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  • bunniwoo
    18.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    a gentle twinkling sound signals the entry of another customer, so you plaster on your customer service smile and ready yourself at the register.

    it's well into the evening — shades of oranges and reds that seem to be dipped in gold display themselves in the sky through wide (and clean, thanks to mingi) windows, the soft hum of conversations and the expresso machine, and clicks of fingers against keyboards. it feels so warm and safe.

    it welcomed you with open arms and you gratefully accepted its embrace.

    you let out a soft sigh, “good evening, welcome to starlight cafe. what can i getcha?”

    you glance up at the customer, a little shocked to find a familiar pair of deep brown eyes looking at you instead of the menu.

    “wooyoung! it's good to see you,” his smile is bright— contagious, “so, the usual?” a grin of your own seeps it's way into your words, making them sound cotton-candy coated.

    he nods, rocking on the balls of his feet as he passes a ten dollar bill over the counter. his hands are jittery at his sides and his eyes are the slightest bit unfocused.

    he's nervous.

    once his order is ready you walk it over to where he's perched at a stool off to the side of the counter.

    wooyoung takes in a long and calculated deep breath and, oh boy here it comes,

    “woo, what did you break now—”

    “wanna go to the dance with me on—”

    you both stare at each other, wide eyes and mouths agape.

    the dance? wooyoung wants you to go with him to the dance? wait isn't that what couples do— he could totally just want to attend together as friends and friends only, no big deal.

    except it wasn't a big deal, it was a huge deal.

    your klutz of a classmate, who's ass you've had to save more times that you can count on both hands and who you also find embarrassingly cute, wants to take you to the dance.

    “sorry i didn't mean to interrupt, could you— could you repeat that?”

    wooyoung's sqeaky giggles echo throughout the calm cafe, “'s okay. i was just wondering if you wanted to go to the dance with me this friday?”

    “so you want me to be your date?”


    “wait so— that makes it a date then, right?”

    “well yes, if you want it to be.”

    and trust, you really do want it to be. but... there's still the whole ‘i dunno if this is platonic infatuation or just a flat out crush’ thing. (read: you're still strongly in denial.)

    it's not like it'd be uncomfortable or anything, plus it wouldn't hurt your friendship too much if it went.. downhill.

    so after looking into those bright, shining orbs, you nod with an, “i'd love to” that had just a tad bit too much excitement laced into it.

    when that blinding smile that'd surely put the sun to shame settles on wooyoung's plush, pink lips and his hand just barely brushes yours when he reaches for his hot chocolate and blueberry muffin— even his order is so wooyoung-like— you can't help but feel a little warm and safe.

    wooyoung alone makes you feel warm and safe, like a monday evening in a small café on the far west side of seoul.

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  • bunniwoo
    18.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    wooyoung is definitely... something.

    he stares up at you with big doe eyes, a pout already forming on his pink lips, both of his hands stuck inside the bottom slot of your school's vending machine.

    “and this happened how..?”, you ask with an amused curl of your lips.

    wooyoung pouts further, “i was trying to get a banana milk but it got stuck... so i—”

    “— thought it'd be a good idea to try to grab it yourself?”, you finish his sentence smoothly.

    he sits silently as you huff, already turning on your heal to find the janitor.

    wooyoung somehow always ends up in the oddest situations at even odder times. getting stuck in vending machines, gluing his pants to his desk during art class, tearing a chemistry text book perfectly down the middle, the list goes on.

    and who is it that he relies on to get him out of said situations?


    and honestly, you've never had a problem with it. you find him and his unpredictability cute.

    the way he gets pouty and flustered, the pure excitement that shines in his dark brown eyes when retelling stories from his experiences at previous schools, how he looks at you as if you hung the stars in the sky when you agree to help him out of anything.

    it's all so very cute in such a wooyoung way.

    a way that makes your palms sweaty and your heart soar. it's exhilarating. addicting. and you can't get enough.

    you're unsure if what you feel towards your oddball of a classmate wooyoung is anywhere near romantic, though.

    so for now, it is simply.. platonic infatuation.

    (in denial again, i see.)

    you let out an amused huff at your thoughts before stopping in your tracks.

    an empty hallway? what were you even doing?

    wooyoung's loud whine echos through the otherwise quiet hallway, “y/n! my arms are going numb!”

    ohhhh, right!

    an groan slips past your lips.

    “be patient woo!... damn, where the hell is the janitor when you need him?”

    #bunniwoo #oh wooyo the boy who has my heart <3 #i haven't been on here in a while srry if im a little rusty #i've also never written for real ppl b4 it's always been anime #down for you by kehlani #ateez#ateez timestamps#ateez drabbles #ateez x reader #atz#atz drabbles #atz x reader #wooyoung#jung wooyoung#ateez wooyoung #wooyoung x reader #wooyoung x y/n #jung wooyoung x reader #atz wooyoung#kpop#kpop timestamps#kpop drabbles#songfic#song fanfic
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  • evanescentreverie
    17.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    [ 8:47 P.M. ]

    (E/C) orbs stared at him as he sang to you, mind wondering if he would ever be yours. You were caught in his presence, enraptured by his very being. You loved numerous things about him, whether it was something shallow like his smile, or something deep like the way his eyes would sparkle when he talks about his occupation.

    You loved how he made it feel like everything will be okay whenever he laughs.

    Your hands reached towards his cheeks, catching his attention as you cupped his cheeks. "Will you ever be mine, Seokmin?” You whispered out.

    “What are you talking about, Y/n-ah?” You saw how his gaze towards you softened as he leaned towards your touch, hand placed on top of yours, "Aren't I already yours?"

    A smile crept its way up towards your mouth, eyes closing in content as his hands made its way into your hair, caressing you softly. It slowly lulled you to sleep, dreaming of all the memories you've both shared.

    Seokmin was a guy that didn't care about what you wore or what you looked like, that much as evident. He never fails to remind you that he truly loves you, whether it be through his words or his actions.

    You listened to him sing, his voice a soft lullaby to you as you slowly fell asleep to it.

    Seokmin can confidently say that he has fallen for you.

    He didn't know when it had started or why, but he just knew that he was absolutely enamored for you.

    He loved the way you would dance whenever you thought that no one was watching. Where your hair would be tied in a messy bun and wearing nothing but an oversized shirt. For him, you glowed beautifully that day, especially when you smiled with your genuine smile. He could still remember your dorky laugh when you found out that he had been watching all the time.

    He knew he had to make sure that your smile will return, even if he'd turn into a fool just to see it once more.

    His hands gently removed the hair that covered your temple before slowly leaning towards you and placing a soft kiss on top of it.

    Your eyes fluttered open as soon as you felt his kiss, allowing you to meet his eyes. You couldn't help but let out a smile, wondering how lucky you were with this man.

    You wondered whether you saved someone in your past life just so you could be with a guy as kind as him.

    You hummed in content, words that wanted to come out for a while now leaving your mouth in a whisper, not wanting to break this serene moment. "I love you."

    You saw how his eyes widened for a bit, eyes sparkling the moment those words landed in his ears. He pouted once his mind registered the words, causing you to giggle at the sight, "No fair, I wanted to say it first." His lips turned into a grin, allowing yours to mirror his, "I love you too, Y/n."

    This was a rewrite of an old one shot of mine. I hope you enjoy it!

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  • bbmyungho
    17.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    [12:39 PM] "Hurry up bear, I'm soaked!!" You giggled as you tugged your boyfriend towards the oasis of your apartment building.

    "Slow down, then; come get under the umbrella!" Woobin groaned, pulling you back playfully; unfortunately, the man seemed to not realize his strength, as he sent you slipping on the pavement and just barely caught you before you both fell, choosing to sacrifice the umbrella's shelter instead.

    You watched in awe as the heavy downpour began to soak his hair, the droplets catching in his eyelashes and running across his lips, almost beckoning you to drink from them. His mind seemed to be on the same plane as yours as he leaned in for a slow, sweet kiss, his arms tightening around your waist serving as a much better shelter from the cold rain than the umbrella ever did.

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  • gyeomsweetgyeom
    17.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    [4:16 pm]

    “I’ve been telling you since last week that I had a study session scheduled for today, how is it now my fault that you asked me to watch a movie with you and are now mad at me because I couldn’t make it?” You asked.

    CollegeBf!Jaemin huffed, “I always drop whatever I have going on to join you for movies, I just thought that maybe you’d do the same for me.”

    You laughed, “That’s a lie and you know it! I wouldn’t let you drop any homework you have just to watch a movie. And I listen to you Jaemin, I couldn’t be mad at you in a situation like this.”

    “Whatever, I’m mad at you now just so you know,” he started, you nodded along with him. “It’s probably going to take you a while to make it up to me.”

    “Ok, Jaemin. We have time to watch a movie now if you want to, I can’t promise I won’t fall asleep though. We got so much done for our project today and studied for three hours on top of that.” 

    He turned away from you, arms crossed. You rolled your eyes, simply scrolling through the movies on the screen while you tried to choose. You finally settled on a movie and got comfortable on the couch- a good amount of space between you and Jaemin, still.

    “Are you going to stay that far away for the rest of the movie or should I just go home?” You asked after half an hour. 

    “Are you forgetting what I already said? I’m mad at you.” Jaemin answered sassily.

    “I don’t think you really have any reason to be mad, so I don’t care if you’re mad.”

    He gasped dramatically, eyes wide and hand over his heart. “I’ll just go back to my place if you’re going to be like this, I’m tired,” you added, getting up and heading toward the front door.

    “Tired of me?! Tired of us?! You can’t leave me!” He yelled.

    You sighed, pinching the space between your brows, “I never said I was tired of you Jaemin. I told you I studied for hours earlier, I could be sleeping right now.”

    “Well, you can sleep here- with me. It’s late and cold outside, I don’t want you out there. Come sit next to me,” he fretted, pulling you back to the couch and wrapping a blanket around you.

    He pressed play on the remote, the TV coming back to life. One of his arms fell around your shoulder before his head rested against your own.

    “Are you done being mad at me?” You asked quietly.

    Jaemin pulled away with a puzzled look on his face, “I could never be mad at you, you’re my baby.”

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  • iovnyu
    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    content: fluff, sunghoon x gn! reader

    a/n: hello!! this is lowkey a repost of one of my timestamps for seventeen. i tried my best to edit it but i got lazy half way through so if it sounds bad just know it was written like two years ago LOL....  anyways remember to look at the request guide here before you ask for one !!

    it was often that you and sunghoon went out for coffee so, it wasn’t a shock to you when he randomly asked you to go on a study date with him. since finals were coming up, you thought it would be fun to study with your best friend. 

    let’s be honest - you didn’t think of him as a best friend. it was definitely more than that but you try your best to put your feelings to the side. the last thing you want to do is scare your crush  away. 

    trying to forget about your feelings, you sat down in you and sunghoon’s usual corner table. the table held many valuable memories to it that made your friendship stronger in many ways. you guys always found yourselves sitting in the same spot whenever you guys would come. even the cashier, sunoo, knew that the table is always reserved for you guys.

    sunoo has watched your friendship blossom and develop into something close to a relationship. to say the least, he has been patiently waiting for the day one someone makes the first move.

    taking your books out of your heavy backpack, you called sunoo over to order. he had a relieved expression on his face. “oh my god. y/n, i was getting worried when you guys didn’t come on wednesday,” he said.

    “we tried a different coffee shop. it just doesn’t feel the same,” you sighed.

    “you can never leave me,” he chuckled.

    you laughed with him. “i guess not.”

    “so the usual? is sunghoon coming as well?” he asked.

    you nodded, and smiled at him. “i think he wants his usual drink too!” you say. sunoo quickly writes down the order and walk back to the counter to make your drinks. setting up your little study area, you flip through the pages, finding the spot where you left off last night. “hey i hope i am not late?” you heard a way too familiar voice above you.

    “nope. just ordered.” you said, without looking up.

    sunghoon smiled, taking off his bag and sitting down in front of you. he seemed pretty nervous but you didn’t really pay attention to it. “what subjects are you studying for?” you said as he took his books out.

    “uhh.. history and music theory. you?” he said, looking at the books in front of you.

    “accounting and earth sciences,” you replied, smiling at him.

    just in time, sunoo brought out your drinks and patted sunghoon’s back whispering something in his ear. you looked at sunoo with a confused look on your face.

    “hey y/n?” sunghoon said. 

    you hummed, looking up at him. he handed over your drink with an unreadable expression on his face. you stared back at him, sensing something was off. was it his birthday? it can’t be, his birthday is in december. still not getting the hint, you took a sip out of your cup.

    noticing that he was still staring at you with beads of sweat adorning his forehead. “what? why are you staring at me like that?” you asked.

    sunghoon sighed and grabbed your drink out of your hands. turning the cup around, he pointed to the scribbly writing on it. finally realizing the handwriting on the drink, you read it out loud. “i know we do this often but i was wondering if you would want to go out on an actual date with me?”

    you stared at the cup then back up at him. shocked, you said, “uhm… wow.” 

    “so is that a yes?” he asked, fidgeting with his fingers.

    “it depends, where is the first date going to be?” you smiled at him. sunghoon couldn’t help but feel giddy in his seat. turning to sunoo -- who was watching the whole thing -- he gave him a big smile.

    “finally! it only took you like a million years!” sunoo said as he watched sunghoon.

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  • moonieric
    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    🔓 Four Times We’ve Met

    .・゜゜・PAIRINGS : mafia! Eric x mafia fem!OC

    .・゜゜GENRE(S) : mafia AU, slow burn(?), enemies to lovers

    .・゜WARNINGS : ❗❗ weapons, weapon inaccuracies; injuries; injury inaccuracies?, mafia themes, fighting, lots of mentions of blood, death (side character), in general just really dark?? so beware (T^T) ❗❗

    .・TAGS : @wooyoung-a ; @deputyjuyeon ; @cloudykyu ; @moonchildfics ; @stealanity ; @yourjaylaks ; @hvae (idk if you guys are all fine with this genre so!! ignore if you are!!)

    . NOTE : I wrote this I think last summer if not earlier? So if you see some style changes and weird sentences I either forgot to edit them or just gave up 😭 I went through it to give it some life since it was written in such an awful way before– lastly this is a work of fiction. It does not represent the idols mentioned in real life. the pictures used are also not mine, they're all from Pinterest.

    for more context: this is an AU where all the kpop groups are actually mafia families, some bigger some smaller. SE is a part of ateez and their youngest quartet of four foreign girls, they are one of the tiny silent families that secretly know lots, while tbz are new/not even formed fully and a higher rank than them from the very start. Both families are aiming to take down NCT, making them rivals in the race for power. Of course, romance has to be involved in there, and this is just a little snippet of how Eric and SE came to know each other, how their story began. Also I don’t quite remember how old each of the girls is so I’ll just assume that SE’s age is right T-T

    The four times Cre.ker's and KQ's maknaes Eric and SE encountered each other.

    6.6k words

    Seoul, 22th September 2017

    Sneaking through a building to get to one specific office space was just another fun activity that SE wasn't used to doing on her own. Most of the time she would be sent in behind Yunho, San or Wooyoung, who would clear the space up before she even entered. But today, she has to push her own way through.

    It wasn't as easy as it sounded; even if the Cre.ker HQ was supposedly empty, she had to take all precautionary measures in order to succeed in the mission. The laptop packed in her backpack, necessary for her job today, wasn't helping much with making the situation easy as well, making all her sneaking purely annoying.

    SE carried a pistol while walking through the silent hallways, only her dull and slow footsteps sounding through. She knew Hongjoong could see her through every security camera placed in the corners and on the ceilings, but he stopped giving her any navigation the moment she stepped out of the lobby. Of course he wouldn’t leave her all alone on her own, but he let her take care and stayed muted on the line just in case she needed to be alerted.

    Several floors in, and no sight of other human beings - good start to her first solo mission. However her carefree thoughts dispersed into thin air as soon as they popped up in her head, and it took immense control not to ram into the closest wall far too hard once she heard footsteps.

    Heavy, but not too heavy. She could distinguish a man’s footsteps, muffled by the carpet spread across this floor’s hallway. And the footsteps kept definitely getting closer, and closer.

    Prepared to take a shot, but hoping she won’t have to, she held onto the pistol with more precision, all senses alerting to the possible threat.

    'Please just walk away.' she prayed for a moment inside her head, disliking the idea of having to get away with shooting someone along with stealing information, and both on her first day alone. The silencer wasn't that good after all, it would alert someone or something - and what could she do with a time limit, when no one knows how much information Cre.ker has.

    "Who's there?" A young man's voice sounded, a bit husky but not far too intimidating. It sounded young, the pitch pretty high. All the already known members of the rivalry family running through her mind, SE made up her mind. She can try and take on him, even if he’s the most trained member.

    She didn't have to think about the timing for her makeshift ambush, as the guy stepped forward into her line of vision, and as soon as he did that, she pointed the pistol straight at a spot in the middle of his forehead.

    "Don’t you make a sound.." She slithered out, whispering just in case, with eyes narrowed at the now wide eyed male. He had a pistol in a holster at his belt, but wasn't nearly quick enough to react and ended up raising his arms in surrender hesitantly.

    "Is there anyone else from your crew in this building?" He shook his head, eyes seemingly telling the truth as he looked petrified.

    The Boyz' youngest family member, Eric Sohn - the last person to join, hasn’t received proper training yet, which was visible in the situation he found himself in.

    "In a bit of a pickle, are we Eric? Why don't you turn around and well go to that room over there?" SE pointed the gun at one of the several rooms on the hallway’s right side. The one that she was aiming to get to either way, third room from the staircase. Eric followed the instructions without any complaints, walking in there with his hands still in the air.

    "Face against the wall, come on."

    She kicked the door shut behind them, locking it and pulling a chair under it as a safety measure, all while keeping the gun pointed at him. When she was satisfied with the door, she went over to him, putting her own gun into it's holster before taking his, putting it into the other holster on her belt, left empty just for these types of situations. She felt over him for any other weapons, finding another knife by his ankle and taking his phone out of his back pocket.

    "Who said that they sent me out to protect anything?" He turned his head around, visibly agitated and doing his best to face the girl. She let go of him soon enough, leaving him in his place but stepping away and to one of the computers "I was here by chance. You'd have no chance against me if we fought for real."

    "You aren't quite doing a good job at keeping this place safe hun..."

    "Sure thing big boy, I'm sure you'll show me that sometime. But now you're stuck with me, and I'm in charge." She looked him straight in the eyes, turning on her in-ear to get to Hongjoong, turning around after only to check out the rest of the room. It didn't have any windows as it was placed on the inside of the building, and the one singular computer stood in the corner of the room. While waiting for a response from the other side of the line, she pressed the power on button, observing Eric, who was seemingly observing her. Or maybe he was thinking of ways he could end her right there, or if he got out, but she couldn’t care less.

    "Yeah?" Hongjoong’s voice finally sounded in her ear

    "A little change of plans that I need consulting on. I'm guessing you know what I'm asking about."

    "Don't tell me-"

    "Eric is keeping me company." a small silence ensued.

    "Maddox isn't quite glad about that..."

    "He's harmless, don't worry. I took anything he could've used." she maintained eye contact with the boy, smiling at how harmless he truly looked. If she didn’t know who he was, she would:

    Never even guess he’s about to be 17, he looks 14 at most

    Would never even get the thought that he’s in a mafia family

    "Alright, get the data and go. The back is completely clear, I'll tell you when Yeosang arrives."

    "Got it cap."

    She turned off the mic again and got to preparing for the data transition, Hongjoong still talking in her left ear, addressing Maddox who's probably in the same room as him.

    "It's your lucky day, you won't live in our basement or something." she joked, turning away to the desktop monitor powering on in front of her.

    "What sort of family are you even a part of!? Hostages? Do you keep people in your basement?"

    "Typically no, I said that for dramatic effect. We know everything about you, and your family as well. If there is something we don't know... " She entered the password with a loud enter at the end, finding the folder needed "We'll get to know now."

    "Glad you asked, I'm someone who's name you should never know." She grinned after getting his hopes up, deciding against using Korean for now since they were both multilingual. Eric, however, was truly harmless - at least for her years of training endured up to that point "You'll know my family name in a while if you have luck... Which you seem to have a handful of, as I said already."

    "Who even are you?" Eric switched to Korean, voice taking on a quieter, fearful tone.

    A silence fell over them while the data was transferring percent by percent. Sitting down by the wall he was pressed against beforehand, he watched her figure, leaned over the laptop with her face lit up by the blue screen. Her hair was up in a ponytail, bangs pinned back as well. After the realization he’ll be in here for a while hit him, Eric decided to try out using his newly acquired skills - and try to figure out her age himself. She isn't asian, but understood Korean, and she seemed pretty young. She wasn't really tall either, just overall looked like she was younger than him. But if his family is treating him as a kid at 17 - who gives a kid a gun!?

    "How old are you?" he once again spoke in Korean, distrusting his own knowledge and perception.

    She looked back at him, brown eyes still colored by the blue, appearing black "Fourteen" She nearly whispered in Korean, smiling at the fear coming across his features again.

    Before he could fathom the fact a fourteen year old held him at gunpoint, she finished her mission, turning off the computer and shutting the laptop.

    "My job here is done..." She turned on the microphone again, getting an 'All is clear, Yeosang is on standby' from Hongjoong and turned the PC off again "It's really your lucky day, I won't even knock you out, you're like a little lamb~”

    She packed the laptop back into it’s place in her backpack with ease, slinging it onto her shoulder before unblocking the door once again. Before heading out, she put on a black face mask, covering most of her features up.

    “May we meet again, Eric." her voice was muffled by the cloth over her mouth, but an almost genuine smile rested on her eyes. And with that, she was gone as quickly as she appeared. With no tracks left behind her aside from the back door slamming closed as she disappeared - she left Eric sitting in the same spot dazed after the odd first meeting.


    ???; February 2019

    "How did you get into all of this?" Eric finally spoke up after a long silence fell over them and became far too heavy on his mind. It felt as if the thick layer of dust was choking him instead of being spread out across the cold, most likely basement floor they were both sat on. The darkness surrounding them also felt haunting, some odd fear making him think it’s a better option to keep talking in order to know he’s still with the girl. “Not as in how you got in here, I don’t know that either, but how did you manage to become a member of a family?”

    "It's... A long story."

    "Do you have something else to do here? I feel like we’re kinda stuck by ourselves until someone finds us?" He asked, reminding her that they are indeed still kidnapped and not willingly sitting in a creepy room.

    "I- Why are you so curious after all!?"

    "You're the first member of a mafia family other than my own that I met back in 2017. I need to know something more than just your age."

    "You don’t know my name yet?" She asked in a 'duh' voice, rolling her eyes when Eric rose an eyebrow at the tone "I’m S. That's all you’re getting out of me."

    "Oh thank god, now I at least know how to address you instead of mafia girl or something." The hearty laughter did make her heart flutter a little even if she would never admit it: She just puffed out air through her nose on the outside at how ridiculous this boy seemed.

    "But why won't you tell me something about yourself?"

    "I'm not stupid Eric! Whatever I tell you here will become something you can use against me. No one, and I mean literally no one besides my family knows anything about me, and it should stay like that. I'm not telling you a single thing until you prove that you are worth telling something to, and you haven't been of any reliability whatsoever."

    "What have I shown you then? Because I'm sure we haven't even seen each other much since our first meeting in 2017."

    "You're naive. You might have the skills now, but you don't think about every situation enough. Yes, you're more observant than you were back when we first met, you would be able to defend yourself against me if I pointed a gun to your head unlike then. But I can still tell you're not serious enough, it's still visible in the way you talk to me - as if I'm your friend." Eric felt slight shock at how well she read him, himself knowing that those were indeed his weaknesses.

    "I could seriously never trust you, Eric… If you want to be a good member of your family, you need to do better. But even then I feel like you wouldn’t deserve to know my story." They shared a gaze, intense but meaningful. SE finally broke it off after a little while, sitting up from the floor and dusting herself off. Without reaching out a hand to help him, she walked towards a distant part of the space, wandering into the shadow.

    "Let's try and get out of here, come help me investigate."


    Seoul, 7th July 2020

    All that S could hear was noise as she sprinted down the marble stairs as fast as she could, as far away as possible from the fight on the floor above.

    Other JYP interns, her colleagues, got exposed for being double agents and spies, causing a commotion. It broke out into a fight when the hustler family of the other girls, PlayM, pushed their way into the company building, making an even bigger scene.

    SE knew most of the other girls who applied and passed the internship with her were undercover as well, but didn't out them as it would get her caught as well. But now, all of her months of hard work inside the company were just sunken ships, and she had to run for her own life. Pushing disappointment to the back of her head, she focused on getting out of trouble.

    On the second staircase down her way to the bottom floor, she ran past The Boyz's Jacob and Hyunjae, running up the stairs. That's when she realized just how big this situation can explode, doing her best at picking up her speed. Any efforts she made were proved to be useless however, since she wore uncomfortable office heels, labeled as being part of the work uniform. In fact she was surprised she didn't already tear a ligament while running down all those stairs, feeling the uncomfortable footwear digging deeper and deeper into her Achilles tendon with each step. Some more The Boyz members rushed past her, Haknyeon's eyes meeting hers in confusion when he appeared at the bottom of the stairs as the last one heading in the opposite direction. She didn't have the time, nor the wish to think about why they were in the building, just kept going for her own sake. From there on, she had to make it through a long, open hallway, overlooking the lobby down two more sets of stairs.

    But as she made the first step off the stairs, a foot came from behind her, tripping her. The power she was about to use for running across the hall sent her face first into the red carpet, breath hitching at the long and sudden fall. She caught herself on her forearms skillfully, but her knees met the floor and stairs with a loud dull thud. SE did her best at scrambling back to her feet, trying to create a distance between the person behind her at the same time.

    "Where do you think you're going?" A deep, male voice sounded behind her, Korean accent thick while he spoke English. She managed to get herself up, stepping fully onto the floor and looking up at the man with unstable legs. It was one of Twice's bodyguards, the man she swore could see right through her when they would pass each other in the hallways. He was intimidating to say the least, and far too massive for her to even get an idea to deal with him alone.

    She silently prepared to run again, foot stepping backwards as he approached closer, mind racing with options and escape routes.

    "Not up there, that's for sure." She used the extra second a response gave her to turn back, running for the other side as fast as those damned shoes allowed, legs and knees burning in agony.

    However, before she could make the first right turn, she was slammed against the wall, the guard's whole weight holding her against it. She yelped quietly at the collision, side of her head and shoulder hitting against the marble as the man held her down in an awfully painful grip.

    She kept fighting against him, trying to slip around his hold, escape with power or kick him so he would let her go. But even with several painful and hard kicks sustained, he wouldn't budge.

    Nothing worked.

    He even proceeded to laugh at her misery, placing his legs in such a way as to block her kicking. She felt like a bug, poking at a thick-skinned elephant.

    "So shameless. You come into our family, our house, and try to take us down. You dirty our name, when we gave you our trust. Ungrateful." He growled, not even breaking a sweat. SE was now starting to wonder what he was trying to get by keeping her here, when there's no one coming up behind him. His breath was warm against the side of her neck and shoulder that got exposed somewhere during her thrashing around.

    "You'll get the punishment you deserve, Ana, along with all of those other imposters, mingled into our home..." She just couldn't give up on trying to escape, using all her strength for every push and hoping he would become tired of holding her down. Panic filled her when the man reached for his taser gun, hoisted up at the back of his belt. She couldn't guess or think up any good ending for her current situation, except for one.

    She stilled, both in fear and hope that it's what the sniper would need. Praying to all the Gods she knew, that just s o m e h o w her family knew what was going on and would save her.

    'God please tell me Tae or Chica are in the building next door. Please tell me that they're just waiting for me to calm down so they can fire. Please don't let me staying still be for nothing.'

    The time seemed to slow down, every action lasting longer and any noise or sound reached her in the same way as if she was under a water surface. The guard proceeded, hand coming back around to her, and SE's eyes stung with tears of desperation. Knowing she was hoping for an almost impossible miracle, she closed her eyes, preparing for the electric shock.

    But it seems she has luck today.

    In a split second, she heard the familiar sound of a bullet trespassing glass, followed by a heavy thud. The previously strong grip let go of her so quickly that she almost fell as well, eyes opening wide as she attempted to hold onto the wall in an attempt to stop herself from sliding down.

    Scarlet red droplets were splattered over her white button up, and she let herself take a deep breath for a second before looking down, knowing what she'll see in advance. The hole at the side of the big man’s head was at such a specific angle that the precision of the sniper amazed her even if she had been handling the same weapon for years. She knew that if this person had missed even for a tiny bit, it would've probably killed her as well, and she felt a sense of respect and gratitude for how well the job was executed.

    S realized she could figure out where the sniper was, skillfully moving the body to throw off anyone who would find it afterwards and try and figure out the position as well. Without bothering to actually check who saved her, she took off again in fear of someone coming down from the bigger fight upstairs.

    She ran down two flights of stairs more, sneaking out through the lobby to the back door meant for janitors. The door led off to a dark alley between the tall buildings. It was the perfect place with people rarely passing through it and no cameras looking over it.

    She immediately searched for the extra backpack she left stashed away in a corner, holding necessary items for a get away. After digging it up, she didn't hesitate to change right then and there. The first thing she did was take off the heels, slowly and allowing herself to feel both the pain and relief from taking them off. She hissed at the deep red outlines left on her skin as well as a few tears and already formed blisters, putting on some socks nonetheless.

    After the bloody uniform and heels were stuffed deep into her backpack, she took another quick second to breathe before checking her looks for a second. Rather than wanting to look good, she hoped her giant baggy shirt was in no way showing the presence of a knife hidden under it. Figuring her lips are still stained with a bright red lipstick, she pulled on a mask

    Once she made sure no one would find her odd on the busy street just several long strides away from her, she casually made her way out of the alley, observing every person around. She received zero suspicion from bystanders, some of which now began taking notice of the commotion happening inside the building. Blending in with the pedestrians, hair and medical mask covering most of her face, she crossed the street opposite of the JYP building. As her heart kept racing despite her perfect act of innocence, she realized she could point out where the sniper was placed without double checking. However it didn’t once cross her mind to go and check herself, Eden’s rule of avoiding snipers while they’re on duty engraved in her mind like a law. And still, while walking to the nearest bus station that could lead her back to the KQ - HQ, all she could think of was the sniper and the pain she felt with each step, even in her tennis shoes.


    Busan, December 2020


    Em/M- oldest in the quartet

    Tae/T - second oldest

    Chica/C - second youngest

    SE/S - youngest

    The last thing SE wanted while held hostage by NCT was to witness Jaehyun coming into the house where they were stationed a day after they were caught, announcing they'll have some new company.

    If her heart wasn't already down in her heels, now it was. She felt like she'd throw up, waiting for some other enemy member to bring in the new meat. Em looked worried, curious, but also ready to jump at Jaehyun's throat, while Tae kept her usual cold expressionless gaze. Chica didn't look much better either, brows furrowed at the man standing at the doors. He was focused on the situation at the front door more than the one in the living room where the four girls sat, and SE could almost hear the plan of murder unfold inside her oldest sister’s mind.

    SE didn't wish it was so, but she was waiting to see Wooyoung's newly dyed black hair, Mingi's flame-red hair he’s been sporting for a while now... She expected that blue streak San kept in his raven hair only because of her, peaking into the room. She expected anyone from their family to walk through those doors, wrecked and broken because they knew their brothers, and they would never go down without a fight. Maybe they decided to try and save them early on? But that thought in no way aligned with the way KQ worked; Eden and Maddox would stop them before they could even reach the door of their own rooms...

    Jaehyun suddenly moved back, snapping SE out of her overthinking, as well as allowing eleven males to be pushed into the room. Some of them could barely walk from injuries, wrecked and bruised, seemingly covered in their own blood..

    S was the first one to realize who they were after spotting the guy who was pushed in the last; blond headed boy immediately falling to his knees as Yuta shoved him in. His face met the floor harshly as he couldn't balance his own weight with his hands still held behind his back. No one could speak up from shock, and there were no words necessary.

    Now M frowned in the same fashion as Chica, eyes narrowed at the NCT 127 members who left the room after their special delivery without acknowledging their presence. Tae kept standing by the fireplace, calculating something only she could know about. Soon after the room turned silent, the whole house went calm as well, last rustle being the slamming of the front door as well as the usual sound of the blockade put on it.

    "The Boyz." Chica called out, voice barely louder than a whisper. She looked at SE who sat across the couch from her, but she was preoccupied with the other family's youngest, Eric, watching him struggle to lift himself up with some help of one of his members, blood dripping down his lips and onto the smooth wood beneath them all. Until the wave of shock died down, the 11 of them stood before the four girls wordlessly, some looking at them while others were visibly shaking from the strain of still standing.

    "There's no use in letting them rot at the doorway like this. Let's get you cleaned up.” M stood up from where she was sitting at a table further into the room, motioning to SE and Chica and addressing them in Serbian “Come on, S, get the first aid kit."

    S slipped out of the room in an almost ghostly manner while M ushered the males to sit down with Chica at her side, Tae watching over the whole chaos as if calculating something.

    "God, how did they get all 11- Okay, there are three bathrooms on this floor and four upstairs, you should all wash off the blood eventually..." She observed all of their conditions, the usual motherly alarm going off in her senses at the number of injuries present. She wasn’t used to running around eleven men, nothing like this ever even happened to Ateez or her sisters - the current situation bringing her unusual stress. She ended up vocalizing her distress in order to help the boys the best and as soon as possible, deciding to work on the more worrisome injuries first.

    "Is there anyone who's bleeding heavily or continuously?"

    Kevin raised his hand, and so did Sunwoo. Ema was about to pull them both up, but Kevin shook his head, scooting a bit away before motioning to his right leg drenched in scarlet blood "It's my thigh, a stab wound."

    "Can you stand up? So we can move over to treat it properly." Kevin was about to stand up when Sangyeon got up as well, stepping forward to them.

    "I can carry him wherever you need to take him." M nodded, turning to Sunwoo who did stand up. Only then she realized that his nose and head were his bleeding points, encouraging him to come forward to her. He had to lean down in order for her to actually check his wound because of how much taller he was, but only seconds after taking ahold of his jaw to inspect it she let go, turning to her younger sister.

    "Chica, take care of him while I treat Kevin. If anyone else has stab wounds or other open wounds, come with."

    Sangyeon carefully picked Kevin up in a bridal style, watching out for his right leg so as not to hurt him, and left the room behind Em. Chica motioned for the other male to move over to the table she sat at, observing his cut and nose for a second herself.

    As if on cue, SE returned with the first aid kit, placing it down right next to them. She also grabbed a roll of toilet paper on the way, gathering some and giving it to Sunwoo who seemingly knew how to properly stop a bloody nose.

    After doing so, SE went to stand next to Tae, observing the guys for any strange or alarming behavior.

    "Noticed something?" she mumbled to her sister in Serbian

    "Changmin probably has a milder concussion, go check on him" Tae mentioned, nodding towards the male who obviously seemed out of it, sending the youngest off to take care of the guy on her own.

    The intervention took a while, but after about an hour almost all members were treated. Only one left was Sangyeon who held an ice pack for the bruise on his head and the cut on his face that made us think it would be much bigger than it actually was - was being treated by M.


    When she relaxed, sitting down onto the couch beside some of the boys, others left to catch some rest upstairs, SE was hit by a realization.

    "God damn it- Where's Eric?" She called out, jumping back up onto her feet and searching for the blond across the room, gathering everyone’s attention. However no one replied, searching for their youngest along with her. But soon enough, Tae spoke again, now sitting in the kitchen and reading a book of some sort that she found laying around

    "Went outside, he’s definitely not around here." she called out without taking her eyes off the book, musing the last part more to herself and M who sat besides her with her tea.

    S didn’t see any far too weird behavior from the other youngest member, but still rushed out. Not far from the door, she noticed a path of red droplets, following the path to the closest first floor bathroom. Not thinking much of it, she followed the trail up until the said bathroom, finding the door wide open. She could see the boy she’s been looking for craned over the sink, running water sounding through the room and hallway in front of it.

    "Eric, I haven't cleaned your lips yet, I thought you were waiting for me to do it…" She watched as he flinched when her voice echoed around the big room, bringing more confusion to her. However, she didn't expect to see that much blood through his reflection in the mirror once he straightened up "Eric?"

    His hands were covered with blood, diluted with water as he attempted to wash it off, the sink covered in the bright color as well. S automatically grabbed toilet paper and brought it under his still running nose, holding it and allowing him to wash some of the blood off. Once he closed the tap, she moved him over to the closed toilet, making him sit down and giving him the paper to hold instead. Water and the little bits of blood leftover in it kept dripping down his hands and into a puddle underneath him, but it was the last of their worries at the moment. He leaned forward the way Chu told Sunwoo to do before, just that he didn't hold his nose to stop the bleeding, so S did that instead. But as soon as she touched it, let alone put pressure on it, he whimpered in pain, sparking her suspicion that he broke it. Still she didn’t want to confirm it just yet as the swelling could be the only reason he felt discomfort.

    "Why didn't you tell us you were still bleeding at the start!? It's been so long since you arrived."

    "I don't reme- I don't even remember that. My ears have been ringing ever since I woke up on the way here..." That statement, or rather the way it was told, brought a bigger frown onto her face. His nose was clogged and it brought a greatly nasal tone to his speech, but it was slurred further than that, disoriented.

    "Did you get hit in the head during the fight?" He seemed to nod weakly, mumbling an answer that sounded positive just to be sure he’s getting the truth across well "Goddamn it- I should've noticed earlier- Are your ears still ringing?"

    "No, but I'm tired and my head hurts and I'm dizzy... This place has so much light around and it isn’t helping." He has been squinting the whole time.

    "It's not gonna be like that for too long; your head won't hurt for too long, but it's a nasty injury... Can you look at me so I can check your nose?"

    So he did, but the discovery wasn't in their favor "Damn, they got you good. I'll have to put a splint on you, it seems you broke it."

    "My nose?" The innocent and scared response caused S to feel like she was older than him for a second, feeling her heart clench at his tearful eyes.

    "Mhm, there's a clear substance leaking out along with blood. I'm guessing it's painful to touch?” he nodded “I’m sorry, but we need to stop the bleeding first and then I can fully patch you up. I’m sure you can handle it, alright?"

    They spent the next 15 minutes sitting in absolute silence, the blood thankfully stopping and allowing S to get the gauze and nose splint needed, along with getting a clothed ice cube to ease the swelling. When she came back from the kitchen, he already seemed a bit more lively than when she left him, appearing more like the Eric she knew and encountered before. Even if she did her best to hide it, she smiled once he gave her a small smile when she handed the ice cube over to him, despite the motion probably being painful.

    "Hold the ice while I clean you from the blood." She left him sitting there, standing up from where she sat on the floor but not going far. She stood at the sink, soaking up a small piece of cloth to use while he never once left his spot.

    "You know, all of this is kind of my fault."


    "I started the fight... Because I was with NCT when they knocked you out, when they were about to take you hostage..." Eric groaned in regret "We were on a similar mission to yours, just that they placed us higher up in the company. I wanted to warn you because I overheard them scheming. But I reacted in one of the meetings in a certain way when they brought it up, it ticked off NCT and busted our cover. They only took care of you four first."

    "Well... You're an idiot." S chuckled "But now you're stuck here, and it's not as easy to get out as it was that time back in 2019, we've checked it all yesterday... If it makes you feel better, I already had a theory about the reason they caught the four of us, and it probably applies to the eleven of you as well." Eric thought it was just because of the throbbing in his head that she seemed nicer, but pushed aside the wandering thoughts and just enjoyed the truce between them, even if it was temporary.

    "Enlighten me, I'll take anything."

    S returned to kneeling on the cold tiles in front of him, gently wiping the blood that dripped over his chin while continuing her theory.

    "I think that they opened those intern slots as bait. Companies held by a mafia aren't so keen on getting random people to work for them or learn from them. JYP is a different story, they are just purely dumb - but everyone else isn’t! SM especially is a snake when it comes to that, so my theory is just wanted to fish anyone who-"

    He perked up at the mention of JYP, mouth dropping into an O shape.

    "Now that you said JYP! Did you escape without complications after the bodyguard? My members were mentioning how there were almost no people in the lobby when they were going in but the whole commotion was so big I thought someone would enter the building.. Even tho I find it pretty odd as it's J Y P, y'know, they shouldn't be that stupid-"

    "Wait wait, hold up!? How do you know about the guard?"

    "I was the one who shot him! That was one of the most stressful shots of my life for real! He was so close to you, and you weren't creating a rhythm so I was scared you'd move any second and catch the bullet instead of him." Despite Eric being back to his puppy-like talkative self and stopping SE mid sentence, she couldn’t find it in her to react in any negative way.

    She almost dropped the cloth in shock, pausing to look him in the eyes, her own widened. The sparkle he usually has in his eyes finally returned, his tension calming down once he realized the almost terrified look on the girl's face.

    "But- He was just about to tase me? He reached for his right back-"

    “He was reaching for a gun. He was about to kill you.” Eric explained with a completely stern face. When he saw the girl before him about to argue again, he already knew what she would say “He was a hitman under JYP, S. If it wasn’t you, it would be one of the other girls, your members, my members… He was my target either way, but it just so happens I saved you.”

    Still in shock, SE got back to cleaning his philtrum in silence, eyes shaking as her mind raced with thoughts of what would’ve happened if this boy wasn’t perched up on the building across from JYP. Some bit of Eric's usual child-like energy returned, proving to her that he's maybe still a bit too foolish. But she couldn’t deny that he became someone worth her trust, someone who managed to see further than she could that day.

    "... Thank you Eric." She finished the job, going to wash the cloth again before continuing, eyes focused on the material in her hands

    "Maybe… you'll eventually gain my trust."

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  • tsupuffs
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    little stable boy ✩ park jisung

    genre : stable boy!jisung x royal!reader, romeo & juliet vibes, star crossed lovers, fluff word count : 610 a/n : if this receives good feedback i will most likely make it a full fledged fic just bc ?? stable boy jisung so cute also i love that old school enchanted romeo & juliet kingdom vibes

    lying in bed, you stare at the ceiling of your large bedroom. your eyes are wide open as you struggle to even keep your eyes closed for more than a second. with a frustrated sigh, you sit up in your bed, pulling your sheets closer to you as you stare around your room, not a thought in mind. your eyes eventually wander to your bedside table. where a ceramic pot with a single rose stood, tall and high.

    the mere sight of the flower reminded you of the day prior. it reminded you of your stable boy, park jisung.

    yes, park jisung, the tall but awkward kid who teaches you how to horseback ride every weekend. he grew up in the rural countryside where he, naturally, learned how to ride a horse as his main form of transportation. after moving to the kingdom, his father works as a castle butler and after jisung graduated high school, he earned a job teaching the princes and princesses how to horseback ride.

    now, you’re all too familiar with the castle staff, you are next in line for the throne so getting to know the people who work for you is common courtesy. but jisung, in particular, you wanted to get to know.

    there was no explanation behind it. but something about him intrigued you. there was something about him that drew you in. all the times he immediately averted eye contact when you noticed him staring. all the times slightly tensed when your hand grazed his even the smallest bit. all the times you fell off the horse, and he caught you while you two stay like that. staring into each other’s eyes.

    unfortunately for you, there is a huge no-no on fraternizing with non-royals in a romantic manner. in fact, the immediate second you’re given the crown, you’re required to find someone to marry from one of the neighbouring kingdoms, marry them, have kids, and continue the bloodline, blah blah blah.

    of course, this rule wasn’t always behaved. your great aunt was originally going to inherit the kingdom but she ended up running away with her villager husband as they started their own family, leaving the kingdom to your great grandmother who was the only one near the right age.

    now, it’s not like that was your exact plan, you were never the big picture thinker. plus, jisung may not even be the type to wanna do that, even you might not be. but things change, and you definitely won't think the same in a couple years. and so, if it does come to that… you surely won’t be the first.

    luckily though, you’re still young! most likely about three to four years until your parents deem you “ready” to lead a whole entire kingdom–as if anyone would ever be ready for that.

    and so, for now…


    the distant sound of your name being called can be heard from your bedroom as you rush to your balcony, the curtains blowing outside through the open window. your eyes trail down to the grass ground as you spot a tall figure looking up at you, waving while awkwardly glancing around, almost nervous to get caught.

    you smile as you wave back before rushing to one of the nearby tree branches, grabbing it as you clamber onto the tree, sliding downwards until you were right beside jisung. “you ready?

    “yeah but the ants will probably get to the food first if we don’t hurry!” he exclaims in a hushed tone as you simply respond with a giggle, grabbing his wrist, and whisking him to the agreed upon place for your secret rendezvous picnic.

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    I like you

    Having 5 guys as your best friends is amazing and wonderful, but some things are just bound to happen. Like developing a crush on one of them. To be fair It'd be hard not too since they're all incredibly kind and beautiful both inside and out.
    One person that specifically caught your attention is your best friend Beomgyu. When you first met him you couldn't deny that the was possibly the most beautiful man you had ever seen, but he also turned out to be a complete sweetheart, who also happens to be very funny and makes you laugh. At first you thought it was just a stupid little crush that would go away eventually, but of course that wasn't the case.
    Your little crush turned into something more and soon enough you developed serious feelings for your best friend. Problem was that Beomgyu probably doesn't feel the same way so that's why you decided that you would keep your feelings to yourself. Only Beomgyu had taken notice of this and couldn't contain his excitement himself. He's in the same boat you're in and had been in denial for the longest time. It wasn't until Hueningkai spelled it out for him that he realized it. You felt the same way.
    You frown when you hear the doorbell. Since it's Monday you don't expect any visitors. When you pull the door open you see your best friend standing in front of it, looking uncharacteristically nervous.
    "Hi, can I come in?" He asks, meeting your eyes for a minute before turning away, nervousy biting on his bottom lip as he avoids your gaze.
    "Sure, come in."
    Beomgyu walks in as he closes the door behind him, taking off his shoes and following being you to the living room, where he instantly reaches for your hand and pulls you towards him. You press your hand against his chest to prevent yourself from crashing into him as you stare up at him with wide eyes.
    "What are you-" "-I like you too."
    Your eyes widen at his words as you feel your cheeks heat up. "What are you talking about?"
    Beomgyu flashes you a soft smile as he feels his cheeks heat up. "Huening told me. That you like me. I like you too, and I know you're scared because you don't want to ruin things but I promise you that when I say I want to make this work I mean it. I really do."
    #i had this saved so i thought it'd post it #i'm soft for beomgyu okay #txt#beomgyu#txt beomgyu #beomgyu x reader #choi beomgyu #txt choi beomgyu #txt fluff#txt scenarios#txt drabble#txt timestamp#beomgyu fluff #choi beomgyu fluff #beomgyu scenarios #txt one shot #beomgyu one shot #tomorrow by together beomgyu #fluff#kpop fluff #txt x reader #choi beomgyu x reader #txt beomgyu x reader #x reader
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    umbrella ꕀ eric sohn 

    genre: fluff / wc: 0.7k / no warnings 

    the clouds were gray and gloomy outside. you placed your hand on your cheek just observing how the sky was becoming sadder. suddenly, your train of thought was lost when your friend tried to scare you by slamming on your desk; it failed miserably. 

    “hey y/n, why do you look so down nowadays?” they questioned you, sitting down at the desk next to you where your crush eric sat. 

    you looked at his chair and remembered all the times you would just admire eric during class. the downside was that you were certain he was not into you. every time you would try to make conversation with him, he’d answer quickly and do something else. the tiny bit of hope you had was disappearing to put it quite shortly. 

    “just cause. it doesn’t matter now,” you replied in a monotone voice giving no expression whatsoever. “i just hope it doesn’t rain, that’ll just ruin my mood more.” 

    they tucked in their lips nodding their head realizing you need your alone time. they walked out of the classroom but suddenly you see another figure come in. you figured it was just your friend again but it was… eric? it surprised you because he would usually hang out with his friends at the convenience store that’s near the school for lunch. you quickly went back to staring outside your window because you figured he came back to get something. 

    “it’s y/n right?” he asked standing next to you. 

    you slowly look up at him blinking repeatedly. is he really talking to you right now?

    “ah… yes why?” you answered back with a question. 

    “i noticed you seemed upset today so…” he stopped his sentence and placed down banana milk that he hid behind his back earlier. it was your favorite.

    “oh thank you eric. i appreciate it.” you softly smiled at him, making short eye contact. this was the first time he ever talked to you properly. it felt surreal but you had a feeling it wasn’t going to last long. before you could ask him anything more, a teacher yells out his name. he gave back a smile then immediately ran out of the classroom. there goes your chance…


    the moment you walked outside, it started to rain very heavily. great, exactly what you wanted. recently the weather really affects your mood moreover the rain was not helpful to your current situation. you took your umbrella out of your backpack, opened it up, and headed out. then along the way, you spotted eric trying to cover his head with his backpack. 

    you quickly ran up to him putting him underneath your umbrella. it felt like a drama, in slow motion and everything. he looked at you with those eyes you wished so desperately would look back at you. he smiled at you like a cute puppy that has lost its way. 

    “what are you doing? did you not bring an umbrella?” you angrily asked facing him. he stopped in his tracks and just stared at you.

    “no...i guess i’m a little dumb for that. ” he lightly chucked. 

    you just stared at him - your face showing how worried you were for him. the tension along with the sound of the rain made you want to pour out your feelings right then and there. the both of you stopped walking and stood there under a tree in a neighborhood near the school. 

    “i don’t think you’ve noticed but we’ve ever talked like this before.” you commented. 

    “to be honest, i’ve been wanting a situation like this to happen. i wanted to talk to you ever since the first time i saw you but i couldn’t bring myself up to do it.” eric confessed while looking around except for your eyes. he looked so cute and dorky at that moment.

    “but why?” 

    “you make my heart flutter? if i could put it in a way.” he stumbled on his words. you have never seen this side of him and it was kinda charming in a way. how he was expressing his feelings towards you that made you like him even more than before. 

    “cute.” you muttered under your breath. he looked up at you with curiosity about what you said but he couldn’t quite hear. “i said you’re cute. don’t be afraid to talk to me anymore.” 

    “o-oh thank you,” eric gave you that same puppy dog look again. “should we keep walking?” he asked switching the topic. as he started to walk in front of you, you noticed how red his ears were. 

    “i take back what i said. i’m glad it rained.” you whispered to yourself.

    a/n: hi i haven’t wrote an imagine in awhile! i hope you like this one even though its not my proudest work >< i just wanted to post something heh 

    @snuhee‘s please do not steal or copy 2021 

    #the boyz#tbz #the boyz eric #the boyz eric sohn #tbz eric #tbz eric sohn #eric sohn #the boyz drabbles #the boyz timestamps #the boyz imagine #the boyz scenario #eric x reader #eric sohn x reader #tbz drabbles#tbz timestamps#tbz imagines#tbz scenarios#kpop #kpop the boyz #kpop tbz
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  • 02sng
    16.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    [ 02:15 AM ] lee heeseung

    late night walks with heeseung were what you cherished most. it was a time so peaceful, where both of you just relaxed under the dim lights of the street lamps. you loved it, the peaceful expressions on his face, how each feature looked so princely at this hour. the tired eyes but full of life, smile lines as he tried to bring out a sleepy grin on his face while talking to you. he loved you too, he just never knew how to say it. he loved how every night you'd take him out on a walk to grab some food. he loved how you knew exactly what type of snacks he liked to eat. he loved how you were so careful to not speak loudly, and how you pet him rest his head against yours while sitting on a bench, eating and talking the night away.

    the one thing both of you loved the most was the mutual understanding that you were, in fact, in love. that despite his busy schedules you wouldn't trade it for the world. despite how tired the both of you were, you still made a sleepy effort to talk about your day. you never actually said it, but some things are left understood and unsaid right?

    #heeseung #lee heeseung x reader #heeseung x reader #enhypen x reader #enhypen#enhypen fluff#heeseung fluff#timestamp #kpop x reader #heeseung timestamps#x reader#kpop fluff#enhypen timestamps
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  • thrilride
    15.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    1:55 pm

    you watched silently as the police officer unlocked the cell, entrusting you with the dark-haired boy that once sat inside it. the officer bowed in sincerity, muttering a half-hearted apology before returning to his station and leaving you to deal with the male who had found a place right beside you, slightly clutching the tattered blue sleeve of the jacket he’d given to you once.

    “you okay juyeon?” you whispered, slightly shifting so you now faced each other.

    he nodded in response, gazing at you with an indecipherable emotion. you found yourself reaching forward with a free hand, running your fingers through the dark hair juyeon adorned, and you felt him lean into your touch, resembling that of a cat.

    “sorry for dragging you into this mess,” he murmured, slight discomfort radiating off of him. you merely shook your head, silencing him and his guilt.

    “it’s not your fault and we both know that. besides, how can they even arrest you under the pretense of big hands? i just don’t get it—” you started, only to be interrupted by a light chuckle from your classmate before you.

    “aww y/n, were you worried for me?” he teased, shuffling so that he leaned against the brick wall, hands folded behind his head and eyes filling with mirth.

    you had been concerned for him. 24 hours in a jail cell didn’t seem comfortable in the slightest and you tried to convince yourself that it was merely compassion. definitely not affection. definitely not because you were infatuated with the boy that had somehow wormed his way into your heart. but you’d never admit it to him, not ever in a million years.

    “you wish lee,” you responded, a snarky tilt to the edge of your voice.

    he merely grinned, cheekily wrapping an arm around your shoulders and leading you out of the dreary police station. you both found your way into the bright red car you had gotten two years ago for your birthday, parked outside of the building next to a standard police car.

    juyeon stared at you as you willed yourself to start the car and drive home. but for some reason you sat there, keys in hand. it was a familiar feeling you felt around lee juyeon: incapable, but not useless. you could feel his gaze on you, calculating. no, not calculating. adoration. as if every feather of your existence brought warmth to his being.

    “did you miss me y/n?” he asked again, only this time, less amused and more affectionate.

    you had half a mind to turn down his accusations, something you’d always do when he made slight advances. but this time, something shifted in the air as you slouched against the leather seat, not daring enough to look into his eyes. maybe a million years was too far, why not admit it now?

    “yes juyeon,” you whisper, and although you can’t see him, you feel his surprise, “i missed you. don’t leave me again like that, okay?”

    and he smiled.

    #happy juyo day !! #hihi first post #pls dont come for me #i do not know how arresting works #i got this from a prompt generator pls excuse #text#the boyz#tbz#lee juyeon#juyeon #the boyz au #the boyz imagines #the boyz fluff #the boyz timestamps #juyeon au#juyeon imagines#juyeon fluff#juyeon timestamps#kpop au#kpop imagines#kpop timestamps#fluff #the boyz juyeon
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  • seongyeonsart
    15.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    | 10:39 | — juyeon x f!reader ೫ smut

    ➵ mirror sex, choking, degradation, spanking, daddy kink, rough sex, squirting

    ➵ just a little quick and short one becuase it’s juyeon day !!

    “don’t look away from yourself and I’ll make you cum, do you understand?” you nodded, tears streaming down your face along with your ruined eyeliner and mascara while you’re bent down on the bed, facing the mirror. you whimpered as you felt juyeon’s hand on your already red and bruised ass.

    “I want words, slut.” you moaned when his big hands groped both your ass cheeks, “y-yes daddy.. i- m-mhm.. understand.” juyeon stroked his hard length, looking at you through the mirror with dark eyes. your throbbing cunt dripping wet, desperately clenching around nothing. 

    juyeon suddenly inserted his big length inside you, your upper body collapsing on the bed as you tried to not look away from the mirror. “o-oh f-fuck daddy.. ‘m so full.” you let out a shaky breath, gripping the sheets. “my little slut loves being stuffed with daddy’s cock, don’t you?” 

    his hand wrapped around your neck, pulling you up closer to his chest. “y-yes! l-love daddy’s big c-cock inside m-me..” you gasped, pussy clenching just by the way juyeon’s veiny hand was on your neck, his rings making you shiver.

    juyeon was pounding inside you at a brutal pace, making your eyes roll to the back of your head. his hand released your neck, pushing your head down on the sheets instead as he continued moving inside you. “shit, you feel so fucking good.” juyeon groaned, grabbing a fistful of your hair and pulling on it as you moaned and let out strangled noises.

    “’m close..” you cried out, looking at how fucked out you look. “d-daddy please, let me c-cum..” you were clenching so tight around him, making juyeon close to his release also. “fuck! let go for me baby, cum for me.” your mouth formed an ‘o’, feeling your juices squirt all over juyeon’s cock and all over the bed.

    juyeon cursed under his breath as he saw you squirt for the first time but you couldn’t care less since you were too occupied by pleasure. not long after your release, juyeon gave one last powerful thrust before spilling all his hot seeds inside you as your legs shook.

    you haven’t even recovered from your intense orgasm when you were flipped over, juyeon’s tip prodding at your entrance.

    “think my little whore can squirt one more time?”

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  • flusteredsehni
    15.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    1. I will be finishing time stamps soon!

    2. Please please give me some halateez reaction prompts to work on 🥺

    ( + my editor and I are selling pins for the ateez tour! you can get then delivered or pick em up at la ( 30th ) or Newark, dm if interested )

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  • evanescentreverie
    14.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    [ 01:06 A.M. ]

    "... then there was that time where Mark-hyung entered the bathroom and Bam-ie was taking a shower." You heard Yugyeom laugh from the other side of the line as he recalled the story, "They just stared at each other for a good few minutes before Mark-hyung tossed his phone at him. It was really funny."

    You listened to the sound of his voice as your tears fell endlessly, heart aching from some unknown reason. Everything felt heavy and suffocating and you didn't know why. Maybe it was from earlier or maybe it was because of some event a long time ago but all of it has piled up, emotions seeking release as you cried.

    This was why you called him, Kim Yugyeom. You didn't want to be alone and you wanted some sort of presence in the dark. You knew it was late so you hesitated to call him at first and you didn't even think he would answer.

    But nonetheless, he did. At first, he was really worried when he picked up, asking why you called him, asking why you were crying. However, when you told him that you only wanted to hear him talk, that was what he did. The two of you have been doing this for more than an hour now and you were grateful that he did as you wished.

    Yugyeom's voice was comforting for you. He felt like a home you could always come back to. You knew that he was worried for you, knew that he wanted to ask what was wrong but because of your wishes, he didn't.

    You sniffled once more as you wiped your tears, doing your best to stop them because you felt more pathetic the more you continued to do so.

    You heard Yugyeom clear his throat, voice hesitant as he muttered out his next words. "I know you said not to mention anything but I'm here if you need someone to listen to you, okay?"

    "I know," You whispered, eyes staring blankly at the phone in front of you as you searched your mind for an answer, "I will soon but not now. I'm sorry, Gyeom-ah."

    "You don't need to apologize, Y/n. Just let it all out, you don't need to bottle up your feelings with me."

    You let out a quiet sob at his words, heart heavy by the amount of emotions that you were feeling at the moment.

    "That's right, let it all out." He muttered out, a tinge of sadness evident in his voice. There was silence for a moment until you heard a soft knock on your door, "Now, can you open the door? I'm outside and I brought a care package, as well as a hug for you."

    #yugyeom#kim yugyeom #kim yugyeom x reader #kim yugyeom imagines #yugyeom x reader #got7#got7 yugyeom #got7 x reader #got7 x y/n #got7 x you #got7 timestamp#x reader #x reader imagines #reader timestamp#timestamp#kpop timestamps#kpop imagines#kpop drabbles#got7 drabbles
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  • bbangrictea
    14.01.2022 - 4 days ago


    pairing: juyeon x gn!reader
    genre: fluff; cute; boyfriend!juyeon, established relationship
    warnings: mentions of drinking alchool
    words count: 819
    listen while you read  ♡

    this is for lia, thanks for being so understading with the writing process, it took a while but here it is, hope you enjoy <3

    you were drinking your coffee and reading a book sitting on the table in front of that enormous window you had in your house. it was late afternoon and the sky was a mix of colours - pink, purple and blue - it was really beautiful, just like a canva you find on a museum of art. sometimes you just stop your reading to take a look around and picture everything just like a way of keeping it to yourself, just like a photograph.

    your boyfriend admired you from afar, leaning against the kitchen doorjamb. he was making coffee for himself but now he was just there, looking at you and thinking how it looked like a dream of his. he aproached you and whispered in your ear.

    "hey beautiful" those two words made you shiver. you looked at him and smiled softly.

    "oh hey" you made a gesture for him to come closer so you could kiss him. a tender kiss that ended with both of you smiling at each other.

    juyeon pulled the other chair closer so he could sit beside you, putting his head on your shoulder.

    "is this book good?" he asked looking through the pages you had open.

    "yes, it is! i think you will like it." you kept your eyes on the open pages but you just couldn't concentrate enough to read anymore.

    "great! then i will read it after you finish it" he said with the lower tone of his voice. your heart at this point was almost out of your chest.

    "you know what juyo?" you said looking at him "we could do something different today"

    "keep going" he said taking another sip of his coffee.

    "i think we could take that picnic towel to the yard and enjoy the end of the afternoon, i will read some parts of the book for you and you will tell me which ones you like best."

    "i liked your idea" he said "then we could stay there stargazing and cuddling"

    "oh my god how did i manage to score a man extra romantic like that?" you smiled at him and he did the same, his eyes closing in the cutest eye smile possible and you just had to squish his cheeks before standing up, cause he were too cute to handle.

    as planned you two picked everything needed for that reading and stargazing moment - whatever you called that - the picinic towel, some pillows, the book and two glasses of wine, just because juyeon thought that it would "complete the aesthetic".

    the tree in the backyard had some cute light lamps that made everything look even more magical. you lay together, juyeon passing his arm around you, and you both stood like that for a while talking about life and how beautiful the sky looked until you decide to pick the book.

    "alright, to make more fun you can choose a page and i will read it for you or do you prefer just to hear my favorite quotes?" while you asked juyeon couldn't stop staring at you, he just loved hearing you talking energetically about something you were excited to do.

    "the second option, i love to hear your voice" he said.

    you could feel your cheeks burning right now, your boyfriend always said those things so it was nothing new, but he always got on your soft spots and made you feel shy in some way. he always said that you look extra cute when you get embarassed by something he says.

    you started reading a page of the book, you two lying by side so could you see each other, juyeon carefully listening to every word you said, sometimes you felt a little shy and the words didn't come out correctly and both of you started laughing between sips of wine and sometimes cuddling. after a while, juyeon asked for the book and said that you two were going to read the dialogues from the couple in the book, you already found that it would be a mess cause you two were kinda drunk but accepted anyway.

    he gave you a back hug, his head on your shoulder and the book in front of you two. this idea was made to be a mess but you two had so much fun, everytime he read the lines from the guy in the book with a bad accent you stole a kiss from him so he could shut up for a while, and as a revenge he would tickle you everytime you started to read your lines.

    there was nothing better than this feeling, of home. juyeon was home to you. dating him always felt right and always made you feel like it was the beginning of your relationship even after you two being together for a whole year. and you hoped that it would stay like this for years ahead.

    amy - © @bbangrictea | 2022

    like or reblog to support ♡

    #the boyz#tbz#lee juyeon#juyeon #the boyz au #the boyz imagines #the boyz fluff #the boyz scenarios #the boyz timestamps #juyeon au #juyeon x reader #the boyz x reader #juyeon scenarios#juyeon imagines #kpop writing blog #imagine#fluff#kpop fanfiction #the boyz juyeon #bbangrictea
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  • neobubs
    14.01.2022 - 4 days ago


    wc: 0.5k, genre: fluff, crack, suggestive, established relationship, pairing: lee jeno x gn!reader, hendery mentioned

    you glared into hendery’s eye through the lenses of your glasses, a question mark almost visible in your forehead. the said male currently stood at your right, and he nonchalantly held out a handkerchief in your direction.

    “what’s this for?”, you asked out of utter confusion.

    “you don’t want jeno to see you drooling over him like a dog.”

    blood then flushed to your neck and cheeks after hearing his words. staring at your boyfriend dancing made your entire body numb to the point you couldn’t even control your muscles anymore.

    being caught in such a moment was flustering enough, and you felt overwhelmed when jeno approached you and hendery, meanwhile the latter made fun of how much power your lover had over you.

    “let my baby be, hendery” said jeno taking your head in between his hands and pecking your burning forehead.

    faking nausea, kunhang tripped his way far from the both of you, and jeno took a seat next to you, grabbing your right leg and putting it to rest on his lap under his hands.

    “why are you flustered?”

    “am not”, you said feigning indifference.

    the black haired boy made his face close to yours while you adverted your eyes from his gaze, “i can feel your heat, and it’s winter, baby”.

    you shrugged your shoulders, now staring into his sparkling eyes with fake confidence.

    “tell me why you’re shy”, he insisted.

    you grabbed his hands which were caressing your leg and held them close to your lips, giving each one of them a kiss. resting his knuckles on your cheeks, you lifted your eyes still gathering the courage to properly talk to him.

    jeno’s face approached yours, his foreahead now resting on your own and both of your noses almost touching.

    “hendery’s caught me staring at you.”

    “and why is that a problem?”, jeno whispered to you almost puzzled.

    “it is not”, you sighed lowly gripping his hands, your positions still. “i was embarrassed when i thought he could read minds.”

    laughing, jeno moved his head away and helped your straighten your posture in his embrace.

    “what would he know if he could read minds, baby?”, he asked with his chin on your shoulder.

    heat raised in your body once again, and jeno could feel it even before your shifted before starting to speak.

    “he would know how bad i wanna fuck you everytime you have these sweats on.”

    the smile long fallen from jeno’s face was a sign for you to keep going.

    “god, how come your dick becomes even more outstanding on these pants. plus, they’re so easy to take off, i keep picturing how easily i could suck you off, or ride you right here right now.”

    raising the corner of his lip into a smirk, jeno pressed a longing kiss into your shoulder and squeezed your hand in slyness. standing up, his last phrase sent shrivers all over your body, being audible only to you.

    “practice finishes in ten, baby.”

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  • renjunnnnn
    14.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    [01:35] “jaemin?”

    “yes, my love?”

    “just wanted to ask,” you bite at your lower lip, fiddling with your fingers as you sit on his lap, his eyes gazing into yours like you’re the only person in the world. “is this a forever thing?”

    his eyebrows knit slightly, “what is?”

    “us.” his face softens, “are we a forever thing?”

    his mouth lifts into a smile. a smile that radiates comfort and warmth. he leans in to nuzzle his nose against yours and you giggle when his fingers gently poke at your belly, “we’re married you dumb bitch.”

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  • bunniwoo
    13.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    inbox: open.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀status: online. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ requests: open.

    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀♪ now playing . . . take me home by ateez

    ˖ ࣪ . 💭 ◠ ٪ 𖠵 .  ۫ hello i'm mae! my pronouns are they/them and i prefer fem terms. my master list is in the making, so this is where you'll be able to find my most recent + favorite work!

    tulips: starlight café! - j. wooyoung

    wc: 338 | wooyoung x gn! reader, fluff

    daisies: banana milk! - j. wooyoung

    wc: 555 | wooyoung x gn! reader, fluff


    — [ coming soon ]
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  • songmingisthighs
    13.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    [12.37] dad!seonghwa × reader

    ⇀ a heartwarming surprise for dad

    ⇁ apparently it goes his son, that stupid tshirt, then you.

    The front door opened and in came a huffing Seonghwa.

    "Hwa, baby, is that you?" You called out from the kitchen. The puppy that your son brought home and named Rocky after one of his dad's songs perked up and ran from its position by your leg to Seonghwa.

    Seonghwa dropped his bag on the couch and went over to you in the kitchen without saying anything.

    Finding his lack of response incredibly odd, you put the knife in your hand down and wiped your hands on your apron. You turn around and approach him, "you okay, sweetie?" You asked as you press your hand on his neck and cheek, "you don't look okay. What's wrong?"

    At your question, Seonghwa groaned and slumped his posture slightly, "I can't find my shirt!" He exclaimed. You raised an eyebrow and peered down at the shirt he's wearing, "is this a bunny that you transfigured into a shirt?" You asked. He squinted his eyes at you and stared, "don't bring harry potter into this. And this is not the shirt I meant. My favourite shirt that I have since before my debut! You know, the white 'crush on you' shirt!" He exclaimed in exasperation.

    You let out an "ahh" whilst nodding your head as a sign of understanding. "Well, maybe you misplaced it? I remembered washing it a while ago and I remember ironing and folding it. Are you sure you didn't left it in your locker at the practice room?" You asked him.

    Seonghwa's bottom lip jutted out and he crossed his arms adorably. In this position, you really can tell where Sungchan got his adorableness from.

    "It's not in my locker, I've checked it before I left. Is it possible that YOU misplaced it?" He pushed.

    At his accusation, you scoffed and took a step back from him, "whoah, excuse me sir, but I'm not in charge of the things you have, only the things you and I created or bought together,"

    Suddenly a pair of tiny footsteps patter through the hallway and Rocky perked up, tail wagging happily. It wasn't until Sungchan spoke that both you and Seonghwa realized that he had woken up from his nap.

    With a hand rubbing at his eyes, he walked closer to where you and Seonghwa are, "mommy, daddy, why yelling?" He asked in a groggy tone.

    You looked down and cooed at his adorableness. You picked him up and settled him on your hips. Immediately, Sungchan nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck and settled comfortably in your arms.

    "Sorry baby, daddy lost something and he was blaming mommy. So mommy was about to lose something too," you answered whilst glaring at Seonghwa.

    Seonghwa was about to answer when he finally took notice of the shirt Sungchan was wearing.

    "Is that my 'Crush on You' shirt ??" he asked.

    Comfortable and not wanting to move much, Sungchan simply nodded at his father's question, "comfy, smells like daddy," he answered simply.

    Though Seonghwa came home with frustration and slight irk, he felt all the negative emotions melt away when he saw how adorable his soon looked.

    Without hesitation, he scooped his son into his arms and immediately, the little boy wrapped his limbs around his dad tightly as he giggled into his shoulder.

    "Did you miss daddy that much?" Seonghwa cooed as his fingers tickled Sungchan's stomach. The boy giggled and squirmed but answered with a simple 'uhuh'.

    "Okay, then since daddy's here, why don't we go play with your duckies in the bath tub while your mom cook dinner? Sounds good?" Seonghwa asked.

    Without answering his dad verbally, Sungchan wiggled down and off of his dad's arms to plant his feet firmly on the floor. He pulled the shirt off of him before he dashed down the hallway into the bathroom with Rocky tailing behind him. Not wanting his son to get hurt, Seonghwa followed suit slowly behind.

    You rolled your eyes and turn to resume cooking.

    But before you could do anything, someone had thrusted a shirt into your hands, "please wash this, I'm gonna do a live tomorrow and I wanna wear this for atiny. You're the best, I love you," Seonghwa said in one breath before he dashed off to spend time with his son.

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