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  • younghosfavewhore
    19.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    mine forever . 1:27am

    part 1 [a]   /  part 2 [s]
    wc; 1.5k
    plot; nctjohnny!boyfriend x femreader!girlfriend
    the members of nct have been stirred up in dating rumors and scandals for the past month. when pictures of johnny meeting with a childhood friend begin to float around, you must remind johhny that he’s yours. forever.
    prompts; [a]6 “She was nothing to you, was she? Then prove it.”  [a]20 “People talk- people will always talk...” 
    warnings; (mentions of TAEYONG’s injury) fluff?!, jealous reader, angsty!!!

    My eyes skim over the articles. I can’t believe what I’m seeing. The headlines seemed to drag on forever, “Johnny Suh; NCT’s 5th member involved in Dating Scandal”. Another read, “NCT Johnny Caught with Foreigner; Photos Below” 


    I couldn’t resist clicking the link that my cursor hovered over. The full article was now displayed onto my screen. The pictures loaded for a second, then they were displayed before me. And there it was, Johnny Suh -my Johnny Suh- at a cafe with a blonde-haired foreigner. I continued scrolling, which was probably a mistake, but I was in shock. Certainly they were doctored by some vengeful sasaeng. Another link pops onto my screen, “NCT Johnny Suh has Foreign Girlfriend? VIDEO FOOTAGE”

    you’re fucking kidding me. 

    A notification sound blares from my phone, the sixth one in the past half hour. I haven’t even picked up my phone, I know what the notifications are. There was no doubt in my mind that it was Johnny texting me a sad excuse for the video that’s now playing on a loop on my screen. I recognized her. Her blonde hair and small frame. It was his high school sweetheart; Madison. In the video -which was only about 8 seconds long- you could see him embrace her. They stood at the cafe table, drinks in hand, about to depart. Johnny’s long arms then spread out, welcoming her into a hug. He initiated it. Even in front of all these people, all these cameras. He hugged her. He knew exactly what he was doing. Another notification sound blared through my phone speaker. Why did this make me feel so threatened? So weak? I pick up my phone <6 unread texts from johnny❤> I open the messages, taking a deep breath as I do so.

    johnny❤: baby?

        y/n? text me when you get this.

        ik you see my texts

        i know you’re upset please just text me

        i can explain, i promise…

        im omw to the hotel, we’ll talk when i get there, ok?

    My eyes widen at the last text. Why was he on his way here? What made him think that I wanted to see him?

    me: dont bother, i dont think i want to see you rn

    I send the text with tears welling in my eyes. I was just beginning to fully wrap my head around the events that unfolded before me.

    *ding* <1 new text from johnny❤>

    johnny❤: please, y/n

      you know me better than anyone, don’t believe these rumors, y/n

    Me: i saw the pictures johnny… and the video. what excuse could you have?

    My head began to spin, no way did he think I was going to fall for his pity story.

    johnny❤: this is why we’ll talk in person

      i have a lot of explaining to do, i know. just listen to me please

      i’m only 2 minutes away, ill explain everything i promise

    Take a deep breath. I think to myself, convincing myself that maybe he would have a good excuse. After all, it's Johnny. Would he ever do anything to hurt me? I struggled to gain composure as I heard a familiar knock on the door. The lock clicked and the door crept open. I stood in the living room of the homey suite. 

    “y/n..” Johnny’s voice breaks the silence. He peeks from behind the door.

    My eyes meet his and I feel faint. What’s going to happen? I ask myself, not knowing the right answer as hundreds of thoughts fill my head.

    He continues inside, closing the door softly behind him. He takes slow strides in my direction, and that’s when the tears well in my eyes. Why? I’m not sure, I’ve always been one to get overwhelmed easily, but this was new. His hand reaches out to take mine and I flinch away. The images of him taking another girl into his arms flashing in my head. 

    “Why her? How--” My voice breaks and the tears finally fall from my eyes.

    “It’s not at all what you think it is, baby.” His voice was soft and genuine. Almost desperate. 

    “Then what is it? Huh?” My voice changed from calm to angry. I took a deep breath in an attempt to try to calm myself back down and I back farther away from him. “I... I was patient. I knew this would happen. I was understanding of the rumors, the lies. But this? These pictures? These videos?” I began to lose my cool. “How could you possibly explain this?” Anger was tainting my words, what was I saying? “If you want to be with her then just say that.” I spit the words out.

    Johnny looks taken aback, rightfully so. “It’s not like that.”

    “Then what is it, Johnny?!” I shouted, menacingly. “It isn’t adding up.” I plead as my voice cracks. “Please, just fucking explain yourself.”

    He walks towards me again, I don’t have the energy to fight him anymore. He takes my hand and places a light kiss on it.

    “I know you’re confused. I know you’re angry.” He doesn’t take his eyes off of mine. “People talk. In this industry, people talk so fucking much.” His tone was so gentle; he was hurt but still so gentle with me. “People will always talk, okay, y/n?”

    I nod, tears streaming down my face at this point. 

    “I’m in the wrong here. You saw the videos, I know, but there’s more to it than that.” He sits me down next to him on the couch.

    “I just don’t understand.” My voice trembles. “With the other members, Doyoung, Mark, it was just gossip, easily dismissed. But…” My voice trails off.

    “I know.” He sighs and pulls me close to him. “Those pictures were taken completely out of context.” where is he going with this? “Yes, it was Madison. And I’m sorry for meeting up with her without telling you, especially with everything that’s been going on…” He traced his fingers in small circles along my back, something he often did when he needed to calm me down. He sighs and pulls me closer to him, we sit in silence for a bit before he continues. “As you know, Taeyong… His injury?”

    I nod my head against his chest. “I know…” I whisper in response. what does that have to do with anything?

    “Well… Madison, when I met with her at the cafe,” He paused, awaiting a reaction but I didn’t give one. I wanted to hear him out. He continues, “She moved here a few months ago. It has nothing to do with me, or NCT as a whole.” He disclaims. “She’s studying abroad here for a journalist internship. She’s-”

    “Get to the point,” I whisper, barely being able to hear him ramble on about her.

    He places a kiss on the top of my head. “Everyone knew about Yong’s injury; the managers, the staff, even the stage crew noticed it.” I wince a bit at the thought of Taeyong having to deal with this kind of injury. “You were busy with studies and I didn’t want you worrying about me or the boys. I vented to Madison about it. She explained that she had ties to news sources that could have exposed SM for overworking him. So…” He sighs, “She threatened SM. Unless they gave us all a break or hiatus, she threatened to report it to national broadcasting stations.”

    “Wait-” I interrupt him, the puzzle pieces finally fitting together in my head. 

    “Let me finish.” He cuts me off in return. “I wanted to treat her to coffee while she was still in town, as a thank you. Nothing more. Because of her, me and the boys were able to finally get a break and Taeyong is finally getting rest.” He explains.

    im such a fucking idiot, i think to myself.

    I was speechless, how could I have been this stupid. I finally built up the courage to look up at him; his eyes scanning my face for a reaction. 

    “I’m sorry.” It’s all I can mutter out in my state of embarrassment. “I’m sorry.”

    “No, it’s ok. I promised to be transparent about this stuff and instead I hid it from you. I’m in the wrong too. I’m sorry.” He replies, softly. His hands trailed up and down my back.

    I look into his eyes again, begging for forgiveness without saying a single word. He got the hint and leaned in to press a soft peck to my lips. 

    “I love you,” I said, my lips brushing against his as our foreheads rested on each other.

    He smiles before kissing me back. “I love you, too.”

    “So, she means nothing?” The sudden, whispered, inquiry was cold in the quiet air.

    There was a pause, a moment that I nearly regretted asking.

    “She means nothing.” He said, his voice was gruff and direct.

    “Then prove it.” The words rolled off my tongue, and before I had time to think, Johnny’s lips were pressed back up against mine.

    #johnnysuh#kpop#nct#nct127#youngho#kpopangst#angst #this was gonna be smut but ?? #i feel like the angst aspect is 10x better #unless a smutty pt 2 is needed #hmmm😏😏#ponderinggg#johnnyangst#nct angst #this is veryyyy different from my normal writing style so i hope its not too #... #bad
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  • rosesforsomeone
    16.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Shotaro (preview)

    November 3rd, 1987 - Journal Entry #1

    I liked to walk around. I liked to see things. Long before, I trailed the vein like sidewalks of my town on nights like this. After the sun descended I'd crawl out of my small bedroom window, and held hands with a blackness that terrified most my age. Not a soul around me knew why I'd enjoy these late escapes, but they'd always be quick to pass judgement. Yet they'd never ask why. All they'd see of my town when painted by midnights where tales of crime, fear and an unforgiving wind chill during the winter and fall. Adults around me seemed to always be distracted by the superficialities cried out of their newspapers and magazines. And in turn, people of the night such as me where seen as shadows, spectacles of society or ghosts who were still alive. I was a young girl "ahead of my time", my neighbors would say to me. "Curious" they'd call me on days together, a "bastard child" behind my back and a "delinquent" to the authorities. During the twilight, and right before the hands of nighttime lost their grips on my sky. The town of Central Islip held my hand and danced with me like the princess I was; my forethought when the day stuck.

    June 17th, 1971

    "You must be y/n's mom"

    a boy said at the doorway

    A hot breeze blasted, a phantom from a summer previously locked outside of a small townhouse door. Spouts of violence at first, then cries from a creature turned tepid moments after. It's breath gushed a heat wave, cooking my tattered walls and stained hardwood floors even more so than before. Curtains dance and swing along to the rhythm-less song created by the summer. The symptom of this cadence; a hurricane of once settled dust falls down and precipitates on my living room floor. As the eyes of my lover gaze, my home violently presents itself. This recluse of a woman stares at his figure with intensity. Her eyes jab and pierce his conscious like a panther stalking a hound. The boy's delicate words slice through it's tension: "My name is Osaki Shotaro. I've been with your daughter for four years, and I think it's time we've met" His frame towered over the figure of a small woman- my mother. Moments pass, every second longer than the last one. A feeling, a pause, then this feeling came again. The summer flooded the doorway with a heat so intense for it's second time. The creature closed in on my throat and choked me with it's palm, trailing up and down my dress with the other one. Searing my face a crimson red from it's breath, as if it foreshadowed the beginning of an endless hell my young self would be thrown into unwillingly. Another second passed, then another and another. The time between these ten small moments became increasingly difficult to tell apart. And suddenly the ground shattered, it quaked. The thrash of a million echoes roared across my feet as I felt the earth tumble me into the hot air, like water on a burning skillet. Thought's raced across my temples. A discrepancy between fear and excitement? An eruption, a tug of war between a new found love and the back of my mother's hand. The confident smile this boy had carried with him for years had just been shattered, destroyed by the hand of a woman half his height and twice his age.

    November 4th, 1987 - Journal entry #2

    It seems as if every moment passes with a small turbulence that shakes in the back on my conscience. In the first moments of my arrival that feeling threw itself towards the back of my bleeding skull, and cursed untiringly. I can't shake the image of a lioness trapped in a cage as the eyes of its captors stare, pondering at the beast as it screams helplessly through the steel enclosure that it now found itself in. The animal scratches at this machined box, biting into the cold metal until her fangs crack and bleed under the immense pressure. Without a second thought, a shot rings out a few meters away. Shrapnel covering the once beating heart of a beast. The animal slumps towards the ground and four hundred pounds of flesh punch the floors of the prison.

    This place- this prison maintained by the tyrants that be. The same figures who created it have finally wore me down. I have yet to hear a laugh, I have yet to see a smile. All that is created inside of these walls represents something so inhuman, something that en-captures the saddest side of inherited darkness. The light has been stripped from my life. Evil roams around the empty gray hallways created by it. My heart is shattered. It's been an eternity and a half since I've smelled the roses you got for me on our first day together as lovers. The first thing I can sense in these dark mornings is the faint glimmer of sun that brings itself in through my small caged window. And the lifeless smell of ammonia used by the women who clean the floors in the earliest parts of my day. Each day it feels like I am sitting on deaths doorstep. So many have fallen here.

    During times like this all I can think of doing is finally ending my life, or at least what there is left of it. My mental is starved from affection, from color, from life. I hope that it is happiness that you have, wherever you are. Shotaro. No matter how much I suffer here.

    I will survive for you.

    #shotaro#nct#asylum #kpop kpopangst kpopfluff nct shotaro shotaroangst shotarofluff
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  • faiirybread
    21.01.2021 - 3 monts ago

    wrong time;; park jisung

    (---- is replaced by your name)




    tears were pooling in my eyes as i shook his shoulders and he faced me, an unreadable expression on his face.

    “what do you want?”

    “we need to talk.”

    “you always need to talk, what is it this time? i put the vacuum in the wrong place?”

    “we need to break up.”

    his face quickly went to one of shock, and he stood up.


    “we need to break up, this obviously isn’t working and i know,” you paused and took a breath, tears streaming down your face. “i know that you’re happier with them.”

    “n-no, no, i’m not, i love you, ----! i want to make it work, please, let me make it work.” he pleaded, grabbing onto your arm and pulling you closer.

    you pushed him off and went to your shared room, beginning to pack up, jisung following like a lost puppy.

    “baby please, i love you so much, please, don’t do this to me. i swear i’ll be better, i’ll stop hanging out with them-”

    “jisung, no. i’m breaking up with you. have a good life, and take care of them well. i love you.”

    you gave him one last kiss, one filled with salty tears and regret, then took your thing and left.

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  • faiirybread
    21.01.2021 - 3 monts ago

    coffee flirting;; na jaemin

    i got out of my car, and headed into an unfimiliar cafe. sure, i could go to the usual one and be reminded of my 5-year relationship that ended up with the guy cheating on me, and probably break down again, 


    that was too much for today. so here i was, in a new coffee shop, not knowing what to get. when i got to the front of the line and the cashier asked what i wanted, i had no idea. 

    so i made the worst possible decision and flirted with him. FLIRTED. oh god, please save me.

    “well, i dunno, but you look pretty good.”

    his cheeks colored pink and my eyes instantly widened, and started apologizing. 

    “oh my gosh, i’m so sorry, i don’t know where that came from, uh, i’ll take whatever, i’m so so sorry!” 

    the cashier just shook his head and laughed, it sounding like music to my ears.

    “it’s alright, how does an affogato sound?”

    “that sounds great.” i said, smiling back, and handed him the proper payment.

    i went to wait at a table, and about 3 minutes later, someone approached my table. i looked up, and it was the cashier, this time without his apron and with two drinks. 

    “here you are, an affogato and one na jaemin.” he said, grinning. i groaned, burying my head in my arms, and he laughed again, sitting down across from me and taking his drink.

    (based off a true story, except it didnt end this way TT)

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  • faiirybread
    20.01.2021 - 3 monts ago

    drinking;; lee felix

    felix’s heart dropped to his gut when he arrived at the bar, and saw you. sitting on a guy’s lap, you were smiling and talking. the guy was holding you very close, and while felix was watching, he  whispered in your ear and the two of you got up and went to a different room. 

    he had come here to forget about you, why’d you have to be here?

    fuck it, there’s a bar on the other side of town. 

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  • tempobaekh
    07.11.2020 - 6 monts ago

    Park Seo Joon

    Song: Maria - Hwasa (slowed and reverb)

    Make sure to follow my Instagram Tempobaek for kpop/kdrama/cpop/cdrama imagines and dating doors!

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  • wykynct
    20.09.2020 - 7 monts ago

    ✨JEONGIN - I Love You✨

    Warnings: I don’t think anything

    Genre: Angst. Just angst but a small bit of fluff at the end.

    Reader: Female

    Words: 2.6K




    You stared at the clock which just ticked to the 12. It’s officially midnight and your boyfriend still wasn’t home. Usually you would care as he is always like this. But today was special. It was your 4th month anniversary. It wasn’t long but during those months you have noticed changed in the both of you. Change for the better. You felt like you’ve been dating for years not months.

    You were ready to spill your emotions out to him, but he didn’t come home. No matter how many times the following days he promised he would be there on time. But as always. He lied. 15 minutes turned into 30 minutes. Just as it was close to 1 in the morning and you were ready to give up. You heard the beeping of your door code being put in.

    Your head snapped towards your door, although it was dark you could see the figure of Jeongin. The lights switch on and he starts taking his jacket off. The jacket that now has rips through it. Your mouth dropped knowing exactly where he was, well not the location but what he was doing.

    “You got in a fight again?” You asked dad he came closer chucking the jacket on the ground as if it was his house. “Nah. I fell” he said sarcastically walking past you and into your kitchen, grabbing a cup and filling it with water. Only to gulp it down straight away. You got of your lounge and walked your way to across him. The counter in between the two of you.

    “Why didn’t you pick up your phone?” “Sorry” you scoff, he isn’t even gonna give you a damn excuse. Well good because to be honest you weren’t even gonna believe it. “You missed our date” you crossed your arms. Jeongin our the cup in the sink not even rinsing it our and walked around the counter to be standing in front of you. He grabbed your chin ready to kiss you but you took a step back away from him.

    “What the hell?” He asked watching as your angry facade never dropped. “No. You know how many hours I waited for you at that place? People thought I was stood up” you close your eyes hoping not to cry. Not now. Not in front of him.

    Jeongin stared at you, you can’t seem to read what his thinking. Not like you ever could. “Then why didn’t you leave?” He calmly said back taking a seat on the bar stool you recently bought. “Because I thought maybe there was traffic, maybe-“

    “You shouldn’t of thought then” he shrugged staring at you like this was nothing. Your heart dropped. You started biting the inside of your cheek hoping not to drop character. “I’m sorry for believing you. Next time I won’t” you spit out chucking your hands up in frustration. Your boyfriend stares at you before chuckling deeply.

    “What is so funny to you?”

    “Nothing. Your just so cute”

    When he started moving his hand towards you, you backed away even more. He is not getting what he wants. “You haven’t changed. I really thought you would off” hearing you say that mad Jeongins blood boil. He got up slightly taller than you. His eyes were dark as he walked a couple steps towards you. “You want me to change? Guess what”

    You were trying your hardest to not break and tell him you didn’t mean it. But you just couldn’t. “I don’t change. For no one” he raised an eyebrow threateningly at you. You felt intimidated, like more than you ever had with him. Even the first time you met him.

    “So say why you want. Think what everyone else thinks” you closed your eyes as he walked away from you to his jacket he only just chucked to the floor. But he turned to look at you, shaking his head. “Your not even sorry about missing our anniversary?” You ask breaking the awkward silence. He chuckled but then went back to his normal face.

    “Anniversary? For what the 2 months we’ve been together” 2 months? That’s all he thinks you guys have been together? 2 months? Not even 3? 2? You started breathing heavily. “Get out” you say calmly. But your inside was burning. You wanted so hard to hit him b it you couldn’t. You weren’t like that.

    “What?” He ask furrowing his eyebrows. Did he hear you correctly? “I said” you started. This was the calm before the storm. “Get out” you scream making his widen his eyes. “Get out and don’t come back. I don’t ever want to see you again” it was like you had no control over your own mouth. Jeongin started at you in confusion but listened. Walking to your door and slipping his shoes and then walking out.

    That’s when the tears started slipping out. One by one down your cheek. You didn’t even know what you were feeling. You were upset he was gone but glad as well.


    A whole week. Without a call or text from him. You didn’t break up you only kicked him out of your apartment. Does he think you guys broke up? Should you text him first? No. “You good?” You raised your head to your best friend who has yours and hers coffee in hand. “Nothing, thank you” you sigh taking your coffee and sipping on it. You weren’t always a coffee addict. That until Jeongin forced you to drink it as that’s all he ever drunk in the morning.

    Why did all your memories pan back to him. “Okay no. You can not mope around about him. It’s a break up and -“ you’d stared at your friend with wide eyes. “We didn’t break up” you correct but you friend looks at you unsure. “Uhhh... okay?” You turn to where her eyes are to see Jeongin drinking coffee with another girl. An unfamiliar girl.

    “Right” you chcukled sadly turning back around gulping down the hot liquid. It burnt your throats but you ignored it. “Let’s go” you say picking your bag up of the ground. Of course he has to be here. The cafe you showed him, the cafe where you two would always go. Your friend followed after you. You stopped for a second staring at the boy you gave up a lot of things for. Your heart broke. He really thought you two were broken up? Whole you were to busy waiting for a call.

    “What are you looking at” the girl he was sitting with stared at you. Your friend tapped your shoulder and nodded towards the door. You nodded staring at the girl and your boyfriend. No ex boyfriend. Jeongin turned his head to see you standing there. To say he was surprised was an understatement. “What are you doing here?” He asked ready to stand up but you shook your head. “Let’s go” you turn to your friend and the both of you walk out.

    “If you said you two didn’t break up then why was he-“ “we broke up. I forgot about it” you lied. Neither of you said the words. But it’s over. You can stop waiting for his text or call to make up now. “Well. Let’s forget about it yeah? Let’s just have a night out” you friend laughs pulling you with her into a nearby store that sold clothes.


    “Okay now that’s hot” your friend giggles when you emerge from the change rooms with a black dress that were a bit too tight for your liking, it was just above your knees. “I don’t know” you bit your lip staring at yourself in the mirror. Turning this way and that. “I don’t wear dresses you know this” you turn around already unzipping the zipper that took forever to zip up.

    “Fineeee I’ll find you some jeans and a top” “and a jacket” you call out with a laughter slipping the dress off. Minutes after your friend opens the curtain scaring you a bit. “Put these on” she hands you three pieces of clothing. You push her out and shut the curtain again. Putting them on. You walked out. The black jeans fitted perfectly, the purple crop top with spaghetti straps made you look like you actually had boobs. And the black leather jacket made the outfit stand out better. “I like this”


    You walked in next to your friend who wore a tight red dress which she suited very very well. Better than anyone you know could pull it off. “Okay soooo what are you having to drink” your friend ask and you tell her your favourite drink. Your black 6 inch hills made your feet hurt and you’ve only had them on for not even two hours.

    Hours later, drinks later. You were drunk. Thankfully your a happy drunk and always lighten the mood with your silly joke and weird starters to conversations. “Let’s dance” your friend ask but you shake your head continuing to sit in the booth that had all the empty glasses stacked up. “Alright. But you have to dance at least once” you nod with a light smile.

    Minutes later you saw how much fun your friend was having. You decided to get up, still struggling to stand properly in them. You walked to the dance floor but immediately regretted it seeing the face that made you start drinking in the begin. Jeongin walked trough the dance floor to the bar and ordering what he usually does. You watched as he leaned against the bar waiting for the bartender to finish his drink.

    His gaze went from the party people and slowly made their way to your body. You stood still blinking aimlessly at him. He closed his eyes but only for a second before turning around. Now you stared at the back of his head. You took a deep breathe before walking onto the dance floor right next to your friend. “He is here” you yell at her. She looks around the club and finally see him, with a shake of her head she grabs a random males arm and basically chucks him at you.

    “What?” You mouth at her but she shrugs with a smirk before dancing with a boy she just met. The male in front of you put his hands around your waist. You felt super uncomfortable but for some reason you couldn’t push him away. Your nice drunk cane out and now your swaying with him to the music.

    Across it all Jeongin saw you and it felt like his heart dropped to his stomach. How can you be doing that right in front of him? And you can’t use the excuse that you didn’t see him. He saw you. Now he stood there watching you dance with a stranger, two drinks in his own hands. Once he saw you he turned around to order another drink. Your favourite.

    He placed both glasses on the bar and started walking through the sweaty bodies. Straight past you, inside you felt like the whole word dropped. He didn’t even look at you. So you took matters into your own hands and pushed the stranger off lightly and ran after him. Saying sorry to every person you accidentally barge.

    “Jeongin” you scream grabbing into his hand. He turned around letting out a soft sigh. Thank god. He thought. “What?” His voice was angry and you could tell. “Can we talk?” You yell over the music. At first you think he doesn’t hear you so your about to scream again. But he pulls you into the bathrooms that were right next to him. “This is the males” you’d say looking around the unfamiliar bathroom.

    “Talk. You’ve got 5 minutes” You furrow your eyebrows at him. Why is he choosing how long you have? “What are you doing here?” You ask struggling to find a conversation starter. Which was weird as your drunk, maybe seeing him made you sober? Nope that’s impossible.

    “That’s what you want to ask me? Baby I should be asking you that” you gasped at the nickname. He only ever called you that once before. “Baby? You don’t get to call me that” you say crossing your arms. Your cheeks were red from the alcohol. “Why not? Why can’t I?” He leans against the sink staring at you.

    “We ain’t together” you spit out. Well technically you only just said it to make a point. His eyes went wide “since when? Did you make that decision without me?” You scoff at his words. Just as your about to say anything else the bathroom door opens showing a male who was clearly drunk. “Ooo sorry” he laughs thinking about what you two could possibly be doing in the males bathroom. Although there was a big space between you and Jeongin.

    “I’m going to go” you smiled to the man and back at Jeongin. Out the bathroom you went and to your friend. Well you were until you were pulled back. “You need to answer me” he whispers to your ear but you shrug him off. “Answer you for what?” You scream at him gaining some attention but they were drunk and ignored the fight. “Who told your we were broken up? Why would you make that decision with you including me. The other part of this relationship”

    You were confused but you were drunk. Your feelings were mixed up and you couldn’t focus. “You should of thought of that before-“ Jeongin scoffed rolling his eyes. “So you decide it when what? I told you I don’t change for no one? When I listened to you and left your apartment? Or when you saw me sitting with my friend?”

    You closed your eyes. Turning around and walking out of the clubs door. You heard it open after you and you turned around ready to have another screaming match. But Jeongin wasn’t behind you. It was a stranger who was looking at you like you were completely nuts. Maybe you were. This whole time you thought that he thought you broke up. But really... then why was he sitting with that girl and did nothing when she spoke to you like that.

    You turned away from the club and started walking to your car. “Your not driving” a voice screams at you. You know that voice from anywhere so you didn’t have to turn around. “Go away” “no. When did we break up?”

    “When I thought you thought that we were” you answer going through your hand bag to get your car keys. Jeongin was now right behind you. Basically breathing down your neck. “Please move back” “look. Babe” he grabbed your waist turning you to face him. “I didn’t want to break up with you. But if that’s what you want I will walk down this road-“ he stopped looking you in the eyes. “No. I will drive you home then walk down the road and never see you again” you laugh at his sudden change in thought.

    But he wasn’t laughing. He never did to be honest. “So. What is your choice?” You sighed leaning your head against your car. “If I say yes and keep this relationship going. Will you remember the special occasions of-“ he cut you off kissing your lips. “I love you” your eyes went wide and you stood up straight. “You what?” He has never said that before. Your heart was beating to fats for your liking.

    “Do you love me?” You smile lightly before rolling your eyes playfully “of course I do. I’ve told you that before” you point out. Which you have multiple times but he always turned around and said okay. “You have yes. But now I’ve said it soooo I think you should say it” “it took you a whole 4 months to finally say it. You think I should give in so easily?” You Joel around making him smile. This time he didn’t try hiding it like he usually does.

    “I love you, Yang Jeongin”




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  • raisswrites
    10.09.2020 - 8 monts ago

    Ever Friends (M)

    Pairing: Baekhyun x reader(female)
    Genre: smut, Friends to Lovers!AU, angst(ish).
    Rating: M
    Warnings: explicit sex, explicit language, dirty talk, bruising, violence, drunk sex, unprotected sex.

    The sky was pouring. The droplets of water rained down relentlessly, rendering the streets wetter by the second. You sat there, chin in your palm as you watched the rain knocking on your window. You let out a sigh, creating fog on the glass. You told him to stay in, to not go out on this cloudy day. You went so far as to send him the weather forecast for today. But being the thick headed man that he is, he didn’t listen to you. Now he must be in some downtown club getting wasted with the assholes he calls friends.

    It’s not like you’re anyone special to him, you’re just the friend he comes to whenever his friends are too drunk to care about his complaints.

    Right. You’re nothing but his emotional crutch.

    The thought made your heart knot up. But it was the truth, unfortunately. It’s not like you haven’t tried to let go of your feelings. It’s just that the more you tried to suppress them, the stronger they grew. To say you haven’t contemplated cutting ties permanently with him would be a lie. Your friendship with him hurt like nothing else. But you also cherish it more than you’d care to admit.

    As you watched the rain slow down to a steady trickle, sleep started to take over you. You took a peek at the clock. It was 02:34 in the morning. You got up from your seat next to the window and made your way to the bathroom to brush your teeth. The drip-dripping of rain has completely stopped. You sat on the bed in your small bedroom, your hands busy shoving your books into a box that was lying around. In no time you were tucked in, your head sinking warmly into your pillow.

    A knock broke the silent darkness of the night. You froze in your place, suddenly the blankets felt too cold for you. You weren’t expecting anyone this late at night. Seulgi would never come without calling. Joohyun was out of town. And Baekhyun... well, he was probably in some random girl’s sheets by now.

    You walked on shaky legs, your feet almost soundless against the cold ground. “Who’s there?” Your voice sounded smaller than you wanted it to.

    “It’s me, Baekhyun. Open up.” The answer came to you as a surprise, it was indeed his voice on the other side of the door.

    You unlocked your apartment and swung the door open. The sight that greeted you was not a pleasant one. Baekhyun was leaning heavily on the doorframe, his clothes were soaked through and stained. You let out a strangled gasp. “Goodness! What happened to you?” you asked as you helped him inside.

    “I got into a fight.” he answered as you sat him down. His breath reeked of vodka, his left eye was bruised and blood was leaking from his brow. He was wincing as he made himself comfortable on the sofa.

    “No, Baekhyun. You got your ass handed to you, is what happened.”

    He let out a weak laugh. “Yeah, yeah. Very funny.”

    “Baekhyun!” His laughter seized, he looked at you with wistful eyes, his lips pressed into a straight line. “What happened?” you asked, your voice so soft it was barely a whisper. You were sitting at the edge of the sofa, your legs shaking anxiously as you awaited his answer.

    He pondered for a moment, his eyes looking everywhere but at you. He let out a heavy sigh, his shoulders slouching. “It’s not important, okay? Just let me stay here for the night, I’ll leave in the morning.”

    You stared at him for a moment, pondering whether to pressure on or just leave him be. “Fine,” you huffed. “Let me get you something warm to wear, you’re ruining my sofa.”

    As you were returning to the living with your first aid kit and fresh clothes, Baekhyun had just got up on groggy feet. You could hear him wincing as he slipped off his sweater. What you saw made you almost drop the kit, but you kept a strong grip on it. Baekhyun’s broad back had been tainted with a big patch of bruising that was blackening by the second.

    You rushed to him, your hands hovering over his back by default. He turned around, his breath hitching. “What are you doing?” he asked, bemused.

    “What the hell happened Baekyun? Who did this to you?” you yelled, barely holding it together.

    “Stop asking, (Y/N). You don’t wanna hear the answer.”

    “Of course I want to!” Baekhyun looked away, his fingers brushing his wet hair back. “Baekhyun, for God’s sake answer!”

    “That asshole Minho.” he answered after a long second, his bare shoulders looked tense, his fists gripping the air tightly.    

    “What?” was the only thing that you could utter. You put your hand on his shoulder and turned him around.  

    He looked into your eyes, looking very much boozed up. “That dickhead was being disrespectful, what do you expect me to do?”

    “What did he say?” you asked in an oddly calm voice.

    He put his cold hands on your shoulders and plastered a smile on his face. “Just forget it, okay? Go-”

    “No,” you swatted his hands away. “What did he say?”

    His eyes grew hard and dark, it was the first time you witnessed such intensity within them. He sat down on the sofa, his hands rubbing at his knees nervously.

    “He was sitting at the table with his friends, I didn’t really care at first. I was having a great time… but then the bastard started getting drunk. He started spouting nonsense; how he was the first guy in campus to fuck you, he kept telling his friends that they could fuck you now because he got tired of you. He said you weren’t as good in bed as he imagined you’d be.” The more you listened to his words, the angrier you grew. You wanted to stop him, but his words were all the more reason to hate Choi Minho.

    “He said you were groveling at his feet when he ended things with you. He said he fucked you and then broke up with you before you could even put your clothes back. The more I listened the more I wanted to pummel him into oblivion.” Baekhyun grabbed the arm of the sofa aggressively, he looked up at you. “Can you blame me for it?”

    “No,” you answered, your eyes glossy with fury.

    “When I tried to stop him, he told me I was just jealous that he got to nail you before I did. That’s when I snapped.”

    His words sunk into your brain with the realisation that you’re the reason for his state. You sat down next to him, your hand grazing his back. “What about this bruise, then?”

    “Oh, the bouncers kicked us out and I fell on the pavement.” he answered, his mischievous smile making an appearance. You couldn’t help but smile back at him. You stared at each other, your gaze full of love while his was an odd mixture of lividness and playfulness.

    “Did he break your heart?” His voice was silky soft, slightly wavering. He was close enough that you smell the alcohol in his warm breath. “If he broke your heart, I’d go right now and beat his goddamn bones. I don’t care how much I’m hurting.”

    You let out a chuckle.”No, I broke up with him, silly. He’s just saying all that because his ego is hurt.”

    “Why did you date him, then? You’re so much better than him, you deserve so much better.”

    You looked down at your lap.”I was in love with someone I can’t have.”

    “Well, they’re one blind person.” he looked away.

    Silence settled in between you like the darkness outside your window. It was finally broken by Baekhyun.

    “If I was a better man… someone not as broken, not as fucked up as the man that I am. If I wasn’t someone who steals bravery from alcohol, I would say that I love you. But I’m not that man, and I’m probably too wasted right now to make sense. I’m probably gonna regret this in the morning. But if I was in that guy’s place, I would hold onto you and never break your heart.”

    By the time he turned around to look at you, your eyes were soaked in tears. “Because it’s not everyday a guy meets a girl like you.”

    Before he could finish his sentence, and without you even knowing what you were doing, your lips were on his. A tear rolled down his eyes and landed on your cheek. He was frozen for a moment before he put his hand on your waist. He put you on his lap, his pants were wet but you didn’t mind. Your fingers ran through his hair, you tilted your head deepening the kiss as he moved in perfect rhythm with you. His warm tongue ran over your lips before interlacing with your tongue.

    You moaned against his lips. His hand started moving down before he grabbed your ass. His other hand was under your top, timidly touching your stomach. His cold fingertips against your skin made you heat up all the more. You could feel a knot of hot lust form in your abdomen. You grabbed his bottom lip between your teeth and started pulling it slowly. The action pleased him apparently, if his hips’ involuntary movement was any indication.

    You felt him get hard against your core, the feeling of it made you let out another moan, this time louder and more wanton. That was enough to make him flip you over onto the sofa. He looked at you, his eyes mad with hunger. Yet he was hesitant, waiting for you to give him the cue. Just barely holding himself together.

    Seeing him like that made you all the more sure of what you wanted. You wanted him, plain and simple. You wanted him on this sofa, gloriously naked and deep inside you. Just like you daydreamed about for as long as you knew him. “What do you want?” he asked.”How far do you want to go?”

    “So far that I can’t remember we were ever friends.”

    Your voice came out more like a whisper, you watched him close his eyes as he relished in your words. Without missing a beat he grabbed your sweatshirt and practically yanked it off. He unclasped your bra, you looked him in the eyes as you slowly took the piece of undergarment off and threw it on the floor. He stood over you, his broad shoulders outlined by the light. You watched him as he watched you, eyes completely focused on your bare breasts. In one smooth motion, he enveloped your nipple with his lips, his hand busy playing with the other one. A deep grunt escaped your throat, your back arching on instinct under his touch. His teeth gave your nipple one last graze before they abandoned it. He started leaving open mouthed kisses on your chest and all the way up to your throat. Your fingers tightened on his black locks before you pulled his head up. You looked at him, still catching your breath.

    “What are you waiting for?”

    He leaned closer to you, his lips in a lopsided smile. “I wanna take my time, princess.”

    “Fuck that,” you retorted, pulling him into another kiss. Your hands moved down towards his jeans. You let your hand rove over his bulge, causing him to groan deeply into your mouth. You started unzipping his pants, your greedy hand grabbing him shamelessly. He melted into your touch, his body almost completely squeezing you. He broke the kiss, his hands instantly dragging your pants and underwear off.

    His eyes roamed over your naked body, you opened your legs for him, too drunk on lust to care. He put his bottom lip between his teeth, his hand dragging his boxers down to touch himself.

    “You’re so perfect,” he purred. You let out a chuckle.

    “You should see yourself,” your hand moved down to your clit, you started caressing the swollen nodule. You peered at his cock twitching in his hand at the sight of it. “So you're just gonna jerk off?”

    His hands movement ceased completely at your words. With his eyes still on you, he stood up.

    ”Ah, so cocky. Let’s see if I can fuck that cockiness out of you.” He rid himself of his jeans and boxers before aligning himself with your entrance. 

    You put your hand on his shoulder, pushing him lightly off of you.”No no no. I’ll be doing the fucking.“

    You sat him down on the sofa before positioning yourself on top of him. You slowly start to lower yourself on him. As soon as his tip was past your entrance, you started wincing. You always knew that Baekhyun was well endowed, you’ve always dreamed about filling yourself up with him. But now that he was here in person, hard as he can be and just barely inside you. You couldn’t help but grimace at the largeness of him. Despite it hurting slightly, it still felt blissfully good. You sunk him deeper into you, your walls moving around him.

    “Fuck,” he grunts.”You’re so tight.”

    Your only answer was to move in an upward motion, your breath caught in your throat from the pleasure. You lowered yourself slowly, your insides barely adapting to his cock. He threw his head back, his hands shooting up to your waist. You took that chance to plant a kiss on his Adam's apple. You dragged the kiss down to his collarbone, leaving a trail of saliva in your wake. The kiss turned into a bite when he started moving you up and down on top of him. You put your hands on his shoulders, your chin resting in the crook of his neck.

     “Ah, fuck.” you moan.

    You started moving your hips in rhythm with his, so filled up with him you couldn’t think of anything other than where your bodies intersect. His breath was labored, you could feel it on your neck as he grabbed your skin between his teeth and pulled at it. His hands were leaving marks on your back, so intense he was in his fucking that he didn’t realize he was hurting you. His biceps were taut, and his face was getting more and more sweaty. 

    You interrupted his trail of bites down your neck when you started kissing him. The kiss was nothing short of feral, it was all teeth and madness. Nothing like the tender, awkward one you shared not even 20 minutes ago. 

    As you rode him, your mouth traveled from his mouth up to his bruised eye. You started kissing his brow all the way down to his ear. A small whine escaped his lips, his right hand moved from your back up to your breast, grabbing it rather fiercely. He started kneading it, all while thrusting into you with sharp powerful movements. 

    “I’m almost there,” you said. With one swift motion He laid you down on your back, both legs around his waist while your ass was lifted off the sofa. The way he loomed over you hungrily made you almost go over the edge. But not quite, you suppressed it. You wanted him to get you there. The days when you touched yourself to the thought of him were long gone. It was him inside you now, instead of your vibrator. 

    He started ramming into you in such an angle that you felt like you were losing your mind. The ecstasy only heightened when you reached your climax. You dug your nails into his forearms as he rode it with you. He came not long after, the word “fuck” was nothing but an ostinato as the waves of pleasure took over him. He laid on top of you, his breath as labored yours. 

    You started feeling sleep take over you, your eyes heavier than they were before. But not yet. You still had things to do. 

    As soon as you got up, he sprawled over on the sofa, still basking in his delightful nudity. 

    “Get up,” you said. “Those wounds aren’t gonna clean themselves.”

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  • theyneedtobangstahp
    14.07.2020 - 9 monts ago

    A letter from 7 years ago

    Genre:Fluff & Angst

    Word Count:?

    Details:College au, Exboyfriend!Xiaojun

    Synopsis: Meeting up with your friends 7 years after burying a time capsule, you don’t remember what you put in there, until it’s in your hand. A yellowed letter that contains your confession to exboyfriend!Xiaojun. When your friends ask you to read it, not knowing what the letter contained, your hands get sweaty, because how were you going to read this really mushy and sappy love letter addressed to your now exboyfriend!Xiaojun, when he was sitting just across from you?  


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  • twomoonskz
    02.06.2020 - 11 monts ago

    [ NOTICE ]

    hello, friends :)

    this is a new writing blog dedicated to writing things to fulfill your mind as a stay or any other fandom too <3

    the main groups i write for are:

    stray kids
    the boyz
    golden child
    nct dream

    this is because the members of these groups are closest to my age and i feel most comfortable writing smut for people around my age ( who are legal ofc ).

    but don’t be scared to ask for other groups too because i also write for:

    monsta x
    nct 127/ u
    red velvet

    i hope you’ll request whatever is on your mind, and i hope you enjoy my writings ! :)

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  • trex98dreams
    30.05.2020 - 11 monts ago

    Chapter 7: I Won't

    Present Day. Brooklyn, 2021.

    Haneul's POV

    "Haneul, wait! Please!" He called me.

    I quickly ran as fast as i could the moment i met his eyes. I can't even look at it. Why? I was shocked. Really shocked. What is that bastard doing here? I haven't met him for 5 years and what is the coincidence that he is suddenly here, at my university, which is thousand of miles from home?

    I retreat to the cafeteria to see if Youngji and Jackson or even Hanbin is there to save me but no luck, everybody is in class now.

    "Haneul please! Stop!" I heard him yell and i immedietly ran to find a place to hide. I couldn't bare seeing his face again. I can feel the pain. I recognize the anger in him the last day we spoke.

    Finally, i found a place to hide which is behind the university's new building across the cafeteria. So i went there, and stayed silent. After a mere 10 minutes, i took a peek to see if he's still following me and luckily he didn't. I sigh hardly. I can't go to class like this. Not in this state. I'm late anyways and i'm sure i don't want to bump into him again.

    I just wanted to go home and forget whatever nonsence that happened today.


    Haneul's Apartment.

    Youngji's eyes widened.

    "Come on Haneul! You've got to be kidding me right? That's impossible! He can't be here! It's been what... 5 years? And suddenly he appears again? Are you sure it's him? Maybe a doopleganger?" she asks me.

    I look at Youngji making a face. "I know what i saw ok? I'm not crazy! Besides, if he 'is' a doopleganger, he wouldn't call me by my name," i told her. Youngji looks puzzled. It's been a long time.. What is Park Jimin, suddenly doing here?

    "I'm scared Youngji. I don't want to see his face ever again. It's enough that he hurt me, our friendship. I don't want him to hurt me again. I don't even want to see his stupid face anymore. Please, help me, tell me this isn't true." Haneul lied there in the sofa at Youngji's lap.

    "Hey, it's going to be okay, trust me. If it is him, why would you be the one whose scared? He's the one who should be! I doubt that he's studying here, maybe he had some business over because i heard during our graduation, his results are awful, there is no freakin way somebody like him, is possible to be studying here. Don't freak out okay? And if he 'did' study here, this place is HUGE Haneul, trust me, you won't bump into him at all. Stop worrying okay?"

    I just stare at the ceiling. Maybe Youngji was right. Maybe i did worry about things i shouldn't be. Afterall, our so-called- friendship only lasted 3 years. Whatever happens between us, that things has long gone. And i'm not the one who should be sorry.

    Because I moved on.


    As soon as i finish class, I went straight to the cafeteria where my friends are waiting for me. A little part of my mind is still thinking of yesterday. But i don't want my thoughts to ruin my day. So i try to erase it and go on like nothing ever happened.

    "Haneul! If you're not going to eat that ramyeon, I will! Because in a matter of second when Hanbin arrives, he'll be stealing mine!" Jackson snaps me out of my imagination.

    I just stared at him and laugh.

    "Sorry.. just.. i got something going on in my mind, here, i won't give it to you but i'll consider sharing," i offers. He quickly took the ramyeon and took half of it in his bowl.

    While Jackson was eating, he stared at me. "Hey, are you alright? You've been spacing out since this morning, is something going on?" He asks. Jackson is caring eventhough he annoyed me at times. I shook my head lightly.

    "Nah.. just assignment stuff, i miss Seokjin, if he's here, he'll be happy to help me." I said changing the subject.

    Jackson laughed. "Yeah, Seokjin's a nice guy. I've seen the way he always take care of you. Sometimes when you want something but it doesn't work like you wanted to and you started to tantru-"

    "Shut up. It was just that one day. How can you still remembered that? Sheesh.." i stopped him and he laugh. "I happened to have a good memory," he smirks.

    Oh, in case you guys wanna know what it is, there's this one day, i have to get done an assignment due the next day. The assignment was done of course, but then Hanbin JUST had to spills his latte on it and I had a major tantrum at him. Seokjin happens to hear it and he calmly assures me it's going to be alright. I was really pissed off at Hanbin that time and Seokjin calm me by telling me to sleep.

    The next day, when i woke up, he prepared a breakfast for me and told me he had copy back all of my assignment into a fresh new paper. He did it all night. I'm really touched. That's why i love him so much.

    Jackson continue to eat. "Hey, where's Youngji? Haven't seen her this morning, is she coming?" I ask Jackson. He nodded.

    "Yeah, she's a bit busy this week, she's going on with that sketching of her and she have to present her designs on friday. Until then, we have to wait for her because she texted me saying she needs just 5 more minutes." He explains.

    I nods. I begin to eat my ramyeon when my phone rang. It was Hanbin.

    "Yo, where are you?" I ask him as i pick up and put it on loudspeaker.

    [I'm on my way. You guys at the cafeteria? Wait for me. Told Jackson to go buy my ramyeon right now!] He says.

    These guys, on and on with their ramyeon issues.

    "Yah! I'm going to buy okay?? But only when you have arrived here. I'm not wasting my money if you're not coming," Jackson told him as i giggled hearing their conversation.

    [Fine~ i'm almost there, bye!] Hanbin said and ended the call. I notice that i have a text from Youngji a few minutes ago.

    From: YoungjiBae Almost done. Be there in a bit. Is Jackson and Hanbin there yet? if they are, told them to have a little more patience ok!

    I smiled and closed the text. Youngji also knew that Jackson and Hanbin hates waiting for people too long. They got a bit of a temper sometimes. Just like me. Hah, maybe that's why we're friends.

    I'm slurping my drinks deliciously when Jackson waves his hand highly, probably motioning Hanbin where we are since the cafeteria is a bit crowded today.

    "Over here!" He yells towards Hanbin behind me and i continue to drink.

    "Look at him. Our little baby had a girlfriend and he's bringing her along the way.." Jackson stated. I laughed at his silly words.

    As Hanbin got closer, Jackson's smiles dissapear.

    "Andddd... he's bringing a weird looking guy with him too," he said but still, i didn't turn to my back to look at them and continued eating.

    "Hey guys! Sorry we're late, done a bit of touring again today to our new students, right jagi?" Hanbin said. I turn around and i was about to smile and hugged Dahyun but then, something stopped me.

    More pereferably, someone.

    And I froze.

    How i wish i have turned around sooner.

    "And this our new student, introducing, Park Jimin. Jimin, Jackson and Haneul." Hanbin said smiling sweetly at us.

    I can see his smile dissapears as we both stare into each other's eyes, froze on the spot. The memory of yesterday plays in my mind again and this time, it's a lot worse because he's a lot more closer to me and the only thing that separates us was Hanbin.

    This is not what i had in mind today.


    I quickly took my bag and stand up. I don't care anymore. I just don't want to see him. Hanbin, Dahyun and Jackson was startled when they saw me standing up and took my bag with me.

    Hanbin stops me. "Hey, hey, where are you going Haneul? We've just arrived," Hanbin said. I give him a faint smile, avoiding Jimin's heated gaze.

    "Oh, i don't feel very well, i'm just gonna go home. Have a nice lunch," i said weakly and i quickly walk past them, heartbeat's getting quicker by the second.

    I walked faster but then, he stops me. I wasn't even 3 steps away from the table when he pulls my wrist.

    In front of my friends,

    who helped me move on,

    because of him. This stupid jerk.

    "Haneul please, please stop running, let me exp-" i yanked my hand to stop him from pulling because i wanted to go.

    I can feel the tears threatened to fall even if he said a single word to me again. I didn't even look at his face. My friends look at me and i'm 100% sure, they want to know what's going on. I know if i look at his face, i'll break down. I'm not going to let him see that i'm weak and i'm not weak without him.

    I tried pulling my hand a bit harder this time, praying for him to let go but he tightened his grip even more. "Haneul please... hear me out.. please.. " he pleaded but i'm not going to buy it.

    It's always been like this. But this time, i'm not going to listen anymore because everytime i listen, i ended up getting hurt. And i won't let all my hard work forgetting him gone to waste.

    My friends stared at me. I took a deep breath and use all the energy that left in me today to push him as hard as i can. Shockingly, he fall backwards to Hanbin and i took my chance to to ran away from meeting his eyes again. I quicken my pace but as soon as i did, i heard his footsteps behind me, trying to catch my steps again.

    Why can't he give up? Why can't he give up just like he did to me 5 years ago? I hate this. I hate him. I spend years getting my mind off of him but now he's here to.. i don't even know why. What i know is i have to get out of this situation right now.

    This is ridicilous.

    I was nearing the cafeteria's exit when he almost caught me but then, Youngji arrives.

    "Hey Haneul! Where are you going? I just fini-" she was speechless when she saw who is behind me.

    She looked into my eyes and let me go pass through her, walking away. As i walk away, about to cry, i heard a loud 'pak!' with Youngji's voice yelling loudly.



    Haneul's apartment.

    My mind was spiraling like a maze now. There's too much going on. Suddenly, i remember everything. It's all coming back to me when Jimin decided to show up again. The memories that i try hard to erase for these past 5 years.

    The details on his face when we stand too close. The way he smile making his eyes dissapear like a bright sunshine. The way he showed his apple cheeks the moment he laugh. His plumps lips and those crazy ruffling of his hair when i woke him up early morning at his house just to get breakfast.

    Suddenly, i still remember his personality that i used to love. His kindness and caringness when i fell ill. When he wants to act manly but fails because i love his adorable side much more. His hard work on getting his homework done. His playful side and his good jokes that i always like to hear.

    Our moments together somehow pop up in a small part of my mind when, we were playing firework late night because i failed on my exam. Him showing up at my house to eat something Eomma cook like he is my real siblings. Having a good bond with my sisters. Sharing earphones to listen to our favourite song. Having deep conversation about life when we feel like it.

    It made me smile. He was my best friend Jimin that time. The one i cherished my friendship with. But all of that went wrong one day.

    He avoid me. Insulted me. Embarassed me. Betrayed me. Was ashamed of his friendship with me. Made me cry. Hurt me in ways i never though he would. Then i remember the fight. What he said, those poisonous words still lingers in my mind until today.

    I shook my head. This is not supposed to happen. I can do this! I'm way stronger than i thought. Besides, my life gets better when he's no longer in it. He doesn't appreciate me when i'm around isn't it? And look at me now, i have a happy life ever since i move here. Without him.

    6 new text messages.

    13 missed calls.

    I opened it. Must be my friends.

    From: YoungjiBae. Haneul, are you okay? Don't worry, Me and Jackson kick his ass for you. I know you need to clear your mind so that's why i'm not coming to yours. Call me when you're feeling better okay?

    From: Cool_GuyHanbin. I AM SO SORRY Haneul! I didn't know who he is! I'm mad at him and so as Dahyun but i can't ignore him, he's new here. Sorry :( The funny thing is, Jimin looks really sorry and he pleads me to see you. Maybe you should talk to him and settled thing out.

    Settled thing out? No way Hanbin, hu-uh. It's already settled when he said 'Our friendship is a mistake.' I just sighed in annoyance. I opened another text.

    From: Oppa♡ Jagi... are you okay?? Why aren't you answering your phone?? Did something happen? Call me as soon as you read this, i miss you. I need to hear your voice :)

    I smiled for a moment. Seokjin did called me 3 times earlier. I replied to his text saying i'm fine and i'm in class.

    Yes, i lied. I don't want to make him worry. The things is, i never told Seokjin about him. Seokjin never knew someone named Jimin exist in my life. And i'm going to keep it that way.

    I went to bed that night. In discomfort because of my stupid mind that kept thinking of Jimin.


    The following week.

    For the next week, i had trained myself to ignore his presence. I can't skip class just because he's here right? I convince myself that i can do it. I've been doing it for 5 years. Why not add a few more?

    I can see Jimin's effort in making a small talk to me by the way he waits for me after i finish class. I avoid him of course, like i said, but that's when suddenly, he's making his appearance known everywhere i am. He's the topic of my friend's conversation. He also took extreme measures by boldly sat in the cafeteria near MY group of friends, even that he knew Jackson and Youngji will send him death glares and they'll scowl him away.

    Why don't he gets it? What does he wants now?

    And what can i say? I don't care. As much as i pity him for wasting his time on me, he doesn't deserve anything. Hell, i don't know why he wants to see me at all because as far as i remember, he told me he doesn't want to see me again. But here he is, like a pathetic puppy trailing after his owner. I'm sick of him following me around campus.

    "Maybe you should talk to him, stop him or something so he won't follow you around anymore." Hanbin advices me.

    I glare at him. "Why would i? I didn't do anything, he's the one following me," I stated.

    Hanbin smirks. "Exactly. You didn't do anything, not even telling him to stop. That's why he's so eager to make you do something." I let out a huge sigh.

    He's twisting my words but he's right. That's why Jimin didn't stop. I look at Youngji and Jackson. They're my only source of comfort.

    "Don't look at me, i send death glares to him for you," Jackson told me.

    Youngji told me Jackson literally send his 'death glares' at Jimin everytime Jimin look at me since he found out the whole story. He told me Jimin really wants to talk to me and he's really sorry. I stayed silent all through the conversation. Youngji noticed and held my hand.

    "Haneul... yes, i slapped him for you. But as hard as it sounds for me to say this when you know i hate him for what he had done, if it bothers you that much, then maybe the only solution was to talk to him."

    My eyes widened at her words.

    So now i'm the bad guy?

    I breath in deeply. "He never gave me a chance to explain. So what is there to talk about?" I told them. They shook their head at my stubborness.

    "Haneul, we're adults now, maybe it's time for you and him shou-" Youngji furthers but i cut her.

    "I'm sorry guys but i can't and i won't."

    (2936 Words)

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  • severetimetravelnerd
    16.05.2020 - 11 monts ago

    Uncomfortable (MINO ft. Zico)

    Hey guys! So this is my first scenario. It’s around 4k words, and it’s angsty and fluffy, cause the feels for this duo hit me hard, so prepare yourself. I hope you enjoy it!!

    all credit for images goes to original owners. I do not own any of the images used. 

    You liked Jiho. You knew you liked him, but you knew he would never like you back. At least, not the way you did, and you were okay with it. You thought that as long you were friends with him, it’s okay. You did your very best to hide your feelings, because you knew that your friendship with him meant too much to you for you to risk it over feelings. He was always there for you. It wasn’t all one-sided though. You were always there for him. When he fought with his friends, or he fought with his girlfriend, you were the one helping him. You were the only one who had seen him bawl his eyes out at 3 am and you were the only one who would silently sit and pat his back while he did. You guys had each other’s backs. At least that’s what you thought.

    You were actually Mino’s friend before you were Jiho’s friend. You and Minho go way back. You were Minho’s best friend, which is how you met Jiho. Mino introduced you to him. Minho was also the only person who knew about your feelings for the infamous Zico. Minho was the one you went to went listening to Jiho talking about his love life got too hard, or when the jealousy got too much. Minho also kept telling you to get over him, but it’s never that easy.

    One night, you were at Minho’s place, doing a Disney marathon that he insisted on because you had never really watched any Disney movies as a child, (he was right. Why do Disney movies have to be so good?!), when Jiho called you. You were just about to start watching Moana when the phone rang. Your phone was with Minho, and he took one look at the phone, jokingly rolled his eyes and said,” oh god. Just ignore his call, y/n. Moana’s more important!” while handing you your phone. You looked down at your phone and smiled at the picture of him for a second before answering.” Heyy. What’s up with the midnight call? Everything okay?” You thought you could hear the smile in his voice when he replied saying,” Yeah yeah, don’t worry. Everything’s fine, but I need your help getting home. I’m out clubbing. I thought I wouldn’t drink, but I did and now I can’t drive myself home. Can you come pick me up? It’s close to your place.” You didn’t even bother telling him you were at Minho’s place and it would take you more time. You simply said,” sure. Text me the address.”

    You were gathering your wallet, phone and other stuff and explaining things to Minho at the same time. He sighed, gathered his things and said,” Why can’t he just take a cab like a normal person? Why couldn’t you just say you’re at my place? Geez..” Sheepishly, you said,” Mino-ya, it’s not that easy!” He just smiled, ruffled your hair and said,” I know, which is why I’m coming with you! I can’t let my best friend do this alone.” You were suddenly overwhelmingly grateful for Minho, and you hugged him and mumbled, “thank you” into his sleeve.

    You and Minho were near the club, and Minho had texted Jiho to come out and wait, mainly because the two of you were in sweats and no self-respecting club would let you guys in. You could see him on the sidewalk, and you rolled down the window to call him. You tried yelling his name out a couple of times, but he didn’t hear you, which you finally realised was because he was on the phone. As you got closer to him, you could hear what he was saying and after that, you sincerely wished that you had never heard him.

    Jiho, on the other hand, was looking up at the sky and laughing his ass off. “Ahh hyung, don’t scare me like that. You and I both know I would never date y/n. I just keep talking to her because I feel bad for her. I know I’m single and all, but I can’t stand the thought of dating her. As it is, she made it really obvious that she likes me. She’s so clingy it makes me uncomfortable. My friends make so much fun of me because of her.” He paused for a while, and then said,” oh no, I can’t talk to her about it. She’s Minho’s friend. Things would get messy if I hurt her feelings. Anyway, I gotta go now Hyung. She’ll be here to pick me up any moment now.”

    You had heard every word of what Jiho said, and more than him not liking you back, it was the fact that he never once thought of you as a friend that hurt you. You couldn’t process that he knew that you liked him, and he still chose to call you when he was drunk, knowing he’d only be giving you false hope. He was only talking to you because of Minho. You made him uncomfortable, and he pitied you, but he still took advantage of you and called you to help him knowing you wouldn’t say no. That realisation made your blood boil. You were furious, not only with him but also with yourself, because you had let him fool you, pity you and betray you. You were also incredibly hurt, because you trusted him and poured your heart out to him, not knowing that he was laughing at you the whole time. You were also sad, because you fell for the nice, kind, caring and sweet Jiho, not an asshole with no sense of consideration for someone else’s feelings. This was all too much for you to take in. The influx of emotions just made you shut down. You could neither hear nor say anything.

    You were also the only one in the car who heard Jiho’s conversation. Minho had no clue what happened. You stayed frozen in the driver’s seat when Minho got out and called Jiho. You just continued driving home while Minho and Jiho talked. When you finally got close to Jiho’s house, Jiho asked the both of you to come in for some drinks. You were too much in shock to say anything, but luckily for you, Minho decided to be clingy, and said,” Nope. No way. You made us interrupt a movie marathon. We have to get back to it. Now you go get lost and don’t drink too much.” Jiho laughed and left. As you drove off, Minho put his hand on your shoulder and asked,” Y/n, are you okay? You didn’t really say much in the car.” And then, you cracked. Immediately, you pulled over, looked ahead in shock, and said,” Minho, can you drive?” He looked very confused, but he decided not to question you about it, and silently switched seats. Minho knew you were crying as you were looking out of the window, and that something had upset you, but he also knew you needed your space to cry. He knew you’d tell him when you felt like talking about it.

    The two of you got to Minho’s place, and you absolutely did not want to be left alone with your thoughts. He was in the process of switching off the tv, when you went and hugged him, and asked him if you could stay the night. He didn’t even bat an eyelid and said, “If you think I’m going to let you be alone right now, you’re dumber than I thought.” And for the rest of the night, Minho just hugged you and let you cry it all out, never once stopping to question you. When you were finally exhausted from crying, he ran his fingers through your hair, because he knew that it was the best way to calm you down, until you fell asleep. As he held a sleeping you in his arms, he cursed Jiho for making you cry and held you a little tighter.

     When you woke up the next morning, you realised both you and Minho fell asleep like that. You quietly wriggled out of his arms and checked your phone, only to find a text from Jiho asking whether you wanted to get hangover soup with him. You scoffed and threw your phone to the side, deciding at that very moment that you were done, and you were cutting him out of your life. You started making breakfast, but you were kind of clumsy, so you ended up waking Minho up. He slowly made his way to the kitchen, bed head and all, and you looked up to see a puffy faced, sleepy Minho, and sleepy Minho is clingy. He came and gave you a back hug as you handed him his tea, and looking at him, you smiled to yourself, thanking the world for Minho’s existence.

    After the both of you had your tea, you slowly explained what happened the previous night. Minho waited till you were done explaining everything that you heard, and although you could tell he was furious, he waited and asked you what you wanted to do. You then told him that you wanted to cut Jiho out of your life, and although Minho wanted nothing more than to beat the crap out of Jiho for treating you that way, he knew that it was your decision to make, and whatever decision you made, he would respect that.

    You and Minho then sat and blocked Jiho of every form of social media. You assumed that since he felt uncomfortable around you, he would be only too happy at what happened and would never contact you again. You tried to tell yourself you deserved better, but every time you thought of him, a series of conflicted emotions took over you. You missed spending time with him, but you also hated everything about how he treated you. It was very rough on you, and over the next few weeks, Minho was the only thing keeping you going. He refused to let you be alone and as far as possible, he was always at your place, making sure you know you have someone who’s there for you. In fact, he practically moved into your place just to make sure you were okay.

    Woo Jiho, on the other hand, was very confused. At first, when you cut him off, he thought something was wrong with your phone, because he just couldn’t comprehend the thought of you not replying to him. He kept trying to reach you, because who else would put up with his rants at 3 am, but it just wasn’t working, so he thought you’d drop in in a few days. He waited for you, but you never did drop in. He didn’t understand why, but ever since you stopped talking to him, he felt oddly uneasy and upset. He knew he could just call Minho, but ever since you started liking him, Minho had been treating him rather coldly. One night, he couldn’t take the uneasiness anymore, and he went and got drunk. He tried calling you to pick him up, but it never got through. He then tried calling Minho. Minho was at your house, but after he checked to make sure that you were fast asleep, he went out on the balcony, and took the call.

    Minho answered and said, “if it’s not important, I’d rather not talk.” Jiho, completely drunk, said, “of course it’s important. Why isn’t y/n answering my calls?” Minho wanted nothing more than to just hang up, but he tried to force himself to stay calm, and said,” she blocked you.” Jiho couldn’t understand why, but that deeply upset him, and he said,” why the fuck did she block me? She fucking loves me, Minho. Don’t lie.” The absolute nonchalance in Jiho’s tone when he spoke about your feelings for him pushed Minho over the edge, and he lost it. “you bloody bastard. You knew about her feelings, you took advantage of them, and then you have the fucking nerve to say she makes you uncomfortable?” Jiho was shocked. He was definitely scared about how you found out and how you reacted, but like a cornered animal, he decided not to think back on his behaviour, and just lash out.” Yeah. I knew. So what if I knew? She really did make me uncomfortable. Good that she’s out of my life. I can’t keep keeping people I pity around me like that.” Minho’s fists were clenched and his knuckles turned white. He ground his teeth and said,” you bloody self-absorbed prick. She deserves so much better than you. I’m glad she’s out of your life.” And he cut the call.

    That phone call had really gotten Minho worked up, and he stayed out on the balcony cursing Jiho for a while. After a while, you woke up realising that Minho got gotten out of bed. You sleepily rubbed your eyes and went looking for him. You found him on the balcony, cursing Jiho, and as soon as you saw that, you knew Jiho must have called him. Surprisingly enough though, you didn’t even think about Jiho for a minute and all you wanted to do was to make sure Minho felt better. Minho hadn’t heard you walk up to him, so when you hugged him, he jumped a little. He hugged you back and as you snuggled into him, he kissed the top of your head, and thought to himself,” just stay happy, please. I can’t stand watching you be sad.”

     So, you slowly made some progress and moved on. You slowly forced yourself to forget Jiho, and Minho was your rock when things were tough. He was always there for you, and went out of his way to make sure you were happy. He helped you remember what love and affection felt like, and made you realise the importance of treating yourself with care too. You kept reminding yourself that you couldn’t let someone treat you the way Jiho did, and in due time, you forgot your feelings for him. It also helped that you starting to have feelings for someone else.

    Minho had always loved you as a friend, but one day, he woke up and realised that he loved you as so much more. You were everything to him. You had been with him through all those harsh trainee years, through all the scandals, through all the hate, and you had always given him unconditional love and support. You never forced him to explain himself, and just accepted him. You also called him out when he knew he was being an ass. And slowly, like that, Minho fell for you. He didn’t know exactly when, but over time, he realised he loved every little part of you. He tried hiding his feelings for a while, because he knew you liked Jiho. Every time he saw you upset over Jiho, his heart broke a little more, and when he saw you cry because of him, he regretted introducing the two of you. He still loved you, but he didn’t want to take advantage of you when you were hurt and confused. Little did he know that you had slowly begun to fall for him.

     Jiho, on the other hand, had no idea what to make of things. Deep down, he knew what he said about you was a lie. He knew that he liked you, he trusted you and he missed you, but he couldn’t bring himself to admit it. He knew that you never made him uncomfortable, and in fact, you were the only person he could unabashedly be himself around, but he started lying to himself the day some of his friends found out about you liking him. They had never liked you, and they found the idea of a lovesick you absolutely hilarious. So, they started making fun of you, and when they turned to Jiho for reinforcement, he just went along with it, because he didn’t want to admit that he also liked the person they were making fun of. He just wanted to be liked and accepted.

    But he couldn’t exactly admit defeat, could he? He thought you’d still come back to him, and that everything would go back to normal, but you never came. He didn’t want to admit that he had liked you all along to the friends who made fun of you. He didn’t want to have to explain to Minho why things turned out the way they did, but more than anything else, he was ashamed to have let you down. He couldn’t bear the thought of facing you and explaining to you why he behaved like as ass. So, he decided to wait. But he also knew your birthday was coming up, and he promised himself that if by then things hadn’t worked out, he would put his pride and idiocy and everything else behind him and just beg for your forgiveness, because if nothing else, during the time you spent ignoring him, he realised he needed you in his life.

     It was the night before your birthday. Minho was spending the night at your place, to bring in the day with you. Once it was midnight though, Minho was nowhere to be found. You were very confused, and a little hurt, but you went ahead and spoke to your parents for a while. After the phone call, you got tired of waiting for him, and you decided to look for him. You checked every room in the house, and you were about to go and look outside, when you heard soft music coming from the balcony. You made your way there, and what you saw made your heart melt. Minho had strung fairy lights on the railing, made a blanket fort, set down a bottle of wine and a box of brownies, and was waiting for you with something behind his hands.

    With a soft smile on your face, you walked over to him. He was standing there, with a nervous smile and he said,” oh thank god you came. I was starting to get scared you would never come.” You looked around, and asked,” Mino-yaa, what is all this?” He didn’t say anything. He just smiled, kissed your forehead, made you sit down, and handed you earphones connected to his phone. When you looked up at him, surprised, he just shrugged and said, with a blush,” just listen to it.”

    You did, and words don’t even come close to describing the way you felt when you heard the song he wrote for you. The song was an ode to your friendship, what you meant to him, and how that changed over the years. It was about how he would do anything to make you happy, but he would like nothing more than to be that special someone for you. It was about how he was scared that his confession would change your friendship, but he was more scared of regretting not telling you. Lastly, it was about hoe no matter how you responded, he would always be your best friend who loves you, and would continue to do anything to make you happy, even if it meant staying away from you.

    Minho was nervously waiting for you to say something when you finished listening to the song, but you were silent. He couldn’t deal with the tension and he started rambling. “Oh, I knew I should have gotten ramyun for tonight. I know ramyun is your favourite. But then, I ate a lot of ramyun when I was in the studio, so I don’t really know what to do. Maybe I should have gotten something else? Did you not want brownies?” but that’s when you cut him off by kissing him. You felt him freeze when he first felt your lips on his, but slowly, as though he couldn’t believe what was happening, he relaxed into the kiss, and took over, and by god, it was the best kiss you ever had. You never thought unfamiliarity would be something you’d associate with Minho, but that exciting unfamiliarity to this side of Minho was exactly what made you melt into the kiss, your knees giving way because it was just too toe-curlingly sexy.

     The next day, Jiho had it all planned out. He found out from a mutual friend that they were throwing a party for you at your favourite restaurant, and he knew he fucked up big time, so he went all out. He bought a gigantic bouquet of pink lilies, your favourite flowers, and he put together a basket full of all the things you like; the one ramyun flavour you love, your favourite chocolates( homemade, from this tiny shop near the park), some earrings he knew you’d like, some snacks, some stationary, and much more. He also had a letter, where he wrote down exactly how he felt about everything that happened. He was finally feeling a little better about things. He was making his way to the restaurant, with this dumb smile on his face with the thought of just seeing you again. He was so preoccupied with his thoughts, that he didn’t realise you and Minho were walking just ahead of him, hand in hand.

    He only snapped out of it and realised that the two of you were right in front of him when he saw Minho stop in the middle of the sidewalk and kiss your hand. All of a sudden, he had a bad feeling in his stomach, and he started watching the two of you closely. Minho kissed your hand, glanced at you with love, and said,” Wait. Before we go in, I want to give you my present.” Jiho’s heart sank when he saw you blush, laugh and say,” oh god, Minho, you’ve already given me a gift I have no words for. What more could I possibly want?” Minho smiled at you, and reached into his pocket. He took out a silver chain with a pendant, a pendant of a sunflower, and reached around your neck to put it on. As he was putting it on, he leaned down, and whispered in your ear, “it’s a sunflower. On a light-hearted note, it’s a happy flower. You make me happy, and I want you to always be happy. On a symbolic note, it’s symbol of dedicated love.” He leaned back, looked at you, smiled and said,” just in case I haven’t told you just how much I love you.”

    You were red from all the blushing, but also incredibly happy. You stood on your tip-toes, cupped his cheek and kissed him, saying “I love you too Song Minho.” It was a beautiful moment, but it was interrupted by a phone call Minho got. Minho started cursing halfway through the call, and finally cut the call, and sighed. You were a little worried, and you asked him what happened. “One of our idiot friends told Jiho where the party would be because apparently, he wanted to see you and apologise. This friend suddenly decided to call and ask whether you’re okay with it.” You turned pale, and as Jiho saw your reaction, his knuckles wrapped around the bouquet got a little whiter as well. Minho turned to you and asked you,” what do you want to do about it? Are you okay with him attending?”, because while Minho definitely didn’t want him there, he knew not to make decisions for you. You stood silently for a minute and then replied saying,” no. He makes me feel uncomfortable.”

    Jiho couldn’t hear anything you said after that because of the ringing in his ears. He missed his chance with you, and now you were gone, forever. The selfish side of him wanted to just pull you away from Minho, but he knew that he had messed with your life enough. He knew that you deserved happiness, even if it wasn’t him making you happy. He turned around and walked away.

    Something told you to turn around, and when you did, you saw a bouquet and a basket in the trash, and the sad, lonely, slumped over figure of a man walking away.  

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  • trex98dreams
    28.04.2020 - 1 year ago

    "Her Long List Of Ex-Crushes"

    (✔DONE )


    (BTS College AU X Reader named Haneul)


    Chapter 1: Us  

    Chapter 2: Happy 

    Chapter 3: “The Boyfriend” 

    Chapter 4: All Mine

    Chapter 5: New Kid 

    Chapter 6: “The Best Friend” 

    Chapter 7: I Won't 

    Chapter 8: Remember?  

    Chapter 9: “The Sweetheart” 

    Chapter 10: Claimed 

    Chapter 11: Housemates 

    Chapter 12: “The Casanova” 

    Chapter 13: Stitches 

    Chapter 14: Helpless 

    Chapter 15: Because I Care 

    Chapter 16: “The Nerd” 

    Chapter 17: Little Cracks 

    Chapter 18: I Got You 

    Chapter 19: Unspoken Words 

    Chapter 20: All The Boys 

    Chapter 21: “The Bad Boy” 

    Chapter 22: “The Clean Freak” 

    Chapter 23: Bachelor Number 0! 

    Chapter 24: Strange Effect 

    Final Chapter: The Wedding

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  • im-a-idiot-sandwich
    03.02.2020 - 1 year ago

    He cheats on you

    Paring: Jisung x Minho x reader

    Genre: Angst maybe some fluff. With a explicit scene.

    Word Count: IDK wtf

    Lil note: My first ever imagine or one shot, whatever, hope you enjoy it I guess.


    I was heading to my boyfriend's apartment, today's is our second anniversary, we were supposed to head to dinner at my apartment, he hasn't contact me all day so I'm going to his apartment. He has being working a lot, I guess he forgot, but it doesn't matter.

    I really wanted to spend time with him today, he's been very distant these past weeks, he must be stressed from work, I know he's going to love this cheesecake I bought him. I smile as I remember all the beautiful memories we have, I can't believe we have been together for two years.

    As I get there, I grab the key to his apartment and open the door, it's all dark because is noon, almost night.

    That's strange maybe he's sleeping.

    I was about to take off my shoes when I hear some kissing sounds, my heart stops, I stop my movements and walk toward the kitchen first leaving the cheasecake on the table. As quietly as I can I walk towards the room. The kissing sounds gets loader and then I hear small moans.

    He must be watching a movie... He wouldn't cheat right? He loves me.

    I get to his door, that's it's slightly opened, I get closer to see thru the little crack, and my heart breaks seeing the view in front of me. There was my boyfriend of two years kissing someone but it's wasn't a girl, it was a boy, and that boy was Jisung best friend Minho. Minho was un top of him between his legs, both of them without a shirt. The moaning gets louder as there rubbing there hips together.

    My tears will coming out as I cover my mouth to try to prevent myself from making any noise.

    I thought he loved me. Minho knows we're together, why would he do this?

    **When do you think we should tell (y/n)?- **I hear Minho ask as he kisses Jisungs neck.

    **We should wait, I think it will be to much for her to take - **Jisung says as he unbokles Minhos belt.

    Fuck this, let's get this over with.

    I slam the door opened making a huge baam sound, both males jump and look at my direction, there eyes going wide.

    No need to, you can be together is not like liars and cheater are my type anyway - I shout, I couldn't see a lot because of the tears on my eyes, but I kept talking. - **Just continue what ever you're doing **- I get out of the room and stomp my way to the entrance, door leavingy copy key of he's apartment on the shelf.

    ** (y/n) Baby w-wait I can explain I swear!**- Jisung shouts while walking towards you, now fully dressed. I scoff and look at him.

    This is so cliche, there's obviously nothing to explain, just be happy with your new boyfriend.

    (y/n) please...- I see Minho walking from behind him.

    Oh shut it, this is what you wanted right?? And thinking that you were like a brother to me, your just a back stabbing bitch I gave you both my trust, and believe me , it's fucking hard to gain that, but look what that lead me to - I say with venom as I exit the door not before looking back at Jisung for the last time - just so you know, we are over thank you for this two years of relashonship , don't come looking for me, oh how stupid, you're not doing that, I have already been replaced and by the way, happy anniversary- with that a slam the door and head to the elevator.

    As I go outside were my car is parked I look behind, for some reason hoping he was going to stop me, but I didn't see anything.

    Fuck him, fuck both of them - I mumble while entering my car.

    Shit shit, Minho this isn't how she was suppose to know, I can't lose her - Jisung says sobbing while tears couldn't stop coming out of he's eyes. He was about to run after you. But Minho grabs he's wrist and hugs him from behind.

    Jisung baby, giver her some time, I will talk to her, but we first have to wait, right now she would not listen. I will fix all this, i promise - he says while kissing him in the lips - let's go inside, Im cleaning that lovely face, I hate seeing you crying.

    The younger male nods, the both get inside the apartment with heavy hearts.


    It has been a week since all that happened, and to be honest, I look terrible, I have eye bags because I almost can't sleep, I really try eating but my apatite is no longer there, I still have to work, so I go but all my coworkers have notice my horrible state, wish makes them ask me if I'm ok.

    Like they care

    I was right now working the night shift in the book shop, it was almost 12, Wich means it's almost time to go home. I was turning of the lights when I hear the bells, meaning someone has entered the shop.

    I'm sorry sir we are close- - I shut up and looked with anger at the person standing in front of me - **What do you want Minho? - **I ask anoyed.

    I want to talk (y/n) - I scoff trying to contain my tears.

    **if you are here to tell me how happy the two of you are just get out - **I say with a slightly broken voice.

    Shoot shoot... Don't cry... Don't... Cry

    (y/n) I will really be thankful I'd you just listen to me please, Jisung ia not herself anymore, he cries at night and almost Everytime refuses to eat.

    Hearing that brakes my heart, but he brought this to himself.

    He is the one that cheated, at least he has he's incredible boyfriend to help him, he just feels pity, he never loved me, now please leave.

    I was about to leave to the break room until I feel Minho grab my waist and looks at me with a mad face.

    -** Don't you dare say that he never loved you, he loves you more than he ever loved someone in he's life, heck even more than himself. It hutted when he looked at you with that face, and you just looked at me as a friend. - I feel him letting go slowly of my wrist - I knowed him longer than you, when he confessed that he also had feelings for me, I was so happy, but he had to choose between the two of us, and he choosed you.**

    I just look at him with tears in my eyes as you continues talking.

    **It was akward between the both of us until one day, weeks before you anniversary, we diceded to talk, just to be normal friends again, in a moment of our conversation, we couldn't resist it anymore and we kissed. - **I just listen as more tears's will coming out - He pulled away first, telling me that it was a mistake, that he loved you to much to cheat on you. But then I told him that, I love you.

    I look at him with a confused face - well obvusly what kind of friend will hate another friend, or what kind of friend will steel he's friend boyfriend - mumbled the last part.

    He shakes he's head and grabs my shoulder making my eyes go wide, I look at him as he gives me a scary very sireous face.

    I'm saying that I love you as a couple - he says while swolowing hard. my heart stops.

    Wh-what? Minho this isn't funny. - I tell him laughing nervously.

    I'm not joking (y/n) I want to be with both of you, I love you both so fucking much, i realised that when I saw you two, I wasn't just jealous of you, but of him to, for having you're heart and you for having he's. I wanted you to smile at me like you smiled at him, I wanted you to kiss me like you kiss him, I wanted to cuddle with the both of you while we watch a movie or sleep.

    My eyes were still wide, I looked at him blinking many times and trying to process every word he just said.

    We we're going to tell you the day of you're anniversary the idea of being in a polyamory relashonship. He got scared so I tried to calm him down, but, we got carried away and we'll, you saw us.

    He chuckled while scratching the back of his neck. I was shooked.

    Minho has feelings for me...

    We started at each other for awhile until I break the awkward silence.

    **Wait for me outside, i need to close the store - **he nods and leaves, I proceed to get my backpack and closing the stores door.

    I don't know what to do...


    Minho was waiting patiently for you, his heart beating so fast that his chest is hurting, he is scared of your answer, he could be fine just with Jisung, but no, he need to be with you to, both of them want to be with you, it just won't be the same, they won't feel complete.

    His head shoots up when he hears you're footsteps, he stands up and wait until you get closer to him, heart beating even more faster then before.

    **Minho.. I'm sorry **- now he's worried - Its just, I only see you as a friend.

    Those nine words broke him, he was mentally panicking, he can't let you go again, he's and Jisung heart will be destroyd, he swallows fast before speaking.

    Give us three months - he says quickly.

    **what?- **you say confused.

    Give Jisung and me three months to win your trust again, and to win you heart.


    Sorry if there's any mistakes, English is not my native language, please tell me if you see any mistakes. Thank you. How do I put the read more option btw

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  • kpopperotp12
    24.07.2019 - 1 year ago

    5 Signs of Typical Kpop Scenarios pt 3

    1. Being called a cute couple by oldies when (y/n) and bias goes out for a walk.

    2. You see him cheating with your own best friend in your own house in your own bed.

    3. His band members trying to hook you guys up cause both of you like each other but are not aware about each others feelings (ugh so confusing right )

    4. You are walking home alone in a dark alley and you someone moaning in pain.You see him beating someone up and get scared and run away but then he follows you. And he finds you, and starts to like you, and makes you work for him. 

    5. He is your brothers best friend. And you both hide your relationship from your brother, but he comes to know about it.

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  • snakeassembly
    05.07.2018 - 2 years ago

    Title change!

    Mistaken Misunderstandings is now renamed as Behind Closed Doors! I didn’t like the original title and it was bothering me. Both parts are now uploaded and completed! :)

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  • jacklaggg
    26.06.2018 - 2 years ago

    IS IT ME

    is it just me? i give myself a cool ass Korean name whenever i read fan fiction imagining myself as that person

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  • snakeassembly
    09.02.2018 - 3 years ago


    Yoongi x Reader (Angst)

    Summary: “You think picking up his stash will get him to finally fuck you?”

               Sometimes, happy endings just don’t exist; no matter how much you want it to.

    Warnings: drugs, cursing, implied sexual references

    Author’s Note: This is based on a true story. Enjoy lovelies!




     “Taehyung, I’m not going to meet my ex just because you want to get high.”

     You and Taehyung were standing in the school’s parking lot. You leaned against the side of your car with your arms folded.  

     “Oh come on, I wouldn’t have asked you for this favor unless I didn’t have any other choice.”

     Taehyung was across from you with his hands clasped together, staring at you with puppy eyes.

     You let out a deep sigh, “I don’t understand why you can’t just pick up the stash yourself.”

     You look towards the crowd of students exiting the building through various doors like ants. Many of them rushed to get on the bus or to their car, eager to get away from the school. However, some lingered behind and talked to their friends while others made their way to the track for practice.

     “Because you know how my parents are. They’re too nosy and if they find out that I’ve been using, they’ll shoot me. Literally.”

     He imitated a gun with his two fingers and aimed at the side of his head before pulling the “trigger.”

     You scoffed at his antics, “What makes you think my parents won’t skin me alive if they find out?”

     Taehyung had already compiled a list of reasons on why you should do it in his mind by government class. He proceeded to hold up one finger.

     “One, your Dad always nap when he comes home from work. Thus, making it easier for you to get the job done.”

     If there was one thing that is advantageous about having strict parents, is that many of them have a routine. As a result, their kids, who will most likely have their stages of rebellion, can easily sneak out and raise hell because they know where their parents will be, what they will be doing, and when they’ll be doing it.

     Another finger.

     “Two, you’re already done with your classes when I’m barely through with second period.”

     He’s not wrong. Ever since you joined this program that lets you take college classes while still being a high school student, you only go to class for a couple of hours. This gave you a lot of free time to things such as catching up on shows, developing new hobbies…not picking up drugs for Taehyung.

     “Three, I’m your best friend and you don’t want to attend my funeral.”

    You started to kick the gravel under your shoes before you muttered, “And you want to attend mine? Plus, I’m sure whatever the hell you’re taking will kill you before your parents.”

     Sensing the slight gloom in your tone, Taehyung’s hand reached under your chin to make you look into his eyes.

     “Look, I know how you feel about drugs, especially since the reason you stopped dating him was because of his addiction, but I promise you that I’ll start cutting back after this one.”

     Your eyes flickered away from his and instead looked over his shoulders. Taehyung can feel your jaw clench in his hand.

     “Funny, that’s what he said too in the beginning and now he’s a drug dealer,” You bitterly spat out.

     Taehyung’s hand went to your cheek and he started stroking it to comfort you.

     He softly whispered, “Hey.”

     You still wouldn’t look at him.

    “Hey, look at me.”

      He lightly nudged your face back in order to meet your gaze.

     “You’re never going to lose me okay? I’ll always be right here.”

     You ignored the way your heart skipped a beat when he was in such close proximity with you. You did not want to fall in love with him, even though you could so easily let yourself do so.

     Instead, you placed a hand on his strong chest to lightly push him away.

     Now being able to breathe properly, you inquired, “What will you be doing that you won’t be able to get it like usual?”

     Taehyung winked at you. “That’s confidential information.”

     You shot him an incredulous look before opening up the driver’s door and getting inside your car. His hand shot out to prevent you from closing the door.

     “Wait, where are you going?”

     You groaned in frustration.

     “Taehyung, you called me saying that it was an emergency. I stopped binge watching movies and broke god knows how many laws to come here to this high school. Not only that, but it’s freezing and I’m in my pajamas and house slippers. Now, you won’t even give me the reason why you’re having me doing this illegal shit.”

     You paused at the end of your rant before tiredly saying, “Home, I’m going home.”

     “I’m sorry, but I’ll explain everything to you later. I promise.”

     There were a few moments of silence before he continued, “But you’re still meeting him right?”

     You let your forehead rest on the wheel. You turn your head to look up at Taehyung.

     “Yes, I will pick up your shit. Now let go of my door.”

     He did what you asked of him and you started the engine. You backed out of the parking space and was about to step on the gas before Taehyung abruptly jumps in front of your car.

     “Holy fuck!”

     He runs to your side and you rolled down the window.

     “What were you thinking? I could have run you over!”

     Taehyung just merely shrugged before leaning in. “I forgot to tell you this, but can you pay for me? I’ll repay you when I come over.”

     You glared at him. “Taehyung if you don’t back the fuck away from my car, I will run you over.”

     Your threat doesn’t phase him as he quickly plants a kiss on your left cheek before stepping away. You flip him off as your cheeks heat up.

     You pull away from the school and looked in your rear view mirror. There stood Kim Taehyung in his glory, waving at you. You can still hear Taehyung’s boisterous laughter behind you as you drove away and into the busy street.


    Later that night, you texted your ex about the deal. You kept the replies short and simple and so did he. You knew you should’ve deleted and blocked him a long time ago, but the on and off relationship you guys had always brought a level of uncertainty in the decisions made.

     The constant thoughts of ‘Is this really the end?’ and the confident reassurance of ‘He/she will come crawling back’ plagued the entire relationship. The times you guys had together was blissful , but the times that you guys fought was hell. Each one of you was certain that the other person would come back…until one didn’t.

     The relationship ended with a ton of animosity and even though you loved him at one point, you hated him too.

     You guys were supposed to meet at a nearby park the next day and you were nervous about seeing him again. It had been so long since you’ve seen him, let alone talked to him. The tension can still be felt through the screen due to the unresolved issues between the both of you.

     Your leg would not stop shaking no matter how many times you willed it to. You looked at the clock as it ticked by. The students should be released by now and he must already be on his way.  

     You stood up from the couch and decided to pace across the living room instead. Suddenly, your phone buzzed and your hands started getting clammy.

     I’m almost there.

     You quickly put on a jacket before carefully opening your front door, trying not to alert your sleeping dad that you’re leaving.

     Outside, the air was crispy and chilly, a stark contrast to the temperature inside your house. The leaves were already changing colors from a mellow green to a vibrant orange and red before withering away into nothingness.

     As you set out towards the park, you couldn’t help but let your eyes wander. You look at the different shapes and sizes of the houses in your neighborhood. You wonder if the neighbors, who you run into during your daily jogs, are peeking through their curtains and watching you. You wonder if they know what you’re about to do and you wonder if they’re cluelessly thinking that you’re just being active.

     Moments after you reached the park, you felt your phone buzzed a second time.

     I’m here.

     Your head turned in every direction in attempt to spot him to no avail.

     Where are you?

     You waited for ten minutes for his reply before plopping down on a bench. If he wasn’t going to reply, then you’ll just simply wait until he comes to you. You pulled out your headphones and put them in your ears before hitting play.

     A hand suddenly slipped into yours and you jerked in surprise. However, his hold on you tightened and you look at him in shock.

     “You always did make me chase after you.”

     Your heart clenched at what he was insinuating and you can feel your anger surging up inside. He always had such a huge impact on you. One sentence and he can make you feel all types of emotions. Love, hate, passion, disappointment, and hope all at once.

     It’s been exactly one year since you’ve laid eyes on him and he hasn’t changed a bit. He was dressed in all black, giving him an intimidating aura. His favorite hoodie, which is a little torn from the constant wear, is paired with a black beanie that has two gold strips across the front. It's been almost a year and he's still wearing the gift that you gave him.

     It wasn't for his birthday or for an anniversary, in fact, it was a random moment of appreciation that you decided to do for him. It was nothing significant for you, but to Yoongi, it was everything. No one has gone out of their way to show kindness for him without expecting anything in return. In his line of business, it was normal to think of a hidden intention when someone is suddenly nice. When you skipped towards him with a beaming smile on your face that makes his heart swell up and his throat constrict, holding out the present to him, he knew he wouldn't be able to let you go.

     Yet he lost you.

     His blonde hair peeked through and came irritatingly close to his eyes. Even the seemingly bored look that is etched on his face was identical. The only thing different about him was the latest pair of sneakers on his feet.

     You, on the other hand, looked noticeably different and he didn’t like the bitter taste in his mouth as he studied you. Your once long hair is chopped to a bob and it lacked the reddish brown color on the bottom half that was a result of fading hair dye. Instead, it grew out into your natural dark brown color. He also noticed how your eyes were not heavy with eyeliner anymore. You’ve switched in the eyeliner for mascara and as a result, your eyes seemed to shine brighter than before. He hated it. He hated how different you looked because that’s not how he remembered you. He hated it because it was a reminder to himself that life doesn’t stop for anyone. He hated it because while you were moving on with your life, he was still stuck in the same place.

     You managed to keep your composure before replying in a curt manner, “You’ve always kept me waiting.”

     Without waiting for a response, you cut straight to the chase, wanting to get out of this awkward situation.

     “Where are the drugs?”

     Yoongi’s eyes hardened.

     “He has you doing his dirty work now?” He scoffed, ignoring your question.

     The mention of Taehyung pricked at your skin and you couldn’t help but come to his defense.

     “I’m just doing what he asked of me. It’s not like I was particularly fond of the idea of meeting you anyways.”

     Yoongi lets out a bitter chuckle. “If so, he should know better than to put you up to this. It’s dangerous business.”

     From anyone else’s point of view, you and Yoongi would have looked like a couple having a sweet conversation. They wouldn’t have noticed the static that crackled between the little space that you guys have. They wouldn’t have noticed the pursed lips and the furrowed brows from both parties.  

    “Unlike some people, he doesn’t baby me. He knows I can handle it and plus,” You glance towards Yoongi, “you wouldn’t hurt me.”  

     Yoongi blew a stray piece of blonde hair from his eye.

     “What makes you so sure that I won’t hurt you? I know where you live, so I can pull up at anytime.” One of his eyebrows rose curiously as he teased you.

     “Physically you won’t. Emotionally…well you’ve already done enough damage in that aspect huh?”

     “Don’t you fucking bring up the past,” He spat out.

     Without missing a beat, you countered, “You’ve brought it up the second you sat down here so don’t talk to me like that.”

     You finally became conscious that he was still holding your hand and that you were letting him. You yanked it out of his grasp and stood from the bench. You held out the hand that wasn’t warmed by his touch.

     “The drugs. Give it to me so I can leave.”

     Yoongi crossed his arms and leaned back on the bench, lazily staring at you up and down.

     “You must be having fun in college. Cute boys, more freedom, you must be having a blast. You’re away from the bullshit of the high school, the gossip…me.”

     Your hand slowly fell down to your side and you looked at him for a beat before sharply turning away from him, making your way back to your house.

     “I don’t have fucking time for this. Taehyung can pick it up himself.”

     Yoongi shot up from his seat and grabbed your wrist to turn you around. However, you pulled yourself away and hissed at him.

     “Either you give me what I came here for or I’m leaving!”

     Yoongi opened his mouth to say something, but decided against it. Seeing you trying so hard to get away from him, like his mere presence irritated you, sent a sharp pain through his chest. Yoongi was even more pissed off that Taehyung got you involved with drugs in any way.

     When you guys were together, he tried his best to keep you away from the business. However, he was one of the few drug dealers at school and eventually word got around to you. At first, you were nonchalant about the revelation. During one of your not finest moments, you even asked him to give you some pills. When you did, Yoongi had thrown a fit. He lectured you about the effects of drugs and how it can mess up your life. He was secretly struggling with his addiction at the time and he didn’t want to see his lover go down the same path.

      How fucking hypocritical of him.

     Yoongi couldn’t care less if you were buying for yourself or for Taehyung. Seeing how you’re here in front of him, not as a lover or a friend, but a customer, sent his blood boiling.

     All he wanted was to tell you what was on his mind, but instead he let out a remark that would damn what little decency you guys had towards each other.

    “You think picking up his stash will get him to finally fuck you?”

     You stood there and let his words scorch your skin. You couldn’t believe what Yoongi just said. He never said such cruel words to you even during one of your worst fights. Your heart clenched and it was getting harder to breathe. You weren’t even angry that he demeaned you. You were hurt that he would even regard you in such a way.

     You let out a sad smile before softly whispering , “I thought you would have had more respect for me than that.”

     You gazed deep in his eyes to see any traces of remorse, but to your disappointment, all he gave was a cold stare that sent shivers down your spine.

     You finally remembered how to breathe and dig around your pockets. Your hair fell over your face as you do so, protecting you from him as you searched. But the barrier did nothing to soften the blow of his words.

     In that moment, your hatred for him overpowered the love that you had and all you wanted was to beat the shit out of him. However, you wanted to fuck Taehyung up even more for putting you into this situation.

     You pulled out the money and held it out to him while looking at the ground.


     Yoongi’s eyes never flinched away from you. He was carefully studying you, slightly impressed that you didn’t burst out crying yet. But he knew that when you did, the tears wouldn’t be from sadness. The tears would stem from frustration and anger. You never cried out of sadness. Sadness never evoked such a reaction from you.

     Becoming a little impatient, you shook your hand in the air a little and he finally looked at the money.

     He didn’t want you to leave, not at all. Yoongi wanted more than anything for you to stay even when you’re in front of him crying. Even if he was the cause of your pain and tears, he'd rather have you be in that state if it meant you’re there with him.

     Taking the money would be the end of this rare opportunity where he gets to see you. He knew what he had to do, yet he couldn’t bring himself to do it. The choice was obvious to a person who is in their right mind, but who is actually being rational when they’re in love?

     You let out a broken whisper, “Yoongi, please…”

     With a heavy heart, he snatched the crumpled bill from your hands before retrieving the drugs from his hoodie. He placed the stash into his palms and held it out towards you.  You covered his hand with yours and once again you find yourself holding hands again.

     However, it was only a brief moment, yet you swore you felt Yoongi give a light squeeze before detaching himself from you. You quickly shook the thought away because you probably were just imagining the impossible.

     With the drugs in your hands, you turn around and walked away from him. Your back is becoming a familiar sight to him and the realization made his heart cracked a little more.

     If you only spared a glance at him, even a little one, you would have noticed Yoongi's eyes welling up and him quickly trying to blink them away. If you only spared a glance at him, even a little one, you would have noticed that it didn't work and a lone tear fell.

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  • wtf-taeyong
    14.01.2018 - 3 years ago


    Everything in my masterlist is angst, soz

    Byun Baekhyun

    I Don’t Want To Be An Idol

    Park Chanyeol


    Oh Sehun

    I Love You | One / Two [complete]

    Kim Jongin

    The End [TW: Abuse]

    Kim Jongdae

    Last Christmas

    Kim Junmyeon

    Requiem |  One / Two / Three [complete]

    Jeon Jungkook

    I Love You | domestic!au, husband!jungkook
    Ghost | One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven [complete] ghost!au

    Kim Namjoon

    Everything Is Fine

    Jung Hoseok

    Love You To Death | domestic!au, husband!hoseok

    Park Jimin

    Sick | High School!au
    Guardian Angel | Guardian Angel!au | One

    Min Yoongi

    Missing [TW: Suicide]
    Twenty Five Days [TW: Mental Illness] | One

    Kim Taehyung

    Delirium | gang!au
    Wen Junhui
    Fireworks [TW: Blood mention]

    Jeon Wonwoo

    Blind [TW: Suicide]

    Xu Minghao


    Dong Sicheng

    The Stars [18+] fantasy!au, historic!au

    Mark Lee

    Moonlight | fantasy!au, historic!au - brief continuation of ‘The Stars’

    O T H E R

    LEFT BEHIND - kim yugyeom // GOT7
    MY ANGEL - mark tuan // GOT7 | guardian angel!au
    COFFEE SHOP - bang yongguk // B.A.P


    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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