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  • coffee-lord
    01.12.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    i like your face | ji changmin

    group: the boyz pairing: barista!changmin (q) x florist!reader warnings: none i guess? genre: fluff summary: your mandatory two cups of coffee must be made by the barista, whose face you like the most. also, an aggressive typer, infos for coffee and a very romantic moment. a/n: i tried to keep the reader insert gender neutral, but if you see it's not, lmk!

    this day greeted everyone with a cold morning, frost on the windows, but also with one of the prettiest sunrises. people who got to work night shifts already changed into their pajamas and went sleepies underneath their warm blankets. others just stepped out from under the sheets and wondered what space-time they got to exist in. also, others were already opening their workspace, hoping for another productive day. this kind of people included ji changmin, who’s just wide open the door of happyhour cafe, grinning excitingly and wondering about the possible possibilities of this day.

    also, others still slept, even though they should already eat breakfast but, apparently, the five-minute nap turned into an hour-long. to this kind of people you belonged, who woke up when falling off your bed.

    “dammit!” you quickly threw the sheets which fell with you back on the bed and even faster you got up. looking around the bedroom, not contacting yet, you knew three things: you need to go to the bathroom, eat breakfast, and prepare for work. oh, and also drink your mandatory two cups of coffee, but that’ll do after going to work. in a special place where you could sit for hours because of many reasons, you had no time to count right now.

    almost landing with your butt on the floor, you caught the doorway in time. without tripping on the ground, you got to the bathroom. washing your hands, face, and teeth, you also brushed your hair.

    “well, i’m doomed,” you noticed when the fridge was flashing empty, just like your wallet. why did you buy those wall decor... biting on your lip, still wondering about what you should do, you finally got an amazing idea.

    closing the fridge and running back to the bedroom, you changed into more proper clothing. thank goodness you thought about it yesterday, or else you’d spend another long time choosing a good outfit now.

    finally, looking like (at least) half-alive, you took your backpack, keys, and some other things. giving your flat one last look, you exited and then closed the door behind you. hiding the keys into your pocket and almost tripping on the stairs, you ran into the flower shop under your flat.

    well, only half an hour late! still better than last week, when you woke up three hours late...

    but! first things first. the two, most precious cups of freshly brewed, made with love coffee!

    at first, you hated your sister for leaving you with this flowery fuckery. she decided on a world trip, just because she can. and she did, leaving you and murmuring something about leaving you an entire empire. she also said something about coming back after long, so just great. thankfully, you had a magical hand for plants. even you had no idea how that’s possible, but somehow, someway, when you took care of a flower, it bloomed like wild. your impressive skills were cool and indeed overpowered, but you lacked in keeping your mouths shut and waking up at a proper time.

    cleaning up the shop a bit and putting new plants in the shop window, you opened the store. not for long though, because almost immediately a sign with “be back in a moment” appeared on the door, as you locked them and quickly got to the other side of the street.

    you looked through the menu written on a sign by the door and entered the cafe with a big-ass smile. breathing in the beautiful smell of freshly ground coffee beans, you looked around. by the dark tables sat only a few people, and by the dark green wall, in a small queue, stood like three students. apparently, they waited for their takeout orders. when you saw how prettily grew the plants you yourself chose for this place, a feeling of pride filled your guts. a big and pleasant smile entered your face, as you made your way towards the counter, by which you placed your butt. making a note to yourself about watering the plants here, you peeked into the back room, where a certain someone appeared.

    “you’re late.” changmin noticed, standing behind the counter. raising his eyebrow, he looked at you, demanding an explanation or even three. “i thought you won’t come.”

    “you’re shitting with me, right? a day? without me here? a day without a coffee from here? nice joke, mate.” replying with a lot of questions, shot like from a kalashnikov, you frowned, honestly surprised by such allegations.

    “i heard your friend opened a cafe nearby” he tried to focus the coffee machine and without hearable viciousness. but spoiler alert: task failed miserably. the clear feeling of jealousy in changmin's voice kinda interested you, but also hurt.

    “yeah, but i come here because of reasons,” you said harshly, wondering if you should leave and go to your friend’s place. yeah, you’d pay a bit more and it’s a while from here, but at least your heart won’t ache...

    “and what are these reasons?”

    “top secret slash i don’t know” laughing quietly and giving him one of your coldest stares, you actually felt a bit sorry for him. but it was a really tiny, teeny-weeny bit of guilt. “and now, i’d like my coffee, please”

    “ok but you’re paying twice as much” changmin replied, finally going to make two cups of coffee, totally ignoring you, who looked at him with shock and wide-opened eyes. you always paid for one!

    spitting with spite, you decided to watch people at the cafe. a student sitting by the window aggressively typed in words into his laptop, sipping their coffee every couple seconds. frowning and squinting, they sometimes even twisted their face with pure disgust, like the shit they wrote was literal poop and they’d gladly just shoved the laptop into a dumpster.

    “which cup of coffee is it?” you asked, pointing at the student and asking the waitress who passed by you. she stopped and showing four with her fingers, went back to the aggressive typer’s table.

    “you’re no better.” changmin pointed out, without giving you a single stare. your eyebrows went up and stared at him like you’re saying “i beg your pardon?” and demanding explanations. but he bravely made it through, and there’s no way you’re letting him out that easily.

    “excuse me, what?”

    “nothing.” okay, he could’ve just stayed quiet. now, like always, you’ll be bothering him about what he meant or you’ll stay quiet, putting silent pressure on him. noice, because he didn’t want any of these things right now. not when he finally, after a few past weeks, was able to confess to something. damn you, his anxieties, and all this love shit.

    “okay, true, i drink coffee...” stopping, you looked at changmin and then at your hands. “by hectoliters, but i have my reasons, okay?”

    “i never thought you’d admit to this” he laughed nervously, giving you sneaky looks, quickly going back to the first cup of hot beverage.

    carefully, without spilling the liquid (and to have a reason for not staring at you), he placed the cup before you, as you smiled warmly. changmin could swear he felt his heart making three back rolls but with the bits of self-control left, he managed to keep a straight face.

    “this is exactly why i come here every day,” you murmured, rubbing your hands and almost snapping up on the full cup. grabbing it with both hands, you sipped on your favorite beverage. you gave changmin a meaningful stare, hoping he’ll understand or at least ask.

    but that didn’t happen, since one of the waiters came and hurried the barista. that would be all for the romantic moment you longed for.

    as your enthusiasm cooled, you just slowly drank your coffee, waiting for the next cup to appear in front of you, and when that... didn’t happen? what?

    “can we make a deal?” with confusion on your face, you looked at changmin. slowly connecting the dots, you saw the cup in his hands.

    “information for coffee? deal. what do you want to know?”

    do you come here for coffee only?”

    you froze. blinking couple times and opening your mouth like a fish, you wondered about the answer. you took a deep breath to prepare yourself. but that took a shit ton of time, which cause changmin's hands to shake and sweat so much the cup almost slipped.

    waiting so impatiently and staring at you., he wanted an answer. he needed it and it must be as clear as possible. he had to know if what he’s thinking is true and if he has a chance. but what was he hoping for? people come to cafes for coffee, pastries, and to meet with friends, not to fall in love with baristas. his hands continue shaking when he thought of the non-happening scenarios. when he thought his dreams will continue to be just dreams and continue on living in his head. he finally understood that all these scenarios he made won’t actually happen. the deeper breath should calm him down, but it got shaky and his anxiety kicked in again. the silence was way too long for him.

    “no, i don’t come here for coffee only. there’s one more thing, or more like, one more someone.”

    your timing is on point because you spoke when he decided to turn around and escape to the back room like a spy and possibly scream his lungs out.

    “i don’t come here for coffee only, cuz there’s this... someone, who... who i really like and... and who’s company i also like. i really like it when that someone smiles and is genuinely happy, cuz i like their face, and... just smile and you’ll know!” even you got impatient with how long it took you to say it. but when you saw changmin smiling, you cupped your face and with a wide, joyful grin, you laid your head on the counter, still looking at him. “i like your face, ji changmin. especially when you smile. you’re so cute, i cant!”

    “stop, you’re talking like my grandma,” flustered changmin looked away, but you couldn’t stop.

    “but that’s the truth! now come a little closer and i’ll tell you a secret, okay?” he leaned towards you, even though he was a bit scared, but at the same time you intrigued him and he didn’t expect that. okay, he expected you’d say something, but not a small kiss on his cheek from you. “you’re amazing. and now, my coffee please.”

    you reached out your hands towards him and making a hole in the cup with your intense stare, you waited. changmin, red on his face like he’s a tomato, completely forgot about the coffee in his hands. laughing shortly, he handed you the cup, and you drank the liquid almost instantly. karma happened in the shape of a mustache made from milk foam above your lips.

    “you drank it so fast... was the military chasing you or what?” changmin noticed, as this time he failed at keeping a straight face. giggling quietly at the sight of you, completely unaware of the foam mustache, he grabbed a nearby tissue. “wait, you have something on your face...”

    carefully wiping off the foam, he stared at you like a masterpiece. with a serene smile, he tried to hold your hand... but loud “changmin! go back to work!! you’ll go on a date after work!” efficiently scared him off, causing him to jump. so romantic.

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  • chicken-fifi
    01.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Clingy - Yunho ( TVXQ) Imagine

    Requested by anon: Angst-fluff TVXQ Yunho scenario where he thinks you’re too clingy (borrows his shirt, hugs him everytime he goes home from work, etc.) and he lashed out one night. y/n ignores him for days and he’s trying to make up for it by being clingy as well lol. y/n tried not to fall for it, but later on in the end she forgave him. fluffy ending!!!

    Word count: 392 words

    Yunho shrugged you off as you clung to him while you were watching the movie. “Can you quit it!” he shouted.

    You had been clinging to him all day. He’d asked you to let him rest seeing as it was his only day to relax in a while. While he did want to spend time with you, he was tired and wanted to rest a bit. And as much as he loved spending time with you today wasn’t a day.

    Instantly you pulled away moving to the other side of the couch without a single word. Your face was blank as you continued watching the movie for a while before getting up and leaving the living room. He watched you leave regretting his harsh tone and sighed standing up and going after you. 

    He found you in the bedroom laying under the covers, your back to the door.

    “(y/n),” he called out softly. “I shouldn’t have been as harsh as I was. I’m sorry.”

    He got no response from you and rather than trying again risking upsetting you even more he walked out to turn off the tv before returning and joining you in the bed, his arm naturally reaching out for you before you moved away, shoving him off much like he’d done earlier. 

    “I’m trying to sleep here,” you said without giving him a glance.


    You’d been ignoring him for days on end. While you didn’t completely ignore his existence, you weren’t speaking to him or even letting him so much as brush shoulders with you. And while you avoided physical touch with Yunho at all costs, he had done nothing but cling to you as much as he could, apologizing at every waking moment. 

    As much as you hated to admit it, you knew you wouldn’t last much longer with him like this.

    “(y/n),” he began kissing your shoulder as he hugged you from behind as you washed the dishes. “Baby, I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t have snapped like that. I was in the wrong.”

    You shook your head, giving into his touch and turning around, hugging him with you soap studded hands. 

    “Clingy much?” you teased, smiling as you leaned your head on his chest. “I’m sorry too. I know you’re tired and I should’ve respected that.”

    He kissed your forehead gently, “Cuddles and a movie?”

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  • ryuflix
    01.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    𝙟𝙪𝙨𝙩 𝙖𝙣𝙤𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙧 𝙘𝙧𝙪𝙨𝙝 ! [by ryuflix!]

    - p.js x k.y/n x c.yj


    *•.¸ kim y/n ¸.•* the 'leader' of the group [also can be ringmaster since theyre just clowns after all]. has a small group of friends who she loves and they love her equally too! taehyung is her older brother [lucky bitch] [i meant taehyung. go kween y/n] very sassy but very lovable. hates jay with all of her heart. [with valid reason your honour!] has had a crush on yeonjun since she set eyes on him [which was back in high school lmao]
    *•.¸ hwang yeji ¸.•* ah. y/ns best friend since they were babies. [so that makes hyunjin the same too!] very supportive of y/n and is always, ALWAYS there for her when she needs it. [get me someone like this pls] very crack but will beat a bitch up if she needs to. <3
    *•.¸ hwang hyunjiin ¸.•* the other hwang. [claims to be the better one but we shall see... we shall see..] dances amazingly well and is the one who suggested that y/n take the dance major at HYBE uni. [btw hyunjin is older than all of them so hes already going to HYBE UNI]. sees y/n as his adorable younger sister and loves her more than he loves yeji [dont tell her that i beg you.]
    *•.¸ han jisung ¸.•* oooo y/ns besteyyyyy. absolutely cares for y/n 100%. always got her back and is so so so sweet to her :( [teases her shit ton for liking yeonjun but wbk its besf thingz] sings really well and is pretty close with bang chan. one of yeonjuns friend [so y/n always begs him to ask if yeonjun knows her LMAO]
    *•.¸ kim taehyung ¸.•* omg our handsome older brother who everyone simps over [dw y/n has fan boys too guys :) ] tries not to show how much he cares for y/n but will run to her with a whole ass ambulance if she hurts herself even just a little bit. [sure dude u hate ur sister o-0] very cute overall 100/10 cutie.

    jays...friends. | yeonjuns... pals | smau m.list!
    lilYs thots: idk its just starting i dont have think.
    𔘓sypnosis: [you hated jay with all your heart, you really did. and oh boy were you so happy to finally graduate from high school and start anew with college. but then what happens when you find out that jay goes to the same college, takes the same major as you and so does your highschool crush and all-rounder, yeonjun? and why is jay suddenly being nice to you…?]
    𔘓TAGLIST! (open): @wonjaems @penny-quinn @sweetrainwrites @azure-arcanum @dimplehyunn @youngiez @freckledwinterfalls @0x1lovebot @isaluv@pockyandme@jungwoniics @kookaine @enhacolor @tomorrowbymoa-together @taecup-fics @ddeonuism @amakumos @junluvr @ch1-fuyu @hsngarchive @stayarmysstuff @acciomylove @banana-boat-doodoodododo @felixs-kithes @bluhr @heeluvb0t @heelariously @danialethna @sideeffectssss @ramye0nz @desitr98 @icywhatim @belle643 @baekhyunstruly [those in bold couldnt be tagged :( ]
    📢fill up this! form or send an ask to be added to the smau taglist!!📢
    [all rights reserved to @ryuflix on [tumblr]] [dont steal my work pls thamks]

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  • k-pop-pop-poppp
    01.12.2021 - 2 hours ago


    Fics I've read in November! I had exams this month AND I have my midterms next month and probably won't be as active 😭 I tried to put as many fics as possible but I didn't put many for p1harmony, sorry about that :(

    As always, all the authors have been tagged at the bottom. Enjoy! <3


    Fire Burning (On the Dance Floor) ➤Lisa

    request: a Lisa one shot where the reader is Blackpink’s choreographer and a well-known dancer in the kpop industry. Lisa and reader have to work (close) together on a choreo for the show. there has always been some kind of unspoken tension which this times breaks out in an argument.

    Spark ➤Jennie

    Summary;; You find yourself in a state of distress when you can’t remember if you turned your stove off this morning. Your fears are put to rest by none other than Ms. Jennie Kim, your local firefighter who you find yourself crushing on a little harder with every passing day.

    Falling into Love ➤Rose

    “I lied and told you that I knew how to ski to impress you, but now we’re standing on a Black Diamond trail and I can’t feel my knees. Wow, that’s a long way down.”

    ⇀ ridiculous. ➤Jisoo 0.8k. ‘it’s april fools day, and you and jisoo decide to have a silly, little karaoke night at home.’

    —   first date ➤OT4


    ▷ just you, the moon, and the stars. ➤OT7 5.4k. ‘despite the hushed whispers in your village about the bordered forest, you’ve always been intrigued by it. it has a charm that seemed to lure you in, closer and closer, as the years passed by. until one year, on a cold night, it drew you in competely—right into the depths of its heart.’

    IT’S YOU. ➤Sunghoon

    2.8k words. | the one where you always confessed to sunghoon while sunghoon always regarded it as nothing of importance. that is until someone else confesses to you and all of the sudden, sunghoon doesn’t look as indifferent as he used to be.

    - [maybe the night] ➤Sunoo

    the factors needed to end up with a first kiss are: a spontaneous sleepover, a nonsensical argument over whose blanket is whose, and two idiots brimming with all the love and adoration in the world.

    ⌕ i love you yellow ➤Jungwon

    in which you are yang jungwon’s happiness. (wc 0.3k)

    you do a tiktok prank on them ➤legal line (Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon)

    08:07 ➤Jay

    22:06 ➤Jake


    I Never Left ➤Wonwoo

    our castle | 3.6k ➤Scoups

    ➵  seungcheol comes over to help you take care of your house but he has no idea what he’s in for when he meets your younger siblings.

    all the stars we steal ➤Jeonghan

    jeonghan takes your off-handed suggestion and little too seriously and you end up spending your nights catching stars with him

    ❅ not your stength ➤Joshua

    synopsis: shua can do many things… building ikea furniture is not one of them. at least he looks good doing it, i guess.

    wrong number // part 2 ➤vocal unit (Woozi, Joshua, Jeonghan, Seungkwan, DK)

    little things about being in a relationship with them ➤hip hop unit (Scoups, Mingyu, Wonwoo, Vernon)

    accidentally using your insecurity against you ➤performance unit (The8, Jun, Hoshi, Dino)

    moments of intimacy with them ➤OT13


    golden sun ➤Taehyun

    ⤷ he’s an exhausted guardian angel and didn’t think anyone could be more of an absolute mess… and then he met you. and perhaps you, said absolute mess, fell in hopelessly in love.

    truth or dare. ➤Yeonjun

    ❁ summary; when the boys sit and play truth or dare, yeonjun picks dare and is tasked with breaking up with you… a dare is a dare right?

    Can I Have This Dance? ➤Hueningkai

    It’s like catching lightning, the chances of finding someone like you.

    yeonjun is good at many things... ➤Yeonjun

    ✿ 𝐭𝐱𝐭 + 𝐮𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐦𝐬 𝐨𝐟 𝐚𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 ➤OT5

    moments where you realised you were in love with each other ➤OT5

    01:27 ➤Soobin

    15:07 ➤Beomgyu


    Snowballs & Hot Chocolate ➤Intak

    p1harmony as types of physical affection ➤OT6

    Authors of the fics mentioned:

    @writingblackpink @kpoptrashlord-007 @sarcasmmoo @doievoir @sevlgi

    @/doievoir @seokverse @en-amours @luvholicz @skiiyoomin @3raaaachachacha @niskoo

    @/seventeen-teen-teen-trash @/taexual @by-moonflower @joshuas @seventeen-teen-teen-trash @soleilsuhh @taexual @seoulbinz

    @angelictaehyun @flwrkisses @hyuukais @tyunsie @lemon-boy-stan @/angelictaehyun @tyundere

    @sage-brownie @sunshinetheo

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  • sungsoda
    01.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    names nct dream call you <3

    mark ૮ • ﻌ - ა

    mark is such a sweet person omg. he likes calling you babe or sweetheart because it makes him feel like you're his and nobody else is.

    renjun ૮₍˶ •. • ⑅₎ა

    he keeps it simple but very sweet. 'love' is mainly what he calls you, that and your name alot because you stress him out everyday lol.

    jeno °ʚ(*´꒳`*)ɞ°

    oh boy. he seems intimidating to everyone who locks eyes with him but no, he really is just a big softie <3 he likes calling you baby or some silly nickname he's made up.

    haechan ૮꒰˵• ﻌ •˵꒱ა

    be prepared to be embarrassed sometimes because of him. let's say you tell him a funny story that happened growing up, he finds a random nickname out of it and makes it his mission to call you that infront of anybody you're talking to. kick his ass i beg

    jaemin ૮₍ ˃ ⤙ ˂ ₎ა

    so kind omfg- princess/prince. that's it. the nickname gives big jaemin vibes tbh.

    chenle ( ੭ ・ᴗ・ )੭

    sassy but keeps it cute (?) lol, darling is a big one but sometimes calls you queen/king, he likes to just yell it out and keeps you hanging to annoy you. beat his ass. BEAT HIS ASS.

    jisung ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

    so shy at first. a major thing in your guys relationship is giving consent to whatever the other wants to share about the relationship, ex. jisung showed you a photo that he took of you on a date and wants to send it on bubble, he ask for your permission to post it and if you say yes he'll post it, say no and he's not. you get it. so he asked you if he can call you bunny and ofc you said yes <3. love him ♡

    #nct dream fluff #nct reactions#nct imagines#kpop imagines #nct dream imagines #nctzens #nct dream scenarios
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  • en-sun
    01.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    A fir for you.

    Treasure Junkyu x gn!reader

    WC- <500

    genre: fluff, apart of "ficmas 2021"

    Taglist: @eeunoia , @querenciaa , @studioreader , @ddeonubaby , @enhacolor , @90sclub @girlfromkwangya

    Permanent taglist: @kyswoo

    “Baby, are you ready to go yet?” The sweet melodious voice of your boyfriend sang. You stood in front of your closet for a moment to hear him, before swinging the door open. You grabbed your striped scarf and wrapped it around your neck.

    Looking in your mirror to adjust the scarf you responded, “Be right there!”

    You rushed out of your room, and met him at the front door of your place. Junkyu grabbed your hand and led you outside. The two of you getting into the car. Today’s journey: getting a Christmas tree for your shared home.

    “The tree farm isn’t far from here! I can’t believe it.” Junkyu giggled.

    “You can’t believe what?”

    “It’s our first time getting a tree together! I’m so excited! Can you feel my hand shake?” He pulled your joined hands back and forth for effect.

    He continued to drive for another twenty minutes before parking the car. You looked out your window in awe of all the fir trees standing tall and proud. Junkyu squealed for the theatrics, making you laugh.

    “Wait! Don’t get out yet!” Junkyu yelled slightly.

    “What, why?” before you even finished talking your boyfriend sprung out of the car. He walked quickly to your door, and opened it wide for you. You smiled at his antics, and held onto his awaiting hand to step out into the snow.

    “Thank you, kind sir.” you laughed. Junkyu flashed you his gorgeous smile. Happily he pulled your hand to the beginning of the tree farm.

    You guys wandered around, for not even five minutes, before he stopped. His free hand pointing ahead to a medium height tree.

    He began chanting, “That one! That one!”

    You nodded your head excitedly, and flagged down an employee to help you cut it down. Junkyu stood protectively in front of your tree while the employee cut it down. With the helping hand of the nice employee, you took it to your car.

    Junkyu and you strapped it safely over your car. You sat in the car and waited for him to pay. After paying, your boyfriend walked to your car with a beaming face. He sat in the driver's seat and turned his head to the side to look at you.

    “Let’s take this bad boy home! And after we set it up, we can make some hot chocolate!” You smiled and agreed. Junkyu started driving and you sat beside him daydreaming about how perfect your first Christmas together is going already.

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  • rnjfy
    01.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    [4:44 pm]

    “babe, your phone’s blowing up.” he feels the vibration of your chest as he pushes himself closer to your neck. “i don’t want toooo.”

    jaemin’s whiny voice makes you giggle, your fingers pausing ever so slightly from running themselves through his brown hair.

    “but—mark will kill me if you’re late.” your hushed whisper pulls a curse from him as he reluctantly leaves your embrace.

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  • dtyfp
    01.12.2021 - 5 hours ago


    You didn't question the quiet waiting room, it was a rarity. Any quiet was scarce nowadays actually. You were tired and your feet hurt after being cramped into uncomfortable shoes all night. You lie down on the couch, intending to rest your eyes for a moment, but quickly end up falling asleep.

    The first time you are awoken, it's because of a loud bang. When you wake up with a start, 8 boys stare back at you in surprise, not having realized you were there when they first walked in. It was Jaehyun and his friends, who were currently hunched over a bag they dropped. Jaehyun quickly coaxes you back down with some assurance that everything was fine and that he'd wake you before he left.

    The second time, Mark and Nabi walk in together. They weren't particularly loud or anything, but Lily was a light sleeper and woke anyway.

    The third time, not even 5 minute after the second, it's due to familiar yelling.


    "Wait, Lily-ssi, here me out-"

    "Noona, you think I'm going to win right?"

    Before you even have the chance to sit up, 6 boys are already trying to talk over each other at you. With a sigh, you crawl over the couch to face them and rub your eyes.

    They begin to bicker, something you might have gotten in between when you first debuted but now you don't bother. Mark had once told you something about how "boys will be boys" and to just let them figure it out themselves sometimes when you used to stress out about it.

    "What are they arguing about?" Jaehyun asks, mouth half full, something you decide to ignore this time. His friends, the 97 line group, sit around, looking up at the arguing group before turning back to their food. Mark comes around and sits down beside you as you turn your ear in their direction, trying to catch a word or sentence that'll make sense.

    "Can't say I'll miss this when we graduate," Mark jokes as he nudges your shoulder with his own. He and Nabi were getting ready to leave, something about having dinner after not properly seeing each other for a while.

    "I think I will," you admit quietly. While they didn't bicker often, one may find it bothersome when they do, but to you, it only exemplified their comfort and familiarity within each other. You didn't bicker with someone you didn't like. What you didn't notice, was that 1 of your boys was quieter and hung back a bit from the main group.

    You finally catch something that makes sense.

    "Aigoo, they're talking about that rooftop fight again," you sigh. It had been a topic of major conversation within the last couple months since Mark became an adult, now they only had to wait a few more years for Jisung.

    "Yah, all of you are fighting for second place anyway, I'm going to win," Mark boasts as he gets up and immediately pulls Jaemin into a headlock. Jaemin, as he usually does, wrestles Mark off and simply stares at you for a bit. You glance at him, but when you meet his eyes, he simply slinks away and out. He had been ignoring you for weeks, and you'd be lying if you said it didn't hurt your feelings. You turn and watch him go before Jisung grabs your attention again.


    "Yah, when did you start calling me Lily? Have some respect, I ate 3 more years worth of rice than you did," you rebut, now fully awakened. Jisung comes around and gets on his knees in front of you, much to the others dismay.

    "Noona, you think I'm going to win, right? Me, your babiest baby?" Jisung coos, turning on his cuteness in hopes you wouldn't able to say no.

    "Oh, Jisungie, it's too early to start picking sides, don't you think? You still have a few years left to grow and-"

    "So you agree? You acknowledge the fact we're having a rooftop fight?" Mark cuts in, a smile growing on his face as you seemingly fall right into their little trap.

    "That's it! We've got all 8 to agree!"

    "Bullocks," you curse under your breath as Jisung jumps up to join the other members. You couldn't believe they baited you with Jisung.

    "You're too nice, noona, it's easy to trick you," Chenle laughs as he pats your head. Jaehyun has a knowing look on his face and smiles softly to himself. You motion for him to keep quiet.

    "Aigoo, I have a headache now," you sigh as you rub your temple.

    "Nabi and I are going for dinner, do you guys want to come?" Mark asks the other Dreamies, desperate to leave before you can figure out how to worm your way out of the mess. The others agree and quickly leave to grab their coats.

    "Don't feel bad, Mark always figures out a way to get his way," Nabi laughs as she pats your shoulder and kisses Jaehyun goodbye.

    "Lily, are you coming?" Mark asks, inviting you along.

    "No, you go ahead. Don't take Jaemin with you either," you tell him. He nods and takes Nabi with him, following the others out.

    "What's the rooftop fight?" Jungkook asks once they all leave.

    "When Jisung becomes an adult, they want to have a January rooftop fight, in the rain, in suits, just have it all out for fun," you explain.

    "But it doesn't rain in January," Dongmin points out. You simply shrug your shoulders in response. When you brought up that fact last time, they had simply ignored you.

    "Do you manipulate all of us like that?" Jaehyun asks as he leans back in his seat.

    "I'm not manipulating anyone, Jaehyunnie, that sounds bad. I just know how to handle you all, it's easy if you pay close enough attention," you shrug.

    "Wait, what?" Seokmin questions, officially confused.

    "They didn't trick her into doing anything, did they?" Jaehyun asks, narrowing his eyes at you. Without any of the afflicted nearby, you can finally give it up.

    "They're just getting anxious about me and Mark graduating, trying to make future plans with you and all that, it's cute and there's no harm in playing along," you answer.

    "What's that thing you say? Half the fun is in the planning?" Jaehyun recalls. It was something you had told him and the others a few times so they wouldn't shut down some of Haechan's, more vibrant ideas, during 127 meetings. Playing along with their little games had never done any harm, in your experience. Half the fun is in the planning and anticipation, so you were just letting them have their fun.

    You never failed to surprise Jaehyun with your attentiveness, noticing the things that others never really seemed. He's tried paying more attention before, but even then, he still misses things.

    "So what, you're just going to fight them? I would pay to see that," DK laughs.

    "If I was fighting, I'd win. None of them will lay a hand on me. I'll just watch and make sure they don't throw anyone over the edge," you laugh. Most likely, they'd gang up on Jisung or Chenle, or both.

    "Why aren't you letting Jaemin go with them?" Jaehyun asks suddenly.

    "Jaemin...is another problem I have to fix," you answer, trying not to divulge too much about Jaemin's privacy.

    "Where did everyone else go?" Jaemin asks as he walks back in, heading back towards the long abandoned makeup mirrors and changing racks. You look at Jaehyun and he motions for you to go ahead, already knowing you couldn't help yourself in trying to fix their problems. You bow politely to the others before making your way over to the boy.

    "Jaeminnie, did I do something wrong?" you question as you hop up onto one of the chairs.

    "No, why would you think that?" he asks back.

    "Because, love, you've been avoiding me for weeks. What's going on?" you ask him. You already had a feeling, but didn't want to assume his feelings.

    "Nothing's wrong," he denies as he tries to walk past you. You grab his wrist and he allows you to pull him back and sit him in the chair across from you.

    "It's stupid," he sighs as he rubs his temple.

    "I'm sure it's not. Whatever it is, we can figure it out but you have to tell me so I can help," you tell him as you reach forward and take his fidgeting hand in yours.

    "I don't know, it's just you and Mark hyung, I always knew the two of you would graduate first but I didn't expect it to bother me so much. And I keep thinking about the time I was injured and didn't promote with the 7 of you, it's missed time. It's just not fair, I didn't get the same amount of time with the two of you like the others did," he pouts as he lays his head on the table. You nod understandingly as you rub his back. He was trying to ignore you and Mark now so it wouldn't hurt so much later.

    "You can't get rid of me that easily, agi, Mark and I will still be around all the time," you remind him as you caress the back of his head.

    "I know, that's why I feel so bad for ignoring you," he whines.

    "It's not just you, love, I don't like it either," you assure him.

    "We haven't gone to the river together in a while, want to go now? Like old times?" you ask him. When you both had first debuted, the nerves got to him a little so the two of you used to sneak out and just walk along the Han river. But with your busy schedules, you hadn't gone in over a year.

    "You don't have to go with me just to make me feel better-"

    "I want to go. Come on, we can walk, talk, and I'll buy you something to eat," you suggest.

    "Can it just be the two of us?" he asks, not yet knowing you had already sent everyone away in anticipation.

    "Sure, go grab your coat and we'll go," you nod. He gets up and quickly pulls you into a hug.

    "I'm sorry I was so mean," he apologizes, apology half muffled by your shoulder.

    "You weren't mean, baby, it's okay," you assure him. He clears his throat and quickly jogs out towards his own waiting room while you grab your coat. You send a quick wave to Jaehyun, so he knows you're leaving and doesn't end up waiting for you. He nods in your direction before you quickly go over to catch up with Jaemin.

    "So, Jaeminnie, what do you want to eat?"

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    A Huang Renjun short story (pt.2)

    🌷 pairing: Huang Renjun x reader

    🌷 wc: 1.2k

    🌷 Here's part 2 of this short story, sort of enemies to lovers with hs era Renjun. Here's part one. next part is going to be the last. I already have the idea but I need to write it down. I know I am slow with updates, but I squeeze in writing whenever I can, and, sadly, that's not too often, and I'm sorry for that. Please always keep in mind that English is not my first language, and if you find any errors or want to tell me something about any of my stories feedback is always welcome!! Thank you and I hope you enjoy it.

    🌷Also this is not proofread yet, so I'm sorry for the mistakes!

    Winning. That's what today was all about. Usually you were not too competitive, of course winning was always the best option, but in most cases losing a game wouldn't get you riled up.

    But this was different.

    You got your eyes on the prize.

    And the prize was Renjun losing.

    Just beautiful.

    You met everyone outside the bar in which you previously encountered them, and even in the daylight, the contrast between their looks was astounding.

    You dressed differently than last night, opting for something a little comfier.

    As soon as you entered the guys' line of vision, their moods were very different. Chenle cheered loudly, making everyone turn around to see you and your two friends, on the contrary Renjun scoffed and rolled his eyes, earning a stern look from a tall guy you didn't know the name of.

    As you approached, Chenle started talking, gaining the boys' attention, and when you were finally near enough to hear him, he had just finished pointing out who you and your two friends were.

    At this point everybody took turns, politely introducing themselves. You finally found out everybody's names, even though you knew that two minutes later they would be forgotten.

    The one attending your same college was the nerdy guy from yesterday, his name was Mark and you saw him around campus a few times.

    Then Jeno seemed to be the one at the very far end of the table that Lily was checking out, Jisung was the cute one, and, you found out, the youngest. The stylish one was Jaemin and the frat guy was Haechan, the one Chenle mentioned before.

    'So, as agreed, you got three strikes, everybody can be the referee except of course you two, and, as previously mentioned, Haechan'

    'I still feel like that's somehow unfair' you heard him say, and chuckled.

    'Sorry Ma'am but I don't find that funny'

    'Oh c'mon, look at me I got three strikes, and i have to put up with the lovely person that Huang Renjun is, does that seem fair to you?' You said with a smile, your tone clearly sarcastic.

    "That doesn't get a strike??" Renjun exclaims.

    "Seemed alright to me" is the only response he got from Jisung, or maybe it was Jaemin, you already forgot...

    "So, where do you wanna go?" Mark asked.

    "Ok so, the fair is in town!" Rachel said, a tad bit too enthusiastic.

    "No, not going to the fair" you answered remembering what happened last time, a few weeks ago in the nearby town.

    "I promise I won't let you alone in the House of mirrors again"

    "and?" You replied

    "And this time we will ride the Carousel"

    "Thank you, then we can go" you said, content.

    "Are you a kid that you still want to go on the Carousel?" Renjun remarked.

    "It just reminds me of the good times when we were kids, shut up" and you sweetly looked at Chenle, with whom you took your first ever carousel ride when you were five, just to look back at Renjun for the last part of the statement.

    Then Mark said:

    "We are just starting and you both really want a strike this soon?"

    And with the look you both gave him, he decided to retire his statement in no time.

    "Then it's a yellow light, I guess?" He chuckled nervously.

    "Mark... Just... Shh" and that's how Chenle ended the conversation.

    "So, we go with cars or can we just walk there? Where's this fair?" The guy you think you remember being Jeno asked.

    "If it's the same one I know, it's not too far, we can walk there" Mark said.

    "How many fairs do you think are going to be in a town at the same time Mark?" Renjun spoke up from beside you, saying exactly what you were thinking, but didn't dare to say, because Mark seemed nice and you didn't want to sound rude.

    This resulted in Mark mocking Renjun and starting to walk, alone, in the wrong direction.

    "Actually, Mark, it's this way!" You half shouted, so he could hear you. And you started walking in the exact opposite direction.

    Everybody had a good laugh, even Renjun, and a lot of worries about wether you were going to like Chenle's friends or not, left you for good.

    It didn't take long to get to the fair and when you passed the gates it was like you were a kid again. You loved this type of things, only downside being the creepy clowns, but you were ready to put up with that.

    A thing you noticed during the way there, was that everybody was trying to make you and Renjun interact as much as possible, making you walk beside one another and whatnot.

    Luckily you didn't budge, unluckily Renjun didn't either.

    The first strike was yours. And that took a toll on your pride. The one who assigned it to you was Chenle himself, because you were "being mean" by making fun of Renjun for being afraid of going on a specific ride that reminded you of rollercoasters.

    When you got it Renjun was the happiest man on this earth and for just a single moment, looking at his smile, you realized he's not too bad looking, personality aside, and stared at him almost admiringly.

    But that lasted about two seconds, because he quickly turned around and started being a bit too cocky and then he said:

    "See? I told you I'm better than you, I am so gonna win this, so simple."

    "One strike for gloating!" You heard Jasmin announce.

    "Are you fucking serious Jae?" Was a quick answer from Renjun.

    "Yes, I love the power I hold right now. And it only seemed fair to me" Jaemin said grinning.

    "Well I think that's an abuse of power" was all Renjun could say, before you added:

    "I like this guy!", pointing at Jaemin, only earning a glare from Renjun who 100% wanted to make a snarky remark but decided against it, to not give you the upper hand.

    You quickly reached the house of mirrors without realizing it. Rachel went and got tickets for everybody, without telling you, so when you realized what was going on you could only curse her out and accept your fate. Also you made her pay for that ticket cause you didn't want to go, so you were not going to pay.

    As soon as Renjun heard you protest he turned around and whispered in your ear, making sure no one could hear, so he wouldn't get a strike:

    "What? You afraid of something babe?" The whisper and the pet name sending a shiver down your spine.

    Not even a second later you saw Jeno lean near Renjun from behind him whispering in his ear:

    "Strike two babe, rules are rules" making the boy in front of you jump and almost scream for the heart attack his friend just gave him, which only made you laugh, almost forgetting what just happened and how you felt about it. You only know you didn't like it. How could he hold so much power over you, that such a small thing turn your brain into mush?

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    #ɞ — txt #ɞ — yeonjun #ɞ — soobin #ɞ — beomgyu #ɞ — taehyun #ɞ — hueningkai #txt x reader #txt imagine#txt reactions #yeonjun x reader #soobin x reader #beomgyu x reader #taehyun x reader #hueningkai x reader #kpop x reader #kpop imagine#kpop reactions
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    saw someone say they want jinx to collab with k/da and i think thatd be so funny like i cant even imagine it tho it would be a sick jinx skin 

    #text #I CANT IMAGINE IT HER MUSIC STYLE IS SO CHAOTIC and k/da is like classic kpop #i cant imagine them being able to mix it...
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  • meijiamikas
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    pairing: enhypen ni-ki/reader
    featuring: enhypen, nct, loona, aespa (ningning)
    genre: smau, comedy, highschool au, fluff, romance

    synopsis: niki is not the best at making the most resolute decisions, even more so when it comes to his own feelings. but when it comes to you, a random classmate who somehow got forced into the lovely minecraft club, will he finally get his head out of his ass and figure out his feelings?

    taglist: (send an ask to be added!) @shguacamole ​@mitsukifilms @polarwon @dinosdance @sthinqsz @alderiasamantha @navsnct @mildlystupid @vilenishis @itzxvaxella @acciomylove @yuakagi @pepperrye @bigtittietoji @meiiiwa @bear-beom


    masterlist | previous | next

    #enhypen #scaredy cat !! ☆ #enhypen niki #enhypen nishimura riki #enhypen sim jaeyun #enhypen smau#enhypen sunghoon#kpop smau #enhypen x reader #niki smau #enhypen x y/n #niki imagines#niki scenarios#niki#niki nishimura #niki x y/n #niki x reader #enhypen x female reader #enhypen x gender neutral reader #enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios#enhypen socmed#sunghoon smau#enhypen series
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    Requested: Renjun x reader

    Genre: bf floof 🛒

    The growling in your stomach was becoming more and more evident as the movie continued through the night. You tried so hard to silence or muffle it because you didn’t want to explain the fact that you forgot to get groceries before your boyfriend came over tonight. A chuckle escaped Renjun as he heard it all night and knew you were hiding it.

    “Do you want me to make you some food?” You shyly hid behind the pillow as the dreaded explanation arrived.

    “I mean you could but you won’t exactly find anything to make other than dust…” Renjun gave you a confused look before taking off into your kitchen. You called out for him but you already heard him open the cabinet doors. With an excited look on his face he quickly grabbed his and your jackets. You grabbed your’s confused now as to why he was so happy about you not having food?

    “We finally get to go grocery shopping together! That’s like the ultimate tier of relationships!” Now you giggled at his cute explanation as he dragged you out the door. Walking hand in hand you both arrived at the store, Renjun quickly grabbing his shopping cart. You went to get your own but a light snack on your hand occurred making you gasp.

    “No. We’re buying food together. Not separate. You’re dating me remember?”

    “You are so…weird in a romantic way?” He smiled before leaving a kiss on your cheek and started down the aisles. This was definitely new to you since there was someone following you and able to answer questions or give a different opinion on. As well as being introduced to new snacks and foods. You really liked it, it felt intimate.

    “I couldn’t find your chips but I did find those chocolates you like.” Your heart melted as Renjun showed you the chocolates he bought for you on your first date together. They were your favorite for a reason, obviously. In exchange you ran towards the aisle with all of the ramen bowls, on the hunt for his favorite bowls. Renjun finally caught up with you when he saw you carrying a bunch of bowls.

    “I found your favorites as well as new bowls for us to try.” Renjun felt his cheeks heat up at your sweetness, really letting this experience sink in. He felt like he learned a new level of you, really seeing how you go about day to day life even when he’s not there. He hoped this wasn’t the last grocery trip you two have together and you didn’t plan on it being the last. You smiled and laughed over something different other than a corny movie.

    Renjun tried to carry as many bags as he could to try to impress you of course. You laughed as he really did his best but eventually you had to grab a couple for him before he fell at your door step. You had one of your playlists going on in the background as you two put your items away, unintentionally making a new cabinet for him. Then you ended your night talking and eating your new ramen bowls, Renjun hand made its way for your’s. You gave his hand a quick squeeze as you gazed into his eyes knowing you could see this being an everyday thing with him.

    a/n: requested by a moonie! I love grocery store stories😭there’s just something so sweet about them. But hope it was okay and thanks for reading!💕

    #kpop#nct#nct dream#nct 2021#nct imagines#nct scenarios#nct blurbs#nct fluff #nct soft hours #nct dream imagines #nct dream scenarios #nct dream blurbs #nct dream fluff #nct dream soft hours #nct renjun#huang renjun#🦢
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    彡 ❀ ― CH. 10 | BESTIE FOR THE RESTIE

    ✧.* 𝐒𝐀𝐘 𝐘𝐎𝐔'𝐑𝐄 𝐌𝐘 𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄 .ೃ࿐ / masterlist !

    ⇚ previous | next ⇛

    synopsis ! when jake has to leave for university, his relationship with his high school sweetheart becomes rocky. he thought he would do anything to salvage their relationship, but being miles away creates more than physical distance between the two teens.

    note ! first of all, sorry for the late update ! (it’s like, 9:00 tuesday evening where i am) it was a busy day at school and i haven’t had time to update until now. once again, this chapter has just a tiny bit of jake & y/n interaction, but the main purpose of the chapter is to emphasize the friendship y/n has with haneul! it gives some insight into haneul’s life and how important y/n and haneul’s friendship is!

    also, looking back at ch. 5, i noticed an error when heeseung talked about haneul; he originally said that he didn’t think she knew him, but i ended up changing that for plot purposes. so that line of dialogue was edited!

    finally, i realized that there were a couple people who i haven’t been tagging (purely by accident) i added you to the taglist, so hopefully you’re getting notified now! WARNING: some cursing

    word count ! 2,036

    “Haneul!” I call, stopping my friend as she walks towards the school gate. “I was thinking. It’s been awhile since we had a sleepover. I know your parents are out of town right now and so are mine. So would you maybe want to spend the night over at my place? Since it’s Friday?”

    We stand under the overhang of the building as rain drizzles lazily, creating a foggy haze across the courtyard. Haneul stops and turns to me, her usually blank face lit up in a wide grin― one I haven’t seen in too long. “Sure! Did you drive your own car today or did Jake bring you?”

    “I drove myself today. I had planned to ask you anyways and Jake has soccer practice after school. We can stop by your house to get your clothes and whatever else you need!”

    She nods, smile still spread gracefully across her lips. The truth is, it’s been too long since Haneul and I hung out just the two of us. Her and I have been friends since I can remember, but with the busyness that comes with age, we haven’t hung out as much in a long time. Haneul’s parents have been gone a lot more recently too, so I know she could use the company. She doesn’t live with her parents either way, but when they’re in the country they stay with her from time to time.

    I open my umbrella, holding it over the two of us as we hurry to my car. She tosses her school bag in the backseat and clambers into the passenger seat as I get situated. I turn the heat on and she rubs her frozen fingers together in front of the air vent. “Thanks for doing this, y/n. You didn’t have to, but I’m glad you did. It’s been awhile since we had a sleepover or even just spent time together just us.”

    “Yeah. It has been awhile. I miss my best friend,” I fake pout at her and she laughs a little. She’s been so down these days, seeing her smile and laugh makes me feel a million times better.

    We pull up in front of her house and she gets out of the car, asking me to wait for her. She’s only inside for a couple minutes before she comes out with a backpack and wearing casual clothes rather than her school uniform. She tosses her backpack in the backseat as well and then reaches over to turn on the radio. We sing and dance in our seats as we drive to the convenience store to buy snacks and drinks for our sleepover, laughing and smiling the entire time.

    When we finally make it back to my house, hands full with grocery bags containing instant noodles, chips, candy, various treats and sweet drinks, Haneul’s bright smile is pretty much permanent on her face. We leave the snacks on the kitchen counter and she drops her bag off in my room. I change into my house clothes and sit down next to her on the couch. She’s scrolling away on her phone as I turn on the TV.

    “What are you looking at?”

    “Nothing,” she mumbles, face turning red as she quickly turns off her phone and places it face down on the coffee table.

    I look at her, pausing in my search for a show or movie to watch. This is all too familiar to me. Neul only acts this way when she likes someone. “Who’s the boy?”

    “Nobody!” she pouts and crosses her arms, face reddening even deeper, “It’s no one.”

    “Neul, I know you better than anyone, so don’t lie to me. I promise I won’t tell anyone.”

    She plays with her fingers, avoiding my eyes. She wrestles with the idea of telling me. I know she trusts me not to tell anyone, but she’s always struggled admitting her feelings for someone. Finally, she sighs and quits fidgeting, though she continues to avoid my gaze. “Well. I may or may not have a thing for… Heeseung…”

    “Lee Heeseung?” I ask, feeling my throat dry and my chest constrict. Lee Heeseung as in Jake’s best friend? As in the same Heeseung that Jiyeon has a crush on?

    “… yeah…”

    “How long have you liked him?”

    “Since I was a first year actually. I had a huge crush on him then, but I never talked to him. Then when I was a second year, I joined the varsity volleyball team and he did soccer with Jake so we saw each other at the sports rallies all the time.” Haneul sighs and leans back on the couch, looking up at the ceiling. She looks conflicted. “And then Jake introduced us and we started talking. And then we had the same math class cause I did advanced math and he always asked for help, so we started getting closer then. We’re pretty good friends now, but the more we talk or hang out the more I like him. I don’t know what to do, y/n and it’s eating me up inside. I don’t want to ruin our friendship, but I don’t know if I can just keep my feelings to myself forever.”

    I don’t say anything for awhile, thinking over her words carefully. Jiyeon’s crush seems to be a new revelation, but Haneul’s is something that has developed over the course of a few years. But they’re both my friends and I don’t want either of them hurt. At this point, the best thing I can do is stay out of it and let them figure out their feelings and where to go from here on their own.

    “So, do you still talk to Heeseung pretty regularly, then?” I ask slowly, looking at her intently.

    She nods, a small smile tugging at her lips again, “Yeah, we text a lot and we talk on the phone a couple times a week usually. It’s been awhile since we hung out together since he’s going to a university a couple hours away, but… he still tries really hard to keep in touch. I really like him, y/n.”

    These past few years I’ve just thought that Haneul wasn’t interested in boys, focusing more on her schoolwork than anything else. Thinking back to it, there were hints and signs that she liked Heeseung. She’s known Heeseung longer than I have and ever since I’ve known him they’ve been sort of attached at the hip. They both always used the excuse that they were just really close friends, but after seeing the way they look at each other, I think I’m starting to doubt that.

    “I’ll always support you, Neul!” I coo, wrapping my arms around her in a warm hug. “I hope things work out for you. I think you should confess. If you’ve liked him this long, you shouldn’t just keep it to yourself. Heeseung is a good guy. He would never let it ruin your friendship if he doesn’t end up feeling the same. But there’s still the chance that he might, and I think you should take that risk.”

    Haneul smiles wider at me and opens her mouth to say something but is interrupted by the sound of both of our phones going off.

    There’s a text message from Jiyeon in the group chat and when I read it, my heart drops into my stomach.

    I look over at Haneul and her smile has faded, her jaw set in a hard line instead. My heart aches for her. Haneul is the kind of friend who steps back if she finds out you have a crush on the same boy as her, without even telling you that’s what’s going on. I can’t let her step back this time. It’s time she does something for herself, not just for others.

    “Neul…” I place my hand on her arm gently, making her look me in the eye, “don’t back out. Your always do that. You think that by stepping away and allowing the other person to have room to work you are being a good friend. But you don’t take the time to consider what’s best for you and you end up hurt. Just this once, take matters into your own hands. Don’t back away. Let Heeseung decide if he likes either of you and who he likes on his own.”

    She doesn’t say anything, just sighs and hangs her head, brushing my hand away. She fidgets with her phone and chews on her bottom lip in deep, anxious thought. Then she looks down at her phone screen, which lights up with a text message. The anxiety that’s clear on her face fades away and a small smile appears. She nods her head and looks at me again. “Okay. I will.”

    “Good. Now, who just texted you? I need to personally thank them for making my best friend smile again,” I tease, playfully reaching for her phone.

    She laughs and holds it out of my reach, shaking her head, “It was Heeseung. He asked if I would want to hang out tomorrow.”

    “Haneul!” I push her over on the couch, screaming excitedly, “Say yes! I’m going on a date with Jake tomorrow anyways! It’s perfect timing for you!”

    “Do you think I should?” she asks, hiding her blushing face in her hands. “I don’t want Jiyeon to end up hurt, you know?”

    I sit up, exasperated. “Neul, you always get like this. I admire your care for your friends, but it’s high time you care about yourself first instead. Do what you want to, not what you think other people would want you to do.”

    “Okay. Okay I’ll tell him yes. And besides, it’s just two friends hanging out. It’s not like he’s actually asked me on a date or anything.” Haneul nods her head and picks up her phone to text Heeseung back, smiling all the while.

    “Okay I texted him back,” Haneul squeaks, tossing her phone face down onto the couch and hiding her face in her hands.

    I laugh, shaking my head at her antics and picking up her phone for her. We talk a little longer about random things, finally choosing a movie and plowing through the snacks like wild animals who haven’t eaten in weeks. Haneul doesn’t look at her phone while we talk, choosing to distract herself rather than obsessively check her text messages every two seconds.

    After awhile she checks her phone and grins widely at the text she must have received. I pull out my own phone to text Jake and confirm our plans for tomorrow while she’s distracted on her phone.

    “What time is your date with Jake tomorrow?” Haneul asks suddenly, looking up at me.

    I glance over at her as well, “He’s picking me up at 1:30, why?”

    “I asked Heeseung to pick me up from here at 2:00. You don’t mind me being here by myself for a couple hours?”

    “No that’s fine. You’ve pretty much grown up in this house just like me, so I trust you. You’re always welcome here, too. It’s as much your house as it is mine.”

    She smiles at me softly. Haneul doesn’t always say it, but I know that’s she is grateful to be welcomed in my home. Having parents who are rarely around, she is used to being alone and feeling lonely. It pushes her to isolate herself even further out of fear of burdening others with her problems. To those who don’t know Haneul personally, she can seem cold hearted and closed off. The truth is, she has one of the warmest hearts and is the kindest person I’ve ever met.

    “Thank you y/n.”

    “Of course, Neul.” I pull her into a half hug, starting the next movie in our marathon. “You can always count on me. You’re my bestie for the restie after all!”

    She giggles and curls further into my side. It’s been too long since I spent time with her like this. It’s now a memory I will always cherish. Although Haneul will be leaving for college next fall, she will always be my best friend. And for that, I will always be grateful.

    【taglist】 | [current status: open ! join the ‘say you’re my love’ taglist at this link !]

    @abdiitcryy @heelariously @mymeloem19 @luv3iza @sthinqsz @tomorrowbymoa-together @nikkitc0703 @ja4hyvn @studioreader @sprngfeverr @neovrse @enhacolor @aleinasstuff @luvrseung @loveleejn


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  • parkjiminiemouse
    01.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Business & Personal Affairs

    “Seonghwa? Did you get all of that?” You ask, glancing up at him over your glasses. His eyes were unfocused until you snapped your fingers in front of his face which causes him to jump.

    “Y-Yes? What do you need?” He asks while trying to gain his composure a soft pink blush covering his cheeks. He really had to stop being so distracted by your beauty. Pursing your lips, you stop an amused smile from making it’s way to your face.

    “Mr. Park, if you cannot pay attention I’m not sure you can be my personal assistant…” you meant to come off as teasing but by the look on Seonghwa’s face, he thought you were serious. Perhaps your humor really wasn’t the best. “I-I’m sorry! I’ll do better!” He exclaims in a panicked voice as he looks around frantically for work to take off of your plate. A small giggle escapes your lips, pulling on his tie you force him to bend over your desk. “Don’t panic Park.” You say softly, lips brushing against his before you let him go.

    It didn’t take a genius to conclude that Seonghwa had an crush on you and you favored him as well. Every time he left your office he would be sporting a blush along his cheeks, clutching the papers you gave him like a love struck schoolboy who had just received his crushes number.

    “What happened this time?” Hongjoong asks as Wooyoung sports a playful smirk on his face. The question surprised Seonghwa…well maybe not the question but the one who asked it. Usually, Wooyoung would be the one pestering him for details but it seems that Hongjoong had taken an interest as well. Perhaps he should ask you to add more work to Hongjoong’s load to stop him from becoming bored so quickly. Opening his mouth to speak, he’s quickly cut off by his phone ringing.

    Answering the phone your melodic and sweet voice rings through his ears. “Seonghwa darling, could you come up to my office after your lunch break? I require your assistance.” There it was, the blush that appeared on his face after he had talked to you. This time it really made Wooyoung curious.

    “Oh come on! Tell us what she said!” He exclaims as Soojin, their other coworker takes a seat beside Seonghwa. Unbeknownst to them, Soojin had a small crush on Seonghwa but she wasn’t oblivious. She in fact, was the first to notice and while bummed, she supported whatever was going on.

    “Nothing.” Seonghwa says curtly, standing up to throw away his lunch. The three pairs of eyes followed him as he did so. “Hey where are you going?” Hongjoong asks with a raised eyebrow only for Seonghwa to respond with, “To see Y/N.” The short statement made Soojin choke on her drink. First name basis already huh…

    “Come in.” You spoke not even glancing up from your paperwork. You had been slightly distracted since Seonghwa had left your presence earlier that day. “Take a seat please.” You say motioning him to sit down on one of the two chairs in front of your desk.

    Taking a seat, Seonghwa looks at you curiously and expectantly but you just glance at him for a moment and go back to work. Just his mere presence was all you needed from him. If you didn’t have him around or stared at him too long you wouldn’t get work done. A part of you had always wondered why he didn’t go on to become a model of some sort. The amount of beauty he held was captivating.

    Seonghwa cleared his throat, shifting in his seat a little. It was only then when you realized you had been staring. Averting your gaze, you looked back down at your papers as silence fills the room.

    “May I ask what you needed my assistance for?” You looked back up at him, standing, you walked to the front of your desk and sat down on it. “Come closer Park.” You say, grabbing onto his tie and pulling him close to you. He stumbled up onto his feet, looking down at you with a surprised look on his face. A small smile appears on your face as you run your fingers through his soft hair.

    The action makes him stumble back and slowly you felt your fingertips leave the softness of his hair. This is what he wanted right? These moments are what he wanted with you…so why is he acting like this now? Maybe you were getting mixed signals. Seonghwa looks back at you, shock was evident on your face as you placed your hand on the desk, using it to stand up. “Nothing, I no longer require your assistance.” Your tone was cold. It was similar to when he first started to work for you. Before you two had spent late nights in the office together both working and talking.

    For once, Seonghwa left your office without a blush and without clutching the papers you handed him close to his chest.

    “Mr. Park, you can’t keep avoiding me forever.” You spoke as you follow him around the office. Perhaps your reaction to his rejection had been unfair to him. He continues to walk towards the printer, seemingly ignoring you as he does so. His coworkers look at him as if he’s grown a second head and look at you as if you’ve lost your mind. Never had they seen you chasing after someone and never had they seen Seonghwa purposely ignore your presence.

    Stopping at the printer, he prints out the paperwork you needed. “M-“ before you could say more, he hands you the papers. Avoiding eye contact with you he attempts to leave the printing room only for you to glance around the room. Seeing as it was empty besides you two being in there, you closed the door and stood in front of it.

    “I’d like to apologize.” You spoke, your tone way softer than he’d ever heard it before. “I’m sorry for my unprofessional actions earlier in the week.” The apology only serves to hurt his feelings more.

    “What was unprofessional about what you did?” His question hits you a little harder than you expected it to. You knew if you said the wrong thing, it would truly be over for you two. “For acting out when you rejected my advance. You did nothing wrong and I should already know you respect other’s decisions and feelings. I guess…I didn’t expect you to reject me because of our dynamic lately. I’m sorry for misinterpreting your feelings about us.”

    “Us?” The question almost brings a smile to your face, almost. “Yes, us.” The simple confirmation was all he needed. “I accept your apology.”

    “Oh come on! Tell us tell us!” Wooyoung asks with a loud whine which only alerts everyone in the area. Seonghwa only rolls his eyes in response, a bright smile on his face. As on cue, you start to pass by both of them. Greeting Wooyoung, you send a wink in Seonghwa’s direction before saying “if you don’t mind, I’ll be stealing him from you. I require his assistance.” Reluctantly, Wooyoung let’s go of Seonghwa.

    Sitting on the desk, his hands were firmly placed on your waist as you ran your fingers through his soft locks. Swollen lips pressed together as your free hand played with the tie wrapped loosely around his neck. Perhaps mixing personal and business affairs together wasn’t so bad after all.

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  • solseye
    01.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    BURNOUT SYNDROME is a social media alternate universe that is part of the ❛ LOVE IN OUR VIEW ❜ collection

    synopsis. after receiving a unusually odd request for your matchmaking business, curiosity finally helps draw you out of your shell and into the arms of popular ice hockey player jeon wonwoo. maybe cupid isn't so powerful after all, maybe it's cupid's arrow instead.
    genre. college!au, matchmaking!au, fluff, slight angst?, crack if we have the same humour, mutual pinning, s2l!au
    warnings. swearing, capslock, tbd
    schedule. TUES, THURS, SAT, SUN
    ★ start. 4/12/21 ★ end.
    status. almost starting!

    00 - - - - - profiles 1 :: profiles 2 :: profiles 3

    00.5 : [prologue] USE CODE JUN15

    01 : glucose therapy club

    02 : kimpossible much? (written)

    ©solseye, to be updated!

    #jeon wonwoo x reader #wonwoo smau #seventeen x reader #seventeen fanfic#seventeen smau #wonwoo x reader #wonwoo imagines#kpop smau#wonwoo#seventeen imagines#seventeen#seventeen fluff#wonwoo fluff#kpop fluff #love in our view `` the collection
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  • leviackermanscleaningbuddy
    01.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Jungkook: *gets injured*

    Taehyung: Want me to kiss it better?

    Jungkook *on the verge of a gay panic*: Wha-what?

    Taehyung *now a little flustered*: Well, I used to do it for my little siblings all the time so....

    Jungkook: I see.

    Jungkook: Yoongi-hyung, I need you to punch me in the face.

    #bts#bangtan#bangtan boys #beyond the scene #bangtan seonyandan #bulletproof boy scouts #bts incorrect quotes #bts incorrect quote #incorrect bts quotes #incorrect bts quote #kpop incorrect quotes #incorrect kpop quotes #bts text #bts text post #bts imagines#bts reactions#taekook#vkook#kim seokjin#min yoongi#jung hoseok#kim namjoon#park jimin#kim taehyung#jeon jungkook
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  • taeshobipop
    01.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    “If a dude asks you to hang out, it’s almost 99% guaranteed that he’s into you.”

    Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
    Genre: drabble, college!au, best friends!au, angst
    Prompt: “If a dude asks you to hang out, it’s almost 99% guaranteed that he’s into you.”
    Rating: R
    Warnings: pinning, frat party flashback (oc is drunk), sad jk 😢, (alleged) unrequited love, grinding!, the ending is the ending but it’s not really the ending?? there could be more if i want, but idrk if i want ;) 
    Word Count: 1.4k

    a/n ✑ jk and college au’s, i need to stop. also this said boy has been making me go feral?! ptd concert with his popping buttons, mMmm 🤤🤤

    ​​“If a dude asks you to hang out, it’s almost 99% guaranteed that he’s into you.”

    You frown, brows drawn in as you pick at the loose threads on Jungkook’s loveseat couch. “But you ask to hang out with me all the time.” 

    Exactly. He asks you to hang out all the time. So what does that mean? What had he just told you? Think! Take the hint! He’s been pining for you like an idiot — no, like a coward — for as long as he can remember. 

    “Ah,” you nod slowly, realization dawning across your features. Jungkook’s eyes widen in anticipation from where he’s sprawled along the other end of the couch, his arm draped over the back, fingers teasing near your shoulder. “But it’s different for us, isn’t it?” The fuck? “Because, ya know, we’ve basically been friends since in the womb,” you shrug, and Jungkook wants to strangle some sense into you and that thick skull of yours. 

    “So what I’m hearing is,” you continue, adorable lips pressed in an adorably straight line, the crime documentary playing on the television long forgotten, “Jimin likes me because he asked to hang out?”

    “I guess,” Jungkook spits bitterly. Fuck. Jimin likes you. Which honestly doesn’t come as a surprise after the man had taken the courtesy to dote for Jungkook’s permission to ask you out.

    “I’m not her dad,” Jungkook had scoffed, irritation leaking in his tone, “you can do whatever you want and Y/n can do whatever the fuck she wants.”

    But now he wishes he would’ve just told him, “no, you can’t ask her out because she’s already taken by someone. Me. I’m that someone.” Because now Jimin had gone and fucked up his chances by actually asking you out, and guessing from the elevated look on your face, much to his dismay, tells him that you’re excited about this. 

    “Oh my Goodness!” You squeal, bouncing up from the couch. His arm that had found purchase across your shoulder some time in between flings to the side. Jungkook scowls. “Someone’s asked me out on a date! And it’s Jimin — the walking God on Earth himself.”

    You twirl on your heel to find Jungkook’s gaze, only to be met with an unimpressed glare. “We go on dates all the time,” he deadpans, rising to your level. 

    He’s a fair bit taller than you, so the height that he looks down with would normally be threatening to the average human. Yet this was Jungkook, your automatic friend since birth (as your mothers had also been best friends), who could be enchantingly sweet when happy, and extremely fussy when put in a sour mood. You knew him down to a T.

    “We don’t go on ‘dates’,” you roll your eyes, pushing him back onto the couch so you could throw yourself into his lap; your head lays on his chest and arms wrap around his thin waist. In spite of his irrational annoyance, Jungkook’s hands find their way to their usual state of brushing through your hair. “We just eat together sometimes, at a restaurant, and you always pay.”

    “Is that not the textbook definition of a date?”

    You groan, muffling the sound against his chest. “I said it’s different. Why are you trying to prove me wrong?” Tilting your head, you look up at him, big brown eyes staring back. You take his silence as an open invitation to continue. “Me going out to eat with you is different because Jimin is not you.”

    His face screws up, brows creased in a way that tells you he’s getting agitated. “What does that mean?” Jungkook presses, the tugs on your hair getting harder by the second. 

    “Ow!” You glower, eyes narrowing into slits. Jungkook doesn’t even apologize, he’s inspecting you, scrutinizing, and you realize that you’ve got him in a sour mood. You don’t know how, but you have. “It means that Jimin isn’t my best friend like you.”

    Best friend. Jungkook hates the label. Absolutely despises it. He wishes your mothers were never friends at all, that way he’d have a starting chance of being anything other than your automatic ‘best friend.’ That way, you’d maybe see him as something more. In a different light. In a different context. Anything really other than best friend.

    He wonders what you think about the times he had stayed up with you into the ungodly hours of the night, keeping you company as you tried, and succeeded, to finish writing some final essay. Or when he had run to the convenience store amid a rainstorm, just to buy you tampons and a tub of ice cream. He came back soaking wet, changed into some spare clothes he has kept in a drawer in your dorm, and snuggled you close for the rest of night.  

    Have you ever noticed how he looks at you? At parities? Across the dance floor, hips swaying with your group of friends, alluring gaze scanning the room, glossy lips inviting him in, and Jungkook’s sure he’s never seen anyone more captivating. 

    He walked over to you that night, newfound confidence simmering in his system as he promised himself that this was the night. This was the night he’d confess to you, pour out all his feelings and lay all his cards flat on the table. He’d put the ball in your court, hoping that this was the right choice. 

    In the corner of your eye, you had seen Jungkook near; tight black ripped jeans and black dress shirt unbuttoned a few buttons too much. He gasped when you pulled him in, bodies pressed flush against one another. And at first, he didn’t move, hands planted firmly around your hips. Until you pushed your body forward, core brushing against his crotch and he moaned, throwing his head back as his grip tightened on you.

    He began to rock forward, following the rhythm of the dulled song. Your eyes fluttered shut when he had thrust into a certain spot, coaxing a low moan from your pretty lips. He’d lost himself in you and the way you were grinding on him. Slow, wanton, needy. Your mouth leaving wet kisses along his neck. Whispering silent supplications of more, want you, need you in me. Jungkook's cock had never hardened that fast in his life.

    This wasn’t how best friends acted, right? What did this mean for you two? 

    Your movements had become sloppier, Jungkook hastily pushing you against the back wall, lust-driven gaze, when suddenly a hand had yanked you away. Gone in the speed of light. 

    He snapped his head up, anger written all over his factions until he saw that it was one of your friends. Eyes blown wide with pure concern as she examined your figure, pinging back to Jungkook who’s expression morphed into something dumbfounded by the look on your friend’s face.

    Then he realized, you were drunk. So utterly drunk that you hadn’t even acknowledged it was him who you were about to cross a line with.

    Jungkook had begged, he begged and begged for your friend not to tell you — to keep this a secret from you because he was certain that you wouldn’t remember any of this the next morning. Your friend had agreed reluctantly, saying it was only for your sake. Jungkook didn’t know what she meant, but he was grateful nonetheless.

    He was right as well. You had absolutely no recollection about the previous night, and Jungkook wasn’t sure if he should’ve celebrated or mourned this fact.

    Was he not good enough for you? What did Jimin have that Jungkook didn’t. Jimin doesn't know you like he does, he will never know you like Jungkook does. Not in the same way, at least.

    Perhaps that was just the problem.

    “Best friend,” Jungkook parrots after a beat, “nothing else?” In the background, the credits of the documentary roll.

    “Huh?” You respond, reeling back on his words, “what…do you mean?”

    He glances up, and the confounded look tittering at your face has him feeling stupid for even asking.

    “Ugh, whatever,” Jungkook groans, flopping face-first into the pillow of his couch like a petulant child, hope dwindling into near nothing, “have fun on your date.”

    Your mind blanks. Jungkook misses the frown that gradually chalks on you. He doesn’t know the way your heart beats at an irregular pace, an uncomfortable feeling sitting heavy on your chest. You want to reach out to him again, play with his fingers and squish his cheeks like you always do; console him for whatever plagues his mind. Something is different. 



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