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  • bluejaem
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    PAIRING. donghyuck × gn!reader GENRE. fluff, established relationship WARNINGS. none WORD COUNT. 0.160k

    ➷ [ 𝐄𝐀𝐒𝐘 𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄 ] donghyuck enters the kitchen with his phone in his hands as he scrolls through his playlists to find the right song that’d fit the mood.

    "now that you’re here, would you mind helping me with dinner?" you asked, placing two plates on the dining table for the two of you.

    instead of getting a response from him, a song was resumed. donghyuck grinned to himself, very much satisfied with his choice of song.

    singing along to the song, he slowly made his way towards you. "oh, c’mon, love. sometimes, you just need to enjoy the moment," he said, finishing his sentence by taking you by your hands as he got you to dance with him.

    "i swear to god, lee donghyuck. if you get a burnt dinner tonight, it wasn’t my fault," you retorted. and unknowingly so, a soft chuckle escaped your lips right after — when you found yourself dancing along to the tune with your one and only.

    © BLUEJAEM, 2021

    #lowkey inspired by that one nahyuck moment #nct#nct dream#haechan#lee haechan#haechan fluff#nct 127 #haechan x reader #haechan scenarios#haechan imagines#nct headcanons#nct reactions #nct dream headcanons #nct dream reactions #nct imagines#nct fluff #nct x reader #kpop #nct 127 imagines #nct 127 x reader #nct dream x reader #nct dream fluff #nct dream haechan #nct dream imagines #haechan fics #nct 127 haechan #nct dream fics #kpop scenarios#kpop fluff#bluejaem
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  • fantasia-monogram
    26.09.2021 - 8 hours ago


    Okay, so that⬆️ happened. Huge thanks to each and every one of you guys! Thank you for following me on this experimental journey of trying to ease myself back into writing after a very long break. I'm not sure if I wanna keep going or not as I'm pretty drained creatively (at least when it comes to y/n content) and there isn't a day when I don't feel like my ideas stick out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of this tag 🙃 I'm not very social either and can't get into romantic stuff so I can be a pain to interact with at times.

    I don't think I can do any prompt list event, to be honest. You might have noticed I'm very biased towards certain members and can't bring myself to write about the others. I'm kinda picky about what I write, too. (sorry if your request never got answered, I just feel stupid replying "I'm sorry, I don't really feel like writing this" all the time).

    So for now, I'm reopening astrology asks! PLEASE go through my masterlist to see if your question hasn't been answered already in this way or another. Please be specific with your questions too, and specify the member(s) (don't be too specific, though. No, astrology can't tell you if they're into that very particular kink - it just suggests certain tendencies).

    Send them in 😉

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  • en-hale
    26.09.2021 - 14 hours ago

    ༝ ・ ˖ ₊ ˚⊹ Your Turn part 2 ༝ ・ ˖ ₊ ˚⊹

    pairing ⑅ Sub!Jay x Fem!reader
    first part ⑅ Your Turn
    short synopsis ⑅ After thigh riding on Jay, It's his turn for a little fun...
    warning ⑅ 18+ content/smut (thigh riding, hair-pulling, m - oral receiving), Cussing. Read at your own discretion
    author's note ⑅ Here's part two for all of you! The first part was a request, but after a few more request, I've decided on a part 2! I've never really wrote Subby Hyungs, so I hope I did it right! Ya'll enjoy! (I caught quite a few mistakes when proof-reading, so lmk if you find any)!


    "Your turn." You say with a mischievous grin.

    Jay's eyes slowly widen as he realizes what you were saying. His mouth hangs open, his eyebrows shift up, perplexed and curious.

    Jay made you feel good all the time, what difference would it be if you made him feel good? maybe it wasn't going to be your mouth, but he'd still enjoy himself, right? And besides, getting to hear his high-pitched moans was the best part about it all. Jay was a whimper, he might not out-right say it, but once you hit that spot, he starts singing like a canary.

    Jay snorts. "no y/n." He playfully hits your thigh, a slight pink rising up to his cheek and nose. he was flustered, this was a good thing.

    "Oh what? I thought we were trying new things?" You lean you head to the side, trying to look at Jay's face that was now turned with embarrassment.

    "Yeah, but I meant for you, not me. Stuff like that is for girls."

    This time, you're the one that's snorting. "Okay, and why can't this be something for you? Are you sexist?" You joke with him.

    You see Jay's mouth widen in a smile, the kind he did when he didn't know what else to do.

    You knew you were winning this.

    "I can't look at you in the eyes -- doing -- that," Jay motions with his hands.

    You shrug. "okay, then turn around," You pat your thigh again, "We'll do this reverse cowboy style." You bit your lip, trying to hold back a giggle.

    Jay turns fully to you, his entire face painted in red. He took a look into your eyes and sighed.


    "Are you really not going to? I did what you wanted, now it's time for you do something I want." You slowly stroke your thigh seducingly. You touch over your knees and travel it up to in-between you thighs that were still hot from you previous orgasm only minutes ago.

    Jay watches you carefully. You see him slightly squirm in his stance, his wet lips parting faintly. He looks away one more time, overwhelmed with curiosity.

    "Jay.." You whisper. He looks down at your hand that was now deep in your shorts.

    "I want you," You whine. You feel the warmth of your flesh and sigh. You knew Jay was watching, you knew he was calculating in his head the possible outcome of the situation, and you knew that seconds later he would place himself right where you wanted him.

    And as if on cue, Jay treads slowly to you. Your expecting him to sit backwards like he had exclaimed, but in you surprise, he straddles your lap, lowering himself down and kissing you lips urgently. You kiss back, grabbing onto his shirt with a grip and bringing him in closer.

    The kiss was hot, it was sloppy, it was desperate. You hear him groan on your lips, and you can't help but smile.

    Jay latches his hands onto your neck and digs deeper into the kiss, forcing your mouth open so his tongue could gain entrance.

    You take your hand out from your shorts and sneak it down to rest on his ass. You slowly begin to massage and squeeze it, liking the way it felt, muscular and round. Jay didn't seem to mind at all, in fact, he adjust his position on you, arching his back so that you can get a better feel.

    "Does that feel good?" You mumble into this kiss. Jay releases from your lips to lean his forehead onto yours, nodding.

    You feel him start to grind slowly, but he's hesitant, not able to move in a rhythmic form.

    "Do you want to turn around?" You ask. Jay nods again.

    He leaps off your lap and turns around. You move down so that he had enough room to straddle you thigh, remembering that he was a lot bigger than you.

    He pulls the coffee table closer to the couch to have something to lean on. Seconds later, he chooses your right thigh to straddle and sits comfortably.

    "Am I too heavy?" He asked. You reply no, ignoring the pressure that was surely going to have you leg asleep in minutes.

    Jay sits there awkwardly, not sure what to do. His hands rest on his own thigh.

    You reach up to his silky brown hair and stroke it. He took great care of his hair, better care than you took of your own. He had a routine that he had to do each time: shampoo, rinse, shampoo again, leave for 3 minutes, rinse again, spray on hair protector, rinse, add in conditioner, leave in for 15 minutes while lightly adding heat, rinse again, let it air dry for 10 minutes, spray more hair protector, then blow dry. it was a tedious routine, but it left his hair smoother than ever, and you loved how soft and good-smelling it was. You run you hands through his locks, brushing over his scalp and combing out the little tangles.

    An idea pops up inside your head, one that you had never thought about before, but were now aching to do.

    You take both you hands and stroke the hair out of his face, collecting it all together in one hand and giving it a light tug.

    Jay's breath hitches, and you can't contain you giggle.

    He curses under his breath, leaning his head back further in an attempt for you to continue. You tug again but harder, emitted a strange noise from Jay that you've never heard before. You smirk, combing your hands back through his hair.

    "I think we found your new kink," You can practically hear him smile. Jay didn't say anything, which was a good thing. He was crossing over from being curious to horny. Sooner or later, it would turn into needy.

    You wrap you hand around his hair again and tug. Another foreign sound escapes his lips. "Does this feel good baby?" You ask him. Jay nods rapidly, causing you to loosen the hold on his hair.

    "Oh my god." Jay puffs out. he leans back so that his head falls back on your shoulder. You pull him closer as you slip your hands around his small torso. With his cheek against yours, you can't help but press fluttery kisses.

    "You're so freaking hot," You utter in his ear, slipping your hand up his shirt. Jay takes a deep inhale. "You're my good boy right?" Jay hums in agreement.

    Jay's breath hitches again when you come in contact with his nipple, rubbing softly over his sensitive skin. You feel his back arch in pleasure.

    "Fuck," he cusses. You kiss down his red-tinted neck, traveling all across his chest and stomach. Your hands trail down to the waistband of his jeans. You can feel where his pubic hair starts to come in, right at his v-line. Jay's hips thrust in shock as his breathing stopped. You knew he was holding back his beautiful sounds.

    "Don't hold back." You take the time to say against his neck. You remove your hand from under his shirt and palm over the erection playing out in his jeans.

    Jay lets out a quiet whimper. It grows in volume when you reach past his waistband and into his jeans, coming in contact with his member.

    Jay's breathing picks up. You jerk him off the way he likes it, slow and sensual. You grab back at his hair with your free hand and tug. Jay let out a long moan.

    He has crossed over into needy. Bullseye.

    "Baby likes is hair pulled huh? Does that make him feel good?" You can hear Jay swallow roughly.

    "It feels really good," He pants out. You've never heard him like this, so desperate, so submissive. It made you smirk, wanting to hear more out of him. You tug his hair agin, evoking another moan. You speed up your strokes, causing him to grunt with each rhythmic movement.

    "Go faster." He says, "Please, I need it." He begged. You sit in shock at his high-pitch voice, they way he begged, the way he asked.

    You were so use to him being dominant. You were use to him doing what made him feel good without asking. you were the begger, you were the one with the high-pitch voice. This was turning you on way more than you expected.

    "You have to turn around." You command in his hear. Without hesitation, Jay gets up and turns around.

    "Take your jeans off baby." And he does. He lets them fall to the floor, his black boxers now the only thing visible.

    He practically jumps back onto your thigh and holds himself steady with the head of the couch. You spread you legs further apart for him to get better situated. You place you hand back on his cock and he whimpers into the crook of your neck.

    You purposely slow down. You hear him groan in agitation and feel him thrust against your hand.

    "You have to move baby. Hump me so you can make yourself feel good." Jay shoves his head deeper into your neck.

    "Fuck," he cussed again. You tug at his hair again and cause him to meet you gaze. You can see just how turned on he was. His eyes were glossed over in arousal, his lips were wet, sweat was starting to form at his hairline. Jay's eyes meet yours and hold there. He sighs deeply before grinding against you.

    "Good boy," you beam at him. Jay's eyes squeeze together tightly. His lips were so far apart from one another that you can see his tongue and how wet it was.

    You move you hands back onto his butt and massage gently. Jay starts to pick up the pace. He lets out loud grunts, moving fast.

    All past embarrassment that Jay might have had were out the window. His eyes opened back up and didn't leave your gaze. He was on cloud 9.

    You grasp is back in his hair and give it a rough tug, sending his head back. Jay lets out that foreign whimper again. You continue to tug over and over again. His eyes squeeze shut again and his hips grind down harder, quicker. You can see tears threaten to fall, even with them so tightly closed.

    "I'm gonna come." He says with a shaky breath.

    You shake you head. "Hold it." You command. Jay whines and his thighs shake harsh against yours. He slows down, trying his best to not go over the edge.

    You make him hold it for seconds that then turn into minutes. Jay breathing had becoming shaky, he moved his arms under yours and held you tight. His grunts were becoming louder and louder. You could feel his tears wetting you shirt with desperation.

    "Please let me come, please please," He begged, his voice high-pitched than ever.

    You let a few more seconds go and Jay lets out an angry grunt.

    "Come for me." You say. You hear Jay's breath catch in his throat. You tug at his hair, eager to see his face. His eyes were glazed over and his face was sloppy with tears and sweat. His whimpers grow higher and higher, rutting against you faster and faster until he comes in his boxers. You felt the warm moisture of his liquids on your thigh, and you could feel your own arousal creeping back up.

    Jay moaned as he grinded out the rest of his climax.

    You loosen you hold on his hair and place them on his hips, forcing them to stop.

    "Oh my god--" Jay panted, laying himself back on your shoulder.

    "Good boy." You whispered, stroking his back. God, Jay was so beautiful when he came. The way he whimpered, the way his hold on you grew tighter. If you were as aroused as he was, you would've came too.

    Jay climbed off your lap, watching the credits roll on the movie you both forgot you even turned on. Jay grabbed the remote and turned it off. He laid his head against your lap, and in minutes was asleep.

    You grab a napkin from the coffee table and wiped his face. You travel down his cheeks that were stained with tears, you go up to his temples that were glistening with sweat and travel it trough his hair that was damp and warm. While you did this, Jay's eyes were delicate and a soft smile played out on his face. He looked absolutely gorgeous.

    "Let's do this again," Jay's voice whispers.

    You can't help contain the huge grin of anticipation.


    None of the images are mine, They all belong to their rightful owners :)

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  • blu-joons
    25.09.2021 - 17 hours ago

    DAD Day6 A⇴Z HEADCANON ⇴ Yoon Dowoon


    He loved filling you with affection and attention more than anything else, the last thing he wanted to do was focus too much on your bump. Dowoon would always make sure to look at you or kiss you when he was around your bump too.

    B ⇴ BUMP

    Dowoon loved messing around with your bump, often deciding that it would be a good idea to use it as a drumkit. He loved to tap against your bump whenever he was laying beside it, usually prompting a good kick or two out of your baby too, letting the two of you know they could feel Dowoon and were enjoying what he was doing.


    When you had a particularly random craving you could always feel a slightly judgemental eye watching over you. Whilst Dowoon would never make you feel bad for craving something specific; he couldn’t help but often wonder what was going on in your head when you were eating foods that he knew that you usually hated.

    D ⇴ DUE DATE

    Both of you had made a pact from almost the start of your pregnancy that you would talk about your due date as little as possible. Neither of you wanted to feel too much pressure with your due date constantly nearing a little bit closer, things would be organised at a pace that the two of you felt comfortable with more than anything else. If anyone did mention your due date, it would always be as quick a conversation as possible.


    He was very attentive to you, being able to pick up on your feelings and needs a lot by the look in your eyes. He prided himself on knowing you well at the best of times, but he put his heart and soul into taking are of you whilst you were pregnant so that you had as little to worry about as possible allowing you to stay focused on growing your little human rather than having to worry about the little things that you usually did.

    F ⇴ FAMILY

    Your families both knew from almost the very start of your relationship that it was only going to be a matter of time before you announced that you were starting a family, they very much knew that it was meant to be. All of them could tell that the two of you were forever, they were just anticipating. When it eventually came, they couldn’t have been happier for the two of you, even if they saw it coming right from the very start.

    G ⇴ GENDER

    There was no way that Dowoon was ever going to wait to find out whether he was having a boy or a girl, it was about the only thing that he put down on when it came to your pregnancy, whether you wanted to find out or not, Dowoon just didn’t have him in it to wait for months when the chance presented itself.


    The drummer in Dowoon couldn’t resist drumming along to the beat of your baby’s heart whenever he heard it. The beat would usually end up being something that would stick with him all the way to the studio, recording it as soon as he got in as something that he might end up using in a future song someday with the group.

    I ⇴ “I LOVE YOU”

    When you were going through a particularly tough time, whether it was insecurities, lack or sleep, or just worrying, Dowoon would always remind you that he loved you the most. He’d do whatever he could to try and boost your mood, but nothing made you smile more than knowing that he was always there for you.


    Being the youngest, he was certainly the victim of a few teasing jokes from the other members who couldn’t quite believe that he was about to become a dad. Dowoon, as ever, took it all in his stride, he knew that the others were only messing with him, he’d been through their jokes for long enough to know how to smile through it, and that they really joked because they wanted you both to know just how much they cared.

    K ⇴ KICKS

    If he was made to wait a particularly long time for a kick, Dowoon wouldn’t be afraid to drum against your bump in order to disturb your baby enough to encourage them to kick back. He refused to accept that sometimes your baby could be still, Dowoon loved to feel them wriggling about as often as he possibly could.

    L ⇴ LABOUR

    To begin with Dowoon was a little flustered as the reality set in that you were in labour, but once he’d zoned in and realised what was going in, you were his only concern. He was there for you from the very start until the very end, not once leaving your side. He talked to you constantly in the hope that it would distract you from the pain, that was after a polite request from the midwives to stop him singing first.


    There would always be a haze of confusion over Dowoon when he first woke up most mornings, but once he was in the room, instinct would carry him into the bathroom to be there for you, regardless of how many times you tried to push him away because he didn’t deserve to see you as such a mess first thing in the morning.


    The eager side of Dowoon couldn’t help but throw himself into putting your nursery together, whilst it came with a few mistakes, eventually things turned out perfectly, and he was most definitely smug and proud of himself too.


    Dowoon was obsessed with your smile, he loved seeing that you were happy and enjoying your pregnancy more than anything else. He loved matching your smile or smiling wider than you, letting you know how happy he was too.


    It took a little while for Dowoon to give you some space after you gave birth, he was incredibly cautious that you would do too much too soon, he wanted to make sure that you knew you had time on your side. He was never going to rush you or push you into doing anything too soon, he was happy working at your pace, not his.


    When he can tell that you’re a little quieter than usual, Dowoon will always check in with you. He knows sometimes your insecurities creep in on you, so he much prefers to ask how you are rather than leave you thinking alone.


    Although Dowoon wanted for his child to follow their own dreams, he couldn’t stop himself from buying a few instruments for your baby for when they were old enough. He wasn’t going to force music onto your child, but a small part of him hoped that it would be the pathway that your child would choose to go down.

    S ⇴ SCANS

    He was always a little worried about missing someone out, so Dowoon always made sure to make up plenty of copies at home to give to everyone. Your families were very invested in your pregnancy, and your scans were the perfect chance to repay them for all of that and make sure that they all felt involved.

    T ⇴ TEST

    Taking a test at the time was a precaution for you both as you’d been feeling unwell, however what you thought would be a task to rule pregnancy out, ended up being a task that gave you the answers you’d been searching for.


    He always made sure to arrive very early to your appointments as a just in case, you’d be sat for well over an hour sometimes just to ease Dowoon’s mind that you’d miss out.

    V ⇴ VISITS

    Almost as soon as you got home from the hospital Dowoon was enquiring when you could ask people over, he couldn’t wait to have them round and introduce them to your little one that had stolen his heart.


    Dowoon was excited, he was calm and patient, but he was excited that the days that he enjoyed too would lead to something amazing for him too.

    X ⇴ XXXX

    He would often kiss all around your bump to try and make you feel confident, Dowoon knew that your bump was something that often left you feeling a little low, so he’d always pay close attention to that spot particularly.

    Y ⇴ YOU

    You were each other’s rocks, you needed each other a lot more than either of you really knew.

    Z ⇴ ZZZ

    He would be focused on calming your bump most nights, whether it would be by holding your bump or tapping against it, he would never be able to rest until he was sure that your baby was giving you the chance to rest too.



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  • yurelic
    25.09.2021 - 20 hours ago

    𝙒𝙄𝙏𝙃𝙄𝙉 𝙏𝙃𝙀 𝙈𝙀𝘼𝘿𝙊𝙒 — n.jm x reader

    genre — fluff, fiancé!jaemin / tw — nil / wc — <500

    epigraph — it's breezy out, but you make me feel warm

    Children of the moon sit prettily in the golden skies, right above your hill of nostalgia. The stars seemingly intoxicated on the melancholy of you two leaning on each other. Jaemin’s skin — pearlescent, glimmering sunlight in the midst of dawn.

    You turn and watch him gaze at them, revering the ever changing sky and you watch him. His brown irises dim into chocolate wonders as the bright rays of sunshine graze the uneven asphalt within breezy Octobers.

    You fiddle with the ring on your finger and Jaemin’s halcyon pupils fall upon yours again, limbs grasping yours lovingly, and upon everything, you take in his features. He leans down to peck your lips, “you okay, love?” he whispers, lips barely an inch away, warm breath accompanying you in the cold.

    You nod, fingers softly pulling the fabric of his shirt, lips claiming the other as their paramour amidst the solitude of dawn — an amorous kiss. Yet familiar, colours still burst in your chest like it’s the first time all over again.

    You both pull away, panting slightly. His hands move towards your lips, wiping away a string of saliva, fingers conveying gentle adoration. A gust of wind blows, leaves rustle and hair gets messed up — the atmosphere smells like the fragrance of honeysuckle and peaches, a figment of Jaemin himself.

    The taste of his crimson tongue lingers on yours, it’s your favourite sweet for the transparent ignorant breeze blowing during autumn dawns. The streets bustle beneath you and the sky turns to midnight blue, each enjoying the comfort of the other as books come to a close and a co-written sequel opens.

    Although it’s getting dark, a speck of sunshine brims within Jaemin’s orbs, a figment of the earth’s best possessions, a figment you'll love eternally.

    inspired by — a new couple who just moved in next door (who's dog barks 24 fucking 7), my excitement for autumn to go by, and a wish that stars can be seen in my country

    note — feedback is appreciated!!

    tags — @beomgyuv @dimplehyunn (send an ask or dm to be added:D )

    © yurelic's

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  • floraljae
    25.09.2021 - 1 day ago


    ( 𝐅𝐓. 𝐍𝐂𝐓 𝐃𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐌 '𝟎𝟎 𝐋𝐈𝐍𝐄 & 𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐊 ! )

    Taglist ! @jenophilia @sassyong @scftharu @moanwalk @sicluvz @yutaalove @bluejaem @fullsunfluff @a10vely-yutazen @ki6hyun @mirohtron @koishua

    A/N: idek what I'm doing at this point. Well- aside from feeding my touch starved soul.


    Nose kisses. There is nothing more endearing than when you kiss the tip of Mark's nose. Mark has an odd habit of scrunching his nose whenever you place a kiss on it. It is very much habitual, and absolutely cute. Whenever he did that, it would be accompanied by an idiotic grin and slight hues of red playing across his face. It's just infectious, and thus, you too, find yourself indulging in a smile that stretches from one ear to another.


    The spot right behind his ears. Listen. He loves it when you whisper sweet nothings into his ear, your nose gently nuzzling gently against it, and then pressing your lips right behind his ear. Renjun loves how you take all the time in the world just to kiss him. Although he keeps complaining about how time consuming this is, you both know that deep down, Mr. Huang absolutely loves it.


    Where it hurts. Okay we need to talk about this whiny child. Knowingly or not, he is very vocal and twice as whiny whenever there's the slightest chance of an injury or swelling- minor or major. He will complain all day and you are left with no other option than to kiss the pain away (a suggestion made by the said child himself). You do not know how effective that actually is, but the smile he has plastered on his face afterwards as he claims how all the pain is gone is literally the most precious thing in the world.


    Kisses peppered across his face. Jeno loves it when you cup his face with your warm palms, peppering his face with not one but a bunch of kisses. His skin tingles each time your lips touch his skin, tracing his eyelids, his perfect eyes, the tip of his nose, his then rosy cheeks- until finally meeting his lips. 


    Soft Kisses on shoulder blades. He would be cooking or doing the dishes, a little tired and lost in his own world. And it's when he least expects it- to find your arms wrapped around him from the back, telling him how great he was doing as you press a soft kiss on one or both of his shoulder blades. He melts every time you did this, an odd sense of warmth and security washing over him. Jaemin feels at ease. Oh to know someone's got your back and knows how to make you feel the best at an instant 🤚overlook the fact that I used to do it with my dad when he worked on his structural drawings

    © FLORALJAE, 2021

    #nct#nct dream #nct dream scenarios #nct fluff#nct scenarios #nct dream headcanons #nct dream reactions #kpop #nct dream imagines #mark lee#lee haechan#nct imagines #nct x reader #nct x you #na jaemin#huang renjun#lee jeno#nct mark#nct donghyuck#nct jaemin#nct 2021
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  • ddonghyuckss
    25.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    —❥❥❥Grocery shopping with jaehyun 🧸❥❥❥

    ❥- “listen I was thinking about making the best pasta I could ever make” jaehyun will always say while holding up the pasta sauce!.

    ❥- he will end up being busy and will never make the best pasta he could ever make :(

    ❥- will always buy snacks and always your favorite ones!

    ❥- “Oh my god babe! Look!” Jaehyun shouts while looking at the small watermelons..

    ❥-“mark probably wants some” he jokes while putting them back

    ❥- he probably a list of dishes he wants to cook and will probably buy the ingredients for it

    ❥-also 100% he will cook every night unless he busy

    ❥- “jaehyun we need to get some veggies”

    ❥-“okay” and proceede to buy everything successfully.

    ❥- he has sweet tooth so he will probably buys his “want some gummy bears and jellys”

    ❥- “hey y/n” he calls your name while holding literally the last thing on your list while smiling.

    ❥- he will push the cart around, on some days he will say his famous “shoo~” :(

    ❥- “shooo~” while running softly, making you laugh at how dorky he is

    ❥- and when you two checking out he will help you put your stuff in the bags.

    ❥- and when you two arrive at your apartment he will not let you take anything and he is willing to carry every bag even if it is too heavy!

    ❥- “i will organize them baby! Go have some rest” he will say while opening the fridge to put the milk and all the other stuff

    ❥- he is indeed the softest gentleman

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  • jiminaaaahhhh
    25.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    𝕊𝕚𝕟𝕟𝕖𝕣𝕤 𝕡𝕝𝕒𝕪 𝕒𝕤 𝕊𝕒𝕚𝕟𝕥𝕤

    pairing: taehyun x reader

    genre: fluff

    word count: 2450

    warning: sexual jokes, based around some of the seven deadly sins,

    summary: Y/n was the devils’ little demon. She ran all the errands and did all the dirty work with pleasure. Oh, she was ready to start collecting souls. However, her latest mission was to collect an innocent soul or make sure they join the demon side.

    a/n: I am back people! I hope you enjoyed this, I wrote in a span of a few days, just felt like making this a little elaborate if you may. Anyway, I hope you guys have a great rest of the day and night! Love you guys! also i hope this is sort of a return gift as it’s my birthday today haha

    Everyone stared at you as you walked down the halls. You had a smirk placed across your lips as you confidently walked down the college halls. You had attended college so many times that both your hands and feet were not enough to count.

    But this was fun. It was like a game. Find innocent souls, and sell them to the devil. And make them the advocate, just like the little advocate you were. But you were a pro at this game. You had been collecting souls since forever.

    You looked at everyone, seeing if you could find someone who was worth your interest. But you couldn't find anyone yet. A hand slung around your shoulder. You turned to look at your best friend from hell. He sent a wink your way as you rolled your eyes.

    "Looking good, Luxuria (the sin of lust). So what is your human name?" You asked the man next to you as he winked at some passersby.

    "it's Yeonjun, my darling, Choi Yeonjun. Don't you think it fits me?" He asks as he holds you by your shoulders so that you can examine him.

    "I think everything suits you if you ask me. It's not fair." You mumble, a pout forming on your face.

    "Oh dear, Avaritia (the sin of greed), I am born to fit in anything and everything." He says as you scrunch your nose in disgust. Luxuria always made dirty jokes. Sometimes disguising them in innocent ways. It was his way of toying.

    "What's your name, by the way?" He asks, looking at you cheerfully.

    "The same as always, yln yn." You say as you tuck a piece of hair behind your ear.

    "Hmm, so what is little yn thinking about now? Did you find your target?" Yeonjun asks you as you look around.

    "I don't know yet. No one has caught my eye yet." You mumble, still looking around till you see him.

    There he stood. Talking to a boy with dark hair. He stood out with his silver hair gleaming under the sun. He caught your eye.

    "There, that guy. He looks like he could work well in hell." You say as Yeonjun observes him with you.

    "That's Taehyun. Apparently, he's straight. Otherwise, he would have been mine." Yeonjun says with a smirk.

    "Whatever, Yeonjun. He is mine now." You say with a smirk of your own.

    "Go ahead, go on. Taehyun is hard to talk to anyway. You see him there? That's my boy Soobin. He is joining me on the lust side." Yeonjun says, booping your nose.

    "Don't forget Junnie, no falling in love." You say as you kiss his cheek and walk towards the boy who was known as Taehyun.

    "Same goes for you, Ms. Greedy!" Yeonjun hollers as you flip him off.

    You walk towards the grey-haired boy, catching his friends' attention. His friend whispers something to Taehyun as he turns around to face you, surprise evident on his face.

    "I heard you are good at studies. I need tutoring." You simply state your business, hoping your lie was true.

    "Is that so? What subject?" He asks, looking at you from head to toe.

    "Math? Or was it Chemistry? Maybe both." You say as he scoffs at you.

    "You didn't really hear about me, did you?" Taehyun asks, looking away.

    "You're right." You say, feeling a little nervous.

    Nervous? And you? That is a first.

    "I can tutor you for math. Every day after five at the library." Taehyun said, looking at you with an intense gaze.

    "Fine by me." You say with a smirk on your lips as you start to walk away. But a grip on your wrist stops you from leaving.

    "What's your name?" Taehyun asks.

    "Guess we'll find out at five, now, won't we?" You respond as you walk away from the gorgeous man, your heart doing somersaults.


    It was astonishing how this boy had simply agreed to tutor you. Maybe he was just as interested in you as you were in him? Obviously, the motives were different. You sat in the library, thirty minutes before you had decided to meet him.

    Someone pulled the chair next to you as you turned your gaze towards them.

    "Ah, Acedia (the sin of sloth), nice to see you when you're not napping around." You say with a cheeky smile.

    "I have started my process with the kid who's friends with your guy." He says, resting his head on the table. You pat his head before pinching his cheek.

    "Shouldn't I be doing that to you? After all, I am your older brother." Acedia says with a soft smile.

    "Well, true, but right now, you look adorable, Choi Beomgyu." You say, tilting your head a little.

    "There he is, your target," Beomgyu comments as he sits up straight. Taehyun walks in with Hueningkai, spotting you almost immediately. Taehyun spares Beomgyu a glance before pulling the other seat next to you.

    "Did know there was a plus one," Taehyun says, looking at Beomgyu from head to toe.

    "Is this a habit, Taehyun? Checking people out, I mean. Not that I mind check me out all you want." You say with a smirk, resting your arm on the back of your chair.

    "I- it's not what I was doing," Taehyun says, causing a blush to show on his cheeks.

    "Weren't you leaving? Beomgyu?" You say as Beomgyu nods at you, then eyeing Hueningkai.

    "Walk with me, Hueningkai?" He asks with a bright smile as Hueningkai nods his head yes.

    This leaves you and Taehyun alone.

    "So, what is your name?" Taehyun asks.

    "Yn. Choi Yn. Now, let's do some maths." You say, removing your books as Taehyun silently nods his head yes.

    "How come I have never seen you before?" He suddenly asks.

    "I'm new, that's why." You say.

    "And you already need a tutor?" Taehyun questions as you look at him, surprised.

    "Cute." He comments at your flustered state, making you more flustered than you already were.

    What was going on? Why were you getting flustered?


    "Yn is in love!" Yeonjun sang as Beomgyu, and you clapped your hands on your ears. This had been going on for the past thirty or so minutes.

    "Listen, I get that this is in your waters, but please s t o p !" You say, annoyed.

    "My dear yn, this cannot be helped. As happy as I am that you are slowly falling for someone without knowing, this is against the rules. Things have just gotten interesting." Yeonjun says as you roll your eyes.

    The three of you were in your room back in the underworld. It was common for the advocates to come back home after causing a little chaos.

    You sighed as you shook your head at the older male. You knew you didn't like Taehyun. Maybe you were just feeling under the weather. But that was impossible since you were a demon. You were dead; you couldn't get sick. But you could feel emotions.

    You shook your head as you went back to planning out how you were going to get Taehyun's soul. You needed a way to get it. No matter what. It was yours to take, and you were going to make sure of it.


    When you opened your eyes next, everything seemed dark. You couldn't see anything ahead of you. It was like someone had blindfolded you. Everything seemed moist and wet. You turned around to take in a better look at the place.

    There it stood. A lone stool with light shining over it. It almost looked like a scene from a movie.

    You walked towards it, looking at the book that lay on top of it. The book looked old as you carefully opened it and flipped through the pages. But one specific title caught your eyes. 'Sinners play Saints' is the game of collecting souls.

    But what took you aback was the awful note the devil had forgotten to mention to you. You tore the page as you put it in your pocket. Yeonjun and Beomgyu had to see this.


    You woke up with a jolt. Your hand reached down to your pocket, looking at the folded paper. It was real. You didn't know where you had gone, but the rule existed. You had not dreamed of this.

    You had rushed to Yeonjuns room, pounding on the door. He swung it open, looking extremely startled.

    "What is wrong with you? Even Beomgyu woke up!" He asked, annoyed.

    "Look at what I found." You said as you showed him the sheet.

    'Every Queen has a King.' was written on the paper.

    "How is that possible?" Yeonjun asks.

    "It's called love. Something you are an expert in." You say with a chuckle.

    "So, does that mean Taehyun is your king?" Yeonjun asks, wiggling his eyebrows at you.

    "What, no! It means nothing." You lie, knowing that maybe this really was the reason why your heart had been fluttering.

    "Let's get ready to go to school yn. Maybe you will meet the boy who will be the King of Greed." Yeonjun says as you scoff at him.


    When you opened your eyes next, everything seemed dark. You couldn't see anything ahead of you. It was like someone had blindfolded you. Everything seemed moist and wet. You turned around to take in a better look at the place.

    There it stood. A lone stool with light shining over it. It almost looked like a scene from a movie.

    You walked towards it, looking at the book that lay on top of it. The book looked old as you carefully opened it and flipped through the pages. But one specific title caught your eyes. 'Sinners play Saints' is the game of collecting souls.

    But what took you aback was the awful note the devil had forgotten to mention to you. You tore the page as you put it in your pocket. Yeonjun and Beomgyu had to see this.


    You woke up with a jolt. Your hand reached down to your pocket, looking at the folded paper. It was real. You didn't know where you had gone, but the rule existed. You had not dreamed of this.

    You had rushed to Yeonjuns room, pounding on the door. He swung it open, looking extremely startled.

    "What is wrong with you? Even Beomgyu woke up!" He asked, annoyed.

    "Look at what I found." You said as you showed him the sheet.

    'Every Queen has a King.' was written on the paper.

    "How is that possible?" Yeonjun asks.

    "It's called love. Something you are an expert in." You say with a chuckle.

    "So, does that mean Taehyun is your king?" Yeonjun asks, wiggling his eyebrows at you.

    "What, no! It means nothing." You lie, knowing that maybe this really was the reason why your heart had been fluttering.

    "Let's get ready to go to school yn. Maybe you will meet the boy who will be the King of Greed." Yeonjun says as you scoff at him.


    Over few months, Taehyun had become your closest friend in the history of having human friends. You were all smiles around him, and he was all smiles around you. Beomgyu and Hueningkai had also been getting along very well, and so had Soobin and Yeonjun.

    You could see how Soobin's cheeks were always dusted pink whenever Yeonjun would flirt with him. That boy had no shame. Beomgyu, Hueningkai, Taehyun, and you had already started a bet about how long it would take for them to start dating.

    "So, where are you really from?" Taehyun whispers in your ear. All of you were at Soobin's house, watching a horror movie.

    "What do you mean?" You ask back, keep your eyes on the tv screen.

    "You know what I mean." He says, his breath hot on the tips of your ear. You were glad for the room to be dark so that no one could see the blush dusting your face.

    "I am from here itself." You lie.

    "Lies. By now, I have managed to understand when you lie and when you're honest. And from all these deductions, you have been lying from the start. So, mind telling me the truth now?" He whispers as you gulp, looking at him.

    His face was close, and it made your heart beat faster. The two of you stared at each other. Your eyes drifted to his lips for a second before they met his eyes again. You gulped again, not knowing how to answer him.

    "Um, if you want, my room is down the hall; please don't do anything weird." The two of you heard Soobin say.

    "Thanks, Soobin," Taehyun says as he gets a hold of your hand and takes you to Soobins room. You could hear Yeonjun snicker behind you. You turn around to flip him off, which only makes him laugh harder.

    "So, now tell me," Taehyun says as he sits you down.

    "Well, there is nothing to tell." You say, laughing awkwardly.

    "There clearly is. You lied again." Taehyun says.

    "I'm just not comfortable telling you." You say. You were sure if you could take his soul just yet.

    "Do Yeonjun and Beomgyu know?" Taehyun asks as you slowly nod your head yes. He just looks at you. Staring at you with such intense emotions that you just wanted him to kiss you stupid and tell him everything about your plan and apologize.

    "Do you not trust me?" Taehyun asks, hoping that you would assure him.

    "It's not that I don't trust you, I do, but it's just that I can't tell you. Not now at least," You mumble.

    "Why not?" Taehyun asks.

    "Do you know what are sins, Taehyun? Or rulers of sins in the underworld?" You ask as Taehyun furrows his eyebrows.

    "Yeah, they are the sins that are ruled by the people who seem to have sinned the most. I think I would do well in greed because I am greedy for good scores and being the one to outshine everyone." Taehyun says with a laugh as you stare at him.

    "Right, now if I were to tell you that this is true, would you believe me?" You ask, unsure.

    "Is it true, yn?" Taehyun asks as you nod your head yes, timidly.

    "How do you know it's true?" He asks.

    "You're talking to the Queen of greed here." You say with a crooked smile.

    "You're the queen of greed?" Taehyun asks.

    "Yes, and I am here to take your soul. I shall do it not since you already know about me." You say as you raise your hand.

    "Wait, so this is it? You tell me and take my soul? Yn, I don't think you understand, but the longing looks I send your way, or right now, the way you were looking at me is making me feel things. Such things are commonly known as love. And from the way you were looking at my lips, make me think you feel the same way." Taehyun said, looking almost heartbroken.

    "You're right, I want you to kiss me stupid, and I want to spend more time with you because I am indeed in love with you," You say as you pause for a second, "But there is another way that we can stay together. Forever. If you become the King of Greed. With me by your side as the Queen. Though you will have to leave everything over here. Your family, friends, everything." You explain.

    "Okay, I'll leave with you," Taehyun says, taking a step closer to you. You look up at him, "Think this through Taehyun, there will be no way to go back once you agree. Your family won't remember who you are, and neither your friends until they reach the underworld. You won't exist in this world anymore." You whisper.

    "Take me with you, please. In these few months, you made me realize that there is no world without you. I don't want to live in a world without you, yn." He whispered against your lips. You hadn't known when he had come this close, but you sealed the gap between the two of you, molding your lips together.

    It was everything you could have asked. Taehyuns lips were hot against your as they moved at a fast pace. It felt like you were breathing again. You felt complete. The two of you pulled apart, inhaling some air.

    "Welcome to the kingdom of Greed, King Kang Taehyun." You said with a smile as he smirked.


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    #minhee smut drabbles #minhee smut#minhee headcanons#kpop smut #kpop hard hour #kang minhee#cravity minhee#cravity smut #cravity hard hour
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    haechan nsfw headcanons

    haechan nsfw headcanons:

    a total switch

    if cloning was possible, he’d be the perfect match for himself,,,,, if that makes sense

    like he’s a tease either way but he’s also defiant

    like he’s a brat tamer dom but a bratty sub

    has a thing for punishments, both giving and receiving

    as a dom, he likes to take control and take care of you

    lots of edging and orgasm denial case he wants you to beg for it

    constant degradation and dacryphilia

    kinda has a thing for exhibitionism cause he wants others to know that he’s getting some

    loves hearing you scream his name and crying from how well he fucks you

    also maybe into somnophilia if you were down

    as a sub, he’s super whiny and would call you mommy

    like he is super vocal,,,, as in LOUD

    wants to be restrained and have his hair pulled

    an oral fixation. that’s it. yeah.

    also mutual masturbation and watching porn together is super common if you’re comfortable with that

    originally written: 3 september 2021

    #haechan#donghyuck#haechan smut#donghyuck smut#haechan headcanons#donghyuck headcanons#nct#nct 127#nct dream#nct haechan#nct smut #nct 127 smut #nct dream smut #nct headcanons #nct 127 headcanons #nct dream headcanons #nct haechan smut #nct haechan headcanons #kpop headcanons
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    DAD Day6 A⇴Z HEADCANON ⇴ Kim Wonpil


    Wonpil was around you and your bump as much as he possibly could be, it didn’t matter in what capacity he was able to hold onto you or cuddle you, he would find a way to have some sort of physical touch on you.

    B ⇴ BUMP

    He was practically glued to your bump, always touching it or talking to your baby when he was cuddled around the bump with his head nearby to it. You were often second best when it came to Wonpil’s attention with your bump, he adored being affectionate with you, but your bump was a definite bonus for him too.


    Most of the time Wonpil was one step ahead of you when it came to your cravings, he could always tell when you were getting a bit grouchy and in need of food, and before you even had to say anything, he’d appear in front of you with the box of snacks that he kept for you just in case of any craving emergencies.

    D ⇴ DUE DATE

    Your due date was something he focused on a lot, keeping a countdown on the screen of his phone so that he always knew exactly how long there was left. Whilst others preferred not to know, Wonpil always wanted to know how long was to go down to the minute so that he could make sure that he stayed organised, and also ensure he got everything done at work in time too to be at home with you as your due date neared.


    Wonpil was beyond excited to become a dad, but he always tried to stay calm around you. He didn’t want you to get too overexcited and risk hurting yourself whenever he got excited, so instead he’d take a deep breath and act as if he was relaxed. You could always tell when he was holding back, he’d bite down on his bottom lip to try and control his smile so that you didn’t get ahead of yourself too much either.

    F ⇴ FAMILY

    Both of you were very fortunate to have very supportive families who were more than happy to do anything that you needed. All of them knew how busy Wonpil was especially as he tried to get as much done as possible before your baby arrived, so whenever they were needed, they always stepped in and helped you out, getting you things or stopping round just for a chat whenever you were by yourself.

    G ⇴ GENDER

    Whether or not you found out the gender of your baby was in fact a long discussion for the two of you. Neither of you could exactly make up your minds, and after a long list of reasons for and against being written up by the two of you, eventually your minds were made up to find out the gender of your baby when the chance came.


    Soft giggles always came from Wonpil whenever he heard the beat of your baby’s heart. It was always overwhelming for him to hear the sounds so loud and clear, he loved more than anything else that he was able to hear that your baby was healthy, as if their strong kicks weren’t already a good enough sign.

    I ⇴ “I LOVE YOU”

    When he helped you sleep, Wonpil often reminded you that he loved you in the hope that his sweet nothings would help ease your mind from stress and worry and help you settle enough to close your eyes. It was never a guarantee, but Wonpil loved to remind you that he loved you anyway, even if you were still wide awake.


    There were a few harmless comments that came from others that would sometimes make Wonpil jealous, especially if it seemed someone was doubting his capabilities as a dad. He worried quite a lot whether he would be a good enough dad or not, so whilst others saw their comments as jokes, the little voice in the back of Wonpil’s head would often try and coerce him into listening and trusting what was being said to him.

    K ⇴ KICKS

    As with the beat of your baby’s heart, whenever Wonpil felt your baby kicking he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from laughing too. The stronger the kick the better as far as Wonpil was concerned, even though he knew the strong kicks hurt you, he loved being able to receive a good sign from your baby that they were alright.

    L ⇴ LABOUR

    Your labour was all a bit of a panicked rush after you went into labour suddenly, leaving Wonpil stunned too. It took him a little while to realise what was going on and take in his surroundings so that he could stand up and be there for you. Once he’d taken it all in and come to terms with what was going on, he was right by your side and reassuring you whilst you remained slightly panicked in the middle of chaos.


    It would take Wonpil a moment to realise what was going on most mornings when he heard noise from the bathroom. Once it had sunk in that it was you throwing up, he’d be on his way into the bedroom straight away, regardless of how tired he was, sitting down beside you with his arm around your back helping you out.


    Taking responsibility for decorating the nursery was something that worried Wonpil, design and build wasn’t his strength and the last thing he wanted to do was make a mistake when someone could’ve done it better.


    He was obsessed with watching you grow, he loved not only seeing your bump grow but also seeing how you grew as a person, with a more confident stride and a smile wider on your face then he had ever seen before.


    Wonpil trusted in you after you gave birth in the hope that you’d only do as much as you could. He was slightly worried that you would push yourself too quickly, but if you did, then Wonpil knew that he couldn’t scold you for it, but instead he had to continue supporting you and focus on your baby as well.


    He always asked how you were as the first thing he said to you whenever he found you in a room. His immediate worry was always you and your bump, and once he knew that you were alright, then he could smile with you.


    Making memories was a top priority of Wonpil’s throughout your pregnancy, during most of the time he had his phone or his camera in his hand so that he could capture as much as possible. One day he knew that both of you would look back over all the snaps he’d taken with wide smiles and tears in your eyes.

    S ⇴ SCANS

    You’d often have to tug your scan photos out of Wonpil’s hand when he got a hold of it as he never wanted to let them go. It surprised you quite often how touched he was by the scan photos, wondering how he would act when it was eventually your baby that he had in his arms instead of just a photo.

    T ⇴ TEST

    When you were taken into hospital because you felt unwell, you thought it was a joke when the nurse suggested a pregnancy test. When it proved that she was right with her instinct, neither of you could believe it.


    Supporting you is always Wonpil’s top priority, so he makes sure to drop anything that is in his schedule so that he can be there for you.

    V ⇴ VISITS

    He followed your lead again when it came to having visitors, as soon as you told Wonpil that you felt ready to invite people to your home, then he did so, but before that he always told people that you weren’t ready for visitors.


    For the most part, Wonpil was patient in waiting, he had a few short bursts of impatience, but other than that he was happy taking every day as it came.

    X ⇴ XXXX

    Being so clingy, it came as little surprise to you that whenever Wonpil was holding onto you, he would kiss against a part of your body too. He loved being as affectionate with you as possible, especially with his hands often at your bump.

    Y ⇴ YOU

    You were his everything, Wonpil was incredibly fond of both you and your bump.

    Z ⇴ ZZZ

    At night Wonpil loved to cuddle around your bump, he’d place several cushions around your bump so that he would be comfortable enough to stay there for the night, keeping your bump nice and secure to help you sleep too.



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    PAIRING. husband!jaehyun × fem!reader GENRE. fluff, domestic!au, parent!au WARNINGS. food WORD COUNT. 0.300k

    ➷ [ 𝐁𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐊𝐅𝐀𝐒𝐓 ] “good morning,” you greeted out loud when you sensed that someone had entered the kitchen, getting only a hum in response. you placed the second slice of bread on top of the other buttered slice, smiling to yourself in content before handing the plate to the lad waiting patiently for his breakfast.

    “not bread-and-butter again, mom!” the boy whined.

    jaehyun walked up towards the counter to grab a slice of toasted bread before turning towards the whiny lad, “now, now, mom made it for you with so much love. it wouldn’t be right for you to complain like that,” he said, completing his sentence with a little smile on his lips as he glanced at you.

    chuckling at jaehyun’s words, you walked up to do his tie for him, “and you should shut up and finish your breakfast as well. you’re getting late for work.”

    without responding to your statement, jaehyun just smiled at you for a moment, with the cute little dimples playing at the corners of his lips. getting his signal, you greet him with a kiss on his lips.

    “my eyes!” you both heard a muffled cry. turning around, your eyes landed on your son, grimacing as he covered his eyes, the food still stuffed in his mouth.

    jaehyun snickered at his reaction, “well, mommie dearest, don’t you think our little prince deserves a kiss as well?”

    your lips morph into a small smile as you nod along, “why not?”

    the lad aggressively nods his head, hinting at a very obvious “no,” but that wasn't going to stop the two of you. you both walked up to him, hugging him while leaving a short kiss on his cheek — making the boy earn a kiss on either of his cheeks from both of his parents.

    © BLUEJAEM, 2021

    #take social media away from me tf is this #nct#jaehyun#jung jaehyun#jaehyun fluff #jaehyun x reader #jaehyun imagines#jaehyun scenarios#kpop#nct 127#nct 2021 #nct x reader #nct fluff#nct imagines#kpop scenarios#jaehyun nct#jaehyun fics#nct reactions#nct headcanons #nct 127 imagines #nct 127 reactions #nct 127 headcanons #kpop fluff #nct 127 fluff #nct 127 x reader #kpop imagines#nct scenarios #nct 127 jaehyun #nct jaehyun #jaehyun nct 127
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    svt as your boyfriend

    requested ; requests closed

    warnings ( fluff, alcohol consumption & suggestiveness )

    ☆ ⌒ ヽjeon wonwoo

    as your boyfriend

    before you started dating, you definitely though he hated your guts. would never talk to you and if he did his tone would be monotone and fake. at least that’s what you thought

    wonwoo was only talking like that because he was shitting his pants trying not to mess up in front of you

    such a nerd but you love him <3

    he loves being his natural habitat; internet cafe, with his favorite girl

    no literally, if he’s not with you he’s probably in there

    loves having you on his lap while he teaches you how to play one of his games, answers any questions you have with so much passion

    though sometimes you undeniably can’t listen to him while he’s speaking behind you, arms caging you in his lap,,, eek the butterflies

    & if you think wonwoo doesn’t notice, you are very wrong

    notices anything and everything about you, the way you get excited for certain things, the face you make when something doesn’t taste quite right or the way your body responds to him

    he constantly makes you think you got away with something embarrassing and than boom out of no where, a few days after the incident, he brings it up to tease you

    such a kind bf tho, will stop you in the middle of something to fix your hair, tie your shoes or wipe something off your lips

    always wants you on his lap, ALWAYS,, kid you not once you get comfortable showing pda around the members, holy shit he will make his lap your throne (cheesy yes i know)

    arguments are not too common with you both, he’s pretty calm and mature, though once he starts racing his voice and getting heated it’s probably for a good reason,,, whew

    always knows how to apologize and make it up to you, his precious butterfly :)


    butterfly / 나비의 : loves calling his little butterfly no matter how tall or short you are. he always jokes you’re constantly moving like a butterfly around him, since he’s pretty calm and all.

    darling / 자기 : might be a bit of a surprise but wonwoo is a bit old-fashioned, likes calling you little darling or just darling overall, very cute

    timestamp [ 6:34 pm ] :

    “did you know that your pecks are like one of the seven world wonders?”

    you slurred, standing next to your boyfriend, wonwoo. slightly tipsy and flirty, who wouldn’t be slightly turned on from seeing their sexy boyfriend be good with his hands and treat you like a princess?

    you had promised wonwoo that during the fall, you’ll try to visit the infamous internet cafe he always spoke fondly of. it was nice, seeing him relax and have fun with his friends. and you had kept your promise, visiting the cafe and staying there for quite some time. you finally had understood what the deal was.

    sitting on comfy chairs, playing games with friends online and getting to order delicious food without having to do much— you truly understood why wonwoo loved it. time went by though and you got bored. alcohol being the best option to cure your boredom.

    now you stand, next to your boyfriend, slightly tipsy and making heart eyes at him. (understandably so) you couldn’t even be mad at him for spending so much time on the computers because he still treated you like a porcelain doll; petting your hair, feeding you some of his food and teaching you how to play games you didn’t understand.

    wonwoo was used to your drunken comments; finding humor on how your cheeks get hot and you start getting nervous after saying your thoughts.

    he pets your hair and brings your face closer to his, softly gripping your cheeks into one of his hands. thinking he was going to kiss you as he brought hip lips closer to yours, he moves his mouth next to your ear.

    “you seriously need some sleep y/n”

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    DAD Day6 A⇴Z HEADCANON ⇴ Kang Younghyun


    Younghyun was incredibly caring with his affection making sure that he always gave enough to make both you and your bump feel loved. He can never ignore one of you, he’s very much aware that you both are relying on him.

    B ⇴ BUMP

    He loves to hold onto your bump, but when your bump began to grow considerably and Younghyun does it, it’s a huge relief for you. Feeling the heavy weight supported by Younghyun’s hands gives you just a few seconds to relax against his chest, and whenever he sees how relaxing it is for you, it encourages him to do it more.


    Whenever you need anything, Younghyun always makes sure to get it for you. He’s very attentive to what you need, it doesn’t matter how stupid your request is or at what time your request is too, he’s always more than accommodating to get it for you in order to help you out and try to make life just a little bit easier for you.

    D ⇴ DUE DATE

    Every time your due date crosses Younghyun’s mind he finds himself getting butterflies in his stomach. He can’t help but get excited about the fact that your baby is arriving soon, and with every day that passes, those butterflies get stronger and stronger. Whenever anyone asks him when your baby is due, he can’t help but get excited as he tells them the date, and exactly how many days there are to go until the date too.


    There are no other word to describe how Younghyun is feeling other than excited, all the time. He simply can’t wait, as he tells you multiple times a day whenever he spots you and your bump. You’ve never seen him so smiley and happy then when you’re pregnant, he’s always a positive person, but his outlook on life becomes even more optimistic knowing that your new arrival is arriving in just a matter of days.

    F ⇴ FAMILY

    The two of you love your pregnancy because it brings you both back towards your families again. Living apart from them is tough but having them visit more often thanks to your pregnancy was something that you both loved. It was the perfect middle point that meant that the two of you managed to get back in contact with your families more often, which both you, and them, were very thankful for.

    G ⇴ GENDER

    Finding out the gender of your baby was a decision that Younghyun left down to you. He didn’t mind whether you found out or not, and so he left you to decide as he knew how much bigger of a decision it was for you, assuring you that whichever way you swung he would support you and be happy with your decision.


    You can tell as soon as Younghyun finds the baby’s heartbeat because his hand will start tapping against your leg. There’s always a short pause whilst you try to find the spot, but without even looking you know when it’s found because three fingers will tap against the top of your leg in time with the beats.

    I ⇴ “I LOVE YOU”

    Whenever he could, Younghyun would let you know that he loved you, they were three words that he felt that he could never say enough, especially whilst you were pregnant. He would always say it to reassure you and comfort you and give you a boost in confidence whenever you were feeling low or insecure with your bump.


    His only focus was on his family, nothing else mattered as far as Younghyun was concerned. There were a few moments when friends or family would try and make him jealous, but with a smile on his face, he would always ignore it. Although he doesn’t tend to get jealous anyway, you can tell that he’s much more comfortable whilst your pregnant and doing an even better job of not letting comments wind him up.

    K ⇴ KICKS

    Every time that your baby kicks, Younghyun has a habit of tapping back against your bump to let your baby know that he is there too. He loves interacting with your bump, even if your baby has no idea of what’s going on, especially whenever your baby kicks and lets you both know that they’re awake and kicking about.

    L ⇴ LABOUR

    He was incredibly attentive throughout the entirety of your labour, not that that was any different to how Younghyun was every other day too. He had done plenty of research on all of the things that he could do to help you out whilst you were in labour, whether that was something that he could say or something that he could do, he would do absolutely whatever it took to help take some of your pain away.


    Whenever you were sick, Younghyun was always very organised with hairbands, mouthwash or anything else that you’d need to keep you well looked after. He was very practical, keeping a unit in your bathroom empty so that he could stack it full with items of things that you would need whenever you were suffering.


    Putting your nursery together was a job that Younghyun loved, specifically the chance to show off to you for once with how domesticated he was whilst putting all the furniture together and painting all of the walls too,


    Younghyun was obsessed with your bump, he loved seeing it grow and change, but most of all he loved seeing how incredible you looked with your bump and how effortlessly you managed to pull it off every day.


    He was very careful for quite a while after you gave birth not wanting for you to do hardly anything around the place. The last thing he wanted was for you to push yourself too quickly, so instead Younghyun made sure to keep you as rested as possible, mainly for the sake of your baby too who he knew would need you a lot.


    Whenever Younghyun asked you how you were, you always knew it came from a place that cared. He was forever worrying about you and chasing you around wanting to know how you were getting on and if you needed anything.


    With his schedule so busy, Younghyun always made sure the house was well equipped with anything that you needed. Boxes were placed all over the place, filled with necessities that you might need at various points so that Younghyun could go to work safe in the knowledge that you were going to be able to take care of yourself whilst he was there.

    S ⇴ SCANS

    More than enough of your scan photos were always printed as Younghyun loved to give them out to those who were closest to you. He had a lot of pride for you and your baby bump, he adored being able to talk people through even the smallest of details on the photos, remembering exactly what the midwife had told you too.

    T ⇴ TEST  

    The two of you had agreed that you wanted to start trying a couple of months ago, but never did either of you imagine that you would end up falling pregnant as quickly as you did.


    It didn’t matter how busy he was, Younghyun always made sure to support you at every single appointment and be there for you both.

    V ⇴ VISITS

    He couldn’t wait to start having people round and snapping up the chance to show off your baby. He was beyond proud, and knew everyone would be excited to meet them too once you were home.


    Most of the time, Younghyun was patient waiting for your baby to arrive, opting to enjoy the moment more than anything else.

    X ⇴ XXXX

    Whenever he could, Younghyun would kiss you, it was almost instinct for him whenever he was around you. He always wanted to make sure you still received plenty of affection as well as your bump too.

    Y ⇴ YOU

    You were his best friend, there was no one else he wanted to do it with.

    Z ⇴ ZZZ

    At night, Younghyun is still as attentive as ever, paying close attention to the things you need until he can be confident that you’re asleep. He never falls asleep before you do, making sure that he’s there for you through as much of the night as he can stay awake for.



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