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  • eunoiawrld
    27.11.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    Guys it's official....

    OLIVE AND LENA <3333

    You can find lena @plyer6 :DD

    #olive ( heart eyes!! ) #fake kpop group #idol!oc #kpop oc #kpop!oc #oc!kpop #fictional idol #fictional kpop group #fictional kpop idol #oc!group #oc!idol
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  • eunoiawrld
    27.11.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    La Di Da (2020 single)

    La Di Da is a digital single by fictional south korean for group Eunoia. The single was released on August 19, 2020 at 6 PM KST. The single includes one song "La Di Da" which was promoted for four weeks. The single did okay, sales were not the best but digitally the release did great an they earned 7 music show wins.
    Track List

    01. La Di Da

    Era Styling

    Era Things

    It was a great era tbh they got 7 music show wins and charted well

    It's an all digital single so their weren't worries about physical sales !



    The M/V was *chefs kiss*

    The only bad thing about this era is there was a few scandals but other than that AMAZING ERA

    #eunoia ( la di da ) #fake kpop group #deluxeocnet #idol!oc #kpop oc #kpop!oc #oc!kpop #fictional idol #fictional kpop group #fictional kpop idol #oc!group #oc!idol
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  • atzaria
    27.11.2021 - 40 minutes ago


    translation: #ARIA: happy birthday, grandpa! i love you! thank you for being born!

    (grandpa is an inside joke between the two, as wooyoung is 3 days older than aria :3)

    it may be a day late but happy birthday wooyoung!! i hope he had the best day ever! <3

    ↳ taglist: @alliecoady98 @shinyddeonghwa @ateezjuliet @skzfairies @squishreads @mythicalamphitrite @squishreads @lcvergirl (send an ask or inbox me if you want to be added! :D)

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  • plyer6
    27.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    PLAYER6: The first win

    Title: The First Win
    Characters: Lena Park, Inosuki Mei, Solace Park, Han Eunbi, Hitomi Sazuki, Tsai Suwei
    Warnings: none :D

    The girls stood in the crowd of idols awaiting to hear the winner, It was PLAYER6 "Mister, Mr.", Hwasa's " TWIT", and Dreamcatcher's "Piri" that we're on the screen, as the two MC's named the three songs, the screen counted up the points

    Mei held tightly onto Lena's hand, mumbling and whispering prayers to herself, Sazuki held a serious face different from her usual smile she was concentrated on doing the math in her own head which takes much longer than the machine adding up points.

    Eunbi felt stressed, which is highly unusual, she felt that if they didn't win it was over for their career it actually wasn't but her mind kept ensuring that this entire thing is life or death, she fidgeted with the end of her skirt, starting intensely at the screen.

    The points appeared before them, and a picture of PLAYER6 appeared on the screen big and loud shouting "I won" at the others,

    "And the winner is PLAYER6's Mister, Mr." The MC a noun through the microphone, Lena's heart dropped to her throat, her mouth agape a hand lazily covering her mouth.

    "Oh, Oh.. What do I?" Solace stammered into the Microphone quickly handing it to Lena, she laughed at herself before clapping with the crowd.

    Eunbi immediately started crying, she felt instant reassurances after seeing their picture on that screen, the MC handed her the trophy which she greatly accepted, still crying as she held it, Mei was crying as well she wiped her tears hurriedly burying her head into Solace's shoulder, Solace who was clapping with the crowd, pat Mei's head in a attempt of comfort before clapping again, shifting slightly to look at Lena.

    "Where do I start? Thank you! We couldn't have done it without PLAYER1 and Wonders Entertainment, We heavily appreciate the live and support, a music show win? That's crazy! I can't believe we've done it, Thank you so much for this!" Lena sweetly explains into her mic, smiling brightly, she wrapped her arm around Eunbi who was still crying, and Suwei was handed the microphone.

    "Thank you all! We love PLAYER1! And thank you Wonders Entertainment for helping us get to this point, for helping us make our dreams a reality, and for spending money and effort into our careers!" Suwei says, clapping with the crowd.

    Mei finally lifted her head smiling and wrapping her arm around Solace's waist, Sazuki held Suwei's hand up in the air with hers lightly shaking their hands, her smile was back to it's usual bright self, she laughed at Eunbi before hugging her tightly, rubbing her back.

    The girls all took their final bow before everyone head off the stage, Mei kept a tight hold on Solace's hand as they walked through the crowd, and as soon was they were back stage, Eunbi brushed her self off, wiping her tears and letting go of Sazuki's hand, she smiled a real smile, something none of these girls had seen, before she hugged Lena tightly.

    "Where's this attitude coming from?" Lena laughs, hugging her groupmate back.

    "Shut up" Eunbi mumbles, still sniffing from crying. A camera came approaching them, this was for "Press Start: PLAYER6" Their youtube reality series.

    Suwei waved to the camera, before they all started walking back to their dressing rooms, the camera following them. Lena walked with her arm around Eunbi's shoulder the two had a noticeable height difference, of course while on camera Eunbi's entire Aura changed so she laid her head against Lena's shoulder as if she did this everyday.

    "We should stop for food on the way home, I want McDonald's" Sazuki sighs as they enter the dressing room, she sat down on the white soft couch, sipping from her water.

    "Oh yeah, we can ask our manager, she will definitely let us!" Sunni says, her voice slightly raspy from crying so hard. The camera then left the Dressing room so they can change into their normal attire. Eunbi's smile quickly fades as she walks over to grab her clothes.

    "Your a good ass actor Eunbi" Lena laughs out, following after her to get her clothes, Eunbi rolls her eyes brishing past Lena after getting her clothes.

    "There's the old Eunbi missed!" Sazuki says, sarcasm raising in her voice.

    "I know, I'm just so delightful" Eunbi responds smiling bitterly, the exact same level of sarcasm in her tone as she changed out of her stage outfit, all the girl starting to do the same.

    #let the game begin ❰ writing ❱ #let the game begin ❰ mister mr ❱ #deluxeocnet #fake kpop group #fake kpop idol #idol oc #kpop idol oc #kpop!oc #oc girl group #oc kpop #oc kpop group #oc!group
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  • plyer6
    27.11.2021 - 1 hour ago
    Mister, Mr. Is the second digital single released by PLAYER6 on February 13, 2019, the single has three songs and was promoted for a total of six weeks, it Is an all-digital release.


    Intro: burn

    Mister, Mr.



    About "Mister, Mr." Era

    A great era for the girls, the sound and music style reminded listeners of the 2010 electronic type of music which brought them some attention, they charted 7 on Gaon Digital Charts and they snagged one music show win, promotions went smoothly and a reality series called "Press Start: PLAYER6" started and was uploaded to YouTube, it was mostly behind the scenes of promotions, this helped fans get to know the girls a lot more and it helped them during promotions.
    #let the game begin ❰ mister mr ❱ #deluxeocnet #fake kpop group #fake kpop idol #idol oc #kpop idol oc #kpop!oc #oc girl group #oc kpop #oc kpop group #oc!group
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  • jeongyeonsluvbot
    27.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    bambi xiao | relationship with nct 127


    soft , oh so very soft

    taeil = the over protective dad friend

    treats bambi as if she’s his daughter lets b honest

    they refer to themselves as moon&moon because her korean last name is moon and her chinese name also means moon!

    sm skin ship together

    “…taeil oppa, hug?:D”


    he’s much like an older brother, they act just like siblings

    so many petty arguments between the two

    ( half is about their height different shh )

    he’s all like “u know what, talk to me once you can reach the top shelf 🙄🙄”

    “i am just pocket sized !”

    coffee enthusiasts, they’re always spotted at a new café every week !


    leader of bambi protection squad

    one of the most overprotective members let’s b honest

    makes sure she’s 100% comfortable anywhere! on vlives or variety shows, he always makes sure she’s not uncomfortable!

    he tries 2 teach her how to swim…. since she can’t……

    to this day she still can’t swim…


    half of the time his nails r painted because of bambi!

    she taught herself how to do nails and designs n such, so whenever she’s feeling down, yuta always lets her paint his nails !

    “yuta oppa…. can i paint ur nails pls..”

    n when his hair is long, she’ll braid it!

    they often watch anime together + he teaches her japanese!


    never let bambi pout to doyoung whenever she wants something because 9 times out of 10 she’ll get her way

    she wants him to get her coffee? one pout and he’s taking her to her fave coffee place <3

    like taeil, he’s kind of like the dad friend too

    she calls him ‘appa doyoung’ sometimes! that’s even his contact name in her phone

    doyoung 100% plays along and calls her daughter


    foreign swaggers

    …..she had a crush on him predebut / when they were trainees, she only told the dreamies but haechan told jaehyun

    …now he uses it to make fun of her

    “u know what, at least i didn’t have a crush on one of my members 🙄🙄”

    “…i was 14!!!”

    likes to tease her about her height… just a bit ( that’s a lie he’s like johnny )


    bambi. adores. jungwoo.

    she just <333’s him

    frequent aegyo battles

    99% of the time bambi is fangirling or complimenting him

    bambi <3’s to cook, jungwoo <3’s to eat and try foods, perfect combo !

    she makes mexican food a lot! jungwoo considers himself a ‘mexican food enthusiast!’


    mark was so awkward when they first met that bambi always brings it up to tease him

    honestly she was awkward too, they were just like 🧍🏻‍♀️🧍🏻‍♂️

    so many ‘yo’ together

    mark 🤝 bambi

    struggling to read korean

    bambi hates it when he overworks himself, she’ll drag him back to the dorms if she catches him staying up late !!



    no more soft quiet voice bambi, she gets so loud with haechan

    during 90s love promotions, they couldn’t be next to each other because they’d be so chaotic together

    so much of;



    “…u guys r next to each other….”

    #nct scenarios #nct 127 scenarios #nct 24th member #nct female addition #nct female oc #nct added member #nct addition #nct female member #kpop oc
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  • jeongyeonsluvbot
    27.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    bambi xiao

    nct female / 24th member

    ( faceclaim ; dolly zhang / zhang luofei )

    STAGE NAME, bambi ( 뱀비 )

    BIRTH NAME, bambi xiao-reyes

    KOREAN NAME, moon nabi ( 문나비 )

    CHINESE NAME, xiao yue ( 小月 )

    NATIONALITY, chinese-mexican-american

    PLACE OF BIRTH, alexandria , virginia

    POSITION, main vocalist, female visual, female maknae, lead dancer

    HEIGHT, 156 cm , 5’2

    BIRTHDAY, december 16, 2001

    ZODIAC SIGN, sagittarius

    MBTI, infj

    SUB UNIT(S), ex nct dream , wayv, nct u



    vocals , 10/10

    dance, 9/10

    rapping, 7.5/10

    visuals, 9.5/10


    Born as Bambi Rosa Xiao-Reyes, she grew up moving across Northern Virginia. She was born to a Chinese father and Mexican mother and has 2 younger sisters and 1 younger brother. While visiting Seoul, South Korea, she was scouted by someone from SM. She auditions without her parents knowing and passes. She soon trains in SM.

    She trained for 6 months before debuting with NCT Dream. SM decided her talent was good enough to debut with NCT and didn’t want to wait for her to debut. Late 2018, it was revealed Bambi was no longer apart of NCT Dream. On December 31, 2018, it was announced she was going to join NCT’s Chinese subunit — Wayv. Today, Bambi is still apart of Wayv and Nct U, and also spends her time modeling in China.


    bambi is a really quiet person naturally , yet she’s talkative. she’ll often make comments during things but since her voice is naturally so soft, most people can’t hear her

    she likes to speak up about things, she can be brutally honest, but it’s something her members appreciate because they know she won’t lie to them ( unless it’s important !! )

    bambi claims she hates attention, but secretly adores it when any of her members give her attention !

    she’s actually related to xiaojun, their fathers are related making them cousins! but due to bambi growing up in america, they weren’t close until they debuted together in wayv!

    she’s a scaredy cat. she has an intense fear of water ( hydrophobia ) and insects ( entomophobia ). she’s a quiet person but at the sight of an insect or going into water makes her very loud

    she has many nicknames from her members! they mostly call her ‘doll’ or ‘princess’ because of her visuals! many say she’s doll-like i’m her visuals and she gives off royalty vibes !

    bambi <3’s sleep, during breaks from practice or recording an mv, she’ll be napping!

    she secretly loves hugs and cuddles from her members too. especially on a rainy night, she’s found in one of the rooms of her members!

    she often carries around with her a small pink stuffed bunny. johnny got it for her right before she debuted and she’s kept it ever since!

    EXTRAS !

    languages, english 100%, spanish 100%, korean 90%, cantonese 90%, chinese 85%

    blood type , AB

    piercings , 3 lobe piercings, double helix on her left and right hand ears, and a nose stud on the left side of her nose

    nicknames, bibi, baby deer, baby xiao, kitty, doll, angel, princess, barbie,

    ( request will b open for bambi! so request anything u wanna see :p )

    #nct scenarios #nct 24th member #nct female addition #nct female oc #nct added member #nct female member #nct au#kpop oc
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  • welcometothecityyy
    27.11.2021 - 5 hours ago

    "Hello CITIZENS, I'm one of the newest members, Yoon Jaehwan!"

    ༊*·˚ BASICS .ೃ࿐

    ✧ STAGE NAME: Yoon ✧ BIRTHNAME: Yoon Jaehwan ✧ NICKNAMES: Yoonie, Jae, Mom 2.0 ✧ BIRTHDATE: 99/04/25 ✧ BIRTHPLACE: Jeonju-si, South Korea ✧ HOMETOWN: Seoul, South Korea ✧ NATIONALITY: Korean ✧ LANGUAGES: Korean, Japanese ✧ HEIGHT: 5'10" ✧ FAMILY: Older Sister, Younger Brother ✧ SEXUALITY: Pansexual

    ༊*·˚ CAREER.ೃ࿐

    ☽ GROUP: C.T. BOYZ ☽ POSITION: Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist ☽ AGENCY: SM (2017 - Present) ☽ TRAINING TIME: 4 yrs (SM)

    ༊*·˚ SKILLS STATS .ೃ࿐

    ☽ Vocals...[80/100] ☽ Dance...[95/100] ☽ Rap...[59/100] ☽ Visuals...[89/100] ☽ Acting...[78/100]

    ༊*·˚ PERSONALITY .ೃ࿐

    ✧ Extroverted ✧ Gentle ✧ Caring ✧ Playful ✧ Often stubborn ✧ Polite

    ༊*·˚ TRIVIA .ೃ࿐

    ✧ Yoon has an older sister and younger brother, but he has never once mentioned his parents/if he has any parents

    ✧ Even though he is the youngest of the '99 line, he's the one mostly looking after them and taking care of them, hence the reason why he earned the nickname 'Mom 2.0'

    ✧ Yoon says he looks up to Jin a lot

    ✧ He hates pineapples

    ✧ Yoon is good friends with Venieth and Alister of AXIS/ONE MOON (@axisoffxcial / @onemoonunderthesky), Joon of RBOYs (@rainbowboys-7), Y of Goldcha, and BLUM's Alan (@blumingwithu)

    ✧ He is ambidextrous

    #aeskocnet #aes!ocnet #deluxocnet #kpop oc boy group #oc group#koc #kpop oc gorup #oc boy group #koc boy group #koc group #kpop oc group #oc idol#idol oc #ctboyz.txt #ctb.yoon
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  • j4wbreakers
    27.11.2021 - 5 hours ago

    JAWBREAKERS is a kpop trio under BONUS entertainment. their lineup consists of HONEY, JANGMI, and NARI. they are mostly known for their y2k concept and especially loved internationally for their pop culture throwbacks, while domestically being known for their 1st and 2nd generation of kpop music style. they debuted on MAY 19TH, 2018 with RUM PUM PUM PUM.

    — BASICS

    COMPANY bonus ent

    MEMBERS honey, jangmi, nari

    CONCEPT y2k, bubblegum pop, throwbacks

    DEBUT DATE may 19, 2018

    DEBUT ALBUM eyez on me

    DEBUT SONG rum pum pum pum

    FANDOM NAME heartlines

    OFFICIAL COLORS barbie pink (#e0218a) & electric purple (#bf00ff)

    GREETING "all eyes on us! hello, we are jawbreakers!"


    eyez on me | mini album | may 2018

    back 2 u | mini album | july 2018

    hot pink | single album | oct 2018

    pinocchio | full album | dec 2018

    heart 2 heart | mini album | march 2019

    sugar free | mini album | july 2019

    4 walls | full album | dec 2019

    flash | japanese digital single | feb 2020

    lipstick | single album | april 2020

    muzik | mini album | july 2020

    nonono | mini album | oct 2020

    little bo peep | full album | dec 2020

    poison luv | mini album | march 2021

    girlz gone wild | mini album | june 2021

    damaged lady | physical single | aug 2021

    twinkle | full album | nov 2021

    #*˖ ⊹     jawbreakers    ╲   profiles  ⋅ #deluxeoc#deluxeocnet #oc kpop group #kpop oc#idol oc #kpop group oc #fake kpop idol #fake kpop group #fake kpop gg #oc girl group
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  • chloekwon
    27.11.2021 - 6 hours ago


    JYP ENTERTAINMENT announces that artist CHLOE KWON will receive a DOCUMENTARY produced by NETFLIX following her long awaited comeback series COLOR THEORY. the documentary is set to premiere in EARLY 2022 and will be followed by a filmed version of her concert, COLORFUL WORLD later in the year.
    #[ MY LOVELY ] … ANNOUNCEMENTS ! #[ MY LOVELY ] … CHLOE KWON ! #aes!ocnet #kpop oc #fake kpop group #idol oc #Idol!AU #idol au#Idol Addition #idol!oc #bts addition #stray kids addition #fictional idol community #fic
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  • enha-sooa
    27.11.2021 - 8 hours ago

    ##ASK SOOA!!

    i still have to edit 2 oc pages, but i decided to open up asks for sooa! if you have any questions to ask sooa or just want to say something, feel free. just remember this is for sooa only, i haven't opened ask for any other ocs yet. keep it appropriate and be patient and i'll try my best to answer <3
    #jungsooa:: ask sooa #kpop reactions #kpop added member #kpop addition #enhypen 8th member #enhypen female oc #enhypen added member #enhypen addition #kpop female oc #kpop female member #kpop oc#enhypen reactions
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  • beelovesnct
    27.11.2021 - 10 hours ago

    𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐯𝐢𝐬𝐢𝐭

    — November 22, 2021

    summary: where aiko got daegal a gift.

    Chenle woke up to three beeps, immediately followed by a high-pitched loud barking, then some what-he-assumed was gushing from his mom.

    He ran his hand through his hair before attempting to melt back into his bedsheets. The smell of seaweed soup and ramen that infiltrated his room was placed at the back burner of his mind, as the forefront consists of nothing but his soft comforter—making it absolutely too tempting to leave his bed.

    Unfortunately, the visitor that came that early morning had other plans. Without even a knock, Chenle's bedroom door opened with a bang.


    "Go away," Chenle muttered without as much as looking at the person leaning by his doorway.

    "It might be your birthday today, but I'm still older than you."

    Chenle snorted before eventually lifting his face from the mountains of pillows in his arms before retorting, sarcasm lacing his tone.

    "Then go away, noona."

    Aiko scoffed, feigning a hurt expression, "Cheeky bastard."

    Chenle's small smile widened into a grin, expression softening as he extended his arms, silently motioning Aiko to come near him.

    With a lopsided smile adorning her usually stern face, Aiko complied. Plopping onto the space beside him—near enough to let the member wrap his arms on her shoulder.

    "You're awfully clingy today." She commented, yet consented to be coddled.

    Chenle laughed out loud, flicking her forehead in response. "Shut up, you enjoy it."

    There was a soft hum, "That's debatable."

    Instead of replying, Chenle merely tightened his hold on Aiko's figure, making sure she was comfortable before speaking once more, "Did you come alone?"

    He felt her head shake on his chest, "No, Jisung came with."

    "Ah," A sound of realization.

    "So that's why it's still noisy outside,"

    Aiko couldn't help but let out a low chuckle, her hands absentmindedly making small circles on Chenle's back, "You're mom's gushing over how tall Jisung has gotten again."

    Now, this information made Chenle lean back, just enough to show the disbelief in his face, "..but he just visited last week."

    Aiko seemed amused, but simply shrugged in return, "Jisung just grows fast, I guess."

    Chenle hummed, saying no more as he went back to his original position.

    It was quiet for a few moments before Aiko spoke up, poking his back as she did so, no doubt an attempt to garner his attention.

    "Happy birthday by the way, if I haven't told you yet."

    Her simple greeting made Chenle nod with a grin, muttering a small thanks before a thought entered his mind, followed by that glint in his eyes that almost always presupposes mischief.

    As such, Chenle once more leaned back, just enough to stare with much intensity into Aiko's brown pupils. "So where's my present?"

    Aiko smirked at the question, raising her eyebrows tauntingly.

    "Daegal's wearing them."

    There was a few seconds of Chenle collecting his thoughts before finally letting out a sound of annoyance, "You're kidding."

    Aiko merely kept her smile, amusement on her expression as she watched Chenle scowl.

    "You didn't get me a present, you got Daegal a present!"

    As Chenle's hold loosened presumably because of his sudden 'tantrum', Aiko sat up, her hands in front of her chest in mock defense. "To be fair, I got you a matching jacket after buying hers, it's cute."

    This answer only prompted Chenle to have a disapproving look and opened his mouth to retort, but before he could even do so, Aiko already stood and dashed to the door, "It's cute, I promise you'll like it."

    Chenle, too stunned to even speak, merely stared at her disappearing back before eventually letting out a sigh before opting to lay back down. The events that just happened made his lips curl in a small smile.

    Surely he'll be forgiven if he slept some more.

    It was his day after all. Not Daegal's.

    He scoffed at the thought.

    [A/N] This is 5 days late, I know, I'm sorry. BUT [BELATED] HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BESTEST BOI <3333 IL CHENLE SM :<

    #nct 24th member au #nct 24th member #nct dream 8th member #kpop female addition #nct female oc #nct additional member #nct extra member #nct female member #nct female addition #neko#nct dream#nct#nct 127#wayv#female oc#girl crush #kpop!oc #aiko slice of life #nct x reader #nct dream x reader #nct dream x oc #nct x oc
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  • ateez-elena
    27.11.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Scared To Be Lonely

    January 2020

    The one where reality hits Elena

    TW: an argument (are we really surprised?), some cursing (I think?), some crying, suggestive? (I mean It’s kinda of implied without being implied if you catch my drift???), and ofc ANGST

    a/n: dun dun dunnn! it’s here! hopefully it this is worth the wait and ofc remember that the way that the idols are portrayed in this is just fictional and is not an actual representation of who they really are *cough cough* joshua *cough cough* but seriously tho we love him irl <3 (this was not proof read so if you see a mistake, no you didn’t ❤️ anyways I’ll be going to bed now but have a great day/night!)

    Tag list: @haruphoria @cherryutas @nayuyeons @1-800-enhypenbibi @1-800-minji @ateezjuliet @ggukkiedae @lovely-sanie @atinymonster @skzfairies @atzaria (let me know if you want to be added or removed from the taglist! my ask box and messages are open!)

    Elena’s Masterlist

    It was late in the night as Elena laid still in her spot, staring blankly at the moon outside the small window of the dorm wall. Her face was laid up against Joshua’s bare chest as she listened to the even breathing emanating from his mouth. The only other sound in her ear being the steady beating of his heart.

    She was the only one awake of the two. She knew that much by how his breathing had fell into a consistent pattern and his once tensed muscles were now relaxed.

    It should’ve been silent, as everything was still in the room, but it wasn’t. In fact, everything was blaring in the girl’s ear as her mind replayed all the words that were exchanged between the two on loop. It felt like an eternity as she mulled every detail from only a few hours prior over and over again, almost like a broken record player and all it was playing was Joshua.

    Joshua Hong.

    “I didn’t think you would come.”

    Elena stared at the man in front of her, his back reclining against the wall of his bedroom as he watched her. He looked tired, yes, but that was expected from both of them. They both had their own schedules to attend despite if they didn’t feel up to par. Life kept going and they had no choice but to go with it.

    “I needed time to think.”

    “I get that,” Joshua responded hoarsely as he rubbed his face in distress, “but you went MIA for a whole week. Don’t you think you could’ve just told me that you needed time?”

    Elena smiled bitterly as she strung together her thoughts in her head, nodding at the suggestion. “I could’ve.”

    He sighed deeply, well aware he wasn’t going to be getting a deeper answer over this from the girl. She’s stubborn and when she’s dead set on something, she won’t crack. Ever. It was admirable to him at times, but at this moment he couldn’t find it in himself to see it as anything other than a stressor.

    “Look,” He attempted in a softer tone knowing that a screaming match wouldn’t do them any good. “We both said somethings that we probably shouldn’t have said and I want to apologize.” He spoke sincerely before focusing back to his original speech. “I also had time to think about what you said, and I never meant to make it seem like I don’t trust you, but do you at least understand where I was coming from?”

    “I don’t, Joshua.” Elena announced plainly, “I really don’t get it. I don’t understand what you wanted me to do. Did you want me to cut off my friends? Or did you want me to ghost my coworker?”

    “I never s-”

    “You refused to push your ego aside-” Elena spoke over him only to get her own sentence cut off.

    “I refused to push my ego aside?” Joshua repeated back astonished by the words he was hearing. “No, no, no.” He grunted out with a sharp tone, “You refused to push your ego aside the whole week when you continuously ignored me.”

    “Oh” Elena exclaimed clasping her hands together in faux delight, “Do you mean after you belittled me and our relationship only a few meters away from the others?” She responded walking a step closer to him but still maintaining her distance. “For gods sake Joshua, did you really expect me to answer you and accept your apologies without so much as a second thought?”


    “No!” Elena shouted at the boy before closing her eyes to stop them from showing emotion as she reminded herself to keep her voice down, “The worst part is that you did that all knowing you were going to break up with me. Tell me,” she whispered softly opening her eyes again as she caught his gaze, “was that to give you a good excuse to do it or do you genuinely not trust me at all?”

    “What are you talking about?” He questioned and his tone was so honest that it almost had Elena doubting herself, but memories of the fateful night made it easy for her support her words.

    She exhaled sharply before finally responding back firmly, “I know Joshua.”

    “You know? Know what-” He stopped himself short at the realization of what the girl was referring to and it made his blood run cold in a matter of seconds. Thoughts rushed into his mind as he thought of any possible way that she had found out about the meeting before he had the chance to tell her. Although as hard as he tried to think, he came up blank and the only thing that could fall from his lips was, “I can explain.”

    “You can explain?” Elena repeated almost mockingly. It was silent, the two looking at each other fiercely. One pair of eyes holding disappointment and resentment while the other held guilt and fading hope.

    “I can explain.”

    Joshua Hong was everything she envisioned in a guy. He was gentle with a soothing personality. Most of the time, he was calm, collected, and nothing short of a gentleman. The other time, well, he was just another human being, capable of making errors and mistakes.

    Everyone has their moments, Elena can’t deny. She’s had her fair share of poorly thought out decisions made in the heat of the moment. Hell, the whole reason this relationship even started was because she had decided to act on her emotions.

    Her and Joshua. A phrase that always left a sweet aftertaste in her mouth. Something she had always managed to place on a pedestal in her hectic life. Sure, it may have been a bit fast and rushed since the beginning of it all, but that didn’t make it any less genuine to her.

    To her, at least.

    For the longest time, she would’ve sworn on the fact that her boyfriend felt the same. It’s just that after everything that was said and done, she wasn’t sure where she stood in his own hectic life.

    Maybe it was her own fault for placing them in a higher pedestal than he did. Of course, there wasn’t a doubt in her mind that he didn’t admire and care for her, that much was clear by the way he had always treated her.

    Love on the other hand? She wasn’t sure of that.

    Elena’s eyes wavered in indecisiveness. Did she really want to hear his excuse or would it be better if she just walked away from this argument and this relationship in a single go. Nothing to deter her mind from what it’s already made up, but she couldn’t find it in her do that.

    Not yet at least.

    She wanted to make sense of everything. She was done being angry, she was done questioning everything. She also partially just wanted to believe that he had his reasons and that her assumptions were meaningless, so she gently nodded at the man. Ready or not, she was going to get her answers.

    “I don’t know what all you know, but to sum it all up my company got wind of our relationship and they didn’t like the media exposure I was getting and they told me that it would be in our best interest to stop seeing each other.”

    “And you agreed?” Elena spoke wanting the confirmation she’s been waiting on with stinging eyes.

    Joshua nodded looking down and away from her glossy orbs. “I thought about it and I don’t think that being caught up in a relationship with me would be good for you.”

    "For me?" Elena let out sarcastically as a laugh bubbled from her throat. "Oh no,” She stated shaking her head in disagreement, “this isn't about me." She finished as she swiped both of her hands against her cheeks to rid herself of the tears that had began to make their way out of her eyes. “This is about you. You don’t know how to stand up against your company which is also probably the reason you never even bothered to mention our relationship to them.”

    “Do you know what the media, no, what everyone would say if we were to ever get exposed by dispatch?" Joshua argued ignoring her words as he tried to get the idea in the girl’s head.

    “I don't care for what they would’ve thought of me, of us!” Elena uttered frustrated at the fact that the boy was so easily influenced by such things. “Why do you care what everyone else thinks? Everyone is always going to have their own opinion. You can’t cater to everyone! All that matters is what you think!”

    "It should be the only thing that matters but it isn’t.” He fired back, trying to the best of his abilities to get her to understand his point, “Why can’t you understand I'm doing this for you! You're still a rookie, you'll ruin your group’s reputation, and if not your group’s reputation then your own reputation.”

    "Do I have to remind you that my reputation has already gone through hell?” Elena countered thinking back to the multiple articles that did her wrong ever since her debut, “They literally nicknamed me the black swan and you think that a dating scandal would manage to make my reputation worse?” She reasoned before shaking her head with finality. “So, no, this is the last thing you would do if you were doing this for me.”

    “Listen to me-”

    “No! I’m done listening Joshua.” She responded taking a shallow breath, trying to stabilize her breathing, “I heard what I needed to hear, I just can’t believe that it was so easy for you to give up on us like that. Don’t worry about having to break up with me though,” Elena spoke making her way to the door that would lead her out of his life for good, “I’ll make it easier for you.”

    “Wait.” He pleaded standing in her way as he looked at her with tears threatening to fall from his regret stained eyes, as he moved to hold her face firmly. “Don’t leave.” He uttered, not ready to give this up. He thought they still had time.

    “I have t-” She tried responding firmly but her voice gave away and cracked before she could even finish her sentence. Cursing herself she halted her movements, unable to walk past the man as tears started streaming down her face at a more rapid rate at the proximity between the two.

    “Just stay with me,” He desperately whispered pressing his forehead against her in a rushed attempt to keep her there and resolve their dilemma at hand, “please.”

    Elena didn’t know if it was the rush of all her feelings hitting her at once or the genuine emotion that she saw gleaming in his eyes as his tears began falling too but she had no time to decipher which it was because her mouth was already agreeing to his request, the space between them no longer existent. Instead of stopping she only gripped on tighter to the man in her arms, tracing every feature she could in desperation.

    “I can fix this,” He whispered breathlessly as he separated himself from her lips, “we can make this work.” He promised soundlessly before crashing his lips back to hers, pouring all his emotions into her through it.

    Her cheek burned. It was either from the feel of his skin against her own or possible just the heat from her everlasting stream of tears. Or maybe even both.

    The only thing that she knew for certain was that she couldn’t bring herself to move away from her current position. Maybe internally she knew that when she let go of him, things wouldn’t go back to the way they were, no matter how much she might want it to.

    Instead, she let the tears fall down her eyes again as she tightened her hold around Joshua’s bare waist, for even though she knew what the future held she couldn’t find it in herself to let go of the past.

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    [TWITTER 211126]

    23:57pm pst

    TRANS: see you tomorrow 💜

    #bts ·˚ ༘ lulu #deluxeocnet #lulu.twt #bts female member #bts additional member #bts addition #bts 8th member #bts female oc #bts female addition #bts au#bts imagines #kpop added member #kpop black oc #kpop female oc #kpop female addition
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  • plyer6
    27.11.2021 - 15 hours ago

    PLAYER6 2018


    2018 Releases: Red Light (debut single)

    Red Light:

    Red Light received lots of positive attention, they're concept and music style attracted many people along with the fact that one former pristin and one former gugudan member were in the group. They charted 5 on Gaon Digital Charts but did not receive any music show wins or any nominations

    The year as a whole:

    This was a good year considering it was their debut year, they received lots of love and gained fans quickly, they started growing a fanbase early on and many eyes were on them, they were nominated for rookie of the year but did not win, they also went on many variety shows. They held a fansign in November and many people came, they also held a video call event in December which many people did as well.
    #deluxeocnet #let the game begin ❰ achievements ❱ #let the game begin ❰ red light ❱ #fake kpop group #fake kpop idol #idol oc #kpop idol oc #kpop!oc #oc girl group #oc kpop #oc kpop group #oc!group
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    [WEVERSE 211115] EMI 🔵

    02:48am kst

    오늘은 나의 가장 친한 친구 생일이야!! 생일 축하해 제이크 조만간 또 놀러 가자 💗

    TRANS: it's my best friends birthday today!! happy birthday jake let's go out again soon 💗

    note. pretend i posted this on jake day...

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    stephanie's new youtube series THE HEARTBREAK ARCHIVES has officially launched with the release of HAPPIER THAN EVER.

    the heartbreak archives is a series in which stephanie priscilla releases music which didn't make it into the final album, or songs she produced recently.

    "sometimes i just want to put all my emotion into one album. but the emotions conflict, so you'll have one song about heartbreak and the next talking about how in love with the person i am. that's why the heartbreak archives exist."

    "it's a series where i can express how i feel without needing to fit a certain concept. it's more me and more raw than any of my other albums since i don't have management breathing down my back and the lyrics aren't revised. it's a one take process."

    happier than ever was originally meant to be in the album bittersweet, but was then replaced by traitor. "happier than ever was too touchy for me back then. i couldn't listen to it so it had to be cut from the album. now it's more of a 'fuck you' to the person who hurt me. that's why it's the first release of the heartbreak archives. it shows me how strong i've become and how i've overcome those hardships."

    #𝙵𝙸𝙻𝙴 𝙾𝙾𝟸 : 𝚂𝚃𝙴𝙿𝙷𝙰𝙽𝙸𝙴 𝙿𝚁𝙸𝚂𝙲𝙸𝙻𝙻𝙰 #𝚆𝚆𝚆.𝙻𝚄𝚅𝙸𝙲𝙾𝚁𝙴 #𝚃𝙷𝙴 𝙷𝙴𝙰𝚁𝚃𝙱𝚁𝙴𝙰𝙺 𝙰𝚁𝙲𝙷𝙸𝚅𝙴𝚂 #deluxeocnet #oc kpop idol #fake kpop soloist #fake kpop idol #kpop oc soloist #kpop oc#kpop scenarios
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    RED LIGHT M/V : The beginning of the Lore.

    The burning pages:

    The burning book shows up numerous times in the M/V member Lena holding said burning book, the book is a escape from the alternate world they are currently in, this alternate world is a video game like state, they have to survive and make it out alive, Lena is burning this book to keep them trapped, she is the traitor among the group.

    The phone:

    The phone ringing is another element shown during the beginning and end of the M/V this phone is a way to connect to the actual world, and member Solace is currently in the actual world trying to contact the group

    The dinner scene:

    A scene shown is the five trapped members eating a meal blindfolded, this is the red feast, a event that is shown in future M/V's a scene is shown with member Lena holding a syringe injecting something into an apple, this is a spell, a spell to keep her alive and to help her contact the outside world, she only gives herself this said spell.

    The red eye:

    The red eye is the eye of member Zuki, Zuki can contact those in the alternate universe that are not her members she can see a women in her eyes, this women is another women trapped in the alternate world but she is across the alternate world. This eye will help the girls unveil the truth in later M/V's
    #let the game begin ❰ lore ❱ #let the game begin ❰ red light ❱ #deluxeocnet #fake kpop group #fake kpop idol #idol oc #kpop idol oc #kpop!oc #oc girl group #oc kpop #oc kpop group #oc!group
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    RED LIGHT ( 2018 debut single )

    Red Light is the debut single of the fictional South Korean girl group PLAYER6. The single was released digitally on August 8, 2018, the single is an all-digital release. The single includes two songs and was promoted for a total of six weeks.


    Intro:Round 1

    Red Light


    About "Red Light" Era

    Red Light was a Hot Debut, the girls had gained massive attention for their concept and music style, the edgy girl crush concept was beginning to trend and this era really took the cake and ate it. Many fans were from Gugudan and Pristin who weren't expecting this concept since two members came from groups with such a cute concept, this era got many views on the music video and many sales digitally, and they charted 5 on Gaon Digital Charts.
    #let the game begin ❰ red light ❱ #deluxeocnet #fake kpop group #fake kpop idol #idol oc #kpop idol oc #kpop!oc #oc girl group #oc kpop #oc kpop group #oc!group
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    ##SOOA!! if it wasn't for my family's support, i wouldn't be here in enhypen


    ##name!! jung jihyo

    ##birthday!! july 25, 1966

    ##birthplace!! asan-si, south korea

    ##residence!! auckland, new zealand

    ##occupation!! she owns many restaurants in new zealand and in the states

    her mother was willing to put everything on the line just for her live out her dream. she almost sold all her restaurants to move to korea to be with her, their family had plenty of money, so it was no issue. she probably was the most proud but hurt that she moved, but she still cheers her on on social media almost everyday she posted how she misses her and how proud she is.


    ##name!! samuel jung

    ##birthday!! may 25, 1964

    ##birthplace!! seoul, south korea

    ##residence!! auckland, new zealand

    ##occupation!! business man

    gave her the idea to sign up for i-land. he used to be a k-pop trainee, and he saw she had a passion for dancing and singing and he knew she was gonna go far with her talent. often calls her to tell her to not worry about the hate, he sees it all the time and he knows she often beats herself, but he knows she's able to fight this.


    ##name!! sohee jung

    ##birthday!! december 25, 2002

    ##birthplace!! auckland, new zealand

    ##residence!! auckland, new zealand

    ##occupation!! university student

    the reason she's where she is today, and she is so proud of her. they aren't just twins, they're bestfriends. she's the oldest, and very overprotective of her sister, she has come out everytime the hate has gotten to much and said something, she knows her sister can't say much, so she uses her voice.


    ##name!! soobin jung

    ##birthday!! august 26, 2006

    ##birthplace!! auckland, south korea

    ##residence!! auckland, south korea

    ##occupation!! highschool student

    could be her bestfriend or her worst enemy, it all depends. when he was born the twins really weren't trilled, i mean they had each other so they really weren't looking for another sibling. but once they realized he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon, they decided they should at least try and be nice to him. he doesn't really care that she's famous, because he's literally seen her at her worst, does get annoyed and overprotective when random boys walk up and ask for her number.
    #kpop reactions #kpop added member #kpop addition #enhypen 8th member #jungsooa #enhypen added member #enhypen female oc #enhypen female addition #enhypen female member #enhypen addition #kpop female addition #kpop female oc #kpop female member #enhypen oc#enhypen reactions#enhypen imagines
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