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    17.09.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    of trust and a broken heart.

    CHARACTERS | lex, hyeonju (a girl she meets)

    SYNOPSIS | how lex got her heart broken for the first time.

    POINT IN TIME | early 2017

    WORD COUNT | 1477

    NOTES | i hope this is at least somewhat okay to read

    WARNINGS | mentions break ups, being hurt by someone you love and trust, implies being cheated on, overall not a very healthy relationship

    Lex cursed silently when she felt the hot coffee run over her hand after someone accidentally bumped their shoulder into hers. Trying not to spill any more, she quickly found an empty table in the small café she was in and put it down there before frantically searching for a tissue in her backpack.

    “Oh god! Are you okay? I am so sorry!” The feminine voice to her left made her look up for a second, nodding. “It’s fine, don’t worry!”

    She was happy the words had left her mouth already before she had gotten a proper look at the stranger’s face because she knew herself good enough to know the words would have gotten stuck in her throat. Lex wasn’t one to use big words carelessly but that girl simply looked breathtaking even as she simply pulled out a pack of tissues out of her bag. “Here, have some of my tissues!”

    Before Lex could even react properly, the unknown girl already patted her hand dry with the tissue and smile apologetically. “I’m really sorry! I didn’t see you and just…” - “Don’t worry!”, Lex interfered again, finally got herself out of her trance and took a tissue herself to clean up the mess. “It’s really fine.”

    “Are you sure? I just feel really bad, you know? You can get some ugly burns from coffee! Believe me, I’m talking from experience…” Lex repeatedly nodded her head over and over again, chuckling. “So you’ve been on the receiving end as well?” The girl grinned at her as she crumbled up the used tissue. “More like, I was too dumb to pour my coffee into the mug instead of onto my hand!”

    The two giggled for a bit as they quickly cleaned up the few drops of coffee from the floor. “I’m Hyeonju by the way! Nice to meet you, I guess?” Lex nodded, grinning. “I’m Aeji!”

    The two stood in silence for a few seconds before Hyeonju spoke up again. “How about I buy a cupcake or something for redemption? Which one do you like best?”

    “Actually, I’m kind of in a rush right now so how about you just give me your number and you can buy me a cupcake another time! If that’s okay with you?” Surprised at her own sudden confidence, she bit her lip and grinned unsure. Hyeonju looked at her for a second, slightly taken aback, but a smile came onto her face again. “Sure! Absolutely!”

    “… and that’s how I managed to break my arm by running into a wall.”

    Lex laughed out loud at Hyeonju’s story even though she did wonder how they ended up talking about broken bones. “Maybe you’re just a little too enthusiastic so you see things to late. Like walls… or people…”, she teased and grinned when she saw her pout.

    “I said I was sorry like five hundred times already!” Lex nodded, chuckling at the girl. “I know. And I’ve told you already that it’s fine, I just like to tease you a little!”

    The two looked at each other without saying anything for a bit until Hyeonju spoke up: “At least I got to meet you so that’s cool!” A wide grin on her face she did fingerguns in Lex’s direction, making her laugh again.

    “Thanks for coming to meet me even when you said you’re busy! I really don’t deserve a friend like you.”

    Lex simply ignored the heavy feeling the word ‘friend’ ignited in her and instead focused on Hyeonju sitting in front of her, crying over her boyfriend for about the sixth time this month. Every time, Lex found herself by her side, wishing she would just end things with him.

    “Don’t say that! That’s what friends do, be there for each other, I mean!”

    When Lex heard her phone going off with notifications in the middle of the night, she expected it to be another one of those days when Hyeonju’s boyfriend had been nothing but an absolute dick towards her but when she opened the messages, an involuntary smile spread on her face.

    I broke up with him.

    Lex hated herself for how happy those words made her feel but she couldn’t help it. It wasn’t recognisable in the way she texted her back but internally she was gaining hope again.

    “I just, you know, realised that he wasn’t worth my tears anymore. But mostly, I just realised that my feelings had changed…” - “I never really liked him anyways. All he ever did was hurt you.”

    Hyeonju looked at Lex, smiling slightly.

    “I like you a lot more than I like him.” Lex’s eyes widened when she realised what Hyeonju had just said but tried to cover it up and not make it too obvious. “Yeah, I mean we’re friends, I really hope you like me!”

    She let out an unsure chuckle but it died down rather quickly when she saw that Hyeonju wasn’t laughing with her. “Actually…”, the older girl started, “I meant it in a less… platonic way…”

    Lex felt like time stood still as she tried to process everything. She was pretty sure she wasn’t dreaming so how come it seemed so much like a dream?

    “B-But you just went through a break up so maybe you’re just thinking that, because I was there for you?”

    ‘Good Lex. Make her think you’re not interested. Because that’s what you want to do, exactly.’ Lex sighed internally at her own behaviour but the entire situation just seemed to good to be true.

    “No Lex. I really think I like you.” She shuffled closer to her until she was sitting right next to Lex and almost only whispered: “Way more than him.”

    Suddenly hyperaware of her surroundings, Lex let her eyes roam around Hyeonju’s room, trying to find something she could lead the conversation to even though she wasn’t even sure why.

    “Are you sure?”, Lex eventually asked, “Because I really don’t want to get my hopes up for nothing.”

    From that moment on, everything happened rather fast. The two met up a few more times - their hangouts now officially dates to both of them and just about two weeks later Hyeonju asked her to be her girlfriend.

    Lex was head over heels, she would have done everything for Hyeonju if she had just asked but what do they say? Love is blind?

    What Lex didn’t see were the text messages to so many other people, one hand wasn’t even enough to count anymore. Lex didn’t want to pry so even when she noticed a bunch of new messages, she just shook it off - Hyeonju had quite a lot of friends after all.

    She shouldn’t have, but she was to find that out later.

    Lex sighed, tired, hungry and completely stressed out. Work had kept her busy the last couple of days She didn’t find much time to text Hyeonju, let alone find time for herself to calm down but every now and then she had a bit of time off.

    Do you think we could meet up? I had a few rough days and just want to get my head empty.

    The message stayed on read until the next morning, which is when Hyeonju’s I‘m busy was indicated by Lex’s notification sound.

    Maybe she should have said something then but instead, she just went back to work.

    Communication is key, people always say. It was something Lex learned one day when a simple conversation suddenly became their first big fight over a simple miscommunication.

    Wanting to explain herself, Lex took a deep breath but Hyeonju had left the room even before she could have said a single word. Lex stayed.

    Fights became usual.

    Small things, blown out of proportion and sometimes it was just Hyeonju making up things but Lex didn’t quite see that.

    She still hoped it was just a rough phase and their relationship would go back to normal but sometimes, all hope is indeed lost.

    Their fights reached a peak when they met up again after not having seen each other for about a week - Lex had been busy with work and Hyeonju… Hyeonju had been busy being Hyeonju.

    The conversation went in circles and the words “cheating on me” left Hyeonju’s mouth more than once, even when Lex tried to explain that she had had work to do.

    That day was really the last time the two spoke to each other.

    Hyeonju left after a simple “Let’s break up” and by the looks of it, it didn’t hurt her much. Just a week later Lex saw her leave her apartment complex when she came to try and speak with her once more - her (ex-)boyfriend by her side.

    Lex learned that day that trust enables people to hurt you. She also learned to not make the same mistakes again.

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    17.09.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    7:50 pm //

    pairing: donghyun x fem!reader ft. jangjun

    genre: smut, voyeurism, bondage, fem!receiving

    words: 574

    warnings: 18+ content, read at your own discretion

    summary: donghyun wants to please you so he asks jangjun for help

    a/n: this ones a bit different. ignore all typos cause this is not proofread

    ~ requested by 🦝 ~

    “I want to please her but I just don’t know how,” Donghyun explained, frowning at the reality of the situation. “Just eat her out or something. Can’t you do that much?” Jangjun asked, not understanding why this was such a difficulty for him. Donghyun shook his head. “It’s not that simple. I know I don’t do it correctly and she’s too nice to be honest about it.”

    Jangjun felt bad for him. He knew Donghyun always tried his best to make you happy, both in bed and on the daily. He patted his shoulder. “How can I help you out?”

    Donghyun shrugged. “I was hoping you’d tell me.” He looked at Jangjun expectantly. Jangjun sighed. “Fine. I have a plan.”

    A soft, silk blindfold had been tied around your eyes. Both your wrists were bound to the headboard. This entire situation was completely new for you. Donghyun rarely proposed to get so kinky. But you were looking forward to this. Perhaps he was going to have someone join you. You'd discussed it before and it was something you found appealing. Or more realistically, maybe tonight was finally the night he’d stop holding back and really give you his all. You hoped he would.

    “Donghyun? Are you close?” You called out, a tiny bit concerned because of how quiet the room had gotten. You heard the door squeak open. “I’m here baby. Don’t worry,” Your boyfriend’s familiar voice answered. You hadn’t known he wasn’t in the room. It made you wonder what he was up to. You felt the bed dip near your knees. A warm and calloused hand gripped your thigh, spreading it apart. You giggled nervously, planting both your feet flat on the mattress. “Just sit back and relax,” Donghyun reminded you. The mattress dipped near your waist. You felt Donghyun lean over your body. Soon after, his lips were on yours, soft and warm, moving gently. You hummed and tried leaning as far ahead as you could, craving his proximity. He pulled away from your lips a bit too soon and began kissing down your body, touching the insides of your thighs. With pursed lips, you gasped and waited for some stimulation. He seemed to ponder for a moment. Two rough fingers finally landed on your clit and rubbed a few quick circles into it before moving away. You whimpered in confusion. That was barely anything. Seconds later, two fingers, feeling a little different than last time, repeated the action, paused, and did it again.

    “That feels good baby,” you praised, not wanting him to stop. However, Donghyun paused again, not for too long though, and then resumed slowly rubbing your clit. The louder you moaned, the more bold his touch became. You could tell he was gaining confidence. And he was correct to be, because he was finally touching you just the way you wanted him to.

    As arousal gushed down your walls, you felt Donghyun collect it with his other hand. You felt like he had read your mind when he pushed two fingers inside you. It was as if his mind was lagging. Everytime he touched you, he waited and then continued, wanting to see if he was doing things correctly.

    You wouldn’t deny that he was doing things differently. He had never touched your like this. Therefore you wondered what had sparked this spontaneous event. But what you would never know is that Jangjun was secretly coaching your boyfriend on the sidelines, and those rougher, thicker fingers that you kept feeling every now and then belonged to none other than him.

    taglist: @byeongsung | @jayvoir | @jisungismymom | @lqsience | @jakesavocado | @giveortake | @choijwiss | @treasuretaeil | @bts-txt-ateez | @heeslily | @sunoosi | @dong-hyuc | @borrovvedyoongi | @uwusforateez | @haechanswhore | @abdiitcryy | @minspalette | @jjbeansies | @softforqiankun

    #golden child smut #golden child imagines #golden child scenarios #golden child x reader #donghyun smut#donghyun imagines#donghyun scenarios #donghyun x reader #jangjun smut#jangjun imagines#jangjun scenarios #jangjun x reader #kpop smut
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    17.09.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    Rainy Days ~ Kim Youngbin

    “I don’t think we’ll be going out very far tonight,” you sighed as you walked up the stairs, finding Youngbin laid out on the bed having dressed himself ready for your evening together.

    “How come?” He questioned, sitting himself up properly on the bed.

    “Take a look outside,” you glumly replied, walking across to the window and pulling the curtains apart, allowing Youngbin to take in the downpour.

    Raindrops bounced off of the pathways, landing harshly against the panel of the window, yet the sounds were enough to bring a smile to your face as you admired the force of which the rain fell from the comfort of your own home.

    “I’m quite glad to be honest,” Youngbin chuckled as he stood up by your side, “I quite fancied just staying in and doing nothing with you.”

    “Really? Because after the day I’ve had at work, that’s all I wanted to do too,” you laughed, “I just thought we’d go to the restaurant because you wanted to.”

    Youngbin’s head shook as his arm moved around your frame, pulling you tightly into his chest. He was dressed for nothing, which was exactly how he wanted to be, nowhere to go, but everywhere to be with you in his arms.

    “What do you say to an evening just laid in bed, we can leave the curtain open and watch the rain if you fancy?” He suggested, pressing a kiss to the top of your head, “you get comfortable, and I’ll go and see what I can find in those cupboards downstairs.”

    Your head nodded as Youngbin untangled himself from around you, closing the bedroom door behind himself as he made his way downstairs. Once you were sure he’d gone, you passed your wardrobe by, darting straight for his.

    It didn’t take long before you found your favourite shirt of his, the one that you always wore whenever he went away on tour, changing out of your work clothes in favour of it. You then opened the door, before making your way over to the bed, throwing yourself down in the middle of it.

    After a few minutes, Youngbin made his way back up the stairs with plenty of snacks in hands, dropping them to the foot of the bed once he could reach. His eyes weren’t watching however, instead they were focused on you.

    “I don’t remember giving you permission to wear my shirt,” he teased as he joined you on the bed.

    “Really, I could’ve sworn that was what you said,” you joked, curling back into his side, “I guess I must have just mistaken something you said for permission to wear your shirt.”

    His eyes rolled as his arm moved back around your frame, “now wouldn’t that be all too coincidental, not much sounds like permission to wear my shirt to me.”

    “I guess my hearing must just be particularly bad then,” you smiled in reply, shifting your body so that you had the perfect look out of the window too.

    Youngbin’s head shook as he watched over you carefully to make sure that you were comfortable before allowing himself to settle. Once you began to lay still, he shifted his body so that it was facing you, giving him the perfect view of the rain too, filling his heart with warmth as he enjoyed the comfort of his own home instead.

    For all the places that the two of you could be outside, there was nowhere greater for either of you than being tucked up in your own bed. The only sounds you could hear were each other, and the fall of droplets lingering outside to complete your moment.

    “I like this,” you whispered as your hand moved up to rest against Youngbin’s arm, “it’s been a while since we’ve both just got to enjoy the peace and quiet of the world.”

    Youngbin’s head nodded in agreement as your movement gave him the chance to stretch his arm out, deciding to place it to the top of your head. It didn’t take long before his fingers began to part through the strands of your hair, drawing you in closer to him.

    “Maybe we should do this more often,” he then proposed, “rather than playing fancy meals out and active date nights so often, maybe we should plan evenings at home, where we can enjoy nothing else but the chance to be with each other.”

    “That’s a good idea,” you hummed softly, “I don’t think I’ve enjoyed myself as much in a long time as I am doing right now.”

    Youngbin smiled down at you as you curled further into his chest, “why don’t we just stay here for the rest of the night? We’ve got snacks, a thick duvet, each other, and the beautiful sound of rain to help us fall asleep when we want to.”

    Instantly, your head nodded, there was nothing that sounded greater to you. The two of you had arguably been wrapped in doing so much for so long, both of you had forgotten the simplicity in doing absolutely nothing too.

    Neither of you were willing to let the rain dampen your spirits, instead, it gave you both the opportunity to rediscover a part of your relationship that had gone away. Once again, you could rely on each other, rather than something else to entertain you both.

    The beat of Youngbin’s heart was your only focus as his hands brushed carefully through your hair, absentminded in every little thing that he was doing, but equally enjoying it as much.

    “I could stay here forever,” you whispered softly as you found yourself caught up in a daydream, “there’s a strange magical quality I find rain has that just feels so calming and relaxing.”

    As your head looked up, Youngbin’s looked down, allowing your eyes to meet. “I agree,” he mused in response to you, “from the warmth of indoors, it’s got a gentle effect, it’s easing to listen to like a safety blanket, that’s what our home is really.”

    “It’s our safe space, where we can shut off from the rest of the world.”

    “Exactly,” Youngbin agreed, “this is where the two of us can be, with no one to interrupt us, nothing to disturb us, just you and I. We can lay here, talk, or in silence and just continue to build upon the already wonderful connection that we have with one another.”

    The way Youngbin spoke captured your heart as a quiet hum came from you. “I never imagined myself feeling so comfortable in one space but being here with you right now has made me feel like I could take on the world.”

    Hs hands continued to dance through the strands of your hair as Youngbin made sure that you were as comfortable as possible tucked into his side. It had been some time since the two of you had laid so close, and he was determined to make the most of it.

    The sound of the rain was the perfect crescendo the two of you needed to what had somehow turned out to be the evening. The rain hadn’t forfeited your date at all, instead it had made it better than either of you could have ever imagined.

    “Do you want something to eat?” Youngbin whispered to your ear as he noticed your eyes beginning to flutter.

    “I just want to stay here right now,” you replied in a hushed tone.

    “Let’s stay here, and make sure you get some rest.”



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    17.09.2021 - 59 minutes ago

    Jungkook: You’re not coming with me?

    Jin: Jungkook, I’m not your dad.

    Jin *handing Jungkook a lunchbox*: Here are your sandwiches. I’ll pick you up at five.

    #bts#bangtan#bangtan seonyandan#bangtan boys#bulletproof boyscouts #beyond the scene #bts incorrect quotes #bts incorrect quote #incorrect bts quotes #incorrect bts quote #kpop incorrect quotes #incorrect kpop quotes #bts text #bts text post #bts imagines#bts reactions#bts scenarios#jinkook#kim seokjin#min yoongi#jung hoseok#kim namjoon#park jimin#kim taehyung#jeon jungkook
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    17.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    with the boys | zhang yixing | f

    paring : zhang yixing x male reader

    synopsis : while you went out with the boys for the night, yixing had to entertain himself somehow.

    warning : explicated language, load of cuteness, short

    It was late in the evening, around seven o'clock. M/n stumbled into his shared apartment, slipping off his black ankle boots revealing his childish red striped socks onto the glossy wooden floors. He noticed the lights were still on in the studio, so he brushed the loose strands of his curly black mullet behind his ear making sure none of them got caught in his stud earrings, and investigated. He leaned on the white chipped door frame and peeked around the corner to see his boyfriend surprisingly, doing something peaceful in his life. Yixing sitting with his legs crossed with a canvas in his lap with a thick brush with its edge covered in black ink. "Calligraphy, in the music studio? Interesting." M/n lifted off the door frame and walked behind Yixing draping his arms over Yixing's shoulders. "Mm, you were gone I had to entertain myself somehow. So, I wanted to try something new." Yixing pushed his round glasses up from the bridge of his nose and put the brush down in a cup of water. He placed the canvas to the side of his desk. "How was 'boys night'?" Yixing asked, M/n walking around his chair and crouching in front of him. M/n laid his arms across Yixing's lap, his rosy red cheek to Yixing's cold thigh. "Could have been better, it was fucking cold everywhere." Yixing played with a few strands of M/n's hair, "Well, it's snowing outside, love bug. And you went out with a thin jacket, I told you it was cold." M/n chuckled a little, one of his hands drawing hearts on Yixing's thigh. "Touche, again your always right~ I'm sorry, I listen next time." "You better, I don't want you sick, M'kay?" "M'kay~"

    #kpop#kpop scenarios#kpop scenario#kpop lgbt #kpop male reader #kpop x male reader #exo#exo lay #exo x male reader #exo x reader #lay#zhang lay#zhang yixing
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    16.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    8 months

    25.practically synonyms


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    tag list: @sohyeappy​ ​​​​​@pjmsomnia​​​ @stellarmonsterr @jaehyunicecream @gyuville ​@nameisnotok @straydiks @freckledquokka @jisvng @ukiyolixx @http-hxn @yabukkura @evek95 @sunflowerbebe07 @hannahdinse8 @heythereikea (just ask to be added!)

    #fic; 8 months #seungmin a lil mean #kpop#stray kids#kpop scenarios#skz#han jisung#jisung au#jisung#skz au#han au#jisung angst #han jisung au #han jisung angst #han jisung fluff #jisung fluff
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    16.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    DAD 2PM A⇴Z HEADCANON ⇴ Nichkhun Horvejkul


    Before pregnancy you were sure that there was no chance that Nichkhun could get even more affectionate with you, but as soon as you fell pregnant, he managed to prove you wrong with how often he was around you.

    B ⇴ BUMP

    Nichkhun absolutely loved doting on you with your bump, especially towards the end of your pregnancy. Things like tying your shoelaces for you were jobs that he loved doing, knowing that you relied on him made him feel important helpful, having spent most of the time feeling helpless whenever you suffered as a result of pregnancy.


    He didn’t care at all what you craved, if you wanted something then Nichkhun was more than happy to get it for you. As he reminded you every single time, you were his priority, and if he could help you out in any way, no matter how strange of a request it sometimes was, he was happy to do so if it made pregnancy easier for you.

    D ⇴ DUE DATE

    Your due date was something that Nichkhun didn’t like to think about too much as it felt like a pressure on the two of you. Whilst you were both organised and prepared for your baby to arrive, focusing on one day felt too overwhelming for him, instead he was happier counting down the weeks, and then once you reached full-term, it felt as if every single day was a waiting game to see when your baby would arrive.


    More than anything else Nichkhun loved to sit down and talk with you about the future and where you saw yourselves, and your baby going, once they were here. He loved to try and figure out the sort of appearance and personality that your baby would have as they grew older, telling you all of the traits he hoped that they inherited from you, and the ones that he hoped that they would inherit from him as well.

    F ⇴ FAMILY

    Having family all over the world meant the two of you ended up having to do plenty of video calls to make sure that everyone knew you were expecting. You ended up having to write down a list to make sure that you didn’t miss any of your immediate family out, factoring in work schedules and time zones to make sure that you didn’t disturb too many family members at inconvenient times with your happy news.

    G ⇴ GENDER

    You knew that there was no way Nichkhun would be able to wait to find out the gender, whilst he was convinced that you were having a boy, you were sure that it was a girl, and so the two of you decided to place the choose of location for dinner as a waver to bet what the gender would be when you found out at your scan.


    Listening to the beat of your baby’s heart was always one of Nichkhun’s happiest moments, being able to hear such a strong sign of life always knocked him for six. Being able to hear that your baby was healthy meant a great deal to Nichkhun, it was always incredibly reassuring for him to know that things were going alright.

    I ⇴ “I LOVE YOU”

    More than anything else, Nichkhun’s actions and sweet gestures would let you know that he loved you. He was always surprising you with your favourite things to keep you smiling and positive, as well as to also make sure that you always knew how appreciative he was of you for carrying his baby so healthily.


    He had his moments from time to time when he’d feel a little jealous of other people being around you, but for the most part Nichkhun was on cloud nine throughout your pregnancy. You knew that his jealousy mainly came from a desire to have his family with you guys too, to be able to watch them obsess over your bump did like your friends too, but unfortunately you were playing with the cards that life had dealt you.

    K ⇴ KICKS

    Feeling your baby’s kicks were the perfect round offs to whenever Nichkhun would start to get deep with you about the future. It was almost as if your baby could understand what was being said as they’d kick at the end of certain sentences or questions as if to let the two of you know exactly how they would be.

    L ⇴ LABOUR

    Watching you in labour was horrible for Nichkhun, he felt helpless as he watched you suffer through the pain. The grip that you had on his hand was enough to let him know that you were struggling, and although he could say and hold you a lot, none of it could completely take away your pain. The one thing he made sure to do was always do what you asked, as long as you knew that he was there, that was all that mattered.


    He would always try and wake a little bit earlier in the mornings so that he was awake for when you’d inevitably rush into the bathroom. Nichkhun would follow straight behind you so that you didn’t have to spend a second of your morning sickness alone, feeling his hand run along your back from the very start until the very end.


    Nichkhun absolutely loved showing off to you when it came to the nursery, he made sure to only buy the best for your baby when it came to decorations, trying to put as much of it together alone as possible to flex to you too.


    He was obsessed with your bump, Nichkhun was completely fascinated by it, whenever you were around it was instinct for his eyes to land on it and admire how you went about your day whilst managing your bump.


    After you gave birth, Nichkhun didn’t leave your side, he was determined to stay with you out of fear that something might happen to you. Seeing you unsteady on your feet for a short while stunned him, and so he made sure to always support you with one arm around your waist whilst the other held your baby tightly against his chest.


    You would often hear Nichkhun come home from his day asking you if you wanted to see something as he carried through yet another item that he’d bought for your baby that he just simply couldn’t say no to.


    He loved to track how your baby was growing every single week after being bought a book by Wooyoung that compared your baby to a size of an everyday object for every week that passed. Whilst you feared the size of what was growing inside of you, Nichkhun was fascinated with how quickly things could change and grow.

    S ⇴ SCANS

    Nichkhun always had envelopes on him whenever the two of you went to a scan, and then when you got the photos, he’d place as many copies as he had into envelopes, posting them off straight away to various members of your families so that they had something physical with them abroad to remind them of your pregnancy too.

    T ⇴ TEST

    You’d both decided some time ago that you wanted to try, but every time was unsuccessful. Just when you began to wonder whether it wasn’t meant to be, you felt yourself turn, taking a test in the hope it would be the one.


    His whole day was cleared whenever he knew you had an appointment so you could spend morning, afternoon and evening together too.

    V ⇴ VISITS

    With your families away, you invited the boys round first to meet your baby, and to also take advantage of the help that they offered. All five of them were round as soon as you text to offer their support to all three of you.


    For the most part, Nichkhun was patient, although he loved to think about the future, he was happy living in the moment as well.

    X ⇴ XXXX

    When he was around your bump, it was instinct for Nichkhun to kiss against it, especially whenever your baby kicked, giving them a sign that was there and that he was able to feel every little thing that your baby did.

    Y ⇴ YOU

    You were his inspiration, how strong you were completely blew Nichkhun away.

    Z ⇴ ZZZ

    Nichkhun always made sure to be there for you at night, anything at all that he could do to help you fall asleep would be done without any complaints, even if it meant a late trip to grab you some bits to satisfy your cravings too.



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  • soravrse
    16.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    how my poor heart aches

    CHARACTERS min sora [nct female addition] unknown female

    SUMMARY sora just wanted ice cream. but the night took a far more sinister turn quickly.

    WARNINGS sasaeng, stalking, violence, violence used as self defense

    WORD COUNT 2,440

    NOTE please if you are sensitive to the warnings above, please do not read! send me an ask and i will summarize this writing for you.

    OCTOBER 2017

    Sora wasn't even supposed to be outside.

    The members were under the impression that the girl was locked away in her room for rest time like she always is after practice. But here she was, a vanilla ice cream in hand, alone in the dark with only few street lights helping her find her way back home to the dorms. She knew where she was, she was on the same street where Chenle tripped and scraped his knees a few months back. She couldn’t remember the exact name and she couldn’t exactly see the street sign, but she knew where she was. Not that she needed to, the direction back to the dorms was practically imprinted in her brain by now.

    Her footsteps were light as she continued to eat her ice cream, needing to have it close to finish by the time she got back in case she got caught sneaking back into the dorms. She wasn’t supposed to be outside and alone at dark, always needing her manager to go with her or at least another member. Honestly, she didn’t like being outside in the dark alone either but she was really craving ice cream and Jisung had just finished the last bit of it the other night and she knew none of the members would be willing to go with her and she didn’t want to bother Seolhee, especially after the week her manager had.

    Sora bowed her head slightly at an older woman as she crossed paths with her, her mask pulled down to her chin to show her small smile. The street light across from her flickered, making her glance up in acknowledgement before she continued on her way. The older woman had been the only person she passed along the way, but that was alright with her. She really didn’t want to come across a fan.

    As she was passing by the small corner store her and the members would always go to, her ears picked up on the light jingle of keys. The only keys she had was the dorm key and her room key. They wouldn’t make a sound like that, sitting in her pocket. Her head turned to the side, able to see the silhouette of a body walking behind her. She faced the front, slowly down her pace a little and walking closer to the outside part of the street. She hoped they would’ve picked up their pace to get in front of her or something, but they didn’t. Their pace was the same, and a little ways behind her.

    Sora’s shoulders hunched over, grip on her ice cream cone tightening as she quickened her pace. Maybe it was a bit ridiculous to be cautious, but she was a girl. Sue her. She had gotten a bit ahead the person behind her until she heard footsteps, realizing with a small start that they were walking faster as well. And they were still right behind her.

    She blinked, eyes going out of focus as her hand trembled a bit and went inside her jacket pocket where her phone was. She went to take it out as the person gained onto her, only to fall short as the person turned their head and met her gaze. The person was a girl, looking just a bit younger than her. The girl sent her a small smile, turning her own eyes back in front of her and jogging further up ahead until she was out of sight.

    “Jesus,” she stopped in her tracks, letting out a disbelieving breath. It was just a girl her age, nothing to be scared of. Sora shook her head at herself before continuing her walk to the dorm, taking a bite of her ice cream.

    As she turned around the corner, she didn’t expect to come face to face with the girl from just a few moments ago. The brunette girl had a smile on her face as her eyes roamed Sora rather eagerly. Sora took a step back in shock, eyes widening as her heart pounded loudly in her chest.

    “Hi!” The girl bounced up and down in excitement, “I’m such a big fan of you, Min Sora! I can’t believe I just came across you like this.” She giggled, brushing a piece of her hair back from her face. “Isn’t it a nice night? We’re all alone.”

    Sora didn’t say anything, simply staring at the girl in shock as a fist tightened around her heart. The girl simply stared back, tilting her head when she didn’t respond. The girl didn’t seem to notice anything wrong with the way she phrased her sentences, or the way she snuck up on Sora as she was turning the corner.

    “I— Yeah, it’s a nice night,” Sora agreed quietly, eyes darting around. The girl was right, they were all alone. A light was flickering across the street, allowing her just enough light to be able to see the girl’s face. A shudder ran down her back and she took another step back, the girl following this time. Dread struck her. “Um, I’m glad you like me so much.” The moment it left her mouth, she knew it wasn’t the right thing to say.

    The girl’s face brightened up, “I knew you would! A lot of people don’t like you, you know? But I knew you were special, you have to be if you debuted in a boy group as the only girl! Especially with you being so talented and able to dance on a hoverboard!” She chattered on, not noticing Sora’s growing unease. “People at my school are really mean, all they could talk about was you when NCT Dream first debuted … They said things like you’ll ruin the group, that you’re dating one of the members or like, multiple at once! Or that you even … did things to get into the group.”

    Sora knew exactly what she was talking about, she remembered reading the comments left on articles about her and the tweets about her. She knows everything they said about her, every disgusting thing. Some things she shouldn’t have read at the age of fifteen.

    That wasn’t her main concern right now, though.

    The look on the girl’s face hardened, eyebrows raising, “You didn’t, did you?”

    “No,” she immediately blurted out, shaking her head, “I would never.”

    The girl’s face relaxed, a smile appearing again, “Good. I knew you wouldn’t. You’re too pure.” Pure? God, she gulped down whatever was about to come up.

    Sora knew she had to leave, as quickly as possible. She glanced at her ice cream before looking back up at the girl, “Well, I have to get going. It is late, you know,” she chuckled uneasily. “It was nice meeting you, though.”

    “But I’m not finished,” she pouted, side stepping into Sora’s way when the dark haired girl tried to move around her. “I still want to talk to you! Can I have your number?”

    “Oh … I’m not allowed to have a phone,” she lied, shaking her head. “I’m sorry,” she thought her heart was about to burst out of her chest with how fast it was beating. “I really have to get going.”

    “No!” The girl yelled, shocking Sora as she jumped, ice cream falling down to the ground in shock when the girl grabbed hold of her wrists harshly. “You can’t leave me. I said I wasn’t done talking.”


    “I thought you were nice!” The girl’s lip turned up in disgust, “But you’re just like the rest of them.”

    “I—I really do want to stay, though!” Sora scrambled for something to say to placate her, knowing from watching crime shows that she had to ease the girl down, even with the girl’s tightening grip on her wrists. “I do, but I can’t because I’ll get in trouble with the staff and— and—”

    “I can take care of the staff,” she scoffed and rolled her eyes. “You don’t need to worry about them.” Her thumb pressed into Sora’s pulse harshly.

    “You’re hurting me,” she whimpered out, unable to prevent herself from saying it. Her face was twisted in pain, brows furrowed harshly. “Please, please stop. It hurts.”

    The girl’s face dropped, “I’m so sorry, Sora,” she loosened her grip on her wrists, a sigh of relief falling from Sora’s lips. It was only a second later that Sora’s foot reached up and kicked the girl’s knee in harshly, not sticking around long enough to watch the girl crumple to the ground in pain.

    Sora’s legs pumped up and down as she ran the quickest she’s ever ran, not even in the pacer test for gym class, hearing the agonizing scream of pain coming from the girl behind her. Labored breaths left her mouth harshly as she forced herself to go even faster, not wanting to allow the girl to have the chance to catch up to her.

    Adrenaline rushed through her veins as she carried herself through the familiar street of where they’d often get takeout from. She remembered the first time she came there with Jaemin and Mark by her side.

    The dorm building came into view and she let out a sob of relief, pushing herself a bit further. Her legs burned in pain, and she knew she’d have a hard time at their next practice. The security guards straightened their backs when they noticed her rushing forward in their direction, concern on their faces but neither stopped her as she pushed past them and into the warm lobby.

    Sora could finally stop running, slumping against the wall in exhaustion as her legs begged her to rest. She fell onto the floor slowly, sitting on the ground with her legs outright in front of her. She stared up at the white ceiling, yellow light unfocusing in her vision as she caught her breath. Her chest heaved up and down harshly, small gasps for breath leaving her mouth.

    Her vision blurred as she slowly thought back to what had just happened, shoulders starting to shake violently as she held back cries. The girl following behind her, making her think she was safe for just one moment, then startling her from around the corner, her words— the way she phrased them … and the way she gripped her wrists so tightly. She brought her arms up to her chest in a protective way, cradling her wrists carefully as she touched the tender parts. She’d be surprised if they didn’t show up as bruises.

    Tears slipped down her face, head falling down to her chest. The hand gripping her heart tightened, almost threatening to squeeze once more and crack. She bit down harshly on her bottom lip, not wanting anyone to hear her, but she did a poor attempt at concealing her cries. She slowly stood up, knowing it was time for her to sneak back into the dorm before anyone noticed. If they hadn’t already, she corrected herself when she saw the time on the clock above the lobby desk. It was nearing eleven, and she had left at nine thirty. She didn’t mean to be gone for so long. She wasn’t supposed to be gone for so long.

    Sora kept her head bowed as she made her way to the elevator, tears still cascading down her cheeks with small sniffles and her shoulders jumping with each hiccup leaving her. The stupid soft elevator music met her ears as the woman’s voice counted up the floor levels as she rested her back on the railing. Her eyelids were heavy as she stared at the elevator door, head lolling back against the wall.

    She swallowed the lump in her throat as the elevator stopped on her floor, wiping her tears quickly as she made her way off. She caught sight of a mirror and stood in front of it, examining her red cheeks and swollen eyes. If she ran into anyone on her way to her room … She guessed she’d have to fess up and say she was outside. But she didn’t know yet if she would say anything about the girl.

    Sora didn’t want to worry her members but she also knew it was important for them and the company to know about the girl just in case. But what if she never saw her again and it looked like she was lying for attention? She didn’t want any negative feelings towards her.

    Before she backed away from the mirror, she noticed her cheeks were now to their usual pale color and her eyes weren’t as swollen. Good. She got her keys out from her jeans back pocket, feeling the cool surface as she unlocked the door quietly. She tiptoed into the dorm, shutting the door silently behind her and took off her shoes. She could hear the sounds of Jeno’s video games coming from his room, along with the loud laugh of Chenle’s coming from his and Jisung’s room.

    Silently, she made her way through the hallway, all doors shut. Renjun poked his head out from the dining room, catching her off guard when he called her name. He eyed her jacket but didn’t say anything, instead holding out a stack of envelopes and said, “Manager dropped off fan letters. Here’s yours.” He then caught sight of her face and squinted, “Sora?”

    “Thanks,” she said quickly, grabbing the stack and holding them to her chest protectively. “Are Mark and Haechan coming over tomorrow?”

    “I don’t know,” he allowed her to change the subject for a moment, eyes scanning her face for any sign of— well, anything. “Get some sleep, OK?”

    “OK,” Sora agreed quietly, not letting him have the chance to say anything else to her and making her way to her room. She felt his eyes watching her, but she didn’t turn back as she swiftly unlocked her door and shut it behind her. She threw herself on her bed, stack of envelopes falling beside her as she breathed in and out.

    Swallowing roughly, she pushed the letters off her bed and got underneath the covers, not bothering to take off her street clothes no matter how much she knew she should. Her eyes lifted to the only window in her room, staring at the darkness through the lilac curtains. She was fine. She was safe. Their dorm was several stories high, no one could climb the building without dying. It was impossible.

    But she was still terrified.

    Sora’s body shook with soft cries, head nestled underneath her blanket in the darkness as the world went on around her. Why did it have to be her?

    #—     ❛ 𝑮𝑰𝑹𝑳𝑺 𝑫𝑶 𝑰𝑻 𝑩𝑬𝑻𝑻𝑬𝑹 ❜     ›    dev #—     ❛ 𝑮𝑰𝑹𝑳𝑺 𝑫𝑶 𝑰𝑻 𝑩𝑬𝑻𝑻𝑬𝑹 ❜     ›    sora #deluxeocnet#mochiocnet #aes!ocnet #nct imagines#nct scenarios#nct angst#kpop angst #kpop female member #kpop oc #fake kpop idol #fake kpop group #fake kpop addition #kpop addition#kpop au#nct addition #nct added member #nct additional member #nct female addition #nct female member #nct female oc #nct female subunit #nct female unit #bts addition #bts female addition #fictional idol oc #fictional kpop group #idol oc #kpop idol oc
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    Jaehwan: *spills a bowl of popcorn and then eats it off the floor]

    Woojin: Stop it!

    Minhyun: Let him go. I don't want to vacuum it.

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    stray kids reaction - hickey

    ✉ anon asked: could you maybe do the other skz member‘s reactions when they see your hickey from your s/o??

    ˘ ° thank you for requesting and i hope you like it !

    bang chan

    he would either pretend he doesn't see it or take you aside and have a talk with you. he probably won't pry too much, but he'll just warn you to be more careful so no one else sees it. maybe he'll even ask the make-up ladies to help with covering it up.

    lee know

    he'll just give you a side look and a nod of acknowledgment. it's none of his business, but he'll probably suggest to you that you and your sweetheart ;) try to keep it on the down low.


    he won't say anything. not a word. to you at least.

    he will have a word with someone to cover it up. and have a good talk with that not-so-careful member who did it.


    he just, kind of, stops in his tracks. you know how when something inconvenient happens he just freezes up for a second or two? yeah, that's how he would react.

    he would recover quickly and just shoot you a quick look meaning something, but hard to decipher and that would be it from him.


    "oh. my. god!"

    the poor guy is simply shocked that: a) you actually walked out with a hickey and didn't cover it and that b) the member who gave it to you was bold enough to do it in plain sight. manners, people, manners.


    "hey, how are you? good? i'm great! just wanted to show you-"

    he would diligently manage to cover up the evidence before anyone else sees and before you notice. he will have to have a talk later with a specific friend of his (subtlety, my friend).


    "hey, so, i just wanted to warn you that people have started noticing it so do you want me to talk with the make-up ladies or someone to help cover it up?"

    he would be so kind and understanding to not make you uncomfortable. while he might be somewhat upset by the member who left the hickey in plain sight, he would first make sure no one confronts you about it. and then later he would confront the member >:)


    "oh my my, what do we have here?"

    he'll tease you to no end. you gave him the material to work with and he'll make do. you won't be his only victim though, don't worry.

    the only other downside is him pestering you nonstop for the next 2 weeks. (he'll help you cover it up though :))

    (gifs are not mine, © to the owners)

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    Namjoon: Let's do a family game night!

    Taehyung and Jungkook: Yeah that'll be fun!

    Cop: We need to take statements from all of you.

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    A/N - Hey! This is just something I’ve been slowly working on for a while now. I thought I’d post this while I’m working on requests and also because I think I’m finally happy enough with how it’s turned out ☺️

    It’s amazing how something you usually find so causal and comforting now suddenly puts you on edge. Never before had you felt so uncomfortable being so close in proximity to your best friend Juyeon. The way his arm is linked through yours, his fingers drawing delicate swirls along your forearm as you sit closely together in the dark room, the only light coming from the tv.

    Subtle skin-ship is something that Juyeon has done since you’ve know him, a mindless habit he has that, although you’ve never bought up with him, makes you feel safe.

    Except for right now. And it’s all Younghoon and Chanhee’s fault.

    If they hadn’t teased you about your feelings for Juyeon, or so they adamantly believe, you never would have thought so deeply about every little ounce of contact or interaction between you and your best friend. To put it plainly, you’re insecure because of their opinions.

    It’s evident you feel tense, the hairs on your arms raised as goosebumps appear in the wake of the patterns he draws. You’re hyperaware of Juyeon’s fingers as they softly trail along your skin but you’re sure he’s none the wiser to your reaction. From your peripheral vision you can see his wide eyes focused onto the movie playing out on the tv in front of you. You, however, couldn’t care less what was going on, the characters so dull and one dimensional and the plot was so confusing that you didn’t want to even try to keep up with it.

    You gasp when out of the blue the scene takes a turn for the more romantic, shifting awkwardly and clearing your throat as you shuffle away from Juyeon a little. You were definitely not expecting for the two main characters to suddenly begin ripping each others clothes off in the animalistic fashion they are; growls and gritted teeth chewing away at the other in an attempt to have an interesting twist on the classic passionate love scene.

    You shyly gaze to look at Juyeon, his hands now calmly placed in his lap, having drawn away from you when you’d moved. He’s still fixated on the screen, his expression unreadable and his lips etched in a firm line. You can tell he’s suppressing the awkwardness he feels, judging from the way he gulps. Not that that provides you with any more comfort as you flicker your gaze briefly back to the tv to see that it’s only getting more and more intense.

    “I-” you begin, your face growing hot as the moans from the tv begin at the exact same time you decide to speak. “I’m going to get another drink.” You squeak, head bowed low as you hurriedly stand from the sofa and rush away into the safety of the kitchen.

    For the first time Juyeon’s focus isn’t on the tv, instead his gaze follows you as you get away. He had no idea the movie he’d chosen to watch had a scene of such nature and the fact that it had so clearly made you uncomfortable worried him.

    Closing the fridge and frantically opening the can of soda, you quickly chug as much as you can to calm your nerves. You know you’ve made it too obvious now, Juyeon’s bound to have realised how affected you are and yet, you are really hoping he hasn’t.

    Why did you have to let Younghoon and Chanhee get into your head like this! It’s not like they know how you or Juyeon feel about each other. You can think of plenty of friends that have loads of skin-ship, theirs being one of them. And you refuse to admit that Juyeon could feel anything for you that isn’t platonic, so where’s the issue with being close?

    “Are you ok (Y/N)?” You jump out of your dizzying thoughts, standing bolt upright as your shocked eyes land on Juyeon’s concerned gaze.

    “I’m fine, really.” You meekly smile, “That scene just caught me off guard.” You let out an awkward chuckle afterwards. Neither of you are sure where to look, a silence settling between you that leaves you unsure of what to say next.

    You’re not sure how you would describe the feeling you have towards Juyeon in this moment; alien-like possibly? Whatever it is, you know something is off between you. You can tell from the way he’s hardly able to look at you, his eyes constantly flickering back and forth between you and the floor.

    Just as you notice Juyeon is about to speak up a sudden burst of noise interrupts. It makes you jump as you hear voices echo around you and the sound of the front door slamming shut a second afterwards.

    “If I was trying you never would have won.” Eric rolls his eyes, his comment falling on Jaehyun’s deaf ears as he laughs the youngers jealous comment off. It’s apparent that they’ve gotten into some lighthearted dispute between them on their way back home, not that you can keep your mind focused onto their sassy comments.

    You do notice, however, that you find yourself unable to wipe the dazed-like look from your face as you watch them both causally stroll into the kitchen where you and Juyeon are stood and begin opening cupboards, retrieving drinks and snacks without batting an eyelid at you both.

    It’s not until their talking simmers down that Jaehyun notices you, his brows instantly furrowing in confusion as he eyes your tense posture.

    “What’s going on here?” He tilts his head, gaining Eric’s attention from his phone screen as he leans up on the counter next to him.

    “We were just watching a movie.” Juyeon responds quickly and it comes out sounding like an excuse when reality is it’s true.

    “In the kitchen?” A devilishly cheeky smirk appears on Jaehyun’s face. “Where there’s no tv?” He adds, an amused laugh escaping him.

    “No, in there.” Juyeon points to the living room behind him, his expression the complete opposite of his friend’s.

    “Why’s it so awkward between you then?” Your attention flickers to Eric as he narrows his eyes in suspicion. You can sense that he’s sussing things out, and knowing that he is usually quite quick to catch onto these sorts of things, it’s only a matter of time before he blurts something you don’t want to hear.

    You cast an unsure gaze to Juyeon, hoping he gets the message from you to quickly turn the conversation away from yourselves.

    “We were just having an argument.” Your eyes almost pop out of your head with how wide they go at his sudden excuse. That was definitely not what you were thinking he’d come up with, but really you should have known better than to put Juyeon under pressure like that. It’s never turned out well previously. The only response you can give is a forced laugh, hoping you’ll simply come across as flustered.

    You watch Jaehyun and Eric exchange glances before the former speaks up.

    “Okayyyy, we’ll leave you to it then.” Jaehyun pushes himself off from leaning back against the counter, making his way out of the kitchen. Eric instantly follows without a word; quite unusual for him, but you do notice the sly wink he sends in Juyeon’s direction as he walks past.

    You’re officially dumbfounded. As is Juyeon, judging by the way he creases his brows at Eric in response.

    “They definitely think there’s something else going on between us, don’t they.” Juyeon rocks back and forth on his feet, hands stuffed into his jean pockets as you notice him trying to suppress the deep blush that begins to creep up his face.

    “Probably.” You shrug. “But there’s not, right?” You shoot your friend a questioning gaze, silence once again settling between you. You instantly regret asking that, your hands becoming more and more clammy as the silent seconds pass.

    “It feels like everyone thinks we’re secretly dating though. Just yesterday I had Sangyeon asking me about us.” Ah Sangyeon and his love of love, it always brings a smile to your face whenever you see him get excited by the prospect of it.

    It’s incredibly endearing how much of a hopeless romantic he is. You even remember when he “accidentally” made Changmin and Eric kiss as forfeit at the last game night just because he finds it so amusing. And you love that about him. Except when it concerns you and Juyeon.

    Instead, it makes you feel somewhat queasy… not in the repulsive way that most people associate the feeling with. But, rather, in a stomach twisting, heartbeat racing, head spinning, euphoric way.

    “Pft, that’s ridiculous!” You awkwardly chuckle. Now you’re just as flushed as each other. “I had the same thing with Younghoon and Chanhee too.” You add, hoping that if you keep the conversation going then you won’t focus so much on how hot the room has become.

    What you don’t notice, while you begin to ramble away about how persistently annoying that had been, is how Juyeon’s whole demeanour changes. He’s no longer feeling timid about sharing how he truly feels about you because now he can see that you feel the same.

    “Is it though?” You freeze upon hearing Juyeon’s question, forced smile falling off your face. “Is it ridiculous?” He repeats for clarity.

    You notice how his tone, despite being soft, is serious. His expression matching and his eyes now intently staring into yours.

    It’s like being in a trance. You can see him moving closer to you and his arm reaching out to touch yours. But you can’t seem to break away from his stare.

    “N-no.” You breath. “It’s not.”

    You mimic the warm smile that slowly stretches across Juyeon’s face at your confession, simultaneously noticing the little patterns that he draws on your arm with the pad of this thumb. You instantly relax. Just knowing that he’s not scared is all you need.

    “Ew! What were they watching!” You hear Eric shout in disgust, Jaehyun’s laughter following after. They must have seen the scene paused on the tv.

    “Maybe we should get out of here before they tease us.” Juyeon suggests, grabbing your hand in his with an elated grin when you nod in agreement.

    It’s safe to say that from then on neither of you had to worry about any more accusations from your friends. Although, the incessant teasing and pestering might not go way anytime soon.

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    I feel like Chan whips out a new drink in every episode it's quite cute actually 🥤

    Insta - @thevampywolf

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    Claw To Bullet Chapter 37 Golden Tiger

    Summary: They were your family. Until Taeyong gave you that damn mission.

    Genre: NCT Mafia AU!

    Warnings:  Angst, language, lmk if I forgot sth



    @je0ngjaehyun @kpopnightingale @yasmini24 @sweetmoonlight9 @andrea-chanel @sunjayluv @morklee02 @xiaojunssexyeyebrows @choidokim @everrrlasting @kimy-nctzen06 @oh-itsnothing @tyongpoetry @taeil123-blog @miinamalist @12am-musings @jung-breadshop @lovingvanna @rensunjun @01junnie10 @megdoienalds @honeyyypeach @lostheretics @ikuncthevision @sanislifealways @whysoserioussssss @pewpewpwe00 @jakeycore @urlocalnctstan @exfolitae @t-k-b-z @xcharlottemikaelsonx @yunho-leeknow @fifty-shades-of-mischeif @notyourwriteer @avianawrits @ne0yong

    Taeyong smirked as he crossed his arms while smirking. He slowly walked towards the couch with his heels echoing in the drawing-room. He turned around with a smooth move and sat down on the couch, grabbing the sides.

    "It feels good to be right."

    "What are you talking about?"

    Taeyong tilted his head as he looked up to Taeil. There was no way that Tail didn't know what was he talking about.

    "I told all of you that Scar was alive. Thousands of times. And you all-"

    Taeyong pointed at them one by one.

    "Treated me as a lunatic."

    Ten rolled his eyes.

    "Taeyong, she is not Scar."

    "Oh yeah? How come she knows everything about us?"

    "She searched-"

    "Don't tell me you believed that 'I searched beforehand' lie. No matter how much she searched, there are things that she can't know."

    "Everything she said could've been found by doing research."

    "In this short span of time?"

    Taeyong chuckled and leaned his head back to watch the ceiling.

    "She came back home. Finally. I knew that our Scar wouldn't leave us."

    "Even if she's Scar-"

    Jaemin's low voice was enough to gather the attention since no one dared to speak. Taeyong straightened his back and looked at Jaemin.

    "She is not here to have a reunion with her family."

    Taeyong frowned. Everyone's body was now facing Jaemin.

    "She is here to get revenge from her killers."

    His scared eyes shakily looked at other members. He felt suffocating as he felt the urge to look down.

    "And she blames us for her death."


    "Your name is Han, right?"

    "Yes, my lady."

    "Please, call me Jihyo. I might be Taesuk's daughter, but I didn't grow up in luxury."

    "How dare I?"

    "Do it to make me more comfortable in this new environment, hm?"

    You turned to him and winked. The butler stopped and pointed at the room.

    "This will be your room from now on, Lady Jihyo-"

    "Just Jihyo."

    You reminded him with a smile. Han nodded while smiling.

    "Please let me know if you find anything unpleasant."

    Before he could walk away, you stopped him.

    "Can I request something?"

    Han looked in your eyes with curiosity.

    "I'd be delighted to assist you."

    "I would like to see Scar's room."

    Han's eyes widened at your request. He panicked as he looked down.

    "I'm afraid I can't fulfill that request. The entry to Mrs. Scar's room is prohibited by masters-"

    You grabbed his arm gently and gave it a little squeeze while you smiled wryly.

    "I have nothing left from her. Please, just ten minutes."

    The butler bit inside of his lip, not knowing what to say. You leaned forward and shut your last shot.

    "They don't have to know."

    While you were saying this, there was a sinister smile on your face that disappeared as soon as you stepped back. The innocent and wry smile was back. Han sighed as he shook his head.

    "Please follow me."

    When he turned his back, you smirked. As you got closer to the room, you started hearing a faint nostalgic song. The walls matched your memories. With your every step, breathing got harder. The butler stopped in front of the familiar door.

    "Here it is."

    You gulped as your fingers ghosted over the door. With a fragile voice, you asked the butler.

    "Can you leave me alone?"


    "Just ten minutes. Please."

    Han looked at you with pity and took a key from his inside pocket. The room didn't smell like you used to know. It smelled like emptiness. You entered the room, and the door closed after you. It wasn't dusty. They must clean it regularly. But mourning white sheets covered every item. Your hand grasped the sheet on the dresser as your breaths got heavier. You desperately pulled it down, hoping to find something. Nothing. What did you expect? You got rid of every object in this room. Still, part of you begged to find the remaining of your past life. You walked towards the bed, this time pulling the sheet calmly. You sat on the bed. A familiar comfort hugged you. The wall in front of the bed had some holes. Remainings of your nightmares. You smiled sadly as you walked towards them. Your hand felt the roughness. You closed your eyes, waiting for those memories to rush. No, the locked feelings stayed under the shadows and left you empty-handed. You walked towards the mirror and pulled the sheet. Again, nothing. Just a stranger's reflection in the core of your past. It was stupid to come here. Not waiting for ten minutes to be completed, you rushed outside of the room and slammed the door.

    "Jihyo, is everything-"

    You didn't even hear nor see Renjun as you quickly passed him. He looked after you, wondering what happened. Once he turned his gaze, he realized which room you left. Renjun slowly got closer to the door, his fingers lingered around the doorknob, but he lacked the courage to enter. He sighed and walked away.


    You tightened the belt of your black blazer jacket. A tiger snake curled from bottom right to up left. You tied your hair tightly and put on some perfume. That was when you heard the knock on the door.

    "Come on in."

    "Lady Jihyo, the dinner is ready. I'm asked to assist you to the dining room."

    You looked at the maid's reflection on the mirror. You fixed your lipgloss and stood up. She brought you to the big room. Han held your chair for you to sit. It was next to Taeil and Yuta sat in front of you, your previous seat. You smirked and brought water glass to your lips.

    "It's a good jacket."

    Jaehyun complimented your jacket with a smirk on his face.

    "It's familiar."

    Yuta couraged him as everyone looked at the tiger. You smiled.

    "Thank you. I hope Scar also liked it."

    You said with a thoughtful expression.

    "I gifted her the reversed one. I hope she wore it at least once."

    You glanced down as one of the maids filled your other glass with wine. You took it and raised it.

    "To Scar. May her soul rest in peace."

    You daringly looked at Taeyong. He felt uncomfortable. Jaemin was right after all. No matter who you were, you were here for revenge.

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  • kpoppwriter
    16.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Seventeen (Vocal Unit) Reaction - Crush has Dimples

    ❧ Anon asked: hai could you write the svt reacts to crush having dimples ? vocal unit :D btw love your writings omagawd

    ❧ A/N: hello I’m back with my obligatory weekly post lmao 

    Hip Hop | Vocal | Performance

    ~※ Main Masterlist ※~


    Jeonghan would tease and joke with you so he could be blessed with your dimples. He'd hope you didn't see the slight pink tinge to his cheeks at the sight of your dimples.


    Joshua wouldn't intentionally try to out your dimples but would love if you smiled big enough to display your dimples. Those were one of the many things that made you adorable in his eyes.


    Jihoon would never verbally admit how much he admired your dimples but man, did he think about them a lot. He'd probably mention dimples in a song he was writing without even thinking about it.


    This man is so sunshine-y and makes you smile all the time so you bet he's seen your dimples a lot! Seokmin loves them so much and always pokes them when the appear.


    Seungkwan, like Jeonghan, will purposefully make you smile so he'll be graced with your dimples. He'll tell you how cute they are with a light blush dusted on his cheeks.

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  • agustdakasuga
    16.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Everything Between Us | Chapter 16

    Genre: Mafia!AU, Angst, Romance, Fluff

    Pairing: OT7 x Reader

    Characters: Doctor!Reader, Gangster!Namjoon, Gangster!Seokjin, Gangster!Yoongi, Gangster!Hoseok, Gangster!Jimin, Gangster!Taehyung, Gangster!Jungkook

    Summary: They left you without a goodbye, they broke your heart. You didn’t get your happily ever after. But now they’re back and they’re searching for you to make things right. Could you take them back into your life and let them back into your heart?

    It’s all over. Now, it’s finally time to heal and get better. 

    It was all over.

    The boys were all gathered in Jimin’s room, where you were resting. They were waiting for you to wake up. It was time for the truth to come to light. At first, they just wanted to wait for you but considering the state they were in, they showered, tidied themselves up and waited for you.

    “How hard did you hit her?” Yoongi asked.

    “I didn’t hit her that hard.” Jimin looked away, immense guilt evident on his face. He hated that he had to knock you out but that was the only way to get you to go with him.

    “Okay, enough. Jimin did what he had to do to get her to safety. She’s exhausted and needs to rest. Whatever happened, happened.” Jin stepped in.

    “(y/n)...” Jungkook sat by your side, dragging his boot with him. He reached out to hold your hand and lace fingers with you, feeling the warmth from your palm. A soft smile appeared on his face. You were so beautiful. 

    “She’s gonna freak when she wakes up.” Hoseok raised an eyebrow. 

    “But we need to tell her. We all agreed, the moment it is over, we’d tell her the truth.” Namjoon said. 

    “I spoke to her brother and assured him that she’s safe with us. I just told him that we found her passed out in one of the hallways. Although... Jisung wasn’t convinced. I told him we’ll keep him updated and that she’ll call when she wakes up.” Taehyung came back in, tucking his phone into his pocket. He softly closed the door behind him. 

    “Ugh.” You stirred before finally opening your eyes. Looking at the unfamiliar ceiling and feeling the bed beneath you, you shot up, meeting 7 other pairs of eyes that stared back at you. 

    “What did you do?” You turned to Jimin with wide eyes. 

    “I’m sorry, (y/n). I just had to get you out of there with the situation becoming worse-” Jimin defended. 

    “My parents!” You cut him off, scrambling out of bed and looking around for your phone to call your parents or your brother.

    “(y/n), baby, your parents are fine. Our men found them and they’re unharmed. They’re with the police, being interviewed, just like everyone else that was at the party.” Namjoon held his hands out to calm you down. 

    “Then what about me?” 

    “You’ve been through a lot, you need to rest. The police will contact you to take your statement later.” Yoongi said softly as Taehyung led you back to the bed to sit down. You leaned back against the headboard, toying with the edge of stitching of the blanket. 

    “Who changed me?” You mumbled, unable to look up because your cheeks were burning. Even if you have been intimate with them before, you are not in a relationship anymore. 

    “We got a maid to come and change you.” Hoseok said, their cheeks slightly red as well . You nodded your head. 

    “(y/n), we brought you here because we can finally tell you everything. Right from the start. All your questions can finally be answered.” Jin spoke.

    “That is, if you still want to know.” Jungkook added. 

    “I-” Of course, you wanted to know! You wanted to know why they upped and left, why you had to suffer alone for 2 years. But at the same time, you didn’t want to know. You wanted to just leave it, forget all this and move on. But in the end, you nodded your head, your heart betraying your mind. They all looked at each other before Taehyung started. 

    “Since the start of Bangtan, with building connections, we obviously needed some political backing, which would allow us to run our business smoothly.” He explained. 

    “When you were kidnapped, we... there was a lot more chaos that would have caused suspicion or at least catch the interest of others. In finding you, we needed to make sure that it was all under wraps.” Hoseok continued. 

    “That day, when we left...” They all had pained looks on their faces. 

    “Take your time.” You assured them that you were still listening patiently. It was hard on all of you.

    “Before that, there were rumours that Senator Park was going to start pressuring our president to retire. And he wanted us to back him up in his plans to become president.” Yoongi said. 

    “What?” Your eyes widened. 

    “He was going to plunge the country. It just wouldn’t work. So we refused and refused to help him. He threatened us, to sink our business, push us into bankruptcy, eliminate us entirely.” Jin said with a grim expression on his face. You were just shocked. 

    “That day, we went to meet with our informants and there was intel that Senator Park was researching you, your parents, your brother’s family, even Jisung.” Namjoon informed. 

    “We had to make sure connections were cut immediately. We couldn’t risk him seeing you with us so we made the decision to leave.” Jimin’s voice shook.

    “When Senator Park finally made his move to try and get connections, we came back. We knew he was going to play dirty in swaying the votes. There wasn’t time, we had to move in and act quickly.” Jungkook explained. 

    “Play dirty, how?”

    “He’s been hiring an arsonist to set fire. To intimidate and eliminate the families of figures who threatened to oppose him in the election. I’m sure you have seen them all in the news.” Yoongi said. Your eyes widened at the memory of the peculiar injuries from all the major fires. 

    “I-I treated them and always knew they had injuries not lining up with that of a fire… I guess that’s my answer. But the ball, the location...” 

    “He didn’t know it was us. He thought it was the new management, M&S. Throughout the whole thing, we blended into the crowd.” Taehyung said. 

    “But... he’s dead now...?” You looked up at them, trying to wrap your head around this whole thing. They all looked at each other before nodding their heads. Your eyes casted down slightly. 

    “We worked with some other organisations to plan it. It was agreed upon that the only way to stop this from happening, when he has such a big influence everywhere, was to eliminate him permanently. That’s why we didn’t want you there, we didn’t want you getting caught in the cross fire. That was the only thing we were worried about.” Namjoon looked at you. 

    “I see... So it was just a cover up for the assassination...” You were reasoning with yourself. You also understood why they couldn’t tell you, the lesser that knew, the better. 

    “Do you need us to slow down?” Jin asked. 

    “No, I think I got it.” You nodded slowly, resting your head in your hand. The boys all looked so tense, waiting for you to say something more. 

    “What’s going through your head?” Hoseok spoke first to prompt you. You chewed on your bottom lip. 

    “I’m shocked, I guess. I wasn’t expecting that when I envisioned this conversation happening. But at the same time, I can’t say what I was expecting either. It’s been two years, two long years.” You shrugged.

    “(y/n), I know we left, we broke promises, we lied. But please believe us, there was never a day that passed that we didn’t think about you. We had informants that updated us on how you were and it broke us to hear that we were the cause of all your pain.” Jungkook’s eyes watered. 

    “We didn’t want to leave. But it was the only way we could keep you safe.” Yoongi crossed his arms, looking away to hide his teary eyes. 

    “I’ll need some time to just sort my head out.” You said to all of them. They nodded their heads, they expected you to say that, which was completely understandable. 

    “Come here.” You were barely audible as you beckoned Jungkook to you first. He cried as he leaned forward in your hold. 

    “I missed you.” He cried into your shoulder. 

    “I missed all of you too.” You replied. Looking at the other 6 staring at the both of you in envy, you smiled at them, tears streaming down your own face. You waved them over and they immediately fell on the bed. 

    “It’s finally over. Everything is over.” Jimin hugged your waist as he cried, the relief was evident in his voice. You nodded your head as you hugged them, believing them this time. If they say it’s over, that means everything is finally over. And maybe now, it was finally time to start getting better again, all 8 of you needed time to heal again together. 

    “Are you guys hurt anywhere?” You asked softly, eyes looking over them for any visible injuries. They all shook their heads.

    “So, I have to give my statement to the police?” You asked. 

    “Yeah. This entire thing will come out in the news as well but nothing will happen to your parents or you. What matters is that we keep you safe.” Yoongi tucked your hair behind your ears. 

    “What about you?” 

    “We’ll be fine.” Namjoon nodded with a small smile. As much as this was an emotional time for all of you and you wanted to stay, you knew it was too much now. You needed some time to sort yourself out and think about your feelings before coming back. 

    “I should go. I promise I’ll be back.” You turned to all of them. They didn’t want you to go so soon too but they knew they needed to be patient and give you time to just process all this. 

    “We can drop you at the police station?” Taehyung offered. 

    “It’s okay. I’ll get my brother to pick me up. You guys should rest.” You smiled, grabbing your phone to call your brother. 

    “He’s on the way.” You informed, getting out of bed. You decided to wear the hoodie and shorts outfit that was lent to you. Jin handed you a bag with your dress folded inside. 

    “We’ll walk you down.” They offered and you nodded. It felt weird for you to be conversing with them and not feeling such a whirlwind of emotion. Things felt calmer now and you didn’t feel angry. You just felt tired and your brain was pumped full of information, and of course you missed being with them and just how comfortable it was. 

    “Goodbye.” You stopped them in the lobby when you saw your brother’s car. They all gave you long hugs, already longing for the next time you come visit them again. 

    “We’ll see you soon.” Hoseok patted your head. You nodded your head.

    “We’ll talk more when that happens, for sure. Until then, take care of yourselves, alright?” You smiled softly before walking to your brother’s car. 

    “Hey. Thanks for getting me.” You said as you slid into the passenger seat. He hummed as you closed the door. But as you reached back to get your seatbelt, your brother suddenly pulled you into a hug. 


    “I was so worried... I have never been so afraid in my life, even more than when Jisung was missing.” He confessed. You wrapped your arms around him. 

    “It was scary.”

    “It’s okay now. Omma and appa are home, resting.” He assured. You nodded your head, feeling another round of tears come. You finally let out your childlike sobs of fear, burying your face into your brother’s shoulder as he hushed you and comforted you. 

    “It’s okay.” He rubbed your back. As the both of you had your moment, 7 onlookers saw with small smiles on your face. They wished they were the ones that could comfort you.

    “Let’s go home.” Namjoon rounded everyone up and they headed back to their house. 


    After your statement at the police station, you went home and took a week off from work. You were tired and you couldn’t risk working when you were not in the right mind space. 

    “Hey Kookie.” You sat on the couch with the bunny curled beside you. 

    The news of Senator Park’s assassination finally came a day later and his opponent for the elections won by default. But with his death, all his heinous crimes and corruption acts came to light so no one really mourned his death. In fact, everyone was relieved that he was dead, no one bothered to find out who was behind the assassination. 

    “Are you ready to see your dad again?” You asked as you stroked the bunny’s brown ears back. 

    “I’m hungry.” You put Kookie on the ground and stood up, ready to head into the kitchen. However, when you passed the front door, the doorbell rang. You froze, staring at it. 


    “Who is it?” You sighed as you shuffled over. There wasn’t a reply so you leaned into the peephole to see who it was. A part of you was surprised to see a familiar face but the other part of you wasn’t surprised. 

    “Yoongi?” You opened the door. He slowly lifted his head to meet eyes with yours. He just stared at you. 

    “Is everything... okay?” You asked slowly. He nodded. Once again, it was silent. You stepped aside and invited him in, which he gladly accepted. The moment the door closed, you felt arms wrap around you as you were pulled towards Yoongi, your body pressed against his. 

    “Woah.” You steadied yourself before you could both fall over. 

    “Just... let me hold you... just for a while.” He whispered, his voice straining. You let out a soft sigh but nodded, wrapping your own arms around him as well. 

    “It’s okay. Take your time.” You assured him. When he finally pulled away, you didn’t give him a chance to hide. You held his face in your hands, seeing tears pool at the corners of his eyes. 

    “I’m about to cook some dinner, wanna join me?” You offered, speaking softly. He nodded and you held his hand. 

    “I can cook.” He insisted. 

    “No need. But you can help.” You chuckled. Yoongi never liked emphasis on his feelings, he did have his moments (he is still human), but you knew he never liked ‘talking about it’ much. You would just wait for him to share instead of you pestering him about what was going through his head. That’s one of the things that he appreciated about you. 

    “Lettuce wraps, okay? With... beef.” You checked your freezer. Yoongi nodded his head, pulling his sleeves up to wash his hands. 

    “Where are your sauces?” Yoongi asked. You pointed to the cabinet and he reached up to get whatever sauces he needed down. As you cut the vegetables, he marinated the beef. 

    “Umm. Is he okay?” Yoongi looked down and you saw Kookie head butting his ankle.

    “He is. Kookie, come here.” You chuckled, bribing him over with a piece of lettuce. Kookie looked up and came over to you, nibbling on the treat. 

    “Would you like some wine?” You offered.

    “If you’d like.” He replied, still facing away from you. You decided to open a bottle, knowing Yoongi enjoyed red wine with his meals. You fetched two glasses and placed them on the island. 

    “Yoongi, let me cook.” You insisted, moving over to him with a soft sigh. He stared at you with soft eyes but nodded his head. You took a pan out and heated it up before putting the marinated beef in. Yoongi opened the wine and poured you a glass before filling his own. 

    “Thank you.” You took a sip before adding the onions and carrots to stir fry with the beef. 

    “There’s kimchi in the fridge.” You told him and he opened your fridge to retrieve the kimchi. 

    “Let me help.” He said once the meat was done, lifting the heavy pan and placing it on the coaster on the island. You sat beside him on the bar stools and began eating. 

    “Hang on.” You slid off to go feed Kookie first. Yoongi watched your back, just seeing you and being around you eased his anxiety. He didn’t even know why he felt that way earlier, all he knew was that he needed to see you. And he did. You didn’t turn him away or get angry with him, which meant you probably weren’t mad anymore. 

    “Okay, done.” You washed your hands and joined him again. The meal was enjoyed quietly but it wasn’t an awkward silence. 

    “You have a bruise, is it from that day?” You noticed the small discoloured spot at the corner of his mouth. You didn’t realise that you indirectly admitted that you were actually staring at him. 

    “It’ll heal up.” Yoongi brushed you off. 

    “You should ice it to help it heal faster.” You said and Yoongi just nodded his head, turning back to the meal. 

    When the meal was done, Yoongi did the dishes with you. He washed while you dried and put everything away since he didn’t know where they went. After that, you sat on the couch to finish drinking the wine. 

    “Yoongi, do you want to stay the night?” You asked, cheeks heating up slightly as you fiddled with your fingers. 

    “I don’t want to make you uncomfortable. I know you asked for time and space, I shouldn’t even have come here tonight. But I just... I just needed to see you.” Yoongi sighed. You could tell he was mentally scolding himself for his actions. You reached over to hold his hand, making him look at you. 

    “It’s okay. I’m not uncomfortable around you.” You admitted. Yoongi contemplated but nodded his head. Once the wine finished, Yoongi went to wash up while you washed the glasses. 

    “There should be spare toothbrushes under the sink.” You informed. He removed his hoodie and jeans, deciding to sleep in his undershirt and boxers.

    “Done.” He came out with his clothes neatly folded. 

    “I’ll go.” You went to wash up and change into sleepwear. But before sleeping, you went to the kitchen to grab an ice pack. You wrapped it in a towel with the intention of icing it for Yoongi. 

    “I can do it.” He insisted. 

    “It’s alright.” You moved closer to him to ice his bruise. He winced a little but you put less pressure on it. With you being so close to him, Yoongi had to remind himself to breathe. He looked somewhere else, not wanting to stare right into his eyes. You were so focused on your task that you didn’t notice how much closer you were getting to him. 

    “Yoongi-” You were shocked when he suddenly grabbed your wrist. Pulling your hand away, his other hand came up to caress your cheek before he leaned in to press his lips against yours. 

    “I’m sorry.” He immediately apologised when he pulled away. 

    “I-It’s okay.” You stuttered nervously. You got off the bed and went to put the ice pack away. With cold hands, you touched your warm cheeks to cool off. 

    “We should sleep.” You said and under the covers. Yoongi took a while to fall asleep, watching you sleep for a while. He slowly reached out and gently brought you closer to him. He put his arm around you. 

    “I’m so glad to have you back.” He whispered, looking down at your sleeping face as he kissed your forehead. In your sleep, you instinctively leaned into his warmth and familiar scent as he held you. With a small smile on his face, he closed his eyes to sleep.


    Series Masterlist

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  • bluejaem
    16.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    my muse — j.jh

    PAIRING. husband!jaehyun × fem!reader GENRE. fluff WARNINGS. profanity, fem reader WORD COUNT. 0.628k

    requested. for my request it’s not much but a jaehyun fluff fic!! i really don’t have a specific fic in mind but imagine how much he spoils you after being newlyweds 🥺 by anon.

    jung jaehyun. that was the name of the man you were miserably in love with, how a mere college love story bloomed into one of a lifetime’s. and how could you blame yourself? he was beautiful. inside, and out.

    when it comes to jaehyun, resistance is something you were never familiar with. no matter how hard you’d try, you always end up giving in. there’s something about him that you find so intriguing. something to his aura that never fails to bring in pleasant surprises. it was like this weird force of attraction that never failed to make you fall for him all over again, if that was even possible.

    “can i open my eyes now?” you smiled, facing jaehyun with your eyes still closed.

    “uh-uh, not yet. we’re almost there,” jaehyun chuckled, holding your hand in his as he guided you to a surprise that awaits you.

    you supposed that you’d entered the living room, feeling the familiar wooden flooring below your naked feet. and just then, you heard something banging onto the little wooden table kept there.

    “ow— i think i stubbed my toe,” jaehyun hissed in pain. worried, you opened your eyes in an instance, “are you okay?” you asked. but after looking at the sight of jaehyun hopping on one leg and trying to gain his balance by gripping onto the headrest of the couch, you tried your best to suppress your laughter.

    jaehyun saw your expression and couldn’t help but laugh a little as well, even though his toe hurt like a bitch. “do you find this funny?” he asked, chuckling.

    “i mean, i was the one with closed eyes, but you ended up stubbing your toe against the table,” you said, making your way towards him as you put your hand on his shoulder. “should i bring you a cold compress?” you asked, your voice laced with worry again.

    jaehyun managed to stand straight and gave you a reassuring smile, “no, it’s alright. i think i’ll manage.” he took you by your hand once again, “for a surprise awaits you.”


    jaehyun turned to his right, making you do the same. and that’s when you saw a cozy little pillow fort, decorated with fairy lights, and of course, fluffy pillows. 

    jaehyun smiles for the umpteenth time when he sees a glint of a child-like excitement in your eyes as you walked up towards the pillow fort. maybe those four hours of pure struggle to find an inhumane number of pillows to make that fort really did pay off.

    “god, jae, this looks so pretty,” you cooed, and without even realising it, you were smiling wide.

    “there’s more,” jaehyun smiled, presenting you with a huge teddy bear— which, of course, looked very much cuddle-able.

    accepting the giant soft toy from him, you asked, still confused, “when did you do all this— wait, is this why you told me to go shopping with mark today?”

    jaehyun’s lips morphed into a sheepish smile, a hue of pink evidently taking over his cheeks as tried his best to avoid your gaze, “maybe?”

    “jung jaehyun, you best be saying the truth right now,” your eyes looked up at him questioningly.

    jaehyun sighed in defeat, interlocking his fingers with yours, he locked eyes with you, “i just wanted to give you a little gift, mrs. jung jaehyun.”

    jaehyun smiled wide when he completed his sentence. putting much obvious emphasis on the “mrs. jung jaehyun,” with the term making the both of you smile unconsciously.

    leaning in, he pressed a kiss on your forehead. and then greeting you with the infamous dimpled grin of his, “you can cuddle with the teddy bear if you ever miss me and i’m not home.”

    “sure, loverboy. you’re still as childish as ever.”

    © BLUEJAEM, 2021

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    blitzed confessions ✰ twelve: keep this between us

    synopsis: Drinking and smoking were some things that you had never really participated in throughout your nineteen years of living. Growing up, you had always witnessed the people around you experiment with so, both good and bad outcomes of which. They weren’t terrible ideas in your point of view, but of course not the best deeds to be partaking in. So when your best friend, Jay, had suddenly texted you at 2:11 AM to meet him at the block of abandoned buildings a few streets away from you, you knew it would be nothing good.

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