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  • m1ng-how
    09.04.2021 - 1 mont ago


    all my works for seventeen will be listed here!

    _𝐏𝐑𝐄𝐓𝐓𝐘_𝐇#𝟑_ — reader x the8 𝐇𝐎𝐌𝐄;𝐑𝐔𝐍 — reader x various 𝐒𝐈𝐌𝐏 — yoon jeonghan x reader

    𝐎𝐍𝐄𝐒𝐇𝐎𝐓𝐒 (bolded will be smuts) haunted house — xu minghao an accurate friends to lovers for minghao off cameras <3 — xu minghao

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  • hqneybee
    06.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    worth it


     group: bts  pairing: taehyung x reader  genre: fluff  warnings: none  words: 766

    You and Taehyung had been married for three years and had been trying for some time to have a baby, to start a family of your own. But nothing was working. You even went to a fertility clinic to see if anything was wrong but when they told you that everything was completely fine both you and your husband were left in bewilderment, questioning why nothing was working. That’s why you were so overjoyed when you discovered that you were finally pregnant after months of trying. But now? Now you were beginning to question whether it was actually worth it.

    It was the worst pain you had ever experienced, squeezing Taehyung’s hand harder with every passing second no longer distracting you from the feeling of pushing another human out of yourself. You swore to yourself then that you would beat the shit out of anyone who had ever said that getting kicked in the balls was worse than what you were experiencing in that moment. You could feel your hair sticking to your forehead as you began pushing again, the voices of the doctors and nurses surrounding you in the room becoming white noise as you shut your eyes tightly in an unsuccessful attempt to ground yourself. You tried to zone into Taehyung’s voice, hoping to hear his encouraging words but all you could think about in that moment was how you wished that it wouldn’t be much longer until your baby was out of you.


    It hurt like a bitch but it was worth it. You realised that when the doctors had left the room, leaving only you, Taehyung and your beautiful baby boy who slept peacefully on your chest, wrapped up in a blanket your husband had bought for him with a hat covering the few hairs atop his tiny head. You knew it was worth it when you saw the small smile on Taehyung’s face as he looked down at his son in adoration, rocking him gently in his arms as his eyes softened at the sight of the infant.

    You also realised in that moment that everything was perfect. Being married to an idol (especially a member of BTS) was never easy, but it was all worth it. Despite the hate and all of the hardships that the two of you had to face you had made it through, together. He was all you had ever wanted in life and you were all he was ever going to need. And now, finally, the two of you had a son. You had another person to share your love with and life had never felt better. Nothing had ever felt so meant to be.

    Sure enough your thoughts were soon interrupted, as you knew they had to be, when you heard a soft knock on the door. Taehyung laid your son back on your chest gently, ensuring that you had your arms wrapped around him before going to the door and letting his members in. 

    They all cooed at the sight of you and your baby laying so peacefully together on the bed and they all approached the two of you quietly, some crouching down at your bedside and some standing tall above you to admire your son.

    Quiet mumbles of, “He’s got Tae’s eyes” and “I want one..” could be heard around the room until Jimin’s loud exclamation of “He’s just so cute!” broke the atmosphere and earned him a flick on the forehead from Jungkook as he shushed his hyung before once again turning his attention back to the baby that was sleeping on you, tiny chest moving ever so slightly with every breath he took. The nine of you remained like that for some time before something dawned upon Namjoon and he turned to you and your husband, “What’s his name?” 

    The two of you shared a look that the others had seen far too many times and when they eventually tore their gaze away from your son and looked towards you, you could sense the hesitancy in their actions. They could tell that you had something up your sleeves but what worried them was that they weren’t quite sure what it was. In fact, it wasn’t until the two of you returned your eyes to them that they relaxed, seeing the softness in your gaze. That was when Taehyung pressed a gentle kiss to his son’s forehead and stood up straight, looking at his members with a small smile and saying something that they never expected to hear, “We were actually wondering if his uncles would like to name him.”


    a/n: idk if this is actually any good but i had this really cute idea in my mind and tried my best to write it. ive just been having really bad baby fever recently and tae is my bias sO i just wanted to write this and i hope you all enjoyed it. thanks for reading!

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  • kunstnurii
    01.02.2021 - 3 monts ago

    sungchan x gn!reader

     pairing : sungchan x gn!reader

    warnings : mention of past abuse

    genre : fluff

    word count : 1.5k

    song recommendation :  - The Lights Behind You - Surl

    summary : moving to Seoul, you never thought you’d fall for your -extremely loud- neighbour. 

    disclaimer : i am not using capitalised letters on purpose. it’s my ~aesthetic~

    growing up, you never really had what you could call a best friend. you were in a very friends group, sure, but you were never the person people looked forward to seeing in the morning, always being the last choice when your friends looked for someone to hang out with. it did bother you at first, you wanted to have sleepovers, dumb hangouts with friends, inside jokes, and just having someone to share your day with. but, as time passed, you noticed it wasn’t as bad, you started feeling less lonely even if you were alone by the end of the day, it was also an advantage as you didn’t have anything holding you from moving countries on your own, being the independent person you had become. 

    so here you were, on your way from the airport to your new flat, as your company had rented it before you would be moving to Seoul. you had recently been appointed as chief of the marketing department of your company’s branch in Seoul, and thus, had achieved your high school dream. you looked out of the window of the taxi you were currently sitting in, thinking back on the hardships you had gone through to come to this point in life; the abuse you went through whenever you came home, the loneliness you felt in school, and in general, you proudly smiled, considering you were now in your dream city, about to work as one of the higher-ups you never even dreamt of becoming. you were positive you had become successful. 

    as the taxi driver helped you move the suitcases to the front of the very tall looking building, a tall figure was approaching the entrance door holding two huge bags of snacks (was he really going to eat that all by himself,,,,?) and noticed your struggle as he sped up to quickly drop the snacks he had been ordered to buy by his roommates. he came back down to help you move the suitcases as the driver had now headed to his next customer. you smiled in appreciation and noticed him smile back even through the dark mask he was wearing. you were now both awkwardly standing in the elevator with two very heavy suitcases waiting for the doors to close. 

    “which floor are you going to?” he asked in the sweetest voice he had managed to let out.

    “18, please.” you smiled.

    “oh! i live on that floor too! that means we’re neighbours!” he had squeaked out in excitement. cute, you thought. 

    as you both exchanged names, you noticed how cute this man, well, sungchan, as you had learned his name, was. you were also hoping you’d get to be close in the future because of how nice he was. he helped you move the suitcases up to the front of your door and headed to the flat number 69, while yours was the number 70. you exchanged good nights, as the sun had already set a few minutes before your plane landed, and each headed to your own house. 

    it was all fun and games at first, you finished installing your furniture (which really, only consisted of a mattress, a side table and a clothes hanger) and your personal stuff in the span of the first week, and adapted pretty well to the rhythm of the city. there was, however, one big issue; your neighbours. they were very nice, very respectful and very cute, but you truly wondered what they did during the day for them to be so loud during the night. sungchan and you had become a bit closer, having short conversations when going down the elevator together, you had found out they were artists, and that all of the group lived in this building. you wondered how many they were for them to be living in different apartments, and also because of the amount of noise that comes from their apartment at the most random hour of the night.

    the noise didn’t bother you for the first month, as you were also up pretty late because of the jet lag, trying to adapt to a new timeline was harsh. however, as you got back to your original sleeping schedule of going to bed at 10 p.m, you noticed just how loud they were. there would be yellings at 3 a.m about how someone was being a sore loser or even just screaming and laughing. what bothered you the most was that you recognised one of the loud voices: sungchan. he probably was one of the loudest of the group. 

    as another month passed, you had decided to gather your courage and confront them about the lack of sleep they induced on you. it was currently 2 in the morning, you were dressed in sweats and a hoodie as you do most of the time you were home, and the lack of sleep had given you a newfound courage for confrontation. you were now heading towards their door, about to knock, before realising you didn’t have the confidence to speak about it and thus, stepping back with a sigh, deciding to go back to your own apartment before the door suddenly opened. 

    “uh? what were you doing in front of our door?” came the voice that you would recognise anywhere now, considering how loud it was every. single. night. 

    “oh,,, sungchan,,,hi.” was all you could say in pure awkwardness. 

    “it’s 2 a.m, why are you awake?” he sounded so soft when asking this, that you wondered if he gets possessed every time he enters his house.

     “actually, i can’t sleep because of you guys.” that was it. you had finally said it!

    “huh?! why?” he looked like a very cute confused puppy with the attention span of 3 seconds and it made your heart ache with how much you wanted to hug him at the moment. (wait what? hug him?)

    “you guys make a little too much noise at night…” yeah, just a little too much. 

    “oh, i’m sorry, i’ll tell the members to tone it down.” he was now feeling guilty as he assumed you were probably about to tell them that before he opened the door to go to the convenience store.

     “but where are you going at this hour?” you were now wondering why he had opened the door at 2 a.m.

    “oh i felt hungry so i was going to eat some noodles in the store down the street, and no one wanted to come with me so i decided to go alone.” he smiled a little, his mouth watering at his awaiting late night snack.

    “now that you mentioned food, i’m hungry too.” you hadn’t eaten dinner as there was nothing to cook with and you were too lazy to order, and thus stuck to eating the last yogurt inside your fridge. 

    “wanna go together?” he had sparkles in his eyes from thinking about spending time with you outside of the elevator. (why was his heart beating so fast?)

     “you know what, sure, let me grab my wallet.” you were about to head to your apartment when he held your hand and headed towards the elevator.

    “my treat.” he smiled down at you. 

    so here you were, at 2.30 in the morning, tasting sungchan’s special noodle recipe (which really was just cheese on top of it) in a convenience store dressed in your most basic attire (so was he, and boy did he look soft and cozy in that hoodie). you were feeling content at the moment, having someone to eat with for the first time in years aside from acquaintance at work, and genuinely enjoying someone’s company. you felt your cheeks go warm when he talked about random stuff with sparkly eyes and a pure smile on his face. was it the noodles? or was it that you were slowly developing feelings for the man sitting in front of you? 

    sungchan was feeling a little bit self conscious at the way the person in front of him was staring quietly at him while he was blabbering about how his teammate Jeno dropped Soy Sauce on the carpet when trying to cook, he was slowly starting to get a crush on his neighbour and he didn’t want them to find him stupid or weird.

     “why,,, why are you staring at me that way?” he asked with a low whisper while trying to hide his big frame behind his chopsticks. 

    “it’s just, it feels nice to have someone to eat with and talk about random stuff.” you smiled a little and he felt his heart skip a beat. 

    “i’m happy i get to be that someone.” it was now your turn to try to hide behind your chopsticks because you felt your cheeks darken and didn’t want the boy to notice. 

    “also because i think i’m starting to have a crush on you and would like to have your consent before i try to flirt with you.” you choked on the noodle soup as he said that. you never expected him to have a crush on you, and even less expected yourself to like that he had one.

     “uh,,, yeah i guess you,, can flirt with me,,, i don’t mind.” 

    you knew you wouldn’t be getting any sleep tonight either, but this time it wouldn’t be because of the noise. 

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  • eq-uil-ibri-um
    26.01.2021 - 3 monts ago


    Wanted to give you guys a little sneak peak at what I’ve been hording in my drafts for months. The third chapter is almost finished and I plan on making two or three more after. It should take me a few more days to finish, possibly going to be released in two days.

    Noelani had lost consciousness for a few seconds, jerking awake at the touch of freezing water on her skin. Soaking her as it pours through the broken window beside her. Adrenaline running too high for her to notice the pain of the cuts on her skin. Her hands fumbles with the seatbelt for a minute before finally getting it to unlatch from the holder.

    The impact of the car smashing into the drivers side had jammed her door, a grunt of frustration leaving her lips as she shook the handle. Moving her legs she released a gasp of pain, eyes looking to see a shard of glass sticking in her thigh. She could worry about that later, first she had to get out of this car. Slipping over to the passenger side she gets the door open, the car being fully engulfed by the river as she did.

    Breaking through the surface of the water with a gasp, a few coughs leaving her mouth to expel the water that got into her lungs. Her vision hindered by whipping rain, puffs of smoke releasing from mouth upon her heavy exhales into the cold air. Turning in the water, she tried to figure out where she was..had she drifted down stream? And where did all the trees go. It was too dark for her to make out anything else surrounding the bank, but as far as she could see she was in the middle of nowhere. 

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  • hqneybee
    29.12.2020 - 4 monts ago

    aching fingers


    group: day6 pairing: jae x reader genre: fluff warnings: none words: 1085

    ➪ note: this is my first imagine so i apologise if it’s not that good bUt i love day6 and only just realised how little people write for them and so decided to write this. i love how passionate jae is when he’s talking about or playing his guitar and took that as slight inspiration for this imagine. i hope you guys enjoy and if you could give me feedback on how to improve id really appreciate it!


    You had played the ukulele for years, but this wasn’t like that. It wasn’t the worst pain you’d ever been in in your entire life, far from it. In fact it really wasn’t that bad but for some reason, in your mind, your fingers were being sliced open by the metal strings of the guitar.

    Jae had agreed to teach you to play the instrument when you mentioned that you tried to play when you were younger. You had gotten a guitar for your birthday one year, you were big into music and at the time it seemed like a good decision then. However, you soon discovered that learning to play the string instrument was hard, and that it was made even harder when you had to try and teach yourself with nothing to assist you other than Youtube. Your parents said that you could have lessons if you paid for them yourself which, of course, was impossible considering the fact that you were thirteen and had no way to make any money. 

    You tried to learn the instrument for a few weeks before inevitably giving up. You hadn’t really picked up a string instrument other than your ukulele ever since and upon discovering that, your boyfriend Jae offered to give you lessons on how to play his signature instrument. 

    So here you were, sitting on his lap as your fingers slowly pressed down on the metal strings, Jae’s hands holding yours, placing your fingers wherever they needed to be. After years of pressing down on nylon strings the sudden change to the cold, metal ones that were now rubbing against your fingers and the pressure that Jae was subconsciously using to keep them in place was causing the pads of your fingers to redden and ache. But despite the slight pain, the noise coming from the guitar was beautiful and melodic as you gently strummed the strings, recognising some of the chords you were playing as you did so. 

    Although you couldn’t actually play the guitar and despite the fact that what you were doing in that moment was actually the work of Jae working in his element, you were proud of yourself. After all those years of your guitar sitting in the corner of your room, hidden away collecting dust, you were playing it, you were learning from one of the most talented people you knew and you felt happy in that moment, despite not actually knowing what you were doing.

    You continued to play, or more like Jae did, before you decided you had done for the day. More than anything your fingers ached, you had been playing for hours and the combination of the tough strings and the soft skin of your fingers was not a good one. But also you could feel the heat radiating off of your boyfriend and the combination of that and the feeling of his hands on yours made you want him to hold you in his arms and cuddle you. “Jae” you softly whined as he looked down at you and gave your hand a gentle squeeze. You didn’t give him any time to reply, understanding that you already had his full attention, “Can we stop now?”

    The boy nodded a little before looking up at the clock that hung on the wall of the bedroom that the two of you shared, realising that it had been well over an hour since you two began playing, “Shit, I didn’t realise we had been at it for so long. I’m sorry baby…”

    You shook your head as you lay back on the bed, watching Jae as he put his guitar back in its case and sat it with the others in his collection. You couldn’t believe he thought that he had to apologise for something in that moment. Your boyfriend was sweet, the sweetest person you’d ever met, but sometimes that sweetness led him to idiocy and the fact that he thought he had to apologise for doing something he enjoyed with you, for teaching and helping you and for taking the time out of his day to spend time and be close with you was one of the most idiotic things he could have said or done in that moment. Yeah, the “lesson” had gone on for a little longer than either of you had expected and your fingers hurt but you didn’t care, you got to see Jae doing something he enjoyed, you got to learn more about him and what he did and you felt close to him.

    He had nothing to apologise for.

    “You were in your element baby, it was nice to see. Don’t apologise,” he looked at you questioningly until you eventually got tired of him just standing at the edge of your bed, putting your arms out and making grabby hands at the boy, signalling that you needed Jae cuddles and you needed them right then.

    Chuckling to himself he climbed into bed next to you, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling your body back into him so your back was against his chest, moving with each and every gentle breath he took. 

    He was holding your small hands in his and playing with your fingers until he noticed the slight redness and marks that remained on the soft skin. You saw him frown behind you and were about to reassure him that you were fine, knowing what your boyfriend could be like, but before you had the chance to he lifted your hand up slightly and pressed the skin of your pinky finger to his soft lips, kissing it gently. You melted into his touch at the action as he moved onto your ring finger and did the same thing again. You could feel the slight warmth from his lips moving into your fingers and miraculously you felt no aching on the two at all, as if Jae’s lips held magical healing powers.

    You couldn’t help but smile to yourself, making sure that he couldn’t see your face, as he repeated the action on the rest of your fingers before placing your hands gently back down on the mattress. He watched your chest rise and fall slowly as your sleeping figure snuggled closer into the blankets that covered you both. He pulled them further round you, making sure you were properly covered before pulling you back into his chest again and placing a final kiss to your cheek before he too slipped into a deep slumber.

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  • blluesiide
    26.12.2020 - 4 monts ago

    [ 6:47 pm ]

    Jaebeom can only stand frozen and stare dumbfounded at you as you reach up to tuck a pink rose behind his ear, the most loving smile gracing your lips.

    In the softest, warmest voice he has ever heard, you say, "Merry Christmas, Jaebeom."

    He's suddenly overwhelmed, the love he has for you flooding his whole body, so much so that he drops whatever he has in his hands, in favor of placing them on either side of your face, and pressing a kiss against your lips so urgent, that it feels as if it'll be the last thing he ever does.

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  • wockpopfics
    09.12.2020 - 5 monts ago

    My Only Sunshine

    Part 3

    Arranged Marriage Series


    JHS x Poc Reader

    Warnings: Angst, Fluff, Smut

    Word Count: 4k

    There was no doubt that Hobi was stressed, Y/N could see if, even if he didn’t say anything. He didn’t have to. You knew the next couple of months would start to take a toll on him, especially since their tour was cancelled due to the current pandemic situation but they still had to make videos and be careful at the same time. Y/N had been in the studio as well, since being a dance instructor had no breaks, but it was okay since it gave you something to do. For the first few months, they were spent indoors with Hoseok and since they could spend more time than usual with each other, there wasn’t a day that went by that didn’t involve them tangled up in the bed sheets. The honeymoon stage was far from over.

    After stepping out of the shower, Y/N got dressed in something more comfortable, grey sweatpants and a tank top. You had already taken Mickey out for his nightly walk around town and he was now curled up in the living room on the couch. Walking out of the bedroom after pulling on some warm fuzzy socks, you made her way into the kitchen to cook something. Being in quarantine really made you have more of an appetite. Y/N snacked a lot but Hobi never said anything about it as long as you were happy. Yeah, you did gain a few pounds but then again who didn’t, right?

    Opening the fridge, you twirled the ruby ring Hoseok gifted you on your left ring finger months ago, trying to figure out what to cook up before Hobi came home. Deciding on some soft tofu stew, you grabbed the ingredients from around the kitchen to get started. There were a few times this month that Y/N wasn’t feeling too good, so you did get some blood work done and got a checkup just to make sure everything was okay. They were supposed to email you any day now with her results but it was most likely low blood sugar.

    Halfway through cooking, your phone buzzed on the counter right when you were adding the veggies to the boiling pot. Wiping your hands on a towel, you checked your phone while the front door passcode was being punched in. Reading over her email, she looked up to see Hobi, taking off his shoes and dropping his bag down by the front door. Uh-oh. From the look on his face, you could tell he wasn’t having the best of days. 

    “Food will be done soon, how were rehearsals?” You asked, watching him make his way into the kitchen and kiss her forehead. You already knew the answer but you wanted to make sure he was okay, since he was gone for practice more than usual due to the new schedule. “It was fine. I showered there so I’m just going to change and come back for dinner.” He spoke quietly. You kissed his cheek and stared up at him. “Only five more minutes, okay? You alright?” You asked, tilting her head a little bit. He shrugged and deeply sighed, not wanting to get into right now. You rubbed his back reassuringly, watching him leave from out of the kitchen and turned back to your email to finish reading the rest of your results.

    A message you were hoping wasn’t real but it was. “...your results show a 4-5 week pregnancy and would like to advise you to come in some time next week for a follow up appointment with the ob/gyn…” You continued reading before glancing up to make sure Hobi wasn’t coming out yet. “...two fetuses have been located in the uterus which can run as high risk in your career field…” Oh shit. “Fuck…” You breathed out and turned off the stove once everything was finished. Pregnant? Twins?! This was not happening. You knew how it happened but, you were only a year into your marriage, this couldn’t be happening now. It was too early and what would Hobi think? He wasn’t in the best of moods tonight, how were you going to tell him? It did explain the heavy eating and weight gain, and the migraines. Tapping your fingers against the counter, you quickly pulled out two bowls to place the stew in just as Hobi walked back into the kitchen. Setting the bowls down at the table, you grabbed him a Sprite and yourself some water. Sitting down across from him, Y/N watched him take a few bites of food before digging into your own.

    You made sure to put some away for his lunch tomorrow and cleaned the kitchen while he grabbed his things from the living room and put dirty clothes into the hamper. You had to tell him, he was your husband and the sooner you told him, the better it would be for both of them to prepare for it. You took her time walking into the room, just to get into the right headspace for this conversation. From the way he was sprawled out on the bed, he was obviously waiting for you to join him. He removed his shirt but still kept his sweatpants on while he laid on his back and stared up at the ceiling. Climbing into bed after closing the room door, Y/N laid down on your back and waited for Hobi to rest his head on your chest and wrap an arm and leg around you.

    He sighed into the cleavage of your tank top and rubbed your side, which made you freeze for a second. You leaned down and kissed his forehead, brushing his dark hair from his forehead. “Tough day?” You asked. He hummed in response. “I’ve been working on this mixtape, I feel like I’m missing something from it and it’s been stressing me out is all.” He confessed. You grinned, rubbing her hand up and down his shirtless back. “You’ll find it, you always do.” “Yeah, plus I’m just nervous about this new album you know? We made it during such a difficult time, I just hope the fans love it.” He pulled you closer to him. “Hobi, they love it. I’ve been seeing so many positive responses. It’s exactly what they needed during a time like this. You and the guys are doing fantastic, especially given the circumstances. I’m proud of you and ARMY is proud of you.” He moved his head to look up at you and brought you down to press a kiss against your lips.

    Humming against his lips, you sighed as his hands traveled up your back under your shirt as the kiss became heated. He moved on top of you, pushing his tongue past your lips. You moaned and pulled away before looking up at him. “I have to tell you something..” You breathed out, although that didn’t stop him from kissing and sucking on your neck. “Can it wait? I really want you right now, baby.” There it was. The bedroom voice. His menstruations continued, kissing and leaving marks on your neck as you closed her eyes. “Hobi...I’m pregnant.” You whispered. 

    His movements stopped, he leaned up and looked into your eyes. “What?” He asked before sitting up completely. Oh God, was he mad? You couldn’t tell. “I-I-I’m pregnant...I was just told today.” You said quietly. His face went blank, almost like his brain was processing what you had just said. “Pregnant? Like with a baby? Really?” He asked. You raised a brow and stared at him. “Um, yes? Like you know, we’ve had sex a million times the past few months-” “Y/N, I know that, it was mind blowing.” He chuckled and looked down at your stomach, sliding your tank top up and pulling off your sweatpants. “A baby huh?” He asked, scratching his head. “Actually...it’s uh, there’s twins…” You chewed on your bottom lip while staring up at him. He blinked a few times. “Aish! Twins?! How are we supposed to raise twins? What if one gets lost or we can’t tell them apart? We’ll never get any sleep, baby! Oh my God, what about sex? Can you even have sex when you’re pregnant?” He climbed off the bed and started pacing the room. You rolled your eyes and watched him. 

    At least he wasn’t upset right? Being pregnant was one thing but having two babies? At once? How was that going to work with your schedules already picking back up? You didn’t have any family in Korea. Yeah, Hoseok’s family was the best and very supportive and they loved you but, what would they think? Would they be excited? How would this work with him going on tour next year?

    Sitting up and kicking your pants off the rest of the way, you stood up and grabbed his wrist as he walked past you, stopping and turning towards you. “I’m going back to the doctors next week, we’ll figure it out. Can you please lay back down?” You pulled him towards the bed, sitting down until he stood between your legs and brushed his hands over your curls. 

    You leaned back, bringing him down with you until you were back in your previous positions. He moved his head down and kissed your stomach. “I can’t believe this is happening. I always thought I wouldn’t have kids but now I’m getting two.” His cheek pressed against your abdomen for a few seconds before you pulled him back up to kiss him.

    “I love you.” He pecked your lips a few times before moving down to kiss your neck again. “I love you too, Hobi.” Biting your lip and closing your eyes, you raked your fingers through his hair, wrapping your legs around his waist. You could feel his hands traveling down your sides until they reached your thighs, where he grabbed at the flesh and gently slapped.

    “You’ve gotta be up in seven hours, you sure?” You hummed into his mouth when he kissed you. He moved his hips until they were grinding into you, pulling a moan from you. “Does that answer your question?” He sat up, grabbing the edge of your panties and sliding them off before doing the same with his pants. He never wore boxers underneath when he was home. He leaned down, capturing your nipple and began sucking on it, doing the same to the other as his fingers rubbed and pinched at the other. 

    Licking your lips, another moan slipped past your lips as your back arched into his mouth, your fingers locked into his hair. His lips moved back up your chest until they were connected with yours once again. No matter how many times you’ve had sex with this man in the past couple of months, you never got tired of feeling him inside of you. 

    You discovered so many different ways to please each other, what worked and what didn’t and what you both were comfortable with. It was shocking with how much Hoseok was open to, sexually but it only made your sex lives even more pleasurable. He was very handsy, always groping some part of your body which you realized was mostly your thighs and ass. That wasn’t surprising at all since the first time you two ever had sex, he had you on all fours just so he could grab at everything easily; he explained this to you one night.

    Tonight, he wanted to look into your eyes. You spread your legs a little wider for him as he positioned his already hard member at your entrance and slid inside of you. You whimpered a little, allowing his tongue to once again tangle with your own as he slowly began to rock his hips back and forth, groaning into your mouth. One elbow holding him up while the other one kept your leg on his hip as he thrust into you at a moderate pace. 

    You could already feel the knot forming inside of you, begging to snap but another part of you wanted to hold out a little longer for his sake. Burying his face into your neck, his hips picked up pace as he huffed and moaned into the crook of your neck. “Why do you always feel so good huh? Still tight after fucking you everyday.” He nipped at your ear and looked down at you, pressing his forehead against yours.

    You couldn’t respond back, your brain too busy registering all of the pleasure he was giving you. You only stared up at him, moaning and holding onto his shoulders as if you’d slip away somehow. Only curses left your lips before latched onto them once again, pressing his body flush against yours and thrust faster, the sound of your skin slapping against each other increasing. 

    “Hobi…” You whined, just as your orgasm rushed through your body causing your back to arch into his chest. When he slowed his hips down, you tightened your legs around him and shook his head. “Keep going, please...you’re not finished.” Your words came out slightly slurred, a chuckle coming from him. “I don’t wanna hurt-” “I’m fine, keep going.” You kissed him and closed your eyes as he resumed his speed. 

    Legs quivering as they spread apart once again, your moans became louder. When you heard his grunts and moans, you sucked your middle finger into your mouth while looking up at him with half opened eyes, while your other hand reached for something on the nightstand nearby. Opening the cap and biting your lip while grinning up at him. Squeezing the lube out onto your fingers, you tossed the bottle on the bed and moved your hand down to his ass, sliding between his cheek and rubbing at his hole. 

    He hissed, biting the side of your neck and groaning as you slowly eased your finger into him and began pumping in and out. “Oh fuck...I’m coming...shit!” He moaned into your ear as you continued twisting and thrusting your finger inside of his ass. Turning your head to the side where he was, you kissed his cheek as his thrusts became sloppy and you felt warmth within you from him emptying his load inside of you. You slowed your movements once he stopped and removed them when he gripped at your waist. 

    Once he caught his breath, he sat up and looked down at you, pressing a few kisses to your lips before sitting up and pulling you up with him. “You surprised me with that.” he climbed off the bed, grabbing your legs and pulling you towards the edge before lifting you up and carrying you into the bathroom. Holding onto him, you giggled and kissed the side of his head. “You loved it.” You replied as he set you on your feet in the bathroom. 

    He couldn’t lie, the first time you did it he wasn’t sure if he’d like the thought of your finger in his ass just before he came but afterwards? It gave him a natural buzz afterwards, which was much needed after the day he had today. 

    Smirking at you, he grabbed a cloth and soaked it with warm water before reaching between your legs to clean you up and then after, himself. You both cleaned up and brushed your teeth before walking back into the bedroom to put everything away and change the sheets. You looked at the clock and gasped. “You sure you’re gonna be okay tomorrow? You won’t be getting much sleep-” “Y/N, I’ll be fine. We’re just doing wardrobe fittings tomorrow anyways. We have a few performances to do in a couple of weeks.” He turned off the light and waited for you to climb under the blanket before slotting himself in behind you and pulling you until your back was against his chest. 


    “And...there they are. Baby A is there and Baby B is right there.” 

    The doctor pointed at the screen while holding the wand on your gel covered abdomen. Hoseok sat beside you, smiling wide at the screen as a few tears rolled down his face. You were grateful that he was able to take the day off to come with you to your ultrasound appointment, and he informed the boys after they got some news from one of the other members themselves that same day. At least you knew you weren’t the only two getting busy. 

    The tech took a few screenshots of the small fetuses before turning off the monitor and cleaning off your small belly. Hoseok managed to quickly wipe his eyes before kissing the back of your hand. “So, you are definitely 5 weeks along. So during your first trimester, which is different for everyone, you’ll experience some changes in appetite, nausea along with some vomiting, hopefully not…” She laughed to lighten the mood while you sat up and fixed your shirt and put your sweater back on.

    It was starting to get extremely cold out and the rain was non-stop for the past week so you didn’t want to risk getting a cold. As the doctor continued to tell you the symptoms, some of which you already experienced, Hoseok helped you into your coat. “I’d say to come back in another month so we can see if we can determine the genders of the babies. Your ultrasound photos should be ready out front, congratulations once again.” She bowed as you did the same, thanking her as you both exited the room and out to the front desk. Hoseok took care of the appointment dates and photos while you stood by the door and waited.

    Once you two got into the back of the car, you rested your head on his shoulder and yawned. “Tired?” He asked. You nodded and snuggled closer to him. “I’ve been tired a lot lately, all I wanna do is sleep.” You mumbled. “Hungry? We can stop and get you something to eat?” He suggested but you were already sound asleep and lightly snoring. “Cute.” He whispered and kissed the top of your head.


    “Hey! Am I late?” It had been two months since your doctor's visit. With your new schedule and finding a replacement for your job until you could come back (which Hoseok implied that you didn’t need to work anymore now that you were pregnant and were going to have kids, in which you told him you needed to return after they were a few months old), you barely had time to even catch up with the girls. 

    Tae’s wife put together a monthly gathering of just the wives to her art studio so that they could bond better and catch up on their lives as well as order takeout and do some painting. 

    “Not at all, we were just ordering some takeout. Anything you want? I know your cravings are different.” Joon’s wife spoke while tapping away at her phone. You glanced over her fingers to still see, no ring on her finger. Eyeing the other girls, they all had the same look on their faces when you met their eyes before clearing your throat. “Bulgogi and japchae. Food has just been making me sick lately but those seem to be the only things I can keep down for now.” 

    Taking off your jacket and hanging up on the coat rack near the door, you took off your shoes as well and walked further inside, looking at the new artwork that was put up in place of the ones sold. 

    “Wow, look at that belly! Already?” Jimin’s wife smiled, nodding towards your protruding belly. One thing about having twins was that your stomach was going to grow twice as big as a regular pregnant belly. “Yeah, I know. It’s because of the twins so now it’s twice as big.” You rubbed your hand over your cream colored sweater. Yoongi’s wife grinned from where she sat, at her canvas painting an abstract photo. “Did you find out the genders yet?” She asked and you shook your head. “Next week. Hobi’s hoping for two boys.” You laughed while Tae’s wife brought you a cup of hot tea. You thanked her and sat on the couch in the painting room. 

    “I hope it’s two girls.” Jin’s wife spoke up, typing her curly hair up into a bun and pulling out a few strands. “Jin said when he comes back and we start having kids he wants all boys too, I hope we all have girls. Well, YoungMi is already here..” She pointed towards Joon’s wife. “But having all girls and having them be daddy’s princess? So cute!” She exclaimed which made you laugh as you took a sip of your tea and hummed.

    Having two girls would be nice, but whatever the outcome, you hope they’re healthy and growing as they should. 


    “Let’s see...Baby A...is a girl! Now let’s see Baby B…” The doctor moved the wand around to get a look at the second baby. “This one is being secretive, come on baby...there they are...oh a girl!” She laughed. You wanted to burst out laughing when you saw Hoseok with his jaw practically on the floor. “You owe me those pancakes for a week straight.” You reminded him. He looked at you and kissed your hand. “I was going to make them anyway. As long as they’re healthy I don’t care what we have.” He whispered so only you could hear. 

    You continued watching the monitor. The doctor doing the same to get in a few observations. “They are right on top of your bladder, have you been using the bathroom more than usual?” She asked and you nodded. “Way more than usual. About a few times during the night.” You confessed. She nodded. “That’s normal. Try drinking some peppermint tea, they might move around. Other than that you have two healthy girls, they’re growing just the way they should. Of course with you carrying twins, you have to be careful so no heavy lifting or anything that can cause strain on your body. There are some beneficial body butters to use on your tummy while it grows since it’ll stretch a bit more than usual. I’ll see you next month, take care!” She made sure to get a few extra photos of the ultrasound since you realized Hobi liked having them in his wallet and in his bags.

    Once you were cleaned off and had your coat back on, you made sure to take care of everything and just wanted to get home to rest. You grabbed food on the way home and once inside you kicked off your shoes and scurried to the bathroom. Hoseok set your food down in the kitchen and took everything out of the bag. Once you finished up in the bathroom and walked back out with your coat in your hand and hung it up, you walked into the kitchen and sat down at the island. 

    Hoseok stood behind you and rubbed your shoulders while you ate your food. “My parents called, wanted to know how everything goes when we get back from the appointment. I’m gonna give them some ultrasound photos.” He rubbed the back of your neck, gently massaging it while you ate. You closed your eyes for a moment before nodding. “Definitely. We should do a gender reveal for them and everyone else. It would be fun.” You tilted your head up at him and let him kiss you before turning back to your food.

    “You think I’ll be a good mom? What if I mess this up?” You asked. Hobi walked around until he was in front of you and cupped your face in his hands, pressing another kiss to your lips. “Everyone messes up, we’ll be okay. I promise. We’ve got each other and we have help from everyone else so even if we do mess up, they’ll be there to help okay? Don’t beat yourself up.” He wrapped his arms around your shoulders and hugged you, you doing the same, burying your face in his chest. 

    You didn’t have the best relationship with your own mother growing up. Even now, when you told her about the news of your pregnancy, she didn’t seem too thrilled. Replying with an “awesome” and a thumbs up emoji. You cried a lot that night but Hoseok reassured you that she just needed some time to accept it. 

    You were going to due your best with your babies and give them everything you didn’t have as a child, especially with Hoseok there with you and the new family you formed here.

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  • tempobaekh
    07.11.2020 - 6 monts ago

    Park Seo Joon

    Song: Maria - Hwasa (slowed and reverb)

    Make sure to follow my Instagram Tempobaek for kpop/kdrama/cpop/cdrama imagines and dating doors!

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  • s0ftylucas
    05.11.2020 - 6 monts ago

    𝕎𝕙𝕖𝕟 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕡𝕝𝕒𝕪𝕓𝕠𝕪 𝕘𝕖𝕥𝕤 𝕛𝕖𝕒𝕝𝕠𝕦𝕤 𝕠𝕗 𝕪𝕠𝕦 | 𝕒𝕟 𝕖𝕣𝕚𝕔 𝕤𝕠𝕙𝕟 𝕚𝕞𝕒𝕘𝕚𝕟𝕖


    Walking down the hallway in the school with your best friend Taeyong like normal, everyone looked at you and turn their face away from you, because you were close with the most popular guy in school.

    It was a normal thing for you, You were always quiet towards other people but you were always talkative with Taeyong you told him everything. You would roll your eyes and ignore the other kids whenever they started rumors about you. While opening your locker to get your books you saw another figure come up to you.

    turning your head to see the figure, it was sangyeon The nice, quiet, suspicious kid. You've talked to him a couple of times, but you weren't close with him like you were with Taeyong.

    "Hey y/n, I was wondering if you want to hang out during lunch and study together" he asked.

    You were confused. You don't really hang out with anyone besides Taeyong, Euni, and Mei. And the fact that sangyeon just came up to you and asked you was weird.

    "umm.. sure..." He then smiled and nodded and walked away fading out of your sight to another hall where his class was.

    Little did you know, Eric Sohn, The Playboy of the school was watching near and was angry.

    You ignored it and grabbed your books and headed to your history class, which you had with Mei and Euni.

    {Time skip to Lunch time}

    The bell rang and it meant it was lunch time already. You walked out of class and then saw sangyeon waiting outside. Walking closer to him, he grabbed your wrist to stop you from walking further.

    "let's head to the library now" he suggested

    " I didn't even get my lunch yet" You set an a cool tone. It was so awkward and the fact that he was grabbing your wrist made it more uncomfortable, but you didn't show it in your face.

    "don't worry, I brought lots of snacks and some sandwiches for both of us" Did he planned this already. How does he have so much food for the both of us???

    He then started to lead you to the library But only for you to yank your hand away from him. He turned your your action and made a curious face.

    "There's no need to touch my wrist anymore. I'll just follow you from here"

    He was about to say something to you, but you cut him off By walking away towards the library. "Why is sangyeon so weird" you thought to yourself.

    {in the library}

    Finding a table to sit at, you sat down and pulled out your books. Sangyeon did the same thing, but was sitting in the chair next to you.

    "um Sangyeon, can you sit across from me since I want more space" you asked

    He nodded and got up to sit across from you. He got out all of the snacks and sandwiches.

    "Hurry and eat, they don't allow food in here" he said whispering

    "that's why we should've went to the cafeteria and ate" you thought to yourself being annoyed.

    You ate and studied with him even though he kept talking and bugging you every second, you got used to it.

    While studying, A figure came up to the both of you guys, Eric Sohn.

    "Y/n can I talk to you for a bit" he said sternly

    You looked at Eric confused and you can see Eric's face was furious.

    "you can tell me right here, no need for me to get up"

    "No this is private, I don't want that guy to hear our convo"

    You rolled your eyes and proceed to get up and follow him. He leaded the way while you were behind him following him like a minion. He then stopped and you stopped at his actions.

    He turned around facing you and then spoke.

    "Stop hanging out with that Sangyeon guy"

    "and why should I listen to you? Why did you even follow us here in the first place" you scoffed.

    "look, he isn't what he looks like. if I told you, you wouldn't even believe me"

    "This is confusing. Either you tell me a reason or I'll leave"

    He let out a sigh. You could tell that it would be a long explanation.

    "hurry and spit it out"

    "Basically, Sangyeon is not the nerd and the nice guy you think he is. He's friends with my ex best friend Sunwoo. Though he is smart and nice at school, he is a totally different person outside of school. He drinks, smokes, plays with girls like their an object, he's a very mean and cold person."

    You stood there trying to process everything he said. "Sangyeon is a bad person, and is not sweet like he seems he is" no wonder he's so weird today. He's so unusual.

    "I know you might not believe me, but I over heard the conversation he had with Sunwoo and apparently your the next girl he wants to play with"

    You let out a scoff and was pissed on what you just heard from Eric. who does Sangyeon think he is, thinking that he's going to get with me now. How dumb is he.

    "Thanks for telling me Eric" you let out a faint smile

    "Hey, let's just leave him there alone, and go to the school rooftop and chill there. He's going to get mad when he notices that you aren't there"

    "Let's go then"

    "Y/n- what took you so long" you turned and saw sangyeon now at the scene.

    He then grabbed your wrist to leave. "Let's go back to study"

    Eric seem to have noticed how disgusted you were from sangyeons touch and Eric grabbed you by your arm to keep sangyeon from touching you.

    "She doesn't wanna go with you, so stop touching her.."

    his face then turned evil, looking like he wanted to kill Eric.

    "Stop interfering with me and y/n. I asked her out to study first and - "

    "Stop sangyeon. I don't want to hang out with a disgusting person like you. I'm not a toy you can just play with. I now see what kinda person you are, so please just stay away from me"

    You then left the two boys at the scene as you were walking away with disbelief.

    As you were walking towards the cafeteria, You heard so much about your name from behind you. you then turned around it was Eric again.

    "He won't disturb you anymore" he said trying to catch his breath Since he was running to you after the whole scene.

    "Thanks, but why were you even helping me. Don't you have other girls to worry about?"

    "Seeing you with sangyeon doesn't make me feel good" he said coldly changing his tone.

    "Ahhh... why? were you jealous?" You said only joking.

    "Yea I was, I hope that isn't a problem"

    You were frozen shocked at what he had just said.

    "He was jealous of me and sangyeon" he has to be playing around right now... right?

    "y/n, I was jealous because I like you"

    "What.. me?" You said pointing at yourself.

    "Yes, you, the person in front of my face. I'll give you time to think about it. I'm going now. See you later.." he said while waving and walking away.


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  • thepandapig
    25.10.2020 - 6 monts ago

    Stray Kids Halloween Costume

    So I was thinking about what Stray Kids would have for Halloween costumes and thought I would share my ideas with you.


    He would choose a pirate. He would probably choose it because it is a mixture of cool and daring. Besides, he wouldn't have to wear anything unqiue.


    Minho would choose a film character. His choice would be the doll Billy. He would want something that is creepy, but not too much effort.


    He would decide to do something funny. Maybe imitate someone from a tv series or something. Maybe Sherlock Holmes or an anime character. It depends on his mood.


    He would choose a cat. The outfit would be something else that none of his members would wear like that and he would look good in it. He would also feel very sexy


    He would take something classic, like a vampire. It's pretty and very easy for him to do. He would feel very good being dressed like a classic vampire.


    Felix would come as a zombie. But he would not only come with makeup, but with everything that goes with it. The slow walk and the deep noises he can imitate well with his voice


    He would also choose a film character like Minho. He would probably also choose something where he only has to put on a mask. Maybe Jason from Friday the 13th.


    He would come as a fox. Many say he looks like one and he knows it would make Stay happy. But he would also ask the others for advice.

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  • thepandapig
    28.09.2020 - 7 monts ago

    Mingi as your boyfriend







    will be dorky most of the time

    gentle with you

    loves to see you in his clothes

    will take pics of you and will either use them as his wallpaper or will make fun stickers out of them

    will brag about you a lot

    PROUD to be with you

    when he is away he will miss you

    will not tell that because he does not wanna be to clingy

    will have rap battles with you

    loves you and will tell you that everytime you're with him


    your first kiss will happen as an accident

    he leans over to grab soemthing and bam you guys kiss

    he is sweet an passionated

    will not make the first move to have sex

    but you will and he is so into the fact that you know what you want

    is kinda of a sub but more of a switch

    will show you how he uses his tounge

    will give you little kisses while fucking you

    he loves your body

    he worships it a lot

    he also likes being praised

    after sex he likes to cuddle and talk a little

    he can not sleep right away

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  • thepandapig
    26.09.2020 - 7 monts ago

    San as your boyfriend

    Hongjoong version 

    Seonghwa version

    Yunho version

    Yeosang version


    adores you with all he has

    makes sure your comfortable

    sometimes feels like he is not good enough for you and needs someone to tell him that that isn't the truth

    your opinion is important to him

    will aks you how you day was -everyday

    when he is on tour he will send you pics and call you often

    doesn't like when you're out late

    is kinda jealous from time to time

    will fight someone for you

    is also your best friend

    pranks you sometimes

    you can be yourself with him and you will also see new sides of you that you did not thought about before

    cuddles are a must for this boy - he loves to cuddle you after a long day at practice


    your guys first kissed at a party

    it is rough and steamy and will lead to something more

    you have been knowing and flirting with each other nearly years before that so it is okay for both of you to take the next steps so fast

    your first time together will make you feel like you never knew anything about him

    will show sides of him that are insane

    when your together for a little longer you get to know each others kinks

    he likes to choke you if your into it

    also he low key enjoys bdsm / he likes being in control

    dirty talk

    enjoys seeing you ride him

    will tease you a lot

    the smirk he gives you while reciving a blowjob is amazing

    aftercare is important to him

    will not do anything that makes you uncomfortable

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  • thepandapig
    18.09.2020 - 7 monts ago


    So I have something coming today which I find very interesting. The idea and the concept is something that was on my mind for a long time. I thought I will give you guys a little teaser for later

    Passion is in every person. Passion is something that everyone can feel. But what if the passion becomes stronger ? The guys from Ateez had to ask themselves the same question when they faced one of their songs. Experience a short insight into the life with a work. -When a song hits you

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  • mnl-o301
    13.09.2020 - 7 monts ago

    This is #WONHO handling you like a baby.

    200913 at SBS INKIGAYO

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  • tempobaekh
    27.08.2020 - 8 monts ago

    I seriously can't understand why some of y'all fans are creating unnecessary fan wars while me and multi fans just sipping our tea in a corner can't some of y'all be normal people for once and not quarrel with other fandoms-

    (A big thank you to the fans that are not creating fan wars respect that a lot ❤)

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  • tempobaekh
    22.08.2020 - 8 monts ago

    Choi Yeonjun as your boyfriend (GIF)

    Smiling softly smiling when he sees you dancing silly behind the camera to 'distract' him.

    Eyeing you like this while eating the fruit snacks you brought for him and the rest of them

    Asking you for kisses cutely because he knows his cuteness is your weakness

    Walking towards you while chuckling softly when you cutely did grabby hands and asked him to carry you

    He made a song for you as a gift for your anniversary

    "This song is for you my love. "

    Getting of guard from eating his food when you suddenly start to coo at him about how absolutely adorable and cute he is

    Feeling cocky when he sees how flustered and red you are still from the heated make out you two had a few minutes ago

    Feeling playful so he ate the orange like this to trigger you and annoy you

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