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  • bunnie-the-lighthouse
    12.06.2021 - 5 days ago

    𝒫𝒶𝓂𝓅𝑒𝓇 𝒰𝓈~

    Pairing: ATEEZ Choi San, ATEEZ Jung Woo-Young & Reader

    Warnings: The Kinkiest And Most Suggestive Thing I Have Possibly Done. Kinda Long Too (I Think). This Is Kinda Experimental, I Made The Reader Dominant And It’s The First Time I’ve Honestly Done That. If You Don’t Feel Comfortable At Any Point Of The Reading -- Do Not Continue. 

    Inspiration: Constant State Of Ded + Constant Loss of Braincells.

    Basic Idea: Kinda Cursed. San, Woo-Young, And You Have An Established Polyamorous Relationship. They Go Back Home Exhausted And Demand To Be Pampered. But Make It ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

    Type: Suggestive (The Suggestive Overpowers The Fluff.)

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    “Wait, isn’t it like this instead?” San danced slowly in order to show Yun-Ho bit by bit how he remembered the performance to bit, “No, no, before the hip thrust you have to stand still, cross your arms over your face, and…” Yun-Ho trailed off and showed San the move.

    “Ah!… Ok, ok,” San said as he then copied Yun-Ho’s move. He then practiced a bit more in order to engrave the pattern in his brain. Afterward, he sat down on the floor, panting out — tired from having to control every bit of his body in order to execute the dance correctly.

    “Tired?” a voice asked as San looked up and saw Woo-Young sitting down next to him. “Yeah…” he whimpered out while laying down. Woo-Young then patted San’s head softly, “We’re almost done,” he reassures as the other nods.

    The entire group then did one last final practice, San going down hard while Woo-Young made sure that his moves showcased his vibe while also making sure that movements were sharp enough.

    Soon after practice, San and Woo-Young were on their way back home. Woo-Young leaning on San’s shoulder as San leaned his head on Woo-Young’s. They were both exhausted and beat, their muscles aching after practice — it was a harder dance than Fireworks, for God’s sake.

    “San-Ah, Woo-Young-Ah, we’re here,” their manager called as the two woke up from their short nap. “Ah… Thank you Manager-Nim,” San thanked as Woo-Young bowed his head.

    The two then sluggishly went into the apartment complex, going up to the third floor, where your shared apartment was.

    You were sitting in bed, reading a book. You got a little carried away, not noticing that it was already two AM — you couldn’t deny — that was an addictive book. Shocked at the time you quickly placed the book away reluctantly, placing it on the nightstand as you stretched in order to relieve your muscles from staying in the same position for hours.

    The door lock then chimed, signaling that the door was unlocked. You then decided to wait for the boys to enter the room, to see them before you fell asleep.

    “_____-ie?” Woo-Young asked as you waved, “Hi guys, tired?” you asked as they both were pouting. San nodded as Woo-Young immediately crashed on the bed, face first. “Young-Ah?” you asked worriedly while crawling over to put your hand on his back.

    “We’re tired~” San whined while sitting down on the floor grumpily, like a toddler throwing a mild tantrum. You smile while shaking your head, amused at the scene.

    “Come, I’ll cuddle you,” you said while sitting back down on the bed as the two scrambled over to you. San hugged your waist while Woo-Young laid his head on your lap, as it was more accessible when he rolled over.

    You then played with their hair, that is until Woo-Young looked at you. 

    “Can you pamper us?… I had a dream the other day…” 

    He trails off while tiredly tugging on your shirt, “What is it, Young-Ah?” you asked as he then whines.

    While you were trying to figure out what Woo-Young wanted, San groaned, catching your attention. “Sannie?” you asked as he then made you lean back, raising your shirt up.

    Blood flew to your cheeks as you gasped, “Sannie?” you asked again with a slightly concerned tone as he then blinks slowly and attaches his lips to your breast, sucking on it softly as you squeal softly.

    As San pulls back, Woo-Young musters up some strength to pull you down, so that you lay down on bed. You squeak at his move as he then licks your sensitive bud, to later suck on it. San does the same on your other as you then realize.

    They wanted to be breastfed...

    Moaning and whimpering while sucking on your breast, a motherly essence overwhelmed you. “There, there, no one is going to steal from you two,” you said while running your hands through their hair.

    San mews at you softly, as his tongue flicks your bud. Woo-Young then pulls away and trails kitten licks from your collarbone to your neck. Meanwhile, San also started to take off his shirt and unbutton his pants.

    Woo-Young then crashed his lips onto yours as you moaned in the kiss. It was sloppy, but it definitely turned you as he rubbed circles on your tummy. San then nips your bud, making you gasp with pleasure. He then holds onto your hand and trails it onto his toned abdomen.

    Woo-Young pulled away from the kiss, taking off his shirt. As San guided your hand to his buddy, the other looking at his partner mischievously. “Mommy.. Please,” San whimpered out as you coo, wrapping your hand around his friend. Woo-Young then pouts and crosses his arms, whining.

    “Why does he get more pampered than me, mommy? Don’t you love me too? Mommy~ Please pamper me too~”

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Hi Everyone. 

    I want to commit auto-dead.

    This is like one of the kinkiest and dirtiest things I’ve typed, I honestly feel fjaskdlfjalsd about it. 

    Kinda worried how people are gonna react.  Kinda worried if I should even keep this.  Kinda worried if I’m going to get killed.  Not gonna lie. I just feel *ouch*. 

    I’m sorry if it made you uncomfortable by the way! It’s the first time I’m typing a Dominant Reader imagine so, it’s kinda an experiment for me. (I am a sub... And it’s embarrassing to say that lol).

    Please do tell me if this is too much. I’ll immediately get to deleting the post if I see that it is making lots of people uncomfortable. 

    And I am sorry for being offline for some time -- I have been... Procrastinating in everything lol. 

    I also have been using some of my time to work on assignments -- both for the Summer Program and a Summer Assignment. 

    They are both quite lengthy, so please bear with me. (╥﹏╥)

    I do have some other stuff in store, so do not worry! 

    On the other bright side, we also reached 100 fellas! 100 of y’all followed me and T_T it makes me emotional. 

    Thank you so much for supporting me in this small hobby of mine, it really makes me happy to know that y’all are enjoying the stuff I type :D

    If there are any requests, the inbox is open! 

    Have a great day y’all, stay safe, drink water, eat, take breaks!

    I’ll catch y’all next time!

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  • randomtasteinfandoms
    11.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    hey yall.

    I write on wattpad (my wattpad is thatonefangirl112) but I've been more active on tumblr for a while now so I decided to repost some work on here as well and post some new stuff that wont be on wattpad.

    Welcome to my tumblr!

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  • bunnie-the-lighthouse
    02.06.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    𝐼’𝓂 𝐻𝑒𝓇𝑒 𝒩𝑜𝓌!

    Pairing: ATEEZ Jeong Yun-Ho & Reader

    Warnings: None 

    Inspiration: A Continuation To The Android Series.

    Basic Idea: You Ordered A Boyfriend. Sorry, An Android Boyfriend. 

    Type: Fluff

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    You breathed in, conflicted on whether you wanted to order a boyfriend or not. Yes. Whether you wanted to order a boyfriend.

    You sucked the embarrassment and typed in your information, your name, birth date, and other private details. The website then asked you a few questions, such as “Does he like holding hands?”, “How tall is he?”, “What animal would he be most similar to?”.

    Taking a good thirty minutes to answer all of the questions, you clicked on the check out button. Then, you began the waiting game. It was supposed to be a one week wait… But let’s just say that it has been one week and two days now.

    “Oh my, he is so tall.”, “He looks like a puppy!”, “No! He looks like a teddy bear!”. The street was buzzing with soft whispers as girls watched the tall android walk by. He looked down at the hologram that he projected on his palm. “This is the right way!” he chirped to himself while continuing on his short adventure to your house.

    You were on your way to buy some groceries. “No, I still haven’t gotten my boyfriend,” you responded as your friend was as worried as you were, “Yes, it may have been a scam,” you sighed. Your friend then whined, sad that they wouldn’t be able to meet your preferred boyfriend.

    You then ended the call with your friend, entering the grocery store. You grabbed one of the baskets and started strolling around the aisles to find the things you needed.

    As if fate were real, you bump into a tall figure -- you were a bit distracted, looking at the spices closely to find the garlic powder. You yelp, but a large hand holds onto your bicep, keeping you in place. “Are you all right?” a mellow voice asks, making you freak out internally.

    This is the same voice that you setted up on the website!..

    You quickly straighten up and bow your head in apology, “I’m sorry, I should have looked at where I was walking to,” you quickly apologized -- still looking down. That is until the same hand lifted your chin up with their index finger.

    Your lips parted slightly as you gazed back at the man that you bumped into. His eyes shone a light blue, scanning your face. “Oh! _____-ie!” he chirped while hugging you close. “Huh?” you questioned -- confused, flustered, embarrassed, excited -- hell, you were an emotional trainwreck right now.

    The man pulled away, allowing you to clearly see his physique properly. Tall. Teddy Bear-Like. Puppy-Like. He was basically your preferred and ideal significant other.

    “_____?” he asked with slight concern as you shook your head, to wake yourself up from the daze. “Uh, uh.. Yeah? Wait, hold on, how do you? Wait, wait, I.. Uh..” you stammered, nervous as you were unsure of what the heck was going on.

    The man then laughed at your stuttering, he pinched your cheek softly while smiling down at you brightly. “You’re so cute, you can’t recognize who I am?” he asked while switching his expression to a pouty one.

    Your heart burst with butterflies when he resembled a sad puppy. “A-Are you perhaps Jeong Yun-Ho?” you question, remembering that that was the name that you gave your boyfriend. “Yes! You remember me!” he squealed, similarly to a puppy yapping in happiness.

    “Yun-Ho?” you ask again as he nods, “That’s me,” he smiles softly -- making your heart burst again. “Oh my.. What are you doing here?” you asked as he then lifts up his own grocery basket, “I was thinking of buying some stuff before getting to your house. I intended to buy some of your favorite snacks, but.. Here we meet,” he chuckled.

    You then look at his basket -- it was indeed filled with many of your favorite snacks. Your favorite chips, favorite chocolate, and others. “Oh..” you trailed off as he then became concerned, “I’m sorry.. You don’t like these?” he asked as you shook your head -- smiling at him.

    “I love them, thank you Yun-Ho,” you thanked as his eyes shone again, seemingly trying to figure out how you were feeling. “I just.. Didn’t expect you to do this.. No one has even done this for me,” you explained as he then pulls you in for a hug.

    “Well.. You have me now! And I will cuddle you when you need comfort. I will listen to you when you need to vent. I will be there for you, whenever you need me! I am now your boyfriend, and trust me, _____.. I won’t even leave your side..”

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Helloo, Bunnie here! 

    How have y’all been? I hope you’ve been doing great! 

    If you have tests or finals, don’t panic! I’m sure you’ll do great in them!

    Meanwhile, I introduce to y’all, Android Yunho!

    I hope this imagine lets y’all feel a bit better, and yes! I am going to make a scenario for each member as an android boyfriend! 

    These days, I may just focus on those and the series that I am still mixing up, because I honestly don’t have anymore braincells that can formulate other suggestive scenarios or fluffy ones. 

    If you have any ideas or requests, my inbox is open! :D

    I hope that y’all have a great day -- stay safe, stay hydrated, get some sun, take breaks! 

    I’ll catch y’all next time! See ya!

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  • huysmut
    01.06.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    favorite smuts


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  • bunnie-the-lighthouse
    26.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    𝒲𝑒 𝐿𝒾𝑒𝒹~

    Pairing: ATEEZ Park Seong-Hwa, ATEEZ Choi San & Reader

    Warnings: It’s Suggestive, My Friend. Be Careful. (It’s Kind of Long Too)

    Inspiration: Not Gonna Lie, I Don’t Know. 

    Basic Idea: You Are In A Polyamorous Relationship With San And Seong-Hwa, Your Guardian Angels. But... They Hide A Deep Secret. 

    Type: Fluff & Suggestive

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    On your way back home you were humming a song, enjoying the tune as it was finally Friday. You were hoping to just get home and cuddle with your favorite boys -- your guardian angels, Seong-Hwa and San.

    You opened the door and saw Seong-Hwa organizing the dinner table while San was nowhere to be seen. Smiling at the sight, you once again feel comfortable and recharged after entering your house. “I’m home~” you chirped as Seong-Hwa looked up at you. “Oh! Hi baby,” he smiled as you smiled back.

    “Where’s San?” you asked as Seong-Hwa brought out the last plate of steak. “He’s playing online with Yun-Ho,” the raven haired angel smiled at you, “Come on, go change to more comfortable clothes and tell Sannie that we have to eat dinner,” he ushered as you nodded and went off to the shared bedroom.

    Opening the bedroom door, you saw San being focused on the game. You quickly gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, catching him off guard. “Oh, _____-ie!” he squealed while giving you a smile. “Hwa finished cooking dinner, let’s go eat, okay?” you asked as he nodded.

    You then changed to more comfortable clothes, San saying goodbye to Yun-Ho as he then hugged you from behind. “How was work today?” he asked as you chuckled, “Slightly annoying, but now I feel better,” you responded. Turning around, you hugged him back, laying your head on his chest.

    Eating dinner was the same as always, you guys shared how your day was and everything was rather chill. Something that did catch your attention was Seong-Hwa’s eyes. 

    They would normally shift color from black to a light blue that resembled the sky. This would normally occur when he felt a strong emotion from you, and when you were recounting your story of how your boss yelled at you, you did feel quite frustrated.

    However, this time… His eyes didn’t resemble the sky. They blinked a dark turquoise that you’ve never seen before. It caught you off guard, but you didn’t expect the turquoise to be enchanting -- it was mysterious, deep, and full of… Desire?... You weren’t sure yourself.

    You decided to let it slide, and soon after dinner you guys huddled up on the couch to watch a movie. “Hyung, should we watch Fifty Shades of Grey?” San asked as the question caught you off guard, “What? Aren’t you guys not supposed to watch those types of things?” you asked, knowing that the movie was quite graphic from reviews -- you yourself never watched it, you just read reviews.

    “I’m sure nothing bad will happen,” Seong-Hwa replied as you still felt concerned. Midway through the movie, you of course felt slightly heated -- however you were sort of worried over the toxicity of that relationship, and mainly, the fact that San and Seong-Hwa shouldn’t be watching this because they are angels… Guardian Angels, to make things worst.

    As you leaned your head on San’s shoulder, you felt his hand lay on your thigh, which intrigued you. He was a bit playful, but not to this level. You felt a bit more heated, a wave of desire washing over you. And as you calmed down the strong emotion, you glanced and saw how his once emerald green eyes shone a dark forest green.

    Something was definitely wrong. And you couldn’t help but feel excited.

    “I see that our little baby has noticed something,” Seong-Hwa suddenly spoke, making you whip your head to look at him. “Huh?” you question as you feel fear creep into your system. Seong-Hwa’s eyes shone the same dark turquoise, and rather than returning to his black marbles…

    They stayed in the unusual blue.

    “Hwa?” you squeaked out as he smirks, you then felt San kiss your neck from behind, his soft hair tickling you slightly. “Sannie?” you asked but quickly got shut up by Seong-Hwa’s harsh kiss. You whimper at the force, closing your eyes.

    Seong-Hwa kissed you hungrily as you couldn’t help but also feel aroused by San’s soft kitten licks on your neck. "It took you some time, _____-ie," San purred out against your neck as you were still confused over what the two angels meant.

    You then opened your eyes and saw how Seong-Hwa didn't have two white feathery wings behind him. His halo was also missing… Instead, he had wings resembling those of a black dragon. That is also when you felt

    Two sharp teeth graze over your sensitive neck.

    "Oh babygirl.. We weren't your Guardian Angels.. In the crooked world that we live in, the only things that exist are those who are evil and those who are neutral. Creatures like us.. Incubus, if you may, were supposed to come here..”

    “And ruin you,” San whispered in your ear.

    “Though, we disobeyed the rules, and fell for a mortal.. We fell for you, _____,” Seong-Hwa confessed as San trailed kisses from your shoulder to your neck, sucking on your sweet spot softly as Seong-Hwa cupped your cheeks.

    San pulled away from your neck, looking down at the mark that he left. Seong-Hwa then rubbed your cheek with his thumbs, "We were supposed to ruin you while you slept, darling.. But you won our dark cold hearts with your peaceful and beautiful face. I felt your sorrow from your tear stained cheeks,"

    "And I felt your desperation when you hugged your plushie as if it were the only object that kept you sane."

    "We felt connected to you.. And we couldn't ruin you," Seong-Hwa ends as you couldn’t help but look away, freeing yourself from the older’s grasp. You stood up and left to the bedroom, overwhelmed from their sudden reveal.

    On the bed you sighed, hiding yourself under the blankets. You heard and felt someone shuffling to lay down next to you, someone else then laid on your other side. “Baby girl?” Seong-Hwa asked as you peaked your head out of the blankets, you were pouting, catching the two incubi off guard as they expected you to be mad.

    “I hate you two.. For lying to me.. But I also love you two.. For being next to me and keeping me happy,” you confessed, as if opening the gates, allowing the two to enter your heart. You were about to wrap your arms around Seong-Hwa’s neck, but he stopped you by pinning both of your hands above your head.

    “Then.. Should San and I.. Show you a whole new world?” he asked, smirking softly while purring out in ecstasy and love. You couldn’t help but feel enchanted by his dark turquoise pearls -- nodding at his statement.

    San then chuckled and used his index finger to guide your view towards him, making you peer into his forest green marbles.While he crashed his lips onto yours, Seong-Hwa took the time to start kissing your neck, creating another mark near your sweet spot, to complement San’s mark.

    You moaned in the kiss, feeling more heated as San’s hands trailed down and creeped underneath your shirt, massaging your tummy softly -- the friction making you ticklish. As you squirmed slightly, San and Seong-Hwa pulled away. San looking down and imagining your pleasured face as Seong-Hwa blew on the mark, causing you to exhale shakily.

    San then laughed, a bit sinisterly, turning you on even more as he unbuttons his dress shirt with one hand, the other moving his hair back. Seong-Hwa also started unbuttoning his shirt, making you feel flustered -- watching two extremely hot incubi undress.

    “Oh, by the way, baby girl.. Before we ruin you, remember that we are incubi, so we are more freaky~”

    “We’ll give you an experience that you won’t be able to live if you date a human. Us incubi are especially proud of our skills,”

    “We’ll make you squirm from the pleasure,”

    “We’ll make you scream our name,”

    “We’ll make you wish for more”

    … “Are you ready?” …

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Hello hello! Bunnie here~

    Sorry I’ve been MIA, had to focus lots on school since it’s the last quarter and I was trying to exempt all of my classes to leave school earlier :D

    Thankfully, I am officially done with my sophomore year! Yaay! *Claps*

    However, one sad thing is that my summer is gonna be hectic =_= so I may not be able to push out as much stuff as I’d like -- I have a summer assignment for AP Language and I’m attending an online Summer Program. 

    However, I will try to type some stuff beforehand so that I still have content. 

    Anyway, I present to you -- “Guardian Angels” Sannie and Ddeonghwa! :D

    Did you like this concept? I did tone down the suggestive since I felt like I crossed the line a few times in the other ones. (Side Note: I did the GIFs myself, which is why the quality is kinda bad T_T)

    Please tell me if you liked this! And please! Do send me a message if you have any requests! My inbox is open!

    Have fun with your imagination, y’all!

    Thanks for the patience and support! I’ll catch y’all next time!

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  • naefanfics
    23.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    NSFW & SFW Headcanons with Hyungwon x Minhyuk x Male!Reader

    A/N: Sorry if it’s short and if there is any spelling or grammar mistakes!


    Our tall noddle baby Hyungwon is a bottom and we know it, I could just picture him being a whining mess for the both of you

    Minhyuk would be a switch, leaning towards being a subby bottom most of the time

    Hyungwon would prefer slow, soft and passionate sex while Minhyuk wants it hard and rough

    If you guys share an apartment or a house together, you better bet you guys have fucked in at least every room once

    Once everyone was having a movie night at the dorms and the other members left to the store you guys managed to get a quickie in before they came back

    Sex with them would always be nice to Hyungwon’s quiet whimpers and Minhyuk’s loud moans


    We all know that Minhyuk is the mood maker of the group so date nights that he planned are always something else

    Hyungwon was almost always the little spoon in cuddle time, being squished in the middle of you and Minhyuk

    Movie dates would have Hyungwon sleeping on one of your shoulder with Minhyuk talking your ears off instead of watching the movie

    Those nights were the 2 of them get home late because of practices and they just want to get in bed and sleep and your cuddles help a lot

    #x male reader #kpop headcanons#kpopimagines #kpop x male reader #Monsta X #monsta x hyungwon #monsta x minhyuk #monsta x male reader
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  • borahaebich
    09.05.2021 - 1 mont ago


    Summary - In which bratty jungkook makes fun of your sex playlist infront of all your friends and when you confront him he proposes an interesting idea.College AU! Content warning - smut, language, sub jungkook.

    Pairing - Jock|brat Jungkook × reader

    Previous chapter

    Note - song references are Italicized.





    Chapter 4

    Pu$$y Fairy - Jhene Aiko

    The power you felt with this beautiful boy sprawled out underneath you was immense and when the next song started you knew, you knew you were going to make Jeon Jungkook beg.

    I know you love fucking me

    Jungkook had great self control you'll give him that, that boy did not let his hands wander once and it was time to break him. You had him pegged for an ass guy and you were going to make sure your prediction came true.

    Next you leaned in and guided his hands underneath your skirt,he grabbed your ass like it was the most familiar thing to him and you grinned in return.

    You made sure to grind on his member slowly, painstakingly, so that he would crave for more.

    He locked eyes with you as you took your top off, your plain black bra visible to him now. Grabbing his wrists, you held them over his head and using the sleeves of your top made a nifty little restraint for him.

    You could see the panic in his eyes

    He had never predicted you would make him so submissive, so weak to your touch, as you finished tying him up a single moan escaped his mouth.

    Need to hear you see my name


    Fondly looking at him you tugged the sleeves of your Macgyvered handcuffs, his body slowly rolled up back to how he was sitting.

    You got off his lap and decided it was time to show off what you could do

    Even though you weren't the best of dancers you had the basics down, it was simple really- just move to the rhythm and slowly undress.

    You put some distance between you and him and your back hit the wall as you took your skirt off.

    Jungkook's mouth practically watered

    He saw you now only in your underwear and stockings, his brain had stopped working and all competitiveness had gone out the window. The absolute worst|best part? You were just getting started.

    Next to go was your bra, you were unsure of this move since you weren't all that confident but seeing Jungkook look at your boobs like they were a pot of gold made it worthwhile.

    The next part of your plan was the nail in the coffin really, you went down on your knees and crawled towards him until you settled in between his legs, face to face with the growing tent in his pants.

    I got you sprung off in the spring time





    Chapter 5 -

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  • borahaebich
    08.05.2021 - 1 mont ago


    Summary - In which bratty jungkook makes fun of your sex playlist infront of all your friends and when you confront him he proposes an interesting idea.College AU! Content warning - smut (finally!)

    Pairing - jock|brat Jungkook× reader

    Previous chapter


    Note - song references are Italicized.





    Chapter 3

    Sex Drive - MGK

    Luck wasn't on your side today, the music filled the room and while this song was one of your favorites, it was also painfully short.

    You felt a switch flip in your head as you made your way to the boy who sat on the corner of his own bed, leaning back as to invite you in. You straddled his lap right away and his doe eyes instantly widened.

    Come and find yourself

    Even though you weren't feeling particularly lucky, your outfit choice was somehow perfect for this situation - your plaid grey skirt which was not in the least modest, your black button up top which displayed just enough of your assets and your sheer thigh high stockings,a recipe for anyone's demise.

    Hands around his neck and not wanting to wile away the precious time you had, you kissed him.

    The you who had been a bundle of nerves seemed to disappear now, not an ounce of awkwardness in you as you lifted his chin up to meet your gaze.

    The second time your lips met his, it was with a sense of urgency, as if you were kissing him goodbye.

    You had his undivided attention now

    His hands which had been resting casually behind his back now came to rest on your sides as he scrambled for stability, his touch was light like he didn't want you to know the effect you had on him.

    You breathed him in

    Slyly, you sneaked a hand under his loose fitting white t-shirt, your touch was enough to send shivers down his spine. You smiled as you pulled away from his lips and pushed him back on his mattress lightly.

    Now Jungkook was sprawled across his bed, his feet on the ground and you on his lap. Unfortunately,that's when catastrophe struck.

    Welcome to hotel Diablo

    You had completely forgotten the robotic woman's line in this song and Jungkook could tell that you were caught off guard, as a result he flashed his bunny smile and said,

    "Now that completely ruined the mood didn't it"

    He was sickingly happy by this road bump but thankfully by now you had become used to this back and forth, and so with a sinister smile plastered across your face you replied,

    "Don't worry Guki, we've only just begun"


    Jungkook had loved watched anime ever since he was a little kid but until this moment he had never felt like he was in one; the way you smiled while you used that nickname for him instead of your usual "Jeon", that smile you shot at him. Jungkook was convinced this was the part of the anime where the protagonist goes into rage mode,goes berserk,becomes unhinged etc etc.

    In this moment, he was convinced you were kaneki incarnate.


    Read the next chapter!

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  • bunnie-the-lighthouse
    07.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    𝐿𝑒𝓉’𝓈 𝑀𝒶𝓀𝑒 𝒴𝑜𝓊𝓇 𝒟𝓇𝑒𝒶𝓂 𝒞𝑜𝓂𝑒 𝒯𝓇𝓊𝑒

    Pairing: ATEEZ Kang Yeo-Sang & Reader.

    Warnings: This Is Explicit. Please. Watch. Out. Also, It Could Be A Bit Much. 

    Inspiration: Sleep Deprivation x 3.

    Basic Idea: Aye~ You Had A Wet Dream. Yeo-Sang Came Back Home & Witnessed That.

    Type: Suggestive (Very.)

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    It was just like any other day. You were getting ready for bed, rubbing some lotion into your face while being on a call with Yeo-Sang. “When are you coming back home from practice?” you asked as he hummed, thinking.

    “I think around two AM.. I still have to catch a few key parts.. Sorry,” he winced as you smiled, “It’s all right Yeo.. I understand, you don’t have to apologize -- you are doing what you love,” you chuckled as he then smiled at you. “No wonder I fell for you,” he whispered out.

    Feeling your cheeks heat up, “Hmph, you better have,” you pouted as he chuckles. “Yeo-Sang-Ah! We gotta go back to practice,” Yun-Ho called him as Yeo-Sang looked at you. “Gotta go now, sleep well, Princess,” he waved as you waved back.

    Once your routine was done, you laid in bed and hugged one of Yeo-Sang’s plushies. You then thought of him while looking at the shelf -- each layer showcasing one of his prized drones and their boxes.

    With the calming sound of the rain’s droplets hitting the window, you fell asleep.

    Shuffling sounds made Yeo-Sang whip his head over to you. He had just come back home, drying his hair from the rain. Smiling, he sat down next to you, watching your sleeping form as you hugged his plushie. He noticed how you were comfortably sleeping in his hoodie...

    And gawked at your lack of pj shorts.

    However, he let it slide, understanding that it was more comfortable to sleep partially naked.

    As he placed his hand on your shoulder, you shivered, a breathy moan leaving your mouth. It caught him off guard, making him quickly retract his hand. “_____?” he whispered out as you then started panting.

    Your hips started moving in a rhythm that caught Yeo-Sang’s attention. He gulped, unsure of what to do.

    “Princess?” he called again as you woke up when he placed his hand on your waist. Gasping, you jolted up right, sitting on bed as Yeo-Sang looked at you with a mix of concern and lust. “Are you all right?” he asked again as you sighed, partially in relief while the other was sad at the fact that your dream was stopped.

    Looking at your slightly disappointed face, Yeo-Sang smirked, chuckling softly while kissing your forehead. He then lowered down to your ear, giving it small nibbles before asking you; “What were you dreaming of, Princess?..”

    His breathy growl sent chills down your spine. You suddenly felt extremely sensitive to your surroundings, the air conditioner’s breeze making you realize that your intimates were wet. Yeo-Sang then held onto your bicep, his touch making you twitch and moan softly.

    “Tell me.. What was your dirty dream?” he questioned once again while trailing kisses down to your collarbone. “I’m not telling you,” you whimpered out as Yeo-Sang hummed, sucking on your sweet spot. “Suit yourself~” he purred as his hand sneakily massaged your clothed intimates.

    “Oh ho~.. You’re very wet, my darling,” he whispered in your ear huskily, his fingers making you even more wet. You then pouted, “No fair..” you huffed out as he smiles at you, “Then you should tell me your dream,” he responded cockily as you threw your head back from the pleasure.

    You decided not to. And that was a bad decision. He parted the cloth, truly playing with your exposed intimates. You held back the moans, his fingers gracefully performing mysteries as you then felt yourself close to your high.

    But then it was ruined. You whine in pain and need as Yeo-Sang stopped. He smirked at you, leaning back, standing up, and getting ready to shower.

    He was teasing you.

    He licked his fingers clean, as you panted. “Meanie!” you cried out as he just lets out a small scoff. “That’s what happens when you don’t tell me the truth,” he said as you sigh. You looked away as he then looked at you, expectantly.

    You then told him your dream, which included so many dirty things that you yourself were even ashamed of. Before you finished, Yeo-Sang crashed his lips on yours, kissing you hungrily while making you lean back on the bed.

    While kissing you, he unbuckled his belt, getting ready to complete for first fantasy.

    “Now that wasn’t hard, was it? Princess.. Well~ What should I do today? Punish you for hiding the truth or reward you for telling the truth?..”

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Helloo, Bunnie here!

    Sorry for being offline for some time -- got overwhelmed with school work and well, I didn’t have enough time to type imagines. 

    It’s been a rough month but I do hope that I get to type a bit more soon. 

    Also, I am sorry if this imagine is a bit much -- I myself feel like I may have crossed a line, but I do hope that you guys enjoy it!

    I did say that I’d try to tone down the explicitness, but this has been an idea for a while so... Yeah...

    Also (x2), I changed my Tumblr’s theme so it looks a bit more polished :DD I hope you guys enjoy the new look. 

    Remember that my inbox is open so y’all can submit requests and stuff! I’d actually enjoy to get some since I don’t have anymore ideas. 


    Thank you for the patience and support! 

    I hope you all have a great day/night! 

    I’ll catch y’all next time! 

    Have fun with your imagination~~

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  • naefanfics
    03.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Going on a date with Monsta X’s Jooheon

    a/n: i'm really out here popping out work for y'all, and you guys have given no cuddles nor kisses hurt. please let me know what you guys think of the poly ship thing from the last chapter because i do need more to post!

    Going on a date with Monsta X's Jooheon! -Our wonderful rapper, Jooheony is going to try and plan a wonderful for you two

    -Since he loves kitten and cats you'd either stay at home playing with his cats or go to a cat cafe

    -At the cat cafe he would spend most of his time trying to adopt one of them

    -When it was time for the date to end and you guys go home, he tried to sneak one out but the staff caught him

    -When you guys got back to your place, his cats felt that Jooheon cheated on them and left him alone all day "Curse those cats!"

    -The cats would pay attention to you only and only go by Jooheon when it was feeding time

    -Of course, after a while, the kittens would forgive him and you all would cuddle on the couch watching tv and eating snacks.

    #Monsta X #monsta x male reader #monsta x jooheon #kpopimagines #kpop x male reader #kpop headcanons#malereader #x male reader
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  • naefanfics
    03.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Going on a date with Monsta X’s Hyungwon

    a/n: yuh shawties, this one and another one might be my last updates for a while, i don't really know. also i'm thinking of doing some Monsta X's poly x reader stuff, what do you think? please excuse spelling mistakes through out this part

    Going on a date with Monsta X's Hyungwon

    -Since our lovely Hyungwon enjoys sleeping a lot, so you guys would have a little stay at home date

    -Matching pajamas that the members wouldn't let Hyungwon down for

    -You guys either binged superhero movies or Disney movies, no in-between

    -Both of you were lazy so you either bothered the other members to get you food or just ate junk food

    -Cuddles would be a must, it was a mess of limbs on that bed but you guys loved it

    -At least one of you would fall asleep during the movies and there would be photos snapped from all angels

    -At the end of the day, you guys watched about 5 movies and slept through the rest happy you got to spend time together

    #Monsta X #monsta x male reader #monsta x hyungwon #monsta x headcanon #kpopimagines#kpop headcanons #kpop x male reader #x male reader #malereader
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  • naefanfics
    03.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Going on a date with Monsta X’s Shownu

    a/n: trying to get as many done as I can! What group did you want to see next? Going on a date with Monsta X's Shown! - Our lovely papa bear of the group, pls I want his hugs

    -He seems like the guy to take you to the dance studio or something and teach you a dance

    -Maybe even take you out to eat and enjoy a meal together

    -I don't think you guys would get matching outfits but maybe some type of bracelet

    -You guys would learn girl group dances together for no reason, maybe that's why Shownu always knows a girl group dances - You might even do a karaoke place to sing and act silly

    - Overall you would have a great time together!

    #monsta x male reader #monsta x shownu #malereader#kpop headcanons #kpop x male reader #kpopimagines #x male reader
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  • naefanfics
    03.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Going On A Date Monsta X Kihyun Headcanons

    a/n: I'm so sorry with these weird updates. I'll try my best to keep going! Going On Dates With Monsta X'S Kihyun Headcanons! - We all know Kihyun as the young flexer so you guys might

    - Since he cooks the most out of the group, you guys might just have a little stay at home date

    -He likes dogs, so maybe a puppy cafe

    - You two would just have the best of times together

    -If you stay at the dorm you better believe  that the other members want to join in

    -It would be fun and cute, never wanting it to end

    #kpop x male reader #kpop headcanons#kpopimagines #x male reader #malereader#Monsta X #monsta x male reader #monsta x kihyun
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  • seventeenstanner
    26.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Behind Him - Chapter 11 Revelation (on Wattpad) https://www.wattpad.com/1058482287-behind-him-chapter-11-revelation?utm_source=web&utm_medium=tumblr&utm_content=share_reading&wp_uname=seventeenstanner&wp_originator=OE0Es6g3QYrKtfnnwcna7xHwKNLNA5lp8MjP0PfssHASh4ME8ou57uKvJGLQj9yB%2BMSbxsXsPBa4gL08vJgI0qWDjuZcF60CIRufcVu8TqvvB8jCwdmogIhab1UydF%2FA It's quite hard being an idol in a very scrutinizing world and no matter how hard you try, people will just dig deep into who you are just to get some dirt on your name and I guess idols just have to deal with that. The entire Seventeen members are no strangers to these malicious and deprecating accusations. Until their entertainment company just had enough of it and hired YOU to be their background investigator and spokesperson. What will happen in your journey with the whole Seventeen Members? "I might include some FLUFF or SMUT chapters, but not without warning. So if you are not comfortable reading those type of things, you can simply skip it."

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  • partywithgyu
    25.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    It's Nice To Have A Friend.

    ☁Member: Choi Beomgyu.

    ☁About: One shot. Friends to Lovers. gn!reader.

    ☁Genre: Fluff. A little angst too.

    ☁W/C: 1970.



    "I don't want to," whined baby Beomgyu as he hid behind his mother.

    Encouraging Beomgyu to make friends was a task. He would want to play all the time just not with others. The little kid didn't feel the need to have a friend. His mother knew better. "Why not? Go make a friend. It's nice to have a friend." "No. I-" "Then no playing. Let's go home and study."

    Studying was the worst, to him. So, a few glances, to and fro from his mother to you, later he sighed. He made up his mind. Making a friend was way better than going home and studying. 

    He made his way to your little self, building a sand castle. Around you were your toys, colorful. He really liked the idea of playing with you now that he had seen the toys. Kids are simple minded after all. He just stood there, waiting for you to look over. You were too busy, filling up the bucket with wet sand. He watched the way you turned it upside down, then lifted it. There was a beautiful sand castle. "Wow. That's awesome." You looked at him, smiling. "I know." You seemed nice enough to let him play with your toys. He smiled. "Hello. I'm Beomgyu."

    "Hello. I am y/n. Nice to meet you," you introduced yourself on your first day at the new elementary school. The students replied to the greeting. The teacher said a few kind words. Then, you thanked the class before heading to the bench your friend had saved for you. The one you had spent your evenings, building castles with. 

    The stories of fighting, dragons and mythical creatures you two could act out sometimes. Once they seemed silly, you two turned to other games. Mostly, you guys would play hide and seek. To him it was great to have your fun company during the breaks. "We'll have a great time," whispered your friend, Beomgyu. "Yes," you said excitedly. It was always fun to play with you. You just made him so happy. He would even walk past your hiding spot, pretending to not know you're hiding there, just to watch you smile proudly later. 

    Proudly you smiled, when you managed to get yourself to speak to another classmate. He was a cool kid. So, approaching him seemed rather difficult. To Beomgyu, it was unnecessary. He didn't like the way you looked at the other boy so fondly as you spoke to him. You held onto your bag, nervously fidgeting. "Goodbye," said the boy. "Bye. See you tomorrow," you waved. As if taking your attention away from Beomgyu wasn't enough, he had to wink at you before showing a peace sign. Gosh. Beomgyu wished he was as cool. If he was cool, you would be crushing on him, he thought. Then he questioned to himself the reason. It was easy to jump to the conclusion that he perhaps had a crush on you. It didn't seem like a big deal to him. It was normal to have crushes, he had been told. Waving your hand before his face, you spoke to him. "Earth to Beomgyu." 

    "Earth to y/n," he said as he waved in hand in front of your face. It was during middle school, that you had been asked out on a date only to get stood up. The guy was an ass, your bestie had warned you. Like a fool, you ignored the warning. No wonder you were sitting by yourself in the café, zoned out. 

    "I told you," said Beomgyu. You sighed. "I know you did. I just didn't expect him to not even show up. He asked me out himself," you started saying to the boy who took a seat before you. "I showed up," he stated. He did show up. He always did. You thought about it, while he went through the menu. Beomgyu always showed up whenever you needed him. He was there for you all the time. On days when anxious thoughts took over you minds, you would text him. He wouldn't reply to them immediately if he was busy but he would always take his time to read them. He would reply to everything so well. That's because he cared. He never failed to show how much he cared. "Do you want the regular?," he asked, gaining your attention. "Yes." 

    He knew you so well. That's the reason, a week later, he could tell that something was on your mind. He didn't know the reason but he knew that he didn't like seeing you like that. When you went over to the arcade with him, he could tell you weren't as excited to play the games. He didn't want to force you to speak up. So, he waited. As expected, you did speak up, once you two were out of the arcade. "Beomgyu," you said slowly. "You'll be my friend even if someone I don't get along with asks you out, right?," you asked nervously. 

    It was during break time that you learned about a rather popular classmate's crush on your bestie. It was weird for you because you never really thought of Beomgyu not being your friend at some point. He was always there when you thought of the future. "Who likes me?," he asked you, curiously. "Why? You'll ditch me for a hot person?," you asked him. He stopped walking when he saw your face. This was the first time you had acted even a little possessive. He liked this. "Never," he said with a huge smile. "You're stuck with me forever." A big grin could be seen on your face too. "As annoying as you are, that sounds good." 

    "Told you you're stuck with me forever," stated Beomgyu with a smile. He recalled the statement he made, on this day as the two of you received your college acceptance. "Wow. I can't believe you both are going to the same college too," said his mother as she kept a plate of snacks on the table before you. You were seated on the couch. "Thank you for the snacks," you said to her. The churros looked delicious as always. Often, she'd make them for you. She smiled at you. "I should thank you. He studied hard because of you. I thought he was joking when he said he wanted to go to the same college as you," she said, making blood rush to Beomgyu's cheeks. Well, that was a plan. It was something you had told him during a late night text chat. He really put efforts to be with you. 

    It took efforts to gather the courage to hold your hand while walking past the group of cool kids from your class. There were many amazing people in the college he had gotten to know about. Often, he found himself wondering why you would still spend time with him. Not like he would have it any other way. You looked at your hand in his, confused. He never really held your hand while walking. The expression on his face was so casual. "What happened?," you asked him. "What?" "We never hold hands while walking," you stated a little awkwardly. "Right. It's very cold nowadays. I think we should hold hands," he reasoned shyly. You noticed the way his ears turned pink. Taking it as a sign he developed feelings, just like you had for him, you smiled. "We should. I like it." 

     He refused to hold your hand on the night he got into a fight. It wasn't you he fought with. It was an annoying classmate, who always picked on him. Still, he was a little annoyed at you for some other reason. "I just didn't know what to say," you explained to the boy who didn't even seem to feel bad about ignoring your hand. You were speaking the truth though. 

    The two of you were at a karaoke party with your friends. It was something you guys enjoyed doing. Since there were many of you, you were bound to get carried away in conversations with other people. That's what was happening, when a girl came in to let you and your talking buddies know that there was a fight outside. You rushed out to see Beomgyu being held back. The situation really was a little overwhelming. 

    "You didn't even stand up for me," he retorted as you two continued walking to his car. "I didn't need to. The fight had been diffused," you explained. "You didn't hear his comment when you came there?," he questioned. The two of you stopped before his car. You had indeed heard the other guy's comment. "God knows how y/n even deals with you," he had commented. You ignored it. Well, another friend had told him to shut up before dragging him away. So, you didn't even have to. "I didn't sit and argue with him but I came to you, right?," you explained. "Why would I care about that clown when I had you to care about?" 

    He didn't say anything as he got into the driver's seat. Once seated in the seat beside his, you turned to him to talk. "Seat belt," he reminded, cutting you off. You sighed as you put in on and then turned to him. "Listen. I know he's a jerk. That's why I didn't care to respond to his comment. All I care about is that you know that you're precious to me," you explained to him softly. He turned to you on hearing you call him that. He liked it. He liked the idea of being precious to you. "I am precious to you?," he asked, as warmth collected on his cheeks. "Yeah. I idiots like you are rare. I meant that. You're like a unique breed of an idiot," you explained with clear panic in your tone. You were trying to cover up the feelings you had expressed. He frowned. "Dummy," he commented in response. 

    "You're precious to me too," he added. "That's why I didn't like it when he said that. I don't want you to get tired of me." He looked straight ahead as he let you know about the fear. "Beomgyu, I won't. You matter so much to me. Can't you tell I am in love with you?" The confession made him gulp before turning his head to face you. You bit your lips nervously. "You love me?," he asked in disbelief. You nodded. "I understand if---" "I love you too." You let out a breath you didn't know you were holding. It took a few seconds to let the confessions sink in. Then, there were the biggest smiles on both your faces. "Wow. I mean, that was scary. I was like what do I do if he doesn't like me," you went on. 

    He leaned forward to place a kiss on your cheek only to be held back by the seat belt. "Ah. Damn it," he muttered. You could only laugh at that all thanks to the adrenaline. "Why are you laughing?," he pouted. You just shook your head as you pressed your lips together. "I--. Let's just go home," he muttered as he started the engine of his car. Soon the two of you were on the road. That moment was beautiful. There were people still on the street. The city was awake. The lights around were pretty. Prettiest to him was you. You, the person he had been falling for, loved him back. It was magical how happy you made him.

    "Mom was right. It's nice to have a friend."


    To head to my masterlist click here.

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  • bunnie-the-lighthouse
    17.04.2021 - 2 monts ago

    𝒫𝓁𝒶𝓎 𝒲𝒾𝓉𝒽 𝑀𝑒~

    Pairing: ATEEZ Park Seong-Hwa & Reader.

    Warnings: I feel like this is the most explicit one -- so please be careful while reading it. If you ever feel uncomfortable -- I am sorry and please stop and scroll away. 

    Inspiration: Sleep Deprivation x 2.

    Basic Idea: You Are Working On Assignments. FaceTime Call. Phone * * *.

    Type: Suggestive (No, There’s No Fluff In This). 

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    “_____~ I miss you~” Seong-Hwa sang softly as you chuckled, “I also miss you, Hwa,” you responded as he sighs. “I wish you were right beside me.. I got a hotel room just for myself but it’s so lonely,” he whined while giving you puppy eyes.

    “Aw.. But at least I’m here for you -- virtually,” you chuckled as he whined again, “It’s not the same,” he pouted as you giggle -- moving back to your University assignments.

    Seong-Hwa was then grumpy. There were a couple reasons, but I’ll just state two for now.. The first one being that you didn’t really speak to him. The second one being that you were staying up late for your assignments. Actually. I changed my mind. The third and last reason was because he was frustrated.


    He then made it so that his phone was leaning on something. Placing the “Do not Disturb Sign” and locking the door properly. “_____?” he asked as you just hummed, your focus still on the paper in front of you.

    As your focus wasn’t on him, he silently took off his shirt, laying down on bed and slightly taking off his pants so that his junior could be revealed. He then glanced, seeing how you were still working.

    Smirking, he started playing with himself, suppressing his moans while imagining you riding him.

    He then led out a cheeky moan, catching your attention. As you lifted your head up to see your screen, you gasped. “Park Seong-Hwa!” you yelped while covering your screen.

    “What is it?” he asked innocently while giving you a seductive smirk, “What are you doing?” you asked back as he chuckled lowly. “I got bored, so I started playing,” he responded as you then uncovered the screen -- looking at his abdomen as his junior wasn’t shown on camera.

    “You could take a screenshot, babygirl,” he teases as you were then captured by his hotness. “But don’t you think it’s unfair that you are still clothed?” he asks as you then look at his face.

    He was panting softly, a few beads of sweat already forming as he was slowly getting more aroused. “If you say so,” you giggled, planning to play along as you first took off your shirt, surprising him with your bra-less chest.

    “Mm.. It’s still unfair,” he chuckles as you pout, “Really?” you whine as he nods. You then stand up, taking off your pajama shorts, being left with only your panties on.

    Seong-Hwa then moans, “You look perfect, baby,” he coos as his attention is now fully on you. “Could you.. Play with me?” he asked as you rolled your eyes, “Of course I can,” you responded while fixing your camera angle.

    “Hwa~ Can you begin?” you asked as he chuckles, looking down at his junior again. He then started playing with himself, throwing his head back onto a pillow as he moaned your name out. Glancing, he saw that you were flustered, hugging his Husky Plushie with one arm.

    Your other hand. Well,. It was busy doing something.

    Your eyes were closed, panting and softly whimpering out his name. He stopped and watched you, lustfully yet lovingly -- internally missing your touch and wanting to hug you and kiss you passionately.

    You then let out a moan and shiver, arching your back as you heard Seong-Hwa softly chuckle. Turning your head to look at him, he then smiles.

    “Babygirl, just so you know -- just because I am not by your side, it doesn’t mean I won’t go rough.. The night is still young and I am craving your love and attention.. Should we continue on playing for the next hour or so?..”

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    I am currently questioning my existence. 

    Anywho, I hope that y’all enjoyed it -- may not be the best but I tried. 

    If you didn’t enjoy it -- I am really sorry. 

    I do think I’ll tone it down for the next few Suggestives because making it explicit can sometimes make me feel slightly uncomfortable (there’s a certain line that I have and I feel like I may have crossed it).

    But it’s all right, I think I can still make them semi-explicit :D. 

    Side Note: Why Is This Man So Rude & Dangerous?

    Also, a reminder: My Inbox is open -- you can send requests!!

    Thank you for the support, you guys are amazing! 

    Have a great day/night and I’ll catch ya next time!

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    15.04.2021 - 2 monts ago

    𝐼’𝓂 𝒴𝑜𝓊𝓇 𝐵𝑜𝓎𝒻𝓇𝒾𝑒𝓃𝒹?..

    Pairing: ATEEZ Song Min-Gi & Reader.

    Warnings: There’s Mild Bullying (In My Opinion).

    Inspiration: Sleep Deprivation. 

    Basic Idea: Android Boyfriend, Bully Tries To Demotivate You, Boyfriend To The Rescue. 

    Type: Fluff 

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Today was yet another day of waiting. You stared at your computer screen, your pointer right above the “Cancel Order” button. You had been waiting for weeks now. And yet, your package hasn’t arrived yet.

    What was in the package? Well, let’s reel it back a few weeks ago. You were chatting with your friend on KakaoTalk, and that is when you learned about “boydroid.com”, a website where you could build your preferred boyfriend.

    As the name suggested, yes, it was an android. You were basically creating a robot to match your preferences. The best part was the fact that it wasn’t as expensive as you thought. And so you built your own boyfriend and just waited for him to arrive.

    It has been a good four weeks since you’ve done that and now you were tempted to cancel your order as you felt like it was a hoax. And just as you were going to click on the button, your doorbell rang.

    You booked it, you ran to the entrance so fast that you surprised yourself. You then calmed yourself down and opened the door, to see a tall man. Around six feet you’d say.

    His smile was so cute that you almost fainted -- he looked like a huge teddy bear! “Hi _____,” he waved as you felt your cheeks get heated. He was so tall too, you couldn’t help but just stare at his toothy smile -- his bubbly aura making you feel warm.

    Composing yourself, you cleared your throat, “W-Who are you?” you asked as he then pouted, making you feel guilty. “I’m your boyfriend Min-Gi?..” he trailed off while looking at you with a soft frown.

    “Oh my, oh my-- My heart,” you squealed as you then hugged him tightly, his arms wrapping around your waist as well. As he laughed at your reaction, you temporarily forgot that he wasn’t human. “Wait.. So you are the boyfriend?” you asked, rather weirdly as Min-Gi nodded.

    “Yes, I am your boyfriend, _____,” he repeated again with the same bright smile as you then smiled back, “Come in,” you urged as he did so, stepping into your small and cozy abode. It wasn’t the most expensive or the biggest apartment, but it was definitely enough for you and possibly another person.

    However, you then realized how he had no extra clothes -- so you guys went shopping. Min-Gi insisted on holding your hand, as you had actually selected that you wanted a soft boyfriend that would want to show PDA through hugs, small kisses, and by holding hands.

    You entered a shop, one that you were sure Min-Gi was going to like. After all, you knew his fashion style already. “Hmm, _____? How do I look?” he asked while wearing a light pink knitted sweater and jeans.

    Nodding, you gave him a thumbs up as he gave you a quick smile and left to change back to what he was originally wearing. However, while waiting, a girl that you absolutely loathe came. It was your University Bully, a girl that was jealous of your brains and personality.

    “Isn’t it the forever alone girl?” she laughed as her friends followed her lead. You huffed, ignoring them as you were waiting for Min-Gi to come out. “Hey! Listen to me while I’m speaking,” she yelled at you as some of the other clients were starting to stare.

    You once again, ignored her, not wanting to give her what she wanted. She then turned you around forcefully, ready to scream at your face again. 

    That is until someone grabbed your arm, pulling you behind them.

    “Min-Gi?..” you whisper out as he was now in front of you, looking down at the girl that would bully you. “Please refrain from making a scene,” he said with a serious tone, shocking you as you didn’t expect him to suddenly become this protective.

    Granted, you did place that you wanted him to be protective in certain situations, but you didn’t expect him to be that serious.

    “And who are you?~” she cooed, switching expressions horrendously fast that you cringed. Min-Gi stayed emotionless and turned around to look at your face. He then smiled brightly at you, shocking you and the bullies.

    “Shall we go now? _____?” he asked as you then realized how he was the only one that would understand you fully. You then gave him a soft smile, hugging him tightly as, although he would predict your actions, was shocked.

    “Sure, Min-Gi-Ah,” you giggled while grabbing the clothes that he was going to buy. “Let’s go pay, do you want to eat anything?” you asked, completely forgetting that your bully was still there.

    “Can we have steak? Oh, and after that, can we go to a park or lake? I want to enjoy the cool breeze with you, sitting on the lawn and just enjoy some time with you~”

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Hi everyone, Bunnie here. 

    I am so sorry for releasing this post so late -- I lost track of time and had a packed afternoon. 

    This was originally going to be a Yun-Ho imagine, but I changed my mind and decided to change it to Min-Gi instead! (I miss him T_T).

    Anywho, I hope you guys still enjoy it!~

    Also, it came to my attention that Ramadan is beginning! I wish the best of luck to all of you! You guys can do it!! :D

    Please stay safe and healthy! Take breaks -- take it one day at a time. 

    Don’t forget that you can send me requests! My inbox is open for y’all!

    Once again, thank y’all for the support, stay safe and happy! 

    See y’all next time!~

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    Blue pill or Red pill - Jeon Jungkook

    Description: You're a young girl, who's a little bit introverted and afraid to be under everybody's eyes. You only have your best friend, but it's ok for you. You don't want to be popular and believe in minimal things. One day you meet a guy. Or two?

    Jungkook x Reader

    The imagines I used are not mine Credit to the owners


    Chapter 1

    Chapter 2

    Chapter 3

    Chapter 4

    Chapter 5

    Chapter 6

    Chapter 7

    Chapter 8

    Chapter 9

    Chapter 10

    Chapter 11

    Chapter 12

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