What about that guy?”

    She already wanted to change the subject, and the opportunity fell into her lap when she saw a man rounding the stairs, entering the living room and looking like just her type.

    Jet black, wavy hair, a stoic demeanor, and a flirty smile, and someone was already trying to grab his attention, one of his friends calling out to him in greeting.


    She had already taken a step forward before she felt Jae’s fingers wrap around her upper arm.

    “What?” she asked, turning a little too fast, head spinning from the alcohol. “Why not?”

    “You think I’m a player?”

    Jae raised an eyebrow at her, and she looked back at the man just in time to see a girl walk right up to him, his eyes sliding up and down her body like she was a piece of meat.


    “Yeah,” Jae sounded a little disgusted, fingers slipping from her arm gently as she moved back to her spot beside him. “Guy’s a dick.”

    Eunmi couldn’t believe she was thankful for Jae being there, but she was.

    It wasn’t until she had finished the last drop of her beer, Jae following right behind her, that she spotted a new guy worth looking at.

    He was tall again, with brown, glossy hair and a cute face. He was smiling at something someone was saying to him before they walked away, leaving the man alone to sip slowly from his plastic cup. He was handsome, but seemed sweet, the awkward way he rocked back and forth on his feet oddly adorable.

    “I found another one. Hold this?”

    Jae didn’t have time to answer as she placed her bottle in his free hand, letting the beer, tequila, and whatever other kind of liquor she had coursing through her system lead the way. Time was always sloppy when she was drunk, so it almost surprised her when she was suddenly standing in front of the cute guy, watching as he lowered his cup slowly, looking at her curiously.

    “Hi!” she smiled warmly at him, tucking both hands behind her back nervously.

    “Hello,” he seemed amused, but not unkind as he smiled back.

    Come on Eunmi, do it right this time. Don’t be awkward.

    “I just-” she giggled- a real nervous laugh- as she reached up to move some hair out of her face. “I know this is forward, but I saw you and thought you were cute, and I… I don’t know…”

    She was already losing her momentum, watching as the smile on his face faded to discomfort.

    “Oh, uh-” he looked apologetic as he ran a hand through his silky hair. “I’m sorry, I’ve got a girlfriend actually… So…”

    Eunmi’s heart was hammering in her ears, loud for some reason, and she heard another anxious laugh slip from her lips before she could stop it.

    “Oh no, it’s fine,” she said in an odd, nervous babble, taking small steps backward. “Sorry to bother you. Didn’t mean to- you know- I’ll just-”

    This failure felt more humiliating than the rest, and she turned on her heel, face burning as she made her way out of the living room.

    Eunmi thought she saw Jae push himself from the wall to follow after her, but wasn’t sure until she could hear his soft chuckles behind her.

    But that just embarrassed her more, and instead of grabbing another drink like she had originally planned, she turned sharply down the hallway, thankful the bathroom by the front door seemed to be unoccupied. She pushed the wood of the door with both hands, flicking on the light, before stumbling drunkenly inside.

    “Why are you going in here?” Jae asked, right on her tail as he stood in the doorway, a bright smile on his face.

    “God, that was so embarrassing,” she moaned, burying her face in her hands as she shook her head back and forth. “He has a fucking girlfriend!”

    “Hey, whatever, shit happens,” Jaebum was so nonchalant, so chill about the whole thing. “You should’ve seen the look on his face.”

    Eunmi knew it wasn’t a big deal, she did, but she could also feel the wetness of her palms as she pressed them harshly against her eyelids. She let out a sharp laugh because she honestly felt ridiculous, reaching down to wipe her hands on the fabric of her skirt, ridding herself of the stray tears.

    “Yah, Broomy…”

    Jae’s smile was fading as she made the mistake of looking up at him, watching as he took a couple steps inside the bathroom.

    “I’m fine,” she told him automatically, grinning to back up her claim, but her vision was a little too cloudy as she watched him shut the door gently behind him.

    “It’s not a big deal, I’m sure the guy doesn’t care-”

    “I don’t even know why I’m crying,” she told him honestly, laughing again as she let her body fall clumsily against the wall. “I know it’s stupid, I just-”

    But being drunk meant even her thoughts had less of a filter, and truthfully, Eunmi knew exactly why she was crying.

    The rejection.

    She choked on whatever else she was going to say, reaching up to wipe the new tears that had cascaded down her bright red cheeks, letting her head fall against the wall with a heavy sigh.

    Eunmi had thought this night would be different; that somehow she would meet her next boyfriend at this random grad student party. And even though it didn’t make any sense logically, and she was incredibly stupid for getting her hopes up, she had anyway. So of course, it was only a matter of time before all the rejection- all the failures at trying to get a date- would have her crumbling under the weight of disappointment.

    Her pride was damaged and she was frustrated, yes, but honestly…

    Eunmi’s feelings were hurt the most.

    “I don’t see how you do this,” she finally spoke, embarrassed by how shaky her voice sounded as she used her fingers to catch more fallen tears. “This dating thing all the time…”

    Jaebum’s smile was completely gone now, watching her with what could only be concern as she continued to pathetically wipe at her eyes.

    “Well, I mean…” he looked a little uncomfortable, pulling on the collar of his shirt. “I don’t really ask, they just sort of… Come to me…”

    For some reason, his tactless remark made her laugh, shaking her head as she shoved him lightly on the arm.

    “Thanks that makes me feel a lot better.”

    He seemed encouraged by her laughter, smiling again, handsome as always as he took a small step closer.

    “I honestly just think you have bad taste, Eunmi.”

    She glared at him, her heart not all the way in it, eyes locking with his.

    “I’m just saying,” he said with a shrug, eyes darting from hers. “Those guys don’t deserve you at all.”

    All thoughts in Eunmi’s mind came to a screeching halt at those words, and Jaebum shoved both hands in his pockets, seeming a little wobbly on his feet as he glanced down at his shoes.


    It’s all she could think to say in that moment, voice quiet, honestly not sure if she heard him right. Her heart was racing in her chest, much harder than it had all night, and she felt an odd flutter in her throat as she swallowed hard. Eunmi watched him reach up to run a hand through his hair, her eyes following the movement, realizing how close they were standing for the first time.

    “I just-”

    Eunmi knew Jae too well; he always looked around when he was nervous, as if the words he needed were written on a cue card waiting for him in the background.

    “They’re not really worth your time. You’re…”

    She felt like she couldn’t breathe now, something different about the air between them, something charged that she wasn’t sure if she was imagining or not. Her stomach was twisting slowly but steadily, drunk mind frozen in time, not sure what to expect from this man in front of her.

    He finally sighed, taking his hand from his hair and letting it drop to his side.

    “You’re too good for them, Eunmi.”


    She couldn’t take her eyes from his handsome face, as if waiting for him to transform into someone else. This couldn’t be Jae- the mischievous, shit-disturbing, teasing-her-every-chance-he-got Jaebum- could it?

    Eunmi really couldn’t breathe now, laughing breathily as she tried to process his gentle words.

    He let out a small chuckle too, searching the features of her face as she let her head fall against the wall once more.

    “You don’t have to lie and say all this to make me feel better, Jae, really-”

    “I’m not lying.”

    Her heart stuttered in her chest again at the simple sentence, eyes locking with his before she could help it. His face was stoic as usual, but it was his eyes that gave him away, something soft there she’d never seen before.

    Eunmi stared at him for a moment- the scar on his eyebrow, the freckles underneath his eye, the way he bit lightly on his bottom lip as he kept his gaze locked on hers. He was so good-looking, too good-looking, and it was all she could notice at that moment.

    And the way he was looking at her- like every word he was saying was true- had butterflies frantically flying around in her stomach-

    She looked up to the ceiling, finally breaking eye contact so she could breathe. All she could smell was Jae and his stupid, enticing cologne, and she could feel the world spinning around her as she stared up at the smooth drywall above her.

    “God, I am really drunk,” she said for something to say, letting out a slight giggle. “Why the hell did we do all those shots?”

    Jae chuckled lightly before she heard his hand land unsteadily against the wall to her right. Eunmi turned, Jae leaning his body on one arm, hand pressed flat against the wall near her head as he glanced down at their feet, hair hanging in his face.

    “I have no idea,” he answered with a slight shake of his head.

    Eunmi couldn’t tell if the floor beneath her felt unsteady from their proximity or the alcohol coursing hard and strong though her system, but the charge in the air between them was still there, intensifying somehow-

    Then suddenly, Jae was looking up, their eyes meeting once again. They were close, too close, and Eunmi felt her breath catch in her throat as his widened eyes slid slowly along the features of her face. The tension was palpable, no longer imaginary as she realized she could actually feel the heat of his body radiating off of him.

    “D-Don’t you have a date here?” she asked, voice more serious than she’d meant it to be as she pressed her hands against the wall for leverage.

    It was her feeble attempt to grasp at something normal, something that wasn’t defying every rule yet fulfilling every dark fantasy in her head.

    Jae this close was dangerous, really dangerous, and she could feel her resolve slipping as she watched his eyes darken.

    “I’m fine right here, actually.”

    Eunmi felt her mouth drop open just slightly, and his gaze immediately moved to her parted lips, his tongue darting to lick his own bottom lip just long enough for her to see it.

    Her stomach flipped harshly at the action, and she could feel her fingers pressing hard against the wall. Her eyes were wandering away from his face, taking in the broadness of his shoulders, the strength of his arm as it continued to hold his weight against the wall. His skin looked really smooth, even more so this close, and she swallowed hard again-

    “Yah,” she breathed, realizing as she spoke that he had leaned in just a little closer. “Why are you-”

    But Eunmi didn’t have time to finish before Jaebum had finally closed the distance between them. With his free hand gently cupping her face, he leaned forward in one fluid motion, pressing his lips hard against hers.

    To Be Continued...

    Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

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  • staynoonaz9290
    16.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Sweet Talk To Me (Part 3)

    Where Arin has a sexy TA, Park Jinyoung, who she's been crushing on a little too hard, and Eunmi's still bickering with her childhood frenemy, Im Jaebum, who's she's just a little too attracted to nowadays. Heading to a party, Arin wants to let loose and Eunmi wants to find a guy to spend the evening with for once, neither one of them prepared for what would happen that night...

    Group: JJProject/Got7

    Pairing: Jinyoung/Fem! Reader (Third Person - Arin); JB/Fem! Reader (Third Person - Eunmi)

    Rating: Mature/Explicit

    Warnings: Language, Sexual Content, Oral (M-Given), Making Out, Partying/Drinking, Rejection/Sadness, A lot of playful banter haha

    Word Count: 4,541

    Main Masterlist | Got7 Masterlist


    Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

    “Okay, now that I know all your favorite books… is there anything else that you like?”

    Arin was pretty sure her and Jinyoung had been in this empty bedroom for an hour, sitting on some poor sap’s bed with their backs against the headboard, a bottle of Soju sitting in between them. It was half empty now, both of them fighting the flushes on their faces, permanent smiles pulling on their lips as they looked at one another.

    “I love music,” Arin offered, pulling the bottle slowly from Jinyoung’s hand and taking a small sip. “I can play the piano, actually.”

    Jinyoung’s eyes widened at this before he was grinning again, running a hand through his hair.

    “Of course you can,” his voice was teasing as he took the Soju back. “Do you like it?”

    “I love it,” Arin answered with a sigh, playing with the ends of her hair. “When I was a kid, I used to be in competitions. I actually won a few of them…”

    “Really?” he was leaning forward casually, but Arin was acutely aware of every move the man made, his dark eyes searching her curiously. “How many times?”


    The answer was more confident than it would’ve been if she wasn’t riding the waves of alcohol. He laughed out loud at her answer, head falling back against the headboard gently as he looked at her.

    “Of course you did.”

    “Why do you keep saying that?” she asked with a giggle, shoving him lightly on the arm.

    “You’re just…” he chuckled, glancing down at the bottle in his hands before his eyes were on her face again, still flirty. “Interesting… I guess.”

    Jinyoung didn’t seem unsure, but he did seem a little shy, and she was shocked by this; he was such a confident, take-charge kind of a guy…

    Did he somehow have a soft side for her?

    The thought had her stomach fluttering and her chest warm, wondering if she should let her thoughts runaway with her like that.

    “You’re interesting too,” she told him, her eyes running along his handsome face. “I’ve never met anyone like you before.”

    Her words were much more honest with Soju taking the wheel, but she didn’t exactly regret them, watching Jinyoung smile brightly with a small laugh. His nose was scrunched up now, and she couldn’t get over how cute it was to her.

    Jinyoung was such a contradiction; all business-teacher-man during the day with ironed clothes and slicked back hair, intelligent words and challenging, unreadable eyes…

    Then he was switching; boyish smiles, small laughs, more questions, less answers, with teasing remarks and occasional smirks...

    She really hadn’t met anyone like him before.

    “What’s your favorite kind of music?” Jinyoung asked after taking another drink, cheeks a little pink. “Do you have one?”

    “Not really,” she answered honestly. “I literally love all music… My favorite genres just change depending on my mood. What about you?”

    “Well…” he thought for a moment, looking up at the ceiling before his eyes were back on her. “I actually really like Jazz music… and R&B…”

    “Jazz music?” she repeated, smiling as she adjusted on the bed. “Wow, okay. So do you like musicals?”

    “Yes,” Jinyoung nodded in confirmation, moving now to face her, back no longer against the headboard. “That’s one of my favorite things to do… See plays.”

    Arin wondered if this man was made in a factory for her, amazed as she let out another drunken giggle.

    “Wow, I…” she could feel her cheeks burning as she stared at him. “We have a lot in common.”

    He smiled back at her, and they stared at one another for a long moment, neither one of them saying anything. That magnetic energy was back again, the tension both intimidating and enticing as his eyes searched hers. Arin swallowed slightly, realizing with both of them sitting cross-legged like they were, their knees were just an inch from touching.

    Their close proximity was sending a heat through her body, the thought of him wanting to be this close to her more seductive than it really should’ve been. She couldn’t help but wonder if he felt the same way, his hand reaching up to rub casually along the skin of his neck, letting out a small chuckle.

    “Let’s see how much we actually have in common,” he said, finally breaking the silence. “What’s your favorite food?”

    Arin thought for a moment- she did like food, but if she had to choose a favorite, it would have to be-

    “Cheese,” she told him confidently. “I love it. All kinds.”

    “Cheese?” Jinyoung let out one his surprised laughs, sharp and almost giggly as his nose scrunched again. “Really?”

    “Don’t make fun of me! Cheese is delicious!” Arin laughed at his expression, leaning forward slightly to grab the Soju bottle from his lap. “What’s yours?”

    “Hamburgers and pizza,” he said instantly. “Any kind of meat, honestly.”

    “I love pizza,” Arin giggled as she took a drink.

    “Let’s order one,” he said seriously.

    “Now?” her eyes widened as she lowered the bottle from her lips. “At Minha’s house?”

    He nodded, still straight-faced as he took his phone out, holding it up.

    “Should I call?”

    “I-” she laughed, watching as he unlocked the screen. “What if someone else gets it before we get downstairs?”

    “Aish…” he sighed heavily, a little too dramatically as he locked his phone screen again. “I guess you’re right…”

    Then he was looking up at her, a mischievous smile on his face that made his eyes crinkle again.

    He was totally messing with her.

    “Now I’m hungry!” she cried as he burst out laughing, almost spilling the bottle in her attempt to push him.

    “Me too,” he said with a sigh- a real one this time- before he was scooting to the edge of the bed. “I’ll be back.”

    Then he stood up somewhat unsteadily, that up-to-no-good smile still on his face as he winked at her.


    Before she could ask him where he was going or what he was doing, he had disappeared out the door, shutting it gently behind him.

    Arin stared at the wood for a long moment before exhaling loudly, running a shaky hand through her hair.

    She could feel the flush on her skin as she tried to even out her breathing.

    Jinyoung was… daunting.

    Ever since he’d pulled her into that bedroom, her heart had been racing just a little faster in her chest. He had climbed onto the bed smoothly, patting the spot next to him without a word, asking her to join him.

    And how could she say no to that?

    But she had kept her distance even sitting beside him on the mattress, knowing she needed to, and he didn’t seem to mind at all. He just twisted the cap off their Soju, taking a small drink from the bottle before handing it to her. They had smiled at one another, mutual intriguement in their eyes before they started talking just like they had in the kitchen. Jinyoung was asking her questions while they took turns sipping, loosening up more and more.

    He was smart, so smart, and after they discussed what felt like every book they had ever read, Jinyoung had asked for her favorites, eyes shining with curiosity. He was calculative as he listened to her, a ghost of a smile on his lips while the alcohol made them slouchier, more relaxed, more smiley, making jokes and touching each other way more than they had downstairs sober.


    Arin jumped from her thoughts, Jinyoung grinning at her as he closed the door behind him. He had a bag of potato chips in his hand, walking across the room to the bed once more.

    “I thought we could use a snack.”

    Jinyoung’s voice was low as he spoke, climbing back onto the bed and setting the bag of chips between them.

    “Salt and Vinegar?” she asked, recognizing the bright blue bag. “You like these?”

    “Yeah,” he pulled it open, reaching in and grabbing a chip. “They’re my favorite.”

    Before she could respond, he was holding up the chip for her, inviting her to take a bite. She grinned at him before leaning forward, clamping her teeth just hard enough to keep the grip before she was yanking the whole thing from his fingers. He chuckled as she pushed the chip into her mouth in one smooth movement, humming in approval.

    “They’re my favorite too,” she told him after swallowing. “How did you know?”

    “Lucky guess,” he told her, his flirtatious smile making her heart skip a beat. “We already have so much in common anyway…”

    “Not food,” Arin pointed out, making Jinyoung laugh.

    “Okay,” he conceded, eyes shining. “Not food.”

    They were quiet for a moment, the silence more comfortable than it should be for people who just met, both munching on the chips.

    “Anything else I should know about you, Miss Kim?”

    His eyes were shining in amusement and she giggled with a playful roll of her eyes.

    “You can call me Arin, Professor Park.”

    He bit his lip, the smile on his face a little more wicked than it should’ve been as he looked at her through his lashes.

    “I think I might still want you to call me Professor Park though.”

    Oh my god, yeah, he’s definitely drunk

    But truthfully, so was she, and his words had her brain short-circuiting as she took in the implications. She wanted him, bad- since the moment she’d seen him on the first day of class- but with him so close, yet so far away, a tantalizing grin on his face as she realized their knees were definitely touching now…

    Arin knew they were wading in dangerous waters.

    “What if I don’t want to call you that?” she asked with a teasing smirk, a master at hiding her emotions, drunk or not. “Jinyoung.”

    “Hmm…” he searched the features of her face, eyes lingering on her lips before he was reaching into the chip bag again. “I guess I can live with that.”

    Arin knew the two of them had been spending the entire night on the edge of the shore, the calm sands of their newfound friendship sitting too close to the waves of their attraction to one another. She knew their feet were just barely missing the waves as they walked together, ignoring the ocean altogether.

    But waves were a funny thing, and when high tide comes, a strong one could outreach the rest, water splashing warm and foamy across their toes before they could comprehend it.

    Arin felt like Jinyoung’s small chip-run had thrown her off the trail, the precise line written in the sand for her to follow now washed away...

    “Well if you can live with that,” she teased, voice flirty. “I guess I’ll keep calling you Jinyoung then.”


    She wondered if he could feel it too, the consistent waves of the ocean, their loss of that delicate line they were following. He seemed okay with it- more than okay with it- as he ran a hand through his hair, the strands falling perfectly into place before he was looking back at her.

    “Any other favorite foods I should know about?”

    Arin almost forgot she was holding the Soju bottle, taking another long sip as she thought about his question, trying to ignore the way he was leaned forward, if only slightly.

    So hot, why is he so hot…

    “Sweets,” she answered, trying to distract herself. “I love desserts… They really are my weakness.”

    “Do you have a favorite?”

    Jinyoung was folding the chip bag, setting it on the table behind him before he was resting his elbows on his knees, head turned slightly, cheek resting in one of his palms.

    “Not that I can think of.”

    Arin was sure somewhere in her mind, her favorite dessert was there, waiting for her acknowledgement. But right now, she couldn’t think about anything but the way Jinyoung was looking at her, like he found her just as attractive as she found him, eyes darting at random intervals to take in her body before he was staring back at her face. He was closer than he’d been all night- drunker it seemed- and she was trying to keep control with the Soju pumping heavy and fast through her own veins.

    “I like strawberries and chocolate,” he told her after a moment, sitting up a little straighter and reaching for the bottle in her hands. “That’s probably my favorite dessert.”

    Jinyoung’s fingers slid against hers purposely, but his face was casual as he did so, taking the Soju from her slowly. It was the opposite magnetic pole effect again, the pull almost causing her to follow his hands as he pulled away. She didn’t of course, deciding to fold her fingers together in her lap instead.

    His introspective eyes were on her hands anyway, and she thought she saw a flicker of amusement in them again; like he could see them shaking.

    “Of course strawberries and chocolate are your favorite,” she was forever grateful that she could keep such a steady voice in times like this, despite her slowly deteriorating self-control. “You sound like the perfect boyfriend in a magazine.”

    She had meant it as a joke, just to tease him, but her filter hadn’t caught up with her alcohol-induced tongue, not realizing the implications of her words-

    “The perfect boyfriend?” he repeated with a smirk, making her cheeks burn as he looked at her. “I have been told that before, actually.”

    Arin wasn’t sure if he was joking or not, the twinkling in his eyes too mysterious for her to really read them.


    The Soju had completely taken the wheel, her filter thrown into the ocean like a littered soda can. The waves were stronger now, like an incoming storm was just on the horizon, and her feet were fully submerged in the water-

    “Yeah,” he seemed just slightly bashful as he answered, letting out a small laugh. “But not because of the strawberries and chocolate.”

    Jinyoung was good- very good- at smiling at her in a way that made her heart skip a beat. He seemed so casual, so relaxed, but she didn’t miss the nervous flick of his eyes from her face before he was taking another sip of Soju. He put the cap on it, reaching back and putting it on the table with the bag of chips, and she watched the way his lean body stretched out in front of her, eyes wandering up and down before she could stop them.

    “Then why are you the perfect boyfriend?”

    Again, Arin was kidding, wanting to tease, and Jinyoung’s smile turned one-sided as he leaned just slightly closer.

    “They always tell me I’m a good kisser.”

    Arin was frozen in place, watching the way Jinyoung’s eyes wandered across her face, pausing on her lips before he was looking back up at her. The intensity was high, too much as she stared back at him.

    He was telling her this on purpose, she realized, the way he was looking at her anything but innocent as she felt herself leaning forward before she could help it. It was a bold move on her part, even if the movement was infinitesimally small, but she saw Jinyoung’s eyes dart quickly to her upper body anyway.

    There was a moment of hesitation on his part, just a slight pause before he was reaching up, tucking her hair behind one ear. His face was close, and she felt her breathing stutter as she spoke just centimeters from her lips.

    “I can show you… If you want.”

    He was the north pole and she was the south, their bodies too close now. There was no denying science, no stopping the force of nature that had them pressing their lips gently against one another’s almost simultaneously.

    Arin wasn’t sure who had truly closed the distance- she was too drunk to tell- but she was so glad they had.

    Jinyoung tasted like Soju, but also something sweet she couldn’t put her finger on. He moved his lips gently but purposely againsts hers, hand moving to the back of her head as he tilted his own for a better angle.

    His fingers curled into the strands of her hair as they both hummed simultaneously, the simple move deepening the kiss entirely. Jinyoung’s rhythm was a little less gentle now, more passionate as she heard his breathing change just slightly to match with hers.

    Despite every sharp intake of breath, Arin felt like she wasn’t getting enough oxygen, the feel of his soft lips moving so perfectly against hers enough to have her whimpering against his mouth. It was a slight sound, barely audible, but Jinyoung had heard it, a moan catching in the back of his throat as he ran his tongue along her bottom lip smoothly.

    Arin didn’t hesitate, opening her mouth for him with a small exhale. His lips matched up with hers, both turning their heads as if it had been practiced before. Their kisses were heated, a little quicker as Jinyoung’s other hand ran slowly down the length of her arm. Arin finally reached forward, hands gripping his shoulders for a moment before they were sliding along the length of them, fingers snaking under the collar of his shirt, palms running up the skin of his neck.

    There was another moan in his throat, but this time it was much more audible with their mouths open, and Arin thought she would die. He was too sexy, a little overwhelming, as he ran his tongue along her bottom lip again, much less gentle this time. They made out for a moment, her hands sliding down to his shoulders again, digging her nails into the skin through his shirt. He sighed, the exhale falling straight into Arin’s mouth.

    Arin let out another small mewl as he pushed her gently forward, hand on the back of her head, the other on her upper arm. He used his grip to guide her in the right direction, his lips barely leaving hers as she leaned farther and farther back.

    Then her head was hitting the pillows, Jinyoung’s hand coming out from underneath it as he moved some stray hairs from her forehead. His mouth was hovering above hers, fingers trailing down the side of her face as she let her legs stretch out in front of her. He used his other hand to hold himself up as he pressed a hard peck to her lips.

    He pulled back just long enough to adjust his body, laying on his side, torso pressed against her own. He was warm and broad, and she reached up automatically, wrapping her arms around his neck. He gave her a quick smile, eyes almost black as he leaned back down before kissing her more passionately than he had all night.

    Arin was overwhelmed, the pressure of his body on top of hers too delicious for words. He was an amazing kisser, his previous girlfriends absolutely right, lips moving smoothly against her own in a way that had her almost gasping for air. He was out of breath as well, his exhales much sharper than before as he let his tongue meet hers in an intimate and sexy battle for dominance.

    Not that she was trying too hard; she was more than happy to let Jinyoung have all the control.

    He bit her bottom lip gently, just enough to pull a sharp gasp from her lips, and he groaned lowly before he was leaving open-mouthed kisses along the side of her jaw. She wanted it, badly, stretching her neck as she turned her head to the side, begging him without words to keep going.

    Jinyoung was happy to oblige it seemed, moving his body completely on top of hers. She let her legs spread open just enough for him to snake his thigh in between them. His hips were pressed against hers and she was struggling for air again, listening to him moan softly again, warm and tantalizing against the skin of her neck.

    He didn’t waste any time, running his tongue slowly along the skin behind her ear before moving downward. She was wearing a tanktop and he nipped gently on her collarbone before moving up to her neck. She squeaked in surprise, and she could feel Jinyoung’s slight smile against her skin before he was caressing the area with his lips.

    It sent a shudder down her spine, his breath on the damp spot enough to have her moving just slightly underneath him. He rolled his hips against hers on instinct, both of them sighing in contentment at the feeling as Jinyoung took some of her skin between his teeth teasingly before releasing it again.

    “Can I?”

    His voice was deeper, rougher, completely fargone as he asked her permission. Arin wasn’t sure she could speak, his words and the way he sounded way too hot to be real as she ran her hands through his hair, holding his head there with a firm grip in the strands.


    So she had a voice after all.

    It sounded weird to her own ears, too high-pitched and strained compared to what she was used to. Jinyoung seemed to like it, breathing out in an audible sigh, sending goosebumps along her skin before he was sucking on her neck, Arin arching off the bed at the feeling of it.

    Their hips were pressed more completely against each other, and Jinyoung let her neck go with a low hiss, rolling his hips against hers again. It felt good, way too good, and she felt her fingers tightening in his hair before she could stop them, nails scratching at his scalp.

    He didn’t seem to mind, breathing labored as he bit her gently again, sucking hard, the fact that he was leaving a mark on her hotter than it should be. His tongue was torture, the man knowing just how to use it as he made small patterns on her skin. He let go just when it was starting to bruise, Arin could feel it, moving to her collar bone and running his tongue along the spot.

    It was a sensitive area, and a whine slipped from Arin’s lips, their bodies rolling against one another once more. His teeth clamped gently on the spot as he let out a strangled groan, the hand supporting his weight now slipping slightly on the bed.

    His other hand was running down the side of her body, following the gentle curves before he was at her hip. Jinyoung gripped her there, glancing down at their bodies pressed together before he was looking back at her, eyes dark-

    Then he was moving against her again, leaning down to run his tongue along the rim of her ear. His heavy breathing mixed with her own as their hips moved more consistently against one another. He brought his mouth back to hers, the rhythm of his lips much quicker now, synchronizing perfectly with hers-

    Jinyoung let go of her hip, fingers sliding up her body again as they rolled steadily against one another, another moan slipping from his lips, low and sexy as Arin tried to keep her thoughts straight.

    It was hard with the way he was moving, the way he was reacting to her-

    This guy was almost too much for her.

    He was moving his mouth down the length of her jaw again before his lips were against her neck, taking her skin between his teeth once more. Jinyoung didn’t ask permission this time, and she didn’t need him to, turning her head to the side as she let him suck as hard as he wanted to.

    She loved it, their moans mixing together like some vulgar melody as she reveled in the feel of his body against hers. Her fingers were sliding underneath his blue button-up, scraping down his back through the thin fabric of his t-shirt. He choked a little, hips stuttering in their movements as he released the skin of her neck again. Jinyoung arched his body into her touch, his breathing a little uneven-

    They were both fargone- too fargone for just making out- but they were drunk, intrigued, the Soju taking control of their bodies.

    And those thoughts were somehow breaking through Arin’s lusty ones, knowing they were falling fast, that if they didn’t stop now, they might just go all the way on their first night together-


    His name on her lips sounded more like a plea for more, and he seemed to think the same thing, groaning quietly as he stopped moving for a moment. She lifted up slightly, pressing her lips against his before speaking.

    “We should stop.”

    She hated herself for saying it, for being reasonable, but she knew they would both regret it in the morning. Arin didn’t regret anything that happened so far, and she wanted it to stay that way.

    Jinyoung’s dark eyes were searching hers for a moment as if making sure she wasn’t hurt.

    “I don’t want to stop,” she admitted with a sigh, and he let out a breathy chuckle, shoulders going slack as he looked at their bodies pressed against one another again. “But we should.”

    He lifted his head again, hair falling slightly in his face before he leaned down to press his lips against hers.

    “I know,” he whispered, voice low and soft as he spoke against her mouth. “You’re right, we should, I-”

    Jinyoung cut himself off, moving his lips against hers in a long, passionate kiss that nearly took her breath away. She gasped lightly, almost saying fuck it to logic at the desperation in Jinyoung’s actions.

    Why did she have to be so responsible?

    Still, reluctantly, she slid her hands up and out of his shirt, gripping his shoulders lightly.

    “I know,” he was out of breath as he broke off their kiss, laying his forehead against hers. “I’m stopping.”

    Arin wondered if instead of regretting taking it farther, she would actually regret stopping here as he moved shakily off her body. She turned on her side simultaneously with him, his hand immediately reaching out to tuck her hair behind her ear.

    They just looked at one another, his eyes filled with an emotion she couldn’t read as he continued to stroke the side of her face.

    “You’re really beautiful,” he admitted in a low whisper, seeming surprised by his own confession as he continued to look at her.

    Butterflies filled her stomach at his words, mind turning to mush as she wiped some sweaty black strands of hair from his forehead.

    “You too.”

    Her voice was barely audible, his warm and even touch combined with the alcohol pulling her into the arms of sleep before she could stop them.

    Arin heard Jinyoung chuckle, his eyes slipping closed, fingers slackening against the skin of her face, but still moving. Her eyelids were too heavy for her to keep them open either as she succumbed to her body’s exhaustion.

    With Jinyoung’s nose ghosting against hers, his hand still lovingly caressing her face, she was lulled to sleep, listening to the man’s deep, even breaths.

    To Be Continued...

    Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

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