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    Kim Jisoo ✦ Being a sub

    All rights reserved © lesbolieeh

    𝑾𝑨𝑹𝑵𝑰𝑵𝑮: nsfw ✦ mentions of multiple kinks ✦ bdsm dynamics

    𝑺𝑶𝑵𝑮 𝑷𝑳𝑨𝒀𝑰𝑵𝑮: Ice Cream ✦ BLACKPINK & Selena Gomez

    𝐍𝐎𝐓𝐄: i’ve never written headcanons b4, but i rly enjoyed it — not just bc jisoo is my bp bias — bc it went much faster than writing a ff or reaction/scenario abt multiple idols! thus, hc requests will b posted much quicker than other rq so feel free to rq hc

    Gif credit: one, two

    random but ice cream was my most played song on spotify 2020 lol + bp was my most played artist(s) on spotify 2020!

    if you like my content, i’d rly appreciate it if you reblog it♥️

    Blackpink masterlist ✦ Latest updates (coming soon)

    ✦ ੈ ✦ ‧₊˚ * ੈ ✦‧₊˚** ੈ ✦ ‧₊˚ * ੈ ✦‧₊˚** ✦ ੈ ✦

    ✦ Would want to appear as dom in public, because, before you, she was always the top/dom and is used to being the leader, both in past relationships and in general when she’s with friends (non-sexually)

    ✦ She’s used to always being the one to take care of others (she refuses to show herself in her weakest moments because she doesn’t want to bring anyone down with her problems), and therefore she’d prefer if her girlfriend took care of her by allowing her to be vulnerable only to put plasters on her wounds

    ✦ Anyway, onto the more NSFW parts, she’d call you Mommy — although she’s a sub, she wouldn’t mind if you called her that either (only in a non-sexual manner, though). It’s not a label or title; it’s just a name of affection and love

    ✦ At the start of the relationship that title/ pet name would only be used for innocent purposes, but later on it’d become a kink in bed

    ✦ Her title/ pet name would be Baby as she loves taking care of you and being taken care of, so this pet name is both fitting and cute to her

    ✦ She’d also really enjoy being called Princess, but the little name would make her feel spoiled and like she doesn’t deserve it, so she just ends up blushing and whining to you about making her shy every time you call her that — however, after being together for a while, you can call her that without her freaking out on the outside (her heart would do somersaults every time on the inside, though)

    ✦ She tends to be more of a giver than a taker because when she loves her partner, she puts her all in her and wants her to feel like she’s everything to her

    ✦ At first, it’d be hard for Jisoo to not give and give all the time, but after you introduced BDSM dynamics to the relationship, as well as showed her that she deserves to get back what she gives (either by words or actions), she’d eventually become comfortable with being on the receiving end

    ✦ You two have to lock Dalgom (Jisoo’s dog) outside the room whenever you want to fuck and sometimes, he starts wailing so you end up feeling bad about it…to the point you might actually end up hiring a dog sitter

    ✦ Passionate sex would be her favorite because she’s busy and doesn’t get to fuck too often, so when she does, she wants it to mean something. If she doesn’t feel loved and make you feel loved, it’s failed sex. In this case, passionate sex would mean BDSM and the level of it would depend on how long you’ve been together

    ✦ In the begging of the relationship you’d go for edging, cunnilingus, light hairpulling and maybe a degrading praise, like “naughty baby”, every now and then

    ✦ But as the relationship progresses, you both grow more comfortable in trying new things you’ve been interested in before, like 69, different types of restriction, finger sucking, light choking, blindfolding, thigh riding, wearing lingerie (both of you), using various vibrators and strap on’s

    ✦ I feel like the main reason she’d be into masochism is because it means she lets go of everything and allows someone else to have all control — which rarely happens in her everyday life. Having someone do whatever they wanted to her (with her consent) would relieve all her stress. The lone concept of not having to do all the thinking and not having the pressure of making the right decisions would be so sexy to her

    ✦ I especially see her being into handcuffing — not heavy bondage, though because that’s kind of scary — not only because she loves having enough trust in her partner to let her restrict her, but also because it’d make her feel valuable since only valuable things are locked (like money or diamonds are locked in safes because they’re valuable and nobody wants them to be taken away). Also, the view of herself handcuffed, even when she’s fully clothed, makes her feel attractive

    ✦ Spanking would also be one of her main kinks, because laying across your lap, arching her back, and putting her butt out makes her feel so fucking sexy and desirable. However, this would only occur on special occasions, like when there’s a holiday or when she’s bought a new pair of lingerie

    ✦ To add on that, neither handcuffing nor spanking have to be a punishment, it could just happen because she requested it out of her love for it; pain isn’t always a punishment

    ✦ I don’t think she’d be the type to misbehave unless she was bored and just wanted attention, but then it’d mostly be something mild like kissing your neck during a movie or whispering something flirty in your ear randomly

    ✦ There’s no way I’m going to upload this without talking about cunnilingus. Giving head, receiving head — she loves it all and has no preference. She loves giving it, because she likes making her girlfriend feel good (feeling your taste is of course a much appreciated bonus). Her head game is GOOD, but you should praise her because that gives her confidence to do even better

    ✦ When she’s receiving head, she’s quite vocal. The intimacy of her girlfriend focusing on her, and her only, along with seeing you enjoy doing it for her would just send her over the edge, wrapping her thighs around your head, wanting to come again when she sees her sweet cum on your lips. She’d always be extra affectionate afterwards, wanting to eat you out back, or just say how much she appreciates you and kiss your whole face to emphasize it

    ✦ Loves lingerie, whether it’s you or her wearing it. She’d be happy to see you in it, not only because you’re so fucking sexy in it, but also the thought of you wanting to wear something special for her would make her feel special

    ✦ One time when she was shopping with one of her members, most likely Jennie, she passed by a lingerie section, only to be stopped by her saying “If I had a girlfriend, I would buy something like this and surprise her.” After the recommendation, she’d end up purchasing five pairs of lingerie and wear one of them when you got home that night

    ✦ She’d wear it every now and then, surprising you every time. Wearing lace or fancy fabrics would make her feel so pretty and seeing your amazing reactions and hearing your beautiful words every time would, of course, only heighten that feeling

    ✦ When it comes to teasing, I think she would enjoy being teased but not too much; she wouldn’t be patient enough to wait, she’d just want you to fuck her honestly. She’d like it if you nibbled her inner thighs or gave a kiss to her clit before giving her head, for example

    ✦ But she wouldn’t like it if you teased her with your fingers inside her before you fuck her with your strap, but she would just endure it and bite her lip, waiting for you to continue

    ✦ On the other end, I don’t think she’d tease you often, only when she was in certain moods like if she was feeling a little naughty or if she just wanted your attention, but only small

    ✦ Hickeys are cute in hidden places like her or your boobs, but she doesn’t appreciate them anywhere else on her body because her stylists have to cover them up and she doesn’t want to face the embarrassment and possible scolding. If you want to, she’ll mark you wherever you’d like (marking you as hers would be her secret guilty pleasure)

    ✦ Also, I think she’s both a boob person, and low key also a butt person. Like, she’d love to kiss you boobs and vice versa. She’d like to play jokingly with your butt, nothing sexual though (unless you’re not wearing pants/shorts of course)

    ✦ I don’t think she’d ever like to do anything in public, the most ‘public’ place for having sex being the bathroom or living room — or kitchen if you’re feeling bold. Sex is just very intimate and should be private and also, if she ever got caught, it would be very damaging to her and Blackpink’s career.

    ✦ But let’s go back to the bathroom, living room and kitchen, I think she’d be OK with doing it in a bathtub or shower and on the couch since they’re comfortable spaces, but the kitchen counter could be used for fucking if she’s feeling extra sexy and fond of the idea of spreading herself on the kitchen counter OR if you asked her to sit on it so you could eat her out, because she always gets flustered when you want to do something like that for her

    ✦ Although she mostly is a bottom, she also enjoys domming and taking care of you too just because she’s used to caring for others. You guys don’t have permanent roles, everything depends on the situation and who feels like being in control and who doesn’t — but you both prefer it when you top so she only doms once or twice a year lol

    ✦ She loves aftercare almost as much as the actual sex; it’s during aftercare that you show how much you truly love her. Although you spank her or degrade her lightly, she knows you don’t mean harm in it, but hearing your praises and feeling your touch as you call her Baby/Princess would fill her stomach with butterflies. She especially enjoys aftercare like filling the bathtub or reading a book together or just cuddling naked (in a non-sexual way) and just talking about anything on your minds

    “Can I cum?” she panted, hands cuffed above her head as you held her legs apart, sucking her clit gently.

    “Say please,” you mumbled against her, sending vibrations, making her moan.

    “Please,” she arched her back, trying not to cum without your permission, “Please, Mommy.”

    “Everything for my Princess.”

    She rolled her eyes, finally cumming, “Oh lord— Thank you.”

    You smiled up at her, placing one last kiss on her pussy before moving up and kissing her upper lips.

    “You did so good, Baby,” you praised, making her smile at you, for a moment forgetting she’s still handcuffed.

    “Thank you, Mommy,” she beamed and looked at you as you uncuffed her and kissed her wrists.

    “I love you so much.”

    “I love you even more.”

    ✦ ੈ ✦ ‧₊˚ * ੈ ✦‧₊˚** ੈ ✦ ‧₊˚ * ੈ ✦‧₊˚** ✦ ੈ ✦

    ❝ You’re the cherry piece, so stay on top of me, so I can’t see nobody else for me, no ❞

    —kim jisoo; 2020

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  • kvydence
    18.06.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    [8:22 p.m.] - jung jaehyun

    "You're just being dense. You don't understand that I'm doing this out of love." Jaehyun says, rolling his eyes.

    You couldn't believe your ears, how could you be in love with this man? Your relationship was so toxic and he never acknowledged it, in fact he always tried justifying his actions.

    "This is exactly why I'm breaking up with you Jaehyun. You never understood me, not once. You never tried imagining how you would feel if you were in my shoes-"

    "Because I'll never be like you. You're pathetic. You're weak. You're embarrassing. Why do you think there's such little effort in this relationship?" He mumbles in a bitter tone, his words stabbing a knife into your heart.

    "Whatever. Maybe you'll realize someday, maybe you won't. But let me tell you, Jung Jaehyun, you'll never get anywhere in life like this. Not just for romantic relationships, but for the rest of your adulthood. Thank you for making me realize my self worth." You say as you walk away, closing the door to what used to be your shared apartment.

    You ran outside of the building in the rain, calling your best friend. You struggled to use your phone in the midst of such a threatening storm, but you didn't care. Anywhere away from Jaehyun is what you needed.

    You know your words knocked some sense into the boy when you heard the rapid footsteps behind you. There was a large gap between the two of you as you finally managed to knock out your last words to him.

    "Goodbye, Jaehyun."

    kvydence, 2021

    link to all day everyday masterlist

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    18.06.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    Starry eyes

    Hi! So, after a while (many years) I’m back on fanfic tumblr with a new project. The main character here is Yunho from ATEEZ (my babies) and I’ve decided to make this into a ff after a conversation I had not too long ago with a friend (I actually dedicate this to them, if you’re reading this HIII ILY SO MUCH <3)

    Hope you’ll like it, and please keep in mind that English is not my native language. I apologize in advance for any typing/grammar mistake, and if you want to send me you feedback it’ll be highly appreciated (just don’t be rude!).

    Enjoy   ♡

    Title: Starry eyes

    Genre: uni!au, fluff

    Characters: ateez yunho, reader, others

    Word count: 1.3k


    Chapter 1: 6:26 pm

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  • wanna-able
    18.06.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    Jihoon: I impulsively bought a snake, what should I name him

    Jisung: yoU DID WHAT-?!

    Woojin: William Snakespeare

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  • dawnsociety
    18.06.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    Starry eyes

    Chapter 1


    6:26 pm

    The semester had already started and you had no idea why you felt so behind already. You knew it would be hard but never thought it’d be THIS hard. You were still adjusting to the (new) uni life - classes to attend which never seemed to end, coffee soon becoming your companion for life, friends inviting you to too many drinking parties (“this new place in Little Italy just opened up, and the drinks they serve for uper- aperitiv- whatever, they’re the best!”). It already felt too much for you, even if this wasn’t actually new for you.

    Although this was your first year as an art major, with a minor in sociology, you weren’t exactly a freshman. Actually, you were even older than most of your colleagues. When you had first enrolled in uni, you chose to attend an Economics program, hoping it would make your mom happy. “Make the most sensible choice!”, she had told you, even though it seemed it was a choice that sounded the most sensible to her.

    Being very young and insecure, you didn’t really feel like going against her and choosing what you actually liked doing. You had even fancied the idea of taking a gap year, but the mere thought of telling your mom you’d be taking a break sounded in your head more menacing than being held at a gunpoint. You knew you’d feel guilty if you had chosen to pursue your path, especially considering how expensive it is to attend college.

    Things, however, soon started to get bad: skipping classes became a habit for you, and you’d rather spend your time drinking and smoking with friends than to attend your Microeconomics class, even if your professor was actually nice and not the typical douche. You didn’t even notice it at first, how hard you tried to escape your feelings and admit to your mom - and to yourself, first - that it wasn't the right path for you. But eventually, the smell of cheap alcohol and low quality cigarettes gave her a hint of what was actually going on.

    You didn’t know how you had gathered up the courage to tell her how things really were. How you actually tried your best to make it work, but it just wasn't suited for you, Heck, you even despised the idea of having to deal with money - especially, other people’s money. It made you sick in the stomach and feel like you were contributing somehow to capitalism (which, of course, you weren’t really a fan of). You wanted to be free, to feel free, at least for once. And that meant being honest to your mom, and yourself.

    A few months later, you found yourself in the college library, working on your presentation for your History of contemporary art class. You couldn’t understand why your professor - a non binary black folk with dreads who wore birkenstocks even in the freezing cold (you had no idea why they did that, but oh well) - decided to make you do a presentation when you weren't even halfway through the whole class, let alone the semester. To you, having to study the whole syllabus at once right before the final test sounded way better (so you could actually procrastinate, but this is a story for another day), but you were just a student, a small fish in a tank with bigger ones.

    You were finishing up this PPT on Basquiat, when your friend suddenly appeared out of nowhere. You were sitting right beside the big, white windows that made sure the sun would light the whole place beautifully. Frankly, that was your favorite place on campus, if not in the entire world. You had spent so many nights there, crying your eyes out when you couldn’t let your words out - the ones that would probably make your mom angry, but make you feel so much better.

    The typical quietness of such a place was soon being interrupted by your friend, who ran to you as soon as they found you. “Hey, finally I found you!!!”, they screamed while running to you. Startled, you looked up from your laptop screen only to find your friend running to you. They were the only person you had actually managed to become friends with during your brief time as an Economics major. You had no idea why, or how, you were still being friends - you didn’t really have much in common, but it was nice to have someone who knows you on campus.

    “I tried to reach you but you didn’t reply to my messages, or phone calls. I almost got worried!!”

    “You could try harder so you could actually be completely worried for me, not just almost”, you replied half jokingly. Your friend made an annoyed expression at your sarcastic remark, before adding: “I was looking for you on the entire campus. I wanted to ask you to come to the soccer game with me, but I couldn’t reach you, so I went there but I couldn't find you either. I tried looking for you but there were too many people. That’s definitely the Yunho factor!”, they ended with a small laugh.

    “The Yunho factor?”

    “Yeah, Yunho’s in the team! He's an amazing player. not to mention, he looks really cute, but that just might be because i love everybody”, they replied amusedly.

    “That's amazing but… who is this Yunho, exactly?”

    “YOU DON’T KNOW WHO YUNHO IS?!!?”, your friend screamed while jumping on her feet. If the first scream wasn't enough to make everybody side-eye her, this one was definitely a second strike to be kicked out of the library indefinitely.

    “Sit down and lower your voice! Do you want to be expelled from campus?”, you whisper-yelled, making them sit down. “and by the way, is this some Necessary Information i need to know to be considered cool?”, you continued jokingly, laughing at yourself.

    Your friend scoffed. “He’s simply the most popular guy here on campus, and the best player at every game on earth! Not to mention he’s actually very handsome, tall, and is friendly to everyone… the whole package! how come you don’t know him? He’s in his third year of college, and you’re not really a freshman here!”. They sighed, while you wondered why a tall guy like Yunho hadn’t joined the basketball team. Or maybe he had, you had no idea and you didn’t care much.

    “I didn't know of the game and I don't know of this yunho. Can you please go now? I need to keep working on this presentation.”

    They scoffed. “Alright, I'll leave you alone. good luck on your medieval art project!”, they yelled while leaving the library, earning another round of nasty looks from the other students in the library

    “It’s a con… never mind”, you said, almost  to yourself.


    8:34 am

    You didn’t know how you managed to get up early and get ready for class in time but you did. Working on this presentation took longer than expected, but you had managed to almost finish it. you just had to revise it and then it was done.

    You were walking down the hallway when suddenly, you heard people whisper. Actually, lots of whispering. You looked up from your smartphone where you were looking at the newly released pics of this new group you had just gotten into, when you saw people whisper-talking to themselves. You couldn't understand why at first, but soon you realized why: a tall, handsome guy with blonde-pinkish hair was walking down the hallway, direction opposite to yours. He wasn’t handsome - yes, he was, but most of all, he was… pretty.

    You had never seen such a face before: his gracious features were being framed by his beautiful blonde hair, with a subtle pink hue. it looked so natural you actually wanted to ask him to give you the address of his hairdresser. His sparkly eyes gave off a genuine, good natured vibes - they looked like the gateway to his precious, yet hidden world where nobody is allowed. a place only he knew, and that you found yourself to want to explore.

    You didn't know yet, but you had just met Yunho.

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  • ensunc
    18.06.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    !stray kids headcanon! chan

    genre: fluff


    fiancé! chan headcanon

    “i can’t wait to marry you” he tucks the rest of his white dress shirt into his waist, smiling to himself. “i can’t believe you’re so close to getting married bro” one of the members say to the groom.

    your maid of honor quickly walks into the room you’re waiting in. she hands the flower girl the red box that holds the sliver engraved rings.

    the flower girls’ headband tilting slightly to the left, you fix it before she walks out of the room and down the hall. she nears the aisle and starts to leave the trail of petals behind her, keeping the rings safe in the bottom of her basket.

    the part of the song that you’re supposed to walk down the aisle to begins to play. with your heart racing and palms sweaty, you hold your bouquet tightly to your waist.

    looking at chan in the eyes as if it were just you and him, you whisper to yourself; ‘i love you’.

    he flashes you a smile, knowing he is the luckiest man on the entire planet right then and there.

    #stray kids #stray kids scenarios #stray kids headcanons #chan headcanons#kpop headcanons#kpop scenarios#kpop boys#kpop blog#kpop#bang chan#bang chris#chan#headcanon #stray kids chan #stray kids kpop
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    18.06.2021 - 48 minutes ago
    #kpop ships#kpop scenarios#kpop#kpop imagines#enhypen#enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios#enhypen ships#enhypen sunoo#sunoo#sunoo imagines #enhypen sunoo imagines #tbz#tbz imagines#the boyz #the boyz imagines #the boyz scenarios #the boyz ships #the boyz new #the boyz chanhee #chanhee#chanhee imagines#new#new imagines #the boyz chanhee imagines #the boyz new imagines #txt imagines#txt#txt scenarios#txt ships
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  • ikcnic
    18.06.2021 - 48 minutes ago


    ⟶ Mei had to audition three times until being accepted into YG. For her final audition, she performed “That XX” by G-Dragon and released a newer version of her cover in 2019

    ⟶ She’s the first chinese idol to debut under YG Entertainment

    ⟶ She used to dislike Jinhwan when she first met him because she thought he was selfish and narcissistic

    ⟶ Mei has dyed her hair red a lot of times. She has had red hair for longer than any other colour, excluding her natural hair colour

    ⟶ She has expensive taste in fashion. Mei has been announced a global ambassador for Vivienne Westwood in 2020

    ⟶ Mei is very comfortable in her body and likes to show it, which many netizens get mad at. She says it’s her charm

    ⟶ She’s the only member out of iKON who doesn’t use Twitter.

    ⟶ Mei is the closest with Junhoe out of the members, however, they often fight over small things

    ⟶ She’s a very hotheaded person and loses her temper a lot, which she apologises for every time it happens

    ⟶ She’s childhood friends with former EXO-member Kris Wu

    ⟶ She’s also good friends with Jessi and MAMAMOO’s Hwasa

    ⟶ In 2018, Mei’s been involved in a small scandal because she’s been caught smoking

    ⟶ Mei and Bobby get shipped a lot, which made their friendship a bit awkward according to the other members

    ⟶ Mei is fluent in Mandarin and Korean. She can speak English as well, but isn’t fluent in it

    ⟶ She lives in the “Free Spirited Member” dorm together with Bobby, Jay, DK & Ju-ne

    ⟶ Her ideal type: “Someone who knows how to handle me.”

    m.list | mei m.list

    #ikon#ikon imagines#ikon scenarios#ikon oneshots #ikon 8th member #ikon female member #ikon oc #ikon female oc #ikon added member #ikon imagine#ikon scenario#ikon oneshot#kpop oc #kpop additional member #kpop female member #kpop female oc #kpop x oc #ikon x ox #kpop imagines#kpop imagine#kpop scenarios#kpop scenario#kpop oneshot#kpop oneshots
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  • serenityseventeen
    18.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Love & Letter: To The Thirteen Boys I've Loved Before

    The First Letter


    To: Choi Seungcheol
    From: Y/N

    Hi, Seungcheol.

    I know that in your life, I've probably been a side character. A classmate in your autobiography or life movie. I don't expect to become anything more than that because now, I don't think I have a chance.

    We've known each other since we were young. We've known each other for all of our life basically, right?

    I can still remember what a cute kid you were back in kindergarten. You were such a nice little boy and whenever the other kids picked on me, you would stand up to them and say, “Hey! I'll tell the teacher and I'll also tell Y/N's parents about everything!”

    I don't know if you remember that, but I do.

    When we went to middle school, I think that's when I first began liking you. Even though we live just a block apart from each other, we didn't talk a lot outside of school. Since we were both classmates and knew each other's house location, it was a bit awkward for me, but thank you for talking to me when we waited for the bus at the bus stop together. Sometimes you would just briefly mention my hair or the small details like new shoes or socks.

    Thinking about it still gives me hope that you like me.

    Throughout middle school, you always fed me hope. Maybe because in general, you were just a charming, manly, attractive, and caring guy. Maybe I'm still misunderstanding too many of your actions.

    I can remember so many times that my heart fluttered and my stomach filled with butterflies because of you, Seungcheol. Since this is a letter to you that I won't send, I guess I'll just write them all down here to keep as a memory, just in case I ever miss you or feel nostalgic. You're my first love, after all, Seungcheol.

    There was this time when we were in 6th grade. In 6th grade, both of us didn't talk much, and surprisingly, we didn't get a lot of long-term projects together. I don't think we got any at all actually.

    Anyway, it was the middle of spring and both of us were just hanging out with our group of friends. You were throwing around a paper ball, playing a game of catch with your friends during the break. I was just being the usual me, listening to my friends talk while drawing dancing cartoons in the empty spaces in my notebook. Sometimes I would glance up and catch a glimpse of you catching the ball.

    Despite being in middle school, you had really large, muscular arms. I was watching you and your friend play catch for a bit. Your friend was right next to me, catching the ball, and you were on the opposite side. I turned back to my notebook then all of a sudden, the ball flew right in my face from your hands.

    I let out a small “ouch” even though it didn't hurt. Your friend asked me if I was okay, to which I replied that I was fine. Just then, I don't know when you came, but you came in front of me and took my face in your hands. It only hit my forehead but you examined my cheeks, chin, nose, turning my face in all sorts of directions while asking “Are you okay? Are you hurt?” and saying “I'm so sorry” repeatedly. As I'm writing this, the lingering feeling of your warm palms holding my head and the side of my neck still makes my heart race. I didn't think my heart could beat so fast but it did. I think that's when I was sure I liked you more than a one-sided crush. It became a one-sided love for another two years.

    There were way too many times my heart fluttered because of you but because this letter is already so long, I will only express my side of three of those times.

    I hope this is an event that you remember. It was the day when you, me, and two other friends. I think of this day as a double date. I can still remember my friend joking about how you and I looked so good together. I don't know if you noticed but I was so shy. She was also joking about how ‘this was a double date’ and because I was being paired up with you like that, I was just feeling over the moon. You didn't even say anything to deny it, you just laughed as I did.

    During that double date, we went to an amusement park. I remember how your friend was convincing you to ride some rollercoasters when but you were so afraid and whining. I remember just thinking you were so cute even though the memory is a bit blurry.

    After that, because I wanted us to get closer, I said, “I'll ride it with you, it'll be okay.”

    You were still skeptical but to me, it looked like you were giving in. I always wonder if it was because of me or if you were annoyed by your friend's continuous convincing. If it was because of me, then, I might regret not telling you my feelings.

    Anyway, I rode the rollercoaster with you and I was, evidently, really scared. I was so scared to ride that thing that I was unintentionally screaming with you with my eyes shut. My hand was holding tightly onto the bar that secured us and I couldn't open my eyes at all. Just then, I felt your hand on mine and I could feel the courage to open my eyes. When I finally stopped yelling and opened my eyes, I saw that you still had your eyes squeezed, gripping my hand tightly.

    You looked so cute, Seungcheol that if you opened your eyes, you would have seen how brightly I was smiling. Later that night, I remember, I rolled around in my bed and wiggled thinking back on it.

    However, whenever I tried to get close with you, I always backed out because even though there are small moments like those I mentioned, there are more times where it seems like you don't like me the way that I like you. I don't know your heart and I know better than anyone that being friends with you would only make my love for you grow deeper.

    It's the first time I'm feeling this way for anyone and I don't know what to do. I want to get closer and explicitly tell you that I like you and want you to date me, but at the same time, I don't know which decision is right. We're both still young is the only excuse I can think of, but still, I can't bring myself to tell you how I feel. All I know is that I might be in love with you and you make my heart race.

    This is the last thing I'll share in this letter, even though you won't receive it. I just want to tell you my honest feelings that I can't tell you about physically. Yes, I'm being a coward and writing a letter like this.

    You know, Seungcheol, you always had this strong aura to you. You can be so cute but you're so masculine too. I like how caring you are, always taking care of your classmates. I admire you for having such a great sense of responsibility. You always remind me when I'm on cleanup duty. Not to mention how charismatic you look when you rap alone at the bus stop. Your deep voice is beautiful when you sing too. I don't think you know how much I know about you. I don't want to see creepy because these types of things are just things I can't help noticing. I don't even know why I'm writing this down, it just crossed my mind just now. I might as well pour out the rest of my heart to carve you out, right?

    There was this one time last year, at the bus stop, when I arrived before you did. Usually, you always came to the bus stop first, and honestly, without you there made me feel uneasy. It made me realize a lot that your presence gave me feelings of reassurance and comfort. Without you there, I was so paranoid that I took out my headphones just in case my headphones would block out the sound of someone coming. I just remember feeling so scared, clenching my cold fists in my lap. The morning was gloomy and it was even raining.

    I remember my mind racing, waiting for you to come. However, I was getting even more scared at the fact that I probably wouldn't be able to hear anything so I just wore my headphones again and listened to some music. I was looking down the sidewalk in the direction of my house, wondering if I should ask my father to drive me to school instead, when all of a sudden, you yanked out my headphones.

    You were panting, covered in rain. I stood up because I was shocked and nearly wanted to hug you for coming but because we weren't close, I knew it'd be awkward if I thanked you or something. However, what you said to me, has always lingered in my head.

    “Hey!” You shouted in a scolding tone, placing your hands on your hips. “What are you doing out here all alone? Why didn't you go back home and get an umbrella, it's raining so much! Plus, you could have waited until I came first until you decided to sit here alone with music blocking your ears! What are you, stupid!?”

    At that time, I just stood, frozen. I was wondering why you didn't have an umbrella meanwhile my heart was fluttering. I was wondering why you were scolding me. Were you worried for me? Do you like me? Those questions still float around.

    After scolding me, you sighed and apologized.

    “No, it's okay,” I said quietly. I couldn't tell you that I was scared because I just didn't know how to say it without making it awkward. If I did say that I was scared since you weren't with me, would things change?

    In the end, you were still soaking wet so you called your dad to get you an umbrella. Why was that? Why didn't you just come out with an umbrella?

    I have so many questions about so many seemingly minor things you do to me. Are you worried just for me or are you worried for everyone, including all our classmates? Do you find me a source of comfort or were you just too scared to think on the rollercoaster?

    Since the questions will never get answered like how this letter will never get mailed, I will conclude negatively, that you don't feel the same way. The main reason I'm writing this letter anyway is that I'm deciding to get over you. I know we're probably going to be stuck in the same high school but I'm going to stop loving you foolishly like this.

    Thank you for being my first love. You being yourself made me feel so many different kinds of feelings, so many different emotions. I fell in love for the first time and I'm glad it was with someone like you, even if the ending is bittersweet. After summer break passes, I'll make sure to get over you.

    I won't forget you though. I won't forget the way you cared for me. I won't forget the way you are.

    You're an unforgettable first love, Seungcheol.


    © serenityseventeen

    6/18/21 - 3:39 pm

    a/n: I'm in love with the entire Your Choice album!!! Ready to Love is such a beautiful song, gosh, I'm in love with it!!! Seventeen always has superior B-Sides and ANYONE is my new bias wrecker + The members posted on Instagram today for the first time in forever (except for Seungkwan)!!!

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    #kpop#kpop imagines#kpop scenarios#kpop ships#enhypen#enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios#the boyz #the boyz imagines #the boyz scenarios #the boyz ships #enhypen ships#txt#txt imagines#txt scenarios#txt ships #tomorrow x together imagines #tomorrow x together #stray kids imagines #stray kids ships #stray kids scenarios #skz#skz imagines#tbz#tbz imagines#enhypen heeseung#heeseung #enhypen heeseung imagines #heeseung imagines #the boyz younghoon
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    Sneaky Link

    → Pairings: Ten, Taehyung x African American reader

    → pronouns; She/Them

    → Group: NCT and BTS

    Type of Au; Mafia Au

    → Genre; Smut, angst, and little bit of Fluff

    → Warnings; Praising kink, overstimulation, female and male(s) receiving, orgasms denial, oral sex, two dicks, multiply orgasms, slight choking, a little bit of degrading, blow job, raw (Please use protection), (She is not on a pill), cream pie. Alcohol use, begging kink, edging kink, dirty talk kink.

    → Summary; In which your sneaky Links meet up on the same day. (what a stupid bitch).

    Disclaimer; I do not own anyone who is mentioned in this story. This is just for entertainment, and if any Kpop idol wants this story down I will take it down.

    → Ask or Prompt

    → Series or Oneshot: Not sure

    → Edited or Not edit

    WordCount: 1472


    Ask Rules

    A/N: I am a rookie writer so please bear with me I just started a new writing style

    Rushing up to your apartment after your first full body wax you were very sore and needed to hit the hay. You kinda had a good day before it started raining, and on top of that, you forgot your umbrella. Lucky before you got your hair completely wet you made it inside of your slightly broken down apartment building.

    You made your way to the apartment door, using your keys to get inside. You took off your shoes at the front door. You shuffled your feet to your bedroom to something comfier. You were feeling yourself today so put on a silk top with lace panties and your cute bonnet.

    You then walked to the kitchen, washed your hands and got a wine bottle and wine glass. Then sitting down in the living room put the wine bottle on the glass coffee table. You needed to knock the edge off and that was the only thing helping you.

    But you could help yourself but to feel needy. You had two sneaky links to choose from. But the crazy thing about this is that they both are in the mafia. Taehyung was one of the members of the mafia, including six other members. And Ten was with another mafia gang that has 22 other members.

    Even though they both were killers they are fine as hell. Feeling a little bit sober you decide to invite ten over. You decide to call him instead of doing just a simple text.

    Your phone started to ring after a few times. “Hey princess” you giggle at the pet name. “Hey, I was thinking you can come over for the night” you can hear him sigh on the other line. “What's wrong?” you frowned “I don’t know if I can make it, but I can pull some strings for you princess.” You blushed at this “Can you be here by 8:30(pm)” you said to him while down to your nails. “I’ll be their princess, see them, and wear that outfit I love so much for me”, “Sure thing King,” you Said and ended the phone call.

    You Got up from your seat sitting the wine glass done on the table making your way to the bathroom to take a bath. It was currently 7:50 (p.m).

    You take off your clothes and watch the water in the bathtub feel to a certain point. You turn the bathwater off when getting in and the bubbles go over your chest. The warmth of the water felt good on your body.

    After some time you got out of the bathtub and put in his favorite outfit

    You smiled at yourself in the mirror in your room. You grab your phone and it showed that it was 8:25 you put on your robe and your phone rang.

    Caller ID read My King. You smiled and answered “Hello?”, “Open up the door princess”, “Okay you walked to the door, hanging up the call opening the door.

    You saw ten and he smirked and looked at your body. Closing the door behind him. He walked up to hold you close whispering in your ear “You look so pretty princess“ rubbing his hands across your body. Kissing on your neck. His hands sliding down to your robe soon falling to the ground.

    Ten’s hands found themself on your ass. You made it to the couch, But before he got on top of you he then took the gun that was in his pants and placed it on your glass coffee table. You look at him in disbelief. He looked back at you and chuckled, “You know, princess I have to protect myself at all times.” You looked back at him and smiled. But for some reason you don't know why you found that oddly attractive.

    Now Ten was in between your legs, kissing your neck. A moan escaped your lips as he was rubbing himself against your core. A grunt came from him, his hands moved from your waist to your soaking pussy. “You're so wet for me princess”. You looked away from his stare. He keeps staring and moving his finger out of your pussy making sinful sounds throughout the room.

    You felt so good even if he was just fingering you. You started moaning his name. “Just like that princess, You like this don’t you?”. “You like the feeling of my fingers in you don’t you princess” you nodded “M’ gonna cum” your breaths started to get heavy, your eyelids half open at the feeling his fingers hitting all the right spots. “That’s right come for me princess, Come all over fingers”.

    Ten he moved his thumb to your sensitive clit, rubbing the numb. Moaning his name so close to releasing until you both heard a knock on the door. His movements stop. “Are you expecting anyone, princess?” “No I wasn't” He looked at you, removing his fingers out of your pussy glistening with your slick.

    He moved his fingers to his mouth and licked them smiling back down at you. The knock on the door got louder then got up grabbing his gun off the coffee table. You quickly put on your robe. Ten than open the door all the way open only to be met by Kim taehyung. “Taehyung, what are you doing here!” You said getting off the couch “Why the fuck is he here Y/N?” Ten asked you with an angry tone “Yeah Y/N What is he doing here?” Taehyung gave you the same answer.

    “You mind explaining Y/N,” Ten said, giving taehyung a death stare. “How about I explain with you guys in here,” You said, pulling Taehyung inside the small apartment, shutting the door behind you. “Look I didn't mean for you two to meet like this” feeling a little bit nervous. They both stared you down with lustful eyes.

    “Maybe I can make it up to you two” You said as you walked past them leading them to your bedroom. After making it to the you pulled off your robe and layed down on the bed. Soon after both of them ended up in the bed together with you. “You're such a bad girl,” Taehyung said, rubbing his hands across your boobs, squeezing them softly. “I don’t think princess should get a reward,” Ten said, smirking. “I think she needs a punishment for needing more than one dick” Taehyung agreed

    “Such Slut like you don’t deserve it” you whimper at Tae’s words. Ten start to kiss your neck. And Taehyung took off your soaking paintes “You must be enjoying this you slut” Taeyung said rubbing his finger against your core. “So wet for us princess,” Ten smiled. Taehyung's fingers going in and out of you. You moaned, his fingers felt so good. “Don’t cum until I tell you to, understand?” You nodded “I need an answer you slut”. “Y-yes sir”. “Good Job you cum slut”.

    Ten took out his dick starting to rub his hand up and down. “Fuck” He said under his breath. Still moaning from Taehyung’s fingers, he soon replaced it with his hot tongue. He faces between your thighs and as he sucks on your clit. And one finger in and out of your pussy. “Fuck I’m gonna cum” Ten sighed as was so close to cumming all over your face. “Wait for her,” Taehyung demanded.

    Taehyung took out his dick rubbing it between your folds. “Taehyung it feels so good”. “As it should cum slut” lifting you up so ten can get behind. “You need two dicks right? Ten get behind her” Ten got behind you lining his dick up your ass. “Princess let us know if it’s too much okay.” You nodded.

    They slip their dicks in you. A long sigh came from both of them. Your eyes started to tear up as you felt like you were being split in half. Taehyung noticed “Let us know when you are ready okay” You nodded. Ten kiss your neck in comfort. After a while you nodded that you wanted to move. Taehyung moved your hips. “Ah fuck” Ten moaned at the feeling already ready to cum.

    “M’ gonna cum” You moaned. “Wait for m-me” Taehyung let out. Just a few more thrust and they both came inside you the feeling of being stuff is the way you would describe it. And you came on Taehyung’s dick. You lean your head against ten’s shoulders. “That was amazing.” You smiled.

    “Know I need a bath,” You told them. After an hour or two You all ended up taking a bath and the two boys left your apartment after they knew you were okay.

    Three weeks passed and you started to get sick but soon found out that it wasn’t a sickness. Maybe something more than that.

    Thanks for reading.

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  • baka-writings
    18.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Oh so SPIRE dared to drop Taedong concept pic and then Sebin?

    Who's next? Jaehan? Cuz that'd be a triple kill

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    who's the one? | part 07: kim hongjoong

    ⇥ previous // next

    — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

    A/N ♡: only two left...

    — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

    💌 taglist: @beomiebear5 @ynghn @beegyuz @alexaaaaaaaaa2121212 @bloom-bloom-pow @nabihwa @vitaminhyunjin @sunflower-euphro @wooyoung-a @marsophilia @m-ingkki @neodyng [status: open! (send an ask/dm to be added)]

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    Hobi: I'll help my mother in the kitchen. Why don't you go keep my father company?

    Yoongi: He doesn't want me out there. I'm the creepy guy who has sex with his son.

    Hobi: Don't be silly, he loves you.

    Yoongi: Does he?

    Hobi: Okay, he cares about you a lot.

    Yoongi: Really?

    Hobi: ....I do crap for you all the time. Get out there.

    #bts#bangtan#bangtan boys#bangtan seonyendan#bulletproof boyscouts #beyond the scene #bts incorrect quotes #bts incorrect quote #incorrect bts quotes #incorrect bts quote #kpop incorrect quotes #incorrect kpop quotes #bts text #bts text post #bts imagines#bts reactions#bts scenarios#yoonseok#sope#kim seokjin#min yoongi#jung hoseok#kim namjoon#park jimin#kim taehyung#jeon jungkook
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