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    bake me a cake

    tbz sns au

    20.5 ~ dumb bitch hath created a fat mess

    previous masterlist next

    y/n x ???

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    MeSsY JaeJae !!

    —reblog if you save, headers from pinterest <3

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    Hello! I wanted to sincerely thank you for requesting. You seem like such an interesting and genuinely sweet person, plus you have such great taste! Gfriend will always have a special place in my heart. Anyways, I hope you are content with this ship. Have a great day and please feel free to request again.

    ~Your Company~ JYP Entertainment

    ~Group Name~ winterflower

    ~Members~ 12

    ~Debut Date~ 18th of July, 2018

    ~Pre-Debut Days~

    It wasn’t a complete surprise to those around you when you announced that you were actually following through and pursuing a life as an idol. In the past you had shown such drive when it came to singing and dancing. For that reason you were quite technical when considering a company to train under. Second on your list of preferences was JYP Entertainment, a company known for bringing out polished, all round artists.

    Having lived in Korea for some of your life you had no hesitation staying there to live as a trainee. You held a sense maturity (that you still have to this day) so you were fully willing to become independent at the time.

    Though it wasn’t your first preference you had passed the audition and was welcomed as as JYP trainee. Despite only being one of the youngest trainees at the time you already seemed to exceed a handful of your seniors. You already had a very strong foundation for them to work with, having done singing and dancing lessons for the majority of your life. 

    Even back then it was obvious that one of your dominating traits was the fact that you were serious about becoming an idol, this was further backed up by your seemingly cold appearance. You we’re hardworking and dedicated, if you messed up you would work hard to correct that. Another thing that grew during your time as a trainee was your resilience. Your strong mind was what considered you lethal in your field.

    You had been a trainee for two years before you had debuted, the company knew that realistically you would have been ready to debut after one year. They decided on two for two main reasons: 1. It would have been a great asset to both you and the company if you trained for one more year, there was a huge potential if you were completely polished by the time you debuted and 2. They had already planned for you to debut in a group of about 10-12 members, due to the sheer size of the group and you being the youngest you needed to know how to work as an idol in a secure partnership with your other members.

    It was an unsaid thing amongst the trainees that you would have a chance to debut soon, so while it did get competitive you managed to find a few reliable trainees who actually debuted with you. 

    ~About You~

    ~Your Position~ Lead Vocalist and Main Dancer

    In your group you are known for being the Maknae who is often mistaken for being one of the eldest. Your initial cold/serious nature plays a vital role in making sure that winterflower adheres to the theme. Your groups theme is intended to be one that represents a fierce duality while remaining delicate and charming. The name “winterflower” alludes to your group being cold, mature and having an icy feel while also feeling young and youthful. The journey your group follows is one that can withstand harsh weather while you all still bloom to your full potential.

    You’re a member that perfectly captures this ideology, your love of fashion and socialising brings light and joy to those around you but you’re incredibly strong and hardworking. Though you aren’t officially given the title of ‘Face of the Group’ you are acknowledged for being so talented, it doesn’t overshadow the rest of the members either. You’re their ace up their sleeves, despite seeing you in this way the other members truly love to take care of you and spend quality time with you. You have this easygoing nature that makes them want to be around you, it feels like less of a job to them and like they’re just spending time with their sister. 

    Your vocals are seriously no joke, you can carry across any message you want the audience to hear. You want them to have fun and let loose they will, you want them to experience longing and heartache they will. You know the expression “They could command a room”? You have that quality about you, you make people want to listen. This applies to both when you’re performing and when you’re just on Vlive, people like hearing what you have to say. There would be something so calming about your voice.

    You’re a member who is recognised for having their heart on their sleeve, you will stop to listen to people, you’re so caring. Honestly, it’s a mystery how so much care, love and affection can fit in one person. Yeah you come across as scary but honestly like most lethal performers you are a soft fun baby who we need to protect. You’re also one of the more charitable members, whether it’s money or time you willingly give it to those who need it.

    Your kind gestures even apply to smaller things like wishing a fan happy birthday on Vlive and singing the most beautiful rendition of happy birthday for them. You are amazingly eloquent when you speak, which links back to people loving it when you speak.  People find it so cute when you’re polite to your stylists and in interviews, you’re loved for just being yourself, and that in itself is quite beautiful.


    ~Debut Song~

    Heartbeat in the style of Dumhdurum- Apink

    Other songs include:

    Summer in Seoul in the style of Fairy of Shampoo-TXT

    3 Wishes in the style of Time for the moon night- GFRIEND

    Heart You in the style of DO or NOT- PENTAGON

    ~Debut Album~ Nightshade

    ~Stage Outfits


    Pearl in the style of Eclipse- Kim Lip (LOONA)

    ~Stage Outfit~


    ~Best Friend~ Taehyun (TXT)

    Like most great idol friendships, you and Taehyun’s friendship began with the two of you hosting Music Bank. Normally, you wouldn’t have considered hosting a show but those around you seemed to have unwavering faith, they believed that you were up for the challenge. You would have accepted the offer sooner if you had known who the other MC was, but for some reason you never found that out.

    The day finally arrived, your host was running late. You were normally a lenient person but this was starting to get on your nerves, you imagined all the ways that you were going to give them a piece of your mind. Eventually he made his long awaited appearance, turning to him you froze. Staring back at you was Kang Taehyun, THE Kang Taehyun from TXT. 

    Taehyun was severely caught off guard with your reaction, so the two of you stood there for a little too long mouths agape trying to utter the first word. Breaking the silence Taehyun smiled and put his hand out for you to shake, “Are you ready?”.

    Taehyun’s question was definitely some sort of foreshadowing, you weren’t prepared for how close you were about to become with him. You had idolised TXT since their debut, becoming friends with one of the members was far more than you could even imagine. Your friendship is one of those obvious ones, the way you lean close while listening to each other, the way you share identical grins, the way you great each other at award shows and the way you make each other laugh when you’re supposed to be serious.

    It’s a case where you had found your twin flame, the fans eat it up. Two idols with similar talents and personality traits being joined at the hip, it’s literally the best case scenario. Taehyun isn’t cheesy enough to say that you’re the sister he never had but he knows you’re the sidekick he’s never had and he loves you for it.

    ~Friends~ Seungmin (SKZ), Somi, SinB (GFRIEND), Suga (BTS),  Lua (Weki Meki), JB (GOT7),  Yoohyeon (Dreamcatcher) & DK (Seventeen). 

    ~Boyfriend~ Jacob (The Boyz)

    Meeting Jacob was something that happened completely out of the blue, so much so that he was oblivious to the existence of both you and your group. Later he confessed to that being the case, in which he explained that it wasn’t even a competitive thing or that he was being ignorant. 

    He had heard winterflower’s music in passing, Kevin, Eric and Hyunjae often had some of your music on their playlists but he always made the mistake of thinking the songs were by a completely different artist. To be honest you were always slightly confused by the reactions of the aforementioned three, they themselves couldn’t believe that Jacob was dating someone from their top groups. 

    Your first meeting was even more unbelievable, it seemed to be something straight out of a cheesy rom-com. Your group had been scheduled to perform at the Golden Disc Awards, this hadn’t been your first award show by all means but something about being present had you on the edge of your seat. You were one of the first members to have  their makeup done, you had struck a deal a while back allowing you to see the stylists first. You liked to have some extra time aside to warm up and practice your expressions, this particular day the stylists had really done their job well. You had rehearsed as usual but you still had a fair amount of time until you had to be onstage so you opted to lying on the couch in an empty dressing room.

     You had been taking a few backstage selcas before you were interrupted by a boy opening the door, seeing you he immediately launched into an apology “Ah, I’m sorry, I didn’t think anybody would be in here....I’m looking for my tie”. You hadn’t noticed how dishevelled he was until he had pointed it out, before you could catch yourself you were offering to help search for said tie and before you knew it the two of you were searching the room. You had recognised him as soon as you laid eyes on him but while you were in the middle of your little scavenger hunt he introduced himself. 

    What started off as polite small talk quickly evolved into a loud, excited conversation. The two of you got on so well, eventually you managed to find his tie (it was in the dressing room two doors down). Despite the majority of your time talking to Jacob he hadn’t been able to get more than your name, before he could ask for your KaTalk or any type of contact details you were pulled away by one of your members.

    Even after all of that it hadn’t dawned on him who he had just spoken to, it wasn’t until he was watching your groups stage that he had finally realised who you were. He had made an out of the blue comment to Kevin saying how sweet you were, “How would you know? You don’t even know winterflower that well.” “I just spoke to her...” Apart from Kevin’s reaction Jacob knew exactly who you were when you opened your mouth and your angelic voice filled the air, “Ohhhh! That’s who she is!”

    The two of you parted ways, though that day still lingered in the back of your heads like a distant memory. That was until Jacob dm’ed you on their group Instagram. He honestly couldn’t recall whether he had come across too strong so he initiated the conversation with a simple ‘Hi, it’s Jacob, I met y/n at the Golden Disc Awards a few weeks ago could you please get her to message me back....if you’re reading it though HAI!!!😁’

    Something as simple as a missing tie and an unexpected ‘Hai!!!’ was enough to bring you and Jacob together. The two of you had managed to hang out quite a lot (mainly at your dorms), where Jacob asked you to be his. Jacob absolutely adores you and as much as he wants to be able to publicly hold your hand or kiss you on the cheek, he gets made fun of enough by his members for being so whipped for you. Plus the two of you came to the conclusion that for now, a private relationship would be the best thing for the two of you. Despite the secretive nature of it all, it isn’t a secret that Jacob believes he has found his soul mate. 

    ~Crushing on You~ Jay (ENHYPEN)

    As opposed to the idols who “like” you Jay has something more akin to a crush on you, others are smitten but Jay feels an emotion that he can only describe as a form of love. Jay is quite shielded as a person, despite his feelings for you he can’t bring himself to express how he truly feels. 

    Jay had first met you through Taehyun, Jay and Taehyun were on good terms even if they were quiet and not the most talkative of people. Jay was in dire need of some advice from Taehyun so he made his way to the TXT dorm rooms. he knew Taehyun would probably be on the couch. The boy had a habit of lying around and ignoring the world around him, so finding him wouldn’t be an issue.

    Jay gave Taehyun a warm smile but froze when he saw you, he had to try his hardest to not expose himself as the fanboy he was. “Sorry you’re busy, I’ll go.” Before Taehyun could respond Jay had darted out of the room.

    Your next few encounters had followed a similar pattern, Jay seeing you, exchanging polite words and dashing out of the room. It took him a while but one day he was invited out to lunch with both you and Taehyun and to his own surprise he had accepted. That day the conversation flowed smoothly and you were everything Jay had imagined and more, you held yourself up with grace and beauty, you were exciting and you made his cheeks ache from smiling.

    It’s the small things like this that Jay holds dear, the moments where the both of you can let loose and experience life. Jay is normally reserved and your outgoing nature truly makes his heart skip a beat. Even after he found out you and Jacob were dating he still holds onto the fact that his love for you is present and blooms for you no matter the weather. 

    ~Other Idols Who Like You~  Winwin (WayV), Minho (SKZ), Beomgyu (TXT) & Ravn (Oneus). 

    ~Extra Info~

    Throughout your career you find that you have a talent for being a talk show host, you mc with some top groups and their members (Such as Stray Kids, BTS, Blackpink, LOONA and EXO).

    You are one of the few kpop idols to launch their own fashion brand, you work as your own boss. You didn’t really need that much help doing so, you made it work with your own time and money.

    You are listed as one of the most influential idols in 2021. 

    When you and your group disband (It would happen way later in the future) you actually decide to become a part time dance and singing instructor for new trainees. 

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    04.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Chapter 20: That’s Kinky

    A/n: so this is a lil bit of a filler chapter since it is coming up on finals week but It is on time with the schedule so ! yay! how is everybodyu doing? drinking enough water? done christmas shopping yet? how is everybody liking the fic?

    Tag List: @woodiegochile @mini-meanhoe @leggomylino @hanstagrams @desertofdessert @hoes4hoseok @jeonqqin @geminirules @mrsunshine999 @jisungsjheekies @hannie-squirrel00 @cotccotc @kodzu-ken @konenichi @yangs-jeongin @binniebutter @orangegyu @little-precious-baby @raethethey @sofie296 @hongjoong-a-holic @love-letters-2-jisungie​

    RBTL Tag List: @bluejayboys @wonderlandless @introverted-stay24 @sunfics @deputyjuyeon  @studioreader @yunho-1999 @niafics @diestheticu @winterbeartaehyungbestboy​

    Updates: Saturday 9 AM- ish CDT​

    Warnings: Cursing

    Summary: True love has never come easy; life makes sure of that. From unrequited love to missed timing, does anyone have any hope at finding success- let alone pass History at the same time? All these questions leave young people wondering….will they still love me in the morning?

    Previous Chapter  ❖  Next Chapter

    RBTL M.List


    #the boyz imagines #the boyz smau #ji changmin imagines #ji changmin smau #read between the lines #tbz imagines#tbz smau#changmin imagines #ji changmin au #the boyz college au #the boyz au imagines #q imagines#kpop imagines#kpop smau #the boyz changmin #tbz changmin#ji changmin #the boyz fluff #the boyz angst #the boyz smut #ji changmin fluff #the boyz reactions #the boyz scenarios #the boyz social media au #ji changmin college au #the boyz masterlist #rubber ducky you're the one #ji changmin oneshot #changmin imagine
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    Jacob 🖤

    Twitter Post: 04.12.21

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    Sunwoo 🖤

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    Q 🖤

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    tbz really deserves this so much, with all their hard work and everything even at the top tiered performance in Road to Kingdom until Kingdom. REALLY REALLY DESERVE IT

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    finding deobi moots please :(

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    Mark of Love

    Description: Each of them is a reminder of how easily he fell for them. His body is a reminder of how fragile his heart was.
    Pairing: JuNew (main), a side of SunNyu, BbangNyu and NewMoon

    It is a world where everytime you fall in love a tattoo which represents the person you fell for or a moment you shared with them appears on your body. Chanhee hates it. His body is a constant reminder. A reminder of the times his heart was broken. A reminder of his love not returned. It made him feel not only sad but also hopeless, unwanted and unloved.

    Everytime he looked at himself in the mirror his eyes would tear up. The bitter memories always came up. It made him hate himself. Why was he so easy? Why does he fall for other so easily? Why did the people he fell for didn't love him back? This wouldn't have happened if he could just keep his heart guard up. He hated the way people seemed to look at him either with disgust or with pity.

    He sits on the floor with his legs pulled up against his chest feeling tears once again. He is brought out from his thoughts by a knock on the door. "Chanhee are you okay?" A voice comes. Chanhee wipes his eyes away quickly. "Yeah I am fine Juyeon." He answers. There is a pause for some seconds. "Can I come in?" Juyeon asked.

    "Y-Yeah." Chanhee answers his voice cracking. The door opens revealing his housemate, to whom he got close to since the past months. Juyeon walks inside and approaches Chanhee. "Are you thinking about them again?" He asked in a soft voice. Chanhee nods. Juyeon sighs as he gets down to Chanhee's level and pulls him in a hug.

    "I told you to stop. I know it hurts but you need to move on. You can't beat yourself up. Falling in love is not a crime. It happens." Juyeon says, his tone still as soft as always. "I know b-but it is hard. It makes me feel so unwanted. I feel ugly. I j-just I wish I never fell in love." Chanhee says as he breaks down right then and there.

    Juyeon hugs him tighter. "Maybe you should talk it out. About each of them. Maybe that will help your move on." He suggest pulling away slightly to look at Chanhee's face. Chanhee sniffs but nods. Juyeon picks his left hand. His thumb running over. There is a tattoo of a cresent along with some flower vines under it. It is beautiful.

    "Tell me about this one." Juyeon says. Chanhee looks down at the tattoo and pulls up a small smile. "This is from when I was in high school. It was ... It was an unrequited love." Chanhee says feeling a lump in his throat. "He was my classmate. He was very nice. He cheered me up in ways no one ever did. I remember the day the tattoo appeared. It was when I had messed up my test and I got scolded by my parents and he was there to comfort me and assure me." He says taking in a shuddering breath.

    "He was always there and... And I just fell. I didn't tell him about the tattoo or about my feelings for a whole year. But when I did confess he was so... He felt so bad because he didn't have a tattoo for me. He was not in love with him. There was a tattoo on him but it wasn't mine. He fell for someone else. A senior. We got awkward with each other from then on. H-He went to Canada. He didn't even tell me. That hurted me the most. That he didn't even to bother to tell me. That he left so suddenly. That he didn't even gave me a chance to even say goodbye. He was my first love." Chanhee says.

    Juyeon holds his hands in a comforting manner. A moment of silence passes between them then Juyeon picks up his left hand and runs his thumb over the tattoo of a hour glass which also had flowery vines surrounding it. "What about this one?" He asked. "It was a year after Kevin. I think ... The tattoo represents our first time meeting. We met on a bus both of us late for our classes. He was nice. We got to know each other more and more since that day. He was a transfer student. We actually dated.... But it just went wrong. He... He fell for someone else. He did loved me that I know because there was my tattoo on his body yet.. yet he fell out of love. He started loving someone more than he loved me. He started ignoring me and pushing me away. I didn't even know why until I confronted him and he showed me the new tattoo that appeared on him. I-I couldn't even be angry because we can't control our heart after all. But it doesn't mean it didn't hurted. It hurted me a lot. Knowing that he didn't love me enough. That he fell for someone else while he had me." Chanhee says.

    "You have every right to be hurt. You can be angry. It is not your fault if you feel any anger towards him. No one wants their lover to fall for someone else. If I was in your place I would feel sad, hurt and angry." Juyeon states as he gives Chanhee a little smile.

    Chanhee also gives him a weak smile. Juyeon pats his head in a comforting manner. "What is the story behind the one on your back shoulder?" He asked. Chanhee has another tattoo on his back shoulder. The tattoo of a compass with flowers on its sides. Juyeon had seen it once accidentally when he had walked in on Chanhee changing his shirt.

    "It was from when I went to Jeju. For a few months. It was kind of a vacation for me. To get away from everything and all. I met him there. He was my cousin's friend. Younger than me but charming. Very charming. His name is Kim Sunwoo. I felt so bad. The tattoo represents the day we got closer." Chanhee says, a fond smile on his face remembering the past.

    "We didn't get along at all when we first met but when we got lost in a forest together we became loser. He was sweet. Of course he could be annoying whenever he wanted but he was nice person." Chanhee says. Juyeon listens to him attentively.

    "I fell in love that day. He made sure I was safe and okay and I don't even know why but I did. I told him about my feelings as soon as I could. B-But we couldn't be together. Turns out he already had a lover. It just broke me. Damn i am unlucky huh.... Probably unwanted too. I either fall for the person I shouldn't fall for or fall for people who never loves me back." Chanhee says a tear sliding down his face but he quickly wipes it away.

    "Who said you are unwanted? You are precious Choi Chanhee. You are my favorite housemate. You are my favorite friend and you deserve so much more. You are.... I love you." Juyeon blurts out. "S-stop joking." Chanhee says looking at him with wide eyes. Juyeon bites his lips anxiously. He puts his hands out and rubs on the skin of his wrist.

    Chanhee looks at him confused for a second until he sees a hint of pink and black on Juyeon's wrist. His eyes widening as he realised it was a tattoo. "This .... This is yours." Juyeon says as he shows it to Chanhee.

    It is beautiful. It is small but beautiful. Cherry blossom. Chanhee feels like crying all over again at the sight. "W-When..." He says but trails off too shocked to speak. "Ever since the day I first saw you." Juyeon says. Chanhee stays quiet as he stares at the tattoo. With a slightly shaky hand he holds up Juyeon's hand as he runs his fingers over the tattoo.

    "You hid it... Why?" Chanhee asked. "Wanted to tell you. But you weren't ready. I didn't know what to do. So I hid it everyday." Juyeon says.

    Chanhee feels bad almost immediately. He had always told Juyeon about how scared he was to get another tattoo, to fall for someone else again and how he hated the tattoo.... Of course the other was going to hide it from him. "I am sorry.." he mumbles feeling bad.

    Juyeon shakes his head. "It is not your fault. You don't have to say sorry." He says. "I always thought it represents you well. You are just like cherry blossom. Beautiful. Precious. A sight to treasure and fragile." He adds with a smile. And Chanhee feels guilty. He doesn't have a tattoo for Juyeon.

    "I am sorry... I don't... I don't have a tattoo for you." Chanhee says in a broken voice. Juyeon quickly pulls him close. "Don't cry. It is fine if there is not one. You are not ready and I am willibg to wait for you to get over your past feelings. I will be here with you. I will wait for you." He says. Chanhee sniffles as he nods.

    "I am willing to try with you. As.. long as you wait for me." He says looking up at Juyeon who looks back at him with so much adoration in his eyes and Chanhee suddenly feel shy. "That's enough for me." Juyeon smiles and Chanhee feels warm. As he stands there in his housemate's arms he feels safe and protected. And he is sure that yes he wants to try this. Try falling for someone again if it is with Juyeon. And once again Chanhee lowers down the guards around his heart.


    It has been 4 months since the confessions Chanhee and Juyeon made to each other. As days passes by little by little things changes for Chanhee. In a good way. Chanhee falls in love with Juyeon eventually.

    Juyeon was always there for Chanhee as he had promised. He was there to remind Chanhee how beautiful and strong he was whenever the younger had occasional breakdown. He was there to hold his hand when he started doubting himself over something.

    Juyeon was a nice change to Chanhee's life. It is when they were cuddling watching a movie when a tattoo finally appears on Chanhee as Juyeon snuggles into him whispering a soft "I love you".

    It appears right above Kevin's tattoo. Bigger and beautiful. Chanhee swoons over it. It is a dreamcatcher. He thinks it suits Juyeon very well. A dreamcatcher is believed to bring good dreams to a person and chases the bad dreams away. Just like that in Chanhee'e life Juyeon chases away all the bad things and always brings him happiness and joy.

    And now everytime he looks at himself, he hates himself a little less. He loves himself a bit more. He finds himself a bit more beautiful. Maybe Chanhee carried his heart on his sleeve. Maybe he fell easily. But he learned that it was okay. One could never decide who to fall for. It is for the heart to decide. What matters is finding the right one to fall for at the end.

    Even if you fell for the wrong person or fell for people who didn't returned your love it was okay. It didn't meant you are ugly. It didn't meant you are unlovable. It didn't meant you are unwanted or undesirable. It just meant you haven't found the right person. It just meant that someone even better was out there waiting for you. And Juyeon made Chanhee realize that.

    Author's Note: The concept of this story came from a YoonMin fanfic I read on ao3. I really loved the concept. So I added my own idea s with it~ I wanted to put the tattoo as a reference to emotional scars and insecurities one develops because of failed relationships and unrequited love. Anyway! I hope you enjoyed this~ Please give it lots of love 💛💚
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    ~Sangyeon Lockscreens~

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    03.12.2021 - 23 hours ago

    there are no lost causes - LEE SANGYEON X READER [ONE-SHOT]

    GENRE: Non-Idol!Sangyeon x Non-Idol! Reader, Fluff, Angst

    SUMMARY: Ever since you started dating Sangyeon you noticed that he hated showing up on pictures and also hated being the center of attention due to his insecurities, preferring to stay out of the spotlight where he deemed safe. When you found out the reason behind it, you tried your best to show Sangyeon how you saw him in your own eyes.

    WARNING: the main character uses gender neutral pronouns! there might be some tough subjects like bullying and insecurities in this fic, so you were warned! also, i know sangyeon does not have a brother but i didnt feel comfortable making his real life sister act like his brother did in the fic so asoifjasfji

    A/N: this fic will be part of a collab that @jjyusmile created for tbz's anniversary! im so glad i joined this collab, and sorry for taking so long <3

    WORDS: 3605

    When you started dating Sangyeon, you had noticed he was shy. Not a shy person per se, but shy towards himself. Downplaying his achievements, contesting compliments, trying to go by unnoticed, all of which baffled you, especially because when you first saw him you could only see him. His energy was inviting, even if his body language screamed “I want to go home”, and you felt unbelievably drawn to him. You weren’t the most confident person, nor were you an extrovert, yet, when drawn to someone all of your barriers and mental blocks crumbled up in a pile on a corner inside your mind, so you always ended up taking initiative.

    That day turned into an amazing conversation that lead his shaking fingers to write his phone number in a new contact on your phone, as the chilly air ignited his fingertips’ nerves, a shy smile tugging at his thick lips that almost disappeared behind his even thicker scarf. Many dates later, you were dating.

    You two were very similar in many things, but there was one focal point where the two of you diverged completely: Sangyeon was someone that would rather store his memories and experiences in his own mind, something he could tell others or use as storytelling material for his future children, and while you also enjoyed this, you have always been fond of pictures. When you first started dating exclusively you didn’t quite understand this aspect of his, of rejecting to show up in pictures or even take them by himself; you thought it was simply a personality trait. However, you were quite the observer - and overthinker - and tried looking into his reactions, his behavior, something that could answer your question of why he hated being captured in pictures. The first clue you got was how he dressed, always trying to cover himself up in a way that wouldn’t raise anyone’s attention, like a self-proclaimed wallflower. He didn’t like being the center of attention, that you knew, but he went as far as hiding himself behind a mask of indifference and transparency to others just so they ignored them. It wasn’t weird to you, but in your eyes, Sangyeon was someone you wanted to show off, someone so handsome and caring and loving, absolutely hilarious with his impressions, extremely talented at music; but he wasn’t fond of that, so you always respected him and supported him in ways he appreciated. You weren’t selfish.

    The second and most obvious clue was handed to you on a silver platter: how his older brother treated him.

    You weren’t supposed to meet his family anytime soon, so when on your 3rd month of being a couple the two of you stumbled across his older brother on the street as you were walking hand in hand to a small coffee shop you usually went to, you could feel how tense Sangyeon was. In fact, you only knew about his older sister who he spoke fondly of, but when the man in front of you started speaking and Sangyeon bitterly introduced him as his brother, you knew something was wrong. The first words he directed at you were “What are you doing with a guy like him? You could do much better.”. What disgusted you the most was his joking undertone, playing it off as a simple joke between brothers, but you could see this ran deeper than a joke by the way Sangyeon now had an iron grip on you. You were too stunned to answer at first, and Sangyeon almost held a position of shame, head tilted down as his brother laughed and commented again.

    “Yeon-ah, are so pitiful that you have to convince someone out of your league to date you? Guess you haven’t changed.” You didn’t even know what he was talking about, nor what he meant, but you could see it was hurting your boyfriend and you had to act up, so before Sangyeon could even open his mouth or his brother made another “joke”, you stood up for your boyfriend.

    “I don’t see how his life is any of your business. If you’d excuse us.” As you finished spewing the words angrily, you pulled Sangyeon along with you, tears burning and threatening to spill over your lashes. Instead of leading you to the coffee shop, you decided against it and brought both of you to your own place, not in the right headspace to face more people.

    Sangyeon was quiet for the entire walk home, and only when you were in the safe space of your apartment did he look at you, noticing your glossy eyes.

    “Hey, hey. Why are you crying Y/n?” You weren’t in fact crying, but the way he sounded distraught made the tears topple over, heavy in anguish. He pulled you in for a hug, completely oblivious to why you were crying in the first place.

    A few minutes went by, and your crying came to halt, so you pulled yourself off from his embrace, still in between his arms.

    “Sangyeon, why would you let him treat you like that? I didn’t even know you had a brother, and he was such a dick to you… I hope you know what he said is absolute nonsense.” Slurred-out words mixed with your sniffling made Sangyeon strain his comprehension skills to piece together what you meant, but when he managed to do so, he looked confused.

    “Y/n, to me, that’s just how older brothers are. That’s how I grew up. It hurt me a lot and made me miserable, and that’s why I’ve never mentioned him, I have gone no contact with him, but that was my life when we were growing up.” You suddenly felt sad, very sad, at how nonchalant he was being towards the entire situation. That day was spent with long talks about how siblings might tease you, but there’s a line between teasing and straight-up bullying. You cried, Sangyeon cried.

    You, unfortunately, learned through Sangyeon’s pain that the reason he despised pictures and always craved to be unnoticed was due to his brother’s relentless bullying; growing up hearing how worthless and ugly you were plays a number on you. Sangyeon mentioned that his parents and older sister tried to fix things, but it got to a point where his brother just wouldn’t stop, and Sangyeon didn’t hold any hard feelings against them. As you look back, you try to think maybe there were some signs of his insecurities that glossed over your mind due to how little exposure you had to the fact that men got insecure too, and the fact that you didn’t even think of such a thing made you angry at yourself.

    From that point on, you had a plan for Sangyeon.

    He always mentioned how one of his wishes was to go on a trip to somewhere special where no one knew him, so he could act like himself and be true to himself for once, with no strings attached to his façade. So you were gonna give him just that.

    You were planning a said trip for your first anniversary, because whilst you fell in love with the Sangyeon that hid from the crowd that night, you wanted to fall in love again, this time with a Sangyeon who was unapologetically himself.

    Months of you planning and saving money to afford a small weekend trip with your loving boyfriend went by, many days of stressful plane ticket searching and hotel booking lines online, but you did it, you managed to set everything straight so that you could both go on a getaway in December, the month that marked the beginning of your relationship. As you organized it, you kept wishing you had started dating earlier so prices weren’t so high, since December is hectic in terms of holidays and trips.

    You settled for a nearby location that could give Sangyeon the anonymity he wanted, Japan.

    The day you gave him the envelope containing a handout you had asked your co-worker (Kevin, a sweetheart that dabbled in graphic design, who was way too excited to help with such a “romantic task”) to elaborate with the details of the trip, you saw Sangyeon gape at you. His eyes were wet, and you could see he held tears back, and the only thing you could ask him at that moment?

    “Do you think you can get this weekend off from work?”

    Sangyeon knew what were the intentions behind the trip, and it just made him fall in love with you even more. He couldn’t be more in love actually, and he was so happy he kept smiling down the streets of Seoul following up to the Friday you two would leave for the trip, and people thought he was insane.

    On the dreaded Friday, Sangyeon was more anxious than anything, checking your luggage over and over again making sure you didn’t forget anything; his leg bounced up and down as you drove to the airport, which made your hand rest atop his thigh, gently squeezing the muscle to calm him down. As a nerve-breaker, you decided to strike an even more nerve-inducing conversation.

    “Yeonie, I know that you hate pictures, and I also know that you have made some incredible improvements due to therapy, so I have a request for you. I want you to know that you can say no, I won’t be mad, I won’t be disappointed, and I will respect your boundaries, but this is something I’d like to do for you.” He faced you with an expression that screamed fear.

    “Babe, you’re scaring me, what is it?”

    “I had this idea. Uh, well, I brought a disposable camera, and I wanted to take a few pictures of you with it.”

    Just as he was about to interrupt you, you cut him off first.

    “No posing, no nothing, I want to take pictures as candid as possible, just you during our trip. I even bought one for you if you want to do the same to me.”

    He was silent, and you sighed. This was a bad idea and it might backfire.

    “Listen. I wanted to show you, well, you through my own eyes. How I see you every day. I even learned how to develop pictures so no one would see these. Again, I will respect whichever decision you make because I love you and because this is asking a lot.” Sangyeon remained silent for a few seconds which seemed like hours to you until he cut the silence spreading like the warmth radiating through your car’s heater.

    “Can I think about it and give you an answer later?” You smiled widely and glanced at him.

    “Of course, just the fact you are willing to consider it makes me so proud baby.”

    Soon enough you were at the airport, dragging your luggage across in a hurry trying to check-in and find your flight’s gate. The airport was buzzing with people craving for a family reunion, some in distress due to a flight cancellation because of weather, some waiting impatiently for their family members at the arrivals terminal, while Sangyeon and you were in your own lovestruck bubble in a hurry, holding hands as you speed-walked to the far-away gate.

    You two were smiling but you could see Sangyeon was internally weighing the options in his head and considering everything you had told him, and honestly, you were now second-guessing asking this of him. Even with your reassurance that you would not be mad, you were scared of ruining this celebration trip due to your intentions.

    Thankfully, as you guys were seated in the waiting room for your flight, he turned to you, hand holding yours.

    “I’ll do it. If anyone is going to take a picture of me, it’s going to be you. But you have to promise me, if you develop the pictures, and I can’t deal with them yet, you have to throw them away, please.”

    “Of course Sangyeon, of course.”

    The trip went by way too quickly, so many amazing moments were shared between the two of you, even when you were lost in the middle of Tokyo trying to find a specific subway station and you were trying to find someone who could give the two of you instructions in English, the two of you were smiling and laughing.

    It’s funny because you noticed that Sangyeon would take a picture of you every time you smiled or laughed at something he said, sometimes even joking on purpose to make your eyes crinkle at him, but Sangyeon didn’t notice when you took pictures of him.

    He thought he would feel self-conscious, alert at all times, thinking every sound remotely similar to a shutter sound would make chills run down his spine, yet, you made it so easy. He knew you had taken pictures as he shaved, or as he walked down the streets of Tokyo, but to be honest, he cared way less than what he thought he would. Maybe it was due to him knowing - with the help of therapy - that you weren’t doing it to judge him, and that it was completely motivated by love.

    Therefore, when you two arrived in Korea once again, he felt less anxious about the pictures and more curious to see how you saw him. He always felt blinded by how other people might’ve negatively perceived him due to his brother, so to look forward to seeing how someone that loved him perceived him, it was nerve-racking both positively and negatively.

    The development of the pictures took some time, and the anxiety that came with the wait kept increasing; thankfully, Sangyeon actually had another session that left him feeling way better about the entire situation. His therapist had mentioned that whilst Sangyeon might not be 100% free from his insecurities - something that might not even happen - he was proud of him for taking such a huge step and that he had grown a lot in the time they had been working together.

    About 10 days had gone by, it was a Friday night and Sangyeon had gotten off work early, so he didn't expect you to be home yet, and well, you weren't. But the pictures were.

    They were inside an envelope, probably having been brought by you from work during your lunch break, and Sangyeon really wanted to wait until you were home to see them, but curiosity and anxiety got the best of him, and before he could stop himself, he was already facing what he dreaded most: himself.

    It was awkward. Very awkward. The last time Sangyeon must have seen himself on a physical photograph was probably when he was still a kid, and right now he wasn't one, so why did he feel just like he did then?

    So small, so insecure, so unsure of himself; words of his brother replayed on his head and he was starting to feel dizzy, hard of breath. He remembered the breathing techniques his therapist taught him for when he felt anxiety creeping in, tried to change his focus, doing everything by the book.

    It must've taken about 10 minutes for him to calm down, but when he felt present again, he looked down again and noticed the picture wasn't of him by himself. There you were, pristine as always, a big smile gracing your face facing him.

    It was a selfie basically, with a disposable camera, but he could see your arm stretching to be able to fit the two of you in the frame. He focused on your face, his smile unconsciously mirroring the one he held in the picture. You looked so happy, and he could see the love and adoration facing him in this blurry picture, he felt so loved with you. His eyes drifted to himself in the picture, and this time, Sangyeon tried to focus on how he looked at you, trying to imagine how you saw him. He looked so in love with you, and strangely enough, while Sangyeon didn't like himself in the photograph, he liked what he was showing to you. If that was his expression when facing you, he was glad, because he recognized his love and adoration too, and he hoped you saw that when looking at him.

    To Sangyeon, this was a beautiful picture for what it portrayed, not for the aesthetic factor.

    Just as he was about to see the next one, the sound of your apartment door being unlocked brought him out of his reverie. He was caught like a deer in the headlights, and as you were taking your shoes off facing him with a smile after saying hi, he walked to you and gave you the biggest hug you ever felt from him; your ribs were being crushed like a corset was around them, and you couldn't really understand why he was saying "I love you" while rearranging your bones with his hug, but you just hugged him back and told him you loved him too.

    Later that night, as you two sat on the couch with soft music playing from your speakers, the Christmas tree's colorful lights reflecting against your living room window and an empty box of pizza that had been eaten by you two on the coffee table, you went through the pictures together, and Sangyeon will never forget what you told him that night.

    "Sangyeon, to me you are gorgeous, and I hope that someday I can make you understand that, no matter how long it takes. Remember, there are no lost causes. But I also want you to know that your physical appearance isn't what gives you value. We live in such a visually driven world, but you bring me so much more than physical beauty. There's beauty in everything you do, the way you laugh when I insist on watching a different movie even if I know you'll fall asleep. There's so much beauty in the way you express yourself when you play the guitar and sing, and so much beauty when you're trying to act strong for me even if you too are sad. But to me, what's most beautiful about you, is when you're true to yourself, careless, and worry-free, just like you were on this trip. That is why these pictures are gorgeous, because they depict you and who you are inside, not outside."

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    ~ Younghoon Lockscreens ~

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    New/ Choi Chanhee fr TBZ icons ❀

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    Selca Ships

    Thank you so much for requesting I hope you’ll like it!  and take good care of yourself !☀️✨ of course you can here you go hun <33 you’re literally soo pretty!! @bimbodemongf (I’m not sure which unit you wanted for NCT so I’ll just go with all) AND Thank you for being to patient with me <3

    In stray kids I’ll ship you with;


    In the boyz I’ll ship you with


    In seventeen I’ll ship you with


    In ateez I’ll ship you with


    In blackpink I’ll ship you with 


    In Nct 127 I’ll ship you with


    In NCT Dream (+Taro and Sungchan) I’ll ship you with


    In Wayv I’ll ship you with


    I hope you’ll like it and feel free to request again 🦋💙

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    ⋆ HE’S A BABY, EP. TWO.

    muses, kim younghoon x gender neutral reader. content, his shoelaces would like to say that the chic image isn’t suited for him. word count, four hundred twenty three. pantone, fluff / pining. warning, blood and minor injury. mona likes, a gift for vae who said ‘shoes’ and ‘younghoon’ without knowing what’s it for— taglist, @stealanity @sunfics​ @zvae​ and @moonieric​

    you've got this, is what younghoon says to hype himself up. he didn't expect to see you out in the market today, given how it's a weekend, but he guesses fate has other plans. they have nothing to worry about, he is going to make them proud.

    he notices that you're getting closer, and he has to remind himself to breathe. this is it, it's his time to shine. tucking his clammy hands in the pockets of his jacket, younghoon casually strolls across the sidewalk. initially, he planned for your shoulders to brush so you'd look back, curious about who you had bump into, then be entranced by his 'chic' vibes. 

    but he didn't notice a fatal flaw — his shoelaces.

    caught up in his staged suave persona, he only realizes his mistake after he steps on his untied lace. gravity proceeds to drag him down, sprawled on the stone pavement. the worst part? you saw it all, given how he tripped right in front of you.

    so much for being cool.

    worrying about the raven-haired male, you crouch down and ask, “are you hurt anywhere? do you need first aid?”

    “i fell,”

    “...yes, you had quite the fall—”

    “—for you.”

    you blink, so does younghoon. it takes him a couple of seconds to understand what he had just said, and when he does... well, beet red on his face is quite the color. he scrambles to his feet, grateful that you still helped him up, even though he just made a whole fool out of himself in front of you.

    while he brushes himself off the dust that caught onto his clothes, you take a good look at his face. he thinks you're inspecting him, so you know what to tell the police when they ask for a description of the man who could be a creep in disguise, given how the first thing that came from his mouth was a pickup line.

    “you're younghoon, right?” well that wasn't what he expected. either you don't notice his surprise, or you just ignore it. “we share mister jeong's statistics class, don't we?”

    he nods, having lost the ability to speak in front of you. tucked by his sides, he clenches his fists to try and ease off some of his nerves. this is proven to be a bad idea when a sting shoots up his arm, eliciting him to hiss. when he looks down at his hands, he frowns over what he sees — a couple of gashes, likely from when he tried to brace his weight with his open palms.

    you look down at what he's looking at, and mirror his expression. “yikes, that doesn't look good.”

    all younghoon can do is sigh, could this day get any worse? all he wanted was to impress you, the pretty classmate who gave him a pen or paper whenever he forgot his, or it was likely stolen by hyunjae.

    “come on,” you tell him, he tilts his head in response. “there's a pharmacy nearby, i can take care of those nasty gashes for you.”

    for the first time in the conversation, younghoon speaks up, “r-really? you'd do that for me?”

    you nod, and out of consideration for his hands, you choose to grasp his wrist and lead him down to the drugstore. with your back facing him, you don't see the way he looks up at the sky and gives whatever deity was listening to him a thumbs up.

    looks like fate won't be disappointed after all.

    #ficscafe#hivegetit #the boyz imagines #the boyz scenarios #younghoon imagines#younghoon scenarios#tbz imagines#tbz scenarios#kpop imagines#kpop scenarios #the boyz fluff #tbz fluff#younghoon fluff #the boyz blurbs #tbz blurbs#younghoon blurbs #the boyz timestamps #tbz timestamps#younghoon timestamps #the boyz x reader #tbz x reader #younghoon x reader
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    as december starts, the whole school starts to prepare for the one & only yearly christmassy! since usually it’s mainly for seniors, every year group is excited.
    but in one specific friend group, a specific person proposes that they should all get a date since this whole school christmassy may be a one time thing.
    but what if your friends kim sunwoo & eric sohn are both aiming for you to be their date? in other words, what if they both
    bet on you.
    main pairing(s) : kim sunwoo x fem!reader, eric sohn/son youngjae x femreader
    genre : smau, fluff, highschool au, love triangle, friends to lovers
    warnings : this is my first smau so i apologize if it goes horrible wrong :/
    representative song :

    eric x y/n


    y/n was just standing outside of her house waiting for her friend to pick her up. she knew the boy would arrive soon since the sun was setting slowly.

    but she was genuinely just so sweaty from the heat outside so she contemplated if she should go back inside or not. but the girl stopped thinking when she saw the grey hatchback.

    as the windows rolled down she met his eyes immediately. “sorry if i kept you waiting.” eric apologized to y/n. “nah it’s all good.” she said as she started to head inside the car.

    when she sat next to him in the front seat she immediately smelt the new car type of scent. “yo when did you get this car?” y/n asked the boy.

    “somewhere in 2017.” he replied. y/n was confused for a bit but she just ended up shrugging it off. the two started to head for the road as they started to blast ‘stay up’ by baekhyun & beenzino through the speakers.

    “so how was your day today?” eric asked y/n. “pretty decent just a bit boring to be honest.” she replied. “how about yours?” y/n added. “genuinely just the usual so nothing fun i guess.” the two just nodded at each other’s comments before their eyes went back on the road.

    they sat together in a peaceful silence as the sun started to set, & a cold atmosphere arrived. it was only a matter of time before they arrived at eric’s house.

    “yo you look really cold in that fit.” eric commented. y/n looked down to see that she was only wearing a black crop cami top with black graphic drawstring waist shorts.

    “it was really humid earlier so that’s why i wore this.” y/n told him. “i’ll check with youngja if she has any sweaters once we head inside.” eric replied.

    “she’s size xxs though.” the girl remarked. “oh shoot, i’m so sorry i didn’t know-” “it’s all good! don’t worry.” “do you just wanna use mine instead then?” he suggested.

    “i mean depends if you’re comfortable with it.” she shrugged. “alright then, i’ll also get a blanket for your legs.” he told her. “no need, i’ll just get it from youngja.” she replied.

    the two once again nodded at each other before heading inside. they both went upstairs to do what they both had discussed. “heyy.” y/n said as she stood by the doorway.

    “you’re hanging out with eric right?” youngja questioned while y/n just nodded. “can i borrow a blanket?” she asked her. “of course.” she quickly grabbed a white silky blanket & gave it to her.

    “thanks youngja.” y/n smiled. “no problem.” the two grinned at each other before y/n left her friend’s room. a few seconds later eric came over to y/n.

    “i thought you would like this one so i just chose it.” he showed her a pink woolly sweater. “oh thanks.” the girl exclaimed. “do you want me to hold that for you?” he pointed to the blanket.

    “oh sure.” she quickly handed him the blanket. as soon as he held the blanket in his hand, he turned around only for y/n to see his back. she was confused for a bit honestly, but it only took her a moment to realize what he was doing.

    the girl quickly put on his sweater & adjusted it a bit to make it feel more comfortable. “are you finished?” eric asked. “yeah i am, you can turn back around now.”

    as soon as he turned around, he just smiled at y/n. “are capybaras sweaters usually this big?” his face immediately went straight while y/n started to laugh.

    he was genuinely amused by her enjoyment but he hid to make it seem like he didn’t. “whatever lets just go binge watch.”


    taglist : @l3ejiyeong @pockyandme @i6hoons
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