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  • desayunho
    08.12.2021 - 2 hours ago
    lovefool (sm au): fun night am i right

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    note: yoooooo it finally happened

    🌱 (taglist: open) @s0ngk4ng @marsophilia @paralumanniluna @amazingly-amazing-loser @talkbykhalid @90s-belladonna @se-onghwa @dear-dreamie @sanraes @leagreenly @theartofhotchinthesnow @wonderland-silence @going0dumb @perfectlysane24 @noonaishere (*@maarsukka @yiewyiewyiewnho)

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  • solseye
    08.12.2021 - 4 hours ago


    synopsis. after receiving a unusually odd request for your matchmaking business, curiosity finally helps draw you out of your shell and into the arms of popular ice hockey player jeon wonwoo. maybe cupid isn't so powerful after all, maybe it's cupid's arrow instead.
    a/n. it's starting on Saturday!!! get ready grr😼

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    #seventeen #seventeen x reader #seventeen fanfic#seventeen imagines#wonwoo imagines #wonwoo x reader #kpop smau#kpop fluff #jeon wonwoo x reader #wonwoo smau#svt smau#svt texts#svt fluff#seventeen smau#seventeen fluff #love in our view `` the collection #[💥] : burnout syndrome!
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  • kiyokoism
    08.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    PACEMAKER ! BONUS CHP 02 — parent ˣ² conference


    [ notes ]

    — let’s start with everything that wrong with this chapter: if u ignore all the grammatical errors u will see that i accidentally used the new accs even tho this takes place between chapter 55 & 60 + i forgot that tanaka uses that off black color until the last slides :/

    — anyway i know ur probably thinking why is semi sunas assigned ‘parent’? because aran and kita aren’t chaotic enough to participate in tanakas activities and he knows that 🧍‍♂️

    — also do u get the title it’s math cuz kuroo is a fuckin nerd 🤣🤣

    — …ahaha i should jump of a building <33 anyway have a good day guys !!

    ──── · • · ────

    @peteunderoos @shobioo @songsongm @twistedvalkyrie @kac-chowsballs @lilith412426 @m-i-n-t-y-fresh @notendoplasm @bakugouswh0r3 @mysticstrawberryballoon @black-rose-29 @anime-meme-sanctuary @riceballsandanime @kysdabii @vhsryuu @enhyupn @micheleinumaki @athenarosaline @rinschuupet @bokutosuwus @haikoochi @kodzuken-blog @alatuskin @lovelykaia @kovjiro @meena-in-a-nutshell @fandomsgotmefucked @mikasacumslut @that-dark-emo-bitch @puddings-posts @meikoushi @grassbutneo @fucktheworlddude @starrysuna @pagkaiin @kenmaslov3r @lunarqq @kuroaka @daninaninani @gray-444 @lizziel1410 @sakusasimpbot @beidouluvr @urlocaloikawakinnie @rintarovibes @strawbrinkofdeath @kayskuroo @creepykawass

    #🎸— pacemaker#nomiwrites 🤧#haikyuu#suna#haikyuu smau#suna smau #haikyuu social media au #suna social media au #suna rintarou #haikyuu x reader #suna x reader #haikyuu fic#suna fic#haikyuu au#suna au#hq #suna sm au #haikyuu kpop au #haikyuu idol au #haikyuu kpop idol au #haikyuu band au #haikyuu musician au #haikyu #hq x reader #hq au#hq fic #hq sm au #haikyuu social media #rintarou suna#haikyu smau
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  • isoob
    08.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    is riki over her? no. does he respect her? yes. so he's letting her go. maybe he can get his chance again, but he'll be happy seeing y/n happy.

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    SYNOPSIS. you lost your student id card — fuck. you have someone elses instead.. yang jungwon?
    TAGLIST : OPEN (SEND AN ASK OR REPLY TO MASTERLIST POST TO BE ADDED.) @yenart @aminihhj @itzxvaxella @mitsukifilms @sunysunoo @amakumos @tlnyjoong @giyyuzz @andromedawillburryyou @clear-color-hair @diestheticu @heejinw0rld @lemonqi @makiswrld @sheepgardenenha @ja4hyvn @acciomylove @odxrilove @theskzvibe @wonielvr @hiqhkey @ilvaussie @enhacolor *bold couldn't be tagged!
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  • jenzyaa
    08.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    NO RAINBOWS – CH 01: people like you.

    [warnings: cursing, toxic talk & behavior]

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    SUMMARY: being part of the popular crowd seemed more inviting than it actually turned out to be. tired of pretending and living a life that doesn’t feel right, both you and sunghoon try to navigate your way out of it, which is obviously way easier said than done as you find yourself caught up in a web of lies and drama.

    taglist (open): @mykalon @abdiitcryy @msxflower @c9tnoos

    main masterlist

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    #enhypen x reader #enhypen smau #lee heeseung x reader #park sunghoon x reader #enha smau#enhypen fic #niki x reader #yang jungwon x reader #kpop x reader #sim jake x reader #kim sunoo x reader #park jay x reader #enha fake texts #enhypen x y/n #no rainbows smau
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  • jenzyaa
    08.12.2021 - 8 hours ago


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    SUMMARY: being part of the popular crowd seemed more inviting than it actually turned out to be. tired of pretending and living a life that doesn’t feel right, both you and sunghoon try to navigate your way out of it, which is obviously way easier said than done as you find yourself caught up in a web of lies and drama.

    taglist (open): @mykalon @abdiitcryy @msxflower @c9tnoos

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    #enhypen x reader #enhypen smau #lee heeseung x reader #park sunghoon x reader #enhypen fic #yang jungwon x reader #niki x reader #kim sunoo x reader #sim jake x reader #enhypen jay x reader #kpop x reader #enha smau #no rainbows smau
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  • pink-blushers
    08.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    STALKER ; ch. 4 ー the warning

    summary: It all start with this misunderstanding where taehyun thought y/n, the school sweetheart, stalked him for months. And thanks to y/n obliviousness, he has to deal with this cliche yet complicated love triangle.

    word counts: 0.07k ( v v v little written part)

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    Taehyun lost it, that’s it he thought. He turns around and faced his so called stalkers,


    “huh?” she looks at taehyun confusedly, trying to proceeds his words, “stalkers? I thi-“

    “Don’t talk to me or i’ll call the police” he warns her, “now stop following me” he glared at her before turning his body

    Before she could open her mouth, taehyun starts running as fast as he can, leaving the poor girl alone.

    y/n, let’s learn how to read maps after this,,,😵‍💫

    also good luck for both practice and finding a way to apologize to taehyun y/n 🤕

    taglist (open!): @navsnct @nyfwyeonjun @giyyuzz @i6hoons @pinkheadflowers @ilvaussie @summery-bat @currently-existing @hobistigma @bamnamgyu @pr0dbeomgyu @wooyoung-a @soobin-chois

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  • jenzyaa
    08.12.2021 - 10 hours ago


    @/ethanlee : heeseung : 20 years old. business major. family owns a big company - really rich. campus it boy. the soccer team's captain. everyone‘s crush. you two are a big topic amongst students and especially the gossip pages who keep trying to prove you‘re a thing. actually, you did kinda have/had a thing. you‘re not sure if the rumors that he plays with people and their feelings are real or not.
    @/parkjay : jay : 19 years old. comes from a family of ceos and celebrities. born and raised in seattle, usa. fashion major, already working on his own clothing line that he wants to release as soon as possible. extremely popular with girls. also throws insane parties. everyone wants to be in his inner circle. pretty intimidating.
    @/ausjakesim : jake : 19 years old. computer science major and wants to create his own video games. australian and really patriotic about it (chris hemsworth pls hit him up alr). very outgoing and popular - he literally knows everyone. more involved in causing trouble and doing stupid shit than girls. kinda two faced.
    @/sunghoonpark : sunghoon : 19 years old. former (famous) ice skater and business major. certified ice prince and tsundere of the school. people are drawn to him for not only his looks but his unapproachable aura. kind of always the main attraction when it comes to drama and gossip and hates nothing more than that.
    @/notsunghoon : sunghoon‘s priv : just like you, he made this account to freely express his real feelings and thoughts.
    @/imseonwoo : sunoo : 18 years old. psychology major. really straight forward and savage. probably has more dirt on everyone than any tea page out there. his tweets go viral all the time. extremely popular for his looks and charisma but most people stay away from him in order to not risk getting exposed.
    @/jungwon1_ : jungwon : 18 years old. law student. part of the student council and is really responsible and mature. despite being part of such a messy and unapproachable friend group, he‘s kind and willing to help everyone. he‘s really respected and admired on campus for that. you‘re pretty sure he receives love letters on the daily.
    @/nishimuriki : ni-ki : 16 years old. he‘s still in high school but became friends with the other boys through outside of school activities (like dancing). he‘s from japan and moved to live in korea temporarily about two years ago. really chaotic and can be as childish as he can be mature. his tweets go viral all the time (2). loves gossip and pretending to be involved in the shit that‘s going on all around you while also shaming everyone for participating in drama at the same time.
    you’re friends (more or less) with all of them because you‘re from the same social circle.

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    SUMMARY: being part of the popular crowd seemed more inviting than it actually turned out to be. tired of pretending and living a life that doesn’t feel right, both you and sunghoon try to navigate your way out of it, which is obviously way easier said than done as you find yourself caught up in a web of lies and drama.

    taglist (open): @mykalon @abdiitcryy @msxflower @c9tnoos

    main masterlist

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    #enhypen x reader #enhypen smau#kpop smau #park sunghoon x reader #lee heeseung x reader #enha smau #niki x reader #yang jungwon x reader #kim sunoo x reader #sim jake x reader #enhypen jay x reader #enhypen fic #kpop x reader #enha fake texts #no rainbows smau
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  • jeongyeonsluvbot
    08.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    the babysitter !

    part i, “my ducklings”

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    tag list; @studioreader @jiye0n0 @stopitvpls @tyongf-sunflower99 @seobecca

    #nct scenarios#nct smau #nct social media au #nct 127 scenarios #nct dream scenarios #haechan x reader #kpop smau #kpop social media au
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  • ickbite
    08.12.2021 - 23 hours ago

    dahyun never expected to fall for a girl. that was not on her agenda. more especially, because of her boyfriend. soobin was truly nice, treated her right, respected her boundaries, bragged about her, a lovely man, but Y/N? no one compares to them. after a few months, Y/N confessed her feelings to Dahyun while she was still in a relationship, the two agreed to keep it low-key until one day, Dahyun broke it off.

    “i feel guilty, i love soobin!” she said, her tears running down her face.

    “if you loved him so bad, you wouldn’t have gotten with me!” she yelled back, an equal amount of tears running down her face with her arms crossed.

    “i’m sorry, N/N, i just can’t do this anymore, please understand,” dahyun sniffled, trying to grab Y/Ns hands but failed when she moved back

    “if you want me, you know where to find me,” she wiped her tears, walking out of dahyuns dorm, expecting to never return.

    which leads us to now, dahyun and Y/N respectfully keeping their distances from each other until Y/N gets fed up with it.

    “you don't have to give me anythin mg, just kiss me, please, just kiss me on my lips now,” Y/N wasnt doing well, seeing the couple together was driving her crazy.

    “i don't wanna hurt soobin, you know that, Y/N,” dahyun frowned, cupping the girls face, the two standing in the doorway of dahyuns dorm.

    “i can be your one time, baby, please? just one kiss?” Y/N placed her hands over Dahyuns that were wiping tears off her face, i’m the sweetest girl in town so why dont you want me? when are you gunna break up with soobin? we should be dating!”

    “im sorry,” dahyun leaned in, placing her foreheads onto her ex-hookup.

    “i’ve been asking nayeon and chae if they think youll end it with him, they said you guys are in love, are you serious?”

    dahyun frowned, was she serious about soobin? yeah, at first she liked him but now? dahyuns heart is beating at the close proximity between the two girls and she’s getting butterflies for the first time since the two got together. lifting her head and placing her lips against Y/Ns, a sweet and soft kiss to signify their love for each other, even if they can’t be together right now, maybe one day they will be. maybe soobin will understand that his girlfriends just not into him anymore.

    Y/N reciprocated the kiss, pulling the other girl closer than she was, longing for the touch that was oh so familiar.

    both girls ended the night with their clothes off, falling asleep in each others arms, unaware that fate was other plans for them.

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  • jenzyaa
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago


    @/youruser : y/n : 19 years old. pretty much just you, so insert yourself hehe. family owns a luxury hotel business, therefore really rich and privileged. business major. very popular and desired. (i‘ll be using different pictures for y/n in this series, but she doesn’t have a fixed look. she’s you, so I’m really sorry if the pics don’t look like you, they‘re just used as references!)
    @/redynsversion : your private account : a place where you can genuinely let out your real feelings and thoughts without having to worry about the consequences.
    @/rinajmn : karina : 20 years old. daughter of a famous fashion designer and lawyer. fashion major. filthy rich and privileged. went to high school in new york. campus #1 it girl. you’ve known each other pretty much since childhood, so you‘d say you and your families have a very close (and hopefully genuine) bond.
    @/minjeongk : winter : 20 years old. her dad is a famous athlete, which is mainly why she‘s been into sports her whole life. business major. tends to get herself (and you) in trouble by starting petty arguments with teachers and other authorities. really popular among students and gossip pages. always needs to have the last word. probably committed vandalism at some point. she says you‘re her favorite friend.
    @/ryuujinn : ryujin : 19 years old. her mom is a really famous movie director, but she’s not interested in anything related to the entertainment industry. computer science major. intimidating bad bitch aura. everyone crushes on her. comes up with really creative (and personal) insults. kinda secretive (or maybe you‘re overthinking?).
    @/itsyunaa : yuna : 18 years old. comes from a family of doctors. health major. social butterfly but really selective with people at the same time. likes to stick to those in "her league". really confident and optimistic, encourages you to do stuff you‘d normally be too scared to (with good intentions, right?).

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    SUMMARY: being part of the popular crowd seemed more inviting than it actually turned out to be. tired of pretending and living a life that doesn’t feel right, both you and sunghoon try to navigate your way out of it, which is obviously way easier said than done as you find yourself caught up in a web of lies and drama.

    taglist (open): @mykalon @abdiitcryy @msxflower

    main masterlist

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    #enhypen smau #enhypen x reader #park sunghoon x reader #lee heeseung x reader #enha smau#sunghoon smau#heeseung smau #sim jake x reader #yang jungwon x reader #niki x reader #enhypen jay x reader #kim sunoo x reader #kpop smau#enha imagines #enhypen fake texts #no rainbows smau
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  • songmingisthighs
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago


    introduction pt. i | pt. ii | pt. iii

    ch. lxxxiv - hot boyfriend alert ❣❣

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    ??? × reader, ateez × reader

    warning : slight m × m

    A freshman hookup rekindled into something new. With an incentive, of course. But what would happen if your 'relationship' led you somewhere you never thought would happen to you ?

    "(Y/N), come here, I want you to listen to this," Hongjoong called you from where he was sitting, rotating his chair slightly to look at you.

    You stood up from the couch where you and Seonghwa were seated at. As you were about to pull a chair next to Hongjoong, he whined and pulled you down onto his lap. As your butt made contact with Hongjoong's lap, you giggled from his obvious possessiveness.

    Seonghwa rolled his eyes at his friend, "you're so transparent," he scoffed. Hongjoong turned slightly and raised a brow at Seonghwa, "and you're a salty ass bitch, but you don't see me commenting on it," he smirked smugly.

    You lowered the headphones on your head to pout at them, "I didn't come here to listen to you two argue," you pointed out. "You came here for me, right?" Hongjoong asked, a wide grin breaking on his face as he pulled you closer to him in a tight hug, "Hwa's just that much of a loser that he had to ruin our alone time," he added while pressing soft kisses up and down the side of your neck.

    At Hongjoong's comment, Seonghwa's left eye twitched. He then proceed to stand up and saunter over to where you and Hongjoong are.

    The taller yanked the chair to turn it around and leaned dangerously close to Hongjoong, "call me a loser one more time Joong and you'll see first hand of what I can do," he growled lowly.

    Seonghwa's voice automatically made you straighten up with your hands on your lap. Maybe he had really trained you to submit to his voice. Seeing how obedient you were, Seonghwa moved to peck you on the nose softly, "can you move to the couch for a bit, sweetie? Seems like Joong here needs to be taught a lesson," he smiled sweetly at you.

    You pouted up at him and pursed your lips, "kiss first," you demanded. With a chuckle and head shaking in slight disbelief, Seonghwa obliged and kissed you fully on the mouth.

    Though lips preoccupied with Seonghwa, you sneakily ground yourself onto Hongjoong's crotch, making moans slip out of him.

    Once Seonghwa unlatched himself from you, you sauntered off to sit on the studio's couch with crossed legs.

    As his attention shifted to Hongjoong, his expression shifted to a more annoyed one. "Now, where were we?" Seonghwa asked in a menacing tone.

    Hongjoong knew the tone.

    He knew it damn well.

    This is business Seonghwa.

    The older of the two grabbes the other's chin to face him straight on, "I bet you thought you'd be able to monopolize (Y/N) tonight, huh? Bet you didn't think your roomate would come down here and cockblock you, huh?" Seonghwa smirked smugly.

    All of a sudden, Seonghwa's hand reached back and pull on Hongjoong's hair roughly, making the man under him yelp out in surprise and you a soft gasp.

    For some reason, the sight of Seonghwa being so rough on Hongjoong turns you on. You began shifting in your seat, pussy suddenly begging to be touched by either one of them. Though you're not so sure you want them to stop.

    Just to make things worse, Seonghwa's free hand suddenly dropped down to cup Hongjoong's hardening dick over his sweatpants. A choked moan escaped Hongjoong when Seonghwa began pressing on it harshly.

    "Aww, would you look at that? Joongie here has a boner from (Y/N) rubbing her ass on his lap," he chuckled mockingly.

    Despite Hongjoong getting touched, you can't help but be affected to. Especially when Seonghwa began licking a stripe up and down Hongjoong's neck. You don't know whether you wanna be Hongjoong or Seonghwa at the moment.

    All of a sudden, Seonghwa pulled Hongjoong forward and connected their lips together.

    If someone were to see them (someone other than you), they would've thought that the roomate tension has finally taken its toll.

    Your hand found its way onto your clothed core and you began pressing and rubbing your fingers to get some friction. Both men were too busy lashing their tongues together to notice how you also needed their attention.

    You could see that Seonghwa is now rubbing Hongjoong's dick and Hongjoong's hips twitching to Seonghwa's touch.

    Deciding that their fun should be shared with you, you cleared your throat and spoke up, "hello? I thought I was the one Joongie planned on fuck tonight," you said, pouting at them both.

    As if just realizing that you're also in the room, both Hongjoong and Seonghwa snapped their heads towards you. Your pouting face brought a grin to Hongjoong's face and a chuckle out of Seonghwa.

    The latter nodded and removed himself from Hongjoong, "sorry baby, I thought Joongie here need to shut up," he explained. You crossed your arms over your chest and scoffed at that, "with the way you paid attention to Joongie, maybe I need to rebel every once in a while," you grumbled.

    Hongjoong cooed at you as he stood up from his seat, he walked over and push you down to lay on the couch. With fingers busy pulling your pants down, he began sucking hickies on any exposed skin, "I'm sorry we neglected you, baby. Can I make it up to you?" He pulled back to show you an innocent smile.

    Though his smile was innocent, the action he took wasn't. He suddenly shoved his hand in your panties and he immediately start rubbing your folds, making you gasp sharply.

    Your hands fisted Hongjoong's shirt when he suddenly plunge two fingers into your awaiting hole.

    Seonghwa jumped in, wanting to participate. He pulled your pants and panties off before positioning himself on a kneeling position behind Hongjoong to do the same. Hongjoong's hand only faltered when Seonghwa tugged on his pants and shirt, and he stopped briefly to take off his shirt.

    "Baby, I wanna see your tits," Seonghwa said, slightly interrupting you and Hongjoong. You let out a moan as both an answer to Seonghwa and a reaction to Hongjoong's ministrations. Seonghwa reached down to help tug your shirt and bra off before he carelessly threw it behind him.

    It was when the cold air hit your skin and you opened your eyes that you realized that all three of you is completely naked. You hadn't even realized when Seonghwa undressed himself.

    You reached a hand to tap at Seonghwa's hand that was resting on Hongjoong's shoulder, "Hwa, can Joongie fuck me? He did asked me to come accompany him and I wanna congratulate his new studio," you asked, batting your lashes at him.

    Hearing his name, Hongjoong pulled away from littering your skin with hickeys for a bit to see Seonghwa's reaction.

    Unsurprisingly, Seonghwa smiled down at you and nodded his head, "sure love, anything you want," he said before suddenly smacking Hongjoong on his ass and bit down on his earlobe, "fuck her hard, fuck her good," he growled as Hongjoong jolted from the impact and moanes loudly.

    Without waiting for anything else, Hongjoong wrapped your legs around his waist and slipped his dick inside you in one swift push.

    Your mouth dropped to an 'O' shape when he immediately started thrusting hard into you. Your hands wrapped around Hongjoong's neck and you pulled him close to you.

    With hips slapping on yours, he made himself busier by taking one of your breast into his mouth and began sucking. You couldn't help but roll your eyes at the intense pleasure Hongjoong was giving you. "Jo-Joong, oh my God! You feel so good inside me! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I-I- Oh!" You whimpered out.

    From this position, Hongjoong has his ass slightly jutted out and Seonghwa felt like he needed to take advantage of the situation.

    Grabbing Hongjoong's ass, he squished and fondle them, letting Hongjoong get used to his touch. When he seemed to no longer pay any mind to Seonghwa's touch, the older decided to move things further and went forth with pressing his hardened dick on Hongjoong's ass.

    The foreign feeling seemed to froze Hongjoong as his whole body paused mid-act. You whined because Hongjoong was taking away the build up of your high and when you open your mouth to protest, you saw that Seonghwa was staring down at you as his hips ground against Hongjoong's ass.

    "Don't worry, I'm not gonna put my dick in, Joong. I don't know if I'm okay with it or not and you definitely had never had your ass used like that," he chuckled, joking to calm Hongjoong down.

    It proved to be successful as Hongjoong's body relaxed and he continued with slipping his dick in and out of you and letting his mouth devour your breast.

    With you at the bottom, Hongjoong working you in the middle, and Seonghwa humping Hongjoong's ass, it didn't take long for you to reach your high.

    Your grip on Hongjoong tightened as your hips met his. You were chasing your own release and Hongjoong took note of that. He slipped a hand down to began rubbing at your clit to further intensify the pleasure.

    Soon enough you became a mess. Head thrown back, back arching, legs tightening around Hongjoong, you realized it won't take long until you came.

    "H-H-Hw-Hwa!" You called out to Seonghwa as your hand reached for him.

    Seonghwa smiled down and he leaned to capture your lips in his as his hand slither to tweak at your unatended nipple. Hongjoong's saliva coated the nub and the cold air nipping on it and Seonghwa's tweaks finally pushed you over the edge.

    You let out a strangled moan against Seonghwa's lips and your pussy clamped down onto Hongjoong.

    The sudden tightness of your pussy made Hongjoong groan and bit down onto your nipple, making you yelp. "J-joong!" You scolded to which Hongjoong replied by rubbing the skin of your hips softly.

    With the way your pussy clench on him and your cum coating his dick, it didn't take long for Hongjoong to release himself in you. His whole body tensed up as his hips twitch while emptying his cum into you.

    It served as a ripple effect it seems. You came first and you made Hongjoong came and with the way Hongjoong's ass tensed up and trapped Seonghwa's dick between his ass and the latter's hips, you can only assume that Seonghwa's also close.

    Once you're sure that Hongjoong has completely finished unloading, you immediately slipped off from under Hongjoong and push Seonghwa to a sitting position on the couch. You crawled in between his legs and you took his dick in your hands.

    Seonghwa bit his bottom lip at the sight of you hungrily staring up at him as your tongue licked his shaft from his balls up to his tip. He let out a choked breath when your lips enclosed over his tip and began sucking him.

    As his hips thrusted upwards and you standing by with mouth open and tongue out, Seonghwa released his cum and splattered it on the couch, his thighs, your tongue and even your face.

    Just as you were about to swallow Seonghwa's cum and clean up the mess he made when Hongjoong suddenly took your face in his hands and licked the cum off. You thought he was gonna press his lips to yours but your eyes widened when he went to push the cum on his tongue into Seonghwa's mouth instead.

    As the two shared spit and cum, you crawled up to stradle either one of their thighs, not even caring that your and Hongjoong's cum dripped out of you.

    When they pulled away, you give them each a kiss on the lips as a sign of gratitude.

    "We're definitely doing this again when I get my office," Seonghwa said, hand cupping your cheek and his thumb rubbing gently on your skin.

    "Yeah, I'm down for it. This has been fun," Hongjoong chuckled as he laced his hand with yours.

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    @raysanshine @peachy-maia @paralumanniluna @90s-belladonna @theclawofaraven @sanraes @sans-byeol @nycol-ie @superstarw99 @skkrtnawrskkrt @viv-atiny @the7thcrow @stfu-xeena @laurademaury @multihoe-net @daisyhwa @scoupshushushu @simplewonderland @verycooldog2 @perfectlysane24 @hannahdinse8 @aka-minhyuk-kun @phebeedee @yunhorights @peachyho @marsophilia @donghyuckanti27 @se-onghwa @taejichafe @alliecoady98 @rdiamondbts2727 @hakuna-matata-ya @ohmy-fandoms @stray-bi-kids @fashi0nablee @rindomo @violetwinters @nabihwa @linhyyboo12 @mirror-juliet @bestboiericsohn @hwahwaseong @kpop-khh-writer-trash @teti-menchon0604

    can't be tagged :

    @felix-kithes @tannie13 @imaaroy @em0yunho @ateezminonspace @jaywhyypee

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  • pink-blushers
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    STALKER ; ch.3 ー the stalker

    summary: It all start with this misunderstanding where taehyun thought y/n, the school sweetheart, stalked him for months. And thanks to y/n obliviousness, he has to deal with this cliche yet complicated love triangle.

    masterlist ; prev // next

    taehyun do check on his windows sometimes, and yes he caught y/n stand in front of his house a few times (y/n is probably trying to remember which one was ms yoon house)

    he’s more convinced that y/n stalks him because sometimes she walks behind him too when he’s on his way to the skateparks

    beomgyu just feel there’s something off, that’s why he asked taehyun to talk with the so called stalker first

    taglist (open!): @navsnct @nyfwyeonjun @giyyuzz @i6hoons @pinkheadflowers @ilvaussie @summery-bat @currently-existing @hobistigma @bamnamgyu @pr0dbeomgyu @wooyoung-a @soobin-chois

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  • tyunsview
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    PAIRING: kang taehyun x fem!reader.

    GENRE: smau, fluff, angst, strangers to friends to lovers.

    FEATURING: tba.

    WARNINGS: tba.

    SYNOPSIS: y/n thought she would end up with her crush yedam and taehyun thought he would end up with his crush minseo, but luck wasn’t on their sides.

    STARTED: tba.

    ENDED: tba.

    STATUS: not started.

    UPDATES: once a day.

    ,notes: soooo when i finish the jay smau i will RUN to start this one bc i have a lot of ideas for this one, hope y’all can wait and love this series too<3





    taglist open!!

    { @bigtittietoji }

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  • jakes-tummy
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Nowhere Else

    Chapter 22 [not like other guys]

    Masterlist || Next

    Synopsis: Park Sunghoon has had girls falling at his feet since his first year of high school and has always used the excuse of having a girlfriend to turn them down. However, when one girl asks him to prove said girlfriend’s existence, you become entangled in the mess. So, Sunghoon asks you to be his fake girlfriend for a while, unknowing of the fact you also harbour feelings for him and wish you were more than a fake.

    @liliansun @mykalon @acciomylove @c9tnoos @pixyseeun @lionessmane @blossomnct @kyleeanne @meiiiwa @luvrjn @abdiitcryy @mymeloem19 @navsnct @itzsora @raspberrygyus @sungoohoon @dear-dreamie @hibuki-chan @luvrseung @stoatwashere @enhypenisnotforsale

    #enhypenwriters#ficscafe#enhypen smau #enhypen x reader #kpop smau#nowhere else #sunghoon x reader #park sunghoon x reader #sunghoon fluff #enha sunghoon x reader #enhypen sunghoon x reader
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  • isoob
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    masterlist 🏷 previous / next

    SYNOPSIS. you lost your student id card — fuck. you have someone elses instead.. yang jungwon?
    TAGLIST : OPEN (SEND AN ASK OR REPLY TO MASTERLIST POST TO BE ADDED.) @yenart @aminihhj @itzxvaxella @mitsukifilms @sunysunoo @amakumos @tlnyjoong @giyyuzz @andromedawillburryyou @clear-color-hair @diestheticu @heejinw0rld @lemonqi @makiswrld @sheepgardenenha @ja4hyvn @acciomylove @odxrilove @theskzvibe @wonielvr @hiqhkey @ilvaussie *bold couldn't be tagged!
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  • isoob
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    riki was gonna throw another punch. but he felt his eyes watering. he was not about to cry infront of jungwon. he glared at him with glossy eyes before rushing away, bringing himself outside of school property — on a park bench.

    he grabbed out his phone and made a tweet, while tear drops fell on his keyboard. he really messed up, didn't he.

    so suddenly, his phone started vibrating in his hand. he was getting a call from seungmin. he wiped his tears away and picked up his phone.

    in such a random place like a park, a kid with his hoodie up was somewhat noticeable.

    "hey, min. what's wrong?" his voice cracked. "shouldn't i be asking that? i just saw you try to fight someone then rush out of school, what happened?" his words only encouraged riki's tears to fall harder, but he held back.

    "can we skip school together. please?"

    seungmin was quiet over the phone, but ended up agreeing. they met at the park and spent the day away. "what happened today?" the older of tho two asked while sitting in a restaurant. they were waiting for their food to arrive.

    "do i really have to tell you?" riki rolled his eyes, seungmin replying with a nod.

    "i like y/n."

    "i noticed." riki's eyes shot up. "but what has that got to do with you trying to beat up jungwon?"

    masterlist 🏷 previous / next

    SYNOPSIS. you lost your student id card — fuck. you have someone elses instead.. yang jungwon?
    TAGLIST : OPEN (SEND AN ASK OR REPLY TO MASTERLIST POST TO BE ADDED.) @yenart @aminihhj @itzxvaxella @mitsukifilms @sunysunoo @amakumos @tlnyjoong @giyyuzz @andromedawillburryyou @clear-color-hair @diestheticu @heejinw0rld @lemonqi @makiswrld @sheepgardenenha @ja4hyvn @acciomylove @odxrilove @theskzvibe @wonielvr @hiqhkey @ilvaussie *bold couldn't be tagged!
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  • jeongyeonsluvbot
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    the babysitter. introduction part ii.

    haechan / donghyuck , leader of the group. spends his free time at parties, had a crush on y/n in high school

    mark, oldest, also the most responsible in the group, introduced yangyang and sungchan to the group, sits next to y/n in class

    renjun, small but mighty, shortest in the group but that doesn’t stop him from trying to attack everyone, also brutally honest

    jaemin, biggest simp for jeno, very passionate about his hatred for strawberries. often tweets whatever he sees

    jeno, the softie of the group despite being so muscular, always has crazy and random ideas to turn into a youtube video

    chenle, youngest, calls himself ‘dad’ because he has a dog, friends with yeojin and jiwoo

    yang yang, one of the new ones in the group, always goes along with jeno’s youtube ideas

    sungchan, tallest and will always brag about it, friends with shotaro and y/n, joined the group recently and doesn’t know about the history between y/n and haechan

    tag list; @studioreader @jiye0n0 @stopitvpls

    #☁️; the babysitter #haechan x reader #nct smau #nct social media au #smau#kpop smau#nct scenarios
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  • kiyokoism
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    PACEMAKER ! o. meet the characters (again)

    these are basically the same in all the meet the characters chapters except y/n, kenma & suna (and also the author notes

    THE SEXIEST PERSON / BANDS — y/n + official accounts



    THE FREE THERAPISTS — supporting cast


    [ notes ]

    — i love the accs a lot but sunas and y/n’s bio is just an the next level (ahah any aespa stans here) anyway i don’t wanna get sappy so i’ll keep it short ^^ till the ending chapter! ++ kuroo and y/n matching display name besties

    — kita finally got the user name he wanted and suna still doesn’t follow tsumu

    ──── · • · ────

    @peteunderoos @shobioo @songsongm @twistedvalkyrie @kac-chowsballs @lilith412426 @m-i-n-t-y-fresh @notendoplasm @bakugouswh0r3 @mysticstrawberryballoon @black-rose-29 @anime-meme-sanctuary @riceballsandanime @kysdabii @vhsryuu @enhyupn @micheleinumaki @athenarosaline @rinschuupet @bokutosuwus @haikoochi @kodzuken-blog @alatuskin @lovelykaia @kovjiro @meena-in-a-nutshell @fandomsgotmefucked @mikasacumslut @that-dark-emo-bitch @puddings-posts @meikoushi @grassbutneo @fucktheworlddude @starrysuna @pagkaiin @kenmaslov3r @lunarqq @kuroaka @daninaninani @gray-444 @lizziel1410 @sakusasimpbot @beidouluvr @urlocaloikawakinnie @rintarovibes @strawbrinkofdeath @kayskuroo @creepykawass

    #🎸— pacemaker#nomiwrites 🤧#haikyuu#haikyuu smau#haikyuu suna#suna smau#suna rintarou #haikyuu x reader #suna x reader #haikyuu fic#suna fic#suna#hq smau#haikyuu au#suna au #haikyuu kpop au #haikyuu idol au #haikyuu social media au #suna social media au #haikyu#hq#hq au#hq fic#haikyu smau #haikyuu sm au #haikyuu x y/n #haikyuu sm #suna sm au #suna fake texts #suna rintarou x reader
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  • heojangmi
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago


    as december starts, the whole school starts to prepare for the one & only yearly christmassy! since usually it’s mainly for seniors, every year group is excited.
    but in one specific friend group, a specific person proposes that they should all get a date since this whole school christmassy may be a one time thing.
    but what if your friends kim sunwoo & eric sohn are both aiming for you to be their date? in other words, what if they both
    bet on you.
    main pairing(s) : kim sunwoo x fem!reader, eric sohn/son youngjae x femreader
    genre : smau, fluff, highschool au, love triangle, friends to lovers
    warnings : this is my first smau so i apologize if it goes horrible wrong :/
    representative song :


    “FINALLY DONE.” eric exclaimed while y/n just giggled. “it was just 3 seasons tho.” she chuckled. “but each episode is like what, an hour?” the girl just nodded at his claim.

    “well anyways it’s getting pretty late, i should leave now.” y/n suggested. “i’ll drive you back.” eric said as he got up from the couch. “alright thanks.” y/n replied.

    “i just need to fix some stuff in my room first then we’ll leave.” the girl nodded as eric went to go upstairs. y/n turned to the window to look out at the sky.

    “the starlight definitely ain’t sleeping tonight.” she chuckled as she looked back. she just decided to go on her phone while she waiting for eric.

    but suddenly she looked down & saw that she was still wearing the sweater. so y/n started to walk up the stairs & go to the hallway. she was about to make a turn until she accidentally collided into someone.

    “oh shoot are you alright?” eric asked as he held onto y/n’s shoulders. “yeah i’m fine i just needed to ask if you wanted the sweater back.” y/n replied.

    eric looked down at y/n with a small smile on his face. “just keep it, it’s cold tonight anyways.” he told her. “alright then sure.” the two nodded at each other before going back down the stairs.

    he quickly unlocked to the door before he held onto it. “after you.” he grinned. “thanks.” was all y/n said as she walked out the door & into the cold night air.

    eric quickly locked the door behind them before they both started heading inside the car. “i had fun binging with you today.” y/n commented. as y/n said that eric looked at the girl with a grin on his face.

    “i had fun too.” he replied. “we should do that again sometime.” she remarked. “but for now i feel to tired to binge.” eric chuckled at her remark as y/n yawned.

    “you can sleep for a bit if you want.” he suggested. “you wouldn’t mind?” y/n questioned. “of course not.” the two quickly smiled at each other before y/n quickly said a “thanks” & started to close her eyes.

    the boy turned on his car engine & started to reverse. he checked to see if his passenger was still asleep. since she was, he just decided to continue to start driving without any worries.


    the two arrived at y/n house. eric looked next to him to see y/n still asleep. he just heavily sighed as he looked back to the stars. “do i really have to wake her up?” eric chuckled to himself.

    he genuinely didn’t wanna wake y/n up from her slumber. eric thought she looked way too peaceful to even attempt to wake her up. but he knew he had to so he did.

    as quick small tap on the shoulder made her head rise. “we’re at your house now.” y/n looked to her left to see her residence. “oh thanks for the ride.” y/n said as she started to unbuckle her seat belt.

    “no problem, have a good rest.” he smiled at her. “a very unusually sweet comment, but you too corny capybara.” the two giggled together before y/n head inside her home.

    y/n txts sunwoo abt tmrw morning

    taglist : @l3ejiyeong @pockyandme @i6hoons
    a/n i apologize that the posting of the parts haven’t been that consistent, it’s mainly cuz the school year is ending soon & i’ve been busy as shi with all the tests & stuff

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