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    Summary - In which bratty jungkook makes fun of your sex playlist infront of all your friends and when you confront him he proposes an interesting idea.College AU! Content warning - smut (finally!)

    Pairing - jock|brat Jungkook× reader

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    Note - song references are Italicized.





    Chapter 3

    Sex Drive - MGK

    Luck wasn't on your side today, the music filled the room and while this song was one of your favorites, it was also painfully short.

    You felt a switch flip in your head as you made your way to the boy who sat on the corner of his own bed, leaning back as to invite you in. You straddled his lap right away and his doe eyes instantly widened.

    Come and find yourself

    Even though you weren't feeling particularly lucky, your outfit choice was somehow perfect for this situation - your plaid grey skirt which was not in the least modest, your black button up top which displayed just enough of your assets and your sheer thigh high stockings,a recipe for anyone's demise.

    Hands around his neck and not wanting to wile away the precious time you had, you kissed him.

    The you who had been a bundle of nerves seemed to disappear now, not an ounce of awkwardness in you as you lifted his chin up to meet your gaze.

    The second time your lips met his, it was with a sense of urgency, as if you were kissing him goodbye.

    You had his undivided attention now

    His hands which had been resting casually behind his back now came to rest on your sides as he scrambled for stability, his touch was light like he didn't want you to know the effect you had on him.

    You breathed him in

    Slyly, you sneaked a hand under his loose fitting white t-shirt, your touch was enough to send shivers down his spine. You smiled as you pulled away from his lips and pushed him back on his mattress lightly.

    Now Jungkook was sprawled across his bed, his feet on the ground and you on his lap. Unfortunately,that's when catastrophe struck.

    Welcome to hotel Diablo

    You had completely forgotten the robotic woman's line in this song and Jungkook could tell that you were caught off guard, as a result he flashed his bunny smile and said,

    "Now that completely ruined the mood didn't it"

    He was sickingly happy by this road bump but thankfully by now you had become used to this back and forth, and so with a sinister smile plastered across your face you replied,

    "Don't worry Guki, we've only just begun"


    Jungkook had loved watched anime ever since he was a little kid but until this moment he had never felt like he was in one; the way you smiled while you used that nickname for him instead of your usual "Jeon", that smile you shot at him. Jungkook was convinced this was the part of the anime where the protagonist goes into rage mode,goes berserk,becomes unhinged etc etc.

    In this moment, he was convinced you were kaneki incarnate.


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  • borahaebich
    07.05.2021 - 5 days ago


    Summary - In which bratty jungkook makes fun of your sex playlist infront of all your friends and when you confront him he proposes an interesting idea.

    College AU!

    Content warning - swearing, alcohol, drugs, sexual implications. Pairing - brat|jock jungkook × reader.

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    Chapter 2

    "Prove? Prove what to me?"

    "That no guy would get off to your playlist"





    To say you were confused was an understatement. Here you thought Jungkook was admitting defeat when actually, he was proclaiming war.

    You sneered,

    "And how exactly would you do that Jeon?"

    The way you used his last name made him look fondly at you but he was not one to let his emotions sway his resolve,

    "It's simple really, if you can't make me cum with your playlist playing in the background, my hypothesis will be proven correct."

    Your eyes were about to pop out of their sockets, was he really saying something this lewd to you this easily?

    "I'm really disappointed Jeon,your experimental research basics are all flawed" You whined with your best condescending tone.

    If he weren't so competitive he might have let himself blush but not right now, this was serious.

    "Why? I can be the representative of your sample, I can ensure a satisfying sample size if you catch my drift, the independent variable can be the effect you claim your music choice has, and the dependent variable can be the effect it has on me i.e. whether I cum or not".

    Now your eyes were really going to pop out, how long had he been planning this research study for? You stared at him for what seemed like ages until he broke the heavy silence,

    "Cat got your tongue?"

    With that dig you snapped back to reality, "What about the confounding variables? Like if you have trouble getting it up then it's going to tamper with the reliability and validity of the study"

    His softness seemed to melt a little as he leaned in and said sternly,

    "I can assure you there's nothing unreliable down there"

    Your body was getting hot again but this was a different kind of warmth, you felt butterflies in the pit of your stomach and your thighs instinctively met each other as if they knew they were under attack.

    "Good to know, what about the extraneous variable of our friends walking in on us?"

    You asked hoping this nerd talk would calm you down.

    "So you're not into exhibitionism I see, we can take it to my room then. I have a portable speaker too, I can adjust it so that no one would hear us"

    This brat really had a response for everything and you were done questioning him,now you just wanted to prove him wrong.

    "Fine, let's go then."


    Jungkook hadn't expected to come this far truth be told, he pulled all of that nerd shit out of thin air and made a mental note to thank his Research Methodology professor. Now if he could only figure out when the dynamic between you two became so sour, he could officially call himself the smartest man on campus.


    You trailed behind him as he led you to his room. It was spacious, minimalistic and for the lack of a better word, lazy. Most of his furniture was practical; his bedcovers and pillows were black, and aside from a few manga and books you couldn't make out what kind of person he was.

    He was concentrating on adjusting the settings on his speaker when he asked you,

    "We should decide on how many songs you get, you know to try and make me cum"

    You cringed,

    "A crude way to put it but yes, we should"

    "I think 3 is fair"

    "No, 4"

    "Well your wish is my command"

    You had no clue how long it would take for you to have that effect on him, you just wanted to get the last word in and win at negotiations. He put the speaker on his nightstand and stood in front of you,

    "So where would you like me?"

    You thanked your lucky stars the room was dimly lit because you were sure your cheeks were bright red at this point,

    "You can sit here"

    You motioned with your hands as he sat on the edge of his bed, leaning back a little, one would think he did this kind of thing regularly by how calm his demeanour was.

    But that was to be expected since the campus and your own friend group was always talking about Jungkook's whoreish ways, not that you judged people by their body count but still, it was intimidating as fuck.

    You made your way to the speaker and connected your phone,you wanted time to stop in that room because your nerves were getting the best of you.It takes 30 minutes for Bluetooth to work for everyone right?

    Your thoughts were interrupted by Jungkook himself,

    "You know you can concede right?, researchers abandon their studies all the time"

    His unique way of assuring you just fuelled your competitive spirit more. You smiled as you hit play,

    "that won't be necessary,Jeon."

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    06.05.2021 - 6 days ago


    Summary - In which bratty jungkook makes fun of your sex playlist infront of all your friends and when you confront him he proposes an interesting idea.College AU!

    Content warning - swearing, alcohol, drugs, no smut(yet👀)

    Pairing - brat|jock jungkook × reader

    Chapter 1





    The room was packed with drunk overworked college students, you couldn't see one sober person in sight. So you did the most rational thing one could do i.e. make a beeline for the bar.

    You saw your friends Namjoon and Seokjin manning the bar and flirting with all the freshmen at the same time, somehow they noticed you amidst the crowd of girls screaming for more vodka.

    "Y|N you made it, I'm so glad! " Jin practically screamed in your ear even though the music wasn't really that loud while Namjoon gave you a fist bump and a polite "what's up" as you were being crushed to death in your friend's bear hug.

    "I had to make it or you would've killed me" you pouted as Jin finally let go of you,

    "that's true, you miss too many fun parties y|n,you need to get the college experience or all that student debt is gonna go to waste".

    You sarcastically quipped back,

    "Aye aye captain" and downed the shot of cheap tequilla that had magically been thrust into your hands.

    The rest of the party was a bore really; the music was generic rap so you couldn't even let loose and dance, you had no appetite so ransacking the fridge wasn't an option and finally, you were so wound up that even alcohol and weed weren't able to mellow you out.

    Slowly and gradually the party died down, more and more people left either to pass out in their dorms or get lucky - two things you hadn't done in a long time and probably weren't going to get a chance to do in the near future.

    Constant academic pressure, a tense family dynamic and your internships had wore you down, existing as a rock seemed like a great idea as you lay back on the couch fidgeting with the bottle of beer you didn't feel like finishing anymore. Lost in thought,you didn't even realise when it happened but all your friends had wound up in the same room.

    Hobi was sitting on the sofa opposite to you with his girlfriend on his lap, Namjoon and Jin were leaning on the bookshelf having what seemed like a serious discussion but was probably just them discussing their new anime addiction, Jimin was trying to make Taehyung catch funyuns with his mouth and for each miss he made the latter take a shot, Yoongi sat near the amp finally getting hold of the DJ position he had desperately wanted to steal all night. As for the new guy in the group, Jungkook sat beside you staring intently into his phone, his concentration was only broken when Hobi suddenly spoke up and asked him what he was doing.

    "I'm just browsing on tinder" he replied,

    "Browsing is an interesting choice of words" you snickered, you took his blank stare as his reply and also your cue to leave.

    You weren't really close or comfortable with him yet and your opinion of him wasn't turning out to be very pleasant. You blamed it on the lack of time you had been spending with all the guys but you were too drained to stay and act his as if his presence didn't make you jumpy.

    "And where do you think you're going miss?" Yoongi asked, the mom friend in him jumping out.

    "I'm tapping out guys, it was great getting out of the apartment but I have to go back to my blanket cocoon" you answered while throwing up peace signs, a habit you had come to form whenever you felt awkward.

    "Don't be like that y|n, I'll even let you be the DJ come on" Yoongi said as he got up from his spot. "Don't go y|n, we haven't hung out in so long, I'll let you finish my packet of funyuns too" Tae whined. Hobi joined in,

    "Yeah we miss you man, stay".

    You couldn't say no to their pleas and truthfully you had been kind of a shitty friend lately and so you decided against your better judgment,

    "alright alright my children settle down now, I'll stay" You said as you walked over to the amp and connected your own phone with it now.

    "What's the vibe, what should I play?"

    "Ooh ooh play your slutty playlist y|n, I blast that in the dorm all the time" Jimin perked up.

    "I love you Jimin but that's way too much information, I don't wanna know what you've been doing to yourself while listening to my playlist"

    His sarcastic ass retorted "Well someone has to y|n, we all know you're in a dick drought"

    "You're dead" you spoke as you scrambled to find something to throw at him.

    Jin finally intervened when he saw you pick up a shoe,

    "OK kids no fighting in the house, Jimin apologise to y|n for pointing out the obvious"

    "Hey!" You sulked at Jin while everyone laughed.

    Amidst all the laughter came a dig you couldn't have prepared yourself for,

    "With that taste in music, no wonder you can't get laid".

    This was the first sentence Jungkook had said to you the entire evening and the fact that it was him making fun of your playlist was too much for you to take; your body felt hot with anger but you put on a fake smile and ask nicely,

    "what's wrong with my playlist?"

    Jungkook found it funny (and cute) that you were angrier at the playlist dig instead of the one about your sex life,

    "I don't think any dude would wanna fuck to those songs".

    You smiled once more and replied,

    "Thank you for your input Jungkook but since I won't be fucking you anytime soon,I don't think you need to worry about my taste in music".

    He looked at you plainly and said,

    "You're welcome".

    The tension had shot up in the room, everyone was looking at you two and then at each other, you had gone back to scrolling through your Spotify trying to forget his comment and he had gone back to mindlessly "browsing" on tinder.





    After a while the guys had started picking rooms to crash in, you had called dibs on the couch because no way were you rooming with Namjoon and his monstrous snores again. You created your own little set up with the help of Jin's soft pink bedding.

    Laying on the couch in silence, you stared at the ceiling unable to sleep or have any coherent thoughts. You just wanted to pass out but as the night dragged on you could tell you weren't going to be getting any sleep. As you were about to doze off, a voice startled you.

    Jin had talked about racoons getting in the kitchen,so you were extra scared when you heard crinkling sounds coming from the area where all the pizza boxes had been dumped. You turned on the flashlight in your phone and almost let out a scream when you finally found the source of the commotion.

    Jungkook turned around, unable to open his eyes because of the harsh light while a slew of murmured profanities escaped your mouth.

    "Please get that out of my face y|n" he said in a hushed tone,jolting you back to reality.

    He turned on the kitchen lamp as he apologised,

    "Sorry about that, I didn't want to wake you up so I tried to tiptoe in and get something to drink".

    "Well you almost gave me a heart attack so I'd say mission accomplished"

    You made your way back to your sofa and put your music on.

    Some part of you genuinely wanted to relax and listen to music but mostly you wanted to piss jungkook off by ignoring his presence and listening to the music he had so publicly rejected earlier.

    He made his way to the couch with a bottle of water in his hands,

    "Mind if I hangout with you, I can't really sleep"

    "Knock yourself out" You aimlessly replied.

    You couldn't believe his audacity, usually he'd act like you didn't even exist but now when it was just the two of you he wanted to "hang out", you wondered if he had multiple personalities or something.

    "I hope my music isn't too burdensome for you"

    Your spite becoming more and more visible now.

    "It is but I'll survive" he spoke as he smirked.

    Maybe it was the sleep deprivation or copious amounts of alcohol still in your system but you were officially done with his bratty behaviour.

    Granted, jungkook was captain of the volleyball team, extremely popular with girls, and top of his class but, you were no longer in the mood to tolerate his rudeness, you finally spoke up,

    "You're a science major right jungkook?"

    "Yeah, why?"

    "Well it isn't very scientific of you to assume that no one wants to fuck to my music, is it?"

    "I really got on your nerves with that one, didn't I"

    He giggled with his bunny smile but you payed no attention and continued with your rant.

    "I mean you have no evidence, you haven't even heard it fully so you didn't even review the literature, and you have no data and experimental evidence to back up your results"

    He was smiling at you as you spoke but as soon you locked eyes with him he resumed his blank stare, he waited for your rant to finish and then finally said -

    "You're right"

    "And also I- wait, what."

    "Yeah you're right, I have no logical basis to jump to that conclusion"

    Fireworks went off in your brain, had you finally defeated the cocky smart mouthed Jeon Jungkook who had a reply for anything and everything? You were about to commence your celebration but he leaned in and smirked,

    "But what If I can prove it to you? "

    Second chapter -

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    It’s Just A Plant Hyung

    Pairing: Lee Heeseung x Jay Park/Park Jongsung

    Genre: Smut

    Word Count: ?

    Summary: Jay wants Heeseung to try weed with him, and Heeseung agrees, as long as nobody knows what happened in that room.

    Jays and his team were still in glee after winning against soobin’s team, after a while it was just him, And Heeseung , who wasn’t even on his team, Niki and Sunoo had school the next morning, while yeonjun left with his group.

    “I guess we should head back to our dorm, it’s getting late.”

    Heeseung commented as he sighed

    “W-wait, I have something i want you to try.”

    Jay said as he pulled something that looked like a cigarette but most likely wasn’t. The look on Heeseungs face changed immediately to a surprised one.

    “I got it from a new dealer do you wanna try it with me for the first time?.”

    “Uhh I don’t know about this Jay.”

    “Come on, Hyung it’s just a plant.”

    Jay spoke quietly as he crawled closer to the oldest, almost too close for Heeseungs liking.

    “O-ok just don’t tell anyone.”

    Jay nodded as he pulled out a black zippo lighter, Heeseung got more anxious once he heard the lighter click open. Jaythen lit the blunt and brought it to his mouth, both men were quiet as Jay took a first hit of blunt and held it in his mouth till he felt lightheaded and blew the smoke out of his mouth till you heard a little cough.

    “Your turn now.”

    He said with a smirk and brought his hand to Heeseungs mouth cupping his jaw and placing the drug between his lips.”

    “Inhale like you just saw me do.”

    Heeseung then inhaled and within 10 seconds later he exhaled trying to control the thousands of coughs the wanted to come out of his mouth

    “Good Boy.”

    Jay took one last hit and once he was done he exhaled in Heeseungs mouth, making Heeseung let out a quiet but noticeable moan.

    “Something wrong Hyung?”

    Jay said with a cocky smile making sure to exaggerate the word hyung


    Heeseung stuttered at how close Jay was to his face

    “You sure about that?”

    Jay said as glanced down to Heeseungs pants that seemed as the zipper was gonna break. Heeseung seemed as though he wanted to cry, the drugs starting to take affect. Jays lips moving lower and nip and Heeseungs shoulder roughly dragging his teeth against his skin making the older moan louder then before. Jay moves his attention lower. Heeseung gulps hardly as he feels Jay suck his nipple until it hardens making Heeseung huff and gasp, his whole body chills as Jay moves to the other. Jay closes his teeth around the nipple and tugs making Heeseung throw his head back against the wall behind him, till he feels Jay stop to stare at him.

    “How does it feel hyung?”

    Heeseung nearly chokes at the way Jay turns the word Hyung into something filthy.

    “Tell me.”

    “G-good, so good.”

    Heeseung groans out. Jay tilts his head to the side and his eyes sparkle with amusement.

    “It feels like you don’t want this.”

    Jay teases but still looks for any regret in Heeseungs eyes

    “Do you want me to stop?”

    “No, keep going p.....”

    Heeseung start speaking but start whispering to quiet for Jay to hear.

    “Pardon, what did you say?

    Heeseung sighs harshly

    “Please keep going.”

    Jay smiles at that and leans in to kiss the older boy, his kisses are slow and drawn out.

    “Jay, fuck please.”

    Heeseung whines out.

    “Tell me what you want Hyung”


    Jay chuckles as he looks at his Hyung

    I want to bent you over, so I can eat that sweet little ass of yours.”

    Heeseung gulped hardly while thinking

    “Then do it.”

    Jay then hurried to pull the Mans pants down and pushed Heeseung onto his stomach, he waited a a couple seconds before he started to lick around Heeseungs rim till he pushed his tongue inside and massaged around his prostate.

    “Ahh your tongues so good.”

    Heeseung moaned and push back till he felt two fingers shove inside of him.


    Jay fastly pushes his fingers in and out, the same as he would with his cock.

    “I’m gonna cum.”

    Heeseung gasps and twists his hips, pushing his self again Jays fingers

    “Not yet, you’ll only cum when I say you can.”


    “No arguing or you won’t cum at all.”

    Jay says sternly making Heeseung more turned on then before.

    “Are you still gonna cum?”



    “Because you said no.”

    “Such a good boy for me.”

    Heeseung felt himself crave Jays praising, and he became willing to do anything to get more.

    “Jay...please, fuck me.”

    “Shhhhh don’t worry I’ll make you feel good.”

    Jay pushes into him so slowly it’s painful, and not because the older a virgin. Once Jays fully in they both moan.”

    “Feels good.”

    The older says head tilted back with his mouth agape.


    Jay starts biting a spot on his neck and thrusts hard, the shock jostling through Heeseung's entire body.


    "Better than I imagined." Jay whispers darkly and licks his bite. He rolls his hips to a sickening beat and hits his prostate every single time. Heeseung feels like crying but stops himself just in time.

    "Holy fuck." He gasps as Heeseung pushes back hardly, their paces matching. Jays grip on his hips is bruising as is the crush of his hips against his ass. Jays grip on his hips is bruising from the slapping of their body’s.

    Jays precum leaks out more and more with each thrust, it runs down the back of his though leading to the floor causing a little puddle. He whispers little praises in Heeseungs ear.

    “Heeseung, Heeseung fuck.”

    "Has anyone ever fucked you before?" Jay hisses.

    "No." He answers on a gasp. The noise that comes from Jay isn't human. The man grabs his chin and jerks his head to the side just enough for their lips to finally meet. It's not a gentle kiss; their teeth hit together and tongues desperate to touch.

    The taste of himself in jays mouth has him sucking on the man's tongue hard enough to make him moan. Jay shoves his cock deeper and makes him whimper long and high.

    "Take everything." Jay says and licks into his mouth. "Make me cum, hyung."

    "Heeseung." He whimpers and braces himself. "Call me Heeseung."

    "Shit that's hot."

    "My name?" He says, unable to not laugh.

    "I didn't think you'd ever let me call you anything less formal. And it's a sexy name."


    "Heeseung hyungie." He purrs. "Heeseung." The way jay says his name makes his legs quiver. "Who else calls you that?"

    "Only my mother."


    "You're very possessive."

    Jay smiled

    “But, you like right?”

    I like it. I really like it." Heeseung clenches around Jay and the two of them moan at the friction.

    "Let me see you. I want to watch you." Jay pulls out of him and turns him around. The look in the man's eyes makes his heart race yet again.

    All it takes it one hard thrust to make the two cum

    "I like you, Heeseung hyung." He feels like he could pass out.

    "I like you too." Jays eyes soften and he swallows hard.

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    Behind Him - Chapter 11 Revelation (on Wattpad) https://www.wattpad.com/1058482287-behind-him-chapter-11-revelation?utm_source=web&utm_medium=tumblr&utm_content=share_reading&wp_uname=seventeenstanner&wp_originator=OE0Es6g3QYrKtfnnwcna7xHwKNLNA5lp8MjP0PfssHASh4ME8ou57uKvJGLQj9yB%2BMSbxsXsPBa4gL08vJgI0qWDjuZcF60CIRufcVu8TqvvB8jCwdmogIhab1UydF%2FA It's quite hard being an idol in a very scrutinizing world and no matter how hard you try, people will just dig deep into who you are just to get some dirt on your name and I guess idols just have to deal with that. The entire Seventeen members are no strangers to these malicious and deprecating accusations. Until their entertainment company just had enough of it and hired YOU to be their background investigator and spokesperson. What will happen in your journey with the whole Seventeen Members? "I might include some FLUFF or SMUT chapters, but not without warning. So if you are not comfortable reading those type of things, you can simply skip it."

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  • seventeenstanner
    08.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Behind Him - Chapter 8: Going (on Wattpad) https://www.wattpad.com/1048950140-behind-him-chapter-8-going?utm_source=web&utm_medium=tumblr&utm_content=share_reading&wp_uname=seventeenstanner&wp_originator=rC7Mu%2BTnTY3GhsOHGqiYmMRMgBSPlgrThtVldLbD%2BXNmPC0YHFjoEvshYPYS3kECWOYEwrjjyjykDkGZyB9mdpPT%2FDcktpjKz8yUlVWVTv%2Be%2By%2BmAZ8Sf2A76GEBbryE It's quite hard being an idol in a very scrutinizing world and no matter how hard you try, people will just dig deep into who you are just to get some dirt on your name and I guess idols just have to deal with that. The entire Seventeen members are no strangers to these malicious and deprecating accusations. Until their entertainment company just had enough of it and hired YOU to be their background investigator and spokesperson. What will happen in your journey with the whole Seventeen Members? "I might include some FLUFF or SMUT chapters, but not without warning. So if you are not comfortable reading those type of things, you can simply skip it."

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  • ja3hyuk
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    nothing but games

    —lee minhyung —

    —word count: 1.2k—

    [NSFW:choking,language,rough sex]

    you and mark had been friends for years, i mean since like what? 4th grade? crazy, right? every weekend you two would meet up to play video games and one or the others homes. usually mario kart or call of duty, sometimes just dance, all the basics.

    one friday on the way out of school you feel a hand grab your arm, it was mark. you turn and smile, “hey asshole that hurt” you giggle aswell as he does. you and mark do your stupid little handshake which was made in 6th grade by the two of you, mainly mark. lame. as expected... “you. me. mario kart at mine. tonight at 8. you in?” mark says excitedly. “lemme check my schedule, i’m a busy girl you know...” you say and you both laugh knowing you never hang out with anyone besides mark. “sounds like a plan, see you soon dumbass” you go separate ways to your cars.

    6:39 pm-

    “what the fuck am i gonna dude? all my cute stuff is dirty.” you say as you’re digging through your dresser. you finally settle on a plaid purple skirt and a black cropped top. cute and simple.

    7:42 pm-

    *new message*


    “hey i’m out front :)”

    “shit okay, fuck she’s early, fuck, shit” says mark, frantically throwing his mess into the coat closet across from the couch.

    you make your way to the front door and before you can even knock, it opens, and you see mark standing before you, wearing gray sweatpants and a black v-neck shirt. you had never really had a thing for mark, i mean yeah he’s hot but like it’s weird since you’ve known him for so long, at least that’s what YOU thought.

    “wow you look pretty” says mark as he hugs you. “thank you, i guess” laughing at his big eyes focused on you. you both walk over to the couch and sit in your same old spots, mark on the left, you on the right. “you want a drink?” mark asks. “whatcha got?” “raspberry vodka” mark replies “sign me the fuck up!” you yell as he cheers. drunk mario kart was something you both had always wanted to try but had never gotten the chance and i guess tonight was the night.

    2 shots deep-

    “don’t pick peach again, mark. you know i hate her.” you say as mark is dying laughing with his cursor over princess peach. mark chokes on his own air as he selects, you guessed it, princess peach. you play about 3 rounds, you and mark are 2-1 and he’s being a sore loser. as usual. but the loser penalty is two shots so he’s a little tipsy and not too upset.

    6 shots deep-

    “oneee more rounddd pleaaassee” mark slurs at you. “noooo mark i’m tired.” you say with a pout. mark loves it when you pout like that, you’re irresistible. if you couldn’t already guess, mark has THE fattest crush on you. it’s slightly obvious to others but to you, it’s huge. it’s been this way for 2 years.

    11:25 pm-

    you lay you’re head on marks shoulder as he stroked your hair, as best friends usually do. but to mark, it’s different. he stops for a second and you look up, maybe it’s just the alcohol but fuck... he looks good. “hey quit drooling unless you want me to kiss you” he smirks at you. “well...” you say with a laugh following. “wait dude really??” mark jolts up and says in excitement, “one kiss can’t hurt” you say, little did you know...

    mark grabs your chin and tilts your face up to meet his as he places a soft small kiss on your lips. you sit up and put your arms around his neck kissing him again passionately, you continue kissing until you’re on top of him on the couch, closer than you’ve ever been. out of breath already, mark begins putting his hands up your black crop top. when you realize what he’s doing, you stop kissing him. “what? did i do something wrong?? fuck i’m so sor-“ “let’s go upstairs” you say, cutting him off. mark is smiling hard as fuck from excitement. this is all he’s wanted for so long. you wrap your legs around his waist as he carries you up the stairs, still kissing of course. you get to his room and he lays you on the bed, sweetly.

    11:46 pm-

    “goddamn... “ mark mutters under his breath making you crack a smile. he takes his shirt off and begins helping you with yours. cupping your face in one hand, removing your bra with another, mark is in control of you now.

    his lips trail down your body leaving a few vibrant purple bruises. he started at your neck, then down your chest, now down to your wrists and now to your hips. he suddenly stops in awe, “is this really happening??? what the fuck???” he thinks to himself for a second, not too long once the realization hit though... “are you sure you wanna do this?” he asks in a raspy voice. “yeah, i am.” you respond quickly and sharply just ready for what’s about to happen.

    mark slowly goes down on you, you shiver at his tongue and are shocked at the fact he knows exactly how to use it. pushing your legs up to your chest combined with his quick pace, mark is making it hard to not to finish so fast. “mark don’t stop” you moan “wasn’t planning on it, princess” he smirks. finally you finish in an orchestra of breaths and curses, but quickly mark stands up, and by the size of what’s showing in the gray sweatpants... fuck. nothing could prepare you for this.

    mark flips you over onto your knees, as he grips your ass with one hand and your throat in the other, he pounds into you furiously. “h-holyy fffuck” you moan as he speeds up. “mmark please” you manage to get out surprisingly, his grip on your neck is so tight you could barely speak but, you liked it. “yeah that’s right. cum for me baby.” mark moans loudly as he thrusts. “i’m gonna-“ your sentence was cut short because of the overstimulation of mark reaching for your clit. you crash, and mark wasn’t too far behind. heavy breaths are the only noises to be heard as you look up and see a sweaty, drooling mark lee above you. goddamnit he’s so fucking hot.

    mark stands up and walks you to the bathroom to clean you up as well as himself. “thank you” he says. “thank you? for what?” you giggle, “for making my dream come true” he winks at you and you both laugh, he leans forward and places a small giggle filled kiss on your shoulder. “i love you so much.” he coos, “i love you more, stupid” you reply. <3

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  • partywithgyu
    26.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Work Of Art.

    🥀 Tag: dom!Yeonjun x sub!reader x dom!Jimin.

    🥀 Genre: smut

    🥀 W/C: 1600+

    🥀 Warning: blindfold, handcuffs ,overstimulation,orgasm denial, oral, unprotected sex, punishment, consented sex.

    🥀 Summary: Flirting with another man, earns you punishment from your boyfriends.


    Like a work of art, you displayed yourself, in a maroon silk slip dress matching the blindfold covering your eyes. You could only bite your lips in anticipation knowing soon you would be touched by your friends. Yeonjun and Jimin, stripped to their underwear, watched you. They were aware, so they waited a while. The sight before them was gorgeous after all. All that you had on was a layer of silk, nothing underneath to cover your hardened nipple. Your thighs were on reveal, by the dress too short. It turned them on. "Do you want to be touched?," asked Jimin. Just listening to his voice made you sit up straighter and nod your head. You wanted to feel hands on your body.  Then you heard Yeonjun scoff. "Beg," he said to you. Their eyes were on you, all their attention too. You opened your legs, revealing to them the uncovered lips. "Please touch me, master." 

    The bed sunk before you. Eyes covered, you didn't know who it could be until you heard the deep voice. "Look at you. You're so desperate," stated Yeonjun. You could feel him crawl closer to you. His hands gripped on your thighs as he sat before you. He dragged you closer to him just like that making you gasp a little. You could feel his breath on your face. "Who makes you this desperate this quick?," he asked. Your fogged mind only wanted his lips to be on yours. You felt Yeonjun's hand caress your body under the dress. "Only you both." 

     "Is that so?," asked Jimin. You felt another body press closer to you from behind. Jimin's hand snaked around your waist as his lips headed to your neck. You were lost in the feeling of Jimin's soft lips brushing against your skin. His hand made way to your inner thighs, making you lean on him. Slowly his fingers were making their way to your clit. You felt a lick. The feeling of a warm tongue brushing past your clitoris took you by surprise. It was Yeonjun. He knew how to make you feel good, so he did but not for long enough. "You're very greedy you know," he said to you. You felt his finger brushing over your jaw. "Very very greedy," whispered Jimin into your ears from behind you.

     "You have us and you still flirt with other guys," said Jimin. His honey like voice only turned you on more. "I wasn't," you began saying only to be hushed by him. "Don't lie, princess." His voice had fallen octaves lower, surprising you. "Our princess needs to be taught a lesson," you heard Yeonjun say. It had been a while since you had gotten punishments. Maybe that's why you could not help but give the handsome man at the café a flirty wink as you two spoke. That's what led to this after all. The two men, close to your body, were two sexy men who wouldn't let go of your gaze straying to anyone else. "Stand up." 

    Hands tied, eyes covered, you could rely only on Yeonjun's hand to guide you. Your back touched the wall, as his mouth moved to your neck. Kissing was not for today. He was marking you with purple spots. His possession, he wasn't afraid to hide. There were bites and then licks on the neck you exposed. His hand went to your cuffed hands. "I am going to remove that. Don't touch yourself." He warned you knowing well that you didn't want to face the consequences. The consequences being ripped orgasms. It wasn't exciting to be led on and then left away. "Yes master." 

     Hands free, he asked you to raise them. He pulled off the loose flowy material, exposing your body completely. Jimin who had been watching from the bed spoke. "Sexy." You turned your head in his direction on hearing his sweet voice. Roughly, Yeonjun turned your face to him. "Knees now." You fell on your knees, on his command, like the loyal sub that you were. The tip of his dick brushed against your mouth. You could feel some of the warm pre cum on your lips. Wrapping your hand around his dick, you licked the tip. Your tongue swirled around it. A few licks later, you started sucking it slowly. You were picking up the pace but he was too pumped up to wait. You felt his hand grip onto your hair. "Stay still." The tip of his dick, hit the back of your throat. He was going quick, he was going deep. His moans let you know it was pleasurable to him. He was thrusting hard long enough, for tears to pool the edge of your eyes. And then, he pulled away, letting the warm fluid land on your boobs.

     "Stand up." It was Jimin. He was standing before you, you could tell. Once standing, you felt his tongue slide over the fluid on your body. His mouth latched to your nipple. He sucked roughly as if he was running out of patience. You must've been desperate but so was he. His finger tapped your thigh. Placing your leg over his hip, he had access to you. His fingers rubbed your clit. "Do you want to watch me fuck you?" The direct question, caught you off guard. You nodded. So, he took off the blindfold. 

    Your eyes adjusted to the dimly lit room. They landed on Yeonjun who sat on the bed watching the scene like a show put on just for him. Looking away, you turned to the man before you. Jimin watched you with slightly raised eyebrows, his eyes holding lust. "Turn around," he said to you. You did as told, to face the wall. His hand went to your waist pulling it back, making you lean on the wall. "I want you to look at yourself. Look in the mirror, princess," he said. You turned your head to the side, to look at your reflection in the full sized mirror. You opened your legs wider. His length rubbed against your lips, slowly. Moisture had already settled there. "You are going to remember this." You could see his satisfied expression through the mirror. He was waiting for this. 

     Slowly his length entered the aching warmth. The walls finally pressed against something more than air. The feeling of being full only made you shut your eyes. Your burning throat let out a deep moan. "Open your eyes," you heard him say as he pushed in. Pulling out, pushing in, he made you bite your lips to suppress your moans. Closing your eyes was a struggle. You had been wanting the pleasure after all. His hips moving as they had been, he pulled onto your hair. "Watch." His breath was loud. Through the mirror, you watched him as his fluids filled you. It was warm. He didn't stop. Him hitting the spot over and over again, made you reach your own pleasure. You saw white, your weight falling over the wall. 

     The feeling of fingers brushed against your swollen lips, made you look in the mirror. Yeonjun was smirking at you. "Are you ready for the actual punishment?," he asked you in an intimidating tone. You turned around to face him. Maybe, he was right. You only wanted the pleasure, not the denials. So, you found yourself looking at him with a soft gaze. If not him, at least Jimin, who was standing beside him, would fall for it. "Master, I will never wink at another man. I promise." That was unexpected, it did make them feel some way. They shared a glance, making you hopeful. "Get it," said Yeonjun to Jimin. As he was told, he headed to the drawer immediately. Yeonjun turned your head to him . "You know how mad it makes me when you flirt with others?," he asked as he leaned closer. "It makes my blood boil. Are we not enough? huh?" You looked away from his deep gaze. "You are. I just didn't think about it that much," you said softly. "Then pay for it." 

    His hand around your waist, Yeonjun guided you on the bed. "Get on all fours," he commanded. You obeyed. His fingers went into your vagina, rubbing the walls. You were sensitive. The vibrator, kept on the lowest setting, slowly slid in, once his fingers were out. Your walls were stretched out, low vibrations making you moan. It was fun to watch how sensitive you were. Jimin who was, holding it in, started moving it in and out. Within no time, they had you asking for more. "Faster, please," you whined. 

    A smack was what you got, from Yeonjun. "What did I tell you about being greedy?," asked Jimin. "But." Another smack. Soft voices left your mouth, as it was moved in and out. Then, he increased the frequency. The sudden increase made you moan loudly. Your forelimbs giving up, your face pressed against the mattress. Your fingers held onto the bed sheet as your high seemed closer. He pulled it out altogether. "No," you whined, your eyes squeezing shut. Two smacks landed on your butts making you groan. "You're so spoilt, princess," stated Jimin. You didn't say anything. If you did try, you could only whine. Smack. "Answer us," said Jimin. "First orgasm," you tried to make a deal with a hazy mind. Smack. "You don't do the deal making here," said Jimin. You didn't answer. Smack. You couldn't help but groan. You bit your lips to hold back any more of those.

    "Oh? So you won't talk until you get what you want?," asked Yeonjun, pumping his dick. "We'll talk after this," he said as if they were going to leave you with enough energy to hold a conversation. They didn't.


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    #stray kids smut #skz smut#straykids smut#skzsmut #stray kids reactions #straykidssmut#kpopsmut #stray kids imagines #straykids x reader #stray kids x you #stray kids x stay #stray kids x y/n #stray kids x gender neutral reader #bangchan smut#changbin smut #lee know smut #hyunjin smut#han smut#felix smut#seungmin smut #i.n smut
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  • seventeenstanner
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    Behind Him - Chapter 3: Moving (on Wattpad) https://www.wattpad.com/1044475131-behind-him-chapter-3-moving?utm_source=web&utm_medium=tumblr&utm_content=share_reading&wp_uname=seventeenstanner&wp_originator=P9SqmcbT72XBYnXW4v0hu19UGQQoHPPPb%2Fubkjl1eqDp24xx3rhr6eMl3SxMScZfzixteRydkDjAsdrMVnQIdJFjqEtxEXzPo9Gn4NXONdEutMLRHw9aQsC1dTJq1QT4 It's quite hard being an idol in a very scrutinizing world and no matter how hard you try, people will just dig deep into who you are just to get some dirt on your name and I guess idols just have to deal with that. The entire Seventeen members are no strangers to these malicious and deprecating accusations. Until their entertainment company just had enough of it and hired YOU to be their background investigator and spokesperson. What will happen in your journey with the whole Seventeen Members? "I might include some FLUFF or SMUT chapters, but not without warning. So if you are not comfortable reading those type of things, you can simply skip it."

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  • seventeenstanner
    23.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Behind Him - Chapter 2 -Meet and Greet (on Wattpad) https://www.wattpad.com/1043980520-behind-him-chapter-2-meet-and-greet?utm_source=web&utm_medium=tumblr&utm_content=share_reading&wp_uname=seventeenstanner&wp_originator=R%2FKq2AsAP4UbpXIFGzDBzMsC6Y92eieEWhJPu%2BIbsYjm7F9rg3NfgiuVaulhOMqSr6t%2FlqhuL5v%2B%2Ft2%2FOPXgMxVQDfp77SZthWl8WCybdcTzNT8nA7B5nUuKBxkwoWbp It's quite hard being an idol in a very scrutinizing world and no matter how hard you try, people will just dig deep into who you are just to get some dirt on your name and I guess idols just have to deal with that. Yoon Jeonghan and the entire Seventeen members are no strangers to these malicious and deprecating accusations. Until their entertainment company just had enough of it and hired YOU to be their background investigator and spokesperson. What will happen in your journey with the whole Seventeen Members? Warning!!!!!! Some chapters may contain smut, but there will be a warning so you can skip through it if you are not comfortable reading mature or smut chapters.

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    #straykids smut #stray kids smut #skz smut#skzsmut#kpopsmut #stray kids imagines #straykidssmut #straykids x reader #stray kids x you #stray kids x reader #stray kids x gender neutral reader #bangchan smut #lee know smut #changbin smut#han smut#hyunjin smut#felix smut#seungmin smut #i.n smut #🚬 anon#Cherrymail🍒
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  • hi-mulg0kizary
    21.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Exchange partner [Wenseulrene ft. Joy]

    Seulgi steps out of the bathroom after shower. They just finished basketball training for the next tournament. There is no one else at the changing room because other members already go home. Since there is only him, he removes his towel and walks naked to his locker. He got a naughty idea then texting someone

    10 minutes later, Irene arrived after receiving a text from Seulgi. She is waiting for Seulgi to finish his training. Both of them plan to go home together. When she arrived, Seulgi was sitting naked on the bench with his penis hardened. He smirks seeing Irene walking to him sexily. His hand rubbing his penis up and down

    Irene sat on Seulgi laps, straddling him “Horny?” she whisper then biting Seulgi earlobe

    “Obviously” Seulgi taking off Irene shirt then removing her bra “Let’s have fun before go home”

    Seulgi captures Irene lips and kisses her hungrily. His hands massaged her breast while Irene grinding herself on Seulgi thigh. Her underwear is soaking wet. Irene pulls back from their heated kiss and removes her clothes. She climb on Seulgi laps again then Seulgi pointed his penis to Irene hole

    “Ride me” said Seulgi

    “Oh my god…Seu Ll…go deeper” Irene circled her legs on Seulgi waist

    “Hyun, you’re so hot” Seulgi sucking Irene neck while thrusting upwards

    “Faster Seul…aaahhhh…shittt…your penis…getting big” Irene pull Seulgi head to her chest then he suck her nipple

    Seulgi gets hornier because Irene wall clamps on his shaft. Her wall getting tight giving more pleasure to Seulgi. Her pussy is getting wet because of Irene cum. Her liquid dripped down to the bench. Seulgi flipped their position, now Irene lied down on the bench. He continued pounding her pussy while squeezing her breasts. Their moan filling the locker room entirely

    Suddenly, someone barged into the room but it not stopping Seulgi move “Wow, live performance” Seungwan said as he close the door

    “Hey dude…what’s up?” Seulgi asking while his penis moving in and out of Irene pussy

    “I want to get something in my locker. I thought there is no one else here but I’m mistaken” Seungwan cackle. He stands right in front of the couple. Irene face turn red due to embarrassment but Seulgi still cool

    “Like what you see?” Seulgi cackle

    “Yes, I don’t know that Irene body is so sexy and hot” Seungwan stare at Irene naked body lustfully

    “Wanna try?”

    Seungwan smirk while staring at Seulgi “Can I?”

    “Of course”

    “Seulgi~” Irene protest

    “You will enjoy it baby” Seulgi kiss Irene lips before continue hammering her pussy

    Seungwan got rid of his clothes. His penis already half-standing then he stand beside the bench “Stroke me” he bring Irene hand to his cock

    Irene hesitantly touches Seungwan cock but she still does it. She gets horny seeing Seungwan penis. She wondered how it felt in her pussy. She pumped the cock with both hands making Seungwan groan in pleasure. Seulgi watching them happily

    “Irene…your hand so soft” Seungwan groping Irene breast

    “Seulgi-ah…I’m cumming again” Irene body tense as she cum

    “I almost there” Seulgi fastened his thrust then he unload in the warm pussy

    Seulgi pulled out after emptying himself. Irene lying lifelessly on the bench. Their mixed cum spilled out of her pussy

    “So hot” said Seungwan

    “You can fuck her all you want but I want something in exchange” Seulgi smirk


    Seulgi whispers to Seungwan “Call Joy to come. I want to taste her pussy”

    “Sure thing” Seungwan quickly text Joy to come to their locker room “She is on the way”

    “Good, you can fuck her until she passed out. Shower her with your cum” Seulgi pats Seungwan shoulder then he go somewhere waiting for Joy arrival

    “Sure, I will make her feel good” without wasting time, Seungwan start making out with Irene

    He doesn't want Irene to lie down on the bench so he carries the girl to the empty room where mattresses are available. He want to fuck her in comfy place

    “Seungwan-ah” Irene moan between their tongue battle

    Seungwan kissing Irene wildly while grinding his dick on her pussy lips. He kisses her neck adding the hickey on her neck and chest. He explores Irene's body and stops at her melons. Seungwan bring one of the pink nub into his warm mouth and suck it hard

    “Ouch…Seungwan…it’s hurt” Irene whimper

    After that, Seungwan changed to another nipple and gave the same treatment. Irene's whimpering makes him hornier. His hands are busy rubbing and playing with the swollen clit. After make sure the pussy is ready, he inset 3 fingers into the tight hole

    “Shit…Seungwan!” Irene moan and spread her legs wider

    Seungwan fastened his move while sucking on the rock hard nipple. He can’t get enough of Irene nipple

    “Seungwan-ah…faster…fuck me faster!” Irene scream as she almost reach her orgasm

    After a few hard thrusts, Irene cum on Seungwan fingers “Amazing Rene! 4 fingers finally make you cum” Seungwan laughing before he licking his fingers “I wonder what Seulgi do to you make you can hold it too long”

    “He. Trained…me well” Irene said while catching his breath

    “Now I want to see how long you can hold your cum. Get on all fours” Seunwan command

    Irene turns around and gets on her knees. Seungwan spank her butt cheek before entering her dripping pussy. He enter easily since she already wet

    “You’re so tight” Seungwan groan sexily

    “You groan…so sexy…I like it” Irene look over her shoulder and licking her lips seducing Seungwan

    The boy getting hornier and eyes filled with lust “Be my fuck buddy…I’m sure…Seulgi will like that idea”

    “As long as…you can please me…like Seulgi does”

    “I’m not as good as Seulgi…but…I can make you scream and can’t walk”

    “Show me how good you are” Irene wink seductively

    “No problem” Seungwan getting motivated

    Irene's scream filled the entire room. Seungwan gives her pleasure in his own way. She is tired after cum multiple times but she doesn't want to stop. Seungwan energy is no joke. He makes Irene cum lot of times and he also already cum a lot but he is still not tired. They already fucking each other in various position. Seungwan really knows how to please Irene. The mattress is wet from their cum, sweat and Irene’s drool

    “Seungwan-ah…I cum…again” Irene said tiredly. Her head rests on the mattress while her butt is in the air. Her cum dripped down her thigh as Seungwan pounds mercilessly. His dick getting bigger in her pussy

    “We cum together” Seungwan groaned. His hands cupped the breasts. He fastened his move as he getting near his climax

    “Irene-ah/Seungwan!” Both of them scream each other name

    Their body fall on the mattress while their sex still connected. Seungwan is too tired to pull away. His hands are also still on Irene's nipples. He hugging Irene tighter and kissed her shoulder

    “Sleep” he whisper

    “Pull out”

    “No, we will continue again later. You’re so addicting. I like your body”

    Irene lean on Seungwan chest as his hand playing with her nipple “Naughty”

    “Tomorrow is the weekend. I want you this weekend. Seulgi is having fun so I guess he don’t mind if I keep you”

    “Engghhhh” Irene moan because Seungwan licking her ear

    “Let sleep first. No one else in this building. We have it all” Seungwan stop teasing Irene then he hugged her to sleep while both of them perfectly connected


    Meanwhile at the other side of the building, Seulgi banging Joy from behind. The girl moaned messily while Seulgi groaned endlessly. Both of them enjoying the pleasure from each other

    Joy is very tired but Seulgi is still energetic. Joy doesn't know how many times her cum but she is sure it is more than 5. It is the best sex she ever have. She enjoy have sex with Seungwan but Seulgi is amazing. He give pleasure in every part of her body

    “Oppa…I’m tired” Joy said weakly

    “We will play until I cum” Seulgi turns Joy around and makes her lie on her back. He shove his dick back into her drenched pussy and resumed moving in and out

    “Oppa…you’re too fast” Joy whimper “Shit…oppa” she gasped when Seulgi sucking her nipple and pinching the other one

    Her body tense again signaling she releases her liquid. Seulgi slow down his movement before he start again

    “We will go fast because I want to cum” Seulgi hold on Joy hips then he penetrate the girl fully

    “Oppaaaaaa!” Joy scream in pleasure


    “O…oppa…I cum again”

    “I’m cumming!” Seulgi ejaculates deep in Joy's womb. Joy milking Seulgi until his last drop. He fall tiredly beside Joy

    Their cum spilled out of Joy pussy. Both of them cum a lot that making the huge puddle on the floor “I’m tired oppa” Joy lied on her side facing Seulgi

    “Take a rest before we leave” Seulgi scoot closer to Joy then his hand rubbing Joy boobs

    “You’re so wild. I don’t know how Irene unnie survive during sex” Joy caressing Seulgi hair

    “She well trained” Seulgi chuckle “Let have sex this weekend”

    “But Seungwan…”

    Seulgi shut Joy with a kiss and slipped his tongue into her mouth before answering Joy “He has Irene this weekend and you're mine. We exchange partners. Don’t worry about him”

    Joy cupped Seulgi's face and kissed his lips fully “I like that idea. I thought I will never have chance to have sex with you”

    “You dream of having sex with me?” Seulgi face turn bright, Joy nods her head “From now on…you can call me anytime you want me to fuck you. Don’t worry about Seungwan, he is open minded. I know he drool over Irene body all the time so I can use her to distract him”

    “Okay” Joy snuggle to Seulgi chest

    “Do you touch yourself when you think about me?”

    “Em” Joy nods her head on Seulgi chest

    Seulgi kiss her head “I want to see you touch yourself later when we at home”


    “I will give reward to good girl” Seulgi caressing Joy butt


    Seulgi move down until his face in Joy chest “I want to suck your milk to sleep”

    “You won’t get any milk from there”

    “I just want to suck it,” Seulgi wrapped his mouth on the left nipple while playing with the right nipple. Both of them drift to slumber together


    Question: Shall I add Joy in some of the stories? Yes or no?

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  • mintysanghyuk
    17.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Wassup fantasy :)

    I've been reading one shots on tumblr for quite a while already and I'm thinking about writing some..would y'all read that? 👀

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  • hi-mulg0kizary
    13.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Weekend night [Wenrene ft. Joy]

    Irene and her girlfriend, Wendy, are watching a movie as their usual weekend night routine. Tonight, Irene's cousin, Joy, came over to join them. They sit on the floor in the living room and the light turns off. Wendy sits between Irene's legs and a blanket covering their lower half. Joy sat beside them eating popcorn.

    Wendy and Joy are focused on the movie while Irene is suddenly bored. She looked to her side and saw Joy is really into the movie. She smirks then pulls the blanket to cover their shoulders. Wendy thought Irene is cold that’s why she cover both of them fully but Irene have other agenda

    She suddenly feels someone pulling her shirt and bra up. She quickly look over her shoulder and Irene smiling pervertedly

    “I’m horny” Irene whisper then peck Wendy lips

    Irene turns Wendy face to let her focus on TV then she massages her breast slowly. Now Wendy is really distracted by Irene. Her girlfriend is busy rolling and pinching her nipples underneath the blanket. She looked at Joy with the corner of her eyes. It is embarrassing if Joy catches them. Irene lips also busy sucking her neck

    “Nghhh…” Wendy moaned faintly when Irene hand slipped into her shorts and rubbed her pussy. She already wet down there because of Irene

    Without warning, Irene entered 2 fingers into the tight hole. She massaged Wendy breast while pushing and pulling her finger into the pussy. Wendy already forget Joy existence as she let out loud moan

    “Irene-ah...faster” Wendy spread her legs wider so Irene can't get better access to her pussy

    Irene shoving 4 fingers into the pussy and increasing her speed. Joy also lost her focus because of the couple. Now she watching live sex between her cousin and her girlfriend

    “Deeper Rene..please….oh my god...I’m cumming!” Wendy scream as she squirt her juices out of her pussy

    Irene pull out her hand from the blanket then shove it into Wendy mouth asking her to suck her fingers

    “Good girl” Irene giggle

    “Have fun?” Joy smirk

    Wendy was shocked hearing Joy's voice and she felt really embarrassed but Irene looked cool “Really fun. Her moan sounds really nice, doesn't she?”

    “True, mind if I join?” Joy wiggle her eyebrows

    “Sure” Irene removing the blanket that covering them “Come here, help yourself”

    “Rene~” Wendy whine

    “It’s okay, it's just Joy. she will make you feel good” Irene coo then she kiss Wendy lips

    Joy ignores the couple and proceeds to remove Wendy shorts. Wendy is totally naked because Irene is already removing her bra and shirt. Wendy gasped when she felt someone licking her clit. Joy is giving her best sensation but Wendy still like Irene’s more

    Irene behind Wendy showers her neck with kisses and sucks her while playing with her  mounds. Joy still sucking and licking her pussy

    “Oh! Shit!” Wendy screams when Joy shoves her tongue into her hole. She hold Wendy hips and tongue fucking her deeply

    Irene watching her cousin fucking her girlfriend proudly. She spreading Wendy legs for Joy and push Wendy to Joy face

    “Fuck her Sooyoung-ah...shove your tongue deeper” Irene said

    Wendy pull Joy head closer as she almost reach her orgasm “Joy-ah...please...I need to cum”

    Joy sucked harder than Wendy cum wetting her face. She licking the liquid before pull away

    “How is it?” Irene asking while still holding Wendy

    “Amazing. Her taster is addicting” Joy wiping her face

    “Well, she’s my girlfriend after all” said Irene “Hm, she sleep already” she carry the sleeping Wendy to their bedroom

    When she come back, Joy is lazing on the couch “Since you fucking my girlfriend, now is your turn” Irene smirk as she climb on top of Joy

    In a blink of an eye, both of them are naked and they are kissing each other hungrily. Irene makes Joy cum lot of times and that night she makes Joy sore throat for non-stop screaming. Irene is small but she is monster when it come to sex. She fuck Joy until the girl passed out

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  • hi-mulg0kizary
    10.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Seulgi & 2 wives [Wenseulrene] - 2

    Seulgi sits on the bed leisurely while leaning against the headboard. He has focused on TV since his favorite movie is currently playing. In between his legs, his wives busy sucking his penis and balls. Both women are naked before him

    “Seulgi-ah…when will we start? I’m very horny now” Irene whine showing her leaking pussy

    “Calm down honey. We will start soon, alright?” Seulgi caressed his older wife head softly

    “How long until your movie finishes?” Wendy asking

    “30 minutes”

    “Yah, it’s too long!” Irene and Wendy whine

    The husband laughing seeing his wife getting impatient “Alright, come beside me” he pats the space on his both sides

    Wendy takes the right side while Irene on his left. Seulgi pulled them to lean on his chest. He kissed Irene's neck and left hickey. Then he do the same to Wendy

    “Now I want to continue watching TV. You two enjoy the whole ride, okay?” Seulgi insert the vibrator on their pussies then he turn it on

    His wives moaning soon as the vibrator turned on. Seulgi hands massaging their breasts and pinching their nipples. He enjoy hearing their moan and scream

    “Seulgi-ah…I’m cumming” their body trembling as they release their first cum. Both of them squirt their juices on the bed sheet

    “My wives come a lot,” Seulgi said happily. He takes out the vibrators then replaces them with his fingers. He shove 3 fingers in their pussies

    “Seulgi-ah…I’m still sensitive” Irene gasped

    “Seul…faster” Wendy rolled her eyes in pleasure

    Seulgi pumping his hands in and out while playing with their swollen clit. Their walls clamp tightly on his fingers “Cum honey. Cum for me” he fasten his speed

    In no time, Irene and Wendy cum together wetting his hands. They catch their breath due to tiredness after cum 2 times in a row. Seulgi pull out his hands then bring it to their mouth “Taste yourself”

    Finally the movie ends and Seulgi turns off the TV. However, his wives dozed off because they are very tired “Poor thing” he cackle

    He carefully lifts Irene up from the bed then brings her to her bedroom. His wives sleep in separate rooms. They only sleep together when Seulgi wants it and he will choose with whom he wants to sleep. His wife doesn't have a problem with that rule because Seulgi will please them equally. Currently they are in his office room and he’s not in mood to do threesome tonight. He will fuck them separately later

    Irene awakened when Seulgi put her on the bed. She circle her arms around his neck “Seul~”

    “I will take care of Wendy first. We will continue later, okay?” Seulgi kiss Irene lips

    “Okay, can I play alone first?”

    “You don’t want to rest while waiting for me?” Irene shakes her head “Alright, you can play. You want to watch our videos?”


    “Alright” Seulgi turn on their sex videos so Irene can watch it while masturbate “Enjoy your alone time”

    “Okay” both of them kissing each other before Seulgi go to Wendy room


    Seulgi climbs on the bed and tuck himself under the blanket joining Wendy who is waiting for him with a loving smile. He immediately captured her lips and their hot make-out started. The room filled with moan as they tongue fucking each other. Seulgi sucking Wendy tongue like no tomorrow. Drool spill out of their lips corner but no one care

    At first, Seulgi thought Wendy is not as wild as Irene but he is wrong. Both women have same preference in sex. At home, both of them only wear oversize t-shirts and panties so that Seulgi can take them whenever he wants. Sometimes when Seulgi was at home with them, he only asked them to wear panties while he only wore boxers. He enjoys watching TV while playing with their nipples or fingering them. When he want to sleep, he will suck their nipple like a baby and his hand will play with another nipple since he can’t suck both of them

    Wendy locked her legs around Seulgi waist while they grind on each other. She can feel Seulgi throbbing cock between her pussy lips. Seulgi pull away then suck on the hardened nipple while his hand pinching other nipple

    “Seul…fuck me now” Wendy said breathlessly

    Seulgi pull away from her nipple then kneel between her legs “Aigoo, why wife is so wet” he cackle

    “Please Seul…I need you” Wendy begging

    “Okay honey” Seulgi aim his cock to Wendy hole the penetrate her with his veiny cock

    “Ohhhh…shit” Wendy grasp on the bed sheet

    Seulgi pulls the blanket to cover both of them. Now they are fucking under the blanket. It’s hot but makes Seulgi hornier. He knows his wife loves it too. Unlike Irene, Wendy prefer to have blanket when they have sex. Irene prefers to be exposed to the air.

    “Seungwan-ah…you’re so hot” Seulgi groan while looking at his wife

    “Your cock…getting big inside” Wendy cumming

    Seulgi is still horny. He pulled out then put his wife's legs on his shoulder to get better pleasure. He insert his cock back to her and fuck her in animalistic speed. Wendy already moaning crazily. Finally, Seulgi shoots his seeds inside his wife's pussy. After milk himself in her womb, he pull out and fall beside her

    “Tired?” Seulgi wiping Wendy sweat on her forehead

    “Emm” Wendy said tiredly

    “You should sleep. Now is your unnie turn”

    “Okay” Wendy pull Seulgi to kiss before he leave her room


    Irene already reaches her second orgasm when Seulgi comes to her room. His semi-hard cock slowly hardened when he saw his wife sprawl on the bed with a leaking pussy and vibrator. Her juices still spilled out on her pussy signaling she just cum. Seulgi removes the vibrator from Irene's pussy then licks her juice. After that, he climb on top of her

    “Is my wife having fun alone?” he licked Irene jawline

    “Yes but not as fun as when you’re here”

    “Okay, now we go to the real fun” Seulgi spread Irene's legs then pushed his penis inside. He slowly entering her slippery pussy

    “Seul-ah…it so good” Irene massaged her own breast

    “Hyun…I love your pussy”

    “It’s yours”

    Seulgi thrust getting faster and faster. Both of them moaning in sync then Seulgi suddenly pull out “On all fours” he said

    Irene does as Seulgi commands. He enter her from behind as he fuck her on doggy style. It is Irene's favorite position. Her breast dangling freely in the air then she feel a pair of hands groping it

    “Ahhh…oohhh” Irene moaned loudly. Her pussy squeezing Seulgi penis as she getting near

    “You’re so tight”

    “I'm almost there!”

    “Let’s cum together”

    Irene is the first one to cum followed by Seulgi. He shot his semen deep in Irene womb. He fall on top of her while their sex still connected

    “Hyun” Seulgi lick Irene earlobe


    “I’m hard again” Seulgi giggle

    Irene caressed Seulgi cheek “Fuck me. Make me can’t walk tomorrow”

    “I love you Hyun” Seulgi wiggle his waist

    “Love you too baby”

    They continue fucking for the entire night until both of them passed out


    1 month later

    Seulgi sits in his office room while spacing out. His mind remembered what his wife said after they had dinner earlier. Both of them are pregnant. Wendy was pregnant for 2 months while Irene was 1 month. He is very happy that finally after 3 years of their marriage, finally they will have a child. He is looking forward to welcoming his children. He was excited to start his life as a father. One thing he sure is he will have a big family with his 2 wives.

    However, there is something that makes him worry. He not telling it to his wife since he don’t want them to stress

    “What if I’m horny and I can’t fuck them anytime?” he asked no one in particular “Hm, shall I…?”

    To prevent stress himself out, he decided to go to sleep. Tonight he will sleep with both of them because the future mothers want to be pampered by him. Tomorrow he will accompany them for their check-up

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  • hi-mulg0kizary
    06.03.2021 - 2 monts ago


    Kang Seulgi worked as a plumber. As another day, today he accepted a job to fix the pipe at one of the houses in an elite neighborhood in Seoul. He drive his car to that place which is 1 hour from his workplace

    “Oho, crazy rich” he found himself standing in front of the luxury mansion

    After got permission from the guard, he entered the big gate. He knocks on the door then waits patiently for someone to open the door. When he heard the door open, he looked up greeted by a beautiful sight in front of him. That is none other than house owner, Bae Joohyun. She is pretty famous in town. This is the first time he saw her in person. He is not shocked because that is Bae Joohyun but the woman is wearing a bathrobe that exposes her chest. She is in her 40s but still looked pretty

    “Good day Ms. Bae” Seulgi bow his head politely

    “Good day young man. You’re the plumber that I called this morning, right?”

    “Yes ma’am. I am Kang Seulgi”

    “Come in” Joohyun open the door wider for Seulgi

    Seulgi follows Joohyun to the house while bringing his toolbox “Ma’am, where is the pipe that I need to fix?”

    “In my bathroom” Joohyun led Seulgi to the bathroom in her bedroom “Here”


    Seulgi started doing his work diligently. He does it like a pro. Meanwhile, Joohyun only watched him from the doorway. He looked hot when he was focused on something. She admires Seulgi's muscular body. Unconsciously, she licked her lips as she almost drooled seeing him sweating. Seulgi making her horny

    After 1 hour, Seulgi finished fixing the pipe. However, his shirt drenched because of the water “Aigoo, I don’t bring spare clothes” he mumble

    “Are you done?” Joohyun questioning when she saw Seulgi come out of the bathroom with his wet shirt

    “Yes ma’am” Seulgi practically gulped when he saw Joohyun sit on the chair with her legs crossed and her milky white thigh exposed. She still wearing bathrobe and her hair tied to bun

    “Very well…your shirt is wet. You must dry it first”

    “It’s okay ma’am. I will change it later”

    “No, you can’t go home until your shirt dries. It’s raining outside and you will catch cold”

    Seulgi looked out the window and it’s pouring heavily. He don’t realize it’s raining “O…okay then”

    “Take off your clothes and wear this” Joohyun gave the towel to Seulgi. He turned around but Joohyun stopped him “Where are you going?”

    “Change my clothes”

    “Just change it here”

    “What?” Seulgi eyes turn wide

    “I said just change here. No need to go to toilet” Joohyun go out after that

    Seulgi obeys her, then he takes off his clothes along with his pants and boxer since both fabrics are wet. He put it inside the laundry basket after that

    Joohyun came back with a cup of coffee for Seulgi. She sit beside him on the couch “Have a drink”

    “Okay” Seulgi drinks the coffee to warm his body. He noticed that Joohyun was sitting too close to him. “Why don’t we sit in the living room?”

    “No, I like it here. Here is warmer”

    “Can I ask something?”


    “Where is your family?”

    “My son and daughter are working abroad. My husband on business trip”

    “You’re alone here?”


    “Okay” Seulgi takes another sip of coffee. It taste really good in his tongue “Your coffee is tasty”

    Joohyun smiled at the compliment “Really?”


    “Can I have a taste?”

    “Sure” Seulgi give his coffee mug to Joohyun but she shake her head

    “I want it from your lips”

    Seulgi jumps in shock “What?”

    Joohyun smile seductively “I want to taste it from your lips” she whisper

    “Ma’am, this is wrong” Seulgi move backward

    “Nothing wrong with this, your man. Just call me Joohyun. Don’t need to be formal” Joohyun traced Seulgi jawline with her finger


    Joohyun boldly moved to sit on Seulgi laps and circle her arms around his neck “Give me a taste” she pressed their lips together and she licked Seulgi lips. She feel Seulgi circling his arms around her waist

    As for Seulgi, he can feel his cock awake from the kiss. The monster is already semi-hardened. He can’t guarantee he can control himself. They pull away from each other when they need oxygen. Seulgi was shocked to see the bathrobe hanging on Joohyun's shoulder. He doesn't know when he or Irene untie the robe but now he can see her chest. Her big breast almost expose to him

    “Seulgi-ah…touch me” Joohyun bring Seulgi hand to her breast

    He groped the soft and big breast while teasing the hardened nipple. Joohyun moaned softly as she enjoyed the pleasure given by Seulgi. Seulgi removing the bathrobe from Joohyun then rip her panty

    “You’re so wet Joo Hyun-ah. Are you craving for cock?” Seulgi rubbing the drench pussy. Joohyun liquid wetting his fingers badly

    “Yes…touch me Seulgi…I’m craving for cock…It has been a while since my husband fucked me” Joohyun moan when Seulgi shove 3 fingers into her hole

    “Aigoo…why is your husband letting you crave for him? Is he tired of you?” Seulgi kissing Joohyun neck leaving hickeys

    “He only care…with business…ohh…fuck”

    Seulgi sucked Joohyun's nipple while fingering her. The older woman moaning in pleasure begging Seulgi to go faster. After a few thrusts, her body tremble signaling she cumming. True to her words, she squirt lot of liquid wetting Seulgi towel and the floor

    “You cum a lot” Seulgi pull his hand from Joohyun hole

    “I told you…I haven’t done it too long”

    “Taste yourself” Seulgi shoves his finger into Joohyun's mouth so she can suck it “Delicious, don’t you?”

    “Emm” Joohyun moan seductively while grinding on Seulgi thigh

    “Now my turn” Seulgi put Joohyun down then removing his towel showing his erection

    “You’re so big” Joohyun squeal while her hands stroking the shaft

    “Well…it’s well build” Seulgi said proudly

    Joohyun stroked his cock like a pro then she sucked her ball. Seulgi can’t help but groan because Joohyun is pleasuring him so well. She still stroking him and sucking his balls

    “Joohyun…suck me…I want to fuck your mouth”

    “Okay” Joohyun licking the precum on the tip before sucking the cock

    “Fuck…Bae Joohyun…you such a slut” Seulgi hold Joohyun head then he fucking her mouth. Joohyun gaged when Seulgi shoving his length into her throat. She unable to take it all since the cock is long, big and veiny

    Few minutes later, Seulgi cummed. He dumped his semen deep in Joohyun's throat. The woman coughs as Seulgi cums a lot and it’s hard for her to swallow it all. Seulgi pull away and string of saliva connecting his dick with Irene mouth

    “Now we go to the main dishes.” Seulgi carries Joohyun to throw her to the king size bed. He open her leg wider then pointed his dick to her pussy

    “Seulgi-ah…inside me now” Joohyun begging

    “Okay” Seulgi stroking himself before penetrate Joohyun wet pussy

    “Oh…shit…you’re so big” Joohyun grab on the bed sheet when Seulgi pushing his cock into her hole

    “Can’t believe that you’re still tight for a middle-age woman” Seulgi cackle

    He kissed Joohyun's lips before started thrusting into her hole. Both of them groaning and screaming as they enjoy the fucking session. Seeing Joohyun breast jiggle, Seulgi lean down and suck one of her nipples while his free hand playing with other nipple

    “Seulgi…I’m cumming” Joohyun grab Seulgi hair as she cum

    Seulgi slowed down his movement to help Joohyun ride her orgasm. He is getting horny seeing Irene trembling when she cum. He turns her around and makes the woman on all fours. He fucking her in doggy style making her melons swaying



    “Imagine your husband seeing you fucked by a stranger. Isn’t it hot?”

    Joohyun close her eyes as she imagine the scene that make her hornier “Fuck me harder”

    “You’re so tight…I’m close” Seulgi eyes rolled

    “Me too”

    Seulgi pounding at full speed. His cock swelling stretching Irene pussy “I almost cumming”

    “Don’t cum inside” Joohyun mumble. She is too tired to speak louder. Her head rested on the pillow and drooling

    However, Seulgi doesn't hear what Joohyun said. He cummed in her pussy. He emptied himself before pulling out. Both of them fall on the bed after that while catching their breath

    “Yah…you come inside?!” Joohyun hit Seulgi chest

    “Emm” Seulgi nods his head

    “I not taking birth control” Joohyun gasped

    “Calm down. No one will know if you pregnant with my child” Seulgi smirk


    “You have husband”

    “Yah! My husband will away until next year”

    “Then he doesn't know if you carry my child, right?” Seulgi said casually then he turn facing Joohyun “It’s good if you have my child as our memory”

    Joohyun rolled her eyes “Hmm”

    “But you enjoy it, don’t you?” Seulgi licking Joohyun nipple

    “Yeah except for you cum in me”

    “Now let's start another round. I will cum outside” Seulgi kissed Joohyun lips intensely. Moan and skip slapping sound continuously echo in the room for entire day


    Typical day at Joohyun house

    The house owner is video call with her husband. She is in her home office right now. However, something that her husband doesn't know is, Joohyun tries her best not to moan. She is half-naked because Seulgi is under the table eating her pussy. She breathing heavily and her legs circled around Seulgi head

    “Honey, are you okay?”

    “Y-yes oppa, I’m okay” Joohyun stutter because Seulgi biting her clit

    “That’s good then. I will come home in February next year before our anniversary. Sorry for leaving you too long”

    “It’s okay oppa…I will visit you when I’m free”

    “Okay, I miss you”

    “Miss you too. Got to go now oppa. I need to use toilet”

    “Alright, take care honey”

    “You too, bye”


    Joohyun ends the video call with her husband. Seulgi pull away from her pussy “I bet next anniversary you will have great sex with your husband since it has been a while you two meet”

    “Shut up Kang Seulgi” she glare at him

    Seulgi laughing then continue tongue fucking Joohyun. She lean lifelessly against her chair while Seulgi fucking her. She cum a lot and Seulgi drink it all

    After cleaning Irene, Seulgi came out. He removed his boxer revealing his swollen cock. He opened Irene leg wider than shove his cock into the pussy without warning. He fucking her while standing then ripping Joohyun shirt. Her breast bounce freely

    “Seulgi-ah…fuck deeper”

    “Okay baby”

    Seulgi fucking Joohyun as deep as he can until both of them cumming. It has been a month since they become fuck buddies. Every day Seulgi will come to Joohyun house and they spend their day fucking each other. Sometimes, Joohyun calls Seulgi to her office when she is horny. Joohyun consumes a birth control pill to prevent herself from getting pregnant. She knows she is cheating but she doesn't want to stop. She really addicted to Seulgi and he also feel the same

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