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  • nct-nari
    28.07.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    I'd be more concerned if you didn't wear underwear (source)

    (About Jisung) Whenever he comes into my room he always punches my pillows and plushies (source)

    I don't know her (about herself) (source)

    Can I touch it? (source)

    Can I eat it?

    When the zombie apocalypse happens I'll chose Haechan and Chenle for my team. [Mark: Why?] They are really loud so I can run away whilst the zombies are distracted

    Am I legally viable if I drop him and break his back? No? Okay let's go! (source)

    If you need me I'll be standing in the corner like the Blair witch

    I'll add more as I go

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  • lverspot
    28.07.2021 - 16 minutes ago
    #❪ ⠀ * ⠀ ─── ⠀ WHERE THE FLOWER BLOOMS ⠀﹕ ⠀FACECLAIM. ⠀ ❫ #a lil bit out of range since chinese idols in the kpop industry are a bit scarce 😔 #but they can be aged down <33 #idol oc#aespa#ning ning
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  • twilitune
    28.07.2021 - 50 minutes ago


    ## BASICS !!

    STAGE NAME :: Yooyeon | 유연

    GIVEN NAME :: Baek Yooyeon | 백유연

    BIRTHDAY :: May 1, 1997

    ZODIAC :: Taurus ☉  ‘ Aquarius ☽ ‘ Leo ⇑

    BIRTHPLACE :: Seoul, South Korea

    HOMETOWN :: Seoul, South Korea

    ETHNICITY :: Korean

    NATIONALITY :: Korean

    LANGUAGES :: Native Korean ‘ Basic English ‘ Basic Mandarin

    ## PHYSICAL !!

    HEIGHT :: 168 cm || 5′6″

    BLOOD TYPE :: B+

    PIERCINGS :: 1x lobe

    TATTOOS :: 2

    ## CAREER !!

    PROFESSION :: Idol

    GROUP :: Twilitune

    LABEL :: Imaginaut Entertainment

    TRAINING PERIOD :: 3 years

    POSITION ::  Leader ‘ Main Rapper ‘ Vocalist

    ## FUN FACTS !!

    On IMAG14, Yooyeon ended up at rank 2.

    Prior to debut, she had trained for a year as a Melliminx member.

    Yooyeon, after leaving the Melliminx lineup of trainees, was slated to debut as a soloist, but that was cancelled.

    She’s a trained ice skater and almost did that for her career up until she was street cast by Imaginaut.

    Yooyeon has the highest spicy and sour tolerance of the group.

    She’s known as the member of Twilitune with the most idol friends, or at least she talks about them the most.

    Yooyeon is jumpy around loud, sudden noises.

    She’s the most openly affectionate towards the other members.

    #⧾ ⊹ * ﹆╰ i’ll be the beauty queen in tears ╯// profile . #⧾ ⊹ * ﹆╰ i’ll be the beauty queen in tears ╯// yooyeon . #kpop oc#kpop addition#oc kpop #fake kpop group #oc!kpop #idol oc#oc idol#fic #fictional idol community #⧾ ⊹ * ﹆╰ i’ll be the beauty queen in tears ╯// queue .
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  • skzfairies
    28.07.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    suprise, suprise

    time: february 2020

    pairing: yuri + ateez

    summary: in hopes in cheering up yuri, ateez plan a small suprise for yuri, which leaves the girl smiling harder than she has in forever.

    warnings: mentions of yuri not coming out of her room, not sleeping well, mentions of break-ups

    yuri was currently sleeping on hongjoong’s bed, she was curled up in yuqi’s hoodie, and holding onto the stuffed animal that yuqi won for her, she was surronding herself that was anything yuqi related. and even though it probably wasn’t the best way for her to deal with her heartbreak, it made her feel better slightly, it made her feel like yuqi wasn’t really gone, and that they were still together. even though that was far from the case.

    hongjoong opened the door, and looked in at yuri. he was very worried for the girl, after they managed to convince her to leave her studio after almost a week, she rarely even left her room. she was normally always in her room, but it was never like this. she only came out for a few minutes, but it was much later in the day, and she barely even spared the members a glance.

    they all understood her behavior, and they didn’t hold it aganist her at all. they knew how much yuqi meant to yuri, so they knew that yuri was going to be very upset over their breakup, espically with how rough it was. but it didn’t hurt any less for them knowing all of these factors to see yuri this way. they missed their somewhat scary but bubbly and sweet yuri so much, and they would do anything to get that smile of hers back.

    hongjoong walked closer to yuri, normally she would wake up whenever someone walked in the room, but she had been a very heavy sleeper recently, he fiqured it was due to lack of sleep. yuri admitted to him that she hadn’t been getting a lot of sleep, so hongjoong made sure to be extra quiet whenever she was asleep. but now, he really needed to show her something, and he was sure that waking her up would be worth it.

    so now, he was gently shaking yuri’s shoulder, and gently calling her name, he could hear her stir, so he crouched down to her level, and waited for her to fully wake up. she was so cute when she was sleepy, hongjoong thought this was the moment when she looked her age, and the most pure. her hair was messy, and eyes were more puffy than usual, but hongjoong still thought she was beautiful.

    yuri finally turned to face hongjoong, she looked at him curiously, she wasn’t fully awake, and hongjoong could tell.

    “yuri, i have a suprise for you, i want to show you! it’s in the kitchen, do you want to come see?” hongjoong gently asked, he did have a suprise for her, the members did actually. it wasn’t anything big, but the message was, and he knew that yuri would be touched anyways. she looked up at the bottom of her bed, and layed there for awhile, and then nodded her head slowly and sat up.

    “i’ll come see, let me just..brush my hair...and teeth.” yuri mumbled, placing the bear on the bed and hopped out of the bed. as she was walking towards the bathroom, hongjoong stared at the back of her hoodie, he didn’t recgonize that one at all. she didn’t order anything, and it definatly wasn’t the memers, so that leaves....yuqi.

    hongjoong sighed, he really hoped that their plan worked, it had to. he walked back to the kitchen, and gave a thumbs up to the members, who all were cheerfully smiling, and some were even jumping up and down.

    “guys, please calm down. let’s not overwhelm her, but let’s not be too gentle, that will just make her upset. just....be calm. she’s still a little out of it, so she might be a little confused, just be prepared to repeat yourself.” hongjoong nervously chuckled, looking around the room to make sure everything was in place. all of the members nodded, and waited for yuri to come out.

    when yuri came out, she was not expecting the sight she saw. there were streamers hanging on the ceiling, a banner with the words, “we love you, yuri!” with hand drawn hearts in multiple different colored sharpies, and all of the members standing in a line, smiling at her.

    “what’s...all of this?” yuri mumbled, standing in the hall before the kitchen, still looking around the kitchen in shock. it was normally not this...decorated. it was kinda cute, in yuri’s opinion. it reminded her of school birthday parties when she was younger.

    “we wanted to have a little party for you! i made your favorite dish, too. so you have to celebrate it, you don’t have a choice.” wooyoung said cheerfully, pointing towards the plate of home cooked korean food, and it was in fact yuri’s favorite. she hurridly ran towards it, and looked at it. it looked so good.

    “wow, so you love food more than us? i’m hurt yuri, i can’t believe you.” yeosang huffed, rolling his eyes and holding up a hand up at her face, jokingly looking away from her in hurt. yuri just rolled her eyes at his antics, he was way too dramatic for his own good.

    “i wanted to see it for myself, yeosang. of course i love food more than you guys. just kidding....or am i?” yuri joked, giving the members a mischevious smirk. all of the members laughed and smiled, they were glad to see yuri joking around again, even if it was just for a little bit.

    “no but for real, i love you guys. thank you for doing this, this is just...i don’t have words. that’s in a good way, by the way. and the banner is so cute! who added the hearts?” yuri confessed, running closer to the banner, and pointing up towards it.

    “i did, i thought it needed more color to it.” san said, showing her his hands, that were covered in marker. yuri laughed, she knew that it would be a pain to wash away, and she walked back towards the members, smiling at them. she was touched, she really was. she was still in awe that the members all got together and planned this for her, even if it had been weeks since she really talked to them.

    when things got hard for her, she knew she would always have her boys to lean on, and they would have her. they were each others family, and nothing would change that. they have and will be together through the thick and thin, and none of them ever planned on leaving. yuri could feel a tear escape her eye, and hurridly pushed it away, she did not want to cry.

    “nooo, yuri-ah don’t cry.” seonghwa cooed, running over and wrapping her into a hug, in which yuri returned, leaning her head aganist seonghwa’s chest while he softly stroked her hair. seonghwa always gave the best hugs, he was just so comfortable.

    “i told you she would cry! hand over the money!” yunho yelled, gesturing “gimmie” with his hands, looking around the room while the members groaned. yuri jumped out of seonghwa’s arms, and started softly punching seonghwa’s stomach, causing him to scream out and the members to laugh behind her.

    “why are you punching ME?” seonghwa screamed, welping when yuri changed her punches into tickles, and now he was trying to push her away, while laughing.

    “YOU ALL BETTED ON MY TEARS! THE DISRESPECT????” yuri screamed, and now the members were truly loosing it, because they were in fact, betting on her tears. yunho, jongho, and hongjoong thought she would cry, and the others thought she wouldn’t. now yunho, jongho amd hongjoong all had 2 dollars, each.

    “all the funds go to buying yuri snacks, guaranteed.” jongho said, and yuri immediatly stopping her abuse aganist seonghwa, and running up and hugged jongho.

    “glad i have someone who is on my side.” yuri sharply said, glaring at all of the members jokingly, before returning to standing next to seonghwa, who was still trying to catch his breath. yuri felt slightly bad, so she prepared a bite of the food wooyoung made her, and fed it seonghwa, who smiled and took it. she normally never shared her food, espically if it was her favorite, and if wooyoung made it.

    “hey! i made that for you, not him!” wooyoung screamed, and yuri just stuck her tounge out at him, huffing out a, “yeah, it’s my food. i can do whatever i want with it.”, before taking a bite out of the food, instantly doing a happy dance. it was good.

    the boys let her eat her food, while they ate their own dinner. all of them continued to joke around and mess with each other, all of them happy to be together again. yuri felt the happiest she had in a long time, she could feel all of the pain fade away from her mind for now, and she even forgot she was even wearing yuqi’s hoodie.

    after dinner, they all went into the living room, all agreeing to watch a movie together before going to bed. yuri was sitting in between san and wooyoung, so she knew that this movie night would be fun. maybe more so for the boys next to her, but it would definatly be chaotic.

    “can we watch captain america and the winter soilder, pleaseeee.” yuri whined, interupting the boys that were currently arguing on what movie they wanted to watch, which was going no where, so yuri said the first movie that came to head.

    “yuri, you’ve seen that movie like, one thousang times.” san said, rolling his eyes at her suggestion. it was true, she has watched it many times, but it was still one of her favorite movies. her favorite marvel characters were in it, falcon, black widow, bucky, and captain america, so of course she watched it a lot.

    “and you always fall asleep during it.” hongjoong added, yuri just groaned while the rest of the members nodded their head in agreement.

    “i don’t fall asleep during it! that was like, three times. and it was late at night so that agurment is irrelavent. we are watching it, or i’ll rob you all in your sleep.” yuri huffed, and all of the members laughed while hongjoong just sat back in shock, he was not used to sassy yuri, and the amount of disrespect he just recieved was shocking to him, his mouth going wider when yuri stuck her tounge out at him when she took the remote from yunho.

    “now every one be quiet, and watch natasha be a complete bad ass for two hours.” yuri said, and all of the members started laughing, and began excitedly talking. yuri didnt care though, she knew almost every line, she could probably play the movie in her head, if she wanted.

    about one hour in the movie, yuri did end up falling asleep, her head resting aganist san’s shoulder, and one of her hands holding onto wooyoung’s. both of the members began laughing, which caused the members to look at them in confusion. there was nothing close to funny on the screen at the moment.

    “why are you two laughing?” hongjoong huffed, suspicously looking at the duo when the laughed even harder now, and wooyoung wordlessly pointed to yuri, and hongjoong leaning forward to look at the girl.

    “i told her she would fall asleep!” hongjoong groaned, throwing himself aganist the couch in defeat. after woosan’s laughter died down, all of them silently watched yuri sleep, like the weird men they are.

    “i’ll take her to her room.” jongho said, starting to get up when the members all yelled, “no.” in union. “geez, i try to do anything nice around this household...” jongho huffed and sat back down, turning his attention back to the t.v.

    “i don’t want her to go back to the room, then it will just go back to what it used to be.” san sulked, looking down to the sleeping girl on her shoulder. he really did miss her, and he had so much with her tonight, he wasn’t ready for it to end, not yet at least.

    “san, you never know. maybe she’ll get better. she just needs time, and support. we might have to drag her out of her room like tonight, but she won’t be upset forever. she just needs time to heal.” seonghwa responed, softly sighing. the other members nodded in agreement, she would be okay, they knew it. they would be right next to her, no matter what happens.

    “also, does anyone know who’s hoodie that is?” hongjoong asked, looking around the room at the members.

    “it’s yuqi’s, i remeber her running into my room when she first got it...” mingi said, sadly looking at her.

    “she’ll be okay....right?” wooyoung asked, more to himself than anything, but yuri heard it, she heard the majority of their conversation, she was just too lazy to butt in.

    “i’ll be okay, i promised.” yuri said, and all the members gasped, wooyoung even screamjng next to her. she slowly sat up, and began taking off yuqi’s sweatshirt, now just wearing a black crop top that was under neath it.

    “i just...need time. i still miss her a lot, you know? and...it still hurts.” yuri said, looking at the fabric in her hands, she sniffled then added, “but as long as i have you all, i’m okay.” she looked around the room, and almost cried when all of them ran up to her, crushing her into a group hug.

    “we will never leave you, that’s a promise.” hongjoong said, and yuri could feel her self crying, and smiling. she had her boys, and thats all that matters. she would get through this, it would all be okay in the end.

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  • querenciaofficial
    28.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    name dae

    full name decha apichart

    face claim nicha yontararak

    positions leader, main rapper, lead vocalist, fotg

    birthday october 30th 1997

    star sign scorpio

    big three scorpio ☉, libra ☽, libra ↥

    age 23

    height 165cm / 5’5

    birth place pattaya city, thailand

    mbti esfp

    enneagram 2w3

    sexuality bisexual

    languages thai, korean, english

    trainee length 5 years, 6 months

    gemstone ruby

    ----- ⋆ ୨୧ ⋆ ----

    strengths friendly, confident, flirtatious, bold

    weakness becomes bored easily, looses focus quickly, sensitive

    likes partying, glitter, astrology, skinship

    dislikes spiders, uptight people, cherries, friends who stab you in the back

    ----- ⋆ ୨୧ ⋆ ----

    ✧ her bestfriend is sin of chromatonic. their friendship is sweet as dae has been a fan of hers for a while, before they became friends.

    ✧ dae is really close with her family, especially with her step mother. she comes from a very wealthy upbringing.

    ✧ has three sisters, she is the second youngest. the oldest is dao, she’s 31 and a well known dj. then there’s daw, she’s also 31 but born later in the year, she’s a lawyer. the youngest is dara, she’s 15, and she’s a trainee under serendipity entertainment.

    ✧ flirts with a lot of female idols, as well as her members.

    ✧ plays sweater weather on her vlives and expects nobody to notice.

    ✧ was scouted from her instagram, where she was an ulzzang.

    ✧ in high school, she was a very popular cheerleader. despite looking mean, she was very kind.

    ✧ loves astrology and tarot cards.

    ✧ trained the longest out of all of the members.

    #Kpop#Kpop oc #kpop oc group #kpop fake group #Kpop fake group community #Kpop icons#twice#red velvet#gidle#kpop gg#kpop scenarios
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  • lverspot
    28.07.2021 - 1 hour ago


    hi hi ! i’m persephone n’ i’m here to cater to all your oc needs ! my pronouns are she / they, try and alternate those while sending in your asks, it makes me feel nice 🙏🏾 .

    face claims

    love interests





    group names


    absolutely no nsfw asks, i’m a minor.

    it’ll be nice if you add “please” or “thank u” in your ask, just basic shit when interacting y’know ?

    send as many asks as u feel like u should, it’s never a bother to me !

    i have no ties to the rp / krp community. this blog is for fictional idol ocs. 

    please be specific as possible when sendin’ your asks ! it helps me find what you’re lookin’ for better & quicker.

    let’s have fun and make some cool & interestin’ ocs ! thank y’all sm for readin’ <3 ~

    signed, persephone

    #❪ ⠀ * ⠀ ─── ⠀ WHERE THE FLOWER BLOOMS ⠀﹕ ⠀INTRO. ⠀ ❫ #kpop oc
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  • chrprs
    28.07.2021 - 2 hours ago


              what skeletons are you hiding in your closet?           and who knows about them?

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  • alwaysvivid
    28.07.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #BOP AFTER BOP AFTER BOP AFTER BOP #vivid—disc ! #aes!ocnet #bbkoc #kpop idol oc #kpop oc #kpop idol au #idol au#idol oc #fake kpop idol #bts addition#nct addition #stray kids addition
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  • nctmae
    28.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Mae Fighting Haechan for Renjun

    As we all know, the Dreamies have been showing their affection for Renjun even more lately. Seems like Mae has got some competition.
    How it started:

    Hello DREAM’s Future Night

    “At the soccer field, I ate with Renjun alone.”

    Mae snorted as Haechan continued to confess his love for Renjun.

    “Don’t tease Renjun too much.” Mark said playfully.

    “Guys leave Renjun alone.” Mae said.

    “ Is a love square!?!” Jaemin exclaimed, prompting everyone to add their own input on the “romance.”

    And thus, the chaos began

    UNBOXING of NCT DREAM ‘Hello Future’ Album

    “I got Renjun!”

    Mae proudly showed her Renjun photocards to the group before clutching them close to her heart.

    “Can I just-”

    Mae slapped Haechan’s hand away when he tried to take the photocard, holding it close to her chest.

    “Get your own!” She said, glaring at the boy. She quickly gave a kiss to the card before placing it away from Haechan.

    “I’ll give you mine.” He said, picking up his Jaemin photocards offscreen. Mae seemed to be considering it, before shaking her head.


    드림이 드림콘서트에 왔습니다 💚 | 드림콘서트 비하인드

    “What are you doing?” 

    The boys burst into laughter when they heard Mae’s voice off screen. Chenle grabbed the camera and pointed it towards Mae, who was glaring at Haechan before standing up.

    She had overheard Chenle talking about how in love Haechan was, so she stopped using her phone to listen to the conversation.

    “Ah! Mae’s jealous again!” Jaemin said chuckling.

    “What’s wrong? Come here!” Haechan said, pulling Renjun close to him when he tried to move away. Sighing, Mae moved towards the duo and pulled them apart.

    Instead, she intertwined her fingers with Renjun’s and sat down, sticking her tongue out at Haechan before hugging Renjun.

    I never knew I wanted jealous gf Mae until now

    [ENG/INDO]210709 NCT DREAM Tencent interview 腾讯视频娱乐 Big榜来了

    “I’m Haechan who is always besides Renjun fairy.”

    Mae laughed when Haechan snuggled Renjun from behind. She thought the face Renjun made was funny.

    After playfully glaring at Haechan, it was her turn to introduce herself.

    “I’m Mae who love Renjun fairy!”

    7 Dream Heh VLive

    “You are so cute!”

    Mae laughed at how much Haechan coddle Renjun. She was besides the two, so she got a close look at him giving him affection.

    “I almost want to bite you!” Haechan said, kissing Renjun’s cheek. Mae giggled at how fast Renjun flinched.

    “Let me help you clean it.” Mae said, using her sleeve to “clean” his cheek before giving it a kiss herself.

    “There! All clean!”

    Mae turned away before she could see Renjun’s face go red.

    and SM is telling us that they just became a couple? I call bullshit

    Hello DREAM’s Future Night

    “Haechan and Renjun let’s get it!”

    Mae rolled her eyes when Haechan fell to the floor and celebrated. She did have a hint of a smile on her face.

    “Yah Mark hyung!” Mae said, giving him a look, “ I thought I told you to pair me with Renjun!”

    “Well it’s too late now!” Haechan exclaimed, cutting Mark off before he could say anything to defend himself.

    “But I wanna be with Renjun!” Mae said, standing up from her seat with her arms crossed.

    “Well so do I!”

    The only reason Mae sat down was because Renjun told her too.

    Well that’s the end of the video! Remember that they’re not actually fighting and they’re all supportive of RenMae.
    #24th member of nct #nct 24th member #nct female oc #nct female addition #nct au #nct 127 female addition #nct 127 female member #nct dream female member #nct dream female addition #kpop female addition #nct addition
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  • angelsrealm
    28.07.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #꒰  even angels end up dancing with the devil  ꒱  ... discography #꒰  even angels end up dancing with devils  ꒱  ... edits #⌕ ˒ angels    ៸៸    ʚ! 1004 !ɞ #era 𓆩 ♡ 𓆪 take it! #♡ angelsrealm says  —  tumblr was giving me grief so enjoy the vimeo vid ♡ #aes!ocnet #deluxeocnet#mochiocnet#idol oc#kpop oc #fake idol group #fictional idol group #fictional idol community
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  • loonvtic
    28.07.2021 - 3 hours ago


    NOYA is the solo release of loona member, Nishinoya Miori. Released June 25, it was the second solo release of the Cora subunit.

    [ TRACKS AND EXTRA INFO ] ⠀ ━━ ⠀ ☻ ☻ ☻

    MV DESCRIPTION : LOOΠΔ continues to lay the foundations of their universe, expanding across different world to form one circle. Here, the sun is slowing rising, brought about with chariots by the first of three, Holly.

    Noya is the second of the court. Another girl that comes from nowhere, all Noya has are her eyes.

    A soulful track , Games, confronts a romantic partner who is all talk and no action.

    Holly joins Noya on Movin, offering a means to move on from the hurt found in Games. The two "keep it movin" and hope to find the last to complete their court.

    O1. GAMES

    O2. MOVIN

    originally, noya was supposed to debut with a completely different single but it didn't suit the vibe the company intended for her and the cora unit to have. SO she called in a favor and her tracks were written and produced by bliss' iseul.

    her mv featured all the introduced loona girls, but she was only seen interacting with yves and jinsol.

    the mv was set in the same roller rink as the ones found in new and everyday i love you. however, noya said her world takes places somewhere that's like earth but most likely isn't.

    her solo did vv well with non orbits especially those internationally.

    holly didn't join noya for any of ths stage performances for movin and alot of fans started babbling about mistreatment, but she was just doing other things.

    #⠀ * ⠀ ☆ ⠀ ⠀ predebut era. ⠀ ⠀ —— #aes!ocnet #deluxeoc #loona additional member #loona #loona 13th member #loona addition #fake kpop oc #fictional kpop group #fake kpop boy group
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  • nikosilva7
    28.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    HAPPY LANCE & LUCY DAY!!! 🥺🥰✨💛💜🎂🎊🎉🌟🌺 Un día como hoy pero hace tiempo atrás... Foto de los príncipes de Aross al nacer, Lance y Lucy 🌟🌺💜💛 A day like today but long ago... Photo of the monarchs of Aross at birth 🌟🌺💜💛 #recuerdos #happybirthday #happylanceandlucyday #lanceylucy #lanceandlucyday #lance #lucy #WOF #anime #kpop #kpopers #drawing #oc #originalcharacter #characterdesign https://www.instagram.com/p/CR4elP2Nctw/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • chrprs
    28.07.2021 - 5 hours ago


              what skeletons are you hiding in your closet?           and who knows about them?

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  • baejl
    28.07.2021 - 9 hours ago

    as the dance performance video of perfect world just got out, I'd like to say that jade owned that song and choreography. thank you.

    #twice 10th member #10th member of twice #period. #kpop!oc #idol!oc #kpop imagines
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  • kpopocsyeah
    28.07.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Name: Zero

    Real name: Zhang Jaesun

    Korean name: Zhang Jaesun

    Nicknames: Softie, content provider, baby-boy

    Birth date: May 27, 1997

    Birth place: Daegu, Korea

    Gender: Male

    Pronouns: He/Him

    Zodiac sign: Gemini

    Height: 5'11

    Weight: 137 lbs

    Beauty marks: n/a

    Piercings: ears, bottom lip

    Tattoos: too many to list here lolol

    Blood type: AB

    K-Pop group: BTS

                   ▪️Position: rap, dance, maknae

                   ▪️ Representative emoji: 🐶/🐕

    Company: BigHit Entertainment

    Years trained: 5 years

    Skills: extreme duality, rapping really fast, deep voice

    Special talents: jumping really high, flirting, oddly good at doing makeup

    Languages: Korean, Chinese, conversational Thai, and conversational English

    Favourite self-features: His hands

    Likes: eating, running, rapping

    Dislikes: when the other members are sad, dieting, upper body workouts

    Phobias: gerbils, raccoons, squirrels, any other small creature (besides Jimin)

    Habits: complimenting people, aeygo, skinship

    Pet peeves: being ignored

    Hobbies: writing lyrics, annoying yoongi

    Interests: rapping, dancing

    Favourite food: any

    Favourite drink: redbull

    Favourite type of clothes: comfortable and on the feminine lean

    Favourite movie genre: comedy or marvel

    Favourite animal: dogs

    Favourite colour: dark blue, black, purple

    Family: Zhang Jinhai, mother. Zhang Ahnjong, father. Zhang, Alix, sister.

    Best friends: all of, Got7. Rose, Blackpink. Momo, Sana, Chaeyoung, Twice. Yuqi, GIdle. All of, Stray Kids. Yeonjun, TXT.

    Idol squad: he hangs out with everyone wdym

    Pets: Yeontannie

    Romantic orientation: heteroromantic

    Sexual orientation: heterosexual

    Status: single

    Ideal type: "someone like Jimin"

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  • atzaria
    28.07.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Fly Away


    summary: aria and yunho fly to his hometown.

    note: writers block hit me like a bitch for this post

    era: 2019

    “Flight 610 to Gwangju is now boarding.” The voice of the airport PA system rang around the waiting room where Aria and Yunho sat.

    “That’s us, Mini.” He grinned, just as he has done ever since they arrived at the airport. Aria nodded, standing up and stretching her arms out. She followed Yunho onto the plane, looking at the number of each row before eventually finding her seat.

    “I hope that one day I get to show you around my hometown,” she gave Yunho a warm smile, fiddling with the drawstrings of her hoodie (that she stole from Mingi.) “You’ll really like it,” her voice was quiet, mainly due to the bubbling anxiety about flying. In her 19 years of life, she’d only been on a plane once before, and that was when she moved to Korea. If she didn’t regret watching all the plane crash documentaries before, she definitely did now.

    “Oh yeah? Tell me about it,” Yunho said, noticing her leg slightly bouncing up and down. He placed a reassuring hand on her knee and gave her a look that was full of comfort. Aria could go on for hours about Brighton, and about all the happy years she spent there, going to the beach with her mother and watching the sunset over the horizon. It was their little tradition, every time she finished dance lessons and the sky was clear. Aria’s mother was her biggest inspiration, she always wanted what was best for her children, and always pushed them to follow their dreams. Without her mother’s support and motivation, it was a no-brainer that she would not be here today, sitting with one of her group mates in South Korea.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts. We will be taking off shortly.” Aria’s breath hitched when she heard the flight attendants announcement, shaking her out of the thoughts consuming her.

    Without hesitation, Aria took Yunho’s hand into her own. Her sweaty palms indicated just how nervous about the flight she was, however Yunho’s blushed cheeks were for a whole other reason. He knew his small but rapidly growing crush on the younger singer was wrong. They were in the same group, they’re emerging artists and not to mention, even if he was to confess to her, chances are that she won’t reciprocate the feelings. And besides, any sort of relationship could potentially ruin the strong bond of the group if anything were to go wrong between them. Yunho didn’t want to risk it, so he decided to just keep it to himself. And hope that he’ll get over the crush sooner rather than later.

    Before long, the plane had taken off. Aria’s nerves were soon being distracted by her Nintendo Switch, her full attention now on the game of Minecraft.

    “Isn’t this the game you play with Yeosangie?” Yunho asked, head resting on top of Aria’s as she placed flowers around her house.

    “Yeah.” She smiled. “He’s rubbish though.”

    The hour-long flight landed as soon as it took off, it seemed, making Aria wonder what all the nerves were about beforehand.

    The pair swiftly disembarked from the aircraft, the taller boy leading the way through his hometown airport. Yunho could see how excited she became when looking at the new environment, despite wearing a face mask. The vocalist always noticed how her eyes lit up whenever she smiled, or how she would give her full, undivided attention to anyone or anything that intrigued or interested her.

    “Mini, my parents are waiting for us, I promise we’ll spend more time here later,” Yunho laughed, now walking next to her as they made their way to baggage claim, and then eventually to the car park where the taxi was waiting.

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  • atzaria
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    summary: when ateez are given a week to go back to their hometowns and aria isn't allowed to visit the uk, yunho invites aria to join him.

    note: i wrote this on the way home from the beach so im sorry if theres any errors !! also,, hehe :D

    era: 2019

    The second the CEO of KQ Entertainment announced that the members of Ateez would be allowed home for a week, everyone was exatic. They’d been so busy since their debut 4 months ago, they hadn’t been able to return home for almost a year. It was different for Aria, however. All the other members had family who lived in Korea, and could easily get to whenever they had the time to. Her family was 12 hours away. In fact, she hadn’t seen her parents at all since moving to Korea over 3 years ago.

    “Aria, I’m truly sorry bu-”

    “It’s ok. I understand” She gave a weak smile, wanting nothing more than to be allowed to fly back to her home country and hug her family again. “Besides, I could do with some quiet time in the dorm,”

    She didn’t want to ruin the happiness of the other members, they deserved to go home just as much as she did. If anything, her not being able to go home made her more determined to make sure that the other members had a good time with their own families. There was a special buzz around the dorm that night, each member already packing their bags and facetime home.

    The meeting triggered something in Yunho. He knows that Aria had been having a tough time, and knows that although she may be good, too good sometimes, at hiding her emotions, he still wanted to make sure that she knew that he was there for her, and thinking of her.

    He fell into a daze, watching as she danced around the kitchen to whatever song came up on her playlist. He loved this carefree side of her, how despite feeling down, always puts on a happy face and enjoys herself no matter the situation. She was baking cookies, something she often did when feeling down. Baking was her comfort, something that reminded her of the times she spent with her mother making all sorts of different cakes and treats for charity events.

    Aria span around the kitchen, a wooden spoon held to her mouth as a microphone as she belted the lyrics and danced along to the Blackpink song that had been playing, however quickly regretting all her life decisions as she made eye contact with the man leaning against the counter. Her cheeks rose in embarrassment, whereas he burst out into laughter.

    “How long have you been there-” Aria sighed, hiding her head in her hands. “Long enough,” the tallest member said in between laughs, imitating her dance to ‘Ddu Du Ddu Du’.

    Still laughing, he embraced Aria into a soft hug, resting his head on top of hers. “Shouldn’t you be packing?” She said into his chest, wrapping her arms around his waist.

    “Shouldn’t you be, too?” Aria pulled away from the hug, looking up at the man with a bewildered expression. “But I’m not go-”

    “I was thinking, aaaandddd, how would you like to come to my hometown with me? You know, to see more of Korea.” A wide smile broke out on his face as he asked the question.

    “I wouldn’t want to intrud-”

    “Nonsense.” He cut her off. “I already spoke to my parents, they’re fine with it! They were more excited at the prospect of meeting you than they were seeing me, their own son!” Yunho pulled Aria into another hug. For some reason, her touch was so comforting, he loved the way his arms fit so perfectly around her. He could stay here, holding her forever if he could. Yunho being this touchy with her wasn’t out of the ordinary, every member enjoyed their skinship with Aria. Even Jongho and Hongjoong, who basically have a crisis any time another member comes close to them.

    “I mean, I’ve got nothing else to do. Why not?”

    Yunho’s eyes lit up. A week where he had Aria all to himself. Even the thought of that made his heart flicker with happiness.

    “Great! We leave tomorrow at noon, it’s quite cold there during this time of year, make sure to pack something warm!” He spoke quickly, before subconsciously pressing a light kiss to the top of her head and rushing out the door. The tips of his ears and his cheeks getting redder by the second.

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    summary: aria is left in an uncomfortable situation, thankfully seonghwa and yunho are there to help her.

    note: a lil bit of angst :] requests are open and feedback as ever would be amazing!! have a great day/night <3

    era: 2019
    warning: assault

    Aria fiddled with her rings nervously as she waited to go on stage. It was their first promotion stage for their comeback. The aura backstage compared to their debut was different, going from one of anticipation and eagerness to one of determination yet mixed with some nervousness. They knew that their concept was a risky one, in the era of bright and bubbly k-pop songs to suddenly release a dark and mysterious track, in which they don’t even show their face for the majority of the music video, was rare for even an established group, let alone one who made their debut less than 6 months ago.

    Their Hala Hala stage ended in a blink of an eye, but it went perfectly, just as they practiced. The dance moves fell naturally to Aria, practicing it for so long to the point where it was muscle memory. An indescribable feeling of adrenaline overcame her, wanting nothing more than to go back on stage and perform.

    The group quickly left the stage, making their way back to the dressing room. Seonghwa, Hongjoong and Yeosang crowded round the leader’s phone, monitoring their performance. “We looked so badass!” Yeosang exclaimed, watching as San and Aria started the dance break at the end of the performance.

    The female singer quietly excused herself from the dressing room, desperate to find the nearest bathroom. She never understood why men’s bathrooms were so close and convenient to get to, yet it felt like she had to walk a marathon before she found the women’s.

    Eventually Aria found her destination, and left after a few minutes, not wanting to keep her members waiting on her if they were ready to leave. She walked out the door, but was swiftly halted as someone took hold of her wrist. It wasn’t anyone she knew, that was for certain.

    “I’m sorry, but are you Ateez’s Aria?” He asked, face mask covering his lower face and hand still wrapped around her wrist.

    “Can I help you?” She asked, trying to free her wrist from his grasp.

    “I’m a really big fan! You’re so beautiful, even more so in real life,” He leaned towards her a little more, letting go of her wrist and instead pulling her by the waist into a hug.

    Now Aria was really uncomfortable.

    “I need to g-”

    “Not right now, I’ve dreamt of this moment.” His grip on her got stronger as she felt her heart begin to race faster. Shivers ran down her spine. Aria was beginning to get really scared now.

    “Please let me go, I need to go back to my group,” the man would not budge, finding her quiet and panic filled voice endearing.

    Aria didn’t know what to do, they were in a quiet area of the venue. She wanted nothing more than to get out of this situation.

    “There’s no reason to be scared, Aria. Nothing bad will happen to you. I love you! We’re meant to be together.” Still holding her by the waist, he pushed her against the nearest wall, removing his face mask in the process. He started pressing his lips against her neck and across her face. She felt suffocated. Her breath was getting faster by the second, tears falling down her face.

    “Where’d Ari go?” Seonghwa asked, returning from the stylist's room.

    “Is she not with the stylists?” Hongjoong replied, his eyes fixed on the phone in front of him. “I was just there and didn’t see her-”

    Seonghwa had an instinct that something wasn’t quite right. “I’ll go check the bathrooms,” he said, quickly leaving the dressing room.

    “Please jus-” Aria’s loud sob was quickly cut short by the man pressing his lips against hers, desperate to shut her up. Aria felt sick, disgusting. This was not how she imagined her first kiss to be.

    Seonghwa made his way round the venue, his search becoming more and more frantic. He swore he never felt the amount of anger he did when he finally got to Aria. Without a second to ponder, he pushed the man off of his visibly shaking group mate. “Who the fuck do you think you are?” He shouted furiously, grabbing the attention of staff workers in the surrounding rooms who were oblivious to the situation. The man’s eyes widened as more people came out, before quickly getting up and running off, as if nothing happened.

    Aria sunk to the floor, tears falling out of her eyes at a rapid pace, whole body trembling in fear. “Ari,” his heart sank at the sight of her. He didn’t know what to do, he didn’t know how to approach her without making her feel more uncomfortable.

    “It’s me, Seonghwa-oppa. I’m going to hug you, is that ok?” He sat down beside her, a nod from her coming in response. He held the younger singer in his arms, “I got you, you’re ok,” He could feel her sobs against his chest. Seonghwa sent an alarming text to Hongjoong, hopefully meaning that all the members stop whatever they were doing to get to Aria. He held her in his arms, rocking her softly. Hongjoong and Yunho were the first to arrive, they didn’t say anything, knowing that Aria wouldn’t want to bring up what she went through a few moments ago. Yunho just crouched beside her, his heart breaking into a million pieces at the sight.

    “I wanna go home,” her voice spoke softly, exhausted from what had just happened. Hongjoong nodded, “we won’t let whoever did this to you get away with this, Aria. I promise.”

    “Yunho, can you take her back?” Seonghwa asked, the elder boy agreeing without hesitation. He picked her up bridal style, Aria clinging onto him for dear life. Even through the worst, scariest situations, she still found comfort through Yunho.

    The journey home was full of silence, Seonghwa told the others what had happened, and although all of them were enraged, they kept showing these emotions to a minimum for the sake of Aria.

    Upon arriving back at the dorm, Yunho once again carried a now sleeping Aria to the room she shared with Yeosang and Wooyoung, placing her in the bottom bunk bed and tucking the blanket over her body. Just as he was about to walk out and let her rest, she faintly called out his name.

    “Yuyu?” He immediately turned around, walking back to her. “Please stay with me, I don’t wanna be alone.” Yunho thought for a moment, thinking whether the other occupants of the room would be ok with it, before agreeing and climbing into the bed beside her. She snuggled up into him, before slowly drifting off to sleep in his arms. All he wanted to do was protect her, he wouldn’t let anything like this happen again.

    Maybe, it was worth the risk.

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    summary: after an interviewer says some harsh words, ateez (especially yunho) try to show aria just how she important she is to the team.

    note: ok but why do i want to give aria a hug after this

    warnings: misogyny
    era: 2019

    Aria looked at her reflection in the mirror one last time, before her manager came into their changing room announcing that the interviewer was ready for them. It was a simple radio interview, but those were her favourites. There was no expectation for her to look perfect, or be aware of her visuals the whole time. She found it a lot more laid back and relaxing, which brought out a very confident side in her.

    “Today we welcome outstanding rookies, ATEEZ!” The interviewer introduced them with applause as they did their signature greeting.

    The interview went smoothly, as expected. There were questions about their new comeback, as well as fans' questions. “Here’s an interesting one. So, to point out the obvious, you are a boy group, but with a twist. How exactly did a girl come to be in the group? A bit unusual, don’t you th-”

    “Aria is on our team because she is an amazing talent. Nothing unusual about that. Ateez wouldn’t be Ateez without our Aria, she was the missing piece of our puzzle.” Hongjoong gave the girl a reassuring smile, hoping that was the last of that conversation.

    “But, she is a girl. An attractive girl, don’t get me wrong. But honestly, how don’t you feel that she is holding you back? Surely you’d be better off just the 8 of you” As soon as the words escaped the host’s mouth, Aria’s face fell. No longer did she feel the confidence she felt at the beginning. For the first time ever, she felt like the man’s words were true. Maybe she wasn’t deserving of her place in the group, maybe he was right, maybe Ateez would be better off without her in it.

    Aria’s mind wandered off into a different place, blanking everything else out in the process. The more she thought about it, the more his words hit. There must’ve been a reason why it took her longer to learn the choreo, why she was in the studio recording vocals longer than anyone else. To Aria, she suddenly felt as if it was a mistake ever joining the group. Surely if the host, and the fan who sent in the question, thought like this, who’s to say other people didn’t too?

    Meanwhile, Yunho noticed how absent Aria had become from across the table. The interview continued, the girl only speaking to briefly answer someone but for the majority of the time, her head hung low and her hands fiddling with her rings as some sort of distraction.

    “Ari, are you ok?” Yunho rushed over to her the second they left the room, swinging his right arm over her shoulders and holding her close.

    Her head still looked down as much as possible until they got to the dressing room. “Mini, can you look at me?” He crouched down to her level and just one look at her teared up eyes broke his heart. Aria had always struggled with the force of other people's words. Ever since the KQ Fellaz days, she’d searched up her name on twitter desperately searching for validation and proof that she was liked. But most of the time, she scrolled through the praise comments and only took notice of the negative ones.

    Yunho quickly pulled her into a hug and once again his heart shattered when he felt her silently sobbing against his woolen jumper. The other members looked at the pair in confusion, but Yunho didn’t take any notice of them. All that mattered to him was Aria.

    All he wanted was for Aria to know how appreciated she is. How much she is loved, valued and needed in the group. If it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t have had the motivation to keep training, to keep pursuing what he loves. She has made such a positive impact on all of the members lifes, big or small. Even the little things, like remembering their favourite drink from Starbucks or favourite snack from the convenience store and surprising them with it when they had rehearsal together.

    “I’m sorry,” her voice spoke quietly as she pulled away from Yunho’s warm embrace, which didn’t stop the other members from turning to her. “He was right, I’m sorry,”

    “You can’t be serious,” Seonghwa started, making his way over to the younger member.

    “Aria Lee, you are the most talented person I’ve ever come across. You can’t seriously be thinking that some stupid, old, man can dictate that!” The eldest member’s voice was stern. “YOU make Ateez who we are. You may not realise it, but you inspire each and every member every day.”

    Aria still stood in front of Yunho, his hands holding her gently. “Hyung’s right, if it wasn’t for you, none of us wouldn’t be where we are. You convince Hongjoong to come home, and we all know he would happily live in his studio if he could,” Yeosang said. He’d always had a soft spot for Aria. His experience in his last company wasn’t great, and he most definitely came into the company with low confidence. Coming to think of it, there's a big possibility that Yeosang would’ve given up if Aria wasn’t there for him during that time.

    The group all went around the girl and embraced her in a group hug. They all loved Aria so much, and felt an even stronger urge to make her aware of just how valued and important she is to the group.

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              what skeletons are you hiding in your closet?           and who knows about them?

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