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  • riki-niki
    17.06.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    hi everyone!!

    i am now opening my ask box for ships! groups that i do: enhypen, txt, twice, stray kids and itzy!

    please remember that this is merely a work of fiction and is done for fun.

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  • blu-joons
    17.06.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    You Have Attention Deficit Hyperactivty Disorder (ADHD) ~ Blackpink Reaction


    Her face told you everything as you asked Jisoo to read through the paper you had to submit in a couple of days for any mistakes. You knew there were going to be a few, but by the number of notes she made, you knew there were many.

    As a sigh came from you, her eyes looked across to you, filled with concern. “Go on, why don’t you tell me just how many mistakes you’ve found in it, I bet there’s loads.”

    Her smile slowly turned up, placing the paper down on your desk, relaxing her hand against your leg to try and reassure you as best as she could.

    “I bet it’s not as bad as you thought,” she tried to comfort, “I reckon we can easily go through all of these tonight and get this paper looking perfect. Don’t be so hard on yourself, for a few mistakes.”

    “Are you really going to tell me you didn’t find that many?” You asked, surprised when her head nodded back at you, “you’re not just saying that because you feel bad, are you?”

    “Not at all, sometimes you underestimate yourself, you did good, I’m proud.”


    Your brows furrowed when you saw Jennie’s name appear on your phone, glancing up at the clock, you knew she was supposed to be at the studio until the evening, working on the new comeback for the group.

    As you picked up, you were greeted by a gentle sigh. “Where are you?” She questioned, “I thought we agreed on an early dinner today? I’ve been waiting for ages.”

    Your hands scampered to your calendar, flicking through the dates until you fell on today, noticing it noted down in black and white, lunch.

    “I’m so sorry,” you huffed, running a hand over your face, “I didn’t realise it was today, I got confused with dates. Can you wait fifteen minutes? I can get over there straight away.”

    “Don’t worry, I’ve already ordered off their takeout menu, I’ve got a car waiting to get to your office,” she responded, “I know it’s confusing, don’t worry about it, we can still enjoy dinner.”

    “I’ll get everything ready for when you arrive and make it up to you too.”


    It didn’t take long until Rose was drawn to the sound of your hand tapping against the table whilst the two of you waited for your meal. As much as she tried to ignore it, eventually she reached across, placing her hand over yours.

    A quick apology came from you, only for Rose to shake her head back at you. “Don’t apologise, I just wanted to make sure that you were alright with all the waiting.”

    Your head nodded, although as you sat, watching others be served, losing your concentration, you could barely keep yourself sitting still.

    “We’ll get our food soon,” she spoke up once again, quickly figuring out what the problem was for you, “I know it’s frustrating seeing others getting food, especially those who ordered after us.”

    “I’m just getting so impatient,” you frowned, trying desperately to stop your hand from tapping whilst Rose held onto it. “I can’t wait much longer, it’s so annoying watching everything else.”

    “Just try and relax a little bit, I’m sure it won’t be too much longer for us now.”


    The quiet of the arena as Lisa showed you around felt like a complete three sixty from what you’d experienced the night before. Your body wasn’t quite sure to react as you listened to every echo and reverb of the smallest of noises.

    Lisa could quickly tell how uncomfortable it made you to be in such a quiet, yet big, atmosphere. “Let’s talk,” she suggested, knowing it would help you relax.

    With anything that came to mind, the two of you soon began talking, feeling yourself calm down, and the feeling of anxiety quickly disappear too.

    “I was thinking about trying a restaurant down the road for dinner,” Lisa suggested when you fell quiet once again, instantly knowing what she needed to do. “How does that sound to you?”

    “Good,” you mumbled, allowing your eyes to study the arena properly, “I still can’t believe that you sold this place out last night, and now it just looks so tranquil, like nothing happened.”

    “It’s nice when it’s quiet, time to reflect, a big difference to last night too.”



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  • lilhana3
    17.06.2021 - 39 minutes ago
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  • hoseoks-hipthrust-blog
    17.06.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    A/N,,, this is my first one shot lmao. writing this because i cannot, for the life of me, find so real good fluff... hmu with the fluff bby's

    You sat on the couch of your boyfriend's studio. It wasn't an odd occurrence for you to be seen there. Playing on your phone or typing on your laptop. When your boyfriend had to work, often staying in the studio until ungodly hours of the night, he didn't always have time to properly spend time with you. However, you were fine with the peaceful days that you spent sitting on the couch. Sure, it wasn't the normal dates nor time spent together. But you just wanted to be near him. To hear him mumble under his breath. To see him scrunch his eyebrows slightly and pout when something doesn't go as planned. You just wanted to be near him.

    You had planned that night to stay up with him and help. But after having dinner, your eyes were already closing.

    "What do you think of this?" Yoongi asks.

    You looked at him through sleep hooded, rubbing a hand down your face to wake yourself up. You stand and go over to where he sat in his desk chair. Placing a hand on his shoulder as you leaned over him to look at the screen. A series of lyrics were upon it, but your fuzzy mind couldn't make anything of them.

    Yoongi laughs at your state. He rolls his chair back and grabs you waist, pulling you onto his lap. You comply with his movements, sitting on his lap and placing your head in the crook of his neck. You make a noise of contentment and snake your arms around his torso. The smell of lavender and cologne lulling you to sleep. The song lyrics forgotten as sleep veils your senses.

    Yoongi kisses the crown of your head. "Always so sleepy." He mumbles to himself, seeing as your already asleep.

    As soon as the door to his beloved studio clicked open, Yoongi was ready to scold whoever came through the door. He swivelled his chair slightly so he can look at the intruder. Or Intruders he should say.

    Yoongi gave Jungkook his password for important situations, but the Maknae never quite seemed to remember that.

    Jimin and Jungkook walk in. Opening their mouths to greet their hyung. But closing them when they see the glare Yoongi possesses. Their eyes shift to your sleeping form on his lap and they understand the glare.

    Jungkook puts his hands up in mock surrender. Jimin covers his mouth to stop the onslaught of giggles trying to escape him.

    "Who knew the cold Agust D had such a warm heart." Jungkook whispered with a slight laugh.

    Yoongi opened his mouth to respond, but you shifted in your sleep, subconsciously wrapping yourself tighter around him. His eyes softened as he looked at you.

    The boys, still standing in the door way, snicker slightly. They bow before leaving. Probably to tell the members what they just saw.

    However, Yoongi couldn't bring himself to care. He looks at your face, in a state of blissful sleep, and realizes how much he loves you. He'd go through any time of teasing at the hands of his band members if it meant moments like these occurred.

    He kisses the crown of your head once more before rolling back to his desk. A smile on his face as he gets back to work.

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  • b0m1n
    17.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    the window.

    nishimura riki x reader
    fantasy¿ & fluff
    !not proofread!

    so yeah, this is just smn i wrote because of this prompt i got off reedsy, i might write a part two because i left it on a cliffhanger so watch out for that, im not forsure but if you wanna be tagged in it if i do write more, just lmk (send an ask, reply to this or msg me)

    it was a nice night and you thought it would be the perfect chance to stargaze on your roof. although youve never been up there, you were confident i would be the best place to sit for the night. so you gathered the courage to finally crawl through the window. the window slowley swung open and you put a foot through it, holding onto the windowsill, you put the other foot through and slide down with your eyes closed. you opened your eyes just to be sitting on the roof of a large building.

    "this doesn't look like korea..." you mumbled under your breath "let alone my house"

    "uh hello?" you whipped around just to see a tall boy awkwardly standing there.

    "so, how did you get here?"

    after explaining the whole situation to him, he told you his story. it was eerily similar to yours. by the time you two finished talking, the sun was rising so, it was time to go back home. you both left with a final goodbye and slid back into your representative windows. the whole day at school, you couldn't get him off your mind.

    "y/n?" your best friend, sunoo questioned. "mmhm"

    "okay, you're acting weird today. tell me what's up"

    "if i told you, you wouldnt believe me." you stated "come over to my house after school"

    after school

    "okay, care to explain." sunoo said as he tapped his foot on your bedroom floor expectingly

    "just follow me" you led him out the window and bam, there you two were, on the roof of that tall building.

    "what the fuck..."

    also dont mind this being legit doggy poo, my writers block has been acting up and im not good at writing coherent fics anymore:(

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  • yeonfile
    17.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i had a problem with my inbox but i fixed it now and it now lets you submit things anonymously!! :)

    send me your ideas!

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  • leviackermanscleaningbuddy
    17.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Namjoon: What part of your morning takes the longest?

    Jin: My hair.

    Jungkook: Eating breakfast.

    Yoongi: Finding my will to live.


    Hobi: Are you okay?

    Yoongi *taking a sip of his black coffee with 15 sugars in it*: Never.

    #bts#bangtan#bangtan seonyandan#bangtan boys#bulletproof boyscouts #beyond the scene #bts incorrect quotes #bts incorrect quote #incorrect bts quotes #incorrect bts quote #kpop incorrect quotes #incorrect kpop quotes #bts text #bts text post #bts imagines#bts reactions#bts scenarios#kim seokjin#min yoongi#jung hoseok#kim namjoon#park jimin#kim taehyung#jeon jungkook
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  • iconicakes
    17.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    𝗕𝗮𝗱 𝗜𝗻𝗳𝗹𝘂𝗲𝗻𝗰𝗲 // 𝗕𝗮𝗻𝗴 𝗬𝗲𝗱𝗮𝗺


    |Part 1|

    Genre: Angst, fluff, hurt, badboy

    ⚠: Toxic people, drugs, alcohol, smoking etc.


    Sato Marina's POV:

    ✎... I saw him standing there in his regular spot, and lighted his cigarette. I have no idea who he is, everything I know is he is always standing here and smoking. I have seen him standing here for the last two months when I have walked home from school.

    Even if smoking is really bad and disgusting, he looks really cool when he smokes. When he exhale the smoke flying out from his mouth and into the air.

    He is very handsome. He has brown messy hair that reaches to his small and split eyes. He has thin, pink lips and soft cheeks. He also wears two very small earrings. He is taller than me and quite fit. He is thin and wears a black sweater and black ripped jeans. A black mask hangs under his jaw. Apparently, he really likes black.

    "Are you looking at me?" He suddenly said when he noticed me staring at him. Gosh Marina, why are you so good embarrassing yourself.

    "Do you want to try?" He asked and reached out his lighted cigarette. "No it's okay." I answered nervously.

    "Are you sure? You're missing a great experience." He said and took a blow on his cigarette. "And the good experience is what? Looking cool while destroying my lugs?" I replied feeling proud about what I just said.

    "I like your attitude. What's your name?" the bay asked and walked towards me. "Sato Marina." I answered. "Japanese, I see..." He looked at me from the bottom to the top. "Bang Yedam." He said and reached out his hand, I accepted.

    "It's been quite long since I talked with someone near my age." Yedam said while on his face was formed a small smile. "Are you only talking to older gangsters or what?" I replied sarcastic.

    "Kinda yes, there are not so many kids in our age who are like me.", "Who are smoking?" I replied fast and Yedam nodded as a response.

    "Then why do you smoke if you don't have any friends who you can smoke with. Isn't it boring to smoke by yourself?" I asked him whole I was looking around waiting for his response.

    "I didn't said I have no friends, just I don't have any friends near our age." He said looking at me.

    "How old are you?" I asked him. "18, you?" He asked me. "I'm 17." I told him and he looked down without telling me anything. "But still, isn't it boring to stand here all alone?" I turned my head facing him trying to break the ice.

    "Sometimes it's better to enjoy time by yourself, standing here, and listening to the birds." Yedam said while looking at the huge trees just a few meters next to us.

    "So, you bad guy, are you telling me that you enjoy listening to the birds?" I said as I laughed sarcastically.

    "Why not, everyone can do it... even the bad guys."


    Hope you enjoyed guys. Just wait a little bit for the part two! <33

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  • i2cheese
    17.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    聞こえる𝐇𝐈𝐆𝐇 𝐒𝐂𝐇𝐎𝐎𝐋!!! 🏰 + 🛠️ ‹3 𝙻𝙸𝙺𝙴 𝙾𝚁 𝚁𝙴𝙱𝙻𝙾𝙶. 𝐏𝐒𝐃:@sunshinepsds



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  • hcartbrcak
    17.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    out of all things to have trouble with during writing why is it picking which idol to write about oh my god

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  • julyarchives
    17.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Coming Home || (M)

    → A/n: Hui x Female Reader

    → Genre: Smut

    → Words:  1.9K

    → A/n: We are so sorry for the delay, but finally we were able to finish this story, and we hope we did a good job! We absolutely loved writing this! Thank you so much again for the sweetest anon who sent us this request, we are still very honored with all this support <3 We hope you like it!

    You bounced on your heels, barefoot against the floor of your home, nervously fidgeting with your nails. You've been anxious all week for today and now that it's happening, you felt like squeaking in happiness. It's been weeks of you feeling down and everything feeling boring but now that was about to change even if for a little while.

    The door swung open and you took a few seconds to catch a breath before you threw yourself forward.

    "Hui, you're back!", you shouted, arms going on his neck and your body colliding with him with your full force.

    He laughed as he stumbled backward, arms expertly holding you by your torso. You both spun even if he didn't lift you, giggles filling the room. You didn't waste any time before leaving a quick peck on his lips and pulling back to look at him.

    "You look happy. And healthy. Damn, I was so worried about you eating well at that place. Did they treat you right? Were they too harsh?", you babbled at him, all the while staring at his stunning smile.

    "Calm down, baby", he laughed and you couldn't help but think it was a perfect laugh.

    "I missed your laugh", you pouted lightly and he cooed.

    "I missed you so much too. I've been doing fine but what about you? Are you treating yourself nicely these days?".

    "Yeah but I felt lonely", Hui opened his mouth to answer but you were quicker, "don't worry, all my friends kept me company. It's just not the same without you".

    "I understand. It was hell without you", he nudged his nose against yours, "now, can I at least close the front door?", he giggled and you followed, nodding before letting go of him.

    Hui went showering and you were in charge of food. Quickly ordering some takeout by app, you set the table with candles and a few decorated balloons you made when you felt extremely bored one day and waited for him to settle.

    When Hui showed up again, his bright smile said everything. While he looked around the kitchen at the decor you made, you looked at him. He seemed healthy, more fit, and not so scrawny, he was also tanned and somehow more relaxed. You knew his military training must have been harsh because of the first mandatory training but he somehow looked happy. Thankfully him being on public services meant he only did mandatory first training and then only had bureaucratic work.

    "You're staring, baby", Hui got your attention back to reality and you looked into his eyes feeling embarrassed for being caught.

    "Was just checking if you came back in one piece, love".

    "You know it's just training and that we're not actually at war, right?", he circled the table and stood in front of you, hugging you enough to still look at your face.

    "Thankfully it's just training", you kissed his cheek and he blushed, giggling before kissing your back. "You seem more relaxed, I'm happy about that".

    "Yeah, surprisingly I got more rest there than out here. But I got to write a lot of new songs, so I'm anxious to get back with more time".

    As you went to answer, you heard the delivery and quickly went to get the food as Hui automatically went to get the drinks and pour it for the both of you. When you came back you two ate less than you spoke, him telling you all about his days in the military and you filling him in on what he missed from your daily routine.

    It took you a couple of hours to finish dinner and you were so glad. You didn't let Hui do anything, always getting things for him, taking his plate, and getting more drinks. He was somewhat confused by that but you didn't have the heart to explain how much you missed him and that you wanted to make him feel more comfortable than ever.

    After finishing dinner, you went to lay down on your shared bed and it ended up as always, with him laying belly up and you laying on his chest, listening to his heartbeat while your legs entangled together. Hui was idly playing with your hair and your thumb caressed his chest as he hummed one of his numerous songs. You smiled to yourself, enjoying the feeling of him against you once more.

    "I couldn't wait to come back to you", you smiled wider at his voice.

    "I couldn't wait to have you back".

    "I was afraid I'd forget how you feel against me. I guess I did", he whispered and you moved up at that. "You feel better than I remember".

    You laughed at his cheesy line but it died down when you noticed the fond smile he carried. Hui was looking at you with an expression that you sure met yours, love and cherish clear on it. You moved, even more, resting your palms on his chest, legs more on top of his and your face inches apart from his.

    "I want you to know how much I love you and that I missed you all these days", you smiled at him, which seemed like the only thing you could do with how happy you were.

    "I love you too and I missed you", he kissed the tip of your nose and chuckled. "Now stop 'cause you're making me blush".

    You laughed and kissed him on the lips, keeping it gentle and sweet. Both of you smiled into the kiss and you adjusted to feel more comfortable, even if it meant you had to straddle him. You didn't break the kiss while moving but you almost did when you felt a brush of tongue against your bottom lip. You gasped and Hui took it as an invitation to deepen the kiss, tongue shyly moving against yours.

    Then all it took was you shimming on top of him to settle better. Hui let out the tiniest sound and dominated the kiss, moving until he was leaning on his elbows. Your hands went to his hair for support and you enjoyed how soft they were. The kiss was getting hotter and you whined when you had to pull back to breathe.

    Hui then moved his kisses to your neck and jawline, following it with little nibbles. Without thinking your body moved and you grinded against him, needing more of him close to you. Hui broke the kiss to move against the headboard and you followed, still on top, but not before noticing the intake of breath of his after you grinded.

    When Hui was settled, his hands went to your back, caressing it lightly while he gave you sweet kisses all over your face and neck. You moaned lowly and you felt him smile against your skin. His hands slowly moved to touch your belly under the shirt and you shivered at the sudden touch. He wasted no time in taking it off of you and stood back a few seconds to admire you. His eyes were glossy and shiny, adoration clear on them.

    "I missed you like this, baby", he breathed out and you whined so lowly that you thought he didn't even hear. "I missed your little sounds".

    "I wanna make you feel good tonight", you said, hands taking his own shirt off, "please".

    Hui nodded, suddenly lost of words. You kissed him deeply, grinding down on him at a slow pace. It was enough to tease, you knew he was desperate and that you made him hard in no time. He whined when you moved just right on top of his forming erection and you grinned.

    "Making me feel good is not the same as teasing, Y/N", Hui tried to pout but he bit his lip instead.

    "So needy", you moved once more before moving to take his pants and underwear off. When he was naked on the bed, you started to move down until an arm reached for you.

    "No, please. I- I need you right now, if you do anything else, I won't handle it", Hui seemed embarrassed and it only made him sweeter and sexier to you.

    "Oh? Do I affect you that much?", you teased while taking the rest of your clothes off quickly.

    "Missed you, that's all", he mumbled and you giggled.

    Making out with Hui always got you going so it was no trouble at all moving to straddle him, coating his member with your juices and hearing the slick sounds it made. Both of you moaned at the feeling and he gripped you, hands twitching. Truly wanting to make him feel good, you moved enough to position him at your entrance before sinking down slowly, getting to the feeling once more.

    Hui hissed and his hands moved to your ass, not quite guiding you but more anchoring himself. Your arms went to his neck and you two shared a look when you were fully seated. He seemed lost in it already and so were you, it's been too long. You moved first, lifting your hips enough to keep only his tip inside before sinking down hard on him, earning a broken moan from Hui.

    You kept your pace and he followed, hips moving against you and meeting you halfway. The angle you were in got him hitting the perfect spot inside of you, making a mess out of you in no time. Hui noticed and doubled his pace, you now bouncing on his lap with him fully guiding you by your ass. Your hands traveled from his neck to his hair, his back, leaving a trail of marks you were rather proud of. In return, Hui moaned against your neck and chest, leaving pretty hickeys all over them.

    "I'm so close, baby", you moaned and he whined. You could feel him twitching inside of you and you knew he too was close.

    "Me too", he could barely talk and you clenched around him just by the sound of his voice and his fucked out expression. "Shit, do that again".

    You clenched around him again and again until it took him to the edge. Feeling his whole body shaking and his hips thrusting harder inside of you got you to your own climax, both of you exploding at the same time and if you could think straight, you'd think it was magical. You slowed forward, your whole body trembling against Hui's and he welcomed you, both of you riding out your orgasms so close that you could have melted together and wouldn't know the difference.

    The only sounds in the room were your heavy breathing, neither of you wanting to move. Hui pulled you back slightly, only to look into your eyes with a bright and tired smile. You mirrored it and gave him a kiss before nestling on his chest. Hui used his hands to guide your bottom a bit up so he could pull out of you and you whined at the loss. He laughed softly at your reaction, fond of how you always wanted to keep him as close as possible, even if it meant to keep his cock inside even after both of you came.

    You moved with him when he guided both of you into a lying position and pulled the covers on top of your naked bodies. Hui kissed your head and held you tight, your head laying on his chest as did your hand. You were drifting to sleep but suddenly became alert. You looked up to make sure you weren't leaving him awake alone when all you wanted was to keep him company all moments you could.

    "I'm sleepy too, baby. Go to sleep. I'll be here when you wake up", he smiled lovingly at you and you relaxed.

    "Hui?", you called, almost too gone in sleep.

    "Hm?". Lucky for you, so was he.

    "Welcome back".

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  • girlzwithfun
    16.06.2021 - 2 hours ago


    genre: fluff

    setting: mid 2020, pre-debut

    featuring: kang eun-jung & park jong-seong

    summary: elle shares her starbursts & first kiss with jay

    note: bold italicized words = spoken in english


    elle sat with her back against the wall of the practice room, her earbuds in and her eyes closed. she had been practicing by herself for almost 3 hours now and was almost burnt out.

    she opened her bag looking for something, anything that could take her mind off the burning in her legs and mind. her hand fell upon a rectangular package and she smiled. she took it out and opened the colorful package of starburst.

    unwrapping the third candy, elle looked up to see a boy walking towards her. she pulled out her earbuds and smiled at him.

    “you’ve been in here for three hours and i’ve walked by every thirty minutes,” he said sitting down beside her. “you hadn’t noticed me by the fourth time so i knew you weren’t going to be done soon.” elle nodded and turned her head towards him.

    “i like watching you dance. you put so much into it and anyone who watches you would be addicted.” he explains. “plus, there’s this one move that you do and it’s extremely attractive.” elle’s eyes widened and she could feel her face heat up slightly. jay chuckled and unwrapped the candy.

    “so, what’s your favorite flavor starburst?” he asked. elle held up a pink one.

    “so, what’s your favorite flavor starburst?” he asked. elle held up a pink one.

    “ah, i should’ve guessed. i like the yellow ones,” jay smiled and turned to face her. “i guess, if we kissed it’d taste like strawberry lemonade!” elle inhaled sharply and turned her head away. she could feel her heart beating in her throat.

    jay stood up and extended his hand.

    “come on, show me that move i was talking about.” the smirk on his face is enough to send the billions of butterflies in her stomach out of her mouth.

    she rolls her eyes and takes his hand. she connects her phone to the speaker again and plays the song that she was practicing.

    “promise me you’ll cooperate. i’m not a great teacher and i get frustrated easily.” she sticks out her pinky finger waiting for his. jay nods and connects their fingers with a smile.

    after a few tries, elle had finally taught jay the particular move. he wasn’t done with her, however. when the song was over he let the next one play and took elle’s hands in his.


    “wait, wait, let’s just mess around for a bit.” he spun her around and then pulled her back in, his chin resting on the top of her head.

    “that was smooth,” elle whispered. jay turned her around so that she was facing him. elle looked up at him and saw that he was smiling down at her. a siren in elle’s head was telling her to do something and so was the constant fluttering in her stomach.

    she stood up on her tip-toes and jay cupped her face, bringing their lips together. jay smiled and broke the kiss.

    “tasted like strawberry lemonade,”

    “jay, that was my first kiss.”

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  • kimbapuhkidding
    16.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Supposed Enemy//Shin Dongwoo

    Pairing: CNU X idol!Reader

    Themes: Suggestive, enemies-to-lovers

    Summary: You hate each other so why did you sleep with him

    A/N:Happy Birthday to CNU I’m thinking about starting a separate blog for nsfw writings. Just because I don’t want to overwhelm you guys. What do you think?

    You didn’t hate CNU, but you definitely didn’t like him. Something about him just irked you. You wouldn’t say you were enemies, but you definitely weren’t friendly. The constant bickering whenever you ran into each other, the dirty looks you would shoot at each other, and the snide comments under your breath. Okay maybe you were enemies.

    Even though you claimed to be enemies, there was something there. The amount of arguing, held just as much sexual tension as it did anger. And eventually it would all come to a head. 

    It was at a music show, both you and B1A4 were performing. And of course your dressing room was right next to theirs. It was as if the coordinators knew. But maybe that’s what pushed you to do what you did. That and the fact that you had a dressing room to yourself. 

    You were one of the first performers, so you were done fairly early. You were just sitting around backstage, talking with some of the other singers. Still in your short skirt and crop top, you were watching the performances. B1A4 was currently performing and you tried to show your support for the other members, but every time you heard his voice, you stopped the cheering. They had finished and you turned away, not wanting to be caught anywhere near him. 

    You were almost to your dressing room when he came around the corner, making his way to his dressing room. His shirt hung open, and his chest glistened with sweat. You quickly turned and closed your dressing room door behind you. Your heart was racing. Why were you feeling this way?

    You calmed yourself, and refocused. That’s when you heard a knock at your door. To your surprise, when you opened it CNU stood on the other side. He pressed you back as he walked into the room, closing the door behind him. “Let’s just get this over with”. That was all he said before he kissed you. You don’t know why you didn’t pull away. Your brain was screaming to pull away, but your body only wanted him closer. 

    The two of you stumbled further into the room, until your legs hit the couch in your dressing room. Without hesitation you spun him around and pressed him to the couch. You climbed into his lap and pressed up against him. “You’re right. Let’s just get it over with”. Your lips reattached to his and his hands came up your legs, making their way under your skirt, and pulling down your spandex shorts. Only to make their way back up your skirt.

    Your hands found their way to his pants, undoing them quickly and pulling them down. The two of you moved so quickly and without hesitation. His hands moving your panties to the side as he pulled your hips down to meet yours. You let out a moan as he made contact. His mouth still attached to yours muffled most of the sound. He pulled away and said, “if you don’t want anyone to know, I suggest you keep quiet”. His lips came to your neck, which you were sure was going to leave a mark. 

    You spent the next ten minutes being pounded into by CNU, all while your neck was also being attacked. Any care that you had about being caught was gone as you let out loud moans. Luckily for you, the only dressing rooms on this side of the hall was yours and B1A4′s, so you had no worries about who heard you. Your body shook with the feelings of CNU all over you. 

    When you had finally finished and pulled apart, you were so rattled from the experience that it took you a bit to react. “You better fix your makeup before you leave”. That was all you said as you lifted yourself from his lap and walked over to your mirror to check your own makeup. When you saw yourself you let out a grimace at your appearance. Your lipstick was smeared and your neck was covered with lipstick marks. Luckily for you, your makeup artist left some makeup for you behind. You touched it up yourself, not noticing CNU staring at you as he fixed his own lipstick. Once he was done he gave you one more longing glance as he snuck out of your dressing room. 

    You glanced at the door after he left, still in shock from what had just happened. You swore to yourself that it wasn’t going to happen again. 

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