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    I will sit on his face

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    Normal (Yoongi x reader)

    Summary: Being with Yoongi was all fun and games until you start reading about other people's sex lives. Suddenly, you think you might be missing out on something. Fortunately, Yoongi doesn't shy away from talking about possible improvements.

    Pairing: Yoongi x reader

    Genre: domestic!AU, slice of life, established relationship, fluff, smut

    Warnings: usual dirty words

    Word count: 2.9k



    You looked up from the book you were reading and over to Yoongi, who sat bent low over his desk, pen in hand, working on something you haven't seen yet. From time to time he would type on his computer and listen to stuff on his headphones. He didn't always show you his lyrics but sometimes he does and you found them beautiful and felt deeply touched by that achingly intimate glimpse into his soul.

    Being with him wasn't at all like relationships pictured in movies or books. Still you never questioned the quality of what you had. It felt right in all possible ways and you were sure you'll be together for more years to come. You were a couple for quite a while now and it was the most peaceful and secure relationship you ever had.

    But the book you were currently reading got your mind going. The plot was rather simple but the characters were lovely and you couldn't put it down. Of course it was a love story, you were a sucker for those. Usually they were pretty tame. Meeting, some kissing, and near the end mentioning of spending the night in a sentence or two. But not this one. To your surprise there was lots of sex. Loads. And it was described so explicitly, your mouth fell open several times.

    Usually you knew it was fiction and perfect worlds just sell better than scenarios picturing normality but this time the things you read affected you in a way that got you wondering if something was missing in your own life.

    It started with the fact, that you wouldn't come every time. Neither would Yoongi. You never came in missionary. Also usually simple penetration didn't do the job for you. Sometimes you were just too tired and didn't mind Yoongi just taking what he needed before the two of you fell asleep snuggled together. Meanwhile the people in that book never missed out on an orgasm or as it was described “waves and waves, that made toes curl.” Your toes have never curled in your entire life.

    There was a lot of morning sex too. They'd open their eyes and get it on. Yoongi and you would never kiss in the morning, because that was gross. You'd always brush your teeth first. Yes, you had morning sex occasionally but usually it happened half asleep and was more like cuddling with his dick inside you. Nothing mind blowing.

    And why did every guy in that book have a big penis? Every guy she got to see naked excited the female main character with his surprisingly thick boner. She couldn't possibly be so lucky to meet all big dicks out there or could she? Yoongi's dick wasn't particularly big nor was it so thick you needed to be prepared for it. When you were in the mood, you were wet and he could slide right in and it would feel great in all positions. You couldn't imagine to need tons of foreplay every time just to be able to handle what a man was giving you. Come to think of it, blow jobs must suck with a dick that big. Poor jaw.

    But there was more that confused you. Yoongi and you weren't particularly talkative during sex. You'd tell each other what felt good, and there were occasional praises and if you weren't mistaken you had moaned his name once or twice when you told him to just don't stop what he was doing. But neither Yoongi nor one of the other guys you dated before had ever screamed your name while coming. Maybe it was because it was quite long and sounded comparatively harsh and so it was just too difficult to utter while being out of your mind.

    You looked over to Yoongi again. His name on the other hand was pretty, soft and manageable. Still when an orgasm hit you, his name wasn't what popped up in your mind. Actually your mind was blank. And you must say you liked that. It was one of the charming side effects of sex. Watching him poke his tongue into his cheek in concentration, you decided to ask him later if he liked to hear his name during sex. No one should say about you that you were not willing to try new things.

    You returned to reading. It didn't take long until you frowned again. She came all over his cock. What did that even mean? Squirting? Doesn't that make a mess every time? And while you were at it: you never mewledduring sex, the mere thought of it repelled you. Do people really do that?

    You'd sometimes give him head and he'd sometimes eat you out. You didn't always return the favour. So far he had never lifted you up and fucked you against a wall. You doubted he would ever be able to do that. He wasn't weak, he was stronger than he looked honestly but you were still heavier than him and why bother when you could just use the table or the dresser instead. Yoongi had never told you to „come for him“ nor that you were a good girl. He had never choked you, or told you that you took his cock so well. You had never called him daddy. Ugh.

    And most important you never had unprotected sex, because you considered getting pregnant a serious possibility and it wasn't in your plans yet. But you stopped using a condom additionally when you decided to be serious and got yourself tested. In that book, there was no protection whatsoever. What you found cringey as well was that people slammed their lips on each other's just like that. No one made sure those kisses were welcomed first. The same with touching. You checked for the release date but no, it wasn't published 30 years ago. Quite the opposite actually.

    You considered putting the book away for good but you still liked the protagonists and longed to see how they ended up together. No amount of irritating writing seemed to be able to take the romantic out of you. Maybe you'll skip the middle and only read the last chapter to satisfy your curiosity.

    You were flipping through the pages, when Yoongi's voice interrupted you.

    “What is it you are frowning about so much. Isn't that one of those shallow love stories you always read?”

    You put down the book again. Yoongi's dark eyes were on you, his features crinkled in amusement. You couldn't help but laugh.

    “Yeah. It's obvious they'll end up together-”

    “But?” He knew you so well.

    “There is so much....fucking.”

    Yoongi's eyebrows shot up.

    “And that is a bad thing?” Within seconds his amusement turned into smugness.

    “Does it turn you on?”

    You laughed once more. His deep voice asking something like that didn't leave you unaffected. Oh boy, why was he so handsome.

    “No. Maybe. I don't know.”

    Yoongi stood and came over, obviously very interested in that book all of a sudden.

    “Then what is it?”

    You thought about how to put it.

    “Well...they do things quite...differently. Than we do.”

    He plopped down in front of you, eyes literally sparkling. You were aching to kiss him. You always loved his lips. They felt as awesome as they looked. Actually kissing him back then was the last straw for you to see him again. Yes, he was charming and cute, but kissing him and the way you two stared at each other afterwards, blown away by how good it felt, did the trick. It still hasn't lost its magic to you, it still felt heavenly and you loved to do it.

    “What do they do?”

    “There are big dicks everywhere and they fuck three times a day. And come each time. And he always eats her out, then she sucks his dick and then he fucks her into oblivion.” Yoongi only rolled his eyes at that. He couldn't take it.

    “I wouldn't call this different but stupid.” As usual he spoke his mind. “No one would buy the book if it says 'and then he came after 30 seconds and she didn't come at all. Again,' So it needs to be exaggerated. It's a fantasy. You wouldn't need it if your sex life was like that.”

    “I know. But what if they are right at least a little and I could have some of that too but didn't so far because I just didn't know about it.”

    “Do you miss something?”

    Your gaze dropped to the book in your hands. You weren't sure.

    “You know that this is the way advertisements work, right? They show you something unreal and try to sell you some bullshit to help you get closer to that, although it's not possible. They make you miserable to sell stuff.”

    “What is that book trying to sell me then?”

    “It's trying to sell itself. Or maybe it wants you to long for sex like that and buy more books to feed your fantasy. Because normal people don't fuck like that. Even the authors know this perfectly well. Believe it or not, big dicks aren't that common.” He winked at you.

    “That's evil.”

    Yoongi broke into laughter. His eyes scanned your face fondly before he leaned in to press his lips against yours. You embraced the kiss, getting quickly in the mood for more.

    You had your shirt off in no time. Another thought shot through you. Yoongi has never undressed you, and you have never undressed him. Some tugging at clothes and that was all it took to get you two naked. Like this time. As soon as you lied down on the couch again his hands wandered to your breasts, which he cupped routinely.

    “Is there something they did in that book you want to try out?” he asked you between kisses, while his hip was already in position between your legs.

    You had forgotten about the book, but his question dragged your mind back to it. Well, fucking against a wall was unfortunately off the table. Anal? You just did that recently. Also a white couch wasn't exactly the best place to do it. Some oral? Nah, you wanted to feel him inside you straight away, no foreplay first.

    Yoongi looked down at you expectantly, eyes big and dark.

    “You are so beautiful,” you told him from the bottom of your heart. It amazed you time and time again how he could be so stunning. Oh how happy you were to be with him.

    “Was that in the book too?” he asked smugly, before kissing you some more. Not wanting to wait any longer, he moved his hips, and slipped inside you. You both sighed in unison.

    “Do you want me to scream your name when coming?”

    Yoongi grunted. “God, why would you do that?”

    “Apparently a lot of other people do.”

    “And why should I care about what they do. If you felt like it, you had done it by now, don't you think?”

    He was quickly losing his ability to form coherent sentences. His hair was sticking to his temples, his breathing heavy. He moved slower than usual. It felt good, you loved feeling him that close, the sight of his muscular shoulders hovering over you was pretty appealing.

    You kissed again and he started picking up the pace.

    “Go slow again, please.”

    Yoongi grumbled in slight frustration.

    “Can we go to the bed then? This angle hurts my wrists. Also my leg keeps slipping from the couch.”

    You chuckled. You'd probably never read something like that in a book. You nodded.

    Yoongi untangled from you and helped you up. His dick bounced with the movement. It was pretty as it was. Pale and curved, perfect for you.

    Holding hands you walked towards the bedroom. Yoongi plunked down on the bed and you straddled him, taking him in slowly. There was no talking, like usual. As things got faster and more forceful, his groans mixed with yours. When your legs got tired and you couldn't ride him any more, you changed positions again and he took you from behind, grabbing your ass a few times roughly, slapping it even.

    “I like that view so much,” he moaned, slamming his hips against your butt again and again. You knew he would come soon and you touched yourself to get off before him but to no avail.

    When you lied next to each other afterwards, he looked over to you, smiling fondly.

    “What about you?”

    “I'm fine.”

    “But you didn't come.”

    “Yeah, I don't mind.”

    Yoongi shifted to face you fully, propping his head up on his arm. He watched you for a while, his eyes kind but serious.

    “You know, you could just ask me to get you off now, I'd be happy to do it.”

    Usually you would dismiss this with a wave of your hand. You were satisfied that Yoongi had his fun. You enjoyed it too after all. Sometimes it just wasn't going to happen for you and you didn't mind. But today was different. Maybe it was the book that had you worked up and made you a little desperate. You really wanted to come. So you nodded. Yoongi broke into a smile.

    He shuffled closer, taking your lower lip between his teeth and tugging softly. A jolt shot through your body and you pressed yourself against him. His big hands caressed you, wandering slowly down until they reached the heat between your thighs. When his finger slipped inside you, you moaned.

    “You want another one?”

    You nodded and Yoongi smirked.

    He added another finger and even a third and it felt so good you wondered why you didn't do that more often.

    “I really should stop feeling like a burden instead of asking you to help me out.”

    Yoongi snorted.

    “No shit.”

    “I know, I-”

    “Just let me do it. I love to touch you. Seeing you unravel underneath my hands is so hot, you have no idea. Just fucking tell me what you like and I'll do it.”

    The way Yoongi said that, while three of his fingers were knuckles deep inside you, made you feel even closer to him. Screw the book, it wasn't about big dicks and fucking a dozens times a day. All it took was an idea what you liked and a person who was willing to give you just that.

    Yoongi's fingers touched a particular nice spot and you bucked against his hand.

    “Ah shit, don't stop. This is good.”

    He didn't stop. Instead you felt his dick harden again against your thigh.

    “Please fuck me, will you?”

    He positions himself between your legs, propping your hips up on a pillow, to be able to touch you while fucking slowly in and out of you. Feeling him against your flesh that was still sensitive from the time before was almost unbearable, but added the right amount of friction to his fingers on your clit and your high rushed through you with surprising force.

    You found Yoongi smiling proudly down at you, when you opened your eyes an eternity later.


    “I know, right?”

    “Are you able to take me one more time? I'm pretty close already.”

    You pulled him towards you for a quick kiss, before he started to shove into you again. You watched how he disappeared in you over and over again and combined with his moans it was oddly mesmerizing. Not to mention pretty arousing. So soon you found yourself getting lost again in your own pleasure, meeting his thrusts halfway with eyes closed, approaching another high. And it worked. Yoongi followed soon after, brows furrowed, covered in sweat, cheeks pink from the heat.

    Later, when you two cuddled, he pressed a kiss to your forehead.

    “I love to live and learn with you,” he said quietly.

    You inhale deeply at that, bliss spreading through your body. You loved that too. Books usually end when two people finally found each other. 300 pages of working up the courage to confess.

    But the part after that was actually much better. It still took a lot of courage, there was no denying that. But oh how good it felt to discover each other in a safe place like that, full of love and acceptance.

    You pressed a kiss to Yoongi's jaw.

    “Yeah, I feel the same.” You slid a finger down his spine until you reached his butt. You grabbed one of the cheeks, squeezing it fondly. It was one of his body parts you liked the most.

    Yoongi snuggled up closer to you, kissing your forehead again. You could tell he was sleepy.

    “What does your book say about naps?”

    “They happen. And always end in sex.”

    “Fucking hell. How do people get shit done when they're fucking all the time? We need to do laundry first. I ran out of underwear today.”

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    To Love Thine Neighbour

    A college au!Jeon Jungkook x reader oneshot for the horny soul

    mostly fluff :))

    Link to the fic on AO3

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    maintenance - lim jaebeom

    pairing: biker boyfriend jaebeom + female reader
    genre: established relationship, gratuidous smut (i know what ur here for)
    word count: 7.2k+ (this was supposed to be 4k lmao)
    warnings: explicit sexual content, cursing (as per usual), ms. y/n has a leather glove kink (don't we all), hand kink (yeah i might as well add that in too), unprotected sex (wrap ur stuff), oral (m + f), jaebee in tight pants and a leather jacket (yeah.), fingering (f), breathplay (f)
    summary: the way that he handles his motorcycle makes you think of… other things…
    author’s note: inspo is jay b’s h1ghr music announcement vid, the jay b reads thirst tweets vid (because of how he responded to the tweets lmao it gave me so much inspo), and this gif set (once again, i got very carried away with this one. like. so carried away but it’s jaebeom so obv i would go overboard). i also altered my style a tiny bit to fit the urgent mood in this one. anyways, i hope that my fellow beommies aren't disappointed with this one <3

    [library] [got7 library]


    You’re surprised, but not in a bad way.

    Definitely not in a bad way.

    Not when Jaebeom rolls up to your apartment in all black, dressed in slim jeans, leather jacket, combat boots, and leather biking gloves, one helmet tucked underneath his arm with another in hand. His hair is parted in the middle, charmingly tousled, damp forehead exposed to the air as his leather-covered fingers push the strands away from his face, jawline sharp.

    “Ready to go?” he asks you, sounding moderately out of breath.  It takes you a moment to respond to him, caught off guard upon the sudden barrage of new information.

    First, he has a motorcycle and actually rides it, the mere vision of it making you feel a certain way; more than you thought that it ever would. Second, he’s wearing tight pants, a striking contrast to his normal ensemble of oversized t-shirts, sneakers, and baggy jeans. It makes your boyfriend look like he actually has an ass, and the thought makes you snort. Third, you discover that the leather gloves are definitely a thing for you, subconsciously biting your lip as you spot his hand moving upward, teeth biting at the finger of the glove to tug it off in a single swift movement.


    The sound of your name and a kiss on your cheek brings you out of your thoughts, nodding wordlessly and blinking rapidly as a response. Swiftly grabbing your jacket and slipping on your boots, your eyes never seem to leave his hands, staring at the previously gloved fingers that move to intertwine with your own.

    Jaebeom starts talking about his day in the elevator, asking questions about yours. You attempt to nod and listen, but your mind is wholly preoccupied with thoughts of your boyfriend, unathletic as he normally is, straddling the leather seat of a motorcycle with his gloved fingers deftly wrapped around the handles.

    “You ever been on one of these?” he asks, gesturing at his motorcycle parked outside of your complex. This briefly shakes you from your less than decent vision, shaking your head wordlessly as a response. Once again, you find yourself staring at his hands as he slides the leather gloves back on, teeth tugging at the hems to secure them.

    “Put this on,” he directs, placing one of the helmets on your head, the assertive tone of his voice definitely not helping your current situation. The visor is up and his face is so close to yours, heartbeat fluttering as his breath fans against your cheek, his hands fiddling with the buckle underneath your chin and behind your head. Jaebeom’s brows are furrowed in concentration as he focuses on his task, fully unaware that you’re staring at his lips, breath hitching when his gloved digits brush against your collarbone. You want so badly for those hands to wander somewhere else.

    Finishing with a click of the clasp, Jaebeom pulls the visor down to cloud your vision in grey. Grasping at your hand, he guides you towards his motorcycle before taking a seat. Tilting his head as a gesture for you to join him, you straddle the leather seat behind him, wrapping your arms around his waist.

    “Good?” he asks softly, a gloved palm pressing against your forearm, sliding down until his fingers slowly wrap themselves around your wrist for reassurance. Tightening your arms around him and humming in confirmation, he turns on the ignition, and the motorcycle hums to life, his hands laving your wrist to wrap themselves around the handles, swiftly driving to your desired destination.


    The biker boyfriend thing leaves your mind after a couple of weeks, losing a bit of its initial sparkle once you saw Jaebeom almost eat shit on the pavement, right before walking you back to your apartment complex.

    Just thinking about it makes you giggle; your boyfriend always tries to look cool, but inevitably reverts back to his goofy, endearing self, fit with the wide smile and signature crinkled eyes.

    Speaking of, it's exactly how you’re finding him now, sitting across from you at his dinner table on a hot summer day, sharing a pot of stir-fried ramen and crispy sunny-side-up eggs.

    “Do you have a schedule today?” you ask, the question morphing into a stifled laugh when you see Jaebeom stuff an enormous amount of food in his mouth. You’ve been together for a while now, but this quirk of his still manages to make you giggle.

    Jaebeom shakes his head, “I have to do some maintenance on my bike. Some tune-ups.”

    Your eyes flicker to the open windows, taking note of the glaringly bright sun and searing heat waves, “You’re gonna spend all day in the stuffy garage?”

    Jaebeom shrugs in response, “I need to do what I have to do.”

    You remain unconvinced. It doesn’t matter what he does; it could be recording or reading or writing; he could spend hours doing such activities without even realizing it. Jaebeom seems to understand your concern though, grasping your hand in reassurance before rubbing circles into the back of your hand soothingly, “You worry too much.”

    “Says you.”

    Jaebeom chuckles at your retort, pleased that you know him so well.

    “Just...” you pause with a huff, “Don’t stay out there for too long, ok? The last thing that I want is for you to get a heat stroke.”

    “Ok,” he replies between chewing, casting your worries aside as you finish your shared plates.


    Even as the hours go by, the heat becomes increasingly unbearable by the second. The weather is refusing to let up; if anything, it just seems to get hotter.

    Busying yourself with your own work, you place a pair of earbuds into your ears before turning on your laptop, a cup of cold iced tea in hand with pens and scrap paper scattered all over your desk. You work for a couple of hours, only to be distracted by the sight of your sweaty boyfriend waltzing past your open door to the kitchen, likely to grab a glass of water.

    Attempting to ignore him in order to focus on your task, curiosity still manages to get the better of you. He’s been out there for literal hours; what could he be doing that would warrant spending hours in an environment plagued by sweltering heat?

    Interest piqued, you walk out of your office into the hallway, making your way towards the garage door. Opening it softly, you peek through the small opening to see Jaebeom cleaning the mirrors of his motorcycle, broad back hunched over slightly, causing his shoulder blades to poke through his t-shirt. It doesn’t seem like he even noticed you come in, fully engrossed in his task.

    He’s moving around quickly, throwing soiled towels to the side before lifting the back wheel off of the ground. Spinning it with a swift push of his hand, he takes a quick glance at the kickstand before tilting his head to the side. Bringing his ear closer, he attempts to listen for any abnormalities, moving it around in a calculated manner.

    You smile when you see how energetically he’s moving around his bike; anything he does, he gives one hundred percent of his energy and more. It's something that you absolutely love about him; that and the fact that he steals your hair accessories, noting that he tied his bangs away from his forehead with a familiar small scrunchie. Not wanting to disturb him, you begin to make your leave by giving a final glance over your shoulder.

    You’re impressed by the intense state of concentration that Jaebeom is in, as he still hasn’t noticed you yet. So instead of leaving, you lean against the doorframe, watching him work in silence.

    Jaebeom is kneeling on the ground, eyes tracing the sprockets and chain of his bike, inspecting them carefully. Clicking his teeth and tilting his head to the side slightly, he sounds unsatisfied with its conditions. Reaching upwards, he tightens his hair up before leaning to the side, your eyes zoning in on the familiar leather gloves on his hands.


    Jaebeom grabs the mechanic seat and wheels it underneath the bike, oblivious to the way that you’re burning up at the sight of those damn gloves. Turning around, he leans his back onto the mechanic seat, reaching for a wrench before navigating himself underneath it.

    You’re staring, ears catching the grating sound of metal scraping as he begins to work. His legs stick out from underneath, a bucket of tools remains on the side as the bike is propped up on its kickstand. Since opening the garage door, the distinct, stifling heat lingers in the space. It’s almost…

    Mesmerizing; the level of careful attention and detail that he’s giving to the machine. His forehead is creased, eyebrows scrunching together as his sharp, angular eyes squint in concentration. It looks like there's a particularly stubborn bolt that requires screwing in. You see the way that his arms flex as he uses his strength to tighten it as much as he can, deft, leather-clad fingers wrapped around the tool.

    The sight of him on his back with his knees bent a little, legs parted slightly, gifting you with a lovely view of his firm chest, broad shoulders, and lean muscle tensing along his damp skin.

    Jaebeom clenches his jaw as he turns the bolt where he wants it to be, settling in place before exhaling in effort.

    That sigh causes you to drift in your own thoughts, inadvertently causing a memory of you two tangled in the sheets to bubble up. He’s been so busy with his schedules lately, but you still begin to experience a little bit of embarrassment; it’s as if you’re spying on him doing something of the explicit, private nature. You scoff at your indecent train of thought, chastising yourself.

    It’s just a motorcycle; it isn’t like you’re catching him in the act or anything.

    Still oblivious to your watchful gaze, he slides out from beneath his motorcycle. Digging into his pocket, he takes out the keys, spinning them by the keyring. Inserting them into the ignition, the machine hums to life with a loud roar from the engine, startling you out of your trance for a brief moment.

    You should really leave; it’s hot. Very hot. The temperature, you mean.

    Get a drink. Get him a drink. You should get him a drink, you ramble in your mind, pushing away the vision of the way Jaebeom looks in the garage; focused and sweaty and very, very hot-

    Quickly pacing in the direction of the kitchen, you open the fridge to grab the pitcher of water, sighing in the relief of the cold air rushing across your body. After grabbing the nearest glass and pouring way too much water into it, you carefully walk back to the garage, just to spot Jaebeom manspreading on a bench, refastening his damp hair into his signature half-up-half-down style, sweaty arms flexing deliciously with your scrunchie between his teeth.

    Jesus fucking Christ.

    You’re so distracted by his body that you don’t even realize that he’s called your name multiple times, only succeeding in catching your attention on the fourth try. Blinking to refocus, you waltz over, placing the glass of cold water on the table across from him. Hiking yourself up to sit on the table, you’re finally able to take a closer look, eyes becoming dark and clouded with desire. You assess his face as you bite the inside of your cheek; Jaebeom is still as handsome as ever, forehead glistening with sweat, scattered with smears of grease on his jaw and cheek.

    “Do you need something?” he asks after removing his hands from his hair, allowing the strands to fall over his eyes, confused by your dazed and foggy expression. When you don’t answer, he rolls the motorcycle towards to wall before sitting back down on the bench, grabbing the damp shop rag beside him, wiping his hands clean.

    Chewing at the inside of your cheek, you cross your legs and wind your arms behind your back. You’re longing to thread your fingers into his dark hair, to roam your hands over the new lean muscle that’s appeared after working out so much. You want anything that will have his body against yours; wrapping your legs around his waist, grinding into his lap or his thigh, having his face between your legs or your mouth wrapped around his cock.

    Do you need something?

    Fuck yes, you do.

    Lifting your line of vision, you lock onto Jaebeom’s lingering stare, answering with a clear hum and a quick nod of your head.

    He hesitates in confusion at your sudden intensity, darting his eyes around the space before responding, “What is it?”

    You press your lips together before asking your next question. Are you really about to do this? Apparently, yes. Jaebeom is just working and you’re thoroughly turned on to the point of no return; he isn’t even trying and it’s so incredibly frustrating.

    “Are you finished?” you ask.

    A simple nod from him is enough to satisfy you, so you close the garage door with the press of a button, waiting until the characteristic sound of the machine stops with a click. Finally, silence takes over the swelteringly hot space, prompting you to strut towards your very hot, very confused boyfriend.

    Jaebeom lifts his arms up, unknowingly bracing himself for something he didn’t expect; you settling yourself in his lap, grinding down as you close the distance between your lips, gifting him with a very intense, impassioned kiss.

    You’re eager; utterly desperate, gliding one hand up the muscled arm that’s been tempting you the entire day, with the other trailing from his cheek down to his firm chest. Everything is running so fast that he fails to notice that your fingers have made their way underneath his shirt, only registering that fact once your nails drag down the skin of his abdomen, goading him on. Jaebeom would normally tease you for being so impatient, but your tongue swipes against him in such a manner that he’s caught off guard, letting an embarrassingly loud moan slip from his mouth.

    Hearing him moan makes your entire body even hotter than before (if that’s even possible), unintentionally rocking yourself right against his crotch, biting his lower lip as you do so. This time, he manages to repress any noises from escaping his lips, instead choosing to clutch at your hips, nails digging into your skin with a delicious sting. By the time that you pull away with a suck of his tongue, Jaebeom is completely dazed, expression woozy with a bright red blush kissing the tip of his ears.

    You two are just making out but he’s overwhelmed, wholly speechless to the point where it’s cute, a smile spreading across your face as your ego is boosted. Perhaps, you should give him a little reward.

    Dipping your head below his chin, you place quick pecks up the side of his neck until you reach the patch of skin at the junction of his jaw and ear. Latching your lips to the site, you give the area a harsh suck, causing Jaebeom to let out a strangled groan, freezing underneath you.

    He can barely keep his eyes open at this point, surrendering to the way your lips and body feel against him. He’s trying his best to stay quiet but you’re circling your hips again and fuck- He thinks that he’s going to lose his mind, gasping for air when he feels your tongue swipe at his earlobe, tugging at his earring with your teeth. 

    Without another word, you swing your leg over his lap to situate yourself in front of him, placing your palms on his knees to part them. Kneeling between his open thighs, you stroke at the clothed muscle up and down, sultry gaze and glassy eyes drawing him in.

    He knows that look; the look filled with uninhibited want and desire swimming and swirling in your eyes. His trance-like state continues when you bring your face closer to his navel, licking at his abs before giving them a soft kiss. If your intentions weren’t already abundantly clear to him, they definitely should be now.

    “Can I suck you off?” you plead in a hushed whisper, rubbing small circular patterns against his skin with your thumbs. Jaebeom gulps at your request, suddenly bashful.

    “Here?” he asks in a low, quiet voice, face flushed as his pupils dart around the room in disbelief.

    Running your hands along his body, you feel Jaebeom shiver underneath your touch. You aren’t sure if the blush blooming on his cheeks is because of you or today’s swelteringly hot temperature, but it makes you want him all the same.

    You bite your lip and nod, peering up at him hazily. Taking note of the fact that his gaze focuses on your parted, slightly wet lips, you understand that his consent is given and confirmed with an enthusiastic nod of his head.


    As fast as you can, your fingers work on his belt and zipper, unfastening them. You don’t even bother to remove his pants; you’re too impatient. Instead, you push the waistband of his underwear down, just enough to take his cock out; aching and hard.

    While you’re in between his legs, Jaebeom’s mind is running into overdrive. Is he really about to get his dick sucked in the garage? He opens his mouth to ask if you’re comfortable with doing this, but all rational thought is stolen away from him once he experiences the feeling of your tongue on him; warm and wet.

    Wasting no time, you slide the flat of your tongue on the underside of his shaft with a pressure that you know he loves, following the path until you reach the tip; engorged and red. After encircling the rim with the tip of your tongue once, you decide to curl your lips around to take him in a deep suck that removes the oxygen from his lungs.

    Jaebeom doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t know if he should gasp or curse or moan or what, so he chooses to stifle all three, subconsciously shutting his eyes and frowning deeply as an alternative, sinking his teeth into his bottom lip as his hands clutch at the edge of the bench desperately.

    Despite his best efforts though, a nearly inhumane groan manages to slip from the back of his throat when you tongue at the slit, drawing circles at the tip before enveloping him in the tight, wet, and warm environment of your mouth. You start bobbing your head up and down, sucking vehemently as you stoke whatever you can’t fit in your mouth. He can hear the slick sounds coming from you, taking his cock in your mouth, again and again, the pace unrelenting.

    “O- Oh my…” he stutters when you take his cock into your throat, both hands traveling up to his face, hiding it as he lets out the deepest moan you’ve heard from him, “F- Fuck…”

    You want to chuckle at his incoherency. He’s normally not like this during sex, but the fact urges you to keep going. Trailing your hands up his thighs, you take a deep breath before taking him once again, humming around him before swallowing.

    God, you’re so fucking good at this, he thinks through the haze of pleasure in his brain, barely registering that the squelching sound is getting noisier by the second. It’s so good, but it gets even better when he allows his eyes to fall on you, your gaze already affixed to his.

    You look hungry; unbelievably blissed out, just from sucking him off. He growls at the sight, bucking his hips a little harder as he grasps at your hair for purchase, clutching at it as he fucks into your mouth. Trying your best to suppress your gag reflex, you wrench your eyes closed, raking your nails down his abdomen just to feel him shudder. Then, you give his balls a light squeeze.

    Jaebeom gasps for air at the action, swallowing as he loses the ability to properly produce speech. He wants to ask you to do it again but you don’t allow him any time to take a breather, repeating until he chokes at the feeling.

    Begrudgingly for Jaebeom, he isn’t going to last very long at the pace that you’re going at. Groaning your name, his fingers get lost in your hair, biting his lip at the sight of your lips wrapped around the head of his cock, sucking as your hand fists his shaft repeatedly. With a strained voice, he rambles to himself, “Close. So, fucking- Ah- Close.”

    Letting out a wry smile at his unusual choice of words, you give him a mischievous look, his pre-cum beginning to stain your lips.

    “I know you are,” you whisper, voice raspy and low from him fucking your mouth. Speaking of, you continue with it, moaning around him so sweetly that it makes him thrust into your mouth even harder, the sensation making his orgasm approach faster than he’d like.

    Jaebeom doesn’t want to believe that he can’t handle a little surprise blowjob from you but a familiar knot is forming in his stomach, the euphoric sensation building up to the point where your boyfriend doesn’t even notice how loud he’s starting to get. For Jaebeom, he’s just repeating phrases of insanity in his mind; he’s gonna come, he’s gonna come right fucking now, fuck fuck fuck-

    You give one long stroke from the underside to the tip, tracing a vein, then taking him again, swirling your tongue around. This makes him tug at your hair, pushing your head closer to his cock, “M-”

    “More?” you finish for him. He remains wordless as a response but you can tell that he’s pleading for you to continue, his eyes begging for your mouth again.

    Who are you to deny him?

    Jaebeom feels himself go far too deep, your throat clenching and squeezing his cock so right, so fucking good, making him moan your name unabashedly like a madman. If there’s anyone outside the garage, they would surely be alarmed at the activities taking place behind the door, Jaebeom sighing out a few yes, y- yes, just like that, such a good girl…

    The familiar pet name makes you unintentionally clench your pussy around nothing, responding with a wanton moan around him. The grip of his hands on your head becomes rougher in return, hips bucking upward as he juts his cock inside your throat shakily, losing rhythm. You can tell that he’s close, so you double your efforts.

    Sucking harder and pumping firmly, his mouth drops wide open as he thrusts one more time, releasing inside you. His body is consumed by a wave of debilitating pleasure, trembling and moaning your name filthily. Desperate to keep some semblance of sanity, he clutches at your hair, twisting at the locks, just as he realizes that he’s coming inside your mouth without warning. Lazily, he opens his eyes a fraction to warn you.

    “Baby- O-Oh God…”

    You almost want to slap him for being so fucking noisy. You swallow every bit of come that crashes into your mouth until Jaebeom stops shaking, hips twitching occasionally as the very intense orgasm courses through him fully. Licking him clean, you make sure that there’s no trace left on his skin, wiping the corner of your lips to remove the excess. To finish, you lick your fingers. All of that while looking at him straight into his eyes, overridden with a post-orgasm haze.

    Your boyfriend is speechless, heaving and panting for oxygen. He can’t believe that you’re even real; surprising him with oral in his garage as if it’s a normal occurrence. Jaebeom still has a hard time catching his breath, but he manages to speak.

    “That- That was…” he swallows, still sweating profusely, “What was that for?”

    You give his softening cock one last kiss before standing up, swinging your leg over his lap to sit on him again.

    “Do you even realize how hot you are?” you start, your boyfriend turning his head to the side as he blushes at your compliment.

    “Babe, stop,” he pleads, smiling bashfully. He's never been very good at taking compliments.

    God, he’s so cute. Even after sucking his dick, he’s cute.

    You know that he’s feigning humility right now because you’ve seen him get cocky about his looks. So, you continue, “No, I’m not going to stop. I’m gonna keep talking about how fucking hot my boyfriend is riding that damn motorcycle. And don’t even get me started on your hands in those gloves. You could choke me-”

    Jaebeom kisses you to silence, pulling away to nuzzle into the crook of your neck chastely. Giggling, you press his buttons further, “Don’t think that I haven’t noticed the new muscle-”



    It’s all your fault.

    All your fucking fault.

    Jaebeom is riding back to his place with you at his back after dinner, and all he can think about is that stunt you pulled in the garage last week. You surprised the hell out of him when you yanked him in for that kiss, grinding in his lap frantically before getting on your knees for him. Everything happened so fast that he didn’t get the chance to return the favour. Instead, he took a shower and passed out on the couch, spent and exhausted. Maybe the weather that day was to blame because he refuses to believe that he couldn’t handle some spur-of-the-moment oral from his girlfriend.

    And then you mentioned his bike. How hot he is to you, apparently, when he rides it, the notion sounding utterly ridiculous to him. To make matters even worse for his brain, he managed to catch a comment that still has his mind spinning;

    Choke me.

    Taking the request at face value, Jaebeom understands that it’s absolutely absurd. He would never even think of doing that; hurting you. He’s very much against it and is taking action to actively avoid that possibility. That is, until he saw the way that your eyes got all glassy saying that, pupils dilated and chewing your bottom lip; now all he can envision in his mind is you on his bike, moaning to have his fingers wrapped around your neck saying choke me as he thrusts inside, begging and crying out his name; Jaebeom please- in that whiny voice that you always get when you’re close-


    He blinks rapidly at the sound of his name, bringing him out of his less than decent thoughts.

    “What are you doing just standing there, silly?” you smile at him oh so prettily, holding your hand out with a gesture for him to join you inside the house. Jaebeom pauses; he didn’t even fully comprehend that he parked his bike in the garage already, subconsciously leaning it against a section of a bare wall.

    What is he doing? He’s not sure where to begin. Maybe saying I was thinking about fucking you on my bike with my hand on your neck would be too forward to start with, so Jaebeom chooses to simply say, “Thinking.”

    “I know that,” you scoff at his response before continuing, “What’s important is what you’re thinking about.”

    Your boyfriend remains silent.

    “It must be important. Your brows get all cute and scrunchy when you think about important things.”

    Jaebeom smiles at what you said, walking towards you with his helmet tucked underneath his arm. He takes your outstretched hand in his own, intertwining your fingers together, his vision moving to meet your eyes tenderly.

    “I’m thinking about you, so it’s obviously important,” he admits, smirking at the cheesiness of his compliment. It makes you roll your eyes at him, warmth flooding your cheeks.

    “I’m being serious,” you chastise, reaching up to smooth over the stray hairs on his head, slightly mussed from wearing the helmet, “Come on, you can tell me we get inside-”

    “Wait,” he interrupts you, tugging you back towards him. His eyes trail to your face before he spots his bike behind you, biting his lip. Is he about to do this? He’s starting to second guess himself. This is, until he takes one more look at you, staring at him quizzically with those pretty eyes and pursed lips.

    Fuck it, he tells himself, pulling you in for a searing kiss that has you stumbling, blindly searching for something to brace yourself against. Eventually, you manage to shuffle backward, gasping against his lips when the back of your legs hit the seat of his bike. The force at which Jaebeom is pushing you right now causes your knees to buckle, slumping to sit on the seat with his leather-clad hands gripping your hips. Pulling away with a nibble on your lower lip, you open your eyes dazedly to meet the intense stare of your boyfriend, eyes narrowed and swirling with heated desire.

    “You want to know what I was thinking about?” he begins, trailing soft kisses on your jaw towards your ear as you nod enthusiastically. Jaebeom chuckles in the hottest manner, deep and husky; is this really the same woman that sucked him off in this exact place?

    Once he reaches his target, he licks and sucks at that spot behind your ear that never fails to have you keening, satisfied when he elicits the desired moan from you.

    He doesn’t believe that there’s a way for him to say what he wants to say with a straight face if he looks at you directly. So, he decides to give the area one more kiss, trailing his lips to your earlobe. With a loud swallow, he whispers with a flush covering his cheeks and the back of his neck, “I was thinking about fucking you on my bike.”

    You pause with a gulp, your entire body burning at the thought of it. Oh.

    “I was also thinking about… This…” he trails off, drawing his lips away from your ear to slide his gloved hand up your body, resting his palm on the base of your neck. Slowly, he wraps his fingers around your throat, not daring to apply any pressure until your consent is given.

    “Is this ok?” he asks for your permission, his gut dropping when you reach up to grab at his hand around your neck. He thinks that you’re going to say no (which is fine with him), but you end up uttering a simple yes, pressing his palm against your airway partially, tightening his fingers on the side of your neck until your eyelids flutter.

    It feels strangely good. Really good. The partial restriction of blood flow makes you all woozy but it’s the way that the power dynamic changes between you two; Jaebeom has all the control right now and it makes you tense up, your teeth gnawing at your bottom lip as your core throbs.

    A couple of seconds pass by before you loosen your grip, opening your eyes fully to capture the way that Jaebeom is looking at you; positively hungry, hard, and incredibly turned on at the sight of your back pressed against the wall, legs spread wide and dangling off the side of his bike.

    Immediately, he dives in for another kiss, lips and tongue moving ravenously against yours. You’re trying your best to keep up but he’s so passionate, nearly to the point where it’s overwhelming. By the time he pulls away, your hair is messy from his fingers tugging at the strands, your chest is moving up and down frantically as your lungs heave for oxygen, and your lips are reddened from him licking and biting so much.

    Your bones quiver when he slides his palms down to the waistband of your jeans and underwear, unbuttoning them to get rid of the offending fabric. He doesn’t even bother taking them off fully, so they just dangle off your left ankle when he spreads your thighs assertively. Your breath hitches when he plants hot kisses on the flesh of your thighs, looking at you with an attentive stare, ready to savour every single gasp, moan, and whine that manages to slip from your pretty mouth.

    Jaebeom drags his tongue down your navel, down, down, down, until he reaches your spread-out cunt, gifting it a single languid stroke that makes you want to scream out.

    And he wants to you scream.

    He moves his tongue by instinct; always has. Guided only by your response to his touches, he moves his tongue, warm and wet against you until he reaches your clit. After giving it a circular swipe, he opens his lips wider to suck on it, just the way he knows that you like; just the way that you need. Your eyes slip shut with a pleasure-filled gasp escaping your mouth, reaching out to grab at his hair for purchase.

    “Shh,” he hushes you before sucking at your clit again, even firmer, making you moan louder than before.

    You mewl in frustration; who is he to shush you? If you recall, he was very, very loud when you did this to him last week; it’s taking all of your power to stay calm and to keep your voice down. It’s pretty late and you know that you can’t become noisy, but a part of Jaebeom wants you to be noisy.

    Just for him.

    It satisfies a slightly possessive part of him. Jaebeom wants you to be loud, just so everyone (including that neighbor that continues to flirt with you when he isn’t home) knows that you’re his, that it’s his name that is coming from your lips, and no one else’s. That, is what motivates him to get you closer to your orgasm.

    And it looks like he’s succeeding because you’re burying your face into the crook of your elbow, body spasming as he gives your pussy another flat lick, grinding his tongue over your clit with a pressure and speed that makes you think that you’re going to lose it completely.

    Jaebeom only pulls away to bite at the finger of his glove, tugging them off with a single motion, and repeating it with the other, all while looking at you straight in the eye. Unknowingly, you clench your core at the sight.

    God, he’s so fucking hot. Staring up at you with his mouth on your cunt, eyes dark, focused, and concentrated on giving you the greatest pleasure possible.

    Latching his lips on your clit, he sucks vigorously as his finger traces your slit. Your hips cant against his touch to encourage him to touch you harder, then suddenly, a finger is pushed inside. Then, two.

    You’re so close at this point. So close, so close, so close, you repeat in your mind.

    “Please, don’t stop,” you plead with him when he sucks on your clit once again, hips twitching. You’re starting to move too much so he wraps an arm around your hips just to keep you still. When his fingers curl upward with nearly unbearable pressure and speed, you feel like you’re coming. You keep on begging please, right there, moaning uncontrollably against the back of your hand, moistening it with your saliva until he stops suddenly.

    Confused when you can’t feel his tongue on you, his thick fingers moving deliciously inside, you blink rapidly. Jaebeom pulls away and you groan in frustration, on the verge of tears.

    “I hate you,” you breathe out, squirming for relief.

    Jaebeom has a shit-eating grin plastered all over his face right now, his dark, long hair falling over his eyes. It hides a portion of his gaze from you, and the sight makes you needier. He looks so damn good, his shoulders contracting through his leather jacket when he leans down to kiss your stomach.

    “Why?” he asks you, grazing his teeth on your chest before taking a nipple in his mouth, sucking at it repeatedly.

    You bite your lip at the sensation, the salacious look on your face prompting him to kiss your lips again. Wrapping your arms around his neck, tilting your head up to pull him in closer, you feel his hand going down to touch you between your legs again. Tracing slow and steady circles on your slit, you grind against his fingers to match his pace. He speeds up, prompting you to respond with a tug of his hair, breaking the kiss with a strangled moan.

    “Fuck,” you curse, your mouth dropping open, neck craning back when he slips two fingers inside again, curling them so damn well, so fucking good, that you cry out wantonly. His ears catch how needy you are, how much you want to come, and Jaebeom can’t help it. He repeats the motion, again and again, just to torment you; just to hear you whimper for him again.

    He’s only satisfied when you’re left incoherent, speech unintelligible. You can’t even speak, fumbling over his name, “J- Jae… J-Ja..”

    “What do you want?” he questions, searching for your lips again. It turns out to be unfruitful this time around since you’re unable to kiss him properly, with all the little whines of pleasure coming out of your mouth. You’re making him so hard, Jaebeom palming himself through his jeans at the sight of you writhing on the seat of his bike.

    You’re not responding to his question, so he inserts a third finger, “I asked you,” he pauses, stretching you out further as he grinds his palm on your clit, “A question,” he ends, hooking his fingers with each punctuation of his words.

    “O- Oh my… Fuck me,” you rasp out, grabbing at his face with two hands, speaking and moaning against his lips, “Want you to fuck me on this bike, Jae.”

    A small smile creeps onto your face when you say that, relishing in the growl that Jaebeom lets out on your lips. He moans into your mouth, hastily unbuttoning his jeans and pushing his boxers down before holding your lower back. Blindly, you reach down to search for his cock, helping him slip inside you.

    Your core is so wet, so warm, Jaebeom easily starting with a pace that has you whimpering against him. The pace he sets just happens to be your favourite; hard and so fucking deep, his name slipping out of your mouth feverishly as you wrap your legs around his waist to keep him close.

    Afraid that you might slip, he rolls you more on your backside with the wall behind you, supporting your weight and keeping you upright.

    Maybe it’s the fact that he’s living out a fantasy of his, but he’s getting rough and loud, his jaw clenching so tightly that he’s scared that you might hear his teeth grind against each other. Each slam of his hips makes your breasts bounce through your shirt, tempting him to pull the neckline of your shirt down.

    So he does just that, your breasts popping out for a brief moment before he has his mouth on them, kissing and nibbling at your nipple before giving it a suck.

    Everything is becoming overwhelming. You said all those things partially as a joke; an offhand, throw-away comment. Never did you think that Jaebeom would like fucking you on his motorcycle this much, to the point where he’s groaning deliciously low against your sweaty skin, the intensity of his thrusts increasing by the second.

    The sheer pleasure is becoming so mind-numbing that your hands shoot out, grasping for something; the wall behind you, his shoulders, the base of his back, his ass, his thighs; anything that will keep you grounded. Just by the skin of your teeth, you manage to reach up to the nape of his neck while the other scrapes down his back to clutch at his thighs in those tight jeans, causing Jaebeom to let out the sexiest moan you’ve ever heard.

    You want to come so badly that it’s almost embarrassing, begging Jaebeom to not stop. Reaching down to your core, you press tight, fast circles into your clit as he drives into you mercilessly. It’s so damn good, your walls clamping down and squeezing him to madness, trying your best to not get too loud. You bite at your hand, sobbing against your skin until Jaebeom pulls it away and pins it on the wall behind you, forcing your sobs to become louder.

    Even through the haze of euphoria that you’re experiencing, your other free hand guides his palm up your body, wordlessly displaying that you’re desperate for his hand on your neck.

    He never that thought he’d be into this but God... For you? He’s definitely into it.

    “Yeah? You want me to choke you?” he takes a teasing stance when he notices how much you want it, biting his lip when he sees you nod dumbly, expression dazed and glassed over.

    Unsatisfied with the lack of words, he adds, “Beg me.”

    Hearing that makes your brain short-circuit. Under normal circumstances, you would never beg for shit. But holy fuck, the way that your boyfriend says it; tone raspy, assertive, and low, has your knees buckling and your core throbbing around his cock at the command.

    “Choke me,” you beg unabashedly, throwing your pride out of the window. Your boyfriend groans at the way you whine out that request, frenzied and wild.

    Finally, you feel him press against your airway slightly, tightening his fingers on your pulse, and you lose your damn mind.

    And with that, you’re coming before you even realize, the feeling of his hand on your neck and his cock fucking inside has you trembling terribly, Jaebeom quickening his pace to chase after his own release.

    “Good girl,” he rasps out against your lips, pausing with a throaty moan when he feels your warm walls tighten even more, “Such a good. Fucking. Girl,” he growls, punctuating each word with a hard, deep pound. It makes you quiver, and the sheer tightness of your cunt brings him to orgasm right after you, grunting and groaning as his hot come spills inside.

    You hold onto him as he keeps moving, hips twitching as he attempts to prolong his high. Eventually, his body slumps against you, panting. You’re no better; heaving for breath after Jaebeom removes his grip on your neck, humming when he moves to softly kiss at the slightly red skin littering the site.

    “You are,” you pause with a pant, “The best boyfriend ever.”

    Jaebeom laughs, eyes crinkling in that way that you love, voice raspy and gruff, “Is that the orgasm talking?”

    You don’t even bother to deny it, but you know that Jaebeom knows that you love him.

    “This from sucking you off in the garage?”

    He hums in agreement before burying his head into your neck, hoping to hide the sheepish expression he surely has spread all over his face. However, you’re able to see the tips of his ears, all cute and red.

    Regardless of how exhausted he is, your boyfriend picks you up in his arms before kicking the door open, carrying you up the stairs to his bathroom. You start kissing his neck again, so he has to stop you.

    “Stop. Shower first,” he warns, eyes softening when he sees your pout.

    “Fine. But you have to shower with me,” you offer suggestively, smiling when he nods in agreeance.

    “Of course, babe," he sighs out.

    He's never going to be able to look at his bike the same way. Never again.


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  • xxxrubytuesdayxxx
    18.09.2021 - 5 hours ago


    Hongjoong x Reader

    Genre: Teasing and then a little smut

    Word Count: 2,441

    Concept: It’s your birthday and Hong-Joong wants to make sure it’s a night to remember. Eumak-juseyo [Cue the music please]


    “Why?” you demand of Yeosang. “It’s Halloween. It’s my birthday even. We gotta go out. Why do I have to wait here?” Yeosang thinks it over.

    “You gotta,” he informs you gravely. “Hong-Joong-hyung said don’t let you leave.”

    “Um, okay…” you agree cautiously, curious as to what that little minx has been planning. “Yeosang…” you call after him, as he turns to leave.

    “Mwo, noona?” he asks, face carefully impassive.

    “He’s not...gonna do anything silly is he? He knows we’re not meant to be...you know…” you clarify, avoiding eye-contact with the younger man. You still see him smirk out of the corner of your eye, although neither of you mention the ‘situationship’ between yourself and Ateez’s leader. 

    “He knows,” Yeosang reassures you. You note that he doesn’t actually answer the question.

    “Right,” you grin, choosing to let it be. “I’ll just wait here then, shall I?” Yeosang nods politely and then heads out of the room, leaving you frustrated and alone in your costume.

    Turns out it doesn’t take long before the boys all arrive, mysteriously sans Hong-Joong, but carrying all manner of sparklers, decorations, loud party favours and an extravagant cake. You welcome them all in happily and clear the table for them to deposit their treasures. Everything is suitably festive and you spend a while comparing costumes and working out who everyone is meant to be, before the lack of your paramour becomes too evident to escape comment.

    “Um, where’s…” you start, confused, but Seonghwa shushes you and San guides you over to a seat to feed you some cake.

    “Mm...you got mint chocolate?” you ask him, sharing his excitement. “How did you get away with that one?” San laughs.

    “It’s your birthday, noona and I know you’re on team mint choco after all, so I insisted.” You’re enjoying the whole vibe, even if Joong’s absence plays on the back of your mind, when Wooyoung advises you eat something else after finishing your slice of cake ‘just in case’.

    “Mm-hm...so he is here then,” you guess, following his advice hurriedly as you hear ‘Havana’, as covered by Kim Hong-Joong, start up over the sound system. Yet not even you could have predicted the next move. One by one the boys dance around into the middle of the room, making you laugh with their antics, but then, just as Yunho is completing his routine, the music stops, scratches and begins again, louder this time prompting Yunho to beckon with his hand across the room to the door that leads further into the building.

    And through that door stalks your illicit lover, barefoot, avoiding all eye contact and dressed, he claims, as a tiger. Yet his costume consists only of a cute headband with fluffy tiger ears attached and what might, at a stretch be called a collar - the black choker, studded with silver that circles his slender throat. The rest of his outfit entails a pair of ripped and torn black skinny jeans, a studded belt, black denim jacket and a silky black button-up shirt with the top three buttons teasingly undone. He laughs and swats Yunho jokingly away as the younger man tries to dance with him, then continues into the middle of the room as the other boys loiter behind him. Then, once he knows he has your undivided attention, he flicks his bangs out of his eyes, juts his chin towards the ceiling, letting his eyes follow, and then flips his jacket off one shoulder, dropping into a hip roll. Yunho darts back towards him, but he turns away, rolls his hips again and then keeps going while lifting the back of his hand to his forehead to cover his eyes, with a cheeky smirk. The others play along, pulling his jacket almost off as he continues to wiggle his hips and fake-stumbles forwards to stop right in front of where you’re sitting.

    Looking at the ceiling again, he flips the jacket the rest of the way back off his shoulder letting it fall to the ground, grabs his belt buckle and works those hips hard, throwing you suggestive looks in between his staged-indifferent glances at the ceiling. Finally he turns his head away so that you can see his jawline and the shape of his pretty mouth as he drags his hand back through his hair and away from his face. When he turns back to face you, he fake-coyly covers his face with his hand again, drags it slowly down, as his hips swivel and then bites at the air once, then again, before breaking character and giggling at himself. The others are in fits of laughter as well, but you’re still staring at him in wonder and not a little turned on by his performance. You shake your head at his giggles with a little smile and he laughs loudly and claps his hand over his mouth, embarrassed, but when he tries to sit in your lap, you wave him off teasingly.

    “Ani, ani…” you reprimand him lightly. “Finish your dance, go on. I was enjoying it...maybe a little too much,” you purr, giving him a meaningful look. His big, dark eyes sparkle with mischief and he gets to his feet again and stalks away from you, deliberately using his hips, then turns back to face you, runs his hand down the opening of his shirt, as he rolls his hips like a pro, then pulls it away and quickly back, flashing you his collarbones. The other boys are not quiet during this risque floorshow, of course. Hong-Joong is followed by whoops, cheers and clapping as he grabs his belt buckle again and performs a series of flawless body rolls, with an adorably cheeky smile. That is until he gets it into his head to fling himself onto the ground and grind his hips like he’s humping the air upon which Mingi swiftly intervenes, marching over to pull his pocket-sized hyung to his feet with a warning yell: “Ahhhhh! Stop that! Too far!” 

    Hong-Joong giggles with wide-eyed protests of his innocence, then prances out of Mingi’s reach before flinging himself back at the ground and humping the floor this time.

    “Right, good, good, enough!” Mingi objects, pulling his hyung to his feet again. Hong-Joong feigns innocence again and then winks at you, before smacking his hand against his own thigh and grinding his hips.

    “Mingi!” You gesture for him to move aside. “Let Joong finish his dance, okay?” you object. “Who knows, he might be transmitting vital information to me about what order he likes it in bed, and now you’re ruining the narrative,” you joke. Mingi and San make fake-retching gestures while the others laugh gleefully, except for Seonghwa, who looks like he’d rather just unsee everything he’s seen in the last five minutes.

    “Hong-ssi!” you call over to him. Having been somewhat sulkily watching the others tease him, he now cocks his head on the side and gives you an aegyo pose. You laugh and shake your head at him. “Stop that and finish your dance. You've obviously spent a lot of time preparing it," you acknowledge, earning yourself another of his bright, pretty smiles. He spins once, recentres himself with a cute little pout, and then sashays over to you and kicks his legs over your thighs to lower himself onto your lap, with one hand supporting him from behind so he can thrust his hips forward. 

    Head lowered Hong-Joong gives you a smoking-hot look, up through his eyelashes, somehow managing not to break his character as your heart thumps in your chest, sending you giddy with desire for him. Seonghwa grits his teeth and squeezes his eyes shut. Mingi yells in protest, Wooyoung woops in encouragement and the others are still giggling but noticeably more nervously than they were before. You ignore everyone but your pretty tiger-boy, who is now writhing in your lap, as he slowly and sensuously unbuttons and then divests himself of his shirt. You dart a glance at Seonghwa and mouth ‘am I allowed to?’, gesturing at Hong-Joong’s now-naked torso. Seonghwa looks aggrieved, but shrugs, indicating he has no idea nor opinion on the subject, so you resist the temptation and keep your hands by your sides as Hong-Joong climbs off you, pirouettes so that he’s facing the rest of the room, and then sits back in your lap, facing away from you, arching his back like a cat and reaching behind himself to grab your neck and pull you, finally, into a messy kiss.

    You wrap your arms around his waist to pull him closer and he makes a cute, pleased noise, but then pulls himself away and stands up, turning to face you, with his hands at his belt buckle. You hold your breath as his fingers work the buckle undone and he flips the top button of his jeans undone, but at this point even Seonghwa shuts him down, dashing over to bend his leader’s arms behind his back.

    “Alright, Hong-Joong-ssi! That’s quite enough of that - none of the rest of us want to know what colour your panties are, thank you.

    “Mwo?! Hajima!” Hong-Joong yelps, as he twists about, trying to free his trapped wrists from Seonghwa’s grip.

    “Wait, wait, wait…” you object, trying to pacify Seonghwa without upsetting his pretty captive. “Why don’t you guys take five...ten even and go investigate the event situation downstairs? I’ll stay here with this little tiger and let him finish his performance, okay?” Hong-Joong’s pout quickly transforms into one of his devilish smirks, knowing his hyung can’t see his face from his vantage point. Seonghwa’s shoulders drop as he sighs his agreement to the proposal.

    “Fine,” he allows with another exasperated sigh. “I know he’s been working on this all week, but I thought he was just going to do a muck-around kind of sexy dance and then let it go. I didn’t know he had a full striptease planned,” he defends himself. You give him an incredulous look and shake your head, amused.

    “Seriously, Hwa? Does Joong ever do anything by halves?” you point out. Seonghwa shrugs in acknowledgement. “I mean you know him better than I do, so I don’t know what you were expecting, in all honesty,” you laugh. Seonghwa calls to the others that they’re all going to go set up downstairs and they readily agree, chasing each other out the door and leaving Seonghwa to release Hong-Joong’s wrists and follow them out, shaking his head at you both. 

    Hong-Joong rubs his wrists experimentally, resets his music and then returns to his theme, stalking back and forth in front of you like the tiger as which he’s ostensibly dressed. He gives you a showcase of some of his sexier moves while he waits for a suitable section of the music and then picks up where he left off, swivelling his hips where he stands directly in front of you, and then slowly unbuckling his belt before unbuttoning and unzipping his skinny jeans with his crotch at your eye-level. You swallow hard, trying not to give in to the temptation, as he bends down to your face level, locking his gorgeous dark eyes with yours and then starts to slowly ease his jeans down over his hips and off his legs, never once breaking your intense, smouldering eye-contact until he’s left in only his tiger-ears, the silver jewellery he never seems to be without...and scarlet-red boxer-briefs.

    You try not to stare, though you can quite clearly see the outline of his evident erection through the cotton of his knickers and it’s becoming almost impossible not to touch his naked chest with his dark nipples standing up perkily and his gorgeous clavicles just begging to be kissed. He doesn’t help matters by stalking across the room, dropping to his knees and literally crawling across the floor to end his performance with his head resting on your lap. You raise your hand to stroke his hair gently away from his eyes and he sits back on his knees, cute, with his hands neatly on the front of his naked thighs.

    “Can you do the last part, noona?” he asks you softly. “I’m shy.”

    “Now you’re shy?!” you dispute him incredulously, with a disbelieving giggle. He nods, unabashed, adjusts his eyelashes with his pointer finger and then looks at you expectantly. You shake your head, trying to stop a smirk from sneaking across your lips, and stand up to lead him over to one of the futons that management leave out for the members to nap on, once they’re no longer trainees.

    “C’mon, doll. Let’s take care of this little problem of yours then,” you tease him, deliberately brushing his erection with the tips of your fingers and making him gasp, then moan softly. You pull him down on top of you, kissing him as you get your fingers into the waistband of his briefs and slip them down his legs. He, in turn, pulls the short skirt of your costume out of his way, tweaks your knickers aside with his one unpainted fingernail and then thrusts himself into you with a loud groan of relief, rocking his hips back and forth as you wrap him in your legs and pull him against you.

    “Oh my God, ne! Fuck me, Hong-ssi! Harder! Harder-oh-GOD!” you moan, encouraging him. “Oh my...shibal...you were so hot, teasing me with that dance, you know that?” you tell him, between kisses. “I wanted to touch you so much!” He giggles, obviously happy with himself, and keeps kissing your neck and down onto your chest as you praise him. It doesn’t take long before you feel yourself clench around him and then the release of your orgasm floods you, making your whole body tingle with pleasure. You cling onto Hong-Joong, wanting to make sure he finishes as well, wanting to reward him for all his efforts. You can feel his breath hot on your neck as his moans get louder and his hips pump faster and faster until all at once his body shudders and you feel him fill you up, before he collapses next to you, panting for breath.

    “I guess we should go downstairs so I can see what other fun and games have been planned,” you tell him with a little smile. He winks and sticks his tongue out teasingly.

    “My present was definitely the best though, right?” he checks. You kiss him softly on the lips, throwing your arms around his neck.

    “Definitely,” you reassure him, making him beam as he follows you over to collect his discarded clothing and dress himself.

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    Chapter 7: The Library

    A/n: so this chapter has been long-awaited by some and i hope you guys enjoy it! the series will really start moving after this so i would love to hear what you guys think of the chapter! Sorry about any typos- i didn't have time to edit this with all my schoolwork this week! Tag List is Open <3

    Tag List: @woodiegochile @mini-meanhoe @leggomylino @hanstagrams @desertofdessert @hoes4hoseok @jeonqqin @geminirules @mrsunshine999 @jisungsjheekies @hannie-squirrel00 @cotccotc @kodzu-ken @konenichi @yangs-jeongin @binniebutter @orangegyu @little-precious-baby @raethethey @sofie296 @hongjoong-a-holic

    RBTL Tag List: @bluejayboys @wonderlandless @introverted-stay24  @sunfics​ @deputyjuyeon​  @studioreader​

    Warnings: Cursing

    WC: 2.9k

    Summary: True love has never come easy; life makes sure of that. From unrequited love to missed timing, does anyone have any hope at finding success- let alone pass History at the same time? All these questions leave young people wondering….will they still love me in the morning?

    Third POV

    Y/n’s eyes grew tired as words about some minuscule event in history floated off the page of her textbook. She closed her eyes, stretching her neck-the bones cracking softly as her stiff neck rolled back. The odd silence drew her attention. Curious, she took the headphones from her ears and listened. All she could hear was the sound of raindrops falling against the large windows of the library.

    It became quickly clear to the girl that she was alone and the only light in the room was coming from her little desk. “Hello?” She called out. Her voice echoed out from the second floor and filling the open building. When she heard no response, she shrugged and began pacing up her things to head home.

    Though there was no response to the girl’s call there was in fact one lone soul left in the university’s library. One floor directly below Y/n sat a tall and slender boy, books piled high on his desk. Changmin twirled a pen between his fingers before checking his phone. His eyes widened seeing the time. Quickly he stuffed his journals into his bag, leaving his bag only half zipped. Red tuffs of fake hair stuck out as his doll was pushed towards the top of his bag.

    The boy did a backtrack wondering if he should put his books away but decided against it knowing if he kept Chanhee and his friends waiting much longer then he might not live to see the midterm. Instead, he turned around and headed for the door- backpack on his shoulder and adjusting the glasses that were falling down his nose. 

    It seemed fate was entirely focused on these two tonight. Only the storm clouds had a view of the girl walking down the stairs just in time to meet the boy as he stepped onto the main floor. The two shared a brief look- shocked to see another person at this hour, but continued their way to the front doors wordlessly.

    Just the sight of the girl had Changmin’s hands starting a nervous sweat. He tried to focus on anything but how pretty he thought she looked with the dim light from the streetlamps outside casting streams of light over her face. As the two students grew closer to the door the sound of the storm outside grew louder. It was also easier for them to see as they neared the larger windows. 

    Y/n reached out for the door. Surprisingly, she found resistance as she pushed. Again the girl tried, sending an awkward smile to the boy behind her. After pushing multiple times she gave up with a sigh.  “I- uh....I think it’s locked.”


    Changmin stepped forward and tried his hand at the closed entranced. He pushed and pulled until retreating, brows furrowed. “What you didn’t believe me?” The girl asked with a breathy laugh. Changmin’s eyes widened as he turned to face her.

    “What- no! No, not all! I- I- I just...”

    “I was just joking, don’t worry.” A timid smile quirked up the corner of the boy's lips. He watched as she shed her bag- placing it against the nearest row of shelves. “Should we try together?” His head moved faster than his mind could process Y/n’s words. He shed his backpack next to hers and the two turned towards the sealed doors.

    In his mind, he knew that even with both of their strengths pushing, the industrial locks on the university doors would not break. “I’m Y/n, by the way.” Instead of looking at the boy, she readied herself at the door, palms pressed against the metal bar.

    “Oh- I’m..uh...C-Changmin...”

    “Well C-Changmin, push on three?” He nodded, finding Y/n’s smile, though small, even more enchanting up close. “One, two, three!”

    The two of them pushed with all their might but to no avail. Y/n looked defeated as she pulled her phone out of her back pocket. Her delicate fingers pushed the button but the screen refused to light up. 

    Changmin had a similar idea. He reached for his own phone. Both of them smiled as it lit up showing the time and 11% battery left. The grin quickly fell as he realized there was absolutely no signal. Using his long limbs to his advantage he reached up searching one measly bar. 

    Y/n ran a hand through her hair. This was the absolute perfect way to end her already stressful and torturous day. She reached for the lamp on a nearby desk but a huge roll of thunder resonated through the building and it suddenly became even darker. 

    “Well, this is the beginning of a horror movie if I’ve seen one.” Changmin joked, kicking the door with a grin. His smile fell as he turned to see the fearful look on Y/n’s face.

    “Dude- why the fuck would you say that!” 

    “I don’t know! I’m sorry!” He mentally hit himself over and over. Why did he say that? There was no need to break the silence. The silence was his safety net right now. If he was silent there was absolutely no way he could appear like some weird Freakazoid to her. He awkwardly scratched the back of his neck, casting brief glances over at the pretty girl he had liked for so long.

    The two gradually gravitated towards each other. There was really nowhere else to go. Y/n enjoyed the sound of the storm outside, letting it calm her ever-growing nerves. Changmin resisted the urge to engage in embarrassing small talk.

    A bright crash of lightning brightened up the room in sheets just as Y/n’s eye fell on the two backpacks several feet away. Her scream echoed off the ceiling as she caught a glimpse of the Chucky doll peeking its head out of the boy’s bag. Instinctively, she grabbed onto the closest thing- which happened to be Changmin’s hoodie.

    Heat flooded every inch of his face and he wasn’t quite sure where to put his hands so he settled for keeping them up in the air. Inside his heart was beating faster than he ever thought possible. It was like all of his senses were heightened the moment she touched him.

    “What the hell is that?”

    “Oh...umm...he’s my Chucky.”

    “Your what?” She pulled away from him and Changmin instantly missed her touch. The girl all but laughed seeing the blush on his cheeks and his arms still raised in the air almost in surrender.

    “My Chucky. You know- like from the movie...”

    “Yes, I’ve seen the fucking movie!”

    Nervously he adjusted his sweater before shuffling over and gently tucking his doll safely pack in his bag- out of sight from the still shaken girl. “Why are you carrying that around anyway?”

    The scare had seemed to lessen the tension between both of them; though Changmin was still very aware of every word and action towards Y/n. “I was headed to a thriller marathon at my friend’s apartment after I finished some studying.” She nodded but in her mind, she wondered how if he had been studying for as long as she had, he did not have tears running down his face and a massive migraine. “I guess I just lost track of the time.” 

    Y/n couldn’t help but smile a the boy’s lopsided grin. She found it endearing how one side was always high than the other. The more he smiled at her the more she wanted to take a picture of his little quirk.

    Another weighted silence fell between them. Against his better judgment, Changmin began to speak. “I don’t mean to pry...but what were you doing here so late?” For a moment Y/n had forgotten all about her troubles that had been following her for the past month and a half. A visible heaviness pressed down her shoulders.

    Her back pressed against the bookshelf and she let herself slide down to the floor. “I gave up on finding a tutor last week. I was hoping some miracle would happen if I read that stupid book long enough.”

    At that moment she wasn’t just the girl he had been pining after since he was in braces. Changmin saw the exhaustion. He saw the complete lack of hope. He moved his backpack- which she had sat down next to and took its place. 

    “What book?” He didn’t need to ask but saved her the embarrassment of telling her that he had been in the room for her lecture with Professor Jeong. Wordlessly she pulled out a book, her hand dipping in the air from the significant weight. “Ah,”

    “Good ‘ah’ or bad ‘ah’?”

    “I’m not sure which the situation calls for?” He said pushing up his glasses with a little smile. 

    Changmin’s grin grew a little wider as he heard her laugh. Even sitting in the dark, her smile seemed to fill the room with a warm glow. “At this point, I think I’m just useless.” She pressed her forehead against the cool cover of the book. 

    She wondered why she found herself so comfortable with this stranger. It felt easier to talk with this boy she had known for twenty minutes than to talk with her closest friends- even her parents. A small shock of something she could only describe as electricity, raced up her arm as the boy’s hand brushed hers. He reached for the book, gently taking it from her hands and opening it to the tabbed page. 

    “You aren’t useless, Y/n,” His words gave her comfort, wrapping around her like a warm blanket fresh from the dryer. Changmin chuckled, turning the page. “However, one might find it useful to highlight only the useful information and not the entire page.”

    He found it cute looking down at Y/n’s textbook. Most of the passages were marked with yellow highlighter- easy to see even in the growing darkness. Some lines were underlined in red and there were circled statements with question marks all over the page. It was evident that she was in fact trying. Actually, her notes were in more detail than his. 

    “I just don't understand it.”


    “All of it.”

    “All of history?”

    “Sure- let’s go with that.” She shrugged leaning her head back on the bookshelf.  

    “I think history can be confusing sometimes too.” Changmin let her textbook rest on his lap. The two of them looked out the huge windows in front of them, watching the storm rage on outside. Occasionally, a flash of lightning would light up the library. “You know, I’m in Professor Jeong’s class too.”

    “You are?”

    Chanhee was right. She had no idea he existed until now and unless he played his cards right, she would forget about him the moment she left this building. “Yeah...I sit two rows behind you.” He watched her eyes widened a little as if she was trying to recall every face she had seen in that classroom. “Actually...to be fully honest...I knew who you were before tonight.”

    Her brows furrowed, creating a small crease in the middle of her forehead. Everything about her fascinated Changmin, even down to her smallest expression. Getting a little nervous, he started rummaging through his backpack. As he chose his next words carefully in his mind, Changmin pulled out a half-full plastic water bottle and portable charger he forgot he carried. 

    Interested in the boy’s previous statement, Y/n watched him with intrigue. “I-uh....” His hands shakily turned on his phone’s flashlight after plugging his phone into the charger. “We went to the same high school. You and I have shared classes since grade nine.” Her jaw dropped a little at his words.

    “I feel....like such a bitch.”

    “Oh no-” He stuttered, trying to balance the water bottle over his flashlight- creating a makeshift lantern. 

    “Oh my god, I am the biggest asshole! I’ve never once noticed you in seven years? You must hate me!”

    His heart warmed, seeing how bothered she was. He felt a little pride swell in his chest knowing that Sunwoo and Chanee were completely wrong about Y/n. “No, not at all! I just think we had different friend groups that’s all.”

    Shrouded in the light from their little water lamp the two of them exchanged old high school gossip that Changmin never quite understood from the outside. “Wait so Miyoung stole Yeonu away from Hajoon?” Changmin covered his mouth in shock, his eyes widening in a cute way. 

    Y/n smiled and nodded, hand falling on his knee. “Yeah- I know right!”

    “And Yeonu was the guy who-”

    “Yeah who sold Class 4B the midterm answers!”

    Changmin let loose a huge sigh. “Damn- I missed so much in high school by just studying and playing games.” This time a comfortable silence fell between the two students on the floor. By the way her eyes were drooping, Y/n assumed it was about three am. 

    “Nah you just missed....a whole lot of drama.” She yawned shaking her head to stay awake. 

    It was then that Changmin’s willpower gave in to the weariness of his body. His brain no longer had control of his mouth at that moment. “What if I tutored you?”

    A sleepily smile slid onto Y/n’s face. She turned her head against the shelf to look up at the boy next to her. His hopes fell as she laughed a little. “I need more help than just History.”

    “What else?”

    “Math, Physics, Psych...”

    “I can help you with all of that too!” 

    Changmin hated how eager he sounded. “What are you? Some kind of genius?” She smiled even though her back was getting sore and the sound of the rain was lulling her to sleep. 

    “No, just a mathematics major whose parents paid for top tutors until he was sixteen.”

    The girl stared at him. Her expression was unclear. In her mind, she knew there had to be some catch. No way was this guy going to tutor her in all the subjects she needed for nothing. “What’s your rate, Genius?”

    “Like money?

    She nodded, turning to fully face the boy. Y/n waited for some terrible number that was hellbent on destroying her bank account. Changmin on the other hand was panicking trying to decipher what number was high enough to get her to say yes but not low enough to make her think that he wasn’t serious. “Um.....$8?”

    “An hour? For four subjects?”



    Once again Changmin was frozen as Y/n threw her arms around him in a hug. His hands returned to their familiar place- up in the air, shaking, and far away from her. 

    The pair spent the next hours with textbooks sprawled around them. Changmin patiently assessed where Y/n was in each of her subjects, surprised how someone of her intelligence was struggling. He found that she was indeed very bright- but simply not understanding the information the way it was being given to her. 

    Neither of them noticed the rain stopping or even the sun rising with a pink and orange glow coming over the horizon, morning light sliding across the marbled floor. They didn’t even notice the sound of keys being turned in the front doors hours earlier they tried so hard to open. 

    “What are you kids doing here?” The two students looked up to see one of the librarians standing in the doorway, keys in hand. 

    They looked at each other before scrambling to grab their things and running out the doors. The warm, wet morning air greeted them as they stumbled outside. The sun was just peaking over the buildings and Y/n smiled at the dew clinging to the bright green blades of grass lining the sidewalks. It was a new day and a new hope filled her chest. “We’re finally out!” Changmin cheered, jumping up and down adorably. 

    Y/n found it precious that someone so tall and graceful looking could be so clumsy and cute. “Changmin, I can’t thank you enough. I don’t think anyone could have explained the Joseon Era principles better.”

    “Oh- i-it was nothing.”

    “Here,” Taking a pen from her pocket she reached for his right arm and rolled up the sleeve of his hoodie. He took the moment to once again appreciate her beauty up close while the girl wrote her number on his arm. When she was done she placed the pen in his large hand and looked at him expectantly. “Aren’t you going to give me yours?”

    Changmin vigorously nodded his head ‘yes’ and internally screamed at his brain to remember the numbers to his own phone number. With anything but steady hands, he wrote his number on her forearm and basked in the glow of the smile he received.

    “So-uh..I’ll call you? You’ll call me? We can talk about times that work?”

    “Yeah! Dates....and what not...Study-dates I mean! Tutoring! Yes.”

    “Awesome! I can’t wait! Thank you so much, you have no idea how much you are saving my ass.” Y/n cheered as she started to back away towards her dorm. 

    “So you’ll call me?” He called after her. His feet were planted firmly where he stood for he feared if he moved an inch he might float away.

    She laughed, her smile even brighter in the growing daylight. “Or something, yeah!”

    “Okay!” He watched Y/n unit she rounded a corner before letting all the joy explode from his body in a fit of jumps, hollers, cheers, dance, and maybe what some might consider singing. 

    The sun basked in the boy’s glee as he danced and jumped his way down the sidewalk screaming “YES! SHE KNOWS WHO I AM!” His body was no longer sore and his mind was no longer tired. Instead, he ran all the way back to his apartment with a grin that the sun could not compete with. 

    Previous Chapter ❖    Next Chapter

    RBTL M.List


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    What kind:

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    jungkook’s outfit... he’s so beautiful ♡

    Have a safe flight 💜 🛫

    Like or Reblog if you save or use 😇💕

    ©️ credits to rightful owners 📌💗

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    Is this healthy or toxic? - Chapter 5

    Chapter 1; Chapter 2; Chapter 3; Chapter 4

    Chapter 5 - A Bitter Pill

    The couple needed to wait more than a month to the next date since their schedules were full of activities. Moreover, the group Liv was choreographing had its first comeback with her as their main choreographer and she was with them in every single practice. Olivia had come from United States with an unmatched reputation, she was a professional of the highest level. However, to achieve that level of perfection her commitment was extremely serious; therefore, trainings with the group sometimes ended until dawn. Even when they went to presentations, the girl would go with them and look at them from behind, making sure everything was perfect. She took her time studying every camera of every member and every single night she was working with them. At the end, she couldn't be prouder of the members, they had done an incredible job. There was no one who had not congratulated them. Of course such a job was exhausting and demanded a lot of work from her.

    Finally, Olivia and I.M got a night off to see each other. The rapper had had plenty of time to think about what they could do, but everything he could think of was either not enough or he felt out of place. He ended up choosing a place where they could be relaxed, without having to worry about someone seeing them.

    — All this time I have invited you to take many different things, and do you know what I realized? I hadn't suggested a glass of wine.

    — Wine? So that's what you had planned. — She said admiring the vineyard to which he had taken her.

    — I hope it was a good idea.

    — So far I love it. - She replied with a smile.

    I.M knew the owner of the place, in fact he was a very close friend of the singer. It was private property, so they could be more than calm, there were only very few people and they were all fully trusted by I.M’s friend. However, after having guided them through the tour, offering them different wines and preparing their dinner, they gone, leaving alone the couple on a terrace from where they could see the whole place. There, they talked and got to know each other a little more; definitely, it helped a lot that Changkyun was more relaxed than during their first date.

    — I had no idea that you compose music, I thought you were only dedicated to dancing.

    — I've been working on some songs, it was part of the contract, but I don't know if it will work. I don't feel as confident composing as dancing, I think it's more personal.

    — You’re totally right.

    — I have listened to several of the songs you’ve collaborated on as a composer, I really like them.

    — I would rather dedicate myself to that, at least to be able to spend more time on it.

    — Why don’t you do it?

    — I’m not good enough. — He confessed looking away, he didn't even know why he had said something out loud that tormented him.

    — I think you are better than you think, you need to trust yourself more. If you want something, fight for it, do not hesitate so much, you never know when things can change.

    For a moment neither of them spoke, but not because they felt uncomfortable, but because Changkyun thought that the girl was right, and Olivia had remembered her parents. Changkyun noticed her look, it was exactly the same as the one she had on her parents' house day. He put the glass aside and brought the girl closer to him. There was no need to say anything, since the company they had was enough.

    I.M thought he was getting to know her a little more. On the outside, she looked like a happy and positive person, but he was beginning to understand that her gaze was much darker than his.

    — I know you’re working with really good producers, but I have a small studio in my apartment and I know a couple of things, I… I could help you, if you don't mind if I read what you write.

    — Can I ask you one more favor?

    — Of course.

    — When you read them ... can you not ask about them?

    — I promise, you don't have to talk about something you don’t want.

    They got along greatly, there was no doubt about that, but there was something else that was much stronger and it was the attraction they felt for each other. Practically since Changkyun had brought her closer they felt their bodies blazing. A single touch and they were burning inside and neither of them pretended to hide it. Once they left aside the cups and the kisses started, they forgot about everything.

    Changkyun had laid Olivia on the couch and placing himself on top of her, he ran his hands down her legs. The girl smirked when she felt the rapper's hands going higher and higher until he reached her underwear. It wasn't even that he put it down, they both heard perfectly when he ripped it and set it aside. He immediately began to eat the girl's neck with the most passionate kisses of all, while his fingers took care of the rest. Totally different from the force with which he had torn the underwear, I.M used his hands carefully, touching the exact points with the perfect force. He knew he was driving her crazy when he heard her moaning his name in his ear and when he felt her nails digging into his shoulders.

    When the rapper knew that the girl couldn't take it anymore, he looked into her eyes and with the most sassy smile of all, he took her face and kissed her a little more slowly to recover the rhythm again.

    — Not without me, I promise you it will be better. - It was all that I.M had to say for her to understand and prevent her from killing him right there for stopping.

    Olivia gave a frustrated laugh, and leaned on her elbows until she was seated. Changkyun watched her sit on his hips and open the buttons on his shirt. Of course she wouldn't stop there, I.M knew how to play and tease her, but she could too and she showed it when she made their hips rub. Despite the fact that he was still wearing the pants, the rapper almost lost his head with the girl's first movement and as if the hoarse moan that came out of his voice had not been enough, Olivia even bit her lip when she felt how hard he was taking her from the hips. The girl's movements made Changkyun realize that he was in fact dating one of the best dancers.

    As best he could, I.M regained his willpower of focusing in another thing but Liv’s movements, and managed to low the zipper of her dress. Then, he moved his hands to Olivia's back, so he could get her closer, help her hold on a bit, and at the same time, devour her breasts. When it was too much for both of them, and the girl had pulled down his pants, they looked at each other in such an intense way that they felt their skin crawl, and it was not only for the pleasure they obviously felt. Olivia had slept with several boys, but not a single one of them had Changkyun's gaze, not even anything like it. It was precisely the look that had driven her crazy since she'd met him, but now with even more desire on it. The whole time they were having sex I.M looked at her that way and Olivia had never felt more exposed in her life. In turn, he had never felt such a connection with someone. He also had a whole past that he could talk about, but the way Liv moved, touched him, and how he felt her his from that first time, were driving him crazy. After reaching the point of the night when they couldn't handle their rhythm any longer, they laid down on the couch together and he immediately pulled his jacket over her back as I.M let Liv rest on his chest.

    For a while they said nothing, but judging by how they saw and smile to each other, it was already understood that whatever was happening between the two, it would become more and more addictive.


    For some months Liv and I.M continued to see each other. They were together regardless of the time, sometimes in her apartment, sometimes in his. Numerous times they came to work without even having slept, but they hid it too well, or so they thought. Olivia didn't have much of a problem, but Changkyun was too close with his members and they had already noticed that several times he was absent to eat together, or he was leaving quickly after rehearsals. Jooheon had covered his back several times, since he knew what was happening, but the others started to consider strange that the youngest of the group spent so much time at home alone. Despite Changkyun had told them that he was working more on his music, which was not entirely a lie, as he had been helping Liv with some songs, all the members had their doubts.

    Something that happened a lot was that I.M said to the members that we would see them at a specific hour, but the time was completely running out because he was focused on Liv’ body and he didn't even remember his plans. With the unique connection the couple had in and outside bed, it was natural for them to forget about everything. When they weren't making love, they went into music or simply forgot about the rest of the world because they were focused on themselves.

    For his part, Kihyun was already sure that something was happening with Liv, he had not been able to see her that often, and despite knowing that she had too much work and that excused her, there was something else going on. One night, Kihyun came to Olivia's apartment for dinner and as soon as he walked in and sat in the living room, he saw a jacket that he recognized immediately. It was the same one that Changkyun had left there when they had their first date. He always forgot about it and Olivia kept it out precisely so that one day I.M would remember it. As Olivia spoke to Kihyun from the kitchen, he wanted to convince himself that he was wrong; after all, the girl had made him a promise.

    — Ki, I'm talking to you. Come to eat.

    — Liv, is this from Changkyun? — He asked walking to her with the jacket in hand. The question was as direct as everything Kihyun said. It was incredible how he hadn't learned that that wasn’t the best way to approach someone, much less someone like Liv. — Answer me, why is this here? Liv, are you dating Changkyun?

    — Kihyun, stop asking so many questions. Come to eat.

    — No, I'm not going to eat, I want you to answer me, it's the least I deserve. You promised me something.

    — Liv, why don't you ever tell me anything? Do you really trust me so little?

    — I don't want you to get angry, that's all.

    — I’m not upset! I never get angry with you, I just worry. I've been saying the same thing to you for years. Now, please answer me, are you dating him?

    — It's nothing serious, you don't have to worry.

    — We are talking about my sister and one of my best friends, how the hell am I not going to worry if I know both of you? Of all men it had to be him? Liv ... this is a terrible idea. —He said leaving the jacket aside and taking her by the wrist, he sat down to try to make her reason.

    — I'm not just worried about you, Changkyun may seem like something, but he is not the type of person you think.

    — What is that supposed to mean?

    — That I don't think you two should be together, not even for something casual. You have too many things to sort out with yourselves first before trying to be with someone else, specially when it comes to be together both of you.

    — You're judging us, I hate when you do that, I already told you.

    — I'm not judging you, neither him. I am trying to avoid a disaster.

    — We already talked, we already know what we want and we know how to handle things.

    — Does he know about your parents? Does he know what happened the whole time you weren't here? Is he aware of what the rest of your family did? Does I.M even have a small idea of ​​everything you've been through?

    — He knows what he has to know and what I want him to know, Ki.

    — Of course not! And you don't know everything about him either, you may see him as the man to sleep with from time to time because that is the image he projects, but it is not like that. Things hadn’t been easy for him at all. A relationship like this…

    — What are you trying to tell me?

    — Liv, you can't even talk about your parents, you don't accept anyone helping you, you escape of things, you isolate yourself. You are not ready for a relationship because you don’t realize that you hurt people by not healing yourself first. Be responsible, Liv, please.

    — That is not true!

    — Do you have any idea how many times you have hurt me? No, of course not, because you don't realize it. — He said taking her hands. — You left, one day you simply told me that you were going to leave, you never told me that you were competing for that scholarship. One day, I came home and I realized that my sister was leaving, you didn't tell mom either. You just ran away, when you realized you had a stable home with us, you left. I know you didn't want to hurt us, you were protecting yourself, and I understand it, but not everyone learns to follow their life when an important person leaves, Changkyun won't be able to do it, Liv.

    Kihyun saw how hard Olivia bit her lip to keep from crying, she had even made it red so as not to shed a single tear. For a moment she was not able to say anything, so she got up to drink some water, and without seeing Kihyun in the eyes, she was able to talk.

    — Ki, you are overthinking, I.M and I do not have a relationship, we stated it from the first time.

    — How long have you seen each other?

    — I don’t know, maybe four months. — Kihyun covered his face and sighed in resignation. He knew them too well to know that not even Liv's longest relationship had reached that time and Changkyun hadn't even seen someone more than twice. The singer was trying to process everything when Olivia spoke again. — Forgive me, I've never wanted to hurt you. I left because I felt like a burden, for your parents and for you. It was a long time taking care of me, you had no obligation to do so.

    — Liv, you were part of our family, you still are, don't think like that. You know what? It's too much for one night, let's just leave it at that for now, okay? Just try to think about what I told you, please.

    — What if I keep seeing him, will you get upset with us?

    — No, of course not. I’ll just hope that you don't break your hearts with this thing you guys have. — He said messing up her hair a bit and trying to smile.

    The next few weeks there were a lot of activities involving from idols to staff members, so I.M was staying in the dorm with the other members and had a few days without seeing Liv. However, they had not stopped talking and as soon as Kihyun left the girl's house, she told Changkyun that Kihyun already knew, but he had not read the message.

    Later, when Kihyun returned, he knocked on the door of the youngest of the group and sat on the bed.

    — We were looking for you a while ago to order something to eat.

    —I already ate, I had dinner with Olivia.

    — Oh, ok. — Changkyun continue with his business but Kihyun wouldn't leave the room, which seemed strange to the rapper. —What's up, hyung? You’re acting weird.

    — Do you have something to tell me?

    — No. — He answered too sure.

    —At least pretend better. — He said shaking his head negatively. — I saw your jacket at Liv's.

    — I must have lent it to her one of the times we all went out together, I don't remember.

    — Cut the scene, I know you have been dating for several months. Weren't you going to tell me that you were sleeping with my friend? No, sorry, my sister.

    — Hyung… I can explain it. — Kihyun looked him in the eyes waiting for him to speak, he wanted to hear what his friend had to say, although he already imagined what it would be. — We have been seeing each other from time to time. She told me that she’s interested on music and I have been helping her with that.

    — I see, you compose, you compose and fuck, to be more clear. You happen to sleep with her, just like you do with many others. — He said causing I.M to get up and clear his throat.

    — It's not like that. I haven't seen anyone else. — Kihyun would have preferred to hear something totally different, that only made him worry more.

    — How long do you plan to continue in this? You can get in trouble if it comes out.

    — That won't happen, chill.

    — You have been watching her for months, to be an adventure it seems to me that you have prolonged it a lot.

    — Hyung, I don’t understand you, you have told me many times that there is no harm in dating someone as long as it is done carefully, why do you react like this now?

    — There’s no harm if it s a fling, Changkyun. And this isn’t.

    — So, do you think I am such a bad person?

    — Quite the opposite; first of all, you have to know in advance that nothing I am going to say is to hurt you. I know that normally I say things and I don't think about them before, but I really want you to listen to it and take it in the best way. — He asked seriously, to which I.M just nodded.

    — You and Liv have been through very complicated things. She doesn’t know what you have had to face and you cannot even imagine what she has had to live. You guys have totally different ways of facing life. Liv is independent, free, nothing binds her, nothing has ever bound her. And you ... you are anything but superficial. The image you project is other than what you are. In spite of everything, you give yourself to people and expect the same of them, and when things haven’t turned out the way you’ve wanted, it has taken you a lot of work to recover.

    — Hyung, you speak as if we want different things, and it is not like that.

    — You are waiting for something else, deep down you know that it is so. If not, why have you been in this for months when you know that this relationship could destroy your career? You're waiting for something Liv can't offer you and you can't offer Liv what she's used to have.

    — We are not expecting anything from each other, just ... we just like to be together, when we can. We are not forcing anything.

    — You are not going to finish this soon and you are not thinking about the consequences. I'm not just talking about you, because eventually public relations will take care of this and they will say that it was a non-sense thing, that it didn’t mean anything to you. They will say that Liv made everything up, that she was the one who leaked the photos to hurt your image. You'll be fine, but she won't. I've known Liv practically since she was a baby and I've never even had a picture taken of us together because I know what's going to happen. They will misunderstood everything, they will publish everything of her life in order to hurt her. You know how this world is.

    — They have nothing bad to say about her. We're just two people dating, hyung, we're not doing anything wrong. Besides, I’m not the only one, Jooheon, Shownu, Wonho, all of them had dated women for months, it’s just that you don’t know.

    — Ok, first of all, I’m not stupid, I know they did. Second, you need to understand something. If people look, they will be more than able to destroy her.

    — What are you talking about? Liv hasn’t done anything wrong.

    — Changkyun, she’s an orphan, raised by another family, MY family.

    I.M felt like a bucket of cold water was being poured on him when he heard that. He didn't know, he had no idea. Liv hadn't said anything to him and Kihyun had never mentioned anything to the members, only that they were practically siblings. That was just a brushstroke of everything he didn't know about the girl.

    — I just don’t want to see two people that I love get hurt. I honestly think neither of you is prepared to face each other’ way of living.

    — Wait. - I.M said before Kihyun left the room. — Please don't tell her I know about her parents. She hasn't told me anything, if Liv doesn't want me to know, I'm going to respect it.

    — You really like her, right? — He asked sighing. — Don't worry, I won't tell her anything.

    A while passed in which Changkyun was thinking of a thousand different things. Now he understood a little better many of the lyrics to the songs she had written. But it was not just about that, Kihyun was right in much of what he had said and I.M knew it, he could not deny it, but thinking about stopping seeing her had not been an option, it hadn’t even crossed his mind. Moreover, all the insecurities that he had tried to ignore reappeared, he began to wonder how anyone could be willing to put up with everything Kihyun mentioned earlier. How someone could tolerate not only his lack of maturity to face problems, but also the fact that he was a public figure. A relationship with the rapper will be fulled of periods of time in which they could not even see each other for a day. It was absurd, everything was absurd. No one would go to all that trouble for something that wasn't even a stable relationship. He turned to alcohol again and when he had taken several cups, he saw his cell phone and read the girl's messages.

    Liv. “Kihyun found your jacket, he already knows everything. I’m sorry”

    Liv. "We need to talk.”

    Liv. "Kyun, call me, please."

    Changkyun read those messages and more he had from her, as well as several missed calls, and despite being late, and had drunk more than he should, he called her back.

    — Hi, babe. I'm sorry, I have been busy. — He said sounding too serious.

    — I've been looking for you for hours! Kihyun came home, he knows everything.

    — Don't worry about that, he already talked to me too. — As soon as I.M said that, Liv got frozen, Kihyun had said very painful but true things to her and she was afraid that he had also said them to Changkyun.

    — What did he say?

    — Not much. He said he knew we were seeing each other and he didn't think it was a good idea, but he wouldn't get involved.

    — Did he just tell you that?

    — Yes, precious. Don't worry, it wasn't as bad as we thought.

    — He talked a lot with me. I know he only wants the best for me, but there are things that…

    — Liv, no matter what you've talked to him, everything is fine, I promise. — He said without wanting her to feel forced to touch sensitive topics.

    — Kyun, it does matter, there are things about me that are not ok and I don’t want you to…

    — Babe, breathe, okay? — He said worried, it was the first time he heard her talking like that, it was evident she was too anxious, something totally new on her, or at least for Chankyun, since with him, she always had a smile on her face. — You and I will make the best decision for us. There are a lot of things about me too, but that’s fine.

    — Kyun, can you come? - She asked too softly, but Changkyun heard it perfectly. He was silent, his gaze fixed on his drink, he wanted to go, but Kihyun had said so many things that he wasn’t sure he was what Liv needed in that moment.

    — I know that you have to sleep there and that they you many activities, but can you come just today? Please.

    — Of course. — He said smiling a little and putting the drink aside.

    As Changkyun was leaving, he ran into Jooheon, who saw him taking the car keys.

    — Bro, it's too late, where are you going?

    — I'll be back in a moment.

    — Were you drinking? You can't drive like this.

    — It was just one drink. — He said trying to open the door but it was impossible, he continued picking up the wrong key.

    — Changkyun, you can't go out like this! - He said snatching the keys. - What the hell is wrong with you, huh? Go back to your room.

    — I'm not a child, don't give me orders and give me my keys.

    — I am capable of waking up the manager and tell him that you are drunk and you are going to leave if you don’t hear me.

    — What? But what the hell is going on with everyone today? I can take care of myself, I know what is good or bad for me!

    — Well, you should know that you can kill yourself if you leave this house in that state!

    — What's going on? It's three in the morning, guys. - Said the manager from his room. — Go rest. Wait a moment. I.M, were you going to leave at this hour?

    — No. — Jooheon answered immediately. — Well, actually yes, I asked him to accompany me to buy some pills, I don't feel well.

    — Why didn't you wake me up? You know I have meds in the room. Come. Changkyun, go rest, you have a lot of work tomorrow.

    Jooheon looked at him threateningly and left with the manager. Changkyun had to go back and call Olivia to tell her that it would be impossible to see her and the girl understood, or so she said, because she kept thinking that Kihyun had said something to Changkyun to finish what they had. For his part, I.M could not sleep at all, thinking if Kihyun was right, and if it would be better to stop seeing Liv.

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    Title: Lemonade

    Genre: Smut

    Fic Type: One Shot

    Words: 1604

    Fandom: NCT

    Pairing: Taeil x f!Reader

    Warnings/Tags: None

    Prompt(s): “I’ve never wanted to fuck someone this badly.” & “I really don’t care. You still look hot and i’m trying not to kiss/fuck you senseless right now.” & “We can't do that here!” “If you cant sleep…then how about we have sex?”

    Summary: You and your Husband Taeil decide to go visit your parents for the weekend. The thing is...Taeil can’t seem to keep his hands off you.

    Hey guys! I hope you enjoy this fic! I had a lot of fun writing it! The Sticker album is really getting to me! So enjoy this Taeil smut (;

    “Taeil, when we get to my parents' house you better behave.” You said looking over at your husband with a glare. For some reason today he just could not keep his hands to himself. You were used to him being very affectionate and touchy, but today was different. The man was acting like a horny teenager all day. You probably...no definitely would of already been at your parents house by now if it weren’t for Taeil bending you over the sofa and fucking you roughly. Taeil just scoffed and slid his hand higher up your thigh.

    “I have no idea what you’re talking about, baby.” Taeil said with a slightly offended voice. You rolled your eyes and stared at his side profile, while he drove, the sun setting in the background casting a beautiful glow on his face. You tried to nudge his hand away from your thigh--- it was starting to make you feel a type of way… He just squeezed your thigh tighter, as you did so.

    “Oh really Tae? You’ve been touchy all day!” You exclaimed flustered. He turned and looked at you for a second with a slight smirk on his face, before turning back to the road ahead.

    “I’m always touchy though babe. You know how affectionate I am.” He said nonchalantly. You scoffed and rolled your eyes for the umpteenth time that day then shook your head.

    “You know what I mean Taeil! You’ve been touching impurely all day. Why are you so insatiable today? You literally took me against the couch earlier, if it weren’t for that we would have already been at my parent’s house!” You whined out to him. Taeil felt his cock twitch at the sound of your whine, his pants growing tighter. Honestly he doesn’t know what’s gotten into him today, he woke up exceptionally horny this morning and the feeling hasn’t gone away, if anything it’s gotten worse throughout the day. The sundress you’ve decided to wear doesn’t help his case. The dress fits your curves just right and accentuates your breasts nicely. He thought that if he took you on the couch he’d be satiated but no...it just made him want you even more.

    “Keep making noises like that Y/N and we won’t even make it there...I’ll pull this car over right now and have my way with you right here.” Taeil grunted out adjusting his pants, as they were getting pretty tight. You groaned out when you noticed him adjust himself in his pants.

    “Are you seriously hard right now Moon Taeil?! We’re literally 10 minutes away from their house!” You exclaimed exasperated. Taeil just shrugged coolly.

    “I’ve never wanted to fuck someone this badly.” Taeil moaned out, bringing one of your hands to his crotch and squeezing. You whimpered and almost gave in then remembered you were 10 minutes away from your parent’s house. You snatched your hand back slowly and tried to shake the dirty thoughts going through your mind at the moment.

    “Taeil, no we can’t we’re almost there!” You let out with a sigh. He sighed as well and nodded begrudgingly. He tried to will his erection away so that when you got there he didn’t have to face your parents with a raging boner. That’d be such an awkward thing to have to explain to them.

    Finally Taeil pulled into the driveway of your parent’s house. Thankfully Taeil calmed down enough to be able to face your parents. You both got out of the car and started to walk up the door to your parent’s house. Before you could knock you felt Taeil smack your ass gently. Just as you were gonna scold him, your mom opened the front door bringing you into a tight embrace.

    “Y/N! My baby! I missed you so much!” Your mom yelled out. She pulled away before bringing Taeil into an embrace as well, exclaiming how handsome he looked. You saw your dad come up behind your mom and pull you into an embrace as well, kissing your hairline.

    “Taeil, my man, how's work?” Your dad asked Taeil, giving him a hug too. Taeil smiled and began to talk with your dad about his job. Your mom brought you into the kitchen to help bring drinks for everyone.

    “So Y/N, when are you gonna give me and your father grandkids?” Your mom said with a giggle. You blushed and shook your head.

    “I don’t know mom hopefully soon.” You said smiling before walking out of the kitchen with her and bringing the drinks into your living room. As soon as you walked over to Taeil, he pulled you onto his lap. You thought nothing of it because he always did this, that was until you felt his boner poking your ass. You froze and then turned and subtly glared at him.

    “Taeil! What the hell?! Why are you hard?!” You whispered to him frantically. Your parents were deep in conversation, so they luckily didn’t hear Taeil whisper (quite loudly).

    “Your tits look so good in that dress. It’s not my fault my body decided to show its appreciation!” Taeil had a smug smirk on his face. You just scoffed and leaned further against him as if that would hide his obvious arousal (not that they could see or notice anyways).

    It was starting to get late so your parents decided to call it a night, to which you were grateful for as Taeil kept subtly thrusting his hips up every chance he could and it was making the dampness between your legs worse. You bid your parents goodbye and watched as they headed up to their room, before turning to Taeil smacking his chest and getting up and storming off to your old childhood room. He trailed behind you quickly, closing and locking the door as soon as he was inside.

    “C’mon princess don’t be like that.” Taeil groaned out and you turned and glared at him and flipped him off before going into the adjoining bathroom to get ready for bed. Taeil chuckled at your actions and proceeded to strip to his boxers and lay under the covers. You came out of the bathroom, dressed in just one of his shirts and your pastel pink cotton panties. Taeil groaned at the sight, to which you raised an eyebrow and pulled the covers back and got in beside him.

    “What’s with that look Tae.” You asked when you noticed him staring intently at you.

    “You look so hot right now baby girl…” Taeil all but moaned out. You furrowed your eyebrows looking down at your shirt.

    “I’m literally wearing an old t-shirt Taeil.” You said confused.

    “I really don’t care. You still look hot and I'm trying not to kiss senseless right now.” Taeil said gruffly. You just shook your head before turning the bedside light off and pulling the covers up and cuddling up to Taeil, pecking his lips and bidding him goodnight. He tried giving you puppy eyes to which you ignored (barely) and tried to sleep.

    An hour passed...then two hours passed and you still couldn’t sleep for some reason. You knew Taeil was awake too, because he kept occasionally letting out an over exaggerated sigh.

    “If you cant sleep…then how about we have sex?” Taeil suddenly let out startling you from the sudden sound of his voice, not expecting him to talk. You processed his words before looking up at him and shock.

    “We can't do that here!” You exclaimed quietly. He shrugged and then kissed you to which you froze then eventually gave into his kisses. He gently pushed you to lay on your back, climbing on top of you.

    “We’ll be quiet baby, it’s fine.” He said in a whisper. You nodded slightly and Taeil smiled, happy that you were giving in. Taeil stripped you both of your clothes until you both were bare to each other. Taeil began to kiss down your body until he was eye level with your core.

    You let out a quiet moan when Taeil began to move his mouth over your dripping core, taking your swollen clit into his mouth and sucking harshly. He brought his finger to your entrance and then pushed it inside, thrusting it slowly. He then decided to add another finger, scissoring them inside of you, while sucking at your clit at the same time. You felt your high approaching quickly. Before you could warn him that you were about to cum, your orgasm hit you suddenly and unexpectedly, your juices gushing out and coating his fingers and tongue. He pulled away, with his lips glistening, he then stuck his fingers in his mouth sucking your juices off, as if he couldn’t get enough of you (which he honestly couldn’t).

    Taeil kneeled before you on his knees before bringing his throbbing cock to your entrance, looking up at you for permission, to which you nodded, before pushing in slowly at first. You both let out moans collectively at the feeling. Taeil began a fast, and hard pace knocking the air out of you. You tried to hold in your moans but with the way he was filling you so nicely, it was quite hard to do so. You could feel yourself getting close again.

    “Tae baby, I’m gonna--” You said before letting go, clenching down on his cock tightly. Taeil let out a groan at the feeling coming inside you at that moment. Taeil kept thrusting slowly to ride out your highs, before pulling out and laying beside you pulling you into his embrace, to which you both fell asleep in each other’s arms.

    #nct hard hours #nct 127 smut #nct smut#moon taeil #moon taeil x reader #moon taeil smut #kpop smut#lemonade#sticker#nct#nct 127#smut
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  • multyeverything
    18.09.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Ciega Devoción

    Capitulo #8: Será solo eso, ¿Verdad?


    Autor: multyeverything

    Tw: Insultos y groserías, comportamiento machista ligeramente, menciones de s*acrificios humanos, mención de sangre y consumo de ella, sexo consensuado, uso nulo de protección, creampie, amor no correspondido, relaciones inter especies.

    Rating: 18+

    Sinopsis: Los sentimientos ocultos son una carga difícil de sobrellevar cuando tienes tan cerca pero tan lejos a la persona que más deseas en el mundo, pero es más pesado cargar con los grandes pecados que en tu corta vida puedas haber cometido. La consciencia toma relevancia a partir de ahora.

    Au: Paranormal/Smut/Slow burn

    Emparejando: Seo Changbin X T/n X Yang Jeongin



    ¿¡Qué la hizo pensar eso?!

    ¿Por qué no puede ver lo obvio? Me gusta

    La misma serie de preguntas atormenta la cabeza del herido Jeongin. Su ego y masculinidad heridas tras las inocentes palabras de su indiscutiblemente 'amiga' para su desgracia. Sus intentos por conquistarla han sido mermados por la amenaza de alguien que no conoce y, para él, probablemente no exista. Eso espera. Tener que competir nunca se le ha dado, odia tener a alguien que desplazar a cualquiera en la 'carrera' o la posibilidad de perder.

    Si bien no es dosil y tranquilo la mayoría del tiempo, tampoco es amante de agachar la cabeza y ceder ante nadie. No existe la derrota en su vocabulario, pero sí el respeto, que es lo que lo ha mantenido unido a su grupo de amigos, a Chan específicamente es quien más respeta de todos. Otro aspecto de su salvaje naturaleza, lo que llamaría alfa.

    Verse inferiorizado por aquella a quien corteja significa una ofensa mayor a la dominancia que quisiera reflejarle.

    ¿Le gustaría más si se sometiera ante él?

    ¿La desearía más si fuera sumisa ante su persona?

    Probablemente no, gusta de personalidades fuertes. Aplica a sus amistades por igual.

    Aunque cuestionar su orientación resulta más doloroso que una insolente o boca suelta. Creía que su masculinidad era incuestionable, atractivo y peligroso ante toda hembra que posara ojo en él. Puta madre, su único interés afectivo es inmune a sus encantos.

    ¿Qué debería hacer?

    ¿Ser más directo?

    Consultar su situación con su líder es tentador. Contar con el consejo del mayor y más experimentado de los ocho sería bueno para tener un guía en el camino que cruza por primera vez. Oh sí, jamás había deseado estar con alguien tanto. Nunca había tenido una novia oficialmente, ni la había deseado carnalmente tanto como a la ciega de t/n.

    Tal vez debería derrumbar la puerta y cogerte como la perra estúpida que eres.

    No, cálmate animal. Piensa con la cabeza correcta. Quieres que esté contigo por voluntad propia y no por un sortilegio.

    Que penoso hablar de esto con Chan, siendo que tiene tantos asuntos con que lidiar. No puede ir con él.

    ¿Minho? Se burlará de mí hasta que muramos

    ¿Jisung? No creo esté interesado por nadie o lo haya estado jamás en esa manera.

    ¿Hyunjin? Solo ha amado a alguien en toda su existencia, a sí mismo.

    ¿Seugmin? Le contará a Minho.

    ¿Felix? Me crucificará por pensar así de t/n.

    ¿Changbin? Es el indicado, tiene la cabeza más calculadora que conozca. No juzgará los pensamientos indecorosos ni contará lo hablado al terminar.

    Solo queda localizarlo, un lugar donde sí o sí estará. La zona gris de la materia oscura, su escondite favorito para no lidiar con la realidad que ha dejado en claro que odia con la inexistente alma que posee. Ya que cuenta con su permiso para acceder, no hay que recurrir a llamarlo con pentagramas o cosas por el estilo, basta con entrar en espíritu. Para entrar tiene que dejar el vehículo en un lugar seguro, ya que lo abandonará al ingresar a la zona.

    Le es natural desaparecer en la nada y presidir de su cuerpo físico. Dentro no es nada más que una sombra mate en el infinito panorama ardiente en la distancia (su propio infierno), sus ojos verdes sobresalen de el caos interno que Changbin ha diseñado como su guardia. Tétrico como su alma, complicado como su mente; demasiado apegado a su interior. Es fácil acceder debido a que no hay restricciones a sus amigos para verle ahí, ya ha fungido como escondite cuando escapaban de matones tras ellos, todos muertos al enfrentarles unidos.

    - Sabía que estarías aquí. -
    - ¿Vienes a decirme algo importante? Quería estar a solas niño. -
    - Ver cómo estás. -
    - Decepcionado, el tequila no me ha mareado siquiera. Me odio aveces. -
    - Bebidas humanas jamás podrán alterarte. -
    - Saben mejor, estoy harto del vino. Siempre el mismo sabor. -
    - Tampoco disfruto del vino. -
    - ¿Quieres? - Extiende la botella a medias
    - Paso, gracias por cierto. -
    - En serio, ¿Quieres decirme algo? No entras a la zona en siglos y cuando lo haces es para "ver cómo estoy". A otro perro con eso hueso. Sin ofender. -
    - Entraste a mi mente o no. -
    - No hace falta. -
    - pfff promete no juzgarme. -
    - Sabes que soy el único de nosotros que no mezclará mi propia moral con la tuya. -

    Cabizbajo relata la odisea de hechos y pensamientos que han pasado por mi cabeza, con lujo de detalles. Atento, Changbin registra todo lo que le cuenta sin siquiera pensar que es un pervertido o ha actuado de manera incorrecta. En ese aspecto, es el más maduro de todos, jamás va a juzgar qué es correcto y qué no, a diferencia de Chan que siempre busca hacer el bien. Los demás tienen que batallar con sus propios fallos, no son confiables al 100% para aconsejar, dejando de lado que guarden el secreto.

    - ¿Es todo? -
    - Ehh si. -
    - Te diré lo que pienso, sin afar de ofender. espera unos segundos Idiota te la hubieras cogido como si no hubiera un mañana. Con tu semilla en todo su cuerpo dentro y fuera, de tanto placer se habría enamorado de ti. -
    - No voy a forzarla. -
    - ¿Quién habla de eso? Libera algunas hormonas y te rogará la partas por la mitad con tu súper pene. -
    - Lo haré en su debido tiempo. Pero será porque ella me lo pida, no porque le lavé el cerebro con lujuria. -
    - Suena a que era feliz mientras pasaba tiempo contigo, y ya han estado jugando al juego del coqueteo un rato. No le veo lo malo a intentar. -
    - ¿Y si la bestia sale? Que tal si no me controlo. -
    - Lo harás, también está en tu naturaleza no dañar a nadie. Hay una gran diferencia entre deseo y peligro, tu cerebrito de cacahuate notará la diferencia y comandará actuar de acuerdo a la situación. Imposible que la dañes. -
    - ¿Y si la tomo muy brusco? ¿Y si la lastimo? -
    - Comienzo a creer que lo único que tienes es miedo por hacerlo con tu primera humana. Tienes nervios. Aclara la garganta rasposa de tanto alcohol No puedes embarazarla de todos modos, es naturalmente inconcebible. -
    - Desearía. - Otro comentario con la cabeza equivocada.
    - Así se dice jaja, pero hazlo. Te aconsejo que lo hagas ahora, sino esos sueños húmedos realistas te van a volver loco y terminarás por desquitarte con la pierna de alguno de nosotros. -
    - No soy perro. -
    - Son familia, biología. Guiña Y para todo esto, ¿Por qué no la he conocido? -
    - Lo habrías hecho de haber venido a la fiesta, me contaron que tenías planeado asistir. -
    - Así es, cambio de planes de último momento. -
    - ¿Chan? -
    - Si, ¿Quién más me controla de esa manera? Con tanta facilidad.
    - En parte tiene razón, ¿Sabes? -
    - Lo sé, tal vez me lo tomé muy a pecho. -
    - ¿Le has dicho esto? Que has cambiado ligeramente de pensar. -
    - Lo sabe, siempre entiende. Solo me da mi espacio para calmarme. -
    - Sigue siendo un sentimental, apreciará como líder que le digas estas palabras. -
    - Tenías que decir eso. Odio esto. La puta palabra "líder", estuve a punto de considerar hablar con él. Pero tienes toda la razón, es un líder. Demasiado superior a nosotros los simples seguidores. -
    - De nuevo con tu mierda de anarquismo. Acepta que tienes a alguien superior a ti Changbin, no es un cargo, es la monarquía del poder con que nacimos. Por una vez. -
    - Cállate. Si vienes como portavoz de ese cabron lárgate. -
    - Hyung, tranquilo. La guerra ya se acabó, deja los traumas detrás. Escalaste el asunto a proporciones mayores. -
    - Cómo sea, soy mayor que tú así que no me sermonees. Vienes por mi ayuda, recuerda pequeño. -
    - Ok dejemos el tema, nos desviamos. Siempre lo arreglan de todos modos, sacaré mis narices del asunto. -
    - Bien, ¿Cómo dices que se llama? - Suena despreocupado por la afortunada que corteje su amigo.
    - No lo dije aún, es t/n. Me gusta mucho, en todos los aspectos. -
    - Y ¿Cómo es ella? - El interés aumenta cuando menciona ese nombre.

    Conforme enlista todas las virtudes físicas que conoce ya muy bien del análisis experto que hizo de tu cuerpo todos los momentos que compartió a tu lado, la realización de que es la misma persona lo golpea tan duro que su enojo con Chan se reduce a nada comparado a la sensación de idiotez que tiene. Se siente usado como servilleta al pensar que permitiste a su amiguito verte en ese vestido (que tomó por sentado usaste para tentarlo en un principio a él) y que penetró tu privacidad al verte tan vulnerable en tu estado depresivo. Cómo si solo Changbin pudiera ser tu hombro para llorar.

    - Suena como tu chica ideal. - Mantiene el tono casual
    - Creo que lo es. Todo de ella me intimida, en el buen sentido. -
    - ¿Por qué no vuelves a verla? -
    - ¿¡Ahora?! Me veré como desesperado. -
    - Todas las mujeres aman eso, déjala pensar que estás tan loco por ella que dejas tu dignidad de lado. Que no soportas un momento más sin ella. Caerá por tu cuento al mismo tiempo que su ropa al suelo. -
    - Si estoy un poco loco... -
    - Muy bien campeón, eso no me importa. Pero si buscas otro consejo, vuelve y doma a la bestia de la manera que quieras. Pero inténtalo, lo peor que puede pasar es que te mate en defensa propia y luego te vea regresar a la vida porque su cuchillo de acero no te daña. -
    - Es lo que menos quiero que pase. -

    Lo que parece un consejo sincero de su amigo, en verdad es una plan con doble finalidad. Si bien quiere ayudar a su amigo a vaciar el líquido de sus bolas, también quiere comprobar si se trata de la misma t/n que causa erecciones a diestra y siniestra.

    - Salgamos de este horno. Aún es temprano en el mundo real. -

    Con la cautela suficiente, toman forma dentro del vehículo que solitario esperaba por su conductor. Nadie vió nada.

    08:34 apenas han pasado unos minutos. Nervioso conduce por las calles casi vacías en dirección al departamento que hace no mucho dejó. Cada calle le es familiar al consternado copiloto, teme llegar al edificio que piensa y comprobar que hablaba de su muy deseada t/n. Mientras más cerca, mayor era su desilusión.

    Tal vez haya dos t/n viviendo en el mismo edificio y que luzcan físicamente similares.

    - Va a la universidad contigo ¿Verdad? -
    - Sí, no la misma carrera. Pero compartimos clase de idiomas. -

    Oficial, le han robado la chica.

    Cómo sea, hay demasiados peces en el mar. Demasiados culos para admirar. Si a Jeongin es a quien quiso todo el tiempo, adelante puede tenerlo. No somos nada, ni para que molestarse en pedir explicaciones.

    - Será interesante conocerla. -
    - Primero debo tenerla presentarla a ustedes. -
    - Buena suerte Romeo. Aquí estaré por 15 minutos, apresurate. -
    - Gracias, y jodete Hyung. -
    - De nada malagradecido. -

    Lo ve dejar el auto y alejarse al timbre que igualmente tocó hace un día. Se llevará el auto pero esperará unos minutos en caso de ser rechazado. Ojalá así pase.

    Toca una, dos veces antes de ser permitido dentro una vez más en el edificio.

    T/n se siente confundida de verle de vuelta tan pronto, tal vez olvidó algo dentro y quiso recogerlo antes de hacerse muy noche. Lo deja entrar sin dudar.

    - Hola Innie, ¿Todo bien? -
    - No del todo, ¿Estás sola? -
    - Si. - Responde cautelosa. Azota la puerta tras entrar sin tu permiso.

    Planta un beso casto pero con fuerza en sus labios, aún con sabor a los dulces que comieron durante la tarde. Dura poco, ella los separa. Una mirada de confusión derrumba la confianza que tenía sobre conquistarla con un beso.

    Tal vez no debí hacerlo sin preguntar.

    Lleva su pequeña mano a sus labios y los oculta de su mirada expectante. Una idea cruza por su mente, la oportunidad perfecta para conseguir una ofrenda. Fingiendo estar sin palabras, voltea y avanza hacia su ventana, puede notar que alguien lo cuida desde dentro de su auto. Tendrá que esperar un poco más si no quiere que atestigüe algo terrible.

    Va tras ella para ofrecerle sus disculpas, en cambio recibe una respuesta positiva a su atrevimiento anterior. El intercambio de saliva comienza rápidamente, a Changbin le toca ver todo el espectáculo desde su asiento con ayuda de sus habilidades para ver todo en kilómetros a la redonda, claro como el agua. Mejor enciende el vehículo y se aleja al instante, no quiere ver cómo resultan las cosas, se siente asqueado. Sabe perfectamente qué pasará, encendió la llama de su amigo él mismo, cavó su propia tumba. La chica que comenzaba a atraerle ya pertenecerá a alguien más, literalmente.

    Ambos son muy verbales, los gemidos no son sofocados. La cercanía de cuerpo y su fricción manda ondas de electricidad por sus cuerpos.

    - Vamos a tu cama, no quiero hacértelo en otro lado. - Dice con seguridad. La lujuria comienza a respaldar su dominancia.

    Eso enciende la mecha en el interior de su fémina presa. Le gusta sentir la fuerza de un compañero sobre su voluntad, justo como Jeongin actúa ahora. Quién diría que el dulce e inocente compañero de clase sería en realidad un fuerte y pasional hombre, ya no es un niñito ante sus ojos. Eso la excita más. No piensa en nada ni nadie ahora, un buen acostón es lo que necesita, no ha sido acariciada en demasiado tiempo desde que llegó a la universidad, incluso desde antes. Ashur no la tocaba en meses, con la excusa de sentirse impotente por la depresión que sufría.

    Será eso, solo eso. Un polvo de una vez. Sin sentimientos.

    Cariñosa toma su mano y guía a la pequeña habitación que permite la cama matrimonial, devolviendo el gesto la recuesta lento en el colchón con su inmensa fuerza como pluma cayendo por el aire, eso la hace sentir extrañamente bien, ser tratada con delicadeza sin que tengan que tratar demasiado. Coloca ambas manos en cada lado de su cabeza y continúa con la intensa sesión de caricias mientras ella se abre de piernas y brazos para envolverlo hasta donde la diferencia de tamaños permite, no deja caer ni un gramo de su peso en el cuerpo que yace debajo de su forma. Continúan el vaivén por al menos 20 minutos, sin prisa ni presión, en caso de que t/n se arrepintiera.

    - Innie, necesito más. -
    - ¿Estás segura? - Ser considerada en una desición conforta su herido corazón.
    - Lo estoy, por favor. -

    Se rompe el entrelazado que tenían, él se encarga de desvestir con cautela cada pieza de ropa que portaban. Prestando atención a cada detalle del cuerpo que pronto estará tomando, dejando caricias al removerla de su vestimenta. Hace lo mismo con él mismo pero sin la misma delicadeza, se apura para no hacerla esperar.

    - Quisiera haberte ayudado. Lo hiciste demasiado rápido. -
    - Ven aquí. -

    Se reincorpora en sus rodillas para quedar a la misma altura, ahí comparten un abrazo que concluye en ambos recostándose sobre sus hombros frente a frente. T/n levanta su pierna, recargándola sobre la cadera de Jeongin justo a la altura de su descubierta erección, que ya pica la carne de su entrepierna sin entrar realmente en ella. Pensar ahora en protección y anticonceptivos no es posible, t/n está sumergida en el placer de ser tocada con tal deleite, y Jeongin no desearía nada más que preñarla con su descendencia.

    Él toma la iniciativa de iniciar el acto sexual al introducir su punta lentamente, por la inactividad sexual de ella, su dolor es evidente por su cara enrojecida. Lo que calienta más al hombre, creyendo que tal vez esté adueñándose de una deliciosa virgen. Limpia y para para tomar. Más equivocado no puede estar. Sus movimientos son lentos de inicio, llegando profundo con cada penetración para su gozo.

    - Mírame, me gusta tu cara. - Obediente levanta su rostro, gotitas de sudor empapan la almohada que comparten.
    - Puedes ir más rapido, estoy lista. - Clava las uñas en su bícep y cuello, que es donde posa sus manos.

    Tentado a sangrar su labio, muerde al besar. Su líquido rojo en sus papilas da potencia a sus embestidas, la esencia que emana embriaga sus aumentados sentidos, llevándolo a un estado de nirvana nunca antes alcanzado. Sus suaves gemidos son música para sus oídos, como droga auditiva que confirma la está complaciendo, que es lo único que puede pedir. Son los golpes de su pelvis con su clítoris lo que más gozo le dan, sumado a la profundidad que alcanza con su inusual longitud y grosor. Una conexión indescriptible, según Jeongin, existe entre sus ojos que nunca se separan. No se avergüenza de gemir apesar de ser hombre, lo que le encanta a t/n, su único otro amante jamás lo hizo porque "es de mujeres gemir". Ver el placer en la cara de su enamorado es una nueva experiencia, mas le agrada; arruguitas en su frente y sus labios abiertos le invitan a acercarse.

    - No soportaré mucho más Innie, terminaré en cualquier momento. -

    Es cierto, no una mentira para quitárselo de encima.

    - ¿Soportarás por mí? -
    - Por favor déjame venirme. -
    - Lo haremos juntos. Aguántalo. -

    Mantiene su orgasmo contenido en su abdomen bajo, trata de pensar en algo más que el placer en vano, es la orden que le dio lo que la obliga a obedecer.

    Con movimientos rápidos y circulares, hace que su orgasmo se apresure en llegar, no desea lastimarla con sobre-estimulación o agotamiento intenso.

    - Puedes hacerlo, puedes venirte ya hermosa. -

    Con el permiso dado, sus paredes y clítoris contraen en una deliciosa y bien merecida oleada de calor alrededor de su miembro bien metido hasta el fondo, acariciando su punto g. Sin detener el movimiento ligero que la incita a llegar más alto, al ver su rostro relajándose saca poco a poco su roja verga, terminará el trabajo sobre su vientre o donde ella le permita.

    - No, lo quiero dentro. -
    - ¿Venirme dentro de ti? -
    - Sí, lo quiero de esa manera. -

    Su desición se basa en darle unos últimos momentos de placer intenso, que tenga el mejor orgasmo de toda su vida. Darle un sentido de pertenencia y amor final antes de actuar. Complacer una fantasía o fetiche que seguramente tiene.

    Feliz de sobremanera, libera su caliente semen en sus entrañas, o así lo siente ella, asegurando disfrutar hasta el último momento de ese capricho que tenía; hinchando su grosor unos cuantos centímetros (justo como los caninos) haciendo difícil salir de su interior, ella tampoco insiste en que saliese ya. Un sueño hecho realidad, literalmente. Tardan unos minutos en recuperarse y separarse, un debilucho Jeongin quiere ayudarle a limpiarse pero no puede, está cansado de pues a cabeza.

    - Volveré. Pasa la noche aquí, está oscuro fuera y estás cansado. No tardaré. -

    Que se preocupe por él toca fibras sensibles en su corazón.

    - Por favor. -

    Sin más lo deja y camina al baño, queda frente a la puerta de la habitación del otro lado del estrecho pasillo. El líquido sale borbojeando por sus muslos ya.

    ¿Habré sido su primera vez? Es demasiado semen para una sola ronda. Tal vez no se había masturbado en un rato.

    ¿Habrá creído que era mi primera vez? Probablemente, se sintió así. Dolió como nunca.

    Mañana estaría adolorida, es un hecho. Afortunadamente será domingo, nadie verá su caminar de caballo recién nacido, por el contrario será un obstáculo en moverse rápido para ya sea cargar su cuerpo o cavar una tumba.


    Considero que las cosas hechas en nombre del amor no deben ser llamadas errores ni mucho menos pecados. Por amor no hay nada digno de llamarse cruel si se es hecho pensando en él, ya que es el sentimiento más puro que existe. Se haría todo para ya sea conseguirlo o mantenerlo, al ser combustible para el alma, en verdad. Exime todo aquello de culpa en su totalidad. No son solo mis palabras, es un hecho. Una realidad a la que se atiene la naturaleza, la vida en si. Que cada individuo se apegue en distinto nivel, es diferente; incluso hablando de moralidad y cómo no debemos actuar en contra del bienestar ajeno. Patrañas digo yo, fue amor el que me salvó y cada cosa que he hecho en mi vida (por más terrible que fuera) quedó perdonada al entregarme a él.

    ¿Qué es la justicia si al actuar acorde a ella no me siento amada?

    ¿Qué es hacer lo correcto junto a un abrazo consolador de tu amada pareja?

    ¿Preferirías la soledad si eso hace feliz más a alguien que no seas tú?

    Difícilmente responderé esas preguntas y complazca a todos, cada quien tiene un criterio.

    Claro, hay diferentes tipos de amor. Se harían variadas acciones con variada intensidad dependiendo de qué tipo de amor se esté tratando. Una pequeña línea separa al amor de la obsesión, tan delgada que es invisible si una venda cubre nuestra vista.

    Es por eso que me considero inteligente, sé cuándo soy impulsada por amor y cuando mi deber hace que actúe impulsivamente. Ahora mismo, es un tanto de ambas.

    ¿Que haré para aumentar mi "nula efectividad"?

    Lo que sea necesario

    ¿Quién podrá detenerme?

    Nadie. Absolutamente nadie. (Espero?)

    Al estar segura de utilizar todo mi potencial actualmente, tengo que requerir a ayuda externa que de alguna manera lo incremente ya que no tengo otros medios para hacerlo por mí misma. Justo como él dijo. Lo que tengo que hacer para lograrlo es un acto que aborrezco, pero es necesario ya. Odio el hecho de que alguien más esté ayudando a Ashur en retomar sus poderes porque yo no puedo sola. Vergonzoso y humillante.

    Para conseguir ayuda, hay que devolverla. Dentro del rubro en el que me encuentro, no se trata de cualquier ayuda; hay que entregar algo con el mismo valor que lo que se pide, si quiero encontrar a cierta persona tengo que entregar a otra persona. En otras palabras, un trueque. Una vida por una vida, como sea que sea llamado.

    Aquí desnudo en mi cama, parece estar dispuesto en bandeja de plata para lo que sea que cruze por mi mente hacerle. Duerme tan profundamente por su agotamiento que solo la sensación de mi navaja podría despertarlo, aunque sería demasiado tarde para cualquier intento de supervivencia. La seguridad (flaqueante) que creía tener en hacer lo necesario tiembla a indecisión cuando veo sus pacíficos ojos cerrados junto a su sonrisa tatuada a la cara, está feliz, sinceramente feliz y enamorado a simple vista. No necesito meterme en su cabeza para comprobar que el ángel abrazado a mi pecho ha caído en el encanto del amor, ahora está sujeto a su nombre, justo como mencioné. Puedo acabar con su vida de manera agradable, sin dolor alguno y con un último recuerdo alegre. No sentiría culpa demasiado pesada si ocurriera de esa manera, tendría el cielo asegurado. Se lo merece.

    Muevo su sedoso y aún húmedo pelo que estorba la vista completa de su cara, aumenta la sonrisa que tiene para mostrar sus marcados hoyuelos. Un suspiro también se le escapa. Pensándolo bien, que pena arrebatarle un ser tan adorado entre todos a sus padres, amigos, hermanos, comunidad estudiantil... Seguiría la lista hasta que se volviera día. No muy diferente a lo que ya hice con la chica a quien robé su vida. Carajo, aún es difícil pensar en ella, un poco de arrepentimiento se asoma de vez en cuando al pensar en trivialidades; como cuando tengo que llamar/mensajear a sus padres o viejos amigos suyos me saludan, si pudiera le regresaría su vida intacta al terminar de usarla. Tristemente no puedo, solo me queda estar agradecida por ella y mantener con dignidad el regalo que me dió. Recordar el fantasma de la inocente representa un peso que jamás quitaré de mis hombros, no quiero cargar con otro, por más que me repita que mi mantra sobre el amor y su apología. Soy más inteligente que eso, alguien o algo más serán de ayuda.

    Sería demasiado bajo de mi parte arrebatarle la vida en su estado tan vulnerable. Justo después de que me hiciera el amor, porque eso fue lo que hizo conmigo. No me folló como muñeca de trapo con la que no comparte ningún sentimiento (aunque así sea, ya que no comparto el mismo afecto que demostró tenerme), sino que se abrió para mí pensando que ocurriría lo mismo.

    Retomando el argumento del amor, creo que matar a alguien que quiero es incumplir la regla.

    Ya que la amistad es otro tipo de amor, ¿No? ¿¡No!?

    Haría lo que fuera por él, aunque no toooodo como en el caso de Ashur. Es diferente el tipo de afecto que siento hacia Jeongin. Aún así hay algo, lo que lo salva de tener que convertirse en cordero expiatorio. Lo que me recuerda...

    - Duerme pacíficamente, querido Innie. Hoy te salvaste. -
    - ¿De la ronda dos? -
    - ¿No estabas dormido tonto? De que te coma vivo. -
    - Sigo desnudo. Comerme vivo es posible si quieres. -
    - Duérmete ahora o lo harás en el sofá. -

    Su última sonrisa y cierra los ojos para dormir en verdad. Aprieta su agarre a mi pecho, enterrándose en mi carne. Que se porte de esa manera, ayuda a mantenerse aún más lejos del cruel destino que le deparaba.



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